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Hello my friends and welcome back to yet another episode of Watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Gouveia. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the R&R Law Group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona. Today. We’re talking about being on the brink of war. We’ve got a very precarious situation bubbling up over there between crane and Russia. And today we’re gonna spend some time learning a little bit more about it. We’re gonna take you a look at this concept called open source intelligence, and then kind of spend some time poking around Twitter and seeing what is going on out there, sort of in real time, because Lieutenant Colonel Vinn, you may know this guy, this guy was a, uh, a libertarian. And I think he was a Congress person was very anti-Trump out there when Trump was the president, Colonel Vinn is now saying that we’re on the brink of world war II, essentially saying there’s gonna be not, not equivocating about this.

There will be a big European war. And so we’re gonna break down that statement and really kind of piece together what’s happening because the department of defense is now flexing out there on their Twitter account. They posted this new video of some pretty cool aircraft taken off vertically up, up and down. And so we’ll, we’ll spend some time seeing exactly what’s going on out there as the pieces get moved around the chess board. And then we’ll take a look at what the white house is saying about it all because we had three people from the Biden team out there hitting the media in full force, three different press briefings from three different people. We’ve got Jen Saki. Obviously we all know who she is. She came out. We had to hear from her a little bit about what’s going on with Ukraine. And we also were gonna hear from the Pentagon and the state department.

So sort of the, the team war and the team diplomacy. We’re gonna hear from both of these people. We’ve got John Kirby over from the Pentagon, came out and confirmed for us that 8,500 troops are now going to be on a hot standby. And that number literally may be going up as we speak like this is all you know, happening in real time. So that number could be going up. We’re gonna also check in with Ned price. If you don’t know who Ned price is, well, get your boots because we’re gonna take a look at Ned price. He gets into it a little bit with a reporter who doesn’t really like his tone saying that, uh, they’ve been very clear and unequivocal about this red line with Russia for a long period of time. And this reporter’s like, well, not really dummy. And so they get into it.

Ned price of course is the smarter of the two. He went to Harvard if you had didn’t know that. And so, uh, he’s gonna win that argument cuz he’s so smart. If you want to be a part of the show, the place to do that is over at watchingthewatchers.locals.com chatting away over there. We had an amazing monthly meetup this past Saturday. It was incredible. Our very own Sergeant Bob joined us and we were gonna talk, you know, I don’t, I didn’t really have much of a plan. I was gonna talk about 10, 15 minutes and take some questions. We ended up talking for a full 90 minutes with Sergeant Bob the full time. And it was incredible. You know, normally my conversations with police officers are not as, uh, friendly, a little bit more contentious, but it was a, it was a great time. And really we’re incredibly grateful for Sergeant Bob and miss lucky for sharing their time.

Sergeant Bob got all suited up in his, uh, in his outfit, in his, uh, uniform, right? It’s not enough, it’s a uniform. And he was, uh, detailing, uh, a little bit more about this book. And so I put a link down to this book down in the description below. I would love it. Love it, love it in if you supported Sergeant Bob, he’s an awesome member of this community. His book’s available on Kindle’s 5 99. It’s nothing. And so I bought this book back in July. It’s a great book. I’d encourage you to go check it out. The link is in the description below and look at this handsome fellow. Look at this fellow. He’s a handsome man and he’s a, a cherish member of our community. And so give him support over there at watchingthewatchers.locals.com. All right. And so without any further ado, let’s get right back into the, uh, the show what’s going on out there today, world Wari, are we on the brink of war?

A lot of people are getting very sort of outraged about what’s going on. And a lot of these people are coming from our government from the white house. And in fact, some people are sort of raising their eyebrows about this because there’s murmuring that other people in other parts of the world are not as, uh, on red alert as our own officials are. And so let’s take a look at the very top. We have this guy, Alexander Vinn, Alexander Vinn is a Lieutenant Colonel. I believe somebody who served in the us R him services. And he’s on with MSNBC. This took place over this past weekend and he’s gonna be detailing what the situation looks like for us. And he does not paint a very pleasant picture. So let’s listen in here to Mr. Vinn, and he’s gonna give us a framework and then we’re gonna dive into the meat and potatoes. Could

You expand on your piece, Colonel Vinn and then tell me what, what you think about what happened today?

So I think it’s first, uh, it’s, it’s important to note that I think we’re basically, uh, just on the cusp of war. I think it’s all, but certain in my mind that there’s going to be a large, uh, European war, uh, on the order of magnitude of world war II, uh, with power seat power, massive, um, ground forces offensives and my, my concern now is making sure that the United States is postured for that, uh, outcome.

Wow. Okay. So making sure that the United States is postured for that outcome and VIN men is, you know, detailing something that sounds, you know, pretty ominous. You know, this is gonna be on an order of magnet, two, very similar to world Wari. We’ve got military, uh, mobilizing in all different shapes and sizes. We’ve got the, uh, Navy, the air force by land. And so let’s actually dive into this just a little bit. Let’s poke around and see if we can piece together. What is actually happening out there. We’ve got open source intelligence. Now this is something that’s pretty neat. And this is kind of, um, kind of a concept that you can really have a lot of fun with on Twitter if you’re interested in this, but it’s called open source intelligence and you’ll, you’ll see that on Twitter. A lot of them will use this acronym, OS I N T so like OS in or something.

I don’t know how you say it, but it’s the idea that what you’re doing is you’re actually gathering intelligence from a bunch of open source data. And it’s pretty cool. We’re gonna go through this here in a minute, but it’s primarily used in national security law enforcement. Basically the idea is you’re gobbling up free data stuff that is already out there. So media, uh, you know, internet, so newspapers, magazines, YouTube stuff, social media sites, you know, scouring hashtags or location, data, scrubbing, discussion groups, public government data, you know, uh, we’ve got maps and speeches and websites, commercial data, commercial imagery, fight flight trackers, literature, blah, blah, blah. Okay. So it’s basically like, you know, using the internet, like a super sleuth, Google, whatever you need to do in order to get real cool data. And there’s some people who are really good at this and they’re on Twitter.

And so I follow them regularly and I’ve been paying extra special attention to them because of what’s happening in this entire, uh, theater. And I want to introduce you to a couple people on Twitter. This is OS I N T technical. So this is open source intelligence technical, and he shared, he introduced us to this fellow gall deck. All right. And so we’re gonna poke around between both these guys, but gal deck here, uh, actually is, is making these nice little graphics and he’s showing us, uh, some of the movement that’s taking place in the seas. And so here you can see, of course, this is sort of north of Europe. You can see Finland, Sweden, Norway over here on the left. And so Russia is gonna be over here on the right Ukraine down here. And you can see, it looks like a Russian fleet is moving, uh, towards sort of around the European continent and, and sort of making its way back down into the Mediterranean.

You can see there’s another Norwegian ship here. So it’s, you know, I don’t know the, the makeup of these ships, but he’s got, ’em actually labeled. So this is the you 32, you know, on Dase. And then these other four ships have Russian names. And so this is just live traffic that somebody’s just sort of scrubbing off of the, uh, off of the, the, the internet. And so, you know, presumably these are making their way back around, down the bottom, and they’re gonna head their way, you know, over into the Mediterranean over, over where the border is, where they’re, where they’re needed. This is sort of where you might see them work down into. So this is another one from gal deck as estimated position of the Russian, the NATO and the us Navy groupings. And so this is, you know, very interesting cuz you can actually see now where they are all sort of assembling.

And so, uh, follow him of course, on Twitter and over on telegram, if you’re interested down on there, but you can see, right, those are those. Uh, I, I think those are the same Russian ships that were making their way around Portugal up through this, uh, the straight of Gibralter and then we’ve got a couple us ships, you know, the Roosevelt, the Porter you’ve got, uh, I, I think that is the a Spain or Portugal Cumberland. You’ve got, you know, another, uh, it looks like a German ship. We other Russian ship and then we’ve got three us big ships, right? The USS Harry Truman is making its way over there along with two other us ships, right in between Italy and Greece. And so, you know, I mean some serious mobilization is happening and this is just what we see, uh, down in the, in the seas.

We can also see some air forces being deployed. Gallon deck is telling us that MIG 29 multi roll fighters have been deployed. Main task is to patrol the areas and the roads. And so you can see sort of what this looks like now. They interesting image, right? So people are just, he’s basically studying satellite topography and he’s identifying a runway. This is a, looks like a, a runway and then he’s actually zooming in and you can see the actual aircraft Russ he’s labeling them. I mean, it’s really cool, super impressive. And you can see he’s actually following the transportation of certain gear. So this is from OS I N T technical identified T 72 B threes unloaded now being moved by road. And he’s, uh, you know, somebody shared this on, in a Russian Twitter, Russian video. And so he’s identifying what is actually happening.

This is what it looks like. I don’t have any sound on this one. Yeah, no sound on this one, but you can just see, you know, he identified, uh, the tanks. And so one of the big questions that everybody is sort of asking themselves is, is if all of this is happening, like if they’re moving all of this gear and hundreds of thousands of troops, right, is it, is it because there’s a reason, are they bluffing? Are they flexing what’s happening? You know, it’s, it, it seems like it’s it much to do if they’re not actually gonna be using it. And so we’re gonna see here later on from John Kirby and others that there’s, you know, well almost 200,000 troops that are sort of amassing in that area. And this is all heavy gear. It is, you know, that’s, that’s a tank, okay. That’s not, that’s for, that’s for that’s for serious business. And you can see it’s also coming across on rail. So they’re sort of coming in from a all different angles. Here’s what this one looks like.


And so I’m watching some of the chat people saying, oh, Russia’s saying it’s just war games. Of course.

What are you sure here, dude,

Lot of equipment.

So there it goes. Yeah. A lot of people in the chat have some, you know, very interesting comments they’re saying, you know, Russians, uh, move assets all the time. This is something they regularly do many people saying, yeah, Biden would really like this for them to invade because it’s gonna take all of the attention off all of his other incompetence, many of which we have been chronicling here on this show. And so it’s kind of hard to make heads or tails of what’s happening, but it certainly does feel a lot like they’re pointing over there, they’re saying, oh whoop, this is a huge problem. We all need to be very, very concerned about this. And we talked about this on locals over the weekend at our monthly meetup specifically saying that it feels like it’s that shiny object, you know? Oh, oh inflate, oh, stocks, oh, you know the border, oh, COVID oh, a shiny object, Ukraine and Russia.

And everybody’s supposed to be all bent outta shape over that. And I’m still trying to make heads or tails about why that is. But you can see a lot of movement. You know, a lot of he taking place, you can see here, the Royal air force is sending over some, uh, some, some aircraft carrier, uh, or some supplies. This is a big, big boy aircraft. And so that got that’s flying on its way over. You can see, ke is right here. You Ukraine here, a lot of aircraft activity flying over top. Similar here, a us aircraft, the forte 12 did a lot of loop de loops and sort of circling back like Jen sake, multiple times through the airspace here. Right in be right. This is right on that border, right? This is, this is Keve right here. And, um, Ukraine. So very interesting. And that’s us aircraft.

So we see more here. There’s a reconnaissance. Now, if you’re on the mainland United States, you’ll notice this is ch uh, this is Alaska here. The, the, uh, archipelago is that the word of Alaska here and there’s something going on. Boeing WC 1 35 is a reconnaissance aircraft serves as a platform. It collects air and identifies fragments of nuclear weapons. Explosions with supportive tanker took off from the Alaska air base, follows a course to the bearing sea over to the Japanese coast. So, you know, they’re yeah. Look, and again, I don’t know if this is like a normal thing. Are they regularly flying nuclear surveillance? MIS you know, missions? I don’t know, but this is what it looks like. You can see taken off from this air for force base, going back down towards looks like Japan. Here’s another one over in Germany. After an intermediate landing in Germany, a plane with military cargo, from the us flies to Keve.

So the us is now dropping off some gear, military cargo. You can see that looks like it’s picking up from Germany, heading over here, and then Keve is right here. So it’s gonna be its way that direction. We’ve got the us now. Also, I, I noticed this today, right? So if we’re seeing a lot of activity, just, you know, behind the scenes, how about stuff in front? What are we seeing front stage? All that was backstage. What’s going on front stage? Well, you can just take a look at their Twitter accounts. They’re going pretty, pretty heavy. So us fleet forces, they posted this bright and early at 7:00 AM this morning. They said, dress the line, strengthening partnerships in the Mediterranean sea. Guess where all this is going on? Oh yeah. Right over there. Uh, the USS Ross, USS gravely, USS Roosevelt, USS cold conduct operations with the Italian Navy frigate.

So the Italians are in there. We’ve got the Turkish are in there. We’ve got us Navy hashtag fleet readiness. Hashtag Navy partnerships. Ooh. Yeah, they are flexing. Big time. You can see here is the group of the ships and you can see us here up at the front. I think this is the Turks. And then I can’t see the flags of the others other than this one, which is a us flag. Looks like us bringing up the rear as well. So you can see, you know, a big fleet making its way over. This is, uh, looks like what was the, what flag is that? Well, I don’t know what, I don’t know what that one was. I just mentioned it. Oh, that must be the Italians. Yeah. That’s the Italians. Is that the Italians? Yeah. Okay. So here you can see, this is the, the ships all making their way.

That’s the close up. I think of the Turks. And then we’ve got some fallout. Of course. Now all this is taking place. All this is taking place. And, uh, we have an embassy over there. There’s Americans over there. Who’ve been sort of, you know, holding down the Fort while all this has been going on. And the us state department just said probably time to get outta there. Probably time to come home. And as I was thinking about this over the weekend, man, did you ha not have a big sense of dejavu? It feels like we were just talking about this like six months ago, where there saying, oh, well look, you better get out of there. I mean, it’s gonna be fine, but you better get out of there. Like it’s all under control, but you better get out of there.

And so, you know, you better make sure that tho those wheel Wells are buttoned up on those airplanes before they get moving. We don’t wanna have a repeat of that pulse debacle again. So they’re saying you gotta go us orders, diplomats, and their families to leave Ukraine, urges Americans to depart. Hmm. Us is now ordering relatives of American embassy staffers to leave the country. Given certain diplomats. The option to depart state department said on Sunday, latest sign that American officials think Russia is likely once again to invade Ukraine. Now, Ukraine was already invaded in 2014. Okay. And that remember how short ago that was, that wasn’t that long ago. So it’s not like this is like never happened before it happened pretty recently. And so sent secretary of state Anthony Lincoln authorized, ordered the departures said on Sunday that they were rendering an array of options to respond to various moves by Moscow.

Which of course we’re gonna dive into and we’ll see how that works. But, uh, here’s another tweet from the department of defense. So they posted this again today, 1:00 PM. So we got a seven Amer and a 1:00 PM, which is very, it’s like VI very, you know, military ish, uh, post one first thing, when you wake up post thing, post one, right after lunch, you know, they’re following a nice, uh, nice schedule. And they’re also using sprinkler. It looks like that software. So they post another one. This one’s cool. F 35 B lightning twos attached to the us Marine Corps fighter attacks squadron. It’s gonna to conduct flight operations for the first time aboard the amphibious assault ship, USS AAA. Oh, an am. An amphibious assault ship. Hmm. I wonder what that might be useful for, oh, Invading Russia. Maybe. So the us military, the department of defense wants to make sure they’re familiar with this capability now. Cuz they posted it on Twitter. Very excited about it. Now I didn’t pick this music. Okay. So this is the mil. This is the military music. I hope it’s not copyrighted, but you better get ready to, to turn it up boys and girls. Here it is.

All right. That’s pretty cool.

Oh, get it. Oh,

Love it. All right. All right.

All right. So that’s pretty cool. Now I, I gotta say that is pretty cool. So the temporary rock out there moment. All right. So we can, we can all, I think, you know, pause on that say, yeah, that’s pretty cool. Now. Hopefully we don’t have to go into who, uh, a world war I three on a global catastrophe scale, but pretty cool. And you know, a plane that can do that and land is pretty neat. All right. So all that being said, what is that? That, that is the military flexing, right? They are out there and they are getting, um, you know, they’re getting very tweet heavy with all these posts they want, they want the world to see both sides. What’s happening behind the scenes, what’s happening in front of the scenes. And so let’s go back to Mr. Finman, who we started at the beginning.

Who’s prognosticating that Europe’s gonna be a pretty much a war zone in the foreseeable future. Is there anything that can be done that we saw all that mobilization, we saw vertical takeoff and landing of the us fighter. Squadrant pretty cool stuff, but can we avoid war? Can we just not do that? Because we just got out of one, didn’t go so well for the United States and that was against the Taliban. So if it involves Russia, who’s, you know, I would presume to be more competent than the Taliban then maybe it’s not a good thing to do. I don’t know. Is there anything that can be done, Mr. Finman what do you say about this? I

Think there’s little to be done to avoid it at this point. I think the us was over reliant on a deterrent based on a reactionary policy. So if Russia does this, these are the consequences that it could, it could, uh, bear out. In reality, the Russians have significant reasons to doubt us resolved in this space. I think that at this point we also need to start preparing for the, the day after the day of that outcome for the human humanitarian catastrophe. That’s going to unfold in Europe for the con contingencies of having to reassure us allies in, in Eastern Europe that are gonna want some, uh, us presence there to ensure that Russia is objectives are in fact limited to Ukraine. And we’re gonna have to, uh, come to the reality that there are going, going to be seismic effects on the geopolitical landscape, the economic landscape that the American people should be aware of because they’re going to be direct impact on the us economy on us national security. Uh, and we should just be doing everything we can to prepare for that. And

Wasn’t, he’s a libertarian, right? I thought he was like, not a Warhawk. So, you know, if he’s saying that, uh, did he become a Warhawk or is this like a real serious thing? The reason I, I wanted to play from him is because I thought he was a libertarian guy, but I could have been wrong about that. I thought that maybe that was just sort of his cover. I could have been wrong. Anyway, the point is right, it’s pretty ominous language. He’s saying, yeah, it’s gonna be pretty serious. It’s gonna be a global war, uh, on, on an order of magnitude of world war II, everybody’s gonna be on, um, on the line to face consequences from this thing. Doesn’t sound good. But we do fortunately have the Biden administration who’s in charge. And we know from their record on foreign policy, that we’re all doomed.

We’re all gonna be dead in price six months. So get ready for it. That’s the good news is we know it’s coming soon. So let’s take a look at what their plan is to resolve all of this for us. We’re gonna poke around from a couple different people. Number one is going to be the state department, the diplomatic arm. These are the people that told us that everything was gonna work out pretty well with Afghanistan and other, you know, Deb that they’ve been involved in like that treaty, where they snubbed the French for some reason. So this guy is Ned price, Ned price. If you’re not aware of this guy, he went to Harvard. So look, any criticisms of him, just keep those to yourself. Okay? Cuz obviously he’s smarter than we are. And so he’s gonna detail for us, uh, about Russia’s plan. I’ve got set several clips.

He had a press conference today. We’ve got Ned price. Who’s gonna deal with diplomacy. We’re gonna check in with John Kirby, who’s over at the Pentagon. And then of course we’ve got Jen sake. Who’s over at the white house, just tying it all together. Let’s start with Ned price. Ned price is here and he’s gonna be telling us about Russia’s plan telling us what she is doing is probably looking like something. Now the thing that they’re cleaning up today, Jen and Kirby and Ned, they’re all gonna be cleaning up the screw up from Joe Biden. That happened last week, where he gave us a little bit of uncertainty about what was a problem of what was not. We’re gonna get to that clip in a minute here, what they’re doing now and gonna pay close attention to this is they’re defining a hard line as we listen to all three of these people. Keep that in mind. What’s the line, what’s the threshold. What happens if Russia does X what’s the us going to do here is Ned. Now detailing Russia’s plan

Comes to what the Russians have planned. Uh, it is clear as day, uh, that anyone, uh, can see the massive buildup, uh, of Russian forces along Ukraine’s borders. Uh, we have been very clear, uh, about our concerns. Have you been comes to other forms of aggression and provocations that, uh, the Russians might, uh, seek to take, uh, and, uh, have already taken. Uh, but there’s only one person who knows what the Russian Federation, uh, has in store for Ukraine and that’s Vladimir Putin. Our goal has been, uh, to <affirmative> deter and to, uh, defend against any such plans just as, uh, we are ready to continue down the path of diplomacy and dialogue you have seen us.

Okay. So detailing two plans, right? Uh, defend and deter or go down diplomacy and dialogue. Now that is some good. I just caught that defend and deter or diplomacy in dialogue. That’s a Forer right there. Normally we do the, the trilogies trilogies trilogies are better than fors for sure, because it’s sort of awkward, but here this is clever because he’s got defend and deter on the defense military side and dialogue and diplomacy on the state. It’s clever. It’s good. They teach, they must teach you that at Harvard, because that is pretty good symmetry right there. We’re gonna see how it plays out for them. Now, that being said, what is the line? Right? He said, we’ve been very clear about all this blah, blah, blah, blah. You know, but, uh, techno nonsense speak. What is the line? What’s the threshold he says, we’ve been clear about this, but reporters today are not having it.

They’re gonna tell him actually, you, your administration has not been clear about any of this and the phrase that we’re gonna hear a lot of is the word daylight, daylight. Now he’s gonna tell us this right here. Um, he’s gonna get snippy with the reporter a little bit, say, excuse me, Madam, I have a problem with the premise of your question, another Harvard line and what that may is. He doesn’t believe that the foundation of her question, I think I had to look this up. The foundation of her question is not accurate. It’s got a foundational problem. So he’s gonna say that. And then they’re gonna talk about this clear red line thing here he is.

And I wanna take issue with the premise of your question because all of those engagements, the in-person engagements, uh, the conversation, the video conferences, uh, in every single one of those engagements, uh, we have heard and you in turn have heard from not only us, uh, but from our European allies, uh, and partners, individual allies, NATO, the O S C the G seven, uh, the European union, the year European council. Uh, you have heard the same message. Uh, if any Russian forces move across, uh, the border, that’s a renewed invasion. It’ll be met with a swift severe and United response on the part of the United States and on the part of our allies. Listen, uh, so there is no ambiguity about that. Listen, uh, there is no ambiguity. There is, uh, uh, uh, there is no daylight. Ooh, there it is. We know that, uh, and importantly, the Russian Federation knows that, right?

So the, okay. Did you hear that? Okay, so let’s break that down there. No ambiguity, and there’s no daylight. We’ve been very clear about this. And I was listening to that very closely and I wanna make sure we heard what he said there. And he did it quickly because <laugh> because he knows they don’t really want this to be sort of everywhere. But his line is if they, he, he said it specifically, I wrote it down. If they crossed the border, that’s a renewed invasion. <affirmative>, that’s met, met with swift repercussions. Okay. That’s the line, right? If they cross the border, if Russian one Russian cross crosses that border. Now I don’t know what border he is talking about or how they define the border, or if it’s the interior of the, the contested land that border, or is it the exterior of the contested land, that border and what really, you know, constitutes a crossing of the border?

Is it, you know, gear? Is it temporary? You know, who knows? Right. And so I’m sure they’re gonna educate us about that as this continues to unfold. But the point is, he says, we’ve been clear about this. No ambiguities in the language he uses is, uh, there’s no daylight, okay? There’s no daylight about any of this. And you idiots in the press, you should know better because I told you, this is how it all works. Now listen to this reporter, wait, hold on. Before we get there, uh, we had to ask ourselves, is there daylight? So you just heard from Ned price, I forgot we had Biden next Ned price said, there’s no ambiguities. Okay. If they cross the border, that’s it. We’re gonna be angry about it. And we’re probably gonna, I don’t know, write a letter to them or something, but that’s not what Joe Biden said. Here’s what Joe Biden said previously. So I think

What you’re gonna see is that Russia will be held accountable if it invades. And it depends on what it does. It’s anything, if it’s a minor incursion and then we end up having to fight about what to do and not do, et cetera. Yeah.

So different. That’s different in what Ned price just said. Obviously not even remotely close. And so <laugh> this reporter now. It’s very hard to hear. I’m not sure if you’re gonna be able to hear this, but listen to what this reporter says. She says, um, okay, well, there’s a little bit of daylight there, Ned, but uh, just gonna skip over that and Ned doesn’t let her get away with that. So she says, okay, well, I, I think there’s light there. Nobody understands what the heck this administration means by what Joe Biden said. So, uh, anyways, regardless, let me move on to my next question. And he says, hang on a minute. We’re gonna go back to that little flippant comment, which is like a $4 word from Harvard. And he’s now going to say we are, there actually is no daylight. So listen to him. He gets snippy here.

Okay. Uh, thank you. There’s quite a bit of daylight, but I’m not gonna, um, entertain that for too too long. I was, I’m wondering, can you share a little bit light on what you, um, what you guys want to achieve with this particular meeting, and then I’m gonna go on the, uh, the non-paper

Well, let me, let me come back to your, uh, flippant remark and maybe it was just intended to be a flipping remark, but I, I, I couldn’t resist. No, it’s just, um,

I mean the, the president has said that, um, there are differences of opinion, and this has been something that we we’ve been

Experiencing. The president said it.

What, what you have heard from the president. We just heard it. What you’ve heard from the secretary, what you have heard from the national security advisor. What you have heard from others is that in the event of Russian aggression against Ukraine, uh, there will be, uh, a response. It will be swift. It will be severe, uh, in the event of, uh, an incursion, it will be unprecedented, uh, in terms of, uh, steps we are prepared to take. And you can say that there’s daylight. Um, but I hope you also take a look, uh, and listen to the statements that have emanated from European capitals. The statements that have emanated from NATO, from the OSCE. Yep. From the G seven, from the European commission, from the United States, from our ally standing next to secretary Lincoln, whether that was foreign minister Bach, uh, whether it was, uh, other allies and partners with whom, uh, we have met in recent, uh, weeks and over the past two months. Yeah. So one

Complain. So, so he, he beats this point for like another two minutes. They’re so upset that this happened because this really, really screws up their entire struck. If, if there’s ambiguity about what this line is, what this red, what this red line in the sand is, or whether they can cross the, you know, the, uh, sort of contested zone, you know, the outer barrier, the interior barrier, all of these things. If, if the Russians can sort of latch onto Joe Biden, right. Even if it’s just as, as a, as a propaganda deploy, right. For the, their own forces for their own people for their own side. No, no, we’re not, we’re not violating anything. We’re just taking back. What’s rightfully ours, not an incursion. Joe Biden said, you know, we’re gonna, we can argue over all this stuff. And so what Ned price and what the state department is trying to do and what we’re gonna hear, John, Kirby’s trying to do.

And we’re gonna hear what Jen sake’s trying to do is really dial back in on that line saying, this is something and we’ve been unequivocal about because they know that Putin’s gonna drive a truck through this thing because Joe Biden just gave them an opening, all sorts of ambiguity. There’s not even, you know, it sounds like solidarity now amongst the NATO allies because of Joe Biden’s stupid comment. And so this man, you know, 37 years of diplomatic experience as a Senator, he might have just single handedly with his two hour press conference screwed the whole thing up, which is just, uh, just outstanding. So let’s take a look at another clip here from Ned price. So the first reporter was like, okay, Ned, you said, there’s no daylight. I think there is kind of like openly mocking him in front of everybody, which is why he had to go back to it. It goes back to this other reporter and this other reporter’s like, okay, well, you say there’s no daylight on that thing. How about there’s no daylight on this thing, talking about the characterization of the threat, just changing it saying, well, we also think there’s no daylight about this issue. Would you like to comment on that? There net here he is.

So you’ve said there’s no daylight on the response and we will see that, but there’s clearly, and it’s public out there, uh, uh, daylight on the characterization of the threat.

Okay. So listen to this real quick. So I forgot to preface this. Now it’s quiet because he’s asking a question. He doesn’t have a big microphone, but he says the there’s there’s daylight on the characterization of the threat now pay close attention. Right? Because I, you know, I pay, I pay a lot of attention to, uh, us news, right. But I don’t, I don’t read Russian. So it’s hard for me to go and read a Russian newspaper or a French newspaper. Um, I can read an English newspaper, but some of the other languages I can’t read, but it’s not something that, that we can sort of see on our face at, uh, sort of what the alternative interpretations are throughout the world. But a lot of the times these reporters I’m learning are not, you know, these are reporters sort of, not from American media.

These are a lot of these people are, uh, representing other media from other parts of the world because they have, you know, they’re, they’re more concerned about what the state department is doing. Then, then we are concerned about what the state department is doing because most of the state department issues are not domestic, right? They’re foreign issues. And so these are foreign reporters. And when they ask their questions, you can sort of glean a lot out from them, even if they don’t answer their questions. And so what this reporter is going to be asking, hopefully that makes sense. What this reporter going to be asking about is specifically the alarming tone that’s coming out of the Biden administration. And this is something that I’ve noticed. And I, we talked about this on locals on Saturday, also noticing man, it’s like, they went from like zero to a hundred, like overnight, many people are saying, well, what about our border?

What about our country? What about, you know, our men and women who might have to be embroiled in this, if this turns up and it went from zero to 60, in 2.9 seconds, very, very aggressively. But this reporter from a different part of the world says, you know, we are not feeling that same sort of tension. You know, our, our, our government is not like this is red alert, world war II status, all right. The Russians did this in 2000 thousand 14. You know, this has been a contested part of that part of the world for a long period of time. We have our white house. It’s like beating their chest, like a bunch of lunatics, like they’ve been doing for basically the last year. And we’re, we’re not seeing that same sort of response. So Ned, why are, why is this the response from your administrative? Here’s what he says,

The, the, the European, uh, French and others, uh, Mr. Burrell seem to be pretty annoyed by the pretty annoyed, alarming tone in Washington about, uh, an imminent threat. And they they’ve been saying, we don’t have to get a nervous breakdown. We have to calm down and calm down. We don’t see that. Uh, so imminent threat as the, the us says, do you still say there’s an imminent threat of invasion? What, what, why there is this difference between you and the

Europeans? Yeah. Why he says, why is there this difference between you and the Europeans? Why do you think that this is like a level five catastrophic, imminent, urgent threat? Our people are not thinking that we’re sort of seeing that they’re sort of annoyed that you are ratcheting this up. Why is that net can, do you still think this, this is like a category five hurricane what’s up

Francisco. We don’t see the difference you refer to you’re saying it, what, what they’re publicly saying, what we do see and what, what you can see too, are the statements and the statements. The statement that for example, came from the European commission, uh, that said in strikingly, uh, similar, uh, if not, um, uh, if not identical language, uh, to the statement that emanated from the G seven in NATO, uh, regarding the concept, we’re

All working together, blah, blah, blah Federation

In the event, uh, of such aggression against Ukraine. Uh, it has, this has not been the United States, uh, alone making this case. Uh, we have been, uh, speaking as a chorus, uh, with our European lines and partners, uh, with mul later institutions and bodies like NATO and the O O S C E and the G seven. Uh,

Okay. So we’ll talk about that, but that reporter has a very interesting question. I thought, you know, the idea being, you guys are on like red alert, the rest of us are not why is that? So, okay. He asks them question, Ned says, obviously this is not the case. We’ve got NATO, we’ve got all of our different alphabet agencies and we’re all in unison on all of this stuff. So if diplomacy doesn’t work what’s next. Well, we talk about deterrence and defense, I think were the other two D acronyms that they had. And so John Kirby at the Pentagon is gonna be the spokesperson who’s responsible for enlightening us about what they intend to do. And so he came out with another press conference today, Simon, I think it was right before Ned price actually. And so he was out, Jeni’s coming up next and we’ve got Pentagon now detailing what they’re going to be doing. Right. And we’ve already seen previously on the show, what the military is mobilizing, at least from the Russian perspective, we’ve got a number of different aircraft. I think, uh, one aircraft carrier sort of over there and a number of different ships. We saw the different fleets be being mobilized. John Kirby is gonna tell us about the personnel now that are on a hot standby in case things get outta control. Here, here is John. I

Wanna provide some facts on these preparation that will reinforce our commitment to NATO and to the NATO response force and increase our readiness. Secretary Austin has placed a range of units in the United States on a heightened preparedness to deploy, which increases our readiness to provide forces. If NATO should activate the RF, or if other situations developed, all told the number of forces that the secretary has placed on, he and alert, uh, comes up to about 8,500 personnel,

8,500 personnel. So we’re gonna see later, there’s gonna be a, a Chiron on a Fox news clip that says 179,000 were, we’re sort of remobilize from Russia. So the us is now, uh, basically like notifying 8,500 people that you might be deployed. You’re just on alert, but you’re not actually going to be deployed yet, but you might be. So just stand by here is Mr. Kirby now detailing or sort of, uh, explaining that a little bit further

Again, I wanna reinforce that as of now, the decision has been made to put these units on higher alert and higher alert. Only no decisions have been made to deploy any forces from the United States at this time. Uh, and by say, heightened alert. In some cases, some of these forces were already on a, a he posture readiness to deploy posture and the secretary decided to make it even more, uh, uh, wow. Shorten the tether even more. So in some cases, units would go from say, 10 days prepared to deploy. Now they’re at five days, that’s not the case for every unit that is being notified that they’re in a heightened alert. Some are, are simply more ready and, and postured that way than others. The idea though, is that all of these units that he is putting on prepared to deploy will be ready to go on a, on a shortened timeframe.

All right. You know, does that kind of feel inadequate? I mean, if, if we’re being told, like, this is the end of, uh, I guess Europe, Europe, maybe, I don’t know, 8,500 troops is what they’re going to be, not deploying, but just alerting, which is, you know, I’m glad that they’re not being deployed, but it just seems like the actions don’t match the rhetoric. You know, we’re gonna really tough in Ned price and all of this stuff. And if you’re Russia and you’re transport, you know, tanks and all of your mil, all of your military, all of it, cuz it’s your land essentially at, at the border up to the border. Well, do you, do you, do you think that that show of force is deterrent enough? I don’t know. I’m not a military expert, but a reporter asks Kirby about this. It kind of sounds like it’s just like you’re moving pieces around or like, like doing a bunch of token gestures because this makes you guys feel better. Like you’re doing something. Is, is this all just a big show? Like, do you know that you’ve already lost this? If this is a chess board, have you already gained this thing out? And it’s a mate and all of this is just a bunch of show. I don’t know. But a reporter is asking about it. Here’s what Kirby says. If NATO’s

A defensive Alliance and these troops, if they are activated, are defensive and therefore frontline NATO states, how does this protect Ukraine? How does it stop Putin from going into Ukraine?

Yeah. So did you hear what she’s said? Okay. So let’s say you do all of this, right? All of it is true. It’s all accurate. All of it’s great. 8,500 troops, uh, you know, NATO’s a defensive force, so they’re not gonna be, you know, proactive. They’re gonna be just sort of hanging around there. Let’s say they do get activated and they’re actually transported. How does this help Ukraine? Can you explain that specifically? Right. Like actionable, not just talk. How does it actually help Ukraine cuz that’s what your administration is saying you’re going to do. And you’re talking a big game. We just heard from Ned price. What is that going to lead two here, John, here’s what he says.

It’s it’s designed to reassure our natal allies. Jen it’s, it’s designed to reassure our natal allies and we are taking Ukraine and we are protect Ukraine. How does it protect Ukraine? Jen, it sends a very clear signal to, to Mr. Putin, uh, that we take our responsibilities to eight. Oh seriously does it. Um, and we are also working inside the international community, uh, to, uh, implement severe consequences for Mr. Putin, if he were to go, uh, in again into Ukraine, largely those are, uh, of an EC economic, uh, economic consequences. So I, I get where you’re your, your, your question is I’m, I’m trying to be very clear. This gets to, um, Barbara’s question about what success look like. Uh, we obviously don’t wanna see another incursion in Ukraine. We are using, uh, lots of levers to try to communicate, uh, why that would be a bad thing for Russia to do, but number two, and it’s, it’s not an insignificant number two is to make sure that NATO stays unified and that NATO, uh, our allies are able to defend themselves. And that is what this decision is all about. It’s about putting these forces on a heightened alert in case NATO needs them

David. Oh my goodness. So, okay. So, uh, he just said the, it, it’s not really intended to do anything. I mean, I, I think that’s what he said. Right. Other than to send a signal that we’re unified with our NATO allies, which I guess, I guess matters. Maybe. I don’t know. I mean, I think that the NATO allies have pretty much, I, I, from what that prior reporter said about them sort of being annoyed with Washington, from the French being upset with the Biden administration about that secret submarine deal with the Australians after the Afghanistan debacle, couple of the other, uh, bonehead decisions that have come out of this administration. Right. He’s he’s now talking about holding NATO together, right? It’s, <laugh>, it’s not good because of, uh, of this whole situation, but he’s acknowledging single handedly that, you know, 8,500 troops, it, it, it ain do anything, nothing other than send a signal that we’re gonna support them and defend them, whatever. All right. So, um, you know, it, it does reveal a little bit, you know, I think it does show that maybe, maybe the rhetoric doesn’t actually match the actions. I don’t know. We’ll see. Here’s another clip. Yes. And it sounds like a, also John doesn’t really know much about how the troops would be used once those troops actually do get activated and deployed 8,500, uh they’re NATOs basically, and John doesn’t know much about how that works or how, what they’re gonna do with those troops, but NATO will figure it out.

Is there a process by which this, uh, NATO response force is activated? Does there have to be a, a meeting? Is it a political decision or is it just a, a tactical military decision? What is

It? I mean, well, it’s a NATO decision. Uh, David, I, uh, I’d refer you to NATO to, to, to go through the puts and takes of exactly how that gets made. Um, but, uh, I’m, I’m sure it’s going to have to be one where, uh, all the allies are, are, uh, uh, are, are consulted and, uh, and you know, it’s a political military thing. I don’t, again, I, I don’t, I think I better just refer you to NATO on the specifics of it, uh, about, about how, how they activate the NRF. Does it require unanimity? Uh, I, I, I’m gonna refer you to NATO. I’m gonna refer to

NATO. Yeah. So it’s basically just loaning troops over to the NATO, uh, you know, organization, and then they’ll figure out what to do with everything. And so it’s a, it’s a, you know, it’s a show of Alliance, which, okay, so that’s great. So, uh, Kirby now is at the Pentagon handling up the department of defense and we’ve got one final press conference from the white house today. We’ve got Jen Saki. Here’s Jen, I have

A, a question just to follow up. I, I know that, you know, you were asked about Americans who are now in Ukraine mm-hmm <affirmative> and I know you said that there is no precedent, you know, outside of Afghanistan for evacuations. And if there was like some type of military encouragement by Russians. So I, I just want to be clear if Americans are still in Ukraine and things start happening with Russia, are they pretty much on their own?

Does this sound feel like dejavu? If there’s Americans still in Ukraine, are they on their own? Is what she just said. Yeah, it’s dejavu. Doesn’t, doesn’t, doesn’t doesn’t feel like this happened too long ago.

Well, we are conveying very clearly now that now is the time to leave and that there are means to do that. Of course, there’s commercial airlines. You can depart over land. There’s obviously the embassy there to provide assistance and very similar to what we did in Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, and many other countries. What other countries lost several decades? What other countries stand an intention or a plan for any military evacuation

And, and just quickly, um,

She left, she left a pretty important country off that list. There, Ethiopia, whatever the other country was, you know, it’s something that we saw also. Yeah. You better get out of there America, you better. If there are any Americans in the Ukraine listening to this show, I would take that warning. Seriously. They mean business. If they say we’re gonna leave you in a country, they mean it. All right. It’s not like you’re, you’re, you know, your moms saying, if you’re not in this car in two minutes, I’m gonna leave you here. That’s not that’s and she’s bluffing. We all knew that, but this is like the real deal. This country will leave you in another country. If you’re an American citizen, without even thinking about it, <laugh>, it doesn’t even matter. It doesn’t even matter. You can be a citizen doesn’t matter at all. No problems at all.

They’re just gone. We’re we’re done there. Good luck. So Jen Zaki is, uh, still, still, at least they’re consistent on this. All right. We have another clip from, from her. Now you’re gonna see the Chiron here. The, I think at this point when this clip happened today at 1 45 P there was something like 179,000 troops that were being mobilized from Russia into the, uh, contested area. You can see the graphic up here in the top left, oh, 127,000 troops, uh, at this moment, according to the Ukraine ministry of defense. So you can see Russia sort of mobilizing all of these, um, forces on the Northern border. We see CME here. And so, uh, doesn’t look good. Here’s Jen sake now with the press. So

Last week, president Biden at the press conference said that the us would fortify NA allies, but said it was dependent on an invasion saying if he would send more troops to Poland, Romania, if Ukraine, if Putin did in invade Ukraine. So the fact that he’s considering this now and having these discussions with pen Pentagon leaders over the weekend, does that suggest that he believes an invasion is imminent?

We’ve never actually ruled out, uh, providing additional support, uh, additional support, uh, assistance, uh, to Eastern flank countries in advance of any invasion. And those discussions with them have been ongoing. Uh, and certainly that’s been part of our contingency planning. I, I guess the

Question is it does appear to be a shift in his thinking and his attitude toward it. Is that how you would characterize

It? I wouldn’t characterize it that way. Uh, we have spoken to the fact that, um, and we put out a lot of information about, uh, our view, uh, of the preparations being made by president Putin and the, uh, while we can’t get into the mine, uh, of president Putin, we are seeing the preparations that they’re making at the border. We have been very clear and the president has been direct that military action by Russia could come at anyone at any time. He said that last week as well. So, uh, we have been in conversations and discussions with Eastern FLA countries. Obviously our secretary of day just returned from a trip to Europe as well. And he was part of the discussions this weekend, too. Uh, and part of that has been contingency, planning and discussing what their needs have been.

All right. So sort of sounds like they feel like this is kind of, uh, a done deal to some degree. Am I reading that right? Feels like, you know, she’s saying we can see what they are doing. You can see what they’re doing. The president he’s been consistent about this. We are always ready basically. Is the answer she asked him specifically, does he think like there’s an invasion imminent? Well, doesn’t matter, that’s not the question we’re answering. We’re ready, regardless, whether there’s one coming, whether there’s not, we’re gonna be ready regardless, but she’s kind of saying, you know, you, you, what we’re seeing, I mean, uh, what do you think, does it look like there’s an invasion coming? Cause it looks like it to me there and, um, kind of leaves it at that. So are they, are they just waiting for this to happen? I don’t know. We’ve got one more clip from Jen. And then we’re gonna take a look at your questions from watchingthewatchers.locals.com. And I saw a supper couple super chats come in as well. Thank you for those last one from Jen. Hey Jen, you know, we just got out of a terrible war that didn’t work out well for anybody. Uh, are we gonna do that again? Why should buckle down and join your administration in supporting you for whatever this international problem is? Here’s what it sounds like.

And, uh, last year, more than 60% of the alliances, 30 members, including half of the Bucharest nine that are right, uh, near Russia there, um, failed to meet that, uh, there a 2% GDP bending commitment. Um, if Europeans aren’t willing to expend, uh, blood and treasure on their self-defense, why should Americans be expected to do so?

Well, we are continuing to advocate for, um, all members to, uh, reach, uh, the 2% goal that has been the VI the president’s position since he was the vice president. So for many years now, uh, I would say that, uh, we have a sacred obligation under NATO, uh, and we believe it is also in our interest to support our Eastern flank countries, uh, and, and their security. And also to be clear about, uh, the, uh, the value we have as Americans, which is that no country should be able to take with force, um, another country as, as Russia is attempting to do at this point in time.

All right. So Jen Saki answering the question with really you know, we gotta contribute to our allies, which okay. For what? For NATO. All right. So let’s see what you have to say at about this. My friends over at watchingthewatchers.locals.com. Let’s pull up the questions form. Let’s see what we’ve got here. All right. Several here. We’ve got Kenny one bees in the first one in the house says 8,500 troops in this situation. It’s just like wearing a cloth face mask, all first show, but entirely useless. I think they know that now miss lucky says, rod can’t leak up on locals comes us, comes up with last weeks. Somebody else on YouTube said that there was a local’s chat problem. So if you’re having a local’s chat problem, you are not alone. Somebody mentioned that Azulu and Ticus both had chat problems over there. So I’ll check on that.

After the show. Apologies. It’s ed says, I seem to recall everyone freaking out about Trump causing world war II and going to war with Russia. When Trump won the Republican nomination, obviously that turned reversed into a Russian collusion conspiracy. Now, here we are, year two of Biden’s term. It looks like war is very close. Seems like it was a case of projection of guilt from the last five to six years. Yeah. We’re all the anti-war people who are so mad at Donald Trump for being the, uh, you know, modern Hitler. Uh, Kenny one B says the fundamental problem with OS I N T is that it’s easily fabricated and counterfeit, but useful to get a general idea based on the volume of reporting. Very good point. Right? They could just, um, move it right. Uh, uh, poison the data, right? Like sort of a poison pill type of concept. Uh, Kew says, Rob, you gotta check this out. Let me link this real quickly. See what this is.

It’s a YouTube channel monkey works. YouTube channel is coming highly recommended. So check them out. Monkey works. W E R X is coming highly recommended from case. Do I have it bookmark Sergeant Bob says, are they bluffing? Just ask the Hungarians that were there in 1957 from Sergeant Bob astute history there, former EEO says I would like to see subpoenas issued to find out why the request for the national guard on January 6th was rejected. Seems like a conspiracy to overthrow the government. It’s a good question there. Former Le good to see. It’s been a little while Kenny. One B says Putin Putin is doing this now because he knows the us will argue and fight each other about what to do about it. Putin thinks it’s an opportune time to take over Ukraine. And I didn’t have time to clip everything today, but China’s also, I think they had their largest ever, uh, encourage it into the Taiwan airspace so they know, right.

They know that America is massively divided and totally screwed up. And, um, taking advantage of it. Sergeant Bob is here says, Hmm, Biden cannot afford another UK. This is a UK word warning. UK alert Biden cannot another cockup. He can’t that’s for sure there, Sergeant Bob, thank you for that. Uh, uh, cultural intertwining. We have Ticus prime says I would pay money for one of the actresses who played Jane Brady to make a sound clip of Russia, Russia, Russia. <laugh> Sergeant Bob says, what? No woke music is the tide turning that’s true. Sergeant Bob, that military music was like, let’s go, you know, smash things and break things. And uh, I think that’s pretty good. VCA says looking for Goose’s body to heavy metal. That’s it’s still too soon. Goose’s death is always too soon. Planes can be sexy too. And F 35 B that’s a sexy plane baby.

Hashtag F 22 for life F 30 B for life. Hashtag Saki as sexy. Oh, those are some spicy hashtags. I don’t, I don’t even wanna know what that last one turns up monster. One says, how does former American vice president Biden hope to secure the Ukrainian border when he can’t secure the Southern Bo order? Good question. Well, that’s what Kama is doing. She’s on, on top of that 1, 5 0 3 unlimited says keep an eye on China. Russia. Ukraine is being used as a diversion, but if they make it here, they’ll get some red Don action Wolverines. Yeah, that would be <laugh>. You know, uh, when you were a kid, didn’t you kind of secretly hope that that would like the Russians would invade or something, because then you could, you know, join together with your kids in your high school class and save America. I kind of hoped for that.

Sometimes when I was sitting there and Mr. Whatevers history class, Kenny one B said all this Russian military equipment is there for a one way trip. All we can do is position to prevent Russia from continuing into Romania and Poland. So you kind of stop ’em from going any further, but you see certain territory, Kenny one B says, deterrents posturing is only good. If it’s CRE and capable, Joe Biden is neither. And I noticed that Kenny one be so when, when John Kirby at the Pentagon got kind of got called out by that reporter, like, uh, okay, so those 8,500 troops, like, what is that gonna do to help Ukraine? What is it gonna do? And John Kirby said essentially nothing, but it’s a signal. Right? What does that mean? It means that it does nothing and you don’t have to be a military scholar to figure that out.

Cuz he just said it. And so the Russians I’m sure go. Oh, so it actually doesn’t mean anything. It’s just something that is a signal. Oh, got it. So we can just keep acting as if there is no, no sanction at all. Right? It’s like, if you know your mother’s not gonna punish you, then you still do the thing that she said don’t do. Right? It’s the same consequence, PT except Biden is he of get that one BTK 1 0 1 says, Hey Rob, have you been making videos on the Federalist papers yet? I can’t seem to find the link. Yeah, PTK there, there, I didn’t do one this morning. I apologize for that. But I did. Um, I, I, we’re up to 10, 10 Federalist uh, essay 10 on the Federalist papers and I think four of the anti-federalists papers. So there’s about 14 of them.

I am gonna get back on track with those, but uh, I’ve I just didn’t. I didn’t today we have another one. No name says, Hey Rob in-house Russian again. Yes. Says I find VES statement about the new world war II to be foolish, very different processes happening world war II started because one Germany was forced into humiliating terms post world one and they felt it acutely Hitler played it. Master masterfully, drummed up support for himself off that sentiment. Hitler acted on ambitions towards the domination that he outlined almost a decade prior R’s book and number four Europe pursued appeasement until it blew up in their faces while having ample warning C number three, see also will sch Shreks rise and fall of the third, right? Russia has only parts of one and two, which is humiliating terms and drumming up support. They’ve been stonewalled by Europe regarding NATO expansion for a decade.

Putin is somewhat successful in turning it into a national security issue. One and two are only part of pre-World war II, Germany three and four aren’t there you hit the nail on the head the other day, when you said the playing levels are different. It’s a security issue for Russia, not an economic one heavy ancients on Russia will just reinforce that view. Yeah, but a war with Ukraine would probably be a gift to Biden. It’ll take the eyes off everything that he’s screwed up in the us thus far rants are getting longer happy Monday. That’s a great it’s that’s a great comment. Uh, and I really appreciate that, that perspective. And I think that’s a brilliant observation about the differences.

I guess my next, my follow up question would be, you know, do you think that a history of modern appeasement with Russia, like, like would, would you characterize it as appeasement? Would you say that what the us government has been doing or what NATO has been doing or what any of the allies in that theater have been doing is that appeasement be, cause you know, Russia, uh, you know, had had a situation with all of this back in 2014, wasn’t it? Yeah. Two. We, we mentioned it. So should a harder line have been drawn there, is this something where it stops at that? You know, the dominoes end with Ukraine or is this something that continues into other parts of, uh, of the Theo? I’m not sure, but it’s something that’s gonna be very interesting to follow. Hopefully it doesn’t boil over. Lou says, can you imagine if there is a choreographed invasion of Ukraine by Russia and a simultaneous invasion of Taiwan by China, what would Joe do?

Nothing war on two fronts. Oh, Joe say it ain’t so also convenient that hunter happened to enjoy his party time and worked for both of those countries. Coincidence say it ain’t so Joe say it ain’t. So no, I, I, first of all, I thought about that, right? Because the Chinese are actually incurring or making incursions into Taiwan, airspace, and I saw they were unhappy about that. And so it would not be ideal for the us that, uh, had a hard time with one theater in Afghanistan to deal with two major powers in two different parts of the globe probably wouldn’t work out well. Thunder seven says not going to be a war with Ukraine, Russia, because it’s all false flag perpetrated by NATO, us Putin, not the least bit interested in invading Ukraine, he could have done. So at any time nothing can do about it as no country wants to engage in a nuclear war, the Warhawks and the party want Ukraine as their proxy war, they conducted a color revolution in 2014.

Now they wanna finish their end game. VIN men, the most corrupt liar who attempted to impeach Trump, who supports Ukraine’s obsession with becoming part of the EU and using rumors award to achieve their goal. The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming complete fairytale. Putin’s not going to invade. It’s another interesting take on that. Yeah. So you, you know, when I, when I start to see people who are overly eager in something and it feels like it kind of comes outta nowhere, you start to ask about that, you know, it’s like, why are, why are they so, so con why is this such a huge deal? All of a sudden, and I I’ve seen other people speculate that it’s, it’s sort of a holdover from the Obama years back in 2014, that a lot of people were still upset about what happened back there. And so this they’re sort of cleaning things up, sort of like, you know, like Bush two cleaning up after Bush.

One, something like that. A similar analogy hand of nod is here says VIN min, Rob Vinn was instrumental in bringing charges against Trump. Vinn is a political actor looking to bring fruit into an outcome. Bloomberg recently ran an article on Francis struggling power grid. French are importing kilowat hours from Germany and the UK Germany consuming, uh, natural gas from Russia. Russians recently completed mega engineering project in on time and on budget exporting L N G via the Arctic ocean to both Western Europe and China energy web. What is this have to do with Ukraine diplomats, heavy breath. Don’t keep peop heavy breath. Don’t keep people warm through the winter and they won’t power Netflix.

Jack PAs SOIC Russians are already in talks with France and Germany further to take hold of land means boots on the ground. Russians are prepared. A fist full of TALs are a poor substitute, uh, which is the aircraft that we saw vertical takeoff in landing us is pivoting from bomb, bombing cave, dwellers to appear adversary where unprepared and the Russians know it, the will of fight and die for Ukraine not available among my friends and peers. On the other side of a mountain of corpses, how will the world be made better? Lastly, this contrast significantly against Taiwan Republic of China island, distinct culture, distinct history, a will to fight and a coverable exports are among the reasons I expect to see commitment against China, hand of nod. Excellent. Post such a good one. Very good stuff today. That is, is very interesting to think about that, right? And it, it sort of goes back to, you know, you’ve seen this pattern historically. I mean, you know, you can take it back to the founding of this country. You know, the idea that the home home field advantage matters and that, that, that alone can be sort of instrumental in, uh, the outcome of some of these things. It’s great. Great comment.

And listen, you know, this is something that, that a lot of people are talking about, you know, sort of a, a, a more of a, a much more of a multipolar world. If the United States cannot, you know, interface well with France and Germany and, and provide them with what they need or be a strong ally to them, why would they not find a better Alliance with somebody else who can, right. It’s, it’s just standard game theory. Like why would anybody be loyal to somebody who is not serving you? I don’t know, but people do it all the time. Let’s see what else. Kenny, one B says I’ve spent time in Washington with various think tanks. That war game exactly is the confrontation. That war game, this type of confrontation, almost always results in a regional tactical ex nuclear exchange and an overall military sta mate, pray for Ukraine and for Europe.

Oh my goodness. That doesn’t sound good at all. Yikes. All right. Well, I hope that’s not the case. We’ve got Becker backer. The hacker is here on YouTube says, Rob, did you change your name? Yeah. I thought you were called grr, not Gove. What does Esquire mean? <laugh> it’s a good question. Backer. Thanks for asking about it. I did change my name. So Gove is my mother’s name, my, my mother’s name and my family name over there. And I was born grr, and I just decided, you know, I’m very close with my mom. I just decided I, I wanted to be a Gove. And so I made the switch here. We are. There’s a lot more to it than that, but it’s, you know, it’s, it’s sort of the nuts and bolts of how it all works. Esquire is lawyer. That’s what that means. So my name is Robert Gove and, uh, I like it.

I like it. It fits nicely. Feels good. We thank you for about it. Not applicable says a lot of pro Russian assets in the chat these days. It’s hard to tell. It’s hard to tell who’s who’s who anymore. Thank you for submitting that they’re not applicable. Alex Watts says thank you for your perspective. Thank you, Alex Watts for your support here on the show, Jay, with a super chat donation. No question, but thank you very much for that. Jay not applicable says Putin is a Russian ethnicity demagogue that wants back the USS R via Alexander Dugin, Vivi Alexander Dugin, and the EU has been appeasing Russian aggression for decades. Oh, right. Well, that sort of answers the question. I think maybe from, was that hand of nod that we talked? No, it was, uh, prior to that. Yeah. About appeasement and about how that may not work out.

Well, monster one says, wasn’t that Vinn guy involved in Trump’s impeachment. Yeah, he was for, for short, right? He’s like a big, big, big Demi crap person. Mr. Vodka here says, I know the left has a very hard time when it comes to borders. But one thing that is really misleading about the Biden narrative is quote, Russia is a massing military presence on Ukraine’s border. But that border is also Russia’s border. They have every right to put anything they want on their border. Plus Putin has repeatedly said he isn’t going to invade. This is all media hype. So when nothing happens, Joe can say, you see what I did America. I intimidated Putin and made world peace vote 20, 22. It’s that’s interesting take too. Right? Sort of he knows this is all much to do about nothing. The reporter confirms that, that we heard from earlier on the show, the reporter saying, why is everybody freaking out about this over in Washington?

Nobody here in Europe is all that alarm alarmed, but I’m not so sure that’s the case either, because we did see a lot of mobilization happening, but who knows? Good question. Not applicable says don’t trust Biden. The Democrats also don’t trust Russia also don’t trust China. China is a ho Snookums says, remember, Obama shut down plans to install new radar and missile defense systems in Poland and Czech Republic to bolster Eastern Europe, to protect against increased missile threat from Iran. Because Russia raised a stink as they would threaten Russia, missile sites, poor babies. I would call this incremental abandonment of the region. Do we remember recordings of VP, Joe holding military for funding from Ukraine because of a prosecutor, they got it, but the a game playing sad. Yeah, they did. Joe Biden was very excited about that. You know, swinging around, you know, I did this, I got all that done.

Is there a conflation there? Wasn’t hunter Biden over there. Oh, hunter Biden’s here says my dad gonna take care of Putin. Cuz Ukraine is his baby. He threatened the UK prosecutor who was looking into corruption at barista where sat on the board collecting $80,000 a month for my connections. I mean my knowledge of the gas industry. Yeah. Hunter Biden, the uh, internationally renowned gas expert, Ukraine backed off, or dad would’ve withheld a billion dollars of us package money. Hey, maybe I can get appointed on the Ukraine fence force, but I want one 50,000 a month, 150 K a month. Wow. That’s expensive. Well, my dad is pots. Yeah, that’s true. And not just VP, whatever happens. I win. Dad. Sure does take care of his own man. Hunter Biden is here and he’s just, uh, he’s just, he’s making a lot of money off the back of his daddy.

Kenny one B says the 8,500 troops has thing to do with Ukraine and everything to do with showing NATO. The us is willing to wear a cloth mask to the fight. Well, that’s nice of them. <laugh> okay. So that’s, that’s a great analogy too. NATO will unify to prevent Russia from continuing their invasion into Romania or Poland under article five to prevent. So NATO would unify from Kenny. One B also says I have a college friend that married a Ukrainian man. She met on a missionary trip and started a family in Keve. She just arrived back in the us. I’m hoping she’s able to bring her husband and young children with her. Yeah. Hopefully they can get outta there. Tim Flyn says, is there any chance that Putin wasn’t or isn’t expecting any military response from, is he really trying to start world war three?

Yeah. I mean, is this whole thing, just a big game of poker? Like is he just amassing all of those there? Just to, just to put everybody on edge or does he have an end game here? Does he wanna negotiate something? Don’t know TK UA says, have you checked out Putin’s palace in Glen hick? You don’t get that on a presidential salary. So no, but I’ve read many articles about the Russian oligarchy and sort of, uh, how much money they have. Like it’s they’re like it it’s it’s on the order of ma they’re like, like Zuckerberg’s in place, like right. Multiple levels of multi-billion dollar oligarchs over there that just own the entire oil and gas industry metal industries, you know, everything it’s um, very corrupt, obviously not applic. Oh, so we got that one. Let’s see what’s over on what? At, on locals, Tim blitz said Biden did, he would unite the country and what has been more uniting than world wars?

That’s a good point. Not a good one though. Monster one also says, is this the next step in the great reset could be says, anyone notice they keep referencing protecting NATO Ukraine. Isn’t a part of NATO. They’re obviously saying they don’t plan on protecting Ukraine. That’s an interesting read on that. The anti kiss prime says poo ton. I think, I think that’s what he was saying. P ton. We have monster one says, come on now, Sergeant Bob, we all know Biden. Can’t we can’t. We, I don’t think I can squeeze that one in there. Kenny. One B says China is not ready to advance on Taiwan. They need a few more years to build up weaponry Putin won’t invade until after his buddies, propaganda Olympics have completed. Yeah, those are going over there. Kincaid. Russia could be an ally. They could use some cash. Solidarity, Nixon, start the ball rolling with China.

So drop the eggs in another basket and wait 50 years for the fallout from Kincaid. We’ve got Tim Flint says it’s really disturbing how the officials being questioned, seemed all unnerved with reporters, questioning whether the administration knows what they’re doing. I notice that, what does it seem like we are on all the same page or have a clear plan? What I disagree with the premise of your question, I’m gonna go back and address your flip it remark. I don’t know what you’re talking about. All of these different alphabet agencies have all been in sync, right? There was a pattern we heard repeatedly. The press is asking multiple times. We’re not in sync. There is actually daylight there. Nobody knows what you’re talking about, but they, you know, they continue to tell the same story. Snipers here says the Beijing Olympics, as well as the weather are two major variables that are gonna determine the timing of Putin’s move into Ukraine.

The weather is also the major variable that China has to incorporate into its invasion of Taiwan. October and April are the only two months that China could invade the Taiwan man. That is interesting. Now I don’t know, you know the details on any of that, but that’s interesting. I’m sure there’s some truth to something like that. Kenny one B says the Russian started staging weapons on the Ukrainian border a year ago and only accelerated post Afghan withdrawal. This conflict has been boiling for years, but without any American media coverage, Americans are too obsessed with race and transgendered swimmers to be concerned about geopolitical affairs, UN unless it’s useful right now, it’s suddenly everywhere. It’s very useful. We had the state department go over there. We had three press conferences from everybody today. Suddenly it’s like a big, big problem. And everybody needs to drop everything to deal with this 5 0 3 says during war time, the most powerful weapons are used.

Nukes are no longer our most powerful weapons taking down a nation’s entire electrical grid and sending them back to the stone age. Does it all without nuclear fallout? Yeah. I mean, look, do you need to destroy the cities? We’ll just take out the wifi. Take out Netflix and, and HBO. Max. Holy moly. People are gonna have to read books and they’ll be killing each other in six hours. CS says, uh, Hey Rob, have you seen the clip of Joe Biden calling Peter Ducey? A stupid sob? I haven’t. Is that new? Is that a new one? Oh my goodness. That sounds good. Uh, Biden. Do you see, let’s see what we got here. Yeah, one hour ago here it is Biden calls. Doucey a stupid son of a. Thank you for this sea rose. Let’s just pull this up right now. Shall we? All right. Here’s the video. <laugh> here’s what we’ve got. Let’s play it.

Why are you sending 8,500 trips to Ukraine? Possibly.

Thank you guys. Will you take questions on inflation then? Thank you. Thank you all keeping in places, a political liability.

That’s a great asset. More inflation, a stupid sound.

Oh, you couldn’t really hear it, but I think you can see a mouth. It, you can see a mouth it there, but of course, a stupid loser player at CNBC. These things always do that. All right. And a man set himself on fire near the white house, so right. Well there’s our unifying commander treat chief just, uh, you know, call in members of the press stupid sob. So we’ll take that clip. I’ll I’ll download that clip. I’m sure about it. And then, uh, see if I can get that audio a little bit better. Thanks for the heads up zeroes. Kenny one B says people in Europe are far more concerned about this than those in the us tune into French, German, British and Polish media to see E for yourself. Uh, there you go then. So I would imagine, right, cuz that’s where they that’s their part of the world.

Uh, in-house Russian says, I don’t think it’s, it was appeasement on the part of the Europeans with Russia, probably more of the opposite Germany annex, sovereign Austria under some flimsy pretext and rolled into checklists of vodka as the, the much mightier Britain and France look on didn’t declare war until it got to Poland, by which point the German war machine was well underway. That’s the appeasement, although France and Britain could, uh, still could have qued it with a concerted effort even then, but anyway, a non-expansion of NATO eastward would probably have done it. Not sure what those countries can contribute militarily anyway, by the way, a German general or an a Admiral forget, which just got sacked for saying basically that yeah, it was a German. Um, it was a German. Somebody he got sacked for saying that. I got, I think he, I, I thought that guy got sort of sacked from, uh, criticizing the Chinese, but I don’t recall, uh, not applicable says DNC would love for Putin to win.

Fellow travelers also says, love how even nuclear annihilation is political now <laugh> it’s good point. Yeah. It’s like, well look, maybe we should have a nuclear war. You know, maybe if you’re, Hey, if you’re a Democrat these days and you’re supporting Joe Biden in these efforts, you’re like, yeah, well what do you think? You know, it’s Ukraine, Rob, they’re an important ally. What are you just gonna let the Russian who almost hacked America and almost install that maniac Donald Trump. We’re gonna let them get away with ruining the world. No, we better NCU. And if they NCUs well, that’s just how it goes. Sasha shisha says, uh, let’s go solve another country’s problem with our troops lives and let our own people suffer here. Must be knife. Nice. Must be nice. Yeah. Hey Rob, hope you and your fam are doing well. Hope you and your fam are doing well back at ya, Sasha.

Yeah. It’s like <laugh> it’s like, um, yeah, it’s weird because we have our own border here that has a lot of problems. Doesn’t it? Sasha also says time to stock up on Bitcoin. Like the president of El Salvador, Rob, we won’t be slaves to Fiat and their policies while Sasha, the crypto markets are not looking so hot right now. Have you seen them? Woo they’re they’re down. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in them. I still believe in them. In fact, I’m buying the dip on the way down, baby, you know it, and Holden strong, always Wolfy says, has the fed antied series stopped or will continue it? I, I will continue it. I’m not gonna, I’m not going to, uh, not do it. I actually like, I, I hope I’m hopeful that I’m not getting sick. I actually have like a little bit of a, a tickle.

So I got to bed early last night. Didn’t record too much. Hopefully I’m gonna kick this thing. Whatever it is. Sasha says, I think Biden meant to call himself that oopsie from Sasha CSIA we have another one from, I am techie said as Rob your show is as clear as day. Well, thank you. I am ticking. I appreciate that. And another one from dub Biff says Russia has roughly two months to get it done before the snow melts. There was a cyber attack in Ukraine, attacking utilities over the weekend, disguises, ransomware, but instead of paying and getting your stuff back, it just destroyed the systems of involved. You think this is just a good coverup for Taiwan. If we do go into Ukraine to help, do you think Russia sides with China and makes an Alliance? You know, those are really good questions to the B and probably, uh, outside of my, my domain of expertise, but I I’ve, I’ve said, and I think the pattern is pretty consistent that the United States is not as strong as it once was.

And if other countries see that and they have a better deal with another country, there’s gonna be a more pressure for them to take that. So a a, a good example of this would be like I heard, uh, I was listening to an interview on a, on a crypto project actually, and this guy lives over in, uh, I think Indonesia somewhere over there. And he’s a, uh, a big, he’s a tech bro. Who’s who’s um, doing very cool creative stuff. And part of his business model is not to even worry about the United States, right? The United States, the S E C any of that crap, any of the taxes, IRS global jurisdiction, any of it, because it’s too regulatory, there’s just too much stuff there. And the market is just not as attractive as it once was anymore. You’ve got 340 million Americans, whereas you’ve got in China, right?

1.3 billion or in India, right? That is 1.2, right? Massive markets that just dwarf the American market. And if the us government, you know, if the dollars garbage cuz they’re printing money, if we can’t, you know, even get testing right after two years, if we can’t run a military that, that comports itself appropriately, or, or, or let’s say to win in Afghanistan and the list goes on and on, then why, why do these new startups and these other new entities have to align with the United States. It’s just free markets and it’s just capitalism and it’s just business as usual. And so as this continues, you know, to, to go on, yeah, you, I mean, it might have been like a, like a, something that would’ve been beyond, even thinking about to say that maybe for France and Germany or somebody sides with Russia over the us, but Russia’s their neighbor.

And if Russia has a better deal and provides them more than the us can from a, a continent away, well, the equation’s changed and people are gonna make equations that best serve their interests. And if people don’t realize that, I think that’s a mistake. And I think that that is what this current administration is doing. Quite frankly. I think that they think that just because it’s NATO and because they’re doing like the right thing or something that Putin’s gonna say, well, I guess I’m gonna really care about what the international community thinks about me and better. I guess I better just go home cuz I don’t wanna be scolded by them. Right? That’s not how this works. He, he didn’t care. Kenny one B says guns don’t need the electric grid to kill people. Many other countries are not Alliant on the electrical grid. Nuclear weapons are still needed for those countries.

Kinkaid says, Rob, what do you think of NFTs? So I’m not sold on NFTs. I’m not, I’m not, um, I’m not opposed to them, but I’m not somebody who, um, thinks that they’re quite ripe yet. Um, personally, I see them sort of as a hobby rather than a, a solid long term investment, but I’m not an art person either. So I’m just not a collectibles person in general. I don’t care about autographs. I don’t care about signed photos. I don’t care about memorabilia or any of that stuff. So NFTs are just not, not my thing. I like crypto because it’s very, uh, I, I like the utility of it. I like, you know, certain projects that, that have, uh, actual utility, you know, not, not, not the meme coins and stuff like that. Although I think those are fun and they have some, some utility, but I like the other projects that I think are solving problems, like replacing a payment system, you know, if you, you have a crypto project like, you know, avalanche or, uh, you know, soul been having problems, but something that you can build, you know, a new infrastructure on the back end of that.

That’s very cool. Uh, let’s see, Ray ups was here, says why all this Russia, Russia, Russia talk, can we get back to the real business of investigating the Trump supporters who almost threw over through this country? Ray ups, VI Antica says, do you like cloth masks? I do not like cloth masks, not even a little bit. Um, Biden’s hot mic audio was left ear only. Oh, well that’s why I didn’t hear it. <laugh> so that’s why I didn’t hear it. Cuz I’ve got my right ear. Oh, how about that? So, uh, maybe you did hear it. <laugh> well, I hear it. That’s funny. Well, thank you for the heads up on that. Oh my God. This is awesome. We have all eyes on Russia, but the biggest enemies are here at home. Shouldn’t Americans worry about all the BS going on here. That’s what I’m more concerned about.

You know, not look I care about all people all over the world, but you know, there’s only so much that anybody can do out there. You can care about ’em, but you know, the military’s only so big and our resources are only so big. And for the last two years, this country has been in, uh, dire straits as far as I can tell. And I think that things might be better served if we focus more at home than we do abroad, but uh, I didn’t go to Harvard. So what do I know Sasha says, Rob, I don’t think you understand the us DS can provide very valuable help. They will guide and help you with your pronouns and gender identification. Most important thing in the world.

You know, look, I don’t know if I can handle all the permutations. There’s just so many of them now. And it’s complicated. There was that story about, I think the transgender swimmer, I, I can’t even get it. I it’s too confusing for me, but you know, fortunately there’s gonna be a lot of people who will help usher me into this new communist world that we’re, uh, slowly moving into. All right. My friends that was it from, from our friends over, oh, we got two more. Kenny one B says, look at the concept of counter value versus counter force with respect to nuclear exchange. I will, we have some serious like military thinkers here in, on this chat today, which is super cool. Kinkaid says, I figured you would see the silly in them. Speaking of crypto, what is the news on the regulations? Uh, I E the government, et cetera.

Thank you. Have a good evening. Well, there’s a lot of news going on in that world. I really do need to get back into some of the crypto content on the other channel. Not my government says, Hey, Rob had a minute on my lunch break. I saw an article stated that Maxwell was going to reel the reveal, the names of five John dos with the lawsuit, any chance this could actually happen. So if it, I made a video about that. I don’t know if this is newer than that one, but you, yeah, her attorneys, they sent a letter in saying, uh, they didn’t say openly that she was going to reveal their identity, but they, they, they were saying that they were not going to be objecting on their behalf anymore. In other words, they’re not protecting them anymore. So if that’s different, then she’s actually gonna be revealing the names that’s different.

And I will probably make a video about that is if that is true. So hold onto your britches on that one, we’ve got zero says Rob, do attorneys and lost students go to JAG. If there’s a war, like a, like a draft for JAG. I don’t, I don’t think so. I’ve ever heard of anything like that, but that would be kind of interesting. That might be kind of fun, you know, get drafted up and go be a lawyer in the military. Not that I endorse the draft. Okay. It’s a joke. But zero says I do attorneys and law student. No, I don’t think so. I don’t think there’s anything like that, but it might be a fun idea. Mot mot says, I don’t agree with everything said here about the Ft article, a divided Europe, gazes at its Naval best summarizes the situation. Nothing will happen from mot Mo. I, I kind of think that too. I kind of do. I think that this is all much, much of a posturing and I, I, I felt it, you know, they want, they’re sort of unity in wanting us to look somewhere else. And that would be the best thing for them. And, uh, nothing freaks people out like another world war. And they’re trying to take that to their advantage.

Wait, wait, wait. You mean John, do not John, do John do not John DOE is that because they, uh, that’s just terrible. All right. My friends and I think I closed out my slides, so we’re just gonna leave it right there. I wanna thank everybody for being a part of the show. Great questions today. A lot of fun, very interesting stuff. We’re gonna continue to follow it, but we’ll see what happens tomorrow. Uh, hopefully the thing starts to boiled down, but we will be back here to do it all again. Tomorrow. Same time, same place, 4:00 PM. Arizona time, 5:00 PM, mountain 6:00 PM on the east coast for that one, Florida man, everybody else have a tremendous evening sleep very well. I’ll see you right back here tomorrow. Bye bye.