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Hello my friends and welcome back to yet another episode of Watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Gruler. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the R&R Law Group. We’re located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and today Ghislaine Maxwell trial day five. We’ve had a lot to get to, we’re going to take a look at a number of different witnesses that came out today, but we’re going to pick back up with a lessee. This was Epstein’s housekeeper who came out today. It was cross-examined by Ghislaine Maxwell’s defense lawyer, Jeffrey paleo, Luca. The G is silent like lasagna and, uh, mixed reactions on this. Some people thought that this was sort of good. Cross-examination some people thought that this was a disaster. So we’re going to check in with a friend of ours guy by the name of Joe Nierman over at good logic here on YouTube.

He is tagged it down in the description. I learned that yesterday you can tag other channels. And so he’s there he’s boots on the ground in court, justice inside. And so check with his channel as well. But he specifically made a video for us today talking about this cross-examination of a lessee specifically by Jeffrey paly. Yuca said it was a little bit, you know, maybe, maybe not so good. So we’ll check in with him, uh, and, uh, see what he has to say about it. And then we’d jump into a different witness, a guy by the name of Gregory Patrick. He’s a CSI. Do you remember that show crime scene investigator? That’s what this guy did. He went in and into Jeffrey Epstein’s house and had to enhance, enhance, enhance, which is just disgusting, disgusting, disgusting. So he came into court and testified today about a lot of what he saw the search warrant and in sort of poking around the different rooms.

And so we have a lot of images or a lot of testimony that included a lot of images that we didn’t get to see. So big portions of this afternoon were all basically sealed off. It sounds like from any of the observational rooms where these attorneys and these people observing the trial would be able to report on it all because it’s, you know, it’s highly sensitive, it’s involving underage individuals. And so they got to make sure that it’s all sealed and outside the purview of the public eye, which is not, you know, not a bad thing, but the question is, is it overly broad? And we’ll break that down. In other words, is the court sealing too much stuff? Are they keeping too much stuff away and out of the public eye, we’ll find out, well, we’ll see what you have to say about it as well.

And then we jump into our last witness of the day, Michael Dawson. This was a detective who found something called twin torpedoes. Oh, that doesn’t sound good. Or maybe it’s, I don’t know, depending on what you’re into, maybe it’s, you know, maybe that sounds great. I don’t know. But twin torpedoes comes out in trial testimony today. And so it’s going to be a juicy one. If you want to be a part of the sheriff, the place to do that is [email protected] There’s a form out there that looks just like this. If you’re a member or supporter over there, then we’re going to take your questions as they come in at the end of, uh, the segments at the end of the program. So not as they come in at the end, and if you’re a supporter over on YouTube, if you’re sitting in the super chat, so those are cool.

Those pop up right on the screen like that Wolfgang Dayo submitted one right before the show started says, if sex work is real work, then we would need to require sexual favors to be a part of getting promotions in the corporate world. Question mark. He’s asking that. So I don’t know if that’s a question really, or a policy proposal, so we’ll leave that up to you to decide, but thank you. That’s exactly what it looks like. Wolfgang. When you submit a great question and I don’t have a good answer on that one. We also have the clips that are available over at Robert crueler Esq clips. And so I know these shows can go long and sometimes you just want to watch a specific witness or a specific cross-examination. And so go check that channel out it’s down in the description and check out all of the other links down there, including Joe Nierman good logic.

So let’s get into it. Ghislaine Maxwell day five trial, everybody’s working their way into court, including Ghislaine’s family. This was a picture from outside of the court. You can see we’ve got Isabella Isabelle, who is a wheeling. Her suitcase into court looks like you got media. There got this guy in the hoodie and this other guy in, uh, uh, H has a full camera gear taking a look at Ghislaine sister. Also have Mr. Kevin. This is Kevin Maxwell, Isabel’s brother. And so they’re both making their way into court. We see also making their way in. We’ve got Ghislaine Maxwell’s defense lawyers heard a lot from these two people. Laura Menninger we saw was the defense lawyer that did the cross examination of Jane. Jane was the first victim that came out from the government’s case in chief. We also see Jeffrey paly, Yuca, like I said, the G is silent.

So, you know, keep that clean. It’s like lasagna. You don’t say lasagna. So don’t say peg Luca, it’s pay Luca. Obviously. Now something interesting has been happening as the trial has been unfolding. We’ve been getting more and more information. And so, you know, at the, at the start of this thing, I know like me, many of you have been felt, you know, feeling very frustrated. Why is this thing not televised? One of the biggest trials, you know, sort of, of our time, this case has been, uh, I would say maturating maturing is the word over the last several decades. It’s been percolating our whole lives, really some of us, and now it’s kind of coming to a head. And so why has this all been so under wraps? Why is everything so, you know, so, so sealed and all exhibits are under lock. And key media is not super interested in this.

Nobody can see it. There’s no public call in lines, all of that stuff. And I have been extremely frustrated as well, but I was speculating. I was thinking, okay, well, the reason why we’re going to create this mind-map process and use this is because this data is going to continue to trickle out. And as more and more testimony comes out from all of the witnesses, we’re going to be able to start to corroborate their testimony. We’re going to say, oh, well, Jane, she said that she was dating somebody and they were both on the same show. And so we can sort of, you know, put these times together. And then Matt comes out here and he testifies and he gives us some more details and then a lessee comes out. And then we talk about the school that these people went to. And then everybody can sort of figure out who we’re talking about.

That’s one way, the other way is just, as people are getting closer to trial, we’re naturally going to know who the next witness is. And the next witness, including the next victims are going to be walking their way into court. And eventually people are going to identify who the victims are as well. If they just don’t out themselves in the first place, just say, all right, look, I’m walking to court. Here’s who I am. Let’s get it over with. And so I’m not sure if that’s the case with this next woman, but it’s looking like that. We have Theresa helm, several media outlets are now identifying her because her attorney has come out and identified her. And so this is Theresa helm. She’s a victim of Epstein. And her attorney was seeing, heading into the courthouse on Friday. So this is a new person. This is a new individual that we can add on to the list.

And yeah, I’m seeing some other people, you know, throwing out names of, of, of the other individuals there we see here, Ben at fewer heard is a great follow over on Twitter. And he is telling us that Teresa’s attorney Sigrid, McCawley, publicly identified Teresa yesterday. And so kind of, you know, open kind of fair game now, I guess, to talk about her as, as somebody who is a victim in this case, because her own attorney has publicly identified her. And so, you know, we’re all sort of, you know, walking on eggshells a little bit, trying to comply with the rules and that’s, I think the right thing to do, because we want to respect everybody’s privacy and respect their wishes. At the same time, we’re trying to do our job and analyze this trial, you know, in depth with detail. And so we’re going to have to put these pieces together.

I think a big thing that’s happening in this trial that I’m not really happy about, I think is a big disservice to the rest of us that want to make sure that there is accountability and transparency. That’s taking place in our justice system. We don’t really get a good opportunity to do that here. And it’s very important for those of us reading the transcripts. For those of us who are trying to make heads or tails of what this witness said, was that person credible, what did they look like? What did the jurors think of Jane? What did the jurors think of Matt? Well, I don’t know, kind of depends. Is Matt a 300 pound overweight guy or not, is he a male model supermodel because it’s closer to the ladder. If you know who he is and you know, it’s, it’s important that stuff matters.

How they talk, how people communicate. This is all the body language stuff, their credibility, where those tears real that came out of Jane or not because she’s just an actress. Well, we don’t really get to know much about that. It would help if we knew who Jane was, wouldn’t it? I think it would. And so part of, of what we’re doing here is trying to in depth, do a deep dive analysis into this case. And so if the, if the details of the facts reveal the identities and we piece it together, we’re not going to play like dumb idiots here. Ooh, it is. And, and just continue our analysis. So as this continues to come forward, we’re going to continue to, to, you know, put the puzzle pieces where they belong within reason. So that’s the policy, unless I change it. All right. So now that we’ve got that, we know who’s walking into court, we have now Sigrid McCawley, the attorney for Teresa.

Let’s take a look at the mind map. It’s it’s been a couple of days since we’ve done a refresher on the mind map and I’ve got some new additions it’s actually filling out. It’s going to look like chaos. So brace yourselves, this is the updated mind map. As of today, there’s still some more work to do on this puppy. And we’re going to do, I’m going to do a full video on this sort of a weekly update at the end of every week. So we’re going to break this down. I’ll go through every single branch in-depth in a full video that will come out after every single week in the trial. But for now, let’s just kind of, kind of clean some of this up so we can make heads or tails of what we’re talking about here. So we’ll get rid of the prosecutor as well.

Let’s talk about the prosecutors first. So today we had a lot of Maureen comi. She was doing some of the direct exam, and I believe some of the cross-examination don’t know much about the other people. So we’ll just close that up. We also can get rid of some of these additional documents. I have some shout outs to the people who are pulling some of this stuff from we’ve got inner city, press class, Feld reports, Ben for heard and good logic. So we’ll close those documents up. We’ll talk about the issues. When I make the full video today, the defense attorneys we had, as you saw walking into court, we hear a little bit from Jeff Paley and he does some of the cross-examination of Alessi. We hear from Laura manager, just a little bit Christian ever. Dell was actually in court today in the afternoon doing also some of the cross-examination of, uh, I believe it was the two police officers actually.

So the crime scene investigator and the detective who found the torpedoes, he did the cross examination of them. Bobby stern, Haim, the lead kind of defense attorney was in there talking about some evidentiary issues about the submission of a video. And so we can close them up. Now we had, we saw it, we talked about Isabel Maxwell, Kevin Maxwell, and her attorney, so we can close them up. We really are going to spend most of our time talking about the witnesses. So we’ve already seen that the exhibits that I was mentioning earlier, they’re now trickling out here. So remember when we talked about Paul Wysocki, I think he was the actual, very first witness. A lot of the exhibits that he talked about, they are now trickling out. So they’re making their way onto Twitter. They’re now up sort of a part of the public record.

And so we can expand this out and we can see what they used [inaudible] to get in. So they talk about him and specifically, while they identify this runway photo, they give us this photo and we can see it here. It’s that photo of government, exhibit three, 10, it’s a photo of Epstein. And, uh, you know, at a younger gal, uh, who is not one of the victims, this is Jane Kaelin. I’m sorry. Uh, Sarah Kellen, who was his assistant. And so you’re going to see Kaelin and these other two photos, Kaelin, smiling outside, sitting along with Ghislaine Maxwell. We have Kaelin smiling inside and outside with Ghislaine Maxwell. Whoops. And then we have another one that’s admitted. We can see this is government exhibit. Let’s see what this one is. It don’t have the number on that one, but this is Kellan in a green dress.

And so Wysocki is the person who admits all of that. And Sarah Kellen, we know because we can take this over here. Sarah Kellen is a named co-conspirator, who was somebody who was specifically identified in the non-prosecution agreement that was completed in 2007, under Jeffrey Epstein. So you can actually see that right here. I believe it is. Yeah. Her name is right there. Sarah Kellen. This is a part of the 2007 non-prosecution agreement. So we’ve got that in there. And we know, we know that Wysocki talked a lot about that. So we don’t know what’s going to come of Sarah Kellen, really. I mean, we don’t know if she’s coming back as part of the government’s case in chief, she’s specifically included in the non-prosecution agreement. So we don’t know what she’s going to do if the government is going to call her in or not.

So we’ll make that connection there so we can see what he, what he brought in. A lot of the photographs, a lot of the Seroquel and stuff. We’ve got Matt, he came in sort of know who he is. We’ll see if we identify him later on, we saw Daniel Bessel sin. Now one of the exhibits that he brought forward, this was the financial guy. And he was the guy who talked about the Jeffrey Epstein lodge. So I just added this one. Uh, this was that sort of a lodge that Epstein paid for, had his name put on it. And that’s the same school, the interlock and school of arts that took place in Michigan, that Jane testified about. So you can see we’ve got this relationship between Daniel and Jane up here. Then we talked briefly with Paul Cain. We talked a lot about Lisa Rockiyo yesterday, and they were sort of, Paul was talking about some of the financial stuff that Epstein contributed a lot to the, to the school of professional children, professional children’s school, whatever that was.

And then Dr. Lisa Rockiyo, she gave us the five elements of grooming. We talked all about that. Then we had one Patricia, a lessee, and he came out and talked about a lot of these exhibits. Now some of this is very interesting. The household manual that we are going to hear from today from because he’s being cross-examined now remember that paleo Luca is now cross-examining Juan Patricia Alyse. This was Epstein’s former housekeeper. And so let’s get caught up on what he said. Identified. Jane said ages between 14 and 15 talked about Ghislaine identified a lot of topless. Women talked about Virginia Ghafari Epstein got three massages a day, cleaned up some torpedoes, uh, on a regular basis. But if you remember yesterday, he talked about the house manual member. He identified the house manual and member. We were joking about him not being John. He said, my name is Juan.

It’s not John. And we were having some fun with that. Well, we’re going to get into that again today, but he identified a couple pieces of property. Number one, the Palm beach property. Obviously a lot of stuff happened here. This is government exhibit 2, 1 2. And so we talk a lot about this. They go through it piecemeal sort of photo by photo. The prosecution is walking all the different police officers through this. Literally tell me this, you know, uh, second floor, we talked with Alessi yesterday and I think he was even going through some of the blueprints. I could have that wrong, but I think it was a lessee who was literally going through the blueprint. So in other words, Epstein prosecutors went and got, you know, the building codes over from, uh, you know, Florida, wherever that was Alessi also obviously has been to the New York property.

So we get this exhibit in and we can see that’s the same evidence. That’s the same image that we saw in the original Ghislaine indictment. So spend some time talking about that property, that property had the massage room, I believe. And then this was very interesting. So this is the household manual. We have a couple interesting clips here. So I actually have a full, you can, you can find a full copy of the entire manual. It’s 58 pages long and a full PDF is here. Oh, by the way, the, uh, well, I’ll tell you about that after we’re done it’s you can, you can zoom in here and you can see, this is part of the grooming and the guest relation. So appearance, it says is extremely important for high standards. This is what Alessia was testifying to yesterday. Remember Alessi said I had the manual, let let’s let’s break this down real quickly.

Alessi said I had the manual. What did the manual say to do? It said to keep a telephone book right next to the, the bed, the phones, so that Epstein’s had their, their directory at hand. That’s how we get to exhibit 52. That’s how they want to get that, that, that document. And that’s what we were fighting about yesterday. So this is one of those pages from that manual. And the manual is pretty pejorative. You know, the manual is sort of, it’s kind of rude. Okay. It’s like, you know, I don’t know. Maybe it’s rude. You know, maybe it’s not, I don’t know. I’m not a billionaire, but you know, it’s like do not address Mr. Epstein, Maxwell and guests with your hands in your pocket, do not eat or drink in front of Mr. Epstein, Mr. Maxwell or their guests do not chew gum.

When you’re attending this Maxwell cellular phones must be placed on vibrate. Phone should not ring. Don’t use perfume, smile, smile, smile, smile, channel all the questions through the estate manager, being unobtrusive as the key, do not discuss personal problems with guests, always addressed by their, by their name. Mr. Smith, Mrs. Smith, make guests feel pampered and welcome. Use your judgment when conveying information to Epstein. If the matter is not urgent, leave a note clearly stating what you need to know, where are the appropriate clothing don’t have bulgy items in your pocket. Only Epstein can have bulges around here, right? Stuff like that. You get another here. The manual is designed to give you proper guidance or assistance to perform your duties, gathering as much information as possible will help you with the day to day use your communication skills checklist will be completed. And so you can take a look at the full, the full PDF of this thing.

We’ve got the full manual pre-arrival preparations, we’ve got bathroom cleaning. The introduction manual is designed to give you proper guidance, grooming and guest relations. And then we see some of this stuff, which I think we’re going to get to in the show today. Yeah. You know, don’t say, yeah, sure. No problem. You bet ya. You say yes, Mr. Uh, of course. Yeah, no problem at all. My pleasure. It would, I would be very pleased to do that. You are quite right, sir. I have no idea, but I will find out immediately. Yes. Mr. Epstein. Yes, of course. Mrs. Maxwell. Right? That’s how you talk. You don’t say yeah, sure. No problem. I dunno. Gotcha. Speak like a speak like you’re in a billion dollar house. All right. To a compliment. You say you were very kind, oh, thank you, Mrs. Maxwell. I enjoy doing it. Cleaning up your torpedoes. My pleasure. Love it. Very kind. Happy to do it. See you tomorrow. Oh. To a justified criticism or a mistake. How do you deal with that? You say I’m very sorry. Will not happen again. Completely. My fault. I’m gonna make the changes immediately when entering a room. May I come in? So you can just see it goes on and on how to answer the telephone, uh, guests pickup and drop off as escorting guests to their room master bedroom. So this is where we get some interesting nuggets. Isn’t it?

Regular pens on both bedside tables. What to put in the master bedroom, remote controls, telephones on, do not disturb. And look at this one right here. J E N G M telephone directories place to the right of the telephone. Well, what is that all about? Oh, JE means Jeffrey Epstein. Doesn’t it? And GM says Ghislaine Maxwell, telephone directories placed to the right of the phone. So now you bring in a lessee, a lessee was the housekeeper who did that. He put it right by the phone, why he was following the, how the manual, obviously. So now the idea is to get that book in, get that document in and you can see the rest of this, you know, Q-tips make sure the toothpaste is more than half full. If it’s half empty, throw it out, get a new one. I don’t want half empty toothpaste tubes gross.

And what does Ms. Maxwell like? And Q-tips round cotton pads unlock the closets fresh bar of soap. Make sure the water is hot and running clear. Oh, this is okay. Interesting. You know, I’m not sure that this is really relevant to the topic of today, but you can see, she likes scope mouthwash. She likes, Kiehl’s a lip balm with SPF. She likes Avi-on on face mist. Kiehl’s cucumber toner. I don’t know if this is applicable to any of the ladies out there, but that’s the, uh, that’s the way they did it. So you can see, right. This is just a big, gigantic house manual. Might look even like a, like a, a look at this. It’s got a grocery list and everything. Household products, latex gloves. What are those for? He doesn’t do any cleaning. So what’s he using the latex gloves for? Oh, gross.

All right. So you see where this is going windows, cars, uh, monthly, every six months do this. It’s a pretty good idea. I mean, this is actually a pretty nice thing. You might want this for your house minus the pedophilia, you know, every six months, you know, clean the drapes, get a reminder checklist, drain and clean the pool. That’s good stuff. So, okay. So you can see what we’ve got here. Big, gigantic, huge document. And this puppy has been admitted to, uh, the, to the jurors as an exhibit. It’s as far as I can tell. Yeah, it looks like it here. Uh, exhibit 6 0 6. All right. So that, uh, uh, that’s what they’ve got going on now. That was another exhibit. That whole thing came in from one Patricia Alessi. And so we’re going to jump into the testimony here in, in a quick minute.

Let’s just, let’s just wrap this up for a second. We’ve got also Gregory Parkinson. We’re going to have short testimony from these two guys was not able to find a photo yet of detective Dawson and, uh, Gregory Parkinson. I believe this is the right guy, but we’ll dig into him when we get into the testimony, uh, and the transcripts from today’s events. So detective Michael Dawson, Gregory Parks in the crime scene investigator, you can see that as we’re talking about this case, we’re still in the government’s witnesses. This is all still going to continue to expand out as we can, as we continue to hear from these other victims. And so we start to piece together who some of these people are. You can see over here on the Epstein wing, we’re adding more names, more faces, more lawyers, more lawsuits. And this puppy is just going to continue to expand and expand and expand.

Got a whole new section on Clinton. Now we talked about that yesterday. And so we’ll go through this in a lot more detail, got a little bit more updates to make, and we’ll get a separate video recorded at the conclusion of every week. Talking about the mind map. That’s Ghislaine, Maxwell’s updated mind map at the end of trial day five. Now we’ve got to talk about testimony in court. Before we get there. I want to show you what YouTube giving me grief. They’re giving me grief over here. So I, uh, yesterday after the show audit, obviously instantly demonetized, and then I appealed it after manually reviewing can’t can’t monetize it. So here we are again, trial day for yesterday’s show. YouTube is stopping us. So now listen, I understand that this is some sensitive stuff that we’re talking about, torpedoes and cucumbers and buzzing cylinders, and it can be a little bit dicey out there.

So I’m going to, you’re going to notice as we go through this, I’ve got some red stars to remind myself, to keep it PG on the program. So that’s what that is, but hopefully it doesn’t detract too much from the show, but we’re going to see what we can do to confi, uh, to, uh, uh, to operate within YouTubes rules is the right word. All right. So let’s get into it. As I mentioned, our first witness in Ghislaine Maxwell trial day five is going to be a lessee during the cross-examination Jeff Paley. Yuca is going to come back out and start digging into Epstein’s former housekeeper, the guy that we heard a lot from yesterday, but before we get there, we’ve got some sort of housekeeping business that we need to attend to. And both lawyers, Jeffrey pale, Yuca, and Maureen comi are now going to be arguing over this before the jury even came into court.

They’re talking about whether they can argue some of these things in front of the jury, the jury is outside the courtroom, and they’re there. You know, this was all stuff that was brought up during the pre-trial process, as far as I know. And they’re now at the moment, they’re at that stage where they’re hearing about the massages, they’re hearing from a lessee, he’s saying, look, I was cleaning up the torpedoes and you know, it was gross. And I put it in Ghislaine’s bathroom in the bin, and there was, you know, tapes in there and the whole thing was just a mess. And so he’s now talking about these massages. And so that opens the door to start talking about, well, you know, stains and, um, you know, lotions and oils and other objects that happened in the massage room and all of that stuff. And so now that, you know, they’re sort of gonna, you know, gonna dive into this testimony a little bit, they got to make sure that they can go into these things.

The judge is okay with that. So before the jury comes back out and it’s time to actually go down this line of questioning they’re, they’re arguing about this right in front of the judge. They’re saying, judge, all right, listen, Maxwell’s lawyer Paley Yuca says, look, seeing bodily excretions on the table. Judge is going to be prejudicial. If they, if they see that object on the table, that bodily excretion, that one in particular, it’s going to be a big problem. Prosecutor says, uh, it was a white stain. Okay. It, it is entirely probative as to whether these massages were just massages or were in fact something more. So the defense attorney is characterizing it as a bodily excretion. The prosecutor is saying, look, it’s a white stain. Okay. It could have been a massage. It could have been something else. Judge says, well, I would permit lab tests.

So if you can, if you want to go test it, then you can test it and then bring it back. And then we can know for sure, but they’re going to, you know, sort of deal with that. So I’m not sure that they ever talked about the stain, whatever that was. Then we jumped into another issue. Okay. Well, how about those school uniforms? Allegedly, apparently Epstein had a collection of school, gore girl uniforms in his property that was found. So the U S attorney says, well, judge, that’s relevant as hell. We’re talking about, you know, under-age, uh, things here. The fact that Jeffrey had an entire collection of girl uniforms. Yeah. That’s highly relevant. Maxwell says, no, it’s not judge. It has very little connection to Mrs. Maxwell has nothing to do with Ghislaine. We’re here on trial for Ghislaine. Remember? And that’s overly prejudicial.

The fact that Epstein may have been a pervert of the century. It’s got nothing to do with Ghislaine, his house, his property, his school girl, uniform collections, not ours prosecutor says, yeah, but this school girl costumes, you know, even the small ones, they were found in the massage room. Okay. And we know that Colin was in the massage room. So that’s why they’re relevant. She knows about him. She knew all about it. So we should be able to talk about it. Prosecutor, I’m sorry. Defense attorney paleo comes back and says, all right, well, listen, at least they should not be described as school goal, girl uniforms. Like you can talk about them as outfits, but don’t call them school, girl uniforms. Like if they’re in the room, he sort of conceding like, yeah. Okay, fine. If they’re in the massage room and Ghislaine som, and you want to talk about them, you can talk about them, but we’re not going to be calling them school. Girl uniforms, call them a, t-shirt not a uniform that prosecutor says, I’ll just lay the foundation. Then I’m just going to lay the foundation. I’ll just ask him and well, he can just call them whatever he wants to call him. Judge says, well, yeah, you can say exactly right. You can say that without describe them. Like without describing them, just say, you know, did you like, what did you find? Did you find these things?

And so Maxwell’s lawyer then picks back up. So they’re there. They’re sort of settling. Some of these issues. Maxwell, paly Yuca says the interior and the artwork changed by 2019. The witness we call quote, Jane said it was creepy with drawing of monsters on the wall and unclothed the women. We think these photos should be excluded. You know, the photos of the unclothed girls in the room, they should be not allowed in defense attorney saying, keep that stuff out. We do not want it to come in. So the judge continues. The there’s a way to position two screens. Only show them to the jurors. And so this is what the judge does. I’m going to ask Ms. Williams, somebody in the courtroom and the AVP people, can you show the video so only the jurors can see it and no one else will see, please bring in the jurors.

Okay. So now we get that. So they’re fleshing all this stuff out. And the judge finally says, all right, enough of this, we’re just going to break it up. So we’re gonna, we’re gonna be able to present it to the jurors, but nobody else. And they can just kind of show them photos of these unclothed girls or women in the massage room, but nobody else is gonna be able to see it. And we see that this is foreshadowing of a very slow afternoon because there was a lot of, uh, empty life tweets that I was expecting today. Why? Because all of the media was shut off for everybody in there. Cause the judge shut it off, said it was all sealed and only the cameras and only everything can be shown to the juror. So the people who were there are going up, you can’t see anything. I guess we’ll just sit here and not know what they’re talking about. So, uh, that’s what happened before a lessee comes back to the stand. Now he comes back. Judge. Nathan says, all right, Mr. Alessi, you may return all rise. Jury enters. And they start up Jeff Paley Yuca here doing the cross examination.

Maxwell’s lawyer, paleo Luca says, all right, Mr. Alessi, you said you are called Juan, but don’t you sometimes say I am John. Unless he says, yeah, I am John in English. Oh, well that kind of changes the story. Jeff says, all right, well, Ms. Maxwell speaks Spanish and she called you one. He did not take that as an insult. Did you? No, I did not. Oh, well, that’s interesting because yesterday we spent a lot of time talking about how they kept calling him. John, even though his real name is Juan, because they are racist white people. It turns out he was not even insulted by it. Okay. Glad we cleared that up. So then Maxwell’s lawyer, paleo, Luca asks him about that $6,300 allegation that he talked to the police back on direct examination. Comey says you talked to the police about $6,300. Right. And you were an arrested warrior.

Right? And he said, no, I wasn’t arrested at all. So Pella, you could comes back and he’s asking him about that. Okay. So remember that 6,300 bucks you took it, didn’t you? Yeah. But didn’t you lie. Uh, in fact you stole it twice. Didn’t you less, he’s not happy. He says I did not lie. Paleo. Luca says, well, didn’t you try to steal a gun? Didn’t you steal over $5,000 to pay for the immigration papers of your girlfriend. Unless he’s, you know, it was not my girlfriend. So then Maxwell says, yeah. Okay. And police officer Dawson, who actually might be this. I don’t know if it’s the same officer we’re going to hear from later. But we hear from detective Michael Dawson, this was, you know, many, many years ago. So maybe he’s got a promotion since then. That’d be very interesting if it was the same officer or when this questioning happened. I don’t know. Anyways, police officer Dawson questioned you about the gun. About the $5,000. He says, no, I went to him. He didn’t come to me. And you told him you went in to steal a gun unless he suddenly, I don’t recall. So you might have said it, but now you don’t recall unless he says, yeah, that’s it. Yep.

And you went back once again to steal money after the gun. Didn’t you? I did it one time and I think that is what I told the police. And so you went through the sliding glass door, didn’t you? Yeah. And you stole $5,600, didn’t you? Yeah. You sold it right out of his briefcase, right? Yup. It was a hundred dollar bills. Wasn’t it? Yup. It was in a white envelope. And you took it didn’t you? Yes, I did. Maxwell’s lawyer says show the witness. 3504 0 0 2. The deposition transcript. I move for admission in a rule 8 0 1, you know, or it’s inconsistent statement or whatever Maxwell. Paleo UCAB you stole $6,000 when you owned properties valued at $1 million. Right? I sold those properties to buy the property for a multifamily. Okay. So, okay. So let’s look again, pull up 35 0 4 and 0 0 2 deposition, page 1 45. He’s shredding into him asking him about his financial biases.

You, you stole money. You had a million dollar property. I sold those properties for a multifamily. Oh, you’re buying multifamily. You’re this like poor immigrant who is, is, is a racist victim to the Epstein and the Maxwells people who are calling you one John, instead of one and telling you not to look at their eyes, you’ve got multi-family investment properties and millions of dollar properties. What Maxwell? According to inner city press. He’s watching this as during all this Ghislaine is leaning back and even masked seems pleased with herself. When we first practice to deceive, he says.dot, dot Maxwell’s lawyer says I’m having trouble seeing it here. So they continue on goes forward. Maxwell’s lawyer has just openly said the real name. Oh, alert pay, Luca drops a name. One of the names of the victims. Jane’s name in court. Nobody of course is going to repeat it outside of the courtroom.

But we already, I think knew who it is. And you can see here Maxwell’s lawyer has just openly said the real name. Judge. Nathan, not happy, sir. You are admonished to abide by. My rulings says, judge Nathan screaming from the bench. Prosecutors also unhappy judge, may we approach your honor? They go up to the bench. Sidebar begins class field over on the different channels said, yep. Oh Maxwell’s lawyer just said Jane’s real. Name was admonished by judge Nathan. I will not be repeating it here. So not good. You will be abiding by, by rules. Judge. Nathan says, so he drops that name in front of the jurors. Oh, they know who it is now. Hmm. Does that change anything? Is it a household name? Hm. Well, I suppose we’ll have to decide whether or not to add her name to the mind map. Shan’t wait.

Okay. So it continues on returning after the sidebar, they break Maxwell’s lawyer comes back and says, all right, Mr. Alessi, you testified about when Jane not the other name. Matt, Mr. FC and Mr. Maxwell. Right? So the prosecutor probably went up there and scolded him and the judges scolded him. He comes back and he’s very clear. Uh, Jane, the woman named Jane, J a N E Jane, not the other name. You know, when, uh, let’s talk about her. And he says in this testimony, I mistook the two. And so then in 2016, Jeff says you’re directed to name Jane. And you said, no, didn’t you, you were asked if Jane was driving and you said you never saw Jane driving a car. Those are all questions about Jane aren’t they? Unless he says, uh, I think so Maxwell’s lawyer says, let’s take a break, judge.

Nathan says, all right. So we’ve got lessee now having a memory problem. Remember what the defense theme is? Money, memory, manipulation, a little bit of a memory issue. You said this, but it’s not this. And you said that, but it’s not that it also money. You kind of got a lot of it. And you kind of were saying that you weren’t somebody who had any nice things to say about these people, but they kind of set you up pretty well. Haven’t they, they kind of flew all over the place. Didn’t they? Money, memory manipulation. And now the evil victim here, or the evil perpetrator here, the villain, not the victim. The villain is the government manipulating these people. That’s what the defense is arguing. This guy’s not a bad guy. He’s being manipulated. Jane’s not a bad person. They’re being manipulated. The government dropped the ball. They failed to prosecute the guy who’s really in charge here, FC. And they can keep talking about him all day about his toys, about his property, about his outfits, about his, this, this, that, and the other.

And these people are being manipulated because they failed. They take a break. They come back now, unless he’s back on the stand. Paleo Yuca comes back and says, let’s talk about Virginia Roberts Guthrie. Oh, Virginia Roberts Guthrie. Remember her? Don’t you? Well, let’s go back to the mind map in case you don’t because we have her on there and she has not really been a part of this trial thus far. So now we zoom back in here and we can see that Guthrie was a big part of the reason. This all started really in the first place to be, to be perfectly honest. So she’s also being represented by lawyer’s secret Macaulay, Sigrid, McCawley, same attorney who is representing, as we know is representing. I believe it’s Theresa helm. That’s who it is. Yeah. The, the other name victim. That’s who it is. So Lee’s lawyer secret.

Macaulay’s also representing Theresa helm who is now, uh, unbelieving, a named victim, Virginia. Gun-free filed this 2016 defamation lawsuit against them. She was the gal who was in this photograph with prince Andrew. And look, who’s here. That’s Ghislaine Maxwell, that’s Virginia guffawing. And so she sued everybody. And one of these perjury charges, actually two of the perjury charges that Ghislaine Maxwell is facing here in the indictment. Those come from the deposition that took place in the 2008 and 16 defamation lawsuit. So I’m not going to open up that whole chain over there, but you can see. So this is who we’re talking about now. So we now get back over to Juan Patricia Alessi. He is now talking about this woman here. Let’s go back to it. All right. Says, I’m asking you about what a lessee said, talking to a specific document, right? He’s trying to refresh his recollection.

Uh, go to that document. Tell me, start reading from it. Prosecutor stands up. Uh, now we, we want you to read the whole thing. Okay. Don’t read just that paragraph. What process, what defense attorney, what actually all attorneys do is they say, you know, I’m going to refresh your recollection or can I turn your attention to this page? A third, a third paragraph down second sentence. Can you read that for me there? The defense is trying to do that. They gave him a document and said, Hey, read that right here. Prosecutor says, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Read the whole thing. Like the whole thing start from the top. So they started that and he does, uh, Maxwells says, okay, so you say summer, I remember I was sweating like hell in the car. I was waiting for Ms. Maxwell to come out of the car and he’s just reading the whole thing.

So inner city press tells us, uh, yeah, this is going to be a while Maxwell’s lawyer, paly, Yuca, uh, Mr. Alessi, didn’t you keep a Rolodex of the girls. See how he did that. A Rolodex of the girls. You kind of kept one of those didn’t you? He says no, no of the massage therapists. You got referrals for a massage therapist there. LSE. Uh, no sir, no, sir. I didn’t get any referrals. Of course not. You said that one of Jeffrey Epstein’s friends would say I got a good massage and you’d say, uh, uh, please give me the answer unless he says I never, and you previously said this under oath, didn’t you? Uh, may I continue, your honor, may I continue down this line of questioning? What am I going to do? I’m going to impeach him with the prior statement. I’m gonna say that.

He said under oath, during a prior conversation, some other prior legal proceeding, I said this, you know, he, he said, he gave a statement. Now it’s changing a little bit. You got referrals from a massage therapist. And you know, I didn’t oh, well, let me walk you back through what I know you said on one of Jeffrey Epstein’s to one of his friends that when you got a good massage, you’d say, give me the number, give me their answer. Who is that? He continues. So isn’t it true then that Mr. Epstein brought other women to the house and told you to remove pictures of Ms. Maxwell from the house. Didn’t he do that? Epstein told you get rid of the Maxwell photos out of here. Unless he says I did what he told me to do. Why did you think that you were taking Maxwell’s picture down when Epstein had the other women over?

Why did you pull those picture down when those other girls were coming? Why? Unless he says I have no idea. Hmm. Interesting. Okay. So Mr. Alessi then, so you had Maxwell coming over. You’d pull down the pictures of, of Maxwell. You put them up when Maxwell would come over, then when Maxwell would leave and other girls would come over, you would take Ms. Maxwell’s pictures down. And then when they left, you put them back up, right? Y’all okay. As Mr. Epstein’s direction, you called the women and you set up the massages also didn’t you? Yes, I did. And Maxwell’s lawyer drops one here and says, and that doesn’t make you guilty of trafficking. Does it? Prosecutor flips out. Objection.

You can’t say that. And that doesn’t make you guilty of trafficking. Does it. And you see what the prosecutor is trying to do here. Objection is obviously sustained. Sustained paleo. You can ask a lessee. Did you ever range any of those professional massages? Does it make you a trafficker? Objection, sustained. So he’s going pretty hard at him. He’s going, he’s going aggressive. He’s throwing blows at him. He’s saying, Hey, wait a minute. So you saw all this, you cleaned everything up. You put the pictures up, you took the pictures down, you had all sorts of property. You, you were setting these things up. You had referrals, you put the phone book, you knew exactly what was going on. You were involved in all of it were there for 12 years, multiple different buildings.

And he didn’t do anything about it. In fact, you were kind of enabling. Hmm. It kind of sounds like you might’ve been a participant, a party to it all. Maybe you’re a part of the conspiracy. Maybe you’re guilty of this, aren’t you? Objection. Rightfully so. It carries on. It says. And when you clean the massage room, you would have saw signs of violence. When you, Mr. Alessi writes, no one complained to you about any violence, right? The less he says with his voice rising. No, but I wish they had, I would have done something about it.

And there’s some laughter in the courtroom, according to inner city, press look at that. And when you clean that massage room, you would have saw, seen signs of violence when you, and you would have complained about that. No, no one complained to you about that. No, but I wish they would have, I would have done something about it. People laugh in the courtroom. I’m just reading speech unleashed over on, uh, locals, giving me grief about going hard at him and throwing blows at him, which is not maybe, you know, ideal, but you can see, people are laughing. Why are they laughing? Why are they laughing at him? He says, I wish somebody would’ve complained to me. I would’ve done something about it. People in the courtroom laugh. Why? Why, why, why might that be?

Well, maybe because people are sort of going they’re scoffing at it. They’re going. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You right. I’m sure you would have, you know, if somebody would have come to you and complained about this, I’m sure you would, and you would have been right to do it. If somebody would have come to you and said, I’m afraid of violence, you would have stood up and you said enough already and you would have turned them in wouldn’t you? So they’re going. Yeah, yeah, yeah. If somebody came. Yeah. I believe that if somebody came to you in this situation with acts of, yeah. I believe that certainly. Or is it the opposite of that? Are they scoffing at this guy? Cause they’re like, yeah. Right. What are you going to do about it? He says, no, but I wish they had, I would have done something about it. People start snickering under their breath or laughing at him. Okay, buddy, you’re going to do something about this to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Look at you.

You’re not going to do anything about it. Are they laughing at him? Are they saying, we don’t believe you. This is a joke. You’re raising your voice. Like you would have done something about it. Give me a break. So inner city press says as a lessee ends, some may not believe his statements that he didn’t know, said that a few times, or especially the claim near the end of cross-examination that if only the victim had complained, he would have acted. Samit seems found that laughable discreetly, if only the victim had complained, he would have acted. Oh, maybe it’s another way. Maybe it’s

That. He knew exactly what was going on. And this fake line in the sand that he’s created. It’s a joke to everybody in there. You, oh, you would have complete, you would’ve said something about this. If they complained. Yeah. Right. You saw enough, you saw a whole parade of horribles out there every stinking day and you didn’t do anything about it. And if somebody would’ve come up and said, uh, excuse me, John got a problem here. You would have suddenly sprung into action, like Superman and saved them. Yeah. Right? That’s laughable. It’s not a real good position to be. If you’re a witness in a case for people to say, you’re a joke. You watch this go on under your nose for 12 months, 12 years. And you were a part of it every step of the way. Now, something very interesting happened here. Prosecutor comes out. No redirect examination. Now remember what happens here.

Direct exam government comes out. They call Juan first. They ask him questions. Maureen Komie did that. Jeff paleo comes out. He’s the defense attorney. As I said, throw in blows at this guy. He’s hitting him with everything. He’s got, you don’t remember anything you participated in all of this. You’re a beneficiary of all this. And you’re kind of a liar too. They called you. They called you one. When it was, it was appropriate. They called you your, your real name when they were speaking your native tongue there, buddy, boy, don’t come out here and flip it all around now.

And if you have a witness who’s yours and comes out and starts beating them in the head. Typically what you want to do is do what’s called a redirect and revitalize them, nourish them, rehabilitate them, bringing them back to life, all those little problems, all those little slices that paly Yuca put into your witness testimony you want to go in then. So those puppies up bandage over those things, duct tape and wrap that around. We go so that the juries go, oh, okay. Those little twinges of a lacking of credibility that we saw, we’re going to just paper over those things. But guess what happened here? Marine comi, nobody from the government came out and did a redirect.

Nothing happened there. Interesting. Now we saw what happened here. This is a different take on this paleo Yuca asks whether he ever heard of someone looking afraid or screaming. No. Never heard anything says one ever see anybody hurt or injured? No. Anyone ever complained? No, I wish they would have. I would’ve done something. Nobody ever complained. When you were working for Mr. Epstein, you didn’t have any doubt that the girls were provided for massages were not of the proper age, right? Prosecutor Jack’s form. It’s a complicated question. Kind of a badly worded question. Ask it again. He does Mr. Alessi here today in court.

Did you believe the people sent to perform sessions on Epstein or were quote of age? Yes or no? Unless he responds. I believed so, okay, there you go. So no redirect examination prosecutor comi comes back out. Nothing. We jumped right into the next witness. And so, as I’ve said before, as we’ve been covering this, I read these things one way, but I’m not there. And we’re missing a whole bunch of meatballs in this meal. There was something else that took place here that we sort of glossed over, but it was some of the language barrier stuff that was happening. And there was a reason why there was no redirect. There was a reason why the prosecutor would come out here and go back to try to rehabilitate Mr. LSE to share that with you. I want to welcome Joe. Nierman good logic over on YouTube.

He’s their boots on the ground. Outside the Thurgood Marshall courthouse in New York city. He’s got an update for us. He’s going to give us a briefing on what he was experiencing when he was in there watching all of this in real time. And the cross examination that we just read through, it looked like it was pretty aggressive. May have come off a little bit differently. Cause that’s what happens. It’s about body language. It’s about presentation. It’s about, it’s more than just the transcript. Here’s what Joe saw today. Be sure to follow him. His link is down in the description, wherever you’re watching. This has an awesome channel. He’s putting it a lot of hard work going there every single day to court. So make sure you give them a follow. And it’s important if you’re interested in this case, you’re not going to get the full picture unless you’re checking out his channel and listening to other people who are actually there in the courtroom. So here is Joe. Thank you, Joe, for submitting this over to us so we can enjoy it today.

And Robert, you know, it’s a telltale sign that the defense is having a rough go of it. It’s when they spend three hours cross examining a witness who painted their clients as Cruella de Vil, by the time they’re finished and they sit down, the judge looks over at the prosecution and says, um, redirect, and the government stands up and says, no questions, your honor. That’s how you know that you didn’t make much headway that’s of concern to the prosecution. And I have to say, I agree with the prosecution. It was three hours of cross examination, but it seemed as if the defense was trying to take advantage of the fact that Mr. Alessi is not a native English speaker. So for example, they would read back from a prior deposition where he made a statement to the effect of, I called girls for Mr. Epstein.

And they tried to portray it saying, this is showing that he’s going out there, recruiting women for Epstein, and that’s not going Maxwell is doing it, but that he’s doing it. And when you phrase it like that to a native English speaker, it does sound like he’s going out and recruiting. But when they asked him the question he’s explained and he responds with, I never, I call whoever Mr. Epstein say to call. He tells me call, I call that’s. And you understand very quickly that what he said, the actual words that are written, the transcript or words that probably will not be chosen by a native English speaker, but that because English is not his native language, the second language. So he’s wording it very inartfully. And the defense is trying to take advantage of the actual written words on the transcript, but anybody who’s actually listening to him speak understands his intent and his meaning. And all that comes across at the defense is really just trying to find ways to make him look bad in ways that are illegitimate and not really reflective of what he’s trying to say. So all in all, it didn’t really seem to play very well for the defense at all. Anytime this interesting.

Right? So a little bit different. Take a little bit different read. If I’m reading it, I’m taking a look at this. I’m saying, man, he’s kind of getting beaten up a little bit here, but Joe’s watching it. And one of those things that you can’t really read in a transcript is that sort of, it’s a battle over the language barrier, you know, and this guy is not from here. I think he’s from Quito, Ecuador he’s been here for a long time, but apparently, you know, he still has a little bit of a language barrier there. And so what the defense was trying to do is take this old deposition and sort of compare and contrast that with his testimony in court. You said here today, this didn’t you. Yeah, but that’s not what you said in 2019, is it? I don’t know. I don’t know.

What did I say? And they say, well, we have a deposition. We have the transcript here and we’re going to make you look like a fool. We’re going to impeach you with this document because you’re a liar and you’re saying something differently. So they bring it out and they read it and it kind of sounds differently. Right. We kind of read it on Twitter, read through some of you go, oh, well, yeah. I mean, it kind of does sound. He kind of was setting these things up and he was doing this and he was doing that and he was sort of participating. And he was doing all of those things that I was detailing earlier that would’ve made him a party to all of this, which is what prompted the question from Jeff. Aren’t you guilty of this too. Then you were there every step of the way you were his housekeeper, you were setting all this stuff up, but now we have a different interpretation of this.

It was a language barrier. It’s not, he’s a liar. It’s that? They’re just, they’re just mincing words over, over English words that this guy just doesn’t really understand. And when he’s trying to explain it in court, it’s pretty clear to the people who are watching it, that he’s not lying. He’s not faking any of this. He’s just not proficient in English. And so for the defense to be people who are saying, you know, we’re kind of beating up on this immigrant to be beating up on this guy. Who’s just, you know, this poor housekeeper and it’s a lane. Oh, so you’re a liar too, right? It kind of comes off as condescending. It comes off as rude. It’s punching down, it’s punching below your weight.

And maybe that doesn’t sit well with the jurors. And we don’t know much about the jurors. You know, again, we don’t know what the demographics are, would be nice to know any Hispanic people on there. Any people from Ecuador, from Southern America, from south America, from south of the United States in general, maybe that might have an impact. It might land differently for those people, or is it a bunch of Hollywood, DC, liberal, you know, a white Epstein golfing buddies, then they don’t care about that. They’d say, yeah, I call you John to their one. So amazing update, Joe. Nierman good logic on YouTube. He’s tagged down in the description, do an awesome work. I love that. He’s there. Super cool. So thank you, Joe. Very much appreciated. Everybody do not forget to go and subscribe over to his channel. So we know now there was no redirect exam of Mr. Alessi. They felt pretty good about it.

So we move on the next witness in Ghislaine Maxwell trial day five is Gregory Parkinson. You can see Marine comi is going to be doing the direct examination. Again, they’re talking about searches of Epstein’s home. So first they’re going to go through his credential in his career. Now I couldn’t find much about this guy at first, but then came the flood gates. And I think this is who this guy is. So recall that we’re talking about Gregory Parkinson. He is doing a search of Epstein’s home. We learned that he’s a police officer was a police, not police officer. We learned that he’s a crime scene manager at the Palm beach police department. So we’ve got that going for us. We identify this on LinkedIn. We’ve got experience from 2013, all the way to present. We have, he went to Nova Southern university, got his general government delivery degree, federal bureau of an FBI national academy.

He went back there in the 1980s. It looks like for maybe a year or a semester over there, constitutional law, physical science, all that stuff. So some of his credentials, I think it’s this guy pretty sure about 95% sure. It’s this guy who is the actual, a witness who testified today. You can see this from, uh, May, 2018 photograph. We have retired Lieutenant Greg Parkinson also with the west Palm beach police department, uh, Lieutenant Greg Parkinson. And then if you zoom in a little bit, you’re going to find this article over from Palm beach magazine. And he wrote this, or this was published back in December of 2007. Very, very nice photo. It looks like a very nice man says, uh, what I love about the job, you know, as police officer, what I love most the opportunity to serve our community. Well, that’s beautiful there, Greg.

And it’s it. You talk a lot about this for all the crime scene investigation on the show. He’s done this, let’s see, uh, DNA testing. He’s done four decade career over west Palm beach began his unit more than 50 years ago. Now this is why I think it’s the same guy. So west Palm beach, uh, let’s see, he attended the national, the FBI national academy in 1989. See that, so that matches with this LinkedIn profile. So I’m pretty sure it’s the same guy. And so we got his, his, uh, photograph and we start, we know about him, right? So he’s got a lot of background here. Um, 13,000 case investigations, he serves as a Sergeant at arms for the international association of identification, distinguished member crime scene investing. So the guys and he’s been around forever, highly, highly qualified. And he even looks like Schrader from breaking bad.

So you kind of know he’s probably a pretty cool guy, probably collects Jim’s gemstones. So, all right. So that’s the next guy who’s testified. We know Marine comi prosecutor, James Comey’s, daughter’s going to be leading up the direct examination. Here’s how that starts. So Komi is like, I’ll tell us about what you do. We already know about that. We went through all of his records, highly, highly credentialed. How were you involved in this case? Well, I was a, somebody who participated in a search in Palm beach. Maureen says, well, what is this? Oh, it’s a map. It’s an aerial view. And had you been there before? Yeah, I went there on a report of theft of currencies. Somebody stole money. I met Mr. Jeffrey Epstein. Oh, okay. So this guy has been around a while. Back when he was alive. Now, before it gets into what was found during the search, we go to lunch.

This is where the transition happens is this sort of afternoon where they set up that AAV process, audio visual setup screens, where only the jurors can see. So we talked about that earlier this morning, and now by this afternoon, we get over to that. There is a press conference at the Southern district. So they switch over the, uh, uh, SDNY is talking about another case. So they swapped over Adam class field now gives us his rundown of this. They put a red dot right in the middle of a map of Palm beach. And so this is how they’re sort of zooming in on this. You’re familiar with Palm beach. Yeah. Put a red.in the middle of it. That’s a L Brielle property. He gives jurors the lay of the land. Then we go over to Epstein’s property. 3 58 El Breo wait, describes the search search took place October 20th, 2005.

So long time ago, everybody, he went into various rooms. First, the garden room that was on the south side. He passed into it. He went into the lake room, which was like an office and a library. He also walked into the kitchen area and so forth. They took their break. Afternoon. Session comes back. Parkinson is viewing now. And he’s being questioned about a video walkthrough of the Palm beach residents. So he’s sort of guiding everybody through it. This is this room. This is this room. We get to a photograph. Now that shows Pope John Paul with Jeffrey Epstein. Okay. So he’s walking people through sort of a video tour of Epstein’s residence. Oh, there’s Pope John Paul with Jeffrey Epstein. This is a picture of Fidel Castro with Jeffrey Epstein.

Of course, this video is, uh, not public. It turns to the second floor. We go to the second floor. This is the photograph of the Pope that we’re talking about before we get to the second floor, Jeffrey Epstein Ghislaine Maxwell and the Pope, two of the most allegedly evil people on the planet, hanging out with one of the most allegedly holy people on the planet. And I’m a Catholic. So not, not a good look. Inner city press says that they’re showing videos of the jurors, the press, and the public cannot see it. They go to minute three, where are we? Now? They’re in the three car garage. What do we see here? It’s that same photo comi continues. She’s telling the jurors to look at exhibit after exhibit one, right after the nother, they get all the way up to exhibit 2 25 and inner city press is saying everything is sealed.

Can’t see any of this. Every single one of these stinking exhibits is not available. One might even say this is a semi public trial says, then we get to exhibit 2 30, 4 comi. Still rolling on here, where we go from 2 25 to 26 to 27 to 20. We live in America. We’re supposed to, you know, this is public trial, 2 28 to 29 tooth. Okay. All the way up to 2 34, also 2 41 under seal. Judge Nathan granted under seal, under seal, under seal, it keeps going. Finally, inner city press says, we’re getting a little bit of activity here. What’s this one. It’s exhibit 2 28. It’s the garden room. Now these photos says inner city, press photos are spread all over the floor, but nobody can see what they’re talking about. Photos are everywhere. They’re just like dropping them on the floor. Prosecutor says I’d like the jurors to look at your binders. Now go over to exhibit 2 55. Now you can just dozens of exhibits. Oh, witnesses only. Okay. Not the jurors witnesses only. I asked the government exhibit 2 78, the master bathroom be under seal to protect privacy, the master bathroom under seal to protect privacy. What? What’s in the bathroom that we can’t see who’s in there. Judge says, all right, let’s take our breaks. Snacks are here. Hot pockets are ready. Go get them. Get your lemonade to you kids. So they go on a break. They’re hungry. They eat. They come back.

Adam class field tells us the same story. Leading up to the break. Witness just concluded three different witnesses. These are all being displayed. We have the view from the garden. Standing at the north jurors are being asked to privately view another exhibit. Then we get the afternoon recess. He tells us most of this testimony is going to be visual, including sealed exhibits. Live tweets are going to be sporadic. So the judge comes back. We get a little bit of pushback from the judge. Just Nathan’s now saying, all right, us government, you’ve been sealing, basically everything here, kind of getting tired of it. Us has gotten a little bit too far. You’ve got a 39 minute video here, 39 minutes that you want to play. And I think we should make at least some portion of this available to the public. It’s a 39 minutes. We can’t steal the whole thing. Can we comi says, okay, hold on a minute. We’re going to work on that. So we’ll see when that video comes out.

Class field reports, Nathan said, I don’t see a judge. Nathan says, I don’t see why a public version can’t be made in redacted form to protect the privacy of a few individuals. So I’m not sure who we’re talking about in this, in this 39 minute video, but Maxwell’s lawyer, Bobby stern Haim. Then she gets up. She tells the judge that sealing a 40 minute video conveys to the public. That the house is a domicile of debauchery. Only a couple of images in the video were an issue. She said, so Bobby stern Haim says, look, judge, if you seal this whole thing, if you seel 40 minutes from the public, they’re going to think this was like on one of those, you know, X, X websites or something. They’re going to think that they’re walking around the Playboy mansion. It’s just nothing but debauchery and disgustingness, which depending on your definitions might already meet that category.

But here apparently the full 39 minute video is not even a problem. It’s only a couple, maybe a minute maybe out who knows a couple images as Bobby stern Haim, the rest of it can be made public and she wants it to be made public. It’s not 39 minutes of disgusting pornography. It’s all pretty much bland except for a couple little torpedoes here and there. So they’re fighting about it. The court wants to seal the prosecutor wants to seal everything thus far. The court has been inclined to grant that. So they have a little bit of a battle, uh, back and forth over some of these issues and about some of these things that are being revealed. And so we’re going to do a quick detour. We’re going to go check out what the guardian has to say about this because there’s something interesting that’s happening.

I think in this case, you know, some people are getting some information that other people are not getting. And in this, in this afternoon, what we had was, what I think is happening is some people are actually physically in the courtroom. And some information from people physically in the courtroom is leaking out. And we’re getting some more details that people who are not physically in the courtroom, people who are in the media overflow room are not getting. So in this case, you’ve got guys like Joe, I don’t actually don’t know where Joe is, but, uh, you’ve got other guys, I think that are in the media rooms, the overflow rooms that are not in the actual courtroom. And so when they shut off the screens for them, they’re all in the dark, really. They don’t get to see what else, what else is happening? Only the people in the physical courtroom, not the media overflow room can actually see what’s going on there.

So we can fill in some of the gaps here from the guardian, who I think were there actually in the room or they got this information somewhere else. I’m not sure how they got it, but they’re reporting on this. They say that during this time, when we have all this sealing and closing off that when you know, we have that, that afternoon of darkness, Adam class field is sort of talking about tweets are going to be sporadic out there. This is why they’re arguing and showing this stuff. They’re fighting over all of this. They’re talking about a suggestive photograph of a very young girl. It’s being displayed outside Epstein’s bedroom at his mansion. Okay? It’s a photograph in a not good position of a very young girl. That’s what they talked about on Friday. Obviously. That’s why they can’t broadcast it. They also talk about these quotes, schoolgirl costumes that were recovered during the search of Epstein’s home, fighting over that the information emerged when the prosecution and the defense argued about several photos that might be presented as evidence in Maxwell’s court case images discussed on Friday were recovered during searches at the various residents.

One depicted a young girl, pulling down her underwear, exposing her rear an image depicted a young girl on Epstein’s lap. Okay. You can see why the defense is very

Interested in making sure none of this stuff comes in. Now, again, this is the Glynn Maxwell trial, not the Jeffrey Epstein trial. So they’re going to be making those arguments. But these photos are you a horrible young girl pulling down her underwear, you know, and all this stuff like he has these posted up around his, his, his, you know, residents and not good prosecution said that one of the photos, his quote is the primary decoration. One of those photos is the primary decoration outside the master bedroom that Maxwell shared with Epstein. See that? Where did that testimony get corroborated? One Alessi want to, Leslie said they slept together all the time. They slept in the same room very frequently. So the primary decoration outside the master that Maxwell went into every single night had photos like that. So she must know something about this. Prosecution said, in order to get into that room, you’ve got to get by that photo.

The fact that it’s there of a clearly under-aged female is highly probative. Okay? It shows that there’s a lot here. It gives the jurors something to use. Now, again, this is the Ghislaine Maxwell case. So they’re making this connection just saying that she walked by it. The defense is going to say, it’s not her house, not her photo, not her property. She’s not interested in any of that. They’re saying that this is going to show that she wants to go abuse. Young people. Prosecution also revealed that the school girl costumes were recovered. They were found with law enforcement when searched Epstein’s New York city home back in 2019, the outfits were quote, small ones found in the same room where an underage girl says she was abused. Hmm, certainly relevant. They say this all came before one Alessi resumed his testimony. This discussion took place before.

Yeah. That all took place this morning. That’s what they were fighting about. But they’re still fighting about it during the break. Were those documents were those photographs admitted? We come back after a snack break. Jurors are back hot pockets in their bellies. They’re doing well. Comi says, all right, we’re back. We’re going to exhibit 2 78. It’s a bathroom. Now. Mr. Parkinson, Palm beach police, detective talking about photos. He’s walking around Epstein’s property. He’s got a video camcorder. He’s making photographs. We see photos of underage individuals outside the master bedroom. We take a break, they fight over it. They come back from the break. Comi comes in. All right, we’re going back to exhibit 2 78 there. Mr. Parkinson. Let’s talk about the bathroom. Now it’s a bathroom. It’s got a foam. It’s got a pink up. Uh, it’s pink has a three cushion couch. Okay. And, uh, and that there is an inflatable massage table jurors.

According to class field, go through those photos. Some of those photos are sealed, so we’re not going to see them. And then surprisingly class field tells us that Epstein’s actual green massage table was brought into the courtroom and shown to the jury. So they actually hauled in the entire massage table into court and they just set it up there. A corresponding photograph of the sticker underneath it shows it was made in the USA. God bless America. So they actually hauled in and entire a massage table, which is curious. It carries on. Now we go back. Inner city press says to the mass ceiling, exhibit 2 85, comi says under seal. And I direct the jurors attention to that writing. So we don’t know what’s on the writing, but then we come back out. Parkinson comes out of the witness box. He walks up to government exhibit 51. The green massage table identifies it, marks it as evidence. Maureen comi says, we offer this massage table into evidence. What? The whole thing. Okay. I asked that the exhibit be published to the jury by setting the table up. So they prop that puppy up. Now the table is in the open position, says Parkinson, exhibit 51 is a photo of the massage table on its side. Where was it? Manufactured? Vista, California.

No further questions. Now, Mr. Ever Del for Ghislaine Maxwell, her defense attorney is up. Cross-examination starts. We’ve got ever Dell now in the house. You see him over here? Leading cross. Okay. There, Mr. Parkinson, you said that you went over to Epstein’s place. You previously investigated a burglary there, right? That’s right. And Mr. Epstein said that several thousand dollars had been stolen. Is that also right? Yeah. That’s true. Inner city press has ever, Dell’s just jumping all over the place with this question. He’s laughing uncomfortably. Now what he has Parkinson about an exhibit sealed that is Epstein’s desk and the photos on it. Hmm. And with that without apparently landing a punch Emmerdale’s cross-examination is over well, that’s kind of weird, judge. Nathan says, yeah, you may step down Mr. Parkinson. You’re free to take your flight. Get on outta here. Have a great weekend.

Okay. So that seems, uh, uh, less than a climatic climactic, then we get a different take from Adam class field. Here’s how Christian ever Dell left it. According to his take says, Maxwell’s counsel asked Parkinson any knowledge about Colin Maxwell. You don’t know who Ghislaine Maxwell is. Do you know? I do not. And then he concludes witnesses excused. So now we have ever Dell don’t know what he was doing with the rest of the cross examination. Don’t get much details about it from class field or from inner city. But inner city says, it sounds like he was kind of floundering all around all over the place.

So we’ll have to see what that’s all about. We wrap up with our final witness of the date. 4 38 on a Friday, Michael Dawson, Palm beach police department. Oh my goodness. The judge is going to make him start it’s Friday, judge. It’s almost Christmas. Can we go home? The answer is no. Michael Dawson is coming up. He’s got a whopping 22 minutes to testify and he comes in and does couldn’t find a photograph of this guy, but I think that this is him. I think he’s over here from the town of Palm beach. It looks like back November, 2014. He was the officer of the month. Congratulations to Sergeant Michael Dawson. Uh, dear sir, based on your expeditious response and leadership, you’ve been nominated and named by the awards committee as the officer of the month for November, 2014. What did he do on Wednesday, November 5th, Palm beach police units.

They were alerted to a shoplifting in progress, a white male wearing a white t-shirt and shorts took it to designer handbag for two, almost $2,000 left. The store didn’t even pay for him. Sergeant Michael Dawson was not going to let that stand. He responded to the area as a witness to the theft, followed the suspect on foot. As assessment became aware, he was being followed. He threw the purse, began to flee. He located him, ordered him to stop. He refused and you grabbed his arm, even though he attempted to pull away and break your, get grasp. You were able to secure the suspect to the ground and you got him in custody. Oh my goodness. This story has a happy ending. The handbag was later recovered and it was returned to the store. You continue to supervise the entirety of the investigation and he was charged with grand theft and resisting arrest without violence.

Yes. Well done there. Sergeant Michael Dawson justice. Love it. All right. So, uh, this is how testimony started with him. Prosecutor says, ah, what were you doing in that house there, Mr. Dawson? He, we just heard from Mr. Parkinson. Now you’re going in there? What were you looking for there, sir? He says, well, massage tables and oils had a mission. It was also looking for some toys. There were a lot of photos of other females around there in the bear. We seized the phone. We seized the book. We seized the massage table. Kind of like the one you’re looking at over there. We also found a photo of another uncovered female. We saw a toy in a cylindrical vibrating shape called the torpedo. There it is. Folks flashes on the screen and is gone.

The torpedo is in business. Oh my gosh. The torpedo. Now we also see here cross-examination starts right at 4 49. I’m going to prove up an inconsistent statement. Judge. Nathan asked them to talk about it. First. They talk about one a Leslie’s admission to stealing from Epstein and cross-examination stops at 4:59 PM. We’re done for the week. That’s it. Now we’re noticing the judge gives us a scheduling thing, says not having any court, the 13th, the 14th or the 15th, which is certainly news to me. So that’s going to be the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, not next week, but the following week, which is interesting. I don’t know what that’s all about, but may have a scheduling thing. Some letters are going to be due Saturday and Sunday, both by 8:00 PM. So we’ve got Jeffrey Epstein. Now the subject of this trial still, and apparently he’s a big fan of the torpedo that detective Dawson had to find that one, unless you had to clean that.

A lot of under-aged people might’ve had to use. We’re going to find out, we’re going to see more what trial day six holds on Monday. And we hope that you join us. As we continue to follow the Ghislaine Maxwell trial to its ultimate conclusion, we’re going to continue to follow it along. And I want to hear from you. What do you have to say about it? Let’s take a look at some of these super chats and messages and questions from our friends over at watchingthewatchers.locals.com. Let’s see who we’ve got first in the house today, we have the Antica says, have you ever cried in the courtroom saying that a judge lunged at you like small let’s lawyer has just want to get a good comparison about good and bad defense attorneys? Uh, I’ve never been lunged at, by a judge before. No, I’m going to guess that that lawyer hasn’t either spawn dog says, uh, Rob, this is a dog and pony show for sure.

The real criminals are those that participated in this disgusting behavior. Those elites who seem to get away with anything. They’re the ones on trial here who will in my humble opinion, never face criminal charges. I could only imagine your frustration as well as mine, that they will never be held accountable for their behavior. Let’s be honest that this that’s why this case has drawn so much attention, but we will never have an ending to this saga. That’s from spawn dog. And I appreciate that. They’re respond Doug. It’s why I’m interested also. Yeah. I’d like to see the, uh, the scope of this thing. Expand gratuitously. We got Mars upon out with no question, but a nice donation and Superchat. Thank you, Marsa. We have Alex pumpkin in the house, Pipkin in the house says thanks for the information. And the first time I’ve enjoyed giving money to a lawyer.

Well, well, that’s a nice, that’s a nice first there, Alex. They I’m glad to be that. I’m glad to be somebody that’s a lawyer, although it’s not really for legal services, you know? So you kind of have an out there the next time you pay a lawyer for legal services. I’m sure you’re not going to be happy about it. So sleep well tonight knowing that that’s not going to change, but I appreciate your support. Okay. We’ve got Mandy with oh, no. Super. Oh yeah. There was this Robert with hearts and I think peaches are those peaches, peaches and hearts. Well, thank you Mandy. I appreciate that. And those were over from YouTube. Let’s go back to locals. We’ve got English. Dave says what’s your favorite cheese mine’s match rate cheddar. Haha. Love you, Rob you big oaf.

What’s mine’s match rate cheddar. Love you, Rob. Your big oaf. Nobody’s ever called me a big oaf before. Cause I’m not that big, but okay. I’ll take it. I mean I can take it. I like it. I like it. Oh, that’s funny. CPO forever says George McNair’s here. It says off topic. Lots of election happenings in Wisconsin, Gable man hires and investigator. We’ve got Wisconsin Republicans threatened the jails mayor of green bay. I’m gonna have to G gonna have to take a look at those CPO forever. See if anything good happens there. Monster one says you think the, uh, giant plastic cucumber was for Epstein. Maybe he liked massages up the, the rear area. How do you say that? Nicely monster one says the house manual had a section about grooming. Is that the smoking gun? It was the five stages. Did you see that?

It was literally Dr. Rocky was first of all, identify school. Second of all, do I don’t think that’s what they were talking about in the manual. The Antica says, you know, one way not to trigger YouTube sensors might actually be to use what is more actually appropriate terminology. Look up the words Hiba file. And if FIBA filed, uh, I’d rather just use, you know, rockets and cucumbers and all of that stuff. But I understand what you’re saying. If you had to guess, thank you for the suggestion. Speech says, I know your time has already stretched this, but given you tube’s increasing censoring, perhaps you should consider using locals to post your vids and analysis on things that YouTube doesn’t allow hate. That you’re forced to censor yourself everywhere because your main streaming outlet is still YouTube. So, you know, speech you’re going to run into the same problems anywhere.

So I think that if you’re trying to, if you’re trying to make content that is monetized, that, that, that sort of spreads and reaches the masses, you’re going to have to censor it kind of wherever you go. And I’m not really censoring what I’m saying or my opinions here. I’m censoring the language that I’m using. So I’m not saying certain words because I’m 99.9% sure that all of this is just done by algorithms and it’s just picking up words and phrases. So the message is not really being, I think, diluted. It’s just the way that the message is being conveyed. And I think that, you know, I’m okay making that concession in order to, to balance all of the various competing interests. But yes, I’ve absolutely thought about, you know, if you notice the show is kind of changing a little bit, right? We’re talking about sort of one at a time so that we can talk about other topics offline on locals.

Now we’ll talk about that on locals, I’ve got sort of a locals update. I had a, a monthly meetup, not on a monthly meet up. I had a creator’s call about two weeks ago with locals and I’ve been sort of watching some changes happening on the platform. And I’m curious to see where it goes. They’ve merged with rumble. They’re now on I think the NASDAQ or something. So, um, I think all good stuff, but there’s going to be some technological changes that roll out early next year and uh, looking forward to it. So we’ve got spawn dog here says Rob, a little off topic, but I know what it’s like to be upon in this game of chess. Long story short, I was attacked by a lunatic, leaving a gym. Let me see, is this a, I want to make sure there’s not like an actual legal question. If he felt threatened,

Um, okay. Spawn dog. This is about like a personal legal situation. So I’m not going to read this on the air, but I will take a look at it and then read this myself. And then if it’s, and then maybe we can talk about it on locals, but because it’s sort of your personal situation, I’m just not, I don’t want to, I’m not comfortable reading it even though you may be intending you to read it. I’m just, I’m not positive about it. So I’m just going to skip over that CSI team. Uh, the CSI teams, black lights, oh God, that poor light says, oh please, God don’t make me relive this. You have no idea how many nights I’ve lost sleep over this. It was one horror show when they turned me on, it looked like a modern art piece. There were colors everywhere. At one point they dropped me.

I still feel tainted. All right. That was from the CSI, uh, black light, which that poor thing, you know, uh, one Halperin not John Juan is here says, uh, Ghislaine found her niche, found a man with a wretched lifestyle that she could exploit for her own benefit. And manual was written by a sociopath Epstein. Wasn’t a mastermind Maxwell was if the prosecution doesn’t push this, it will be easy to keep blaming Epstein’s perversions and paint Maxwell is yet another victim. FYI, our family manual as one sentence, don’t burn down the house. So that’s a, that’s a pretty important one. I mean, if you forget that one, the rest of the manual doesn’t really matter. Put the Q-tips on the left side of the second drawer. It’s irrelevant. If the house is smoldering ashes. So very smart there, one very smart.

I was going to try to come up with a, uh, with a Hispanic name for Heather, but I couldn’t think of one. And so I was thinking like, I’m not even going to say it cause I feel like an idiot. Thunder seven says as soon as I heard the judge was an Obama appointee recently promoted by Biden Schumer days before the trial began and the comi, his daughter was the lead prosecutor. I knew the trial. Wasn’t going to be a sham. I it’s going really light on Maxwell and trying to put the blame onto Trump. There’s no justice in Southern district of New York Maxwell, maybe given a very light sentence in exchange for keeping quiet about the Clintons and the elites. However, the evidence proves that bill Clinton flew on Lolita express 27 times white house proves Epstein visited Clinton over 17 times. Trump actually warned people about Epstein decades ago. You know, I, I kind of thought that thunder seven, I thought that he said something like he likes some really young or something like that. Wasn’t he kind of saying something like that, but there are a bunch of photos of him, uh, clearly with him. Kincaid says, Rob, I’m guessing the following questions will be silly. However, given the nature and the scope of this case, couldn’t it DOJ have assigned some form of special prosecution.

Uh, I, yeah, I mean they could have, I guess you’re saying because there’s a bias between Epstein and some of the public figures that exists. It just seems like money and time may change hands, but the fates won’t rear their heads to those deserving. Lastly, if some substantial implications were leaked against the public figure, would petitions or other public actions be useful. I mean, maybe they might spawn a prosecutor to file charges, but I mean, it’s ultimately a prosecutor’s decision. You know, somebody needs to prosecute the case and the public really doesn’t have that choice outside of, uh, an elected official, the prosecutor, a county attorney to do it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. You too off topic, or it might be a good conversation at some point, both CEOs of Google and Twitter or foreign raised suggesting their knowledge and appreciation of the first amendment and the constitution in general is lacking. Is this a scary thought or am I overthinking it?

I don’t know. Kincade. I don’t know enough about either of those two gentlemen to make a strong conclusion on that, but it is interesting monster. One says, what the hell is wrong with Juan you’re in a billionaire’s house? And all you steal is a measly $6,500 got to step your game up. And the fact that he got caught, he’s like putting a hundred dollars bills in people’s in their glove compartments. Can’t you just take one or two of those, like every day and just, you know, siphon them off the top. Not a great criminal leafy bug says, Rob, haven’t been able to watch the show live, then catching up later, though. I want to say thanks for the excellent job you’re doing summarizing. These proceedings commentary is characteristically droll, and often makes me chuckle. I wonder if the jury is getting sick of hot pockets yet, how many snack breaks do these people need?

The jury eating schedule reminds me of those conferences where you get massively overfed. What happens if a jury member stuffed full of government sandwiches or microwave snack food items nods off during trial or what happened if they had, you know, if they have a little, uh, bellyache going on here, do one of the lawyers point them out, given that? Does the judge wake them up? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you’re, you’re, everybody’s watching that, you know, and sort of, uh, you know, nudging the judge, look at the jurors. Everybody’s keeping an eye on that. Given what we’ve seen in trials recently, it could be quite frightening. Imagine being woken up from a dose, by an elbow, to the ribs, to find binger pointing an AR 15 at you. Yeah. That’s a little scary. There’s no doubt about that. Tom is biggie binger. Wondering how he’s doing over there in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

We’ve got Kincaid says when you mentioned the three M’s. All I could think of was a really FDIC version of poker face by lady Gaga. Art reflects life after all from Kincaid. We’ve got Ms. Danny says, Hey, Robert, hope you are happy today. You reach 6,000 viewers on YouTube. Kudos, my friend, keep on your program. Won’t ever be banned from YouTube. They can’t best for you from Danny. Well, thank you, Danny. Yeah, very nice. Uh, people are very interested in Maxwell. I’m honored and humbled that people tune in to hang out. As we mosey on through some of the news of the day, it’s a lot of fun. I’m learning a lot. I’m sort of excited about this, uh, this mind map. I’m having a lot of fun, like filling it out almost like obsessively a little bit. It’s like, Ooh, that’s a new fact.

Where can I put that in the mind map? You know? So that’s going to be a lot of fun for me to, uh, basically obsess over until January of 2022. Glad you’re enjoying it. Uh, call according to Ms. Danny is Jamar in Spanish. It means mostly to phone someone or to call from a distance or to come nearby just for the audience who don’t speak Spanish hugs Robert from Uruguay. Thank you, miss Danny. Thanks for being here from Uruguay and oh my goodness, which reminds me, God got an amazing gift from Greg Marotta, from our friend over in Australia. He sent me this very nice Christmas card. I want to say, thank you, Greg. I absolutely love this thing. When I get stuff like this folks, it puts such a smile on my face. And I just want to say, thank you just a Christmas card.

You know, wishing me a happy Christmas. And he sent this puppy over. Now. It’s an official game ball for rugby. I believe so. It’s like a, it’s sort of like a football, but I believe it’s a rugby ball and I don’t know much about it. And I haven’t had any time to look it up Greg. Cause I just, I just sat down and got it. There’s a bunch of names on here. I’m not familiar with any of these players. It’s from Melbourne, it’s an official ball. And it says on here specifically, it’s a kangaroo brand, which is like hysterical. I was laughing my butt off about it. And so it’s, you know, it’s actually an Australian icon, handcrafting Australian rules football since eighteen eighty, a hundred and thirty years chosen by, by legends of the great game, punts, snaps, handball, smell of leather, the whole thing. And what was so cool.

I mean, what’s so cool about this. You know, it’s not that that Greg just sort of got on Amazon and just shipped it over, but he sent it right. He actually went in Australia, bought it, put it in a box, shipped it over. And it actually was sent over from Australia. You know, this is, you can’t see the, the actual address, but you know, Australia. I mean, it came all the way over from Australia. And I know that is a ton of work and it’s, it’s just a, it’s a wild thing for me to, you know, to be somebody who who’s never been there, it’s across the entire planet and you sent that and I’m grateful for it. So, so thank you for sending that Greg and Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. And to everybody out there, uh, as the holidays near, let’s see what else we’ve got.

So a couple other questions before we wrap up hunter Biden says whole trial seems to be about hot pockets. Where can I get mine? Better? Not be stale. Anything that is in the oven over 18 is stale to me. Ah, hunter it’s inappropriate. We have grouchy old cat lady says picture with pants, pulled down, reminds me of the old Coppertone ad. Young girl pulls young girl’s dog pulls her pants down. Yeah, that’s that’s fair. Right? That was like on every single, uh, aisle at Walgreens for years or whatever they had back then Kincaid says, um, not for nothing but torpedoes are notoriously clumsy. I don’t know what you’re talking about there. Kinkaid. Oh, Jake’s here from Oxford. That’s good. Rob, have a decoration idea for your background. Let us gather evidence items to put in into trophy case of sort, for example, Kyle’s AR and this case, it could be a torpedo. I think this is a great idea. Oh, you know these Oxford people, they are so out of touch with reality, they have no idea what they’re talking about. Jake from Oxford wants to put torpedoes behind me. This is a family show. This is a PG 13 show there. Jake, you need to look up the urban dictionary of a torpedo.

Not good. DG McBride says, Rob off topic. Want to ask if you changed the intro or am I just getting here late this week? Have a great weekend. You know, DJ, we’re sort of skipping the intro because a lot of people just want to get right into the content. I it’s very important. When you look at your YouTube metrics, one of the, one of the things you want to look at for all of you, other content creators out there is your first minute, your one minute retention rate. So when you’re watching, like, so let me show you, let me show you this. Actually, here’s something that I look at when I am doing the show. So let me see, you’re going, probably gonna see, uh, an effect that looks like a mirror, but this is, this is what I can see. The audience is bailing out of here.

Right? Audience left. They’re gone. Why? Because I started taking questions. Everybody left, but what you’re looking at, that’s your retention curve. How long do you, do you keep the audience with you? And what, what you’re looking at in, uh, in YouTube videos is the first minute you want to make sure that people are not leaving after the first minute, when I do the intro all the time, people get tired of hearing it. They skip over it and they leave. So it’s important to, um, to just get right into the content within the first minute so that people don’t bail out. If you see your retention curve, it just drops like that. You start people. Interesting. Interesting. Got to start it over, get into the content, move it. So, uh, that’s why, that’s why I do it. It’s life. Oh, somebody talking about my tour. Oh gosh.

Former Lao says she the press conference about the Michigan school shooter. She never learned to say, I can’t comment an ongoing investigation. No, I haven’t seen it yet. I am going to be taking a look at that whole situation. Cause it’s a mess. Chairman of the board sent me a message about that. We’re going to talk about that. And spawn dog says, Rob, it’s not a legal question. It’s a story involving me and how the justice system works and how I used. I was used as a pawn in a game of chess. All right. Spawn duck. I know, but it’s still your story and I’m just, it makes me nervous. It makes me nervous. We’ll talk about it on locals. I’m not mad at you. I care about you. I want to tell your story, but I just want to make sure I’m not violating my ethical guidelines.

So I appreciate you understanding that monster. One says, what do you think is going to happen? Now that rumble is going public? How much is that going to affect locals? Are they going to become YouTube? I don’t know. Monster one. I’ve got a lot of the same questions, believe me, but we’re going to make do, and I’ll share with you a little bit more about what we talked about. Uh, and what’s what’s happening out there as well. John’s back, Juan is back here. Juan says the Spanish version of Heather is a L Heather or it’s LA Heather, but be sure to double check your volume when to saying that, uh, your volume when saying that that’s how I fake Spanish LA Heather, Juan and LA, Heather Halligan are in the house. I forgot about that. Yeah. I mean, I’m an Arizona guy should have known how to, how to Spanglish size anything.

But I botched it. Thanks for the correction. Thunder seven says, Rob, I have to respond to your comment that there are plenty of photos of Trump. Yes, they are there from over 20 years ago when Donald was hobnobbing around New York clubs. But it’s the Clintons and the gates and the Bezos and many Hollywood elites who went to the island and the ranch Trump went to neither. It all the headlines from the fake news are only about Trump and Epstein trials, a total farce. You know, it is, it is interesting. I mean, I have noticed that they, they, they are bringing up Trump a lot more than they’re bringing up Clinton. If you just, if you just do a search of the transcript, it’s lot more Trump and Clinton. And it’s interesting. Why might that be? Well, one they’re in New York. So the juror’s going to be a bunch of anti Trumpers there.

Cause that’s what New York is. So, you know, it might be just simply playing to the jurors or it might be because yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s a lot of their side of the people that, uh, of the aisle that might be implicated here, which is why they don’t want to talk about it. Who knows a couple more we’ve got spawn dog says spawn doc says it’s really not a legal question. It’s an interesting story. I would love to tell you started on a cold drizzly. October afternoon happened 25, 30 years ago. It kind of sounds like it might be an Epstein story. Spawn dog. We have chairman of the board says hot pockets are very underrated. I happen to think they’re pretty dang good. I haven’t had one in about 10 years. Our break in at, uh, oh, that’s a new story. I can’t, I don’t want to play it cause I’ll get a copyright strike.

Uh, but he, he sent us a, uh, an article about hot pockets about a man says he broke into a bank to cook a hot pocket. So that’s just great. Oh, I love that. Yeah. I mean they’re pretty Jim Gaffigan, I think has a whole thing about it. Monster one says, can you ask Australian Gregg to point on the doll where the Australian government abused him? Seriously? That place is nuts right now. Like pre-World war II. Germany. Yeah. Yeah. It’s a good question. I’m surprised he got this out of there. Actually. Maybe he has he smuggled something in here? Is there like a secret message, Greg? Do you need help? Let us know. We’re looking out for you. All right. So we’ll have to figure that out. Monster one. It’s a good question. I’m not sure how he’s doing over there, but it’s it is messy.

Your biggest fan says, Rob always thought you were big, but not enough but big, but out of curiosity, how tall are you? Uh, five, eight and three quarters on a good day. So you can do with that information. What you’d like case do says, Hey, we didn’t all drop off. Well, that’s true. I mean, you know, the people who, uh, who, who, who really, you know, matter all those other people who just leave. Bye, get out of here. You’re the ones that really matter to me in my heart. I’m glad that you’re here case do love. Tremendous says, Rob, I’ve been missing your usual intro as well. Can you condense it? Make it a part of your outro as long as I hear that. Great, big, beautiful spotlight. And I’m pretty happy speaking to that. I still want merge. I need a great big, beautiful spotlight t-shirts so I don’t know.

I’m not that creative there. You know, I’m not that creative. I can just clip things and put them on slides and ramble out of my mouth for a few hours, but that’s about it. And uh, it sounds like that was all the a SU oh no, here. We got another super chat came in. The Loso says, what do you think about the prosecutor’s comments on the school shooters parents? So I haven’t seen it yet. The low. So I was, uh, wrapping up Maxwell. Now that Maxwell’s done for the weekends. Now we can talk about Michigan and all the other news that’s out there because there is a lot of it and we’re going to, we’re going to, uh, continue to cover it, all of it. And we want you to be a part of it. So before we get out of here and wrap up for the day, I want to invite you too.

I think these slides are out of order. Why are these out of order? I want to welcome some new people to our community. We’ve got readily. We got Rebbie Lee who just joined up and we’ve got music box lady. We’ve got big re we’ve got tester. 16 T we’ve got a Lama. Brad’s in the house. We’ve got starfish. 55 Aldo, the Apache Kerry. See Gino, screw job, rugger bugger J marquee Cantonese. You got Brody son squirrel Ono. Five-O we’ve got P Palin Fantasma, Gloria Black cat Meow. Nick McLeod, Dr. Brenton’s in the house T Blakemore, Patriot minute. Ben Tomlinson, Laurel seven 20 unsheathed Tucker grips, Tommy nukes, red beard, Monique Nicole, Facebook law, 1 0 1. Dr. Hobo Jim on Beano WV, Richard rider, 62 mayhem studios. And the reason why I’m so grateful that they’re all here is because on Saturday, December 11th, from seven to 8:00 PM, friends, that’s one week away from tomorrow. We have our ugly sweater edition of our monthly locals meetup happening via zoom. You’re gonna be able to register via watchingthewatchers.locals.com and it’s going to be a ton of fun. So get out there, get your ugly sweaters and come join us over at watchingthewatchers.locals.com. Couple of final super chats came in ninja that says, I don’t know what y’all are using hot pockets as, but I don’t want to eat them anymore. Just over it ninja just over. It doesn’t want any more hot pockets coming in.

Maybe you’ve just grown up. I don’t know. You know, not that you know, you can’t eat hot pockets anymore. And some dad says in regards to gates Clinton, Trump, why not catch them all? Who cares? What side? They’re on common denominator. There we’re all wealthy and shady I’m with you. I completely agree with that. I’d love to see the whole stinkin web of lies come crashing down and, uh, be very happy to watch it all and be a part of it when it happens. And I hope that we are, and I hope you join us as well so that together we can shine that big, beautiful spotlight of accountability and transparency doubt upon our system with the hope of finding justice and that my friends is it for me for the day and for the week, probably going to have a locals live stream, uh, over the weekend. Cause we’ve got a lot of unattended stuff that we got to talk about. So come join us, watchingthewatchers.locals.com and that my friends is it for me for the day, have a tremendous evening sleep. Very well unplugged from politics a little bit, spend time with friends and family, the people that you know and love get some good rest and we’ll be back again to do it all on Monday. Next week. I’ll see you then my friends be well bye-bye.