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Hello my friends and welcome back to yet another episode of Watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Gouveia. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the R&R Law Group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona. And today we’re talking about January 6th, it’s insurrection day, happy insurrection day my friends, I know that you’re not alone out there celebrating because many people out there in the media and in the political world are of course doing this. And it’s very irritating to me. Now. I’m not somebody who thinks that what happened on January 6th was excusable or something that should be commended or really even joked about. But when the other side gets so far into, uh, I would say the left field, it becomes now necessary to call them out and rub their noses in the hyperbole and the exaggeration that they are laying upon our feets every single day.

So we’re going to get into a lot of that. We’ve got two different speeches that we’re gonna break down little bit in depth today. We’ve got Joe Biden came out and gave a 27 minute speech before he spoke. Cut am Harris. The vice president came out and spoke for about nine minutes. And so the theme of these two all day long was all about this attack on democracy attack on democracy, assault on American democracy. And so we’ve got a lot to break down. We need to decide, well, what does that term really mean? I mean, if they’re gonna be castigating, not only Donald Trump, but anybody else out there who supported Donald Trump or anybody else out there who is even remotely in the umbrella, in the wingspan of Donald Trump’s campaign, if they’re gonna try to tar and feather, all of those individuals, they better be very specific about what type of conduct they’re so upset about.

And so we’re gonna be asking some pretty interesting questions about that. We’re also going to be introducing the January six high hyperbole tracker, because as we’re going through these speeches, we gotta make sure we’re keeping tabs about what these people are talking about. And we’re gonna put them into a nice little chart called the hyperbole tracker just to see whether or not January 6th really was as bad as the civil war and, uh, spoiler alert. It was, it was significantly worse as we’re gonna discover in this a show today. So we’ve got a lot there. Big question about whether Liz Chaney is actually scripting what the white house is talking about. Of course, she’s running the January 6th select committee, more or less, and a lot of the language that she used showed up today in Joe Biden’s speech. And so we’ll have to break that down.

And then of course, we will turn our attention over who Kamala Harris, who is, you know, the historic vice president. Who’s really changing the way that the vice presidency works or doesn’t work. So we’re going to take a look at all of that and more, if you wanna be a part of the show place to do that is over at watchingthewatchers.locals.com, where they’re chatting away. What’s up black cat Meow. We’ve got B spec, Jeremy, the treat is in the house and others are chatting away. There’s also a form that looks like this. And that was the next slide. This is the form. It looks like this, and this is what will give me your questions. And then I’ll be able to do my very best to send them to you. Rasy is saying there’s no mind map about January 6th. I think I have one. I don’t know where it is.

I have to find it. Rasy that’s over on locals. And I think I figured out the YouTube plugin. So you can see that I can pull some stuff up on the screen, like, so for example, Remy king says, hello, what’s up Remmy Kings. So I can see that Daisy frog says hyperbole. So that’s pretty neat. So we’ll be playing around with that as well. And without any further ado, then my friends let’s get into it. President Joe Biden came out today, January 6th, very Solom anniversary of a horrific day in American history. The capital building a sacred place was commandeered. It was attacked or assaulted, whatever, whatever you wanna call it, we’re gonna break this down and we’re gonna hear exactly how they define it. And then we’re gonna compare and contrast their definitions against their own record. And so we’re gonna go through this in depth. I know it’s a lot of Joe Biden and a lot of Kamala Harris, but it’s gonna be worth it. And so let’s do take a look at how this started. Joe Biden got an extra pep of whatever they give him in the mornings, an extra booster shot in the old rear end or a cattle prod or whatever. They used to him to get him going. And he came out today and he really delivered a ringer. Here’s how it sounded state the

Obvious one year ago today in this sacred place, democracy was attacked, simply

Attacked. All right. So let’s start at the top. Shall we? Democracy was attacked. Okay. We’ve been hearing this for a year, getting pretty tired of it. I’d like to hear exactly what they mean by that, because we’ve got a, a bunch of different options here and we’ve got a bunch of different people being prosecuted. And we have what is intending to be sort of an event in my opinion, being ex extrapolated out to be used for something that it is not. And so we gotta ask ourselves very clearly, what the heck are they talking about? If they say that this was really an attack on democracy? Well, we have to really detail what that specific conduct was. Don’t we, because it, it, it, if we’re gonna be castigating somebody or impeaching somebody or prohibiting somebody from running from office, again, if we’re gonna be and an entire political party, we gotta get clear on what they are upset about on January 6th.

What happened? What conduct is problematic for them? Let’s brainstorm. Well, how about physical attacks on police officers? Physical attacks on police officers is certainly problematic. Is that why they’re that? Is that an attack on democracy? Well, I don’t think so because there’s attacks on police officers all the time and they’re not too upset about most of them. How about police killed in attacks? Is that why they’re upset? Well, police are killed in attacks pretty regularly, and we don’t hear a bunch of Heming and hiding from Joe Biden. How about Sue billions killed in attacks? Could it be that well, I mean, the us government took out a bunch of Iraqis civilians, nobody really Hemed and hot about that. We had physical attacks on police officers all over the summer were gonna review those Joe Biden. Wasn’t really upset about those.

How about property damage? Is it that there was a, a lot of damage, physical property damage. 30 million we hear is the number while there’s property damage all over the summer of 2020 there’s property damage from anti and BLM all over the place. So it can’t be that right. Property damage alone is not an attack on democracy. A physical attack on a police officer, a not alone is an attack on democracy. What else could it be? Well, could it be, it was the capital building because it took place at the capital building versus other building. Maybe that’s why maybe that’s what Joe Biden and KA are so upset about. It was the capital building, not the other buildings, but that really doesn’t make any sense either because other federal buildings got torched. We knew that they were throwing OV cocktails over the federal courthouse. So how are they defin this?

Well, maybe it’s, it’s not necessarily about the building. Maybe it’s about the conduct that was interfered with was the transfer not completed in the capital building case? Did the so-called insurrectionist get out there and stop the actual transfer of power from happening? No, they didn’t. It happened. So that can’t be it either, right? That’s not an attack on democracy cuz the transfer was in fact completed. So was it that an external force attempted to seize power then could it be that there was the Oathkeepers or the Trump mega insurrectionist force, whatever that they wanted to go in and seize power. Did that happen? Did anybody take control of the country? No, it didn’t. So it can’t be that either. So then really? What are we talking about? I mean, what else is there? It must have been something about the interference with the actual counting of the votes, because there’s all sorts of different things that you can do to deal with this stuff, right? If, if a civilian is killed in attack, then you charge them with a crime. If there’s property damage, give them a disorderly conduct or a criminal trespass. Plus the property damage criminal damage is a charge. And then you dam you charge ’em and gather restitution. There’s all sorts of things that we can ask ourselves about what this means. And the reason why this is important is because we have to ask ourselves, what is our justice system for and what are we trying to get out of this?

And I mean that like as, and as, as a bipartisan question, like what does the country want out of this whole thing? Justice. Okay. What does that look like? Does that mean that the people who are there get prosecuted and penalized? Cause I think that’s happening, right? That’s happening. Is it that you don’t want people to forget about it? Because I think that’s what the Democrats are doing. Is it that you really don’t want Donald Trump to run again? Well, that’s how that’s called the political process and you get to vote for that the next time he votes or, or decides to run yes or no. So we can see here, it, it’s kind of hard to define. And when you have this big, broad, general umbrella term attack on democracy, it can mean anything. And that’s why we have problems with that phrase or any type of conduct that is not defined. It can be whatever you want it to be. And democracy has this big golden concept behind it and it can mean big, beautiful rainbows, if you want it to Joe Biden carries on with this and listen to what he says about this attack.

The will of the people was under saw the constitution. Our constitution faced the gravest of threats. What outnumbered in the face of the brutal attack. Mm-hmm <affirmative> the capital police, the DC metropolitan police department, the national guard and other brave law enforcement officials saved the rule of our democracy held. We, the people endured.

We all right. So, uh, all right, this is gonna be, uh, an interesting show. So he comes out and he is very, very presidential. And so he it’s telling us about the enduring strength of the men and women who are there in, in the building when all of this was going down. So we have our hyperbole tracker. Now we’re gonna be seeing a lot of these allegations that January six is analogous to the civil war to Pearl Harbor to nine 11 <affirmative>. And so as we go throughout the show today, we’re gonna have to be spending some time to fill this chart out, to see, I mean, I’ll tell you right now, I’m not real sure that one six is as bad as the civil war, but by the time we get through the show today, I’m not real sure. I’m not sure. We’ll see.

Okay. So we start with Joe Biden, they endured at a time of crisis. So we take a look at the first element here, the time of the disputed area, the time that the opposing entity was in charge of the disputed area. Let’s take a look. If we can piece this together, how long were these insurrectionists in control of the us government? You can see here. Wikipedia tells us that the first do was entered into at 2:11 PM and then we can fast forward throughout the horrendous day until around 5:40 PM. When the entire interior of the capital is cleared by rioters. Okay. So from two 11 to about 5:40 PM, we’ll say that’s about three and a half hours and that three and a half hours, we can go ahead and put on our chart

And we just, oh, Hey, look, this works. Thank you for that. That’s Elizabeth hope for super chat. Just figured out my technology. Thanks for <laugh>. Thanks for helping me test that. Elizabeth hope four and thanks for the donation. Okay. So we get the four hours we’re gonna round up here. We’re very generous to this, uh, chart. And you can see, we can just go ahead and plot the total amount of time that the insurrectionists were in the capital building about four hours. Okay. Then they got thrown outta there. Now, if you compare and contrast that to nine 11, what I’m really doing is I’m sort of rounding these down dramatically. So let’s say the time that the, the, the hijackers were in control of anything, we’ll say that’s about 24 hours, right? Rounded up the entire air fleet was, was grounded that day to 24 hours.

Now you could say it’s much longer than that because that entire area of New York was just taken over. You know, I mean really was sort of out of control Pearl Harbor. I gave the same status. So 24 hours and then the civil war, of course, a lot of disputed area. So about, you know, four years or so there now you might be taking a look at this chart on January 6th and saying, Rob, that’s only four hours. That’s insignificant relative to the civil war. Oh. But I digress. I disagree with that. And so remember what we’re trying to do here. What’s worse, the civil war or January 6th, we don’t know. So we’re trying to compare and contrast, and you might be saying Rob, like the civil war’s four years of like massive carnage, J January 6th was four hours, but January 6th was all of that carnage compressed in four hours. So think about that. That’s why it’s even more catastrophic. So it’s like, it’s more violence per hour ROI than the civil war is how I’m thinking about it. So just do the math and it’ll make sense. Okay. So Joe Biden’s speech continues. Here’s what he says

For the first time in our history, a president had not just lost an election. He tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power as a violent mob, breached the capital peaceful transfer of power, but they failed. They failed on this day of remembrance. Must make sure that such attack never, never happens again.

All right. So they failed. They were trying to interfere with democracy. Sarah Trumper says, thank you so much. Thank you, Sarah. You can also see that we have a copy of the original impeachment impeachment resolution, which went out into the house of representatives. And so we’re trying to figure out what happened here. What was preventing the peaceful transfer. So if we’re trying to define what democracy is and what the attack on democracy is, sounds like it was kind of the interference with the, uh, moving of the votes, but then we get Joe Biden. Now he’s saying he’s preventing the peaceful transfer of power. Oh, all right. So how did Donald Trump do that? So we know what part of this whole day was so problematic. I mean, it can’t be the property damage. It can’t be the assault on the police because we know that happened all throughout 2020, and they didn’t care a whi about any of that.

So that can’t be it. So it must be something else, right. It must be the interference with the counting of the votes and the preventing of the peaceful transfer. Got it. All right. So how did Donald Trump do this? We spent a lot of time on the channel talking about it and you can see, they talked to about very specific language, right? Number one is that he kept reiterating false claims. You know, we won, we won this by a landslide, blah, blah, blah. So you can say that that is kind of, uh, you know, election talk. Remember Trump said, you know, grab him by the what, and then that was sort of locker room talk. So we’re gonna put this into sort of two buckets. We’re gonna talk about election talk and we’re gonna talk about fighting talk, right? Fighting words, because they’re also upset about that.

They’re upset that he said we won by a landslide. They’re also upset that he said during that speech, that if you don’t fight like, hell, you’re not gonna have a country anymore. Right. Those are signed off on by Nancy Pelosi and Cheryl Johnson. So we’ve got all that there. We know exactly what they’re talking about and what they’re upset about. And this is excellent because we can pinpoint this stuff and we can add it to our hyperbole chart. I mean, I think that it might be hyperbolic, but I’m not, we’re not decided yet we haven’t filled the chart out, but we’re going to, so we know that from the impeachment document, they’re really upset about the fighting language. Now there’s also the election language, but I kind, kind of got rid of that. I think that’s just part of politics, right? Everybody who loses complaints about losing Donald Trump did it loudly cuz he was the president.

And so here used fighting language. Well we know that that’s what their alleging happened on January 6th. So we can give that a green check box here. And I’m gonna just guess that there was fighting language used everywhere else. I mean we know on nine 11 there was flight, there was a, a lot of fighting language. I mean, when they were trying to commandeer the cockpits, obviously people were fighting over that, uh, Pearl Harbor fighting language. Certainly, you know, I would say right in the, in the probably immediate aftermath of the attack in civil war. I mean, yeah, it’s a lot of fighting language. So we’re on track. I mean we have a high ROI of violence to our ratio and we also have fighting language on January 6th. So it’s now looking good folks. Let’s listen back with what Joe Biden has to say.

We shall know the truth. Well, here is the God’s truth about January 6, 20, 21, close your eyes close em, go back to that day, go back. What do you see Rios rampaging waving for the first time inside this capital Confederate flag that symbolize the cause to destroy America, to rip us apart, even during the civil war that never ever happened, what, but it happened here. Oh my

Gosh, there were Confederate flags in the capital building on January 6th and that didn’t happen during the civil war. I had no idea. So we gotta update the chart here it is. And you can see folks. This is one that goes in favor of the one six column uhoh uhoh. We have Confederate flags in the capital on one six, but to my knowledge, that didn’t happen on nine 11 on Pearl Harbor or on the civil war as Joe Biden just confirmed for us. So is not looking good. I mean, look, you know, this is gonna be problematic. If we get more green check marks in this column, then that means this might be worse than the civil war at nine 11 might be worth than both of them combined. I’m not sure we’re gonna have to figure this out. Joe Biden continues on with his speech. Let’s see what he says

As a police officers, a crowd, the professors, their love for law enforcement assaulted. Those police officers dragged them, sprayed them, stomped on them.

Okay. So that’s, I mean, I’m not joking about that. Right? What we saw there was really problematic. And I said that back on January 6th, that, that, that violence was not something that was a good thing. I wasn’t encouraging that. I was saying that the people who committed the violence should be prosecuted and that there should be equal justice applied across the board. And I was doubtful. That was gonna happen. And unfortunately I’ve been proven right about that. And so Joe Biden is onto something though. There was an assault of the police. We saw that pretty consistently out history. I would say that that also happened during the civil war during Pearl Harbor during nine 11, during one 16, I’d say assaulting police is pretty consistent. And so we’re looking pretty clear, right? We’ve got violence, we’ve got fighting language, we’ve got three hours of time and disputed language.

We’ve got Confederate flags flying all over the place, even when they didn’t exist in the civil war, in the capital building. So the is looking bad folks. Let’s check back in with Liz Chaney, Liz Chaney of course is leading this very serious business, January 6th, select committee, uh, you know, getting to the root of the, uh, case here, making sure that this is nonpolitical nonpartisan, just gotta get down to the facts, you know, so that she can go out there and, you know, fight for American justice or whatever. But we ha had a prior video on this channel about this woman. She was back on George Stephanopoulos show on January 2nd, hitting the new year, strong coming out and talking about her new key eyewitness testimony, the person who was going to crack this whole case open and she’s communicating about what Donald Trump was doing right in the immediate aftermath of January 6th, she was communicating what was so problematic about Donald Trump’s speech or about his actions. Why was he so negligent? There was an interference with the votes. There was somebody who was doing something problematic. Who was it? It was Trump. What was he? This,

The committee has firsthand testimony now that he was sitting in the dining room next to the oval office, watching the attack on television, uh, as, as the assault on the Capitol occurred. Uh, we know, uh, as you, you know, well, uh, that the briefing room at the white house is just a me few steps from the oval office. The president could have at any moment, walked those very few steps into the briefing room, gone on live television and told his supporters who were assaulting the Capitol to stop. He could have told them to a stand down. He could.

Okay. So great. So as we’re going to see, he actually did do that, but he didn’t do it out of the oval office. He did it out of the rose garden, but she’s upset that he didn’t go into the oval office, but the whole point of this, did you hear what she said? We have a key eye witness. Who’s gonna come and testify that Donald Trump was in the dining room, that fat pig over there was just sitting there watching Fox news, watching all this happening, eating his diet Coke. Craming his McDonald’s down his Gulet and just laughing, yucking it up, texting Sean Hannity with a cigar, his mouth going <laugh> America. That right, that you think that’s really going. So that’s what she’s implying is happening now. Very curious language from her almost verbatim. That’s what Joe Biden says in his speech today. Listen,

What did we not see? We didn’t see a former president who had just rallied the mob to attack sitting in the private dining room, off the oval office in the white house, watching it all on tele vision and doing nothing for hours as police were assaulted lives at risk,

Same thing. She might as well just be his speech writer. I mean, it’s exactly what she said. So you can see exactly why this committee is looked at like a joke, right? It’s not a bipartisan thing at all. It’s the ultra partisan, Liz Chaney, a supposed Republican. Who’s not gonna be a Republican as of next year. I’m guessing is in charge of this thing. And her talking points are showing up in the president’s speech. So you can see what this means. Now. This is what they’re talking about. And this is what they’re so upset about. The oval office is right here. And the dining room is over here directly connected to the oval office. President secretary is right here and he can step right out of the oval office and go into the rose garden. And guess what? That’s what Trump did. As you can see, it’s time to go home.

And he did that right about the same time that Joe Biden as president elect made a speech. Joe Biden came out 4 0 5, made a speech. Donald Trump uploaded his video at four 17 and Biden just barely beat him to the punch. Now this is about the time that everybody was responding. Okay. Army secretary just got to DC. Metro headquarters, vice president Pence just phoned Christopher Miller saying capital, not secure. We see that all of this is happening right in real time, general Hawkinson, right before three fifty five has a phone call. McCarthy leaves leaves the Pentagon four 18. After Trump uploads his video, secretary Miller then discusses the availability of the national guard. And nobody even shows up until much later. First contingent of national guard members get there at five 50 after everybody has already been cleared. Everybody’s already cleared at five 40. I’m sorry. Around the time that it’s cleared Congress, then at that point says not even a big deal, we’ll be there. We’ll be back there. And we’re gonna count the votes back time at back at that time.

So we can see from two 11 that’s when they break the first window. And I see somebody saying here, tell, uh, let me see, let me find this. Somebody was saying Rob you’re I, it just went by, I apologize. Somebody say, Rob, you’re manipulating the timeline of the events. There are yes, there are. There. There’s a lot more. That happened way before this. Okay. Before they actually broke. And there’s a lot more that allegedly happened after this right after they left, but they counted the votes by 8:00 PM that night. They were counting votes that night by eight o’clock. So, okay. So let’s take a look at the, um, hyperbole tracker, the big complaint here from Liz Chaney and from Joe iden, Donald Trump was in the dining room, which is a huge problem. Obviously, as you can tell, I mean, they’re basically trying to, I don’t know how much money they’re spending on this select committee, but we’ve got the president of the United States screaming about this to the entire nation today. So obviously it’s a big deal. So Donald Trump used another white house room. So we’ll just put that category there using other white house rooms. You can see here, Donald Trump did it. And you know what probably happened? I’m gonna guess.

I’m gonna guess that they probably Abraham Lincoln, I’m guessing he probably used other rooms too. Probably the other presidents as well. I would just guess. I’m not sure. I mean, I can’t prove, but I mean they have the Lincoln bedroom. Maybe it didn’t always used to be called that and he took it over. So it’s complicated. Here’s Joe Biden now asking us a very good question. You know, we saw a lot of violence. This is something I hear a lot about Robbie. It was really violent though. I go, yeah, I know I I’m not I’m I don’t condone the violence. I’ve condemned it ever consistently.

I don’t want violence. I have to live in the same society as everybody else. I want a function in government. I don’t want a fun a, a non-functioning government, but when one side takes advantage of an argument and they blow it out of proportion. When you see a, an actual terrorist attack, like nine 11 happen, you see what happens as a consequence of the government going in there to take control and say, we’re gonna solve all these problems moving forward. It’s bad precedent. And that is exactly what’s happening here. We talked about this yesterday. They’re going after Sebastian Gorka cell phone records for him and his entire family. He’s a talk show guy, Sean Hannity, same thing for sending text messages back and forth.

You want a fake select committee made up of entirely partisan individuals to be able to send government subpoenas to your cell phone provider, your internet provider, your building manager, whatever, to go get access to your data. What happens when that is somebody who is not on your side? That is a scary thought. And there are people who are just doing Cartwheel all over the country. Every time Liz Chaney opens her mouth, it’s a sick thing that’s happening, but it is happening. Now, Joe Biden is asking us about this. January 6th was so violent. No, we’re not gonna accept this as a norm. Here’s his speech

We must have saw. What kind of nation are we going to be? Are we going to be a nation that accepts political violence as a norm?

It’s good question, Joe, are we going to be a political nation that accepts violence, political violence as a norm? Good question. Great question. Because I have that question for your administration. Let’s rewind the clock back a couple of years and yeah. Yeah, this is what about is, but this is their standards. Okay. Joe Biden has been in charge largely of covering the criminal justice system for the last 30 years. Every time you go back and take a look at anything that took place in the justice system, Joe Biden has his hands all over it. 19 84, 80, no, 84, 86, 88, 94 crime bills that just sort of, you know, ruined the entire criminal justice system. We’re still dealing with the consequences for that. I’ve made the argument that everything that you saw that happened to George Floyd is a result of Joe. Biden’s dirty hands all over the justice system.

And so if he’s gonna come out now and Kamala Harris, who used to be a prosecutor who used to make fun of people, be for water in prisons and jails. If these two people are gonna come out here and bark at us about law and order, I’m gonna ask them about their record, just how it’s gonna be. They don’t get to come out here and just selectively pick what, what they decide is a very important criminal justice issue because it serves them politically. It’s not how this works. They can, they can attempt to do that, but I’m going to call the amount. And if anybody wants to say it’s, what about is or whatever, that’s fine. It’s their record, not mine, right? It theirs. I’m not saying that Joe Biden should be accountable for Hillary Clinton’s record. It’s his record. He’s been in office for 37 years.

So same thing with Kamala Harris. So it’s their record that we’re holding them accountable to Sophia Nawi back last two ago, May, 2020 posted this on Twitter and said, police flee chaos, utter chaos, terrifying moment. Thought I would be hit. Now, this was from a scene right after the aftermath of the George Floyd death in Minneapolis and pay a very close attention to this date. May 28th, 2020 third precinct. And watch these police scatter outta here. How often did you see this plastered all over the mainstream media? Did any of the Democrats hold, you know, any memorials or, you know, uh, pontificate all over the place when this happened?

Oh, what I, they,

All right, so you get the gist of it, right? That was on May 28th, 2020. Went on that entire police precinct got burnt to the ground guy who, who was involved in that got, uh, I think convicted going to prison for some period of time. But did you notice that there was a, a whole group up of people attacking police officers and the police were on their way, you know, leaving there in an emergency because there was a crowd that had breached the perimeter and was torching the entire building, highly problematic now violence. I disavow that violence, just like I disavow all violence. Right. I don’t condone this at all.

But did you see any of these police officers who were involved in this showing up on Don Lemon’s show on CNN, about five, six times. Did you see that happen? I didn’t see it. Did you see them showing up on the view? I didn’t see that either. Did you see any of, uh, any of these people who being held in solitary confinement or do we know their names? Have they’ve been plastered all over the media all over the place? Do we have a Memorial for May 28th, 2020? No, we don’t. We had an entire summer of this, but because it wasn’t the capital building. And because this is a politically favored group that was behind a lot of this violence, namely BLM and Antifa two organizations that are on the side of the left they’re favored. And so this gets papered over. Nobody talks about this. And so that’s the double standard. And in fact, it’s even worse than a double standard because a couple days after that happened on May 28th, after those, uh, fiery, but peaceful protestors burned that entire police precinct to the ground. Kamala Harris posted this on Twitter may 28, 29, fast forward. We’ve got June 1st. She sees the wreckage, the chaos that is happening out there in Minnesota. And she says, if you’re able to chip in chip in now to the, the Minnesota freedom fund to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota.

Okay. And at this time she’s a Senator she’s running for office. So this is a very expedient political issue for her. She is now going to be able to use this, uh, secure act blue donate to them, Minnesota freedom fund. Okay. So she’s raising funds on the back of this. And so she’s now in this administration, the same administration, that’s gonna preach to everybody about criminal justice while she’s literally raising funds to get people who were arrested and charged with crimes as a result of that lawlessness out of custody. Interesting. Yeah. So it’s their policies, right? It’s not, it’s not while, while your side did this, I mean, it’s literally, they have two different takes politically favored group. No consequences will raise funds to get them out of jail, politically disfavor group. We’re gonna make this a national tragedy indefinitely, and we’re gonna use it to our political advantage at every turn. So we’ve got Joe Biden here. Now another big reason for this speech is this type of language. This type of language I think is very useful to this administration because they don’t have much else to talk about. Here’s what he said.

Oh, only when it’s convenient, you can’t be patriotic when you embrace and enable lies the, those who stormed this capital and those who instigated and incited, and those who called on them to do so held a D at the throat of America at American democracy. They didn’t come here out of patriotism or principle. They came here in rage, the not in service of America, but rather in service of one, man.

All right. So you can see that, right, Joe, Biden’s coming out here. He is doing the rah thing, uh, in service of democracy. We’re hearing all, all, you know, a lot of this language, it’s, it’s pretty standard stuff. And so, you know, a big reason why they’re out making much a do about this, of course. And not only is it a political, politically useful tool, they’re gonna be using this select committee to go and try to sideline Trump through a legislative reg resolution that would preclude him from running again, they’re going to use this to continually rally their base. You know, just think about it like red meat on either side. You know, it’s like, it’s like on, on the right, the Republican leaders are always talking about raining in big tech, right? They don’t actually mean it. It’s not nothing consequential is gonna come of it, but they dangle that over there on the right.

Like you gotta stop big tech in all their emails. Okay. So it’s, it’s a ridiculous thing that’s happening, but it’s the same thing that’s happening over there. Even when you listen to Liz Chaney, when she’s on George Stephanopoulos show, and they’re asking her about criminal charges for Donald Trump, is this gonna be a, a criminal negligence there charge Liz Chaney? And she’s like, well, uh, you know, you gotta ask Benny Thompson about that. But, uh, what I’m really focused on there, George is dare election of duty. And we can deal with that through the legislative process. So you can see. So Joe Biden has really no, no achievements to talk about. Uh, Afghanistan was a disaster foreign policy bill back better was dead on arrival. Border is a disaster. Economic, uh, issues are, you know, continually problematic the stock market’s going down. You see supply chain issues all over the place.

Gas prices at record highs. There’s a lot of problems going on for this administration. Meanwhile, nobody can find tests anywhere they look and he’s supposed to stop the virus. Got it. So you take a look at these poll numbers and you can see why they would want to talk about this so much, Nate silver, over at 5 38. So as an updating calculation on the president’s approval rating, 51% disapprove, 42% approve. And you can see it’s sort of trending down over here, not looking good. You can see this is a smattering of other polls. We got Rasmussin showing consistent trends across the board morning, consult U gov Rasmus and reports, Paul Suffolk university. And these are felt relatively recent. I mean the latest from January 3rd to the fifth approved 43 disapproved 53. And so they have nothing reasonable to talk about. So this is it. This is what we get. You can see how this relates to other people. Donald Trump looks like little bit lower consistently.

You can see how he relates to Clinton. He’s dropping below Clinton. Same time in the term. Well, below Obama, same time in the term Bush. Well below well below Reagan. Well below basically everybody except Trump. Let’s see little bit over Gerald Ford. Of course he’s coming off the Nixon era, Ronald Reagan’s higher. So yeah, I mean, historically pretty bad. So it’s a nice way to change the argument. It’s a nice way to shift gears and make this all about something that your side is gonna get really agitated about. And even many independents, right? Many people, you know, we’ve talked to people yesterday on the show, Hey, you know, I’m a, I’m right down the middle. And it’s really hard for me to, to, to see this, but anything but a violent attack on democracy. And that’s a fair point. That’s why this is such a powerful issue.

And they’re gonna continue to use it pause quickly for a Sarah tripper. Thank you for that super chat there. Sarah says, what about the white house cop? The woman officer holding the side door it for people. Yeah, we, we did. I, I, we, we covered that on one show. I can’t remember what show it was, but there was, you know what I think Buzzfeed did this Buzzfeed actually assembled the video surveillance footage from the up opposite side of the capital. And we talked about this. There was an officer who walked in, tapped another officer on the shoulder whispered in his ear and they just opened. They just stood aside and all of the protestors just waled right in. And there was no violence at all. There was no nothing angry about that at all. It’s very interesting, very strange. And of course you don’t see that replayed all over the media time and time again, here’s Joe Biden. He carries on

We’re living at an inflection point in history, both at home and abroad. We’re engaged in new, in a struggle between democracy and auto, between aspirations and the many and the green of the few between the people’s right of self-determination and self self-seeking auto crap from China to Russian, beyond China, they’re betting the democracies days are numbered. Well, well they’ve actually told me Demora is too slow. It is too bogged down by division by people like you succeed in today’s rapidly changing complicated world, and they’re betting, they betting America will become more like them. Yep. And less like us.

Yep. Well guess what, they’re China, Joe, it’s going that direction. And it’s largely thanks to you. You know, we’re seeing this comparison that the United States is so different than China. And I woke up in 2022 and it’s a different country than it was in 2020 dramatically. We’ve talked largely about this. Let’s do a little compare and contrast between China and the United States. Well, right now we’ve got two countries that have lifetime bureaucrats. So Joe O Biden has been a part of the democratic party from 1969 to present Jesus. Jean ping has been there since 1974. So actually Joe Biden has a little bit of seniority on him. The ruling party here in the United States is the Republican and the Democrat unit party. Nothing has changed basically my whole life. I mean, everything’s mostly the same. Everything is still broken the over there, it’s the Chinese communist party, which is, uh, you know, basically the same thing, more or less we have in the United States.

We have a little bit more free speech in China. They’re completely party control. They can just sort of eliminate you. Ours has a couple of additional failsafes in there. So, uh, our, our free speech is sort of, the censorship has been outsourced to private companies that still basically controlled through the tech conglomerates and through the woke sort of culture that exists. And it’s all seeks to limit people. I mean, we have, you know, people who were involved in, you know, very, very, very important medical advancements who were banned from Twitter banned from YouTube, Donald I’m sorry. Ran, Paul has been banned from YouTube, so he’s going over to rumble. So, okay. Yeah. I mean, we don’t have a party like the Democrats don’t control our free speech per se, but I mean, they kind of do because they limit a, a lot of the, the, the conversations that take place.

So, all right. So it’s not really that different at all, Joe and your party’s the party that’s behind it. Uh, how about property rights? China, of course, completely controlled by the party, the communist party in the United States up until recently, it was mostly free, but now we have the CDC that can just kind of step in there or, or did step in there until the CDC gave them the old backhand. So, uh, pretty similar there, we’ve got media over in China, totally party controlled here. It’s corporate tech control. New York times is basically run by, you know, a family it’s supposed to be the purveyor of truth. It’s like run by like a guy who owns it. Okay. So, uh, it’s corporate and tech controlled he’s, you know, part of the same cocktail parties as the other owner tech owners are. And so it’s a corporate tech controlled sort of mainstream media in China.

It’s just one party, China though, it’s communist. And so they take a full 45% out of your income. It’s more or less the effective tax rate here in the United States though. It’s 35%. So, you know, if, if you’re sort of in mid six figures, if you want to be in that income, you know, which most people I think are, are sort of striving to be in that income. You’re that 35%. So in communist China, yeah. Taxes are a little bit higher, but we’re on our way there. And then of course, the philosophy here as is in China is just gigantic federal control, massive centralized bureaucracies. We’ve seen this on this channel. We’ve talked a lot about this federal encroachment. The us federal government wants to go in and be involved in every single local issue everywhere you turn. Here’s just a smattering of the issues. We’ve talked about schools and masking. Well, Dr. Miguel Cardona out of the department of treasury was gonna go in there and step on that issue. He’s not a local education person. He’s with the feds CDC with evictions OSHA, with the mandates, same thing with the executive branch using OSHA for both public and private mandates. We’ve got the department of justice has been sticking their nose in local election rules, gun laws, reproductive issues, and educational decisions all over the place.

So it’s sort of like that same unit party is just, yeah. Right in charge of everything, not far off from China. So Joe’s trying to stay off us from being like China. I think we’re well on our way. He continues. Now. Now this was something that was very, very sneaky. Remember that a lot of people say that, you know, a bunch of officers died as a result of January 6th. We’re gonna talk about officers that did die after January 6th, but Joe Biden calls two officers out by name Brian CNIK and officer Billy Evans. Here’s what he said in his speech today. Done

It. Some have already made the element sacrifice in this sacred effort. Jill and I have more police officers in this capital rotunda, not once, but twice the wake of January 6th wants to honor officer Brian CNIK who lost his life the day after the attack. And a second time to honor officer Billy Evans who lost his life, defending his capital as well. You think about the others who lost their lives and were injured and everyone living with the trauma of that day. Those

All right. So you heard what? He said, two names, Brian CNIK and Billy Evans. They mourned them, Joe Biden and his wife, Jill went to the capital Roton and they had to mourn this, these two officers who died as a result of what happened that day. Do you say that? Okay, let’s take a quick look because we covered this in depth. Officer Brian CNIK died of natural causes. He was not killed as a result of what happened at the capital. Now these news articles are just really, really shameful because they’re trying to sort of say that he died, you know, after defending the capital attack, like, like his role, there was a part of the cause of his death. He died of natural causes after defending the capital. I mean, technically it’s true because the day before he did actually do that, right, he was there protecting the capital.

But here let’s take a look here. Capital police, officer Bryan CNIK died of natural causes a day after defending the capital CNIK was previously believed to have died from injury sustained during the riot, but not anymore because the DC medical examiner’s office announced Monday back on April 20th, that he died from strokes. Medical examiners said in a report citing acute brain stem and cerebellar infarcts due to acute basilar arterial thrombosis in an interview that medical examiner, somebody named Francisco Diaz said sick. Nick suffered two strokes at the base of his brain. Stem caused by a clot in an artery at approximately 2:20 PM. C Nick was sprayed with a chemical substance. Remember that bear spray uhoh was that what killed him? Did that bear spray get into his bloodstream and it caused his stroke and the next day something happened. And so you could tie that back to this what’s the medical examiner say says no.

Despite being sprayed with the chemical substance C’s manner of death was determined to be natural. The medical examiner’s office said in the interview with the post Diaz said the autopsy found no evidence of internal or external injuries or of an allergic reaction to the chemical, but did say all that transpired, played a role in his condition, right? Like life quote, the natural classification is used when a disease alone causes death. If a death is, has by injury, the manner of death is not considered natural. Okay? So he died by natural causes. Yes. He’s a hero for protecting the capital and doing the work that he did that day. But we can’t just make up things in these conversations. And Joe Biden is doing that. He’s he’s trying to conflate this man’s death with a political cause. And at disgusting, the other name that he used was Billy Evans.

Another officer who died, unfortunately, rest in peace. My hearts go out to these people’s families, Billy Evans. He is another capital police officer who was killed and he was killed during a capital attack, but it wasn’t the capital attack that took place in January. He was the one that took place in April. He died on April 2nd, 2021 while guarding the us capital critically injured by a vehicle ramming the attack alone assailant was shot and killed by his fellow officers. Evans later died at a hospital with blunt force head injuries. He was the sixth capital police officer to die in the line of duty since the force was created in 1828.

But you didn’t hear much about that. Why? Because the attack wasn’t a white mag insurrectionist it was Noah Green, a 25 year old black nationalist killed capital police officer wounded. A second. As a result of the attack, the capital was locked down. Green was shot later, died at the hospital. He shared extremist viewpoints advanced by the nation of Islam. Prior to committing the attack at the Capitol officer, Billy Evans was posted at a checkpoint capital is on lockdown immediately after the attack. And so Joe Biden comes out here in his speech to America, remembering what happened on January 6th. And he talks about losing two officers and mourning their death. REL related to the tragedy on this day, Brian CNIK died of natural causes. Billy Evans died several months later in April.

It’s very dishonest. What he did there. Kamala Harris is no better. Let’s take a look at some questions over from you at watchingthewatchers.locals.com, pull some of these up, and then we’re gonna get to Kamala Harris. See if there’s any thoughts on this. <affirmative> Kenny one B says up yours as Russell flies up his fighter jet up the a of the alien spaceship on insurrection day <laugh> it’s independence day means I love that no one, you know, says, Hey, Rob, not sure this question will fit with your comments tonight, but I saw Chaney’s photo in response to the nail. So I thought I’ll go ahead and answer this comment. And the question here is why is there so much negative output from Liz Channey regarding the Republicans? Does anyone know why she has come off the rail so much? I recall her father as VP and other than the media portrayal of him. I think he was not that bad.

What caused her to drift so far from the Republican party? It’s a great question from know one, you know, you know, I think it good question, indeed. I think that the, the Liz Chaney saga is she’s sort of the pit bull for the Republican establishment, right? The Chaney, the McConnells the bushes there’s that there’s that contingent of the Republican party that used to run things. You know, Mitch McConnell was in charge for a long time. There George Bush was in charge for a long time. There, he was supposed to be handing the chain of power over to Jeb guac bowl Bush, and that didn’t work out so well. And so that contingent of the Republican party does not want to Donald Trump back at all. Cuz he, he threatens their existence, the good old boys club, the old fat Republicans feeding off the trough for, in it for a while. And then the old fat Democrats coming in there and gobbling theirs up and that, that back and forth, he got messed up by Donald Trump. And that’s why the Republicans were just as happy that he’s gone as the Democrats. So I think that is a, a very good question.

We have another one from Kareem, 1 65 on YouTube says making more out of 1 0 6 than it really is. Reminds me of attempting to make 10 22, the Canadian version of nine 11 does 10 22 even ring a bell to you, Rob. No, sorry about that. I, it doesn’t uh, but if I Google it real fast, it will. One second. <laugh> what happened here. They banned the assault rifle. Look, even if I plug it into Google, doesn’t even tell me what it is. So it’s not just me, uh, Canadian 10, 22 or Canadian. Maybe I should put the date in there. Even Google doesn’t know what it is. What happened in Canada on 10 22, maybe out is what I should type. What happened in Canada on 10 22. Let’s see if Google finds this. Yeah. Canadian attack was terrorism, environmental grew. Right? So I’ll have to take a look at that, but now I have it queued up.

Thanks for that cur. Now I’m sorry. I don’t know what it is. Hopefully that doesn’t offend anybody. Let’s see what else we’ve got. E Don test is here, says, I I know you have heard of Reapp. Do you know anything about him that you can talk about with your faith faithful audience? If not, can we look forward to a deeper dive on Mr. S? We certainly can. In fact, while we’re here, why don’t we just go ahead. Uh, should we take a look at it? So let me give you just a quick overview of the mind map. The mind map is available down in this, the description below for Ray F. So if you wanna go poke around there, you can, let’s take a quick look at this while we’re on the topic. Here is the Ray E’s mind map. And so I, I also believe that I have a January 6th mind map.

I’m gonna, I’m gonna create an index of all the mind maps that I’ve been working on. A lot of them are just not public yet because, uh, they’re not done, but I can start releasing them in the continued to work on them. So yeah, this is Ray Epps. Ray E is a very interesting fellow because we can see here. Thomas Massey actually asked about specifically, asked me Garland about this guy. Me Garland gave the old Heman ha answer. I don’t know anything about it. I don’t know anything about those guys, but what’s very interesting about this guy. Long story short, he is, he showed up on the FBI. Most wanted list. You can see him here as person. Number 16, down here in the bottom left photograph number 16, where did that photograph come from? Came from this photograph. This photograph is directly from the first breach at the Capitol on that west end.

This is the very first moment where they broke through the gates. This guy, Ray S is there. And so the FBI saw this because he was out there for a long time, encouraging people to break through the gates. There’s video of him from the night before having this conversation with Tim. GNE another baked Alaska streamer. He’s there the night before encouraging everybody to break into the capital. You gotta go into the capital inside, break through the barriers. And so he’s an instigator and he was there during the very first breach. He broke them through the gates and then something very interesting happened. People are getting arrested all over the place. So the FBI comes out. You go to their fbi.gov website slash wanted slash capital violence. You see a couple interesting things here. A person in photograph number 18 got arrested. Number 17, arrested number 12, arrested number 15, still wanted, but number 16 has been removed.

Just not, not there. Ray Fs not been arrested or prosecuted to anybody’s knowledge. As of August 17th, his photograph is still in this list somewhere. Where is that? So I think the FBI still has his picture in here, right there. You can see it’s right there in this montage right there in the middle. He’s there, but there’s no active case. You can go, you can look him up. There’s no active cases. And they know who this guy is. I mean, they, the internet has found him, right? He’s got a military background. Um, he’s, he’s been identified. They identified all of the other, all they identified all of the other capital riots, right? There’s huge lists of people that they have identified. So they, we, everybody knows who he is, just like the other people, but no criminal charges. And he was instigating the whole thing. I mean like the first breach point was orchestrated by AR arguably by that guy, attorney general Merick Garland was asked about it. Didn’t say much. Let’s see what else we have here.

That was from eon test. There is gonna be more on Reapp. I’m gonna do a full mine map on that at some point, but I gotta beef it out a little bit more. There’s a lot more to that story. The anti kisses here says happy and selection day. Let’s all take a moment of silence and remembrance of how aliens descended upon the earth. Brought Hitler back from the grave, turned them into a cyborg, send ’em into the past, to train all the dinosaurs, to bring them to the present day, to rain down death destruction and despair onto all the people of the world. And they’re benevolent giving in an giving politicians in an event true and utter horror, leading to a world where gremlins now exist and crime has been invented and something, something, something orange, man. Yeah. It’s that chain of causation there. Ticus and that, that is a deep, that’s a deep chain there that goes all the way back to aliens and Hitler.

So that’s a complicated one, but yeah, I mean, Donald Trump said a couple things. An event was set in motion, you know, ipso, facto, Donald Trump is Hitler. That’s the argument. Nikki dragon says both are equally bad. My stomach is still turning. Every happens every time I hear these people speak, neither needs more air time. And I think what he’s responding to is the poll. The poll form is also down in the description. Uh, the worst January 6th speech who has the worst one, is it Biden or Kamala? You can make your voice heard. We also have another question from it. It’s Jake from Oxford, the smartest man in the world. He’s here. Jake Sullivan, national security advisor from Oxford is here. All right. He says, Hey buddy, you dump peasant happy anniversary of literally the worst day in our history. Ugh. I had this message for you last week, but seems today is just as relevant.

I see you have been very busy with the trials going on. Bill Maxwell was set up and did nothing wrong at all, changed my mind. So I decided with a little bit of my free time, I would take a reminder of the best of the year of the best year in the us history <laugh> because, because Jake’s in charge. So it was the best year. He said. So here are some stories from the amazing job that our administration done. Oh, oh boy, here we go. Jake Sullivan NSA is gonna give the highlights of the Biden administration. He says Pete budgie and his husband has hired me as their nanny to their beautiful baby. He, her, and they <laugh>. So get that right. If you’re talking about Pete Buddha’s, uh, child use the proper pronouns, Pete has also been teaching me everything that is racist, besides just roads, spoiler, everything is <laugh> congratulations.

You’re a racist and you’re a racist. And what you’re wearing is racist and that food in your mouth is racist because everything is racist. Uh, and this is, this is look, folks, I’m not making this up. This is from Jake Sullivan. Okay. He’s very smart. January six traders, he says are literally lost in the justice system to never see the light of day, which is just great news for them. Well, except for that one, FBI agent, Jake says the Afghanistan pullout was the highlight of my career. Did you see how many people wanted to get on my flights? They were literally hanging off the planes. They couldn’t wait to get over here. We’re about to send federal a Delore Lightfoot outta Chicago. She was doing a great job, but ran short of cops. So we’re gonna go ahead and assist and do I even need to bring up how fantastic our FBI is doing?

They’re all over everything, including those pesky parents, you know, the real criminals, well, Jake Sullivan’s in charge and he’s just doing a great job. And he’s very communicative of, you can see very smart. I, you know, I, first of all, I never thought about it, but it is very useful to have a political system where you can just throw people into the gutter, like Don test Don test and the Monte Kani, Christo. Yeah. But that’s deep literature. Uh, and I haven’t read that deep literature. That’s what you learn of out in Oxford. Dang it. He’s so smart, man. I’m so grateful that he’s here to just this IQ of this entire group just got boosted by 35 points. We are very fortunate. Monster. One says today, we mourn all the losses of the long term BLM and Antifa insurrection. We must solemnly bow our heads in remembrance of the dozens of people who were killed people like David Dorn, who was killed, protecting his community.

We must remember the billions of dollars in property damage that irreversibly affected many good Americans. We must remember the one hundreds of federal and local government buildings like the Portland courthouse and the police district in Minneapolis. We must remember all this violence was committed by people who openly expressed their intent to destroy the country, the constitution and everything. America stands for signed by monster one very good point, right? There was a lot of that and their, their sort of statement right, was an overthrow of America. And I think they’re a little bit more organized. They have a website, not sure that the Trump insurrectionists do monster one says, remember, it’s only an attack on democracy when the right does it. When the left openly tries to overthrow the government it’s to protect democracy, double standards all day. Oh, Jake’s back from Oxford says yesterday, you asked what the committee was so upset about over January 6th, to answer this, you need to first go back to the Maxwell trial court.

The evidence that was the house manual, the one that explains the servants are not allowed to look them in the eye or speak directly to them. Same applies here. The servants just walked in, probably unpaid, definitely unvaccinated. And they touched everything. Think about it. Would you want all those bums touching your desk, using your bathroom, touching your toed. This is why Ms. Chaney is so upset and I am in agreement with her. Well, that’s a good point there, Jake. And you know, think about that. You know, the remotes, the batteries might be worn out who knows. Monster one says Pearl Harbor, 2063 deaths, nine 11, 3000 deaths, capital riot, zero deaths caused by rioters. Anyone who compares. These is an absolute evil person and the scum of the earth. Well bonds. But did you see my chart though? All those green chart, all those green check boxes though.

So your argument therefore is invalid because I have a PowerPoint slide. Zero says LMAO, Rob, what a tragedy. There were Confederate flags in the capital on January 6th. How could this possibly be? The Democrats need to save America again, as they always do? Well, we should probably just give them more unfettered, power and access. I mean, they’re already going after conservative journalists to get access to their entire family’s phone records. So that’s a good start. Maybe we should just, uh, give, give them access to ours too, just to make sure that we’re not insurrectionists. And we secretly don’t know that. So, you know, sort of like UN attack in New York on nine 11 was an attack on America and the entire us government mustered its authority to go out and wage a 20 year war and spend trillions of dollars and really return home with nothing. They’re doing that right now, domestically it’s happening right now. This is what this is all about.

And it going to continue and we’re gonna fast forward 20 years from now. And everybody’s gonna, oh yeah, like the same thing that’s happening with Julian Asange and Edward Snowden. Everybody’s going, oh yeah, kind of a good call. What those guys were doing. Same thing here, moose in the house. Just read an AP article that has the following statement related to January 6th. And those who were arrested several have been charged with terrorism over alleged actions related to J six and the us capital article title probe, Seattle cops, improperly faked, right wing radio. Talk about misinformation effort by Seattle police that created false radio chatter, that there were marching to confront. Other protesters question has any of the 660 ones persons with crimes related, been charged with terrorism is the simple crime of terrorism is the AP misinforming, the American public in this article. Well, you know, you can just go to the, uh, justice department justice, let’s see justice department, uh, Capitol hill case.

Let’s take a look. So if you go over here, you can actually go right to this website. And, uh, here you’ll see that all of the, all of the cases we talked about this yesterday on the show, it’s us a oh dash DC capital breach cases. So you can see every single case, right? This is a big long, uh, basically L spreadsheet that somebody’s maintaining and uploading. We copied and pasted this yesterday. This is the entire document. And so if we, if we do a control F and we type terror, uh, zero terror, terrorism, uh, zero insurrection, uh, nothing there. Let’s see. So like conspiracy, you can be a lot of those, right. Conspiracy obstruction, uh, dangerous weapon grounds. Uh, and you can see entering a gal, like they’re all trespassing charges, vital entry, trespass, you know, assaulting. Those are gonna be the most serious ones.

So yeah, you can take a look at everything, civil disorder, you know, no terrorism, no, you know, I, uh, you know, the B word, none of the words are in there. Don’t take a look. No, I don’t think so. <laugh> I don’t think so. And you can also take a look and see if there’s, uh, like a REEP, for example, like REEP. Nope, no S in there, uh, EP Nope, no REEP in there, but like, if I wanted to go and see, you know, okay. Like if somebody named Robert was yep. There you go. Uh, Eros, power Chapman. Got it. Right. So it works, but you just don’t get to see what’s going on there. So, uh, very, very interesting stuff, moose in the house. So yeah, I think that the AP article is, is misinforming. The American public sounds about right. Monster. One says, how stupid do they think people are?

They really think people are convinced the armed people in the world tried to overthrow democracy, but left their guns at home. Hey, Jeff, row pack your bags. We’re gonna go take over the government. All right. Earl, let me grab the AR dang government. We don’t need no dash darn guns call grandma. She got them little American flags. He’ll tell to bring a Confederate flag that’ll show ’em and you just grab that podium too. That’s for monster one. That’s a pretty good Southern writing there. Uh, all I had to do was read that English. Dave says, Hey, Rob, how is olive oil doing these days? Let’s take a look at this. You know, I can’t ever click these links here, cuz I gotta be very careful about what <laugh> uh, you said of a gun. All right, here’s what he linked up. He said, how’s olive oil doing?

What, what was I doing right there was I smoking a cigar in that image. Thank you. The, for that English, Dave, I do love my spinach. We have VTI kiss says this whole idea of what bism is garbage. And it is yet again, putting a new name onto an old concept called juxtaposition. And it’s important to compare and contrast things to see what has value and what has been gained. Good call Sergeant Bob says, wonder how police recruiting is going in many, no place. Thanks for covering this Biden and Harris, both embarrassments by comparison, January six was a non-event good job. Sleepy Joe on reading from your teleprompter. And he kind of in the marble mouth there for a while too, he got, he got boosted up with something. I don’t know what it was, but it, uh, it matters. Uh, oh, history matters comes from three.

Girlies, says history matters. This is a super long one. It’s all right. We got time. We say, it says what a way to divide our country more than poking the Trump bear. I feel the same way about that. Completely ignorant and hyperbolic and divisive. Joe has been in the Senate and in the house of representatives, Kamala has served in the Senate ignorant to history, both nego need to-go consult Cleo’s history book. 1915, a nut case brings in three sticks of dynamite into the capital Senate doors were locked. So he bombs the reception area. 1954 part Porter can national shoot up the house of representatives. Chamber five representatives were wounded. Jimmy Carter pardoned them 1971 bombing by the weather underground on federal buildings to include both the Pentagon and the Senate and several draft locations in a protest to the Vietnam war. 1983 bomb is placed outside the Senate, carried out by the armed resistance movement, over protest of Grenada and Lebanon.

Bill Clinton pardoned them 1995, Oklahoma city bombing of a federal building. Let’s not forget all the federal courthouses that were being attacked the last couple of years, either they are extremely ignorant or completely pathetic or pathological liars. It’s the latter. It’s that? It’s the latter. They’re just, they, they know what they’re doing. They’re they’re doing it intentionally. J six does not hold any candle to all the other incidents at the capital or other federal buildings, but it takes old people to remind everyone that we need to put in perspective our true history. It’s a very good comment there. Three girlies. And so of course, you know, it it’s, it’s about being political. You know, it’s not about processing this case and moving on, that’s the last thing they want to do. So they’re going to, to constantly try to make this one stand out from the others.

Very good comment. Leafy bug says, um, why would a Confederate flag be in the capital during the civil war that would seem kind of counterproductive. Given the Confederates explicitly rejected, the authority contain in that by, you know, succeeding and stuff. But what would I know Biden clearly has all the facts, knowledge and wisdom at his fingertips. I, I mean, I think he’s saying like they didn’t even capture it. You know, like back in the civil war, even the south didn’t capture the capital building and these insurrection is captured it and they took that podium out of there. And you know what? That means. They almost controlled the government. I mean, that’s the implication. That’s what he’s saying. It’s ridiculous. Okay. A couple more. We gotta get to Kamala monster. One says, so Trump says fight and it’s an insurrection causing speech. Funny how, when the, I wanna leave out the rest of it, where he told the people to peacefully cheer on Congress.

What about when Pelosi said there should be uprisings in the street? What about when Schumer led a mob on the Supreme court and threatened them to the point that chief justice Roberts had to adjourn and admonish him? What about the Kavanaugh hearings? Trump’s inauguration. Number of times, Democrats have done worse. Things is endless. People need to wake up and pay a 10. Yeah, it’s it’s, it’s a one sided binocular. You only see in half the story thunder seven says the DS tried to impeach Trump twice failed. There was nothing there just hate. And Trump arrangement syndrome, which is a mental disorder over 1 million people showed up on January 6th, mainly Christians praying and supporting the constitution. Some acted violently, but nothing like Antifa, BL M thugs who burn and Lood and killed during the summer of love. The hypocrisy of O Biden. And the Dems is outrageous.

The only people who fall for this J six bull are the lunatic left, who are nothing more than coms. Nobody supports the Marxist stems. It’s a good comment to under seven. Another one monster one says I’m 100% being serious. When I say this, anyone who thinks this was a threat should be <laugh> should immediately lose the right to vote. Nobody in the building was an actual threat. If they did there would’ve been hundreds of dead riders and not just one. An actual threat would be swiftly met with lethal force. An actual threat would have used lethal force that’s for monster. One also says anyone interested in good content, go check out Blair. White’s new video about Jack Murphy. When a person who was so bad at being a man, they turned into a woman. <laugh> all right. Blair white. Uh, Jack Murphy is a whole saga going on.

It’s a wild story. Zero says, Rob, how did you watch all this garbage? It’s a good question. Zeroes. And thanks for noticing. It was a long day. Man. Look how tired I look. I looked like I aged 25, 5 years. I had to listen to it. And when you have to, when you have to clip it, you have to listen to it multiple times. I had to listen to Kamala a lot. We’re we’re not even there yet. Ugh. It’s gonna be a lot. Thanks for noticing. Kincaid says greetings, Rob insight can be found from nearly all sources. However, a strong, valid argument for challenging con controversy, one declarations, frenzied, minions, and crafted deontological justice have never been this nation’s tradition. Some are person pushing for perverted Marxism. I say be pragmatic, pragmatic, and follow up with Durkheim. I don’t know who Durkheim is, but I’ll have to look that up.

The Antica says another super chat. Hey Rob, regarding your rich yesterday, I’m more impressed when people pronounce my name correctly than not Reese. I’m a yer from Michigan and Kareem says making more out of 1 0 6 than it than it really is. Reminds me of attempting to make 10 22, the Canadian version of that. So I think we got that one. And then I missed the other one from Reese and mark Hanon is here, mark Hanon with a super chat and a donation. Thank you, mark. I appreciate that. I’m getting used to this new, this new tech John Fraser says the whiskey rebellion 1791 was an insurrection. January 1st was not that’s from John Fraser. Thank you for that, John. We have Dr. Froid says, since there is a presidential age minimum, should there also be an age maximum? Yeah, I think that maybe would be a good, you know, I think the public should be able to tell like what happened this last time I could tell we were all watching Joe Biden going.

This is not good, but apparently a lot of people just we’re okay with that. But I think it was certainly concerning. Kareem also says October 22nd, 2014 was when the Canadian parliament was attacked by a shooter. The shooter in a 24 year old soldier died that day. Okay. Yeah. I wasn’t familiar with that. Thank you for that. Attacked by a shooter. Yeah. I mean, it sounds like you had your own little insurrection over there. I wonder if you’re gonna be reorganizing your entire government for that, uh, like ours is trying to do so those were some super chats over from YouTube. I think I, I might have missed Reese Elizabeth hope with the donation. Thank you, Elizabeth.

And I think we got ’em all. All right. So thank you everybody for of that. And let’s keep going over with some of the questions from locals. Then we’ll check in with Kamala Kamala leafy buck says Biden takes another dump on the grave of Brian by politicizing his death, despite C’s requests, not to politicize his death, he’s doing it. Did they say that? That makes it significantly worse? King Kate said the last year and a half half felt like a crap woke version of V four vendetta. Great movie, fair point. Ghost gunner says to be fair. I highly doubt Joe remembers anything about the incident or when the second officer died. He, he still, I think in 2020 time to be fair to him, Viente kiss says, look, Rob, we all know that everyone that ever died through out history died on January 6th and Biden had to go mourn them except for Hitler.

He’s still running around like a cyborg. Sounds like a bad movie. Grouch shield. Cat lady says those cops kill the J six. Sounds like someone dying from COVID after testing positive, after they are hit by a car, right? It’s not actually the same. He, Billy Evans died at a later event, a later attack on the capital. Still tragic. Still, you know, can mourn his loss, but it’s not the same thing. Thunder seven says where’s all the video of the Antifa thugs changing into mega gear. One of them recorded himself being fake that when they released 10,000 hours of video, maybe we’ll have some answers to some of this stuff. Maybe we will to Lincoln from Harvard. Oh my gosh. This is Anthony blink here. Secretary of state says, sit down, Jake, Oxford. I’m the smartest guy here show I should do the talking, oh man, we got a couple of Ivy leagues over there.

Sergeant Bob says just like Jed ger Hoovers, which of the, which hunt of communists in the 1920s. There’s precedent for this. You know, we’re going through the Federalist papers every morning on this channel at 6:00 AM. And they’re arguing about the same things we’re arguing about 300 years ago. So, you know, none of this is new, very, very much history repeating itself. And this is a sad story. Kinkaid says, is this a trick question? I mean, do we pick the worst by who lied or the best by who failed? I’m gonna go with Carlin and pick neither monster. One says anyone interested in Marjorie Taylor green. She was on Tim cast last night said the goal of all of this is disqualification of political candidates said they intended disqualifi people like to Trump and herself, Holly, et cetera, from being able to hold office. Yeah, it’s, it’s a political consolidation of power.

They can’t do it legally, but they can do it politically using the media. They can do it legislatively using the legislature in different resolutions. They can, who knows where it goes. English. Dave says the Popeye pictures from an earlier stream in which you were doing an impression of someone don’t think I’ve seen you smoke a cigar on stream. Oh, <laugh> I don’t remember. Jeremy says Rob, a one sided binocular is a binocular just saying, oh, well that sounds like it might be useful. Kincaid says politics tools for controlling thought action and organization of sometimes unwilling cash cows, nice little productivity machines that just produce something that you can tax. Just like cows. You know, a cow, you just fatten up, you just feed. ’em a bunch of stuff and they just pump out a bunch of milk. It’s kinda how the American public is. You just give ’em a bunch of sports and Netflix.

And every four years you say you get to come and participate in America, go vote in an election where it counts. And everybody goes, well, that sounds pretty reasonable. I’m pretty much free. Life’s pretty good. Just locked down here and can’t go to work unless I shove something into my body, but that’s not a big deal. Uh, everyone else is doing it. So whatever. And that my friends was it for Joe Biden’s speech on January 6th. Let’s let’s listen to let’s change. Now. Kamala Harris also gave a speech on January 6th. She actually spoke before Joe Biden. And here’s what she had to say. She’s doing the same assault on democracy thing. And she’s really bad at speaking in public. So let’s listen to her. Let’s listen to the

Vice resident. Certain dates echo throughout history, including dates that instantly remind all who have lived through them, where they were and what they were doing when our democracy came under assault dates that occupy not

All right. So it’s the same thing, right? It’s the assault on democracy. We’re still trying to glean out out what the specific conduct is. We went through a list during Joe Biden’s speech, trying to identify what she’s so upset about. Don’t need to spend a lot of time on that again. Here is now Kamala Harris carrying on hi,

Not only a place on our calendars, but a place in our collective memory. December 7th, 1941. What date is that? September 11th, 2001. What date is that? And January 6th, 2021. Oh, great.

On the, that day. Yeah. Tell us, so we’ve got the comparisons coming back. So we’re gonna have to bring the chart out again. The hyperbole tracker. She gave us the date folks that was Pearl Harbor, 1941. Uhoh we’ve got nine 11, which of course took place on nine 11. And then we’ve got January six. Now we’re gonna have to compare and contrast these things. We pick this back up with Joe Biden. Let’s see how Kamala keeps going now. Pay close attention. Cuz Kamala, when she gets a little bit off track, when she’s speaking publicly, you can sort of hear her speech. I listen to a lot of this today. She kind of will go into this really kind of cadence. It’s it’s very your leg. It’s 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2. You’ll see it. And then when she gets a little bit off track, when the teleprompter goes a little bit too fast or too slow, she panics a little bit and you’re gonna watch her hands come in underneath her.

She’s been getting training. She’s been getting better at this cuz she wants to run for president, try to lead people one day, but it’s not gonna work. But so she brings her hands to together like this. And then she starts doing the flappy bird, watch the flappy bird come. So, you know, people have these quirks. I have ’em right. You watch the show. You’re like, why does he do that? That’s weird. But you just notice these things and you watch them as they change. You watch as people progress. My mannerisms, my quirks, my weird things, you know, I should be trying to work those out. So I’m a better speaker speaker like that and it present her and you can watch her and we’re gonna continue to watch her as this evolves over the next, uh, little bit. So here’s Kamala Harris get ready for FLA bird.

I was not only vice president elect. I was also a United States Senator and I was here at the Capitol that morning at a classified hearing with members of the Senate intelligence committee hours later, the gates of the capital were breached. I had left, but my thoughts immediately turned not only to my colleagues, but to my staff who had been forced to seek refuge in our office, converting, filing cabinets into barricade.

Oh, we didn’t get a Flay bird on that one. That might be the next clip. I thought it was the flappy bird, but let’s go back to the hyperbole tracker. And so you can see now we’ve got another area where January 6th was basically worse than Pearl Harbor. I mean at Pearl Harbor, nobody BARR themselves into rooms with filing cabinets. Okay. They were out there, they were working and they just got bombed by the Japanese, right? Nobody was bracing themselves about somebody coming in the front door. But on January 6th, they were also guessing that didn’t happen on nine 11 might have happened in the civil war, but I’m not sure if they had filing cabinets back in the civil war. So actually, you know, that could be an X give or take whatever you wanna call it. So, uh, it’s looking pretty bad folks. You can see here, we’ve got just an entire column of green check boxes.

So, um, here is what Kamala talks about next. This might be the flappy bird. I’m not sure where that one went, but here is where she’s using very specific language about what took place on January 6th. And she’s using language like, you know, this is a recurring issue here and back when these issue was first bubbling up in America, there were a lot of people who marched. There were a lot of people who picketed to stop this type of conduct from happening heart America, back to a certain era in American history. Yeah, she didn’t, she’s not gonna say that, uh, you know, democracy is valued because uh, troops went and died overseas. That’s not the era she’s talking about that troop that, that, you know, American sacrificed themselves in some other way. She’s one era picketing in March, she and shedding blood. Cuz we, as we know, this insurrection was filled with a bunch of racists like Donald Trump here is Kamala. It’s

What the extremists who roamed these halls targeted was not only the lives of elected leaders. What they sought to who degrade and destroy was not only a building hallowed as it is what they were assaulting were the institutions, the values, the ideals that generations of Americans have marched picketed and shed blood to establish and defend.

Okay. So you see how she’s speaking when she talks, it’s one word or phrase at a time, if you were delivering a speech like this in your high school, you would get a D and she is the vice president. Okay. So it’s not, it’s not really meaningful, but what you can see here is she’s really being aggressive. And Joe Biden was also very aggressive going after a of the political opponents. And there’s a great comment here from operation reciprocity, pull this one up on the screen and let me fix this real quickly here, get this reoriented there. So this comment comes in and says, I wonder if Democrats in their relentless race to push America off a cliff, realize that by pushing people so hard, they may be in and inevitably be producing the next Nicholas or McVey. And I think that’s a very, you know, it’s a very spicy comment there because you don’t want to be saying that, uh, look what you’re causing.

You know, that sort of implies that maybe it’s like, you want that to happen. Of course nobody does. But I think that that there’s a good argument here that they, they would be sort of okay with something that direction happening, you know, they want, there’s a, there’s a whole belief here that there’s an accelerationist movement, right? That the only way that you’re gonna see meaningful change in this country is when some than big happens. And so the guy, the idea is you poke the bear, right? You really rile up the other side. It’s not about healing. It’s not about prosecuting people who did something bad on January 6th and just being done with it. That’s it. If that was it, it would be done with this already. Not even close, right? That’s not what this is about. This is about gaining a political foothold, using a very captive audience and using a very powerful political tool to your benefit.

And if you continue to do that and you continue to villainize people you’re necessarily gonna cause you know, you’re driving a wedge and when a wedge happens and something bad happens, like what happens on January 6th? Get a lot of people clamoring for more, you get a lot of opportunity to gobble things up, look what they did with the, the pandemic. It’s gonna be the same thing here. So if something does happen, yeah. If there’s a McVey, if there’s a nickels, if there’s one of, if something happens, they’re gonna say, see, we told you, we’ve been screaming about this domestic terrorism about these domestic violent extremists, these DVS for the last 18 months. Look what happened. We told you. So that’s why we need this new domestic terror surveillance bill. That’s why we need to make sure that everybody has a digital ID or whatever’s coming.

I mean, it’s coming. So just get ready for that. That’s from operation reciprocity. I think it’s a very, very astute observation. And I think it’s kind of what they’re trying to do. You know, if they were really about healing and unity, they wouldn’t need, need to come out and uh, and, and dig like that. All right, let’s see what else we’ve got. So that was Kamala Harris. So March picketed, you know, hearkening back to a Byon era, she’s prefacing what she is going to, uh, to talk about next here, she’s talking about all the scenes that they saw. Let’s listen into Kamala,

January 6th, you’re ready. We all saw what our nation would look like. If the forces who seek there, it is to dismantle our democracy are successful. The lawlessness, the violence, the chaos, what was at stake then?

All right. So we all saw the scene. She says we did. We saw ’em and they were pretty bad. You know, everybody had a Trump flag, lot of red everywhere, very conveniently all over the place. Trump, Trump, Trump, all over the place. Very beautiful. Now she said how horrific it was now. Of course we know from Kamala Harris that she’s kind of okay with some violence. I mean, in fact she’s even okay, funding some of it helping people generate enough money to post bond so that the people who were arrested for committing the violence can get back out and presumably go do it again. So she’s okay with some violence and the scenes at the Capitol really disturbed her, but not these types of scenes. This was back in Minneapolis on May 28th, three days before she posted to helped these people post bond. So, uh, pawn shot just burning to the ground right around the corner from the third precinct.


I mean, it’s not funny. It’s horrible.

All right. So there was that going on. I mean, for, for weeks all over the country, didn’t hear a peep from Kamala other than if you wanna donate to support those people’s bond so they can get out and continue to do that. Well, here’s a link because she was running for office because she needed that contingent. She needed people back then who are, who are out outraged that Donald Trump to turn this into something and use it as a political tool. And she did it effectively. She’s the vice president. It worked. So here you can see, now she’s gonna tell us about, you know, this resurgent force racism that hearkens back to that era of picketing and marching and shedding blood here’s Kamala

Of turning our votes and peddling lies and misinformation by some radical faction that may be newly resurgent. Ooh, but whose roots run old and deep.

All right. So this resurgent for that’s coming out and taking over everything. Well, sounds like she’s talking about racist white guys, which is of course gonna be added to our hyperbole tracker. So it’s looking like January 6th also has racist white guys in the category. We know that the civil war had racist white guys. And so we’re sort of, yeah, we’re try again, are trying to compare and contrast is January 6th, worse than the civil war. And it’s looking right now. I mean that all that madness was done in three hours, very high ROI in terms of violence to damage. We also see that it we’re basically 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 for six on the green checks. And so that is, uh, we’re in the lead. Now, January six is way then, um, then, uh, then, uh, the civil war, obviously. So, uh, here is, uh, Kamala Harris. Now I think this might be wrapping up. Let’s see what she’s got for us.

When I meet with young people, they often ask do they about the state of our democracy about January 6th. Oh really? And what I tell them is January 6th reflects the dual nature of democracy. Look at her. <laugh> it’s fragility, she’s smiling, strength. She’s like laughing. You see the strength of democracy is the rule of law. She loves me. Strength of democracy is the principle that everyone should be treated equally. Ah, that elections should be free and fair. That corruption should be given no quarter. The strength of democracy is that it empowers the

People. So they’re saying nothing right now. The real crux of all of this was that they wanted pass this new voting bill and they they’re gonna really push hard on that. I think that’s tomorrow, it’s sort of a parallel thing. So you can follow the logic. January 6th was a, a, an attack on American democracy. They needed to, to use this to their advantage. One of the most strongest advantages immediately was to demonize the entire oppositional political party, including Donald Trump, Republicans and Democrats unified. The unit party does not want him back. They’ll sideline him and use it to that effect. Try impeachment, try that doesn’t work out Trump’s exonerated again. So they go a different route. Now, now they’re trying to select committee. This is going to be something that is, is done by legislative Fiat, that will preclude Trump and sideline him there. But she just continues on. She says our hearts go out to a lost, loved one,

The national guard and other law enforcement officers who answered the call that day, including those who later succumbed to wounds both visible and invisible physical. Our thoughts are with all of the families who have lost a loved one,

Physical and invisible is what she said. So the people who, who, who died from the are wounds, which, uh, were I think Trumpers, but, uh, not sure, but she said that her hearts go out to everybody who lost somebody. So presumably she’s also talking about Ashley Babbitt, right? Cuz she was shot and killed in this ordeal. She was unarmed. And so we can add that to the list here. We have, uh, unarmed people being executed. I think that’s across the board. So we’re gonna give that to the civil war, Pearl Harbor. We’re also gonna give that to nine 11. So we’ll give that to one six. Uh, Ashley Babbitt of course was shot and killed unarmed and you know, shot. So, uh, I think that was uh, that’s seven for seven now on the, uh, list here. So it’s looking like one six is still in the lead. Now there was something interesting about what Kamala said, right? The physical and the invisible. There was uh, very interesting cluster of activity that happened very tragically, four officers who responded to the capital attack died by suicide.

This was posted back on August by Reuters several months or you know, basically nine months after the event, four known suicides. We’ve talked about this many times on this channel. What happened here? Why did this little cluster happen? Okay. Suicide clusters are not an unknown thing. This happens Gunther hasta, several others passed away. Kyle defray tag and others. Some have been with the department for, for years. So why, why did that, why did that little cluster happen? Don’t know, not an expert on suicide clusters, but I’d love to talk to one. If there is somebody who has done an analysis on that, what happened there? Here’s Kama. Now let’s wrap this up. Must

Also do something more.

We must also do something more. We cannot

Sit on the sidelines. We must unite in defense of our democracy in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility. There it

Is again, provide

For the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves. And to our prosperity.

She says absolutely nothing. Not applicable says all this January stuff is the baby logic of 2020, which I think is very accurate. Kamala Harris, not saying anything just O Pines talks about democracy and the, you know, the, the, the, the benefits of Liberty and all this stuff, nothing there as usual. And so every one of these things, of course always requires more as she just said, it’s it requires more for us. So we’re gonna have, have to, you know, just give up a bunch of stuff because it demands it of us. And so we, we see the feds have been encroaching all over the place. They want to take over, you know, voting more thoroughly. Now they want the filibuster gone. They want rampant control. And so folks, look, you can’t even argue with the data. Okay? Monster one in those of you out there that are like, this is ridiculous.

Jan six is not that big of a deal. It, the data is in it’s right here. It’s eight for eight green check marks. The whole thing took three hours, which is ultra, you know, ultra efficient. And, uh, it’s not even, uh, uh, for debate, January six was worse than of a war was worse than Pearl Harbor and was worse than nine 11 Kamala Harris and Joe Biden said so, and there’s the data that is supported. So, I mean, look, that’s, that’s just the reality of what we’re dealing with. So, uh, let’s see, what else is going on over from watchingthewatchers.locals.com. Midland is here. Midland productions is let’s see if I can find this one, says anyone else getting president snow vibes? Who’s president snow. I’m not sure who that one would be. President snow vibes, like John Snow, maybe him. I’m not sure. Let’s see what else we’ve got over from locals. Couple more questions here. Viti CA says, do you think that if Kamala LA LA’s character was more tolerable, that her voice would be as well?

Um, you know, I don’t have a particular ’em with her voice. I don’t think like, if she spoke normally like a normal human, I don’t know that the voice itself would be the problem. It’s how she uses it. You know? Like it’s how she uses her vocal chords. That’s what you’re hearing. That’s so problematic. It’s the twin. It’s like the, she like squeezes them. It’s not natural. I, she, she’s not talking naturally. It’s why it sounds so weird. You can feel it. You can sense it doesn’t sound right. Sergeant Bob said the prior one was from me. Let’s see if which one was that. Oh, that was, that was a common, no, here. This one was from Sergeant. It says assault on democracy. It was really a mostly peaceful protest without burning buildings. We have been to Pearl horrible Memorial. We spent two days there.

This was no Pearl Harbor. I agree with you on that one. Sergeant Bob, obviously I’m being facetious when I’m showing the chart, Kamala trying to do a bad version of Shaer, which I don’t even know how that’s possible. <laugh> that’s from V cuz grouchy old cat lady says so much for bringing the country together. This just might backfire on them. I think they want that to happen. Monster one says, I wonder what the classified meeting was about. Couldn’t possibly been about how they were about to stage a fake insurrection. Was it monster one? Kincaid says, okay, hands down. She wins something. I don’t know if anyone’s so robotic devoid of real emotion. Seriously, simply awful. She could read those on a crashing plane to a bird, a numbed Lowell dreaming of the terror below from ADE Le ladybug says is what your thoughts on Kamala’s leaving before Biden did his speech.

Oh, I didn’t see. That seems like she was in a hurry to get out of there wondering where she had to be. I didn’t see that she didn’t stick around. Huh? Uh, I was so brain damaged after listening to her this morning, I couldn’t even see straight. I had to sit down for an hour and uh, do some, you know, box breathing. There was a lot of work for me, but uh, I, I don’t think so. You know, I think that she wants to distance herself from this administration because it is a terrible administration and she wants to run for office again. So she doesn’t wanna be seen in the same room as him monster one says she out a lot of nerve talking about violence. Someone reminding this woman that she funded violence. As we just talked about, we have another one from Sergeant.

Bob says lawlessness violence. Chaos sounds like the capital police tactical plan. Hey yo. From Sergeant Bob, we have another one from former Eleo. Haven’t seen you in a while. Welcome. Sergeant says what to pots Trump request for the national guard on January 5th. That’s a great question. There was a letter from Maria Bower saying, don’t you dare send anybody over here. We don’t need their help. We don’t want ’em here. And uh, we see what happened. Kinkaid says that hiccup you noticed, I think was her choking down a laugh few seventies dance lesson for the win. C says, Hey Rob. I think you’re the first person in history to say, let’s listen to Kamala Harris. Congratulations. <laugh> what do I win? Like, uh, a life imprisonment for forcing that to happen. You get a penalty. It’s like, uh, you’re not allowed to do that in this society there, buddy.

You’re in time out for that. Let’s listen to co Kamala Harris. Remember that movie demolition man, when, uh, Sylvester Stallone says a bad word and the thing buzzes, we should have one of those for Kamala. She opens her zero you’ve can fine. One violation of speaking as Kamala Harris. <laugh> all right. That’d be society. Be better place. Monster. One says someone remind her of the Confederates were Democrats. Jim Crow was a Democrat <laugh> under and says you missed one thing on your checklist. You forgot to add. If my crack pipe came up missing, have you seen my crack pipe? It’s from hunter Biden. I haven’t seen it. Hunter. Haven’t been looking for it, but if it turns, turns up I’ll uh, I’ll see if I can FedEx to you. I’ll just call the FBI. They’ll bring it back to you. Monster. One says, so you’re going.

So you’re saying they want protect democracy by passing unconstitutional voting laws. That’s what I’m saying. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. Yeah, they wanna wreck <laugh> they wanna wreck America, uh, by protecting America or something. VCA says this strategy that seems to be prevalent of having crime and destruction run rampant makes me think of a quote from J K. Those who foolishly sought power riding the back of the tiger ended up inside. It’s a good quote. I like that one ghost gunner says Kamala is so incredibly terrible. I legit think she is an evil person. I live just outside Minneapolis. And I remember I couldn’t stop watching the live streams of the riots. It was mesmerizing. I couldn’t turn it off. As it was so close to home, the violent crimes there have gone up dramatically. There are hardly any police officers and they were just shy of 100 murders.

Who knows how many shootings in over 2000 carjackings. It’s insane there now. Yeah. And like, look around what’s going on in California. Do you know where Kamala came from California? It’s a dump there. Sorry, former Elio, but it’s true. You have to, you have to recognize. Get out of there. Leafy bug says translated com lab. When I meet with child actors on one of the many hapless publicity stunts, they ask me their scripted questions. I give them my scripted answers and they pretend I’m saying something insightful and fascinating. I feel so ready to be the president, getting good at Laing live action role, playing faking, make believing to be the president going out there and reading a speech from a teleprompter and talking to kids in America, protecting Liberty. That’s amazing. We have Kinkaid says when she meets young people like in a cabin baby Yaa, if we can’t make a light during dark times, we’ll freeze in fear.

I don’t know what that one is. Thank you for sending that Kincaid. Let’s see what else we, we have monster one says president snow was the woman in the hunger games that overthrew the government. It’s an app comparison because they’re trying to overthrow right now with this voting bill. I think I saw one of those movies. That’s with that one actress, that one Sergeant Bob says for leafy bug, Kay, had to get back to the border. Kalo is running back there to, uh, not solve that problem either. See the veil is here long time. No C says, Rob, the VP mentioned free and fair elections have to tear this apart here. If we are talking about free elections, then the, then does this not mean all promotions of the election means that the news media does not get paid and there are no election harvester, no lobbying.

As the lobbyists do not get paid. The papers and pamphlets and letters are free as well. This is what free means. Nothing gets paid for it’s all free. Geez. Can I get a free card that actually works out of this? I can use a free car who couldn’t. Now when we are talking about fair. Well, if the elections were fair, then Bernie would’ve been on the final stage for president not Biden, but we can only say fair elections. Then there wouldn’t be rules to segregate the Republic in democratic voting districts or the green party and libertarian and independent voting districts. They would just be clumped together. So when the VP says fair elections, it’s only fair if they draw the lines and they make the rules. Hmm. If I made the rules, then the Cubs baseball team would be the idols of the nation as they would win the world series for 10 years in a row. Yeah. If you get to make the rules of the game, then you can make sure that you continue to win the game. Pretty obvious three girly says snow vibes is in reference to the death spot in the hunger games movie as a pre and the prequel to the hunger games, books, ball, if songbird and snakes is a really good book too. I haven’t, I haven’t seen any of, I mean, I think, I think I saw part of the first one.

I and I, and I kind of like those dystopian movies. I don’t know why I haven’t seen those leafy bug says their claimed quote, assault on democracy is vastly overshadowed by their insult to our intelligence, with all of the garbage they’re saying that they think we’re going to believe that’s from leafy bug. And we have a few more former Eleo says it would’ve been better. If the great UNFI mush brain Biden spoke of his accomplishments this year and not attacked the prior administration, what a fool, everybody knows he’s not competent. I think you’re right about that monster. One says demolition man was the most accurate future movie ever. It had social distancing self-driving cars, defunded police thought police with ticket dispensers, non binary people, people living underground because they don’t want to comply. That’s very true. Monster one. I didn’t even think about that when I brought up that example, but it’s true.

And taco Bell’s still around too. And it’s pretty sounds like it’s still delicious. So that’s good. All right. And so that my friends is it for us, for the show for the day. Let me check back in over on YouTube and see if we had any additional messages to get to, but it looks like we’re all caught up. And so thank you everybody for being here. I wanna welcome some people over to the community before we get here as usual, big welcomes to Le we’ve got Piper. Todd H suspicious chick. We’ve got Ozzie lawyer, green Tuka S baker. Gotcha. Good. Jim, 2008, Falcon S N Y. Yeah. Well re is here not R w N Y C. Chuck David mark on w shin dog is here. Nosy, Texas, Rosie TA mom, and a cookie monster to come on over and join us at watchingthewatchers.locals.fun, uh, dot com.

It could should be.fun because it really is a lot of fun over there. And so we did a live stream yesterday, probably get one, uh, in tomorrow over there, cuz we’ve got a lot more to talk about and I hope you join us on the journey and that my friends is it for us for the day. Thank you for being a part of the program. I’ll see you right back here. Tomorrow 3:00 PM. Pacific 4:00 PM. Mountain 5:00 PM in Texas, 6:00 PM on the east coast. And for that one, Florida man, everybody else have a tremendous evening sleep very well. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye bye.