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Hello my friends and welcome back to yet another episode of Watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Gruler. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the R&R Law Group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona, where my team and I over the course of many years have represented thousands of good people facing criminal charges. And throughout our time in practice, we have seen a lot of problems with our justice system. I’m talking about misconduct involving the police. We have prosecutors behaving poorly. We’ve got judges, not particularly interested in a little thing called justice. And it all starts with the politicians, the people at the top, the ones who write the rules and pass the laws that they expect you and me to follow, but sometimes have a little bit of difficulty doing so themselves. That’s why we started this show called Watching the Watchers so that together with your help, we can shine that big, beautiful spotlight of accountability and transparency down upon our system with the hope of finding justice.

And we’re grateful that you are here and with us today because we’ve got a lot to get into it’s Friday. And we’d like to have a little bit of fun on Friday, but not in the first segment because we got to stop off and take a look at what Joe Biden’s doing with the American economy. A new jobs report came out here in August 235,000 new jobs sounds like a big number, but not when you’re expecting 720,000 new jobs. It isn’t. And so, uh, the president came out today and said, well, well, you know, I know those numbers are not looking so good, but let me explain. And so we’re going to go through a couple of clips from Joe Biden today, and then sort of take a look at what some other prognosticators are thinking about the economy. I know this is not an economic financial show, but this is stuff that is, I think, being hidden from us quite a bit.

And so I want to show you something that’s going on with the New York fed and the Atlanta fed. Basically they have these numbers that they, and these models that they typically share with the public about how they expect GDP to unfold in the forthcoming quarter as well. That data somehow is no longer applicable, not on their website. You don’t get to see it. Why is that? Well, we’ll take a look at it. So some interesting stuff there about our economic future, and then we’re going to get into some criminal law. We’re going to revisit a case that we talked a lot about last year, the Ahmad Arbery case, if you recall a mod Arbery was a young man who was sort of chased down the neighborhood and then shot and killed by two civilians. For one, one of them was a former police officer and his son and another neighbor. They kind of chase this kid down and there was a shooting that took place in the middle of the streets. And Ahmad Arbery passed away. This was back in February of 2020, one of the, kind of the early cases that led to the summer of unrest that culminated in sort of the George Floyd death and a lot of that. So that there was a prosecutor who was involved. If you’ve been with us for some time, you may remember this case. I was very about

The prosecutorial malfeasance that was going around. It felt like they were kicking this case around to try to protect their friends, the former police officers, and lo and behold, we fast forward. And that prosecutor that I was so mad about got indicted. Yeah, because she was doing some shady stuff. So we’re going to take a look at that. Her name is Jackie Johnson. She’s over from Georgia. We’re going to revisit the Travis and Gregory McMichael, like the whole case because I went and I looked at it. I pulled my slides from, um, many well over a year ago. And so I want to show you what we had, uh, talking about back then. So we’re going to revisit that case prosecutor got indicted. We’re going to go through the indictment and see what that looks like. Then in our last segment, we’re going to do a cultural relevancy piece.

We’re going to talk about Joe Rogan here. Joe Rogan got the Corona virus. Oh well. And he took a very interesting cocktail of, uh, therapeutics, different treatments, knocked it right out, not even a big deal, but a lot of people in the media are saying that he took a horse dewormer. Can you believe that a horse dewormer? So we’re going to take a look and determine whether or not it actually was a horse dewormer that he took or whether it was something else that maybe was appropriate for human beings. So we’ll take a look at that. We’re going to actually look at the clip from Joe Rogan. He posted it on Instagram. See what he has to say about this entire experience. And then we’re going to see what Anderson Cooper had to say about it and how he sort of framed it. Because when people are on the internet are saying, did they manipulate some of the photographs?

Did they make Joe Rogan looks sick? And so we have a little bit of a compare and contrast about his original posting and the CNN posting. And then we’re going to go back and look through this so-called horse dewormer and see if it is actually that, because there’s a lot of information about it out there on the internet. And we’re also going to take a look at some times where historically speaking some old examples where the mainstream medical establishment may have gotten it wrong a little bit. So we’ve got a lot to get into. If you want to be a part of the show, the place to do that is over at watchingthewatchers.locals.com. There’s a live chat taking place, right there. A lot of other good things. So you get a copy of the slides. We’re about to go through free copy of my books available over there.

We have a monthly meetup. There’s amazingly good people, but let me say hello to Jeremy over there, we have pili Wally dreary, your spider DG. McBride’s in the house. Want to know, we’ll see him. We have sweet potato wide awake, 95 aunt Deb’s in the house and many others over on YouTube. Shout outs to play and hooky RMF, south sun academy. We got just cows, Royal Wolf, seven Zorro and Steven Farrington, shout out to Steven Farrington. So we’ve got a lot to get into. If you want to be a part of the show and ask a question on the form, you can do that here. There’s a form at watchingthewatchers.locals.com looks just like that. If you’re over on YouTube, you can submit a super chat. We appreciate that as well. This is what it looks like. It pops right up on the screen. So you get a little bit screen time if you want to support us there.

And if you’re looking for the clips of the show, those are available here on the clips channel. So make sure you subscribe over there. If you can’t always stick around for the full show, you just want to go catch that last clip, boom, get the clips channel and that’ll pop up as your notification. And you can just head on over there. All right, without any further ado, let’s get into the news of the date. The byte administration got a little bit of a bad jobs report. I’m going to take a look at this. If you’re expecting, let’s say $720,000 coming to you and you only got 235,000 of those dollars, you’d be pretty upset about that. That’s what the white house is facing because CNBC is telling us that the job report disappoints only 235,000 positions when they were expecting 720,000. So if you got a paycheck that was a considerably less, and you’d be pretty upset about it.

Key points say that non-farm payroll growth in August increased by just 235 K versus 720 K unemployment rate fell 0.2 to 5.2% in line with estimates. So those estimates were good. Leisure and hospitality jobs were flat and wages rose 4.3% year over year on a clip. And so you go, okay, Rob, this is what, what are you talking about? These are jobs. These are jobs numbers. This is, this is not an economic channel what’s happening here. Well, it, it, it, it isn’t, but it is right because a lot of this stuff is all connected to the economy. And we’ve been saying for many months on this show that the government has been reshaping, reformulating the economy through all of their different totalitarian mechanisms. We’ve seen what the CDC has done. We’ve specifically sticking their grubby fingers into the housing markets. The CDC going into the housing markets.

We’ve seen what all of the different restrictions, lockdowns, all of the different difficulties that every single business has had over the last 18 months as has caused a lot of ripples and permutations in the market. And so now we’re seeing the effects of this. We’re watching the consequences unveil themselves right in front of us. We’ve got basically a bunch of people that don’t want to work. Let’s take a look at the numbers. We have us jobs growth. If we spread this out over the bureau of labor statistics, we can see August right here where we’re at only 235,000 jobs. You can see this little bit of a bar graph right here. It looks like a little bit of a sliver, like a pixel, maybe that’s a 235 last month. They had got 1.1 million. So they were expecting this to go up sort of in an angle that shows improvement as the economy continues to grow and rebound.

We can see here on the chart that July looked up. If you go back to June, it was about 900,000 jobs. If I remember, right. And so it was, it was trending up and then a big cliff, 1.1 million last month, we have 235,000 this month. And so what Joe, Biden’s going to do, we’re going to hear from him in the next clip is if you, if you draw a line right here, you can see in January, this is kind of where the transition was right to the left of this line. On this graph. We know that those were the Trump years. We remember April of 2020. That was one month essentially after March, which is when they declared the national emergency. Everybody flipped, fired everybody. Everybody quit. The whole world melted down April. So we lost 22 million jobs. The world was ending, but then it didn’t end kind of started coming back a little bit and it started encroaching.

And then it dropped back off, down after people started to figure out what was going on. So then Trump is no longer an office. It goes over to Joe Biden and he has some steady growth in the upcoming months, right? Because we’re sort of coming out of Delta, we’re coming out of the Corona virus until we’re back in Delta or so he’s going to say, so these numbers are all fluctuating, but when we hear from Joe, he’s going to say, okay, even though there’s a big miss in this number, what I’m going to do is I’m going to add this small number to these other numbers. And then I’m just going to average it all out. So yes, it’s a terrible month. It’s 235,000 jobs. But in August 1.1 million came about. And so if we add 1.1 million to 235 and then divide that by two, well, suddenly August doesn’t look so bad anymore.

Take a really good month and a really bad month mash the two together and say, well, on average, we’re doing pretty good, which is a good argument, right? It’s a good way to sort of paper over a bad month. No question. But the next question is, that’s kind of not what we’re talking about. That’s great, but we’re talking about trends. Where’s the trend going, because we want it to go a certain direction. We want it to go up this way and it doesn’t look like that’s happening. It looks like it’s going down the other way. If this was a really stable, solid recovery, if this wasn’t all propped up by endless spending by just printing money out the rear end, anytime a congressperson wants it. I will charge that. Yeah. Just charge that. What is it? I don’t know. It’s a bridge. Yeah. Well, we cover bridges. We’ll just pay for that too here. Put it on the card. So is this a real recovery? Is the question? Well, Joe Biden says nothing to worry about it. Listen, he’s a, he’s unhappy about it. Here’s Joe today.

I hadn’t the labor day weekend. We have more evidence of the progress of our economy. From last year, economic calamity today, we learned the economy created 235 new thousand new jobs in August. And now unemployment rate fell to 5.2%. The lowest it has been in 18 months, but despite the impact of the Delta variant. And I’ll talk a little more about that in a minute. What we’re seeing is an economic recovery that’s durable and strong. Oh, is that, uh, the Biden plan is working or getting results. America is on the move again. Today’s revision of previous months, job gains with the revision of the July numbers. Uh, this report means that we have been adding an average of 750,000 jobs per month on average during the past three months.

All right. So you see what he did right on average during the past three months, we’re just going to lump it in. So it still looks good. It’s still, it’s still strong. It’s still stable because we averaged then to the old months, but those are already in the history books. We’re worried about the next month that are coming up, Joe. And it looks like it’s trending the other direction. So we’ll see if it, if it goes that way, right? We’ll see if there’s a recovery or a rebound, but he says the Biden plan is working and then spits out a bunch of platitudes. Like America is on the move. Again. Don’t know what that means because you have travel restrictions all over the country. So that’s not really the case. So that’s Joe. We go back to those numbers and we see it again, right? This is what he’s talking about. Averaging all of these up, lumping this terrible month in with the good months and then averaging it all out. Joe Biden here is, uh, talking about the Delta variant. Let’s hear what his second clip is.

And in the three months before I became president, well, we’re adding 60,000 jobs a month. Total job creation in the first seven months of my administration is nearly double double any prior first year, president Trump. Well, I know someone at to see a larger number today. And so to die. What we’ve seen this year is the continued growth month after month in job creation. It’s not just that I’ve added more jobs than any first-year president in the first year of any president it’s that we’ve added jobs in every single one of my first seven job reports and wages are going up some more jobs, uh, some, uh, some, some, uh, monster fewer, some months more, but always add in jobs. This is the kind of growth that makes our economy stronger and consistent progress and not a boom or bust. Our economy grew the first half of this year at the fastest rate. Uh, and about 40 years where the only developed country in the world say that again, we’re the only developed country in the world whose economy is now bigger than it was before the pandemic.

All right. So look, he, he, he, he goes through the same stick again. We just heard it, right. What he’s doing is he’s lumping everything up and he’s trying to divide them. So they’re even, but he also tells us that his numbers are really great, right? His numbers are amazing. Look, look, this is his first term. This is the first amount of his presidency got a ton of jobs. And if you look at it to scale, right, he’s he? Yeah. Maybe he’s added a lot of jobs during the first year of his presidency, but he’s got a lot of room to go. He, there were 22, there’s a 22 million job deficit that he’s working, you know, the way out of. And so the question is when, when do we see a spike like this in the, in the culmination of all of these other numbers?

When is, when is, when are things back to normal essentially, and he’s not anywhere near that at all numbers don’t look so good. So now let’s take a look at what some other people who are, who are actually, you know, analysts who, who study this stuff have to say about it. Uh, over on zero hedge, there’s a blogger by the name of Tyler Durden. He wrote this, the wheels come off as economic growth craters, the New York fed suspends its tracking model, right? So this is somebody that I regularly read over at this website. A lot of different people are financial gurus. I am not, but they are. And so I read them. He says that the New York fed suspends its tracking model. Let’s take a look at what’s happening here. It says it’s official while Q2 was the best quarter for the economy in decades in Q3, it is now widely accepted that as we wrote, months ago, the wheels came off.

One, doesn’t have to look hard to find out why today’s catastrophic jobs report the near record plunge in consumer confidence, the troubling contraction in retail sales, where reports have missed expectations for three months in a row, whether it’s due to the end of the STEMI’s. He says the stimulus or the recent restrictions from the Delta variant one bank after another took a machete or in the case of Morgan Stanley, a nuke did their GDP Q3 forecast. Goldman is now expecting GDP to grow just by 3.5% this quarter it’s second downgrade. This month, it was 8.5% just one month ago. So Goldman said one month ago, Q3 GDP was 8.5% revision revision. Oh, it’s 3.5% now. So Joe Biden, we just heard from him. He was saying, oh, very strong, very stable. We’re going to average out this bad month into the other months. It’s all going to be fine.

Morgan Stanley Goldman Sachs are saying no, no, no, no. We’re revising and revising hard. Morgan Stanley also says yesterday, they cut. It’s also it’s Q3 GDP to just 2.9% down from 6.5%. Those are gigantic drops over half 6.5% down to 2.9, 8.5 down to 3.5, cutting their economic predict projections for GDP growth in half strong and stable and recoverable and spending and spending and spending there’s to there are bills to pay and the bills are going to be coming due. So we have some other data says here, and while banks were as usual, well behind the curve only catching up to what our readers already know. One month ago, the regional fed were dead last with the Atlanta Fed’s GDP. Now model yesterday cut to just 3.7% also from 5.3 on September. So here, what we can see is there’s, there’s a, there’s a model called GDP.

Now the Atlanta fed keeps a track on what the GDP looks like, and you can see what their performance looks like. It just, it craters off. It just falls right off. GDP growth was high at 1.5 0.3 within the blue chip consensus range, just tanked right off. Look at that chart looks like Niagara falls, GDP collide, collapsing over here, the New York fed by contrast, they have a different model. So they’re measuring the, the, the gross domestic product. The output. We have Atlanta here in red, you can see very volatile up and down expectations, their models. Not very good, but the New York model looks like it’s pretty consistent. They’re now at 3.79. And so you say, oh, okay. So 3.7, 9%. Okay. So the, the Atlanta, they have no idea what they’re talking about. Their models all over the place, 5% down to 3.7. So moving, you know, fluctuating like madness.

So we go over to the New York and they’re going, oh, it’s 3.7%, which is low, which is a very low number. Not good. If they’re projecting 8.5 and you know, six, 6% growth in different areas. So now you say to the New York fed you go, okay. So let’s see what their numbers look like. Their model looks like it works. So let’s go take a look at the model that is actually accurate. You go over to the New York fed website, guess what? They show you? Suspension notification. Oh, the uncertainty around the pandemic and the consequent volatility in the data have posed a number of challenges to our model. Therefore, we decided to suspend the publication while we continue to work on improvements to address these challenges. You go over to the federal reserve bank of New York, serving the second district and they say, oh, you CA uh, economic research.

So you can’t see it anymore. Sorry. It’s not available for you. So everybody’s revising their economic models down. Morgan Stanley. Oh, crap. Cut that in half. Oh, Goldman. Cut that in half oh Atlanta. We were way wrong. Take it out of the blue chip safe zone. It’s crumbling down. You say, oh, New York they’ve been mostly right. Like 3.7%. Let me check them. Let me, let me check on them. Facebook, Instagram, tick-tock New York federal reserve. Oh, they don’t even have it on there. They just took the whole thing off the website. So it’s that means what does that mean? Says we find it odd how the New York fed did not suspend its model on the way up in the late 2020, when similar level levels of pandemic confusion was present. But when all the adjustments were upward and nobody cared if they were accurate or not, Tyler Durden says there are two ways to interpret this sudden and unexpected development from some of the quotes, smartest economists in the room.

Either one, nobody knows anything, which is true for most economists or number two, the underlying economic data is now so ugly that instead of lips sticking, adjusting, and goal seeking to make it look attractive on a seasonal and seasonally adjusted pro forma basis, of course, it’s quote tracker. The New York fed has simply decided to no longer even cover it. Just delete it. It says our money, both number one. And number two, he says, what’s coming up next. BLS suspended job’s report. ADP suspends, its private payrolls update, Bea suspends, its GDP, PCE estimate, department of labor set suspense at CPI and PPI reports. Everything gets suspended, go to due to quote uncertainty around the pandemic and the consequent volatility in data. So now they’re just not telling you what’s going on. Does that sound familiar? When a big gigantic government bureaucracy doesn’t like the data that it’s reporting.

Hmm. Guess what happens? Oh, they just don’t report it anymore. They just don’t cover it. Remember when the CDC did that? Yeah. Back in may, CDC is just not even going to investigate mild infections in vaccinated. Americans also known as breakthrough cases, at least 10,000 people back then were infected and now they just don’t look. No vaccine provides perfect protection. They say, so the center for disease control and prevention stopped investigating breakthrough infections among fully vaccinated people unless they’re sick or die. They earlier this year were monitoring all cases, but now not anymore because they don’t like those numbers.

How many of those are there? Okay. Well, um, so we should just stop counting those. That’s a good way to solve that problem. Isn’t it. All right. Let’s see what you have to say about this. We’ve got some leading economic conversations going on. Let’s see if there’s any thoughts on this. Over from watchingthewatchers.locals.com. Joe Manson says I’m about to end this man’s whole career, which is probably true. We didn’t talk about that. I could, I could’ve got that into the segment. We have want to know, says Biden needs all you sheep to get vaccine and go to work. Need your money. Now. I’m not sure he wants people to go to work. We have another one wants to know says, Rob, I bet you unemployment will go down next week when they eliminate everyone off the rolls. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe there are. Maybe there will be no one unemployment because nobody wants to, uh, work news now says if I fall behind on my mortgage payments, can I start using the Biden math to show that on average I’m doing okay.

Yeah, I guess so. I guess that’s maybe that’s just the new way to calculate things these days. Sergeant Bob says, figures don’t lie. Don’t lie, but liars figure figures don’t lie, but liars figure that’s from Sergeant Bob. We have another one from three girly says Biden’s job numbers are going up in the next month anyways, because of the holiday season. So it’s going to be inflated when there has been, has not been actual growth to the jobs numbers. He’s a slimy snake. People are going to continue to wake up. Yeah, that’s a good point. Right? Coming up for the holiday season can have a lot of shipping, a lot of buying restaurant, but you know, I th th th th the problem with that I think is that they are having a difficult time finding people who want to work in there everywhere that I go. There are four, uh, you know, employment now, hiring signs everywhere you go, restaurants are slow. It’s rough. And Deb says it is called lying with statistics, uh, political essential. Yeah. It’s pretty clever. They do a good job. They must have somebody who’s just sort of permanently on staff who just says, oh, those numbers terrible.

All right, let me work my magic here. You know, get the, uh, get the old calculator out and just start mixing and matching the numbers and various permutations we have, uh, that was from aunt Deb. Next up we’ve got Mustang. Jeff says, oh my God, the economy is crashing. How sad? We’ll see. Look, I hope it does it. I’m not, I’m not trying to, uh, I don’t want to crash the economy, but you know, how, how can this all be sustainable? Hand of nod says, and the fed, I think there might be ending themselves. Kiersten cinema says sleepy, Joe, I’m also going to end your career. Oh, we got two Democrats

Who were, uh, going to make a difficult

For Joe Biden. We have another one from jury. Your spider says not what. Sure. Not sure. What’s more sad.

This jobs report or the fact that

There are only this many jobs because restaurant owners basically

Their left nut to get people to take a job. Yeah. I just don’t think that people really want to work all that much. We have another one from it’s Jake, from Oxford. Wow. All right.

This is going to be a very intelligent comment. Cause he’s from Oxford. Uh, Roberto says, hello, am I perfect specimen? Arch-nemesis do you even lift bro with your perfect teeth? Good hair and clothes that fit. Yes. I may have borrowed my father’s sports coat for my suit. Hence it swallows me. But remember I have more diplomas. Let’s look at the numbers with the math we use. If you look at the job numbers from 1930 to 1933, we lost 17 trillion jobs. Multiply that number times the number of Americans. So 45 kajillion. Then we divide that by the number of Blackhawks we give out, subtract the big man’s watch. He keeps checking that total

Equals it’s Trump’s

Fault checks. Check my math, bro. I dare you. That’s from Jake Sullivan. Jake. That was a thank you for that for educating.

And uh,

Honestly, that’s way too intellectual for me. I have no idea what you said. You’re smarter than me. Thanks for educating us here on the show. Did everybody catch that? It’s Trump’s fault. That’s how, that’s how this all shakes out. Anyways. Thank you, Jake. From its ox, NSA, Jake Sullivan on the show. Folks we have Mustang, Jeff says, guess I’ll have to apply for unemployment. Now I haven’t, since I was laid off in may make those numbers worse. Just FYI. There are many jobs in my field being advertised.

Yeah. Yeah. We, we employ people at our law firm. I know what it’s like to try to find employees. It is

An interesting thing. That’s happening out there. We have another one from news. Now I owning says didn’t politicians a few

Years ago, discuss going away

From direct voting to a statistical voting method. Are those the same people in charge of this math? It’s the same government. Yeah,

That’s for sure. It’s still Biden. Who knows what they’re doing over there?

Jeremy [inaudible] says, Hey, Rob Biden is wrong as always, by the way. I’m from an east coast beach. Sunglasses sounds great. Jeremy, enjoy it. Enjoy that fresh air. I’m jealous. Couple more. We’ve got Camila. Harris’s here says I can’t wait until the old man is out and I’m in. I will do more than stimulate the economy. Just wait until you see what I have in store. You won’t


Oh, that’s from Kamala Harris. I don’t know what to think of that Camila. That doesn’t sound appetizing at all. Monster. One says Joe has a hunter running the economy after all hunter is the smartest person. Joe knows. I personally think this is a great idea. Considering hunter was able to get a multi-million dollar Ukraine deal with no experience. That’s true. He should probably write a book about that. How to get an oil job when you’ve never worked in oil, hunter Biden 21 tips for making $88,000 a month. You can do it too. And if you don’t like that, well, you can go buy his mucus and moldy milk paintings. Oh, those are fun too. He’s just an entrepreneur. He’s all over the place saving America.

Oh gosh.

We have another one from Adolf. Hitler is here. What is happening on the show? Adolf says, Hey, sleepy, Joe wants to re reduce unemployment.

Oh gosh.

All right. Let’s see. What’s going on over on YouTube. Uh, news. Now Wyoming says quit fear-mongering or YouTube will come after you again. I know, but I think, I think it’s still allowed on YouTube to sort of dig on Joe Biden about the economy. That’s not illegal yet, as far as I know, but thanks for looking out news now, Wyoming to go check out his channel by the way. All right. Let’s take a look. I think that is it on those questions. My friend, thank you all for chiming in and letting us play around with some of the economics for a little bit. I know it’s not the standard fare on the show, but thanks for indulging me and thanks for all the tremendous support news now and all of the great questions from watchingthewatchers.locals.com. All right. So we’re going to move into the next segment.

You spent a lot of time on this case. We got to do a quick revisit Ahmad Arbery. If you’ve been with this channel for some period of time, you know, we spent a lot of time covering this case happened back in February of 2020. This was one of the shooting cases that was kind of early in the long sequence of other cases that we had, that we all sort of dubbed the summer of unrest. A lot of BLM protests, a lot of Antifa movements, a lot of counter protests. We saw Kyle Rittenhouse. We saw Ray shard Brooks. We saw Jacob Blake, a lot of these different shootings, but Ahmad Arbery was one of the first ones that we covered here. And when we did, we had a lot of problems with it, largely because the prosecution, the law enforcement agencies that were responsible for investigating the case to determine whether there was anything that went wrong in the first place, all did some very nefarious things. Well, we fast forward, well over a year. And we now know that one of those prosecutors that we were a little bit upset with at the,

Just got indicted, criminally charged Savannah, Georgia is where this all originated from Jackie Johnson. You can see right here on the left X prosecutor, indicted, charged with a crime, an ex prosecutor charged with a crime for misconduct in a criminal investigation. That’s a big deal. Let’s take a look. What’s happening here. She’s a former prosecutor indicted on Thursday for misconduct charges alleging. She used her position to shield the men who chased and killed Ahmad Arbery from being charged with crimes immediately after the shootings grand jury in Georgia indicted the former prosecutor one felony count violating her oath of office and hindering a law enforcement

Officer, uh, misdemeanor resulted from it

Investigation from a Georgia attorney general, Chris Carr. We’re going to take a look at his press release here in a minute, but we have a quick look at the cell phone video. And again, if you’ve been with this channel for some time, I went back and looked at my old slides on this and our good friend, Mark Fox, who was a very, very

Appreciated part

Of this show for a long period of time. He did some very good work on this case. And I picked up a slide that we shared back when, when he was helping us with some things, and this is what he put together. He actually did some video editing, and this was sort of the, the final moment of the scene. This is a mod Arbery running towards the car. And we have both Travis and Gregory McMichael who are in the back of this white pickup truck. And so what MA’s point was at the time is that Travis McMichael, you can see right here, right there is already pointing

The gun at Ahmad Arbery before

There’s even a threat, right? It’s not, it’s not, there’s no threat going on there. And so what happens if you watch this? We’re not going to watch the full video, obviously because he gets shot and killed and YouTube does not like that. But what happens is a mod Arbery jumps around the other side of the car and tries to sort of run this direction. Travis turns around the shooting takes place. There are three shots, Amman Mount Arbery goes back down to the ground. So it is a troubling scene. We’re going to break this down in a, in a little bit more detail here, but that was a quick refresher of what was happening. These are the three people who were charged with crimes. We had Gregory Travis and a neighbor Roddy. And so I always get the names mixed up. But this gentleman here, I think that was a Gregory, was the former police officer out of Georgia. And so he used to actually work with these prosecutors. That’s why he called that prosecutor, Jackie Johnson, after this all took place. So former police officer on and off again, this is his son who is Travis. And then this is Roddy, who was a neighbor. And so the story kind of goes that there were some break-ins, there were some, some construction

Place and Arbery

Allegedly was breaking into homes and things like that. They saw him running down the street. They thought it was somebody who

Shouldn’t have been there. And so they chased him down and the whole thing picks up their Arbery. This was killed. He was killed back in February 23rd, 2020 after a white father and son, right? The whole thing turned racial immediately. They armed themselves pursued the 25 year old black man in a pickup truck after spotting him running in their neighborhood outside of Brunswick neighbor named Rodney Brian joined the chase, took cell phone video of Travis McMichael shooting. Arbery at close range with a shotgun mic. Michael said, they thought he was a burglar and that he was shot after attacking Travis, but Michael. And so of course, as Molly Fox pointed out, right, the gun was already there. Uh, we’re going to go through a breakdown of the scene, but police did not charge any of them immediately. Following

The shooting, they remained free

For more than two months until the cell phone video of the shooting leaked online, governor Brian Kemp then asked Georgia bureau of investigation to take over the case. Both of them were charged with murder and other crimes. They faced trial this fall. Prosecutors say that Arbery was just jogging in their neighborhood. He was unarmed when Travis shot him, they say, there’s no evidence that he committed a crime, right. Which is obviously the case. So this is what a car had to say before. Let’s take a quick look at the press release before. Well, let’s take a look at this image for, so this is what the, uh, what’s name.

I thought this was a, a screencast

Sure. From a surveillance footage inside, one of the buildings that some people are saying is a mod Arbery and he’s inside the building. People were saying, well, maybe he was stealing something. And all of those arguments were, were being made. And, uh, I never thought that that was persuasive. That’s not a good justification to go and shoot somebody because they’re running down the street, regardless of what they were doing previous to that, right. They’ve got to be a threat to somebody else. So carb, the attorney general came in,

Said that announced the indictment

Of former district attorney, Jackie Johnson, two charges violation of oath of public office and obstruction of a police officer. We’re going to take a look at the indictment, says our office is committed to ensuring those who are entrusted to serve or carrying out their duties ethically. And

Honestly thank Georgia bureau of investigation for their hard work.

We’ve got, uh, two different charges. Attorney generals, prosecution division presented evidence to a grand jury happened over several months, resulted in the indictment on September 2nd,

Specifically several different charges

Violation of oath. The public office felony carries one to five years obstruction, uh, in hindering a law enforcement officer. This is a misdemeanor carries up to 12 months.

So not, not

Consequential charges. Okay. A felony charge is a, is a serious charge. Now, is this woman going to go to prison?

No, I highly doubt

That says that they Georgia bureau of investigation assisted a copy of this indictment is attached and no further information about the investigation or about the alleged crimes other than the indictment is going to be released. So it’s only allegations of course, presumed innocent until proven guilty government has the burden of trial, got to proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. So always to remember

That, but not going to get a ton of information from it. Remember this was the, uh, sort of opposing argument that while he was in there, he shouldn’t have been in there. I think everybody has walked inside of a building being constructed before at one time or another. Not really that, uh, that great here was the breakdown that we had from the time we covered it. Originally let’s run through this real quickly. So number one, we had the big, they saw a Mount Arbery hauling. They said down central Elaine. Then we have Michael’s drove down central allayed toward Buford road. So number one is Arbery running down the street. Number two, our MC Michael’s following in pursuit. Number three, they get to the intersection. You can see right here if of homes, Bure Ford and Sattia, they saw an unidentified male running down, Buford, number three, running down this direction.

So then Travis drove down Buford not following him. Number four, tried to cut them off. The unidentified male hangs a U-turn after Rodey comes and blocks his car right here. Number five, Roddy blocks him. Ahmad Arbery turns around, runs the other direction. Then Travis continued. And so to block two, to try to intercept him, Greg, Travis McMichael, and then Arbery then turns, uh, basically north this direction here runs up Holmes road and then allegedly violently attacks, Travis, that was directly from the police report. But what we saw, what happened is Arbery basically tried to run around and then jumped out in front of the car. And that’s where the shooting took place, which is the scene we saw here. Okay. So they had come down this road, blocked here, turns around, comes down. This road, blocked here, turns around, is running it back, goes in front of the vehicle.

They interface with each other, right? Because he turned around because he’s blocked right here by Roddy. Roddy’s the person filming. So Rodney blocks him. He turns around the other direction, goes to jump in front of the white vehicle and then is shot. So police did not charge any of them immediately. Following the shooting, make Michael and Brian remained free for more than two months. Cell phone video came out, charged with murder. I think we already read all this. Oh no, not this part. Make Michaels and brought Brian were charged with murder. Greg McMichael had worked as an investigator in Johnson’s office. So Greg, Nick Michael’s, the father retired in 2019 introduced evidence and trial in pretrial hearings. In the murder case shows he called Johnson cell phone and left her a voicemail right after the shooting occurred. So father watches, son shoot. Arbery says, oh, I got a, uh, I got a call. Somebody calls the prosecutor in his jurisdiction that he worked with. Historically, I need advice. My son just shot somebody. What do I do bad call to make that’s a serious

Conflict of interest. What did the former officers say? Say, Jackie, this is Greg. He said, according to the recording on the phone call, could you call me

As soon as you possibly can? My son and I have been involved in a shooting and I need some advice right

Away, a record

Of the cell phone calls that day does

That show, that Johnson called him back. So he just got that call in his call

For an investigation into prosecutorial misconduct, car asks

GBI to investigate that, but also

The passing off of the case to a different prosecutor. So remember what happened here? This case got kicked around to multiple prosecutors. That’s why it took so long to charge these guys because the prosecutors were covering up for that officer that they used to work with. So there are calls for investigations here. He actually called one of the prosecutors who would have been involved in some charging decisions. And so Jackie Johnson then can’t handle the case because their office worked together. So she sends the case over to a different prosecutor named George Barnhill, George Barnhill then drafts his big, long

Czar justification for not recommending charges that we read, you know, a year ago.

We’re going to take a quick look at it. After the shooting Johnson called Barnhill to handle questions from the police about handle, how to handle the shooting car, then ended up appointing Barnhill to takeover in his letter, ordering an investigation. Last may. Car said that he was never told that Barnhill had already advised police, that he did not see grounds for the arrest of any individual. So, so bar

Burn Barnhill makes a decision, sends the

Charging decision, but car, it looked there. There is, there’s like four different prosecutors in this case. And they’re all being circulated around, goes to somebody, recuses himself goes to Jackie Johnson. I can’t do it. Recuse myself, sends it over to Barnhill. Somebody is going to tell Barnhill that he needs to be recused. Barnhill already made it

Decision recommending no charges wide, but then gets appointed by car anyways. And then

Arnold has to recuse himself later as well after Arbery’s family learned, his son worked for Johnson as an assistant prosecutor, but before he stepped aside, Barnhill wrote a letter saying that the McNichols were following in quote, hot pursuit, a burglary suspect, and they have solid firsthand probable cause

To tell him to stop. So this

Guy Barnhill wrote this big long,

That are saying that the mother, the victim’s mother has clearly

Express. She wants myself and my office off of this case. She sees a conflict because my son works for the district attorney’s office, where Greg McMichael retired

Time ago, obvious conflict of interest. Maybe

She believes there are kinships between the party. He says there are knots and has made other unfounded allegations of biases as such. I believe it’s better for my office to step down, but he does. So after he makes a recommendation on the case, it says that there is

Not sufficient evidence to make a, to the grand

Jury George Barnhill district attorney. So it goes over to a different prosecutor. These people are just kicking this case all over the place it’s nonsense. So now we know that Jacqueline Lee Johnson, Jackie Johnson is now indicted. This is the indictment received and filed an open court. September 2nd prosecutor, Christopher Carr, whoever signed. That’s not Christopher. It’s J somebody’s a true bill for persons signed off on it. State of Georgia vs Jacqueline Lee Johnson. Two counts. We already,

I know what those are in the name in violation, Georgia charges and accused the district attorney of Brunswick. She took an oath

Noted that August 12th. She said the oath. She said, I, Jackie Johnson do swear or affirm that I will faithfully and impartially. There it is. And without fear or favor or affection, discharge my duties as the district attorney and only take my lawful compensation. So

I’ll be God, but that oath was vital

Because on or about February 23rd, set accused, violated that by showing favor and affection to Greg McMichael, during the investigation into the shooting death of a mod, Arbery thereby failing to discharge her duties as district

Attorney to wit violated article one, a duty

Required by law by failing to treat Arbery and his family fairly. And with dignity. When after the shooting of Ahmad, Arbery she, the set accused the, the prosecutors sought the assistance of the way cross judicial circuit district attorney George Barnhill, and after disqualifying, her office recommended

Barnhill as

The case prosecutor, without disclosing

That set accused

Had previously sought the assistance of Barnhill on the case. Um,

Oh, okay. So do we see what’s happening here now? So what goes on? Hmm, great.

Michael says, oh, my son just shot and killed somebody. What do I do? Well, I know that this is going to be prosecuted by this county. He calls the police.

Cause the district attorney says,

My son just shot somebody. I need to talk to you about this. She doesn’t call him back.

Instead. She takes the message

As a conversation with district attorney Barnhill at a different office way cross judicial circuit,

It says, Hey, what do I do about this? How’s a private

Off the record conversation with him about

This. Something

We don’t know what happens. This is it right. They don’t tell us anything

More than that. But then

After the fact, we know that Jackie Johnson, I can’t handle the case because our off, we used to work in my office. So I can’t handle it. So now I have to recuse myself. I know who you can give this case to a great attorney, a great district attorney, George Barnhill,

Who she already spoke

To previously that nobody knew about, oh, so what did they talk about on that phone call? Now, of course the investigation is not going to tell us, but they have something. There there’s some information that there was a conversation about that. That’s why she got charged and indicted. She called a different lawyer, had a conversation, but we don’t know what it is. And then somehow the case goes over to him. Then George Barnhill writes a big, long scathing report about why, what the Michael’s did was perfect, no basis for charges at all. And guess what? They’re not charged until the case until he recuses himself. And then later down the line, they finally get charged multiple layers of protection. So she got popped for that in the name. She also got nailed with a, what is this obstruction in hindering law enforcement. Any more details here?

Let’s see for the set accused in the county at four said didn’t knowingly and willfully or willfully hinder, Stephanie Oliver and Stephen Lowry, law enforcement officers in the lawful just charge of their duty by directing that Travis McMichael should not be placed under arrest contrary to the laws of this state. So that’s it right? We don’t know much else. So that happened here other than sounds like Jackie Johnson told law enforcement officers don’t make that arrest. I can’t handle the case. Got some advice from Barnhill, had a conversation with Barnhill transferred. The case to Barnhill Barnhill makes a declaration decides not to prosecute.

And uh, then Jackie Johnson tells the police don’t make that arrest also indicted. Good call. Let’s take a look at this from watchingthewatchers.locals.com. See if there are any questions or comments on this topic we have this, uh, wants to know, says, congratulations, Rob, you just got to love it. Uh, on, on the fact that she got indicted. Yeah, we’ve been screaming about that one for a long time. Uh, Joseph Stalin hears is here, says, Hey, Robert, you better agree with political prosecution or you’re going to be going to a ghoulag. Yeah, probably news now says, give me time to come up with a cause of action for 1983, but prosecutor absolutely immunity only kicks in while they’re acting as prosecutors. It goes down to qualified immunity while acting as an investigator. Do you see any cause of action? The family can Sue this prosecutor for, for her acts. Yeah. I mean, look, if they’re going to indict her for something, then they probably have pretty good, uh, a pretty good case. I would, I would imagine that what she did was so far outside of policy, right? It wasn’t anything that was within like prosecutorial discretion, right? Uh, uh, prosecutors have a ton of discretion, right? They can decline to charge cases all the time. That’s not an issue. The issue is the conflict that may have happened there. So we need to know of what the extent

Of that conflict is. I’m going to venture that. It’s pretty significant given the fact that they presented it to prosecutors, uh, to a grand jury for months, they

Said, and they found it that

There was enough there. So if it’s right, if it’s criminal, it’s almost necessarily outside of the bounds of anything that qualified immunity would protect. It’s qualified immunity. I would say if I could sort of boil it down, it, it protects regular negligence, but not gross negligence. If it’s so far grossly negligent, you’re not you’re, you’re no longer protected. And so a criminal charge because it’s criminal by nature. It’s so far outside of the bounds of any, you know, reasonable policy

That if

Those charges are sustained, I think it’s difficult for her to


A qualified immunity type of response to that would be my guess a good question news. Now, some substantive stuff there. We have another one from Sergeant Bob says sent you comments a while back. Those guys should have been charged, no justification for deadly force. Struggle over the gun to go off the Schultz shooter it. Must’ve had his finger on the trigger. Not ever to be done. Then more shots, no need. Yeah. I think there were three of them. They should have observed and reported no need to take action before police arrived. Bad shooting. Note that, to my knowledge, a lot of training in Southern states is very subpar, bad wages in the south.

Not help bad data app Sergeant bell.

Yeah. Bad Popo over there. No question. Bad dad dab bad. P the father, right? Travis

Gregory. Yeah. Yeah. Gregory. Yeah. Right.

Grab your weapon son. Let’s go, you know, enact some vigilante justice. It didn’t seem appropriate at all at the time.

Um, and the bigger, you know, the bigger,

The bigger problem with I have with a lot of these cases yes. To shootings terrible. I get that right. What the McNichols did, I think was totally inappropriate. But what adds insult to injury in these cases is

Cover up the fact that they just won’t kick it around

For a few months. If this video had not leaked, if nobody saw this video, they might be walking around free. It was only because there was some accountability and some transparency that anything got done in this. So you have to think about that magnified times, however many cases that we never hear about what happens, devil’s advocate says where’s the video right before he ran up to the truck, was he actually jogging or hauling away from something? So it’s good. It’s a good question.

I don’t. So it’s a good question.

There is video of that. If I recall correctly, there was surveillance footage. There’s a figure that sort of, uh, darts out of the house and runs quickly. If I recall that and it does look suspicious, right? No question about that. It does look suspicious, but under United States law, really,

Um, you don’t get to shoot people just because they’re suspicious. He could have been

And down the street with a big screen TV in his hand for all I care, right? You don’t get to shoot somebody. Who’s not a threat just because they have your property. And we’ve about this a lot

There, you know, if they’re in your house and they’re attacking you. Yeah. That’s a different story. But if they’re running away from you down the street with a big screen TV, it’s your TV, you’ll call the police or you don’t just get to go up and shoot them. Some people might think that that is is real, but it’s not because what we have here is a preference for life. A human life is worth more than a big screen TV. And so the law says, no, you, you, you don’t just get to do that. All right. So very, very good, uh, uh, question devil’s advocate. But there, there were sort of two scenes, right? What we saw there, he looked like he was jogging in a different scene. It does look like he’s sprinting out of there. And that looks suspicious. I agree with that. No question.

Let’s see what else we’ve got locals. Uh, no question. Why is there German writing on this Google form? I don’t know. I don’t see any German writing on my form. Are we getting taken over by the Nazis? A tree Mendez says nice job, ma, have you heard anything from him lately? I miss him. I haven’t. I should send him an email. Is he always doing, we have another one from big Jerry. The Nat Nat Adler says I recall Robert Barnes saying, uh, prosecutors are usually never held accountable. Glad to see it’s possible. Maybe the Rittenhouse prosecutor will get what he deserves. Oh yeah. Thomas bingey Bingham over there. Binger. What’s his name? Yeah. He’s really mad about Kyle Rittenhouse. Really mad about it. Going to make his career, write a book about it. Go on CNN, whatever. Uh, sir, Kecks a lot. Is here has a Joe Rogan comment calling ivermectin a horse.

Dewormer is like calling penicillin a bread mold. That’s in the next topic. We’ll get there, sir. Kecks a lot. We have another one from political prosecution says since when prosecutors are ethical and are impartial, if they don’t like you or want to improve their careers, they will screw you for self gain. Examples include Kim Gardner and Kamala Harris. Yeah. Kamala Harris doesn’t care about people. She was making fun of them. Oh, you know, they’re begging for food and water in jails. She was joking with him. Interviewer. Uh, please, sir, can I, can I have some water joking? Like she’s the attorney general? What, what? Those are people. This isn’t a game. This isn’t a TV show. A movie. Those are human beings. All right. Sergeant Bob says he should have called the RNR law firm. Not a deputy da. You are licensed in all 50, right?

Not in Georgia, Bob. I got two states under my belt, Arizona and California, but I think we can wave into most of these other states. We’re going national baby. We’re going big time over here. Might take a little while, but we’re working hard. We’ve got a lot of people to help, but yeah, he should have called the defense lawyer, not the prosecutor who prosecutes cases, not the right call 5 0 3 unlimited says this whole scenario sounds like a badly written B rated off-brand Canadian cop show. It’s really, it’s really bad. It’s you know, we just scratched the surface on this thing. We spend a lot of time on the show on this back in February of 2020, it was a lot we have former Elio says, I seem to remember at the end of that

Video, when the suspect pointed his weapon at the victim and the victim reached out and either grabbed or attempted to okay. The sus so yes. Grab to grab the shotgun barrel.

It’s going to, it’s going to shot show to sort of,

Yeah, because citizens arrest rights to only use sufficient force to overcome resistance while holding the suspects for Elio’s there’s so many bad decisions along the way by the SNV. I don’t know where to start. I would think that this case will shake out as manslaughter or some type of negligence that’s from former Leo. Thank you for that. Yeah, he did

Former. He did actually, he did

Grab the, the, the shotgun, right? And, and so people were arguing that maybe he was pulling it and that’s what caused the trigger

To depress. Right? Somebody’s

Hands here, the trigger, somebody pulls the shotgun, it goes off. But I think the counterpoint to that was that there were three shots that went off. So he was pulling that he was popping, pop and pop in that thing. And, um, and that’s what caused him to die. But then, you know, the other response to that of course was, well, what if he takes the gun away and shoots him? So at that point it becomes an assault and a deadly encounter. And so then the response to that of course is, well, Arbery’s, I’m sorry, the Michael’s went after Arbery and they should have been there in the first place. Right? They, they instigated the whole situation. They had no authority to S to essentially, you know, kidnap a person because that person was, you know, free to roam around and they were trying to trap him. They had no lawful authority to do that. And so they’re responsible for the consequences of

Their actions is I think where

We left that analysis last time, dreary your spider says glad to see at least some accountability coming out of Georgia next do Stacey Abrams.

Yeah. We’ll see. We

Have, how is a conversation with the Agee and other law enforcement of violation? What am I missing here? Well, you’re miss. So the, the problem is,

Is that the, the former police officer called the process

[inaudible] who would have been responsible for prosecuting him. So that’s a problem. There’s a conflict there, right? You’re not supposed to, she has an ethical obligation

To communicate

Any conflicts of interests that happen. And she didn’t do that. So she called, so if she, if she would have disclosed that, if she would’ve said, yeah, I called, uh, Barnhill, we had a conversation about this. And, uh, this is what came of that conversation. That would have been a different situation, but she didn’t do that. So it’s the conflict there. That is the problem. She


She had a conversation that impacted the prosecution of the case. And she made presumably, and, and we don’t know all the details here because the prosecution is not giving them to us, which is unfortunate. But presumably something very problematic happened there that led to a consequence about how the case was handled. And so the idea that

Without more information, that the phone call the relationship between Jackie Johnson and the MC Michaels was substantive substantive enough that it impacted how the case was being handled. She called it, she called Barnhill, maybe did something, she directed two other officers don’t make the arrest Barnhill, then got the case on her recommendation and then also declined to prosecute it. So if she’s as a prosecutor, they’re supposed to be making independent determinations about probable cause. And whether they should charge or bring it to a grand jury. And in this case, it looks like she was putting her thumb on the lever a little bit to prevent that from happening, trying to get in front of it, by communicating to Barnhill, without disclosing that, and then telling other officers not to make the arrest. So without more, it’s hard to speculate, but that’s where the problem comes in.

It would be like, I mean, it’d be like anybody. It’d be like, it’d be like a judge. It’d be somebody calling a judge and say, judge, my son just did something bad. Can you help me? Prosecutor? My son did something bad. You have the power to charge me or to not charge me. You have the power to alter how this entire investigation goes. So that, that prosecutor has to disclose that, right? I mean, it’s like, it’d be like, if you’re prosecuting your son, while you have a car, you have a clear conflict there. So you’re not allowed to be involved in that. And anything else that might impact that investigation. You’ve got to disclose that, uh, hope that hope that answers it. I know it’s a big, long answer. So Viking says, I think this again, points to accountability across the board. However, some people are more insulated because of their professional licenses, even though something may rise in reality to gross negligence.

That’s from Seoul biking. Well, yes. And always remember that the police are even more protected, right? If you know, I’m a lawyer, I have malpractice insurance. I have, you know, my license to protect same thing with doctors. But oftentimes officers are given kind of one step up, right? It’s qualified immunity. They get all sorts of special protections because they work for the government. Martin Luther king says this was a modern day lynching. I’m glad to see that justice was served. There you go. That’s from Martin. We have another one from Sergeant. Bob says, Mr. Robert bad data is bad district attorney. Oh, okay. I’ve missed that one. Like bad Popo, but a higher level. Love it. Yeah. Because what are you going to say? Bad pro pro. No.

No, I don’t. Okay. Bad data. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Da, da. Yeah. Okay. I see it. I like it. I like it. We got in the dark says I could be remembering this wrong, but didn’t Amal, Ahmad. Grab the man shotgun. Yes. I feel like I remember that, but could be a false memory. Also. He did. Yeah, he did when he turned around. So he was, he was running in the image that I showed you. And then he went around the car and came right back out in front. And then that’s when they sort of connected and he did grab, and then the gun went off and that was, you know, that was the rest of it happened very quickly. And so that’s, that’s the dark. What I was mentioning earlier, probably you submitted that

Question, but saying that people were saying that was the engagement. That was what caused the self-defense to kick in at that moment. As soon as a mod went and grabbed that gun, oh, now it’s a self-defense situation. And so that’s where many people were hanging on that and saying, well,

He had a right to shoot because he had a right to stop him. And he had a right,

Which, which I disagree with, but this is the opposite argument that he had a right to stop him. And they made a right to detain him until the police came. And Ahmad was the one who then instigated the altercation, which resulted in the shooting, which is not a bad argument. Right. It’s a good argument. If you’re, if you’re a defense lawyer, that’s the argument I’m making all day long. No, no. He, he, he w he had no intention to shoot him and kill him, or do any of those things. He was just there to, to observe and report that’s all he was doing. They were just, you know, they, they had a long sequence, a long history of trying to find whoever was robbing all of these neighborhoods. And so they were observing and reporting that’s it.

And then he got attacked. And so he had to shoot. And it’s a self-defense argument all day, but I don’t, you know, I have the opposite of,

On that. Also every prosecutor in the U S could be charged with the exact thing this woman did. She didn’t make any decisions. Seems like she did the right thing to me. So step down, instead of pulling strings behind the scenes, that’s from the dark guts, an alternative take. And I appreciate that. I can even make arguments for it. Thank you for sharing that in a dark Truman says, are we seriously pretending, like being armed was the problem when following Arbery or whatever, those guys names were committed murder, because he shot him after Arbery punched him in the head and grabbed the gun, trying to pull it away. Someone tries to disarm a cop. The cop shoots him while struggling it’s murder.

So he wasn’t a cop. That’s the problem. He had no lawful authority. He had, he had a retired was no longer a police officer. Hadn’t had no real basis for going and shooting somebody over stolen property. Right. That wasn’t his, that wasn’t his job. But I understand your point Truman. And it is a very

Interesting one. It’s going to be an interesting case because you might get a jury that totally agrees with that. Truman says this guy with the shotgun explicitly said that he shot

Him, but no following

Someone after calling the police and arming yourself consistent with that, state’s law, isn’t a lynching. They’re reasonable for thinking someone might be armed. That’s not crazy.

It’s from Truman, HW, different things.

I like it. Monster one says, from my understanding, Georgia has citizen arrest statutes. If they thought he committed a crime, they have the right to try

Arrest him. I guess. So, even if that’s,

It’s true, does the citizen’s arrest statute give them the right to kill him in that situation? I don’t know. I don’t think it does. We have news now says it is always important for people to know the laws in their states here. If someone is in your house, it is allowed to make the assumption that your life is in danger. But if they’re breaking into your empty car, there is no violence implied in California. You can’t shoot someone until they’re in the process of killing your entire family. And at least three are already dead.

Yeah. And then I, and then it looks if it’s, if it’s happening, if you’re, if you’re, if you’re a whole family is being murdered in front of you, I, I think at that time you’re allowed to apply for a firearms permit. Uh it’s uh it’s uh, no, I’ve never been convicted of a crime. Uh, no, I don’t use any hard drugs. Uh, yes. I promise to be a safe and responsible gun owner. Yes. I took my 37 vaccine booster shots. Yes. My family got murdered yesterday. Oh, perfect. Well, you’re eligible for a gun now. So here you go. That is California. So that’s great. Let’s see what else we’ve got. Former Leo says I actually type S show, but auto-correct strikes again. Well, that’s good. Auto-correct is, uh, is, is helping me sensor. We have locals. Family says, Hey, don’t forget to wish Beth Cottington a very happy birthday.

Guess what folks? I got a slide for that at the end of the show. How could I possibly forget we’re coming to that? We have another one from, oh, says Rob big fan. I have a question, a little off topic. You being a defense lawyer. Will this be a problem for you? Arizona’s top court is eliminating the longstanding practice of allowing lawyers to remove jurors jurors without explanation, a move that proponents said would help prevent discrimination in the selection of trial jurors. What Osaka is talking about is a very horrendous thing. That’s happening in Arizona. When you go through jury selection in Arizona, we used to have a rule that said that you got a certain number of strikes depending on the trial, which means that if a juror comes through and lands on your panel, you can just get rid of them. You just get up, you’re gone.

And there could be a number of reasons why that’s that was, that was a rule. Now the Supreme court and our, our people who are in charge here have decided that is no longer a thing. And I think that this is largely, it has nothing to do with discrimination at all. Personally, I think it has everything to do with the government wanting to win more trials and cram through more trials more quickly. I think this is a very huge problem for defense lawyers and for defendants. And I think it is a sad thing. That’s all I can really say about that, but that’s how this, the state is going, right? This is how government is going across the board. They want to remove more of your ability to defend yourself the ability of a defense lawyer to say, we’re going to just strike that person and strike that person is, is a very important, very powerful tool. And both sides get that the prosecution gets it too, right? It’s not like it’s unfair for the defense. Both sides. Get that. If a prosecution wants to strike the black people off of jury, they can do that. They do that, and they gotta make sure it’s not racist and stuff like that. But it happens all the time. Right? We were talking about that in the Derek Shovan case. Remember all of those jurors that got struck, not in Arizona, you just get

What you’re stuck with. So it’s sort of a jury of your peers, kind of, it’s sort of like a crap shoot. You just get whatever you get. And the reason being is because in my opinion, I think that they don’t want defense lawyers to strike people. They just want to get a panel. They know Arizona’s largely conservative. They’re probably going to get more convictions there. They’re going to speed up the jury selection process because you really can’t ask that many questions anymore, because what are you going to ask the questions about? You can’t strike anybody unless you can strike them for cause. And that’s, it’s that sort of a different, a different analysis. So I think it is problematic, but it’s probably going to be happening all over the country, uh, as your rights continue to erode. So that’s good. 5 0 3 says I have, my CCL would never put myself in that situation, let alone do something. That’s stupid. They did nothing, but create a volatile situation. Then they murdered someone think 20 steps ahead when carrying a gun in any capacity.

Yeah. And I think we went through

The statutes back then. I don’t recall the statutes, but I’m pretty sure we did. Some of that. Sergeant Bob says Aubrey has, has self-defense as well. A jogger thinks the guy’s going to shoot him. Two big guys could easily hold on to Aubrey.

That’s a good point, right? It’s a great point. He’s an innocent person. Who’s out on the job. And he has three lunatics chasing him down with firearms. He’s a black guy in the mix,

Georgia running down the street with three white guys with shotguns and guns chasing him down the

Road. So he, he goes

To try to defend himself. After he tried to escape down one road, tried to escape down another road and then tried to escape down another road. And that he’s being chased with

Guns. So he grabs the gun gets killed.

It’s pretty reasonable. I think if the races were reversed, I think a lot of people might change their opinion. Truman says they didn’t try to arrest him. He ran at the guy with the gun and they tried and they were following while they awaited the police. You think you were, you think they were trying to arrest and then killed him. He tried to take the gun. The proximal cause for the use of force was that Arbery attempted to disarm him. Nothing else.

That’s from Truman.

It’s a, it’s a good, I think it’s going to be a good defense that we see. That’s what they’re going to be arguing. Monster one says there was no way these guys get a fair trial. Just like the Shovan the trial. The jury will be intimidated into

Conviction. Same for Kyle.

Yeah. That is a problem. We’re going to see how that goes. It’s ed says, Rob, I understand why people would make certain justifications for shooting in some situations. But this was a provoked situation. You’re driving around with the shotgun, looking for someone it’s clearly a provoked situation. Don’t get me wrong. Someone breaks into my house. They will be shot, but this was different. You can’t make assumptions about people while driving around with a shotgun, they assumed RB was doing something illicit innocent until proven guilty that make Michaels. We’re not police officers. That’s from

It’s ed. So we’ve got a very, very, uh, diverse opinions on this one, which is why

It’s an interesting case, which is of course why I wanted to talk about it. Truman says, I agree. The big Michaels were stupid, but they’d not tried shooting him. They followed him claiming Arbery was defending himself by taking a gun is a bit, bit more than that. He defended himself period. And that’s from Truman HW. Thank you, Truman. I appreciate your passion on that. I think it’s


I don’t think that this case is as open and shut. As many people say, right? We’ll see what a Georgia jury does with

This Truman

Says, I agree. They will not get a fair trial as they fixated on racism is the cause. We’ll see, look, I’m not bad mouthing Georgia or anything like that. I’ve been to Georgia. It’s a beautiful place. But you know, a lot of this is going to be based on jury selection. A lot of it’s going to be highly politicized. We’ll see what happens with it. Well, we got a couple of questions that came in. That was from Jessica Courtney. We got, oh, that was from news. Now Jessica Cora’s in the house says, I don’t see how the prosecutor’s behavior is in any way out of the ordinary. We have prosecutors everywhere in the country refusing to prosecute a crime. It’s a good point. Right? And, and I, and I was inartful in explaining that it’s not that she decided and declined the case or that she handed the case off to somebody else it’s that there was a conversation. It sounds like behind the scenes that ultimately may have impacted how the case was being prosecuted. She may have communicated something to George Barnhill that was inappropriate, or she may have communicated something to those two officers that never ended up making the arrest. That was unlawful. That was outside of policy and procedure and whatever the conversation with George Barnhill was, maybe something came out in there that showed that there

Was a, uh, a desire

To tip the scale a little bit, a desire to maneuver this towards a certain outcome. Let’s see a good question. We have another one from ghost gunner says, do they have stand your ground in Georgia? Probably going to hinge on that since trying to take a weapon as justifiable use of force, everyone sucks in this situation. It’s a bad, it was a bad look, bad situation. I, you know, I don’t, I didn’t really follow much up

On, well, we’re

Going to follow it up. We’re going to do a lot of follow up. There’s no question. That was from

Where am I at? Ghost gunner. Thank you. Ghost gunner. Back on YouTube.

We’ve got Beth Cottington says, woo. I knew you wouldn’t let me down. We got, we got Beth queued up for a happy birthday here in a minute. We have news now says the problem with the argument for citizen’s arrest. You need to have witness a crime. Not suspect it. Oh, okay. There we go. Yeah, there we

Go. I

Recall that now. Gosh, that was so long ago. Yeah, I think we, I think we went through that directly. We went through though. We did the whole thing on it with all the cameras and stuff. Thank you for the reminder news. Now Eddie says, Rob, as you are painfully aware, I live in Texas where Californians are not welcome. Even as a citizen. If you try to take my gun, I can legally shoot you. You cannot steal

A firearm. I think that’s a good point.

Don’t know that that was exactly what we saw there,

But I understand your point. And that’s, I think if the McNichols

Were sitting in their homes on their couches and I’m on, Arbery ran in there and said, give me your gun

Boys. We having a different conversation, but you know, Eddie, we can at least agree. There should be no Californians in Texas at all. Period. One more time

From watchingthewatchers.locals.com before we get into our last segment, we have, oh, socks as Rob, do you think being a woke lawyer will be a requirement for the job? I don’t think so. I actually don’t think so anymore. I think you’re going to see a lot more diversity in the law. I think a lot of attorneys are just going to sort of bail out of big

Law. People are going

To start working for themselves a little bit more in smaller firms, a little bit more decentralized that have a little bit more freedom and ability to sort of the kind of work with the team, but also be sort of pseudo

Independent. I think that’s

Kind of the future of law. Really. I don’t think that you need big gigantic law firms anymore.

And so I

Will see about that, but we’ll see. I think it’s, I think technology is going to disrupt

The law in a big way. I’m looking at

Forward to it. We have Truman says they do have stand your grounds and citizens have the same arrest powers. This policeman,

Georgia, a lot of capital letters from Truman hot

Spicy on this issue. I don’t blame you Truman. I appreciate it. Sergeant Bob says never thought would be advocating in this lots of viewpoints. Yeah. Sergeant Bob, this was a, this was a, this was a spicy topic. Last time around Truman says and never tried to arrest them, followed him Arbor reacted and they followed that’s from Truman. All right, folks, we’ve got to move on to the next segment. Redcoat chimed in with a

Super chat

And asks a question that I, I don’t I know, look, I can’t answer that question. You have to ask Ms. Faith about, you know, any, any Ms. Faith questions have to go to Ms. Faith. You know where to find her


All over the interwebs amazing hope, hope she’s doing well.


Interested. All right. So those are great, great questions over from watchingthewatchers.locals.com. Thank you for all of your support. We’ve got one more segment on the show today.

Before we wrap up here, a little bit of COVID news, Joe Rogan got the Corona virus.

You recovered wasn’t even that big of a deal. Now we’re going to take a look at the drug cocktail that he took because you know, he’s somebody with a lot of means. And a lot of people who are highly invested in him want to make sure he doesn’t get too sick. So he had kind of a, the Howitzer come

Out and do some work on

His body to make sure that he passed the COVID virus pretty quickly. Now in that interesting drug cocktail that he took there was that one drug that nobody likes to talk about, especially on YouTube, because it’s kind of a no-no

Word here, but it starts with an eye

And it rhymes with the word expectant and it wasn’t approved by the CDC or the FDA for that use. So everybody has been dunking all over Joe Rogan for using a horse dewormer to try to beat the Corona virus and even Anderson Cooper got in on the game, covered this story on CNN, giving us some background. Here he is.

Well breaking news this evening, Joe Rogan an extremely popular podcaster announced on social media today that he has COVID Rogan has said young, healthy people don’t need to get vaccinated. In his statement on social media Rogan said he has taken several therapeutics to recover.

Turns out I got COVID. So we immediately threw the kitchen sink at it, all kinds of meds, monoclonal antibodies, uh, ivermectin Z pack, uh, prednisone, everything.

One of those drugs, he mentioned ivermectin is something more often used to Deworm horses. CDC says there’s no evidence. It works on COVID. Its increased usage has only led to a substantial increase in overdoses after a push by some on the far right seeding vaccine misinformation.

Oh, those far rights maniacs. I just can’t even take it. Now look at this. Look at the Crow, the Kyron down here, praises the horse dewormer ivermectin praises it. So Anderson Cooper is not happy about this, right? So he’s got the horse dewormer meme out there. He’s running hard with it. Now we’re going to analyze a couple things here. I want to start off by if I buy something that something that I saw that is interesting. Two things we’re going to certainly take a look at this horse dewormer allegation. Is it really a horse dewormer? Okay. But let’s also look at this, Joe doesn’t look all that well, does he? Right? He kind of looks kind of great out. He kind of looks pretty sick here in this screenshot kind of looks like he’s suffering from COVID. And so there are some people out here suggesting that maybe CNN grayed out the image a little bit. They actually took this and made him look a little bit more sick. So I’ve been seeing this on Twitter. Don’t know how true it is, but I did go to his Instagram and I recorded that video. We can watch that now and you can be the judge. See if it looks any different

Hello friends. So I got back from the road Saturday night, feeling very weary. I had a headache and I just felt just run down and just to be cautious, I separated from my family, slept in a different part of the house. And throughout the night I got fevers and sweats and I knew what was going on. So I got up in the morning, got tested and turns out I got COVID. So we immediately threw the kitchen sink at it, all kinds of meds, monoclonal antibodies, uh, ivermectin, Z pack, uh, prednisone, everything. Uh, and I also got an NAD, drip and a vitamin drip. And I did that three days in a row. And so here we are on Wednesday and I feel great. I really only had one bad day, Sunday sucked, but Monday was better. Tuesday felt better than Monday and today I feel good. I actually feel

All right. So he said a bad word right there and I just clipped it out of there. So, uh, he says, I actually feel pretty, pretty up and good actually after I took all of that stuff. And so the, the, the reason why I wanted to play that is because I saw this kind of going around and I got to warn you just a little bit. I have a difficult time with certain colors and I’m not joking about that with red colors, red and green, you know, when you were a kid and you had to go into school and they gave you those dot tests that had all like the, all the green dots and they put that red eight in there and they’d say, Hey, a Robbie, you young Robbie, what is that number in there? And I’m like, I don’t know, 13, that’s an eight.

And I’m like, uh, it looks like a 13 to me. I’m like, all right, well, how about this one? They’d show me the red one with all the green dots in there. And like, what is that? I’m like, that’s a 37. No, that’s a six. Oh, okay. So I have some troubles with the greens and the reds a little bit, but I did see this and this one looks like it stands out to me on the internet. It looks like they did kind of change the color takes experimental horse dewormer. The original posted on his Instagram doesn’t look so bad. And then the one from CNN, I said, it looks so good. I don’t know, uh, this is, this is what this person posted, took it directly from the Instagram. And uh, this one was over from CNN. Now I went and then I sort of did my own clipping of the two.

And I don’t see as many on this one. It’s hard for me to see the color differences here, but it’s interesting. And I don’t know whether it’s true or not. We see a lot of that, right? We’ve seen a lot of that in the media where they’ll take Donald Trump and he’ll look, they’ll make him look orange or, or they’ll take a, uh, you know, an African-American person and they’ll make them look darker to make them look, you know, evil and monstrous. We see this a lot in criminal cases. And so, uh, I don’t know if they did that or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me the bigger issue. The reason why this is such an interesting topic is because of this horse meme, this dewormer meme. Now this, this drug that is called, uh, some somethings expecting is, is now being called the horse dewormer everywhere you look, the FDA is doing it. Also. They say on Twitter on August 21st, they said, you are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all

Stop it. Why you should not use ivermectin to treat or prevent COVID. So the FDA got in on this. So it got me thinking, is it really only for horses or cows as Anderson Cooper said, is Joe Rogan really taken a horse named dewormer? Or is he taking something else? Maybe let’s take a look and see what we can learn about this. So over on Wikipedia, they tell us if I switch this correctly, they tell us as we can see here, that it actually is a medication it’s used to treat parasite infections, things like headlights, scabies, river, blindness, lymphatic filariasis also used in veterinary medicines, but that’s the second line used in first in humans works on many different medications can be taken through the mouth, applied to the skin. Discovered in 1975 came into medical use 1981, oh, look, Campbell. And Omura won the Nobel prize for it.

Physiology and medicine for its discovery, world health organization’s list of essential medicines, FDA approved as an antiparasitic agent. Huh? Very curious. It says the family of compounds was discovered by somebody over at Kita Sato university, been around for a long time, synthesize a number of different ways. Introduce 1981 by 1986, registered for use in 46 countries administered massively to cattle, sheep, and other animals approved for human use. 1988 earned the title of wonder drug for its treatment of different parasites used safely by hundreds of millions of people to treat river blindness and lymphatic filariasis, hundreds of millions of people. Hm. Also taking horse dewormers Anderson Cooper. That’s interesting. So, uh, okay. Got that going now. Is it just Wikipedia though? Is it only Wikipedia because we know how bias they can be. It, it has to be a horse dewormer because Anderson Cooper said so.

And you know, Joe Rogan is just a big, uh, bone head. He doesn’t know anything. He’s just a dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb podcaster. Clearly not sophisticated like Anderson Cooper is. And anybody else who would never use a horse dewormer. Oh, but then why does the CDC have it on their website and give it to immigrants? Oh, over here we can go over to the immigrant refugee and migrant health forum talking about refugee health guidance. Oh. To promote healthy resettlements, like all of the thousands of Afghani people. For example, the CDC provides supplemental guidance to panel physicians so that they can treat people before they get here. Let’s learn more about these. Shall we? Here’s a summary of some of the recommendations. This guidance is intended for the national organization of migration and physicians who administer, administer, oversee pre-departure treatment for parasites. Oh. While these recommendations have been implemented in many overseas sites, here’s what we’ve got. If you’re coming from the middle east Asia, north Africa, Latin America, or the Caribbean, you should receive presumptive therapy

P with, oh, look right there.

Ivermectin two doses, 200 MCGs per kilogram orally once a day, for two days before departure to the United

And states, are they talking about horses here? Are they importing horses? They must oversee departure. Carrying,

Carrying refugees is what it says. These must be hoarse refugees because the CDC, certainly the CDC is basically next door to the FDA. So the FDA then

Then said that you don’t take this it’s for horses. So the CDC certainly must have heard that. So

These can’t possibly be human refugees who are coming into the United States. It doesn’t make any sense. These must be horses. So middle Eastern horses coming from Afghanistan have to take ivermectin two doses for two days. And they got to take it in their mouse like human. I mean like, I don’t know, maybe it says orally, so it must be in their horse smells. And it’s not just the middle Easterners. We have the Africans. They also got to take the ivermectin, see that here another two doses for the African refugees, but the Sub-Saharan AF uh, refugees, those horses, they don’t have to take any of it. They just take a couple other ones, president Quantel. That’s the one that they’re good with. And so the summation, as you can see here for oversea horses, all the oversea horses, uh, basically all recommended that they take ivermectin. I’ll look at that. Yeah. All those horses recommended for Africa recommended for Asia recommended for the middle east recommended for Latin America.

Oh, I

Didn’t know. We were importing all these horses all over the country. Weird. So if the


Is dunking on everybody for this drug, if Anderson Cooper’s dunking

On it, is there anybody

Else? Yeah. It’s even Megan McCain says, I am no doctor, but it just seems way easier and more efficient to just get the VAX rather than bleed out of your anus and getting a horse dewormer and taking 9,000 other random prescriptions and things from CVS and trader Joe’s. So you see what she did there?


You know, very clever. She’s obviously talking about

Joe Rogan. So

Also on the horse dewormer mean, so then I started thinking, is this just about horses? Like, what are they, are they just worried about horses? Because there’s a drug that everybody, a lot of people are using now called ketamine that also used to work with horses discovered 1956 are approved for use in the 1970s, regularly used on dogs and horses before people started using it on human beings. And now, in fact it might be a wonder drug that is very useful in helping people with depression. So I guess if they’re going to be curing depression with ketamine, are they going to be making fun of those people using horse drugs?

I don’t think it’s actually about the horses. I posted this on Twitter. I said in 1903, Thomas Edison electrocuted, an elephant to try to discredit a competing standard alternating current today, the sophisticated are using a horse dewormer meme to try to do the same thing with ivermectin and Thomas Edison did do that. He was in a battle over direct current versus alternating current with Tesla and an entirely different, uh, I can’t remember the name of the company back then, something anyways, electrocuted, an elephant. Why to prove a point to show my standard is better than a different standard. And our very own chairman of the board was in the house and said, I mean, if they’re a doctor, you should probably trust them. Right?

Yeah. And he linked to a very important reminder about the history of other doctors in the United States and the times when maybe the medical establishment was on the wrong side of the science. Huh? Well, how about this memory trip? Remember when cigarette companies used to use doctors to push smoking, this was published [email protected] 2018. Remember some of these stories, no other cigarette can make this statement. These facts accepted by imminent medical authorities. Very proud call for Phillip Morris. Let’s see. What does it say? Yeah. Published. It matters. Not at all. How fine. Why you ask until it’s been Phillip Morris approved, produced a cigarette without the ingredient there report proved conclusively that when smokers changed to Phillip Morris, every case of irritation definitely improved medical doctors, eminent medical authority said, so, oh, how about this one? 20,679 physicians say Luckies are less irritating. It’s toasted. And this number has been verified. This figure quoted have been checked and certified by the librarian, Ross bros and Montgomery accountants and auditors. So there were verified 20,679 physicians verified by librarian, boss bros and Montgomery certified 20 over, over, over 20,000 doctors smoked those cigarettes. Baby’s good for you. No bias,

No basis for not trusting their medical opinion. They’re doctors, they’re scientists. They know better than you do.

Dummy. Take your stinking cigarette. It’s not going to irritate your throat and smoke two packs a day. Your doctor recommends it. In fact, they smoke it themselves. Here is one brand camels that more doctors smoke than any other cigarette. And that’s right now, recent national whites nationwide survey. The doctor here is a scientist, a diplomat, a friendly sympathetic human

Being, no matter how long and hard his schedule, he smokes camels folks, doctor,

And every branch of medicine. 113,597 in all were queried in this nationwide study of cigarette preference. Three leading researchers made the survey that just camel baby, the rich full flavor and cool smoothness, a camel suburb blend. If you’re a camel smoker, the preference among doctors will hardly surprise you if you’re not

Try it now. No, I remembered. Yeah. Remember those days

Very, very tried and true medical doctors and scientists has this happened in other places. Remember this from grade school, I do the food pyramid.

It’s kind of changed now.

Hasn’t it remember when they told you six to 11 servings of bread and rice and a carbohydrate

It’s every everyday pasta. Remember that only a little bit of meat, two to three servings, two to three servings of milk, cheese and yogurt. It’s whole thing. Remember this

Kind of, uh, changed a little bit. Wikipedia says that a lot of controversy

Around this several books

Claimed that the food and agricultural associations, they exert undue political power on the USDA food industries, like milk companies have been accused of influencing the U S department of agriculture into making the colored spots larger for their particular food mix. The milk section has been claimed to be the easiest to see. So people get mad about that. The inclusion of milk implies. It’s an essential part of a healthy diet, despite many people who are lactose intolerant, right? So they crammed it on

There. Why? Because

Of lobbying, he asked if the U S da is under the influence of the

Food industry, because vegetables

Should be at the foundation of it, right? So we see this all over the place. Everybody comes out, do everything the way we tell them,

You didn’t do it. Everybody agrees. The science says so, and anybody else who doesn’t do what we say, they’re using horse dewormers. They are

Just a dumb cavemen who just can’t think for themselves. And so you get Megan McCain, you get the FDA, you get Anderson Cooper. And these people who are all so smart and sophisticated who know way better than everybody else about what works. And doesn’t Megan, McCain’s not a doctor. As far as I know, Anderson Cooper, certainly isn’t a doctor and the FDA isn’t even full of doctors full of bureaucrats. Joe Rogan is a fully autonomous human being who has a lot of resources and studies his health a lot. He can make decisions. Is this about the drug or is this about submission? Is this about complying with whatever the overlords tell you to do?

I think so. Let’s see what you have to say about this. We had some great super chats coming in. Let’s take a look at the questions over from watchingthewatchers.locals.com. See what we’ve got on this one, got a lot of them. We’ve got dead mouse. So I’m going to read these, but we gotta be cognizant, right? No medical misinformation on this channel. So I can’t read through things that are making medical claims before warrant. All right, we got dead mouse. Five says, I don’t think the science is definitive, but horse dewormer is such a disingenuous and propagandists way to describe the drug. No question. You could easily inflict similar reputational damage on where for in an anticoagulant. If you exclusively describe it as rat poison, right? It’s propaganda. Totally ivermectin literally won a Nobel prize in 2015 for its multifaceted effectiveness against a broad range of pathogens, including protozoa DNA, RNA viruses, but I’ve never heard Anderson Cooper mentioned this on his show.

I wonder why that’s from dead mouse, five giving a shout out to at N Y renal MD in the house. Let’s see. We got, Mr. Ed says, Robert, I have to say that horse dewormers some good stuff. Apples. My flavor is my favorite. That’s for Mr. Ed. I think the horse, Mr. EDS in the house. Amazing. What a show Pfizer says. Can’t have people study and take ivermectin for COVID and reduce our profits and power better. Take the vaccine so that we can bribe Congress. Yeah. Anytime that everybody is telling you have to do something and it’s 100% consistent. And it’s the only thing you can do is when my red flags go up. If it’s the only thing, my first thought is what? That’s never the case. That’s never reality. I know I’m stuck. I can only do this. That’s nonsense talk nonsense. She snuck him, says it is also used for cattle.

Isn’t it? Does that get it over the line? So the more animals, the better, the more, the more legitimacy it has for humans, we have Mustang says, oh, how interesting I had COVID back in 20 sick for five weeks feeling lucky I survived yet. My then employer still mandated. I get Bakst go. Joe Rogan. Wonder if HCQ and the Mectizan were legalized. This COVID would have been different with the lockdowns, my own treatments as well. That’s for Mustang. Jeff. Glad you recovered Mustang. Glad you’re still with us. Sorry. You had a long bout with that. We have news now says, did you see she, uh, the stopped, did you see the stopped of the conservative activist who was required to take a test and Aspen, but the lab kicked her out because of her previous anti COVID talk. I did see that. Yeah, that was, um, what is her name?

She just joined the daily wire Candace Owens. That’s what it is. Candace Owens. Yeah. She wanted a COVID test. And she got this nasty letter back from the lady saying, we’re not going to test you because you are critical about COVID. I guess soul Viking says many people are left in a stadium and shopping center. Parking lot with news of positive COVID tests. They’re told to go home and isolate with little to no treatment offered very early treatment. Like what Rogan received should be offered by the person’s medical provider, largely absent with many outpatient providers, referring patients to the ER or the country county. Most yards in public services do not offer protocols that have been noted to be effective in peer reviewed literature. Yeah, I guess there’s right. There’s there’s something that you could do rather than just going home and waiting it out, but they don’t want you to do that.

They want you to just go get jabbed. Anyways. Ghost gunner says those tests are called Ishihara tests. I’m also red, green colorblind hot. Yeah. So, so yeah, so, so am I and people, when I tell people that they’re like, what color is this? And I say, it’s a red shirt. I hope it’s a red shirt. I think it’s red, you know, maroon, whatever. And they go, oh, well, so what are you talking about? Can you see this? Yes, it’s blue. But it’s like the very close pigments. It’s like the clothes, like the, like the redness in Rogan’s face. I, I probably would not be able to see that all too well, which is why the show here was like yellow for like six months until I figured that out. We have Jeremy says, Rob, as soon as I heard about the story, I knew it was a hit piece, honestly.

However, uh, how is anyone that takes so many different treatments to know which one was the contributing factor in it? When we troubleshoot, we change one thing at a time. So we know what the solution was. Well, you don’t have that option with COVID it’s coming and it’s coming. Whether you try it, whether you, whether you figure out the right concoction or not. So, so Joe Rogan did what Joe Rogan does. I appreciate his, uh, his tactics there. I think I might do something similar. We have N Y says, uh, renal MD says, first, I remember it as an FDA approved drug. Second, he received the monoclonal. So if more people take the monoclonal. Now, if they become positive, which requires seeing a doctor I’m satisfied, putting up with all of, you know, it’s all messing around in my profession. Rogan, CNN, Anderson Cooper. Finally, Robert, there are glasses you can buy to fix your vision. Are there? Well, I’ve been going, I’ve been, I’ve been handling it this long. I don’t know that. I need to worry about it, but that’s funny. I didn’t know that. Thank you for the, thank you for the, thank you for the medical solution doctor. I just got a doctor visit from the good doctor, the good N Y renal MD.

I love this show. So fun. All right. We have another one. Angel 22 says honestly, it was mostly likely the monoclonal antibody treatment that got into test negative so quickly. We got this treatment for my husband on the day he tested positive. He was already pretty sick. Tested negative was all better. About a week later. Yeah, that sounds very good. That’s great news. Why is that? Not everywhere. Cause they’re trying to get you to comply the world health organization also approves it for other uses. Not only for animals having said that I would not buy it at the feed store. Pharmacy grade would be different. Also have a savy holistic physician prescribe it and monitor it. Right? A doctor talk to a doctor. I’m not giving anybody medical advice. But yeah, my analysis personally is I talked to doctors personally, talked about my situation. Talk about what they know.

People I respect and rely on people who seem highly educated in this stuff. I talked to them, get various opinions on this and then come to my own personal conclusion about it. I don’t listen to what Dr. Fowchee says to me and 400 other Americans and say, oh, well that, that must be the solution. That’s perfect for me. That’s lunacy. He’s not my doctor. Neither is Joe Biden or Rochelle Wilensky. We have thunder seven says the CDC does not want natural cures. Three scientists who created ivermectin. One for Nobel prizes. Been used to treat people, other animals for decades, just like other drugs. Big pharma cannot make billions. So they degrade it. By the way, the head of many programs are neither doctors or scientists. Just vacs pushers. Yeah. Salesman, vacs salesman. Everywhere you go. Everywhere. I turn on the TV. I’m so sick of it.

Even conservatives, I listened to their show vaccines all day, all day. Can they talk about something else for crying out loud? We have a Joe Rogan is what journalists should be like, mom, man, that’s from sweet. Potato says, if you look at the trees, the sky and the teeth, you can tell it’s manipulated to some degree avid Adobe product user here. But either way he does look very sick. In my opinion, wishing him. Well, people say that the I word is for horses is like saying we shouldn’t drink water because horses also drink water. That’s a good point. Yeah. That’s true. What are you? Are you taking that horse urine? It’s basically what you’re drinking. You know, when you put that in your that’s the same thing that horses put in their mouth,

It turns into urine and you’re drinking it.

Oh, you probably listen to Joe Rogan. Don’t you? Uh, it’s just disgusting. What an animal. Let’s see. We’ve got another one from monster. One says the inventor of ivermectin won a Nobel prize for medicine. The reason why they try to discredit it because the other emergency use authorization is a good reason. If they approve an alternative treatment, they would have to stop the vaccine. I see what you’re saying. So the use, the ability to get emergency use authorization is predicated on the idea that there are no alternatives. If there are, then it’s not an emergency. Go use that thing. You don’t need this. It’s not an emergency. So if they’re, if they approved another drug as something that was, was appropriate as a treatment modality, then that would eliminate the emergency and negate the need to have the EUA. Interesting. Very good comment. Thank you.

We have Kareem says Joe Rogan has had many conservative commentators on over the shows though. I have also heard some people say that Rogan is definitely not on our side though. Recently I’ve seen these against the passports. So I don’t really know where Rogan stands. Yeah. Rogan is Rogan is sort of hard to pin down on those issues. And I think that’s why a lot of people listen to him. And I think there’s some good reason behind that. Right? I talk about this a lot here, that that a lot of people find themselves needing to be bundled with certain political ideologies. I’m good. I’m just going to put myself in this bucket. Republicans, good Democrats, bad Democrats, good Republicans bed, Sean Hannity, Rachel Maddow all day, just, you know, beating each other up all day. And it’s not that interesting to watch or listen to.

It’s not even that intelligent. It’s like the same wrote talking points all day long every day, without any real actual analysis, just reading from a teleprompter all day. So Rogan likes to take multiple sides of multiple issues and changes dynamically at will and is not even upset about that. Which I think is, is, is a very, very admirable quality. A lot of people I think consider consistency to be a little bit too overrated. And they pigeon-holed themselves on the idea of consistency. I have to be consistent no matter what. Well, if the world changes and the data that you have in your head changes, and you have a different perspective because you’re a year older and a year wiser and you learn some things and you thought through it will change your opinion, change it.

And you can leave a political party. You don’t have to stick with them. They don’t care about you. All right, we have another one from Anderson Cooper says I’m just butt hurt about people having alternatives to vaccines. And that’s not a, that’s not a, a pejorative comment at all because it’s applicable. Angel says, I also want people to say IVM is also in the dog. Heartworm prevention to some dogs, ended up taking insulin for blood sugar issues. Wonder if the mainstream media now just calls insulin, dog paced. I guess everything is just for animals. Now, a lot of questions on this one soul Viking says the media’s desire to manipulate the public is disgusting. Many medications are used both in veterinary and human settings, similar to the BS with the description of ivermectin and Joe Rogan. The political agenda of the media was trying to state that inmates were receiving poor treatment based on the fact that they were being prescribed medications with horses.

Another anti-inflammatory, the media created the hysteria, although it is not the most commonly prescribed anti-inflammatory medication for humans. It’s routinely prescribed for many conditions, including severe shoulder pain. The media is truly criminal. That was from soul Viking. Yeah. The media is pretty horrendous with a lot of this stuff and you can see it it’s as transparent as it gets. We have snuck him, says the generics now available a buck 50 to $2, a pill too cheap for big pharma. Yeah. Generic. Right? I don’t think they hold the patents on it anymore. Sergeant Bob says, thank you for all your work. Happy birthday to Beth. Have a good long weekend and see you next week. That’s for Beth. We’re getting close to that time. We have another one from dead mouse says you are not a horse. You are not a cow. You are a sheep.

Seriously. Y’all stop it. Stop thinking for yourself. Stop trying to disobey our guidance. Another one that was from dead mouse. See, we have another one from want to know, says, Rob, would you be depressed if you had worms? I would. Yeah, I would too. Yeah. I mean, that’s not a good thing. I have to tell people, sorry, I can’t make the dinner. What we play in the lake three weeks ago. I know, but I’ve got worms. Oh, okay. Well you just deal with that then all of cancel those reservations. Be brave, says so much. I want to say about this, but I’ll tone it down. Horses also take amoxicillin and they drink water too. I guess humans shouldn’t use that antibiotic or drink water. It’s not water. It’s horse urine concentrate is what it is. You drink a lot of it. It just concentrates right into horse urine.

It’s disgusting. Truman HW says first your the best. Thank you for being so tolerant of my caps. So here’s a few more for you. It’s from Truman. Truman says IVs performance is outstanding efficacy for COVID right. Epidemiologists research and found that those in homes, in which someone had scabies had very low death rates in the homes where they use ivermectin prophylactically in case that anyone could have gotten it. It’s been recognized as incredibly safe for 70 years, dark horse podcast through Bret Weinstein. Yeah. And he got almost, uh, eliminated from YouTube for really pushing. It says likewise, despite expecting Africa to have high very COVID death rates found to be very low. And they’re also that’s because they’re given ivermectin just twice a year, maybe two tablets once a year to protect against malaria. It’s been it’s claimed that those who’ve had it advance had it in advance, have lower risks, reduced severity and treatment during it’s hugely helpful. That’s from Truman HW. That’s some good context there. Truman kind of skipped over some of that. Read that poorly because I just get a little bit nervous about YouTube, but some very good context.

Thanks for sharing it. And why says take home message. Stay out of medicine. I prescribe fentanyl and helping patients quit. Fentinol you guys don’t know what you’re talking about. Just like my musing at the law probably sounds ridiculous. Twitter, YouTube and Rogan are not the place for medical advice. That’s from the good doctor.

That’s true. Have I been giving medical advice? I don’t think so. I’ve been telling you

People to communicate with their doctors like you and why renal. So people should go to the doctors. Don’t listen to anything that we’re talking about here is medical advice. I’ve never tried to imply that at all. I’ve just encouraged people to try to think for themselves and consult with their doctors rather than listening to what the FDA posts on their timeline about horse medication, because it’s not accurate. It’s not even accurate, right? It’s act, it’s an actual drug. What the FDA is saying is like, they’re like they’re, they’re posting means like they’re, you know, college kids or high school girls or something, come on. Y’all stop it. No, that’s nonsense. Right? You’re the

FDA. This is a legitimate

Therapeutic. This is being treated. It’s got to know Nobel prize is being used all over the world. So I don’t know whether that

Is, uh, appropriate

Or not for the FDA to be doing that. And for the media to be skewering all of this, I think, I think we can comment on that. And it’s, I don’t think it’s medical advice, but I get your point and why the good doctor and everybody listened to the good doctor. Talk to you,


Including the good renal doctor and NYU renal MD in the house. All right. Thank you. Good doc. For sharing that perspective, we have several more questions

Here. That one Florida

Man says a great segment says, I know it is dry, but all you have to do is look up the prescribing information, which is approved

For the medication to confirm approved indications and doses

From that one, Florida. Man, thank you. Uh, with regard to smoking and doctors, they wonder why some don’t trust the climate science. I was going to find a bunch more of these. I was thinking about that specifically, remember about the climate change stuff. How many people have told us that the world is going to end? I’ve heard it. I don’t know. 30 times in my life acid rain. When I was a kid in like social studies, I was like stressed out that the rainforest were going to melt because acid rain was going to come down. They showed us all these movies of like, you know, these, these, uh, bad computer graphic imagery of like the world melting down, you know, building, uh, melting cause acid rain because humans were polluting the whole ozone layer and all of that stuff

That happened. I thought it was

Or said like the planet was going to be buried in water in 10 years. We only had 10 years to act. Wasn’t that like 20 years ago,

It’s not,

It’s all hyperbole. It’s nonsense. All right. Sergeant Bob says, good job on the food pyramid. I did a competitive bodybuilding and learned a lot about food, too many carbs equals fatty people. As you know, still watch what goes into my pie hole. Promise. This is my last comment. Go off to your weekend. That’s from Sargent pub, but I got nowhere to be Sergeant. This is where I want to be right here with you. Let’s see, we’ve got a few more big pharma says shut up

And take our vaccine. It’s good for you. Trust us. It’s not like we want repeat customers right now. They don’t want, they don’t want a subscription service. That’s insane. Why would anybody do that? Amazon prime, Netflix, Hulu, apple. You also have Disney. You have peacock. Now you’re going to have Moderna and Pfizer also. They’ll just ship them to your bill. They’ll Amazon prime, that stuff right into your arm. This is Amazon’s drones right here in your neck, right from the CDC. You’ll just be sitting there in your lockdown home with your Australian face scanner app. Yes, I’m here still. Okay, good. You’re home. Perfect. We’re sending the drones. Zip, zip. You just get your two jabs, your booster shots. You pay your subscription fee. You turn your Netflix back on and you just get back to being a good slave. Like they want very good.

That’s looking. I’m looking forward to it. What else do we have several other questions? Former Elio says could fact checkers who claimed factual statements are false and their statements cause financial damages be held responsible as liable. Um, uh, I don’t think so. So first of all, that’s not my area of law, but I mean, I guess, I guess these are sort of opinion statements. I see what you like, like does Joe Rogan have a cause of action against these people who were saying he’s taking a horse dewormer? I don’t think so. I don’t think he’d be successful there, but I understand your point. Now, if they were to do something like they were going to do something like that and it caused actual damages to a person. If the statements came and they caused damage to somebody and it was a little bit more inaccurate, I think that maybe they would, but I mean, technically I think they could make the argument that it is a horse dewormer, right?

They could probably get away with that. Say we actually do use this chemical to Deworm horses. So it’s, it’s technically true. It’s just propaganda and it’s not, you know, we know what they’re doing. Oh, sock says, Rob, how dare you talk bad about cigarettes? Tobacco has not been shown to cause health problems now the additives. Well, but that’s not look into that by the way, smoking will or will not keep you from getting COVID. This is not medical advice. It’s my opinion. And I am a target that’s for most socks. So outstanding comment. Oh, sock. I appreciate that.

Very, very, uh, you know, splitting both sides smoking either will or will not keep you from getting COVID and you can take that to the bank. It’s brilliant. I think I’m going to use that in court. He’s either guilty or not. So just make your mind up Anderson. Scoopers subconscious says I took the vaccine. What if there’s some unknown long-term effects. I better make everyone else take it. Let’s spread the risk around to everybody. Yeah. Yeah. I’m I’m in this movie. I hate this movie. Everybody needs to sit here and watch this with me. Don’t they, they all need to come in here. Watch this terrible movie with me and suffer along with me. We have wants to know, says how much is the government paying for each vaccine? I don’t know. It’s not much. I think it’s like 20 bucks a pop, but we, uh, Ms.

Lucky says, Hey Rob, you have a purple shirt on today. Oh, it. I thought it was red or reddish. I don’t know. You know, I don’t know. Thank you, Ms. Lucky for correcting me. I’m I may have been wearing just the wrong color shirts my whole life. I don’t know. And maybe this show will help me understand that dreary or spider says not making any medical statements myself, but Japan, public health body has said that certain drugs are effective and all doctors use it. And uh, Japan’s pretty smart. Japan. Japan is pretty smart. So maybe there’s some good stuff there. We have the ghost of the guys says, Afghanistan still have Americans left there. Don’t forget. That’s from ghost of big guys. I’ve not forgotten. We’re going to get back into Afghanistan next week. I’m sure of it. But we had to get through some other stories because we had been going through so much Afghanistan stuff.

We’re getting caught up. We’re not going to forget about it. She snuck ’em says aren’t animal trials first. I’m not sure where they’re at. If they’re doing any, um, well, no, no. It’s it’s approved. You know, that drug is approved. There’s nothing else to test on that. I don’t think we have, Lord Nelson says Lord Nelson. Oh wow. We have colorblindness as normal person has a color palette of about 1 million colors or some people 10 million, a colorblind person sees just about all the colors, but has a reduced pallet of what maybe 10,000 colors I have to guess. But that is a lot less take the Farnsworth test. It’s the best that’s from Lord Nelson. Yeah. You know, I’ve never looked into it after, uh, grade school really. But I know that I, I, I do have some troubles with reds and greens. It’s funny. The Farnsworth tests.

Oh, socks says, Rob, I wonder how many in the media has stock in the VAX companies. I think that if they do, they should not be allowed to talk about it. Interesting. I’m sure that all of their portfolios Anderson Cooper’s multi-billion dollar family portfolio probably has a nice chunk of stuff invested in the Vaxis. If I had to guess we have Truman says I’m happy to take any animal drug drug that’s USP grade as I’m an animal USPA is good enough back bacteriostatic et cetera. We do test drugs on rats, bunnies and chimps, because they’re great human analogs. Yeah. It’s a very, you know, nonsense argument. They’re trying to they’re D they’re they’re they’re trying to be pejorative. Right? They’re trying to make it seem like it’s a disgusting drug. That’s going to wreck your body. That’s intentional. We have snuck them, says any input that in the VAX animal trials. Uh, no, I can’t talk about that. Whether the spike protein was found in different things. I don’t know anything about that. Ghost gunner says Al gore also use clips from science fiction

Films in his movie. Yeah. I thought that the whole coast was supposed to be underwater by now, sir. Kecks a lot says calling ivermectin, a horse dewormers, like calling penicillin

Bread mold.

Yeah. Okay. Yeah. That’s also a good point. We says another one says, I still think an employer should be warned of their liability for demanding a VAX of the approved version, which doesn’t have those protections. So I don’t, again, I don’t know about that stuff. Truman says, think about how smart this Robert Guy is. He knew you were talking about the claim regarding Anderson Cooper. When the question about liable was asked and also his like a scientist modesty of reminding us, it’s not his field of

Expertise that

Well that’s from Truman. I think that’s a compliment. I think. Thank you, Truman.

Yeah. Look, I don’t, I don’t know. I am definitely

Not one of those commentators. Who’s going to come out here and pretend like I have answers to everything. Cause I certainly don’t and I changed my opinion all the time. Sergeant Bob, are you the guy that has been blowing through red lights in Scottsdale? That’s not me. Is that happening? Is there is something like that going on every now and then we get people who just sort of blow through the stop signs and uh, and just kind of drive around. Sometimes you’ll get people with masks on and they want to get caught on all the photo. Radar cameras. Not me. Not this time. Let’s see who came in over from super chat look to G says, uh, I don’t understand how the

Media could be. So

Obviously partisan, it’s a sad day when those who should be holding our politicians to account have chosen as a aside before the debate is had it’s from look to G yeah, the media

Just they’re doing themselves

A disservice. Okay. If anybody looks at this and they have some admiration for Joe Rogan, which is like a huge, significant portion of this country that listens to him and find him to be

Likable. And then now they’re sort of, you know,

Running his name through the mud. Like this is some, some moron. Who’s just so dumb that doesn’t support their cause. Right? You win more with you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. And I don’t understand the strategy,

But I’m not

In charge. We have Don Pedro says Pfizer starts dosing patients and oral antiviral drug trials. Can’t say the name of the other med, but I would bet this is a money grab. Yeah. I saw that headline that said repackaged as another antiviral. Right? I saw that. So Pfizer is working on this, this pill that you take now in conjunction with the vaccine. I think it’s a twice daily pill.

So now you just take that indefinitely because COVID is never going away. Thank you for the sheer

And for the support, Don Pedro. Very nice. I appreciate that. Doug says 20 years working in the pet industry, most medications, especially antibiotics for human usage are used for animals,

But at different dosages

You get, because we’re all mammals we’re most of us are mammals, right? And we have similar systems. And so I would imagine that there are similarities between the drugs we have Elden Taylor says ketamine used to be given for animals in pain. Now it’s a drug given to human patients in pain. Yeah. Ketamine. Yes. And, and oftentimes drugs are used on animals before they’re given to humans. I think maybe that was a prior comment.

We test them on it. That’s part of the process we start with

With the animals. It works. Let’s try it with humans. Oh, it also

Works. So it’s a dumb

Argument. Drives me nuts. Stephen Farrington says happy labor day, weekend. Robbie, great week of shows. Thank you, Steven Farrington. Thanks for being here. Stephen Farrington is always here

Early. As soon as I post the show and schedule,

He’s typically in there in the chat ready to rock and roll. Doesn’t matter what time I appreciate you being here. Stephen Farrington care Carestream 1 6, 5 says what about Liberty or death? Long time. No. See

Him. You know, it’s a good question.

I got an email from Liberty. I don’t think I’m at Liberty to say much about what he’s going through, but he’s, uh, he’s going through some stuff, right? He’s going through a little battle right now. And so he’s been disengaged from some of his other, uh, usual areas. And so if you, if you connect with him or if he’s listening and he wants to, uh, allow me to share that, then I might, uh, I might might do that cause he’s doing good work out there. So cheers to Liberty or death. We also have Doug here says judge Gregory, Howard of Butler county, Ohio ordered Westchester hospital to start treating patients with the I word.

Wow. Wow. That’s interesting. I might have,

We’ll take a look at that. See if we could pull that order up and get that in on the show. Great. Super chest. Thank you everybody. For that support means the world. We had a couple other questions. Trick trickling in here, Kenny, one B says, do you like Arizona? I’m having a great time. This cactus is the cactus is so cool. Yeah, we have some Oros here. I wonder if Kenny, if you’ve never seen it before.

Yeah. They’re pretty cool. Especially if you go on a hike and I know

I got an email, I owe you back, Kenny, I know that’s coming. We got to support her over on Twitch. Happy merchant is now following us on Twitch. If you’re over on Twitch, we’re building up a little bit of an audience over there, which is

Super cool. And I might have to bust open Dyson sphere

Like this huge Dyson sphere base that I’ve been neglecting for the last seven months, but it’s a fun game. All right. And that was from Doug. Let’s see a couple other questions over at watchingthewatchers.locals.com. Before we get out of here for the day we’ve got ghost on her says, have they tested the vaccines on animals? Maybe they should stop taking an animal antiviral vaccines or stop making, taking them. I don’t know if they have, it was all emergency and they kind of wanted to get it right into human beings ASAP. It felt like, oh, SOC says, Hey Rob, you work in Monday. You know, I don’t know what I’m doing on Monday. I don’t know what I’m doing on Monday yet. Uh, the office is officially closed. We are closed. In fact, most of the office is gone. They left a long time ago today. Uh, most people, not most people, but a significant portion of people took, uh, took some time off, which is very, very nice, but we’re officially closed on Monday and I’m trying to determine, uh, what I want to do.

We might do a shelve though. We’ll see,

We have snuck them, says, don’t read this just FYI, uh, label and drug FDA. The drug has been used outside. Okay. That’s from Shanuk gums. And that was our last Guston snuck. So I won’t read that, but uh, talking about

FDA approval

And some other things out there. So those were great questions and tremendous support over on YouTube. I appreciate all of those that came in and uh, let’s see what else we have on the agenda here today. Before we wrap up the show, is there anything, there is something else, folks. It’s that time happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday. Dear Beth Cottington. Happy birthday to you. Beth Cottington has been with us for a very long time. Very supportive of the show has seen the grow. The show grow, have multiple permutations, and we’ve seen a lot of the, uh, trials and tribulations. Some of the changes and has always been here supportive and has always

Just been amazing, an amazing contribution to the campaign.

And so locals over there shouting happy birthday to Beth Cottington. I can see that going off in the chat. Super cool. Happy birthday, Beth. You know what?

You know what Beth, I think

We’re going to do in honor of your support. Okay.

And you’re just being an amazing person in general. We’re all going to take the day off of work on Monday. Don’t go to work. Celebrate Beth Cottington. Take the day off in her honor.

Well-deserved happy birthday, Beth. Thanks for being here and being a part of the community. And if you want to be a part of the community, well, I want to welcome you to us. Some other people who have signed up recently, we have mystery of life. We’ve got west pole. We have, sir, Kecks a lot Theresa Simone, Dave two Avalon acres, Timbo four 11 and Don M 11, signed up and joined the community this week. If you signed up yesterday, I forgot to put your name on there, but it will be there all next week and beyond. And so last week we had monster one J row. We had grim and nightmare chai, WebDev action, man, doc thunder bone and Ms. Danny all signed up at watchingthewatchers.locals.com five bucks a month, 50 bucks annually. If you want to save two months. And it’s a lot of fun. We have a good time over there. And there’s some amazing people who are a part of the community. We have monthly locals meetups as well. The next one is going to be in September, but I just don’t know exactly when it will be, but we’ll get that scheduled and we’ll make sure we have an amazing time. I’m traveling in September, I think two weekends. So maybe be the first weekend of October. I don’t know, but it is a great time because there’s a lot of amazing people at watchingthewatchers.locals.com, all connecting it’s about community.

It’s how we stay sane during many of them, these trials and tribulations in our lives. But that my friends is it for me and the show. I had a great time with you this week. I really appreciate you all being here. Beth Cottington says, love you. Thank you, Beth. I appreciate it. And thanks for another final Superchat. Have a tremendously happy birthday. I mean that hopefully you’re doing something, uh, very fun, good stuff. All right. So that my friends is it for me for the day. We’re going to leave it right here so that we can get off to our long enjoyable weekends. We are going to be back here at the same time, same place next week. It might be Monday or it might be Tuesday. I don’t know. We’ll make it the last minute determination either way. It’s going to be at the same time. Regardless 4:00 PM, Arizona time, 5:00 PM, mountain 6:00 PM. Central 7:00 PM on the east coast. And for that one, Florida man, everybody else have a tremendous long weekend. Spend time with your loved ones. Eat some good food sleep very well because we’ve got to get back to business next week and we’re going to do that rocked and ready to go. I’ll see you then have a tremendous evening. My friends. Bye bye.