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  • Watching the Watchers

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    PSAKI Fill-in Says BIDEN and WHITE HOUSE Stand By HUNTER Lies

  • Watching the Watchers

    Podcasting experience

    #WhiteHouse Hates #HunterBiden Questions #Psaki #KateBeddingfield #Shorts

  • Watching the Watchers

    Podcasting experience

    Former #Clinton Lawyer #Sussmann Files Motion to Dismiss #Durham Charges #Shorts

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Watching The Watchers

Watching the Watchers is a show dedicated to holding those in our criminal justice system accountable. From police officers, prosecutors, judges to politicians, gone are the days where misconduct can be ignored and forgotten. Those empowered to watch over society must be held to the highest standards. As active and concerned citizens, we do our part to ensure these standards are being met by watching the watchers.
Watching the Watchers LIVE is hosted by criminal defense attorney Robert F. Gruler. Please share the show with your friends and family and make sure to tune in for the LIVE stream every day at 5pm AZ time (4pm PT, 6pm Central, 7pm ET) by subscribing to our YouTube channel: watchingthewatchers.tv

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