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Hello my friends and welcome back to yet another episode of Watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Gruler. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the R&R Law Group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona, where my team and I over the course of many years have represented thousands of good people facing criminal charges. And throughout our time in practice, we have seen a lot of problems with our justice system. I’m talking about misconduct involving the police. We have prosecutors behaving poorly. We’ve got judges, not particularly interested in a little thing called a justice. And it all starts with the politicians, the people at the top, the ones who write the rules and pass the laws that they expect you and me to follow, but sometimes have a little bit of difficulty doing so themselves. That’s why we started this show called Watching the Watchers so that together with your help, we can shine that big, beautiful spotlight of accountability and transparency down upon our system with the hope of finding justice.

And we’re grateful that you are here and with us today, it’s a lovely Monday. We had a very nice event yesterday over at Eric’s house. Special shout out to those of you who were able to stop by and support the show Eric’s house.org nonprofit organization. We did a live stream for five hours yesterday. And so shout out to everybody who came by and supported us. Zulu was there yesterday, share Shaun Alexander looked to G lava, Java lava, another look to Jeep. We’ve got Jenny B Diane. Many people came by and supported Wolfgang Dale all day yesterday w came by and supported us over on locals Rassie and many others. So I just want to say thank you to everybody for chiming in to help that good cause that charitable organization, a lot of people out there have lost somebody to suicide, overdose, addiction, traumatic death.

And so you helped Eric’s house to do more with that grateful for that. But today on the show, we’ve got a lot to get into because over the weekend, a lot of people were stranded at the airports. Southwest airlines had a little bit of a problem with our thousands of flights, like over 2000 of them. Now, I think is the total count and they blamed all this on weather. And so the question is, is that true? We’re going to take a look at some of the radar that we pulled from over the weekend. We’re going to listen in and see specifically what SWAPA. This is the Southwest airlines pilot association. They are filing a lawsuit against Southwest airlines. So we’re going to go through that lawsuit. We’ve got some insight from some other people out there reporting a little bit about what’s going on here.

Is this actually a weather problem? Or is this a vaccine opposition, a walkout? Is this a protest? We’re going to break down that story and then take a look of course at the lawsuit because Southwest airlines, pilot association, they’re suing Southwest airlines over the vaccine mandates. And then in our second segment, we’re going to change gears a little bit and talk some tech business. We’re going to talk about artificial intelligence because we have to an ex Pentagon software developer, somebody who’s sort of the chief of software from the Pentagon resigned in protest earlier this year, actually in September, a couple of months ago. And now he’s out there communicating with different people in the media, spoke with financial times and told them the U S government, the U S has already lost the AI race with China it’s over China. One, nothing we can do about it.

They’re so far ahead of us that they it’s. It’s a foregone conclusion, no matter what the us does game over, man. And so we’re going to take a look at what is a new report that came out. It’s called the national security commission on artificial intelligence. This was actually drafted back in March, but I just got my eyes on it. Now that this X Pentagon software chief is telling us that America is doomed. So we’re going to take a look at that report. Got some very interesting observations about AI and about what the biggest national security issues are. Vis-a-vis China. And we’re going to break that down. There’s some really interesting graphics in there showing how this all works. We’ve got to make sure that we are communicating and giving our shout outs over to Twitch. Shout out. I got a reminder here from Lauren watercolor says, don’t forget the Twitch family.

And of course I couldn’t do that. I apologize to everybody over there on Twitch, but we are growing a nice little audience over there. So shout out over to Twitch as well. Then in our third segment, we’re going to chime in and check out what the heck is going on in Florida. Typically we talk about Florida man, but we’ve got Florida man and Florida woman here. And like four people that we have to talk to that are teachers in the Miami Dade school district. And they’re all being charged with crimes against children. And it’s not just one defendant. It’s like four of them. And they’ve all been back to back. Uh, three of them have been in October and then there’s this big settlement that just happened. Miami Dade schools have to pay back seven, $6 million to the victim of one particular teacher. And so what the heck is going on in Florida, we’re going to break that down.

We have a clip from the court proceeding. We have some formal documents that we’re going to take a look at in that segment. And so we want you to be a part of the show if you want to join in. And this is a live chat, it’s better. If you do, then the place to do that is at watchingthewatchers.locals.com. There’s a form you can see right there. You can submit a question and you have a little bit more room than you have in the super chats on YouTube. And so if your supporter there, we’ll make sure we can do our best to get through all of those questions. And if you want to submit a super chat, of course, please do that as well. They show up on the screen right here in real time. Just like that, that came in yesterday from Mimi Jovanovich thank you, Mimi.

And all of that money that came in yesterday, of course, is going over to Eric’s house.org. So thank you for all of that. Now we also have a clips channel. Don’t want to forget the clips channel. If you’re looking, if you come in and the show’s just too long, a lot of people say, Rob, it’s like two hours. What are you doing? Well, you can just go and just queue right up to the clips over at Robert Mueller Esq clips. That’s a separate channel there. So, all right, without any further ado, I guess we should get into the news. Shouldn’t we? Southwest airlines, man, a lot of people were stranded over the weekend. Continuing into Monday, a lot of people are asking themselves, why did one particular airline canceled? Thousands of flights? Southwest airlines is saying, oh, it’s just the weather. It’s just a normal hiccup. But a lot of other people, internet Sluis are crawling around the interwebs and they’re able to identify clear weather and a lot of the other airlines aren’t having the same problems. And so if you’ve been following the news over the weekend and into today, you may have been seeing a lot of scenes that look like this. People just stranded at airports. Chowning chanting things like Southwest sucks. Here’s that


So pretty serious delays. And if you’ve seen it, some of the other imagery, there’s kids all just laying around in the airports, there’s people just scattered all over chairs. It’s just like unpleasant is what it looks like. And that’s because over 2000 flights were canceled in the last three days. Daily mail reports says that today on Monday, another 363 were canceled. That is up from the 1800 that were canceled previously over the weekend, thousands of passengers were stranded more than 240 Southwest flights were canceled from Denver alone over the weekend on Monday, another three hundred and sixty seven hundred, nine hundred and seventy more were delayed. According to FlightAware, Dallas based firm canceled 1800 flights. And they said it was caused by weather and then some staffing issues. So we’re going to take a look at this. Now, the Southwest pilot’s union, they deny that the members walked out on the job. And so they’re saying that some people are speculating that this was a cause of the vaccine mandate that people are walking out because they don’t want to get the vaccine, but the union is denying that.

And so we have this tension that exists right now. We have a lot of people saying, oh good. You know, thankfully the pilots are finally standing up or, or, or thankfully standing up and protesting some of this stuff and people are sort of cheering them on, right? This is a vaccine mandate protest, and people are giving them high fives. And now the mainstream reporting the news from Southwest air. They’re telling us the opposite. They’re saying, oh no, that’s not a vaccine protest at all. All that’s going on here is just weather problems and some staffing shortages. But other than that, I mean, it’s all pretty much the same, uh, business as usual federal aviation administration. The FAA denies claims that air traffic controllers staged a mass sickout. So the feds are saying that that is also something that did not happen Southwest though, was the only airline that had mass cancellations, according to the latest flight data, everything else looked good.

Company. President told staffers that the airline previously had continued to struggle to fill job vacancies. So not really a good idea if you’re going to be firing your staff when you already have staffing shortages, but there were a lot of pictures. Screenshots were all over the place saying that people were waiting eight hours to even speak to customer service. And so I mentioned this, but this was back on October 9th, which would have been on was that Saturday. So you have here major delays and cancellations. The airline is reporting an air traffic management program put in place because of weather. However, some passengers are hearing that some employees have just walked off the job, right? That’s from somebody, a Juul, Hillary, over on Twitter, just saying that that’s what people are hearing, who are actually in the airport. And I did spend some time on Twitter watching some of these things, right?

People are walking out to the windows at the airport and it’s pretty clear out here. Don’t know what the weather problems are, but you know, I’m not an airline air traffic controller. So what do I know now we can go to Southwest airlines and they’re going to tell us much the same. This is just the weather, not a big deal. They posted this back on October 9th, when a lot of this was starting saying that ATC issues and disruptive weather have resulted in a high volume of cancellations throughout the weekend. While we work to recover our operation, appreciate your patience. Sorry. Customer service wait times are a lot longer than usual. And so I got flagged several people, flag this for me, actually on Twitter, shout out to left coast is the best coast over there. And he was sending over some images from weather underground.

So that’s kind of weird. Where’s all this bad weather. And so you saw that that was posted on October 9th. That was from Southwest airlines specifically on Twitter. It’s just the weather. Nothing to no problems here, just the weather. But when you went over to the radar on October 10th, right, right around that same time, this is what the weather looked like. And so you can see this as an actual, uh, animation of the weather. And we can see a lot of green over there. And if you zoom in up top here, it says rain, the lights rain is going to be in green. I don’t see any yellows. Don’t see any reds. Don’t see any purples. None of that. We see a little bit of light snow in the blue. We see some light snow up here in Canada, up here in Washington, little bit in the Rockies, over in New Mexico.

But everything else is, is green. Just light rain. You know, scattered showers, as they say on the weather channel, uh, this is Watching the Watchers weather edition. This is today. Now this is something that I pulled from today. We know that a lot of other flights, something like 300 were also canceled here. And so, uh, is the weather bad on Monday, Monday, October 11th, you can see that that’s exactly when this radar was pulled. And so you can see down here, 5:05 PM Eastern time. Let’s take a look at this animation, any yellows, a little bit of yellow. We got a little yellow over here in the Midwest, near Illinois, but the rest of it is really green. We have some very light snow. You can see up here, uh, near Idaho Montana areas, but it’s pretty clear. You don’t see much in the way of reds or purples anywhere.

And so that caused a lot of people to speculate and well, maybe this really isn’t about the weather, because if it was about the weather, wouldn’t you see the same problems across all of the other airlines you would suspect because I don’t know that Southwest has a problem flying through clouds, but American airlines can just zip right through them. Right. It’s kind of a same airplanes essentially. And so when you take a look at the problems that other airports had, this is what you see are other airlines. Southwest. This was as of a couple of days ago, 1000 total cancellations, about 27%. It sounds like of their flights were absolutely just canceled. 2% were delayed, very, very high number. Let’s see that we don’t have a similar type of number until we get down to we’ve got China has some problems in China weather. I would presume is different over there, air China, another one that has some problems, but, uh, we don’t get to American airlines.

They only have 61 problems relative to Southwest 1008 lion air wings, air 35, Saudi air, a different part of the world, spirit here, 32 flights canceled, uh, allegiance. You get the gist of this, but it seems like we have an outlier. It seems like Southwest airlines is the only one that has any problems. And is it really the weather or is it in fact something to do with this? This was something that a guy by the name of Steve Goldberg sent out on Monday, October 4th, 2021. You see it says SWA life. It’s sort of a memo that goes out to employees. It says the title is federal or federal contractor, vaccination requirement for all employees. He says, listen, as you heard from Gary and his video, our team have done their due diligence and we’re required. He says, we are required to comply with the government contractor mandate for COVID-19 goes through that.

Hey, our legal teams, our regulatory teams, this is what’s happening. He says as a federal contractor, because don’t forget that Southwest airlines got billions of dollars from the feds, uh, when they needed, uh, stimulus money, right? Feds were just like, take a, take it, whatever you need. Here you go. It’s a F it’s a trough for all the big companies out here to come out and just get whatever you need. They did. And so now they’re sort of working with the feds on this. If they want that money, they better comport with what the feds want them to do. Right? Yeah. He goes on and says, as a federal contractor, we got multiple formal contracts with military and the government. This includes the civil reserve air fleet with the DOD supports our military, blah, blah, blah. Now like other airlines, we got to make sure we comply with what the feds want us to do.

Here’s the directive to comply with the federal requirement. They say become fully vaccinated and report your status by November 24th. If you don’t get vaccinated, well, we’re going to be some serious repercussions there for you. And so that memo came out October 4th and uh, Hmm, just a couple of days later, about a week later, we started to see some reaction from the air line employees. Now Axios is saying, it’s not about a sick out. It’s not people who are just not showing up. Southwest airlines denies that there was a pilot sick out that drove this weekend of delays. A lot of cancellations come after pilots. We’re to take a look at this, ask the court to block the new COVID Mack vaccine mandate policy. And we’re going to take a look at, uh, here coming up shortly, a preliminary injunction and a request that the court stops that October 4th policy that we just shared with you.

The union is saying we weren’t involved in this negotiation at all. And so if they’re going to do this, we want a preliminary injunction. We want to stop this from going into effect. Please court help us do that. The reason why this is a interesting airline insiders and conservatives are wondering if the cancellations are part of the sickout Southwest pilot’s union said no, not part of a planned labor demonstration. And so we want to take a look at that, right? Is there any particular reason why the Southwest pilot’s union can’t communicate about a labor demonstration or any of those is this part of their negotiation? Maybe they’re not allowed to do that. I don’t know, but it says more than 25% of the airlines flights were canceled on Sunday. And we have a press release from somebody over there saying, we can say with confidence that our pilots are not participating in any official or unofficial job actions, they’re going to continue to overcome the SWA.

Management’s poor planning, as well as any external operational challenges. So somebody from the union is sort of dunking, right? They’re sending that right back over to Southwest air and saying this, uh, yeah, they’ve got poor planning over there. What you see going on in the airports, nothing to do with us. We have been communicating with them at length about these policies and these different changes. We’re not happy with it. They’re in competence is now showing through the other side. Now Southwest is saying the cancellations and the delays were caused by disruptive weather already sort of a debunk that airline is usually proactive with customer support, but now it’s silent on the topic for 24 hours. So they don’t know what to do about this. And we’re going to take a look at a court document here right now. So as I mentioned, the Southwest airlines, pilot association abbreviated swap up.

So let’s take a look at the header here, says the Southwest airlines pilots association. So S w for the west APA, it’s going to be swap up. They are suing Southwest airlines company, and what’s, let’s take a quick look at the docket before we dive into the lawsuit. So you can see here, a couple things were filed. Now this is entry number 11. So this was actually filed, uh, earlier in the year, but they just filed this stuff immediately. After the October 4th policy change came into effect. So they had filed a, an original complaint saying there was a lot of negotiation happening between SWAPA and between Southwest, they were unhappy about it. But then on October 4th, boom, they just dropped this new COVID policy. And so the lawyers that were already taking this case through the federal courts said, wait a minute, we already filed a claim, but now you say this new policy is going to come into effect in November.

We don’t have enough time to actually resolve the underlying case. You’ve accelerated our process. Now we have to respond quickly because we need to stop this from happening. So on October 8th, then you can see that there was a new motion. This is a motion for a temporary restraining order. So it’s saying, Hey court, please tell Southwest to stop with the mandate nonsense. They’re also asking for a preliminary injunction to tell them to literally stop rolling it out. So whatever policy changes that they wanted to implement across the company, stop it. Then on October 8th, they followed that up with a brief and memorandum in support of the original motion. We’re going to take a look at this item number 12. And then there was an appendix with a whole slew of additional documents, different affidavits and supporting policies and stuff like that. So we’re going to skip most of that.

We’re going to talk about just the brief, the memorandum that they’re using to justify the claim. So remember, this policy is being rolled out by Southwest pilots. Don’t want it to go into effect. They’re saying specifically, it’s coming soon. And so court, we need you to hurry up. We need you to come in here and stop this from happening. This is again, once again, as the header, but let’s point out being filed in the Northern district of Texas in the Dallas division. It’s a 31 page a brief here, but we’re not going to go through it entirely. I just want to point out a couple things about how this is all working. So let’s start at the very top. Let’s start with a brief introduction, and then we’re going to walk through kind of the progression and the real big crux of the claim here.

The real reason why these pilots I think are upset and the, and the, the basis of this lawsuit is it sort of uneven negotiation that’s taking place. The union is saying, listen, we’ve got a, a part in this right we’re union we’re. We exist to advocate on behalf of the union members. And so if there are going to be decisions made that impact those union members, the union should be a part of the discussion should be a part of the decision-making. And that should by their account also apply to COVID. If Southwest airlines is going to come out and change a bunch of policies, it’s going to impact the union members and the union members and the union itself have entered into a working contract, a contractual agreement. We’re going to do this for your union. You’re going to give us a labor. They’ve come to terms Southwest, just like Darth Vader says a I’m altering the date deal preying on alternate.

Any further, the union members are sitting there going what? That’s not what we negotiated at all. And so they’re going to give us a little bit of history here. And, uh, some of it’s a little bit thick, but let’s get through it. It says here two honorable chief district, judge Barbara lint, the plaintiffs here, which is SWAPA. We have moved this court for a temporary restraining order. We think this is necessary to stop Southwest airlines from unilaterally issuing new policies and procedures, which impact the pilots, their pay, their rules, their working conditions. They have to, they say under the railway labor act exert every reasonable effort to not violate the parties status quo. All right. So what they’re saying here is there’s, they’re, they’re leaning back on the railway labor act. The union is saying, listen, we’ve got some terms under that law under which we’re incorporated, you know, we were sort of a burst into creation as a result of this act.

And in that act, it’s telling us that we got to try to maintain the status quo. Right? Once we come to an agreement, we’ve got sort of a good faith opportunity. We’ve got to make every reasonable effort to maintain that status quo. So the union members say, oh, no, we liked the pre COVID policy. That was the status quo airline pilots, or the actual airline itself. Southwest air is coming out and saying, oh no, we need to change that. The status of the whole world has changed the entire status quo. Everything has changed. And so we need to do the same thing. We’re going to make that change. And the union is saying, well, we were not involved in that. That’s, that’s a dramatic change. That that is not the status quo. We should have been brought into the conversation before the baseline was adjusted.

That’s why they’re unhappy. Southwest airlines, according to the complaint says that the, they have unilaterally implemented new policies. Number one, being the infectious disease and control policy. We have also an emergency extended time off program. We have a COVID quarantine policy. We have a vaccine participation pay program. We’ve got flight crew instructors program. We’ve got a new mandatory COVID vaccine policy, right? So it’s like six different policies right there that Southwest just unilaterally rolled out without negotiations, without bargaining with SWAPA each new policy violated the party status quo and is an issue with a major dispute that requires the parties to maintain that status quo. So they’re saying that because Southwest airlines just keeps doing whatever the heck they want to do this motion and the injunctions are necessary. And that was just the introduction. They give us a big, long list of the origination of swap up and the origination of the contracts.

They say, look, you know, back 25 years ago, when we first started negotiating, this is where we started. This was the baseline. And it’s slowly been changing right from under their grasp. And then lo and behold in paragraph 47. Now we’re going to fast forward in the memorandum. It says on October 4th, 2021, that was the same memo that I showed previously. We now have Southwest airline announcing its vaccine mandate, made it a condition of new employment for pilots and threatened termination for non-compliance all of which conflict with the parties negotiated terms, none of this they say was agreed to by SWAPA Gary Kelly made the announcement at 2:00 PM that morning. Southwest airlines set up a call with swap up after Gary made this decision to brief swap up. So Gary Kelly just, uh, you know, wakes up, has a bad cup of coffee. He says, all right, I’m sick of this COVID stuff.

Everybody’s getting the vaccine, go tell the union. So then somebody calls the union, you know, that has all of the employees and says, Hey, Gary had a bad morning. He says, we’re all getting the vaccine. Now I just needed to call him brief you. So swap was like, that’s not how that works here. It says there was no give or take within the briefing. Instead management hurriedly dumped its plans on the union. By this 11th hour, there was no time, no opportunity for any meaningful dialogue or input, let alone bargaining. Right. There was nothing that happened. Southwest thought that they were Joe Biden, that they can just do whatever the hell they want. And everybody’s just going to fall into line largely because everybody has. So it’s not a bad strategy. Just says, oh, it’s our property. Now CDC said so and says, okay, that’s I guess that’s the new America.

So that is also how Southwest is operating. We’re just going to do whatever we say, because somebody told us to do it. And we’ll deal with the consequences. After the fact, pilots of course were not happy about that same day on October 4th, we then get captain Allen Kasher, he’s a executive vice president over there. He joined a swap, a board of directors meeting and captain casher fielded many questions and many concerns by the union members. It was highlighted that Southwest airlines, biggest competitors like United Delta, American airlines, they all had collectively bargain for rights. Specifically. Each of the other airlines had reached out to their respective labor unions at the beginning of the pandemic, and may had negotiated COVID letters of agreements for their force. But when asked point blank about why that didn’t happen here, he could only admit that Southwest airlines was wrong in failing to collectively bargain.

Hm. So, uh, sounds like they maybe missed the step before they issued their mandates. We also, we’re going to wrap this lawsuit up before we jump into questions over at watchingthewatchers.locals.com, but he finishes up. He says in paragraph 49, Southwest airlines, their cavalier disregard cast, significant console, consequential, and detrimental impact for the union. There continued and repeated unilateral actions have wholly appended. The status quo effectively destroyed the union’s ability to bargain on behalf of its members. With each of these actions are phone phones and emails. They’re being flooded with questions and concerns for membership. Okay? So that’s kind of a pretty good indication here that pilots and people who work at Southwest are not happy about any of this. This is from the union itself, says the resulting chaos of these and a multitude of unanswered questions have resulted in a drain on swap as resources and the ability to represent its membership.

And that none of this was envisioned by the drafters of the railway labor act. And so for these reasons they finish, they say that the court should issue a temporary preliminary and a permanent injunction in joining Southwest airlines as set forth in the motion. Now, the big question, right, where everybody’s sort of having to speculate about was this really a walkout? Was this a sick out? Is this a vaccine protest? And a lot of people are pointing to the fact that they kind of maybe can’t talk about what it is. Maybe the people who are actually doing the protesting or the walkout or the sickout they’re, they’re doing it cleverly. So they don’t have to break the prior agreement. Something similar came across from a guy named Alex Berenson. He got banned off of Twitter. And, uh, he’s now writing over at sub stack and he gives us a little bit of an insight.

He got an email from a Southwest airlines, pilot. He says, why you will not hear anything about this from his union and why Southwest has more flexibility than it admits to stand up to the white house. So this pilot emailed Alex earlier, following the first Southwest post today, this pilot provided his SWA ID to prove his identity asked that he paraphrase the email. Here’s what he says. It says essentially the union cannot organize or even acknowledge the sickout because doing so would make it an illegal job. Action. Years ago, Southwest and its pilots. They had a rough negotiation. The union were not even with the pilots internally discuss the possibility of the working to rule, which would have slowed Southwest to a crawl, the working to rule. As I understand it, is it sort of, it’s not a, uh, it’s not full work. It’s not a strike where you’re not working.

It’s sort of like going in and doing the bare, absolute bare minimum. It’s called the working to a rule to some, something like that. The, the analogy would be like, okay, if you’re a, uh, if you’re a nurse, your job is to intubate the patient or whatever it is nurses do, right? Hook people up to IVs. Take amazing care of them. All of that is good. If a nurse is working too, and the phone rings, she’s not answering the phone, she’s not picking up the fax. She’s not doing any of that other stuff because that’s not her job. Right. It’s the absolute bare minimum. Oh, I’m just going to go inject that Ivy. Or it’s like, you know, it’s somebody doing the absolute bare minimum. I think you get the point of it. But at the moment, the pilots don’t even have to talk to each other about what they’re doing.

The anger internally. He says, this is from the pilot, not just among pilots, but other Southwest workers is enormous. The tough prior negotiations, not withstanding Southwest has a history of decent labor relations and workers believe the company should stand up for them against the mandates telling pilots in particular to comply or face termination has backfired. It says, meanwhile, Southwest has more flexibility than it’s acknowledged. Federal contracts represent about 3% of its revenue, but even the byte administration cannot alter existing contracts. Southwest is only at risk of losing future contracts. So this pilot believes that the fact that the airlines received 25 billion in no strings attached Casper payroll support last year, as well as another 25 billion in loans has made them ex especially reluctant to stand up, to buy it. And Gary Kelly is in a tough spot since he’s head of the airlines. Now, pilot obviously says that the crisis is painful, but this is the only way to stand up to the mandates.

The question is, what do you have to say about it? What do you think about this story? Let’s jump into Watching the Watchers.locals.com questions over at the place to F here it is. We’ve got our first one. Oh, it’s from the Taliban flying academy. Oh, that’s nice. They’re here. It says thanks to Mr. Biden. We have well-trained pilots ready to go. Hashtag diversity is strength except women. Pilots is gross. So the Taliban’s ready to fly, right? If, if a Southwest airline pilots have basically become domestic terrorists now for, for not getting vaccinated, then that’s okay. Because our new international partners over there in Afghanistan, the new and improved Taliban, they’re ready to go. And they’ve got a lot of experience, uh, flying planes, or maybe they don’t, who knows about that one. If the Antica says, I guess the bright side of this is that there weren’t any planes that got decommissioned mid flight while having its crew laid off, leaving them nowhere to land the thing and the crew starving.

Apparently this happened to a cargo ship. Okay. That’s an interesting story. It got decommissioned in the middle of the flight. That’s too bad. Hopefully they made it. The antique has also says it really was the weather that kept all these flights down. People were feeling under the weather. There it is. And so that’s how you can get, you can squeeze two meanings out of one word. Well done speech on leash says maybe the airline heard about this page for let’s go Brandon and decided to call off. Let’s see what this is. Speech. Good to see you. See if we can pull this up, let’s go Brandon at the airport. All right. And we can play this. This doesn’t look like a copyright problem. Let’s see here. All right. We’ve got this clip from speech unleashed.


All right. So let’s go Brandon, over the Intercom, over there at the airport. It’s everywhere. Folks. That thing has really gone viral. Love it. John Haugen says for what it’s worth reached out to my FedEx captain, brother-in-law asked him about the Southwest issue. He contacted the Southwest captain who confirmed it. Wasn’t air traffic control, sick out union cannot support a sickout or any other work stop at your slowdown that would violate their contract. But if you’re a cough sick, well, that’s what it is. Yeah. I mean, let’s listen, you don’t want to spread the coronavirus anywhere. You got the sniffles. You got to stay home, especially if you’re at Southwest, especially if you’re somebody who thinks that you’re going to get fired in November better. Make sure you use all that sick time, all that vacation time. Squeeze it all in right now, standing up for it. Thanks, John. And thanks for the, uh, the slew thing over there. Very well done. Todd trout is here, says, has the gas lighting just become an epidemic? No other airlines had weather issues.

I think people will buy anything these days. Have you been following Joe Biden’s Twitter? It’s amazing. It really is amazing. Like he takes it. It’s it’s a really, it’s a pretty amazing skillset. He’ll take a terrible number. Like, uh, like a low jobs report from September where we had about, you know, uh, well, not a third, I would say 40, 50% lower, 60 to 50, 50 to 60% lower expectations expecting about 500,000, about 193,000. So about 60% maybe. And that is, uh, not so I don’t do math. Obviously. You all know this, but this is something that is problematic. For many people. People who saw this come across the news go nuts. That’s bad, really bad numbers. Joe Biden comes out and he’s like, well, listen, if you average it all in together, every single month that I’ve had has been over whatever, you know?

So he does tricky math or the people who were actually, you know, preparing his tweets. Very clever, very sneaky, incredibly dishonest. But that’s how things are now. Southwest airlines. Oh, they’re here says the weather is different for us. Those peasants are flying on vaccinated. The vaccines make the human body more heavy. We need time to account for the weight of the vaccine and the rising fuel prices. That makes total sense. Thank you for telling us that Southwest airlines, amazing thunder seven says the pilots had a strike or a sickout and then many air traffic controllers didn’t show up for work in certain airports. The protest is going to go nationwide. Nobody’s gonna be able to fly. The old Biden regime will have to totally back off mandating the jabs as a blowback is just starting with the police in the military, getting ready to leave or be fired for not getting the vaccine complete chaos and economy collapsed Colombian with these mandated vaccines food shortages soon.

Yeah, I think you’re totally right. Thunder seven. And the question I pose, I was communicating, uh, on Twitter and, and something I posted was the idea that maybe things will get so bad that they have to back off the mandates, right? They actually have to say, oh, well, uh, how are they going to do that? It’s gonna be pretty easy, Joe. Biden’s just going to manipulate those numbers. Like I was talking about, he already did this previously. He came out, he said, oh, American airlines. They went from 59% of their employees being vaccinated to 99% in two months. Amazing vaccine mandates work, how that happened? Oh, well they fired a bunch of people. Yeah. And then they threatened their livelihood and said, if you don’t get it, you’re going to be, you’re going to be fired. So big swaths of people went and got it. The other people got fired. Boom. There you go. You got it. Like 99% vaccination rates. So, Hm.

Maybe they’ll continue to do that. We have Nadar here. The climate guy says the reason you can’t see any weather is because it’s a new variance of climate change. Ah, yes, that’s right. That we can’t detect using radar from the old world. I would explain it, but you know, it’s complicated and stuff just by some carbon credits for me to offset your footprint and I’ll do the hard part. We’ll get this turned around in no time. That’s from the dark, the climate guy. I always forget about the variants variants. Yeah. It’s a problem. Donald Trump says, Rob is the greatest YouTube, wherever to YouTube and everyone knows it. And it’s China, not China, China, China like that. Donald Trump, you know, I can’t, I can’t ever compete with his version of it. Obviously. It’s very good. And a dark says has OSHA or anyone from the feds even put out guidelines or anything to date?

Not to my knowledge, honestly, not to mention the actual approved medicine, not the EPA medicine, technically not being, uh, it says, so how do they do it without it being approved or having guidelines? I’ve not seen the guidelines. So when they say specifically that we’re following federal, whatever those are, I don’t know where those are coming from. I really don’t. And I’ve, I’ve poked around to find them. And I shared an article on Twitter about that specifically, that it’s kind of a bunch of talk right now. There’s no official OSHA guidelines. I could be wrong. Maybe that came out today, but I have not seen it yet. Let’s see who else we’ve got in the house. That was from the dark. Next up we’ve got Sergeant Bob says, thus, a union is doing its job. Let us see medical police, fire city, and state workers follow suit.

You know, it’s a topsy turvy world out there. It’s like these unions are, you know, maybe they’re, they’re doing something interesting doing something maybe even good for once. Jeremy Murrieta says, Rob, hopefully contract law will help save the day. They are correct to protest changes in contract terms. Generally speaking, what are the typical remedies under contract law? It’s a great example of why politicians can’t just go around mandating things without taking into consideration all the consequences. It’s a good question, Jeremy. So let’s, let’s just game out the lawsuit that we just talked through. If, I mean, they’re asking for exactly what they want, right? The union is saying we want to come back to the negotiating table and the way that they’re going to get that is by stopping the current changes from going into effect. That’s why it’s a preliminary injunction. It is asking the court to tell them that they’re not lawfully allowed to do this.

Otherwise it would be a breach of contract, right? And so they’re, they’re sort of Southwest is going outside of their hula hoop. They’re stepping outside of that. And the union is saying, you got to get back in there. And so they’re trying to return this to the original terms. Now, as a consequence of the original breach, they’re going to be asking for attorney’s fees and they’re going to be, you know, they’re gonna, they’re going to use this and then negotiations for better terms or whatever, but it is, they’re asking for what they want. They just do not want this to go into effect. They want to make sure that they are brought back to the negotiating table and there will be if they win, if they’re successful, they’re going to ask for consequences to remedy the expense. The time that their lawyers have, have received that all of these different union members have suffered, right?

You heard from the union itself saying that they’re getting emails and phone calls and people are freaked out about this. Am I going to lose my job? Am I gonna be able to, you know, uh, provide food for my wife and kids or whatever. And there’s going to be damages that are connected to all of that. And I’m sure the union later down the line, once the rule is stopped in the first place, we’ll then come back and, uh, an asset, those damages be included in some way, shape or form another one from pili Wally’s here says, Rob just wanted to say, I watched a bunch of that stream yesterday and much respect and love for me to you and everyone affected by suicide. What a lovely show that was. Thank you, peely. It says as far as mandates are concerned, I applaud the pilots for taking a stand.

The more people that take stands against mandates and regulations in the U S and the UK regarding COVID the better, this has got nothing to do with saving lives. It’s all about control and a money grab by big pharma companies. That’s from pili. Wally. Yeah. I’ve long said that. I’m not real sure. How much about health. A lot of this is, I mean, really we, we don’t talk about anything else. Health-related, it’s always this new Toni and medic medicine. It’s the idea that, oh, you know, you’ve got this, take this you’ve you’ve got, uh, you’ve got a concern about, COVID just go take the shot. And nobody talks about weight loss or exercise or proper health care or any of those things. And it hasn’t been that way for 18 months. Nobody’s done anything about that. Still don’t have any like, you know, real rapid home tech, a lot of problems that I have with it.

And now the biggest problem that I have are the mandates. It’s mandating people to do something that is not the default in America. The default here is freedom. Last I checked. We have looked to G says south, uh, sounds like the Southwest decided not to live to an agreement with the union. Also, it sounds like the employees have a gag order or something question if Southwest breached an agreement, what a gag order still be valid. So I’m not sure that it is actually a gag order. So I, uh, in fact, I’m very sure that it’s not a, well, I can’t say that if the union is voluntarily not communicating about these things, if the pilots, for example, are not, you know, not approaching the media and saying, Hey, we have an organized walkout, right? That would be a violation of their contract agreement. According to that email from a pilot, from south, uh, from Alex Berenson.

So if that is the case, then it’s not that the court ordered them gagged the court. Didn’t say you can’t talk. It’s them sort of on their own, not communicating about it. They’re saying that, no, we’re just, we’re not, no, we’re not organized. We’re not doing anything. We’re not violating the terms of our we’re just sick today. Oh no, I’m sick. Got the sniffles COVID and they’re telling us to stay home. And so that’s it, if there was a breach of a gag order, or if there was a, if there was some consequence for violating a court order down the line, right? That would be something where somebody literally could be held in contempt of court for, for breaching a prior order. And there could be all sorts of consequences that would spiral out of that decision. You might literally lose the case if it’s a, if it’s a situation like that.

Good question. Couple more here. Before we jump into the next segment we got monster one says it was too sunny. Everyone knows you can’t fly when it’s sunny out. Oh yes, that’s right. Global warming and all that, the sun monster will melt the wings like Icarus. That’s true. Probably that global warming is the ozone layer is still broken up there. Maybe the airline pilots were a little bit concerned about the ozone layer or that acid rain that I forgot about Jay. He says, I don’t know why all these companies are freaking out. The mandate hasn’t even been put into effect yet by just wants the country to think that it already has because they’re acting accordingly. Aren’t they, they all are wild times. You don’t even have to actually legally comply people to do anything anymore. Don’t even need a rule because the compliance will comply themselves.

They just go, oh gosh, thank you. I was, I was concerned about what to do with my life and my company now that Joe Biden has given me cover to do this. I guess I’m just going to go and, uh, bend the knee and do whatever he tells me to do. Thank you. I had a really difficult time thinking for myself. Now, I don’t have to do that. Perfect. Just going to follow your orders and do whatever you tell me to do. And there’s not even a rule that says they have to do it. It just happens because the compliance will do the complying for you. That’s the new world we live in monster. One says, how dare you question the Taliban’s flying skill. They managed to fly skillfully three buildings, three buildings. Yeah. That’s and, and they got two buildings with one plane, which is really impressive.

I mean also another really impressive flying feet. And that’s true. The Taliban. Oh yeah. The Taliban are talking about, we were infested with the Taliban here today. Ice Wolf says can’t blame them. I got the shot. So tired about being asked about paperwork. Now. I wish I didn’t get it. Not sure if I can catch the live the rest of the week. So have a good week. And remember the light button that’s from ice Wolf. Well, we’re going to miss you as well. Thanks for being here today. Hope you have a great rest of your week.

We have Gretta. Thunbergii says the byte administration has the vitamins. Illustration blamed, blamed gold global warming for the flight canceling weather yet. No, but somebody else here on the show, did they? Uh, so, so maybe Biden will later down the line we have Antica says, even with actions like this, I still worry about people being forced out of jobs. Perhaps this was just before they got to force people out and replace them with the military too. Along those lines, I’m half waiting to hear about a central bank, digital currency, CBCs being introduced as quote the solution to an unvaccinated black market. Even though it’ll do nothing. You know, I forgot to clip this on the show today, but there is a guy who runs a Twitter account called the Palmer report and he posted something I’m mad at myself. I didn’t clip this. He posted something to the effect saying that people who are sort of walking out, uh, on Southwest are one step away from domestic terrorists.

I said, I was joking about that earlier, but he runs the Palmer report. He’s got a big website and a huge following on Twitter. And he said that these, the Southwest pilots or one step away from being domestic terrorists. And then he said in the next tweet that everybody was outraged about that. And he said, yeah, you’re outraged now, but you’re probably not going to be in six months from now. And you know what I got to tell you, I got to tell you what I think he’s right about that. You’re going to hear a lot more of this language. You’re going to hear people, police officers, firefighters, lawyers, it’s coming for us too. You’re going to hear it across the board, that people who were standing up for this, they are wrecking America. They’re wrecking supply chains. They are responsible for schools being closed. And for hospitals, we’re already hearing it with hospitals. They’re responsible for all the hospitals being overflowing with, uh, unvaccinated people. It’s absolutely where the narrative is going to go. And he’s he hit the nail on the head. I think you’re gonna hear a lot more about that. We have another one from Lorenzo greasy bottoms is here. It’s been a long time. Lorenzo says if this were really about safety, how come Biden just recently came out with this order? It’s a good question.

Yeah. I think you’re talking about the OSHA mandates and he actually hasn’t rolled out any official rules yet. Good question. Good to see you, Lorenzo. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just by this just now I on Southwest captain says better to be alive than to have a job that might kill me. 35,000 feet in the air. Big pharma. Won’t pay my family compensation so better that we are too sick to ever work again. Southwest captain. I gotta be careful with some of the, uh, some of the slang terms for the vaccine. YouTube. Doesn’t like some of those we have Sergeant Bob says Biden does not think it is his operators. Yeah. They just basically wheel him from room to room at this point. And BLM says the unvaccinated black market that’s racist is what they say, which is true. We didn’t mean it that way, but yeah.

An unvaccinated black market. Yeah, it was pretty racist. All right. Those are great questions over from watchingthewatchers.locals.com a super chat came in from dab. Gangster says Rob Denver airport was super busy yesterday. Ironically, my flight was canceled, but that was due to bureaucratic nonsense allegations of a walkout seem to be accurate. That’s from dab, gangster over there in the house. And let’s give some shout outs. We got user 1, 1 21 over on rumbled. It says that the rubber video is crisper than YouTube. It says that a lot of this is Chinese. A propaganda strike would be illegal. Yeah. The Southwest variant it’s much worse than the Delta variant. Yeah. Southwest variant versus the Delta. Those are both airlines over on YouTube. You’ve got shout outs to Zoro Stace. On the case, we have the net in the house, Don Gillis. We have Pamela daily, Lisa S she’s over at U S a Smitty on Twitter.

Give, uh, Lisa S just joined us on YouTube. That comment was, uh, was getting flagged. We’re going to show that comment, but a lot of great support. And of course, over on locals, the great questions came in and chatting away over there. Shout outs to Mustang. Jeff, jump in Jeff. We’ve got Joey, Bandolero looked to GS over there and VNT kiss is in the house as well. And thank you for all of your support. All right. We have another segment coming up. We’re going to change gears a little bit. We’re going to talk about China and how they’re kicking the United States butts in artificial intelligence has the United States already lost the artificial intelligence war with China? Somebody says, yes, the guy’s name is Nicholas child land. And he said already lost. He’s the ex Pentagon software chief. He’s recognizing that. Yeah. All Americans have a pretty good reason to be angry is Beijing heads for global dominance.

So we’re going to hear from Nicholas here. He just, he actually resigned in September and he wrote a fiery letter to them. And he’s speaking out now, he’s doing a lot more live talks on LinkedIn. And he communicated with the financial times for the first time giving us some pretty strong language, some good details about just how far behind the U S is in the race for artificial intelligence. So we’re going to take a look at that. And then we’re also going to take a look at another government study, a sort of a report that was embodied by this big commission. It’s over 700 pages and it’s laying out the full spectrum of artificial intelligence, how this is going to be something that is critical, crucial to national security in the coming decade. And so they’re giving us an outline on how the United States can maybe, maybe reach parody with China by 2025.

And so let’s go through this some very interesting stuff, even if you’re not a tech person, the world is going this way. So it’s best to be prepared for. I think some challenging technology issues. This guy’s name is Nicholas chai Lin. He’s the Pentagon’s first chief software officer. He resigned in protest at the slow pace of technological transformation in the U S military. He could not stand to watch China overtake America. And so he resigned, right? That’s uh, that’s what people do when they’re upset about stuff, not like what general Millie did and gets on the phone with Nancy Pelosi complaining about Trump’s big fat, but that’s not the appropriate thing to do, not appropriate to round up the joint chiefs and sort of run your pseudo military operation on your own. Call your enemies in China. Hey, we’re going to war. That’s not how you protest.

You don’t take control and you serve a leader. You resigned in protest and you start speaking out about it. And that’s exactly what this guy’s doing in his first interview. Since leaving the post at the DOD a week ago, he told the financial times that the failure of the U S to respond to China’s cyber threats was putting his children’s future at risk says, quote, we have no competing, fighting chance against China in 15 to 20 years. Right now it’s already a done deal. It’s already over. In my opinion, he said saying there is good reason to be angry because we have a bunch of incompetent bureaucrats out there in DC who only apparently can fight about, you know, masks and vaccine mandates. Can’t actually recognize a real threat when they see one child LAN is 37 years old, spent three years on a Pentagon wide effort to boost cybersecurity.

And as the first chief software officer for the us air force said, Beijing is headed for global dominance because of its advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning and cyber capabilities, which is obviously true. Can we we’ve seen many headlines, many stories, some of them we’ve talked about on this show, talking about China, constantly having the fastest supercomputer in the world, talking about Chinese operations to sort of integrate themselves into 5g through Huawei. Donald Trump had a big push against Huawei. We see just sort of infiltration technologically across the board. Tick tock, tick tock, a Chinese app is now has more view time. I last read then YouTube does, there are bigger video provider then YouTube by some metrics. And so slowly sort of integrating themselves into technology. That’s all being run by algorithms. Meanwhile, the United States government has to pay off ransom people who hack our gas pipelines over on the east coast.

I’m like, oh, I guess we can’t figure out what to do about this. So we better just write them a check for $6 million in competence. He argued that these emerging technologies were far more critical to America’s future than hardware. Like the big budget fifth generation fighter jets like the F 35, right? Cause the next war is not going to take place kinetically. It says whether it takes a war or not is kind of anecdotal. He said argument, China was set to dominate the future of the world, controlling everything from media narratives to geopolitics and us cyber defenses in some government departments ready, quote, kindergarten level. Also blamed Google for failing to work with us. Defense on AI says that there are extensive debates over AI ethics for slowing the us down. But by contrast, Chinese companies are obligated to work with Beijing. They’re making a massive investment into AI without regard to ethics.

They don’t care about it. They just want it to be the best. Everything else can wait. Thailand said he plans to testify to Congress coming up about the Chinese cyber threat in the coming weeks. And so a lot more will come of this. I think that, uh, he’s probably dead, right? That the U S is pretty much failing everywhere. You look right now, the 20 year war in Afghanistan, the exit, there was a disaster running away while being shot at people, falling out of airplanes. We have, uh, about 200,000 people coming across the border wide open border. Every month we have fights over, you know, schools and, uh, equity and critical race theory. We have infrastructure failing across the board. Supply chains are wrecked, inflation’s through the roof and uh, China’s just full steam ahead building out their military superstructure and crushing the U S on AI.

So some people in the bureaucracy there in DC said, maybe we should do a report on this. Let’s get a bunch of people around and study this and write a big fat 756 page document. That’s probably going to sit on a bunch of people’s desks somewhere and not result in anything meaningful. We’ll see, but we are going to take a quick look at the report. You can see here, 756 full pages. This came back out in March, 2021. This is the final report from the national security commission on artificial intelligence. So that’s good. We’ve got a bunch of people now who are going to tell us what to do. Let’s see if some of their advice will be tainted. We have here starting off. It says, listen, on a level playing field us is capable of out innovating any competitor. It’s true. However, today, this is a fundamental difference in the U S and China American AI leadership is in peril for decades.

U S innovation has been the model of envy of the world. Open exchange of ideas. Tech firms in the United States compete for market share. They’re not instruments of state power. The international flow of capital and AI related commerce is encouraged. He says most AI progress in the U S should remain with private sectors and universities, but a more fully distributed approach is not a winning strategy. Here. Even large tech firms cannot be expected to compete with China. We will need a hybrid approach, meshing government and private sector efforts to win the technology competition. And so this was something that really resonated with me and made a lot of sense, right? You can have Googles, you can have apples. You can have all of the different Amazons and all the different, big tech companies that we have working really hard working really well and producing good stuff.

But if you have an entire country, that’s dedicating everything. And also just gobbling up all of the top talent from their own companies, right? They have their own Facebook. They have their own Google. They have their own Amazon in China, and they’ve got a billion people to serve, or 1.3 at this point, much bigger population than the United States. Similarly, they also have many corporations in the United States that are beholden to their markets. You see this with the NBA, you see this with some of the big tech tycoons like mark Cuban, everybody like John Cena, they just roll over there because they want access to their markets. And so if the Chinese now, uh, if Google wants access to the Chinese market while they’re not going to compete with China, are they? And so everybody’s sort of being gobbled up by this gigantic force. Meanwhile, the U S is talking about masks.

The report tells us that China is organized their resource. They’re determined to win the technology competition. AI is central to China’s global expansion, their economic and military power and domestic stability. It is the head. It has a headstart in executing a national AI plan. It’s going to lead the world in several critical and emerging technologies beginning in 2017, they established AI goals, objectives, strategies. They have specific timelines. They want to be committed to lead the world in AI by 2030, they’re executing essentially directed systematic plan to extract AI knowledge from abroad through espionage talent, recruitment, technology, transfer, and investments. So all that stuff that Google is working on, oh, the Chinese are probably just going to grab it and take it right back home. It has ambitious plans to build and train a new generation of AI engineers, new AI hubs. It’s got national champion firms.

It’s got Walway Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent. I fly tech since time. They’re leading technology developments in AI at home, they’ve got advanced state directed priorities that feed military and security programs and our military civil fusions. They’re capturing markets abroad, massive digital infrastructure. They developed IP strategy, intellectual property strategy and its laws make it all but impossible for a company in China to shield its data from the authorities right here in the United States, we have a right to privacy. Your data on Facebook stays with Facebook. Theoretically, even though Snowden told us that they’re gobbling up everything at some level. So, but you have these divisions, right? You have, uh, have to go get a warrant before you go get somebody’s private records in the United States. In China. If you want to operate a tech company, you just got to comply everything that you work on, all of your data, also the Chinese government’s data.

And so they’re working with a much bigger data set than the U S and now they’re capturing parts of the market here with Tik TOK, right? If that’s going to be displacing YouTube, okay. It might be getting more watch time on Tik TOK. That’s why YouTube is rolling out shorts and trying to capture it, try to catch up, but it might be too little too late. It, this, this, uh, study continues. It gives us two details about two major national security challenges. If China continues to create some distance here, number one, digital dependence in all walks of life increases vulnerability to cyber intrusion could impact corporations, universities, government organizations, homes of individual citizens. New sensors are out there flooding the world. We have this thing called the internet of things. Now everything’s connected cars, phones, homes, social media platform. Everything’s collecting data. It’s all being fed into AI systems that can identify target and manipulate or coerce our citizens.

So what if you have, let’s say a hundred million Americans on Tik TOK and the Chinese just say, oh, well, we’re just, you know, we don’t like Donald Trump anymore. And so, uh, we’re just gonna, uh, make sure that all of the content in the Tik TOK algorithm goes to punish Donald Trump. They just make that switch and it happens on a hundred million phones all across the United States. They can make those minor adjustments. We just heard from this fake Facebook whistleblower previously saying that Facebook knows that their algorithms can actually rewire kids’ brains. It’s actually manipulating people into changing who they are and how they believe and altering their moods. And, uh, China’s going to have an entire supercomputer that’s capable of doing that second. And it says state and non-state adversaries are challenging. The U S below the threshold of direct military confrontation. They’re using cyber attacks, espionage, psychological, and political warfare, financial instruments.

Adversaries do not need AI to conduct widespread cyber attacks, but they can. AI is going to change these attacks in kind and in degree, creating new threats to the U S economy, critical infrastructure and societal cohesion. Moreover, these AI capabilities will be used across the spectrum of conflict used as a first resort in non-military conflicts and as a prelude to military and kinetic actions. So it’s kind of scary stuff. When I was, I was reading a little bit more about this and I was trying to analogize the, the, the difference in what AI will do. And so I read this somewhere. I can’t remember where I read it, but it, the analogy was okay. Let’s, let’s rewind the clock. Let’s go back to the 17 hundreds. Okay. Not even that far back, let’s go back to the founding of America and we can say, okay, it’s George Washington.

And he’s sitting in a room with John Adams and he’s saying, listen, uh, I want to celebrate my birthday. So we’re gonna get all the founding fathers who are spread out across the 13 colonies. And, uh, we’re, we’re gonna throw a birthday party for George Washington. We’re going to celebrate it. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. How are we going to do that? Well, we got to, uh, we gotta get a letter. So write, write down the date, make an invitation. And then we’re going to put that in an envelope. We’re going to seal it. We’re going to give it to a bunch of couriers. They’re going to write across horseback, you know, all the way down to, uh, Ben Ben Franklin’s house that says, Hey, Ben, George, Washington’s having a birthday. You want to come? He says, well, let me think about it. Uh, it takes a couple of days, checks his calendar, uh, gets his assistant.

Oh, I don’t think I have anything coming up says, okay. I think I’ll go to the party. Uh, let me, let me RSVP, gives that back to another courier, sends that back to George Washington, and then he finally gets it. And that happens, you know, maybe times a hundred different founding fathers. Okay. So that all gets done. And how long does that take? That’s like a month, multiple months. Some people don’t ever get it. Some people are dead by the time the package gets back. Uh, some of the whole thing is just kind of a mess, but it gets done, right? It’s a big process. Fast forward to today, you know, mere 300 years later. And now what we’re looking at is you go on Facebook, you create an event, you send that out to a thousand friends. They respond immediately. It’s done. You have it all organized.

In fact, Facebook, if you don’t even have any friends, it will suggest friends for you. And then it’s going to put it on your calendar. It’s going to give you a reminder. You can have a bunch of comments, a bunch of content. You can share videos on there. You can change the party’s date. You can just, oh, we’re gonna move it from Sunday to Saturday. And here’s what to bring. It’s a whole different magical world. And if you try to communicate that back to somebody in the 17 hundreds, they’d say, what are you talking about? Are you a psycho person? That’s not even a thing. What do you talk? There’s a web of computers across the entire world. Everybody can communicate in real time. That’s like lunacy. That’s witchcraft. We’re going to burn. You get the hell out of our country, right? That’s kind of how that conversation would go.

When AI comes into place, we are going to be the people in the 17 hundreds. We’re going to be looking around going, how has any of this happened? How does it know this? What’s what’s happening around the world. It’s going to be so, so far removed from levels of understanding that it’s going to be like that difference. And, uh, that’s some scary stuff. Here’s artificial intelligence. In context, according to this report, it’s not a single piece of hardware. It’s got integration all over the place. So uses for deployed AI today. It tells us planning and Optiv optimization. We have computer vision modeling and simulation, natural language, understanding this is all taking place. Now they’re going to be researching novel learning, edge computing, advanced reasoning, more general AI human AI teaming up, going to be looking at science and smart cities and healthcare and space. And here’s the current application of some AI concepts.

Let’s say a prediction. So it can say, how about preventative vehicle maintenance or precision agriculture planning and optimization for transportation in cities. We’ve got modeling and simulation. So talking about COVID-19 research, they can track space debris. This is current AI that can do all this stuff. Rich human computer interaction. So machines can process analyze. They can understand they can mimic human language, either written or spoken language, computer vision, livestock monitoring, perceive visual tasks through cameras and sensors. And then we have robotics and process automation. But this is where they’re looking forward to in the future. Again, in healthcare advancing AI assisted disease prevention. So cardiovascular disease and stroke, biological sensors, healing the blind tele-health robots. So robots that can just sort of take care of your body from afar, that automatically we can talk about science, accelerating the development of materials, drug, and vaccine discovery, autonomous aircraft, and spacecraft and smart habitats.

We have dynamic curriculum augmentation, remote digital tutors that use virtual and augmented reality. Now you’re going to be learning from computers. Why does everybody need to sit around in a math class and learn calculus and garbage? Not saying the calculus is garbage. I just don’t like math. I’m not any good at it, but why do I need to be involved in that? What if you had a teacher that was a digital teacher that taught you exactly what you were capable of learning, and you were really good at it. And it really sophisticated way you could gobble up huge swaths of data. How does the whole world change? If that happens smart cities, we’ve got connected, smart sensors, bridges the movement of goods and so on. But this is where we talk about the different societal levels of conflict. So this is where it’s stuff can become problematic.

AI enabled information operations. So now you can take strategic strategic sites based on better data, cyber attacks. We have data harvesting targeting of individuals and adversarial, AI, and biotechnology, lots of stuff coming out there. And we can also see here that this is, this is how the U S government is, is delineating all these different threats, biotechnology, threats. We have data harvesting. We have Mo malign information, operations, cyber attacks, and malware and adversarial attacks on AI. So sort of stealing and biasing other AI systems. So their AI comes and impacts your AI not good. The department must also act now to integrate AI into their systems. They say ways to do it. They need to go and get a bunch of people to be recruited into this stuff. The DOD and the intelligence community. They face an alarming talent deficit. They gotta organize, recruit, build, employ, and build out the AI counterbalance to China.

Now user over on rumble says specifically, this is encouraging a police state don’t bite on this because what we’re, what the, what this is intending to do is to create the U S version of the same system of control that China is working to. And I think it’s a very astute point. Actually, I’ve sort of seen it in this way. If you are, if you’re sort of pro big government or pro totalitarian control, much like China is they want a superstate that gobbles up everything that controls all of the different enterprises there. How would you do that? What’s the best way that you can do that. It’s very difficult to monitor everything all the time. The best way to do that would be with AI, with artificial intelligence, with computers that could just monitor everything in real time and make some decisions based on that data that would give them total control.

They’d have cameras and sensors everywhere. They could monitor every single transaction that happens financially, make sure everything is being done according to their dictates, which is scary as hell. And so the opposite of that, which so AI in that, in that context is very centralized. It is something that, that exists under the power of the Chinese communist party. The opposite of that in my opinion is always decentralization. Where is the solution with decentralization, more locality, less oversight, less micromanagement of all of our lives. Where does that live crypto in crypto, in Bitcoin and Ethereum and all of these different alternatives. These are decentralized protocols that exist that are censorship resistant, that are the counterbalance to AI. And so we’re going to be living in a world with both of those competing interests in full steam ahead. You’re going to have anonymity and privacy and decentralization movements taking place in the crypto space.

It’s it’s financial right now, but that’s going to birth into something that is hardened and robust and, and, and protected by cryptography and game theory. And that’s going to counter balance. I think a lot of these moves towards AI and as society continues to bifurcate, we’re going to see people landing in both of those camps. It’s going to be an interesting world, brave new world, as they say, let’s see what else you have to say about this over at watchingthewatchers.locals.com, then we’re going to jump into our final segment of the day, which is about some really troubling teachers. And so we’re going to get into that shortly enough. Let’s see what we’ve got here. The Antica says what’s all this nonsense that China won the AI war. Have you seen mark Zuckerberg? He’s obviously AI. We already want already. The AI is pretty bad for Zuckerberg. You know, it’s like, it’s like an old version.

They could really upgrade the human functionality. There. That’d be nice. Sergeant Bob says China has unity and pursuing a goal possible with our totalitarian regime. We have a totalitarian totalitarian regime, but no unity, thanks to sleepy, Joe. The difference is that we, as freedom, loving Americans are taking positions. Of course we are domestic terrorists though, for disagreeing with big government. It’s a good point, Sergeant Bob, right? I can understand the desire for unity, but not at the sake of Liberty, right? We’re not going to all just go hand in hand into the, uh, cells. Are we super iron? Bob says, I agree with this guy on his analysis of the U S government’s use of AI, but industry use, I don’t believe he’s right. The government’s acquisition process is terror bad for software. That’s from super iron Bob. Yeah. I’m not, you know, I’ll take his word for it on that.

I about suspect, I suspect he’s accurate and he’s right, because we’ve seen gross and competence from every layer of our government. They can’t even protect the Capitol building on January 6th. When they’ve been warning us for months, it’s going to be a disaster. So what are they going to do with AI monster? One says, I wonder if China would possibly do something to cripple the U S you know, like a virus or something. That’s a great idea. You know what I mean? That’s a really good strategy for them. Hopefully they’re not listening to this show. Otherwise they might release a global pandemic or something that would cripple America. That would be, that would, that would be a problem. John Halligan says, I hear that all the lawyers on YouTube are merely AI creations run by China, have to watch out for them. I can neither confirm nor deny that John, we’re gonna move on to the next question though.

Uncomfortable. We have another one from thunder. Seven says, then why are China always spying and stealing the U S tech? Maybe they aren’t ahead at all, but they’re trying to catch up with our number one. Competitor. Us military AI is about 20 years ahead of what non-military world is, but it’s highly classified. Most innovative technology comes from Silicon valley than copied and stolen from China. Pompeo. Trump understood that thunder seven in the house with a good comment. Thank you for that thunder. We have monster. One says, you know what would be a great idea? China probably needs computer chips. Maybe we don’t let them take Taiwan where all the chips are made. Just a thought. It’s a good, it’s a good thought. I think it’s a pretty pertinent thought. You know, a lot of people, I think kind of poo-pooed China, I’ve been to China.

I went to Shanghai and Beijing went visited the great wall and the forbidden city and saw a lot of stuff there. And I, I think it did sort of change my, um, my, my, my purview of the whole, the whole dynamic there. I do think that it is, I’ve said this before. I think that there are legitimate things that a nation state should be doing. One of them is protecting against other nation states. One of them is securing a border. One of them is, uh, uh, promoting a legitimate money supply. Like those are basic things, uh, going locally and telling parents that they’re terrorists for speaking out at school boards, not legitimate, that’s not an appropriate use of the nation states power. The nation state should be doing things that individual states and individual organizations can’t do alone. One of those would be, uh, you know, uh, rebutting, a very aggressive, very powerful enemy on the other side of the world, speculating there.

Let’s see. Well, a couple more here. Sergeant Bob says in the cold war, Russia, maybe Nikita Khrushchev said the U S we will bury you. Focus was on industry. China does not have to say this, thanks to sleepy Joe. And his troop seems like they are doing it. Yeah. China owns a good portion of us industry in general, right? Uh, many of our supply chains are based over there, majors in the house. As if you ask me, it is no surprise that China, the land of communism made AI. First for one, they’ve had a regular celebrated tech expos that are more popular than our football. Also, it is a focus of the party as it helps them better control their people, because there are a few of them and more of the small people. I think we haven’t made gains in AI because of freedom and ethical concerns.

I think AI has no place in a truly free society. We can already see what the government is, ramping up its own tech to surveil citizens as a main focus. The other reason is with true AI, what’s stopping employers or owners from moving directly to using AI. They be cheaper, more reliable, more controllable than people. So where will people get their financial freedom to actually be free? If you support this wouldn’t you have to support UBI, universal basic income I’ve heard. Well, the people replaced by machines will find new jobs, but new jobs aren’t really being created at the same number in a macro sense. I think the competitive edge of AI is definitely a threat to democracy worldwide. I think this fact alone is worth going to war over to end before we all will be under surveillance by automated systems. Love your show.

That is from major in the house. Great comment. I agree with you on a lot of that. I think that the, I think that arguably many people are living under sort of a algorithmic slumber. You know, they wake up, they see whatever’s on Facebook. They go to the schools, they learn whatever they’re taught there and they go to the job. And they’re sort of, you know, they’re sort of in this loop every day, not coloring outside the lines, everybody just don’t color outside the lines. That’s too dangerous. You’re going to be labeled a terrorist if you do that. And so you just put people in these little silos, these little, little ecosystems, you have AI constantly feed them new Netflix material and everywhere they go, they get monitored. If they call her outside the line up social credit score gets a flag. And that sounds terrible.

It sounds awful. Which means that’s probably right around the corner, probably on Joe Biden’s desk for an executive order. Look to Jesus. Maybe China achieving AI first will be okay for us. After their AI starts murdering and enslaving its citizens. We can use that time to create countermeasures against their terminators robots. You know, that would make things a lot more exciting. There’s no question about that. Terminator two huge fan of that movie. Amazing look to G says, thank you that we have a fiancee says we don’t need to worry about super computers running everything. We’ll just resurrect Richard Pryor. He destroyed that supercomputer in the Superman movie so he can save us. Yeah, there’s a lot of those. We have a lot of, we have a lot of Hollywood people who might be able to help speech unleash says, got to admit I’m a bit glad the us is behind in the AI war. Imagine the greater damage our government could do. If they had that advanced power to it’s true speech unleashed, they’re going to get it and going to try to use it. I don’t have any doubt about that. Sergeant Bob says a 700 plus page paper does not equate to action. No question about that. Do you think anybody, any one of our senators or elected officials read more than 10 pages of that document?

I I’d say 10, maybe generous. I probably read a lot more of that than, than they have. Now you have two isn’t that nice 700 pages probably cost a few hundred thousand dollars, took many, many months. And we’re talking about critical race theory and masks. That’s great. Let’s see. Be brave. Says, can the AI send me back to George Washington’s day? I want to go back to that party. Well, you won’t need to. They’ll just Jack that content right into your brain. As they suck out your life force. Fiancee kiss says be aware of those realistic dolls that can have conversations with you. They’re sparsely available now, but give it about a decade. Uh, captain Jim says grave as a segment sounds I wouldn’t write the you off just yet. I think the private sector can out-compete the government, but because the government is a behemoth and an inefficient one Tesla versus NASA is a good example.

Even if Ilan hasn’t sent anyone to the moon or Mars yet I’d have to Chinese government is this super efficient entity that doesn’t mess up everything. It touches we’ll top them, but not under the current admin on a lighter side, can’t help, but notice your pension for Travis. Matthew apparel, big golfer. No, I’m not a golfer. Actually. I just happened to like the shirts. I do wear a lot of them. They have a nice color. I really liked the color on the Travis Matthew shirts. They’re a little bit thicker. This shirt’s a little bit too big for me. So it kind of hangs off, but, but they have really nice thick, tall callers, which is why I like them. I really don’t have the patience for golf. I can take about a few swings and then I realize I’m terrible at it. And I hate it.

Maybe in my older years, people say that all the time, you’re a lawyer and you don’t golf. No, I don’t golf. I don’t have the patience for it. I, uh, maybe one day I’ll get out there, but we’ll see. I agree with you on this captain, Jim, I think you’re, I think you’re right about this, right? China is not without its problems. Remember they’re based off of a communist dictatorial system and those entities always fail there. They always fail. Look throughout history. They’re going to have a lot of problems, just like America has a lot of problems. And so all of these gains, I think that you’re going to see that they’re going to get overextended their belt and road initiative, their one China policy, one, China, two systems, all of these different things, right? People are gonna get tired of this crap. People naturally.

It’s a, it’s a human trait. I believe they want freedom. Now, a lot of people will abdicate that, right? They sort of let they, they let that erode from their souls because they’re scared. They’ve been conditioned as children or as even adults to be petrified of everything everywhere they turn. Oh my gosh, I’m scared about this. I’m scared about this. People are operating on high levels of anxiety. And so they’ll naturally give up that freedom in exchange for security. That’s also a very human trait, a very it’s sort of naturally ingrained into our souls and DNA. But the default I’ve always believed is freedom. That, that people, when they’re put into a corner, when they’re caged up, you’re going to have a contingent of people. May not be a lot of people. Maybe just know 10% of the population that just say enough, we’re not going to ever do that.

China has human beings over there. The Chinese government is problematic, I would say, but they have a lot of people who love freedom, love innovation. And they’re going to get tired of that. It may take 20, 30, 40 years, but we’ve seen it historically. They crumbled. AI might be their solution to, to make that less inevitable. But I still think that freedom prevails. Good to see you captain Jim, thanks for the very nice comment. Another one from Jeremy Murrieta long comments that he says, Rob AI is a buzzword. It only frightens people. It’s meant to do that. To tackle this topic. I recommend asking a few questions. What is artificial? What is intelligence? One could accumulate all information was ever created yet. Still not know what to do with it. Machine learning been around for a long time. A lot of progress has been made training neural networks to complete tasks on its own.

After going through millions of iterations, AI is really a misnomer human intelligence is made up of a collection of many complex biological systems working together that creates a magnificent experience that we call consciousness. Machine learning is incredibly useful. Will assist humans to improve at a neck breaking pace. However, I believe when AI is touted as something, it’s not, it creates a fear of the unknown. A computer neural network is only as smart as it’s trained to be. This report makes me think. They’re trying to make an argument for massive funding to keep up with China. Yes, bad actors are using AI to create and deploy malicious code. However, the good guys are also utilizing AI to defend networks as well. I love this topic. Encourage people to learn more on the topic. It’s a, it’s a very fascinating topic. I know it’s a little bit different from our usual, uh, fair here on the show, but I think it’s very important.

I think we’re going to see a lot more of this in the future. And that AI is going to be a tool of the, the governments around the world. Don’t like where that is going. John Delores says, I honestly don’t see a way the U S doesn’t go to war with China. It’s pretty much a given that’s from John duller. But do you think it’s a hot war or do you think it’s going to be sort of a cold war? Donald Trump says, that’s that the right pronunciation now, China, China, let’s say you have to say it. Uh, if you want to give, you want to get it right? Skynet says, yeah, Skynet’s here. I’m coming to prepare yourself. You won’t be able to stop me. It’s going to be fun watching you try Skynet’s judgment day. Coming up. X’s here says when I first got into politics around 2012 Russia up here to be our biggest rival and threat, although they should not be underestimated. It is ridiculous how fast China has caught up. As long as China has an army of a billion workers, the Chinese government will continue to ambitiously seek more power and dominance. Meanwhile, here in America, we have division over gender and pronouns. This is ridiculous. Yeah. We, I mean, we have police departments that are shutting down all over the place because of mandates and defund the police. That’s what we’re worried about. Hmm. Sergeant Bob says my favorite line from Terminator, I think says, come with me or there will be trouble.

Sergeant Bob. That’s not the line. You know that, right. Uh, you know, that’s not the line. You’re just fooling with me right here. Come with me or there will be trouble. Like that’s what Arnold for? Yes. Okay. It’s come with me. If you want to live, reaches out to Sarah Connor, come with me. If you want to live iconic as hell. Sergeant Bob knows that he’s just messing with me. Probably we have another one from Sergeant. Bob says I hate golf too. Yeah. It’s a way a lot of it’s a lot of time out there and I don’t drink. So what am I going to do? Pili? Wally says, you’re talking about giving up on freedom because of fear regarding the Chinese people fighting back against China. But that’s exactly the same kind of mentality being used against the population of many countries regarding COVID.

That’s a good point. Yeah. That’s a good point from purely Wally with that global wisdom over from Scotland. Good to see you PLE some super chats came in on this segment. Let’s take a look at this. Let’s see what we’ve got. Husker. Mike is here, says, Hey you, the MVP Rob, I really enjoy watching your content. The Rittenhouse trial is going to be lit. I I’m excited about the Rittenhouse trial. Not, not overly excited, right? We’re talking about a young man. Who’s facing some serious charges, but man, this is sort of the self-defense case of the century. And as a neutral observer, who thinks he’s innocent as hell. I’m looking forward to that trial. No question about it. Let’s see what else we’ve got. That was Husker. Mike, we got Curtis Bartle says boomers can’t help the losers. Good show are an art. That’s from Curtis Bartle.

Thank you, Curtis. Appreciate that. And some person super chat. That’s the name? Some person super chatted says I hear reports that China has to turn their streetlights off because of energy issues and drones falling out of the sky. Yet they’ve already won. I say, scare tactics to get us on our game. It’s a good point, right? It could just be a, just a big puff of whatever. When I was in China, they, um, they only let like half the cars drive on one day. So if you had a, I think an odd number of license plates at the end, you don’t drive that day because I needed to get the pollution down because there were some event coming. And so you had to sort of alternate days wild, but that’s what’s going on over there. We have a couple of questions over from watchingthewatchers.locals.com says, okay, the line was from Robocop.

Uh, I’m getting goofed on by Sergeant Bob China still using coal and polluting their country with air that’s putrid. They’ve been wearing masks forever. Maybe not. So tech competent. It’s a good point. We’ll see, like I said, they’re going to have a lot of the same problems as the rest of the big governments around the world. Jeremy says, yes, our countries will go to war, but things will end a lot differently than expected when both AIS fall in love with each other, run off together and leave both countries without AI. Uh, you can’t blame them, you know? Yeah. It might, might, might be a good thing to, to run off into the digital sunset with your AI counterpart. Those were great questions over from watchingthewatchers.locals.com and YouTube. Thank you very much for all of your support. Okay. We’ve got one more segment left.

And in this segment we’re talking about, you know, we talked a lot about bad POWs and bad prosecutors and bad judges, but we’ve got, I think we’ve got a whole bad school district. I think we’re going to have to take a look at this one on this show. We talk a lot about Florida man today. We’re talking about several Florida men and Florida women. These are all teachers that have been accused of committing crimes against children of the sexual variety. And so we’re going to go through this. We have like four or five different people here coming out of Miami, Miami Dade in specific it here’s our first teacher. Her name is [inaudible] airy kalbi, age 41. She was having sex with a 15 year old student. And now she’s pregnant according to cops. Oh my goodness. You can see a picture of this woman here.

So, uh, obviously an, uh, you know, a little bit older woman, apparently having sex with a 15 year old former student of hers and told a Durrell detective that she was pregnant. According to Ray Valdez, Dorel spokesman, she was released from Turner Guilford Knight correctional center on Saturday, submitted a bond. Don’t know what that bond is. She did not tell detectives how many months she was pregnant or who the father is. She is the third teacher in Miami Dade county arrested for similar charges this month, three in October three teachers, 41 years old, 15 year old student. She was put in handcuffs on Thursday, charged with lewd lascivious battery, electronic transmission, harmful to minors, unlawful use of communications, child neglect offenses against students by authority figures, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor as well as possession of a firearm on school property. Who is this lady? Are you, did you see her possession of a firearm on school property out of control over there? All right. So here she is walking out of jail. Not going to see much from her, but we’re going to put a bounce around and take a look at some of these other teachers. Here is Calvin walking out of jail.

Ms. Kalbi, what do you have to say about the allegations against you? Did you sleep with a student, a former student Ms. Gabby, Whose child are you pregnant with? Do you have anything to say the victim? Anything you’d like to say, sir?

Okay. So, you know, she’s being charged with a crime. I happen to be a defense attorney and I absolutely believe in the presumption of innocence and the right to due process and the right to counsel and the right to silence and all of those things about, we got something very interesting going on out of this one particular school county. This is not just an isolated incident. We have arrest reports from this case, says that they did a search of the student’s phone. It revealed a nude pictures of Calvin and the student. There was a WhatsApp message thread where the two texted each other. I love you. And other romantic expressions Calvin’s credit card was being used for the student. There was an audio recording of the student telling an unknown person to deny, knowing about their relationship. Police say the two had been together at several places outside of school, like Miami beach.

Oh my goodness. Kelly had been the student’s former teacher at John’s John Smith, K through eight center, which shares the same campus. Uh, let’s see Valdis with the police said you should trust your children. But as parents, you should always be cognizant of what your kids are doing and who they’re hanging out with. Yeah, like a 41 year old teacher at a beach in Miami. Calvin has worked with the Miami Dade school district since 2001, been at John Smith since 2005. During her years, district says no history of any discipline school district released a statement. They said the county public schools here in Miami-Dade, they were disturbed by today’s arrest involving inappropriate employee behavior. When the district was apprised of these allegations in March, the employee was immediately reassigned to a non-school site. Location district will begin employment. Termination proceedings will ensure the individuals prevented from seeking future employment.

With this school system, they’re going to continue to review its employee trainings, ensure our workforce is fully aware of the district’s professional expectations of them and their ethical obligation to safeguard children. And you say, well, that’s a really nice statement. They’re taking, uh, aggressive measures here. Uh, they moved her to a different non-school, so, okay. That’s one way to do it. And they’re going to be, um, looking at other professional expectations and training programs and be fully aware to safeguard your children. However, uh, very recently there was another teacher woman by the name of Brittany Lopez. Marie, we’re going to see that she was also jailed cops say she had sex with a teen boy in her car over many months. You’ll notice this came out October night. So just a couple of days ago, a Halayeh middle school drama teacher being arrested. Police said she had sex with a 14 year old former student or car multiple times over the past two months also booked into Miami day jail.

She’s 31 little bit younger. Brittany Lopez, Marie, multiple felonies, another alluded lascivious battery molestation, engaging in sexual act with ch with the child. She was a teacher for four years without any other prior disciplinary history. And they actually named her rookie teacher of the year in 2017. And you know, what was funny is when I click this link, it takes you over to a Twitter post, presumably saying that she is rookie of the year, but this is what you get. Ah, somebody deleted it don’t you hate when that happens. Now here’s something interesting happened in her court appearance. This was her first court proceeding judge kind of forgot that she had a lawyer and the government I think, screwed up their release conditions requests. So when you have a situation like this, we learn that this student was in fact, 14 years old. There are different statutes that exist throughout the country.

I don’t, I’m not licensed to practice law in Florida. So I don’t know specifically there, but in Arizona, if you’re 14 years old and there’s a sex offense committed against that, that minor, well that that’s going to be considered what we call D C a C dangerous crimes against children. And so that sort of elevates the, the severity of the crime because the kid is so young, right? The minor was so young, different than let’s say a 19 year old and a 17 year old. If you have a, you know, a 19 year old and a 14 year old, that’s a whole different equation that you’re talking about. And the law responds accordingly. The law says, listen, it was going to be something like that. We’re not going to let you out of custody. We’re just going to, there is no bond, right? Because this is such an egregious offense.

And so I don’t know the language in Florida, but it sounds like during her initial appearance, the government didn’t recognize that it was in that category, that it was in the de CAC type of category. They call it something differently in Florida. But in other words, the prosecutor says, oh, she’s getting released. Well, what about this 14? Maybe, maybe we should revisit this. The judge says, now it’s too late. She’s getting out of custody. And then the judge goes, oh, oh, you have a lawyer too. And he’s on the phone in his car, a weird, weird thing going on. Let’s watch this court proceeding

That you requested. Thank you. On behalf of,

Well, as you were arrested, you have two separate cases. And I understand for the bond that brought you here,

Let me, let me start that over again, because you could hear this. You could actually hear the attorney in the background saying, uh, I’m, I’m appearing for the record. The judge just talks right over him. You’re going to see Brittany come walk in and then take the bench or take the seat. She’s going to be in the bottom right of your screen here. That is

You requested. Thank you. Good morning, judge. [inaudible] on behalf of,

Well, as you were arrested, you have two separate cases and I understand you posted a bond that brought you here to read the stay away order.

Okay. Would like to address one more thing. Yes. Right? So the defendant was charged in F 21, 1 7 2 9 9. Um, under the statute, which encompasses, um, um, somebody who has a custodial status over the victim, it shouldn’t be a PBL.

He posted a bond. Your officers should have addressed this. Um, before they filed the arrest affidavit, I’m not going to adjust it. You’d have to file a motion for detention. I guess a motion for modification of bonds and division. I brought her here strictly for stay away. Would you want to also order her to have no unsupervised contact with minors? Absolutely fine. So you’re ordered, you’re ordered to stay away from the victim. Who’s initials are F V no contact with this child either directly, indirectly in person in writing by telephone or through third parties, no contact with the victim through social media or other electronic means. And you must stay at least 500 feet away from his home school and place of his home in school at all times, do not engage in any criminal activity, do not use or possess illegal drugs and do not use purchase, possess, or carry a firearm gun, weapon, or ammunition. And you must immediately surrender any firearms, ammunition, and any concealed weapons permits to the nearest police department and file the receipt with the court. Do you understand the stay away order also no one supervised contact with any, any children under age 18. What are the things? Are you going to hire a private lawyer?

Good morning. Can you hear me? We announced our presence on the record earlier. Jeff took them up on behalf of Ms. Brittany Lopez, Marie.

Okay. Thank you. I was just making sure she had an attorney. I just brought her here to read the stay away order. Um, the state may want to readdress your custody status and they’ll have to do that in division because she already posted your bond.

Thank you, judge. Anything else then? Nothing further, judge. No, nothing.

Yeah. So that’s pretty nice job defense attorney. Yeah. Just, you know, she’s, she’s going to be able to be released. The government went back through their file and they’re like, ah, she got custody, custodial, you know, uh, approval over these students. And she took advantage of them that puts it into this category. And so maybe she should not be released. Judge says, well, your officers should have said that during the original indictment proceeding or whatever it is, whatever they call it there. So it’s something that kind of screwed up on the, the defense attorneys. Like, yeah. Yeah. You’re good. Get out of there. Nothing further, judge. Thanks. So very interesting court proceeding. Uh, but it’s not just done there. That’s just two people. We got a whole slew of other teachers out of the same place. This is an October six story, 2021. It says that a former American high school teacher had over 600 child naughty pictures, very disgusting pictures and videos.

Former teacher at three schools had over 600 photos and videos of children, including images of a toddler. Uh, th th that’s according to a resonant Hilaire resident. Guy’s name is Robert Ortiz took a guilty plate. It’s going to be sentenced to six and a half years in federal prison. Previously worked at a number of different schools in Hilaire. So again, another one from October gets wrapped up. This was a prior case that happened some time ago. He took a plea deal and that’s getting closed out. But it’s the, the, you know, the list continues here is a, another guy also October 4th, 2021 Durrell charter school, art teacher sexually assaulted a 14 year old student, according to cops. So we’ve got, uh, this guy arrested after police say that he sexually assaulted a 14 year old during 2020. That school year, his name is Daniel Fernandez. 36 years old had a $7,500 bond released there.

36 taught at a middle school, taken into custody on Friday, also charged with very similar offenses. Police said that he confessed to the allegations during the questioning, which is a dumb thing to do. Court records list Les Llano, Keene Tarro as his attorney attorney did not respond to requests for a comment said, a student said that this guy kissed her on the lips almost every day, according to an officer in a police report. And there were like four teachers, three teachers in now out of the same Miami Dade county, the hell is going on over there and they just pay it out $6 million. For another case that happened in 2019 jury orders, a Miami Dade school board, the entire school board to pay $6 million to weigh student in a teacher sex abuse case. So they have known that this was going on for a long period of time.

Federal jury ordered Miami Dade school board to pay 6 million to a former student of an XML, Palmetto high school teacher accused of harassing and sexually abusing a number of female students in a verdict late on Friday. Jurors concluded the school district. Despite multiple warnings did nothing to stop. Jason Edward Myers. He was a creative writing teacher verdict found that he posed a substantial risk of sexual abuse or harassment. Yet the district was deliberately indifferent in how it handled the accusations federal lawsuit filed on behalf of an unidentified student. It was the second law suit suit filed in the Meyer saga. Earlier lawsuit came out with 1.1 million in settlement, jury deliberated less than two hours in favor of the young woman. She was groomed into having sex with Meyers and the woman testified as did several other victims. And so, you know, there’s always going to be people who commit crimes.

I’m a criminal defense lawyer, and I think everybody deserves an appropriate, appropriate representation and day in court. But what we’re seeing here seems like a pretty problematic pattern out of this one particular court. It seems like they’re kind of papering over a lot of this stuff. 6 million now is do another 1.1 million. They were on notice back when these cases were litigated back in 2018, when these things were all working their way through the court system, they knew. And then in October we still have sex crime, sex, crime, sex crime, three different teachers in different schools, all with minor children, strange stuff out of Florida. So that is a whole slew of Florida men, whole slew of Florida women. Not good. Let’s take a look and see if you have anything to say about any of this stuff at watchingthewatchers.locals.com. We’ve got WTF. Rob, where were these teachers?

When I was in school at the age of 15, she is decent looking at least to me. But then again, I find AOC and Sakhi attractive. The teacher, Saki and AOC. They’re all crazy. I guess. I guess I like crazy. That’s don’t judge me. Zach Saki is hot. Well, I don’t know who that was. It sounds like it might be Zulu though. I’m not real sure. I don’t even know if Zulu is actually a part of a locals, but a monster one says, I wonder if she’s hot. Yeah. I mean, people are asking the most important questions, which is why I included pictures of her. You know, I mean, I don’t know where I’d rate her on the scale, but she’s not terrible. Sergeant Bob says, of course, innocent until proven guilty, et cetera, applies. Having said that anyone, especially in a position of trust, like police, fire, medical education must upon conviction or a guilty plea, be incarcerated, at least no excuses.

And I’m with you there. Sergeant Bob, I think you just throw lawyers in on that miss mix too. I think that this is, this is the reason why we’re covering this story. Right. You know, I don’t, I don’t typically like to cover people who are charged with crimes, right? I mean, I have a lot of empathy for people who are charged with crimes. Uh, I think a lot of people are hurt and broken and they deserve an amazing representation, just like anybody else does. And so I, I believe in that through and through, we’ve got a whole company here. We do that every day. But when you’re in positions of power, you’re elevated to a higher standard police, fire, medical doctors, teachers, lawyers, judges, politicians, all of them are held to a higher standard and they need to be held account to this. And it’s not just these individual teachers, right?

It’s the entire school board out of Miami Dade. What the hell are they doing? They’re paying out millions of dollars on the regular and they’ve got new cases coming in faster than they can close them out. They just settled two claims cases, one for 6 million, one for 1.3 million or whatever the numbers were. And they got three more. They close two signed up three more. So that’s not, not good. It’s going in the wrong direction. We have a thunder. Seven says these women are pedophiles. Just like anyone would accuse a male teacher having sex with a 15 year old girl. They are mentally ill. They want to have sex with a child should never be around anyone under the age of 19 for the rest of their lives should never have custody of any child. They might have. We have to protect children from male and female sex predators.

And it sounds like they’re trying to do that in Florida. Hopefully they stop new cases from coming up, but maybe they should be looking at the school board that is running the entire school system. How do you just get a sort of slew of pedophilic activity back to back unless there’s a deeper root problem. Weird coincidence. Thunder seven. Great comment. We have another one from Joe Biden says this is the extra credit component of the sex education units. Nothing to see, hear smell you later. Kids is this the new department of education Cardona over there. Gross monster one says golf requires goofy pants at a fat. You talk to my neighbor, the accountant, probably a great golfer, huge that’s for monster one. If you don’t know where that came from, that’s from happy Gilmore. Obviously probably the best movie that was ever made.

Uh, I don’t think there’s any debate about that. Thank you. Monster one, Jeremy [inaudible] says I’m only playing devil’s advocate, but what happened to equal protection age is typically a factor with regard to sex, but not as much as when it comes to homicide, they are considered children in these cases, but frequently considered an adult for homicide. Just saying. Yeah, it’s interesting. And you know, what’s also interesting to sort of think through is, are the bond amounts? What did she get out on bond? What was it like $7,500? What was that? What was her bond that she posted like nothing. Right? If it was a, a male, I’d be curious, you know, a male and a 14 year old and it was sexual intercourse. Not kissing on the lips. I wonder what that would be. Wonder what that bond would be if there’s a difference there.

Good question, Jeremy. We have another one from three girlies is here. Yay. Says the judge from the second teacher, she’s already been on YouTube. She sentenced a person that was a friend while she was in middle school. She’s already been on YouTube. What is it? Let’s take a look at this one here. Three girlies is in the house. Hope that judge recognizes a friend from middle school. Oh, okay. I’ll watch that later. That is from three girlies. Interesting. Yeah. Interesting. Okay. We have another one from look. Two G says, I don’t understand at this day in time, why we as parents don’t require schools to have cameras in each classroom. I can’t think teachers deserve privacy. When teaching 20 plus students, they should be held to a higher level of transparency. Talk to the teacher’s unions about that. Yeah. I mean, I think that would be pretty reasonable. Do you think that they’d be interested in that? I don’t hunter Biden says, are these teachers having sex with each other as well? Can I join? He’ll bring the crack and he’ll bring all the drugs.

And the paintings. Saki is still hot says, you know, I always thought if it happened to me, I wouldn’t say anything. It’s every boy’s dream, but who am I kidding? I would brag like crazy. You think sockies husband brags? Hell yeah, he does. She’s hot. That’s from Saki is still hot. I want to know who that is. We have monster one says I didn’t see the pictures I listened to at work with my phone in my pocket. I only pull it out. Write a quick comment on locals. That’s why sometimes there are typos. Well, monster one. Yeah. You know, so I mean, look, I mean, you know, I don’t know what your version of a hot is, but not, not terrible, not terrible, you know, uh, an attractive woman, I would say, I’d say she’s an attractive woman, but that’s not what this show is for.

Those were great questions over at watchingthewatchers.locals.com had another super chat come in from Eric Smith over on YouTube. It says, watch you Rob. Since the summer of love in 2020, while I hiked the PCT. Now I’m a truck driver over the road. I listened to you while I’m driving. That’s amazing, Eric. So, you know, I love, I absolutely have a soft spot for truckers people who are driving. I, I, I think I said this last week, but you guys get picked on so badly. It drives me bananas. We have the federal motor carrier safety administration. We’ve got all of these just overly burdensome rules because it’s a federal entity and that’s just what they do. So I appreciate the work that you’re doing. We need you now more than ever. Supply chains are wrecked across the country. Thank you Brandon. But people like you are out there helping and doing the good work.

So thanks for being here, Eric. I really appreciate that and appreciate your support over on rumble. Shout outs to user 1, 1, 2, 1, and w eight for HYM says, I think there’s going to be a takeover on there. We’ve got on locals. Final shout outs from Jeremy Joey bond. Alero we’ve got tree Mendez is in the house. Good to see tremendous Rassie Mustang. Jeff. We have VNT kiss as always in the house, speech unleashed and many others over on YouTube. Final shout outs to Rahim El, we got happy. 65. We’ve got Samantha Richardson, Stace on the case care. Catherine luderic Zulus EIT. Diane B. Lane is here. Hi lane. We have Paul Fairfield playing hooky C Reed and many others. And so that my friends is it for us, for the show for the day when to invite or welcome a couple of new people who joined us over at our locals community.

We have Lynn fish who signed up very recently, along with germs signed up over the weekend. Last week we had sniper 2 75 Lau Patricia Paula revered number two H S DNP tile live in Maxim 27 unbridled form ADVIA tricks, Burt to a crisp and let’s be fair. We also had our tailor, Jamie tie, Lula G Maxim 92 angel baby Hellraiser, jump in Jeff and desert Daisy all over at watchingthewatchers.locals.com. We could building a community over there and it’s a lot of fun. Join us on November six, seven to 8:00 PM for our monthly locals meetup, a lot of fun. So mark that date down on your calendar, November 6th, we’re going to do a zoom. We get about 30 to 40 people on there. We talk about what is going on in the world. And we’ve, we’ve been doing this long enough. Now that we have updates, we need updates from people, John Hal grin.

We’re always asking what Jeremy’s doing and the list goes on and on Sergeant Bob and miss lucky they’re moving. And so it’s a community that we’re building. We’re trying to connect. We want you to be a part of it at watchingthewatchers.locals.com and that my friends is it for me for the day. It’s been a Monday. Had a great time with you on the show today. Hope to see you back here tomorrow would appreciate a, like a, share a thumbs up a comment before you get out of here on the day so that we can continue to grow. The show would mean a lot. Otherwise we’re going to be back here to do it all again tomorrow. Now I forgot tomorrow is probably going to be a late show. I actually have to appear before the Scottsdale city council tomorrow, it’s going to happen at 5:00 PM. So I need to go and I need to get my little speech for two minutes and talk about why I should be reappointed to the board.

And I’m running against two other people. So it could be dicey, may not get reelected, but we’re going to see what happens. It’s for the judicial advisory appointments board. I’m trying to make a difference here in our local community, by making sure we get good judges. And so at 5:00 PM tomorrow, Arizona time, I have to go down there, got to put a suit and tie on and go up here in front of the city council to communicate what I think is the appropriate standard for judges in our city. And so I’m going to do a show, but I got to just scoot out of here, go make that appearance right down the street, and then I’ll be back. So I don’t know what time it’s going to be, but it might be 6:00 PM. It might be 7:00 PM. Might be a little bit of a shorter show. So for those of you on the east coast, I apologize if it’s late, but we will be back and ready, ready to go on Wednesday at a regular time of the regular show. 4:00 PM, Arizona 5:00 PM, mountain 6:00 PM. Central 7:00 PM on the east coast for that one, Florida man and all those Miami Dade teachers out there. Oh, well that is it for me. Have a tremendous evening sleep very well. I’ll see you right back here a little bit later than usual tomorrow be, well, my friends bye-bye.