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Like Jonathan Isaac is the NBA player who was communicating his vaccine, uh, position here. And he was saying specifically, if you missed it before it’s on the other stream, but he was saying, specifically, look, look, I had COVID and I’ve weighed my, I considered my various factors. And this is something that I made a decision about. And the NBA doesn’t really care too much about that. So what we have from them is more segregation. We’ve been talking about this, this entire show, just separating different classes of people out, one from the other. And what is happening is the NBA is rolling that out. Literally, if you are an NBA player, you are not going to be paid if you don’t comply. And now they’ve even got some additional safety protocols that are conducted are going to continue to sort of segment people out from one space to another.

They have these new protocols now, 14 virus safety this season. And what we see here is the NBA has released tentative health and safety protocols to its team, to detail how players who haven’t gotten COVID vaccines will be tested far more often than they’re vaccinated colleagues and place a face, a slew of other restrictions. So let’s see what they have in here among the rules for the unvaccinated players. They say that they will not be able to eat in the same room with vaccinated teammates or staff. Okay. Two tiers of people. If you’re vaccinated in, in the NBA, you get to eat with your Vaxxed players. If you’re unboxed, you go into a different room. You must have lockers as far away from vaccinated players as possible because you’re a subhuman and you must also stay mast and at least six feet away from all other attendees in any team meeting, because you are disgusting, further unvaccinated players are going to be required to remain at their residence, went in their home market.

What? So they’re on home detention. They’re going to be required to remain at their residence, went in their home market. So if you’re an NBA player and you’re in Arizona and you’re here, there’s practice, that’s going on. There’s, you know, different meetings and things like that. You are on home detention. Now you are in home confinement. If you want to continue to be an NBA star, you cannot leave. So that’s very interesting. You know, we do that in other areas in this country, it’s called criminal law. We put people on home detention instead of jail. So that’s, what’s coming to the NBA. They were told that these were just part of the draft rules copy of which was obtained by the associated press. They will also need to stay on team hotel properties. When on the road, in both cases, there are limited permissible exceptions.

Like I don’t know, going to buy groceries, taking the children to school and the like unvaccinated players also not permitted to visit higher risk settings. You know, places like restaurants, bars, clubs, entertainment, venues, and large indoor gatherings. And so those came out September 29th, just a couple of days after Isaac came out and said that that was his official position. That sounds like that might be racial segregation. I mean, it’s kind of like literally segregation and, uh, you know, I don’t know who’s out, who else is going to how these divisions are going to unfold, but it sounds sort of like separate but equal, maybe, maybe separate, but unequal really, really gross Teske stuff. But that’s, what’s going to the MBA. It’s coming to airlines near you. And they’re very excited about that. Let’s see what you have to say about this over at watchingthewatchers.locals.com, where the questions are coming in, make sure that we’ve got these queued up, had to, uh, make some adjustments when we got booted off there.

So let’s see where this started out today. Got to cue some of these questions back up. All right. Let’s see. We have our first one here from Jim Crow. Joe says, come on, man. You dark skin fellows. Bet again, that shot in the arm. You heard your representatives saying not to ask what’s in it. When it first came out, my patience is running thin. That’s from Jim Crow, Joe. Yeah. Jim Crow laws. You can talk about the McCarthy era. You can talk about the Salem witch trials. You can talk about the Nazis and the Jews, whatever you want to talk about. It’s in that same vein geo Mancy games is here, says, this is exactly what the Germans did to the Jews and why so many people went along with it. They convince an entire population that their fellow citizens were diseased and needing to be cured.

Those who don’t know the history are doomed to repeat it. That’s why I think it’s a very pertinent, powerful and provocative thing to do to put something like that on yourself. We have another one speech unleash says, I want to see how she is proposing a person verify that they have fully recovered from COVID. It’s a good question. And it doesn’t sound like that. They were even really considering that they weren’t looking at antibodies. They were looking at whether you had a positive test. And so if you had a positive test within the last 90 days, the presumption that follows is that you had COVID, you recover from it. You don’t, you’re not dead. And you don’t look like you’re too sick. You pass a temperature scan or whatever their policies are going to be. Right. They’re going to be rolling out all of these new criteria, the medical checklist that you need to do in order to continue to travel freely in this country.

But after those 90 days, you’re on your own. Again, you either got to go get COVID again and sh and test positive, or you got to go get a vaccine. So if they’re talking about, you know, natural immunity is being included and it’s indefinite the answer, there is absolutely not. It’s natural immunity for 90 days. Didn’t say anything about having to go get COVID. Every COVID booster every 90 days or five months or six months or whatever it ends up being. But maybe that’ll be in the second version of the bill. We have another one here from [inaudible] says most guard members that have a license are working already. I don’t see how it will help robbing Peter to pay Paul. Good to see you. [inaudible] we have a couple others. Geo Mancy games says on the masks, mandatory mass mandates. And when we, the peasants help stop deciding to stop wearing them, I have refused to enter any store that tells me to put them on strangely enough, I’ve gone to a lot of stores near me, like Walmart, safe, safe way, best buy without wearing any face, covering, not a solo set, a word to me about it.

Literally it’s compliance, stop complying. And I agree with that. I think that I’ve said this a long time, right? A little bit of friction on some of these policies, I think will go a long way. It’s not, I think, appropriate to sort of aggressively contest those policies. If they say master mandatory or it’s their store, right. Go to a different store and they can feel it in their pocket books at a later date. But if it’s, if it’s something where, you know, we’d appreciate it. If you wore a mask at that point in time, you can say, well, not going to do that a little bit of friction. Thanks though. We have Nadar has reached his limit is here, says, yeah, I have heard enough from these leftists. They regularly cheer on Palestine as they bomb Israel, to try to act as if I’m somehow antisemitic for simply drawing the obvious comparisons between the actions of today’s leftist, democratic party and the action of Hitler’s Nazi party back in the day, if you not, you Rob don’t like the comparisons, maybe don’t act like a Nazi and you won’t be compared to one.

It’s a good point there in the dark. I think there’s a lot, I mean, look, the, the, the Germans in Germany in the 1930s and forties, weren’t sitting there going well, you know, I guess we’re just going to have to execute all of those people. We’re just going to have to put them in concentration camps and gas them to death, and then throw their bodies and incinerators. Well, that sounds reasonable. Nobody was having that conversation. It was a bunch of people sitting around go, well, you know, I mean, there are problems in society. I’m hungry. My family needs some support. There are leaders in charge. It seems like we’re part of a democracy. Like this was being elected. Everybody else’s consenting with this. Okay. So we’re just going to sort of, you know, move things around in society. They have been a problem historically. And so now we’re just going to justify it.

And we’re going to continue to sort of create our own little diluted world where we’re going to create a fantasy land and what happens then terrible, horrible, awful things happened. And it was the slow frog in a boiling pot. And so a lot of people sitting around, oh, it’s just the vaccine. They said that when it was just 15 days to slow the spread, now there’s 80 million people whose jobs might be in question, what happens there? It started small. And now it’s turning into a big, big problem. Let’s see what else we have. We have Mustang. Jeff says more and more people will find other ways to travel rather than fly will harm the airline business and permanently damage. The industry, not seeing any end to this tyranny. I think they’re just getting started. Mustang. Jeff, it’s going to become a criminal thing. It’s going to continue to turn into a limitation of where you can go, what you can do, where you can spend, how you can live your life.

It’s been on that trajectory for the last 18 months. I don’t think it’s stopping speech unleash says nice to know that they’re basing all these bills and protocol mandates decisions on the quote science with regards to natural immunity, deep sarcasm. I was aware that the science shows that natural immunity only lasts. I was not aware that natural immunity only lasts for three months more sarcasm. Yeah, it, I, I didn’t know that either, but apparently Feinstein knows that. And so that is what made it into her bill. We have another one over here. Let’s see. This one came in from Jay Heath says in Seattle and king county starting October 25th, you have to be fully vaccinated to see movies, grocery shopping, eat at restaurants. I have to drive to another county to enjoy my life and be free. So sick of these mandates stop punishing. Those who are vaccinated.

It’s the mandates right? Stop. I totally agree with you. And I think that it may be time to consider moving to those other counties. Nadar says big respect to these NBA players who not only had the courage to speak their mind and stand up in the face of this medical tyranny, but also doing so in such a calm, rational, well thought out well put together way of breaking it down for all the low IQ reporters in front of them. I’ll take him over LeBron any day. Yeah, it was a very, and that was, if you missed it, it’s Jonathan Isaac. And he has a full interview and he was sort of all these reporters. He was Nope. Get out of here. Nope. Get out of here. The rolling stone actually wrote some, you know, hit piece against him saying that he was killing grandma, like the rest of us.

And he just came out and calmly just took it apart. And I think it was very masterful the way he handled the media there. Uh, somebody, somebody is here saying windows problems, shaking. My head probably should get a Mac. I guess we have soul Viking. It says the segregation of players will not fly after more voices come out to give their opinions. It’s like literal segregation, vacs over here and faxed over there and you don’t get paid if you’re over there, Laura and you don’t get paid. You want to make a slavery analogy there. Wow. How about that? Lauren S says, ask yourself, what has your vacs done for you? I can’t say that. We got to be careful with that with some of the, um, some of the comments, but yeah, it’s a good point. Lauren S D rod says, is everyone making money off?

The vaccinations is the whole country, 83% invested in Moderna and Pfizer. And this is why we’re forcing vaccines. They’ve made a lot of money. We’ve talked about it here on the show. Madrona, I think in quarter four of 2020 was, was producing about 220 million a quarter. Now there are about 4 billion a quarter. I wonder what happened there. Oh yeah. Their product has been mandated and there’s no liability for them in many situations. And so, yeah, it’s a great business model. Get it while it’s good. Greg is here, says I’m a bit confused. Why are the fully vaccinated people afraid of the unvaccinated? If you’re fully vaccinated, you have nothing to worry about. Right? Well, because that’s what Joe Biden had to use in order to find some sort of justification to mandate it. If it’s not a danger, well, what’s the justification for mandating it.

That’s why in one of his six point plans, one of those plans was protecting the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. Because if that wasn’t a thing, then what is the T what is the tooth? W what, what teeth does a mandate have? Why do you need to do it? If it’s, if it’s not, if you’re not dangerous to the vaccinated, which I think, I think as official CDC guidance, I don’t know, gotta go see from them what they say about that. But if you are, if, if you’re Vaxxed and you’re basically protected, then why do you have to mandate everybody else? Get it. You wouldn’t because they’re protected. So just go get it. And you’ll be protected. You don’t have to worry about it, but it wouldn’t fly in courts. So he had to make up some justification for that. All the vaccinated people are now in danger by the unvaccinated.

I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t get it either. All right. We have a couple more ice Wolf says good to have you back home. Good to hear from you ice Wolf. Thanks for being here. It is good to be back home and it’s good to have my computer problems. Again. We have another one here from VNT kiss. Prime says, so the other day I got bored. As I usually do, decided to do some math because math is fun. I looked at the CDC website, told him that the recorded cases over the past 14 days, then doubled that number to account for people who aren’t reported, then took that number at a 10% for margin of error. I took that last number and divided it by the population as per the census website. The number that I got was 1.18%. So you can follow the math there and jumped to your own conclusions.

Thanks for doing that. [inaudible] save me from having to do any math, which is always a good thing. We have geo Mancy is here. Says, just wait until they set up checkpoints requiring proof before you cross state lines. Yeah. Like DUI checkpoints. Like if you want to go into California. When I drive from California, from Arizona to California, I take the IAA or the [inaudible] and I get over there. And there are oftentimes border patrol checkpoints, and you just kind of drive on through. They look in there, all right, you can go through here. You’re not a danger to us. So you can just come on through here. And sometimes they’ll stop you and look around and ask you some questions. And so that’s just for, I think, illegal immigration or for, you know, drug pedal. I don’t know what it’s for other than maybe they just want to be there to show you that they’re there, but they are doing something there.

And you can just imagine where this might go. Well, if you get on an airplane from Arizona to California, you got to show that you’re vaccinated. California is, oh, they were really concerned about that. So they want to make sure that all of the Joe Rogan’s and everybody who has already left there, they don’t come back. So they’re going to make sure that if you’re crossing in on an airplane, you got to show your papers. Why would that not be the same case? If you’re coming over across a car, got to show it because there’s a lot of hypochondriacs over there. Let’s see what else we have. One from mama. Goop is here, says the three months span for natural immunity is because you literally can’t be Vaxxed until three months after you recover from COVID. Is that real? Uh, if that’s true, that’s just amazing.

That’s amazing. All right. Let’s see what else. We’ve got two weeks as, Hey, Rob, this may be a little off topic, but can you spread the word about Naperville fire departments, legal battle. Here’s a link to their fundraiser. I’m sure that they would really appreciate it. Could you please share with the audience in order to let them know where they can go if they want to support the cause, sharing the link? Because it’s very, very helpful. I think I’m going to do a segment on that entire thing and let’s, but let’s pull up this give and go. Just so we can take a look here. We have, this is what it looks like. And absolutely I would encourage, you know, supporting all of these campaign created by Carl Hal green, Illinois firefighters against mask mandates. Yeah. We’re going to cover this. Uh, I, I actually have the, some of the documents that I think I have permission to communicate.

Now it says a group of firefighters employed by a major suburban fire department, Illinois have banded together. They committed over 10 grand to the legal battle. Retained an attorney, filed a complaint in the us district court and the Northern district of Illinois. And so, yeah, this is, um, I have those documents and I have permission to communicate about them. So I think that we will go ahead and do that and support and support them all the way, all the way. And it looks like people are already doing that. Look at this, Hey, John, from the locals community here. Uh, and so, yeah, amazing. So people are just donating away. So it, this, you know, I endorse it so amazing. We’ll put that in the, uh, in the link, maybe on tomorrow’s show, we’ll actually link to that in the, in the, if I can remember to do it, but I should be able to do that.

Thank you for that. Let’s see, we’ve got another one from over from ice Wolf says, sorry for this. But I got it after careful consideration and talk. You’re talking to my doctor by job is offering me money to show them on vaccinated, but our fuse to show them because it’s my choice, ice Wolf. You’re right. It is your choice. We have a Rand, the verbal backhand, Paul is here. It says, if you have time at the end of the show or between the segments or just for your viewing pleasure, here’s a ran double. OGE speaking to these crazy health and human services people exactly how they deserve to be spoken to. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s about seven minutes long. So no worries. If you’re running behind, let’s see what this looks like. Published today over from Rand Paul, over on rumble. Let’s just check in on this for a quick minute and see what we’ve got. We got to unmute this here for a

Second, had a 2.5 million patients and found that the vaccinated group was actually seven times more likely to get infected with COVID than the people that had gotten. COVID naturally,

Senator I’d have to get back to you on that one. I’m not familiar with that study.

Well, you think you might want to be, if you’re going to travel the country and salting the millions of Americans, including NBA star, Jonathan Isaac, who have had COVID recovered, look at a study with 2.5 million people and say, well, you know what? It looks like my immunity’s as good as the vaccine or not in a free country. Maybe ought to be able to make that decision. Instead, you’ve chosen to travel the country, calling people like Jonathan, Isaac and others, myself included flat earthers. We find that very insulting. It goes against the science. Are you a doctor or a medical doctor?

I have worked over 30 years on health health

Here. You’re not a medical doctor. Do you have a science degree? And yet you travel the country calling people flat earthers who have had, COVID looked at studies of millions of people and made their own personal decision that their immunity they naturally acquired is sufficient. But you presume somehow to tell over a hundred million Americans who have survived COVID that we have no right to determine our own medical care. You alone are on high. And you’ve made these decisions, a lawyer with no scientific background, no medical degree. This is an arrogance coupled with an authoritarianism that is unseemly anonymously.

Yes. Get it ran. Yes. The good stuff. Yeah. I posted a quote that I had read somewhere that the, the current system cloaks it’s mendacity in science and authority authority. And I think that’s exactly right. And I think that Rand Paul hit that right on the head. Eh, they’re they’re bureaucrats that are trying to manipulate things around to meet their political goals. And that’s why we love Ram Paul around here. All right. So that, thank you for sharing that. And I will very likely watch the rest of that. Thank you for sharing that over from locals. We’ve got one more here. Says rules for the, but not for me. Peasants, no mask. No bra. Woo. I’m here. Ready to party with Rob? Who sent this in? Oh, it’s an 87 year old, single long curly ingrown hair. Gray woman on a wet of Dianne. Feinstein’s left boob.

Oh, that’s just, oh, that is a bad visual. That that’s like a, that’s just awful. It’s just terrible. All right. So those were great questions over from watchingthewatchers.locals.com. And let’s see here what’s happening over on locals because I had to restart some stuff over there and uh, yeah. All right. So we’ve got that going. Let’s see. What’s happening over on YouTube. I think I had that picked up. Yep. That’s queuing up over there. All right. So great stuff. We’re going to move on into the next segment, my friends. And let’s see what else is coming up. Oh, that’s right. The FBI is now in hot water yet. Again, we’ve been covering a lot of their negligence, malfeasance and incompetence here on this channel for many, many, many, many months. And it is just never ending. Is it the office of inspector general from the department of justice data, the investigation into the FBI and found, yeah, it’s pretty bad.

Just like we suspected they released this today, September 30th. It says the DOJ OIG releases the audit report. This is the department of justice office of the inspector general. You can see that here. This is an agency that sort of is, you know, supposed to be independent. And it goes, and it conducts audits of various government entities says that the FBI’s execution of its woods procedures, which are basically aspiring procedures through the foreign intelligence surveillance court, the FISA court is now problematic who wrote this report general Michael Horowitz. We’re going to hear from him next in the next slide released a report that evaluates the FBI saying that they’re not really being factually accurate when they go and apply for these very, very serious warrants in today’s report to DOJ confirms our initial finding that there was widespread noncompliance with the FBI spying. And so they say today’s report highlights the need for all sorts of different types of supervisory reviews, robust oversight.

They need to reduce the risk of erroneous information that is being included in FISA applications. And now when I start going through some of these stories, I know it’s easier for people’s eyes to gloss over. You’ve got OIG, DOJ. FYSA, you’ve got all sorts of different acronyms being thrown around over here. And it seems like it’s very complicated and it is, and it’s sort of intended to be that way so that you just kind of forget about it. And this type of incompetence or actual willful willful manipulation of certain things can kind of go without me. Most people in the public knowing much about it. This is an inspector general Horowitz who is giving us a little bit of a clip about what he found. Let’s check in on who this guy is before we jump into the rest of the report.

Hello, I’m Michael Herbert’s inspector general for the U S department of justice. Today. My office released a report concerning the FBI’s execution of its factual accuracy procedures for FI’s applications called the woods procedures during the period from fiscal year 2015 to fiscal year 2019, the FBI’s woods procedures are designed to ensure Pfizer applications are scrupulously accurate as required by FBI policy today’s report details, extensive noncompliance with woods procedures. During this time period, we first identified concerns with the woods procedures during our review of the FBI’s crossfire hurricane investigation. We immediately initiated this audit to determine whether the errors we saw in that review were more widespread.

All right. So you heard what he said. They started to look into the Trump crossfire hurricane investigation, and then they found some pretty serious problems there. So they expanded the scope of the investigation into some other things. And this is what the report looks like. It’s 60 pages we’ll fly through it. There’s, uh, there’s, there’s some good stuff in here to learn about how all this works, but you can see, this is the audit of the FBI’s investigation of its woods procedures that are filed for, with the Pfizer court. So let’s dig in, what are we talking about here? The introduction is telling us one of the most intrusive tools that is the FBI uses to conduct us security is CA court authorized physical search and or electronic surveillance pursuant to FYSA, which is the foreign intelligence surveillance act tool allows for the covert collection of foreign intelligence from foreign powers or agents of foreign powers.

And so remember if you’re a us citizen, you have a ton of rights that are all promised to you under the bill of rights. And that includes a lot of right to privacy that the courts have recognized all for, for, for centuries. Now, what we’re seeing here is a new act that was passed in 1978 that created FISA the foreign intelligence surveillance act. And what does that mean? Well, if you’re a foreigner, you’re not a United States citizen. And so now you don’t have those same protections. And so the Pfizer court through the Pfizer act, they can, they can sort of step all over those constitutional principles that might be invested for an American citizen. But what happens is sometimes those surveillance activities gobble up American citizens. They overlap, they’re trying to go get foreign intelligence, but oops, that foreigner was talking to an American and we have to sort of disassociate or decouple some of the investigation of a foreigner from an American.

And so we have a whole process for that, so that we can continue to, you know, kind of blur some of these lines FYSA orders can this document says they can be used to surveil us persons. And in some cases it’s going to foreseeably collect information about that. Individual’s constitutionally protected activities. Now they say that the Pfizer court of the F I S C is responsible for ruling on these. When you go into that court, you have what are called ex parte hearings, which means that unlike most court proceedings, the government is there, but the counter party is not right because they want to do this stuff. Secretly. If let’s say, for example, in the state of Arizona, you get into a dispute with your spouse, whatever the, you know, whatever relationship you’re in married or a domestic relationship, doesn’t matter if you’re in an argument and you decide to separate and your spouse makes the claim against you in court.

They say that my ex is harassing me, meaning you saying there, that person is harassing me. And I want an injunction against harassment. I want to go in there and actually stop this person from communicating with me because they’re harassing me. Guess what happens? That person let’s use me as an example. If, if, if an ex of mine wanted to make a claim like that against me, they could go into court and it would be sort of an ex parte hearing. I would not be there at that time. And what she would need to do is communicate that she feels endangered and threatened, and she would need to convince the judge that this wasn’t appropriate thing to do. The judge would w would ex parte issue an order. And I would get served with that order. And it tells me I don’t get to go and have a conversation without that person.

Now I would have some due process remedies there. What I could do is say that this is ridiculous. I don’t want this injunction standing out against me. So I am now going to go contest it. I’m going to contest it. And then that would call a time for hearing where everybody could go into court. And we be able to hear from both sides. And the judge would then be able to decide whether the original order would stand. So you do get some representation. The first part would be an ex parte hearing. The second part would be everybody’s involved at that point in time, they grant the first part because they recognize that we’ve got some sort of extenuating circumstances. We have a sense of urgency here. And so the judge would have granted immediately, but you would be able to then go and contest it.

You would be notified that this is something that was taking place against you, and you would have the opportunity to go and challenge that not happening here. This is all silent is all spying. And so they can’t let you know, oh, Hey, by the way, we’re now surveilling you. And so all of this stuff happens behind closed doors. It all happens ex parte, which means it’s just one side, the U S government. So now you’ve got the U S government saying, oh, we’re honest and truthful. They go into the Pfizer court, which is the U S government. And they’re saying, oh yeah, you look honest and truthful. And so we’re just going to go ahead and grant you, whatever the hell you want. And just pass that through because anybody who’s on the other side of this doesn’t even ever know about it. So how do you find if anything was wrong while you have to go through several impeachments, you have to go through political hell.

You have to bring in office of the inspector general. You’ve got to have a Mueller report. You’ve got to have a comi. You’ve got to have a Michael Flynn saga. You got to have all this stuff to start unraveling this disgusting shell. So let’s see what else is here. It says for these reasons prior to seeking the Pfizer application, the FBI must certify, it cannot reasonably obtain for intelligence through normal investigative techniques. So they have to communicate with the DOJ that they really, really, really need this stuff so that they can protect privacy and civil liberties against the needs to gather for an intelligence. So if the intelligence community had their way, right, they would just have access to everything they would have, you know, your, everything tapped, everything monitored, uh, which is basically where they want this to go, right? If you have a vaccine passport, or if you have anything that is, you know, data, you can imagine that somebody is keeping track of all this stuff and that it’s going to be, you know, sort of escalated into whatever it is that the government wants to do with it.

And you gotta be careful there. I’m not saying that the vaccines are tracking you YouTube. Doesn’t doesn’t like that language. I’m not saying that at all. I’m just saying that there are systems that are being built out right now. We just covered it in the previous segment where we were talking about Senator Dianne Feinstein, rolling this out, that now the CDC through the health and human services is going to be creating vaccination requirements for travel. All of these systems are being rolled out. And the idea that the foreign intelligence surveillance court is, is, uh, immune from any, any of these data gobbling attempts I think is, is out there. All right. So anyways, let’s jump into what is crossfire hurricane. If you’re not familiar with this, it says this was a code name for the counter-intelligence investigation that was undertaken by the FBI. It links it to Russian officials and associates of Donald Trump.

This was a re officially opened July 31st, 2016 before the election. Initially, due to information on the Trump campaign from George Papadopoulos, early assertions of the Russians, having damaging material on Hillary Clinton in November, there was a joint effort by the FBI and the CIA and the NSA to examine the Russian meddling in the presidential election. And so this is what the FBI was sort of originally doing to get Pfizer warrants. They were, they were gobbling up information that was being communicated through the Trump campaign. And the office of inspector general went back through this again, doing a deeper dive of an audit. And they’re finding there are some pretty serious problems before we get to the problems. Let’s sort of understand briefly how much safety is supposed to be in the process. How many checks and balances are supposed to be required before the FBI or the CIA or the NSA can get a Fise, a warrant so that we’re protecting American citizens so that we’re not making decisions that are done in the interest of intelligence that are jeopardizing civil liberties, protecting the privacy of American citizens.

There’s a lot that goes into this before it is ever authorized. This is an overview of the process. It says to pursue physical search or electronic surveillance under Pfizer, let’s take a quick look. I’m not going to read this whole thing. It’s a huge wall of text, but I want to show you just briefly how this is all gets connected. FBI. Let’s say we start with their case agents. They work with attorneys over from the NSD, the department, national security division. First FBI prepares a Pfizer request form. Then they go through a case agent and they establish probable cause they, they request must be approved at multiple levels within the FBI, including the office supervisors, attorneys, headquarters, offices, attorneys, over with the general counsel, the national security and cyber law branch division, the NSC lb. Once it’s approved, it goes over to the NSD OOI.

Then it goes back to the FBI case agent. Then they draft the FYS application. Okay. So it’s like 15 people right there. In most instances, then the FBI case agent affirms the accuracy gives a read only copy. Then it goes over to the NSD I attorney. He works with the FBI case agent. Oh, all right, that’s it? Oh, no. It keeps going the final application then must include a written certification by the FBI deputy director or the FBI director, which includes that a significant purpose of this surveillance is to obtain foreign intelligence. Then once this is complete, then the attorney general or the acting attorney general approves, the FI’s application, are we done? No. Then after receiving that the final department approval, then it gets submitted to the Pfizer court. Then the NSD is responsible for filing all of the other things that goes through the Pfizer app.

A lot, the feds, the court may then approve the physical search up to 90 days subject to renewal. Okay. So it’s not like you just send a fax over to somebody like, oh yeah. Approved. Okay. Very, very, very robust, very comprehensive process before anything like that would be granted as it should be. Now the question is, of course, was that process followed? No, it wasn’t. It was sort of a free for all over at the FBI. This is what it looks like. If you put all of that in sort of a graphic form, FBI decision to use the Pfizer authority, the case agent prepares prepares the form. Then they draft the Pfizer application. We got, uh, an attorney here, case agent complies with the Wood’s file to support the statement of the facts we’re going to, we’re going to see what the woods file looks like, but it’s, it’s basically a file that has all this stuff in it.

Finalization of the Pfizer application, then what we have case agent and DOI attorney, FBI HQ, they agree on the final version. Then that Wood’s file goes through the final application and the case agent signs it. Then it finally gets submitted to the Pfizer court. A lot goes into this. A lot of people are involved. And so when the process goes wrong, it means a lot of people were involved in that process going wrong. How does this work? The FBI relies on field personnel to ensure all information included in the Pfizer application is correct. They have what are called woods procedures. The FBI case agent is required to maintain and create an accuracy sub file, which is known as the woods file. This is supporting documentation for every factual assertion. That’s complained there in supports the documentation and the required database searches over other verifications. It says, you’ve got to maintain all information about confidential human sources.

Undercover agents then goes over to the FBI’s assessment about reliability. They must reverify the accuracy of each factual assertion that is carried over from prior applications. Okay. It’s a lot, very, very robust woods procedures. Now, despite having all of that proceduralized and in writing, nobody was following it. Despite the existence of these procedures, the DOJ office of the inspector general in, in December, 2019 report examined for Pfizer applications, targeting a us person who could that have been. And other aspects of FBI’s crossfire hurricane. That was the investigation we talked about previously, that was going after all of Donald Trump’s compadres identified here were significant errors and omissions in all four of the applications reviewed said that FBI personnel failed to meet the requirement in FBI policy to ensure all factual statements were in there among other concerns, report identified fundamental and serious errors and FBI agents execution of those procedures.

Numerous instances where they did not include supporting documents for any factual assertions, the report highlighted the FBI failed to show other requirements were part of the Wood’s procedures. They did not reverify any factual information. The report said that the Pfizer court was not provided with complete or accurate information, which impacted their ability to evaluate probable cause in a meaningful manner before authorizing the search FBI ordered 40 corrective actions to address those recommendations. So in 2019, they uncovered all sorts of problems with this all stemming back to what was happening in 2016, under the, the fake Russian collusion nonsense, FBI was just doing whatever it needed to do to go get the Pfizer court to approve it. They were leaving things out of the warrant applications and they were just showing the court the half truth. And the court goes, okay, well, you’re the FBI. We trust you because you’re, you get paid from the same banks that we do, and now we’re going to approve it, whatever you need.

So the audit then after that originally happened, the audit is now back out. And what we can see here is that approximately 20 years after implementing the woods procedures to address the Pfizer concerns, they reviewed another 29 applications. What did they find? FBI still not meeting the expectations of its own protocols. Numerous instances of non-compliance twenty-five woods files were made available for review, but they couldn’t even produce the remaining four files. So in other words, they don’t even have it. Oh, oh, you got a Fise that warrants on this case can, um, can we see the woods file? You know, that big, important file. That’s supposed to have all the details that we just talked about. Can I just see the file? We don’t have it. What do you mean you don’t have it? Do you mean like it’s incomplete? Do you mean like started it, but you forgot to enter a couple of things.

Your time logs are off a little bit. No, we don’t have it at all. Well then how the hell did you get the warrant? Good question. Now, quick summation of some of the errors you can see. Figure two shows us that the FBI’s noncompliance with these procedures, we had 209 errors in the Pfizer applications, 209 instances of unsupported, inaccurate, or omitted information in 29 5, the applications unsupported inaccurate or omitted information. So just not lies. All right, lies. They’re lying by omission. Or they were just outright lying, right? Additional 2,209 would procedure deficiencies. They say 209 instances where the Wood’s file did not contain adequate documentation to support the FI’s application. And that’s required by policy, which is a good policy to have accurate information. FBI and the NSC, uh, told OIG that for each of these instances, appropriate supporting documentation was later located in other holdings.

They also had 183 missing or incomplete woods files, four instances of literally no files. And then another 29 were reviewed 179 instances where they were associated with applications were either missing or in whole, or in part it’s a free for all over there at the FBI, you get a Fise, a warrant, you get a as award, you get a fire as a warrant, whatever you need. Now, we also can see there’s even more errors. Here’s a summary of the 205 errors that are deemed non-material. So these are sort of smaller errors. Those are the previous ones we covered were massive, but this is highly problematic. I would say still deviation from the source document. So that means FBI had errors where the factual assertions that were presented deviate from the supporting documents. Now they’re calling these non-material, they’re saying these aren’t really material, but it’s still a factual assertion that is not accurate 93 times in there. So let’s say the FYS application quota. Here’s an example in some FBI agent fills out an application that targets social media posts citing a religious passage verbatim, but the woods file was only the passage reference, not a direct quote. Oh, okay.

So on social media, somebody says, uh, you know, praise be to Allah. And then the FBI agent says something different than what that person said. Maybe something a little bit more nefarious. Now they say it’s non-material, but who knows what the FBI has to say? Uh, we have date errors. Dates are just totally wrong, which is kind of a joke. If in criminal law, that would be a huge problem. Uh, in my criminal law, not FBI’s criminal law, typographical errors, unsupported facts, factual assertions that may be accurate, but are not supported by documentation in the woods filed in these instances, the field office is unable to identify documentary support for factual assertions. So they’re just making stuff up. And then they’ve got misidentified source of information. Non-material errors in which the information is attributed in an application to something else, just making it up as they go along. That’s the FBI and their Pfizer application process. Let’s see if there’s any questions on this. Over from watchingthewatchers.locals.com. I see a couple have come in. We’ve got the antique is prime is here, says this clip sums up the response of many people. Let’s see what this one says.

Okay. We have a, we have a reaction video right here. Let’s see what this one is. Let me unmute this.

I am shocked. Shock. Well, not that shocked. I am shocked.

Yeah. Yeah. I think I agree with you there. VNC kiss, not all that shocking. We all knew that this was something that was happening. We have Mustang. Jeff says none of this is surprising. Given what has happened over the past four years, they have lost their credibility with the public and apparently don’t care. No accountability. I predict, I think it’s a good prediction there. That’s for Mustang, Jeff, we also have thunder seven says Horowitz is actually uncovering huge abuses by the FBI. And I’m shocked that he hasn’t been attacked and fired by the Obeid Marxists. It’s hard to fire the inspector general. I think the Dems thought he would blow Obama gate and crossfire apart, but he confirmed everything. Trump said was true. How much longer do you think they’re going to allow him to expose their corruption? Who can fire him? Yeah, it’s a good question.

He’s sort of in a precarious position right now. It would look really bad if they fired him, especially in light of all of these reports coming out. So they’ve got that. Plus they’ve got all of the Durham investigation. He just issued new subpoenas as well. And we’re still pretty early into the byte administration. So we’ll see what he does about that. But he does not like dissenting opinion as we’re going to talk about in the next final segment. Uh, Michael Horowitz is chiming in here. It says just in case, I want you to know I never suicided myself and neither did John Durham. That’s good to know. And you heard it here on the record. No suicides. RDB five says there are a lot of rules to file a Fise application, but evidently no penalties for violating those rules. What’s the point of making the rules other than making Congress feel good about passing a law?

So what do they do after finding the rules were not followed, make more rules, but still without any penalties for breaking those rules. It’s a good question. You know, Arnie, you know, I don’t do any Pfizer work, right? I’ve never been in that court. Don’t have any experience there, but I can tell you in criminal law, generally speaking it, when the government does something unconstitutional, you get that portion of the case or the case entirely thrown out. They don’t get to use evidence that they obtained through unconstitutional mechanisms. It’s called fruit of the poisonous tree. If the, if there’s going to be an act that violates some sort of very sacred, constitutional provision, they don’t get to benefit from that violation. And so it’s called the exclusionary rule in criminal law. All of that gets out. That’s the only penalty that matters to the government is they can’t benefit from their illegalities.

And so that’s how it’s supposed to work in criminal law. Now in our criminal law, I get to hear about the other side. I get to hear about the government screwing something up because I know it’s happening. Our client comes in, they hire us. They’re being investigated. They’re being charged with a crime. Maybe they haven’t even been charged yet, but they just got a phone call from a police officer and they need some help with that. So we get to be involved in this process. So if there’s a warrant, that’s executed, we get to say, I want to see that. And I want to see exactly what you put in the affidavit. And I want to contest this later down the line in the pre-trial process because there’s due process and there’s oversight that happens there. That’s not the case with the Pfizer court. It’s all secret.

It’s all behind closed doors. And the courts just rubber stamp, anything that comes through. So how can you challenge or contest that? How can you penalize the government and make it so their improprieties have long lasting penalties and consequences for them. If you can’t even see those improprieties, you can’t even call them out on it, which is why it’s so reprehensible. Let’s see what else we’ve got. NAD learners, dirty diapers. You’re sick says I am now 28 pounds. I need to be changed. Preferably before the Senate debate on the important infrastructure of LPs, the FBI has the highest integrity and procedural compliance. I am attorney in addition to being a diaper, Jerry Nadler, well, somebody changed him. I mean, good Lord. He’s a 28 pounds. Now it goes up every show he’s been going on for several months and he kind of walks like he’s got about 28 pounds in there.

So I don’t. Yeah. I mean, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t doubt that for a minute. Somebody called Nancy, tell her to put her her cocktail down and go change Natalie’s diaper. Alright. Now Darwin says, well hopefully no rank and file officers come out and demand accountability of the leadership because then they would have to really start punishing people. That’s from the dark. Yeah. And you know, the FBI has been in a lot of hot water, I think for very good reason, we’ve seen what they did with the alleged governor Whitmer hoax thing, where the FBI agent was pretty heavily involved in that we saw all the feds showed up at that other, you know, uh, uh, save America rally or whatever that was. And the list goes on and on. And they’d been playing where’s Waldo for the last nine months to try to find all the January six protesters.

So yeah, not good. Geo Matsi game says evil will continue to do evil. Nothing will change. That’s from geo Mancy. I’m hopeful that things do change. I think that’s part of why, why I enjoy doing the show and communicating with everybody here is because it feels like a lot of us are thinking about the next step in the evolution of this country. And so even though the feds and the federal government and all of our traditional institutions may be crumbling around us doesn’t mean that you can’t have pockets of Liberty where life is dramatically better than the old system. And I think that’s where a lot of our, our comradery stems from is a lot of us are thinking that way. Those were great questions over from watchingthewatchers.locals.com. I appreciate all of your support there. All right, we’ve got one more segment on the show today and it looks like things are not crashing all around me.

Our computer systems are good, so let’s jump into it. Shall we? Lieutenant Colonel Stewart sheller Jr. Is still in the brig. He was arrested by the Marines and he’s now being held with some questionable charges. We want to see if these are accusations or formal charges, but the point stands. He is still currently in custody. We’ve covered this story for some time here on the show. And now we’re starting to see some outrage. A lot of Americans are very upset about this and Republican congressional leaders are now signing off on a letter to try to get Colonel Scheller out of custody. And so I want to dig in, we’ll start off with a headline from the Washington post saying that this Marine officer criticized senior leaders. Now he’s in the brig Marine Lieutenant Colonel who publicly criticized the Biden administration. So keep that in mind, a public criticism for last month, chaotic evacuation of Afghanistan is now in the military brig.

Why violated a gag order last weekend? His parents said in a short statement, his parents were on hand, uh, not on Hannity. They were on Tucker Carlson last night. And they were very compelling. You know, they’re very upset about this. And the father was very, very communicative about what was happening here. He said, yeah, look, my son, they, they, he, he made a video about this. They came out and they told him he can’t talk anymore. So I want to stop right there. Then the military came out and said, you’re not allowed to talk anymore. Now you might say, well, he’s a member of the military and you be right. Right. And you have to sort of follow certain rules and certain procedures. And if you’re in, you can even think about this in your, in your business, right? If you own a business or you work for somebody, it’s not really ideal to have people just go out there and say whatever they want, run their mouth against the, their leaders.

And so you can understand that dynamic, you might even agree with the soldier and you might say, listen, I agree with everything you’re saying, but you’re in the military. So you can’t say those things because of the chain of command. And especially if they’re going to give you a gag order, you certainly then can’t violate that. And by doing so, you’re necessarily going to find yourself in the brig, you’re violating a direct order, but there have been a lot of other, uh, former military Marine army individuals who were very, very critical about a prior administration. Remember that, remember Alex Veneman, who was out there running his mouth every which way. And the military kind of gave him a different standard. Remember that we’re going to dig into that story here later, but we have to ask ourselves sort of all of these different permutations. Why are there standards for different people?

Why didn’t Veneman get a gag order. And then when he violated that, went out and throw him in the brig. Oh well it’s because there was a different leader in charge at the time. Now it’s Joe Biden previously. It was Donald Trump. When it’s Donald Trump, it seems like it’s kind of okay to sort of, you know, criticize that administration. But when the rightful leader, the person who is now in charge doesn’t want contrary opinions, they’re going to execute aggressively. We’re seeing it happen. Lieutenant Colonel Stewart, sheller incarcerated on Monday, set on LinkedIn. After ignoring orders from refraining on posting on social media. He was relieved to command after his initial criticism of the evacuations put in pre-trial confinement over in North Carolina. Uh, this is from the Marine Corps spokesperson. Captain Sam Stevenson, sheller doesn’t face charges Stevenson said doesn’t yet face charges. The allegations against Lieutenant Colonel sheller are merely accusations.

Okay. He is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Lieutenant Colonel stands accused of showing contempt towards officials, willfully disobeying, a superior officer and failing to obey lawful orders and committing conduct on becoming of an officer. So four different allegations, contempt towards officials. All right. So we can just do a compare and contrast on this thing. Scheller versus Veneman. Did both of them have contempt towards officials and did they communicate that well, ask yourself willfully disobeying a superior officer. Well, maybe even men didn’t do that, but if a superior officer said that Scheller had the ability to, uh, have the inability to speak, but Veneman did have the ability to speak, why the double standard on a gag order, why would they come out and communicate to Vidman that you’re free to go, but with Scheller you’re not. Hmm. Interesting failure to obey a lawful order, same sort of scenario there.

One side is okay. The other is not. And then by speaking, committing conduct unbecoming of an officer, if you miss the video, we’re going to go through about a minute of it. It’s about a four and a half minute video. So I don’t want to play the whole thing, but here’s just a little snippet about why he spoke out. Now. He was very critical of Afghanistan. And so we’re going to leave all of that out. We’ve covered Afghanistan, a lot, many, many reasons to be critical of it, but this is why he’s speaking. Why is he standing up and speaking this, knowing that all of these repercussions are going to come down the pike for him here. He is

Not making this video because, um, it’s potentially an emotional time making it because I have a growing discontent and contempt for my perceived ineptitude at the foreign policy level. And I want to specifically ask some questions that some of my senior leaders, and I’ll say as a person, that’s not a 20 years, um, I feel like I have a lot to lose. If you play chess, you can only see two to three moves out because there’s too many variables to thought through. If I post this video, what might happen to me, especially if the video picks up traction, if I have the courage to post it. But I think what you believe in can only be defined by what you’re willing to risk. So if I’m willing to wear my current battalion commander seat, my retirement, my family stability to say some of the things that I want to say, I think it gives me some moral high ground to demand the same honesty, integrity, accountability for my senior leader.

All right. So that’s why he was speaking out. Now. A lot of people, I see some even comments over in the chat. Yeah. What about Millie? What about McKenzie? What about anybody else who is sort of belittling Donald Trump or speaking out about their commander? And so, yeah, it’s a fair question. Why are the standards different from one administration to another, I guess might be a reason, but it’s still a military standard and it’s seeming like it’s becoming very political very quickly. Thomas Massie, who is a representative. He said that I am asking the U S Marine Corps command to release Lieutenant Colonel Stuart. Scheller from pre-trial confinement. This is the letter that him and his colleagues signed. This letter is going over to general David Birger over at the Marine Corps, as well as major general David Bly staff judge advocate to the commandment of the Marine Corps.

It says regarding the removal of Lieutenant Colonel Stuart, Scheller the purpose of this letter is to request an expedited review and removal of Scheller from pre-trial confinement. As you know, according to the rule of court, martial law and outlines that within 24 48 and 72 hours of confinement, the service members commander must make a determination or show just cause that is reasonably, it is reasonably foreseeable. The service member will not appear at trial pre-trial hearing or investigation, or will engage in serious criminal misconduct. And that lesser forms of restraint are inadequate. So what he’s saying here, you sort of talking about release conditions, right? It’s it’s a due process conversation. If somebody is taken into custody, they are relieved of their Liberty. They’re relieved of freedom. And so there are check checks and balances in place to make sure that somebody is looking at that right back before we had the bill of rights, they would just say, well, we’re just going to arrest you and we’re going to hold you until trial.

Oh great. When’s trial 35 years from now. Yeah. We’re backed up. Courts are full, sorry. It’s the count of Monte Cristo. I just going to throw him in the prison indefinitely and never get out. So here, the Marines are saying, well, you’ve got the 4 24 hour checkpoint, 20, 48 hour checkpoint, 72 hour checkpoint. And the only reason that you should be keeping somebody in custody, because we want to remember that we always default to the presumption of innocence. We default to freedom. And so the idea is if you’re going to keep them in custody, there better be a good reason to do it. It needs to be something serious. Like we know this, guy’s not going to show back up at trial. We know that if we let him out, he’s going to engage in serious criminal conduct and that anything else we do to stop those things from happening, it’s not sufficient.

It’s the same arguments we’ve had with a lot of these January six defendants, right? They’re, they’re sort of, uh, puffing up a lot of the reason why they’re not letting them out of because they’re dangerous because they were involved in an insurrection. Okay. But here, what is this guy? A danger? Let me, let me see here. We have a rule RCM 3 0 5 HDB. Is this guy not going to appear at trial? I’m pretty sure he will. Is he going to engage in serious criminal misconduct? Probably not. Are other forms of restraint, inadequate, maybe, maybe on that one, they gave him a gag order and he can’t, you know, he’s still communicating. So maybe he is violating some sort of prior restraint, but does that mean, but does that amount to the level of serious criminal misconduct, you might find a judge who says, so in fact, this confinement appears to be simply for messaging retribution and convenience violation of RCM 3 0 5 H two B.

It says a person should not be confined as a mere matter of convenience, right? Because this is America further also states that shellers should be accommodated in the less serious forms of restraint like home detention. It’s good enough for the MBA. They’ll lock you down at home. If you’re un-vaccinated why can’t we lock a Colonel sheller down in home detention as well. Why does he have to be held in solitary confinement in the brig for the above reasons, we urge you to use your considerable authority to correct this misapplication of the law, and immediately remove him from his confinement. He’s got an excellent record. More than 15 years of dedicated service. We do not believe have seen no evidence that he poses a grave risk of criminal misconduct. Our understanding the some member offices have emailed the government counsel, Troy Campbell, with no response or feedback on the upcoming.

Re-evaluation hearing imperative that members of Congress be afforded an opportunity to conduct their oversight duties, especially with respect to military justice. For the affirmation reasons we ask that he be released or be housed in the least restricted forms of housing. A lot of people signed off on this. We’ve got rep Louie Gohmert, Madison Cawthorne. I think I have a clip from him. Lauren Boberg Jeff Dunkin, buddy Carter, Ben Klein, bill Posey, Thomas Massie’s here. Paul Gosar from Arizona. We have Andy Biggs also from Arizona, Marjorie Taylor green, you know her Mary Miller and David Rauser. All right. So a lot of people signed off on this. We’ll see if it goes anywhere or the military just says, what? Uh, thank you right in the shredder gone because what do they care? Let’s see what Jen Saki had to say about this here today. And she doesn’t know much on this one. You know, she’s got answers for everything. Not on this one. Here she is.

Yeah. I wanted to follow up actually in this question. Um, Lieutenant Colonel Stewart sheller, a Marine officer who questioned the withdrawal of the question, essentially the commander in chief has been put in jail. Does president Biden believe that that is appropriate. Given that president Biden called Lieutenant Colonel Alexander, Veneman a hero for speaking out against his commander and chief even testified on Capitol hill willing beautiful arms. So how has this different, especially since you just said, the president welcomes the candor and the advice of his military advisors, does the president also see Lieutenant Colonel Stewart Scheller as a hero?

I don’t have all the details on these circumstances. I understand that’s going to be frustrating to you. Um, but we will work to get you an answer on it.

Oh, no answers for jet from gen Saki. Don’t you hate that? Hmm. Well, I guess, uh, you know, justice delayed is justice denied. Don’t have to answer any questions about it. If you can just throw them in the break and not worry about it. But the reporter brought up this gentlemen, remember this guy who got fawning media attention everywhere. He went, this was over from the New York times, says the army officer who clashed with Trump over impeachment, a retired white house made clear to the Pentagon officials that Trump did not want to see him promoted. So that’s what happens when Donald Trump doesn’t like somebody. He just makes sure that they don’t get promoted. When another army officer speaks out against him, the old administration just said, oh, well, you know, you’re not supposed to do that. It’s not appropriate. Not going to get a promotion.

And uh, that’s it. In this case, you get arrested, thrown in the brig and detained, uh, uh, maybe indefinitely, who knows? So we have some more on this story. This all happened back when VIN men, apparently Colonel Veneman was a Ukraine expert. He was on Trump’s phone call back in July. He was a central element of a later impeachment inquiry. He wrote a book about Trump he’s in all this crap. He testified in the house, impeachment hearings in uniform. He said it was improper for the president. Oh, that sounds like subordination. That means like, it sounds like sort of, uh, undermining your, a superior officer. The commander in chief. Yeah. He said it was not appropriate to coerce a foreign country to investigate a political opponent. But then what happened? Donald Trump was mad about it. So they marched him out of the white house by security guards.

Trump said that, listen, I’m not happy with him. He told reporters, you think I’m supposed to be happy with him? I’m not a personal familiar with Colonel Vivian’s decision said he decided to retire more than 21 years in the army. Right? Cause you, you heard from Scheller. He said, I’m not at my 20 years yet. Veneman was VIM and went to his year 21 and then decided, ah, I’m just going to become a political hero. And I’m going to go out and undermine my chain of command in the military. Nothing happened to him. He was scheduled to start a term at the army war college, but then resigned. He said it still needed to be approved. This was from some time ago. He said that, uh, there, there were some concerns here that there were promises that military leaders would protect him from retribution of members of the armed services.

Now this is it right? You can see him. Here’s Veneman testifying in full uniform belittling. The current administration, no military leaders were freaking out about this. He was not arrested and thrown in the brig. You had a bunch of media lunatics who were just, you know, oh, photos, lids. Vidman. It’s so amazing. What a hero and this very excited about it. And we got these stories day after day after day after day, about what a courageous hero he was. He wrote a book. He went and hung out with Arnold Schwartzenegger who said to hell with your freedom, right? That’s what was going on with this guy? A beautiful story about what a, what? A, just a savior of, of, uh, integrity he is. And nothing happened to him. Meanwhile, somebody else challenges the, the military establishment boom, right to the break. Thanks for playing the game. Here is Madison Hawthorne here, communicating what he had to say today. He says that he’s an American Patriot dared to speak the truth that he knew that a four minute 45 second video could bring his storied 17 career to a screeching halt, but didn’t care laid it all down. Spoke truth to power. Here he is

Carol Stewart. Shellers American Patriot who dare to speak the truth. He knew that a full minute 45 second video could bring his storied 17 year career in the United States Marine Corps to a screeching halt, but he did not care. He laid it all all down and spoke truth to power. He said what every other service member knew in their heart was true. The incompetence of the Biden white house cost American lives, their sin was unpardonable and deadly Lieutenant Colonel Scheller called them out, but they couldn’t handle the criticism. He was ordered to undergo mental health screens because he stood up to incompetence today. Right now, this very second, he sits behind bars in my home state of North Carolina, shackled in a military brig while those who orchestrated Bidens and competent EFT Afghanistan withdrawal walk free. Mr. Speaker, this is a stain on our nation’s conscience. Lieutenant Stewart Scheller must be released with that.

All right. So that’s Madison, Madison, I think. All right. And so, so it’s not just ending with Scheller right? This is continuing on throughout the rest of the military. We have seen repeated stories that the us armed services all have to comply with the vaccines or else you’re gone. And there’s going to be even a dishonorable discharge. If you’re there. We’ve, you’ve seen what’s happened to Scheller he’s in the brig for speaking out about this and it’s not done yet. It’s always going to continue because now there was another us Marine who says that he is being investigated. Why? Cause he went and showed up with Trump at a Donald Trump rally, which is basically the worst thing you can do. Now it’s basically a threat to America. And so task and purpose is reporting this. It says a us Marine who said that he rescued a baby at the Kabul airport is being investigated for appearing at a Trump rally.

Let’s see what this story is about. A Marine says he saved a baby in Cabo by lifting the infant over the walls is now under investigation for appearing onstage with Donald Trump in Georgia, egregious Lance corporal, hunter Clark, one of the nearly 6,000 troops that were tasked with garden cobble. He said that he showed up at a save America rally in Perry, Georgia. He introduced himself as the guy that pulled that baby over the wall saying it’s definitely, probably one of the greatest things I’ve done in my life. Brian continues said, I just want to thank all the support from all y’all. It really means a lot and glad to be home. Now, Clark did not specify when he pulled the baby over the wall. After the story was published, caught Clark’s command said he was not the guy who pulled the baby over the wall.

24th Marine expeditionary unit can not confirm if Clark is one of the other Marines in that video also noted. There were several other incidents during the evacuation of Afghans handling children to the U S troops. So you can see it’s already. Oh no, he didn’t save a baby. He appeared with Trump, but he didn’t save that baby. So we got to investigate this. Here’s the picture from the rally. You can see there he is on stage. Oh my gosh. And he’s by a podium, which means that he might be in close control of America’s nuclear silo, but that’s not the speaker, the house speaker podium that went back to Pelosi, but you can see what’s happening there. Now, the command, since he was on that stage with Donald Trump, very upset about this. They’re looking into whether he violated the military, his ban on active duty troops for engaging in partisan political activity.

So the military, they’re not too upset about Veneman or anybody else who was challenging the old administration. But now this guy he’s, uh, engaging in partisan political activity. Oh, and so the 24th Marine expeditionary unit has initiated a command investigation regarding his attendance at the event last week, to determine if any DOD policies were violated, said Cochran, any details pertaining to this incident are not releasable while the investigation is being conducted. Cochrane didn’t specify of course, what policies Clark may have violated, but the DOD does not allow active duty troops to speak before a partisan political gathering, including any gathering that promotes a political partisan political party candidate, or cause you can’t go and speak before a partisan political gathering. Hmm. Well, that’s weird. Cause we’ve seen a lot of other people do that. So major, double standards. Let’s see what you have to say about this over from watchingthewatchers.locals.com.

Got it. Just a handful, a couple of questions here. Perry, Mason areas here says looking like if anybody criticizes the current regime publicly, they become political prisoners. Now that’s tyranny. These leftists are becoming more and more authoritarian and that needs to stop. Yeah. And I’m not sure that it’s going to brace yourself. We have speech unleash says scary thing is that it seems like the military has its own legal process, which is vastly different than it is for the civilians. Do those in the military have the same due process timelines as civilians or is it different for them? So it is different. It’s a whole separate, uh, criminal code, right? It’s the uniform code of military justice that I don’t have much familiarity with candidly. And it is, uh, they have their own, you know, prosecutors, their own defense attorneys. They’ve got their entire, you know, system of justice.

Now it is different because it is a lot of those things are sort of waived and it’s a, it’s a, a special carve-out in our, our, our judicial code. But I, I can’t imagine that they have any, any, any, anything that’s far, far different from standard due process or, you know, from the standard presumption of innocence or any of those things, it just has a different format on how it’s actually processed. But it’s a great question. Thunder seven says, where is amnesty international? When you need them? Scheller is clearly a political prisoner woke general Millie actually colluded with America’s number one, enemy China against Trump and all sheller did was call out how incompetent the current Obeid military leaders are egregious free Scheller now I think it’s a good, a good comment. It’s it is it’s it’s massive double standards. If it’s inappropriate for one should be inappropriate for the other.

But of course that’s not how this works anymore. Leafy bug is here. It says, Rob, you want me a new laptop, one for grownups. So not an apple on a show last week, you said general Millie’s concerned about white rage. Joe Biden can get some white rage. So Millie in the oval office going through his woke training Rolodex to see if he has any deescalation training, maybe he can change his pronouns. So he doesn’t invoke any white rage out of Biden. I spent my coffee out, laughing out loud at the thought of this. Uh, we are not living through the greatest of times at precedent, but humor makes it all a lot more tolerable. I appreciate you and your show. I don’t even remember saying that, but, uh, it sounds like something I would say. Yeah, woke Rolodex, which is just great. I love laughing at my own jokes.

It’s because I’m ha you know, I think I’m hilarious and, uh, not, not a lot of other people do. I’m glad you do though. Leafy buckets. I, uh, you know, I hang out with people sometimes and I’ll crack jokes and just laugh at myself and they don’t really get it, but I’m glad I I’m glad somebody is it’s landing with somebody leafy bug. Thanks for, thanks for sharing that Donald Trump is here, says Lieutenant sheller is a Patriot release him immediately is what he says. We have another one from super iron Bob. If mark Miley was above Veneman in the chain of command wouldn’t VIN men actually been going against his chain of command. Yes, I think he was exactly. And that’s exactly why they were so enamored with him. They were just thrilled. This guy’s a hero. He’s a Patriot. He’s standing up, he’s speaking truth to power.

He’s got a book deal. He’s hanging out with Arnold Schwartzenegger because he’s speaking against the right political enemy. If you speak against the wrong one, you get thrown in the brick. Double standards is why the whole thing sick. And look, you can, I would even agree that maybe he should not have spoken out. Right? Maybe look, if the rules, the rule, you got to follow the rule, you sign up for the Marines. You know what it is. I appreciate conscientious objectors. I appreciate whistleblowers. I love accountability and transparency. I say it at the start of every show, but it’s still something that you can understand. If there are rules, you gotta follow the rules. The biggest problem that I have are the double standards. It’s okay for you people, but not for this guy. Why it’s political? We have, oh, general Milley is here a reminder pronouns him.

And he says, let this be a warning to anyone who decides to swim against the current. Yeah. So he’s warning you right there. Folks woke general, general Millie. The woke Marines are back in the house. Seoul Viking is here, says hopefully 2022, we’ll bring more us house representatives like Cawthorne forging forward. Despite his disability. It was a nice statement. I haven’t really paid much attention to him, but it was a nice statement. It, uh, sheller is in his hometown and it sounds like he’s taking some, uh, some action there, which is good news. We have another one from Jeremy and the treatise says, Rob, it looks like we have the same brand of laptops. However, yours looks like maybe the creator’s model of the MSI had mine from over a year. I love it. What model of camera and lens do you use? I hate what is happening in our country.

So I decided to ask a lighthearted question that was from Jeremy. So I posted yesterday over on locals. If you’re a supporter, there a picture of a picture of me when I was in Arlington taking a, sort of a selfie from my recording setup. And so the camera that Jeremy’s talking about is a Sony, a 6,400. I do have an MSI. It has a, I think a 2070 in there. Cause I do some video processing on that and I sort of assembled the whole mobile rig. I use an Adam mini pro for my switcher. So I go from the Sony, a 6,400 camera with a Sigma. I think it’s an F a Sigma F 1.8 aperture lens. It gives you some of the nice it’s called a bokeh effect. The bok E H. So like when I come in close, you can see how the, when I come in, you get a little bit more blur in the background.

Versus if I go back, you can see it’s, it’s sort of, uh, the blur will kind of go away. And so it’s a, it’s a Sony camera. I take it from HTMI back into the Adam mini pro. It’s a switcher. And then from there, it goes into the computer and it just picks it up as a regular webcam. And that’s, it’s a pretty simple setup. I mean, it’s actually, it’s actually kind of a no-brainer, but it’s very effective. Now, if you want to get the microphone and all of that too, then I use a focus, right? Scarlet. I ate a nose as an eye for eye, but you can get an eye to eye, no problem. And that will take two microphones in. They use the XL XLR input. I recommend a cloud lifter for if you’re, which is a, an XLR sort of amplifies the signal coming out of the microphone.

And it’s a pretty, pretty robust setup. I actually liked moving it mobile so I can kind of take it where I want to go. It was pretty fun. Let’s see. Thanks for asking Jeremy. Nicki Minaj says a shout out to Scheller and Margaret Thatcher and my cousin, great people hope his balls are better, much, much better. Nobody likes swollen balls. We’ve got Texas’ in the house says, Rob, I don’t think these are error or omission. This might be the culture at the FBI and sloppy work from the world. Premier law enforcement. Yeah. That’s from Texas in the house over, uh, chime in with a nice, very nice super chat. And that is it for me, my friends, not a lot of questions or comments today, probably because I botched the show. We had to restart it midway through, but we’ll get back on track tomorrow.

You figured the first day back, you’re going to have a little bit of bumps in the road, but we made it through another show. I want to welcome a ton of new people over to watchingthewatchers.locals.com as I was traveling and kind of throwing shows together. Didn’t get a good chance to update this slide. We’ve got a lot of new people. I’m incredibly grateful for everybody who has signed up. I know September was a weird month. I had less shows my voice was literally gone, but we’re still building our community. And I’m very, very grateful for that. Welcomed big welcomes to Lula G who signed up, joined us for the year and is actually sort of bumped up her subscription a little bit along with Maxim 92, right? So you can, if you join over there, it’s five bucks a month or 50 annually, but you can, you could actually contribute more to that.

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