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Hello my friends and welcome back to yet another episode of Watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Gouveia. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the R&R Law Group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona, and today we’re talking about elder abuse, ladies and gentlemen. That’s right. I am a lawyer and elder abuse is a very pernicious crime. Joe Biden might be the latest victim. He had a press conference today where I handed it to the guy, about two hours. He was out there in front of the cameras. And a lot of my criticism about this presidency on this show has been that Joe Biden has been absent and not available, but he was very available today. And it was a very interesting long press conference. He took a lot of questions. We were debating about this this morning on locals.

How many questions was he going to take? Was he gonna take like two questions or five questions or 10 questions? And he went for a long time and his physical posture actually changed over the course of the press conference. I mean, he sort of came out fully energized and juiced up. And then by the end of it, he was leaning over off his podium, dripping like molasses off the side of the bench there. And so you’re wondering what the heck is going on over here, but we’ve got a lot to break down because I’ve got clips out the Wazu of, uh, what we heard today. And it’s not all gonna be Joe Biden. We’re gonna check in because he mentioned the voting rights act going on in Congress right now. They’re really trying to Ram this thing through. It’s gonna fail, but we’ve got some commentary from Chuck Schumer, the Senate majority leader, the representative of the Democrats.

And then we’ve got also Mitch McConnell who is out there saying today is like one of the, the most important day in the Senate is what McConnell said, big statement from him. So we’re gonna hear from him. And we’re also, since we’re talking about voting rights, we’re gonna ask ourselves Joe Biden specifically, Hey Joe, do you think that this next election is gonna be fair? What do you have to say about that? Because you know, that’s kind of a prickly issue. These days, a lot of people got thrown off the internet for taking the wrong side of that issue. What do you have to say about that, Joe? So he’ll get asked that, and then we’re gonna transition abroad. We’re gonna talk more about this Russia Ukraine conflict that is unfolding in front of our very eyes, certainly feels like all of the usual suspects are beating the drums of war.

Very excited. I feel like we’re being sold this new, uh, this new war, really, I guess what it is, but it’s just feels like they’re, they’re really trying to make this thing into a thing and really make it happen. And so we’re gonna break this down. We’ve got secretary of state Lincoln he’s meeting with the Ukrainian diplomats. Joe Biden came out during his press conference and what was actually very sort of aggressive towards Russia, sort of, and then kind of walk that back. So we’ve got a lot to break through and a lot to breakdown, and I’m glad that you’re a part of the show. If you want to be even more involved, you can submit a super chat. Just like John did says, been trying to get a super chat out to you for a month. Now, YouTube finally, let me just wanted to say you were by far the most astute lawyer on YouTube while that is just the nicest thing you’ve ever said, John, you’re gonna make me blush stop it.

My wife and I both have PhDs and find your commentary to be stimulating. John, stop it. Woo. It’s getting hot in here. My man killing me. <laugh> you know, so says don’t always agree with your politics. Wish you’d be a little bit less trans, but generally you’re doing a fantastic jet. Keep it up. Well, all right. Thanks John. I’ll I, I appreciate the comment. I can always use a little polishing around the margins. No, no, no question about that little. I have some rough edges. I acknowledge it. And I appreciate the nice feedback. I’m glad that you guys, uh, <laugh>, I’m glad that I’m glad that you and your wife are enjoying the show and listening. I really do appreciate it, but also over at locals, there is a form that looks like this. They’re chatting away over there. We’ve got tweak black cat Meow resident bene.

We’ve got jump and Jeff all having a good time. And we had a nice little, uh, show prep stream this morning as well. So be sure you check out our community. We’re having a lot of fun over there. All right. So let’s get into the main topics of the date. We’ve got president Biden, press conference first one of 2022. And it’s, you know, okay. Reasonable. We’re still in January, it’s the 19th, but he’s kind of been absent over these last few days yesterday on the show, we talked about his long absence over the three day weekend, then flew back into town on Tuesday and then did nothing today in preparation for this press conference, you can see literally nothing on his agenda, other than getting a daily brief. So that’s like four, four and a half full days of nothing. And he really needed that energy because he came out today, man.

And he went for about two hours. I was kind of shocked. I was like, is he gonna kill over what’s going on here? What kind of, uh, vitamins did they give him this morning? Cause he had some ooph in his step today. And I wanna go through most of the Q and a, a lot of the questions that, uh, he was fielding today because that’s really where a lot of the more interesting stuff was. And he spent obviously the bulk of the day in that portion of the, the press conference, he came out and gave a traditional speech. He’s got a new executive order coming out that I couldn’t get my hands on for. Today’s show something about making more businesses competitive, very curious, what that’s gonna be looking like whether his, uh, you know, competitive reform efforts are going to be capitalistic or not.

We’re, we’ll see what those look like. But he had a couple little things around the margins that he was gonna be changing of thing really consequential. And so we’re going to sort of summarize all of the speech portion of this with this one clip, which I really think is the theme of the clip. And I wanna be fair to Biden about this. He’s saying that things are going to get better, right? That’s the theme of this entire speech. I know it’s bad. I know the numbers are bad. We we’re really in the first quarter of this game here and we go had a lot of runway left on this. And I think that there is some truth to that. I mean, I, I gotta be honest about this. You know, Afghanistan feels like it was like three years ago, doesn’t it? I mean, it we’ve had so many other catastrophes in between Afghanistan and this administration has had so many failures.

It’s just like, wow, that was in what that was in last summer. Feels like it was like, you know, last decade, cuz there’s been so many just, uh, you know, problems really, but he’s, he’s now going to say things are gonna get better. Right? And I think that there’s some truth to that. So, you know, the, the, the COVID thing is probably going to continue to, I, I, I’m not even gonna say it, but you know, it, it’s going to continue to develop and society’s gonna continue to live with it. And we’re going to see that things sort of return back to normal, whether, whether the government’s involved or not, right, people are sort of going that direction anyways. And so things may just get better, not as a con lines of Joe Biden, just as a consequence of people just moving on with their lives just naturally, right.

Times sort of heals the wounds. And so, you know, things actually might get better, not because of Joe Biden, but in spite of Joe Biden and people have short memories, right. People forget about stuff. And so if fast forward three years and you know, Donald Trump’s up there and they start, you know, going hog wild with him. Are people gonna remember Afghanistan? If you’re a Democrat, do you care about any of these things anymore? Do the schools matter or do you sort of go back, do, uh, a, a dripping rabid rabies mode? I don’t know. You know, I don’t know how it, how it feels to be somebody like that, but I could easily see how they could shift into that mode. So here’s the theme Joe Biden is saying, everything’s gonna get better. I know it looks dark right now, but here, uh, stick with me. I promise we’re in the first quarter, we’ve got three more years. I’m just getting started. All right, cut me some slack. Here’s what he says.

Many states and school districts have spent this money very well. Unfortunately, some haven’t I encourage the states and school districts that use the funding to protect our children, to keep our schools open, use it. The COVID 19 is not gonna give up and accept things. Uh, you know, it is just, it is not gonna go away immediately, but I’m not gonna give up. Right. And accept things as they are. Now, some people may call what’s happening. Now, the new normal, I call it a job. Not yet finished. It will get better. We’re moving toward a time in COVID 19. I won’t disrupt our daily lives.

All right. So you can see, okay. Okay, Joe, like we want things to get better too. We, we hope it does get better. You know, don’t think you’re gonna be involved in anything there, but okay. So you can see the theme and this is something that, you know, they’re gonna have to keep pounding because when it’s, when you’re sort of at the rock bottom, you know, that’s all you, that’s really kind of the only argument you can make. And he’s trending down that direction. You can see what’s happening with the financials. And I think we’re just getting started. So that’s the theme. He’s gonna go through a lot of this, uh, that, that same sort of language, but we’re gonna fast forward all that. Right? All of that is just policy fluff. He says a lot of that, a lot of, you know, progress and goals and optimism and all that. Okay, fine. Let’s get to the questions now. Fast forward. First question comes out from this gentleman and he’s gonna be going through the litany here. He’s gonna say, Hey, Joe. Uh, problem, problem, problem, problem, problem, problem. Do you have a solution? Yes or no? What is your answer?

Thank you, Mr. President. I know some of my colleagues will get into some specific issues, but I wanted to zoom out on your first year in office. Inflation is up, uh, your signature domestic legislation is still all in Congress in a few hours from now the Senate, uh, an effort in the Senate to deal with voting rights and voting, uh, voting reform legislation is going to fail. Yeah, COVID 19 is still taking the lives of 1500 Americans every day. And the nation’s divisions are just as raw as they were a year ago. Did you over promise to the American public, what you could achieve in your first year in office and how do you play to course? Correct. Going forward? Why

You such an optimist look? Wow. I didn’t over promise and what I have probably, uh, outperform what anybody thought would happen. Yeah, <laugh> I, the fact of the matter is that, uh, we’re in a situation where, uh, we have made enormous progress. You mentioned the number of deaths from COVID. Well, it was, uh, three times that not long ago, it’s coming down, everything’s changing. It’s getting better. Look. Um, I didn’t over promise, but I think if you take a look at what we’ve been able to do, uh, you’d have to acknowledge we made enormous progress. But one of the things that I think is something that, uh, one thing I hadn’t been able to do so far, what is it? Joe is get my Republican friends to get in the game and making things better in this country. Oh,

So the Republicans fault. Dang it. Oh, dang. Everything was good. Actually, Joe Biden has outperformed, uh, um, uh, I guess he’s still vertical. So I guess he’s outperforming some people’s metrics, but that’s good. But you can see like a lot of this language making good progress. Don’t know what you’re talking about. Progress, progress, progress COVID is difficult, but you know, our numbers are in fact better. And they’ve been playing this, this game where they sort of, you know, are picking and choosing what numbers and what metrics are, uh, most useful for them. So let’s take a look. I think we had that question. Now we have another one. So this is a follow up. Now we’ve got, you know, a lot of these gigantic centerpiece issues, voting rights, spending packages build back better. We’ve got all of these things that were the, the prime domestic policies that needed to be passed.

And remember, this is his, this is like his golden era of, of his presidency. You know, when you get into a new relationship and you’re like, wow, I just really like this person a lot. I can’t wait to spend time with him all the time. It’s that golden area, that honeymoon phase, he’s got the white house, he’s got the Senate, he’s got the house of representatives that the trifecta it’s the golden ticket. And he hasn’t done anything consequential as a result of it. In fact, he’s sort of going the opposite direction. His party seems as fractured as ever. And so somebody asks him about that. Hey Joe, your primary policy achievements are all going right into the toilet. And he says, that’s true. <laugh>, that’s true. He says it fast, but catch it. He knows you’re

Spending package, voting rights legislation. They’re not going anywhere. So that’s true. Is there anything that you are confident you can get signed into law afford the midterm elections?

Yes. I’m confident we can get, uh, pieces, big chunks of the, uh, billback, better law signed in the law. And I’m confident that we can take the case to the American people, that the people they should be voting for, who are gonna oversee, whether the elections in fact are legit or not, should not be those who are being put up by the publics to, to determine that they’re gonna be able to change the outcome of the election. What whether or not we can actually get election. And by the way, I haven’t given up, we haven’t finished the vote yet on what’s going on, on, on the, uh, um, on voting rights and the John Lewis bill and others. But, uh, that,

That’s what she’s talking about. Look, this is That’s happening tonight.

I, I, I, I’ve been engaged a long time in public policy and I don’t know many things that have been done in one fell swoop. Um, and so I think the be the most important thing to do is try to inform, not educate the public. Okay. And what’s at stake. What

Is it? The stark terms

And let them make judgements and let them know who’s for them. And who’s to get ’em who’s there and who’s not there and make that the case. And that’s what I’m gonna be spending my time doing yeah. In this, off your election.

Okay. So I don’t really know what he’s talking about, but at the end there, I think he was going towards messaging, right? The idea being that, uh, the American public doesn’t know what’s going on and this administration has a messaging problem. And so Joe Biden, a big theme today was that he’s gonna get out there this next election year and really bring his message home to America because that’s what Americans want to see more Joe Biden. They can’t wait for him to show up in their backyard and they can have a, a scoop of ice cream with him and just chuckle a, the good old days or something. So that’s what he’s gonna do. He’s gonna hit the streets and, uh, spread his message around, uh, I guess, America and go help a bunch of candidates try to get elected. And the G O P is just salivating over this.

They’re like, perfect. He’s gonna show up at my opponents rally. Perfect. How many times can we have him there? <laugh> that’s great. Uh, and so you can see now he’s excited about this, but he’s a little bit confused, I think because the, the, the John Lewis, basically that, that whole voting thing, it’s all gonna go down today. After the filibuster rules aren’t changed, right. Once the rules aren’t changed, we already know that there’s not gonna be enough votes because they don’t have a 60 plus majority in order to get it passed. So unless this happens, unless the filibuster is revised, then it’s dead. So that’s what she’s talking about there, Joe. Okay. So let’s take a listen and make the argument from Chuck Schumer’s perspective. Here’s Chuck Schumer. He’s gonna be ranting and raving about all the Republicans and all the governors out there who are modifying the election rules.

He’s saying gonna make it harder for you to vote. And so here’s, you know, what’s happening. We’ve talked a lot about voting stuff here on this channel a lot. And we we’ve talked about the differing arguments between voter integrity and voter access and voter versus, you know, voter, uh, uh, suppression versus voter integrity. There’s all sorts of different ways that you can splice it. I made a slide about it. I can’t recall it right now, but there’s, there’s a big, big debate that’s happening. And you’re gonna see what we talk about here. A lot emotive conjugations, right? Or Russell’s conjugation the idea that you can take the same issue and emotion it to, to serve your arguments. And Chuck, Schumer’s gonna do it. And then we’re gonna hear from, um, Mitch McConnell, who’s gonna do it. They’re talking about the same thing, but here it is, here’s Chuck Schumer. And

Amazingly enough, my colleagues, none of them are here to hear it. Our Republican leagues don’t even acknowledge that we have a crisis leader. McConnell even claimed states are not engaged in trying to suppress voters whatsoever. I would ask the Republican leader, if there’s no effort to suppress the vote, why have 19 eights passed 33 new laws, making it harder for Americans to participate in our elections, voter integrity. There’s no effort to suppress the vote. Why are states from Texas to Montana restricting the number and hours of polling places, voter integrity. Why have states like Florida and Texas made it harder to register, to register, to vote

Voter integrity?

Is that not suppressing

The vote? It’s voter integrity. Yeah.

Why are states like Iowa cutting down on the number of days you can vote early? Is that not suppressing the vote? And if there’s no effort to suppress the vote, why have states like Georgia may to a crime for volunteers to give food and water to voters standing in line at the polls? Well,

He’s not a dummy. He knows why

Leader McConnell. Once again, quote states are not engaging in trying to suppress voters whatsoever just as Donald Trump has. His big lie leader. McConnell now has is

Right. So he, that, that’s what Chuck Schumer posted over on his Twitter account. And you can see the argument, right? The Republicans are gonna respond and they’re say, it’s not voter suppression. Okay? Asking people to show their ID at a proper time place and location is just conducting an election, right? That’s how these things have to be conducted. And so Chuck Schumer, the question of course would be, why are you trying to water down American democracy? Why do you want anybody to be able to go vote 2, 3, 4 times whenever they want, however they want incentivized. However, they want people picking up ballots, exploiting senior citizens. You want people who are not citizens to be participating in the American democracy and the experiment. So you can have a lot of, uh, the, the reverse arguments going the opposite way. If you want to sort of say, we’re, we’re interested in integrity, not, but they, they reframe that, right?

It’s, it’s not integrity. It’s suppression because you’re making it a little bit more difficult. So it’s just putting a, you know, however you wanna frame it. They do. And they’re politicians. They do that. But Mitch, McConnell’s actually going a little bit layer, a level deeper, right? The Democrats are sort of, they want, they’re wanting to federalize these elections. But Mitch McConnell is saying, we’re really talking about preserving these Senate rules. We shouldn’t just be changing the rules so that the Democrats can now federalize the elections, just squeak us one through while they have this majority basically further cementing their power indefinitely into the future. And Mitch McConnell calls this the biggest day in the Senate. Now, you know, cocaine, Mitch, according to his primary opponent some time ago, you know, has a lot of fire in his belly from time to time. This is about his fiery I, as I’ve ever seen him, which a lot for the turtle here

He is. Well, good afternoon, everyone. I think it’s pretty safe to say this is the biggest day in the history of the Senate. Whoa, because we’re dealing with the Senate as an institution. These radicals on the other side, in order to get their own way are prepared to break the United States center, break it by taking steps. Almost all of ’em cried. As recently as a couple of years ago,


Fortunately there are two members of the democratic conference who believe in the institution, understand in the very near future, the shoe might be on the other foot and are prepared to prevent this destructive move. I congratulate both of ’em for their courage man, in preserving the institution and bearing in mind that the shoe, as I said earlier, will soon be on the other foot. Oh, and you need to take a long view, the role of the Senate, going back to the very beginnings of the country as a place where things were slowed down, thought over, stopped altogether. If they couldn’t enjoy, uh, bipartisan support, McConnell

Is, right?

Or many times bringing enough people together, uh, to go over the 60 volt threshold <laugh> and make bipartisan progress for the country. Woo

Man, that is cocaine Mitch there extra cocaine today. And that’s a, I’m not joking folks. You is like, he means war right now. If you normally listen to Mitch McConnell, you know, he’s like at a level like that was like a level 11 for Mitch McConnell. All right. It’s typically like, sort of like a slow moving slug across the floor of the Senate, but he’s very effective. I mean, for the Republicans, he gets it done, but he was men he’s fired up right there. You better think about this long and hard there Democrats, if you think about changing the institution of the Senate, don’t make me come out here. So of course, the, a lot of shenanigans out there on the Senate floor, uh, even mansion came out and had, uh, sign. He says that the United States Senate never been able to end debate with a simple majority. Right? And so everybody knows even the Democrats know what they’re trying to do. Everybody knows, but, um, thankfully we have a couple of democratic senators who are not falling in line, Kirsten, cinema, Arizona, shout out.

All right, let’s take a look at Joe Biden now. So he gets asked about this voting rights upcoming election. Hey Joe, you know, you’ve been screaming and shouting about how you got the most votes in history and about how it was the most safe and secure election ever. And how no judge in the history of America ever thought anything went wrong and blah, blah, blah. Now, now you’re standing and shouting and screaming from the rooftops that something is dramatically broken with our election system, which is why the feds gotta take it over. So, which is it there, Joe Biden. And in addition to that, we do have an election coming up. So at your position that the election system is so broken, that the current upcoming elections are going to be jeopardized unless we pass your little bill. Are you saying that this election is going to be invalid? It’s going to be held hostage under your administration unless we pass this John Lewis voting rights act. Is that what you’re saying, Joe? Here’s what he says.

Thank you. Thank you, Mr. President, speaking of voting rights legislation, if this isn’t passed, do you still believe the upcoming election will be fairly conducted and its results will be legitimate?

Well, it all depends on, uh, depends whether or not we’re able to make the case to the American people that some of this is being set up to try to alter the outcome of the election. What, and it’s one thing, look, maybe I’m just being, uh, too much of an optimist. Remember how thought not that many people were gonna show up to vote in the middle of a pandemic. We, the highest voter turned out of the history of the United States of America.

Yes. You keep saying that. Yes. Well,

Um, I think if in fact, no matter how hard they make it for minorities to vote, I think you’re gonna see them willing to stand in line and, and defy that attempt to keep them from

Vote. Making it hard is, is that, is that fact in evidence, are there bills that say, we’re gonna make it more difficult for people of certain demographics to, to vote? Is that happening anywhere in this country? Here’s Joe Biden with that big lie.

I think you’re gonna see the people we’re trying to keep from being able to show up, showing up and making the sacrifice that needs to be make in order to change the law back to what it should be. Um, and, uh, but it’s gonna be difficult. I, I, I, I make no bones about that. It’s gonna be difficult, but we’re not there yet. We’ve not run of options yet. And we’ll see how this moves and on

Aron and education teachers are in result in so revolt in

So many places. Okay. So she goes into a different question. So we didn’t get a very clear answer on that. Remember when Donald Trump came out last in 2020 and they said, uh, sir, uh, Mr. President, if you lose the election, are you gonna accept the results of what do you say? And he would say, well, we’re gonna have to wait and find out and see, now he said that many times and remember the lunatics everywhere, all over tripping themselves all over themselves on CNN and MSNBC elsewhere. This guy’s a dictator. This guy’s a monster. He sees control of the American democracy. We have to unify and O this orange Cheeto. Remember that every day nonstop, it was ridiculous, like a broken record. He gives the same exact answer. And I actually, I, it was even, it was even less coherent than anything Trump has ever said, because he said something about, we have to convince the American people, that the reason they’re chaining the vote is for something.

And then he said, look, maybe an I’m optimist. So he didn’t finish that thought. And then into another thought, don’t know what he’s talking about. So, uh, okay. So my question is, of course, when is Facebook going to ban him? And when is YouTube gonna throw him off the platform for misinformation for saying that he doesn’t trust the elections, we’ll have to wait and see don’t hold your breath on that. So, um, now Joe Biden is starting near, we’re getting near the end of the, a lot of the, the, um, the questions before we jump and change topics. Let’s take a look at a couple super chats that just came in, cuz they are voting related. John says we’re in Canada. It’s incredibly difficult to get a pretty down the line view of what’s going on over there via the media right now it’s odd that any American R R D or D would vote out Trump. He, he is rough around the edges, but very effective.

John. That’s a, that’s an astute observation there from a Canadian. <laugh> not, not, not, not to say that pejorative. I just, I mean to say that as somebody who’s not from the United States, I think I agree with that largely. I mean, it’s, you know, uh, Trump was rough around the edges is, is an excellent way to put it, man. I mean, take a look at his, his version of America versus Joe Biden’s version of America. Just compare and contrast the policies, just compare and contrast the COVID deaths. If you’d like to pretty simple, right? On a metrics you can compare ’em, it’s, it’s two different countries, dramatically, two different levels of energy, two different, uh, international relations, right? And you may say Trump’s a, a, you know, a difficult guy or whatever you have to say about him, but it was a whole different country <laugh> and the public is responding to it.

And it’s, I think Joe is gonna continue to crash into the, into the ground. So it’s a, it’s a good question. I think it’s a beautiful summation and thank you for that, that nice support there. Jordan heck also says, I’m sorry, as a citizen of Canada, but we have to show ID or proof of residents before voting. Are we racist? And the answer according to American liberals is yes, you are. You are a racist person for showing somebody that, or for demanding that you, you show them where you live because that’s very difficult. All right, look, and I’m not making this up. Okay. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, we’ve played the clips on this show multiple times. I can’t remember which one of them is more racist or not, but both of them at one port or another said that minority people in certain rural areas go out and fill out a form or find a fax machine or submit their voter registration to get an ID or to get a registration card or to get, you know, to get literally an ID card.

All of that is too much of a burden for, for them to comply with. And I’m not saying that they said that we’ve played the clips on here multiple times. I didn’t pull ’em for today, but yeah, they’re saying that if you make them do that, that’s too racist because these people apparently can’t figure out how to use the internet or something like that. It is the most racist and offensive thing. I, I have ever heard come out of their mouths. I can’t even believe they’re still in office. Honestly, they just get a pass for that stupid language, man. It’s so offensive, but all right. So, uh, two great, super, uh, super chats over from YouTube. Let’s carry Joe Biden now is, uh, getting testy. So the press conference continues on. You can see over from CS span. Uh he’s um, he’s here now, and this reporter’s gonna ask him about, I forget what it was, but he gets testy. Let’s listen, assuming

That the attempt fails today.

And then one more, sir. Um, you know, you talk, you campaigned and, and you ran on a return to civility. And I know that you dispute the characterization that you called folks who would oppose those voting bills, um, as being bull Conner or George Wallace. But you said that they would be sort of in the, the same camp. No, I didn’t

Say that. Look what I said, go back and read what I said. Oh. And tell me if you think I called anyone who voted on the side of the position taken by bull Connor, that they were bull Connor. And that is an interesting reading in English. You, I assume you got in the, in the journal because you like to write,

Okay. So he starts doing that kind of cranky old man thing, but he asks that journalist who, uh, now fact check him on this. Okay. So we’re gonna go ahead and fact check you there, Joe, let’s take a listen to what you said, defend

The right to vote our democracy against all enemies foreign and yes. Domestic, a consequential moments in history. They present a choice. Do you want to be the side on the side of Dr. King or George Wallace? Do you wanna be on the side of John Lewis or bull Connor? Do you wanna be the side of Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis? This is the moment to decide he’s to defend our elections, to defend our democracy. He’s

He’s literally talking about the current sitting senators. This is the time to decide who is he to talking about? They’re the ones who vote. He’s demanding. They vote on this and they weren’t unhappy about that. So the journalists ask him a nice question. He gets snippy with him and it was a very reasonable question, uh, to ask. So that was Joe Biden talking all about domestic issues during his press conference today. And he’s gonna into, in you to sort of, uh, uh, sort of melt like a snowman into the podium. I don’t know that I actually have a full, you know, what I wanted to do is sort of this compare and contrast of, uh, like a before and after clip. And I’m not gonna have time to find that. I don’t think, but here’s, here’s where we’re gonna go next. We’ve got Joe Biden who is gonna transition press conference from Joe Biden, talking about the Ukraine. Now, now I shouldn’t say that it’s Ukraine. I was saying a lot. The Ukraine yesterday, that’s inappropriate, Joe Biden is talking about Ukraine and Russia. And we’ve got clips from here. Him. Now, I believe this is it. Okay. Joe Biden, press conference, talking about the situation, CME and Russia. They make

A, if they invade, they’re gonna pay, they’re not going. Their banks will not be able to deal in dollars. Banks will be able to, so there’s a, lot’s gonna happen. But here’s the thing, my conversation with Putin and we’ve been, um, how can we say it? We have no problem understanding one another. He has no problem understanding me nor me, him and the, and the direct conversations were I pointed out. I said, you know, you’ve, uh, occupied before other countries, but the price has been extremely high. How long you can go in and over time that great loss and economic loss in and occupy Ukraine. But how many years? 1, 3, 5, 10. What, what is that gonna take? What toll does that take? It’s real. It’s consequential. So this is not all just a cake walk for Russia, militarily. They overwhelming superiority and on, on, as it relates to Ukraine, but they’ll pay a stiff price. Wow. Immediately near term, medium term and long term if they do it.

Okay. So, you know, I was getting dejavu when I was listening back to Joe Biden. Now I didn’t pull the clips, but do you remember were a lot of these same clips that he was telling us back during the Afghanistan withdrawal? Remember all of those clips in no situation were, will there be anybody who’s being helicoptered out of the embassy? Okay. Not gonna happen. Remember said the Afghanistan army, you have 300,000 troops remember. And so he is doing that same routine again, you know, getting out here in front of everybody, talking like he knows about international diplomacy, kind of botched that last time. So I think people are losing faith in a little bit in this administration. Now let’s get up to speed on what’s going on with this Russia Ukraine situation. AP is catching us up to speed. We’ve got Vladimir Easten Checkov who’s the perfect journalist for this story says from Moscow, Russia is sending an unspecified number of troops for the country’s far east Lars for major war games, Russia sending troops in for war games, deploy. That’s gonna further beef up the military presence near Ukraine, a Midwestern fear. So quick refresher on this puppy yesterday, we sent the United States sent over, dropped my clicker.

Oh, dropped my clicker. All right. So yesterday we sent over Anthony Lincoln from the state department to go over there and to try to start to sort of, you know, settle things down over there. Wake up this morning, Russia had sent over, uh, uh, an entire war game, uh, military presence. So that sounds fun. Amid the soaring tensions, white house warned that Russia could attack its neighbor quote. At any point while the UK delivered a batch of anti tank weapons over to the Ukraine and the, and the, the English, actually the UK are flying planes like round the clock, just dropping off equipment over there, saw a very interesting Twitter post. Somebody showing a gift of that happening or Jiff Ukrainian officials have warned that Russia could launch an attack from several directions. I from its ally in Lars and the us again, stretched its concern on Tuesday, Jen Saki called it an extremely dangerous situation. Now

We have been following the U Ukraine, Russia CME situation for a long time, right? It’s been one of those areas of the world where there’s been a lot of back and forth for basically as long as I’ve been alive, same situation, you know, sort of in the middle east and other parts of the world. And so I wanted to take a look at what the us policy was related to these, uh, to this part of the world. And actually the congressional research service gives us a summary of this. And they published this back during the last year of October, over fifth, 2021. And so this is gonna be, you know, sort of during the Biden administration. This is the, the us government posture about this entire situation. And they’re gonna give us a, a little bit of background on this, and then we’re gonna take a look, uh, a little bit further in depth.

So it tells us that the Ukraine or Ukraine has been governed by president lanky, who we’re gonna take a look up, uh, a little bit further in says that he’s attempted to reinvigorate conflict resolution pro process. Russia appears no closer to implementing a permanent cease fire or withdrawing its military forces from Ukraine. The us supports Ukraine sovereignty. Okay. So this is the official policy territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders and promotes the implementation of domestic reforms, Ukraine independent 1991, especially after Russia’s 2014 invasion. And we’re gonna learn a little bit more about, you know, why Russia wants this area, why it’s so important to them. Briefly Ukraine been a leading recipient of us foreign military aid state department sent over 418 million bucks a year on average, plus a total of more than 350 million in humanitarian aid since 2014. So a lot of those us dollars going over there us has provided more than 2.5 billion insecurity assistance to Ukraine since 2014, many members of Congress on a bipartisan basis have condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, lot of different acts and, and sort of, uh, uh, things that they’re they’re referring to.

So of course we know that now here is why there’s a conflict. And so you can see we’ve got Russia, uh, uh, over here in the gray and Ukraine is of course in white. And you can see, I don’t know if you can see it across on the screen here, but you can see CME occupied by Russia, sort of in this yellow highlight. And here this other area, non-government controlled areas sort of on the borders between Russia and Ukraine. So you can kind of see those two areas that I highlighted they air. And so the question that that I had is, you know, where did all this start? Where did all this come from? It says many observers believe that all of the post Soviet states Ukraine’s independence has been the most difficult for the Russians to accept Russians, not happy with it. Many Russians traditionally considered much of Ukraine to be a historical province of Russia. And Ukrainian is to be CLO close ethnic brethren in July, 2021, Vladimir poo published an essay expanding upon claims he has made before regarding Ukraine’s ties to Russia saying that they are one people, which is interesting, right? Kind of the same thing that we see with the Chinese, the Chinese and the, and the, you know, the, the, the, the grew rate nation of Taiwan, independent of China.

China says that’s not true, which is ridiculous, cuz it is an independent nation, same type of thing happening here. We can see that most Ukrainians can speak Russian, whether it’s primary or secondary in Ukraine’s last national census, 17% are ethnic in Soviet times. Eastern Ukraine became home to heavy industrial force and defense production sector, close economic ties to Russia. Okay. And you can see, right, this is kind of a beautiful piece of geography, right? In the black sea. The sea is of AAV and you can see why they would, you know, might want all of that. All of those ports and land really, you can see that this is what it looks like. So, you know, when you’re hearing from Biden and we’re gonna hear from Lincoln and they’re talking about, you know, the situation on the ground, this is a graphic over from the daily mail, you know? So I don’t, you know, take it for what, what it’s worth, but you can see sort of looks like they’re surrounding them on all areas, right? In, in Laris Russia, we’ve got number of different battalions and all different parts over, you know, surrounding the, uh, surrounding Ukraine.

Eddie Oliver says, Rob it’s pronounced, pronounced be R did I say that? Did I say that in here? Okay. So that’s what we’re talking about. We’re talking about Ukraine. We’re talking about the United States, Russia. Here’s Joe Biden. Now addressing it today. Now this is a long clip and I think I’m just gonna let this one play for a minute. Let’s see how long we can take it. David

Sanger, New York times.

Thank you, Mr. President. I wanted to follow up on your answer there, uh, about Russia and Ukraine, when you were in, uh, Geneva in June, uh, you said to us, uh, about president Putin. I think the last thing you he wants now is a cold war. Now, since then, of course, you’ve seen him gather these troops a hundred thousand troops around Ukraine, your secretary of state said today, he thought he could invade it at any moment. You seen cyber attacks, uh, and you’ve seen the demand that he have a sphere of influence in which you would withdraw all American troops and nuclear weapons from what used to be the Soviet block. So asking a lot, I’m wondering if you still think that the last thing he wants is a cold war and has your view of him changed in the past, uh, few months and if it has, and he doesn’t invade, would your posture be to really move back to the kind of containment policy that you saw so often when you were still in the Senate?

The answer is that, um, I think he still does not want any full blown war. Number one. Okay. Number two. All right. Do I think he’ll test the west test the United States and don’t as, as, uh, significantly as you can. Yes. I think he will, but I think he’ll pay a serious and dear price for it. What is it that he doesn’t think now will cost him what it’s gonna cost him? And I think he’ll regret having done it, whether or not, uh, I think that, uh,

Yikes wait real quick. Doesn’t that sound like it’s a foregone conclusion. Doesn’t it sound like he thinks he knows he’s coming. Like, I think he’s gonna regret having done it. Like it’s gonna happen and we’re gonna have to do something about it. He’s almost talking. Fatalistically like, it’s a foregone conclusion it’s coming and it’s going to be a lot worse than he thought previous and he’s not ready for it. So it’s, it’s really hard to tell with Joe, because you can’t tell if he’s just meandering off or if this is like actionable intelligence here, he continues.

How can I this, uh, in a public forum, uh, I think that he is dealing with what I believe he thinks is the most tragic thing that’s happened to mother Russia in that the Berlin wall came down, the empire has been lost and near abroad has gone, et cetera. The Soviet union has been split. Um, but think about what he has. He has eight time zones, a burning Tundra that will not freeze again, naturally a situation where he has a lot of, of oil and gas, but he is trying to find his place in the world between China and the west. And so I’m not so sure that he has, uh, David, I’m not so sure he has, uh, is certain what he’s gonna do my guess is he will move in. He has to do something. And by the way, I’ve indicated to him, the two things he said to me that he wants guarantees on one is Ukraine will never be part of NATO and two that NATO or the, there will not be strategic weapons station in Ukraine.

Well, we can work out something on the second piece, pretending what he does along the Russian line as well, the Russian border in the European area of Russia. On the first piece, we have a number of treaties internationally. And in Europe that suggests that you get to choose who you wanna be with, but the likelihood that Ukraine is gonna join NATO in the near term is not very likely based on much more work they have to do in terms of democracy and a few other things going on there and whether or not the major allies in the west would vote to bring Ukraine in right now. So his room to work if he wants to do that. But I think as usual he’s going to, well, I probably shouldn’t go any further. Yeah, yeah. I think it will hurt him badly. Okay.

There you go. Like you were okay. So a, a big, long, very drawn out painful answer, right. And kind of me entering through, you know, some of the more deep, like kind of philosophical reasons. He calls Russia, mother Russia, and you know, the, the collapse of their empire and stuff that you really don’t have to think too much about. But when you do get into the specifics of this, you know, he say the, the, the journalists ask him very pointed questions, Hey, they they’re doing this, this and this and this and this you’re saying that they don’t want a cold war. Seems like they’re gearing up for one. What’s your response to that? He goes, uh, you know, the empires failed and blah, blah, blah. But he does say, well, it’s probably likely that they will invade. And then we’re gonna ha he says, they’re gonna have to do something aren’t they? And they’re trying to find their place. And yeah, we know. Yeah. That guess Joe, that’s the whole point that we’re asking you. Do you know that? And what is your response to all of that? And so the next clip that we have is sort of a little bit different. You know, he, he told us that he wants hard penalties. If there are incursions by Russia, into Ukraine, and now he is gonna say, you know, but it’s gotta be a big one. If it’s a minor, Inc. That’s not that big of a deal.

So I think what you’re gonna see is that Russia will be held accountable if it invades. And it depends on what it does. It’s one thing, if it’s a minor incursion and then we end up having a fight about what to do and not do, et cetera.

Good question there. So Joe, so minor incursions, I don’t know, is that what counts as a minor incursion as a major incursion? I don’t know. It’s hard to tell. John says actionable intelligence should be the title of your book. Rob, it’s a good title. I’m sure somebody else has already taken that says if you had to proffer a thought, how do you think the us should deal with the situation? Well, my first question of course is, you know, why, why is the, why should the us deal with the situation? That’s always my first question, right? Why should the us deal with this situation? Are there interests of the us over there? And if there are, then I think we should be talking about them. What are those interests? How does sending American resources and American money and blood and sweat and the infantry men over from Florida to Ukraine, how does that serve American interest?

And if somebody could explain that to me real well, then maybe I’ll be a little bit more up to speed and have some more, uh, thoughts on what to do about it. But I get tired of the United States sort of playing the world, police going around and trying to settle everybody’s affairs for them. That’s not our role. We’re not good at it. We spent 25 years doing that in Afghanistan and look what we for it. So when we start to hear people banging the drums of war, starting to see everybody in the media, all of the administration, pivoting hard to the Ukraine, Russia collusion issue, whatever’s going on over there. It makes me nervous because it feels like they’re trying to pitch us a new war that I’m not particularly interested in being in for another 25 years. So that’s my take on it. My biggest, my, my first question actionable is, is what are we gonna get out of it?

What’s the inve what’s the return on investment of American blood sweats and resources and, and, and efforts, because I don’t know what it is. And so that’s my thought. So, uh, Anthony Lincoln is here and he’s now going to be sharing, uh, his perspective with the embassy embassy is now, uh, of course, bracing themselves, uh, and, and recall, right, the people in this embassy, they’re like, well, thank God that we’ve got, uh, a competent United States government. That’s gonna take care of us, just like they did in Afghanistan. Uh, what, oh yeah, that was kind of a disaster or 13 service members dead as a result of their incompetence. So now you can see Anthony Blinken goes over there and is, uh, addressing everybody in the embassy, telling them, telling them that they are appreciated

For their work. Let’s see what he says. I can imagine that this period is especially difficult, stressful, and, and maybe even scary, uh, for all of you. And I just want you to know that we’re thinking of you, uh, we, uh, we have your backs as you’ve had our, uh, for so many years, uh, and we’re with you, we’re with your families, communities, and we are deeply, deeply grateful for your service, uh, to, uh, and with us. So, um, I also want you to know that your colleagues around the world are thinking of you, uh, looking at what’s going on here. And most important, we as a department, uh, in Washington, uh, are here for you, very, very focused we’re for the safety, the security of our community here, yikes, including, uh, your families. Um, but I also know that, uh, this is what you’re all do. This is what you trained to do. This is what you spent your careers doing. And I am extremely confident that based on the great work you’ve already done, uh, we will be up to this challenge, whatever it is in the days. And weeks ahead, uh, with that, let me simply say again. Thank you. Thank you. Thank

You. Yeah. So it’s kind of like that, that like final speech before, you know, that scene in the movie, when everything goes bad, it’s like go out there and tell ’em everything’s gonna be fine. Yeah. But they’re all like going into the alien battle zone. Yeah. But they’re gonna be all right though. Go, uh, you know, it’s like, Supert troopers, oh, we’re gonna, or what’s the, what’s the movie, um, battleship super gala galactic, super the ones with the bugs where they’re driving around and they all get killed. It’s kind of like that. And so, you know, I, I I’m hopeful that, of course, that doesn’t happen, but you take a look at the administration’s track record and you can’t help. But wonder if those embassy employees are getting a little bit antsy in the Pany. I think they might, here is what Anthony Lincoln posted earlier today said, I updated Ukrainian president Zelensky today on our engagements with Russia last week. And stress there’ll be nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine. Okay. There will be nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine. All right. Says, I applaud Crane’s commitment to a peaceful resolution and urge Russia to pursue diplomacy as the only way forward. And so we see that they actually met. So blink provides an update from Kev. Ukraine says we will continue our relentless diplomatic efforts to prevent renewed aggression and to promote dialogue and peace. At the same time, we continue to bolster Ukraine’s ability to defend itself. And so I’ve got a little bit of this. Let’s listen in,

Uh, let me just begin by why I’m here in Keve today. Uh, first and foremost, it is to reaffirm the United States unwavering support for Ukraine at a time when it’s security, it’s prosperity, it’s democracy, it’s fundamental, right to exist. As a sovereign independent nation are facing, uh, an unprecedented challenge from Russia, the Ukrainian people who no strangers to conflict Ukrainians stick to the Mayan eight years ago to defend their choice for a democratic and European future. Russia has used every strategy in its playbook to try to undermine the will of the Ukrainian people since 2014, Moscow manufacture crisis and invaded Ukraine’s territory in Crimea, which it occupies to this day, Moscow orchestrated a war in Eastern Ukraine, which it continues to fuel using proxy forces that it leads trains, equips, finances, Moscow has systematically, uh, sought to weakened Ukraines democratic institutions. Yeah. Yeah. So as well as to divide Ukrainian society, using everything from election interference to disinformation, to cyber attack.

Yeah. So where were they? Uh, when Hong Kong Hong Kong went down. Yeah. They’re so interested in, you know, democratic processes and things like that. Didn’t say much about Hong Kong, did they? Right. And, and my, my point here is a lot of this stuff is, is sort of it’s selective, right? And anytime that you pick and choose what foreign entanglements you’re gonna get involved in, you start to it, it, it feels like you’re selling us something that’s we shouldn’t really be involved in. And Russia is also, so that is Anthony Lincoln. We have another clip here of president Biden. What’s he talking about here? Let’s listen in. There

Is no way to get out of Afghanistan after 20 years easily. Oh yeah. Not possible, no matter when you did it. And I make no apologies for what I did. I have a great concern for the women and men who were blown up on the line at the airport by a terrorist attack against them. Great.

But, but

The military will acknowledge. And I think you will, who know a lot about foreign policy that had, we stayed and I had not pulled those troops out. We would be asked to put somewhere between 20 and 50,000 more troops back in.

So, uh, not really concerned about Afghanistan, not really, you know, yes. Sorry about those 13 service members, but you know, I, it could have been a lot worse. And so, you know, it’s, it’s hard to have a lot of faith in the administration that just went through Afghanistan, relying on them to do a better job. The second go round in Ukraine. So strange, strange things. Now we’ve got couple highlights of just leftovers, just random clips from, of course the Joe Biden press conference, not related to much of anything other than, uh, well, we, we got the Joe Biden whisper can’t can’t do a show without the Joe Biden. Whisper.

Very few schools are closing over 95% are still open.

All right, one more time. Let’s do the whisper. One more time. Very few

Schools are closing over 95% are still open.

All right. So in case you missed it, he whispered it for you twice. Now he did make a very good point on the show today. He said, Hey, what the hell are the Republicans for? What do they do out there? I don’t know. I have a good, it’s a good question. Joe asks it, think about this.

What are Republicans for? I don’t know, what are

They for this same thing you’re for Joe, give

One thing they’re for, uh, and so basically what you’re the problem here is that I think what’s hap what I have to do. And the, and the change in, in tactic, if you will, I have to make clarity to the American people, what we are for we’ve passed a lot. We’ve passed a lot of things that people don’t even understand what all that’s in it. Understandably.

Yeah. So what are the Republicans for? What are you for? Nobody really knows what they’re for anymore. Joe, everybody just wants to ransack the treasury when it’s their turn, it’s your party’s turn. And so you can just go hog wild, but I mean, you know, he he’s, he’s, he’s not wrong about that. You know, what, like what are the Republicans really fighting for? Are they fighting of the J six ERs? No, not, not at all. Right. There’s they’re actually going the opposite direction on many of them. Uh, how about the border? Anybody screaming out about the border? Nope. Nothing going on with the border there. Many of them bent over backwards on lockdowns and masks and jabs. And so I don’t really, I agree with them. I don’t really know what they’re for as a party, but, uh, we, we are talking now and so we get Steve Ducey, of course, who asks Joe Biden about this says, Hey, Joe, kind of a weird, you know, weird, weird question. But he says, why are you taking the country so left? Here’s what that sounds like.

None of it make a lot of sense to me, but I,

Well, let’s, let’s try fire away. Come on a new year. Uh, why are you trying so hard in first year to pull the country so far to the left?

So he starts laughing.

I’m not, I don’t know what you consider to be too far to the left. If in fact we’re talking about making sure that we had the money for COVID making sure we had the money to put together the bipartisan infrastructure, making sure we were able to provide for those things that in fact would significantly reduce the burden on working class people, but make them, they have to continue to work hard. I don’t know how that is pointed at the left. If you may recall your voice, you guys have been trying to convince me that, uh, I am, uh, um, Bernie Sanders. I’m not, I like him, but I’m not Bernie Sanders. I’m not a socialist. I’m a mainstream Democrat. And I have been, and mainstream Democrats have overwhelmed. If you notice the 48 of the 50 Republican Democrats supported me in the Senate on virtually everything I’ve asked. Yes, sir. Uh, I wanted

To clarify. All right, so we get that other question. And then this is a question I actually haven’t listened to this one yet. I just downloaded it before, uh, before we have opt on here. So I think somebody asked him about his cognitive decline. It’s gonna be an interesting question. And so this is a little bit of a different angle. You can see Joe started, uh, slowly starts to like drop like molasses at one point. I don’t know if I have a clip. He kind of comes off to the left there to the side, but let’s listen here on this one.


Thank you very much for this honor, James Rosen with Newsmax news, I like to, um, I’d like to raise a delicate subject, uh, but with utmost respect for your life accomplishments and the high office, you hold a poll released this morning by political morning, consult found 49% of registered voters disagreeing with the statement. Joe Biden is mentally fit. Not even a majority of Democrats who responded, uh, strongly affirmed that statement.

Well, I let you all make the judgment incorrect.

Well, so the question I have for you, sir, if you’d let me finish is why do you suppose such large segments of the American electorate have come to Harbor such profound concerns about your cognitive fitness? Thank

You. I have no idea. Yes, sir.

Whoa idea. Well, okay. A lot of other people have some ideas there. And so that’s Joe Biden, the press conference. Honestly, folks, I could have clipped the whole stinking thing because there was so much to talk about there, but let’s change gears and see what you have to say about this over from our friends at watchingthewatchers.locals.com. I know there’s questions coming in hot. Let’s see what we’ve got. We’ve got tos forever says, wow, what a difference from last year more focus stayed closer to the topic. Now we are hearing about the voting changes they want are in how they are, how they are counted. Do you think that is what the bill really reads? Sure would like to read a posting of it. So, you know, I haven’t read the actual bill that they’re trying to, uh, to pass, but I think, I think basically what they’re trying to do is set the standards on how voting should happen in a way that supports their voting efforts, right?

That would be my opinion on it. And I’m sure that theirs would be different, but, uh, that is my, my thought on it. But I have not read the formal bill. Bama says every American president, in my opinion, loves America. No question about it. It’s just the, at some presidents show it differently, cuz it’s very hard to fake your intentions to do good and care about our nation and create policies, new laws that contradict your intentions to be helpful, right? Maybe the problem is the foresight and the outcome of what America he envisions it to be. But I still wish for America to have a pres better president than Joe Biden. I’m with you on that Buma look at we’ll get one soon. You know, every, every now and then you get a, a, a rotten egg. So speech unleashed says, it’s so obvious that these questions, even the tough ones were submitted to the Biden administration ahead of time.

He’s constantly looking down at his note cards to read the answer that was written ahead of time for him. Trump never needed to do that. Trump could answer questions about anything to anyone, anytime without needing to look anywhere else than that. Person’s eye Biden is such a joke. Also build back better is actually build back BS. And we talked about the build back better stuff over on, uh, a, I think it was on Monday, Monday. It was when we talked about the world economic forum, right? It’s really not even Joe Biden’s plan. It’s the world economic forums plan. They are dictating what independent nation states or supposedly independent nation states are doing with their governance. But yeah, it was different. Now Joe Biden did go off script, I think, right? He like towards the end there, he said I got another 20 minutes or so.

And like, I don’t think that that Rosen, that, that Newsweek question like that couldn’t have been approved. Right, sir. Why do you have dementia? Can you answer that for us? <laugh> he says, uh, I don’t next question. Right? Tos forever says Rob, so nice to watch your livestream and the locals app. Thank you for your excellent work time you spent with the American people and those abroad. Yeah, we had a good stream this morning. It was fun. Some we do some show prep often, uh, before the show talk about some of these issues and uh, you know, don’t have to be on YouTube. It’s good. John and Heather Haran says the Democrats are distancing themselves from Joe in an attempt to save the midterms. They must know that simply letting him talk will result in a serious gaff and ultimately quote, retiring him. It’s gonna seem like a humanitarian thing to do.

I’m also assuming whoever wrote that winter of death, Christmas card tweet has been fired. Yeah. The winter of death one. Yeah, that was a line man. Remember Joe Biden came out there. Yeah, unless you’re Jabed up gonna be a person who’s, uh, enjoying Christmas in the winter of death vote for me, Joe Biden, America’s getting better. Things are gonna get better. Good to see you, John and Heather hope you join us on Saturday. Speech unleash says even in the black population with traditionally votes for Dems, they’re over are overwhelmingly four strict voter regulations, including requiring a valid ID to vote by person and in mail. This is why Biden wants to let illegal immigrants into the us. They want lower lacking voter laws. He needs new, a new voter base to rely on since they can no longer exploit that pop population. Well, I’ve always said that.

I think the demographics, uh, are the, the sort of the strategy of the Democrats is to cobble together a on bunch of, of self, you know, in interest groups, right? I mean, I think they even acknowledge that, that they need to go and win all of the different sort of niche groups, whereas Republicans are, or sort of, they’re kind of doing the same thing, but different, right. It’s sort of different, uh, categories. All right. We’ve got Sergeant bobs here says simple idea from economists. Mark Armstrong says require a social security number to vote. Eliminate illegals. Also crosscheck of the address using the social security address could be made no match vote, then invalid. So no, no illegal votes because you’re cross referencing it. Now the Democrats would say that that’s a racist policy that what you’re doing is now disenfranchising people, right? They’re coming to vote.

You’re cross referencing it. They’re they’re uh, data is not in alignment. They don’t get to vote. You just disenfranchise somebody. And so they would say that the consequences of these policies sort in, in, in properly bias against certain demographics, for whatever reason, right? That’s the argument, but good to see you. Sergeant we’re talking to Sergeant Bob on Saturday too. Biden is a racist, says Joe Biden totally cares about minorities. When his 1994 crime bill through most people of minority status into prison. Also remember Joe did not want African Americans in education system, around his children stating it’s gonna be a racial and that yeah, he talked, he said a lot of bad things. Joe Biden said a lot of bad things in 94. Don’t need to repeat them here. Kenny won B says I went to Walgreens today to get an at-home co test. Guess what shelves were empty?

There weren’t any go figure. Well, good news is you can go onto their website and they’ll ship one to you in seven to 12 days. Good luck. Joe Biden says Russia, please don’t invade Ukraine. I need barista to pay my son $50,000 a month. Yeah, that’s true. He does dejavu hungry in 1957. We gotta read up on my history on that date, time and location on YouTube. John said, Rob, you’re a smart guy. Great answer. Thank you. Well, thanks John. It’s a good question. Thanks for that good question. And uh, you know, I think that’s kind of how I generally feel about most foreign policy issues. So it’s a good question. Keah two, two with a donation. And another question says USA signed a treaty in 1994, Ukraine surrendered, its nukes for protection. Us did NAA, Russia invaded, creme, and Ukraine should have kept the nukes. Yeah. I mean, I think that’s probably, yeah, right. There’s a lot of history there. So the Soviet union fell apart. You have all these satellite states, Soviet union had thousands of nukes. All these satellite states get them the new, the us wants to gobble it up. So we’ve got a lot of very complex issues here.

And so maybe the us does have a strong interest in making sure that nothing goes off over there. Right. You know, I don’t know this is, am not a foreign policy expert, but I can probably think, well, I, the, the Biden administration, I can tell you this, I’ve got a better track record than the Joe Biden administration on foreign policy. Okay. I do. So do all of you, we all do, right. I’ve never fought a global international war, but I’ve ever, uh, I’ve not ever lost one either. And Joe Biden has. So I think that we’re, we’re doing pretty good. I’m happy with my record on that one. Uh, and bill Meinhardt Jr. Says, great chat. Love the show. Thanks bill. I’m glad that you’re here. Uh, I’m glad that you’re here. Thank you for that. That’s a, that’s a nice, that’s a nice support.

I appreciate it very much. Bill Meinhardt Jr. We’ve got, uh, Sergeant Bob says, let us hope that the November elections bring an end to Biden’s incompetence. Kenny one B says the us coalition sent 177,000 soldiers to invade Iraq. In 2003, Russia has at least a hundred thousand stage and ready to invade into Ukraine, which is smaller and less equipped to fight than Saddam Husain’s army. Well, that doesn’t sound like good numbers. There sounds like a problematic situation. No doubt about it. Grouchy old cat lady says Democrats like to call out Republicans for trying to suppress voting the states they control in the Northeast, make casting a ballot more difficult than anywhere else. Nonpartisan center for election innovation and research Delaware, Connecticut, New York rank in the bottom. Third of states in their access to early mail in from grouchy old cat lady. Interesting. Yeah. You know, we, we spent a lot of time talking about the election before the election, but um, YouTube doesn’t want you to do that anymore.

Viti kiss says, Hey, how about them? White helmets. Don’t they have swastika on their uniforms from Viti kiss. Prime Sergeant bought says, Biden’s word full of sound and fury signifying nothing. Right? And we saw that already. Like we’ve seen this movie before we’re on season two of this foreign policy debacle. Obiwan Kenobi says, Rob, will someone please tell the January 6th committee that Ray Epps is not the insurrectionist they’re looking for. I think they’ve already been told. They know that they’re gonna interview him. And he’s gonna say to them, they’re gonna say, uh, Ray S we’re looking for an insurrectionist. Is that you? And he’s gonna say, I’m not the insurrectionist you’re looking for. And Liz, Chaney’s gonna say, oh yeah, I forgot. You’re not the insurrection that we’re looking for. He’s gonna say Donald Trump’s the insurrectionist you’re looking for. She’s gonna say, oh yeah, Donald Trump. They’re probably gonna indict him. Kenny one V says us sent 100,000 troops to Kuwait in preparation for operation Iraqi freedom. Same number Russian has amassed on the border. Already read that one. We have Rob a little off topic, but what are your thoughts on bow ties in the legal profession? How a prospective client finds the attorney wearing one trustworthy it’s beyond me. Oh my gosh. She rose. This is a, this is a prickly question out there, buddy. Boy, you know, it’s,

It’s a complex issue. It’s very complex. Now myself personally don’t own any bow ties or wear any bow ties. But I know some attorneys that I, I respect that do wear them. And so I’m a little bit hesitant and maybe they know something that I don’t know. You know, maybe if you wear a bow tie, you just automatically get acquittal or something. I don’t know. So I’m not, I’m not sure I’m qualified to opine on that one, but they are questionable pieces of fashion. There’s no doubt about it. You’re right. To be skeptical about it. Zeroes. Keep your eyes up. We have a Sergeant Bob says pre world war II, France, and followed an appeasement plan with Hitler. How’d that work out Putin is classic KGB, not too hard to figure out Hitler used minor incursions as a buildup to a big warp history is a great teacher.

If only students pay heed. Well, what they’ll probably wanna talk about is, uh, you know, what they wanna talk about with the Chinese human rights, something like that. And so the which is important, right? I’m not saying it’s not important, obviously it is, but do they care about that relative to their negotiations with the United States on this issue? Probably not. Speech unleashed says Biden is pushing Russia to supply more oil so that our gas prices go down, but he thinks the U S is in a position to do anything of negative consequence to Russia. By closing down the us’ ability to be the oil independent Biden has made the us dependent on Russia for oil. Russia is in a much better position to put the squeeze on the us, especially with our current weak president that the us is to put the squeeze on Russia.

That’s from speech unleashed. Another good comment there, and a few more over from watchingthewatchers.locals.com Y wanna be anonymous, says, can’t be a weenie. Rob. We have to uphold our promises. We promise defense of the Ukraine. Even when they are not in NATO, hell we can win a WARF. They don’t tie our hand behind our backs, by the way, our military isn’t looking. I say, let the chips fly. I’m tired of this power struggle being held over my head. I can’t wait until our government fails and I can handle things my way without gustapo consequences. Yeah. I wanna be anonymous. Interesting comment. Yeah. You know, but people have to fight those wars and then, and people have to die and it’s not typically the people that have anything actually to gain from it. Right. Sergeant Bob says, has blink looked at what happened under Hillary in Benghazi.

The book is most revealing. Maybe somebody should send him a copy. Sergeant Bob says, mark. My words, Ukraine is a test. Cuba will be next. We need a JFK, not a sleepy. Joe probing little probes major says Ukraine makes a great helicopter and has a lot of industry. When I was in the army in Russia invaded the first time I thought we were going to war, but we resigned our obligations. It a sense emboldened. Our enemies that were competitors previously, all Obama did was give Ukraine red cross blankets instead of anti tank weapons. They needed. If we gave them weapons, then we wouldn’t be in this position that we’re in. Now, the time has come to wield the stick we’ve been talking about for so long. It is getting harder and harder to fight a war. And what resources do we have in the reserve to beef up our military.

We spent all that money on BS and then left it in Afghanistan. While Lloyd Austin is, uh, double VAX boosted face masked up and face shielded up everywhere. He goes that’s who’s in charge of the department of defense. Kenny won B says it’s way too late to prevent the Russian invasion. Three months ago could have supplied Ukraine with lots of weapons to make an invasion as costly as possible. And the Russian army hopes to deter invasion. Now it’s just a waiting game, psychological war on the Ukrainian military provoking desertion to thin the ranks before crossing the border. You think that’s why they’re talking such a big GA big game over there at the white house, because they don’t want to be the administration. The it loses Ukraine. Hmm. Curious, Sergeant Bob says Biden whisper as bad as the Kamala hackle. They are two peas in the pod there.

Sergeant Bob good observation, tos forever says his asking about what a challenging party is for a tyrannical comment, whisper to avoid yelling. Can you admit he does do a good acting job? Um, is he, I just think he’s just kind of a strange guy. Honestly. I just think he’s kind of a weird dude. Like, like, you know, you know, those people who’ve sort of been in the, in the tank too long, you know, they sort of been in the profession too long and they’re just like a little bit weird. You see this with a lot of doctors who are like really intelligent, who, um, you know, who are often like saving people like in surgeries or they’re having to give people like, uh, you know, life ending diagnoses and things like that. They’re just sort of like a little socially disconnected, a little bit awkward sometimes.

I think if you have like 37 years in government, something else also happens to you. And that’s what we’re seeing, you know, a lot with Joe Biden and some of these weird things he does is quirky, weird behavior that, you know, like if you ran into, if you ran, if these politicians like acted this way with you at a dinner, like at a Thanksgiving dinner, you’d be like this guy’s freaking weird. He’s not invited back here ever again. <affirmative> who, who said he should come here and have dinner? No, get him outta here. And I don’t know what that is. Right. I maybe it’s it’s um, all the sniffing of the hair. I don’t know what it is, but three girl, he says, so did we ever get count on how many questions he took? I think it was determined six wasn’t over, under, I thought about 10.

Maybe did anyone, how many questions Biden actually got through? Yeah, so I, it was more than six. So I think we set the over, under at six and it would’ve been over that. I don’t know how much over maybe eight or 10. I’m not sure how many questions he actually got through, but, uh, but yeah, more than I thought. Right. I, I think I was thinking closer to about six would be good because that’s kind of what he has done historically. Now he went on a lot longer than anybody anticipated. I mean, he just kept going and going and going thunder seven says, sorry, Rob, I couldn’t listen to your show for the first hour is I can’t listen to fake president oh, Biden anymore. His lies and propaganda beyond the pale. Just wanted to say that the native O Biden Alliance pushing the Ukraine war narrative is to distract from failing policies here.

And the failures of the, who are collapsing faster than Pelosi’s facelift. I posted a video about nine ways. We are winning. We meaning the Patriots. I understand that to under seven, you know, I, and listen, I don’t blame you for that first hour of the show was a lot, a lot of, and which I can understand. So I, you know, hope you’re doing well and recovered from that wild child says people back in 2008 used the excuse that Ron Paul was too old. Now, after 14 years later, we’ve got Brandon and Ron Paul is still conscious, cognizant, and as active as ever, ah, too bad. The us didn’t go a different direction back then. Isn’t it. Kenny one B says Ukraine acquired the Soviet nuclear missiles, but didn’t have the codes to use them. They let the Russians retrieve the missiles and the us went into destroy the silos that they were in a little more meat on those bones there from Kenny one B thank you, Kenny.

We have Bama lick says, Hey, hi again, Rob my answer to the question you asked, why America have to be the world police it’s because we are seen as a great nation as a first class nation. And as a leader, we make sure the whole world is doing fine, living freely and peacefully. I don’t like it, but I accepted it. Rather us be the leader of the world, sacrifice and contribute more for the benefit of the world rather than China or I ran or Russia leading the world. Agree with that completely there by my look at I do I do. I think that it’s, it’s true that America should be the leader and that we should make sure that our leadership is premised on very, very, uh, sacred values and principles that are imutable that we don’t bend over or roll over for. And we don’t sort of, uh, bend the margins.

Bend changed our principles around the margins in order to achieve power or, you know, global dominance or any of those things. Because if you do, and you grow into this big powerful nation, but you sacrifice your underlying principles, is it worth it? Is it really? I don’t think so. I don’t. We have another one from Vladi. Putin says, does Biden real that to Sabre rattle, you have to put the S saber in the S scabber. You can’t just shake the empty scabbard. You gotta actually have a stick to wa at somebody else before it’s meaningful. We have another one here. Uh, Hey Rob, your inhouse Russian here, just my 2 cents or two rubs Putin’s concern is that NATO has been creeping up closer and closer to the Russian border. Three batches, new member states from the former Soviet block and or USSR sphere of influence have joined NATO on Putin’s watch over the last 20 years.

Not exactly the legacy that Putin wants for himself, especially since NATO. Isn’t exactly pro Russian and analogy. Think Russia, military bases in Cuba or Venezuela us would be all over that. I think Putin is trying to get some sort of an agreement from the west to stop the expansion. But I also think he’ll use the forces if he decides he needs to hope he doesn’t man, such a good comment. Thank you for that for our in-house Russian. And that makes a lot of sense. And that’s a great analogy and a great reframe, right? We have had the Russians putting military bases in Cuba and it, we flipped out about that. Rightfully so. So you can understand, right. How, how some of how another country might feel the same way. If it’s, if they’re on the receiving end of that, Putin also says Russia, Russia, Russia, my friend, I could take Ukraine down anytime nobody could stop me.

Ukraine of no interest to me, but I won’t allow NATO to place nuclear warheads there, which only takes seven minutes to reach Moscow. It’s valid point Putin VCA says maybe all the people who Biden sniffed use a lot of hairspray and he’s just suffering brain damage from the chemicals. That’s good point. He has been in the go for 37 years. That’s a lot of hair intake for any person, especially Joe Biden, cuz he likes to sniff away. Doesn’t he? And that my friends is it for us on the show today. Wanna welcome some new people who joined up over at watchingthewatchers.locals.com. We’re grateful for your support over there. We’ve got AZ. Amen. Mr. Shields is in the house. Nora MC we’ve got LG zero, zero angry bear sassy. Step two. Rat bags here. Ocean lover. Free mind. We’ve got hump. Free’s dad. She rose 31. EDEX the brink.

Lena we’ve got pepper. Piper, Todd Hupp, suspicious chick osie lawyer green Taka S baker. Gotcha. Good Jim, 2008 and Falcon us N Y. And we’re also all meeting up on this Saturday, Saturday, January 22nd, from seven to 8:30 PM. Eastern time. It’s gonna be about five to 6:30 PM, Arizona mountain. And it’s gonna be on zoom. I’m gonna post the registration link. We are gonna be requiring logins and uh, we’re gonna have a waiting room and all that stuff, but it’s gonna be a lot of fun. And we’re gonna check in with our good friend here, basically a member of the show, Sergeant Bob, you can see, he wrote this book cop talk. We’re gonna talk for a little bit about cop stuff and defense attorney stuff for we’ll talk for about 15 minute or so. And then we’ll see if that kind of keys off a conversation with everybody else.

Who of course, as I hope will be there. And I hope that’s you cuz it’s gonna be a very interesting conversation. Sergeant Bob is a very, very interesting guy. Get a copy of his book and get prepared for it. Cuz it’s coming up in a few days, cop talk, uh, he’s gonna be there and it’s gonna be a lot of fun so that my friends is it for us for the day. I would really appreciate a like before you head on outta here, I know that Henry Dixon and Viti kiss and Zulu in the house along with Kay bean have been demanding likes. And I appreciate that. Thank you. I’m really bad about asking for that. But I was actually looking at my metrics and I, I think it’s about 50% of the people who watch content on this channel are not subscribed, which kind of blew my mind.

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