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Hello my friends and welcome back to yet another episode of Watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Gouveia. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the R&R Law Group. We’re located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and today we’re celebrating Insurrection Day eve. Happy Insurrection Day eve, everybody. I know we just had a couple of other holidays. We had to scoot our way through Christmas Eve. We had new year’s Eve, but now we’ve got a third one. You know how much I like trilogies here on this show and the Democrats and the media are gonna be really milking this holiday for a long time. And so insurrection days tomorrow, and we’ve got some preview stuff to talk about. We’re gonna start off. I checking in with our attorney general Merick Garland, very esteemable man. He came out and he spoke for 27 minutes.

Of course, tomorrow’s the anniversary of January 6th. That’s the insurrection day. And so they’re making a much a do about this. We’ve got me Garland. He came out, he spoke for 27 minutes and it’s exactly what you would expect from it. And it’s mostly garbage and we’re gonna go through it and I’m actually gonna show you exactly how it’s garbage in numbers in real time. I mean, it’s like embarrassing that this is our department of justice. Merick Garland comes out and does like a victory lap. And when you see these numbers, it’s laughable. Okay. So we’re gonna get into that. And it’s, Merick Garland probably the most boring human in Washington, DC, but we’re gonna have to deal with it. So we’ll get to that one. And then in our second segment, we’re gonna be talking about this big sort of assault by the January 6th select committee, towards some people in the conservative media, people like Sebastian Gorka, who was a former Trump aid people like Sean Hannity going after his phone call records, wanting to peer in there and take a look at his text messages and all of these things.

And I know some people who might be sort of center or even center left on the show are saying, well, they were involved in an insurrection and all of that stuff and okay, that’s a valid argument, but you can have to understand where this can become problematic. The balance power is going to shift the other direction. And so do we want a, a sort of a, a scenario or a government where we have whoever’s in charge going at there and sort of investigating the other political side, like, is that the country we wanna live in? Cause that’s where we’re going right now, right in the thick of it. And so we’ve got a lot to get to, if you want to be a part of the program, couple places to do that. One is over at watchingthewatchers.locals.com. They’re chatting away over there, big shoutouts to tweak. We’ve got, I’m not gas.

Who’s back here, mama go’s in the house, Jeremy Madrea over there, Jack Alia, many other people chatting away, wishing each other happy and selection day, which is very, very nice. Also happening over there on YouTube. We’ve got C uh, co rose there. We’ve got plain hooky, James, our cryptos in the house, which I’m, I’m gonna be dedicating full days to, uh, some crypto research here at, at one moment or another. And then we’ve just got general. Kale says January 6th, a fed led Buffalo jump. Yeah, we’re gonna talk all about that. And so we’ve got a couple places where you can participate in the program and without any further ado, let’s get into the news of the day. So attorney general Merick Garland department of justice is the organization that he heads up. And we often, yet about, we’ve got all these different inspector generals, attorney generals, four star generals.

We even now have a health and human services, general admirals, something or other that was a man and a woman, something or other it’s there’s a lot going on out there. And so we have to make sure we’re understanding who we’re talking about. This is attorney general, Merick Garland, the department of justice, which is the biggest, one of the biggest agencies in the federal government. I mean, this thing encompasses virtually everything. And so they’re responsible for the January 6th attack and the investigation they’re using the FBI, they’re using the attorney office from the us attorney’s office to prosecute all these cases. And so this is the guy who’s in charge of that entire agency gets to use is the FBI sort of his law enforcement arm to get out there and go investigate what he wants to investigate. And so he is now gonna be delivering the speech. Remember this is one year anniversary we saw what was one of the most heinous assaults on American democracy since the year 2000. And it, you know, it is some thing that we have spent a lot of time and money on. So me Garland needs to come out here and give us an update. And he does that. Here’s what it looked like today. Us attorney general Merick Garland is gonna walk out from behind those curtains, with his aid and folks, if you happen to have some caffeine handy, just drink it all right now. Good afternoon.

It’s nice to see some of you here in the great hall and to be able to connect with all of you virtually today. On my first day as attorney general, I spoke with all of you the more than 115,000 employees of the department of justice for, or the first

Time 115,000. And I

Brought us all together again for two reasons first and foremost, to thank you. Thank you for the work you have done, not just over the last 10 months, but over the past several years work that you have done in the face of unprecedented challenges.

Mm. Okay. So we gotta frame this thing out for a quick minute now, ordinarily, I, you know, you just gloss through this whole thing, right? It’s 27 minutes is what he gets into and you have to understand the context of this is he’s really gonna be sort of, uh, parlaying this thing using the January 6th attack to say, this was an assault on democracy. We need to protect democracy. How do you protect democracy through voting? Oh, well, we’re gonna have some, uh, conversation about voting and the voting rights bill and the Senate and all that stuff, right? We’re gonna take the January 6th issue and we’re gonna parlay that. We’re gonna roll that snowball down the hill and it’s gonna get bigger. We’re gonna turn it into something else. And it goes into voting rights. And so he spends 27 minutes about half the speech talking about voting rights, which is, you know, I guess a justice issue, but not really what the speech is about, but you can see it’s sort of the dominoes.

How do you turn something that has nothing to do with anything else into that, into a useful, you know, Canon fodder for that issue, you gotta connect it. And so he spends the whole speech doing that. We’re not gonna spend a, a lot of time on that voting rights is a separate issue. Let’s keep this focused on January 6th. Merick Garland just came out. You just heard him. We have 115,000 employees, and I wanna thank all of you. So keep that number in your mind. Right? Massive organization, gigantic the department of justice, us attorneys in all the states and territories all over the place, the different parts of the globe, massive. And he says to all those 115,000 government employees, prosecutors says, um, you’ve overcome tremendous obstacles, just like, uh, the rest of the world has, right? So this is Arah rah speech. Good. He’s a leader.

He’s gotta come out and give a rah speech, but he’s gonna make this thing. The point of this is the theme is that this is all now a story about how, how much adversity this department of justice has overcome. Okay. And you might agree with that. I’m gonna show you some numbers in a little bit to maybe change your mind about that. But think about this theme. It’s like the brave heart moment is like William Wallace, going to the front of the line and say, we’re gonna fight for freedom. And we just want to, you know, okay, we finally secured it. He continues.

And second as we begin a new year,


And second, as we begin a new year and as prepared to mark a solemn anniversary tomorrow, it is a fitting time to reaffirm that we at the department of justice will do everything in our power to defend the American people and American democracy.

Okay? So you can see a couple different, you know, connections here. One, he, he, he comes out and gives you a big, thank you to everybody involved. So we kind of skipped over that, but then he comes out and he says, this is our number one priority. We’re gonna be spending all of our time on this. This is the us department of justice. And you, we’re not letting this go. We’ve been playing where’s Waldo for a year back there at the FBI headquarters. And we have found a lot of you, but if you’re still hiding out there, all of our special agents are getting even faster at finding you amongst the crowd. So don’t sleep easy tonight, out there in correctionist America will have its justice <laugh> so he goes, uh, I’m cracking myself up over here. He goes on and he says, uh, all right, this is all about the peaceful transition of power now.

So I wanted to frame this out for a quick minute. Number one is, is what, what are we so upset about here? You know, we’ve heard a lot of different versions of, of what the real conduct was. Okay. I’m a lawyer. So I’m gonna be very, very particular about this. What are they mad about with this Capitol hill riot thing? So <laugh>, are they mad about the, they keep saying the peaceful transition of power. So are they, are they, are they upset that it, it didn’t that there was an interruption? I mean, is that what they were upset about? Are they upset about the damage to the capital building? Are they upset that Donald Trump gave a speech and encouraged it? I mean, there’s, there’s a whole bunch of conduct that is like wrapped up into here and you can tease it out. And that’s sort of what we do with the criminal process is we say, you did this and you did this and you did this and you did this and we charge you with the crime.

And we say, oh, you did this specific conduct. And we give you discovery about it. We say, the police say, you did this. You say you did. And we talk about specifically the conduct that was problematic. And then both sides can determine, you know, what evidence they’ve gotten prove in court, but here, what, like, what is the conduct? It’s, it’s this, it’s this general a salt on democracy, a threat to American democracy. It’s an insurrection. It was a dark day for Amer what does all that mean? I don’t know what it means because they were really sort of in there for like three hours. And they went back and voted that same night. And so, I mean, there was a transition of power. It was temporarily interrupted. I don’t think that anybody seized power. I don’t think that the people who were handing power to the people receiving power through the counting of the electoral votes, that there were VI, there was violence there.

So I don’t know what the conduct, right? So it, it was kind of a peaceful transition. There was somebody who was trying to interfere with it, but the transition happened peacefully, right? Some, you know, there wasn’t a, a, a team of military personnel storming the white house to evacuate somebody out of it, right. There was a peaceful transition of power. So we keep hearing this, you know, they, they assaulted democracy. It was a peaceful transition of power. All right. Well, I mean, nobody’s been charged for insurrection. Those nobody came with guns and took over the building. Nobody, except that guy who took out, who took the podium and ran away with that. I mean, is that what they’re upset about? I don’t know. So here is Merick Garland who’s once again, gonna use this very vague and ambiguous language about the peaceful transition of power, he’s gonna call it his highest priority. Here is Merrick Garland.

As a consequence proceedings in both chambers were disrupted for hours, with a fundamental element of American democracy, the peaceful transfer of power from one administration to the next. Yeah, but that happened, those involved must be held accountable and there is no higher priority for us at the department of justice.

Okay. So I mean, it, it, I mean, it happened right there, there was a transition, there was power. It was exchanged. Mike Pence counted the, the, the opened the ballots and here it is, and everybody packed their bags and left. So there was, I get, there was an attempt to interfere with the counting. There was a protest that took place, but I mean, the insurrectionist, didn’t go in there and try to seize control of the country to, to take that power. But he says, it’s his highest priority. And so they’re gonna double down over there at the FBI headquarters, they are going to be giving them extra markers and highlighters, and they’re gonna be circling those photographs from the capital building, you know, probably for another four or five years. Merick Garland continues. Now, this is the point that I want to dial in on.

And this is the point that is really sort of laughable in many ways. This is the type of stuff that the way I analogize this is, you know, this is sort of like, this is like getting into a fight with somebody who’s like your little brother’s age, and then coming out and sell, celebrating. It’s it’s like going to a competition that you should absolutely win that you should unequivocally be able to get out there and just conquer and then come out and gloat about it. You’ll see what I mean here in a minute, but listen to how much praise Merick Garland is singing upon his team, which he should, he’s a leader he’s supposed to be coming out here and delivering these to types of speeches. But he says, we did this with extremely impressive speed and extremely impressive skill. One of the most extensive investigations that this country has ever seen, you saw the pictures, you saw the imagery you heard from CNN. You heard what they said, and I wanna commend the justice depart for job. Well done. Here’s me Arlan.

The aftermath of the attack. The justice department began its work on what has become one of the largest, most complex and most resource intensive investigations in our history. Only a small number of perpetrators were arrested in the alt of January 6th itself every day, since we have worked to identify, investigate and hap and apprehend defendants from across the country and we have done so at record speed and scale in the midst of a pandemic during which some grand juries and courtrooms were not able to operate.

Okay. So that sounds is like really impressive. You know, I mean, you know, we, we were work really hard, record speed. It’s a pandemic. I mean, the courtrooms have been open and closed. He’s right about that. I’m a defense lawyer. We have a team here in Scottsdale, Arizona. He’s right. Court’s open, close there’s bubbles in the legal market. It’s all kind of messy right now, but it’s not anything that’s sort of unique to the department of justice. You know, it’s sort of the feds, like they’re supposed to maybe set the standards. Some people would argue and he’s like, okay, well right, mayor Garlin you went through the same stuff that, uh, we did, you know, the rest of us, we all went through this stuff. So not that big of a deal, but alright. But he says that this was just an extensive, massive operation, something that required all of their energy.

And they’ve been working countless hours countless times. And he’s just very excited about all the work that they’ve done since he took office one year ago. But if you take a look at the total number, right, the total volume of K let’s say you might have a different interpretation about how all this works. See what I mean? Let’s go over here to the us department of justice, the district of Columbia website from the department of justice. This is the district where they’re prosecuting their cases. You can see here. They tell us capital breach cases below a list of the defendant charged in federal court for the district of Columbia related to the us capital. This is a list of every case that is being prosecuted by the us attorney’s office for the district of Columbia. Following arrests, surrender defendants must appear in accordance with the federal rules of criminal procedure.

And so you can actually go to the website. It’s justice.gov. Here’s the link. If you want to go and read it, you can see a full list of every single case that they are prosecuting. And so you go, oh my goodness. And if you go over there and you scroll down that scroll bar, you just go, woo man. There’s a lot of these cases over here. And you can take a look at this guy, right? He’s number one, <affirmative> Jared Adams hunter. And so this whole thing is just a big gigantic list of all the insurrectionists. And we also have this list, the FBI’s most wanted list. And so we’ll take a look at that here in a minute, cuz there’s somebody who’s not on that list who was on that list that will, will poke around at. And so we heard from Eric Garland and if you go over to this website and you see every single case that they’re prosecuting, what you can do, it’s very easy.

You can just highlight all copy and paste it, go right over to a Google spreadsheet and just control and paste it. And guess what you get, you get a list of all the K cases that they are prosecuting and you can see exactly how many cases are in there. The total number of cases, being prosecuted by the district of Columbia, the vision, and you saw the images, right? And so many people take a look at that and they say, well, Rob, I mean, how many thousands of cases must there be tens of thousands? We did a live stream on locals earlier today. We were looking at the different headlines around the Washington post, New York times, CNN insurrection, insurrection, insurrection, everywhere you look and you see the images of people with all the Trump flags, thousands of them all over the place. It looks like a sea of red and blue.

So there must be thousands. I mean, this has been a year they’ve been working hard on this case for a long time. You just heard Merick Garland. They have a TA, they have a team of 115,000 employees over there. They have us attorneys in every single state in the country. They have the FBI investigating this. We’ve seen the us marshals involved and they have the help of every single local law enforcement agency that they want. They just knock on their door. Hey, it’s the feds. And they go, Ugh, all right, here’s whatever you need, you get it. And so, man, that is some serious manpower and this is also an assault on American democracy. One that almost wrecked everything for this country. That guy almost left with the podium for crying out loud.

So there must be thousands of cases that they’re prosecuting, but when I control pasted, it, here’s what you get. <laugh> uh, it it’s, uh, actually 661 that are being prosecuted. All right. So that’s it. So you can control and paste it and you’ll just see every one of these. All right. And I didn’t spend a lot of time doing deep dive analysis on any of this. I just literally did what I told you I did. And what you can see is rose 661. That’s the last case. And it makes sense it’s Joseph’s lab and you can get the complaint. You can get statement, you can get everything right. He was arrested. He’s got court date, uh, January 3rd. So you can see a full list. So there’s 661 insurrection cases that are, uh, you know, being prosecuted. And let’s take a look at these charges. I mean, these, these must be some seriously difficult charges.

I mean, uh, first of all, 661 cases. Wow, that’s a Whopper. So we’re gonna break that down in a minute, but we also have to talk about the complexity of the cases, the complexity of the cases also, right? We have to think about that. Yeah. Because if they’re more complex, then maybe that’s what the us attorney’s office is talking about. Maybe they’re saying that they want to, uh, extra help in all this work all this time, because there’s such complicated cases, right? Like massive conspiracies with deep dive investigations and subpoenas and moles and multi territory, multi jurisdictions, all of it. Right. Well, let’s take a look. Here’s what we see. Uh, uh, this person Yoder entering and remaining in a, uh, in a governmental building probably we’ve got disorderly conduct. Whoa. Uh, and we have parade. Okay. So another disorderly conduct charge. So basically every single one of those is gonna be proven by, uh, video evidence.

And <laugh> pretty easy case to prove there. Uh, we have conspiracy, not sure what that’s about. Looks like obstruction. So probably, you know, told somebody don’t do something or lied about something. So another easy case, we’ve got an assault case. We have another, uh, basically trespass, knowingly entering and remaining two more disorderly conducts and para another obstruction charge, knowingly enter violent entry. Okay. So those are the nature. That’s the nature of the charges. Now do those sound complicated? Probably not. Right. Trespas is not the crime of the century. There’s a physical location. Somebody’s on that physical location. They’re not supposed to be there. It’s a lot easier to prove if you have surveillance footage from the most secured building, supposedly in the entire world, that houses the entire seat of the us government. So they should be able to prove this every which way they should be able to look into that camera and say, that’s that guy, cuz they can get a retina scan off of his eyeball. Right? It’s the Congress, it’s the, it’s the building there that has all of the most powerful people in the country there.

Okay. So, uh, should be pretty easy to prove these. So now let’s take a look at another comparison. So we can see here, the us government 661 cases, and most of these cases are like, what happens at your old town bar, right? Every time you’ve got your sixth street or your old town or you know your mill avenue here in Tempe, wherever you’re at, you get about, uh, you know, a, a dozen of these every single night, somebody goes into a bar they’re asked to leave. They don’t leave. Trespas somebody goes into a bumps into somebody else. Hey, you spilled my drink. Who’d you? What, what did you say to me? Punk disorderly conduct somebody, elbow, somebody, they get popped in the head assault, right? And around and around. We go some of the most common criminal charges, easy criminal charges that exist. All right.

But 661 on cases. That’s a lot. Right? So let’s take a look at your local neighborhood police department. I happen to be in Scottsdale Arizona. It’s a big city, the city of Phoenix. We have all of these suburbs, right? We have the city of Phoenix, which is massive city, but then we have Scottsdale and we’ve got Mason, we’ve got Glendale, we’ve got Gilbert and Peoria. We’ve got all these different surrounding areas. I’m just talking. I’m not talking about that whole Metro area. Okay. If you get what’s the size of the city of Phoenix, that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the city of Scottsdale, that’s it, it’s a much smaller contingent of the entire city of Phoenix.

And I wanna show you exactly what I did with the government’s case list. I did that with the city of Scottsdale’s case list. I went to their arrest records. I copied them and I pastd them. Here’s what the list of the arrest records looks like when they are copy and pasted, you can see here, we’ve got 776 charges. Okay. So what you can see is that the government had 661. The city of Scottsdale, the Scottsdale police department has 776. Now you can see here. Uh, these are, you know, I, I would argue much more complicated charges. You’ve got shoplifting, which is not more complicated. That’s sort of similar to trespas, but you’ve got a narcotic drug charge, right? You’ve got scientific testing that happens. You’ve got DUI. That’s one of the more comp that’s arguably that the most complicated type of crime is a DUI.

A lot of science, you’ve got all sorts of very difficult arguments to make expert witnesses, very complicated. The only other cases that are sort of as complicated are gonna be, you know, the sex crimes and you know, things involving DNA and very complex financial transactions are complicated, but DUI ice, complicated drug paraphernalia, we’ve got more testing theft assault, we’ve got more narcotic drugs, more shoplifting, more DUIs, more here, here’s a disorderly conduct. So here’s one that is a little bit more analogous to what they’re actually prosecuting by the us government. And so you can see here, right? If we compare and contrast the us government 661 cases. Now there’s one little interesting piece of data that I did not tell you. That is a little bit surprising.

The Scottsdale list, these 776 cases K the government, they took their 661 cases in order to gather all of these up and prosecute them. It it’s taken them 12 months to do that. Right? We’re at our one year anniversary, 12 months to prosecute 661 cases. The city of Scottsdale, they arrested booked cited in lieu of an arrest. They did all of these things in one month. Okay. So in December of 2021 there 776 arrests. Okay. So I, I only checked one month. I didn’t check 12 months. So, so just to be clear, right, we see what a, what a massive difference is. In other words, the department of justice can process about 661 cases in 12 months criminal cases. Whereas the city of Scottsdale can do about 776 in one month. And those all go to the prosecutor’s office and they have to prosecute those.

And they have the 700 cases from the month prior to that to deal with. And the month prior to that to deal with as well. So it’s compounding for local police and prosecutors, but mayor Garland is bragging about 661 cases in 12 months. And by the way, he has the entire us department of justice. City of Scottsdale doesn’t have that. He’s got the FBI city of Scottsdale. Doesn’t have that billions and billions of dollars of funding compounding over the tenure that the city of Scottsdale L doesn’t have. And yet he’s gonna brag about this. Like he’s achieved something incredible. Here is what he says

Led by the us attorney’s office for the district of Columbia and the FBI’s Washington field office, DOJ personnel across the department in nearly 56 field offices in nearly all 94 United States attorney’s offices. And in many main justice components have worked countless hours to investigate the attack, approximately seven

Embarrassing. I mean like that’s embarrassing. That’s like you just went to your little brother’s tee-ball game, beat the heck out of everybody on the field and went home and told your mom, you won the trophy. It’s laughable. Let me summarize this for you. You, you can see here, the department of justice, if you copy and paste all of their cases, you can see they’ve got 661 cases that they prosecuted. It took them 12 months to do that. They were able to track down and investigate everybody. And they were able to bring charges for 661 cases in one year by comparison, a local city police department, the city of Scottsdale, not a billion dollar budget agency, like the Phoenix police or N Y P D or LAPD. They were able to round up 776 cases in one month. Arrests booked all of that. Those all get dumped of course, into the Maricopa county attorney’s office and the Scottsdale prosecutor’s office.

So they’re able to bring all of that up. So you, uh, once again, I think it’s a pretty good argument for local government there, but, uh, anytime that the DOJ comes out here and they say we’re doing something that’s just really impressive and monumental and you should pat us on the back, it’s actually laughable. Okay. Your local police department is doing way more work than they’re doing and better work too. Right. And more meaningful work. So, uh, pat your local police on the back tell the feds to, mm. You know, get out of there. So that’s, what’s going on out of the department of justice from the department of justice, uh, Merick Garland the attorney general coming out here, patting themselves on the back for, oh, job. Well done playing where’s Waldo over the last 12 months, prosecuting 661 cases. But what’s happening over at the white house, you know, the, the, the, the president Joe Biden, is he gonna address any of this? Of course he is. And it’s been sometimes since we’ve had the appearance of miss Jen Saki, and I’m seeing the Zulu here, which is perfect. This is why we have this clip. Let’s get into it. Here’s Jen Saki talking about insurrection day, which is gonna be celebrated tomorrow.

Um, he will touch on voting rights. Um, but he will have more to say on that soon, um, in a longer format and the speech tomorrow is more focused on the day, what it means in our history. Um, and the role, uh, that, uh, some have played in continuing to perpetuate, uh, the big lie and MIS and perceptions in the country,

The big lie and what it means for our history. Ugh, it’s gonna be a thing forever in select day, every single year for the rest of this administration, we’re gonna come back January 6th. You know, we all knew this was gonna be the thing, but it kind of just feels funny watching it happen. And she kind of has this little smirk on her face. Look at that. You can see it right there. <laugh> she knows she has that little, you know, S eating, grin that a lot of people get when she knows that she just sort of dished out a spicy one. She’s like, yeah, we’re gonna talk about the big lie. Hmm. And how that’s going to impact our nation’s history. And we’re gonna talk a lot about that tomorrow. And so we’re gonna detail that, but before we, we, uh, move on, she does actually give us a little bit of a preview on this. She flips that binder right over, and she starts reading directly from her, uh, attack Donald Trump script. Here’s what that sounds like Jen Soki today. Uh,

Tomorrow the president is going speak, uh, on Capitol hill. Is he going to address his predecessor’s role in the

Riot? Uh, yes. Strong question. Let me give you a little more preview of that. Um, so, um, in addition, and I know I noted this yesterday, but I think it’s important for people to let me briefly reiterate, repeat it, speak to the truth of what happened, not the lies that some have spread since and the per post, the rule of law and our system of democratic governance. He will also speak to the work we still need to do to secure and strengthen our democracy and our institutions to reject the hatred and lies we saw on January 6th and to unite our country. Uh, I’d also note that, um, president Biden has been, uh, clear eye about the threat. The former president represents our democracy and how, how the, a former president constantly works to undermine basic American values and rule of law. And president Biden has of course spoken repeatedly about how the former president abused his office, undermine the constitution and ignored his oath to the American people and an effort to AMAs more power for himself and his allies allies.

Uh, he sees January 6th as a tragic, a culmination of what those four years under president Trump did to our country. And they reflected the importance, uh, to the president of winning, uh, what he has called many times. And you’ve heard him call many times the soul, the battle for the soul of our nation. So just as you heard him say on January 6th of last year, I would expect the president Biden will lay out the significance of what happened at the, and the singular responsibility president Trump has for the chaos and carnage that we saw. And he will forcibly push back on the lie, spread by the former president in an attempt to mislead the American people and his own supporters, as well as distract from his role and what happened. So, uh, he will of course, speak to the moment, uh, to the importance, uh, in history of the peace will transfer of power of what we need to do to protect our own democracy and be forward looking. But he will also reflect on the role his predecessor had. Will he call Donald Trump out by name? Uh, we’ll see, we’re finalizing the speech, but I think people will know who he’s referring to. One more

Question. Oh, come on, call him out there. Biden. If you’re gonna say something, say it to his face. Huh? How about that? So Jen Saki is now, you know, detailing what, uh, the speech is gonna look like, and it’s gonna be like, what everybody expects it to be. Donald Trump was responsible for all of this. He almost wrecked America and so on and so forth. And so that’s gonna be a lot of fun. It’s gonna be fun to see if Biden can stand there and deliver something. Uh, that’s even remotely worthwhile, uh, given what we’ve seen outta him lately. And so Jen Saki, we’ve got the DOJ. Merick Garland, Joe Biden. They’re all gearing up. They’re all amped up. We just had Merick Garland. He was warming the crowd up, right. That was like the pre-fight. So he’s like, they’re warmed up. I just went out there and talked for 27 minutes.

They are all in a coma. And so they’re ready for you, Joe. Nobody’s gonna remember anything that you said, because they’ve all, uh, drugged themselves. <laugh> into a coma. All right. And so that was the update from the white house. Now we have to change gears and talk about the January 6th select committee, Liz, Chaney fishing, Benny Thompson, over at the January 6th select committee are continuing their investigation. They’re digging deep. And now they’re going even into conservative talk show hosts and former Donald Trump advisors. People like Sebastian Gorka and Sean Hannity. Oh, we’ve got some letters to read the January 6th select committee, Adam Kinzinger Liz Chaney, Benny Thompson. They sent a letter to him. We’re gonna read it. They’re saying he sent some inappropriate text messages back and forth. And so his attorney is now responding, and this is gonna be something that is, uh, an issue for the foreseeable future.

We also have Bashian goca. This is a former Donald Trump advisor who received a packet in the mail from the January 6th select committee. And he holds it up for us and shows us exactly what was inside. Almost like an unboxing of a garbage government political subpoena committee. So that’s gonna be fun. And we also have a bill that is in Congress that is about to be submitted promising a permanent insurrection day Memorial. It’s gonna be fun. Let’s get into it. We have our first story comes from the New York post. You can see a picture here. This is Sebastian Gorka. Currently he’s a conservative radio host and he was a one time aid. Former president, Donald Trump. He’s launched a legal fight. He is suing the January 6th committee. We’re gonna take a look at his lawsuit. He wants to stop the panel from getting his phone records, filed the lawsuit in Washington, DC, federal district court.

I have some clips of the lawsuit, but Gorka announced that his records had been subpoenaed. He was back over at the turning point USA winter conference. Last month, he went out on stage. He opened the FedEx package and he revealed Verizon sent him documents saying, you gotta turn your phone in. He didn’t wanna do that. So who is this guy? Sebastian Gorka. I didn’t know much about him. And so I started poking around at him. He, and remember, you know, this is the select committee that I’ve always said is highly partisan, ultra political. They want to just go and use this event as a CUDL to bludgeon their political opponents over the head indefinitely for the foreseeable future. And they are doing that exactly. Now they’re doing it under the guise of, you know, justice and investigation and all of that stuff. But they’re being pretty even handed as this investigation unfolds.

We’ve seen who got appointed to the select committee, two fake Republicans that nobody even considers to be Republicans that are not gonna be Republicans after 2020 they’re on the committee. We’ve had a lot of other demands for evidence to be disclosed. Hasn’t been disclosed. We’ve seen a lot of impropriety with the January 6th, defendants themselves. I mean, the list goes on and on. It’s been highly problematic, but we still have a huge contingent of this country that is clapping like seals happy at the idea that we have a government body investigating political enemies, political rivals. They’re okay with that. They want more of it. As long as it’s not them that’s being investigated. They’re okay with that precedent being set and something that’s being encouraged by everybody in the country. So that continues. And so I was wondering to myself, why on earth is Sebastian Gorka subject to these text messages? You know, why, why does he want to get involved in this? And so I started taking a look at some of his content, you know, some of the things that he was talking about and it becomes pretty crystal clear, uh, speaking. Yeah, he he’s on Newsmax. I found this clip of him talking about the let’s go, Brandon, call back on Christmas Eve. So here is Gorka.

Well, it, it goes to what I just heard last week. So a good friend of, one of my, uh, producers who’s in the secret service who had as the detail, when you know, he’s in Delaware says that he sees Joe Biden for hours at a time two or three hours sitting, staring out a window. What? This is the most powerful man in the world. I worked in the white house within 20 feet of the president, whoever he is, is a, a military aid with a large, large briefcase called the football. That gives him the power to launch nuclear weapons as the commander in chief. And this guy doesn’t know what let’s go, Brandon means. And then when he’s home stares out the window for hours on end, it’s like a bad, bad movie, but it’s scary because this man sadly is the president.

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I’m the president. That’s Joe Biden. And so we’ve been seeing a lot of this type of behavior lately. We saw him come out yesterday and give a speech. Remember this one. And I don’t know if that’s real snow in the background, or if that’s just a photograph, I don’t know what that is, but he’s I, the he’s off a couple years. If you recall, here’s where, uh, where Joe Biden thinks we are at.

If you are vaccinated and boosted, you may get COVID, but you are highly protected against severe illness. Schools can and should be open this winter. We have all the tools to keep kids safe. UN vaccinated kids are at risk yet the vaccinated are gonna with way to protect them, get vaccinated. If you’re vaccinated, get boosted folks. I know we’re all tired and frustrated about the pandemic. These coming weeks are gonna be challenging, please. Where at your mask in public to protect yourself and others, we’re gonna get through this. We’re gonna get through it together. We have the tool to protect people from severe illness due to if people choose to use the tools we have the medicines coming along that can save so many lives and dramatically reduce the impact that COVID has had on our country. There’s a lot of reason to be hopeful in 2020, uh, for God’s sake, please take it advantage of what’s available. Please. You’re gonna save lives, maybe yours, maybe your child, please take advantage of what we already have. Okay. <laugh>

Uh, look, I know it’s the new year. And sometimes it takes a little, a couple months to get into the new year, you know, like probably gonna be writing 20, 21 for a little while, you know, until maybe March or something. And then you’re gonna say, oh, it’s 20, 22. Hello. And then it’s, something’s gonna trigger in your brain. And so, you know, yeah. It’s like, you cut him some slack, but he didn’t say 2021. Did he? He said 2020. So I think he’s still back. A couple O’ clocks. He’s still a couple gotta go forward. Nope. One more. Nope. Keep going. No, come on Joe. It’s 20, 22, make it on over here. And so, uh, Gorka talks about the secret service agent, seeing him just sort of zoning out there out the window. He can’t even hardly get through 60 seconds of a speech in front of a fake window.

<laugh> that? I think fake. I don’t know if it’s the real, the real, uh, you know, real snow out there. What they’re doing. I know they got a lot of snow over there, but I don’t know. And he’s still, you know, a couple years in the past, so not a surprise at all. And, and the media is knowing is catching this as, as well. Here’s somebody asked Jen Saki about it. Hey, where’s Biden been, you know, he was on the beach out there with his dog, his new dog, cuz his other dog kept biting people because it could sense evil in your white house. And you were wandering around the beach with your mask on with your wife in the middle of nowhere while uh, the country is melting down. And we’ve been wondering, are you available? Are you coming out to talk at all? Does anybody expecting hear from you anytime soon? Uh, somebody asked Jen Saki about that. Here’s what she says. If you were

Standing here today, which I know he’s always invited is what you guys will say, but he would say we never give him any free time or any time to think. Um, and that is probably true.

<laugh> give him time to think. So Joe Biden needs some thinking time. So they just put him in front of a window in front of a snowy know that’s not real snow. That’s just a TV screen. <laugh> and they say, Joe, read this script. He just go or he reads it can’t even get the year. Right. So you know, it we’re, it’s gonna be a lot. It’s gonna be a long year. I think we’re just getting started. Okay. So, uh, this administration, these competent people are now, uh, on the same team as, as the January 6th select committee, we took a detour. Remember we were talking about Gorka before we got off on Saki and Biden here, but we’re going back to Gorka because Gorka is the guy who is suing this January 6th committee that is funneling propaganda on behalf of this incompetent party in white house. So this is what happened with Gorka, right? He’s just a talk show guy was in Trump’s orbit some time ago. He is now, you know, telling us exactly what happened, what this experience was like. As he got those documents delivered to his desk,

They say that a host shouldn’t be the subject of the news, but I had to open the go reality check today with that little clip, because it’s important. And because it’s about you greetings their friends a few days ago, I addressed 10,000 Patriots at the turning point, USA, America Fest. And there I revealed I, I made news because just a few days before I had this envelope on my doorstep from the Verizon subpoena compliance department, which had in it two sets of documents, one notification from Verizon that they were revealing my phone data and the phone data of my family members to which hunt the January 6th committee. And here is the congressional subpoena. They appended no crime mentioned no allegation against me. What I had to do with January the sixth, nothing. Just the fact that my phone number, its details, the texts I sent, the information, what numbers they were sent to. And those of anybody on my account, my wife, my children would be sent to Congress illegally.

That’s a scary precedent to be setting, right? It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle you’re on. If this were, you know, even, you know, hunter Biden’s records or something like that. And we had this fake committee that was going in there and just gobbling up everybody’s private records. I’d be like, guys, that’s enough, enough of that. All right. You know, somebody who’s, you know, marginally related to be outside the scope of this thing, but that it’s not about going and investigating any of this stuff, right? It’s about silencing dissent. It’s about, villainizing an entire wing of your political opponents by calling everybody who’s even remotely under the umbrella, an indirect a Trumpist a mega lunatic who is a part of the almost end of America. And so they’re trying to tar and feather, everybody who’s even remotely close. So Gorka is not taking it.

He’s suing them, filed a lawsuit on January 4th. And he says that, uh, Sebastian Gorka comes to this court as a private citizen. He’s seeking relief from his political adversaries abuse of congressional power. Unlike other targets, he says the committee has not asked Gorka to provide answers to any questions. They just want his phone records. He says DOR, uh, Gorka, not DOCA. Gorka was a leader of any organization who was not present at the Capitol on that day. Although invited to speak at the Supreme in court that day, his speech was canceled. He only observed the speeches accordingly. He says, there is absolutely no valid legislative purpose for this. And there is no reason they should be viewing his phone records at all. He calls it exactly what it is, a purely partisan fishing expedition. And we talked about this Benny Thompson and many people who are part of this committee.

They just have pages of documents, 16 pages. They wanted everybody’s name and emails and text messages and GPS data. I mean, they want to go out there. They’re creating dossiers Rolodexes of political enemies is really is what it comes to on to select committees. Aimless riffing through the communications records of an adverse political journalist, who it knows has no role in the events in, in epitomizes an investigation. Runamok they say that this subpoena that comes over from Liz, Chaney violates Gorka rights. They say it’s defective because it wasn properly constituted. They say the select committee was not issued in conformity with their authorizing resolution. And so we’ve got some technical reasons as to why he says this is not valid. And he says that ultimately the subpoena that went over to Verizon should be quashed. So the select committee is sending this. It sounds like directly over to, I don’t think I clipped the, on this directly over to Verizon.

Verizon’s giving him an opportunity to respond and saying, Hey, we’re about to give them everything. Unless you get a order from the court telling us to stop that. And that’s what he’s doing. Now. He’s saying please quash this subpoena so that Verizon stops giving them the documents. So at the conclusion of this motion, he wraps up, he says, plaintiff now requests that this court declare the information sought by the subpoena is invalid and unenforceable say that the committee is constituted in violation of house rules, right? So that’s a big ask. So he wants sort of the court to rule on the committee. So I think, you know, he, he’s more likely to succeed it on a, rather than B, if he is successful C declare that the information sought by the subpoena violates the first amendment rights to freedom of speech association, right? Your freedom to associate with people without an undue burden, Sebastian Gorka, doesn’t he have a right to just talk to people. What could his freedom of speech is? If you can’t talk to anybody, you can’t associate with anybody because some garbage committee is gonna just investigate everything and get access to all your records that the big tech companies will just hand over to them because they own them declare that the information sought by the subpoena violates the fourth amendment, right? To be free from unreasonable searches and seizures

Saying Verizon going in there without a warrant using legislative power through the subpoena power from Liz, Chaney, not constitutional. And then of course we see issuing some temporary injunctions award plaintiffs, attorneys costs and fees. And that was submitted January 5th, 2022. So that’ll be working its way through court. And you can see that it’s not just Sebastian Gorka, right? The list that we’ve covered here on this channel, that Benny Thompson assembled was very, very long, massive. A lot of names on there. A lot of documents, they wanted everything, Sean Hannity’s on that list. And so they confirmed that they are going after him. We have a letter he’s one of the more prominent people committee last month revealed that he was somebody who was texting then chief of staff, Mark Meadows. And so now Liz Chaney wrote, they sent a letter over to Hannity and it looks like this, this letter went out on January 4th.

Okay. And so they’re sort of in the media phase of their investigation and they say, Hey, dear Sean, on June 30th, the house adopted house resolution, creating this fake political committee. And we’ve got a lot of questions for you. We think that you were involved and you had advanced knowledge and you were part of Trump’s legal team planning for January 6th, these communications that you had make you a fact witness in our investigation. And they say that the select committee has immense respect for the first amendment as they snicker behind the curtains, blah, blah, blah. For that reason, we don’t wanna, uh, seek information about your broadcast on radio or television or your public commentary. At the same time, though, we do have a solemn responsibility to investigate the facts that inform our legislative recommendations, right? Because they’re going to, they want to pass a bill that precludes Trump from running again.

Essentially our nation cannot let anything like January six ever happen again. Thus we right to seek your voluntary cooperation. They give him a little bit of detail here, select committees in possessions of dozens of text messages you sent to. And from Mark Meadows, we focus on a series of conversations. You texted Meadows. We can’t lose the entire white house council office. I don’t see January 6th. The way is being told, go to Florida, watch Joe mess up daily, stay engaged. Okay. So he is talking among other things. It con it confirms that you have knowledge of concerns by president Trump’s counsel about his plan for January 6th. And so those are relevant to our inquiry and he wrote, I’m very worried about the next 48 hours. And so they’re asking him, why were you about the next 48 hours?

<laugh> what precisely did you know, at that time they’re saying Pence pressure, white house counsel will leave, right? So the whole white house is, is moving around. Oh my gosh. Each of these nonprivileged communications directly relevant to our investigations. So hopefully Sean Hannity tells ’em to shove it up. They go through, they talk more about this. Likewise, as you know, from the select committee’s recent meetings, we’re aware of interested in your communications with Meadows. Yeah. It’s all. All right. Talking about, additionally, you appear to have detailed knowledge regarding Trump’s state of mind in the days, following the attack, you appear to have discussion with Trump. On January 10th, you may have raised a number of specific concerns about the possible actions before you wrote Mark Meadows. Guys, we have a clear PLA to land the plane, stop mentioning the election. Look, I mean, he’s a political pundit.

He’s somebody who works in politics. Like of course, he’s gonna be having these conversations with political people. Again, we stress our goals to not seek information regarding your broadcast. It doesn’t matter. You know, please identify for the select committee, the name of your council. We’re closely with that person. We have no doubt. You love and respect our country signed off on by these two. I, I guess Congress people, Benny Thompson and Liz Chaney. So you can see, right, this is, this is, this is sort of crossing like Sean Hannity was talking public relations politics with a political team. The same way that Iman, uh, I don’t know that everybody else does it. Right. CNN was having direct conversations between Chris Cuomo and his brother. And they let that go on for a long time, right? This is, this is what happens. This is politics. They craft narratives.

Don lemon was working with juicy, the juiciest of the small lets it’s something that happens. I don’t endorse it. I don’t think it’s necessarily a good thing, but it is something that happens. But this is a political party, political fake select committee going after somebody to sort of Pierce that veil to breach that, that confine of privacy and my goodness, man, if the Republicans ever form a select committee, Liz, Chaney’s not gonna be an office anymore. But is this the precedent that this, that, that we want every, you just go after everybody, who’s a lose an enemy wild. So the Democrats are just gonna continue to beat this into the ground. We know that this committee is going to go indefinitely. I would say at least until Liz, Chaney voted out of office, but we’ll see, but that they are not stopping there. This is going to carry on.

We see here that this is a bill that is being submitted in front of the house of representative signed here by Mr. Crow, miss wild. We’ve got congressperson Escobar, Malan, COA. We’ve got Jay Powell. We know who she is, miss blunt. We’ve got Heim’s Fletcher, many others. Now the bill you can see here is to direct the architect of the capital to design and a United States capital exhibit that depicts the attack on the capital that occurred on January 6th. It’s a Memorial. They wanna build a permanent Memorial at the capital that depicts the events of the attack indefinitely. And what do they wanna call it? The capital remembrance act oh, capital remembrance, because you can never forget, not later than two years after the date of this act in consultation with the architect, they need to, they shall carry out a project to design and install a in a prominent location in the United States capital a permanent exhibit that depicts the attack on the capital.

That ex that occurred on January 6th requirements for the exhibit. They have to preserve the property from the us capital that was damaged. The architect shall include existing photographic records relating to the attack on the capital. In the exhibit described, they must have a plaque. The architect shall include a plaque for the purpose of honoring the United States, capital police and other law enforcement agencies for protecting the sacrifice of the heroes. Brian CNIK, who wasn’t killed in the attack. Howard Leman, good Jeffrey Smith and others who sustained injuries and the capital staff that helped restore the capital after the attack. So a big fat plaque on there. The architect may also include artwork that is created, had depict the attack on the capital, a lot of money. Uh, there are authorized to be appropriated, such sums that are necessary to carry out this act. So get to work architect.

So any which way to slice it, we’re gonna be sitting with this thing for some time. Tomorrow is our very first insurrection day. Hopefully you’re prepared. Hopefully you’ve got your tissues and you’ve got your constitution and you can just hold it and remember what was almost taken from us so rapidly that day. All right, let’s see what you have to say about it over from our friends at watchingthewatchers.locals.com and from our friends on YouTube. I see Dave submitted a super chat. I took the, um, flashing light off and I’m gonna have to fix the chat. So I can’t pull that up on the screen there, but thank you for that, Dave. I appreciate it. I saw it. I think somebody else submitted a super chat previously and I didn’t have the window open. I’m sorry about that. But shout out to you for that. Thank you. All right.

And so let’s go over to watchingthewatchers.locals.com. Let’s see what is here. Also. I forgot to mention this before we take the questions. I linked up the Ray S mindmap. Now this is not done yet. We talked a little bit about this over at locals, and this is the Ray S mindmap Ray S is, um, very interesting person. Probably talk more about him tomorrow, but if you wanna take a look at this guy, he was highly involved in January 6th can see a timeline over there. He was a part of the first breach at 1253. FBI had him on his most wanted list, and then he kind of went, bye bye. So we’re gonna talk more about him tomorrow, but there lot of, uh, interesting things going on with him, but the mind map link is down in the description below. If you wanna poke around, or if you have any thoughts on this or anything you wanna send me, please feel free to do that as well, because I am in the process of digging into that one tonight.

Royal Wolf submitted a super chat, says, Rob, I totally agree with creating a one six Memorial. It should, should include a large statute of bird shooting bait in the neck. Yeah, that’d be a good one to add there. I wonder who it should be up there. What’s good idea of Memorial there for the January 6th Memorial January. What is it? Yeah, January 6th. All right. Let’s take a look at some questions from our friends at watchingthewatchers.locals.com gonna have to pull this form up cuz something happened. K bean says, cool. Rob made the map. I wanted awesome, glad that you were looking for that. Somebody did tee me off on that one. I so on Ray Epps, the, the place that has been doing really the heavy lifting on that story is over at revolver. revolver.news has been the place and there’s, they’ve done. Some really could work on that. And he’s, he’s an interesting character.

So check out the mind map and uh, let me know if you have anything that needs to be added. Okay. So I scrolling back on these questions. We’ve got some extra questions today, cuz it’s highly political. It’s juicy today and I wanna make sure we get ’em all I okay, so here we are. Sorry about that folks. We got Sergeant Bob he’s here. He says I’m reading Jay Edgar Hoover. The man in the secrets, Hoover began his rise when us attorney Palmer was part of Hoover’s plan to arrest thousands of unsuspected communists with nothing even close to probable cause around 1920 Hoover then ran a forerunner of the FBI. Thus the FBI cor corruption, fabrication and overreach goes back 100 years. I’m on page 100 out of 700. I’m sure there is much more to come. History teaches lessons. Yeah, that is uh, that is true.

We had a, I did a video about FBI corruption. I’ve done many of them now that I think about it, but there was one old story that we covered. That was, uh, that was fun. It goes back a long time, right? It’s it’s part of the human condition. Gigantic bureaucracies get corrupt. VICA says, uh, Rob, are you old enough to remember when it was Republicans or sometimes portrayed as inbred uneducated people who would get in crowds and stupid and shout mur Pepper’s farm remembers fast forward to today. Well, the shoe’s on the other foot now. Isn’t it is it. I think they still call Republicans, you know, bad things, dumb, you know, maybe it’s going away, but yeah, it’s hard to make that analogy when your own president can’t can’t mud out a sentence. We have another fake news report from Newsweek secret commandos with automatic shoot to kill authority at January 6th, whole of government WMD response quote stood up that didn’t actually stand up since there was no actual suspicion of a WMD incident.

It’s a Newsweek article. I’ll take a look at that. Thanks for sharing that. Let’s see what else. Mike FCON says the most significant thing about Garland’s speech from a legal and national security to perspective is that he labels violent threats attacks on election election officials and the one six attack as domestic terrorism important for many reasons, the attack caused 30 million of damage to properties. Law officers were attacked. One killed. I don’t think that’s accurate. I think that if you’re saying CNIK was the one who was killed, I, I think that that was disproven two committed suicide. Two days later, several other people died. This is no small thing. You cannot belittle this event or the damage it’s caused nor the fact that it’s the largest investigation the FBI has ever conducted. I I mean, okay. Like if, if, if that’s a, I understand your perspective there, Mike, but if that’s like the biggest thing the FBI has ever done, that’s it.

Okay. They rounded up a bunch of trespassers for a political protest and all 50 states, they’ve got 115,000 department of justice employees. They’ve got field offices all over the place. They’ve got billions and billions of dollars. Like they can’t like, they can’t find a bigger case with, I don’t know, international trafficking of minors that we just talked about. They can’t find a bigger, more grueling case than dealing with, you know, international drug cartels that have GDPs and the billions of dollars. This is, this is it. This is what the, like, this is the, this is the, the tier of what our justice department can accomplish. It’s like, look, sometimes you see a student or a performer and you just know that they’ve hit their peak and you just say, all right, look, I look, look, it’s not great, but it’s good for him. That’s all he can do.

So just give him a pat on the back and say, thanks for trying good job. Like, is, is that where we’re at with the DOJ? Okay, good job. All right. You, you identified a bunch of people from photographs, iden located them in the United States, arrested them and prosecuted them for trespassing charges. Good job. And, and most of these people are not like criminal masterminds. Okay. These are like school teachers and moms and dads and who just wanted to go be a part of this rally. Most of them, right? Showing tremendous regret. There were violent people there, there were 600 cases, prosecuted 661. What percentage of those were like the violent offenders? Let’s say half, call it half. If you want to be generous. I think it’s probably like 20% maybe.

So you, you’ve got maybe 200, 300 people out of the whole stinking country out of everything you saw there. And this is gonna change the course of the nation because of this. And I think largely a lot of this was sort of, you know, allowed to happen. And they’re being very nefarious about telling us what actually did happen. So, you know, I, $30 million of damage got it. Law officers attacked. Don’t condone it. When I, when I talked about this back on January 6th, I made a video about it one year ago, just tomorrow. And I said it was gross. And I did not like what I saw. I said it was very bad, very bad thing. Never encourager condoned it, but it is not the crime of the century. This is not Pearl Harbor. This is not the worst thing since of a war. That’s nuts.

That’s lunacy. And Merick Garland coming out here and doing victory laps because they’ve got 666 active or 661 active prosecutions right now is laughable for a, for a, an organization of that size. And so yeah, you could say it was a danger. You could say, you could say, you could say it was a coup you could say it was a whatever you want to, but it’s an order of magnitude less than what he’s implying it to be. And I’m not impressed by it. And I’ll tell you what I, I, I would imagine a lot of other law enforcement officers are not either, right. Especially in the FBI, they’re going seriously. We’re going, we’re going and, and arresting this guy. Where, where, where, where, where was he standing? Oh, he walked in the front door of the building. Okay, great. And so, yeah, they’ve got a lot of, they’ve got a, I mean, if that’s what they’re proud of, if they’re really proud of that, if they want to hang that on the refrigerator, me Garland out and says, we go like, oh, 661 cases, and this is really grueling for all of our us attorneys.


I said months ago, I said, give me, you know, gimme a team of ASU students and my team here, we can solve the whole thing we can prosecute. ’em all, <laugh> easy because the us, I’m sorry. The local prosecutor’s office here can do it as they do every month in the city of Scottsdale with over 700 cases filed <laugh>. So it’s like a joke. Oh my goodness. All right. So let’s see what other questions we have. And, uh, with all due respect to everybody at the justice department monster, once as, as the great in a, at, as the great insurrection that mega memes almost took over the government, unarmed waving little American flags, the great insurrection that mega memes almost took over the government. Unarmed waving little American flags. I read it better the second time. <laugh> it’s true. It’s true. C says, Rob, how do you think mayor Garland would’ve been on the Supreme court?

Looks like the DS through the dog, a bone by letting him be their puppet ag. I think he’s ill-suited for either position. I was thinking the same thing zero, you know, and I try not to be mean on the show, but, um, I have no idea why Merick Garland is where he’s at. I mean, he has like no charisma, nothing really is novel from him. Right. Everything is sort of exactly, as you would expect it to be from this type of an administration. I think most of the other stuff is actually coming from his deputy. What’s her name?

It escapes me right now, but she signs most of the important changes that come out of that, that office. So I’m not real sure. He’s kind of perfect for Joe Biden. Right? Very meek, very uninteresting to listen to. Very Dr. I listened to him for 27 minutes today, folks. It was a long, long afternoon. Thunder seven says, uh, BLM Antifa burned the country down over 2 billion in property damage over 50 murdered, no investigation, no DOJ, no merit Garland out there taking the podium, given himself a big slap on the back for a job. Well done wandered into the capital and Patriots took self selfies and they put feet on Nancy’s desk. And someone took her laptop. Ashley bait shot down in cold blood protesting, no weapon, capital police beat defenseless women. One died later. So tell me again, who were the terrorists in the criminals? Egregious misuse of law, both judiciary and enforcement start arresting Garland and Pelosi. Now that’s from thunder seven. Sergeant Bob says my old boss, Phil at the standard oil station in Chicago, where I was a mechanic in the sixties as a, had a saying you’re fullest like a Christmas Turkey applies to well to Garland.

<laugh> I’ve never heard that one Sergeant pop, but it’s a funny one. B kiss says you ever go to the FBI website showing the people still wanted for January six top. There is a guy limp, resting some kind of flimsy stick against some cop’s riot shield. Like he’s some fairy godmother turning a pumpkin into a carriage or something. Another fine thing to do is go through four people. The list of the coroner’s reports, you would not believe how extensive a list it is. I mean, I don’t know about you. I sure have a hard time counting to one. Let me try. 0 8, 722. Oh man. I screwed it up. Let me start over. That’s from Vient kiss prime. <laugh> yeah. It’s like, you know, there was a scene from Braveheart. If you look there’s that one scene from Braveheart. I wonder if anybody ever saw that, where there there’s like two guys in the background and they’re like fighting with like these toothpicks and like, they don’t think that they’re being hot on camera, but it actually makes the final cut <laugh> it’s like they’re fighting with toothpicks. Uh, that’s what I thought of when you said it was a limp wristed, uh, pumpkin caster. Spellcaster thank you for that V kiss.

<laugh> let’s see what else we have. We have Mike FCON says I have an office in a federal building step foot on federal property without the proper check. Not to mention destruction of federal property. It’s no small deal. 30 million of damage is no small deal. The death of many people is no small deal. I don’t understand how people cannot put their politics aside on this one. I don’t disagree with that Falcon. Right? I don’t at all right. There are people that are dead here. There are people that are damage. I don’t like what I saw as a result of January. I don’t, I don’t endorse it. I said it back then. I said back then, and I got some grief from it. I said, this is a bad thing that happened. And this is, this is not good. Right? I said, I wanted to know a lot more about it.

I still do. And I still think that there has been a, an absolute lack of transparency here that is really size this, uh, as much as anything, but I, I concede that point to you, Mike. Absolutely. I think 30 million bucks is reprehensible. What we saw was most gross behavior. I didn’t like it at all. Didn’t like, it still don’t like it. But I also think that, you know, the punishment should fit the crime. And I don’t like people making something out of something, turning something into. So it isn’t, this is a big deal. It was dealt with, I think equal justice should be applied to both sides of the political spectrum. That is not what’s happening here. And so that’s it. And so, so, so yes, I, when I come out and I, and I dunk on these stories, it’s for that, right. It’s sort of to, to, to push them back a little bit into where they should be in terms of the arguments, they’re gonna turn this into like literally Pearl Harbor, Joe Biden.

Somebody said that this was the worst thing. Since the civil war, there was nine 11, there was Pearl Harbor, you know, the worst attack on America, since the civil war, there were some pretty attacks. So it’s just not the same thing. And if somebody’s gonna come out there and try to, you know, manipulate that, we’re gonna, we’re gonna poke some fun at ’em. That’s all it is. But I do, I do think it was a bad thing and I’m not happy that that, that happened. And I think that it really set back the progress of the Trump administration. Everything that was good, that they, that they left behind was ruined because of that. It was bad and it was an oversight and he got totally taken advantage of, I think he should have planned for it and known better. We have another one from English.

Dave says evening, Rob, have you ever had one of those macaroni cheese ready meals where you have to Pierce the lid with a fork? Well, I have, and I just had cheese sauce in my eye and now it stings no question, but I just wanted to let everyone know out there. Be careful cheers. That’s from English, Dave, you know what Dave? I do, actually, I have several of them right over there and they’re quite delicious. There’s one from trader Joe’s here that has jalapenos in it. It’s good stuff. Now that is a danger that was unforeseeable to me to use a legal term. That’s now foreseeable because now I know that I could potentially be facing spicy jalapeno macaroni in my eyeballs. And I wasn’t aware of that. And I’m gonna be on the lookout for that. I’m only gonna be eating macaroni with protective glasses moving forward.

Sergeant Bob says political prosecutions, nothing more trouble is a lot of people watch the mainstream media and eat this. PLOM no critical thinking going on feds likely to too busy to deal with a hunter laptop and sleepy Joe, are they, are they really too busy for of that? It’s pretty important. Good to see you. Sergeant monster one says, Garland is a joke. He promised to be nonpartisan when he was confirmed and said, he called parents domestic terrorist, ignored people, attacking cinema ignored millions of illegal immigrants. He’s the worst attorney general in history like Josh, Holly said he needs to resign in disgrace. I think that was Tom cotton actually. Yeah, I think that was Tom cotton. I could be wrong about that, but yeah, you sure should. Resign disgrace.

Sergeant Bob says any Antifa, any BLM of silly name. Nope. They don’t get prosecuted. It’s a different tier to underst set. Evan says, I guess Schumer, shifty and Nadler are all having, uh, excitements with the thought about the insurrection and using it until next year for the midterms. They wasted millions in taxpayer dollars. They tried to impeach Trump twice and now they’re wasting millions again with this fake attack. Meanwhile, homicides, violent crime skyrocketing blue law estate, but gotta get Lego man and Torres taken a tour at the capital, which is the people’s house. Trump will be talking about this on January 15th at a rally in Arizona. Are you attending Rob? No, I will not be attending. I typically don’t go to things like that, but I don’t discourage people from going to things like that. I think it is good to show your political support and get involved in politics very important, but I just don’t typically have the time to go to those things.

I, uh, kind of keep a tight schedule, but if you’re gonna be there thunder seven, I hope you’re safe and enjoy it. We also have, Sergeant Bob says Biden has no respect for the constitution yet. Saki spreads more lies. Sorry. I’m so incensed. I cannot keep co stop commenting. We need Donald or someone as good to save us. <laugh> Sergeant Bob. Uh, I know it’s easy to get riled up on this show. I happens to meet too. Monster one says peaceful transfer of power. What a joke do they? Not 2017 Trump inauguration. There were thousands of riots. People getting arrested, trying to disrupt the transfer of power. It’s absolutely laughable. The Democrats have questioned every election for decades yet when Republicans start doing it, they want to cry. <laugh> yeah. That’s for monster one. Yes, it look. It’s double standards through and through. We all know that we’ve Gott NA sent in a super chat, says 30 million Democrats spent 35 million on the Russia gate hoax.

A lot of money being spent on these political prosecutions and everybody just encouraged. Well, let’s do another one. Let’s try it again. We couldn’t impeach him the first time. Let’s try it again. Couldn’t get him the second time. Well, let’s do it after he is president and around and around, we go, it’s gonna be hun a hundred million bucks on this, but it’s not their money. It’s yours. Sergeant Bob says not only wears Waldo, but wears Kamala from Sergeant Bob. Good question. She’s been under the radar. The Antica says that has to be a picture in the window. The geometry doesn’t match up well to angle of the window. I think it’s a set. I don’t, I can’t speak to that officially, but I think that was Kinkaid says good evening, Robin, all January six is a mockery to the blood and tears and sacrifice for this nation.

I do not know who exactly excited the event. However, I do know there was more congressional support for challenging the election than at any other time in modern history. Since then in the drama has been a malevolent campaign to crush the tradition of freedom. We once cherish. So bravely using that PowerPoint presentation as evidence of an insurrection would be akin to telling a strategist don’t you dare outline and plan ahead. That’s from Kincaid. Who’s in the house. Thank you for that Kincaid. Yeah. I think a lot of people do think that it is sort of making a mockery of the process, right? I, I certainly, I don’t want people prosecuted for their political beliefs and I feel like that is absolutely happening. Joseph Duff

K is here. Sorry about that last name Joseph says for the left one six is essentially the American retag fire retag fire was likely set by a Dutch communist. One six is an excuse to take action against political opponents. It’s exactly right, Joseph, you know, and I hate to use those types of analogies, uh, overly overly, because a lot of people do that. You there’s, there’s a lot of similarities to that. What’s happening here. You sort of have this committee that’s supposed to be bipartisan made up of seven Democrats. And do I have a mind map for that one? Let’s take a look here. Is that in the Ray F’s mind map? Nope, because I have another mind map, I think for, well, I can’t remember on this one.

I thought I did one for the January 6th select committee, but maybe not. I’m gonna have to revisit that at some point, but uh, anyways, the point here is it, it feels exactly like the RDA fire. It feels like they are, uh, you know, attempting to use this indefinitely. They’re going to continue to justify legislative action. Executive action. We’re we’re heard from attorney general, Merick Garland. They’re gonna use this to justify voting rights, which we’re gonna hear about tomorrow, all on the back of this one event. And I’ve said for a long time, I’ve got a lot of questions about why the most important building in the country, that house, the most important people at the moment wasn’t secured. If they knew so much about all of this horrendous activity, all these white supremacists, all these militia members, blah, blah, blah, January 5th, mayor mur Bower sends a letter.

We don’t need any extra help. Why? Why was that? Don’t know. Good question. Let’s see what else we’ve got over from. Watch the watchers.locals.com few more monster. One says when the Democrat says quote, threat to our democracy, they mean threat to the legislative agenda. It’s a good point. Mike Falcon says, I have to respectfully disagree with you Rob about politicizing things. People in events that are not political and should never be made political. I spent nearly 20 years in Washington, DC. I’m a non partisan person. Something should not be viewed through a political prism. It’s erroneous and dangerous to believe everything comes down to politics. Yeah, so I, I probably mispoke misspoke there, Mike, so I’m not, I’m not encouraging or sort of, uh, idealizing that everything is political. I was saying that I think people jumped into politics when it became overly political. Like when the, when the argument was no longer about, okay, you know, let’s, let’s go and arrest.

Like I, I was for that. Okay. I was four people who broke the law being prosecuted and being doll out reasonable penalties. I’ve I’ve talked about that. I’ve said that consistently here on the show, what I’ve been a posed to are people who are punished disproportionately relative to other people in the justice system. That’s really where my problem has been here because it, we we’ve been seeing that. Right. And we’ve talked about this previously on the show, Mike, I think you’re sort of a newer, uh, subscriber on locals, but maybe you’ve been around longer than that on YouTube. I’m not sure, but we actually went through and I did a compare and contrast between one of the, one of the, the Antifa members about maybe six months ago, they were dismissing a bunch of the cases from the summer of unrest. So rewind the clock a little bit. We have the summer of unrest, which takes place summer of 2020, because we have the election of, of November 20, 20, January six happens 21. And then it all, you know, it’s the Biden administration from there. So where, when, when January, where was I going with this?

I totally lost my train of thought, Mike, cuz I was just reading your comment again. Some events are not political. They should never be made political. Well, I don’t know where I was going with it, but my ultimate point here is that when, when I was talking about this previous, oh, on, on, on the version deal. So back with the Antifa cases, we rewind the clock, we do the timeline, I’ve got it. Back in January, we were monitoring these cases. The summer of unrest, a bunch of people got rounded up fiery, but peaceful protests. They all got prosecuted. They all got diversion deals, which said, as long as you don’t commit any new offenses and you do some community service and all of this stuff, we’re gonna, is it your case in one year, which would’ve made it J about July or so? We had the summer 2020, the summer of unrest, diversion deal fast forward to let’s say July or September of 21.

We got the check back in on those cases. And guess what happened with those cases? Dismissed, dismissed, dismissed. These are people throwing Molet top cocktail at federal court buildings in Portland, federal officers, federal offenses, federal problems, similar charges, diversion deals. What happens over here to the Capitol hill defendants chances Lee gets three years of jail prison, right? Other people have been in solitary confinement with no with no opportunity for release. And so it’s an different tier of justice. And I come out here and I make jokes like this whole thing is a joke. It’s obviously not a joke. Right? What happened there? I have a tr tremendous amount of respect for the institution of this country. I’ve been to the capital building. I’ve visited all around Washington. I have a tremendous amount of reverence and respect for this country and for our institutions, I’m doing all series on the Federalists and the anti-federalists this morning, right?

I mean, I’m very interested. I have tremendous reverence for, for those buildings in general. And I think they’re populated with a bunch of garbage at the moment, but at the same time, right? It’s I, I cherish what this country is built because I know that a lot of the things that I enjoy and the things that I believe in are built on the back of the institution and that came from those rooms and, and from, from the people who built that. So I’ve got a lot of respect and reverence for that. And so I do get flippant and nonchalant about some of these issues, but I really do have an issue with what happened on January 6th, but I have a bigger issue with the response. And I do think, I do not think it is appropriate to make this into something that it is not to turn this into a, a hammer that can be used against an entire political segment of this country.

That’s not fair. And so I think the at, for myself personally, what pushed me into that perspective, what caused me to look at this as more of a neutral arbiter and say, this whole thing is ridiculous is because they have done that. They have turned this into something that it’s not, they, they, you know, they were, they were manipulating the facts of the story in real time and we’ve, we’ve reverse and engineered all of that. So I think that there’s, there’s a re there’s a call and response, you know, if they’re gonna say, it’s the worst thing in the world, people like me are gonna say, no, it is not. And it is not the worst thing in the world at all. And so relax, turn it down. And so part, part of what I think you’re seeing is, is probably an overcorrection, right? I, I am overcorrecting here.

I’m coming out here and saying, this is all meaningless and a joke. It’s not all meaningless and a joke, right? It really is sort of in, in the middle there, but the people who are in charge of running this investigation have just wrecked its credibility. I don’t think that there’s any meaningful data or knowledge or consequences that we’re gonna get out of this. So it really has turned in into a sham and we’re gonna continue to call it that I suppose, uh, peas and butter says, take J six from the DS, make it a holiday, insurrection, decorations, food games, costume parties, families, friends, and fun. It will deflate their fear. Yeah. Turn it into a big thing. Yeah. Celebrate it. Celebrate American democracy. Good stuff. Kincaid says, Rob legal defense question as a lawyer, how much autonomy do you have on behalf of your client?

Meaning you can reach out to contacts and alternative strategies. I understand the client is the final word, but can the client restrain your professional methods? If, uh, how does it balance out San one of 11? It’s a good question. So that is, you know, different attorneys are gonna give you different answers on that. But, um, you know, the general rule of thumb is, you know, an attorney’s gonna do things that are ethical and in the best interest of their clients, and they’re gonna do things that their client wants them to do. And they’re gonna have an open working relationship and an attorney’s not gonna be doing a bunch of stuff that the client doesn’t know about. And you know, you have a working relationship. It’s kind of like, you know, a relationship with a, a friend or somebody that you’re working through a case with.

And you’re saying, this is my strategy. Does this work? Let’s talk about it. So really that’s kind of what it goes down to. You don’t want a relationship with your lawyer where you’re like, you know, contentious and fighting about every single line and worth people can do things and where they can’t, but it’s, it’s, it varies. Ghost gunner says I knew 20, 22 is gonna be just as stupid as the last couple years, watching sake stand there and deliver was laughable to listen to. And I knew that was her little grin. I think I’m obligated to shine on the great debate. And I think she’s hot. These people are something else though. It’s clearly just a political maneuver. I personally love to never hear about it again. I bet this just strokes. Trump’s ego to get all this attention. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s going to celebrate this every year as well.

Yeah. Maybe. I don’t know. <laugh> I don’t know. Maybe Sergeant Bob says, Patriots say, let’s grow Brandon Dems say, let’s go fishing. We have social Viking says, what the hell can people do to stop this tyranny, these liberal extremists or criminals, but nothing is ever done to them. So they remain on the attack. Well, you know, I think the answer is local. We have a January 6th resource guide that is being shared from the anti kiss. Let’s see what this looks like quickly. You, this is from, uh, we teach nyc.org. If you wanna poke around over there, this link has been updated.

That link didn’t work for me, their V kiss. But, uh, you can check that out. Ghost gunner says they wanna put a reminder for all the people who had to live through this in a building. They work won’t that trigger AOCs PTSD. Won’t you get concerned about that? Chris Wooley says, Hey, Rob, I have a theory that there’s a concerted effort by the establishment to suppress any growth of another competitive political party. Part of it is that neither the DNC or the RNC want competition. Another is that it prevents faster resolution of issues by a simple majority of the parties. A simple majority of two of three parties could be helpful to get through issues, but with only two parties, the debates can continue, add in fine item and keep people fighting each other until the bigger crisis de your comes along and displaces it.

Ultimately the issues don’t get resolved and security bolsters a divide and conquer agenda. What do you think Chris won’t name? I think that’s exactly what’s happening. I mean, my whole life we’ve been dealing with the same issues, right? Everybody’s been concerned about the environment when I was a kid, it was acid rain. Now it’s global warming, you know, it’s, uh, education always been a problem. Immigration, my whole life, living in Arizona, a problem, uh, inflation constantly a problem budget’s never been fixed except when Clinton was in office for like a year, I think, and the list goes on and on, meanwhile, the way I sort of look at it, it’s like, it’s like pigs feeding it a trough. You know, it’s only so big. You can only ransack the treasury of so much money at a time. And so the fat Republicans gotta come and they’re gobbling up from the trough all day, they get or years to do it.

They get, you know, they get in charge the dams, get to stand back and go, well, look what they did to this country. And then the pendulum swings the other way. Now the Republicans out they’re fat and hungry, so they gotta go take a break. Now they go to bed. They go sleep for a while. And then the Democrats get to come in here and they get to feed from the trough, like good little piggies. And then they get to tired. And the, and the, and the, and the American people gets tired of feeding those pigs. And so we get right, we’re gonna get the Republicans back. They it’s time for them to eat. And it’s just this game of Patty cake back and forth between these two parties. I mean, the best example of this has been big tech, both sides have been complaining about them for a long time and done nothing because they’re are all part of the game.

Sad stuff. It’s a good analogy there. Chris wing, we’ve got Mike, FCON says it’s hard to believe, but it’s true that there are people who are nonpartisan non-political professionals is why goca case doesn’t hold water. Article one gives Congress the power to investigate. That’s a pretty awesome thing, Mike, if you, I mean, if, if you’re, you know, nonpartisan and non-political, I mean, that’s, I think that’s a rare thing, isn’t it? I think most people are pretty political. Like, is that even a category? Non-partisan non-political I think that’s the independence, right? You think that Mike, honestly, I think that in, in your category, you are kind of that treasured slice of the pie, right? You’re kind, you are kind of in that demographic that people are fighting for and you wanna see, you know, who’s making the best arguments otherwise. Yeah. It’s 48% are Republican all the time.

48% are liberal. All the I’m there’s people in there who kind of waffle a little bit or make informed decisions. And so, you know, Mike you’re, you you’re integral to this country. So we’re glad that you’re here and talking through these issues with us, because you’re the only person who probably can see clearly both sides. Three girly says, why on God’s beautiful greener? Or should the packs, uh, the taxpayers pay such an exhibit. Why don’t the rich people like Pelosi and Chaney, et cetera, or foot the bill for their sh shrine to stupidity when they put their money where their mouth is, they can have their museum piece in the Capitol three girlies. I roll. Good to see you. Three girlies, few more. We have tree. Tremendous is here, says you’re the best Rob. I’m sitting here, blood boiling, watching Acky spew nonsense. You’re there laughing.

And it makes me laugh. It helps me put things in perspective. We can’t be the only ones who see how ridiculous the narrative is. It’s so dumb. <laugh>, it’s like just a joke. And they just get out there every day. And they’re like very serious people talking about very serious things. He’s Donald Trump gonna, uh, is president Biden gonna address the president of his former president tomorrow. There he is a democracy and falling apart and make sure his predecessor is okay. <laugh> it’s like, like, no wonder nothing can get done in this country. Nobody’s doing anything meaningful. It’s all just, you know, politics. I guess it’s the same story as usual. The Antiga says January 6th was as dangerous as Trump’s inaugural crowd was big.

So I think you’re saying that Trump’s inaugural crowd was small or maybe not. I don’t know. Sergeant Bob says, you bet. I’m not impressed. And imagine many of the street feds are not either. That’s from Sergeant Bob. Yeah. They’re looking around at what’s going on. They’re going, this is ridiculous. <laugh> this is ridiculous. It’s like, it’s like, okay. You know, look, listen. I’m sure. I I’m sure Sergeant Bob and I could sit down and say, listen, Sergeant Bob, I’m a defense lawyer. You’re a former police officer. You know what you’re doing? I know what I’m doing. How quickly do you think we could build a case, build a team of people to go prosecute? I don’t know, 700 people between Sergeant Bob and I <laugh>. I don’t know. I think that, I mean, I think we could probably get a team of five people. No, no, no.

I mean to prosecute the cases to work ’em up and prosecute. ’em over a year, 700 cases in a year. Now we wouldn’t be able to go out there. And of course, round everybody up from all the 50 different states. You need an organiz to do that. But the justice department has the FBI so they can help. <laugh> I’m not joking. This is not a joke. There are prosecuting offices that have five or six of prosecutors in there that handle a caseload of 700 easy. It’s like 125 cases, a piece Sergeant Bob, uh, we could solve this whole stinking department of justice. Chris Wooley says, do we know if any of the January 6th defendants were let in by the capital police that did happen? And the mainstream media is not showing it. So we played a video about that here, Chris, we, we did on this channel not too long ago, maybe a month or so ago, there was that footage from the other side of the cap that we have not seen almost anything about the back end of it, where there was an officer. There were several officers who were standing in a doorway. Another officer comes up taps, one officer on the back and says, uh, something in his ear. And then they all step aside and the crowd just walks right in. And nobody knows what that officer said. And it’s real footage and it’s on the internet and it looks like they just let ’em right in go. That’s weird. Cuz that’s not what we saw on the other side of the building.

Ridiculous monster one says, Rob, it was me. Oh, says Rob, it was me mom like grandma. I was saying the government was almost taken over by grandma’s with American flags. Yeah, they were, they were out there. There was that really sweet lady with the American flag and her mask was hanging down. She’s like, I’m in the capital. This is crazy. This is so funny. I can’t wait to tell my kids <laugh> she gets FBI special agents. They show up with her where’s Waldo finding and they have her circled. They’re like, uh, Hey Betty, where were you on January there, grandma. And she’s got a pie of apple pie in her hand. And she’s like, who are you? Drop the pie. Madam you’re coming with us. Good job, boys and girls <laugh> over there. We have another one from PWS. M K a Z says, Rob curious, if you ever took, took a Chomsky class at ASU, we are living in the age of manufactured.

Uh, propaganda is to democracy. What a bludgeon is to a totalitarian state. Yeah. So no, I did not ever take a Chomsky class at ASU, but I know Chomsky. And he actually has a movie right. Called manufactured consent, which is all about the media. And it’s all about manufacturing consent through propaganda. It’s a great movie. I would recommend Noam, Chomsky, you know, very, very controversial guy. And I didn’t know much about him until I started reading more about him. I sort of, I think I was kind of programmed to not like him for some reason. I didn’t like know why. Cause I think he was so somebody who spoke truth to power and we did obviously, and I was sort of, I think I was sort of programmed to not like him. And then I started reading more about him. I’m like this guy’s. Hmm.

Okay. He kind of, doesn’t like, uh, you know, people telling him what to do either. And so I think that’s pretty, uh, pretty good thing, but yeah. Great, great movie. And I would re men at nom Chomsky. He’s got a lot of good work out there. Sergeant Bob says line item analysis of the 30 million is needed. Likely it is patted. Yeah. What did that podium cost? 2 million probably monster one says it wasn’t even the worst attack in a year’s time. BLM attacked. Hundreds of federal buildings killed dozens of people and destroyed billions of dollars. It in property damage. Yeah. And like both are bad, right? Both things are bad and we don’t want criminality. And we don’t wanna sort of encourage political protests that look like that either side, but only one side is getting thrown in solitary confinement for multiple years. The other side is not.

We have, they’re getting diversions. Chairman of the board says, I agree. What happened on jail? January 6th was horrible and gross. That said, I am not interested in an investigation until it’s a complete investigation. How did this happen? Why were so many FBI agents and informants involved? Why did the DC police actively turn down help? When it was offered on the fifth? The questions go on and on and on. If they aren’t going to investigate the entire incident, all surrounding events, then just stop it all political theater time to go check the blood pressure. LOL that’s chairman of the board. You’re right. You’re right about that. I agree completely. If there was a real investigation, I would love it. I’d cover it every day here. What did Donald Trump do? What did the Republicans do? What did the Democrats do? But we don’t hear about that side.

Only the first side. We don’t hear what the Sergeant at arms did for the house or the Senate or what any of the DC police did. We heard very little bits and pieces from them. There’s tens of thousands of hours of footage. That’s never been disclosed. We’ve gone through the actual cases that are being prosecuted through the department of justice. We have seen time and again, delays continuances motions to continue. We can’t even disclose the discovery because we can’t even process it. There it’s a joke. And we’ve talked about it. We’ve looked at the documents. What mayor Garland came out there and told you is not what the truth is. His prosecutors were filing motions earlier in the year saying we need more time because we don’t have enough bandwidth to disclose all of this stuff over to the defense. But they’re prosecuting the cases. All the speedy trial rights are being wad all over the place and they can’t even gather up the evidence. Why? Cuz there’s so much of it. Do you really need 14,000 hours to con to convict that one person, you only have 661 cases. So get what you need to convict. That one person offer them a plea deal. They take it or don’t set it for trial, next case.

And you give ’em a decent plea. They’ll all plea out. And you have a couple of ’em that go forward and it’s resolved, but that’s not what they want. They don’t want this resolved folks. They don’t want these cases closed. They want this thing to go on and on indefinitely, it’s not about prosecuting these cases or about January 6th. It’s about a political tool that they’re gonna continue to beat indefinitely. All right, NY renal MD says, how is this proposed built of at Tainer to prevent Trump from holding office legal while they’re trying to do it through the legislative powers, basically through Congress, us, they can then pass a legislation, pass a resolution that includes precluding Donald Trump from running again. I think they have the, the ability to do that. Or they’ll try monster. One says, I think you’re right. It was Tom cotton. You should resign in disgrace is what he said.

Chris w says, have you heard the term blue and on floating around where ridiculous conspiracy theories are blue booming from the left about Marjorie Taylor, green and aliens or something. I, I think Tim pool mentioned it. Can’t remember where I heard it. I have not heard that. And that’s not one of those things that, uh, you want to throw into Google or something like that. Cuz you don’t know what comes up when that happens. Monster Mustang. Jeff says, Hey Rob long talk long time. No worries. Talk long time. No worries. Talk finally got a job. No thanks to Joe Biden. Problem is your show is usually over. By the time I get home too bad. Democracy works as well. Works. As the DS will see the door come November. All this one, six stuff is BS theater for the non-thinking masses. Yeah. It’s just easy to show pictures and just say, oh wow.

Yeah, America almost fell that day. People buy it up. Mike Falcon is here, says historically the most significant event since the civil war, the Confederate army never stormed the Capitol. If we have to use violence and threats of violence to uh, to determine our political means, we are no longer a small deed democracy. You’ve mentioned both sides should be prosecuted, but there was only one side of the Capitol. Also there were two bombs placed at both party headquarters. Yep. I think we’re gonna have to disagree about this. It was political violence on our most sacred space. All of the excuses are just that fair point there Mike. Yeah. And did the person who actually placed those bombs, did they get arrested? I think that they are still out there on the loose. Is that right? I think so. Yeah. Mike Falcon also says we are no longer a democracy.

If we resort to violence to affect political change, agree with that completely 100%. We can leave that in agreement. Tremendous says here’s what I thought on January 6th. And here’s what I think on January 5th. Maybe if people would start listening to each other, January 6th would not have happened. Many people were concerned about the election during the months, leading up to a at watching the laws change. At the last minute, we talked a lot about ’em. We covered the lawsuits where the laws were changing. In real time, we talked about Pennsylvania and Michigan and Wisconsin and Georgia. They moved the election dates back nine years. They could collect ballots every which way. Very, very strange things were happening. We talked about one of them rather than listen to concerns. The media would say, no, lemme say back up. He says, then we hear stories about counting, stopping for stupid reasons.

Like a water main break. That turns out to be a leaky toilet rather than listening to the media. The media says, you’re an idiot. If you have any doubts, you have a mayor who says we don’t need any help from the national guard. The people who entered the capital are to blame for their own actions. But the political climate that got us to that point is on both parties and the media in my mind. And then they double down saying that it’s the worst thing that’s happened since Pearl Harbor, no lessons learned that’s from tremendous, which is another good comment there. Yeah. No lessons learned. I’m not sure. I, I think I agree with that. Vanka says we teach NYC. I think that’s a different link. Let’s pull this up here.

See what we’ve got view here it is. All right. So this is a January 6th resource guide. This is a PDF. The heck is this New York department of education. They have a resource guide, they have a hundred, we have lessons. So I think Viki is sharing this. This is a January 6th resource guide for the New York department of education civics for all. So it’s gonna be taught I think cool. Part of the curriculum moving forward. That’s great. Monster. One says, Jen Acky looks like a foot that has trench foot. I don’t know what that is. English. Dave says. Interesting idea about taking January 6th and using it as an opportunity for togetherness and celebration in the UK. We celebrate bonfire night guy Fox night on November 5th guy Fox tried to blow, blow up the British parliament in 1605, but failed. And now we commemorate it with fireworks, bonfire and top toy, apples and togetherness worth looking up the gunpowder plot if you’re interested in the history of it.

Yeah. It’s a good story there, Dave. And that’s, that’s an interesting parallel. I think we’ll ever get there in this country. Not so sure. NY renal MD says zero chance. Someone spends 20 years in DC and in DC prison and isn’t political please. He says, monster one says, it’s more like the WWE, the result is scripted and they take turns playing the bad guy. Another good analogy there we have Sergeant Bob says, yep. We could sit down and figure out the cases that really mattered. We could. And it would be a nice meeting of the minds. And I think there’d be a lot more justice done in this country. Tweak says, admit it. We’re all gonna miss psycho SAC. When she’s gone in five months, she leaving in five months. Did I miss that? She is retiring right? Or she’s uh, transitioning out, probably have a nice gig over there at CNN.

<laugh> well, we’ll have to back in there. I know we have some, uh, some people in the chat who, you know, will miss that. The anti kiss says, I miss this chat from rice. Thank you. Viant kiss for saving that I had the wrong window open, says love the show and the work you’ve done. Rob, thank you for the entertainment and the insight through the eyes of a defense attorney. By the way, I think there’s a page you can pump up or YouTube that keeps a list of your super chats, which is true. I’m looking at it, but I opened it. So YouTube’s difficult because if you there’s a tab here and I wanna see the analytics, but I also wanna see the viewer activity and it doesn’t keep a log. So if I’m not on the viewer activity tab, I can’t see the super chats and they just miss.

And they, then I, I miss them. There’s like, there’s like 30 different tabs that I’ve gotta have at the right thing at the right opening at the right. Um, sometimes I miss it. So I apologize, but thank you for catching that one for me. Vient kiss. That was from rice. Love the show. Love you being here. Thank you for, thank you for being here. Thank you for the support. Thanks for sending that our way. All right. And we have a few more before we wrap it up for the day we have Vient kisses here says the blue Andon thing has been around for a bit reference to the pundits on some show, spewing, some stuff I’ve taken a like into the idea of calling Fauci. The blue Andon shaman seems appropriate to me. So I had not heard that phrase yet. I wonder why monster one says blue Andon is Marge retailer green planted the pipe bombs.

Okay. That’s that’s one theory, I suppose have, uh, no, no name here, but a, a comment says Chris wo makes an excellent point in his comments. There are not two parties in DC. There are three anyone who has lived there and knows how politics work knows that there’s a democratic party, the Republican and the Cox, the network raises more money and distributes more money every year than the G O P. They operate as a death star in politics because everything they do is for the betterment of their own corporate interest. They make members of Congress sign pledges to give money, to vote their narrow interests. It’s a network of 600 families who contribute this mega fund. They go back to their petrochemical lobbying efforts. Problem with libertarians is they don’t wanna fix nor do they care who fixes the potholes, maybe not applicable in Arizona.

Yeah. So I mean, I think that at these types of organizations exist in politics everywhere, right? I don’t know much about the network. I don’t know if, what you say there is true, or I hear them bandied about just like you hear, you know, uh, what’s the guy George Soros, right? Same thing, billionaires on both sides of this aisle who are buying and paying for everything, which I think is, is true. I remember I was taking a class, a political science class back at ASU, and we were reading from some political science, something. And in there, there was one of the most, you know, wealthiest people on the, at the, at the planet at that time, the Vanderbilts or the Rockefellers or whatever. And somebody said, uh, Mr. Feller, you should run for Senate. And he said, well, why would I run for Senate? I have the best senators that money can buy. I don’t need to run. I already own them all. Okay. And that was like back in the 17, 18 hundreds. So do you think that that’s different now? It’s not, I think it’s the same thing. Whether it’s the cut, whether it’s the Soros, whether it’s mega corporations or unions or whatever, right. This is part of the problem. This is why I have a big sort of problem with

The, the watering away of our representation. The house of representatives are, are our ratio of representation. There has been diminished dramatically when they put a cap on 435 representatives, they turn it into a mini Senate. And so we don’t actually get representation. And I think that creates an ability for people with power and leverage like the Cox, like the Soros, like whatever organization you want to get out there and, uh, work their tentacles in Chris wo says, every time I hear Saki, I think of the Japanese booze, like a Saki bomb. Right? I think that they say that I think the, the dorks on, on Twitter say that, oh, sake, bomb. Every time she drops a sake bomb, they do that monster. One says January six was an absolute joke. Absolute joke. People walked into the building, nothing more. Anyone who thinks it was a serious threat, shouldn’t reproduce because they’re moronic, <laugh> monster one, wrapping it up strong.

And that my friend is the last one for the day from our friends over at watchingthewatchers.locals.com. And I think that is it for us. And, uh, let me take a quick look. What happened to my slides? Oh yes. Here they are. All right. And so we’re gonna wrap up the show for the day. I wanna welcome some new people who joined the community. We’ve got Linda Piper under school where we’ve got Todd H suspicious chick, Ozzie lawyer. We’ve got green Tuka. We’ve got S baker. Gotcha. Good. Jim, 2008. We’ve got Falcon us. N Y yeah. Well re not R w N Y C. We’ve got Chuck, David mark on w Shindo nosy, Texas Rosie, TAs, mom. And we have cookie monster too. And that my friends is it for us for the day. We are gonna be back here to do it all again tomorrow. And it’s probably gonna be January 6th because I mean, I know, we talked a lot about it today, but we’ve got some more business to attend to because we didn’t talk about Ray E at all. We kind of glossed over that one. And Ray Epps of course, is the mind map that I shared down below. We’re gonna hear just a bunch of moaning all day tomorrow, every which way you turn about the insurrection. And so we’ll, um, we’ll continue to cover it reasonably. And so I hope you join us for that same time, same place, same location. Thanks for being here with me today. My friends, everybody have a tremendous evening sleep very well. I’ll see you right back here tomorrow. Bye-bye.