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Hello my friends and welcome back to yet another episode of Watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Gruler. I am a criminal defense attorney. And today we’re talking about Kyle Rittenhouse, not guilty, maybe. Yes. A day we’ve been waiting for and been waiting a couple of extra long days. They’ve been feeling like they’ve been dragging on and on and on, but my friends, it was all worth it because Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted on all charges and man, what a day it was. If you have missed it, we’re going to get through a lot of it today. We’re going to actually show you the moment from court today in Schrader’s courtroom, where Kyle Rittenhouse, one by one by one was found not guilty. And man, it was a relief. I don’t know about you, but my heart was pounding there, especially as we got to that last count.

And so we’re going to relive it because it’s one of those that must be relived and we’re going to do it here. And then we’re going to spend some time bouncing around the country and taking a look at reaction from everybody else. Specifically, the white house came out and they had a statement that we’re going to read through the ACL you is out there. A lot of people are upset about it. Jerry Nadler, the politician, not the diaper was also out there on Twitter. He’s very unhappy about this. And we had a very interesting press conference from Mark Richards, Kyle Rittenhouse, his defense lawyer. And so we’re going to go through all of that and more, it is a party. We’re happy that you’re here. And if you just take a moment, you just go, oh, you smell that. Take that deep breath of fresh air.

Do you know what that scent is? Justice sweet justice and make sure you savor it extra thoroughly today. My friends, because it’s a good one. We get a lot of that smell around here at this office, but today it’s especially punch-in so soak up that sweet smell of freedom and let’s get into the news. If you want to be a part of the show, the place to do that is over at watchingthewatchers.locals.com, where there is a form that looks like this. You can just take a, uh, if you’re a supporter over there, take your question, throw it in that form. We’ll make sure that we get to those today. We also have a clips channel. The clips channel is at Robert ruler, Esq clips, where we actually segment out this entire live stream so that you can share those individually with friends or family. And we certainly appreciate it when you do all right, my friends. And so if you missed it, you probably haven’t, but we’re going to watch it again. This is the moment. And today I was in meetings all morning and uh, there was, uh, a moment where in the middle of my meeting, we all just had to pause for two minutes and watch this clip and hearts were just pounding, pounding, pounding away. This is what it looked like in court. Judge Schrader says, we’ve got a verdict, please rise jury. Let us know what you found. Here it is.


The defendant will rise is paced the jury and the harken to its verdicts.

That’s the first common reaffirmation Joseph Rosenbach jury find the defendant. Kyle H Rittenhouse, not guilty as to the second count of the information. Richard McGinnis, we that you read by the defendant. Kyle H Rittenhouse, not guilty as to the third kind of the information unknown male. We, the jury find the defendant. Kyle H Rittenhouse not guilty as to the fourth count of the information Anthony cuber. We, the jury find the defendant. Kyle H Rittenhouse not guilty as to the fifth count of the information. Gage grows courts. We, the jury find the defendant, Kyle aid re Kyle each red house, not guilty.

Remember the jury, uh, these, you are unanimous verdicts. Is there anyone who does not agree with the verdict says read when you wish the jury polled? Okay. Uh, okay. Folks, your job is done. And, uh, we started just about three weeks ago and I, uh, I told you it could last two weeks and two days, this was two weeks. This was three weeks. Uh, you were a wonderful jury to work with. You were punctual. You were tanto. Um, uh, the forgotten six over here who had a very difficult job of, uh, keeping from discussing the case during the time that they were sequestered as well. All of you, you just like,

Whoa, baby, man, that was a long time coming. And I don’t know about you folks, but I get emotional watching that. I’ve watched it a few times already today and I hit that again. And man, it’s just that feeling because we have spent a lot of time and a lot of emotion fighting for this young man wanting to make sure that he gets through this thing. Unscathed it’s felt like a David versus Goliath affair. And it’s, you know, so much was at stake here. Not, not just about us as viewers, you know, as people who are watching this sort of, you know, praying for justice in society. But I mean, Kyle Rittenhouse, a young man, 18 years old, who has the weight of the entire world on his shoulders, him, his defense team. I mean, you could just feel the emotion. It is. Uh, it is just, I don’t even know what to say.

I mean, it just, it just, my, uh, my emotions are, are really still, still, uh, you know, in, in red lining [inaudible], it’s like, uh, amazing day and this doesn’t happen often. You know, the reason it’s, so is because this doesn’t always go this way, you know, I’ve seen it go the other way. And it feels like oftentimes as a defense attorney, we’re fighting for people that we believe are in Kyle written his shoes, and we’re fighting for them in the face of this Goliath that just has no mercy and has no empathy for humanity whatsoever. And it’s just a constant slog fighting for good people in the criminal justice system. So when you get to see a case like this, that since day one was obviously self-defense victorious. We get to see justice actually done. Man, as a, as a defense lawyer made it break.

It makes, it brings me joy. It brings a lot of light to my heart, and I’m just tremendously grateful that it went the way that it did, because there was a lot of uncertainty there, especially as the jury was, you know, allowing this thing to continue to be deliberated for day after day after day. But the verdict came down the way that it did. Kyle Rittenhouse is acquitted as he should have been K should have never been charged in the first place, in my humble opinion, but the right outcome is here. Now we have to sort of put some pieces back together. I think in a lot of society, because there is a lots of, uh, of questions that still need to be answered about this case. But before we indulge in all of that, let’s make sure that we can poke around the rest of the courthouse and see what the reaction looked like from everyone else.

Woo. All right. So mom had the same reaction Andrew have around access. Uh, this was the moment that when Wendy Rittenhouse heard from her son that he’d been acquitted of all charges. And so man, you can feel that right there. You can feel that emotion. Here’s a up, just a sigh of relief. Praise. The Lord boy has gum at home tonight. And, um, my goodness, it is, uh, something that I could relate to. Now. It’s also important to think about the other side of this equation. And I know that it’s important to celebrate and stop and pause for a moment and say that there was an attempted injustice that was about to happen in this case. That was rightfully usurped in the interest of justice. And even though this whole thing is a victory on the side of justice, it still emanates out of a tragic situation and we have dead people.

We have a young man, Kyle Rittenhouse, whose life as been seriously perturbed. And there is a lot of mourning that is still taking place from, uh, from people on the other side of the island. So I think it’s important to just make a quick point of this, that we’re, that we are talking about human beings. Uh, we have the family of Anthony Huber there, there he is obviously deceased. He’s one of the people that Kyle Rittenhouse killed said the not guilty verdict sends the unacceptable message that armed civilians can show up in any town, incite violence, and then use the danger. They have created to justify shooting people in the street. And so obviously shocked at the verdict. Uh, this was Rosenbaum’s fiance we see over here. And I think this was, uh, I think this was Anthony Huber’s girlfriend, and then this was aunt Anthony Huber. And so a little bit of a closeup there. You know, they’re all sort of shocked at the verdict. Uh, and now right after the verdict, judge is going to call and come out here and thank the jury. Here’s a clip of that

Keeping from discussing actually,

This is how Rittenhouse

All of you. You’re just, I, I couldn’t have asked for a better jury to where he is and, uh, it has truly been my pleasure, uh, I think, uh, without commenting on your verdict, the verdicts themselves, just in terms of your, um, the attentiveness and the cooperation that you gave to us, uh, justifies the confidence that the founders of our country placed. So, um, I dismiss you at this time. You’re never under any obligation to discuss any aspect of this case with anyone you’re welcome to do so as little or as much as you want. Uh, the media have requested a number of media sources have requested the ability to talk to you and, uh, w they have been allowed to present, uh, presentations to you that you’ll get in writing. And it’s entirely up to you, whether you want to content, contact them,

You were there, you,

Um, if anyone does contact you and just tell them you’re not interested in discussing it, if that’s the case. Um, and if anyone persists in doing so, uh, report that to us, and then it will be addressed. I assure you, uh, at the beginning of the trial, uh, there was some concern about, uh, information and, uh, and your safety, and I assure you that we will take every measure to ensure that that is, uh, raised your concerns are addressed and respected. Um, and, um, I’m going to talk to you for just a minute, not about anything to do with the case, but just about that sole issue. And, um, um, you, as I say, you’re welcome to discuss the case as little or as much as you want. Um, and, uh, any questions, anybody thank you so much. And

All right, so then judge basically releases the jurors. They go back into the jury panel again, the judge is going to go have a quick conversation with them about, uh, who knows what, but that’s basically it. Kyle gets a notice and he runs over. And I think he’s probably going to get some paperwork, the clerk, or somebody calls him and he runs over there

Again, it would be my pleasure to work with you.

And then our final clip of the morning is the order of dismissal. So that now this is very important. Of course, we get the verdict, but you got to do something with the verdict. So you asked the judge to enter the order. This is the final request here from Mark Richards. The government does not oppose. You hear binger back over there. He says, something says something like, yeah, you know, while judge the jury render their verdict, and this is justice, I guess. And so the judge enters it and says, good day, that’s it. They stand, it looks like the jury is going to be leaving. Now They shake hands job. Well done. Yeah. Cory cheer Feesey looks like maybe he’s got

Any word from the state.

The jury has spoken.

Alright. Uh, the notion of the defendant is granted, uh, charges against the defendant on all counts are dismissed with prejudice and he’s released from the obligation of his bond. Anything else? No, thank you. Good day.

And so Mark Richards asks that the final order be entered attorney binger, Thomas binger says, uh, any objections he’s well, no, your honor, the jury as represented our community and they have spoken. So I guess I can object anymore, judge. Alright. Next case moves on to the next case. Nope. Nothing even to say about it. All right. We’re done here next case. So I take, took a look over at the Wisconsin court website and they’ve already updated the minute entries. And so folks, it is now internet official. It’s on the court docket. So we’ve got November 19th minutes, day 15 clerk is T Leymah says same appearances jurors continue. Deliberation period verdict has been reached period, extra jurors, someone in to courtroom 12, 10, 12 jurors in 1211. Verdict’s read defendant found not guilty on five counts, no request to pull the jury jurors excused at 1217 defense moves for judgment on the verdict motion, granted case dismissed with prejudice, the issue of bond it’s going to be addressed at a later hearing because remember Rittenhouse has a $2 million bond. That’s a lot of money somebody’s going to want that money. And then you see also verdicts on the five counts. Not guilty, not guilty, not guilty, not guilty, not guilty. How sweet it is.

Congratulations to Kyle Rittenhouse, to his defense team, to everybody involved in the case. Outstanding. Congratulations to America for being a part of a winning justice outcome. I mean that doesn’t happen often in this country. Woo. All right, but it’s not a victory for everybody. We have, uh, the family of Anthony Huber, obviously unhappy about this. They came out with a press release and they said we are heartbroken and angry that Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted in his criminal trial for the murder of our son. There was justice today for Anthony or for Mr. Rittenhouse, his other victims, Joseph Rosenbalm gauge gross crew it’s. We did not attend the trial because we cannot bear to sit in a courtroom and repeatedly watch video of our son’s murder. And, uh, we’ve been subjected to many hurtful and nasty comments throughout the year, but we watched the trial closely hoping it would bring us closure that did not happen.

Today’s verdict means there is no accountability for the person who they say murdered their son, not legally. It sends the unaccepted message that armed civilians can show up in any town in sight violence, and then use the danger they have created justified the shooting. So obviously they’re upset about this. We hope that decent people will join us in forcefully rejecting the message, make no mistake, our fight to hold those responsible continues in full force. So I’m curious if they’re going to be moving with a, you know, a civil type of lawsuit, neither Mr. Rittenhouse, nor the Kenosha police who authorized this bloody rampage will escape justice. Anthony will have his day in court. Oh, all right. So there you go. So it sounds like they’re going to be filing lawsuits probably against Rittenhouse. They’re also going to fire file lawsuits probably against Kenosha PD because they authorized this bloody rampage.

So the civilian lawsuits of course will continue on. And we know already that Mr. Gross grits has a, I think his is already well underway for 10 million bucks. So the Huber family will continue on with their civil claims. They finished out. They said, yeah, they’re going to blame the police saying the police did nothing. The police didn’t stop them. Yeah. So they’re going to want to go get their money out of the government, calling him a hero, wanted to protect innocent civilians. Yeah. So probably going with that active shooter story as well, but our hearts go out to them. They’re mourning the loss of their son and family member. So we’ll have empathy for them. Also prayers for them. We also have to check in with Mark Richards. Mark Richards is the defense attorney who represented Kyle Rittenhouse victorious today. He gave a very lengthy press conference about 25 minutes.

I have some pretty good highlights from, from him. He actually gave us some good details. He talks about why Kyle Rittenhouse testified, talked about his opinion on Thomas binger talked about his opinion on judge Schrader and about the tumbler and a bunch of stuff. So we’re going to go through it. Here is how it started. At least when I picked up on it, uh, PBS news hour, I think picked us up, picked it up sort of midway through it. But first, most obvious question, how is Kyle Rittenhouse doing? He just went through a two and a half week trial. He had a life in prison sentence hanging over his head. He is somebody who presumably still has PTSD as a result of being involved in multiple shootings and actual homicides. So how’s he doing? Mark Richards tells us here’s what he says. He has

A huge sense of relief for what the jury to him today. Um, he wishes none of this would’ve ever happened, but as he said, when he testified, he did not start this. And we’re thankful in more ways than one that the jury finally got to hear the true story. And when I say the media, I’m talking about social media and things like that, the story that came out from the beginning was not the true story. And that was something that we had to work to overcome in court. Um, and we think we did that.

All right. Huge sense of relief. Obviously you and me, both you and the rest of America, their mark. So congratulations to him. Now, one of the most obvious questions was, uh, some concerns about the jury. You know, they were out for a long time. Mark. Um, do you ever have her have any doubt that they were going to come back guilty? Were you nervous there, mark? Here’s what he said. Nah, no doubt. But it was a long time.

No doubt. Um, I never predict how long a jury is going to be out, but it was a longest jury. Deliberation I’ve ever been a part of. I had an 18 hour and a 17 hour in one was a federal and one was a state case. Um, it was torture and this might sound like a small thing, but the judge wanted us to be within 10 minutes. Obviously my office isn’t within 10 minutes. So we had to sit in that room on the third floor. And it was, how did he talk about the decision to put Kyle on the stand? Was that a close call for you? Do you think that made a difference? You want the truth had to put them on there. Wasn’t a close call. Um, at certain points we wondered whether we would put them on. Um, we did, uh, we had a mock jury, um, and we did two different juries, one with him, testifying one without and testifying. It was substantially better when he testified, I mean to a market degree and that sealed it. But in Wisconsin, if you don’t put a client on the stand, you’re going to lose period.

Very interesting. So if you heard that two little clips there, one that, you know, the jury was out for a long time and he’s surprised because it was the longest time that he’s had a juror out in his entire career. And it was a long time. It was, you know, many people started to suspect that by the time that we got to day four, which is where we’re at, that it was just going to be presumed to be a hung jury. It was going to be a deadlock, but of course that didn’t happen. So Mark Richards uh, said no doubt, but, uh, you know, I’m not sure, but I believe that we saw, uh, his head buried in his hands when the verdict was being read, we saw Corey cheerer. Feesey like fidgeting in his seat. And Kyle Rittenhouse obviously could, you could see the emotions on all three of their faces, rightfully so, but he said no doubts about it.

And uh, you know, we knew it was going to happen, which is good. I liked a little bit of bravado of course. But, uh, then he gets asked that very important question. And one in which I, I had a strong disagreement with, from the very beginning, he got asked specifically, uh, w you know, w what were your thoughts about putting Kyle Rittenhouse on the sand? Was that a good call? Would you have done that again? You know, why did you do that? And he said, specifically, I had to put Kyle Rittenhouse on the stand in Wisconsin, if you don’t put them on the stand you lose. And so that’s, you know, I mean, that’s, um, that’s why you work with people in certain jurisdictions that know how the jurisdictions work. You know, I’m an Arizona lawyer. I’ve never stopped. I don’t even think, uh, I don’t even know if I’ve been to Wisconsin.

So, you know, I don’t know how jurors are there, how judges are there. This guy used to be a prosecutor and is also somebody who’s done cases in front of judge Schrader before knows Kenosha very well. And so he knows he’s got a better bearing and better understanding on how the juries and how the, the, the dynamics of that area work. He also talked about sort of these two juries. So he’s talking about kind of focus group juries, which is great that they did this. And, uh, this is something I was telling you about when I was back in Arlington, I’ve just passed over this summer. I was in there and we did a whole session on using focus groups in order to test the different elements of your case. And, you know, when we went through this focus group process, I sort of understand that, you know, it can be useful.

Uh, I, I’ve never personally used a focus group. Uh, but they, they did it in this case. It sounds like. So what they did is they had two separate juries and they would try to communicate both, you know, the same story, but change one variable in, in both presentations. So you tell the exact same story. You have Kyle Rittenhouse testify in one jury, and then you have Kyle Rittenhouse testify in, or not testify in front of another jury. And you see, what is it? You know, you’re testing, which, whether they like that variable well or not. And it sounds like what Mark Richards. It says as well, we tested it with Kyle and they liked it better when it was with Kyle. And so that’s why we went with Kyle. It’s like, yes, I understand that. But a focus jury focus group, they’re always going to want more information.

They’re always going to want to see more than you’re willing to give them. And so, you know, regardless, look, there’s no reason to go backwards on this thing. They won. He did it the way they did it. They put Kyle Rittenhouse on the stand. He knows how Wisconsin works, Wisconsin. They want to hear from the defendants. I wouldn’t have known that. And I think a lot of the other lawyers who are commenting on this stuff, unless you practice in that particular area, you wouldn’t have known that either. And so that golden rule, if you don’t put a defendant on the witness, stand kind of goes away if you happen to be practicing in Kenosha. And so Mark Richards knows that and he made the decision and he won. So, you know, for, for, you know, people who are sort of commenting, it’s always important to myself. And obviously I’m actually speaking only myself is that we recognize the limitations of our commentary. That, you know, I have a presumption on how things work, generally speaking in broad strokes, but apparently in Kenosha, if you’re Mark Richards and you’re in judge Schrader’s court, you put the defendant on the stand, wouldn’t have known that. So, uh, now we have another clip from Mark Richards says, is there anything that contributed to your win? You know, what was the biggest win? What would you attribute this tremendous success to mark? Here’s what he says.

There were a lot, I mean, I think, I think it’s at the beginning, but when attorney binger gave his opening statement and said those things, that Kyle chased roles in bombed down, I don’t know where that came from to this day. It was ridiculous. Um, and that gave me something to really show and argue to a jury that this isn’t fair. It’s, it’s not a game. And I think that was huge, Corey, you know, my co-counsel and I stress the word co-counsel. He was not a second chair was incredible. Um, we fought over who got to cross examine gage, girl squits, um, he won, um, and he did a better job than I would have.

All right. So Cory cheer, FEC, co-counsel not a second chair. We were equals on this bad boy and he was great. And he was a great, he did, he did a good job. Cross-examining gage gross it’s and I think it was probably the right call. Uh, Mark Richards is a little bit more, you know, kind of down to earth folksy. And I think you want him to deliver the more heartfelt portions of the trial, which he did. He specifically did with, uh, opening statements and closing arguments. And then he gave some of the more slice and dice portions of the case, somebody where you need somebody who’s cold and calculating to just go in there and just sort of dice them with words quickly. Oh, oh, oh. So it’s true. And isn’t it also, and you also did. Okay. And that’s what GRPC was great at.

Just kind of pulled out his sword, went out there and did a little slice and dice, and then turn the more emotional stuff back over to Mark Richard. So it says a lot happened. Also, bingers kind of a dummy. He said that that written bomb written house was chasing Rosenbaum. And that obviously was not the case. And so as soon as he said that it gave Mark Richards a lot to just latch into, and he certainly did that. So, uh, we get sort of the opposite of that question. If there was some really good things that happened here, uh, what were some bad things that happen? And he sorts of references written houses prior counsel, of course, I’ve been highly critical of them because they have been proven to be terrible lawyers. And Mark Richards here is not even going to call them by their first names. Here’s what he says.

You know, when I took this case, um, I was hired by the two first lawyers. I’m not going to use their names. Um, they wanted to use Kyle for a cause and something that I think was inappropriate and I don’t represent causes. I represent clients. And the only thing that ended up mattering to me was whether he was found not guilty or not,

As well as that, what

Kyle wants or does he, I believe that’s what he wanted. And I had, you know, I told him when I first met him when he was in custody, that if he was looking for somebody to go off on a crusade, I wasn’t as lawyer.

Yeah. Look at that face. And that’s exactly right. That’s exactly right. That was my biggest criticism with Pierce and Lynn and all these other guys, you know, everything was about fundraising and about, uh, you know, fighting back and all this media stuff and I’m going, Hey, uh, yeah, but you got a 17 year old kid right here though. Who’s like pretty high priority. And I had a lot of issues with how they handled it from the very get go, because remember he went back from Wisconsin over to Illinois and then there was all these extradition hearings that took place there. And they were really fighting to keep him in Illinois. And I said, why they have harsher bond conditions? He can’t get out of custody in Illinois, send them back to Wisconsin where he can get out on bail and there’s precedent for that. And as soon as they stopped fighting extradition, he went back over to Wisconsin, guess what happens?

Posted bail and he’s out of custody. So I don’t know why his, you know, first lawyers couldn’t figure that out, but it’s probably because they’re not good criminal defense lawyers. And they were not in thinking about his best interest. They were thinking about their crusade and generating a bunch of a bunch of funds. And so, I mean, I love what I heard from Mark Richards. He’s exactly right. It’s about, you know, it’s, you’ve got an ethical duty to the person that you’re representing, not to your fundraising account. So I’m glad that that, that got corrected early on in the case. We also have, uh, an interesting question. Uh, many of us here on this channel, we’re sort of playing games with the deliberation timeline. Is it going to be over three hours or under three hours? Is it going to be one day or four days? And people are speculating and playing that guessing game. And we were not alone. Also Mark Richards was also doing it with his wives and friends and family members. And you’re just going, oh, talk about anxiety here. It is.

I mean, I expected, we kind of picked amongst ourselves. Our wives are friends, my associates in the building and I had Tuesday at four 30. So I was way wrong Tuesday at four 30. Um, nobody had it going past Thursday. And you know, there was talk today about whether they were going to deliberate on Saturday. I’ve never seen a jury and I don’t mean this as a slight to them, but they didn’t have a lot of questions. We had no information that they ever fought. Um, they were just working through the issues and, you know, so it didn’t, it was the time that made me nervous. There wasn’t any information coming out.

Yeah. So he’s basically saying that they had the same frustrations that a lot of us had, you know, there wasn’t a lot of questions coming out. It was only those five questions. And the first two of those were that they wanted all of the jury instructions. They wanted pages one through six first and then seven through 36 second. And then one juror yesterday wanted to take the instructions home and we’re going, oh, what are they doing? We read through all the jury instructions yesterday 36 pages of them. We talked about provocation and the self-defense and the duty to retreat and how complicated they are and turns out that there, they were just making sure they were doing their due diligence. You know, they just, they went through it with a fine tooth comb. They came out and they reached the verdict that they did. And Mark Richards, even from within the courtroom was experiencing a lot of the same informational blackout that the rest of us were didn’t know what they were doing, had no indication that they were fighting or anything like that.

It’s just kind of a dead zone, kind of like silence. So, uh, they reached the verdict that they did. And that of course is good news. Mark Richards and the defense team also very concerned about many of the same things we were discussing here, concerned that maybe the jurors would try to reach a compromise, try to do a split verdict where they might try to reach an agreement or negotiate on the criminal charges. It, and now since we had a whole slew of lesser and chute occluded charges, it could have been one of those. Yeah. Maybe it’s not the intentional homicide, but maybe it’s the reckless negligent, whatever. And because there was 36 pages of documents in the jury instructions along with a whole slew of lesser included, many people are speculating that they’re trying to split, split this down the middle, say, well, well maybe we’ll do it on count five, but not on counts two. And that makes you certainly nervous because you don’t want that to happen. You want the self-defense principle, the concept that, that protects and privileges all the contact con uh, conduct to privilege Kyle exclusively for, for every charge. And if you pop that and you start to compromise, then you start to have the risk of the domino continues and he gets convicted on all charges. So here is Mark Richards discussing that concern after the verdict today,

You know, I was afraid of a compromise, you know, I know it’s been reported that we asked for lesser included. We objected to all lesser included. Um, Kyle was questioned on lesser included because he has to be, but that wasn’t our wish that wasn’t Kyle’s wish. And we, as time went on, we’re afraid that there would be some horse trading in the jury room. Um, and that’s what really concerned us.

Yeah. Horse trading, you know, sometimes stuff like this will happen even in DUI cases. And it’s really weird in DUI cases because sometimes the way the DUI charging will work is you’ll have multiple different charges that can kind of on top of one another. So you’ll have impaired to the slightest degree, which means if you’re impaired to any degree at all, that you can be convicted of a DUI, then you have the legal limit, which we’re all familiar with. And then you’ll typically have some sort of extreme DUI or a super extreme sort of a more serious DUIs based on the amount of blood alcohol content that’s in your body. And sometimes juries will do weird, weird things like they’ll split it where they’ll, they’ll actually convict somebody on a higher level charge. So they’ll say, well, we found that you were over the legal limit, but we’re not going to convict you on the impaired to the slightest degree charge.

And you’re sort of going well, if you’re going to convict me of that higher level one, that sort of includes the lower level. So how do you do that? Or they’ll convict somebody on a super extreme DUI, but not a lower level DUI. And you go, well, it’s kind of, you kind of have to, but they dealt, they don’t. Right. And oftentimes what that means, what that leads people to believe is that they’re trying to compromise. They’re trying to say, well, we’ll get them on that one, but not on this one. And so they’re trading horses because they just want to go home. And so, you know, that starts to make you very nervous as a defense lawyer, because it’s not like a poker game or a, a, a negotiation over a business deal. You know, give me, well, well, give me 25 widgets. I’ll give you a hundred dollars, a hundred and it’s 200 there, buddy.

You know, you, you know what my widgets cost, and you’re not negotiating over this. We’re not, we’re not trying to say, oh, we’re going to give Kyle one life sentence. Instead of two, it’s a, it’s a human being. It’s a human life. And so we don’t want people, especially jurors to get sort of loose with the, uh, with the outcomes on this stuff. Trading counts two and three for counts, four and five and that type of stuff. So, uh, fortunately we didn’t have that happen, but of course it is a concern. And Mark Richards was right to call it out. He also talks about the drone video. So a lot of us had a lot of questions about this. This was the magical drone evidence ferry video that was dropped on the prosecution’s desk. That happened to be improperly disclosed to the defense, happened to be about three times through the, the resolution or the ability to see at least the file size was almost three times bigger than the actual video file that was disclosed to the defense. And so Mark Richards is asked about that. You know, the judge was, was listening to your motion, to dismiss with prejudice, to dismiss without prejudice. And there was a lot of conversation about this. You got up. I mean, the judge got up off the bench and went down and looked at the big screen. You, you brought a big screen in here. Uh, what are your thoughts on the drone footage? Here’s Mark Richards.

I’m, I’m thankful. We’re never going to have to litigate the issue regarding the drone video, but they kept saying we stipulated to it. We let it in. We agreed to let it in because we saw the quality we were given and the jury couldn’t see anything. And then they’re saying, well, his first lawyer had it. Cause it was on Tucker Carlson. John Pearson never had that video. We’ve talked to Fox news, we’ve talked to Tucker Carlson show. The video that was on Tucker Carlson show started, right when Rosenbalm threw the bag, it did not start with the part that they showed at the beginning. It’s a huge difference. That’s what they built their whole case on with that garbage photo. And you know, maybe you don’t expect everything in a trial ever. And that program that they used and the expert from the crime lab specifically says on the company’s blog, artificial intelligent enhancements are not to be used for forensic evidence. And they did it. And our research after it, it would have been the subject of a huge motion. We don’t have to do it.

You see how shady that is? Oh my gosh. So he says specifically that, well, you know, they cropped it. They manipulated it. The video on Tucker Carlson started after the fact. So it’s all hogwash. Anyways, the sourcing of the video is problematic, but then he says the method of disclosure and the defense, his stipulation to this was so underhanded, it’ll make, you just it’ll make your skin crawl. So he says specifically that the reason they stipulated to the video, which means the government came to them and they said, listen, we’ve got all these videos of this one and this one, exhibit 37 and you know, Thomas banger and I’m Thomas banger and blah. And he’s got all of these different exhibits and they look at them and they said, okay, we got all these here. We just stipulate. We agree that, uh, go ahead and get them submitted.

And this was the point that I made at the start of the trial. I was like, why would they be admitting all of these exhibits without fighting over them? And it’s because they looked at them and I even made the point. It’s like, who cares? Take the jurors and rub their faces in every one of these videos. If it shows self-defense. I mean, if it shows your client is actually innocent and it hasn’t been adjusted, it’s like, who cares? Show all of them, all of the videos. And I thought that the defense was very strong and, and convinced that there was nothing that they were going to see that was going to be problematic for their case. So, so what take 25 videos. Nobody cares. They looked at them, they determined that they weren’t a threat to their case. They got him admitted. Same thing happens here.

So now we get this new footage. The prosecution knows because of prior practice with the defense that all they have to do is just show them some copy of it. Uh, here, here, uh, you want to look at it? Yeah. We looked at it yet. Again, nothing here. It’s like the other 35 videos you gave us. It’s another garbage video. And so they just say, oh, they’re just going to stipulate to it. Just like the others. Okay, judge, we’re stipulating to this other video, but guess what? They don’t turn that video in. That’s the video that the defense got. But the other video that’s actually going to be submitted to the jury actually does show something differently because you can see it more clearly, right? The resolution’s higher. I know every time I use the technical terms, somebody disagrees with them, but you can see more.

It is not as granular. You can actually zoom in and you can see more of the pixels. And so now the defense, they wouldn’t have never agreed. They would have never stipulated to getting that video in, in the first place, because now you would make the argument that it’s a freeze frame. It’s showing something, it’s an, it’s a narrative that the prosecution is proffering. That’s not based in evidence. And so you’d fight like hell to keep that out. And they didn’t do that because they didn’t know that there was the old switcheroo that happened until the close of evidence, shady, a F and Mark Richards knows that. Now they’re just saying, oh, this is just a little bit of a confusion. Uh, the file got renamed and I emailed it and I airdropped it, and I’m not a technical wizard. And I don’t even, you know, I don’t even get paid enough to know what file conversion stuff is. Even though I’ve got handbrake and format factory on my desktop. Oh, I’m so happy. And so, so glad that he got acquitted, but folks, this is gross behavior coming out of Kenosha, Wisconsin out of that DA’s office. All right. We have some more conversation here from Mark Richards talking about Kyle’s testimony and says, yeah, you know what? He’s probably got a lot of remorse. It shows out a little bit differently. PTSD counseling. I know Kyle Rittenhouse. I know how he feels. Here’s Mark Richards today thinking

It does. We’ve talked about it. Um, there’s been so much talk about whether the tears were, um, genuine. All I can say is when we prepared Kyle and we worked on his testimony, there were things we couldn’t talk about in my office because it got too emotional and he couldn’t handle it. He’s in counseling for PTSD. So he doesn’t sleep at night. Um, remorse, I think manifests itself. Some other ways. I don’t think he can ever walk out here and say that, um, because of the situation, but I know Kyle Rittenhouse and I know what he feels.

Yeah. So he’s, you know, he’s obviously a wreck, you know, 18 years old to go through that, you know, two people are dead. Another person injured, you live a year and almost, you know, several months with the weight of a potential life sentence over your shoulders. I mean, folks, you can’t even imagine the pressure that was on that young man PTSD and, and this entire experience is traumatic in and of itself. Standing there waiting for the bailiff to read your life, sentenced a few, your entire future in those two seconds, you know? Nope. You don’t know what that does to a person’s mind. I mean, I, I don’t know what it is. You know, I’ve stood there next to people who have been sentenced, but, and I felt what, what sliver of energy that they have given off, but it is not the same thing and what Kyle went through. I fully suspect that he’s going to have PTSD from this trial and the media exposure and a lot of work to do in order to overcome that and reap and piece together, you know, all the damage that has been done. So, oh man, emotional. Okay. What’s next for Kyle? Somebody asks him, here’s what Mark Richard says, Hey,

He has to get on with his life the best he can. I think eventually some anonymity we’ll come back to it. Um, I don’t think he’ll continue to live in this area. Um, I think it’s too dangerous. He’s had 24 hour security since this happened. We’re thankful that the judge protected his address. Um, everybody in this case. And when I say that, I mean prosecution defense, to me, it’s scary. How many death threats we’ve had? You know, I was answering my phone on the way back from court and Kenosha. I don’t my office isn’t that far after the third death threat, I quit answering the phone

24 hours security stopped answering the phone after the third death threat yesterday on the show we went through, we read a lot of judge Schrader’s death threats. So I mean, it’s, you know, highly volatile situation. And so what’s Kyle going to do probably have to get out of there and rightfully so. You know, it is, um, it’s, it’s, it’s too much. There’s no reason to stick around. I don’t think. And so we now go back to talking about some of the specifics. Now that Kyle is acquitted on all of the charges, what do we do about that bond? Remember there was a $2 million bond that was ultimately paid for Kyle is acquitted. So that bond was put up to secure his appearance. It was saying, look, we’re going to hold onto these $2 million and we’re going to let Kyle go in exchange for that $2 million.

If Kyle doesn’t show up for court, that’s our $2 million and we’re going to use that to go get Kyle. And so we’re, you know, that’s sort of the security to make sure that he shows up to court. Well, now he’s been acquitted. He doesn’t have any more court dates. There was no reason for him to ever have contact regarding this case. Again, he has been found, not guilty of all the charges. So now that bond is not necessary to secure any appearance. And so that’s got to go back to somebody and it’s $2 million. That’s a lot of money. And Kyle Rittenhouse was somebody who was a lightening rod for fundraising in this country. A lot of people raise a lot of money. Who’s going to get that money back. Mark Richards doesn’t know too much about that. Here’s what he said.

I suspect there will be a fight over that. Um, you know, John Pierce is the person who posted the bond. Um, all of that money was raised on behalf of Kyle, um, would and fight back, say that they’re entitled to it. Um, there was anyone when I I’m using round numbers, but there was half a million dollars. I think that came directly from Wendy Rittenhouse from money she had raised. So there’s going to be a fight over that. And I’m just thankful that there will be a fight over that because if he had lost it, wouldn’t have mattered aspirations to be a first responders that still wants to be a nurse. What would you say?

Yeah. So Kyle’s going to go and be a nurse and, you know, John Pierce and Linwood and whoever else is involved in any of that, that, you know, any of that fundraising, uh, $2 million that they’re going to have to duke it out over. It sounds like even Wendy Rittenhouse put up $500,000. So it sounds like what he’s talking about is it a lot of this money, all got sort of put into a big pot and got kind of co-mingled a little bit, and then it was put up. And so nobody really knows who’s responding. You know, there’s $2 million out there that is now exonerated. So that money is now, you know, the judge is going to be order, order that to be released. Where does that go? A lot of people are going to want a piece of that. Now Tom has binger little binger, I think is the hashtag on Twitter. He was the focal point of the prosecution throughout this entire trial. We have Mark Richards who gets asked about him because Mark Richards has been practicing law for a long time. We know Thomas binger has been also practicing law for a long time. Have these two cross passed before. Yes. In fact they have, here is what Mark Richards has to say about Thomas binger today.

I’ve known Tom binger for a long time. I knew him when he was a civil lawyer. Um, I’m disappointed with some of the things he did. Um, and I’ve said why putting on the Canary brothers when you know their line, um, changing your prosecution, going with provocation after you say that my client chased him down and shot him in the back. Um, calling him an active shooter when he’s not, you know, justice is done when the truth is reached. And I don’t know that it’s set up to do that, but a prosecutor is supposed to seek the truth. It’s not about winning and this case became about winning and that’s probably why it got so personal. How about the judge? What did he say about,

Yeah, so he asked him specifically about banger and he says, I’m pretty disappointed in binger. There’s a lot that he did, that was inappropriate. He put people on the stand that were liars and he knew that they were lying. And he also changed the strategy of his case sort of at the last minute, which was interesting because you know, you’re not, you’re not sort of obligated to share your strategy with the opposing side. You know, in Arizona, for example, there are some courts where you can be a lot more cordial and candid with prosecutors because they’re smaller courts, smaller jurisdictions. In fact, some courts just have one prosecutor and that’s all you’ve got, right? You just know who it is and you’re on first name basis with them. And you have others where it’s really fungible. Like prosecutors can change dynamically because of how their offices are structured.

And so sometimes they’ll just pick up a case in the morning, a DUI is a DUI is a DUI doesn’t matter, they don’t care. And so now you have sort of a strategies that maybe aren’t even discussed with, with opposing counsel, but in this case, it sounds like, you know, this is a very long case and they’ve been working on it for a long time. He he’s known Thomas binger since they, you know, he was a civil lawyer however long ago, that was. And so they’re talking through these issues and it sounds like Mark Richards and Thomas binger had more of a cordial relationship. You know, they’re talking about these things and they’re saying, listen, here’s my strategy, Kyle Rittenhouse. Self-defense what do you think? No, I don’t think so. I think Kyle Rittenhouse was the aggressor and he chased Rosenbaum and shot Rosenbaum in the back.

That’s why we’re charging this. And I said, okay, well, you know, if that’s your interpretation, I guess my interpretation is this. Can I, can I try to rebut your interpretation? Let me go out and get facts to rebut that belief that you have, Mr. Prosecutor, maybe we can negotiate through this and then reach a plea deal or a dismissal of the charges. If I can convince you to come around on my side, you see how that works. How that’s a little bit more of a, we’re both working together towards justice. A prosecutor says, listen, here’s my objective take on the case. This is what I think happened. And the defense says, here’s my take on the case. Here’s what I think happened. And you both sort of go well, you know, okay, I can see your perspective on that, but let me, let me clarify for you.

And let’s work through this to see if we can maybe come to an agreement that doesn’t result in, in, in lives being wrecked. And you say, okay, cool. We’re going to work together on that. And if you can’t come to an agreement, then you say, all right, well, listen, we’re going to let the jurors decide about this. I think I’ve got a stronger case. You think you’ve got a stronger case. We’re going to let the jury decide, but you present your evidence based on the same premises that you’ve already discussed during the pre-trial processes during those proceedings. And you just say, look, we can’t, you know, we’re at loggerheads here. We can’t agree on, on the interpretation of these facts. So we’re going to let the jurors decide, but you kind of play a fair game. You know, you kind of, you take your strategy and you execute the play because you kind of had conversations about it.

And you know that there are certain things that you can, and you can not talk about like the CVS video, right? You can’t talk about that. You both are going to play ball. You’re going to put up on his witnesses that tell the truth. You’re going to play fair. You’re going to both disclose evidence to each other. If Rittenhouse has videos, they’re going to give you the real copies. If government has videos, they’re going to give you the full copies and vice versa, and everybody’s going to play fair. But Thomas binger didn’t play fair. Did he? And that’s why Mark Richards is disappointed with him. He changed his strategy at the last minute. It’s you’re, you’re okay to do that. You can do that. But if, if Mark Richards had known that those were the rules, maybe he wouldn’t have been such a nice guy with a lot of the other stipulations.

If Mark Richards knew that binger was going to try to sneak in that CVS evidence under the nose of the judge in the middle of a line of direct of cross-examination, maybe Mark Richards wouldn’t have been such a nice guy, but Mark Richards was under the presumption that Thomas binger was acting as Thomas binger had acted according to their standard of relations because they’ve known each other for a long time. And then Thomas binger became a prosecutor and wanted to go and win and get the conviction at all costs, not fight for justice, but fight for a conviction. And that’s what Mark Richards is so disgusted about. And he’s, you know, he’s not using that word, I’m using it, but it is disgusting behavior. If you’re going to be, you know, playing above board, then play above board. If you want to play aggressively and hide in the shadows and play in the dark, that’s fine.

Hide in the shadows and play in the dark. But don’t tell us that we’re playing above board and we’re going to be candid open and, and transparent with one another and then do underhanded stuff. That’s a, no-no, that’s inappropriate. It’s like, you know, taking steroids in a sports game. Yeah. You know, you’re using the same bat in the same moves, but you’ve got an unfair advantage. You’re not playing according to the same standards that we are. And that’s what Mark Richards was upset about. We have another clip from him, sort of laughing at some of the much ado about nothing that we’ve seen a lot of in this trial. Uh, talking about the Asian food comment, talking about the tumbler and a lot of the minutia that the media tried to latch onto in order to make this into something that it isn’t, here’s what he said.

You know, I’ve, I’ve never seen so much made of so little and that’s not to pick on you guys or anything like that. But I’ve tried cases as a prosecutor a hundred years ago in front of judge Schrader. I’ve tried cases as a defense lawyer and him and I butted heads as a defense lawyer. Um, judge Schrader gives you a fair trial as a defendant. You don’t want him to sentence your client. Okay. Um, but in this case, we were looking for a fair trial and if we lost, we knew what was going to happen. So it wouldn’t have mattered whether it was that judge or some other judge he’s getting life in prison. So I’d rather have a fair trial. I thought he gave us a fair trial. Um,

Basically saying, you know, much, much love to the judge. We know that he’s going to give us a fair trial, but we know if he’s convicted and it’s basically life insect life in prison. So there’s, there’s not much to consider in terms of selecting judges for sentencing. Sometimes defense lawyers will want to pick certain judges for certain trials in certain cases. I don’t know how things work in Wisconsin, but in Arizona, uh, both sides have notices to change judges. So if you get in front of a judge that you really don’t, you know, have an issue with you can file. What’s called a notice for a change of judge and get a different judge. And so, you know, picking the right forum, the right judge, the right court, using some of those rules to your advantage is part of the conversation. And of course, that was part of the conversation here.

I know judge Schrader been in front of them. A lot of the time done trials in front of him before fair Drudge. We know if he’s going to sentence, it’s not going to be good, but at least for the trial portion of it, he’s going to run a fair show. And you know, largely the judge, even though I disagreed stylistically with a lot of how he ran the courtroom, I, you know, I’d say that he, he made, when he, when he made bad decisions, they were equally bad for both sides when he made good decisions, they were equally equally good for both sides. There was a lot of decisions he made that went against Kyle Rittenhouse that I thought were very bad decisions, but he also made some decisions that I thought were, were a little strange for the, for the prosecution. Not that I can think of any right now, but okay. So we have another conversation about the sh the tumbler, which was a subject of a lot of attention during the time that it was used.

I know everybody got all crazy about the tumbler, who cares that has nothing to do with this. I mean, I’ve seen the tumbler used before. I’ve seen clerks pull things out and suspicious things happen. Um, Kyle pulled it out and I’ll be real honest. We had every juror scored on a, uh, a sheet and we were devastated when those three of the six jurors were separated from them now, because we thought they were three of our strongest jurors and Kyle pulled her names. So I think it’s a good system. Um, uh, you know, I’ve got to trial in front of them, you know, a big case. And maybe in that one, I’ll think he’s unfair, but he’s a fair judge.

Yeah, he’s a fair judge. He says I’ve been in front of him a number of times. And that’s what you’d expect from a lawyer who’s been practicing for a long time, says that the tumbler is no problem at all. And don’t see why it’s such a big deal. So that was Mark Richards during the press conference that we learned a lot about how he thinks about this case and how he was processing. A lot of the information we learned that Kyle is obviously very relieved and he ends that press conference by saying, can I go home now? And he just sort of walks off into the sunset. So, uh, congratulations, once again, to Mark Richards, the entire defense team, they need a long, long weekend, and hopefully they’re going to be taking it and resting up same, goes to Kyle and his family and everybody else involved.

So final congratulations to the Rittenhouse team. The white house is reacting to the written house verdict. They post it on Twitter. President Biden says while the verdict and Kenosha will leave many Americans feeling angry and concerned myself included. We must acknowledge that the jury has spoken my full statement. Well, I’m sorry you feel that way, Joe. Uh, I’ll tell you this, myself and many Americans feel pretty happy about it. Pretty elated, pretty much enjoying that sweet smell of that’s permeating the air today. It’s very pungent. We love it. And so, yeah, you might have a lot of concerns. We had a lot of concerns about this. Still do have a lot of concerns, even though Kyle Rittenhouse has been acquitted. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t issues at stake here, like why this case was even prosecuted in the first place and whether or not there’s going to be any repercussions to anybody who was involved in bringing the charges.

And so let’s see what president Biden had to say about it because we’re also going to check in. He had some other statements for us that came when he was running for office back during the election. So November 19th, the white house posted this as well. The verdict in Kenosha will leave many Americans feeling angry and concerned myself included. We must acknowledge the jury has spoken. I ran on a promise to bring Americans together. Believe because I believe that what unites us is far greater than what divides us. I know that we’re not going to heal our country’s wounds overnight, but I remained steadfast and my commitment to do everything in my power to ensure that every American is treated equally with fairness and dignity under the law. So these statements, what the hell did he just say? There there’s nothing in there. I urge everyone to express their views peacefully.

Okay. Consistent with the rules of law violence and destruction of property have no place in our democracy, unless you’re, I guess, on the streets of Kenosha in 2020, then you can kind of, you’re kind of a hero. According to binger, the white house and the federal authorities have been in contact with governor Eavers office to prepare for any outcome. In the case, I’ve spoken with the governor this afternoon offered support and any assistance. So president Joe Biden, he’s upset about it, which is, uh, it’s good that he’s still with us because we had president Kamala Harris today for about 10 minutes. Scary thoughts to think about that. We were almost done. I mean, what if, what if Kyle Rittenhouse had not been acquitted? And we had president Kamala Harris on the same day would have been a rough Friday, but that didn’t happen. So we’re back. We got president it and he’s back in charge. Mayor, bill de Blasio. Can’t let a statement go. He said that Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbalm are victims. So as they should be alive today, the only reason they’re not is because a violent, dangerous man chose to take a gun across state lines and start shooting people.

It’s oh, he says to call this a miscarriage of justice is an understatement. This guy is the dumbest person in America. Oh my goodness. So he says that Kyle Rittenhouse is just a violent, dangerous man. He just went across state lines and he just started shooting people. Mayor, bill de Blasio, what a joke. All right. So fortunately, he’s not going to be around much longer. And then as we mentioned, we’ve got representative Jerry Nadler, Congressman he’s also here today says this is a heartbreaking verdict. It’s a miscarriage of justice and sets a dangerous precedent, which justifies federal review by the DOJ. Can you see, can you believe this big guy? He wants to refer this over to the federal justice department justice. He says, cannot tolerate armed persons, crossing state lines, looking for trouble while people engage in first amendment protected protest.

Jerry Nadler wants to refer this over to the DOJ and people were speculating about this. Well, what can they, what can they get him on? And of course there it is. It’s crossing state lines. It’s weapons charges across state lines, federal jurisdiction. You have a sitting congressperson who is so triggered by this verdict that he’s now wanting to bring in the feds. We’ll see where that goes. Uh, JD Vance is, was out first with the statement. He’s a candidate running in Ohio says, even though Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted, he was long ago convicted in the court of public opinion. Not only was the trial, a total embarrassment, but it also showed our entire criminal justice system is nothing more than a big joke for the last year. A teenage boy was slandered and attacked by a bias conglomerate of progressive advocates claiming to be journalists. Jury was harassed by MSNBC. Crile faced a corrupt prosecutor who attacked the law abiding citizens while excusing the actions of looters riders and thieves went so far as to call them heroes, the deceit and dishonesty that we saw in this case, it made a total mockery of our first amendment, which does not give a license to, for the powerful, to harass politically convenient children. This was not impartial justice in a constitutional society. It was mob rule and a banana Republic,

Not a bad statement there from JD Vince. Now the DCC came out the democratic congressional committee. What is the DCC? Democratic congressional caucus, something or other it’s the big one. DCC. What is, what is this? Anyway, their chairman came out and it’s representative Sean Patrick Maloney issued the following statement about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict says quote, it’s disgusting and disturbing that someone was able to carry a loaded assault rifle into a protest against the unjust shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man, and take the lives of two people and injure another and face. Absolutely no consequences. Well he’s, he’s paced faced some pretty severe consequences. It’s the democratic congressional campaign committee. That’s what it is. Thank you. Shout out to Joel Rowley. It is clear that our legal system has one set of rules for some Americans and very different standards for others. Okay? People are right to be outraged. They’re right. To be outraged at the violence that disproportionately people of color.

There were no people of color shot in this case. What is he talking about? And a legal system that fails to hold the violent accountable. We must continue to fight to end the violence against black Americans and stand for issues that affirmed their humanity. While we work to engage in the hearts of minds of Americans and we need to achieve justice for all, there were no, there were no black people shot in this case, right? That I missed that. Okay. So the ACL is also here and they wrote a big, long screening tirade as they typically do. They say Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty of the fatal shooting. The situation represents an outrageous failure to protect protestors by the Kenosha PD and the Kenosha county Sheriff’s office. They’re going to be filing a lawsuit against them. That’s why they’re saying this. If they have not already, maybe they have says months of research and open records requests have uncovered many incidents in which police encouraged white militia members to become armed vigilantes in the street due to their failure to control the crowd ACL you is stepping in the game.

Folks, people are breaking into sides. Now ACLU versus the police. I mean, the police they’re saying are encouraging white militia members, uh, to, uh, to take control. ACLU says, despite Kyle Rittenhouse, his conscious decision to travel across state lines and injure one person and take the lives of two. He was not held responsible. Unfortunately they say this is not surprising. His acquittal comes after our investigation exposed how Kenosha law enforcement used violence against protestors and drove them towards white militia groups in a way that escalated tensions. It is far too easy to overlook. The impact that violence in defense of white supremacy has on the black and brown communities.

The ACLU says that I, I guess police are defending white supremacy now violence in the defense of white supremacy. Wild times when the community rose up to exercise their first amendment, right to protest. After the police shot a black man in front of his children, police enabled white supremacist militia members. The result of this failure was bloodshed. The ACL Lou was saying, the police, the police are enabling white supremacist militia members on Twitter. No one should be targeted, threatened to attack for exercising. Our first amendment, right? It’s our right to protest and demand justice. We’ll be watching to ensure no one. Even law enforcement interferes as we re-imagined public safety. We’re going to create solutions for all. Everybody that’s neglected and preyed upon wild. So ACLU then is going to be filing lawsuits. As you can imagine, if they have not already, uh, against everybody in Kenosha wanting to secure big verdicts and big settlements, blaming them for supporting white supremacists and white supremacy, militia groups.

Oh man. Wild. All right. So what else do we have ACLU of Maryland? They chimed in similarly, they said dangerous, disgusting, unacceptable, white supremacy, white supremacy. They call it a system of oppression. And that white supremacy system of oppression is dangerous, disgusting, and unacceptable. I really don’t. I mean, I really don’t know what they’re talking about, but okay. So we had this very interesting article come out from MSNBC. Let’s indulge this for a second so we can see how these people think. Kyle Rittenhouse trial, according to this guy, Johanne Jones says that his trial was designed to protect white conservatives who kill the entire trial. The shooters homicide acquittal, coddles conservatives, and may lead to even more violence written on November 19th by Johanne Jones says he fatally shot two people, but calls this an outrageous yet unsurprising verdict and to trial marred by controversy, we get some background.

We know enough of that. We know he was found not guilty. Got that the case had the makings of an acquittal before the trial even began. Why almost exclusively white jury pool. He says, judge said, you can call them rioters and looters, but not victims, which apparently is illegal. Even though we have what’s called the presumption of innocence. Rittenhouse is a white teen abides by white rules and white people are empathetic to those. And they’re going to insulate him for the repercussions. The day he pled not guilty to felony homicide, homicide, Rittenhouse flashed a white supremacist symbol. He was loudly serenaded by a group of men at a bar on the night of the shooting officers minutes before he opened fire, they thanked the rightful rifle, toting team saying, we appreciate you guys. We really do. We played that video here, law enforcement, including a department known to cover up its own lawless act gave written house cover from the get-go with these endorsements jaw Han, Joan says white conservatives felt all the more comfortable swaddling Rittenhouse in the protection. They often give to police and vigilantes serving white conservative interest from people like George Zimmerman to mark and Patricia McCloskey. Rittenhouse is their latest darling pitifully seeing heroism and an armed team who set out to patrol pro black protests as though he were policed.

I can’t even take these articles then pitiful as they are. We can’t dismiss his supporters. As cause as conservatives last year, then president Trump’s administration issued talking points, which we’re going to hear from said, excuse me. He said that Rittenhouse was there to defend small business owners. All right. Enough of this article, the jury’s decision was dangerous to an endorsement of that. Vision’s to own the libs. Oh my gosh. So hopefully you brought your salt buckets because there’s a lot of that. Thanksgiving is next week, isn’t it? That’s right. And so you’ve got a lot of salt from these people that you can, uh, spread all over your Thanksgiving, Turkey. It’s going to taste delicious. A lot of people now also asking questions about defamation and what our Kyle written houses, uh, options for recourse. Can he win a verdict? I’m not a defamation lawyer. I don’t do civil claims. Uh, so I can’t really opine on that. But Mark Richards gets asked about it and he also gets asked about people like president Biden, commenting about this and people like Donald Trump and others commenting about it. What does he say? Here’s Mark Richards

And I’m not laughing at president Biden. What I’m laughing at is a friend of mine. Who’s a lawyer said, he goes in him and I had done a big case together seven, eight years ago. And he said, do you think this written house is going to be bigger than that case? And I said, you know, I do. And he said, why do you say that? And I said, I’ve never had a case. And I don’t think I ever will. We’re within two days or three days of one another, you know, the president and the presidential candidate comment on it. And both of them had such different beliefs. Um, president Biden said some things that I think are so incorrect and untrue. He’s not a white supremacist. I’m glad that he at least respects the jury verdict. And if the government had any information regarding his cell phone or anything that he’d been to any of those websites or been online doing that kind of stuff, it would have been introduced in evidence. It wasn’t. We were the individuals who released his cell phone, which couldn’t be cracked by the FBI because we had nothing to hide.

Yeah, it’s, there’s, there’s no evidence of white supremacy in this case at all, at all. And the, the government got a full direct copy of Kyle Rittenhouse, his phone and Mark Richard says, look, they would have been able to go onto his browser, look at his cookies, see what the history looks like and what websites he’s been to, you know, a white supremacy, america.com or whatever he goes to, you know, is the allegation. He didn’t go to any of those websites because that’s not who he is. He’s not that type of a person, but you get people like Joe Han Jones and others that make everything about white supremacy, no matter what to make everything about black versus white, even though it isn’t make everything about Kyle Rittenhouse wanting to stop a BLM protest from happening when Joseph Rosenbaum was running around, dropping the N word every other sentence.

So it’s all political at this point. And you can see that even on the back of a victory, even when a jury in a justice system comes back and says, Hey, we took a look at it. And the evidence is bad. Even when people like Joe Scarborough and Ana Kasparian and many others say, oh, the evidence came out, we were wrong about that. We’re going to kind of backtrack that a little bit. Even then it still becomes a black versus a white thing. And it becomes a racist, white supremacy, militia argument, always. It’s never going to end. And so what do you do about that? Well, you just ignore those people and you just laugh at them and you just play their articles and you just laugh at them. And you just say what a ridiculous joke this is. And so we’ll just continue to do that here. Now, speaking of what Joe Biden had to say about this when he was a lot more competent and, uh, medical, uh, mentally available, he said something like this. Jewish deplorable reminded us of this. As Biden went on CNN last year and accused Rittenhouse of being part of a white supremacist militia. I hope Kyle sues the S out of him here is how that sounded.

I don’t know enough to know whether that’s 17 year old kid, uh, exactly what he did, but allegedly, he’s part of a militia coming out of the state of Illinois. Have you ever heard this president say one negative thing about white supremacists? Have you ever heard it? That’s the reason I got back in this race, because what happened in Charlottesville, people coming out of the woods, carrying torches, their veins bulging,

All right. So white supremacists, white supremacist militia out of Illinois. You’re going, that’s not true at all, but they needed this narrative. They needed Joe Biden and the media needed this. They needed a law, a launching point so that they could turn this back into an attack on Donald Trump. And Kyle Rittenhouse was being used by both sides back then being used by the left to push forward. This narrative that Donald Trump is a racist white supremacist, and that anybody who supports him or anybody who defends Kyle Rittenhouse by proxy is a white supremacist or somebody who is, you know, insurrectionary. Uh, and I forgot to change the screen. So, uh, that, that was then also Donald Trump was president back then when this happened. Here’s what he said back at that time.


All right. Something, I dunno, what, what happened there? Let me, uh, let me see if I can fix that slide so that we can actually play that there may be two videos

[inaudible] looks like,

All right, here, it is sorry about that folks. We’re going to play it like this.

We’re looking at all of it. That was an interesting situation. You saw the same tape as I saw. And, uh, he was trying to get away from them, I guess it looks like, and he fell and then they very violently attacked him. And it was something that we’re looking at right now. And it’s under investigation, but, uh, I guess he was in very big trouble. He would have been, he probably would have been killed, but it’s under, it’s under investigation, private law enforcement take care of everything. I think everything should be taken care of law enforcement. But again, we have to give our cops back our police back, their dignity, the respect. They’re very talented people that,

All right. So he goes into the cop spiel again, but yeah, no, he might’ve been killed. He would’ve been killed if he didn’t do what he did there. And so, uh, that was Donald Trump versus Joe Biden. And so a tremendous day of victory for Kyle Rittenhouse. And so we want to celebrate it for the rest of the show and see what you have to say about this. Let’s jump over to locals first and see what we’ve got. We’ve got some questions that have been rolling in. Let’s see where we’re starting today. Those were yesterday’s questions. What’s going on here.

A lot of questions came in yesterday, but where are today’s questions right here? It is a me loves dogs, says what did dark crypto contributed Kyle’s defense. He seemed that he had some evidence get them over to the weekend. Not sure. Yay for Kyle. That was for me, loves dogs. I don’t know. So I just started following Darth crypto and apparently he’s been doing great work on, on the case. So make sure you go check him out news. Now Wyoming says, even if you’ve already talked about it, can we spend a few more minutes talking about those quote, fake cries while he was on the stand? When I told my mom today that he had more of her fake tears while the verdict was being read, and she should watch it to see if her original opinion changed. She refused saying she has no interest in watching him being found, not guilty.

I don’t hate ignorance. I hate willful ignorance. Oh no. So mom, it sounds like for news now, doesn’t believe Kyle’s tears called them fake tears. And then what we saw today, again, looked to be, you know, exactly genuine, just like when he was testifying. I mean, sorry about that news now. Hopefully your mom, you know, comes out of that soon. Uh, but you know, Henry Dickson says after watching Kyle’s attorney deliberately leave out the names of the original attorneys who hired them, uh, to the case, Barnes included was left surprised by that. Why do you think Mitchell, Mr. Richards would off you skate the people who hired him to the case that he alleges we’re interested in broader political causes. Uh, that’s from Henry modding away over there. Shout out. Thank you, Henry. So I think he was, I’m not sure. I’m not sure to whom he was referring, but when I was thinking about it, I wasn’t thinking about barns.

I thought that Barnes was sort of a, um, uh, you know, not, not an attorney of record on the criminal case, but somebody who has sort included in the court of public opinion type of a conversation. But I don’t know, I don’t know the specifics of any of that, and I’ve tried to stay out of it, but what I, what I suspected he was talking about was, uh, John Pearson Linwood. And I don’t think he was trying to obfuscate it. I think he was trying to, uh, belittle them a little bit by not using their names. Right. I think he was sort of disgusted or upset with them. So he wasn’t trying to obfuscate it. He was just like, I’m not even going to mention them because they’re so, uh, you know, not pleasant. Ben Tomlinson says, I’m so glad about the Rittenhouse verdict. Let’s all give praise to juror 54, the likely quote, Karen who did the right thing and did not hang the jury.

How much of an overall impact do you think ricotta’s stream had on the trial? Additionally, I’m so glad in the U S you have televised trial in Canada. We don’t, which means that the only reporting comes from journalists present in the courtroom. I personally do not see the benefit of that. What do you think about televised trials? Well, I like televised trials. I think that they’re good. I like to see more of what’s happening. I think that we certainly have risk of impeding the judicial process. If we have, excuse me, journalists that are chasing around, you know, jury buses. That’s not a good thing. If we have jurors like Brandon Mitchell, who are elbowing their way to get on the jury panel, that’s not a good thing. You know, we need to make sure that the system of justice is being protected and not viscera by public interests.

You know, we don’t want the court of law to turn into judge Judy proceedings. That’s not what we want at all, but we also want to see what goes on here. I’m also very grateful that what we saw in this courtroom was broadcast by people like Nick ricotta that had a hundred thousand people on his stream on a regular basis or 80 to a hundred, you know, regularly. That’s amazing, you know, did the stream have an impact on the outcome of the trial that I don’t know, you know, I don’t know what Mark Richards was, was doing if they were browsing YouTube or if they were communicating with people, I would guess that they were, that they had people who were feeding them information. And if the people on ricotta stream were gathering good information and in sending it their way, absolutely. I, I don’t, I don’t put it past it, that they could have a dramatic impact on the outcome of the trial, but I don’t know, but I do know that they had a dramatic impact in the court of public opinion.

They were able to communicate exactly what was going on in real time, in a way that got a lot of people to see all the disgusting stuff that often happens inside of a courtroom. And I’m grateful that America got to see it. And that the outcome was what it was, because this is not an aberration. This happens very regularly every day in the court of law, but it doesn’t happen to somebody that we all know about. It happens a thousand times a day to many nameless, faceless defendants all around the country, which is why we do what we do here at our law firm. That’s why we’re so passionate about it because we want to help people like Kyle Rittenhouse or even people that may or may not be 100% innocent, but are still good people and don’t deserve to have their lives wrecked into oblivion.

So I think that the more people that are talking about these issues and bringing it to light the better we have speech unleashed says, do you think go-fund me can be sued by Kyle for removing the fund after all they use the excuse of not wanting to support criminal activity made clear that he was never criminally guilty. So I don’t think so. I mean, um, you know, there’s probably pretty robust terms and conditions and different policies there that you sort of, you know, just agree to having your fundraiser booted off if you use their service, I would guess. And so I don’t think that that would, you know, be, be fruitful full other than it might, like you said, dissuade them from being overly political in the future. I don’t know what’s oh, eight says, well, well, Robert, we can now believe in our justice system.

This young man has been dismissed. He can now live a free man state case fell apart. I hope they get reprimanded by their superiors. That’s from woods. Good to see woods. We’ve got LA medic says what an amazing day. So happy for Kyle and his family. What a crazy ride. I cannot say that this trial has not given the world a brief bunch of amazing memes though. I’m not sure what to do with myself now without you and ricotta. I know, man, it’s been like a whirlwind. I’ll tell you what I’m, I’m, I’m very relieved for Kyle. I’m very relieved for his family. I’m very relieved for everybody. And I’ll tell you, it was a long road. You know, it was a long road for, for Kyle was a long road for, for everybody. And so I think that even though that, you know, all of us are sort of in this rhythm and this pace of being glued to the data, glued to the screen, when’s this coming on, red alert.

It’s going to be good to just go, okay, fine justice. Finally, we’ve got some justice in this case, that’s going to be a good breather for everybody. Uh, John and Heather says the Mrs. And I were personally invested in this case for a myriad of reasons. This feels like the first quote win we’ve had in a long while. It was great to follow this with everyone here on locals. And I second that John and Heather, you know, it’s been, it’s been a lot of work, you know, for me, it’s been a lot of energy. It’s been a lot of investment. And I know that that many of you have been along for every minute of all of that. And so I’m so grateful for it. It’s like we’ve been through this, like, uh, you know, when you go through the, uh, the gauntlet, they call it together, you kind of come out and you’re like bros at the other end.

Like we, Hey, we survived that. And we did. And you know, it was a, it was a grueling case. We learned a lot together. We put a lot of time in and it was the right outcome. So we’ve got Wisconsin lover says. So it appears as if Robert Barnes who was very, very present before Kyle’s verdict, speaking badly against the defense has been a little quiet. I’m disappointed with Barnes have lost respect for him. Whoa. He has not been acting. He has been acting very butt-hurt. However, me knowing Wisconsin. Well, I understand why he has made, why he may have been disinvited. Barnes thinks he knows Kenosha well, but Barnes assembling a dream team and swooping in is about the last thing. Unassuming Kenosha jurors would like likewise, Wisconsinites, like to see self-defense defendants on the stand. One of the primary faults with the defense as well.

I’m sorry. Barnes has stoop so low. So, uh, listen to Wisconsin lover. Uh, I, you know, I’ve, I’ve been following what Barnes has been saying. I think Barnes is a very good lawyer. I think he’s very intelligent. I think he’s got a lot of astute observations and I think that, you know, it’s very normal and commonplace for lawyers to have disagreements. I mean, this is why it’s called practicing law. There really is no right way to do it. There are many different ways of skinning a pineapple or what skinning a cat there’s, there’s a number of different things that, that are all right. And it’s, it’s hard to determine what is the correct course when you can’t test the opposite, you know? So you don’t know, like, for example, for me, my, I had a strong opposition to putting Kyle on the stand they did, they won now, if they didn’t put Kyle on the stand mile, they might’ve won anyways.

Right. They might’ve won regardless. Maybe it, maybe it, maybe they would won in one day or three hours in a verdict deliberation, or maybe they would have lost if they didn’t put them on the stand. Who knows. Right. It’s really easy to sort of second guess and play those games. Uh, all I know man is, is I’m just happy as hell that he is acquitted. I did have some qualms with some of the defense team, but I don’t live in Wisconsin. I don’t know how it works. I think your points are well, well-taken about unassuming, Kenosha, jurors and things like that. You know, something I wouldn’t have noticed, like I said, was that the, that they want to hear from the defendant and Wisconsin. And that’s what Mark Richard said, oh no, here in this place, in this town, they want to hear from you. Okay.

So I give, I give attorneys in, in basically all situations, a lot of leeway because it’s complicated stuff and everybody’s got an opinion. And so, you know, it’s hard to test any alternatives, but I appreciate you sharing your perspective there. And maybe there are others who agree with you. Theresa says, Hey, Rob, been watching your show for over a year now. So relieved that Kyle is free watching your show really has given me a new perspective. I was meeting with a parent of one of my students the other day. And he said he was a prosecutor. And all I could think of was, oh, bummer, that’s too bad. I definitely have a whole new appreciation for criminal defense attorneys after this trial keep up the great work. Well, thank you, Theresa. And I, uh, I agree with you, you know, look and it doesn’t mean he’s a bad person.

I’m sure he’s a really nice guy. Probably has a good little son. You know, maybe the son will be a hall monitor for your school and prosecute everybody. Who’s late little punk. Uh, no, that’s funny. Thanks for sharing that. And hopefully, uh, you know, hopefully you stick around, even though you’ve got a prosecutor watching, uh, we’ve got many people talked about KR should have testified, but I think it was really the tipping point for the jury. They were able to see it through his eyes. It could be that. Yeah, absolutely. It could be that. All right, let’s see, we had a couple other questions come in. Let’s jump over to YouTube and see what we’ve got over here. We had at the start of the show, we had not applicable says the diaper is Biden’s nickname. We have Tom Richard says I’m celebrating with a cigar and a scotch great day for America and the second amendment community as always appreciate the thorough analysis and the coverage. Well, thank you, Tom. I’m glad that you’re here. Uh, no whiskey for me or no scotch for me, but sheers my friend to a great day of justice. Oh yeah. Cheers.

Oh yeah. Oh, that’s delicious. Taste of justice right there. Parch parched is gone. I am now refreshed with freedom and America. We have another question from Bobby. Moody says so happy for Kyle and the USA. Cheers to Bobby Moody. Also Halloween ball says, thank you so much, Robert, for all you do justice finally. Well, I didn’t do much on any of this stuff other than just hanging out with all of you and talk about it. And so I’m grateful for your time being here and for your support, glad you’re here. Halloween ball still sleeping, says every lawyer in this country should get together and Sue the F out of the media and everyone who slandered this kid and everyone else for that matter. I’m sure that there are a lot of lawyers who saw the verdict today and they’re all just sort of salivating going, oh, perfect, perfect.

Exactly what we needed. And so I’m sure that Kyle is going to have a lot of people reaching out and putting together a team. Another question, a donation from John Suna. Thank you, John Bianca says I’m not crying. You’re crying. I’ve watched the verdict at least four times. I cry every single time. Thank God for this today. Any thoughts on the federal charge rumors, DOJ review? Well, we played the clip of Jerry Nadler or the, uh, the tweet of Jerry Nadler. So he is recommending a referral over to the DOJ Biden set came out though and said that we’re going to respect the decision of the jurors. Didn’t say anything about, you know, further inquiry or investigation or anything. And so the big question is, you know, is Jerry Nadler’s request going to carry any weights? Who knows? Probably not. Zulu says I am pleased with the outcome, but are these verdicts some kind of insurmountable, reversed, leftist conspiracy? Or is that out now? I feel like we should think about that.

I don’t understand what you’re asking Zulu on. I apologize probably because it’s Friday and I’m a little bit exhausted, but it says insurmountable, reversed, leftist conspiracy in surmount. So is the verdict and insurmountable, reverse leftist conspiracy? Like, is the verdict something that can’t be overcome by leftists or was it a conspiracy? So are you saying that maybe a conviction was a foregone conclusion and it couldn’t have been insurmountable, but it was insurmountable. And so maybe it wasn’t a leftist conspiracy at all. You’re going to have to clarify that for me there. Zulu, I apologize. Cat catty cat says, thank you so much for all your coverage on this down you last year, looking for info on this case. Watched, ever since love that you show your heart. Well, thank you, caddy cat. Sometimes I can’t help it. I’m actually a kind of a softie. Sometimes CB says, sorry, late.

What happens to getting prosecution under oath for the evidence lies don’t know about any of that. I don’t think they should get away with it just because Kyle was found not guilty. They still broke the law. And so oftentimes judges will follow up on that. You know, they will continue to say, you know, we’re not going to, no, no. I want to get to the bottom of that. Because if you reached your ethical duties in this case, you got to be punished for that. We can’t let you possibly do that again. And so the judge may, you know, that may not be a done deal, but it may be something that is, is investigated off the record outside of, uh, Kyle’s case. And Theresa Locke says so grateful that justice was served a tear jerker moment, indeed. Is it possible that binger may suffer any, any consequences for his conduct?

What would that look like other than public opinion? So if the judge, so the most serious way that this could happen would be the judge looked into this further and said, I don’t like what happened here. I don’t like that. There was a, an inappropriate inadvertent disclosure. It didn’t turn into a problem, but it very well could have. And so I want to recommend, uh, that there is a bar complaint that is sent over to the state bar and they can investigate it and make a determination about what that means to disbar him or to reprimand him or to sanction him or to suspend him something like that would be a serious marker. Mark Richards, Corey chiro, FEC. They could file bar complaints. His office could file a bar complaint and say, this was something that was wrong. That happened there. Uh, uh, his office wouldn’t do that, but somebody could file a bar complaint against him.

But outside of that, I mean, unless his boss is unhappy with him and fires him, probably not going to be any consequences, probably going to say you did a great job. See you on Monday, John Frazier says, justice one, this state it’s true. And doesn’t it taste good. Half Irish says, can we expect to see the charge against Dominic black dropped? I hope so. That’d be icing on the cake. I’m not so sure that you’re going to see that, but he would be sort of silly to a, to take a plea deal at this moment now wouldn’t he you’d have to think. So Jay says, thank you for sharing your knowledge, salt and scotch. Good to see you. Not applicable says I have a Huff. I have a tough time sympathizing with the other side because my family would not tolerate me doing that. Doing what Huber in Rosenbaum did, they would’ve written housed me.

Is that going to be a verb? Now? Rittenhouse just cost says bang. The gavel for CA Kyle Rob. It’s a good point just because I should do it right now. And the verdict, my friends is not guilty case dismissed. Get out of here. And that’s from, uh, from judge Guler in the offices of, uh, Rittenhouse. Kyle is acquitted justice reigns. Thank you for the reminder. Just cows. We have a pesky citizen says I’m going to a bar and ordering a Kyle Rittenhouse, a chaser and four shots. All right. It’s appropriate now. Oh my gosh. That is Ugh. Oh no. It is a party. This is, this is a celebration party going to order a Kyle Rittenhouse, a chaser and four shots. You’re going to get loaded. That’s good. Oh, did you see what I did there, man? You’re going to get loaded. Yikes. Okay. Keep it together.

Sea of love says was literally crying from joy for this, watching him trying to hold himself together. It was heart-wrenching. Self-defense still exists. That’s true. Back over on local Sergeant Bob says, I think there’s a lot of cops for Kyle. You go defense. That’s from Sergeant Bob, giving a shout out to the defense attorneys. Isn’t this a beautiful community. We have news. Now. I oming says why were no video cameras on sauerkrauts during the reading of the verdict? I really wanted to see that they were, uh, helping preserve their dignity. NAD learner’s dirty diaper is here. I knew he was going to show up here. I knew it. When I clipped that tweet of Jerry Nadler, I knew that his diaper was going to be here. And it’s going to just be a problem for this show. We’re trying to have a celebration party. We’re trying to have a victory party here. And Jerry Nadler, every time we try to do something nice, he ruins it. He shows up, he’s getting heavier and heavier. Let’s see what he says. Nadler’s dirty diaper is here. Uh, it says, uh, please help me. I still haven’t been changed. And with Jerry so upset, I have now grown so much. I’m now 37.5 pounds and I’ve had no choice but to leak. So I shed one pound. It’s not pretty. It’s from Natalie’s dirty diaper.

We’re trying to run a show. We’re trying to have a party here in Adler. And you’re referring written house for criminal charges to the DOJ. And you can’t even change your own dirty diaper. It’s at 37 and a half pounds now. And it’s leaking all over Congress. The Capitol building is already full of excrement and now you’re actually leaking it. You can’t even keep it under control. This is just, this is just awful. We have to Natalie’s dirty diaper. Can somebody change Jerry please? All right. LA medic says so while I’m happy, I still want to see sanctions done for the prosecution. I want to see the system become better. How can we get that done? So prosecutors need to be held accountable. You know, like I said, I don’t think that this should be the end of it. I think the judge really should continue to investigate and determine what actually happened with those files.

He said that he was going to ask questions about Kraus and being her under oath. I think that’s appropriate. I’d like to see what happened there. Uh, transparency and accountability. Those are the important portions of our justice system. If more of this was exposed, if more people saw this on a regular basis and recognized prosecutors do that, people get charged with crimes in cases like this happens regularly. We we’d start seeing more demand for change in society. I think, uh, oh, gee, Raul says, thank you so much for what you do. I’ve learned a lot from you. I hope to learn more though. I hope I never need a criminal defense lawyer as a fellow Arizona. And I have definitely have written your firm’s contact information down. Well, that’s good news. You know, they say it’s better to know us and not need us than it is to need us and not know us.

And that’s a pretty good policy. So it’s good. Wherever you are to have a defense attorney’s phone number available, you know, in your, in your phone book, because you never know when you need them. And if you need one and you don’t know him, it’s a problem. But if you know one and you happen to need them, you’re in a much better position. So I think that’s a good strategy. Christina Gonzalez says, Natalie tweeted, trying to threaten federal review, truly pray. The feds are not so political that they would come after Kyle, but we need to keep an eye on those morons. Yeah. Yeah. We had that tweet in the show. Thunder seven says today’s the best day of the year. Thank you rod for guiding us through this for over a year and teaching us what self-defense is and what justice is. I’m glad there are both black and white jurors as fake news is still calling Kyle A. White supremacist.

I hear he and his family have to leave the state due to the lunatic left and the threats, but at least he’s free and has his whole life ahead. Bang that gavel, Rob. And I certainly did thunder seven. Thank you for that. We have another one from woods, says everyone in here and around the world. We want to give thanks for thanks for giving, but also our, do we want to thank the jury for giving this young man a Thanksgiving with his family, happy Thanksgiving to Robert and RNR and to all and to be thankful everyone that’s from one Zoe. It’s a very nice comment. Okay. Let’s see what else.

Okay. So, uh, yeah, a very long comment from Brian hack who actually has an interesting suggestion and says, um, very long comment. Maybe you could display it for everybody, which I will do. I will not read the whole thing. So, uh, take a clip posit. If you want to read all of that, talking about the ACDC of electricity, creating electric fields that provide and provide energy or acquittal at the end, talking about Straumann. I’m going to read that later, but that is a long one. I don’t want to read a whole, whole comment. Ben Tomlinson says, do you think that Rittenhouse has grounds for malicious prosecution, civil case against ADA binger? Here are three things that he should be sanctioned for. Suborning, perjury, perjury. So getting witnesses to lie on the stand like salmon cell fifth amendment violations, commenting on the right to counsel the right to silence.

Improper, if not manipulated disclosure of evidence. So that’s from Ben Tomlinson, which is a great summation of major problems. And I think that, yeah, I think that you’ve got grounds for, uh, for filing that I think you’ve got very strong grounds for filing a bar charge a bar complaint based on those things. I think that, you know, those would have been great justifications for a motion to dismiss with prejudice, which, which we saw some of that in there. So, you know, these are, these are significant consequential legal problems. It’s just about the remedy, you know, is, is the da going to punish his own staff for these problems? Probably not. Is the state bar going to punish prosecutors for this stuff? Probably not. They’re prosecutors. And so is anything going to happen? Probably not that that’s why we started this channel in this show. It’s just shine that spotlight.

And this is one of the first times that we’ve seen a spotlight, this bright shown down upon a prosecutor’s office like this in large part, thanks to you. Thanks to people like ricotta and other lawyers who were organizing streams, where people can get up and shout from the rooftops about these unethical behaviors that are taking place all over the country. Aja says, I’m not going to lie. I watched the verdict reading with my 17 year old son, struggled to hold back, tears. God bless this young man. I hear you’re AIG. Thanks for sharing that three girls. He says, you know, God is in control when the defenses three strongest jurors were pulled out as alternates. Yeah. Yeah. The three strongest jurors are out and they still get not guiltys black cat Meow says hi, Rob, thanks so much for all your hard work and coverage of the trial. And in general, I’m beyond excited for the verdict. And for Kyle, do you think the case against Dominick black will be dropped for providing him with the gun?

I mean ordinarily, I would say yes, but Thomas binger is a very unhappy and vindictive man. So I’m not so sure. Sergeant Bob says, don’t forget that Kyle could still use donations for legal bills give early and give often I would just recommend that you know where you’re giving and you know where the money’s going, because there’s a lot of people who are grifting off this Sergeant Bob says, don’t forget Kyle Cook. Oh, I already read that one. Thank you Sergeant Bob. But again, a good reminder to make a donation. If you can afford it and you have a good place to help, let’s go back over to YouTube.

A sea of love says was literally crying from joy for watching this, him trying to hold himself together was heart wrenching. Still sleeping says, bruh, they defunded the police LMA. Oh, come on. How can the police get out there and do something when you defunded them? Uh, Christie Erwin says I’m here for the party. Woo. Thank you for your excellent coverage. Well, I’m glad that you’re here at Christie. We’re all celebrating. It’s been a good day. Colorado Sarge says in Nebraska, if you were acquitted in a self-defense criminal case, you can not have a civil case brought against you afterwards. Oh, very interesting. So you don’t get two cracks at that. That’s very interesting. I’ve not heard of that. Sounds like a pretty reasonable law. Dapper. Dave says, what does it say about our society? And when this becomes a nail biter of a decision because of the mainstream media lies, Kyle was clearly innocent.

It’s it’s nerve wracking. I will tell you this. As a defense lawyer, I was concerned that this was going to be like the new normal it’s like, can we ever win anywhere? If Kyle Rittenhouse is found guilty, are we ever going to win a case and ever again anywhere, because that was an obvious case of innocence. And if he loses, it’s like, Ugh, but he didn’t jurors did the right thing. And so what does it say? I think I, it renews my faith largely that real American, you know, in real parts of America can see things and can hide and look through all the red herrings that the government and the media tries to cram down everybody’s throats. David’s stern says loving the coverage. I had a question in respect to Kyle suing for defamation, obviously any claim made by the prosecution during trial protects news orgs that said the same, but what about Facebook?

They blocked fundraising efforts caused real damages. So again, you know, David is a great question and I wish that there was a better answer on this, but I think that the nuts and bolts of the, of the answer is that they have their terms and services and their policies, and they get to make decisions about who does what on their platforms. And you can Sue them, but, but what, what are you going to recover? And if, if it’s, if it’s about monetary damages, I don’t think that that’s likely if it’s to prove a point, I’m not sure that that’s likely either because they just have entire legal departments that are just set up to just bat these things down there. They are bigger than most countries. I mean, Facebook, you know, it’s bigger than, than, than it’s like the size of an army, you know, in terms of GDP and things.

They’re, they’re huge. So it’s just sort of, um, you know, a Tuesday for them. And I’m not sure that it’s going to result in a moral victory. You know, this is victory. I think that Kyle Rittenhouse, you know, it was going to have a bright future ahead of him. I’m sure he’s learned a lot of lessons from this and he’s going to be able to impart a lot of knowledge. You know, anytime that you go through trials and tribulations and you go through hardships, you typically come out the other end with some pretty dang good wisdom and that’s valuable and that can be communicated to everybody out in the world. And I think that Kyle will do that. William TULO says my stomach was in knots when I was waiting for the verdict. I cannot imagine how Kyle felt, but I’m glad an innocent man remains free.

So am I there William? So am I as, is everybody else we’ve got, Jenny says, thank you for what you do, Rob. Thank you, Jenny. I appreciate you being here. And for that support we have dapper. Dave says, is it worth Kyle suing gross grits? Or don’t rehash it? The problem with suing gross curettes is I’m sure he doesn’t have any money. You know what he’s, what, what are you going to collect from him? So, you know, you might be able, even if you were to Sue him and win, if you had a claim, what are you going to recover? He doesn’t have any money. That’s why he’s suing for $10 million Lama. Brad says, how do you feel about mark Richard’s post-interview assertion that you have to put your client on the stand and Wisconsin? I like it. I mean, I liked that he had a reason for it.

You know, I’m not, I’m not so sure what he bases that reason on other than probably his own anecdotal experience and the experience of other jurors, you know, out there, you know, self-defense cases are not very common and your, your client taking the stand is also not very common. So there’s probably just sort of local practice that he’s familiar with. And he says, man, you know, I, maybe I haven’t tried a hundred self-defense cases, but I’ve tried to. And I know that when I put my client on the stand, these two at work for me, and I know that these other two lawyers, uh, these other 20 lawyers also did it and they also had more success. And so he’s just sort of going by the local feel of the jurisdiction. You know, a lot of people think that law is like a spreadsheet. Like you put a number in and then you add it and you enter a calculation and it spits out something else.

It’s a lot less like that than it is like a piece of art or like, you know, sculpting something there’s not real right way to it, wrong way to do it. You’re just kind of creating something. And sometimes it looks beautiful and it works great. And sometimes it doesn’t, but you know, here Mark Richards had a style and he pursued it. He made decisions based on the knowledge that he had at the time and it worked out. So it’s hard to argue with it, but it’s a great question. Kevin Collin says, will binger give a press conference now? No, he will not. He’s already communicated. He already released a statement saying that he’s not going to be releasing a statement. He said, I looked into those ethical rules and we can’t talk about it. So, Nope, nothing’s going to happen from him. How likely are charges for the prosecutors?

What would they be? Hypothetically? I think probably zero. If you’re talking about criminal charges, I would say zero. Uh, you know, they’re, uh, they’re highly protected by different layers of immunity. Their office is not going to charge them with crimes. The judge is not going to recommend them be charged with crimes. Uh, they may, you know, worst case scenario would be probably a bar complaint. But even then I doubt that, you know, because they’ve got plausible deniability for everything they did, we all know what they did, but they’ve at least got plausible deniability for it. Red Jersey says, Rob, do you think the judge would have declared a mistrial? If Kyle was found guilty? I think probably he would have, or he would have done something about it. When he was looking through the verdicts and verifying what came in, you could see his blood pressure drop in real time.

You could see his face, go from stern and very concerned to, here you go. I’m common at peace now because I know what’s going to happen. He’s not going to have to address it. So I think that he had that in his back pocket if he needed it, but he didn’t share says thank you. I could have never understood this trials workings without you. Well, thank you Cher. I appreciate that. That’s a nice compliment. I’m glad that you’re here. And I hope that I did it justice because it was a, it was a very important trial. And I’m glad that we got the verdict that we did a four doors, more horses here says I’m free at last and also bro, you’re famous now. So well done tiger woods. If he says, hopefully Kyle can sleep better at night now. I’m sure he can. I’m sure many of us will to Wolfgang.

Dayo says apparently today is international men’s day. I saw that. I saw that and uh, it’s kind of a nice day for him to be acquitted. Isn’t it? Four doors, more horse says what happens to the AR 15? Well, in my opinion, I don’t know what Wisconsin law is, but I would ask that that be returned. You know, it’s perfectly, uh, perfectly, it was evidence in a criminal trial, but there’s no criminal conviction. That’s now to be released. That’s his property, get it back over to him. So I’m not sure what they’re going to do with that, but that’s what I’d be doing. Sea of love says, you know what I find even more amazing is that the verdict came from an unsuccessful jury I’m beyond impressed. Yeah, they did. And they, they actually made some comments. I saw in the New York times this morning saying that some people were saying allegedly, the jurors were saying that the media coverage was crazy. Which begs the question. Why were you looking at the media coverage? Huh?

We also have John Paul with a nice donation. Thank you, John. We’ve got news now says MSNBC made a big deal out of officially having our first woman president. Yeah. First woman, president. What was her? What was her approval rating? 28%. Not a huge victory. We have Adam Marco says baby binger, little finger padded trial, but could not winger forced to prosecute. He could not bail, but little baby binger failed legal nursery rhymes. I liked that a lot, baby. Bigger little baby being her little finger had a trial, but couldn’t winger, Forrester prosecuted. He could not bail, but little binger failed. Little baby binger failed. Is that a Limerick? Is it kind of a Limerick? What are our limits? I have to look that up. I think that might be a Limerick. Uh, Lauren P says the cadre bothered brothers must be ecstatic. We’ll see bigger is probably not going to be happy with them, but we’ll see.

Not applicable says do it in Adler. Watch what happens you scumbag from not applicable. Miss Emma says any idea how this will affect Dominic black will binger try to take out his anger on him. What about Kaminsky? So, uh, Dominic black, you know, it sounds like he’s already been offered some sort of a deal or they’ve been communicating about a deal. Remember that he was, he is actively being prosecuted and he was still called by the government to testify. And the defense hit that pretty hard. They said, well, you’re kind of biased, aren’t you? Because you’re sort of testifying in exchange for the prosecution, giving you a deal for testifying. So you’re kind of biased. And so, you know, I don’t know what the nature of that conversation was. Or if the defense attorney for Dominic black communicated with the, and said, listen, we’ll testify, but we want some assurances on the backend that you’re not going to do X, Y, and Z.

And so those may have already been established. So being, or maybe sort of locked with that witness because he, he negotiated something for that person. So I don’t know what happened there, but you know, if all, if everything is equal, I don’t foresee binger dropping charges against anybody. I mean, he is righteous as hell on this case, and he’s going to keep on going James Alrich with a donation. Thank you, James K. Bean says, Rob, let’s see the gavel drop. We got that already. Bean. I almost broke the desk with George Klaus’s monster gavel. Look at this thing. Look at the, look at the wood on this thing. It’s a beautiful thing. I look at that, oh, it’s just gorgeous. And folks, it’s got some heft to it when you feel this thing. It’s it’s I mean, it’s meaty. Look at this. It’s meaty. It’s almost look, look at that.

I love it. And it’s the, it’s the, the gavel of justice fighter for streets as well. Kyle get his AR 15 back. I think that he should, he has not been convicted of any crimes, so he might not. Uh, so yes he should, right? It says it’s his property. It should be returned to him. Drew says Donald Trump quote, it looked like he was in big, big trouble. If he didn’t do that, he would be dead more compelling than any defense. Richard offered in closed closing Mardi Lunn says all trials, especially fad should be streamed unless there’s gravely extenuating circumstances, not gate kept by state approved media conglomerates. I agree with that. I agree with that. It’s, it’s a, it’s a major bummer that the Glen Maxwell trials not going to be televised. And then many of these other federal trials are not testified because they’re quite important.

Wolfgang Dayo says Matt Robert Barnes was invested so well. I mean, a lot of us were invested in it. No doubt about that too. Almost holo says, does Kyle have a good case for prosecutorial misconduct and a defamation lawsuit? He was 17 at the time. So defamation, I can’t speak to, I’m not a lawyer there, but you know, uh, actual malice against a non-public figure would be something that I think you could prove. We just heard on the show from Joe Biden, that called him a militia member from Illinois that traveled across state lines. And you know, that’s not accurate at all. Where are you getting that from? It’s pretty malicious. And so for defamation, I’m not sure if that would meet, meet that standard or at least maybe not be successful in court, but be enough to at least trigger a settlement, something that they could resolve monetarily later down the line, prosecutorial misconduct.

We’ve kind of talked about that previously. I think that you can make a bar complaint about that and you leave it up to the bar to decide, but honestly, they’ve got plausible deniability, I think for most of it. So I’m not sure that anything happens there. Thank you for that though. Tuomas, we have Kimberly piece as, so what’s going to happen with the Dems lawsuit was so excited about the verdict, but the dams are putting a damper on it. What’s going to happen with their lawsuits. I’m not sure which lawsuits you’re about Kimberly P going to have to take a look at those dapper. Dave says, can any law firm file a bar complaint on binger? So yes. I mean, anybody can file a bar complaint, but the bar is not really going to take much consideration of it unless, you know, unless there’s some really meaty substance there and more or less, unless you’ve got some standing for it, you know, like, um, you know, some, some people might file a bar complaint and just say, I’m unhappy with something that Rob said on the internet and the bar’s going to say, well, are you a client?

Like, did he screw your case up? Like what, so why do you care about this? Okay, well, if you don’t have any standing here, well, then we don’t care either. So, you know, it’s kind of about that. So somebody with some interest in the case, the bar is going to look at that a lot more seriously. So it would be something, it would be like, you know, Mark Richards or the judge, if they filed something that would, that would carry a lot of weight. CB says, I think every case, fluffer boy and sour, Klaus prosecute should be aired. I always thought the legal system was corrupt, but this truly opened my eyes. It terrifies me for the people of Kenosha that these two will continue. That’s from CB. Well, hopefully some of the people over there woke up and hopefully a lot of people wake up and recognize this is happening, happening in Kenosha, Wisconsin, but it’s also happening right around your corner in your local government.

It apps go in, go into your pro. If you doubt me, go into your prosecutor’s office and just say, um, I just would just, I don’t want to meet with anybody. I just want to stand here and look around and you’ll do that. And you’re going to see a binger and a Crouse in there. I think it’s mandatory. When you start, when you start a prosecutor’s office, they have a checklist you need, um, poor airdrop files. You need email systems that rename files for you. You need a water bottle. That’s very big and pink. You need a training on how not to use firearms and you need, uh, somebody who looks like Kraus and somebody who looks like binger. If you have all of those check boxes checked, then you can formalize a prosecutor’s office. And so that’s what happened obviously in Kenosha. Uh, Jenny says, I wonder if the police officer that was fired for donating to Kyle Rittenhouse will get his job back and the losses returned to him.

Probably not. Jenny Morgan. It’s a good question though. I, first of all, I didn’t know. The police officer got fired. I thought it was a nurse or EMT or somebody like that. Morgan says funny how Kyle Rittenhouse coincidentally found not guilty on one day Kamala Harris was president of the United States for a day. So you have some very good news and some very scary things. Also simultaneously happening. Tara Rainer says, judge granted the motion to dismiss. Would that make it easier for Kyle to seek a remedy? So the motion to dismiss the charges with prejudice was just the by-product of being found, not guilty. So all of that was all part of the same motion. So does it make it more likely for him to seek a remedy? Um, yes and no. I mean the, the discovery violations of discovery violation, whether Kyle’s acquitted or convicted.

I mean, what they did was was problematic either way, but yeah, certainly in acquittal, I mean, either way a discovery violation could have serious consequences if he was convicted, you know, the discovery violation has more consequence in that situation then if not, so you could make the argument that the acquittal actually makes the acquittal actually makes it less likely that anything happens. If you wanted to make that argument. J below says, this makes me feel good about the justice system, the jury deliberated for days and went through some intimidation, still came to the right outcome. Yeah. It’s yeah. I agree with you Jay below. It’s a good, it’s a good day. It’s a good outcome. Everybody can take a breath of fresh air such as here says I am very happy about the verdict, but nervous. The DOJ will file charges against Kyle for civil rights violations or something.

They had it ready for Shovan what the problem was Shovan is Shovan was a government employee and he’s working for the government. It was the government doing something against a civilian. It was a, it was a government actor violating a civilian civil rights here. It was Kyle who was not a part of the government. So that’s why they’re talking about transferring. Uh, I was talking about crossing state lines, weapons, trafficking. Those things are different offenses that might give the government jurisdiction over new charges. News now says it is technically Dominic’s gun. So that’s my point. So it should go back to Dominic. Then somebody should be getting that gun back. It shouldn’t be sitting in Thomas bingers closet anywhere Wolfgang says in shrine Kyle’s AR in the courthouse. Did you see the, uh, the article from, I think it was Babylon B. It says that, uh, Kyle Rittenhouse is, has now been asked by the court, ordered by the court to go out and defend the courthouse from the protesters.

And it’s, it’s a picture of Kyle Rittenhouse with his AR standing outside in front of the courthouse. That’s hilarious. Uh, Christy Erwin says, uh, we already read that one. Do you remember the police officer lost his job for donating to the fund? Do you think he’s going to win his case against the department now? So maybe I didn’t read that one. I’m not familiar with that story. I didn’t even hear that that happened. A police officer lost his job for donating too. I thought that that was an EMT or somebody like that. There was a nurse or somebody, a firefighter. I thought it was somebody like that. I didn’t realize it was a police officer, our servi with the donation. Thank you. Our survey, Craig says, do you believe this case is important to the constitution? So, I mean, yes, I think it’s important to the constitution because it is a, a case that in which the constitution applies.

So it is an interpretation of the it’s sort of a, it’s a test. You know, it’s a test to see how Americans are interpreting and applying these constitutional principles. So if you’re asking, do I think that the case is going to change the constitution or have implications for constitutional legal interpretation? The answer was no, this is a case took place in Kenosha. It has no binding precedent on any case here in Arizona or Florida or anywhere else, or really anywhere else in, in Kenosha. Uh, other than the fact that it shows you how jurors think and how this judge might rule on certain issues, but it’s pretty much narrowly tailored and limited only to this particular jurisdiction. That being said, it is a very important embodiment, uh, an exercise of the constitution. It’s it’s jurors looking at a set of facts and applying that, applying constitutional provisions about the law to those set of facts and coming to a conclusion, I think it’s extremely important to keep an eye on the public zeitgeists what is the belief about how that should work?

And the jurors here came back and said, yeah, self-defense and yeah, this makes sense. And, and they applied it in a way that I think was done very appropriately. And I’m very grateful that they came to the result that they did news now says Dominic was charged with the same gun crime as Kyle just allowing the minor. I can’t see a judge allowing it to continue. Yeah, because they dismissed that same charge against Kyle. We’re going to finish, let’s finish up on YouTube and then we’ll go back over to locals and wrap it up. We’ve got, uh, our survey says thanks for the great content, Robert, by the way, big news, Kyle will be on in Tucker’s show on Monday night at 8:00 PM. Whoa. That is big news. That was the sort of the outlier question. Is Kyle Rittenhouse going to speak? Are we going to hear from him? The answer of course is yes, he will speak. But it’s just a matter of when he’s going to be on Tucker on Monday nights, which is when we broadcast this show, Kyle going on Tucker show, maybe we’ll reach out to him. Maybe we’ll connect at some point, we’ve got fighter for it, but that’s awesome. He’s going to do that fight or four streets as could the jurors talk about Rosenbaum’s felonies? Uh, are you asking during the trial? No, I do not think that any of those got admitted, all the priors did not get admitted.

Mitchell Kirkwood says Dominic is the legal owner. Kyle paid, which Dominic is facing charges for. No one gets the gun. Okay. So, so then when Dominic’s charges get dismissed, that gun should go back to Dominic. Eddie Oliver says, Rob, Hey Rob, couldn’t Kyle Sue Biden, because he was called a white supremacist and militia member before he was president think Clinton versus Paula Jones. So, uh, so I imagined that he could, and I’m sure that he’s got lawyers who were prognosticating the legal possibilities with the lawsuit like that, but I can’t really speak to the, uh, to the total, uh, prospective outcome. Craig says, last donation. Can you please answer the previous questions? So I think I got that one from Ukraine.

Oh, here’s another one. Do you think this case is for self-defense is a constitutional argument for the country. So I think I got those, both of those Craig. Yeah. And says, thank you for that. So I think we got both of those. Yeah. I think it’s kind of narrowly tailored only to Kenosha, but it is important. It is important for other jurors because they can look at this and it can be persuasive to them. Right. America goes, okay. We saw what happened with Kyle Rittenhouse jurors say that’s self-defense. So we all put a pin in that, in our minds for the foreseeable future. We all say, Kyle, that was the case of self-defense. We felt that in our hearts, the jurors agreed. It feels like that’s a new sort of baseline in law. It’s not legally binding, but it sort of sets the new tone.

Does that make sense? Hopefully it does. We’ve got a Joe [inaudible] says, found your channel from this case. Been sub since you and all the lawyers on next stream, save Kyle, as much as anyone, you all told an honest story and you help change the public perception. Well, so did you, Joe, thanks for being here and for the super chat and for joining in on those streams, you know, if there’s nobody watching, there’s no reason to talk about it. And so as much as, as you know, you might be appreciative as, as I am of Nick, of re of Nick ricotta and many others, you know, it’s, it’s about the momentum. It’s about the energy. It’s about everybody sort of rallying around this and speaking out for it. And it’s amazing. And I’m honored as hell to be a part of it. Eddie Oliver says, and Rob, if you don’t know about Clinton vs Jones, and what the hell are they teaching you in law school?

Ugh, not about Clinton vs Jones. You know, I had to take family law. I had to take all sorts of ridiculous classes, but, uh, I landed in criminal law because that’s the sweet spot. Sasha Sasha on local says, hello, Rob, what? A relief that kid can enjoy the holidays in peace. I hope he moved to a quieter state. So happy for the kid. I can’t stand the left on Twitter though. The continuous pedophile support is getting tiring. I agree with you on that. A lot of salt out over there on Twitter. Jeremy says, Rob, is it risky for a rider to submit a civil suit? Police didn’t authorize violence. They were simply outnumbered. What are your thoughts on the civil side of the suits? When people might be better off suing the state for failing to protect the citizens, which is where they’re doing Kyle’s actions.

We’re officially blessed as legal who would have standing to bring a civil suit. So, I mean, basically anybody can bring a civil suit. Uh, Jeremy, so your question is pretty broad, but if there are suing, if there’s what I think you’re asking about is the Huber families statement. And I think that they are suing the government. And the reason they’re doing that is because they have deep pockets and uh, they’re, they’re, they’re free to Sue them. I mean, what are my thoughts on the civil side of the lawsuits? They’re free to bring them. I don’t think that they’re going to be successful in them, but yeah, I mean they’re free to, they’re free to bring them. Anybody can bring them a tremendous says, I second your point about people about all the people involved being human beings, they all deserve our empathy. No person is 100% evil.

No person is 100% good. I hope that every person has someone or many someones who love them unconditionally, no matter what they do. I am so happy that Kyle was acquitted. I believe that justice was served, but my heart does go out to the families of the people who died that night. No one was a winner in this whole mess. So many of the lives were destroyed or at least very have taken unexpected detours. And we cannot imagine in a matter of minutes I have been and will continue to pray for all of them. It’s a nice comment from tremendous. I think it is important to connect with that empathy from time to time. Okay. Other thoughts here? We have English, Dave and English. Don says, I’m watching you with my girlfriend. We’re made up that Kyle was found not guilty. He should be so proud of himself throughout the whole process, especially during the verdict.

Is it likely that Kyle will take any legal action against those who have smeared him? If so, how likely is he to be successful? Any chance of a resolution for Biden’s comments? So again, another defamation question, it’s a good one. And hello, English, Dave and English, Dawn. I don’t know about the success. You know, the, the, the likelihood of that. And I don’t know that it’s appropriate to even think about it in that way to frame it as a, as a victory, other than a chance of a resolution, as you mentioned, uh, w w would you be in the terms of a settlement? So oftentimes you just filed the suit so you can settle it and get some money out of it that way, not necessarily on whether you’re going to be successful, because if you know, that would be a success in other words.

So it’s hard to answer. And I think there’s precedent for that in the, in the case of Nick Sandman, who did settle, but we don’t know what the verdict or what the outcome of those settlements were because they were all done under non-disclosure agreements. English. Dave though says the 2 million, the government got for Kyle to get out of bail. That gets refunded, right? It does. And it goes back to whomever. We don’t know they’re going to fight over it. According to Mark Richards, Cora says I held up my phone in my hand, playing the final moments for my life partner. My hands were shaking. I was impatient. We erupted with cheers. When justice was served for all the blunders, the seemingly endless missed objections from the defense, the unlawful underhanded repulsive actions from the prosecution. It worked out the way it should have. I love the Cory aid in calming Kyle down after the verdict at last, the defense showed that sweet adolescent child, some affection, maybe they listen to you, Rob.

Anyway, I’m gushing to his credit. I see what Richard’s meant when he said he didn’t want to defend a crusade, uh, cause he wanted to defend a client. This victory coincides with a full moon eclipse coincidence. I think not bless Kyle Rittenhouse. That’s from Cora. Very good comment. Thank you for that. Brian hacks says everyone was expecting a jury that would quickly ascertain things, turns out they wanted to deliberate. Perhaps we should just hope for longer juries instead of 20 minutes decisions in the future. Sean, O’Halloran says, while I’m overjoyed with the verdict, I’m very disillusioned with the whole system. I don’t want to even get into all the ethical violations, including blatant unintentional violations of the defendant’s constitutional rights without consequence. Those are part of a completely different discussions. More personally, the message that has been sent is that whether or not you’re justified in using deadly force to defend your own life or your families, whether or not you’re acquitted, the state will destroy your life.

And that of your families Crouse made it very clear. Sometimes you just need to take a beating, which of course is the prosecution implied during the whole case, extends to sacrificing your life to those who would try to take it. I’m at the point where I just want to sell my guns and say F it just kill me. I won’t try to defend myself. It might be better, will be better for my family. Well, Sean, I understand your sentiment and your statement there. Hopefully you don’t do that. You know, injustice was done in this case, but you’re right. Lives are still destroyed. Kyle’s life is dramatically worse off. Thanks to the government. The Antica says, of course you see people still with the narrative of white supremacy. I was pointing out earlier that people who pay attention to the wrong parts of the slogans, like white power, the second word power is really the word of concern.

The first word is just the means at the end of the day, power is only really concerned about power. That’s just human nature. The other stuff is a red herring. That’s from BNT KIS. Captain Jim says, Hey, Rob always appreciated your show. I appreciate your objectivity and consideration about the side of all sides. Do you think this wind was largely because of the defense or in spite of them, how would you rate them on a one to 10 with a 10 Kyle defends himself without an AR 15 of course, and 10 equals the R and R law group. So it’s a, it’s a hard question to answer. Uh, Jim, I mean, the reason being is because it’s a stylistic difference and, uh, uh, an acquittal on all accounts is a, is a 10 as far as I can tell, you know, I mean, he got a 10 outcome, so that’s, that’s pretty great.

Uh, you can’t do better than a full, complete acquittal. So I give them a 10 out of 10 on it. Now, the, the, the modality, the mechanism by which they got there, I would’ve done it differently. Obviously I’m a lot more, I would say, uh, you know, anal about all the minutia and details. I mean, you see sort of how I handled the show and how I prep my slides and all this stuff, you know, I would have been a lot more thorough and granular and detail oriented, and I would’ve probably thrown a fit about a lot of the details about words like militia and about evidence and those types of things. But I couldn’t do better than all charges, not guilty that he got, he got a 10 as far as I can tell. So, you know, that’s that, I mean, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s a home run, it’s a grand slam.

It’s a, it’s an absolute win. So I give them a 10 out of 10. You can’t, you can’t do better than that now, you know? Yes, you could, you could always improve. You walk out, you know, you get, oh, oh, you got a complete acquittal in four days. I got mine in three. Oh, you son of a, you know, it’s like that, you know, it’s like, yes, you could, you could get it faster, I guess, but it’s a 10 and a 10 baby. It’s a, when the last villain says, I thought Kyle needed to testify, made him human for me, maybe it’s because I’ve been to Wisconsin, could be and glad that he is free. That’s from the last villain para Patriot minutes, as it has been interesting watching the snowflakes melt in mid November in Arizona, I surely am glad the jurors, as well as the judge stood up and did the right thing.

So happy they didn’t bow down to the mob. So many others have absolutely the right thing in the end, may God watch over Kyle and his family and that he never has to go through anything like this. Again, by the way, does he get his gun back now? Should have handed it to him when he left the courthouse. I think the judge should have just thrown her. Just said, Hey, Kyle, and Kyle’s walking out of the courtroom like this. And Kyle turns around like out of a Rocky movie, he’s like to judge. And the judge just turns around and says, you forgot something and throws his AR 15 across the courtroom. And Kyle turns around and says, God, thanks, judge back to justice. And then you get the zoom in close and it’s the eye of the tiger. You know, something like that. I think that’s, that’s really how this whole thing should have ended if I had my way about it.

But maybe on the next one, if the auntie kiss says, I just got done watching deliberation over, uh, jury instructions in Michael’s case, huge difference in the way the lawyers and the judge proceeded. I got to say the prosecution. I like the prosecutor over the defense. As far as style is concerned. Brian’s lawyer’s funny, old boy pounding the law of the facts and the table a lot. I thought there were a lot of good arguments back and forth. It’s been good and fun to watch. Funniest part was right before lunch today, the prosecutor called out Brian’s lawyer by saying he was doing great lawyering. Well, that sounds funny.

We’ve got another one from Sergeant. Bob says, veteran cops have PTSD after shooting. Only one justified. I can not imagine what Kyle is going through. Three girly says my oldest Gurley who is 15 has PTSD. Kyle has PTSD in every form that I have seen on television. It does not surprise me. He’s not sleeping at night and that he’s having panic attacks. Someone without PTSD could have fainted on the black end backend of those verdicts. But as PTSD intensified, those feelings, all the pictures, video only added to the triggers. They were building up to his unbelievable crescendo. You could see the release valve to his PTSD and the pressure just finally take hold over him. After all the verdicts were read his knees buckled underneath him and he caught the seat. It will be a long time of counseling and really getting out of that local area to help him get over the PTSD.

He may never be able to walk through Kenosha again without having a panic attack. In reality, he may never be comfortable with firing a gun ever again. It takes intense trauma therapy. For most people with PTSD to be functional. He will have to work very hard to come out, good functionality in his life and future career. You cannot fake the reaction that he had the day, including his handshaking, hyperventilating, and ultimately breaking down. I totally agree with you. I mean, he looked absolutely as he was shaking and how, how can you not, I mean, look, you could feel the energy in your own heart and your own chest.

Everybody could, if you’re being honest with yourself, even the people who wanted to see him burn leafy bug says, thanks for your coverage of this trial. Rob, it’s been great. A lot of your analysis has been spot on, right from the jump, what you said about the judge and the way he managed the process really came home to roost over these last few days, for example. And I think I got a more realistic impression here of what was going through the minds of the jurors. And when I watched the highlight reels from Nick’s dreams, which have been amazing, but I just don’t have nine hours to listen to these. Thanks again for your excellent work. I appreciate your integrity, humility, decency, as well as the laughs you bring to the conversation. Okay. Enough about kissing from me. That’s from leafy bug. Well, thank you, leafy bug it.

Look, they’re doing amazing work over there, but it is a lot, right? It’s a full nine days and I wish I could spend more time with them, but I also don’t have nine hours. I sort of have to, you know, do do my stuff during the day and then go and hang and, uh, and sort of get caught up on the back end. And so it’s been, it’s been very, it’s been very rewarding for us to have sort of our time together to have our separate conversations. And I’m grateful that you’re here and appreciative of it. De Del SPI says only upset. We won’t get to see Kraus on the stand talking about the drone video anymore. Certainly be curious to see what happens with that speech unleashed says if the 2 million has given back to those that raised it will Kyle ended up having to pay his lawyers for the amount of the fees, the money his mother raised does not cover.

So yeah, I mean the legal bills are going to be what the legal bills are. I mean, hopefully all of that comes out of the way that I see it. All of that money was raised for Kyle. It’s all Kyle’s money that should go to legal fees. And then to Kyle, as far as I know, I don’t know why anybody else should get any portion of that. Now, if John Pierce comes back and says, oh, my legal bills were 1.9, $5 million, I’d say, uh, no, they weren’t. I’d like to see an accounting of that line by line, the work that you did. And I want to see what you billed for it. And how many hours went into that. It’s called an accounting of the legal services performed that should be done in this case. Uh, at least REL relative to the fundraising money. Geo Mancy games.

He’s on YouTube. Subscribe says, Hey boss, I must admit I was pretty emotional. When I saw him dropped to the floor. It’s been interesting to see people go insane on Twitter, calling it open season on protestors, still in the hospital. So I have nothing but time to call these Dingus is out while you do that geo Mancy and you rest up. Well, my friend, I saw the picture of you that you posted over on locals. You look like you’re in good spirits, brother. I appreciate you being here. Thanks for your help in the chat rest. Well get better soon. We’ve got news now says third and final comment of the night. Was it weird that the attorneys didn’t stand with Kyle during the reading? I know here it is common. Every trial I’ve seen on camera, they did, you know, it’s a great question news now.

And I had the same thought and I was like, you stand with your client, don’t you, but they didn’t do that. Corey [inaudible] and Mark Richards didn’t stand only Kyle stood. And so I listened again to the judge and the judge said, defendant, please rise. And so he sort of was ordering Kyle to stand, not the other two. And so I thought maybe that’s just a Wisconsin thing. And so I actually went on YouTube and I thought to myself what happened in the Derek Shovan trial because we just, we just covered that one. And so I went, looked at it and I actually looked this up and in the Derrick Shovan trial, they didn’t stand at all. Huh. So then I went and I looked at some others and I found a bunch of other instances where like I thought the defense attorney as I have done stands with the defendant together.

And so I was like, that’s weird. Like we all have all these different standards on something that I thought was so obvious. You just, you stand with your client. And so that’s how I’ve done it. Stand with your client in Wisconsin. Maybe they don’t do it that way. And I’ve also seen in other places where you don’t even stand, like in the Shovan trial, both Shovan and Mr. Nelson were both sitting there. So it’s a great question. And apparently there’s just a number of different ways to do it. Uh, leafy bug says, I know you said a lot of prosecutors are like binger, but on a scale of one to 10, how reprehensible would you say bingers conduct has been compared to what you’ve seen from other prosecutors with a one not being reprehensible at all and 10 being outrageously reprehensible. A lot of one to 10 questions today.

I mean, look, I think that this entire case was outrageous from day one. I’ve been screaming about it for well over a year. In fact, when we, when we read through the probable cause statement, I said, this is outrageous. Why are they filing this in the first place? So I would say the decision to bring the charges and to drag all of the entire country through this in the beginning is a 10 out of 10. It’s outrageous. It is a political prosecution that never should have happened. It was done on the back of an 18 year old kid and I’m outraged by it. I’m outraged that it ever came to be in the first place. And I think what you saw in this case was a consistent series of missteps, intentionally done that cross lines. And when you add them all up, you can almost do what they were trying to do with Kyle’s case.

You can say, look, you know, all of these little things were not by themselves, criminal behavior, but when you add them all up and bundle them together, that’s what they were trying to do to the jurors to convince them that he was guilty here. You can kind of make the same thing. It’s not one thing specifically that the prosecution did here. That was a level 10 on by itself. The drone video is pretty close, but when you add that up, plus everything else to comments and, and, and you know, the attempts to put up different witnesses who were full of garbage on this day, all of it it’s outrageous. This case never should have been brought. And, uh, they, the prosecutors should be ashamed of themselves. And hopefully somebody looks into it. If you antique is says, all those politicians still trying to Gaslight people can go eat some nuts.

Captain Jim says it was certainly interesting to see what Wisconsin does with picking the jury, the whole Tumblr thing. But though this be madness yet there is a method in it. The, there is certainly a degree of logic and strange fairness to having the defendant select his own jurors. Uh, Wolfgang Dayo is here, says so in Biden’s statement, you have that line that says violence and destruction of property have no place in our democracy. However, while the clarity is nice, it is a bit redundant sites, us over to the U S constitution and says political violence, political violence has no place in the American Republic. Thank you. Wolfgang banana bread says near the end, the judge said that the charges were dismissed with prejudice. This confused me a little. Was it referring to the motion or is because of the not guilty verdict on Nick’s channel this afternoon?

They were saying that they, they binger was wishing he could go back and accept the motion for a mistrial. Yeah, that’s probably true, right? Not object to that, but you can’t really, you can’t really, uh, if he agrees to emotion for a mistrial, then he sort of justifying that he wants an outcome. That’s not a verdict. And then that kind of fits into the argument as to why the motion for the mistrial should be granted with prejudice because maybe they wanted it to be a mistrial. Um, but th but yes, it was, it was not referring to the motion. It was referring to the verdict. It was an act. The Mark Richards, I played the clip was asking for a judgment on the verdict and the judge then dismissed the charges. Uh, Henry Dickson says, just saying, gage gross groups has a DUI arrest video on YouTube.

Anyone could give it a search if they wanted to. Interesting looked into this man who testified as he did just saying, for example, if you went to youtube.com and typed in gage, gross Critz DUI, you might see something just saying interesting point there from Henry Dickson. Thank you, Henry. Uh, John Haugen says I did my homework and I’m actually surprised by the small number of lawyers who have been disciplined. Ruler is not on the list. Whew. Yeah. And so you went over to the justice.gov website. You can not, I mean, look, if you really want to check me, you can go to the Arizona bar website and the Arizona bar website, uh, also will not have my name on there. Uh, this is what John Halligan sent us over at the DOJ. Thanks, John. Thanks for looking into me. Always checking up as you should be doing.

We have black cat Meow says, Hey, Rob, what are the chances of a civil case being won against Kyle now that he’s been acquitted in this criminal case? So it’s a different, you know, it’s a whole different set of rules. I think that, uh, if there was a light, a greater chance that he was convicted or found liable for something, it would happen in a, in a civil case rather than a criminal case, but I’m not a civil lawyer. And so I can’t really speak to that. Honestly. I think that also probably low, right? The same jurors are going to see the same evidence and they’re going to come to the same conclusions. This was all nonsense. Hand of non says F yap. I think you’re, overreading into Richard’s comments on bingers conduct. I think his point was the da opening statement was incongruous. And, uh, with the provocation argument, is it possible for reforms of judicial and prosecutor practices in the aftermath of this, this case further, can this also be used to wedge open the courts to more public scrutiny?

More transparency is broadly better for the Republic. The misinformation is still staggering. I noted via Twitter than most of the troublemakers seem to be imported from Milwaukee and Chicago, I guess, miscreants split the distance and use Kenosha as a battlefield. Lastly, it’s disappointing to see the office of POTUS occupied by an east coast elitist punching down on a working class, family, checking out Viva and barns. Curious how graceful barns might be stay vigilant. Yeah, I haven’t checked around, uh, with Viva or barns, uh, or really done anything I was in, I was in back-to-back meetings literally all day, like up until about three o’clock, which was very inconvenient. You know, nobody called me and said, Hey, Rob, we’re about to release the verdict. Is this a good time for you? I would have said not really, but go ahead. I mean, you know, I guess you can go ahead and release it, but it’s a little bit inconvenient for me. I can’t live stream right now.

So they, uh, they, they released it. Uh, but yes, uh, hand of nod. Is it possible for reforms on these things? The answer is of course, yes. The answer is of course, yes, there is a lot that can be done. It’s about the mechanism about how, you know, can you, can you create independent commissions that have five defense lawyers, five former judges, five former prosecutors, and ask them about new accountability and transparency rules. You could might that work maybe, but there’s a lot to be discussed about, about that. And know other reforms be brave, says it’s a great day. And that’s a good statement. There’s no question about that. Midnight lime says what’s going to happen to the AR well, it sounds like it was officially Dominic. So when his case is concluded, we’ll get a dispo on that. We’ll see if it goes back to Dominic, which of course we’ll give it back to Kyle.

We have captain Jim says, I actually agree with the left. When they say that a person of color in Kyle’s place would have either been capped by police that same night or thrown in jail until the end of time, they probably would have been. However, instead of helping thousands of ordinary people getting screwed by our legal system, they would rather have Kyle joined the ranks. Sad, glad you’re doing what you’re doing, Rob and shining that big, beautiful spotlight baby from captain Jim in the house. Good to see you, captain Jim, we’re going to keep on shining it. And I appreciate you being here. The Antica says it’s always about the narrative people, skin color. Isn’t the spectrum that people should worry about liberal to conservative or left to right. Is also the spectrum that people should worry about. The spectrum should worry about is the one between cooperative rural and authoritative rural.

This there’s a lot of truth to that sort of, you know, the oligarchs versus the ruled be brave says reading that black supremacists article, where they capitalize the word black, but not white. They do it constantly. It’s intentional. And it drives me nuts. I didn’t notice that that’s, that’s hilarious. Uh, three girly says the rush to judgment is outstanding as, and the ones crying, moaning and groaning afterward would not have been satisfied with any other verdict other than guilty on all charges. I hope Kyle goes, after all these horrible people who were calling him a white supremacist and guilty, can you see the ACLU? They attached his name, like stupid idiots. I hope Kyle sues the living out of Biden and all the mainstream media and all their lackeys personally, as much as I hope Kyle does to everybody that has defamed him. I’m not sure it is in his personality on top of that.

It would continue this long living hell for him. It’s true. And he’s got, you know, he’s got a whole bright world ahead of him now. And so it’s like, do you want to be bogged down in any of that? Maybe speech says, given this recent backlash against CRT and the teaching of white guilt and white supremacy in the recent elections, you would think that Dems would be doubling down on pushing the white supremacy narrative regarding wouldn’t be doubling down on pushing the white supremacy narrative regarding the verdict. What else do they have their speech? What else is there? K cell says, I have been so emotional all day about this verdict. So happy for Kyle in America. I do appreciate how judge Schrader said the constitution prevailed me to Sean. O’Halloran says, I have a theory on jury, jury up there. It is your Nope.

There it is. Juror 54, the foreperson and the suspected holdout. I wanted your take on I’m of the impression that as many had put it, she has a quote, Karen. However, I’m starting to think that she wasn’t holding out because she was immovable in her position that he was guilty. I just think that she was drunk with power and felt that since she used the foreperson, she’s going to go over every little jury instruction and micro analyze it before voting thoughts could very well be that it could have been the juror who wanted to take the thing home and, you know, look, a lot of people are also seeing this as a little slice of history that they’re getting. They get to be a part of, you know, and we, we saw in the Shovan case that as soon as the verdict was over that Brandon Mitchell started hitting the airwaves, right?

Going on all the news show, fighting for a cause. He’s now a public figure now because he was a part of a historic verdict. And so people, you know, it’s like when the cameras are on, you get a little bit more performative when maybe you don’t need to be. Maybe there was some of that going on. Sean could be onto something there. Rational. Gay says a mostly white Antifa mob is destroying one of the few, mostly black areas in Kenosha. And the guy who tries to stop them is racist. Yeah. Tremendous says I want to see binger and Krauss go down for all the BS he did. But if I have a choice between them getting punished and Kyle going free, I will take Kyle’s acquittal over being, or being punished every day of the week and twice on Sundays. I completely agree with you, Nancy. Pelosi’s fun bags is here. It says I’m coming to change you, Jerry. I just had a shot of the Rittenhouse rye whiskey from Qaeda law. So I have superhuman strength. I’m not sure anybody’s going to be able to take care of a Nat alert. John. I’ll be here all week. Calgrin says if it’s joke night, what’s the difference between Rittenhouse and a COVID vaccination.

What’s the difference between Rittenhouse and a COVID vaccination. Kyle’s shots are effective, but I’m doing John grin. I’ll be here all week in the house. We have another one from monster. One says Richard’s, didn’t say no doubt. He was asked if he was confident about how the, how long the jury was taking end. He said, no doubt, meaning he was starting the outcome. Hmm. I’m not sure what that is, but Lavanya says Kyle’s resume. Moving forward. Uh, phone number one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. Uh, the Kenosha [email protected] LinkedIn is at linkedin.com/four doors, more whores summary of qualifications, ability to operate under pressure effective and fast paced, dynamic environments, ultimate team player, but also good with independent roles. Finally sticks to his guns.

I hire him. Sounds like a, like a good candidate, like a good employee monster. One says when Richards was talking about binger changing, his strategy was talking about how binger started with his opening statements. He started one way. And when he realized he was losing, he magically change tactics. Yeah. After he got that magical drone footage, also monster says our side likes to say, Kyle didn’t take the guns across state lines, but he did. And when he was arrested in Illinois, he had the gun with the M that means he took the gun from Wisconsin to Illinois. I really hope Biden’s POS justice department doesn’t seek charges. Me too. Grouchy old cat lady says, I think a lot of statements from leftist players are nothing more than virtue signaling. Thanks for your level headed insights. Well, thank you. Grouchy old cat lady. Appreciate you being here. Monster one says, am I the only one who knew the verdict was not guilty by the judges cadence? When he told Kyle to stand and accept the verdict. I noticed that I mentioned that earlier, you could see his sort of his face. The pressure drop Yoda says little finger has da aspirations, and that requires election. He wants to run for office in the future. Hopefully his exposure here has cut out all possibility of him winning any election. Judge Schrader says what the heck took four days jurors getting brazen.

Wolfgang says, wouldn’t it be nice would be nice. If you could point us to resources or places to look that we can see what prosecutes brought prosecutors are held to regarding ethics. That way. If we spot bad actions like this, in this case, we have a reference point. Maybe it would crowdsource the effort for Dysport barring bad lawyers, super easy. I mean, all you have to do is look at, um, you know, uh, there are ethical ethical rules for lawyers in any state, and they typically have a section on prosecutors. And so the rules are codified. They’re defined, just look them up, uh, prosecutorial misconduct rules, Wisconsin, and you’ll probably find it, but there, there are rules that are codified. Let’s see what else we’ve got here. Uh, Yoda says, Sue engage, make sure that he never has money, which might be a reason to do it.

The antique says on your comment on law, I’ve always thought law to be the pursuit of justice through human interactions and justice, to be the pursuit of perfection and outcomes. It’s not that we really can attain such things, but we at least can try. Thank you. Began to kiss prosecutor. Kraus says I’ve gone a day or two eating binge. Ah, poor Krauss. Hopefully he’s all right. Uh, cov queen says, I’m just jumping in. Sorry. If this has already been addressed, what’s the deal with the potential federal prosecution also, let’s go, Kyle. Uh, good to see you. Cov queen. So, uh, the federal prosecution, Jerry Nadler, and his 37 pound diaper they’ve recommended that they does be referred over to the department of justice for investigation Biden came out and said, even though I disagree with this, we’re going to accept the results of the jury.

So, you know, he’s really in charge of the justice department. Don’t know that they’re going to do anything about it. You know, I think that the basis would be on a weapons charge, the state line problem. Uh, but are they going to do that? Especially when the other evidence is pretty bad, I’m not so sure that they’re going to actually move forward with it. So I would say it’s probably doubtful at this time, but you can’t put it past this administration who knows. Sergeant Bob says, I understand the criminal process, but my hat is off to you for explaining this to our community. You go Robert. Well, thank you Sergeant Bob, you know, I’m glad that it came out the way that it did. I was going to be very upset about it if it didn’t. And I’m grateful that you’re also here, Sergeant, because your opinion matters because you do know about the law.

Lavanya says just joking about the resume though. Seriously though, watching the verdict read aloud alive. When Kyle choked up a little, I got a tear in my eyes. So glad justice was served today. And that Kyle will be home just in time for Thanksgiving. Isn’t it nice. It’s all poetic. It’s all just a beautiful, lovely outcome. Nice date Bama lick. It says hi, Rob. Hello, fellow beautiful Watchers. I’m happy of the results of not guilty, but why do I feel I should be relieved? Because whoever is seeing the evidence will automatically say it’s self-defense. I didn’t know that the people in charge like the prosecutor are so crooked, willing to use all the legal mumbo jumbo to confuse ordinary peasants. Like me, ordinary citizens may not have intelligence and the skills to maneuver the law, but we still have morals to distinguish what is good from bad, by the way, can Rittenhouse Sue the media for how they characterized him? I think they, I think he can. I’m not a, I’m not a defamation lawyer, but I’m sure he’s talking to many of them who can tell him whether or not he should be. And it’s good to see you Bumble like it you’re right. The media does treat a lot of us. Like we’re dumb more on peasants and they think of us that way and they tell us, you have to get the news from us. If you get it from anybody else, you are a problem.

But here we got to bypass them. Didn’t we be brave, says black legally owns the guns and he’s still facing charges over at the gun. Isn’t going anywhere right now. Just like those trophies, uh, Jay mark, he says, Hey, Rob, I love watching you during the Rittenhouse trial. Your commentary has been top-notch what’s next on the docket to keep us all enthralled. It’s a good question there, Jay, what should we talk about next? What do you think? There’s a lot of stuff going on. Golin Maxwell. Her trial is starting, but we’re not going to have any video or audio from her. So we’re not going to be able to dive into that. A Arbery’s wrapping up. Sounds like we had a, I’m doing a summary video of Travis Michael’s testimony. I’ve got some good clips of that. He testified today and I’m sorry, I think today and yesterday and the day before that, maybe not today, I’m not sure what happened today, but there’s the, you know, the, the Arbery trials wrapping up and then what else is coming down the pike?

I don’t know. We’re going to have to figure out what’s next, but certainly I’m open to thoughts. Suggestions. If you have comments on how you know on, on where we should pivot to now I’m open to that. And, uh, I look for your thoughts on locals. And the dark says, I might be typing this too late. No worries. If it’s late, but as a possible solution to all the corrupt prosecutors, what would you think about giving the jury the power to punish the prosecution? If they find that they were corrupt or something like that, where it’s out of the hands of the administrative state. It’s a good question. And the, and so we talk about like civilian boards, you know, where you have civilian boards with other people that make decisions on this. And there’s a lot of different ways. You know, I think one of the, one of the main ways to do this is to, uh, stop over criminalizing everything and come up with different alternatives so that prosecutors don’t have to go out and try to kill each other over convictions.

If we, if we stop trying to penalize everybody and try to help people, maybe you wouldn’t have prosecutors acting like Thomas binger because the incentives are so perverse. Ice Wolf says glad he’s innocent. Sorry, not been there. Been here. Have a good Thanksgiving. Please pray for my dad in surgery earlier. Prayers for ice. Wolf’s dad, hopefully he’s doing well. Hope the surgery went well. All of our thoughts are with him. Sergeant Bob says, Kyle, come on down to Arizona. A good, good place to be Jay. He says vindication, glad to see the outcome today. I was in tears. When the verdict was read, hope this continues to awaken America. This is exactly why you started this channel. You’re right about that. Jay he’d have a great weekend. Rob you too, Jay Heath. Thanks for, thanks for chiming. In on that thunder seven says Kyle wanted to be a firefighter.

He was a cadet and the program does this acquittal affect his career choices? Like could he be a cop or a firefighter if he wanted, yeah, he’s not a criminal. He’s not been convicted of anything he’s been charged, but he was acquitted of all charges. So he’s as innocent and free as legally can be. Now he has a charge. And so people are going to see that they’re also going to know about it. So, you know, they could, they, that might hurt him because they don’t want to be associated with him for that reason. But legally, yeah, he’s innocent news now says, okay, I lied. One more comment just now on court TV, Richard is being interviewed again. And he said he wanted nothing to do with the case at first because he believed the media. Wow. That’s crazy. That’s crazy. Wolfgang says while PTSD may be a good thing to discuss, I don’t particularly feel it is convincing to talk about. Yeah, it’s traumatic. Sure. But not at the levels of what it seemed to be two decades ago.

It says that Kyle did a pretty good job regarding everything going on. Sucks it’s going on, but I don’t trust psychologists. They over-diagnose everything from Wolfgang. Our survey says, as I mentioned on YouTube chat, Kyle will be on Tucker on Monday. Here’s the trailer for the interview. It has behind the scenes from today. And after the verdict, you should watch it on the stream. This is huge. Oh, and hi from Ireland, we have no rights. Ha well, that’s horrible. Hi from Ireland where we have no rights. Ha ha. That’s not funny, but it is funny. Also terrible. Not funny. All right. Ooh. That’s loud. All right. Let’s turn that down a little bit. We got Tucker Carlson, original. They’re doing a written house. Let’s watch this little Friday night. A trailer from Tucker keeps you up at

Like once you finally do get to sleep, dude, trains are about what happened. And you’re waking up in a, in a dark cold sweat every single night. It’s quite scary actually, because the dreams feel so real. And they’re not the same at all. They’re all different. They’re the different scenarios that run through your head during the day. Like what could have happened? Like I’m alive, but what could have happened? Like what if I wasn’t alive? Or what if I did like Mr. [inaudible] now it’s bad, but almost every outcome is either me getting seriously injured or hurt dead. Those are just the dreams I have on a daily basis. The defendable rises the jury, verdicts

Data, Wisconsin versus Kyle red house. As the first comment, the affirmation, Joseph Wilson bomb. We, the jury by the defendant H Wright house not guilty, the information [inaudible] not guilty.

How do you feel, man? The jury reached the correct verdict. Self-defense is not illegal. And I believe they came to the correct verdict and I’m glad that everything went well. It’s been a rough journey, but we made it through it. We made it through the hard part. Oh,

Whew. Wow. I’m glad that that was recommended that we watched that because we actually got to hear a little bit of Kyle Rittenhouse after the verdict today. My goodness. So thank you to our survey for that. So that’s going to be happening on Monday. So I guess the show on Monday is going to be after that is so we’ll have to watch that and then we’ll have a breakdown of that as well. But my goodness, Kyle Rittenhouse was out and spoke to Tucker Carlson and that’s a pretty wild thing. A binger Russ here says that he lost. We have another one from Marty. Lon says Kyle’s mixed race, Hispanic. I’ll save in Indian woman’s business from arson. From this a majority white mob targets him with violence. Kyle shoots three white serial criminals. So Twitter, big tech, MSN, uh, MSM N DNC declares, white supremacy.

Dang. I didn’t know it was Tuesday again. That’s for Marty lunch. It’s like none of the facts matter. It’s white supremacy. It’s nonsense. Captain Jim says, Rob, if I may a studio design suggestion instead of a big, beautiful blue mountains behind you, you should put a world map with the pins on the countries you have fans from and Itali sheet of Mr. Natalie’s diaper weight. So you sort of like a running whiteboard of his weight, 37.5 pounds a days without a Jerry Knight Nadler diaper change 100, 1,247. And I just come in every day. It has been 1,248 days since somebody changed Derek, Jerry Nadler’s diaper. It’s not bad. It’s not bad idea. Yeah, I like it. I think it was a pretty good captain, Jim. Okay. Back over on YouTube. We had a couple coming in a behind the scenes. We had Tara radar. We had that one.

Yeah, Tucker Carlson’s uh, interviewing Kyle. Uh, Tim stalling says I ain’t gay, but I love you. I’m not gay either, but I love you right back my friend. There’s no doubt about that. Today’s a good day. I love everybody tonight. Uh, gay or not. I love it. I just burgeoning with love. Tara Rainer says, how likely is it the binger gaves, a Minsky, a dismissal with the antics with Nathan DeBruin one of those heroes in the case. I don’t think that he gave him a dismissal. I think that’s actually still being prosecuted, but I don’t know what happened with that because there’s probably all sorts of, uh, you know, sort of behind the scene conversations about the privilege against testifying and all sorts stuff there. So, uh, Jacob says I donated to Kyle’s legal defense and bail fund. Anything leftover should go to Kyle. I agree with you completely is, is money raised for him? And Wolfgang says would be nice to peek at the Charlottesville trials. Okay. That’s a good recommendation. So I’ll write that one down. Charlottesville trials, a a, I don’t know what those are.

Charlottesville trials. And then, uh, thank you Wolfgang for that suggestion. And then we have Bernard Samuels says Wisconsin has charged many other 16 to 17 year olds with weapons. Possessions. Does this open up all those other cases? Uh, no. I mean, so each each case would have to be reviewed individually. Like here, you know, they talked about, uh, whatever justifications were for dismissing that charge and the gun charge, but that wouldn’t automatically go over to those 16 and seven. They’d be different gun charges, different ages, different locations, different justifications. So you really, you’re not going to have a good time taking this case and making it binding precedent for any other criminal case is just it’s it’s uh, it’s, it’s isolated to Kyle Rittenhouse. The reason why it’s important is because it is persuasive in the public Zeit guys about how we think about self-defense cases.

That’s why I think it’s so important. White matters, and that my friends is it for us over from our friends and watchingthewatchers.locals.com and on YouTube. And I want to take a quick moment to thank everybody who is supporting us over at watchingthewatchers.locals.com because we had a lot of new people signed up recently. And I want to just say thank you for all of your support. It really means the world to me and we have in the house. We’ve got red beard. We’ve got Monique Nicole. We’ve got doctor here. We’ve got Facebook law. 1 0 1. We’ve got hobo. Jim mom, Beano. We’ve got West Virginia Ridge rider, 68 mayhem studios, Ben Tomlinson, Laurel seven 20. We’ve got unsheathed Tucker grab Tommy nukes, Fantasma, Gloria Black cat Meow. Nick McLeod. Dr. Brenton’s here T Blakemore Patriot minute, Chris. See Dr. Sammy D pub crawl. Judy Julie fluffy KOLs woods. Oh eight karaoke princess here.

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We can have communities like this live streams, where we can open up the chat, give each other digital virtual high-fives and come back all again and do it tomorrow. The next week. And the time after that, that’s what’s happening over watchingthewatchers.locals.com. I hope you check it out and come join us. And that my friends is it for me for the day one final congratulations to Kyle Rittenhouse, to the Kyle Rittenhouse team, to everybody involved in the case to all of you for continuing to watch this case and support the cause to speak out about the injustices that we saw. It’s been a great day. Oftentimes we don’t have good news on this show because we’re talking a lot about the downfalls that we see around us in society. But this is the day we can pause, take a deep breath, breathe a little bit of that air of freedom and justice and be happy in celebration and enjoy it.

So enjoy it. My friends, I know I will. It’s going to be a nice weekend with a breath of fresh air. I hope you enjoy it. I hope you unplug from politics. Spend some time with friends and family pay attention to the things that matter. And that is not our federal government in politics. It’s the people that we love and care about most. So spend some time with them. Enjoy yourselves. My friend, we’re going to be back here. Same place, same time on Monday. And we may do some stuff this weekend on locals and elsewhere. So stick around my friends, have a tremendous rest of your Friday be well, and I will see you on the next one. Here it is. Everybody take care. Have a great evening. Bye-bye.