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Hello my friends and welcome back to yet another episode of Watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Gouveia. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the R&R Law Group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona, and today we’re talking about the Joe Biden press conference, a cleanup on aisle Biden. We’re gonna hear from a lot of people today who hit the airwaves to try to fix a lot of the misstatements that came out of the president’s mouth last night during his about hour and 56 minute ramble. And so we are gonna hear from sake. We have her, she actually went on a number of different shows this morning. She was on Jake Tapper’s show and some of those others, but she went on Fox news and that’s how you know, it’s high alert red earth status over there at the white house, because they’re going over on Fox news.

They gotta go into the lion’s den to clean up this garbage. And so that’s what Janaki did. Now. We also have other people chiming in on what Joe Biden had to say. We’ve got Kamala Harris, who’s weighing in on two main issues. Two of the biggest issues that came out of the press conference. Y of course, the first one, lot of conversation about the election 2022 is coming up, right? It’s right now, actually we’re living in it and the midterms are taking place later this year. Now, if you remember for a long time, a lot of the Democrats have been screaming and shouting from the rooftops that people like Donald Trump and anybody who even looked at him once are ending America. By promoting this thing, they call the big lie saying that these elections were the most sacred, beautiful, secure things that have ever existed in the history of mankind and anybody who challenges them are enemies of America.

And so that’s been the same talking point we’ve been hearing for the last two years or so. And then Joe Biden came out and basically said, that exact same thing say said something like, well, we’re gonna see if they’re legitimate or not. It sort of depends who wins, which is what Donald Trump was being criticized about for a long time. And so we’re gonna have to see what Joe Biden and Jen Saki and Kamala have to say about all that. And then we’re gonna change gears and talk about Ukraine, Ukraine. We spent a lot of time I’m on this yesterday, Joe Biden was just sort of meandering around in a stream of consciousness conversation with himself yesterday. And he said that there was gonna be some serious repercussions and consequences for the Russians if they crossed that line. And then shortly thereafter, he muttered out under his breath.

Well, you know, I mean, if it’s a minor incursion, then, uh, probably not gonna be that big of a, but if it’s a major encourage, then it’s gonna be a problem. And everybody’s eyebrows went up going, huh? It’s kind of not what NATO’s been saying. It’s not what your own secretary of state Anthony Lincoln’s been saying. And it’s in fact not what the us policy is. So why did Joe say that we’re gonna have to break that down and of course, clean up crew right behind him with the shovel, just shoveling it in there. You’ve got Kamala Harris yet again, chiming in on that. And then we’re gonna hear from some other people, people who are on the other side of the aisle, we’ve got Rand, Paul, we’ve got Tom cotton who are two Republican senators who are going to, uh, come out and share their opinions on the press conference and that debacle.

And then we’re gonna check in with a guy named Frank LZ. Remember Frank LZ. He has kind of a weird story where I think he was hanging out with the, uh, somebody in the Republicans. They had like an apartment together in DC, weird stuff. Anyways, he did a focus group. Focus group is now going to be revealing how Americans really feel about Joe Biden and uh, this administration. And so we have just a lot to get to, as you can tell, if you wanna be a part of the show, the place to do that is over at watchingthewatchers.locals.com. Many people chatting away over there. We’ve got be spec tweaks in the house. Raey chip Von shoulder, all at watchthewatchers.locals.com playing hookey just cause we’ve got holy F mys stinks is on YouTube with Jimmy w Lean’s in the house, shout out to lean salty, avatar, Ang and Viti cuz prime of course, wrenching it up over there.

And so if you’re at locals on locals, then you can certainly use this form. Looks just like this will do our very best to get to your questions as the show continues. And so without any further ado, let’s get into it. Shall we? Joe Biden press conference one year anniversary and he didn’t have much to talk about, but the things he did talk about were very interesting. We heard from him that he might have some concerns about this 2022 saying that, you know, Republicans might be up to some ne nefarious activities out there and we’ve gotta secure these elections federally. And if we don’t pass these voting reform bills, if we don’t get this done well, then he’s not real sure about the future of America. And so we are going to, uh, take a look at what he said yesterday during the press conference.

But what’s more interesting is what Jen Saki said after the press conference, because she hit Twitter bright and early this morning, you can see Jen Saki blue check mark United States, government official posted this this morning, January 20th, 7:11 AM says from Jen, let’s be clear, right? So any time somebody says that, you know that they were not clear obviously, and they’re probably still not gonna be clear. So she says let’s be clear. Pods was not casting doubt on the legitimacy of the 2022 election. Okay. So we’re gonna revisit this phrase. We’re gonna take a look at what he said and read a transcript of it. So put a pin in that was not casting doubt on the legitimacy of the election. He was making the opposite point in 2020 a record number of voters turned out in the face of a pandemic and election officials made sure they could vote and have those votes counted.

Okay. So he says, okay, let’s carry on. Says he was explaining that the results would be illegitimate if states do what the former president ask them to do. After 2020 elections toss out ballots, overturn results. After the fact, the big lie is putting our democracy at risk. And so you can see here she’s capitalizing big and lie, which means she’s using it to identify a thing. That’s the Trump thing. She says we’re fighting to protect it. Okay. So all of this was Trump’s fault. Biden was not casting doubt on the legitimacy of the election making the opposite point. He was talking about 20, 20. Okay. 7:11 AM the day after the press conference. That’s Jen sake. Okay. Jen, we know you’ve got a hard job to do a difficult job to do. We know that your arms are tired from shoveling all this garbage, but let’s really see what he said and compare that to your explanation.

Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Per speaking of voting rights legislation, if this isn’t passed, do you still believe the upcoming election will be fairly conducted and its results will be legitimate?

Well, it all depends on, uh, it depends whether or not on what we’re able to make the case to the America and people that some of this is being set up to try to alter the outcome of the

Election. So it won’t be legitimate is

What you’re saying. One thing, look,

Maybe I’m just change, change cop topics

Too much of an optimist. Remember how we thought, not that many people were gonna show up to vote in the middle of a pandemic where the highest voter turned out of the history of the United States of America. Yeah. Um, I think if in fact, no matter how hard they make it for minorities to vote, I think you’re gonna see them willing to stand in line and, and defy the attempt

To keep that’s so ridiculous.

I think you’re gonna see the people who try to keep from being able to show up wow. Showing up and making a sacrifice that needs to be make in order to change the law back to what it should be. Um, and, uh, but it’s gonna be difficult. I, I, I, I make no bones about that. It’s gonna be difficult, but we’re not there yet. We’ve not run out of options yet and we’ll see how this moves

And on Aron

And education. All right. So you heard that goes, but let’s take a look at that at that language, the transcript specifically. Thank you, sir. A moment ago. Uh, you believe that we would have free and fair elections in 2022. Do you still think that they would in any way be illegitimate? President says, oh yeah. I think it easily could be illegitimate. Yeah. Says, yeah, I think it easily could be illegitimate. Okay. So put a pin in that. Uh, and did she ask about the 2020 election or? No, she’s asked about the 2022 election. Okay. He says, imagine if Trump had succeeded in convincing Pence to not count the votes while I imagine if go on. Okay. In regards to 22, sir, the midterms president says, oh, okay. Yeah. 20, 22. I mean, look, imagine if those attempts to say what the count was, not legit, you have to recount it.

We’re not going to count. We’re going to discard the following voice votes. I mean, sure. I’m not going to say, I’m not going to say it’s going to be legit. Okay. I’m not going to say it’s going to be legit. It’s the increase. And the prospect of being illegitimate is in direct proportion to us not being able to get these, these reforms passed. Okay. So if you pass my bill, it’s legitimate. If you don’t pass my bill, it’s illegitimate. Same argument that they were saying Donald Trump was making. If I win it’s legitimate. If I lose it’s illegitimate, same exact argument Biden. If I win the midterms, probably legitimate. And based on the fact that he’s gonna lose them and the voting bills are not going to be passed. Obviously he is pre butting the loss, which is the exact same outcome that people were so antsy about with Donald Trump, right?

Pre butting, the, oh, you’re gonna lose. And once you do lose, then you’re gonna have undermined American democracy by saying these things and jeopardizing the, the sanctity of the vote. Right. That was the same argument. It, they made it both times. They made it, they made it with Donald Trump. Are they gonna make it here? Let’s see. So we saw what he said. Uh, two, two different proportions of it being illegitimate. Yeah. I think it could easily be illegitimate. And it’s the prospect of being illegitimate is in direct proportion to being able to get those reforms passed. So it’s a one to one relationship. Jen Soki said he won wasn’t casting doubt on the legitimacy of the 20, 22 election period, period. That’s what she said. So it’s not true at all. He was making the opposite point. Well, he didn’t talk about that. He talked about 20, 22, so it’s a nice little spin move.

Now she goes on to, uh, Jake Tapper show. So as I mentioned now, Jake, uh, has Janak on Janaki was on Fox news. Janaki was on all over the place today. She had a press briefing. We’re gonna hear a lot from her, but Kamala Harris was also hitting the airwaves today, which is how you know, it’s bad. If, if they bring Kamala out, if they’re like sitting around in the oval office and they’re like, this is horrible. What should we do? Somebody says, um, is Pete boot deje around? No, no. Don’t bring him. Cuz the ports are full. Is um, Lloyd Austin around? No, he’s got uh COVID is secretary blink somewhere? No, he’s in the Ukraine. Shoot. Who else? Can we get out there in front of the cameras? Ned rice. No John Kirby. No. All right. Kamala, gotta bring Kama out. She’s all we got. Okay. Who wants to go knock on her door? Not at everybody says, no, I don’t wanna do it. So somebody when got her, so she, they brought her out too. And so they’re bringing the whole crew out because you know, it’s pretty bad, Jen. Sake’s on tappers. Here’s Tapper now. Right? So

I get that. There are efforts on the state level because this is also what the president was trying to tie it to efforts on the state level to make it more difficult to vote. Some of that is no doubt born from the big lie. Some of it is nefarious. Some of it is election officials saying we’re not in the middle of the pandemic. Like we were in November, 2020. We don’t need to do everything like we did. But I guess my, my bigger question is if we’re saying that there’s no election, uh, that’s legitimate. If there are effort to suppress the vote, then when has there ever been a legitimate election in this country trying to suppress American votes has been going on since the founding of this country.

That that’s not what we’re saying. Jake people should be confident in the protections that we are going to continue to enforce. But also we know it’s not long ago, history. It is re recent history. Sure. When the former president tried to overturn the outcome that is different than the effort to suppress the vote, we need to fight against both. We need to ensure we’re using every tool at our disposal. Uh, obviously a lot of those would be through the democratic national committee. Uh, and a lot of those are gonna be through local efforts. And that’s what the president was, was attempting to to, but

He didn’t say the elections are gonna be legitimate and I’m gonna be there making sure that they are legitimate and we’re gonna fight and you need to turn out to vote. I mean, he basically, he basically refused to say that definitively that they’re gonna be legitimate vice president Harris today also with Savannah Dorie also refuse to say that the results will be legit. She, she pivoted to saying, yeah, we’re gonna get there. Jake. We America cannot afford to allow this blatant erosion of our democracy. And in particular, the right of all Americans got, who are eligible to vote to have UN to have access to the, the ballot unfettered. So I hear what you’re saying, but you do not seem to be on the same page as the president and vice president.

I I’ve spoken with the president about this extensively. I speak on his behalf. He is not questioning the legitimacy of the 20, 22 election he did already, but it is also his responsibility. And the vice presidents did to be very candid and clear, right. And communicate with the American people about what is at risk and what they need to ensure they know what their rights are and what the former president attempted to do in 20. And we can’t forget and stop talking about that,

Moving on to, to

Russia. All right. So they move on. So, uh, yeah. I see somebody said, this is way too much CNN John man he’s oh my God. Way too. Oh, I know John. It’s gonna be a rough day today cuz we’re gonna be listening to a lot of these knucklehead trying to say the opposite of what Joe Biden said. Okay. Cuz he came out yesterday and said, I think the 20, 20, 22 election might be illegitimate. And Jen Soki says, he didn’t say that. And I just read the transcript where he said that. Exactly. So it’s confusing now, Jen Soki of course went onto Fox news to her credit. My goodness, this doesn’t happen often. And it was actually a really lame interview. It was about 10 minutes long. They asked her a bunch of stuff that wasn’t even been brought up yesterday, which was really dumb. They’re like, uh, you want to, uh, chime in on immigration policy? Well, he didn’t talk about immigration policy. So, uh, I, I guess why are you asking her about that? So they asked her some, some questions. This was a good one about voting rights and it is a, um, the same answer, right? So she’s got her, her response. That is not what Biden said. It’s also not what Kamala Harris says. We’re gonna hear from her in a minute. So it’s actually opposite of what this administration says. And here she is again on Fox. Well first,

Uh, I’ve talked to the president a lot about this and he absolutely is not predicting, uh, that the 2022 actions would be illegitimate. The point he was raising was both that in 2020, even amongst challenging circumstances efforts to suppress the vote and, and the midst of a pandemic, there was record turnout, Democrats and Republicans record turnout to go to the polls. And the point he was making is that the former president asked a number of states seven or more, or in fact to overturn the outcome of the election.

Uh, Jen, that’s not what he said yesterday. He didn’t say that. And neither did Kamala. Let’s fast forward to the Kamala clip. Shall we? Yeah, we’re gonna skip that one. Let’s go to Kamala right now because here’s what’s happening with Jen. Jen has a very difficult job. I don’t envi it now. She has only really one option, right? To come out there and tow the party line, not the administration’s line because she’s got midterms coming up. She’s got another election in 24. And so they, this is really Donald Trump. Couldn’t be happier that this happened, right. Donald Trump has been that one of the biggest sort of thorns in his side has been this election legitimacy, January 6th thing. He’s been making the point that he’s been making for a long time here. You can’t even talk about it anymore. But Joe Biden is making the same dang point.

Donald Trump came out with a, a, a post press release. He’s like, yeah, I told you, I’ve been saying this the whole time problems with this stuff everywhere. Here’s Kamala now prognosticating into the future. Here’s how, here’s what she says. Now this is Savannah Guthrie. I think this is a long clip. So we’re gonna, we’re gonna play. Let’s see how long we can get through it. I know it’s Kamala. I know everyone hates it, but we gotta get it’s part of the part of the job. It’s like going to the gym. We gotta get through it. Here it is.

Let’s talk about another comment. The president made, he openly cast out on whether the 2022 midterm elections would be legitimate. He said it all depends. Um, which is astonishing to hear a president question, whether our elections will be legitimate. We’ve heard it before, but not from this president. He really concerned that that we may not have fair and free elections. Yeah.

The president has been consistent on this issue. What is it? And the issue at hand, the issue I was there last night, uh, in the chamber of the Senate, what, and the issue is that there are two bills. The John Lewis voting rights and the freedom to vote act that have been the, the solution that has been offered to address the fact that around our country states have put in place laws that are purposely making it more difficult for the American people to vote laws, which will be felt by at least 55 million Americans, regardless of their party affiliation their race, their gender, or their geographic location. Well, to

The point then, okay, take your breath. Okay. Take your breath. I know that was a lot. All right, we’re gonna go back in in a minute, but just catch your breath. Let your eardrums settle down for a minute. Get some ice packs. If you need, ’em wrap your head around, you know, wrap ’em around there, but what did, did she answer the question at all? Did she talk about it at all? No. She goes off into, you know, language about the voting rights bills that need to be passed. And so we’re gonna pick back up with Ms. Guthrie who say, hold on a second here, Kamala because you and your party, angel Biden and sake and everybody else, every one of the Democrats has been ranting and raving for the last two years that about this big lie conversation, Joe Biden kind of said the same thing. So I need you to tell us what your perspective is. And she started her little speech by saying, Joe, Biden’s been very consistent on this. What is the answer? Come on. Let’s listen in,

Were debated, but it’s the bills were debated and they didn’t pass.

They finish

If I may finish. But the specific question, if you don’t mind, does he think now that these bills haven’t been passed, that the 22 midterms won’t be legitimate or fair or free

L let’s not conflate issues. So we are looking at, and, and the topic of so much debate last night was that we, as America cannot afford to allow this blatant erosion of our democracy and in particular. So the right of all Americans who are eligible to vote to have access to the ballot, unfettered, that is the topic of the conversation. Okay. And let’s not be distracted by the political gamesmanship when, what is truly at stake or are, are issues like whether Americans with disability have the opportunity to vote by mail.

Okay, filibuster, here she goes.

The opportunity with three kids in the back seat, all right. To vote by dropping off their ballot in a Dropbox. Instead, a clock out had to stand in line with those three kids for hours. These are the issues cut off at

Stake, cut

Late significant and, and, and pivotal issues. So in terms of our democracy, we had an extensive conversation about foreign policy Savannah. Well, I’ve met with, I’ve met with prime ministers and presidents. Oh, pivots away, both partners and allies of ours, pivots. They are asking, ah, what is going on with voting rights in America? Oh, back to voting. They look to us as a role model. Oh. Of what back to voting needs to be a democracy. And they are monitoring to wonder and question whether there is an erosion, is there an erosion and therefore an erosion of one of the best role models of what a democracy does and

Can do. So what does that sound like? Did she just come in here and say that our democracy sounds like it’s really safe and legitimate? No, she didn’t at all. She spent two minutes there sort of saying, well, look, other people around the world are looking back upon us. They’re wondering really if American democracies eroding before our very eyes, which is the exact same argument that Joe Biden’s making, he came out and said, it may not be legitimate. Really. There really is a real, severe problem with this election. It may in fact be problematic. She just said the same thing. Other people around the world are looking back down on America. And they’re seeing all sorts of concerns here.

So it’s not in fact what Jen sake said, Jen sake, as a press briefing. Now she goes out and she has to answer these questions. Here’s what somebody asks of her. She’s got two people now. Okay. Two of her bosses, the president said that yesterday doubts the legitimacy. The vice president said it this morning. Can’t really support the legitimacy concerned that it may be. And that these, these voting rights acts were absolutely necessary. Otherwise, we can’t really tell you whether it’s a legitimate election or not. So we have two of the most powerful people in the country consistent on this. Jen sack needs to deal with it. Here’s how that goes. Number elections are gonna be suspect.

Well, I talked to the president about this last night, uh, and morning, uh, he was not intending to cast out on the legitimacy of the 2020 election. He was actually attempting to make the opposite point, which is that in 2020, uh, despite COVID despite many attempts to suppress the vote, a record number of voters, Democrats, and Republicans, independents too, turned out in the face of a pandemic, an election officials made sure they could vote and have those votes votes counted. He was also explaining that the results would be illegitimate if states do what the former president asked them to do in more than a half a dozen states in 2020, uh, after the 2020, uh, election toss out ballots and overturn results after the fact and his view is that what, one of the most important roles we can play now is informing and educating the public on what these laws are on efforts to suppress their vote. Uh, and even beyond the laws, uh, efforts in different states across the country to make it more difficult for them.

Yeah. And that’s, this is where Joe Biden was saying that literally like different Republicans and different, uh, state legislatures are trying to prevent minorities from voting. You know, I mean, you talk about out a guy who came in here promising to unite everybody. And that is absolutely the opposite of that. I mean, it’s really, you know, offensive, but, uh, that’s what they’ve got, right? That’s the only cards that they have left and you can see Jen sake’s is getting very clever with the language. I mean, if you really parse this language out, you could, you could spend a lot of time on it, but she says, you know, she she’s being very careful with it. She says that the president is not upset about what these states are doing. She’s upset the, the president’s upset about the states following what Donald Trump asked them to do, which is to throw out and not count votes.

You see how clever that is to, to phrase that, right. Really what these Republican states are doing is they’re saying, oh, you know how you moved our election dates around Willy nilly last time, you know, how in Wisconsin, how you sort of, uh, allowed some changes in the rules to take place and made it actually way easier for people to vote, like waving, uh, ID requirements and stuff like that. They don’t want that to happen in their local elections anymore. And so they’re making some changes because they were unhappy with how it was governed last time. And so Jen is saying, well, that is them buckling to the pressure of Donald Trump. That they’re just sort of rolling over. And since Donald Trump is such this, uh, epitome of anti-democratic values, that anything that is sort of tainted or connected to him is thereby bad. So it’s sort of a, an argument by proxy.

It’s a, it, it, it’s trying to make these states look bad by saying that they’re doing what Donald Trump asked them to do. When in truth, there’s a lot of legitimate reasons why the states might want to reform their voting rights, their voting laws, why they may be more concerned about voter integrity rather than voter enfranchisement. Okay. Rather than having everybody vote, however many times they want for as many candidates as they want three, four times vote without an address, without an ID, somebody can pick up their ballots for ’em. Somebody can just bring wheel barrels of boxes in from wherever they want voter enfranchisement. Let’s think about the opposite of that. How about voter integrity? What if we want elections to be legitimate and make sure one person one vote it’s in on time, we don’t bend the rules around for everybody. Willynilly because of some urgent crisis.

And so they’re making some changes as they’re allowed to do as the constitution says, because the states are running the elections. And what they wanna do is, is encroach upon those rights, gobble them up into the federal. And it’s very inappropriate. And so here we can see that that was Jen sake’s argument. Now, Jen sake, that was on Fox news voting rights. Well, first I I’ve talked. Okay. So I’m just making sure we, we went a little bit out of order, so I wanna make sure we hit all the clips and we did. Okay. So that was, and Saki trying to clean up the press conference that Joe Biden had yesterday, speaking at a turn about the next election, spreading a big lie. I’m very curious when, uh, all of the social media companies are gonna ban all of the white house accounts for undermining American democracy would be very nice if they upheld that standard.

But of course, we know that they won’t president Biden during his press conference. Also stepped in it when talking about the Russian Ukraine situation. And once again, Jen sake had to do a cleanup. This one was very fast. We know that back on, uh, earlier this morning, Jen, Sakey had to fix the voting rights issue that Biden botched. And she posted that tweet at, uh, seven 16 this morning. I think it was very early, bright and early, probably with her cup of coffees, like, all right, got a big to-do list here. Joe Biden left a big pile of manure on my front door today, and we’re gonna start working through it, but she couldn’t wait until this morning to get started. She had to get this out last night, January 19th. You see here, it says a statement from press secretary, Jen Saki on Russian aggression towards Ukraine, January 19th, which is funny because Joe Biden just told us on January 19th, what the stance was towards Ukraine and Russia and this whole situation.

So why do we need to hear from Jen sake? Very strange. So sake comes out and says, all right, everybody, president Biden has been clear <laugh> which, which again, Noe hasn’t Jen. That’s why you have to post this. If he had been clear, this press briefing statement would not be necessary, but anyways, she’s doing the best. She can says president Biden has been clear with the Russian president. If any Russian military forces move across the Ukrainian border, that’s a renewed invasion and it will be met with a swift severe and United response from the United States and our allies. Well, that’s not what he said yesterday there, Jen, he said yesterday, something very different. Something about minor incursions are okay, we’re gonna get to that clip in a minute, says president Biden also knows from long experience being a 37 year bureaucrat, that the Russians have an extensive playbook of aggression, short of military action, including cyber attacks and P paramilitary tactics.

And he affirmed today that those acts of Russian aggression will be met with decisive, reciprocal and United response. Okay. I’m sure it will there Joe. I’m real sure it will. You know, so I actually have a, well, maybe I’ll save that story here. We have the clips now. So that was the press statement from Joe Biden from Jen. Soki cleaning up what Joe Biden and said yesterday. And this is where we get a little bit of a mixing of the messaging. Joe Biden comes out during his state, uh, speech portion of the press conference and says, you know, some pretty hard language and kind of sounds like tough old Joe. Here’s what that sounded like.

They make a, if they invade, they’re gonna pay, they’re not going. Their banks will not be able to deal in dollar, no dollars. There’s a, lot’s gonna happen. But here’s the thing, my conversation with put and we’ve been, um, how can we say it? We have no problem understanding one another. Okay. He has no problem understanding me nor me him. Does he speak Biden? And the, and the direct conversations were that’s impressive. I said, you know, you you’ve, uh, occupied before other countries, but the price has been extremely high. How long you can go in and over time have great loss and economic loss go in and occupy Ukraine. Yeah. But how many years? 1, 3, 5, 10. What, what is that gonna take? What toll does that take? It’s real. It’s consequential. Okay. So this is not all just a cake walk for Russia. Militarily. They have overwhelming superiority. Oh, good. And on the that’s as it relates to Ukraine, but they’ll pay a stiff price immediately near term, medium term and long term if they do it.

All right. So there you go. You’ve got a line in the sand. President says, you know, they’re gonna be serious consequences if they even think about this, if they cross this look, they have superior military. It’s a problem for our side, but that’s okay. Uh, glad that I’m announcing that in, uh, open air. So, okay. So they have ultimate superiority, but we’re gonna make sure that their banks are hit pretty hard. And, um, I’m serious about this. And if you think I’m joking, if you think that you can rely on my performance in Afghanistan, that was an aberration, right. We’re, you know, we’re gonna do better this time. And we mean it this time as well. So very tough Joe, which is nice. It’s good. You know, it’s strong American leadership. All right, good job. So then he comes out and then sort of, uh, says the opposite. All right.

So I think what you’re gonna see is that Russia, it will be held accountable if it invades. And it depends on what it does. It’s one thing, if it’s a minor incursion and then we end up having to fight about what to do and not do, et cetera. Oh,

Well, okay. Well, that’s different. <laugh>, that’s different than what you just said, cuz previously you said, if they even think about it’s gonna be a big problem, but now you said, well, you know, kind of depends on what they do. You know? I mean, if they come in here and they’re like having a cup of tea, maybe we’re not upset about that. But if they come in here and they start to, uh, like for example, if they steal the podium out of Ukraine, oh my goodness. Well, there’s gonna be some serious consequences. I’m sure of that. But so Joe Biden, sending MIS mixed messages and of course, minor incursion doesn’t sound ideal. Like what if it’s your country? What if, what if you’re sitting there and your strong ally is, is like, uh, well, uh, let’s say it’s the United States. And our president said, well, you know, we’re gonna defend this country.

You know, unless there’s a little incursion, you like, like if Mexico like storms into Southern Arizona and like, you know, takes over Tucson, we’ll have to talk about it. We’ll have a conversation about it, but you know, if they get to Phoenix, then if they move north or Northern to Phoenix, then we’re gonna have a big problem there. So, uh, strange, right? You’d, you’d be like that’s offensive. And so the president of Ukraine felt that way says, uh, he posted this this morning, everybody’s bright and early this morning, January 20 cleaning up the Biden mess says, uh, Hey world, we want to remind the great powers that there are no minor incursions and small nations just as there are no minor cap casualties and little grief from loss of loved ones. I say, this is the president of a great power Ukraine.

So man, I’m so glad that we have somebody with like 37 years of foreign policy diplomatic experience in charge, cuz this is a good way to, uh, show support to your ally. Now, Anthony Lincoln’s over there and they had a conversation with their comp Padres over there yesterday. We had a long conversation about that, but not kind of the best, most reassuring type of language coming from your strongest ally, really the only counterbalance to Russia, right? China’s not gonna support Ukraine, Vivi Russia. So why, who, who else is, is there? It’s kind of the us now we don’t talk a lot about Liz Channey on this show. Well, we actually, but not in a nice way, but even she’s upset with Joe Biden, she says president Biden’s description of a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine as a quote, minor incursion was deeply troubling and dangerous.

Now Liz Chaney of course would go to war with a toddler if she could. And so she’s very upset about this, right? Uh, oh, saying, Nope, it should be nuclear bombs. I mean, if there’s a MI, if Putin even blinks wrong, there should be ICBMs launched automatically. In fact, Liz Channey would like to have the phone that does it. Putin must understand that any Russian invasion will be met with swift and overwhelming response from the us and our NATO allies. Yeah. Uh, on the phone with dad and uh, you know, they’re just ready to go to war. So, uh, a lot of people reacting to this comment, including, you know, the UK here’s Boris Johnson over there, who’s, you know, responding to Biden’s comments about minor incursions into Ukraine. Now England has been sending flights. I, I showed you this yesterday. I talked about this yesterday, they’re up and off, you know, arms just around the clock over there in Ukraine.

And so when Joe Biden says, well, you know, it’s, it’s just a little, you know, friendly incursion. It’s kind of like that prosecutor in the written house case, everybody, you know, gets beat up every now and then everybody just gets a little bit of an incursion. Okay. It’s just part of and up part of growing up, Hey, you wanna live over there? Do don’t you, well, you’re gonna have to deal with some angry Russians from time to time. And so that’s sort of been, you know, the Biden, uh, purview on this whole thing, but other leaders around the world not buying it, here’s Boris Johnson. What he said, look

Being no doubt that if Russia were to make any kind of incursion into UK Ukraine of any, uh, on any scale, whatever, I think that that would be a, uh, disaster for not just for Ukraine, but for Russia, we disaster for the world and the UK stands squarely, but behind the, the sovereignty and integrity of, uh, of, of, of Ukraine.

So you heard what he said at the beginning, uh, look, any type of incursion, anything whatsoever, any type of movement at all is gonna be a problem. And we’ve been very consistent about this. I know Joe Biden can’t remember what he had for breakfast in the morning, but he also needs to, uh, you know, remember that we’re talking about some pretty important issues here and the Russians are listening, Putin’s listening. So Kamala of course is also there doing cleanup on the Ukraine situation, the Ukraine Russian situation. And here is what she is saying as well,

Will interpret any violation of Ukraine and territorial integrity by Russia and Vladimir Putin as an aggressive action. And it will be met with costs severe and, and, and, and certain

Costs severe and certain. And so we already actually see some of those things happening to be fair to Biden in that this administration, they are making moves toward to the Russians. You can see here, the us department of treasury has sanctioned. Now a few people, I think there was four people total who got sanctioned, uh, backed actors, responsible for the destabilization activities in the Ukraine. So it is it’s all financial, right? All financial department of treasury of foreign assets, sanctioned for individuals engaged in government directed influence to destabilize Ukraine, latest action. We have taken to target purveyors of Russian disinformation, including designations in April. Oh great. I think they wanna do this here at home. So just get ready for it. Today’s actions is intended to target, undermine and expose Russia’s ongoing destabilization effort. This action is separate and distinct from different high impact measures.

The United States and its partners are prepared to impose in order to inflict significant costs on the Russian economy and financial system. If there are further incursions. So we got a warning shot here, folks, right? This is the department of treasury who’s taking against these four people. The individuals designated today act at the direction of the Russian FSB, the federal security service, an intelligent service sanctioned by the United States and they support Russia directed influence operations against the us and its allies. Four individuals who played various roles in Russia’s global. I to destabilize sovereign countries and support of the Kremlin’s political objectives. United States will continue to take steps through actions like this, to identify expose and undercut Russia’s destabilization efforts. So, I mean, look, hopefully those efforts were a little bit more than what they, uh, they did during the last election. I think they bought like a few thousand and votes or, uh, Facebook likes or something like that, who knows. But the department of treasury is stepping into high gear and Joe Biden, of course, is making his error, uh, uh, making his presence known around the white house here. He was around the oval, uh, around whatever table. This is all social distance. And he gets asked about the press briefing from yesterday. Let’s listen in

Mr. President, have you, have you heard president’s comments, president? You guys let’s president

Let Joe there’s poor Joe, just kind of confused as always. And so they are just, you know, throwing him right outta the press room now, uh, I think he gave a statement or said something like that, but I couldn’t get a clip of it. You know, backpedaling on a lot of what he said yesterday, the Republicans of course, are not going to be letting any of this stand. We’ve got two clips from two Republican senators who are hitting the airwaves themselves and catching up everybody else, you know, on their perspective about Joe Biden’s disastrous press conference here is Rand Paul over on Newsmax. Here’s what he said by cleanup

On oh five. When it comes to Ukraine, Russia, the comments made by the president, um, really deep into the press conference using that term. Uh, if a minor incursion occurs, um, it would be different on how to handle it, et cetera, and I’m paraphrasing. But again, that term minor incursion forced the white house press secretary to release a response clarifying if any Russian troops invade Ukraine, there would be action taken by the United States, et cetera. Uh, but bottom line, did you read that as a green light to Vladimir Putin from this president that a minor incursion is acceptable?

I think it’s a mistake to Telegraph every action you would do to your adversaries in advance, because it might encourage actions that you don’t want. So it was a huge mistake. I think it shows that president Biden may not be, uh, capable of doing spontaneous or extemporaneous speaking. So I think he’s still able to read notes and it might be fine for him to read from, uh, you know, prepared remarks. But I think it’s a big mistake for him to speak extemporaneously. It may well be dangerous for our country and dangerous for the world because there doesn’t seem to be a lot of thoughtfulness going into what comes out of his mouth.

So that’s great. That’s that’s Rand Paul, he’s kind of doing that doctor clinician thing, you know, well, it was a very interesting performance by the president. We were able to see him conjure together several different sentences and a cohesive thought do attribute that to the fact that he had notes in front of him on the podium at the time, as soon as those notes expired and he had to transition into live rounds of conversation, didn’t work out too well for him. And so my advice as a doctor would very simply to be, to stop that type of conversation. And so he just moves on, which is exactly what we’re all thinking. And, uh, ran Paul nails it as always. So that’s him. And then we’ve got Tom cotton who’s next up <laugh> who’s also, uh, going to be, uh, ripping into the Biden team. Let’s listen to what that sounds like from Fox news. Look, Senator

It. She said it, the president didn’t say that though. And it wasn’t like he misspoke. He really dissected, he said exactly what he was anticipating and what we should brace for. What do you say about that?

Yeah, well he did. And he spoke at greater length about Ukraine as well. Um, and, uh, what really matters is not what his underlings claim he said or what his cheerleaders and the democratic media heard, what matters is what the Ukrainian president heard. And we just heard from him and most importantly, what Vladimir Putin heard and what Vladimir Putin heard is that he has a green light to invade Ukraine and remember, yeah, these troops more than a hundred thousand Russian troops and sailors, didn’t just show up on Ukraine’s border and a vacuum. This is happening in the aftermath of the CA catastrophic weakness. And haplessness that president Biden displayed last August, getting our own people out of Afghanistan, Vladimir Putin saw that and he saw how president Biden has appeased him for the last year. And he’s concluded that now is the time to go for the jugular in Ukraine because Joe Biden cannot lead a unified and strong response from the United States and our European allies. Yeah.

And we talked about this yesterday. I mean, it felt like Joe Biden was almost goating him. You know, we, yesterday I was saying it, it sounds like he already has sort of accepted fate that Ukraine is lost. Like the decisions already been made. And you remember that one quote from Biden yesterday when he said, um, well, I sort of expect that he’ll do it. I mean, he’s gotta do something and you’re going, brother. You know, you’re not at a bar around with friends strategizing, you know, the next move that you’re gonna make with your future endeavors, but you’re not supposed to be pontificating about this stuff in front of the whole world while Putin’s gotta do something. And so Putin sitting over there going, oh, oh, you think I gotta do something? All right, well, how about I do something and wreck everything for you, Tom cotton of course is calling that out.

And so the Ukraine Russian situation will continue to unfold before us. Now we’ve heard a lot about Russia Ukraine. Remember when they impeached a former president over that phone call that was made to VI Y the Russian ambassador. This sounds like it might be a little bit more complicated than that. I wonder if they’re gonna impeach Joe Biden there. All right. And so that’s the latest update on Joe Biden, his press conference clean up after the Ukraine situation. We’ve got one more sec meant to talk through Jen Saki was asked about president Biden and his left word, lurch pulling people towards the left. You remember that Ducey asked him this question yesterday during the press conference. And so Saki gets asked about that again today. One voter says,

I just want to send a message. I think that demo credit party is nuts at the moment. And the only way I can send that message is with my vote. And then another voter responds to that. Yeah, the progressives have taken over the democratic party. Um, I just want you to respond to that and to the broader criticisms that the administration is being moved too far to the left, and that could present challenges down

The road for you. Well, I’m not gonna respond to individual people and focus groups. Um, but I will tell you that, um, the president’s view and our view is that, uh, his agenda is one that is broadly popular in the country, uh, among many progressives, but also among many moderates and frankly many Republicans who are maybe not sitting in this zip code, but are members of the public at large. Um, and that’s because, uh, negotiating the price of prescription drugs is something people think is long overdue. Uh that’s because a lot of people can’t afford the cost of childcare. It is prohibitively expensive. That is why 2 million women in part why 2 million women are not in the workforce.

Okay. So polling going too far left. No. A lot of our policies are actually broadly popular throughout gigantic swaths of America. Is that right there, Jen, are you sure about that? Cuz the AP doesn’t say so AP posted this January 20th, 2022 says Biden’s approval rating has steadily declined over the year from 59 in July to 50, by September to 43, AP nor poll shows 56% of Americans disapprove of how Biden’s handling his job. Now you also remember that there was a big statement or big question yesterday from, I think it was the Newsmax guy who asked the president about his cognitive decline and said, look, sir, with all due respect, you’ve been in office for 37 years. Apparently that means that you’ve done something meaningful with your life, thanks for all of your service, but do you have dementia? We need to know cuz you’re running the country and he didn’t even respond it, uh, to it at all.

I didn’t even answer it. And so he’s, you know, he’s been sort of pairing these questions away saying that they’re not relevant, but it’s looking like the polls are going the opposite direction. AP is also reporting poll also finds that close to half of Americans are not confident that Biden net 79, the oldest president in history is healthy enough or has the mental capability to do the job effectively. So it’s not a rude question, right? It’s a question that many Americans are thinking, uh, close to half in fact are thinking that. And so the president, you know, I think has an obligation to respond to that now Biden approval. This is the rest of the story hits the lowest of the first year. First time disapproving of his handling, uh, majority first time disapproving of what he’s doing more Americans disapprove now than ever as of now just 28% of Americans say they want Biden to run for reelection in 24.

Do you see that number 28%? And that includes only 48% Democrats. Yikes. They’ve got three more years of this guy. Three years asked on Wednesday about this Biden said, I don’t believe the polls. It’s a stark reversal from early in Biden’s presidency in July 59% proved dipped to 50% in September. And it just goes on. You can see this is what it looks like in charge it’s. So even Democrats that were basically near 100%, which is just wild, uh, back in, in January, they’ve trickled back down to 76%. So there’s still 76% of Democrats that are like, this is pretty good. It’s going pretty well. Yeah. Yeah. I’m pretty happy with everything I look around here and yeah, feels right. Feels pretty good for me. So that’s interesting now, you know, independence of course, are all of them averaged out down to about 43 Republicans, uh, a little bit more connected to reality. 9% of them are like, yeah, pretty good. Relative to the 76% of the, uh, Democrats. Now you can break this up by, it looks like, what is this men and women? So women about 46%. So he’s underwater with both de uh, both genders, men 40%.

So that’s tracking, right? Let’s see here. We got it broken down by race. So we’ve got uh, white, black and Hispanic. So the white people, 38% is the approval number. Uh, there let’s see, Hispanic is at 52% approved and black is at 60%. According to AP polling, AP, no polling, which are low, right? The are low numbers because these should be much higher. These standard lines are, uh, much higher. So, uh, not looking good. Let’s see here by age. So people under 45 still seem to think he’s doing all right about 49%. No, I’m sorry. Under 40, under 45 are, are at 36%. So the young folk think that he’s a disaster people over the age of 45. Well, that’s, that’s still young folk. I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t deviate that. You know, I think basically anybody under a hundred is young as far as I can tell.

So, uh, so 45 plus is 49%. So not sure what’s going on there, but you can see a cumulative summation of the polls hear from president Biden, job approval, uh, approve 49, 40 0.9% over at real clear politics. And then 53.9% disapprove. So that’s plus 13 points. Look at that plus 13, cause it’s just like a disaster. And so we can see even the New York times, their opinion page is reporting on this. And they’ve got interesting little group presentation from Frank LS. That guy who had that bunk bed with that congressperson in Washington says the lowest point in my lifetime about, uh, how, how the lowest point in my lifetime, how 14 independent voters feel about America. Uh, this was posted on January 20th. So let’s take a look. It seemed listening to a new times opinion focus group with 14 independent voters. They’re far more worried about their finances than about COVID.

We’re gonna go we’re I got, I got two clips of this. They were asked why they held Biden responsible for this and whether they would tell ’em if they had the chance, they talked about energy prices, the economy importance of being moderate desire to avoid mandates. The virus might not be done with America, but several of these independents are focus group was made up of about of people who voted at least once for president Barack Obama and at least once for president Trump. Okay. So they’re independence, right? These are sort of swap overs. People who sometimes will vote for Biden. And sometimes the other side, they were less furious about the state of the country than pessimistic about the future and dismissive about whether Mr. Biden, either party could improve things. Let’s see here, Republican of candidates who led the discussion said afterward, uh, Joe mansion came in for some praise.

Anthony Fauci came in for some criticism. Most were Luke warm on both Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump running again. So here’s a clip of what that sounds like we’re gonna hear from several different people. Of course, these are all, you know, supposedly independent people. We’ve got a number of different states chiming in Scott, from Ohio, Arizona, Virginia, California, two from California, Georgia, Illinois, Texas. You can see Frank lunch down here and we’ve got, uh, Kansas on the board, New York, another, uh, New York. All right, let’s listen to what they have to say. I think this is about a minute and a half

And I’m 66.

So I have seen this country last, the ups and downs. And I feel this is the lowest point in our, in my, in

My lifetime. That’s how many of you agree with that statement? That’s Janet from Ohio. You agree with that statement that this is the lowest point in your lifetime. Watch all the hands, Julia, and then Don, and then Alice, please tell me why. Cuz that’s significant. Julia.

Okay. The inflation is out of control. The gas prices out of control. Pandemic is out of control. Uh, our disaster on our borders.

I mean, with the head, the

Everything is bad and, and getting worse and foreign policy, you know, terrible, you know, Afghanistan, disaster. I mean, it’s just terrible.

Don. Why is this the worst time in your life?

Given the fact that I’m a father and also the fact that I’m an educator as well. It’s funny, Janet mentioned that, cuz that’s the angle I was gonna go. I hate the fact that kids can’t just be kids anymore. I feel like, yeah. The PPE is definitely preventing that and it is a scary time for even my daughter to come up. So therefore that’s why I stated what I did, right?

Yep. Alice, why so negative.

Okay. It’s it’s so negative put as I think they’re taking us back to the cave man, style, cave, CA cave, man time, meaning this. Okay. On caveman where you would walk around with a club and hit you over the head. I want what you have. So, you know like, and if you don’t give me whether there be money they steal from you, you know, this is what, this is what this is, this is what they’re doing. You know, I’m not saying they, but this is what’s happening. Okay. You can’t, you’re not even safe to walk around and go to the train station. Cause somebody might throw you off the train. Oh, somebody gonna try to take what you have in your pocket because they can’t get it. So this is, they regret the regression. We

Gotta move forward. Yeah. And that’s a great point, right? I mean I think, look, what have we spent most of this time talking about nothing that really any of these people talked about voting rights, right? Does anybody screaming about democracy failing? No. Anybody screaming about Russia, Ukraine global affairs? No. Right. They’re talking about kids having to put their masks in on and losing their lives for two years. As they’re coming up, we hear Don from Georgia talking about his daughters. He’s an educator saying that’s kind of the only thing I care about right now. Right? Other people talking about, I can’t get on the stinking subway, cuz somebody’s gonna push me in front of a train and Joe Biden and Jen sake are out there talking about Russia and voting right. And filibusters. It’s like, no wonder your numbers are in the toilet. Screaming about mandates, get the booster 35 times. Everything’s gonna get to be get better and it’s not people see it. So they’re unhappy about it as am I. How about you? Let’s take a look at your questions over from our friends at watchingthewatchers.locals.com and see what we’ve got going on here today. And I know there’s some super chats over from YouTube. And so we’ll take a look at that as well.

Uh, let’s see here jumping Jeff says, ah, Rob, the I in bum’s name is a long eye. I think bike. Not B. Yeah. I think you’re right about that. She corrected me on how I say that, but I’m not gonna to it <laugh> one B says the in-house Russians comment is exactly right on the encroachment of NATO. That was, I think, was that from today? Yeah. Tos forever says, do you agree that from a previous historical writings, that war will occur financial sanction war or physical war? You know? I don’t know. I mean, I don’t think I’m really overly qualified to a pin on that. I mean, if you take Joe Biden’s word for it, what does he say? Well, he better do something and it sure looks like it might be a physical war cuz they’re beefed up for it. So yeah, maybe they just go right on in there. I mean, this is what everybody is concerned about. Right? When you get a weak factless president up in there, somebody who can’t even remember most of the time, you’re gonna start to see moves being made around the world. China encroaching on Taiwan, Russia, encroaching on Ukraine and around and around we go because it’s it’s open season. What are they gonna do?

What they did in Afghanistan. Oh, I’m sure they’re real scared about that. And Joe Biden, you know, he’s already in the, so America’s not, you know, gonna stomach a new war. They’re not gonna do anything. They know that they’re not dumb. Sergeant Bob says the big lie is sleepy Joe from Sergeant Bob. Good to see you Sergeant. Let’s see what else we have. It’s ed says, Hey Rob, I know this is kind of ad hominin but I have to ask, does KA laugh sound like Bob bowls laugh from Mike? Tyson’s punch out. Oh my goodness.

You know, I’d have to take a look at that. You know, we might have to just, I remember that game and I think I know who you’re talking about. That game was one of the most frustrating games of all time. Kamala Harris is one of the most frustrating peoples of all time. It might be the same thing we have peely. Wally says, Hey Rob hope you’re well, Biden is just as in battled as the UK prime minister, just now UK PM for having a party back in 20, when the rest of the country were locked down before Christmas, I did see that headline and it doesn’t surprise me a bit, right? Cuz we were doing that here. All of our oligarchs over here were doing the same thing going out and having cocktail parties and hanging out with everybody, their mistresses in California, wherever they were going.

And the rest of us were locked down. Businesses being ransacked and everybody’s kids being uh, stolen from years of their lives gone evaporated. But here peely, Wally says, but Biden is completely different. His mind is clearly gone. As we saw in the press conference, it’s hard to believe that the most popular president in American history at the ballot box can sink to being one with one of the low was approval ratings from any president in history after only one year in power. How is that legitimately possible? That’s a good question. PEY. Wally, how is that possible? How could somebody who has such an enthusiastic momentous, sweeping electoral victory fall from grace so rapidly? How could peely Wally? How could people like you and many people who watch the show and people like me, who’ve been screaming about this for a long time. Now. How could we all see it in Joe Biden’s eyes two years ago?

But he still got elected. How is that? How is it that we had Don Trump with rallies, with stadiums full of people and Joe Biden had little circles in the lawn with nobody sitting in them. How is that? I don’t know. PEY Wally. It’s a good question. Hopefully we find some answers about that. Soon English. Dave says, if Biden is saying the elections will only be legitimate. If his legislation passes, what if his legislation doesn’t pass? But he still wins the election. I what I’ll say then it’s a good, it’s a good question. Right? I wonder what he’ll say. Maybe he’ll come back out and say, Nope. It was the most legitimate, serious, you know, secure election in history who knows spawn dog says, are we living in the Twilight zone? This administration will bold face, lie to us and then try to convince us we’re crazy for not leaving it or we’re racist.

If we ain’t on board racist or domestic terrorist or DVE or H V home homegrown, violent, extreme, whatever. There’s a lot of them. Greg Gonzalez says the only way the 2022 election is illegitimate is when the Democrats lose. If they win, then no problem. 2020 was so clean. We need to overhaul the election to avoid illeg legitimacy, right? It it’s, it’s not congruent. Now what they’re saying, of course their response to that is no, it, it was the most safe election ever until the Republicans fixed it. And then it became worse again. And so now we have to refix it our way, but I think everybody knows what’s going on there. John says nobody ever talks about Sam Walton or Ted Turner. These two had some silly ideas. Sam destroyed the co-ops and delivered cheap crap. We don’t need from China. Ted gave us 24 or seven alarmism disguised as news from John.

That’s true. That’s a lot of truth to that, right? There’s a lot of truth to that. We’ve got sort of a commoditized system. You know, we spend a lot of money on a bunch of useless crap that, uh, breaks instantly. And, but we go continue to buy it because it sort of hits that receptor button for us, you know? Oh, that feels good. Oh, order an Amazon. Oh, by now, by now, by now, by now, it’s all garbage, but that’s just part of the society that we live in now because everything is disposable and it’s uh, a sad state of affairs that was from John. John also said if there is a big lie, doesn’t that mean? There also, there also must be a little lie. Tell me lies. Tell me sweet little lies. Tell me lies. That’s from John. We’ve got Marion. Holtzman says never let the enemy know what you’re gonna do president by president Donald J. Trump.

What a disaster Biden is. That’s from Marion. Holtzman says never let the enemy know what you’re gonna do. President Biden. What a disaster. Yeah. Tell me about that. Fatus love that with a nice supers chat, best name probably ever. John says, I already read that one from John. Another one from Fatus John also says we need to get back to buying things made by our neighbors and trying to return to the days of slower news cycles. Lot of truth to that, you know, there’s um, there’s, there’s some interesting sort of, uh, things happening with, with a lot of the tech billionaires. So they actually sort of disassociate their kids from a lot of technology. It’s very, very interesting, right? A lot of the people who sort of made their millions and billions in tech don’t want their kids to have anything to do with tech.

And I’m learning this through some of my networking groups where there’s a lot of, you know, people that I have have resources right. To, to sort of do those things. It’s it’s very interesting. I was just in a, uh, in a meeting today with, with one of these networking groups. And they’re talking about disassociating from technology because it really is like reprogramming your brains. There’s some wild stuff going on. All right. John says, uh, James says something Bo Fein, LOL, keep up the good work. That’s from James Jarvis. Yeah. So yeah, if you re like it’s like an anagram on that, it’s like an anagram. If you reconnect the dots on that, then it’ll, it’ll uh, it’s like a little puzzle piece. So that was from James Jarvis. Let’s go back over to locals. That was spawn. Dog says that we’re we’re, we’re racist. If we’re not on board with their plan, Viti kiss says POA.

She went into the lions den. Everyone knows that. Talking to people that disagree with you is both treachery and committing Harry Carey. I’m sure. Zulu was glad she survived. VCAs prime thie Diker and Lord of all things wiggly <laugh> that’s from AOUS prime Lord of all things wiggly. That’s a new one. That’s a good one. So we’ve got um, yeah, no good for Jen sake, miss. She went out there and she had, I don’t envy her job. She’s got a very difficult job to do. There’s no doubt about that. And so one says, who exactly are they talking to? When they say this voter suppression crap. Seriously. I want to know who exactly is being denied, the right to vote. That’s a good question. I would also like to know that I think that’s the people who can’t go and actually, uh, use a fax machine or find how to access the internet.

I think that’s what they were talking. They defined this for us monster one monster. One says I’ve seen a photo of AOC where she looked kind of hot. Am I gonna get arrested for beastiality? Uh, no, because to the best of my knowledge, she’s not actually a horse. Pretty sure it’s ed, which there was ed the horse at one point says, Rob, can someone call the VP and remind her that America’s not a democracy? We’re a Republic. There is a significant difference building this nation as a Republic prevents majority rule, you would think if you were the VP, you would know this and you would know the difference. Yeah. But you know, she’s not, I, I think, well, she’s a lawyer. So she did take constitutional law, presum she’s read and understands, you know, some of the political theory behind the constitution in the United States, but she also is Kamala Harris. So not sure about that says right. Cackling, Kamala, Afghanistan has really shown the world what democracy can do. I doubt the rest of the world looks up to the USA on, on like you you’d have to, you’d have to ask yourself that based on our, uh, promises, you know, it’s just like anybody, right? If your best friend says I’ve got your back and then they don’t and you ask him to have your back again.

What did George bushy fool me once? Shame on me, fool me twice. You’re not gonna fool me again. Sergeant Bob says typical demo playbook, blame president Trump for everything. Open eyes with a nice donation. Thank you for that open eyes. I appreciate that. And liquid city says, do you think this whole Ukraine situation could eventually lead to nuclear war? How close is with this? So I’ve actually, I’ve actually been reading about that. And some people are saying that it’s not far off, right? And it wouldn’t be like a global nuclear war, which maybe it would, I don’t know, but there are, there are posts out there of people speculating what the Russians would do with, uh, very targeted small nukes, you know, to basically as a deter or in effect to make sure that the whole thing goes off without a Hicks hitch. And there’s all these people are playing these different game theories.

I’m not a military advisor of course, but it’s, it’s, I think a big reason that a lot of people have a lot of eyeballs on this in particular because somebody educated me about this yesterday. Something about when the Soviet union collapsed and broke off into a lot of these satellite states, Ukraine ended up with a lot of these nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons. Of course we do not want those to be proliferated around every which way United States entered into agreement with Ukraine to, you know, take some sort of security control of those things promising to support them, trying to integrate them back into, you know, the, the, the envelope of NATO. And that creates a division, right? Sort of like a second, you know, an extension of east Germany, west Germany versus, you know, and now we’re just sort of moved into a different geographic area.

That’s why people are using a lot of these cold war analogies, which of was about nuclear weapons. So, you know, why would that dynamic change? I don’t think that it will, uh, able Delta says, is it fair that I have lost respect for many of those around me, because they’re fine with their side lying and cheating just to win. It hurts my heart. I, I think that you’re seeing a lot of that able Delta. And I think that, you know, a lot of this I’ve seen a, this with COVID, you know, with, with the pandemic and families, like literally being split apart, you know, I’ve had friends and stuff who are like Rob. Um, I, I, I got disinvited, not me personally, but friends who’ve got disinvited from certain activities because they’re not VAX or not jabbed or anything like that. Right. And, and, um, families as well, like people not going to spend time with each other on Christmas and over the holidays because of political opinions.

And I think it is a very sad thing, you know? And, uh, yeah, there are people that, that I’ve, you know, lost touch with because over the last two years, because of their protocols and, you know, I started doing a show and people disagree with the show. I’ve lost, uh, friends from the legal field say, you you’ve gone off the deep end, Rob. Okay, that’s fine. Right. You know, but there’s a lot of division out there, but in that division, there’s a lot of opportunity to reconnect. Right. It’s I, I I’ve said this repeatedly that I think society is sort of in this re self sorting phase, which is not necessarily bad thing. Right. I wanna be, I wanna spend time with the people who are interested in Liberty, in freedom. I wanna do business with those people and live in communities with those people and spend my free time thinking and conversing with those people. And if the COVID bubble wrap hysterics and the high taxers and the people who want rampant and who don’t care about national borders and who have no connection to culture and don’t care about self defense and firearms, and don’t care about due process and wanna throw 35 pronouns in their profiles and they wanna go create their own society and live over there. That’s fine too. They can have a great time, but don’t mandate your garbage lifestyle. For me.

I think this self sorting is going to continue. And so I think it’s some, it’s something that, yes, it does hurt your heart. It hurts my heart able Delta sad state of affairs, our society. I think, I think our stinking rotten government has caused a lot of this by ratcheting up the fear by causing division as a result of the fear. And we’re gonna have to get used to this. And so it is a little bit dark right now, right there. There’s there’s darkness. There’s a lot of division people. Relationships are shattering. You know, domestic violence crimes are up. Alcohol crimes are up. I think there, there are, there are gonna be ripple effects from this for a, for a very long time, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, you’re gonna be able to reconnect with people who really are in alignment with Liberty and freedom.

So keep that positive focus. Open eye says the massive over counting of deaths is out in the UK. It will be the same here. Go to Dr. John Campbell’s YouTube for the info. It’s massive. Dr. John on Campbell has a great YouTube channel. Yeah. Died with COVID or died because of COVID with or as a result with or by John Campbell. Gonna have to watch that after this show’s over. Thank you for that open eyes, Kenny, one B says, Democrats use COVID as an excuse to change the rules in 20 E 20, it worked. So now they wanna codify the changes. We covered. A lot of that lot of election litigation changed the rules before the election took place. We talked about, I think, eight cases in eight different states, Kenny one B says Russia has now amassed 125,000 plus troops on the border, including fighter jets, heavy bombers, nuclear K short, medium range, ballistic missiles in context, USMA 100,000 troops in Kuwait for operation Iraqi freedom. So why would you be doing that?

Does he want to negotiate something out of this? Right? That might be one reason or the other reason he just wants to take it. Peel. Wally says Putin must hard least sleep at night. Knowing that president Biden is issuing threats to him. I’m sure he’s Quen in his boots. Cuz Joe Biden is out there. Ranting soul Viking is here, says strong tweet from Zelensky correcting the dazed and confused. Joe Biden’s talking points, pathetic and dangerous. It was a very good one, right? He actually sounded like somebody who liked his country. Monster one says the Biden family knows all about the minor incursions. Just ask hunter or should I say incursions into minors? Oh, that’s for monster one. That’s a good one. I like it. All right. And uh, Sergeant Bob says Donald has better hair of than Boris. That’s true. I think he does too.

<laugh> I think he does too, but he doesn’t have that accent though. English and British Dave, uh, just a correction. It isn’t English. That’s dropping England. That’s dropping off arms in the Ukraine. It’s it’d be the United Kingdom. England in the UK are different things. One day I’ll write a longer message explaining it so everybody can learn a bit about the UK and it’s countries, English and British Dave. So thank you for that English and British Dave, I obviously have no idea what I’m talking about. Largely when it comes to England, UK Britain, it’s very complicated for me. And you know, this has something that I’ve been trying to learn a little bit more about. I have a video that I’m gonna record very likely after the show today about prince Andrew losing his honorary titles and all of that stuff. I don’t even know what it means at all.

This guy had like eight titles. He was like the Colonel Brigadier general of some Irish force. I’m like, what the heck did? Why is he the Colonel general of the Irish fighting force? That’s weird. I don’t get it at all, but gonna continue to learn English, Dave, and I appreciate your education. Keep it up. I need it. We have Vladimir. Oh, Putin’s here says why does, what does American president Biden mean? It’s a good question. Can we do incursion or not? President is weak. We do incursion. Anyway. That’s from Vladimir. That sounds like Vladimir. I actually work on my Russian. We have Kenny one B says Putin doesn’t care about the us economic sanctions. We wouldn’t care about Russian economic sanctions. If we were preparing to T Russian weapons from Cuba. Right? Right. Some people, right. Some people are concerned about a, so let’s say Russia’s concerned about a military threat.

So they’re operating to solve a military problem. Joe Biden is playing not on the military board. He’s playing on the financial economic sanctions board. They’re not worried about financial economic sanctions. They’re worried about military control and about putting pieces where they need them to be. So when you are operating on two different playing fields, it’s very hard to negotiate to a resolution, right? It’s like, if you want to go buy a car and somebody wants to sell you a house, it’s gonna be very difficult to negotiate a resolution on that. Cuz you’re operating a two different domains. That’s what’s happening here. We’ll see how it works out for him. We’ve got another one it’s ed says, do you think that Biden and men and the military team have learned from Napoleon and Hitler when it comes to going to war with Russia, you know, pack a blanket, prepare for cold weather, ensure our equipment could work in such a climate.

You know, the reasons why war with Russia is tough. Uh, no, uh, I don’t think so. I think that they’re probably overly concerned with masks and face shields than they are with uh, you know, actual military strategy. Kenny one B and pronouns too. Don’t forget the pronouns. Kenny. One B says Russia started moving troops from the border gradually over the last year, but accelerating the buildup post Afghan withdrawal, Tom cotton. Doesn’t quite that right? Ooh. Well there you go. Well, thank you for that fact check Kenny one B, hopefully he figures it out. Kenny, uh, Tom, Tim Flyn says it’s unnerving to watch these people make it obvious. They have no idea what they are doing. Isn’t the reality that the us has no stomach to get into another proxy war right now. That’s my opinion on this thing, Tim, you know, I don’t know.

I feel like a lot of people out there are banging the drums of war. You know, you get on the, the media and everybody’s sort of excited about this thing. Really excited about it. Republicans are excited about it. Liz, Chaney’s excited about it. She’s oh gosh, God, you know, Biden should have been more stern. Biden’s out here. I am more stern. What are you talking about? We’re all gearing up for this new fight. And uh, I’m not interested in it cuz I haven’t been, you know, nobody’s explained to me how that serves American interest or why these eternal wars do don’t know unnamed, Russian negotiator. And, and that’s not just, you know, all love and respect to you, Ukraine and Russia and the, and the civilians that are involved in all of this, you know, nonsense. But if you expect your government, you know, look before you start unleashing somebody to go solve problems. You wanna make sure they’re competent. Don’t you like you don’t just hire somebody to, to, to uh, UN know, do a surgery on your body unless you know that they’re competent.

And if you know, somebody is not competent at performing surgeries, you wouldn’t ask ’em to do it. And so in this situation seems like we have, uh, an incompetent head of state and a resulting bureaucracy. They’ve pretty much botched. Every single foreign policy attempt they’ve had. And it’s not just Afghanistan. I mean, after Afghanistan, they tried to change the subject and to create that little unilateral pack that cut out the French and the French then were like what? We had spent a lot of time and money negotiating that with Australia. And you just took that out from under us. And they were have called their, uh, ambassador didn’t they? So, uh, Joe Biden, who’s been in office for 37 years, kind of dropping the ball on a lot of this unnamed Russian negotiator.

Did I read this one? I can’t remember. We are not very happy with the extra costs. We will incur. We, when we reclaim that, which is not technically ours. If we heard anyone, one, the price of Hunter’s paintings will increase significantly. We enjoy fine art, especially when it belongs to someone else. <laugh> so they’re gonna go, they’re gonna go get hunter Biden’s paintings. Those are gonna be worth a million dollars. One day ghost gunner says I’ve been saying it since he picked Kamala as his VP candidate. He was just a Trojan horse to get the most unlikeable politician in the white house. Perfect timing to remove him in the next couple months. Why else would they be questioning his mental health? Now I’m with you on that ghost gunner my long-term prediction. I’ll double down on it is after the midterms. I said, they’re just gonna prop him up till after the midterms.

And then after he’s lost and done, that’s the scapegoat then Kama Lu it’s slotted in there and she starts laying the foundation for the 2024 election. That’s my, uh, long shot prognostication. We’ll see if it happens. Monster one says really lunch. You’re surprised that people care more about financial issues more than COVID sorry. The fear tactics don’t work anymore. People can’t eat COVID masks or you just such an elitist that your at touch with everyday Americans. Yeah. It’s weird. You know, people are more concerned about the livelihoods of their children than they are about the filibuster strange. Yeah. So, uh, hopefully they continue to beat those issues down into a, into the ground because their poll numbers will continue to drop. John Debar says Joe Biden is going to get us into an unnecessary war to get reelected. He’s desperate and sly. The Democrats will do anything to hold onto power.

Everyone knows that people will not vote for a new president when we’re at war. That’s from John de. I think that I, I think that probably would’ve rang true maybe a decade ago now I’m not so sure anymore. I think people are, are getting really tired of these ineffective leaders. We have a, a, a long one here. Uh, oh yes. It’s a good one. Hey Rob, the in-house Russian here again. I think Biden basically said yesterday, what everyone else thinks you rain is not a major regional power to be reckoned with no one in the vicinity wants a major mess and a furious Russia with Nokes over it. Russia probably feels like it doesn’t have much to lose in Europe. At this point, they’ve been moving eastward for the past eight years or so before that they tried the Euro integration thing, but European friends viewed it as an inferior.

You lost the cold war. Russia begged to differ their peers because of the USSR legacy. And Nokes since 2014, I think they’ve largely given up on Europe and slowly moved China word. Very interesting sake, Chaney, Kamala, et cetera, are all speaking as though they’ll be countering Russia with NATO boots on the ground. That’s exactly what the American people need amid the inflation COVID crime way. Southern border cluster. Heck why not throwing a war into the mix too? Over something? The us doesn’t even have much vested interest in rant over. Sorry. It got long, man. No, it’s good. One. Thank you for sending that. I think that many people feel the same way. You know, it’s like, okay. We, we actually did make a big, significant long term of investment into Afghanistan. Lost a lot of American lives, spent a lot of time and resources over there left a lot of it there when we left.

And so if the American military establishment doesn’t have the stomach to see that thing through, does anybody think they have the, the, that the American people have the stomach to go into this? I doubt it. I don’t think so, but we’ll see, Tim Flint says so far, the people who believe in this country and its values have eventually prevailed, prevailed. I am hoping that will hold true. I know it’s unpopular to be optimistic now, but I’m gonna start Stu. I’m not gonna start studying Mandarin yet. Maybe next year. That’s from Tim Flint. I, I, that’s a good, that’s a good one. Yeah. I’d say wait a year. We’re not there yet. We’re not there yet. I have a lot of hope for America. I really do. I think that America is not the government. Okay. I have a hope. I have a lot of hope for America.

I don’t have a whole, whole lot of hope for the federal government, but Americans. Yes. America, government feds, no sea Wolf said, Hey Rob, how many people believe Biden really wanted to be president? I don’t believe it was him wanting to be more than influential figures than that. Wanted him to be more. I don’t believe it was him wanting to be more than influential figures that wanted him to be more, how many of these figures have leverage over the man or his assets? I think uncle Joe just wanted to be done with this and retire and get the monkeys off his back. I think there’s some truth to that. You know, it’s sort of the way, the way Washington politics works, as we have seen, you know, you sort of get into that, that position and you just get slot up into the next in line.

He’s like your second string. All right. Uh, first quarterback retired, put the next guy in. Who is it? I don’t know whoever’s there. Is he any good? Doesn’t matter. He’s next. Okay. Put him in. And so we, we still have that type of thing going on here. And I think that Joe Biden was really just a nice consolidation of all. You know, Joe Biden was like a tabula Ross up, somebody who was so really inconsequential and mostly useless in his entire career that people could just kind of see in him, whatever they wanted to. And they put upon him, you know, he had kind of the, the Obama air left over and all of that. And he was just not Trump. That was really his only feature who has leverage over him. This same people who’ve had leverage over him, his entire career, right? It’s the same actual people who run things.

I don’t think that Joe Biden is really in charge of the policy that goes on here. I don’t think he knows where he is most of the time. So it’s just a big, you know, the us government, it’s like a Titanic, you know, to move things around it, it takes a long time and he’s as compromised as the rest of them. Monster one says, Rob, the people whose vote is being suppressed are dead people. It’s why they refuse to clean the voter rolls. There’s a lot of, uh, problems with that. Zero says I gotta follow up on its Ed’s comment despite being lawyers and learning constitutional law. Those that identify as Democrats believe that the constitution is a leave living, breathing document. That is to be interpreted to account for modern times and changes liberal law. Students tend to also believe in the cold hands theory that the founding fathers should not be able to reach modern times with their cold dead hands and tell people of modern times how to live.

What are your thoughts on this? The that’s from sea rose and it’s absolutely right. Right. We talk about this, uh, sort of in terms of, uh, you know, textualist and, uh, a type of judicial philosophy that looks at the language that was written in the document and tries to interpret it according to certain standards. Right? Think it, this is more the, the judicial philosophy of Golia and a lot of the, uh, conservative judges, the, the right leaning judges. And the reason why that I think is a more appropriate way to govern a society is because you’re actually referencing, what’s written, right? It’s the law it’s black and white. If you don’t like the law, change the law, but you have to operate according to on fines of the law. What zeroes is talking about is this cold hands theory, this active Liberty theory that there’s a living, breathing essence in these documents, that yes, it was talking about the right to keep in arms, but what it meant was safety and protection.

And so you don’t need guns for safety and protection because law enforcement exists now. And we didn’t have that back then. And so we don’t have to do what the founding fathers said back then, because they’re dead and we’re 300 years into the future. And we went to Berkeley and Harvard. And so we’re much smarter than they were, and we know better than they do. And so we’re just gonna delegate all this over to the police department and you don’t need a gun if you live in California, cuz we got it covered for you. And so you can see how that could be problematic because now you can see how like a good example of exactly how this was in was seen in action was in the Supreme Supreme court analysis Supreme court analysis. Of course our conclusion there was that the liberal judges were saying that the law you back your way into the law, they were trying to justify the mandate.

Not because of the law, not because the law was written to give them authority to go do whatever they wanted. But because they said the consequences were so bad that it necess action COVID was such a killer that we needed to interpret the law, to give the government the power that it didn’t have. The textual list, the people who are interpreting the statute on its face say the OSHA standard is occupational health and safety. It’s not living your life, health and safety. And so that’s the way that you govern a society. Otherwise the rules can change based upon who’s reading the language, the text is what governs. It’s not the person’s interpretation of the texts. You can see how that might be a problem because when that person changes, the rules change, the text is imutable, but the person who’s interpreting the text is not.

And so this idea of active Liberty in this whole hands nonsense and this it’s like it’s, it’s shockingly illogical as far as I can tell. And it is a gigantic active part of legal analysis in our current society and its gross. All right, let’s see what else we’ve got. Good question zeroes. We have one from Kenny. One B says there is definitely a, of a Ukrainian conflict going in nuclear in small regional or theater, but probably only if Russia will start losing territory after the invasion begins, Russia might go nuclear to prevent retreat. Okay. So yeah. So there were some different contingencies, you know, you have sort of this deterrent effect of course, uh, by being a nuclear power just in general. But um, you know, using that a little bit more strategically with more tactical nukes, uh, monster one says, Rob, aren’t you a defense attorney?

Isn’t rampant crime, good for business. No, it’s not. Look, I have to live in the same society as everybody else. If we’re living in a meltdown society where people don’t wanna go out because they don’t wanna ride on the buses as they’re or on the subway, cuz they’re gonna get thrown in front of it. Or if people think that, you know, they’re gonna get, you know, injured or assaulted or something like that, that’s bad for everybody. You know, it’s not, I have to live in the same world as everybody else. Okay. The people that we represent here at this firm, you know, 99.9% of them are very good people who just got in trouble. One time screwed up one time. You know what you see in the streets. People, you know, smash in the, the jewelry centers in and you know, running out with carts filled with, with crap.

I spit all over the place. You know that that is not normal criminal cases. Those are actual like active, intentional criminals. But most criminal cases are people who are addicted to something who have been traumatized by something who screwed up, had won too many things to drink, got into a bad fight. You know, having a mental health breakdown. A lot of those are, are, you know, very good people that just need some help through the system. But what you see on the news and TV and people, you know, right. That’s not good for anybody. And, and if society breaks down and no, nobody wants to go into work or hold a job, right. That’s not good for anybody. Pronoun police, uh, shoot. I’m in trouble. Now the pronoun police are here. May I remind you, sir, that pronouns are not garbage and should an individual want 35 pronouns then kindly use them. It will take you a while.

I appreciate your compliance. It’s from the pronoun police. I’m in trouble now. Uhoh we’ve got another one from its ed says I think the famous Joe Biden zoo once said <laugh>, if you do not know what you’re doing, neither does your enemy. Oh, that’s a good point. That’s a really good one. <laugh> Joe Biden zoo. If you do not know what you’re doing, neither does your enemy. That almost sounds like an ancient Confucian saying I love that. That’s so funny. I think Joe, Joe is bat crazy. Anyone that in their pants and makes other people change him as nuts. Putin needs to watch himself Biden. Doesn’t get his prune juice. Someone is getting nuked. <laugh> that’s a fun. That’s hilarious. It said listen here in the United States. Okay. We may not have any idea what the hell Joe Biden is doing. Neither does the rest of the world though.

So we’re kind of on equal footing there. And so, uh, rest, well tonight America couple from YouTube says funny thought from liquid city, we have these huge issues occurring in the news today, uh, was about out how M and MSMS was not inclusive enough and is now changing their characters. <laugh> is that for real? I didn’t see that headline. Yeah, but that’s what’s going on a lot around the country, right? You, you look, don’t pay attention to the world. Economic forum. Don’t pay attention to your inflation, robbing your bank account, pay attention to M and MSMS, not having the appropriate colors and not being enough. Thank you for that. Lisa, a liquid city, Lisa Compton says Jill Biden and the white house staff should be charged with elder abuse. I opened the show with that yesterday and I was only half kidding. You know, I think that Joe Biden, I actually feel bad for the guy.

Like I really do when I see him. So when I, when I, when I watch him speaking, okay. And I can see him as a human being, not as a president, struggling to find something to say, I can see it in his face. I don’t know if you can see it, but I can see it. I watch a lot of him on my screens and I pull it up on the big thing. I gotta, I gotta clip it. Sometimes I have to listen to the clip three or four times. I gotta rewind it. Start it here, rewind it again, start it here. So I listen to a lot of the guide and I can just see it on his face, man. He’s just like, he’s, he’s a, he’s a hurting per he’s not well, and I have empathy for people who are not well, even if he is wrecking America, it’s like, can we, can somebody get him some help and stop this please? Cuz it’s an important position. If this guy was an employee at your office, you’d fire him. You’d say I look, man, I can’t trust you to get anything done.

We love you here, but you’d just it’s time enough. And so as much as I get cranky and, and rant and rave about him and you know, joke about, you know, Joe Biden, all it’s like, I feel bad for the guy cuz it’s like, we’re all gonna be in the Twilight of our lives. Right? And we’re all going to, you know, have to have to need some assistance later in those days. And it’s not, it doesn’t feel like a, like a good thing to do to another human president or not. It’s ed says you have a point about BP Harris after the midterm, let’s look at it. Everything is crap. And it’s only getting worse when you hit rock bottom, the only way is up. If Kamala can clean up the mess of Biden and Trump, she could use that to get elected. It’s all falling into play.

Yeah. You get all the bad stuff out the way you attach it all to Biden. You build some time in there. You give her the next two years you have the media who’s going into hyperventilating hysterical. Kamala Harris is a historic first female president. First African American president nuts hysteria for the next two years, 2024, come around its racist, white Trump Cheeto versus the first African American woman president. What do you think that looks like tho those equations? Do you think the media they’re not even gonna let Trump on the media. So figure out where it goes from there. Monster one says our woke military doesn’t want any smoke with Russia. I imagine it going something like this. I quit the Russians misgendered me and they aren’t wearing masks. They’re using assault weapons. <laugh> look, I I’m sure that that the, the actual military would not think that at all, but Lloyd Austin, I don’t know about him.

I have no idea. He may very well be doing that. Right. And because I think he, uh, believes that Sergeant Bob says, yeah, but sleepy agreed to run. He deserves a 500 pound gorilla on his back. No sympathy. That’s from Sergeant Bob. There’s some truth to that. Sergeant Bob, I, I appreciate that. See the veil says, Hey Rob. So the gas pipeline that goes from Russia to Germany is what I’m guessing. This Ukraine thing is about. Along with this psychotic fantasy, by the finances of the UK and France wanting mineral rights to Russia’s land. One has to ask the obvious question. The USA attacks, Russia, Russia show off the gas line to Germany, Germany and retaliation attacks, France and UK and the USA then France and the UK will not back the USA against Russia as they’re busy with Germany again. And thus finally China sinks our Pacific fleet to protect Russia.

Does this not question the logical thinking of the other Anthony, this so-called set secretary of state, Anthony has been using the Bolton messaging to push the USA to war with Russia. And this has not stopped in over 30 years question. When does the people of the USA tell the secretary of state to obey the will of the people and not their financial stock portfolio? How does the people of the USA fire, the secretary of state and his minions who push this false swore? It’s a tall order there. See the veil. Very good summation. You know, I don’t know that Germany would ever attack any, you know, UK or France or anything like that. Could you imagine a third time? Ugh, that’d be the worst, but the way you get rid of the secretary of state, you gotta change the guy at the top. That’s a Joe Biden point D so the, the American people don’t really vote on him.

Right? He gets, uh, uh, nominated and confirmed. And once he’s there, he’s gotta be, you know, basically impeached or resigned. And so, uh, I don’t think either one of those are gonna happen. Remember Joe Biden thinks he’s outperforming. So don’t think there’s gonna be many changes coming out of there. Kenny one B says, think about thera. Think about Ukrainian being a physical barrier between Russia and NATO. Like North Korea is a barrier between South Korea and China. Ukraine goes to Russia and then we have an iron wall again. It’s from Kenny one B didn’t, um, didn’t Barack Obama criticized MIT Romney for saying that Russia was one of the biggest geopolitical FOS. Remember that, Hey, uh, MIT Romney, uh, 1980s called and they want their foreign policy back. All right there, Barry. So, uh, turns out that that was a pretty good prognostication, cuz it seems like it is a pretty big problem.

Sergeant Bob, as liberals interpreting the constitution would result in no constitution, which is exactly right. If you can read a document any way you want, then is it really a document or are you just reading whatever you want? Which is exactly what they’re doing. We have another one English. Dave says, I didn’t hear the pronoun police pipe up when Janer Kamala can’t remember, which said games Manship gamesmanship, which is uh, uh, a patriarchal term because it has the word man in there games Manship it should be games personship if you want to be correct. Inst uh, there it is. Yeah. He said it for me games. Personship during one of those interviews earlier, where are the police when you need them? Well, I frankly think that they should be canceled immediately thrown off of everything. They threw Donald Trump off of Twitter. Jen sake should have the same fate C says, I agree with you.

I feel bad for Biden on a human level. The thera should have used a different puppet for their play. That’s fair. Yeah. That’s a fair point. It’s fair point. Right? I mean they could have put really, basically anybody in there. I think maybe not. I don’t know. Good. Thank you for the support there. Seas. See Wolf says how many people believe Biden’s gas are truly unintentional. I think he’s silently revolting. <affirmative> sea Wolf thinks that Biden’s just he’s he’s just getting one over on all of us. He’s fully competent. He’s fine. He knows where he is. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He he’s he’s as good as can be. He’s just like winging it. I’m bored. I got nothing else to do today. We can go for another hour. What other questions do you have? Russia, minor incursions, whatever. Come on in. Nobody cares.

He’s just, he’s thinking one step ahead. We have LS. One Corvette fan says Obama campaign was interviewed. Why Biden? The person that spoke said, uh, interviewed why Biden? The person that spoke said, Joe is a politician. He’s good at deflecting and staying out the spotlight. Why Joe? Yeah. So, uh, why Joe? Why, why Biden? Yeah. Right. He’s just kind of, he’s been this, uh, slippery snake for 37 years or however long he’s been in the federal government. And so that’s a good filter. You know, you, you, you, you know, he’s got some staying power. He can, uh, uh, literally plagiarize his documents and run for president multiple times and call Barack Obama a nice clean looking fella and all sorts of weird stuff. He can be the person literally responsible for the 1994 crime bill that I have always said for the last 30 years has put more black people in prison than any other person in history in history.

Who’s responsible for that. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is a prosecutor who implemented many of those policies. So I’ve said that for years and for years and still they got elected. Sergeant Bob says, uh, pronoun police have been defunded. Well, that’s a, yeah. I mean, if you’re gonna support defund, the police maybe defund the pronoun police. We have a, a, a, another one from its ed. So says, I don’t think we realize how much China’s financial status relies on the us and vice versa. If America collapses, China will as well make no mistake, China and the us can talk a big game about one another, but they need each other. I hope we could turn away from this. But when you have cheap labor like China, the prices are unmatched. It is cheaper to manufacture in China and ship to the us than it is in the us.

We can’t compete with the cheap almost slave labor. There’s a lot of truth to that it’s at. And there is a, I, I think there is a process underway of, you know, decoupling to some degree. And as, as hopefully that continues to happen. I’m hopeful that, uh, you know, maybe some automation and some, some other things will be able to replace the need to outsource all of that stuff, you know, over to China. Because I, I, I, I think that you’re right, there is a lot of reliance on one another, right? And this is why this is why I’m sort of skeptical that there’s gonna be an all out shooting war between the us and China. I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Even if there is a Taiwan problem, because remember the Chinese need the us markets, the us markets need the Chinese goods. And if you wreck that synergy that’s problems for both people.

And so, you know why I think that even if China does incur, you know, on Taiwan, is the us gonna do anything about it, not under this administration, but I still agree with you. I think it is a, a, a major concern when people freak out about Russia. Do you know what Russia’s GDP is? It’s like in like, it’s like, it’s like number 13. Okay. Like, let’s take a look at global GDP numbers, GDP by country. Where is Russia? Right. Everybody’s screaming about Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia. They’re number 11 for crying out loud. All right. So down here you can see here, uh, us number one, Japan. I was looking this up when we were talking about the world economic forum, the world economic forum go, uh, basically governing somewhere between, I don’t know, at minimum of about 5 trillion. So they’re, they’re about as big and powerful as, you know, China or Japan, uh, arguably even the us.

But so you go all the way down. Here’s Russia. Number 11, Canada, Italy, Brazil, France, UK, India, obviously all those right. Number 11 GDP, like 1.5, seven, 8 trillion, right? I mean, it’s like, you know, 5% of the us, whatever. So, uh, everybody freaks out about, about them. But China, I mean is really, you know, they are a powerhouse and, uh, we can see the effects of them in the United States. You can see China’s influence manipulating people’s decisions, right? How people respond, the NBA or how they deal with movies and how they, uh, address the Uighur situa it’s. It’s pretty shocking to see it on a regular basis, Patricia, a with one final super chat. And I think that was it for our questions over at watchingthewatchers.locals.com. Let’s take a look at this and see what we’ve got. One more last one from sea Wolf says when Joe Biden GAed about them, quote, building the most comprehensive voter frog organ history says, I don’t believe that it was a Freudian slip.

What do you think? Well, I don’t think that he would openly admit that on, uh, national television. So maybe it was a Freud slip. I think that, you know, what, what he probably was intending to is voter, uh, you know, get out the vote efforts, right? Go TV. This is something that’s just a part of politics. It’s called get out the vote. And really, if you take a look at what get out the vote means it sort of looks like voter fraud or, you know, voter suppression or all like all of these different things are all describing a lot of the same conduct, but they’re, they’re conjugating them to serve their political end ends. Right? It’s like voter, you know, you could say the Democrats will call it voter suppression because cuz you’re trying to stop people from voting where the Republicans will call it voter integrity.

It’s the same thing. You’re still trying to stop people from voting, but it’s the people who shouldn’t be voting in the first place. So there’s nothing wrong with that at all. Yeah. We are trying to stop people from voting. They shouldn’t be voting. Yes. We are requiring them to show their ID. Other wise, they can’t vote because we can’t verify and vet who they are. So yes it is suppressing the vote because the people who shouldn’t be voting are not voting, but they call it voter suppression. And then Joe Biden comes out and says, it’s all, you know, directed towards minorities, which is absolutely untrue. I’d like to see his evidence to support that happening, but they’re gonna call it voter suppression where it’s really just voter integrity. And the same thing happens both ways. So you can see, you know, E every side’s gonna try to manipulate it as best they can.

And that my friends were all the questions from our community at watchingthewatchers.locals.com also appreciate a lot of the super chats today. Thank you everybody LS one. Orette Lisa liquid city. Open eyes, John, as always Fatus in the house. Marion. We’ve got James Jarvis, liquid city able Delta. Thank you for all the support. I appreciate it. Wanna welcome some new supporters as well over at watchingthewatchers.locals.com. We’ve got one tough chick who signed up Frank MC as well as in the house I on, on energies here. Wild child, Alaskan for Trump, a gray man. Mr. Shields, Nora MC LG double zero. We’ve got angry. Bear sassy, Steph rat bag, ocean lover, free mind. Humphrey’s dad. She rose 31 far Redex. We’ve got the brink, Lena Piper underscore and Todd H all joined up at our community. And I, I hope to see everybody here on Saturday, two days from now, the 22nd from seven, eight, uh, 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.

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