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Hello my friends and welcome back to yet another episode of Watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Gruler. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the R&R Law Group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona, where my team and I over the course of many years have represented thousands of good people facing criminal charges. And throughout our time in practice, we have seen a lot of problems with our justice system. I’m talking about misconduct involving the police. We have prosecutors behaving poorly. We’ve got judges, not particularly interested in a little thing called justice. And it all starts with the politicians, the people at the top, the ones who write the rules and pass the laws that they expect you and me to follow, but sometimes have a little bit of difficulty doing so themselves. That’s why we started this show. So together with your help, we can shine that big, beautiful spotlight.

Oh my voice of, uh, of accountability, transparency and justice down upon our system with the hope of finding justice. And we’re grateful that you are here and with us today because we’ve got a lot to get into. We’re going to revisit what’s going on with general Millie, not Miley, like Miley Cyrus, it’s general Millie, like Vanilli, he’s in hot water, still over the new book that came out from Bob Woodward saying that he called the Chinese and gave them warnings about what the us is doing. Theoretically, maybe something that happened. And so that story broke yesterday. We have a lot of reaction from many people in government about these allegations. We’re going to hear from Senator Tom cotton, who is kind of skeptical about these allegations from Bob Woodward said, well, let’s wait and see what Bob Millie had to say. What, what general Millie had to say about all this?

So we’ll hear from him. We’ve got Marco Rubio also speculating about the source who gave Bob Woodward this information in the first place, was it general Milley himself? We’re going to find out. And we’ve also got different people reacting that were a part of Trump’s team. In particular, we have defense secretary who said that he did not authorize those calls at all. His name is Christopher Miller. And so he was publishing. A lot of information is coming out about general Millie and what happened there. And so we’ve got a statement from general Milley himself, kind of acknowledging that some of this stuff did happen. So we’re going to start to tease out what is really going on here. We know the general Millie is scheduled to be in front of Congress. And so we’re sort of trying to see where this is going to go in our next segment.

We’ve got a tie. We got to revisit the border because in August we have our new August numbers on the Southern border. And there were over 200,000 encounters at the border. And there is a makeshift migrant camp with thousands of people now set up right under a bridge on the us side in Del Rio, Texas. And so we’ve got some maps, we’ve got some drone footage, and we’re going to show you a picture, a horrible, horrendous picture of children, kids in bushes, not cages kids in bushes. So we’re going to take a look at that and check in what is going on at the department of Homeland security. We’ve also got to check back in with a federal judge out of New York who put, put a halt to new York’s vaccine passport that is coming through said that is not going to be something that is going to continue on granted a temporary injunction.

And so we’re going to take a look at that. If you want to be a part of the show, the place to do that is [email protected] They’re chatting away over there. Making fun of my voice. Voice sounds painful, says justice obsessed a little bit, a little bit, and I’m not sure what’s going on, but we’re just going to keep powering through the show. We’ve got Jeremy Matree to over there. VNT Kespry prime. We’ve got Dallas photography who used to be miss Downey. We have, sir, Kecks a lot. Jeremy’s in the house chairman of the board. And of course farmer’s daughter all over on watching the watchers.locals.com over on YouTube shout outs to just cows. We have Diane beat. We’ve got lean. Kenneth Bottin. We’ve got many people. We have the average mega Capitol terrorist is here. He says Robert is recovering from COVID because he was Vaxxed.

Uh, so, uh, a lot of commentary happening over there. Uh, nobody’s over on rumble, chatting away over there, but that’s okay. If you want to ask a question and be on the show. If you’re a supporter at locals, this is the form to use. You can go over there, fill out this form. We’ll make sure we can do our very best to get to your questions. Provided my voice continues to hold. If you’re looking for the clips of the show, they’re over at Robert griller, Esq slash clips, and that will be a good, that will be a good channel to subscribe. To had a Superchat just came in from Chris Walnut. Chris Walnut gave me some education on how to pronounce milli Vanilli. So it sounds like you had a late night of karaoke and booze. I wish that would have been a lot more fun than whatever the hell is going on with my body right now, but thank you for that, Chris Walnut.

All right. So let’s get into the news of the day. Shall we? General Millie is still in hot water. After new excerpts came out from Bob Woodward’s new book saying that he called the Chinese and maybe gave them an indication that he was going to communicate America’s military operations over to the general of China, kind of a big claim recall yesterday, we talked about the exact excerpts that came out of the book. You’ll notice here. This was reported from the Washington post and there is a exact quote. It says general Lee, you and I have known each other for now five years. If we’re going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time. It’s not going to be a surprise. So we read through this yesterday at length, went through all the different allegations in Woodward’s new book. And what we can see here is a direct quote, right?

This is from the Washington post. And so the Washington post is not, you know, this newspaper that is pro Republicans by any stretch of the imagination. And so they’re posting this basically saying that their sourcing is, is so good that they’re going to stand by these reports. And so we’re going to take a look at this in greater detail, because a lot of people are sort of thumbing their noses at this saying that this sounds far-fetched, we’re going to hear from Tom cotton in a minute before we do that, let’s take a look at what the joint chiefs of staff does. What does the chairman actually do? I went over to their [email protected], and you’ll notice that this was an entity that was created in 1986, identifies the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff as the senior ranking member of the armed forces. He’s the principal military advisor to the president and advisor may seek advice of and consult with other joint chief members and combatant come members.

When he presents his advice, he presents a range of advice to everybody under the act, the secretaries of the military departments assign all forces to combat and commands, except those assigned to carry out the mission of the services. The chain of command to these commands runs from the president to the secretary of defense, directly to the commander of the combatant command. Okay, so you see how this is going president secretary of defense, commander of the command. Okay. The chairman of the joint chiefs may transmit communications to the commanders from the president and the secretary of defense, but does not exercise military command over any combatant forces. So do you see what they’re saying here? This is directly from their own website, right? This is, this is from the jcs.mil. Go look it up. It says that this person can communicate to the commanders, may transmit stuff from the president and the secretary of defense.

So he’s not allowed to just go around and run his mouth and do whatever he wants. He’s a liaison between the president and the military. The act gives the chairman functions and responsibilities previously assigned elsewhere. And you can read the rest of it, but that’s essentially what it is. He’s just sort of an advisor or liaison. Somebody who communicates back and forth. He’s the chairman of the joint chiefs communicates from the president to the secretary of defense, to the commanders. So now we know what he’s allowed to do. We have to ask ourselves, did he extend that? Did he exceed the scope of what was lawful and allowed over here is the actual statement from general Milley. Like Vanilli a statement by the joint staff spokesperson, chairman’s conversations with the chiefs of defense across the world. Published September 15th from Washington, came from spokesman. Colonel Dave Butler says, quote, the chairman of the joint chief regularly communicates with chiefs of defense across the world, including China and Russia.

These conversations are vital to us. Interests reduces tensions and blah, blah, blah. His calls with Chinese and others in October and January were in keeping with these duties and responsibilities, conveying reassurance in order to maintain strategic stability. Okay. All calls from the chairman to his counterparts in court, including those reported are staffed, coordinated and communicated with the department of defense and the inter agency also in keeping with his responsibilities as a senior military advisor to the president and secretary of defense, he frequently conducts meetings with uniform leaders across the services to ensure all leaders are aware of current issues. The meeting regarding the nuclear weapons protocols was to remind uniformed leaders in the Pentagon of the long established and robust procedures in light of the media reporting on the subject. He continues to act and advise within his lawful authority in the lawful tradition of civilian control of the military and his oath to the constitution.

So sort of publishing something that just says, yeah, all normal business as usual, nothing strange happened here. And maybe there’s truth to that, right? If, if, if conservatives or Republicans, anytime Bob ward ward comes out and releases a new book that is critical of Trump, or that is critical of Republicans, it’s very easy to just kind of thumb your nose at that and say, well, it’s, it’s political salaciousness, right? All it is is political gossip. You could say, Woodward is a gossip columnist. He’s out there just kind of mucking around in the political news. And he’s trying to get headlines. He’s trying to extend this stuff and make much ado about nothing and general Millie comes out and basically says that yeah, we call them. Yeah, we call them definitely. And we also sat down and communicated with everybody over from the secretary of defense onward about nuclear weapons protocols. And we had meetings where we were able to just remind them, that’s all about these situations, but is that his role is that his authority we’re going to have to dig into it. Tom cotton doesn’t think that this is really that big of a deal. He was on with Fox and friends this morning. And here’s an excerpt from that.

Well, Ainslie, this book raises some serious concerns that say some of the allegations seem somewhat far-fetched to me, but general Milley and secretary Austin are going to be testifying in front of Congress and just a few days. And we’ll address these concerns. Uh, we don’t want to jump to conclusions yet, but we’ll certainly, uh, vet them and see exactly what happens. Obviously we have a principle of Seville,

This is too big for this. We can’t wait for him to testify. If this guy is selling us out to China, going behind the, of the United States, and he’s still in power, fresh off of the catastrophe in Afghanistan, he’s got to address this,

Brian. I know he will address it. And we’ll ensure that he addresses it. But this is one of those claims. Obviously that seems a little, far-fetched the idea that an American military general is going to warn an adversary. If an attack is coming, as you say, when Donald Trump was never even thinking about a military attack against China, the whole things is pretty far fetched,

Pretty farfetched, right? And that’s kind of what you hope to believe. We were absolutely hoping that that would be the case. We were reading the excerpt yesterday on the show going what we’re going to warn you, if anything happens, right? That’s actually putting military service members in line because trying to be able to then prepare their defenses and counter strike. So it sounds outrageous. It sounds like it’s nuts. Like that could never happen. So that’s why it’s worth investigating. Axios is reporting. They say, this is mark Millie’s crisis. They say that he’s going to go before Congress on September 28th, he was supposed to go there to answer questions about Afghanistan, but that’s going to change pretty quickly driving the news. We’ve got newly released excerpts from peril by Bob Woodward and others detailing secret moves to the highest ranking military officers throughout the country. The big picture Republicans were already irate with Millie, for playing a starring role in a string of Trump books.

Milly has been communicating about all of the books that have come out. Very juicy quotes in there. Even some of his friends are cringing over his extensive and high profile scenes in these books and perceptions that he’s participated, quote on deep background with multiple authors. So is Millie himself communicating this to the authors? Extensive direct quotes attributed to Millie have led Republicans to accuse him of personally leaking to authors. And of course, those are just Republicans. So they’re going to say that of course, because they want to make much ado about nothing, but now we got to dig into this a little bit further. We have Jennifer Griffin over from Fox news. She posted this on Twitter. She said, Pentagon officials general Miley did not try to insert himself into the chain of command regarding the launch of nuclear weapons, but he made sure everyone knew what their roles were and what they weren’t.

They reviewed lawful launch procedures, following Pelosi’s phone call, which you know, is obviously a interesting phone call. We read through that one. Nancy Pelosi was calling Trump a big fat, but said he had a big fat butt over there, which is really nice conversations. When you’re talking about, you know, America talking to the joint chiefs. So we made that point yesterday. If this was just, you know, a sit down and saying, listen, just to re a refresher, this could be something that is totally reasonable. She goes on. Jennifer says, I am told that general Millie had two routine calls with his Chinese counterpart and more than a dozen calls with NATO allies. After January 6th, to reassure them the government was stable to reassure China. The us was not planning a surprise attack in an effort to avoid a misunderstanding. And you’re going, what evidence was there that there was going to be some sort of attack from Donald Trump?

Well, we don’t know, but maybe general Millie did. So Jennifer Griffin tells us all ordinary. Everything is according to plan. It was regular routine business. She’s over from Fox news. We go back over to Washington post. We get a different story. Washington post Josh Rogan says senior Trump, admin national security official to me on general Millie’s report, secret calls to the Chinese. It says, quote, it was dangerous for mark Millie to be doing freelance diplomacy on China, without involving any of the other senior officials dealing with China at the time nuts, Millie was making these phone calls at a time when the U S government was in the middle of a very complicated discussions with an actions against the PRC for him to take this sort of action without any inter-agency coordination is astonishing. The risk is Josh Rogan continues. Millie could have caused the Chinese to miscalculate and take some sort of diplomatic economic or military action with far ranging consequences because he was giving the wrong signal, having no understanding of the context in which he was making the call.

He just called it. Look, I know what you saw. I know you’re freaking out. I know you saw the January 6th insurrection. I know you saw the guy with the podium. You probably think like I did that. That means they control the country. Now I just learned they don’t actually control the country. We’re still in control, but just relax, relax, relax. And so the Chinese, of course they’re going, oh, America, America’s in a state of weakness. Uh, sure. Uh, some more their general Milley. What else do you have for us? And he’s literally providing aid and comfort. Oh, it’s going to be okay. We’re not going to attack you. And what Josh Rogan over from Washington post is saying is that he’s got a source who was inside the Trump administration saying, uh, this is inappropriate, inappropriate, because we were also trying to do diplomatic actions at the same time.

And general Millie was undermining our efforts from the Washington post. Jennifer then over on Twitter says to Josh, oh, this is not true. She posted this in response to his statement, course Rogan said or Rojan. However you say his name says that this was a problem could have caused China to miscalculate. Jennifer Griffin from Fox news says, I’m told this is not true. There were 15 people on the video, teleconference calls, including a representative of the state department and the readout and notes from Millie’s two calls with his Chinese counterpart were shared with the intelligence community and the inter agency. Oh, so maybe Josh Rogan has a little bit of a bad source. Maybe Jennifer’s right. All this stuff is by the book. Maybe Tom cotton’s exactly right. That general Millie was just having phone calls. It’s all documented. It’s all by the book. Nothing to see here. So Josh Rogan then responds to Jennifer Griffin and says, I’m told this what Jennifer treated, uh, tweeted is not true. So they’ve got competing sources. Now Millie did not properly coordinate. Sao says when Millie did these calls, it was with joint staff and nobody from OSD participated in it. If someone from the state department was on the call, the joint staff should say who it is.

So they’re playing back and forth, right? There’s multiple people saying different things. Jennifer Griffin from Fox news says, oh no, it was, it was all by the book aisle perfectly fine. We have somebody over from Josh Rogan in the Washington post saying not true at all. It was the joint staff. It wasn’t everybody else who needed statutorily to be involved in this thing. So it sounds like they’re all just pointing their fingers at each other again. So they started to go and investigate with some other Trumpers. People who were in his administration. We just read what the joint chief is supposed to do. He’s a liaison. He communicates what the president wants to do. What the secretary of defense wants to do. He’s not able to be indirect military command. He’s not a direct commander of anybody. He gives advice essentially, that’s it. So if he was making these calls, if he was soothing things over with China, if he was communicating with Nancy Pelosi, if he was holding meetings with actual military commanders, you would imagine that that would have to be done with the permission of the president.

Wouldn’t it he’d have to run it by Trump. He’d have to run it by the secretary of defense by his own website. They say so, so Fox news said, uh, that didn’t happen. Trump’s acting defense. Secretary Miller says, quote, he did not authorize Millie. China calls says he should resign Christopher Miller called the report an unprecedented act of insubordination. Okay. And let’s confirm now that we’re not speculating as much about a lot of this anymore. Okay. We’re talking about the phone call and it sounds like the phone call was made. It sounds like Millie actually acknowledged that in his own statement, his press release. He’s saying, yeah, we made those calls. We call a lot of people. I call people all the time. And so now we have to sort of narrow the scope of our analysis. Now is it about the, the content of that phone call or is the phone call alone problematic?

Because the secretary of defense did not authorize these calls. He was not in the loop on any of this exclusive former acting secretary of defense, Christopher Miller, who led the Pentagon from the period after the 2020 election through inauguration day said that he did not and would not ever authorize chairman of the joint. Steve’s Miley to have quotes secret calls with his Chinese counterpart, calling the allegations as a disgraceful and unprecedented act of calling them to resign immediately. In a statement to Fox news Miller said that the United States armed forces from its inception has operated under the inviolable principle of civilian control of the military. The joint chiefs is the highest ranking military officer whose sole role is providing military specific advice to the president by law is prohibited from exercising executive authority to command forces. The chain of command run runs from the president to the secretary of defense, not through the chairman. So that’s, Trump’s former secretary of defense, just not approving of it. We also are hearing from other senators throughout the country. Here is Marco Rubio saying if Miley calling his Chinese counterpart was just normal and regular communication, why are those calls newsworthy? If the account of those calls in a new book is accurate, these calls were neither regular nor heroic. They were treacherous and dangerous. Marco Rubio is in his car and he’s given us a little, a little snippet of his take here.

And what I was hoping we would have today, is it denial that this is not true, that this is all made up. Instead, we just saw a statement from general Millie. And here’s what the statement says. The statement says that any phone calls he’s made are normal phone calls that he makes all the time. Well, let me ask you a question. If these are normal phone calls, like the kinds he makes every night, then why is this a story? If these are the normal phone calls he’s making all the time, then why is this even relevant? Why are we talking about it? The reason why we’re talking about it is because it’s being presented as something that was unusual. It’s being presented by the reporters as something that is something we’ve never had to see before in American history. Okay. And here’s the second problem I have. Who’s the source of all this? Yeah. I don’t think these reporters made it up. If they made it up to general. Milley should say, this is a lie. It’s a fabrication. I think general Millie. It’s clear. Now what’s the source. I think he talked to them. I think he portrayed it that way. I think he told them this wasn’t normal. I had to do this for the good of our country because he wanted to make himself look good. The wind to make himself look good. That’s why he would do.

Yeah. That’s why he would do it. It’s the same guy who was out there in front of the Senate. I think it was complaining about white rage. You know, he sort of likes the limelight to some degree. And what we’re, you know, if they’re direct quotes, if he goes and talks to Woodward and said, yeah, this is what I said, this is what I had to do. You know, Trump was such a monster that I needed to sort of a dictatorial, really a seize control of the military out from under him, very troubling. So what’s going to happen with Millie. We’ll find out he’s got scheduled plans for appearing on September 28th, going to focus on the chairman’s behind the scenes action. During the final days of Trump members are gunning for defense secretary, Lloyd, Austin, also to come, we have Axios, uh, somebody reported on Tuesday, the Senate foreign relations chairman, Bob Menendez.

We talked about this yesterday, threatened Austin and other Biden officials who declined to voluntarily appear before the committee. So general Millie’s then going to be in front of Congress in about 13 days. And we’ll see if they ask him any questions and we’ll see if he gives any meaningful answers. And we’ll see if anybody does anything about any of this, but my guess is probably not. Let’s see what you have to say about this [email protected] We’ve got some questions coming in the house. We have a L no, that’s on a different segment. We have one for no that’s on a different segment. Okay. So L L Mexican from LA says if Joe Biden had a backbone, he would fire in charge general, Miley Cyrus, once a trader, always a trader he’s a threat to national security. That’s that’s L Mexican. We have that’s that’s an, these are out of order. These questions are out of order. We have, hold on. Somebody said I’m not live on rumble.

Let’s see if we are. I think we’re live over there. I think we’re live. Thanks for the heads up. Let’s see what else we’ve got. Gotta move some things around. All right. We’ve got another one over here from thunder. Seven says, so not only is woke Milly, a trader. He’s also a spice and the death penalty, the punishment for treason. Maybe they can give him a Teddy bear to cuddle while they put them in front of a firing squad, white rage, man gone. I, it is the death penalty, or I think it’s, uh, a lot, a lot of time in prison, but remember almost nobody’s been prosecuted for that. So I don’t think that he will either. We have monster. One says, Alexander, Veneman the guy behind the first Trump impeachment even came out and said, this is a clear violation of the military code.

When you have someone who suffers from Trump, derangement as bad as Veneman does calling you out, you know, it’s bad. I’m not surprised the spineless Republicans would immediately try to discredit the story. God forbid, they actually had to do work. PS. I gave you some bad information yesterday. Cardi B sings web, not Nicki Minaj. I got my trashy rap stars confused. Oh, so you could have fooled me. I have no idea. You know, I, I, it sounded reasonable to me. So I think we’re both wrong on that. That’s okay. Oh, Nicki Minaj is here. Speaking of the devil says at Rob, they ban me from Twitter, from vaccine disinformation, sad face as an immigrant. I find this very racist you as a white person of privilege. Do you think you could promote my baby shower Saturday, October 2nd. Seven to eight Eastern time. Happy face. Yeah.

Yeah. So baby shower. We have a zoom link for that October 2nd, seven to 8:00 AM PM. Eastern time. Thanks Nikki. Did she get banned? Really? She’s got 22 million followers. So they’re going to ban her for that. I’m not sure about that. Todd is here suggesting that Miley faced some serious Millie faced some serious repercussions LT, 13 says, or maybe he was trying to jump on ordering cheap horn hats to sell here in the states could have been that innocent. Yeah. Maybe he was just trying to, you know, order some products from Alibaba or something. I don’t know. We have Perry Mason. He says if the sec Def was not aware of these calls and yes, Miley was acting as a diplomat should resign immediately. If sec Def was aware than Miley was acting within his scope of responsibility. We’ll never know. Well, Chris Miller said that he wasn’t in typical DC fashion.

Nothing will ever come of this. Yeah, I think, I think you’re right about that Perry. And so did you see what sec Def Christopher Miller was actually saying when he said that he said no secret Chinese calls. So my, my next question to him would be okay, well, did you authorize any Chinese calls? And like, was this ordinary in the course of business? Was this something that Millie did regularly? If so, then I think it brings it back within the scope and there’s nothing there. But he said specifically that he didn’t authorize anything like that. And I’m sure that Trump wouldn’t have approved that either way pink peep is here says, so I’m no fan of Millie or anyone in the Biden admin. But a lot of this sounds as absurd as the Russia gate scandal with Trump. If Millie was talking to general Lee, she seems like a reasonable thing to do. And the question of a surprise attack comes up. What is Millie’s answer supposed to be? Of course it has to be, no, we’re not going to attack you saying he’s going to do a thing is a saying he is going to do a thing is a far cry from actually doing it. Politicians and diplomats make promises all the time to keep people happy. That’s a good point. There are pink peep. I think you’re accurate on that.

And I think there’s a, a, a couple of points on this. If, if it came up naturally, right, and he’s having a conversation saying, no, nothing’s going to happen. Don’t worry about it. That’s that’s, that’s, that’s crazy talk. Don’t say that, you know, look, we’ve been working together for five years. All’s good over here. That’s a separate conversation. But when it sounded to me like this was, was him getting on the phone, calling everybody, don’t worry. We got this thing covered. You know, it’s not a meltdown. Like it seems like on TV, relax. And if he’s sort of doing that outside of the scope of what Trump authorized and what the secretary of defense authorize that’s problematic. Right. And I might agree with you pink peop I might even say, I might even say, look, I don’t know what Trump’s condition was. I didn’t see anything that seemed overly problematic personally, but you know, I wasn’t in the white house.

And so you might say, well, if you’re in the white house and you see a president, who’s having problems, you might even ask yourself, well, what are you supposed to do? I guess, I guess I’m just trying to help America. And I’m just going to call the rest of my counterparts and just deal with it while the constitution doesn’t allow that to happen. There are different remedies, the 25th amendments and option all sorts. He can resign. If he’s got certain concerns and raise a stink about it in the media, there’s a lot of different ways to handle this. He just doesn’t get to do whatever he feels like doing. He can’t just decide. Well, I think this is the best idea. He’s not, that’s not his role. So I think that’s where the problem in all of this comes in is that he sort of exceeding the scope of what we thought was, was authorized.

And my second point pink peep is that remember what the Democrats did with a phone call, they impeached Donald Trump over that they criminally prosecuted Michael Flynn. It dragged out for years because he called an ambassador and said, don’t do anything until we get an office essentially during the transition. So if that is justifiable as a political sin, this absolutely is, and there should be some repercussions, but the Republicans aren’t going to do Jack because they’re useless. Leafy bug says, I think this happened neither. Gina Haswell, nor Pelosi has denied the calls as described, took place the day after Millie called Pelosi. She announced that they have control over the nuclear launch codes and records of all these calls exists. Millie himself is silent. If this is all or mostly false, wouldn’t he be denying it as loudly as possible? I think Millie’s on the way out question is why now who’s behind this media outlets that are pretty reliable disseminators of the information.

The deep state wants to be made public like WaPo, NYT, CNN, they’re all the ones leaking the juicy details. It looks like the deep state hit to me. Why have they turned against Millie? Maybe the neo-cons are concerned about him, Woking up the military and reducing its fighting capability. There’s probably more to it than that. What do you think? Good question. That’s from leafy bug. You know, I don’t know. I think it might be, it might have been Millie trying to sort of Curry favor with his incoming, you know, the, the incoming administration, the incoming boss. He may be retiring and going and wanting to be a commentator on some major news channel, you know, who knows what he’s doing or where he’s going with this, but it is, it is interesting, right? That it’s all sort of, Domino’s going into effect. And if Millie is called to task for this and he’s called to task for Afghanistan, maybe he becomes the scapegoat for the administration’s problems in the military.

Oh, okay. Yeah. Enough enough with this guy already. But I think Biden came out and he’s standing by him. So I don’t think he’s going anywhere. We have another one from [inaudible]. So what’s the real news they’re trying to cover up. The whole debacle smells like fake, phony and false. Very well could be, you know, there’s a lot that they could be trying to distract from the mandates that Joe Biden just caused, that are causing serious ripple effects throughout the world. We’re seeing hospitals and people saying that they’re not going to be working. We’re hearing maternity wards are not going to be able to be delivering babies because people are resigning. We’ve heard this, we’ve covered this on the show. People are freaked out. And so this is a nice distraction from that. Afghanistan was a disaster inflation’s going through the roof. So a lot of people are trying to talk about other things other than those serious, serious problems that are floating around. Sharon says, what’s going to come of this. Nothing. These only thing anybody cares about is about trashing Trump, getting them out of the white house and keeping him out. That’s from Sharon. Courtney. Thanks, Sharon. We’re going to do a quick cough break on this one.

And we’ve got some more questions here. Let’s see what else the CCP is here. It says, don’t send Millie over here. He keeps asking for bootleg Disney. Moving’s so annoying. He sounds like somebody who might be doing that LT 13 says reflection by projection or whatever the saying is he wanted to understand white rage, his own. It’s probably pretty mad right now. Let’s see. We’ve got oh yeah. Wow. We have, yeah. I guess Nikki monogamous tweets did get locked. Twitter has locked. Nicki Minaj his account for her tweets about the COVID vaccine. Oh, wow. So I guess if you are warning about swollen testicles, that is a no-no on Twitter. So before warned out there, dowels photography also known as Ms. Danny says, Rob, I do hope you recover soon from your cold, despite the craziness of the situation. Do you know which was Kamala’s ultimate purpose of her trip to east Asia while we’re watching the Afghan disaster.

This is how she opened the dialogue and Hanoi. She called on Vietnam to join the U S in challenging China’s bullying the strategically pivotal Seaway. It says, quote, we need to find ways to pressure and raise the pressure, frankly, on Beijing to abide by the UN convention of the law and challenge it’s bullying and executive excessive maritime claims. She said it remarks at the opening meeting with Vietnamese president when Juan P take it from the diplomat thoughts. So it’s a good question, Ms. Donnie, we’ll do a quick, I’ll give you a quick sort of summation about what I know going on in China. My understanding is that there’s going to be a new agreement between the United States in the Biden administration. And I think two or three of the other five eyes countries. So Australia, I think maybe the UK are going to be in on this to sort of coordinate share data about nuclear deterrence.

So that, that those entities can then act as a counterbalance to China. I know that Japan is now I think, uh, instituting or, or re sort of activating some of their military. We know that in South Korea, they’re launching missiles up into the air simultaneously with North Korea, launching missiles up into the air. I mentioned this in the local’s chat before the show started, but I also saw that Everglade in China is now basically defaulting. One of the biggest banks, people are comparing this to the, the, the Lehman disaster that we had here in the U S saying that this might be the first domino in a, in a destabilization of the financial economy throughout the world. So there’s a lot going on over there. And China is going crazy. Also, they’re having a lot of the same problems that we have here. They’re now trying to change their culture.

To some extent we’re seeing it all over the world. Good question though, we have the Antica says because someone had do it, the inquisition, what a show in all seriousness though. Uh, one thing I point out to people from my own experiences, that one thing a person should always be afraid of is what they believe in. Because the more you believe in something, the less you question it. So here we see what happens when we let someone operating under beliefs. Losing objectivity has a bunch of power of privilege. Of course, he couldn’t just, he could’ve just done the whole thing to score points. Of course, this is all predicated on, on one set of information being true, but it still applies also because you asked for it is that desk behind you in original one Swanson, Ron Swanson, it’s not the original, you know, I couldn’t afford an original Ron Swanson.

Those are very, very valuable desks. As we know, we have another one from a no-name says my point to Pete, he was acting on his own authority is the point to Pete. We do not have military control of our government in foreign policy. He had the staff swear an oath of support. At least that is what I saw. No name on that one. Thanks for the submission we have. Greg Moran says, has accountability gotten worse over the years? I feel like no one ever gets fired anymore. Yeah, it’s the government. It’s just permanent employees indefinitely. There’s nothing you can even do wrong. You just get to stay there forever. We have president Trump says dumb general. Mark Milley should be tried for trees and Pelosi too, by the way, I never passed the nuclear codes to oh, Biden. Trump still has those interesting dog whistle says, I wonder why Millie would feel the need to tell China.

Don’t worry about Trump’s wrath. Did China do something concerning the election? That might cause Trump to be angry? I don’t know. Very interesting. Good question. Leafy bug says, why warn China? Not Russia. Russia is the one with all the nukes. I guess Millie also believes the Russia collusion hoax. Let me get this straight Millie acted in the way he did, because he was worried about Trump. Like he lost his mind. So he called China to warn them an attack might be eminent. He’ll give them some for warning. This means that China will be more than able to fight off our attack. More American lives loss. Millie was actively colluding with China. Trump had lost his mind. Sure. Seems like Millie was crazy as hell though. That’s from leafy bug. Nice long comment there. Thanks. Leafy. A few more here. Set a pink. Peep says, oh, if he was trying to usurp Trump’s authority, I would 100% say it is prosecutable treason. But remember the source, they framed everything. Trump said to make one for one fourth of the us population, believe he was a Russian spy. I don’t doubt this could be the same type of thing from the other side as for political warfare in that the Dems impeach Trump. So we should fight back. I don’t disagree. I just kind of oppose further political division over misinformation and missing context or framing that’s from pink peop. It’s a great comment. It’s like, we’re having a conversation here. I love that.

So that is a great comment. And I think I agree with you on all of that, right? I think, you know, it is fun to sort of take these headlines and just go, oh my gosh, that’s insane. Are you kidding me? But you know, yeah. There’s, there’s two sides to the story. And all of this is going to continue to be framed out. That being said, I think that there’s enough here. That it’s worth a very serious inquiry and some, some actions because you don’t want this to happen. Right. If you’re a Democrat and you’re watching this and you’re going, oh, you know, well, Trump’s a lunatic. Okay. Well that was Millie’s personal opinion. That’s your personal opinion. The reason we don’t run a country based on personal opinions is because that’s a pretty terrible way to do things. So what we do is we have rules and constitutions, and I don’t care if Joe Biden goes into dementia, psycho mode, I still don’t want his joint chiefs of staff doing whatever the hell he wants.

Okay. You can make the same argument with, with dementia Joe and say, Hey, maybe we should just have people doing other things. Okay. You might, even if you’re a conservative or Republican or a libertarian, make some good justifications for that because the guy doesn’t know where he is half the time. But the point is, that’s not appropriate. We live in a constitutional Republic and we got to follow it. You can’t just do whatever the hell you want, whenever the hell you want. All right. The real villain says whole thing. Super weird. Jennifer Griffin is competent, but I want to believe it. I know what you mean. It’s a fun story. We have another one from three girls. He says, so do you think you would change if he did this to Joe Biden? I think there would be nobody backing him if he did this to Biden. Yeah. I mean, I just made that point, right? It’s not like he’s in a different position now to do the same thing to Biden. What stops him from going behind Biden’s back or what stops him from trying to not use the nuclear football?

Oh no. My, my Chrome just crashed again. Can you believe that? Got to open up all these screens again. Let’s get the questions back open. You know, I don’t know why it does that, but it does that from time to time. All right. So let’s see. I think we got it still queued up here. Yeah. That’s from three girlies. We’ve got over here. It says what stops him from trying to not use the nuclear football? Because Biden is a dementia written corrupt, tyrannical, old gas bag still needs to be court-martialed and put out to pasture. That is from three girlies. Good to see you. Three girls. Let’s make sure we can get all this stuff back. Open over here. Got rumble in the house. They’re on over there. Shout outs to star Southern BICS, chatting away. We’re pulling up YouTube again. Get this back. Open over here.

I see locals. It says a farmer’s daughter. I see over there and why renal MD says I need a new computer. This is a beefy computer. I don’t know what’s going on over here, but we’re back in business. And that is three girls. Thanks for that. We have another one from former Lao says, Hey, remember when the Democrats wanted to plan for removing POTUS Trump from white house. I wonder if they would share the plan to IVIG Biden from the white house that’s from former Leo. It’s going to be a whole different set of standards as is usually the case. Joy bay har says,

Millie is a Patriot. Thank you for, for protecting us from the big, bad orange man and his insurrectionists. Well, you’re welcome joy. I guess that’s familiar. I’m not gas as Rob. Your voice is sounding rough. Did you catch the QF? I didn’t. I actually went and I was, I thought I did, because this is pretty bad. I usually don’t get this sick, but I went and got a test and they said, no, you don’t have it. And I said, well, that’s weird. Well then what the heck is this thing? Cause it’s annoying me. I’ve got work to do. I’ve got a show to do here, man. We’ve got stuff to get to, but I did not catch COVID. I got tested and everything. And they said, no, uh, we have another one says ghost gunner. I think it’s because you’re on a windows computer. That’s that’s obviously not accurate ghost gunner, you know?

Cause what’s my alternative apple. Give me a break. We’re we’re adults on this show. We’re adults here. Chrome browser says tried the brave browser instead. Oh no. Uh, we have some more former Elio says go watch the movie seven days in may. Never even heard of that one. Former Leo I’ll have to take a look at it. We have monster one says get a better, a better browser. Just not apple. Ah, it’s Chrome. This is now a Chrome show. This is now a browser show. Uh Radis he says, I don’t know where this belongs hospital lose money on L and D, but it encourages people to come back to the hospital for other money-making treatments. The hospital can hire travelers. They’re too expensive. I think that hospital is just whining and maybe I don’t, I’m not so sure. I don’t know. I really don’t know.

We’ll see. And we’ll see if the people who are really sort of, you know, objecting are going to stand by that. I think that they are. I think that they will. We have some super chats that came in from Tager with SyFy says if general Millie was wrong, who could do the firing? If we are counting on bind, don’t hold your breath. Can Congress do it? I think they could probably impeach him, right? Because he’s, he’s part of the presidents. He’s part of the executive branch. And so they could go and impeach him, but they control Congress at the moment. So I’m not sure that they will, Joe Biden has given Millie his backing and we’ll see, but it’s a good question rock. And it says Afghanistan was a gift to China for helping dementia, Joe, lot of resources there saw a headline that there was a trillion dollars in minerals over there and China’s just walking right in.

So that’s fun. Another one from Rockend says we are a banana Republic, military Intel, big tech running the country. I don’t disagree with that. Yeah. I mean, I think that the alternative would be that what the people are running things that we have competent leaders, leaders actually doing things that are in the interest of the American people. I haven’t seen that in a long time. In fact, the American people are sort of getting the short end of the stick everywhere we turn. Bianca says, Robert, you need to drink some garlic tea, take some wrong raw garlic, boil it for a few minutes, sip it slowly, put some honey and lime there. If you want, it really helps. I’m going to need to do something. Cause you can hear this thing. And it’s just, it’s just lingering it. Won’t leave lava, Java, super chat at $4.

No questions. Thank you. Love him. Very, very nice and generous. Two more came in from locals. We’ll get this. Before we jump into the next segment says those COVID tests are inaccurate. Sometimes Crowder was sick, tested negative, but his wife was positive. So who knows? I have no idea. All right, well, uh, leafy bucks as Rob, can’t be an apple user because he doesn’t write in crayon. That’s right. I’m a, I’m an adult man. I’m an adult person. So I don’t use those things. All right. So those are great questions over from watching the watchers.locals.com and over on YouTube, we’ve got three live chats going on right now, locals, YouTube and rumble, shout outs to everybody across the board. All right. And so we’ve got another segment we’re going to jump into, let’s do a quick, a quick cough break on this one.

All right. We’re talking about the border and forewarning. There’s going to be a Camila Harris clip in here. It’s not a cackle, but she’s coming up. So just, you know, get your earmuffs out or do what you need to do. The border crisis continues unless you’re in the byte administration, then it’s not a crisis at all. But according to Fox news, we’ve got 200,000 new migrant encounters in August. We’ve been following the numbers ever since a Biden took over. And we’ve been trying to see if there’s going to be a reduction because remember early on in the Biden administration, he said that Kamala Harris was so wise and intelligent that she was going to be able to go out there and solve this thing. Nobody’s been able to solve it for the last 30 years, but she is going to fix it. And so she obviously didn’t like that idea because she doesn’t want to fix it.

She likes a big open porous border. It doesn’t matter to her one bit, but she had to go sort of play the game like, oh, I care about it. And so she went down, I think to Guatemala, El Salvador, a couple of places in Mexico, down, down, down in, in, in south America and central America and told them what our plan was. She said, very simply don’t come to the border. Well, it looks like they didn’t listen. They’re here 208,000 migrant encounters in August. That’s 317% increase over the last year. Okay. 2020, when Donald Trump was in office, we had a much smaller number. Now it’s 317% up. There were more than 200,000 encounters. The source told Fox news that it marks the first decrease seen under Biden. It’s only a 2% drop over the last one in July. So that’s good. It’s going down in July.

It was 212,000 in August 208,000. That’s good. So 4,000 or so less people came across. So I guess if we keep that trajectory going, we’ll get to zero in about 75 years. So that’s good. We have more numbers. This is a 317% increase over August 20, 20, 50,000 in 2020 under Trump. But we have now 208,000 under Biden, August 49% of those apprehensions were single adults. So half the people coming over are single 44% of them were expelled under public health protections, put in place under the Trump administration and extended by the Biden administration. So we have 208,000 about half of those are expelled. So we’ve got a hundred thousand people now who were in the country by an admin has been expelling single adults and some migrant families under the order because it was implemented due to COVID-19, but not been expelling, unaccompanied, minor children or migrant families with young children by in his face and criticism for the handling of the border crisis. It narrowed interior immigration, customs enforcement priorities pushed hard for legal legalization also has been releasing migrants into the interior process or processing them to sponsors already in the country, angering Republican governors and other lawmakers. So this has been going on for a long time. Now, here is the [inaudible] clip. Uh, this is how she was going to solve this problem. Get ready. Remember this

Same time. I want to be clear to folks in this region who are thinking about making that dangerous Trek to the United States, Mexico border do not come, do not come. The United States will continue to enforce our laws and secure our border. There are legal methods by which migration can and should occur, but we, as one of our priorities will discourage illegal migration. Okay? And I believe if you come to our border, you will be turned back.

Uh, I believe you believe well, you believe wrong. There is a new post over from Breitbart says that 3000 migrants are now being forced to camp under a border bridge in Texas source within C B peep provided them video of a makeshift camp erected under a local international bridge. The source from the CBB is not authorized to speak, but says the number of detainees continues to rise is going to reach at least 3000 here. Very soon, we have the video. The video shows the international bridge that sits on the United States side of the border. So people are coming across the river landing on the U S soil and camping out under this bridge, providing shelter for mostly Haitian migrants, water tanks, portable outlawed, outdoor toilets, our place as hundreds of migrants arrive on a daily basis. So what are they doing to discourage them? I don’t know, but they’re coming in droves.

The situation developing for the border patrol continues to worsen by the hour on Monday, the number of migrants under the bridge was 2000. Now today it’s 3002 days later, according to the source border patrol does not have available indoor detention space to accommodate hundreds of people arriving daily. The agency attempts to free space through transfers to other facilities, or it releases to non-profit shelters. Either option requires buses and drivers, which are in short supply. So we’ve got 3000 migrants now in a situation that looks like this. So this is the bridge where they are under Del Rio, Texas. We’re going to dive into this a little bit further, no sound on this, but you can see what’s happening. It’s very hot. It’s July. I’m sorry. It’s September, not July. It’s it’s cooling down, but they came across in July. Numbers are still about the same over from Breitbart.

And so that was not a particularly good scene. Now we’re going to dig into that because we’ve got some more footage, but this is a rapidly deteriorating situation. And it’s not, as we heard, it’s not just the single adults, half the people coming across. Yes, they’re single adults, but there’s also children. And the border patrol found two of them in bushes abandoned on the Rio Grande river bank border patrol agents find two children with a note left behind two year old girl, three month old boy, both, both nationals of a Honduras were siblings. They were on the river bank of the Rio Grande near Eagle pass, Texas, a hundred miles north of Laredo, us border and customs, us customs and border patrol so that they were found about noon by agents who were in a boat. They said the children were spotted after noticing an unusual color on the riverbank quote, agents quickly responded and safely retrieve both children.

A note under the infant safety carrier revealed a two year old girl and three month old boy, both nationals were siblings, authority searched. The area didn’t find any adults or anyone else nearby children there, okay. Transported to the, to, uh, Uvalde station for processing. And so, you know, we’ve talked about this on the show. We’ve looked at images of people being stacked up like cattle in the back of, you know, you halls and things and watching them being dragged across the border. We’ve talked about people being killed, raped on the Trek over. And the reason for the traveling was the incentivization introduced by the byte administration no longer have to wait in Mexico. You can now come into the us and you will be processed. This is what that looks like. This is what that policy change looks like. This is the Biden administration, inaction kids in bushes.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was very mad at Donald Trump for putting kids in cages. She went there and her white little outfit and hung off the chain link fence, crying her eyes out. I’m so sad. It’s catastrophic, only worse. Four times worse than it was last year. Where is she? Where are the Democrats? They’re not anywhere. These kids are sitting in bushes a three month old and a two year old little girl, little boy just dropped off in the bushes. Okay. [inaudible] we’ll just let that sit there for a minute. Just so we can take a look at those little kids just being dropped off.

Somebody else will pick them up insane. So they’re not doing much about this bill. [inaudible] over from Fox LA says our drone is currently over the international bridge in Del Rio we’re border patrol law enforcement sources. Tell us over now, 4,200 migrants. Remember when I like two slides ago, it was 3000. Now it’s 4,200 migrants are waiting to be apprehended after crossing into the U S local border patrol, holding facilities are overwhelmed. They’re over capacity. You can see what it looks like. We’ve got trucks going that way. We’ve got, we’re going to zoom in on this picture here a little bit, but a lot of people are over there. This is the area that we’re talking about. So of course, this is Mexico down here, and we have the United States up this area. We’ve got the international bridge, which is sort of right here, kind of right in the middle of the border, between the Gulf of Mexico and El Paso, which then kind of goes into New Mexico.

And so we’re going to zoom in what’s going on here. You can see on this side of the river, the north side of the Rio Grande is Texas. So this is the great state of Texas over here. And if you’re from California, don’t even think about going here. Did you hear me? Don’t even think about it. If you voted for Newsome, you can stay there. The red, the Red’s, the Republicans you’re free. Come on, go to Texas, come to Arizona, come on over. Otherwise you got to just stay there. So we have in Texas, you can see that side of the aisle on the south side of the Rio Grande, we’ve got Mexico. And you’ll notice this international bridge is right here. So people are crossing the border. And if you follow the road, you’ll notice that there’s not much on the U S side of the border until you get to the U S customs and border patrol, which is right here.

And so all of, most of this area is sort of available, right? It’s open land, and this is what it looks like. So you can see the bridge. This is the river. This is the Rio Grande river, this direction. And on the us side of the border, this is from Bill’s drone that was flying around and you can see just the, well, the 4,200 people, I guess, is what you’re looking at. You can see that they’re basically setting up camps. If you notice down here, I was looking closely, they’ve set up clothes lines. They’ve got a clothes line running across from this tree over to this pillar on the bridge, they’re doing laundry hanging clothes. They’ve got, you know, blankets. And some of these people are, are social distancing like that. Person’s social distancing right there. That’s nice. Uh, this group is social in the group.

They’re not distancing, but as a group, they are distancing from everybody else. But these people over here all under the bridge. Yeah. There’s not much social distancing, hard to tell. I don’t know if I see any masks on over there, but they’re all just landing on the U S side. And I don’t know why, because Camila told them don’t come and they’re still coming. In fact, they’re coming by about 500 people a day and they don’t know what to do with them. Here’s another scene from bill over from Fox. It says a source on the ground sent us video, showing thousands of migrants under international bridge with more showing up constantly situation, getting worse every day, numbers are going literally by the hour. Here’s that video


You know, it’s really heartbreaking. You know what I mean? I feel terrible for them. You know, there, there are people who want to improve their lives and they were, were incentivized by this administration to come in, improve it all throughout the campaign. And they changed their policies to create some pretty strong incentives to do exactly, to do exactly what you saw. You can come into the U S and we’ll let you camp out here. And then we’ll process you. It’s the exact reversal of what Donald Trump said. You’re not allowed to cross that border and set up shop here. If you want to wait, you got to remain in Mexico. Biden eliminated that created a very perverse incentive. That’s causing people now to do this causing people, as I’ve been screaming about for months to pick up their kids, drag them thousands of miles to the border for a shot at a better future.

And if they can’t one family, apparently don’t even care about their kids just throwing him in bushes. But you saw other kids. You saw, you know, children, people who are just living in squalor and horrendous conditions, you know, who knows what happens to them, but not good. Now, what is the department of Homeland security doing? Is anything anybody in the byte administration doing anything about this? Uh, not really. And in fact, DHS is looking like it’s, it’s losing some staff. We have secretary of the department of Homeland security. His name is Alejandro. Mayorkas his chief of staff just resigned amid border crisis problems. Her name was Olic. Her departure comes amid a surge of illegal immigration at the U S border top official announced on Monday, she’s leaving the department at the end of the month. Her name is Karen oleic. She’s the chief of staff to Alejandro may Yorkist same guy that been down to the border and recognized it’s a problem.

She decided to resign her position to pursue new opportunities, whatever that means. That’s. According to me, orcas says we are grateful to Karen for her service during the critical first nine months of the new administration in a separate email, Olin praised her soon to be former colleagues writing though too often under appreciated by her fellow citizens. I’m continually struck by how many millions of Americans sleep in safety every night, because of what DHS does, who is going to be taken over this woman here, Jennifer Higgins, associate director of refugee asylum international operations. She’s going to step in until a new replacement can be found, but you know, the big question is where is Camila? Why is she down there fixing this? She’s the new borders are appointed dutifully by Joe Biden. Nowhere to be found gone with the wind. Let’s take a [email protected] See if you have anything to say about any of this, we have some questions coming in here from former.

Leo says seven days in may is about the military takeover of the USA. Oh, that sounds terrible. But, uh, worth a watch. Certainly a mama rock says mucin ex and tons of water. My kids schools have tons of kids out. No, COVID just crud. You know, I have ex DayQuil and NyQuil. I kind of had a nice little kind of a concoction of DayQuil and caffeine before we started the show today, but it’s not helping all that much, but, uh, w w w we’re gonna keep pushing through it’s it’ll go away. Mustang. Jeff says didn’t a federal judge order, the Biden administration to reinstate the remain in Mexico policy. How can they allow 100,000 people to stay in the states? Uh, I don’t know if that is that accurate? I’m not sure.

I’m not sure. I’m not sure. Now that you mentioned it, I kind of remember seeing a headline about that, but I didn’t follow up on that, but it doesn’t matter anyways, because Joe Biden doesn’t care. What the courts say. He just does whatever he wants to do. The courts can be damned about it. Unless the Supreme court has to say something. Monster one says, Kamala said, she’s working with corporations to send more of our jobs to the south and central America to address the issue. Oh, that’s great. Yeah. Isn’t it great when our elected officials care about the job security of foreigners over Americans? Yeah, that is nice. Yeah. They want to build up some of the infrastructure down in these foreign countries while threatening 80 million Americans with their jobs, unless they go get a medical shot.

Not, not, not really in America’s favor. I don’t think we have N Y renal MD says, dams love taxing. How about we open the border? Honestly, how much worse can it get? But a $100,000 a head per crossing, that’s about 2.4 billion per year could buy a lot of vaccines. We won’t use sarcasm. It’s from the good doctor. I mean, it’s, it, it kind of feels like it’s mostly, that’s not true. Right? 49% of them were turned back this time. So they’ll just go down to the next junction and come back or grab a kid and come back. Horrible. That one, Florida man says maybe a new variant made it across the border. You are us citizen, patient one. That’s an honor. We’ll call it the griller variants, the griller variant. It’s a, it doesn’t kill you, but it just makes you sound like crap. We end.

He says, just so you know, the over-under on the duration of tonight. Show is 1.5 hours. I think I might take the under get better soon. You might be right where it’s going to, it’s going to be close because our next segment is not super long because I was sort of expecting my voice to give out. So it’s a good take. You split it right at the middle an hour. 30 is probably probably pretty good. Yeah. Eat on test says, did you see the reports where the border wall materials are being dismantled cut up and sold off. You should check out this clip from the BCP report, showing construction machines, breaking things down starts at nine 13. Probably can’t show it now, but take a look such a waste of time and materials and money. Let’s see if we got, let me see if we can pull this open real quick. It’s on YouTube. So we’ve got a good clip. Nine 13 is what he said. Okay. So let’s see. Oh, it’s another guy show. This is fun. Yeah. So here he’s saying, yeah. So this is his show. Let’s see what

Generally contracted workers breaking up materials from their border wall for disposal and to sell four scrap stacks of unused materials line, the border wall. Just waiting to be cut up or hauled out what a waste. How about, I don’t know. Julian Conrad says build a wall with it. Folks. He’s literally destroying the wall.

Wow. All right. Well, there you go. And that looks like a nice channel. The BCP report. I just gave them a sub. That sounds like a nice channel. Uh, doing some good, heavy lifting over there. Mama rock says AOC is at the met she’s at the, yeah. She’s at the mat. That’s why she’s not at the border. I was like, what are you talking about? Oh yeah, that that’s white. She’s not at the border because she’s taxing the rich. Oh, I forgot about that. Mama rocks. You’re right. She’s busy playing know Patty cake with millionaires and billionaires VNT. Cause prime says, why don’t these people cross the California. They just had a recall election that was fortified with vitamin D. That’s how you know it was an extra healthy election from VNT kiss prime. Yeah. Over in California. That was an interesting one. Kamala Harris says, how do I say don’t come in Spanish, no VNA, something like that.

Is that right? No, that’s not right. D Rodrig says, Rob, if Camila told you to do or not to do something, would you listen? She has zero rapport and respect with anyone from any side of the political aisle. I think she has been enjoying the pool at the VP house for too long. Uh, no, I certainly would. Not definitely not. I don’t appreciate it. When our elected officials talk down to us when they sort of scold you when Joe Biden comes out and says, our patience is wearing thin, I think who are you, buddy? Boy, you’re not my father. You’re not my employer. You are governing with the consent of the governed. I don’t care if you’re impatient with us or whatever, that’s your own problem. We don’t get to just shred the constitution because you have an agenda. That’s not how that works. Comma was the same thing, very condescending.

How dare she go down to Guatemala and wag her finger in their faces. If I was Walmart and be like, what? Get out of my country, don’t tell us what to do. Alright. We have Jay. He says the hypocrisy of the left is disgusting. It breaks my heart. Seeing what happened to those children. Yeah, it is right. And their arguments are made in the name of humanity. That, that Trump is a racist and that his policies are racist. And then they changed the policies and you’ve got kids just being abandoned in bushes. Nice, good job. Way to improve the world. We have the last bill and says, it says, last people caught. I’m sure the underground railroad is just using a better route. Actually numbers will never be known new slave class. Yeah. Me and my sister got something similar to COVID about a month ago, lasted like two weeks for her, less for me, both tested negative something else out of Wu Han, maybe apple is for the cult. Google is slightly better. Blackberry needs to get it together. That’s from the last villain. I like that. Well, that’s good to know him. So hopefully I’m in the tail end of this thing. All right, we’ve got another one from monster. One says, has anyone informed these people that the U S is horrible and a white supremacist nation, maybe Camila should have told them that, uh, it’s all a bunch of white males and we have a terrible patriarchy there. And it’s all a bunch of rich people too, that, that escape their taxes.

Maybe they wouldn’t come. Jeremy says, Rob, I think you were onto something with your comment about Californians. That picture is possibly showing thousands of Californians that have fled the state via Mexico to try to get into Texas. But the Texas don’t want them there because they voted for gruesome and then failed to recall him. And all seriousness. The Democrats have become the biggest problem for the people of the U S Americans don’t want them running our country into the ground, but the dams keep forcing their way into power. Good comment there from Jeremy [inaudible]. Thanks, Jeremy. Let’s see what else we have a few more here.

We’ve got, I’m not gas. As I understand, the left is incentivized to import voters with illegal immigration and some right-wing donors like the cheap farm labor, but for the right, they’ve got to realize they will never win an election again, when they are shifting demographics like this, we need the wall. We need to deport illegal immigrants, full stop a country without borders and laws is not a country. Yeah. And so I think, I think it’s a very important point. Demographics are shifting and your, your country is changing. Our country is changing right in front of our eyes. So when you have the conversation about what a nation looks like would be nice to define that. Do we want open borders? Yes or no. If the answer is yes, then let’s just make that a policy. If Kamala and Biden want open wide open borders, then why don’t they just do that?

So that we don’t have these situations where we’ve got kids being left in bushes. It’s not good. Hunter Biden is here, says, oh, I can’t read that comment. Hunters. You know, talking about El Salvador when he was down there 12 year, just horrific V Antica says, look, the reality of all this is that it has nothing to do with Trump or Biden. Those people still don’t realize what the Monroe doctrine is. Our empire still operates under it. It’s the notion that the entire Western hemisphere should be under control of the U S so to you listeners, I say, think about that. When you hear about these brutal dictatorships in Latin America, think about how, and not that I like to these idiotic terms, socialism is so inherently a bad self destructive failure that it has to be propped up through us trade embargoes. If you realize how stupid that last sentence sounds, you might start realizing that these are the actions that are taken for these people who are affected by all this consider this.

They could stay there or resist, or they could get up and leave the big lip, tarred controlled cities and move to a red state. Are you picking up what I’m putting down? Yeah. I mean, as long as they move to a red state and they don’t bring with them, all of their garbage policies that wreck their state, that caused them to leave in the first place. The Antica says, since someone brought up the border wall, there was a port a while back on the real news network that the border wall has cameras in it. These cameras apparently are high Rez, able to look into people’s homes were operated by an Israeli contractor. That’s nice. Perfect. That’s great. We have another one from eat on test says by the way, on that same BCP report, there was a report of the declaration of independence on a website now label with a trigger warning. And then it contained antiquated language and ideas and possible violent language. We are in serious trouble. Rob, get us sorted. We’re working on it. Eat on test. We’re in it together. My friend, I’m glad you’re here.

Dallas photography, AKA Ms. Danny says there is a new law signed regarding the policies between Guatemala and us. Now they are assuring a safe return to Guatemala. But what it’s not said is that the problem is not only with Guatemala. Those are the countries touched to get up there. Very sad situation. Indeed. That’s for miss Danny, AKA Dallas photography. Go give her some love over on YouTube. We’ve got several people chime in and VP is here, says Robert, a false negative does not rule out COVID. I just lost my sister to COVID. Her husband had it, but tested negative, take horse meds, please. That that’s my next step. I was actually going to go, uh, I was going to contact Beth Cottington. She’s a farmer’s daughter, obviously. And I think she’s got the goods on some ivermectin horse zipped positories so I’m going to go get a couple of those and cram them right up the sphincter shaft and see if that, see if that cures it and then maybe Anderson Cooper can run a segment about that.

All right. We’ve got some other questions that was the last one from locals. LAFD rafter says thoughts on the notice to hospitals, Maddie centers, clinics, insurance companies, uh, pharma’s denying meds for treatment with the script for knowingly effective treatment, no accurate warnings regarding the vacs in breach of the Hippocratic oath, LAFD rafter. You know, I was, I was reading back through the OSHA requirements. You know, there’s some very interesting things happening. Now, the OSHA requirements, we went through the congressional research document about why that was detailing, what the ETFs were, the emergency fund, the emergency, uh, authorization, things that they were going to use to pass Joe Biden’s new vaccine mandate. And recall. When we read through that story, they told us specifically that they were no longer asking about vaccine adverse related events in the workplace. They wanted to know about COVID all COVID reports. But if somebody went and got the vaccine is pursuant to a, a workplace mandate and they had an adverse event, they didn’t want you to report it. Why is that?

I don’t know. Good question. LAFD. Chris will only says seven days in may. JFK four saw it. He helped with the film. Ooh. Seven days in may. I’ve never heard of it. I’m going to have to go take a look at that. Thank you, Chris. Walmart, we have super ironed. Bob says Blackberry gave unlock keys to law enforcement and all you had to do is call a PD and poses another department to get them. There are no heroes. Are they even around anymore? Blackberry? Are they? I’m not sure. I think apple now is the we’re going to interface with the government to scan your photographs. And there was enough backlash there that they decided not to do that, which is a good thing.

All right, let’s see what else we’ve okay. And so that was it over from watching the watchers.locals.com. Love the super chats we’re giving shout outs over on rumble. We’ve got tepid Annihilator Southern big star, three to one, four they’re over there. Chatting away on YouTube. We’ve got grandma G Lynn job, a straight narrow Jenny BK, bean squeezer. Over on locals. We’ve got JM Shanahan. We’ve got VNT, kiss prime, Jeremy Machida and many others chatting away. Thank you so much for your love on that segment. All right, we’ve got one more segment left. Cause that’s about all the time my voice has.

And we’re talking about these vaccine mandates, which is a hot and spicy topic. Indeed. A federal judge just announced that they were going to be blocking a mandate for medical worker vaccines in New York state. This story comes over from the AP federal judge temporarily blocked the state of New York on Tuesday from forcing medical workers to be vaccinated. A group of healthcare workers sued saying their constitutional rights were violated because the state’s mandate disallowed religious exemptions. And we’re going to take a look at this. Judge. David heard in Utica issued the order. We have 17 health professionals filed a pseudo anonymous lawsuit. The judge gave New York state until September 22nd to respond. We have the press secretary from the New York, New York governor. He said that New York governor Kathy [inaudible] a Democrat. She said governor hotel was doing everything in her power to protect new Yorkers and combat the Delta variant by increasing vaccine rates across the state requiring healthcare workers to do this is critical to the battle.

And so she is referencing this order that was signed in by governor Cuomo, creepy creep show Cuomo. Before he resigned on August 16th, the department of health issues, section 16 orders to hospitals requiring policy to ensure all employees are vaccinated. First dose coming up required September 27th. Governor Cuomo recently announced today that all healthcare workers, including staff and hospitals and long-term care facilities, including nursing homes, blah, blah, blah, all got to get the VAX by September 27th mandating saying to date 75% of the state’s hospital workers, 74% of adult care facility workers, and 68% of the state’s workers have completed their vaccine. So that’s a lot of people that have not anywhere between 32 and 25%.

I have not gotten the backs they have to now, otherwise they’re theoretically going to lose their license, lose their job to start. The state department of health will no longer allow them to continue to perform their duties. So judge heard is this guy he’s over from the Northern district of New York. He was appointed by bill Clinton back in 1999. So he’s been around for awhile. And before that he was a judge in the district court, in New York. He earned his BS Cornell university. Let’s see anything else interesting here? Not really. We did a bunch of background law work. I mean, gosh, good Lord. This guy has been in the law forever from 1963 until 1966, associate all over the place. So, all right, he’s been around for a long time. Here’s the order that he drafted. You can see, I mentioned that it was a sort of a pseudo anonymous lawsuit, only five pages.

We’ll run through it quickly, but we have the doctors and the nurses who are all sort of refusing to identify themselves, right? They’re going to be a lot of backlash here. We know that joy Reed on MSNBC is going to have a mental breakdown. If she knows what their names are, you know, Ooh, you’re better than this. They’re suing a lot of familiar names, Kathy [inaudible] Dr. Zucker. And of course, Latisha James, the attorney general, you remember Latisha James. She was the, um, the woman who ran against Trump and she has those facial spasms where she says that Trump is an illegitimate president member and she’s going to do everything she can to remove the illegitimate president. Remember that talked a lot about her kind of an interesting gal and there she’s being sued. So the order came out from the court set on August 26, New York state department of health issued a regulation, requires personnel at general hospitals and nursing homes to receive their first dose of the COVID vaccine by September 27th, unlike a previous health order, this new regulation excludes any religious exemptions.

See that here. This is the crux of this entire order. No religious exemption. The name plaintiffs are 17 medical professionals. They say they have sincere religious beliefs that compel them to refuse the COVID-19 vaccine and the law has no escape patch. So, so that might be a violation of the first amendment because in the United States, we have still allegedly the first amendment that protects those things like free speech and like the free exercise of religion. So back when the plaintiffs, these doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals, they filed their lawsuit on September 13th. And they said that this vaccination mandate violates it. The first amendment and the 14th amendment, the supremacy clause, the equal protection clause of the us constitution. And they’re proceeding pseudo anonymously plaintiff’s moves for a temporary restraining order. They want a preliminary injunction. They want to stop the government from enforcing the mandate to the extent that it categorically requires healthcare employers to deny or revoke religious exemptions from COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

And we basically made a list of all of those claims, right? Talked about in particular equal protection and how different groups of people are going to be treated differently just on the basis of this new government law. And when the government imposes a new law that burdens people’s constitutional rights, you have a remedy, you can Sue the government for that. And the government has to justify why the law exists in the first place. And so this lawsuit is, was being filed. And this is going against the state of New York because they have their policies in place. They have their rules in, in a line, Cuomo came out, issued, some orders said you got to get it done by the September 27th. So they now have something in which they can sink their teeth into and filed this claim that their rights are being deprived. That is not available quite yet on the federal level because the byte administration is still rolling through the rulemaking requirements.

That OSHA is actually imposing. So once those rules are promulgated, we’re going to see an entirely massive slew of these types of claims. So what is this type of claim in particular section 1983, if you’re somebody who hangs around the law, you probably heard that number a lot. They call them section 1983 claims. These are civil lawsuits, they’re actions for a deprivation of rights. You’re going to see a lot of these coming up, every person who under the color of any statute ordinance, anything is subjected within the jurisdiction of the United States to any deprivation of any rights, privileges or immunities shall be liable to the party, injured in an action at the law. What this is essentially saying is if the government is violating your constitutional rights, you can file a claim against them. That’s exactly what happened with these doctors. Now the order continues, it says upon a review of plaintiff’s memo, it is hereby ordered that the motion for a temporary restraining order is granted.

So this is not going to go into effect on September 27th defendants, meaning the government and all other persons, inactive concert or participation with them are enjoined from enforcing, threatening to enforced, attempting to enforce or otherwise requiring compliance with the vaccine mandate. The vaccine mandate, the judge says is suspended and operation. The department of health is barred from enforcing any requirement that employers deny religious exemptions or that they revoke any exemptions employers already granted before the mandate was issued. They’re also barred from interfering in any way with the granting of religious exemptions, they’re barred from taking any action disciplinary or otherwise against the licensure certification, residency admitting privileges or other professional status or any other qualification, or having obtained a religious exemption from COVID. Wow.

So that’s sort of saying that if they asked for that religious exemption and they get penalized as a result of that, that’s a problem. The court is specifically saying you cannot do that. Judge notes. Also since August 26th, the regulation does not require hospital and nursing home to receive a vaccine until September 27th. The temporary restraining order does not as a practical matter, go into effect until that date. So it’ll go in simultaneously plaintiffs now shall, shall serve the defendants with this order, which they’re happy to do the operative complaint, all the documents, defendants. Now, the government, they have an opportunity to oppose the request for this injunction. And they also have an opportunity to contest the pseudo anonymous filing. So we’re going to see if the government wants to sort of unveil all of the names of the people, which they probably will want to do so that they can get abused in public if defendants yes.

So we got an another hearing on September 28th, the day that the order is supposed to go into effect signed off on by us district, judge, judge heard. And so, you know, some people are doing cartwheels and celebrating this thing, which I think it is a good thing to, to celebrate, right? It’s it’s not going to go into effect immediately. The first amendment, this judge is still recognizing, yeah, you still have freedom of religion in this country, exercise of that. And so if they are not allowing people to enjoy that constitutional right, that’s a problem. We have a federal judge who stepping in and laying some pretty good precedent for the idea that we still have a bill of rights, which is a very good thing. So well done. Judge heard. Now this could flip at any moment, who knows, but we’ll see where it goes.

It’s a good first step. Let’s see what you have to say about this [email protected] I need a few questions here so that we can beat the BT. The odds on the show. The last villain says Anderson would love that story right up his alley. I think that’s on the, um, ivermectin horse suppositories. Yeah. Uh, Joseph Stalin says this is tyranny against tyranny, unacceptable. Joseph Stalin’s in the house. Let’s see what else we’ve got. We’re running out of time. Folks. We’ve got Kareem 1 6, 5 says just voted PPC earlier this week, the same party your friend Viva is running for. Awesome. The only party against the vacs pass up north, let’s give this party more momentum though. This way they will no longer be unable to undemocratically remove them from the leader’s debate. Yeah. You know, I’ve been meaning to reach out to Veeva. I’ve got to connect with Alison Morrow.

I’ve got to connect with good logic over there. Eric Hunley wants to connect and I’m sick. I’m like, it’s like killing me. There’s so much to talk about. And so many people to connect with and I really want to support Veeva because he’s running. And as soon as I’m able to have him on the show, we’re gonna, we’re gonna, I’m gonna reach out to him and see if we can promote that. But yeah, he’s doing a great job. I see him running all over the place, uh, doing these interviews and things. The PPC, you know, is getting totally shafted up there in Canada. And it’s not a surprise because the same thing happens in the states. If you contest the mainstream narrative, then you are persona non grata. And that is a huge problem in this country. We have your guardian angel says licorice tea, licorice, tea, licorice tea, lots of it sues the throat and it’s a natural cure. So I think that I’m going to go and get some more, uh, I need that. I need garlic tea. I need ivermectin horse repositories. It’s going to be a wild show tomorrow. Let me just tell you that it’s going to be crazy. I’m going to be on all sorts of hopped up on everything we’ve got monster one says, yeah. Another court order that the Democrats will ignore, which is a great point. Uh, and that was, hold on.

Let’s see. We’ve got monster once. No, that was monster one. Thank you. Monster another. Whoa. My goodness. Very long comment from the antichrist says, sorry, if this hurts your voice, Rob, it’s going to, yeah, this is going to be a painful one, but we’re going to get through it. But I had some deep 1960s, Pope pot, smoking, hippie thoughts. People might be interested. Figure your law brain would have fun with these. Have a F here’s a fun analysis about these mandates, the Theseus paradox. For those not aware of what it is. There’s a Greek ship called Theseus. You replace each part of the ship. One at a time with every part you replaced, you build a ship. Now you have two ships, which one is the thesis? Which one? What makes one? The thesis and the other one, not how much of the sum of which parts culminate the thesis, the thesis, the thesis.

I was thinking about this because taking a medical treatment is a change to the human body. So how much of a change to the human body is allowed before a person ceases to be the one person in the eyes of the constitution and is another, what about brain chips? Could we be ordered to get them they exist? What about cybernetic arms? Can they be forced upon us too? I was thinking about the 13th amendment through the thesis lens. You know, the one that’s people think eliminated slavery, but actually codified it. So how many forced actions do there need to be before it’s considered slavery? Can we subdivide slavery into things like medical, slavery? Also people bring up the normal vaccines that people get and requirements for the schools that already exist. Perhaps this is just a good opportunity to revisit all those ideas. Now that we have a new lens to examine them with that’s from the antique is prime.

That that is a very interesting comment. You know, it sort of, as I was reading that it reminds me of the body, right? The idea being that whatever, the, whatever the wives’ tale is that every 12 years you get a, uh, you, you get, you know, every single cell in your body has been replaced. So are you really the same person? You know, physically interesting stuff and a good conversation there. VNC has a lot there. And you did us a solid because we’re over the hour and a half. If you took the over you one. How about that? Let’s see, we’ve got Jeremy [inaudible] says every year, the military is required to get the flu vaccines for the current set of common flu variants. Why would the government try to mandate people? Get the shot for last year’s virus? The new ones aren’t available yet? Seriously?

I don’t know. Jeremy. Why does the government do anything that it does? We have another one. D Rodrig says, Rob, I do ginger lemon, honey tea, and add a tablespoon of Bacardi rom dark sleep for 12 hours. You’ll be fine. I wish I could D Rodriguez. That sounds really good, but the Bacardi is not going to do it for me, but I’m going to go with the lemon honey tea, ginger tea. We’ve got licorice tea. We’ve got horse depositories. It’s going to be wild. We’ve got a couple super chats came in, Beth. Coddingtons here, says you got it. I’ll have the pository gun loaded up and ready to go. Perfect. It’s going to be awful. We have still sleeping says the MEE Lee scandal and the treasonous acts are just a coverup for foul cheese lies. Very interesting. There that’s from still sleeping. We’ve got Chris Wally says when you’re going to work with Viva and barns on schedules, that’s a good question.

I don’t know. Cause we broadcast at the same time. You know, there, there are competition on Wednesdays. Do you know that our Wednesday numbers are never that good because everybody’s over there watching it. That’s all right. YouTube is big enough for both of us, I guess. But yeah, we are going to have to connect. I don’t even know when that PPC election is. I want to make sure I squeeze it in before he actually runs a before the election happens. We’ve got David Smith with another super chat for $2. No question. Thank you. There. David lean is over on YouTube says, Rob, please stop. You’re dying. I can hear it. You’re dying. You’re actually dying.

But I think I’ll be all right. I hope so. Those were great questions over from, oh, we got some more on locals. Let’s wrap these up. We’re going to make sure this over goes over and why renal, imposter. I don’t know what that one is. And I can’t say that whatever that comment is, I can’t say it it’s medical advice. We have patio says Washington state had a similar mandate except they allow religious exemptions. As long as it doesn’t create an undue hardship for the employer. So exemptions are being denied by employers on that basis. So for a year and a half being unpacked was okay, but now it’s an undue hardship. Yeah. Very interesting. So that sounds like it is a burden on that Liberty, right? It’s a burden on your religious Liberty. So it’s a clever way to get around it, but I don’t think that’s going to stand up in court.

Doesn’t pass muster. We have sweet potato says watching this closely, not as much as in my neck of the woods, wondering if they can send some lawyers over here. The Washington state patrol has rejected every single religious accommodation requests. It has reviewed so far by employees hoping to get out of the vaccine. Mandate. WSP says there are no practical accommodations about your cold, low magnesium, Indian parsley has antiviral effects and is natural. You know, I think I’m kind of over like the, the thick of it, but it’s just like lingering. It’s just like all the remnants of it, but okay, I’m going to add that to my list. And we’re just going to, it’s going to be a wild scene tomorrow. Be like the Joe Rogan concoction we have, see the veil says, Rob, glad to see your here. Keep the healthy teas and stock sat at the only people able to see or people with financial connections.

When anyone who doesn’t have the funds or the connections tries to Sue, they usually don’t get the same representation against the government or the company who violate their rights. Many, never get their day in court and others. It takes many years. There are HIPAA rights that have been violated here. It’s not being discussed. The FDA does not have the authority. Do you serve HIPPA? And neither does the CDC, but they both have, how can the ones who get the funds get the same representation in court? It’s a great question. See the veil, if you could solve that, you’d solve a lot of problems in this country. Many people just simply can’t afford representation. And so governments are trying to work their ways around that. There they’re sort of loosening the requirements in many states for lawyers to do legal work. We now have an Arizona, something called certified paraprofessionals certified legal paraprofessionals.

They can, that can do a lot of the things that the lawyers do, but at a lower rate. Right? And so they’re trying to sort of democratize lawyering to some degree, which is sort of what I’m trying to do right on, you know, with, with what we do on YouTube, on our separate law channel. I put together these big, long presentations, 30 minutes, a lot of detail on the law so that people can educate themselves and then make good decisions for themselves. I wrote a whole book about, about how to, how to sort of represent yourself or how to work with a public defender in a criminal case, what you should be doing nine steps on how to get that all organized so that people know a little bit more about how to protect themselves as they go through the system. And if they can’t afford a lawyer, well, at least they got a book that they can then read and then talk to their public defender about it and say, why aren’t you doing this or this or this?

So, you know, I think a lot of people are trying to help a law is one of those things that you can’t really scale easily because there’s a lot of hard thinking that goes into it. And it’s a people business in many ways. And so it’s without money. Unfortunately in many situations, there’s not much you can do. You’ve got to find the money is really how, when it comes down to ship of Theseus says they use me to justify gender confirmation surgery as well. Be careful what you wish for. I see. Yeah. I see what you’re saying there, like removing parts off the ship. Yeah. Monster one says, yeah, I bet on the over baby, I got you covered monster one. The ovary is always a safer bet for this show, unless it’s Tuesdays, then we’re right on time. I’m not guest says, how would you feel about forcing lawyers to be public defenders for a minimum number of years before being able to be employed in private practice?

So I don’t, I don’t like the idea of, of being forced to do anything. Right. I wouldn’t like I would have been unhappy with that, but I would just because it’s forced. But I think from a conceptual perspective, that’s a, that’s not a bad idea. You know, being, you, you kinda, you kind of public defenders are sort of a unique breed right there. They’re amazing people, but they are working for the government. Right. I would have never done well working for the government. So something like that wouldn’t have been a good fit for me. If that was required in order to become a criminal defense lawyer, I probably would not have done it. So you might have dissuaded a lot of good people from us putting, throwing their hat into the ring. Now there are some, some states that really encourage you to do pro bono work and reduce your fees.

Uh, Arizona has, what’s called, uh, oh, the modest means foundation. So there are lawyers, there are new lawyers. I’m not guest at the modest means foundation. Uh, when I was a brand new lawyer, I signed up for that. Uh, and, and you sort of agree to reduce your rates. So rather than, you know, several hundred dollars an hour, you reduce it down to I think 75 an hour. And so more people it’s more accessible to a lot more people, but it’s a good idea. A lot of people are thinking about ways to do this. We’ll see where it goes. Uh, the real end, Y renal MDs in the house says very happy about this ruling. It affects some of my colleagues was a good ruling. People should be free to decide on their own what to do with their bodies. It’s from the good doctor in the house.

Thank you. Good doctor. You had an imposter on the show today. I’m not sure who that was. We have sweet potato says, can you educate us on our rights if we have not received a termination letter, but are asked to leave and turn in our badge, I saw a tick tock video of this happening thinking trespassing laws. So we can stand firm, but not be arrested. So I, you know, sweet potato. I I’d love to, but I really can’t because if it even kind of smells like legal advice, that’s, that’s a problem. Right? And so I can talk a lot about things, but if you’re asking about a particular situation that kind of might actually be happening to you, and we’re having a one-to-one conversation about that, that might be construed by the state bar as actual legal advice for you. So, although I’d love to, it’s just something that is a little bit too, um, too close to legal advice.

And so I’m gonna steer away from that. I hope you understand that we have another one from three girly says, Rob, make sure you eat fresh pineapple. It has bromelain in there. It will stop the coughing. All right. Pineapple Lomita mean horse depositories, licorice tea. Got it. All. I’m going to be loaded up. It’s going to be a lot of fun. And we got one more from locals, Dr. Fowchee, uh, the guardian said, I’m the sexiest man alive. So you know that I give the best medical advice. Did you see that? I saw that Dr. Fowchee, the sexiest man alive. Not sure who’s reading the guardian, but I venture to guess that’s not particularly accurate. All right. My friends, that was it from the questions over from watching the watchers.locals.com big shout outs over to Cirque X a lot. We’ve got Jeremy Machita three girlies, VNT, kiss, prime, Dallas photography.

We got farmer’s daughter, Jeremy, Machida all [email protected] over on YouTube. We’ve got Zulu. We’ve got lean. We got some anther Richardson. We got holy F my S stinks. We’ve got Virginia. We’ve got Paula nix with a Superchat, says I believed I saw Eric. Coomber behind Antifa on 11, 14, 20 beside the Supreme court. Hmm. Very interesting, Eric. Coomer I’m not sure who that is. Is he a J six? I’m not sure who that is. Interesting. I’ll have to take a look at that. Thank you for that. There, Paula Nicks, all of those came over from watching the watchers.locals.com. Want to welcome some new members who joined up? No one, you know, signed up yesterday, joined us for the year. Big, welcome to no one. You know, we have Katie e.in the house. Pink peep in the house had a conversation today. Let Cina James signed up. We’ve got Jesse, right?

We have Michael Krogan who signed up last week. We had these amazing people, including secret squirrel Alamax sunshine, Marty Lon geo Mancy game. Subscribe on YouTube rod. The odd BJJ is not a crime captain. Jim sincerely, Sam me loves dog dogs all [email protected] If you want to sign up, we have a monthly zoom meetup coming up very, very soon. Saturday, October 2nd, seven to 8:00 PM. Eastern time. It’s a lot of fun. And we hope that you do join [email protected] All right, my friends that is it from me for the day. I’ve got a lot of medicine. I’ve got a whole shopping list from the show that I got to go get. And so we’re going to leave it right there. I want to thank you for being a part of the program. Ask that you join us again tomorrow. When we come back and do it all again at 4:00 PM, Arizona time, 5:00 PM, mountain 6:00 PM. Central 7:00 PM on the east coast. And for that one, Florida, man, everybody else have a tremendous evening sleep very well. I’ll see you right back here tomorrow. Bye-bye.