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Hello my friends and welcome back to yet another episode of Watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Gouveia. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the R&R Law Group. We’re located in Scottsdale, Arizona and today we’re talking about the Oath Keepers. Some of them actually hailed from Arizona. Oathkeepers got arrested a lot of them, 11 in total, sometimes I think maybe actually more than that, but we’ve got a big new indictment that came out from the department of justice. It just came out and it’s getting a lot of, some of the big names that you may have heard about people like Stewart, Rhode. And what’s so interesting about this criminal complaint. I saw some conversation in the chat about this, the first seditious SP charge that we have seen out of January 6th. We know for a long time, they’ve been screaming about this insurrection and sedition and the end of America, but nobody had been charged until today.

Now we’ve got seditious conspiracy finally has been charged. We’ve been hearing that America. It was about to burn to the ground because of what happened on January six. Now we’ve got some charges that sort of mirror the rhetoric that we’ve been hearing a lot about. And the question that we’re asking ourselves of course, is this anyway, related to what we talked about a few days ago, on one 11, when they announced they were creating this new domestic terror force, is this their handy work? Remember we heard from the department of justice and Jill Sandborn over there at the FBI and they came out and they told us point blank. They said, this is what we’re doing. We’ve got a new domestic terror unit. We’re gonna be working hand in hand department of justice and the prosecutors in cahoots with the FBI going after these types of cases.

And so we’re gonna spend a lot of time today, going deep on the Oathkeepers indictment. We’re gonna read basically everything that, uh, is in there. It’s a huge indictment, but we’re only gonna focus on this conspiracy charge, this seditious conspiracy charge, cuz this is the first time that we’ve seen this out of the January six cases. And so we’re gonna break that down in depth. There’s a lot of names on this list in this indictment, but there’s one name that is not in there. We’re gonna find out who that is and spend a little more time digging into why that might be. So we’ve got a lot to talk about in addition to what 18 us code, 2384 says about OUS conspiracy, kind of a broad statute. We’re gonna break down what it says. And so if you want to be a part of the program, the place to do that is over at watchingthewatchers.locals.com.

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And so if you’re over there, there’s a form that looks like that. And you don’t have to, you know, you can support us rather than YouTube, if you wanna do that. And so without any further ado, let’s get into the news of the day. Oathkeepers 10 of ’em plus roads, all got indicted and arrested. According to the department of justice, they were involved in some very problematic activities relating to Jay January 6th. Let’s take our attention over to the department of justice website. You can see they’ve got a big fat press release. They put out here on Thursday, January 13th, 2022. They say the leader of the Oathkeepers Stuart Rhode. We’re gonna spend a lot of time talking about him and 10 other individuals indicted in federal court for seditious conspiracy. And so all the Democrats who were on that January 6th select committee who were tired of the Republicans, uh, asking that question, uh, anybody here been charged with ion?

Mm, I didn’t think so. They’re all gonna be like, they’re all like, woo. Finally, gosh. Finally, somebody got charged with ion. It’s been over a year, we’ve been using this to talking point. We’ve been waiting for the justice department to come out and finally bolster up our rhetoric. But that is now reality. Now there are people charged with sedition and that’s very, very nice. And so, uh, we a nice comment from Marion Holtzman says, love your comments. Thank you for putting the info into terms we can understand. Well, I appreciate that. Marion, Marion Holtzman with that one. Thank you for that. Nice donation, Marion. And this is now something we’re gonna go really deep on speaking of what Marion was talking about, because this is a very, very, uh, in depth indictment. Let’s break down what’s happening here. So it says a federal grand jury return and indictment.

This came out of DC, unsealed charging 11 defendants with seditious conspiracy, and a bunch of other charges, many of which were going to see all related to the breach of the capital on January 6th. So we know what’s going on here. We’re gonna go through this relatively quickly because you can see it’s sort of a lot of names and ages and dates, but it says according to court documents, we’ve got Elmer Stewart, Rhode he’s outta Texas, and then Edward Vallejo out of Phoenix, Arizona, shout out, be in charge for the first time in connection with the events leading up to January 6th. In addition, let’s pause and take a look at all these names and let’s see if there’s just something missing here. We’ve got Caldwell, we’ve got Hackett, we’ve got Harson, James, uh, megs. We’ve got Manda, Elle Gorda. We’ve got Alrich Watkins. And uh, uh, that, that’s it.

Oh, well man, we’re missing a name there. There’s a name that we’ve been talking a lot about. That’s not in there. We’ll see if we can tease out what it might be. Eight other individuals affiliated with the Oathkeepers all previously charged, remain defendants two related cases. So there’s, there’s sort of several different cases that are moving forward against this group. And we’re gonna learn more about who the Oathkeepers are. You know, this is one of these, uh, very, very nefarious, uh, shadowy militia groups that Biden and the Democrats have been screaming about for the last, you know, however along it’s been. But the superseding indictment now has been split into three parts. And so we’re gonna only spend our time going through one indictment. The one that goes against Stuart, Rhode, who is the leader of the group, and there are 11 seditious conspiracy cases.

Okay. So we’ll go through that. You see here other pending cases from all of these other individuals and another name that we’re looking for, that’s not in there. We’ll figure out what it is, but let’s check in first and remind ourselves where, where did this come from? You know, it’s been over a year, it’s been a long time. They’ve been investigating this January 6th case playing where’s Waldo over there at the FBI for many months. Now they’ve got over 700, uh, arrests and, and criminal charges well done. And so they’re, they’re really, you know, excited about this. And they’re so excited that they even created an entirely new domestic terror unit. We talked about this a few days ago. Here’s how that sounded when they announced this to the Senate judiciary committee, in case you missed it. In

Addition, I’ve decided to establish a domestic terrorism unit to augment our existing approach. This group of dedicated attorneys will focus on the domestic terrorism threat mm. Helping to ensure that these cases are handled properly and effectively coordinated across the department of justice and across the country.

All right, I am single handedly announcing this new, you know, anti domestic terror unit and low and behold. We fast forward a couple days from the 11th to the 13th. We come out with a massive new indictment. So we can see that, uh, this has probably already been in the works. The three indictments collectively charge all 19 defendants with corruptly obstructing an official proceeding. Okay. And we’re gonna take a look at this. Now I know there’s people out there that you know, are gonna say, well, as soon as they’re charged addition, that it automatically means it’s seditious, but we gotta take a look at the statute just because the government said that this is what it is. Doesn’t mean. It is what it is. 18 of the 19 defendants. The exception is Walden are charged with conspiring to obstruct. Another proceeding 11 are charged with seditious conspiracy.

Okay. That’s what, that’s the one that we’re focused on. We’ve already spent a ton of time on this channel, talking about all of the other disorderly conduct and trespassing charges that everybody’s losing their mind over. But this is the one that we’ve been waiting for. So we’re gonna dig into this one as alleged in the indictments. Oathkeepers, according to the justice department are a large, but loosely organized collection of individuals. Some of whom are associated with militias though. The Oathkeepers accept anyone as members, which is not true as we’re gonna read from their website. In a second, they explicitly focus on recruiting current and former military law enforcement and first responder personnel member and affiliates of the Oathkeepers were among the individuals who forcibly entered the capital, allegedly. Okay. The seditious conspiracy indictment here alleges that the November 3rd presidential election roads conspired with his co-defendants hold.

I wonder who those are and others to oppose by force the execution of the laws governing the transfer of presidential power. Okay. That’s gonna be the S edition essentially by force that we’re going to interfere with the execution, the governing and the transfer of presidential power. So put a pin in that beginning in late December, via encrypted in private communications, I believe they were using signal as we’re gonna dig into roads and various co-conspirators coordinated plan, travel to DC on, on one six roads and several co-conspirators made plans to bring weapons in area to support the operation. Co-conspirators then traveled across the country to DC and other areas in January seditious, conspiracy indictment alleges that they conspired with their co-defendants to oppose by force the execution of the laws. So we’re gonna break that down. So we don’t need to spend a, a lot of time on it here. You can see they’re recruiting members. They’re saying they’re gathering supplies, all sorts of weaponry. They’re saying that their goals are to hinder delay the certification. We’re gonna break all this down in the actual indictment. They break this down. They say at January 6th and to 30 PM, they form these stacks and they launch in certain Oathkeepers.

They say, create one of these stacks. And they go in, they talk about the maximum penalty here being 20 years in prison cases, being prosecuted by Arizona, DC, number of different FBI field offices. In one year, they say more than 725 individuals have been arrested. We heard from Olsen that only 300 of those are actually felonies. The others are misdemeanors, including over 225 individuals charged with assaulting or impeding law enforcement. So that’s like, you know, I don’t know. Okay. So they’re proud of that. They’re gonna keep talking about it. Good for them. So you can see here, there are three different indictments that are, uh, pertinent. We’re gonna spend time talking about this one versus roads. Now it is long and there’s a lot in there, but we’re gonna pause for a minute before we dump into the indictment and try to get ourselves familiar with some of the background story here.

Some of the context, because the justice department is very excited about this. They’ve done a, a very nice job, I’d say over the last, uh, well, since Biden took off office of coming out here repeatedly through the department of justice and through really multiple different agencies, uh, Saki, and everybody’s talking about DVE and homegrown, domestic extremism and, uh, you know, militias and racial and all of it, right nonstop. It’s basically been the single talking point about a domestic policy that they have been in. Think about many different subgroups. And they’re all just a huge, gigantic problem that justify more federal power to go and monitor them unless they’re useful to them. And they happen to be, uh, Antifa or BLM or one of those organizations. So you can see here, we have to just pause and understand what’s happening here. We’re, we’re learning about Stewart, Rhode.

We’ve been hearing these Oathkeepers are, is this big, you know, uh, horrendous group. And, uh, these people are just, you know, evil militia monsters, but let’s just pause for a minute because the Washington post, they went back actually right after January 6th happened. And they did an interview with this guy, Stewart, Rhode <affirmative> back on February 28th, 2021, you know, just about a month and a half, almost two months after the one. No, no, no. That was a year. No, yeah, that was right. Right, right after the fact. And he was arrested then just over a year later. Okay. So in interviews, he said that he’s repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. Here is what he described. He was literally like going through the photographs on his phone when he was talking to this Washington post reporter, here he is

We’re regarding an event like that way towards the, the, uh, Senate office buildings. That’s where Latinos were Trump and, uh, Virginia freedom keepers were holding their event, but she got cold. And so we took her to our, one of our guys to the hotel room nearby, went there. We were watching Trump’s speech. And then I got a call from my team leader web saying, Hey man, the Trump supporters are, you know, storming the capital. Like what? So we went down there, check it out that these are the photos. And we first got to the capital. And then what did you do after that? Where did you guys? Um, well, we walked around to the north end, who walked around to the west side, see, was going on over there. And this was on the west side. We were watching this on the west side and people were banging on the doors.

So he’s showing him exactly what’s happening from his phone or, or from

Messages he’s climbed up or watching that.

Now he’s gonna ask him, did you go in there? Did you go inside?

And that was pretty much it. And then, um, a big CLO of pepper spray came in and I grabbed her and pulled her out. My main motivation was get her outta the pepper spray, but she is seen someone open the doors. I didn’t see that, but that was pretty much it for the left side. It’s either

Hats on standing around,

You know, far I concerned that’s protest, but you guys never entered the cabin no way, man. Mm-hmm Nope. And you never told anybody into the capital? No, not at all, Uhuh. Okay. Nope, no plan to do so. No instructions to do so. And, and no knowledge of any of our guys have gone in until after. Okay.

So they co you know, they talked to him and of course, he’s, you know, very likely gonna say that, of course, right. If you are somebody who went in there, but if, if you did go in there and you kind of know that you’re gonna get, you know, nailed for going in there, uh, maybe he didn’t go in there. He’s actually him photographs. He’s being pretty forthcoming about it. No, we stood outside the whole time. As soon as, uh, there was pepper spray, you know, being bounced around, we got out of there. And so, you know, they’re saying that he was, he was highly involved in this. We’re gonna take a look at the indictment and you can be the judge of it. Now they said in their press release that the Oathkeepers would just go ahead and accept anybody in there. Right. I fact checked that.

I went over to an archive of the oathkeeper.org website it’s down right now, because I think everybody’s trying to check it out, but there’s an archive here and it says there’s a code of conduct for their bylaws. And so you have to sort of think about these things, right? What ISS edition you’re trying to overthrow the government. I mean, if they’re being charged with seditious conspiracy, we gotta make sure that these are actual ionist right. Or insurrectionists or whatever. So here they’ve actually got some rules, actions reflect on the entire organization. All members are fully and solely accountable for their actions while members of Oathkeepers, they shall possess, maintain all moral high ethical standards. Don’t fraternize with known criminals, zero tolerance policy for disrespect.

So they all have to take an oath and they all have to support and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. So help us God. Our oath is to the institution. So it’s kind of an interesting thing, you know, to say that people who are their, their sole mission is to uphold and protect the constitution are, uh, S traditionist you know, so we’ll see. It’s a very interesting claim because they’re gonna say that that’s not sedition. They’re trying to stop something illegal happening in this country. And the government’s gonna say difference. So we’re going to have to, uh, we’re gonna have to, uh, <laugh> we’re gonna have to see whose laws when let’s see what else though the Oathkeepers do, because the Oathkeepers are actually involved in a lot of activities. And I was able to dig up some of these. And so here’s a video of Stewart, Rhode participating in one of these rallies, marching with the Oathkeepers of course, he’s the founder of the Oathkeepers here he is. So you’re gonna see here, uh, this guy right over here, I’m gonna highlight him. This is Stewart Rhode, and this is an older video. And so he course is gonna be walking as we’re gonna see nothing too interesting here, but they’re just kind of marching on doing one of the oathkeeper things. Oh my goodness. That is extremely loud. Sorry about that. They’re playing a bagpipe in this thing. Almost blew my eardrum off. Probably almost blew yours off. Let’s play that again

For young Marine.

Okay. So you see Stuart Rhode right here. Okay. See Stewart, Rhode right here. He’s walking through here. Now. You’re also going to see, um, uh, this other video. So they’re playing a trumpet and here’s Stuart Rhode again. So Stuart Rhode of course just got indicted. Let’s listen to this. So they’re honoring a fallen, honoring a fallen person. Okay. So morning, morning, somebody who’s lost now. Now hang on a minute. Did you, did you see that though? That, that one guy. So let’s, let’s watch this one more time because yeah, Stuart Rhode, he’s kind of walking somebody let’s watch this one more time. Who, who might this be? Oh, well look to his right

For Marine.

Oh, who is that? Who’s that big tall guy. Oh, who is this guy? Right here. Walking with Stewart. Rhode right over here. This fellow. Who is that guy? Oh, he looks kind of familiar. Huh? Let’s see. Uh, oh. Oh, here he is again. Oh, that’s weird. Wonder who this guy is right behind Stewart. Rhode. Who could that be? Oh, I wonder who that is. Let’s watch this. Oh, oh, Well, that’s weird. Cuz that’s Stuart Rhode right here. And this looks like it might be this guy.

We need to go into the capital Into the capital tomorrow. I don’t even like to say it cuz I’ll be arrested. Well, let’s not say it. We need, we need to go. I’ll say it right. We need to go in. Shut the up boomer to the Capitol


We are going to the Capitol where our problems are. It’s that direction. Please spread the word. All right. No Dave, but one more thing. Yeah. So can we go up there? No. When we go in, are we gonna get arrested there? You don’t need to get shot arrested all.

Oh, is that the same guy that was with Stuart? Rhode? You’re kidding me. That can’t be him. You you uh, no way. Right? Cause Stuart Rhode is here and just got arrested. He just got indicted and we see he’s over here too. And this fella looks like Ray a is back here, Ray, a looks like he’s over here. I think it’s the same guy. Pretty sure it’s the same fella over there. And uh, you can see that they actually piled around all over the place. So this is over from freedom’s fee X. All of this research was done by, uh, revolver.news. Please go follow them. Their, they, their work on this has been amazing. I actually have all of this linked in the reaps mind map also, which is down in the link below in the description. So you can go check out the mine map, but let’s take a look here. Stewart, Rhode of the oathkeeper at the hometown buffet. Oh, that’s in Scottsdale. Shout out right where I’m at right now. And so you’ve got Stewart, Rhode, and you’ve got this guy interesting. Now why is that so interesting because of this? Well, because we know that Ray Epps was listed on the FBI website as being wanted right here and he was not arrested. They removed that photograph, Ted Cruz talked about it and asked the FBI to explain it.

I wanna turn to the FBI. How many FBI agents or confidential informants actively participated in the events of January 6th,

Sir? I’m sure you can appreciate that. I can’t go into the specifics of sources of and methods. Uh,

Did any FBI agents, FBI or confidential informants actively participate in the events of January 6th? Yes or no. January 6th. Yes or

No, sir. I can’t UN I can’t answer

That. Did any FBI agents or confidential informants commit crimes of violence on January 6th, sixth?

I can’t answer that, sir.

Did any FBI agents or FBI informants actively encourage and incite crimes of violence on January 6th, 36th,

Sir. I can’t answer that miss

Saburn who is REApps

I’m aware of the individual, sir. Uh, I don’t have the specific background to him.

Well, there are a lot of people who are understandably, very concerned about Mr. S concerned about Mr. On the night of January 5th, 2021 S wandered around the crowd that had gathered and there’s video out there of him. Channing tomorrow, we need to get into the Capitol a capital. This was strange behavior. So strange that the crowd began chanting fed fed, fed, fed, fed fed. Ms. Sandburn was Ray ed.

Sir. I cannot answer that question

The next day, the next day on January 6th, Mr. S is scene whispering to a person and five seconds later, five seconds after he is whispering to a person that same person begins to forcibly tear down the barricades. Yep. Mr. S urge them to tear down the barricades.

And that was at 1253, right? When that first breach, right? This is, this is the first breach onto the entire perimeter. 1253 Ray S the guy who’s walking around with Stewart, Rhode. I don’t know how long ago those videos were, but obviously some time ago is there and he’s communicating to somebody and they go, right. They just go and you can see him wandering around the entire day, managing the whole affair. Ted Cruz continues on She’s

Sir, similar to the other answers. I cannot answer that

Shortly thereafter, the FBI put out a public post listing seeking information on individuals connected with violent crimes on January 6th, among those individuals in the bottom. There is Mr. E the FBI publicly asked for information, identifying, offering cash reward, leading to information, leading for information leading to the arrest. This was posted. And then sometime later magically gone, Mr. E disappeared from the public post. Wow. According to public records, Mr. E has not been charged with anything. No one’s ex explained why a person video urging people to go to the capital, a person whose conduct was so suspect the crowd believed he was a fed, would magically disappear from the list of people. The FBI was looking at Ms. Sandburn. A lot of Americans are concerned that the federal government deliberately encouraged illegal and violent conduct on January 6th. My question to you, and this is a, this is not an ordinary law enforcement question. This is a question of a public accountability. Did federal agents or those in service of federal agent actively encourage violent and criminal conduct on January 6th. Come on.

Not to my knowledge, sir.

Oh, oh, come on. All right. So guess what? So they’re not gonna answer not to my knowledge, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Yeah, we’re gonna find out about that. I’m sure. But you know what also happened that same day? Because on one 11, that was the same day that Ted Cruz just got into that with Jill inborn, but you may have missed this the January 6th select committee. Guess what happened? They looked into this, they talked to Ray S nothing going on there, nothing interesting at all. In fact, they posted this on Twitter at 1:58 PM on one 11. They said, uh, Hey, the committee has interviewed S okay. E informed us that he was not employed by working with or acting at the direction of any law enforcement agency on January 5th or sixth or at any other time. And that he has never been an informant for the FBI or any other law enforcement agency.

Oh, oh, okay. Well, there you go. So, um, I guess, I guess that solves it then. So, uh, we have Liz Chaney and fishing, Benny Thompson over there, they got to the bottom of it. They talked, they, they said, Hey Ray, you’re you a fed? He said, oh, no, no, of course not. You ever work for the feds? Nope. Me. No, no, no, no. That’s ridiculous. I don’t know Stewart. Who, Stewart who the oath? What the oath? No, no. In fact, I don’t, I’ve never sworn an oath ever, so I don’t know what you’re talking about, but you know, what’s very interesting is, uh, his, his entire basically life is being censored off of the, the search engines. So I was trying to find that article today and, uh, I type into Google revolver, Ray S right. Cuz they have the best story on this.

They did the best digging, you know, assembling stuff. I know Julie, Kelly’s doing amazing work on this. Everybody’s really digging into this thing. So, you know, I, I, I’m just sort of, uh, assembling a lot of it, but I try to find this article. So I go into Google. I type in revolver. REApps there’s no, it doesn’t even show up on the front page. First article. There’s no evidence that the FBI incited January. Okay. Well, that’s not what, what I was looking for. I was looking for REApps and the revolver story and they, the first story, uh, Hey Rob, there’s no evidence that the FBI was involved in this at all. Okay. Well thanks Google. But that’s not what I was. That’s not what I was asking. So they don’t show me that. And then they say, and then we finally get another article. REApps Trump supporter encouraging people, right.

It Trump supporter. Who’s encouraging people. It’s not a fed, it’s a Trump supporter. And then, you know, the other articles are from the rolling stone and that they say that they’re pushing a conspiracy <laugh> so it’s just like a stinking joke. You go over to Bing now. And I type in revolver, Ray AB, guess what? It’s this first re returned article right here. That’s the article that I wanted. And guess what I needed right after that part two <laugh>. So it’s just like, it’s hysterical. I mean, it’s so obvious. It’s so transparent. Like give me a, give me a break. All right. And so now that we know who Ray S is, let’s take a look at the indictment, cuz guess whose name is not on there? Ray S we’ve got Elmer Stewart, Rhode right there. Number one, Kelly megs, Harson Watkins, James Manda, Hackett Marshall Ulrich.

We’ve got Cardell and Vallejo. And so you can see, there are a ton of charges here, right? We’re not gonna be spending any time on any other count, other than count one, count one is the seditious conspiracy count. And you can see, looks like everybody in here was charged with it. So you’ve got, uh, counts one here all the way down the line. You can just see counts one for all of these people. And so we’re just gonna be spending time on that one, all of these others, right? Conspiracy to obstruct a unofficial proceeding. All right. Obstructing, unofficial proceeding, got that. We spent a lot of time, you know, basically a, these are all, you know, a lot of like lesser included, similar offenses, but this is the big one that we just have not, we’ve not seen yet from the government. And so now all the Democrats are gonna be able to go out there and say, well, you know, those, uh, S traditionist that they’re out there trying to wreck America.

And there’s 11 of them now that got charged, as you can see. So let’s take a look at what this law actually says. So it’s 18 us code 23, 84. It says seditious conspiracy. So this is sort of a conspiracy for sedition. So you’ve gotta actual conspiracy. It says if two or more persons can have a conspiracy with yourself or in any place, subject to the jurisdiction of the United States conspire, okay, now we’re getting into some action. So who is doing what? You’ve got two or more people they are conspiring. So we can, you know, define that. What does that mean to do something to overthrow, to put down or to destroy by force the government of the us or to levy war against them levy war against them. Okay. What does that mean? Do they declare war or to oppose by force the authority thereof?

Hmm. What does that mean? Like if you refuse to a lawful order of somebody from the federal government, is that opposing the force or the authority of them? I don’t know, or by force to prevent hinder or delay the execution of any law of the United States sounds like it might be where they’re getting at here, the transfer of power or possess any property of the United States, contrary to the authority thereof. They shall be fine each under this title or imprisoned, not more than 20 years. So you can see, right, this is very, very dense, thick statute, but it’s not very detailed. So you could just say, okay, two or more people. So we say a couple people from the Oathkeepers, they are conspiring to do something. What are they conspiring to do, uh, hinder or delay the execution and of any law of the United States.

Okay. Basically you can synthesize it to that. Two people, two people conspiring to hinder the transfer of power during the counting of the electoral votes. That’s it? Two people conspiring to hinder, right. Or to interfere with or whatever the lawful execution of the laws of the United States really broad. Right? Doesn’t say that you have to, you know, form an LLC and incorporate as a militia group or anything like that. Okay. So let’s break this down. This is what they’re basing that first count on. And they’re gonna explain how this all fits together in the indictment. We’ve got some heavy lifting to do, got a little bit of reading to do, but we’re gonna try to it through it quickly. The indictment says introduction let’s get started. It says the transfer of presidential power in the United States. And so it’s going to tell us how this works.

Okay. We spent a lot of time on this channel talking about it. We’re not gonna do it right now. It says on the sixth day of January, they meet, they count the votes and they move it forward. But there was a plot force and interfere with the lawful transfer of presidential power. Donald Trump was projected to have lost. And at that time, right after the election Stewart rose II, he conspired with his co-defendants below. He wanted to oppose the force of lawful transfer of the presidential power. Okay. So that’s it oppose by force the lawful transfer of presidential power? How’d he do that? Well, he’s the founder. He’s the leader of the Oathkeepers their large loosely organized, uh, organ organization. Some members believe that the federal government has been co-opted by a cabal of elites, actively trying to strip American citizens of their rights.

Are they wrong about that? Are they off the mark? I don’t think so though. The oath through that, the Oathkeepers will accept anyone as members. They, I, I just read from their bylaws. They explicitly focus on recruiting current and former military, the organization name alludes to the members sworn by those service people to all protect the constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic roads and certain co-conspirators to include selected regional leaders plan to stop. They say the lawful transfer of power cord travel across the country, equip themselves with all sorts of arms. Some co-conspirators amassed arms on the outskirts of DC, and they distributed them amongst a quick reaction force. They plan to use those firearms in support of their plot to stop the lawful transfer of presidential power. And it’s been a long time since we’ve read one of these indictments here on the show, and I remember how much fun these are, because we’ve read a lot of them.

And if you have not seen the short yet on this channel, we talk about emotive conjugation. The idea that you can change language to suit your, your, your argument. I made a short video about that on YouTube. So the idea is that you, you talk about the same situation, but you just conjugate it and mode emotionally differently. So you say, I am firm. If there’s an, if there’s a, a decision or something that we need to discuss, I am a firm person. You are stubborn. I’m firm, you’re stubborn, but that guy he’s just pigheaded. Okay. We’re all refusing to do something, but I’m firm you’re stubborn and he’s pigheaded. Same type of thing happens as we read these indictments, it’s just like, oh my God, it’s so dramatic. So, okay. So we go on Oathkeepers attack the United States beginning in December, via encrypted in private communications roads and various co-conspirators coordinated.

And they planned travel roads and they also made plans to bring firearms. It was a joint session. A large crowd began to get other right. As the perimeter, as the joint session got underway, crowd members forced their way through, up and over the us capital barricade. But they, yeah, shortly after 2:00 PM, crowd members then broke to the windows. Okay. But they forget that 1253 when there was Ray S who was standing right there right before that. Right, right before 1:00 PM. That was when Ray EPS was there. We saw the video. FBI has the video. They’re good at Waldo. They know he’s there. Around that time, roads entered the restricted area and directed his followers to meet him at the capital. So cross the barrier around that time, right? I’d like a little bit more specificity on that, but around that time, okay. Then about two 30, we now get other people and notice that Rhode is not in this list.

Right? We’ve got megs, Harson, we’ve got Watkins, Hackett, marsh, and other Oathkeepers. Many of whom wearing paramilitary, closing patches, logo, insignia. They Mar in a stack formation. Okay. So what this indictment’s gonna do is break these up into two different stacks. You’re gonna have my you’re gonna, you’re gonna have stacks one formation and stack two formations that are gonna be built up of different members of the Oathkeepers. At the time, the Oathkeepers were closed and guarded by capital police officers stack one, joined a mob of people, some of whom attacked the officers and tried to enter the capital while yelling among other things, take their shields. And our house attackers assaulted the officers using pepper spray flag poles, numerous improvised weapons got into the rotunda doors at 2:38 PM. Doors were breach stack one. So this group of, uh, uh, of oathkeeper is allegedly brushed through the door at 2:38 PM.

During the attack rotunda doors, surrounded facade suffer, damage worth thousands of dollars. Once inside stack one entered the rotunda, then split up half the stack, tried to push their way through a line of law enforcement officers guarding the hallway that went up into the Senate law enforcement officers, forcibly repelled their advance participants in half in the is half of stack, one regrouped, and then left the building. Other half, went through the house of representatives in search of the speaker, Nancy Pelosi. They did not find Pelosi and ultimately left the building. Okay. So once again, that’s not roads, that’s all of these other people and other Oathkeepers and their affiliates, many of whom. So, you know, it’s, it’s really sort of broad. We really don’t know much about what the com of this group is. Later. Another group includes James Manda, Alrich formed a second stack.

So we’ve got stack two now being built. And so they went around the other area at around three 15 James and Manda. They breached the same rotunda that stack one previously entered and Alrich followed shortly thereafter. Once inside, they made their way past law enforcement officers shouted and get outta my capital. James violently pushed at his way. Past officers, officers deployed chemical spray and they stopped him and others to progress from the rotunda while certain that Oathkeepers and members of affiliates breach the capital, others remained stationed just outside the city. So you’ve got people doing the actual breaching, and then they have what they call their Q R F force. Their quick reaction force. That’s on the outskirts of the city. That’s sort of, uh, well there to respond rapidly. QRF teams were prepared to rapidly transport munitions and other weapons in support of operations aimed at using force to stop.

The lawful transfer of power teams were coordinated in part by Caldwell and VOT hope. So here’s the composition of the two different stacks. Now here’s sort of what a stack looks like, just so you can understand what we’re talking about here. I went over to the U S D O D. This is what they’re showing us. So you’ve got these soldiers here, moving along a wall in stack formation. And so they’re sort of talking about this in the, in the, in the context of, you know, approaching the capital building and maneuvering in this formation, you’ve got stack one, going one direction, stack two, going the other direction. You sort of see it in the movies where they, you know, uh, go down both sets of halls or both, uh, both sets of the aisles on an air plane, right? They’re sort of moving down in stack formation, clearing the halls, clearing the hallways.

And so you can see that’s happening here. Now, this is how it’s broken up. So they actually define these two stacks for us because these are the people who are being charged. And so you can see, this is sort of what, what, they’re, what they’re insinuating here, and we’re gonna get to it. But is the idea that they’ve got, uh, a leader, right? We’ve got Stuart, Rhode who’s at the top. And there’s these people who are in the stack, Stewart, Rhode is just, I think, organizing this whole thing. And then this is what’s going on. So Kelly megs, she was the head of the Florida chapter. She goes by the moniker Gator one, and they say that she led stack one into the capital Harson, another one, Gator six. He was group team lead. They’ve got captain and cap jet from Jessica Watkins. She’s from Ohio, Joseph Hackett from Sarasota, Florida uses Ahab and faith.

Marshall uses Hatse he’s from Florida, James moniker, hydro cool name Manda is also coordinating with roads, right? So now we see roads gets brought into this play. Manda was a resident who coordinated directly with roads and assisted James in leading the stack. All right. So now we see how Rhode is connected. We’ve got Earl Ulrich who goes by, uh, Billbo Caldwell is, is CG spy. And, um, that’s what we’ve got. Now, the thing that’s interesting about this stack formation that we don’t hear much about in this case, as you’re, as you can probably see from this image is, uh, that these guys all have firearms. You know, they’re all, they’ve got weapons, you know, and I don’t think that, uh, that, that happened there with the Oathkeepers don’t think that they came in there with guns abling but I could be wrong about that. Okay.

So now that we have some factual background, now that we know what the us government is upset about, uh, stacks, essentially, these people moved in with stacks. There were some people outside of Washington who were, you know, uh, I guess, hanging out with guns and ammo. And so they’re calling all of this sad judicious conspiracy. Let’s see how this is justified here. You can see paragraphs one through eight, 13 are reincorporated. And so here’s what we’ve got now, 18 us code 23, 84. This is from the indictment. And they’re gonna be taking us back along this timeline, November 20th, through January, 2021 election to January 6th, Trump is projected to lose. They start prepping right after allegedly. You can see the group of these people, the defendants, they say did knowingly conspire to, and you can see the statute that they’re actually digging into. Right? We talked about this earlier to prevent hinder or delay the execution of any law of the United States.

So that’s the, that’s the transfer of this, the operation, the transfer of the presidency, not applicable as here says all, but one of them was a fed bet you anything <laugh>, which is wouldn’t surprise me for a minute. So what is the purpose of this conspiracy? Now they’re defining it, right? They gotta say that these people are in a conspiracy. We read the statue. It’s two or more people they’re organized in a group. They’re trying to do something in this case, hinder delay, the transfer of power during the counting of the electoral votes purpose of the conspiracy. Well, we just said what it was. They wanted to stop the execution of the laws. All of this is being governed by the constitution. How did they do this? The manner and the means of the conspiracy, right? You don’t just get to say that because you’re a bunch of friends who go bowling together that you’re in a conspiracy.

They’ve gotta, they’ve gotta AR you know, what’s, what’s the purpose of the conspiracy. Okay. Well, they define that for us. All right. So the purpose is to stop the transfer of power it’s to, uh, you know, allegedly keep Trump in office, I guess. And how are they going to accomplish that goal? Does, does the manner, and the means relate to the purpose. Let’s see one preparing for, and traveling to DC to use force, to stop the transfer of presidential power. So we’re gonna have to see that, right. There’s sort of inferring intent from that. What did these people really think? What were they going to do? What was their intention? Were they there to protest? Were they there to actually stop the transfer of power using force? I don’t know, organizing into teams. They were prepared and willing to use force and to transport arms, all right.

Recruiting members and affiliates to participate in a conspiracy, organizing trainings, to teach and learn paramilitary, combat tactics. And so obviously, if you look at any one of these things, you might say, so what, how, what, what does that have to do with anything, right? You’re allowed to do this. This is America. You’re allowed to go and travel around with firearms and ammunition and camp out, wherever the hell you want to. It’s a free country, as long as you’re following all the laws, right? But here, they’re saying that if you, if you add all of these up sort of a totality of the circumstances analysis, you know, the, the, if you added all together, they’re saying this looks like a conspiracy. These are the different manners in the bringing and contributing firearms. They called it to the QRF force. That’s the quick reaction force bringing and contributing gear.

We’ve got weapons, supplies, knives, batons, we’ve got combat uniforms, tactical vests, plates, helmets, eye protection, radio equipment. They were bringing breaching. Uh, they say breaching and attempting to take control of the capital ground in an effort to actually hinder and delay the certification using force against law enforcement officers. Continuing the plot. After January 11th, to oppose force of the lawful transfer power, January 6th, using website, social media and text messaging to talk to co-conspirators they say, so that’s how they were doing it. We know why they were doing it. The manner in the means is how they were doing it. Let’s see what they were doing now. So here, they’re gonna take us all the way back to November, right? November 5th is when the all started two days after the presidential election roads sent a message to an invitation only end to end encrypted group chat on signal. Whoa, how’d they get a copy of that encrypted message.

Very interesting. This is called the leadership Intel sharing secure is the name of the message, which at that point included megs and others in the message RO Rhodes urged followers, to refuse to accept the election result. He said, we aren’t getting through this without a civil war too late for that prepare your mind, body and spirit. So they’re showing his intention, right? Civil war, November 7th, they say to the date that Trump was projected to have lost roads wrote to leadership. We must now do what the people of Serbia did when Milo ex stole their election refused to accept it in March on mass, on the nation’s capital. Oh, well, there you go. He then sent a leak to bit shoot video entitled. I step procedure, how we won mil. When Milo ex stole our elections roads continued. He said, I’m in direct contact with the Serbian author of that video.

His videos are excellent. Here’s his written advice to us. Number one, peaceful protest. Good, well played round one, a complete civil disobedience. They were not your representatives, their foreign puppet government connect with local police start to organize by name neighborhoods and stay safe. He says, we didn’t need this step cuz they have, uh, you know, an organization, uh, swarm the, the streets start confronting the opponents. Millions gathered in the capital. There were no barricades strong enough to stop them nor the police were determined enough to stop them. Police and military aligned with the people. After a few hours of the fight, we stormed the parliament. We burned down the fake state televis and we want whoa, that sounds like really political language. My goodness. That sounds like it’s really controversial language. Can you speak out against your government? Are you allowed to speak out against your government?

Are you allowed to say those things? Wow. I don’t know. Well, it sounds like it might be a problem. I, I think we have the first amendment, but I’m not sure later on November 10th roads publicly published, this plan of action says what we, the people must do on the website call to action. So, okay. On November 9th roads held the private go-to meeting an online meeting site that allowed users to log in. They call it the Oathkeepers national call members only. This was attended by megs and Harson Watkins and hack ins and others. During the meeting roads outline a plan to stop the lawful transfer of presidential power, including preparations for the use of force and urge those listening to participate. Oh, well guess what, you know, there’s sort of like, uh, I don’t know, probably, you know, hundreds of those phone calls going on right after the election.

Yeah. On November 9th roads did that. So there were many people, some people were doing it in a court of law. They were doing it in their organization to stop the lawful transfer of presidential power. That’s sort of their interpretation of it. Right? They’re saying that at that time on November 9th, that that was undecided. Lawsuits were still moving forward. There were still legal challenges flying all over the place. Supreme court hadn’t, you know, refused to get involved in any of this. So everybody was trying to talk about what was happening on the election to stop the lawful transfer of presidential power. You know, there was there, there was an open question at that time about that Supreme court had not weighed in, there were lawsuits flying all over the place. And so he’s trying to create and get involved in an effort just like many other people are, this is allowed, should be under, you know, under the, the original American gov you know, government, we are allowed to object and protest to our government.

20 immediately. After that meeting Meg sent a message to an invitation only signal group chat titled KFL hangout, including Haroldson and others, anybody not on the call tonight, we’ve been issued a call to action in DC. This is the moment we signed up for. Walk-ins also sent the message to several other people she referred to in her phone as recruits. And she had a military style, basic training class for her militia, November 9th Caldwell reached out to roads to provide the results of a lengthy reconnaissance trip that he had taken over to DC planning with roads for an op in Washington on November 22nd, Florida chapter of the oath keepers, including megs, Harson, and Hackett held a training on unconventional warfare, December, 2020. Now roads sent a message to an in invitation only signal group. James was there. Manda was there. Rhode said that if president elect Biden assumed a P presidency is gonna be a bloody and desperate fight, we’re going to have a fight.

He said that can’t be a avoided. And we’ve already talked about this many times, the word fight, bloody and desperate fight. We’ve played the clips. I’m not gonna do it again here of all the politicians on both sides of the aisle talking this way. We’re gonna ha I mean, Schumer was saying that outside of the Supreme court, you know, we’re gonna go crack the heads around of the Supreme court judges. If they don’t rule the way we want them to on this case. So it’s, it’s it’s standard political language that everybody uses. And let’s go on on December 12th, North Carolina chapter of the Oathkeepers held the training session that would be focused on vehicle operations, roadblocks vehicle recovery, uh, convoy operations, setting up hasty ambushes, reacting to am bushes and so on Watkins plan to, but did not attend that training on December 14th, the same day that presidential electors from each state and DC cast their votes roads published a letter on Oathkeepers website, advocating the use of force to stop the lawful transfer of power. Let’s see what that says. Do they not have that here? Let’s see. Same day roads sent an email to an invitation only signal group says, well, I’m not a soldier, but I’m focused. And I stay at a holiday in once. So it’s game on time. Alrich responded to that. Hackett sent an email. He said, I believe we only need to do this. When important info is at hand like locations, identity and ops planning attached to the email was a photograph showed cursive handwriting that stated secure coms test.

I’m not sure does he write thinking and cursive is gonna not sure. Rally point. He says all pro to males may consider that RP won’t burn. Anyone comm’s work in progress message Inc. Cursive to eliminate digital reads plans for recruitment and meeting. Got it. Also then Manda messaged. Another individual says Oathkeepers president is pretty disheartened. He feels like it’s go time. The time for peaceful protest is over in his eyes. I was talking to him last night, James per host a message on a leadership. Intel chat said that the se region is creating a national call to action on January 6th, four states are mobilizing, did no one hear me. Three states are mobilizing to DC. Everyone in this channel should understand the magnitude of what I just sent December 22nd happens in an interview. Then with Oathkeepers leader roads, he said that if Biden were able to assume the presidency quote, we will have to do a bloody, massively bloody revolution against them.

That’s going to have to happen, right? And that’s getting close to, you know, talking about, you know, physical violence. Now he urged president Trump to use military force to stop the lawful transfer presidential power and said, there’s a hard, constitutional deadline to do. So December 23rd open letter, he says tens of thousands of Patriots and Americans will already be in DC. It’s mission critical. And he says, we have to take arms in our defense of God given Liberty. Mm uhoh. So now we’re starting to see some, some, some arms now. All right. On December 23rd, James sent rose letter to a co-conspirator and told him the letter required reading roads continued advocating for the use of force, talking with megs, Harson, and others megs message. The hangout in reference to the joint session says, we need to make those senators very uncomfortable with all of us being a few hundred feet away.

It doesn’t sound like they’re going to go in there or eliminate them wrote <laugh> doesn’t sound like a maniac. It sounds like we’re just gonna go make them very uncomfortable. Okay. So Rhode then wrote, I think Congress will screw him. President Trump over the only chance what we have is is if we scare the heck out of him and convince it, it’s gonna be torches and pitch forks times if they don’t do the right thing. But I don’t think that they will listen. Road says, I don’t think they’re gonna listen. Even if we do all of this December 26th day after Christmas, a member of stack one who was in the single file line to arrange a training class wrote in an email stack. One member wrote, I trained with you not too long ago, since then I’ve joined the I’ve joined the Oathkeepers to that effect. Four of us would like to train with you. So they’re just going through their training. On December 29th, Watkins texted a co-conspirator. We’re going to DC on the sixth, December 30th roads purchased two night vision goggles and weapons sites for seven grand. Ship them to somebody else on January 4th.

There’s a leadership chat again in signal, others are invited there. They have a conversation. They say, okay, FLD op January 6th, roads conspirators. They go over to the Intel chat. They say, there is no standard political or legal way out of this. They say, right? There’s no other way. It’s time to time to use arms. Now, nothing else we can do December 31 messages. Everybody else says, someone can tell me if I’m crazy, but I’m planning on having a backpack for regular use and then a separate backpack with my am, load out and some basics that I can just switch to. Uh, it really in, in case really, you know, stuff really does hit the fan. Alrich said, I’m gonna be the guy running around with a budget. AR December 31st happens. We’re still working our way up to January 6th. Meg sends a Facebook message out to other people who are going to DC says you guys gonna carry, okay?

We aren’t either. We have a heavy QRF, 10 minutes out though. No guns, right? That’s weird. They were following the stack formation. They were gonna go in there and raid this building, I guess, using this military language, implying that they’re in military formations. They, they don’t even bring any firearms. Huh? December 31st James received a signal message from another person says, I have friends, not far from DC with a lot of weapons and ammo. If you get in trouble. Oh, that’s why. So I guess they’re gonna just take over the government with, uh, their fists. And if the us government wants to get, you know, uh, I get combative about that. The us government says, uh, you can’t take control of our nation. Sorry and they get a little bit, you know, agitated. Then, then they’re gonna call in their forces to come back and, uh, solve this thing.

All right, got it. So December 30th, 31st Arizona QRF team member messaged roads. It says everyone coming has their own technical equipment. They know how to use it. Awesome. Somebody else said we’ve got rifles in manpower in late December Caldwell identified the comfort in, in Arlington said that they’re gonna use this as their base of operations comfort in gotta be comfortable. The North Carolina QRF team leaders served three rooms paid for the rooms. Megs paid for two other rooms, room occupied by a north QRF team. Second occupied by an Arizona QRF team. They use the rooms to store and guard the firearms they say. And then we go to January. It’s getting really, really close on January 1st. All Rick messaged James, he says, Hey, we told to bring guns. Maybe stage them in the VA, but you’re showing hotels in DC for Alabama. Are we bringing guns or no?

What’s going on here. Says we’re working on a farm location. Some are bringing long rifles. Some sidearms I’m bringing a sidearm, January one and two roads spent five grand on firearms related equipment, shotgun scope, magazines, optics bipod ammunition, gun cleaning supplies. Sounds like an awesome day. January 2nd, Watkins messaged the leadership signal. Chat about assigning roles. January 2nd, we’ve got more, uh, <laugh> more chats. Good call. Last night, lots covered. I’ll get with the North Carolina team today and find out about other locations. Roads, messages, megs road says, if you wanna stow weapons with the operation leader, you can he’ll have a secure trunk out in his hotel room or, and megs responded last night call. We discussed QRF. So we may need to do that as well as the North Carolina team that has a hotel close by MOS, uh, road says, okay, we will have a QRF, the situation calls for it.

All right. So this conversation continues on let’s fast forward a little bit. January 2nd. Now Caldwell sent messages to his contacts, seeking boats in support of the QRF. So they’re getting a Navy. Oh my gosh. They’re gonna probably just win. I mean, they’ve got a Navy now wait until they get an air force, then we’re in real trouble. Caldwell says, can’t believe I just thought of this. How many people either in the militia or not, who are still supportive of our efforts to save the Republic, have a boat on a trailer that could handle a Potomac crossing. If we had someone standing by at a dock ramp near one near the Pentagon, we could have our quick response team with heavy weapons standing by quickly, load them, ferry them across the river to our waiting arms. If it all went to boom, we could, our guy could load our weapons in blue and Ridge militia. We and ferry them across. They’re gonna bring in the heavy artillery too.

Uh, okay. So Meg says, uh, there’s a ground team lead Watkins and a co-conspirators this us uniforms. Watkin says we are not bringing firearms. QRF will be out there and be our law enforcement co-conspirator says good, no Watkin says pack khaki and tan pants. Weapons are okay now as well. Sorry for the confusion. We’re packing for the car heading your way shortly. Well, we don’t have any khakis. We have jeans in our BDS so I can bring my gun. Right? They’re talking about this. They’re not bringing their guns. Even, you know, Meg says message leadership chat at ammo situation. Are we bringing, are we set at the QRF? I mean, I’m always gonna have a couple hundred, but S H TF. We got ample availability. Same day Meg’s message. I’m check out on as far as we can to see if S HTF, which I think, you know what that means.

We keep going. Now. I told you this goes on and on and on. They’re breaking all of these conversations down January 3rd. Now roads leaves, Texas. He starts going to DC. He’s on his way. Three days before the counting, while traveling roads spends another six grand in Texas on AR gear, man, this guy’s having a good time out there on January 4th Watkins then asks the Florida signal group says, where can we drop off weapons to the QRF team? I’d like to have the weapon secured prior to the opt. Tomorrow, January 4th Vallejo says, uh, sir, ed Vallejo of Arizona in Tennessee with cadre, uh, requesting coordinates of allied and camp outside the DC, please respond ASAP for the Republic. January 4th, Calwell sent an E email to North Carolina says new maps relative to hotel and the Ingres for the QRF. We’re giving you updates on our positions. And so you guys can follow along.

Let me know. January four says while still traveling around DC roads spent another $4,500 on more gear. What he gets this time sites, mounts, optic plates, suite magazine, and various firearm parts. Man. It’s like 15, 16, grand worth of stuff. All right. So then between January one and five, Rhode megs, Harson is walking everybody, all the core conspirators, they all go to DC. Harson sends a message and asks for the, of the QRF hotel. January 5th, Vallejo now texted megs. Sir, this is ed Vallejo. We must have copied your number incorrectly. As we never received a response to our text requesting the campground address. We made it as far as Whiteville Virginia and had to get a room, please text location. So we will know where to begin in the morning. Thank you kindly Meg’s responded with the text, providing the address <laugh> oh, Eddie. Oliver’s in the house says, Rob, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself. You’re talking all this. So flippantly. Do you realize a man from Florida stole Nancy Pelosi’s podium and a man from Arkansas put feet on her desk?

That’s true. You’re right. This is, I mean, look folks. I try not to joke about the end of America. I should be a more serious Eddie Oliver is correcting me. Things almost got bad. Eddie, you forgot about the guy who took the podium. That’s what sinks it all. I mean, it was that close. Could you imagine if that podium ended up with Stuart, Rhode? I don’t even know what to say on January 5th megs and co-conspirators were unloading their weapons and he messaged roads says, yes, you were just outside of town, unloading we’re on our way. January 5th Caldwell uses Google maps on his phone, like a terrorist. And he mapped a route between the capital building and a, an address, one block from the comfort in whoa Caldwell and others drove into DC around the Capitol and back to their hotel. Caldwell described their trip as a wreck, as a, as an a recon connaissance mission.

James then dropped off some weapons and ammo at the Hilton garden in, in Vienna, Virginia, nice place. And on January 5th, the others provided info to the QRF firearms, ammunition, and other related, uh, items. So you can see this just keeps going. And, and then we just get to the day of the event. This is when all of these conspirators finally come together. This is the day folks that America almost fell to her knees because of these militiamen January 6th, the co-conspirators communicate and they prepared ahead to the Capitol. Okay? Put the kids into bed folks. It’s on the morning of January 6th at approximately 6:27 AM roads messaged the leadership signal chat. He says, we will have several well-equipped QFS outside DC. And there are many, many others from other groups who will be watching and waiting on the outside. In case of the worst case scenarios eight, the early am to Trump’s not even speaking yet roads, the operation leader and others.

They departed for a hotel in Virginia. And then they drove to the capital area, Vallejo and others. They were on standby. They were at the comfort in probably getting a continental breakfast monitoring communications from the co-conspirators on the ground inside Washington, DC, and awaiting a call to bring the weapons to the co-conspirators on a podcast that morning Vallejo took a break and he <laugh> and an Arizona Q R F member discussed a possibility of arm conflict and gorilla war, and explained that there are people who are prepared, have the, will have the facilities to do more than tat. All right. So they’re talking about it on a podcast called well then and others, they March to of the capital ultimately to the west side Harson and another member of stack. One went to the capital in advance of the rest of stack one. And this is, uh, you know, this is where I wanna see what this breach looks like.

Other members of stack one, including megs, Watkins Hacken and Marshall and others. They equipped themselves with communication devices, like a cell phone. They equipped the, like a, a radio and they reinforced vest, helmets, goggles, and other tactical gear. They then marched to the capital and ultimately to the east side stack two of the unarmed militiamen equipped themselves with battle apparel and gear, including hard knuckle, tactical gloves, tactical vests, ballistic goggles, radios, chemical sprays, a Peric cord attachment fatigues goggles, scissors they’ve even brought a large stick. Oh my gosh. And one of the stack of two members brought an 82 pound German shepherd named warrior, who is a real, real good boy stack two sped to an area near the Capitol on golf carts and then marched onto the Capitol grounds ultimately to the east side. Whoa, they’re armed and ready to go. You know, they didn’t bring any guns though, but, um, but they did bring a big stick and a German shepherd.

So, whoa, man, holy moly. I don’t even know what to say about this. This is a big deal. Okay. So the co-conspirators then communicated on the leadership signal, chat and via other means roads stack one and others. They breach the capital. Now they, they take their stick, they take their dog, they take their goggles and now they’re going to really get it. So just before 30 PM on the leadership Intel chat, <laugh> in response to a claim by an oath. And they named that, right? Not, not the Oathkeepers the, the, the, the prosecutors writing this. They, they called it that they they’re gonna say we’re gonna call it leadership, Intel chat <laugh> so they just keep calling it that all right. In response to a claim, by an oathkeeper affiliate that they breached it. They say, uh, roads replied. Nope. I’m all right here. These are Patriots in response to a claim that oathkeeper affiliate that Antifa had breached the capital roads replied.

Nope. I’m here. These are Patriots roads. Then messaged leadership signal chat. Pence is doing nothing. As I predicted all I see Trump doing is complaining. I see no intent by him to do anything. So the Patriot are taking it into their own hands. They’ve had enough, which he’s free to comments about that. That doesn’t mean he did it at approximately one 30 oathkeeper affiliates on the leadership Intel chat, posted messages about police officers, deploying pepper spray at the Capitol and questioned what would happen if they got inside the Capitol, a person with roads at the time responded, we are acting like the founding fathers can’t stand down per Stewart, per Stewart. And I concur roads followed, Hey, the founding generation stormed the governor’s mansion in Massachusetts, and they tarred and feathered his tax collectors. And they seized and dumped tea in the water. They didn’t fire on them.

They, they street fought. That’s where we are. Now. Next comes our Lexington it’s coming. He said shortly before 2:00 PM, there was another invitation only signal group chat, January five, six DC op Intel team titled that, which included Rhode James and others. They said there was a video of livestream of the Patriots storming the capital. Another participant act are they actually Patriots? Not those who were going to go in skies as Patriots and caused trouble. Were those the, the real people roads responded. Yeah. Actual Patriots off Patriots. Like the sons of Liberty were. James followed with were coming to the Capitol ETA 30 minutes around the same time megs Walkins and others Walkins said, stop deal. J six on the, on channel on Zillow. This is an application that’s sort of like pushed to talk. Walkie talkies says it has spread like wildfire PE betrayed us.

And everybody’s marching on the capital. We have 30 or 40 of us we’re sticking together and we’re sticking to the plan at 2:00 PM. Watkins that on the stop, the steel J six Zello channel y’all were one block away from the capital right now. I’m probably gonna go silent when we get there, because I’m gonna be a little busy shortly after 2:00 PM, Harrison and a co-conspirator joined the mob that first, first breached the barricade on the east side of the Capitol. And so you gotta get very clear on these timelines. Okay. We just talked about earlier in this show, 1253 is when Ray EPS and those people on the west side got in. So now they’re saying at 2:00 PM, they’re on the rushing the east side up the road to hundred doors. And if they’re part of this stack, right, aren’t they part of the, the breach team join the mob that first breached the barricades.

So they’re not part of that mob, but they joined them. The co-conspirator with Harson maneuvered. His way to the front of the crowd pulled on the arm of one of the Capitol hill police officers who had resembled the police line. Officer pushed the conspirator away Harson and the co-conspirator were remained on the steps as the police pushed them back down the line, 2:12 PM. Roads entered the restricted capital grounds on the Northeast side of the capital. Okay. So now is that that’s not, that’s the grounds, not the building two 14, the operator a leader wrote to leadership say they have taken the ground at the capital. We need to regroup members who on, on mission. And also remember, I think it was about, oh, I can’t remember when it was exactly, but when the first breach was at the, a actually into the building, it was right.

It was in the, the two, two o’clock hour. But I don’t know if it was before or after that. Uh, let’s see if we can see it here at 2 21 megs and others, they unlawfully entered capital grounds, 2 24 Vallejo messaged. Everybody says Vallejo back at the hotel and outfitted have two trucks available. Let me know how I can assist phone call from roads to megs, went to voicemail. She, she, uh, gave that old decline button said, Hey, I’m, I’m busy. We’re seizing America. We got I’m in the middle of an in insurrection right now, call me later. Roads sent Meg’s a message says go to the south side of the capital, followed by another message stating that’s where I’m going to link up with the operation leader. 2 25 roads forwarded the operation leaders’ message saying they have taken grounded. The capital. We need to regroup.

Shortly thereafter, megs and others continued walking north side of the capital. Then they go to the east Plaza in front of the capital Meg’s calls, roads who is already on the phone with operation leader. So they’re all calling each other. They joined together. Now Meg’s Watkins, Hackett, and Marshall. Now they form stack one. They organize then into a fashion up the steps and up to the east side of the rotunda doors, Harson joins stack one. When it gets to the top of the step stack, one pushes forward. Part of the mob that aggressively advanced toward the rotunda doors. They assaulted law enforcement, they threw objects and they sprayed chemicals and they pulled violently on the doors. 2 38 QRF standing by at the hotel. Just say the word they’re gonna show up. I guess what the, with the weapons that they were saying that they were storing because, uh, you know, in case that’s just only in case though that the, the stick and the dog don’t work at 2 39, a member of stack one joined the crowd enforceable, which, which they didn’t work.

So where were these QRF forces anyways? Right? Because did they come in, storming in there? Where are they? Why didn’t they come in? If they’re standing by where, where, why didn’t they show up there with all their munitions? I don’t know. The mob then breached the doors and stack one member entered the building at 2 39. So the mob breached at 2 39 stack. One goes in shortly after there, others force their way through the doors. Larger mob makes its way in. After penetrating the capital. We’ve got megs, Walkins Hackett and Marshall. They all move into the rotunda. Others remaining in stack formation. They’re keeping their hands on each other’s backs, right? So they’re all holding like this, you know, one hand on the shoulder of the, of the person in front of them. And they’re just, you know, funneling in is what they’re saying is happening here.

2 44, then Watkins stated on the stop, the steel Zello channel. We’re in the mezzanine. We’re on the main dome right now. We are rocking it. They’re throwing grenades. They’re freaking shooting people with paintballs, but here we are in response. Another me said, get it, Jess, do your F and thing. This is what we FN up for everything we F and train for shortly thereafter Walkins and other members of stack one exited the rotunda around this time, stack one, yelled, the fight’s not over and waved his riots down the hall towards the Senate chamber 2 45, then Watkins and other stack. One members joined the mob. They pushed against the line of law enforcement officers guarding the hallway, connecting back into the Senate chamber. Walkins commands those around her to push, push, push, push, push, get in there, get in there while explaining they can’t hold us. When officers responded by deploying chemical spray others, including walk-ins retreated, megs, Harson, and others walked southbound of the rotunda. And back towards the house, they did not find speaker Pelosi, but I think they got her laptop. Meanwhile, Calwell who was positioned at the west side of the Capitol, joined with others in storming past the barricades. They climbed up the balcony and entered into the capital side of the building.

We have this continues 3 0 9. Now another individual message. The leadership signal chat news is reporting that Congress given gas, mass, and they’re trying to get out. Roads responded fem before posting a photograph of people storming the capital. Now we go to stack two, the other group, we’ve got James Manda and Alrich and others. They discussed the fact that individuals had breached the capital Manda stated words to the effect of now we’re talking. That’s what I came up here for. James then instructed the group to get their gear, get ready to go over there. Group departed their hotel. And they went over between two 30 and 2 33. Then you get James Manda and Norwick and others. They rode over in golf carts at times, swerving around law enforcement, a vehicle with Manda live streaming, their conduct over Facebook. He’s having a joy ride there says Patriots are storming.

The capital building. There’s a violence against Patriots by the DC police. So we’re, we’re in route in a grand theft auto golf cart to the capital building right now. It’s going down guys. It’s going down right now. Patriots storming the Capitol F and war in the streets. Man. Word is they got the building. Let’s go as he’s literally doing grand theft auto, the video game hanging out of a golf cart, probably with a beer at his hand, with one leg out the door gonna go take over the country. Okay. So, right. So he’s having a good time. Now, James Manda and others, they parked the golf carts near the capital, hopefully in an appropriate spot. You know, you don’t wanna unpaid parking tickets. James placed a phone call to the operation leader, James Manda and Alrich and others. They then marched down the capital and entered the restricted capital grounds.

When they arrived on the of capital grounds, James Manda and Alrich, they joined together to form stack two. So now these guys are, are holding each other’s shoulders and they maneuvered their way through the crowd. Like a bunch of terrorists Manda with James and Alrich and others. They aggressively be rated. Uh, and they taunted law enforcement officers. Oh yeah. That’s definitely sad. Judicious. They were regarding the perimeter shortly after James told stack two members something to the effect of they’re going in over here. Let’s go, let’s get up there. James then led Manda and others up the stack of the capital steps, Manda and other members of stack two forcibly entered the building at three 15 through the east side before entering J James said, we’re going in? And Manuta said, hell yeah. And he entered the capital. Manuta was still armed with a chemical spray and other tactical gear except guns.

You know, didn’t bring a gun because they have the QRF force. That’s on the outskirts of DC. The QRF force, of course not called in to go in and, uh, seize the, the building or anything remotely close to that. But okay, well entering the capital building, they pushed past capital police officers who placed their hands on James and Manda in unsuccessful attempts to stop them from advancing towards the rotunda. So did they do like a, like a, Hey, don’t go in there. Like we saw the other video. Remember, remember that other video we talked about here, which I had it right now, but I don’t where they just walked up to the police. He just, uh, uh, said, uh, they can like stand aside. The police stood aside and everybody came walking in there, did a police officer put their hand up and say, oh, don’t come in there.

And he just walked by that. Is that what they’re talking? I have no idea, but it says at three 17 upon reaching the rotunda now James and Manda alongside others in the mob confronting and jostling with a of enforcement officers, which formed a barrier Manda standing behind James and recording events with the camera began yelling. This is what’s bound to happen. Just get out, get out these cops out. It’s our building. Get ’em out. Out, out out. James grabbed the vest of GM, a Metro police department officer, and pulled him towards the mob officers behind him, grabbed his vest and got a back into line with the officers while pulling JM, James yelled get outta my capital. James fell backward, then fell and pushed and rushed towards the officer repeatedly saying, this is my effing building. This is not yours. This is my capital. Other members are yelling.

Keep going, keep going, keep going. James and Manda. They briefly reached the rotunda. James was expelled by at least one officer ke a chemical pepper spray while exiting the capital Manda yelled at a law enforcement officer, all reckon other members of stack two entered the east side. Then we get to subsection D or wrapping this up so soon enough co-conspirators then they IM immediately after breaching the capital, anyone in DC is not tasked with security detail. Come to the capital on the Supreme court side, come to the capital on the Northeast corner. They gather right outside the capital. And, uh, co-conspirators now continue to plot is what they’re saying. We’re now a at paragraph 125 that evening, Rhode James Vallejo. They met at a restaurant to celebrate their attack and discuss the next steps throughout the day. They discussed the need to continue the fight to stop the transfer of power.

7:30 PM. Roads message of leadership chat says thousands of ticked off Patriots, spontaneously marched on the Capitol. You ain’t seen none yet. Vallejo said, we’ll be back to 6:00 AM to do it again. We got food for 30 days. We have only begun to fight. And after action reports will be dated. Meg said we aren’t quitting. We are reloading roads. Explain that Patriots entering their own capital to send a message to the traders. That is nothing compared to it’s coming. Next day, January 7th Vallejo sends a message. We are going to probe their defense line right now. 6:00 AM. They should let us in. We’ll see departing for recon now, but remember they counted the electoral votes that night. I mean, Biden was confirmed. They counted them and they said, Nope, he’s the next president? And Pence announced the whole by like eight 30 that night. So it was over by that next morning.

I mean, at least officially in Congress on January 11th and Watkins exchanged the following Facebook message with a co-conspirator says I’m with you cap. Keep the faith. We will have our answers by the 20th Watkin says we’ve been organizing a bug out plan. If the usurper is installed something like 20 plus oathkeeper is gonna be in the Kentucky mountains. Hundreds of acres, apparently in the weeks after January 6th, roads purchased a large volume of firearms and related equipment up to like $24,000. Now he got $6,000 on sites by pods, $1,500 on scopes and other seven grand hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Duffle bags, magazine wrote another thousand on parts wrote, spent 2000 more from January 19th to the 14th of the 19th. So he’s just getting loaded up. Good for him. He says on January 10th, James and megs, uh, ask a message. If megs and other Florida Oathkeepers were coming to Texas, this makes responded, says Florida stays home until shots fired.

Alrich message. James says below the radar, right? So they’re all kind of lying low and we’re wrap it up. Uh, with this last section of paragraphs, it says on January 10th, 10th, 12th, while in Texas on the drive, back to Arizona QRF team member message roads and says, hi Stewart, I’m sure you’re busy, but wanna let you know that Vallejo and I are here. We’re excited to learn what the next steps are and what should we should be doing right now. James message. Another individual says after this, if nothing happens, it’s war civil war, 2.0 roads messaged others to organize local militias and oppose Biden’s administration in violation of the law. Okay, that’s it. So that’s the entire section on the seditious. Conspiracy sounds a lot like all of the other cases that we heard about Stuart Rhodes. Interesting, very interesting fellow, lot of history there between him and Ray S who was very conveniently not listed in this indictment or any other indictment, even though he is all over the photographs, what do you have to say about all this?

Let’s take a look at watchingthewatchers.locals.com and our friends on YouTube. I saw some super chats coming in, so we’ll make sure we get to those. The anti kisses here says, oh, joy charges of S edition, correct me if I’m wrong. But if I remember my history, the only time S edition became a big thing in law were under Woodrow Wilson and John Adams. If that’s true, I think it points to the idea of how sad edit has been looked at in the history of our country. I think that it hasn’t been used because it’s a very, it’s a very broad statute, right? I, I, I I’m, I’m not sure. I’m not sure that they’re gonna be able to prove that, but we’re gonna see what they’re going to do. They’re certainly going to try and now they have the talking point that they want. Sergeant Bob says, this must make premiere Putin proud.

Imagine the a USA modeling the KGB from Sergeant Bob three girly says, does the interview with the Washington post mess with roads fifth amendment rights, you would think that these pictures and these videos and pictures would exonerate ’em. So I I’d be very curious about that. You know, I was thinking about that two, three girlies, wondering specifically, you know, those photographs probably have a metadata in them, including GPS location, and you know, where he was, if it was his phone and you have other people with their phones and he can, you can sort of cross reference and index him, right. Showing him using his phone. And if he’s not actually in the rotunda right. In, in the building, although I don’t think they they’re claiming he’s in the building, but I understand your point, right? The point nonetheless, is that he might be waving some of those rights by voluntarily, uh, giving an interview about what happened.

Let’s take a look over at YouTube and see what we’ve got coming in here. As I said earlier, not applicable says all, but one was a fed that you, anything wouldn’t be surprised about that. And another one from may Arian, Holtzman, love your commentaries. Thank you for putting the law into terms. We can understand. Thank you for that one earlier on the show. Marion. I appreciate it. Kenny cab is here, says re and so Kenny cab is, um, I don’t know if that’s for me or if that’s how you’re feeling, but, uh, but that’s, that’s what he’s feeling. We’ve got Eddie Oliver, uh, also says, how about I put my feet on your desk, Rob, maybe I take your podium. Will you understand how much it hurts then? Rub it’s for Eddie Oliver.

It’s true. I mean, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t be happy about that. If a bunch of people came into my office and they interfered with my leisure time, I would not be happy about that at all. I suppose. You’re right. If they took my laptop, I’d be upset about it. But I don’t think that I would equate that with the, I don’t know, the end of I much of anything other than I’m just angry about it. I don’t know. Uh, Adams says, what about the death to Mike Pence chance? I don’t, yeah. I, I don’t know about him. I mean, I guess, I guess that the question there would be about who is saying those and is that part of a conspiracy or is that free speech or is that something that’s chargeable? You know, I don’t, I don’t know who was saying it, but I, I haven’t really seen that alleged in any criminal documents as though that’s part of a problem.

It’s a good question. I know, I know a lot of people were saying that Sasha CIA is here, says, Hey, Rob loving the new name sounds like an expensive, fine chocolate. Well, I do like nice things, all this work for J six, but the summer of riots gets a pat on the back for flaming down the cities and the names of justice outrageous. It’s a good point there. Sasha CIA, you know, and I was thinking a lot about this also the other day I was thinking about how much time and effort we’ve expended on this. I mean, we had Joe Biden come out and give this droning speech. Kamala Harris came out and said, this is worse than this or same thing as you know, Pearl Harbor essentially. And so we’re hearing a lot of this, you know, drama and nobody died in this other than Ashley bait. Okay. And I know they want to sort of say that that officer Billy Evans, who died later in April was related, but he wasn’t, and Brian CNIK also was related, but not, you know, killed as a result of this. According to the own coroner, the old medical report, not me. So if all that’s true then, well, I don’t even know what I was talking about. I just got sidetracked. I see lean just showed up.

Lean’s here. Hello, lean. Welcome to the show. I’m glad you’re here. We can finally get started now. And so Sasha was talking about this flaming content, uh, flaming down the cities in the name of justice and yeah, that just is allowed, you know, allowed to happen. And so nobody cares about any of that because they’re all focused on what serves them politically. We have another one from Sergeant Bob at locals says red, China has Tianmen square in the us. It all started with Ashley Babbitt. What will the guy government do next? Good question. Sergeant Bob, a lot of people are pontificating about that monster. One says, Rob, I’m watching. I’m not watching. So I can’t see the mystery guy. I’m like Brad Pitt and fight club. When he’s like, what’s in the box. I assume it’s REEP in the box. Yeah, I think you’re right.

You, you, you nailed it. You got it. You nailed it. Everybody knows who it is. Leafy bug says huge. Did you make a new word, Rob? Can I borrow it when something is bigger than huge and even bigger than gigantic? It’s huge. Again. Did I say that as in these January six, DOJ prosecutions are hugely a huge, gigantic streaming pile of POTOs <laugh> did I say that? You know, I agree with it. So it’s a, I think it’s very, it’s very, uh, descriptive. I like that spawn dog says it’s not surprising that the Oathkeepers are being attacked because they believe in our constitution. According to the left, they are a threat to democracy. They are the ones who are burning down our cities, who are the ones inciting violence. Anybody with a brain can see January six was a total setup. Obviously, if you don’t, you are a fool that’s from Spadu. Yeah.

Yeah. And this reminded me of my prior thought about Sasha SI’s comment. Okay. So I was talking about the, the non deaths at January 6th until lean showed up and the non deaths on January 6th are being turned into this gigantic story where right? This big thing we’ve been spending a whole year on, we’ve got a whole new domestic terror program. And all of this stuff is being unfolded, unfurled, right? Under our noses. But on in Afghanistan during this same administration, we lost 13, like 13 Americans were killed and nobody talks about that. But this is like the, the, the worst thing that’s ever happened. But in, in terms of loss of life, in terms of loss of resources, in terms of loss of time and money, but this we’re gonna have, you know, just beaten into our heads, cuz there was, you know, 30 million of damage and nobody killed some injuries and America marches on.

So, uh, we’re gonna continue to follow it obviously, but it’s it is a joke. Sergeant Bob says S entrapment. It is that simple. Well, we showed you what the, uh, January 6th select committee said, Bob S said he didn’t entrap anybody. Okay. So that’s the case closed. You used to investigate cases. You know how that works? You just go right up to somebody. Did you commit that crime? No. Oh, got it. I thanks. Thanks for being so honest with me. So Sergeant Bob just, oh, okay. Well I guess I’m done here. Easiest police day ever. I investigated all the criminals. They just told me that nothing, nothing went wrong. <laugh> ridiculous. It’s the dumbest thing ever. And they just pushed did it out there because they know everybody was screaming about it. Good to see you. Sergeant news now says not in the car yet. Did S tell people that if they don’t listen to him, he would kill their families.

Still confused how he would convince people to do what they would otherwise wouldn’t have you seem really focused on him, but still not sure why he matters. Well news. Now the, the reason why it matters is because he is a, an indicator of a lot of, uh, the unforeseen. We can’t see any, we know that there’s a lot more that we cannot see. Okay. So it’s sort of like you have the, the, the known you, you, you have the known knowable. Okay. You sort of know what is knowable and you, you know what, you know, then you have the known unknown. So you know what you do not know. And so in this case, for example, we know that there are, uh, 14,000 hours of video footage that we’ve never seen. Okay. We know that we’ve got questions about Ray apps, but that they’re not answering.

And so we sort of know it there’s some unknowns there, but there’s also unknown unknowns. It’s things that we don’t know that we don’t know. And Ray Epps is sort of that, that crossover into that world, there’s, there’s some known unknowns about Ray EEPs, but there’s a lot a bigger questions about the unknown unknowns about Ray E and what that tentacle might open up into a about, about, you know, more ulterior motives here really is what I’m getting at. That’s the ultimate line here. I have a suspicion, a sneaking suspicion that they allowed this all to happen, that they didn’t bolster security, knowing wanting Donald Trump to be baited into allowing something like this to happen. We’ve covered the documents on the show. I mean, I, I still haven’t had mur Bower explain why she disavowed and declined, you know, additional supports. If the, if the F look, if the FBI is so competent and the Capitol hill police and the Washington DC police and the national guard, and all of our elected officials are so stinking competent, how did they let this happen?

They’ve got surveillance on, on everything. How could they let the most powerful building in the United States fall? In a matter of, I don’t know, 30 minutes, 40 minutes, without some intentionality behind it, it’s either gross incompetence or it’s intentionality. In my opinion, it’s one of the two you could, you could say that this is an organiz insurrection to try to take the country, but on what I have seen a few hundred people marching in there without guns to take America over. I know everything is ultra dramatic these days, but that is not that. Okay. So that’s my point with Ray ups. That’s why I get so frustrated about it. I still think new now. I don’t think that Ray S uh, exonerates anybody else. I don’t think that he exonerates anybody who did anything badly that day. If he whispered into that dude’s ear and he went off and did it on his own accord, still prosecute him, but I’m not, I’m not interested in that prosecution.

I’m interested in Ray S I’m interested in the 14,000 hours of footage that we haven’t seen. I’m interested in the discovery problems that we’ve talked about here, uh, saying that the government is taking months and months, and months and months to organize all this data. They’ve got it out. Being outsourced to all sorts of different companies, to process the volumes of the data. Meanwhile, you’ve got defendants who are sitting in custody. I think there’s a lot more to this story that they are not telling us. Why was the Sergeant at arms? And, uh, both the house and the Senate, you know, they were, they were caught so badly with their pants down. That it’s just shocking to me that this wasn’t somebody wasn’t tipping the scale a little bit, or, or it’s just grossly incompetent, which is, uh, also a, uh, you know, a possibility.

So it’s a good question there though news. Now I understand it. I am hung up on Ray ups. I want to know more about him. We have another one from not applicable, says this all sounds like typical fed laring garbage. Well, look, I released the video the other day about the Seattle police laring all up the proud boy stuff, right? We’ve seen what the police did in the governor. The FBI did in the governor Whitmer case. We’ve seen that in documents. And do you know how we know it’s probably confirmed? The FBI is, or the government, the prosecutors, the us department of justice are not calling those FBI agents in their case. Cuz they know how bad and corrupt they are. Cuz they cocked most of what happened there. They’re not calling them because they know they’re gonna get impeached out. The Wazu for concocting. The whole thing. They don’t wanna put ’em up there for cross examination. Same FBI hasn’t changed. Whitmer was round one.

All right, let’s see what else we’ve got here. All right. Not applicable says historical analogy is closer to the retag fire. I’ve seen that one come up several times. Yeah. I mean it’s it’s, it’s a comparison. Not applicable says same thing happened with Chaz in chop allowed by the leadership. Yes. Yeah. In Seattle, they were actually, the police were actually the chatter. I made a video here where they were actually making proud boys chatter talking about what they were curing, where they were going. What types of activity they were involved in all sorts of insane things.

Fake fake Philip James says we are not supposed to realize F’s is not named or indicted in these charges. And after Michigan governor, how do we not think government ops? It’s a good question. Yeah. He’s not in there. He was on the FBI’s most wanted list and they took him off January 6th, select committee talked to him. He said it’s not a big deal. Not even a big deal, Dave, with a, a super chat. Thanks Dave. And along with mountain granny, mountain granny. Thank you for that mountain granny. Back over to locals. We’ve got some others here. Zeroes is here, says, Hey Rob. I think that Canadian trader Ted Cruz was just grandstanding when questioning the FBI Tucker bent, cruise over his knee about Cruz’s previous comment calling January six of terrorist attack. Thoughts. I agree with you zeroes. 100%. I think that Ted Cruz got his little, uh, bottom paddled.

Just like you said by Tucker. Oh don’t you do that Ted. Stop it. Don’t you do it. And Ted said, okay, I’m sorry. Sorry. Yeah. I’m sorry, Tucker. I’m sorry. I still like you. I texted you this morning. And so that’s what happened. And then Ted Ted Cruz was obviously feeling a little bit embarrassed cuz his bottom’s all red and bruised a little bit. And so he had to go back out into Congress the next day and throw out this big red meat, this big juicy red meat right up right up. Cuz he, he knows guys like me are gonna go, Ugh, Ted you son of a gun. I like what you did there, even though I think your slippery is hell. So we’re gonna take your clip and use it on the show <laugh> and so he plays that game pretty, you know, pretty well.

He’s pretty good about that. It’s an astute observation there. CES. What else? VI Antica says Ted Cruz. What is the average air speed velocity velocity of an unladen swallow. FBI says, sir, I cannot answer that. He says, well see, I told you so corrupt FBI’s corrupt as hell three. Girly says how many of these Oathkeepers were charged because they wouldn’t give up Ray ups. I know it would seem really odd for somebody to do that. But if they knew that he was one causing the issues, but seems like very small all pickings around Ray ups, but not him. Who’s to say he’s not in hiding. And they arrested 11 people around him that would provide them information. Conspiracy theories. I know LOL. I look it’s as good as any of them. I mean, I, what we saw outta Ray was very strange. You know, he’s very he’s if you, if you watch the, his videos more in depth and I know I haven’t done them here, many of them, you know, we can’t really play on YouTube, but he is uh, very interesting that whole event he’s sort of like this, the way I would describe him is sort of like a, like a sheep, like a, like a, one of those people who like corral the animals, the bull, the bull guys, the clown people he’s cut corral in the bulls around, you know, go here, go over here, go over here.

Not necessarily that he’s, you know, causing it, but he’s certainly contributing to it. He’s sort of playing logistics, weird. Sergeant Bob says Sandburn I can’t answer. That means my boss has told me not to answer that. Yeah, she is got that going on for sure. Kenny one B says charged for 18 23 82 while Pelosi blatantly violated 2387 for counseling or advising the chairman to disobey Trump’s nuclear command authority. Yeah. That was a whole nother issue. Right? And I don’t wasn’t there an investigation about that spawn dog says I’d like know when the true investigation of J six will be conducted, wake up America we’re being lied to the DOJ is an extension of the democratic party being used as a tool to go after anyone who doesn’t support or agree with their ridiculous agenda, wew dogs on the, uh, new domestic terror unit watch list. Now welcome.

It’s cozy here. Have a seat. We have a other one from Sergeant. Bob says, as we all know if F’s was not a fed, then why is he not rotting in a DC jail? Like the trespassers pretty clear. He was in fact a fed Sergeant. Bob says that’s disgusting. I agree with him. We have some more monster one. So let me get this straight. The government doesn’t know who Ray EEPs is yet. The January 6th commission had him on speed dial. Sounds real plausible. Yeah. Liz Chaney just gave him a buzz. Did you hear what tech Cruz says about you? Ray? What do you think about that? Sergeant Bob says seditious. Conspiracy sounds like podium. Snatcher should be charged. Yeah. He took the podium. So that’s pretty much the end of it. Vient kiss says, look, Rob the whole notion that there are a bunch of rich people that wanna control everything and our government without any accountability is ridiculous. I mean, look at the federal reserve. The board of nine members has six of those nine members appointed by the wealthy banks, banks. We don’t elect these people and they control our monetary system. As you see, everything is 100% accountable to the people. Oh, there you go. Yeah. 100%.

Uh <laugh> it’s good to see you via kiss. 100% true monster. One says, let me get this straight. These people conspired to take over the government with weapons yet they didn’t have, or use weapons unless they are implying that weapons were flags and fire extinguishers who believes this? Well, a pretty significant portion of the country. Unfortunately look, two G says, what do you make of a government that is ind its citizens who claim to be defending the constitution of the government, indicting them bad sentence. But there is a point here. I think you’re right. I see what you’re saying. Right? That was kind of the same point that I’m making now. Their point would be, well, they’re not actually defending the constitution. They’re interfering with the constitution because they’re trying to stop the lawful transfer of power from happening. Right. And they’re saying, uh, well it was an unlawful thing that happened there.

And so we are going to be enforcing the constitution. And so this battle goes, you know, indefinitely, back and forth, but there is a good point, right? This is what we’re fighting over. It’s politics. Lee fit bug says, I hope these guys have good counsel discovery should be interesting. Who is REApps guess we’re gonna find out, can the feds refuse to provide exculpatory to the defense? If they cite the espionage? That’s a good question. I’ve never had that come up there. Leafy bug <laugh> I never, never had to get involved with the espionage. So I’m gonna guess that there’s probably some limitation for top secret, you know, ultra classified stuff that you can’t see it. So like the, the example that I can tell you about would be law, like in cases involving imagery of underaged individuals. Okay. In cases involving imagery of underage individuals, problematic in imagery.

Okay. Very problematic. They don’t send that out to, to lawyers. They don’t just say, oh, well, uh, here, come pick up the police report and the photographs and the videos, uh, they’re on a, a CD rom drive. Just here you go. Right? All of that stuff is ultra protected. So you gotta go down, do a private terminal. It’s not connected to the internet and you watch it, you know, sort of in a lock and key. So you get to see it, but you can’t reproduce it. And so there’s ways that they will limit evidence from, you know, leaky leaking out a little bit, but I’m not familiar with the ESP NA uh, but maybe one day, that sounds like it’d be a fun case. Thunder seven says Rob, most Americans couldn’t care less about J six. They moved on. Nobody watched the CNN special. In fact, majority of Americans now consider the DOJ and the FBI to be the O Biden personal army.

And they know the January six was set up. It’s the dams that committed edition and conspiracy. And once again, they’re protecting, projecting their crimes onto Trump and the crowd. The dams are a pathetic group of losers and they’re gasping for life support. We’ll find out that the Oathkeepers plot was a false flag, like J six and the Whitmer kidnapping next. Yeah. Joe Biden had a really bad day today. Thunder seven. There’s no question about that. Supreme court came out. They said mandates. Nope. Except for the healthcare workers. I’m gonna dig through that decision. Uh, I’ll see if I can get a video out soon on that one. Uh, build back better. Right? That got slammed. Uh, filibuster, not going anywhere. No reform there. Voting rights act is dead. What else? Uh, COVID cases are up through the roof. Inflations all time high Joe, Biden’s having a rough rough week and he should cuz his policies are garbage. Okay. Now I’m really thinking that Ray a is a fed or an informant that gave up the 11 Oathkeepers Ray a is the one that sinks the whole thing. Why isn’t he in this indictment? Think you answered your own question there. Sergeant Bob says yet BLM and Antifa March unfettered. I will have to have my blood pressure medicine. Uped. Eddie Oliver on YouTube says Ray EPS is in Phoenix, Arizona. Rob, you are in Arizona. Anything you want to confess? Huh? This is why I don’t trust people from Arizona.

Well, Eddie, you know, you’re not own on this monster one. I think he thinks I’m a fed still with a name change and everything. My last name has never been S never. I changed it because it’s my mother’s maiden name. It’s a beautiful name, but I’m not a fed. Dang it. All right. We’ve got another one. Thunder says, uh, did we get that one from Philip James? I think we did. And thunder seven says Oathkeepers love America and the constitution. They are Patriots, which is now equated with domestic terrorism. It’s true. It’s true. We talked about that two days ago. Meanwhile, Antifa BLM burned the country down. They loo killed. They’re called hero of the DS. People know who the real terrorists are in mega movement growing, even stronger and more popular every month while the failing O Biden Marist regime collapses trader Joe’s at 22% approval while Harris is at 12, it’s pretty bad. Uh, let’s see what Nate silver has to say about that. Uh, let’s go to 5 38. Let’s see what Biden’s approval numbers are looking like here on the day, man. It’s just gonna keep going down. I think so 42.3 is the number that he’s at now. And he had some really bad news. I mean, mandates gone filibuster voting rights, gone build back better dead.

We’re having a rough time monster. One says if I was roads and I had FBI credit card, I would’ve bought all that stuff as well. Yeah. I mean it’s, it’s why not? It’s fed money. It’s good. Yeah. What do you need? Yeah. Get two. Yeah. Get two of them. Yeah. Get ’em bring him <laugh> all right. We’ve got monster. One says, I know we like to joke about this, but this just goes into the Democrats plan to disqualify Trump and the Republicans. They couldn’t do it without anyone actually being charged with S edition. I agree with this Trump and the Republicans who supported him will be next. This is an election year and they know their about to lose. And so they’re starting to move. I agree with you completely, completely. I, they haven’t got nothing else. I just went through the litany. What else do they have?

Other than just domestic terror stuff. They’ve got nothing. It is. Um, it’s they’re not looking good. And when people are losing power, they freak out and they grasp right. They squeeze. It’s not gonna work out for. And Kincaid says, uh, Hey Rob, hope things are well, words are our reality. Many do not consider just what power they hold. I agree with that. Our nation has learned from the best China. Primarily the, the control will soon be complete. It is much harder to justify a bloody sword. It is easy to stop the hand, the book, the art of war in 84, or should be the, a prerequisite or maybe Mia motos, five Inferno. Seriously. Our thoughts are silenced by the theft of our words. What do you think is the most promising sign that not all is lost books, poems, the five rings 1984, divine comedy Inferno, Inferno, Dantes, Furo Inferno.

The most promising sign that not all is lost. Well, I still, I think it’s connection. You know, I still think it’s connection. I think that people connecting and being of service to each other is, is the, the currency that keeps things going right. And there’s a lot of people that still have that goodness in their hearts. And that inspires me. And hopefully that cycle continues. I’m not gas as the, this whole script has taught me one thing, Tom Clancy novels are a real threat to democracy. He’s it’s like a, it’s like a, it’s like a, how to guide leafy buck says message in the group. Chat guys, still waiting for the green light. Do you think we’ve left it too late?

November 14th. Still guys still wait for the green light. Do you think we’ve left it too late? I’m not sure what that one means. Leafy bug monster one says, Rob, they weren’t golf carts. They were obviously tanks, which is yeah. I mean, that’s what the FBI thought Molly says. Is there any process by which a us code statute could be removed? What authority of the us government has the power to remove it and what standard or history is there of that occurring if at all? So it’s a great question, Molly. The us Congress does, right? They they’re the they’re the body that passes legislation. And so they get to pass the federal laws, the federal statutes. So if they wanted to modify it, they would pass a new crime bill or something to modify the laws. And this has happened many times in history, Joe Biden, in my opinion, is the godfather of the current criminal justice system, which is massively failed, uh, problematic, not failed, but I would say problematic.

And he passed a number of, of major crime bills that modified all sorts of federal laws. The 1984 crime bill, 19 86, 19 94 crime bills were all Joe Bidens. He had his name on everything. So is this happened many, many times, but, um, they typically add laws. You know, they’re not really removing laws. This is part of the problem of what’s burdening America. So badly is America has this, this disgusting crusted and rust all over its gears because as of regulations and criminal laws, and because everybody wants to tax everybody and just make sure that everything is so, uh, bubble wrapped for everybody that nothing really consequential gets done. And so you get this regulatory malaise that just bogs everything down here, right? For ex a good example would be marijuana. Marijuana is sort of on the, on the up to end of being legal throughout the entire country.

And the more on federal government is still, you know, considering it to be a schedule, one drug insane. All right. So you get the point of it. Are they going to roll any of these things back? I doubt it. Monster one says Eddie Oliver is a player from the Buffalo bills. You think it’s the same guy? Do we have famous people in the community? Probably not, but it would be a whole lot cooler if we did. Let me tell you this. I happen to know Eddie Oliver. Okay. He’s way cooler than the Buffalo. Bill’s Yahoo. Whoever that guy is, nobody cares about that guy. We care about Eddie Oliver. Thank you. Monster one. Jeremy Madrea says Rob, last time I checked our country is a set of ideas, not a person or persons. Therefore the country cannot be so easily taken over as long as constitution survives.

So does the country, Jeremy, did you see the same thing we saw they had? Did you read the report? They had sticks and a German shepherd brother cons. What, what, what, what could the constitution gonna do again? That’s ridiculous. Jeremy Sodi says, were you inferring? The government was involved because they could read unencrypted message. No, I wasn’t inferring that. I’m I’m inferring that they are, uh, well, uh, embedded in these groups. I don’t think that they had the bill to go in and crack the encryption of signal and sort of peer into those messages. But they probably had somebody in that chat that invite only chat that was just gobbling up all these messages. Right? So people who think that they’re on these encrypted services that they’re communicating freely and there’s no feds in the group, I’d be very cautious about that. Right. They had an invite only group.

They were feds in the group. They all got popped. <affirmative> just cost says that signal’s not encrypted though. I thought it was, I thought it was end to end encryption. I’m not sure. Sergeant Bob says obviously the government let it happen. No tactical plan by any agency go defense. Some Sergeant Bob. Yeah, I agree. I think so. I think it was allowed to happen. Monster one says reply to news. Now Ray S is important because he’s the catalyst he’s on video instigating the entire event yet he isn’t charged. No, not plausible. He’s obviously a fed provocation agent. If the feds were involved, it’s most important element of the entire incident. That’s a good response there. I agree. I think he’s sort of, he’s like a lightning rod, right? If, if you know, if you know what happened there, what, what if you know more about that?

A lot of this I think is gonna fall into play and make sense. Bianca says just wanted to stop by and say hi. I hate everything nowadays. LOL. Well, Hey Bianca, come on by. You know, I can understand that there’s a lot to be angry about in this world. <laugh> come on, join us over here. I’m angry about a lot of stuff too. We’ll just rant it out together. I’m glad that you’re here. Bianca stick around. We have another one from leafy bug says, when do we get to hear about the 50 unindicted? Co-conspirators that convince these people that in minivan, people would be able to overturn the capital and you pronounce huge. Gigantic is one word, huge, gigantic. I’m stealing it for prank calls. It’s yours leafy. Enjoy it. Yeah. You know, sometimes it just all just gets mashed out. As it’s vomiting out of here, I am techy slash za says, so it took them over a year to draft this story.

Very interesting. Cuz it sounds like a lot of first person shooting games with friends doing a raid or a takeover <laugh> it does. Right. But they had dogs though. I am techy. Do you get, do, do you have dogs in call of duty? I don’t. I don’t know if you do or not. I’m not sure. Can anyone B says Rob, the same person, whoever saw the Whitmore case for the FBIs in charge of J six investigation for the DOJ and now they have a whole unit for it. And the FBI is gonna be using this to get broad, expansive powers, to get warrants, to get whatever you want from some, you know, DC judge who just signs off on it. Good stuff. We have PWS, MK. A Z says Ray Fs equals fed conspiracy theory. That’s true. And another one from a PWS, MK says, did you get my email about the Pokemon chasing LAPD cops?

I did get that email. It’s in my queue. I’m I, I’m not sure if I’m gonna be able to make a video. There’s so much news coming out about that one, but I did queue it up cuz I thought it was hilarious. This is it right here. Um, this is in the, from PWS, M K a Z and uh, Lois Lozano, city of Los Angeles. Basically what happened? These cops got fired for, uh, playing Pokemon while there was a, a robbery taking place. And it’s kind of a hilarious, kind of a hilarious, uh, appeal, cuz they actually, I don’t play Pokemon. I, and I don’t know much about it, but they’re actually talking about the different Pokemons in here, like about what they’re going to try to catch. They’re playing the Pokemon, go video game. The recording showed that Lozano responded. Um,

Where’s the name of the Pokemons that they’re gonna be catching? Well, there’s a, there’s a apparently like an I, I got you a new Pokemon today. Dude got him. Let’s see who was it? Oh, to toge buried at the toge before announcing got him. So they went and got the toge, I guess that’s a Pokemon. Oh snor lab X known as this sleeping Pokemon. So these police, they were going to go catch the Pokemon on the, uh, on the Pokemon game. And I think a burglary happened that they didn’t respond to. So it’s kind of a funny story. Go check that out. If you wanna take a look at it, captain underpants says, how come Jerry Nadler hasn’t been arrested? I him take the podium on CSPAN. Captain underpants. Well Jerry Nadler, nobody wants to go near him cuz he’s walking around. I think he’s like at 42 and a half pounds of fecal matter in his diaper.

That’s why he waddles everywhere. He goes. So I think that’s what the problem. Nobody wants to go near him. Can you blame him? I PWS MKZ AZ says, are you gonna make a separate video on it is VAX? Probably I’ll probably yes or we’ll talk about it tomorrow. I haven’t read the opinion, but I am going to certainly comment on it. I just don’t know in what format yet. Grouchy cat lady says Ray E is the proverbial smoking gun. Oh wait. I said gun. I must join all the domestic terrorists now grouchy come over here. We’ve got plenty of space over here. It’s cozy. Sergeant Bob says, I trust my Arizona folks. Way more than the Oregon Dems. It’s better here. I’m glad you’re here. Sergeant Bob, Arizona just feels a little bit more full spawn. Doc says, Rob, I don’t know if they found her replacement for rush limbo, but if they haven’t, I nominate you I’ll go back to listening to AMW dog.

That is like the nicest compliment anybody’s ever said to me ever. I, I rush was such a huge inspiration to me growing up. I was for sure a rush baby, 100%. My mom used to, you know, uh, I’d get in the car and be like on volume 10. Like who the hell is this guy screaming about all this stuff? But it, it rubbed off. There’s no quite, I don’t think that I hold a candle in any way, shape or form to him. But uh, that’s a nice compliment. Thank you for that. Hey Rob, I’m surprised the MSM has not talked about the exoneration of the Malcolm assassins, whereas BLM on that one, certainly not protesting outside the Hoover building. Hoover’s FBI committed Brady violations in their cases to frame them. The Malcolm X case is now official a cold case. Interesting exoneration. Interesting. I didn’t know about that one.

I’ll have to Google that one and let’s see what else we’ve got PWS M K a Z says I’m for truth. No matter who tells it I’m for justice, no matter who it is for or against. I’m a human being first and foremost and as such I’m for whoever and whatever benefits, humanity as a whole Malcolm X. That’s a nice quote. I’ve never heard that one. I’m for justice, no matter who it is for or against man, I like that one that rings a bell that rings a bell. I like it. Let’s see, Chris wo says, sorry, Rob, forgot my name on the last one. I got the Malcolm X story from the innocence project. Yeah. Which is a good project. I like that quote a lot. I’m for justice. No matter who it’s for or against monster one says a fed was in the signal chat. Wonder who that could have been REEP. Yeah. Could have been right. I’m not sure <laugh> Molly says thank you for that answer. But I was specifically referring to a process of total abolition of that specific us code, which originally was used only for persons, not a citizen. And at the end of world war II, it was altered to include us citizens. If that could be changed to disclude us citizens, I believe that would make the difference. We need to do our duty. Okay. So then I think, I think Molly, what you’re then asking about.

So if you’re talking about sort of the interpretation of that, then that that could be done via case law, right? So like if somebody is chard now I, I on a deep dive on this edition law or a case law done any research on any of this, but the idea would be that if somebody was charged that the terminology was very vague that we read through the statute, right? We went through it, it says, uh, two or more people in an attempt to overthrow an interfere with a lawful operation of the us government. Okay. What does that mean? So a lot of that may be defined by case law by different cases, different holdings and different parts of the country, different part, different jurisdictions, essentially. And depending on the volume of sedition charges, right? Courts might interpret that differently and you might get different versions of instructions.

I don’t know what the volume of these types of charges are. Right. It might be something where it’s very low volume and this is gonna be something that’s, they’re figuring out sort of like we talked about with the Steve Bannon and the contempt of Congress cases, right? Like that’s been prosecuted, I think like three times. And most of them have all just gotten dismissed because the law is so vague. And so sort of, um, you know, there’s a problem with really vague laws. You can’t, you can’t know what you’re defending against. And so there are due pro uh, due process concerns about that. So I, I don’t know specifically, I think what, what you’re talking about. So something that could, could be changed to disclude us citizens, you know, if, if, if a court somewhere interpreted the history of that statute and says, I just don’t think it applies to the facts of this case. A judge could say that on, on the face of the charges, there’s not enough there and dismiss it on that basis. But that would be the only way it’d either be case law or it would either be through a modification, uh, by Congress just to actually modify the law, right. It’s either literally changed or it’s interpreted differently. One of those two things has to happen. Uh, I would say Sergeant Bob says the German shepherd, EV evidence is Nazi participation. That great point, the Germans were involved in this. Oh my goodness.

It’s not good. The Germans monster one says, Rob, these cops were trying to catch Pokemon cuz they don’t end up in prison. If one accidentally dies. <laugh> that’s a good point. It’s a lot safer. It is a lot safer. All right, my friends and I think that is it for us for the day, man. That was a long show. That was a big, long indictment to get through. But you can see, man, I’m just so grateful that America is hanging on by a thread there, that German shepherd that stick those goggles, the QRF force, that was just on the outskirts of town with ammo that that could have shown up. But didn’t man, we almost had it there. We almost became Trump Istan and it would’ve been a, just a horrible situation. But fortunately that didn’t happen. And that my friends is it for me for the day.

And I want to thank everybody who is a part of the show. Thanks to everybody over at watchingthewatchers.locals.com chatting away over there. Great questions today. Thanks to everybody who submitted a super chat and was able to support the show on YouTube. Thanks for everybody. Who’s holding the Fort down in the chat. We got Kay beans in the house. Zulu, Ze, Viti kisses over there, Henry Dixon and many others that my friends is it for us for the day. We’re gonna be back here tomorrow to do it all again. And I hope you join us then 4:00 PM Arizona time, 5:00 PM, mountain 6:00 PM on the east coast. And for that one Florida, man, who’s probably just got indicted. Everybody else have a tremendous evening sleep very well. I’ll see you right back here tomorrow. Bye bye.