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Hello my friends and welcome back to yet another episode of Watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Gouveia. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the R&R Law Group. We’re located in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona. And today we’re talking about being canceled. Some of it’s good. Some of it’s not so good. Of course, the good stuff is that Biden and administration is withdrawing the OSHA mandate. And we’re gonna go through the order that just hit the federal register and take a look specifically at what’s happening here. Now, this means that a lot of litigation that was surrounding all of this is now gonna be dismissed, and we’re gonna see indicators that that’s going to be happening in the very near future. So very good news O mandate withdrawn from the department of labor. And we’re gonna go through that in detail and listen to, uh, some of the reaction from around the white house.

We also have another update from some of the states, and we’re gonna spend some time talking with governor Hoel from New York, because her mask mandate out of New York was just to clear unconstitutional by the New York Supreme court. Now, I know that sounds really amazing. Like it’s the most Supreme court, but it’s not, it’s actually a lower level court, but it is still a good hint that, you know, this thing is sort of, uh, going a certain way in New York. And there’s some precedent now that shows the argument that we’ve been making on this channel for two years, that the legislature is the appropriate governing body, not the executive branch while this judge found that to be the case. And so held the New York mandates for the masking to be unconstitutional. And so we’ll break down that order here in a bit. We’re gonna check back in yesterday, there was a little bit of hub up about Joe by, and some language that he used to, you know, kind of call out Peter Ducey for asking him a question about inflation.

And so we’re gonna revisit that as we meander around and take a look about, uh, sort of how this white house is responding to a lot of the COVID problems. And we’re gonna check back in, in one of their efforts, decided to withhold or sort of, uh, re reverse some of the treatments that were out there previously. And governor Ron DeSantis outta Florida is very unhappy about that. Blasting the administration, Jen Saki came out, responded to the Florida criticism, and then Ron DeSantis, we have a little bit of a rebuttal from him. And so we’ve got just a lot to get to. And if you wanna be a part of know, the way to do that is by participating [email protected] There’s a live chat taking place over there. We have a form that looks like this. If you’re a member of our community, you can use that form and ask questions as we go throughout the show, super chats also come in and they show up right on the screen like this one Mo mot sent that one in yesterday.

Thank you, mot mot for, or that support of the show. And so any which way you wanna participate, we’ll do our very best to make sure that you can. And so, without any further ado, let’s get into it. Biden department of labor just came out and decided that they’re going to withdraw the OSHA COVID 19 vaccine and testing ETS, the emergency temporary standard. And if you’ve been a part of this channel for any amount of time, we’ve been talking a lot about these mandates and a lot of the lawsuits filed, uh, to, to sort of reverse it. We went through the Supreme court case at length, listened to a lot of the arguments to during the oral arguments about what the conservative said, what the liberal said, blah, blah, blah, Supreme court came out and sort of, kind of give us a split bag on this.

They said that the mandates under the OSHA standard, those were not constitutional as it relates to the big businesses, but the standards that, or, or other rules that apply to just healthcare workers, those can stay because it’s occupational being a plumber and, and being forced to get a, a jab is that’s not part of your occupational hazards. Okay? Whereas being a nurse, the court reasoned is because you’re in healthcare and so OSHA and some of these standards can apply to them. So today now is finally where we get the action action from the administration, the department of labor on their website updated this, they said, here is the statement of the status on the status of the testing and the vaccine ETS. You can see published January 25th. It says the us department of labor’s OSHA, occupational safe and health administration is withdraw of the vaccination and testing emergency temporary standard that was issued back in November.

This is to, they say to protect unvaccinated employees of large employers with a hundred or more employers withdrawals going to be effective tomorrow, January 26th, 2022. Now, very curious, right? A lot of people are doing victory lapse on this, but I don’t that I would get to ahead of ourselves on this because they say here, although OSHA is withdrawing the vaccination and testing ETS, which is the emergency temporary standard as an enforceable measure, the agency is not withdrawing the ETS as a proposed rule. So they want this to stick around, but they’re just not going to be using it as an emergency standard, right? Not anymore, but they’re gonna try to get this thing passed legitimately. Now it says the agency is prioritizing its resources to focus on finalizing a permanent healthcare standard. Okay? So, so this one is not going to be in effect as an emergency temporary standard, but they go through the, the motions of actually trying to get it imposed as a rule.

Now, this begs the question sort of, you know, what’s the difference. The Supreme court came out and they ruled on it, didn’t they? They did. And was there ruling based on how they got to this conclusion? Not really, right. In other words, they didn’t say that OSHA. We only threw out because you didn’t make it a proposed rule. First, you went the ETS standard. They’re saying it doesn’t really matter. I don’t think either way. And so even if they go back to the drawing board and they try to make it a proposed rule first, rather than going the ETS route, I’m not sure that that matters. Anyways, here is the actual, uh, order that is going to hit the federal register. You can see the link is up here. If you wanna read it. It says summary OSHA is withdrawing the November 5th ETS, a little bit more detail.

It says background and the rational out for the withdrawal. And so this is what’s gonna be, you know, the prompt of the rule change. And a lot of, you know, litigation is now gonna evaporate as a result. They say that on November 5th, OSHA adopted an ETS, wanted to stop the transmission required, covered employers. So anybody over a hundred to develop, implement, enforce mandatory vaccine policies with the exceptions that also required them to get tested or wear face covering in lieu of the VAX. ETS also serves a proposed rule for proceeding. Okay, now it continues. Then. So then back on January 13th, we went through the Supreme court, stayed the ETS, finding that the challenges were likely to prevail on their claims. So about two weeks ago is when the Supreme court came out and said, Nope, you can’t do this stuff. So now OSHA comes out.

They say, after evaluating the court’s decision, OSHA is withdrawing the vaccine and the temporary ETS as an enforceable standard. Now, to the extent this withdrawal is not already generally exempt from notice requirements, the action becomes of effective both because there is good cause. And because the action removes a requirement. So, uh, some technical stuff, although OSHA’s withdrawing the standard OSHA is not withdrawing the ETS to the extent that it serves as a proposed rule. And this action does not affect ETS status as a proposal, otherwise for other rule making, okay, so what they’re look it’s like, OSHA’s coming out and they’re saying, Hey, we had a really bad emergency and we needed to pass this emergency rule. And we think, uh, there’s still COVID and there’s still emergency. And we still need this rule, but the Supreme court came out and said, no, it’s too over broad.

It’s too much. Really can’t do it this way. Uh, you know, yes, it kind of is an emergency it’s COVID, but that doesn’t give you OSHA occupational agency, any authority to go out and do whatever you want all across America. We know that you’re kind of used to that under this administration based on what the CDC and the DOJ have been doing, but that does not apply all over the place. And the, and the Supreme court smacked them down on it. But so what OSHA is doing now is they’re saying, okay, well, the, you may have said, it’s, it’s an emergency, and this doesn’t apply as an emergency provision, but we’re just gonna make this the rule. Then we’re just gonna say, we don’t need that specific emergency justification to get you to follow the rule. We’re just gonna make it the rule, just like you make hard hats, part of, you know, a construction site or railings.

So people don’t fall over it or whatever OSHA does here. They’re just gonna say, that’s just a standard rule now, without some more substantive changes to the underlying legislation that authorizes OSHA to begin with, I’m not, not sure that the Supreme court is gonna find that they suddenly have the power just because they made it a rule versus an emergency temporary standard. Because I think the Supreme court goes deeper than what they’re trying to do. So they’re just saying, okay, so we can’t do an emergency speaking, so we’re just gonna do it the right way. Then you’re gonna let us do it. I don’t think the Supreme court’s gonna say so, but the point is, they’re not giving up on this thing. So we’re gonna see this, come back later, they’re gonna reformulate it and it’s gonna be back now. As I mentioned, we have a couple people who are already hinting that litigation is going to be working its way out of the courts marked Bevi from Arizona, says today, OSHA withdrew its vaccine mandate for private businesses.

After our office co a successful challenge to the Supreme court joined a recent letter to request this action. So soon as the Supreme court came out, all the attorney generals from number of different states filed, you know, a bunch of different letters and said, uh, okay, time to withdraw the standard now. And we can see that OSHA announces it’s gonna formally withdraw. And so Sean Morra over Twitter says that, uh, court of appeal six is dismissing petitions for review challenging it as moot. Okay? So we’re gonna see a bunch of lawsuits that got filed all over the place to stop this stuff. Now, officially, because now the, the rules changed officially well as of tomorrow, as of January 26th. And so a lot of this stuff can be put to bed as it relates to that issue. And so, uh, we get a little bit more detail over here on CNN.

This decision comes less than two weeks after SCOTUS blocked Biden, which was a major blow. They call it to president. Biden’s attempt to use the government to stop the pandemic OSHA’s regulation did what it did. Now, after evaluating, we read all of that. Withdrawal’s gonna be effective. Wednesday. President emphasized the necessity of getting the jab against the virus for months and decided to use the mandate on large employers. The rule would’ve affected some 80 million Americans. Now there’s, you know, sort of a slow motion domino, if fact of, of different companies that are bowing out of this, I think I saw Starbucks as one of them. There was another one we talked about last week, but there’s kind of this domino effect where people are saying, all right, well, look, if it’s not mandated anymore, then we’re not gonna do it. And gen so in the Biden white house, and many others are saying well that our goal has been done has been met.

The ends justify. The means what we did wasn’t necessarily constitutional. The Supreme court, threw it out and the department of labor is withdrawing it, but the ends achieved what we wanted. A lot of people got vaccinated, and we’ve already heard this previously from Biden, NSAC and others saying that this is a highlight of this administration. They’ve sort of, rather than the COVID death scoreboard they had for the Trump administration. They’ve got Biden with all the VAX, the VAX scoreboard. So they’re running that number up. Now. This is very interesting because we’re starting to see sort of a, a bifurcation. I think of some of the COVID, uh, enthusiasm happen within the democratic party. You’re seeing that some other Democrats really, particularly out of Virginia that are citing against some of the more draconian policies that we saw for the last two years, like lockdowns and mandates and, uh, all sorts of different things.

But we’re still seeing that a big portion of the democratic party, including people like Joe Biden are still petrified of the virus. And they are basically doing everything they can to, you know, kind of extend it, right? We we’re seeing this divide a good example of this. I should have clipped it, but I didn’t is the divide between you see two traditionally liberal people we’ve got bill are, and we have the view. And at the start of the pandemic, I think they were probably both in the hysterical COVID bubble wrap everything camp, but now they’re not now bill Mars sort of coming back to reality where he’s saying, we’re kind of done with all this, right? You can take your mask and cram it where you cram it. And Whoopi Goldberg over on the view is say, how dare you say those things, what you’re doing now is sort of speaking against the traditional orthodoxy.

How dare you, sir, that is sacri. So we’re seeing this, this sort of bifurcation happen. And as I think that the polls continue to show that people are tired of this. And as the deterministic philosophy of this white house saying that, you know, I’m going to get in office and stop the virus. I’m going to shut down the virus. If we do this, then X will happen. And we’ve been seeing many of their prognostications fail every which way you turn X didn’t happen, even though you said it would, and we’re still sort of going around and around we go. But here now we’re seeing real strong hints that Biden and his team, you know, this is actually impacting their bill to conduct themselves, to, to perform business. And this is a pretty good excuse. I mean, everybody else has been using COVID as an excuse for a long time.

Maybe Joe Biden can say that his own personal incompetence out of his white house is just based on COVID. It’s like everybody’s blaming co oh, sorry. I missed my meeting. It was a COVID, uh, problem. Well, what did, what did you have COVID and died? No. Well then why’d you miss the meeting? Well, I don’t know. COVID is somebody else got co you know, it’s like, COVID is an excuse for everything. It’s why nothing works. It’s why your server’s terrible. And it’s why, uh, everything is cost too much. And it’s just, you know, it’s a big, it’s also hurting the white house by golly. Here’s a story over from Politico. Politico says that Biden’s personal COVID fears seemed like they’re, you know, kind of taking control of the white house. He’s actually not even traveling and things like that. This was posted on January 24th by Alex Thompson, max tan at Politico says, as Omicron began storming the country in December, the president and VP changed their own masking protocols at the advice of their health advisors, they ditched the black surgical mask.

They previously spoke, began wearing K in 90 fives weekends before week before the CDC updated their own guidance. And you remember these pictures, I mean, here’s Joe Biden with this thing, like basically two masks, duct taped around his face. One is one of these garbage flimsy masks that, you know, they hand out, uh, you know, gas stations or whatever, like they’re protecting you. And then the other, one’s an actual, you know, sort of a more protective ma and look at this thing. It’s that thing is strapped on there. I mean, you could put that guy, you could drop him out of an airplane and that thing is staying on there. And so, you know, very, very concerned about this. The change reflects a dynamic within the one house. One that’s dictated everything from internal operations to the president’s schedule could very well scuttle his ambitions to criscros the country more this year, they are terrified of Biden getting COVID.

And you recall back during the president’s diluted to a, uh, our press conference, he said that he wants to hit the streets, man, he’s gonna get out there and, and sell his message. The problem is not the policies, the problem’s not, you know, uh, spending trillions and upon trillions and failing at every diplomatic effort that you’ve touched. The problem is the message. And if he can only get out there, Joe Biden, you know, the guys that got 37 years of retail politicing, he can go out there and just convince enough, Americans are doing a dang good job. And as long as he hits the streets, he can do that, but he can’t hit the streets if he’s petrified of COVID. And so some current and former white house officials foresee a potential political and policy disaster. If the president were to get the virus, even though he’s backed up and boosted protocol critics and would have a field day with Biden, catching it and use it to further undermine trust in the effort to combat the pandemic. 79 year old president would likely take at least a few days to recover in addition to placing himself in quarantine, which could exacerbate concerns about his age and his health.

Yeah, it’s a good for point, right? Anybody who’s 79 years old is automatically in a high risk category and Joe Biden, you know, doesn’t look so good. A lot of the time Politico continues. They say aids fear that a scenario has prompted the Biden white house to limit travel and interactions with voters during his first year. It’s a COVID excuse that frustrated Biden said last week during his press conference quote, I’m going to get outta this place more often. I’m going to go out and talk to the public. I’m going to interface with them. We’ll see. Similar limitations led to the Biden in the basement meme also arguably helped Biden politic because he took the virus seriously compared to Donald Trump. But attitudes have changed since then. And same precautions now made it more difficult to turn around his political prospects. And he can’t showcase his talents as a grip and grin politician if he’s hiding out in his basement.

So now he can see that Biden’s foreign policy in his travel has been curtail despite the president’s desire to focus on Asia. His only two international trips to Europe came in June in October, when fears of COVID were embedded in between the waves, right? The weight, we have the big spikes that come up and down, Joe Biden, as soon as the wave comes down, he hits the streets. He’s about out there in June, in October, we’ve got logistical challenges. Now, a white house official pushed back and they said, no, we navigate and consider appropriate code of all, uh, COVID protocols for all activities. COVID has not prevented travel from happening happening. So they’re saying, no, it’s not that we just don’t travel because he’s sleepy has nothing to do with COVID. He just needs his naps multiple times a day. And so this is actually coming up right now.

I have probably sound like a broken record on this thing. We check the president’s calendar regularly. I check it before I do show prep. What’s he gonna do today? Anything? And this is what it looked like today. This is Tuesday when I checked it this morning, okay. This is his official published calendar, 10, 15. He gets a brief and that is it. That’s it the whole day, one day. And he does nothing except get a brief in the morning. And it’s too, you know, we’ve seen him take, you know, extra long weekends. He came back on, you know, MLK day late and he’s not doing much. And so this is now becoming a thing that people are noticing in addition to his comment about Ducey, in addition to his tirade press conference, weird stuff’s going on? So Jen got asked about that today. Jen sake, you know, the press is looking at the same calendar and they’re going, yo, the world has a problem out there right now, all over the place we hear from the president. Like once a week, when he gives a press conference or happens to speak, where is he today? Jen? So the

President has nothing on his schedule today from the PDB. Can you shed any light on, on how he’s spending his day?

Uh, well, let’s see. Um, this morning, I think he had some policy meetings, uh, also a PDB meeting. Um, he, um, later this afternoon, uh, I think is doing some remarks review. There’s are some days that we spend some time, uh, doing intern meetings and discussions, uh, with policy experts, with policy leaders. Um, and that’s, that’s what’s happening today.

Oh, that’s it, you know, remarks, reviews and those types of things. And so as soon as we hear from Jen, she comes out and she’s like, oh, sh shoot, Mr. President, they’re asking about your nap time again, would you like to do something about that? And so of course, the morning, this was the agenda on the day, not a whole lot going on. And then this afternoon, watch this pop. We get something happen at 1:40 PM. According to a pool report. The president departs the white house for a previously unscheduled meeting at 1:41 PM. And where the president go to a lock PM. The president arrives at a honey ma store in Washington. So he just went over to Washington, a honey ma store. I don’t know what that is. I didn’t look it up, but you know, somebody went and browsed him and they said, get out there, Mr.

President they’re they’re upset again. They wanna see you. So he did, he got up and he went to the honey ma store. Don’t know what he got over there. But as I mentioned, right, it’s more than just a joke. There’s other people who are noticing this. Now the Chinese are making fun of him. And, uh, I think all of America here is what, who Jing posted on Twitter. Now these are, are kind of fun accounts to follow because they just like to troll America. If you actually read some of the comments, there’s a lot of Americans trolling back to Chinese and it’s kind of hilarious. It’s like, it’s like, you know, two, two sports teams just dunking on each other on Twitter. They’re, they’re really fun to follow actually. And so I follow, I think I follow this guy. I follow several of them. Uh, and I, I don’t, I don’t know, sort of background of this, right.

China state affiliated media is about, you know, as, as far in, into the discovery process, I’ve gotten on this, about who this guy is, all right. He says, this is a scary state, hope people in the white house could help take care of the nuclear briefcase, right? Talking about Joe Biden. And what he’s referencing is disclosed TV. They posted the Biden comment that we heard from yesterday. So the Chinese are saying, uhoh Joe Biden saying that about Peter Ducey is concerning. We have some problems with him, maybe carrying the nuclear briefcase yesterday. We got the clip very briefly, but here it is, once again, in a content warning, you know, Joe Biden, the president says the B word here it is.

What do you think? Do you think you plays, that’s a great asset, more inflation with a stupid son.

All right. So that lip has made its rounds all over the place and you know, some people are dunking on. And for that, I think it’s pretty funny. Here is the actual statement that came out from the official white house transcript. Uh, it says, this is from Ducey says, will you take questions on inflation then? Do you think inflation is a political liability ahead of the midterms presence? No, it’s a great at more inflation. What a stupid son of a bee talking to Peter talking to Peter Ducey. And, you know, it’s like, I think, I think this is the first like real non-scripted thing that we’ve heard out of president Biden. I, I think since he took off, I think since he announced he was running. And so, you know, it’s kind of, it’s kind of a nice to he some actual realness out of, out of this whole thing, because we know that the president does think that Ducey is a sob <laugh> and we know that clearly, at least it’s the truth. At least he’s being honest about it and telling us, you know, how he feels. We know that. Thank you for confirming it. All right. So here is Ducey. Now who’s responding to, uh, phone call and he’s taken it, you know, like a, like a good sport, which is all you can do. I think he’s very, he’s, he’s a classy guy here is what Peter Ducey said about it terms. And then he

Said that, and I couldn’t even hear him because people were shouting at us to get out. But somebody came up to me in the briefing room a few minutes later and said, did you hear what the president said? And I said, no, what? They said, he called you a stupid sob. And I said, did he say sob? And the person said, no, <laugh>

He did the elongated version Bonta. So JY, I think the president’s right. You are a stupid, so <laugh>

Yeah. Nobody is fact checked in yet and said, it’s

Not true. No, one’s given OCS for that one. No, but so you’re now I guess

Everyone’s all right. So he’s a good sport about the whole thing, I think, which is all you can do. And you know, I, I have no problems with that. You know, Trump duped it out with the press Biden, you know, duking it out a little bit with the press is, is perfectly fine. But I think, I think what, where people have the standard or where people have the problem, I think is that the standards are different. Like Trump, you, you know, he, he never told you that he was gonna be this like unifying grand healer of America and bring everybody together. And that if you, you disrespect people in his administration, you’re instantly fired like Joe Biden did, Joe Biden said, if you, if you treat anybody with disrespect, you’re gone in the first day, remember all of this, remember all of the new tone garbage we heard when Joe Biden was gonna be swept in there.

Finally, the adults are in charge. All of those mean tweets and all of that bad language and all of that thing, all the stuff that Trump did that just brought the office below the line that dirtied it, where are they screaming now? Why, where is all the outrage now? Right? That that’s the, that’s the problem. And so Joe Biden now, of course, showing his true colors, telling us all what he really believes about the media. Nobody thought any differently. That’s the Biden white house, the Biden white house through the FDA is also going after Florida. And they’re getting into a mix over this. We see the Florida department of health posted this on Twitter. And this is getting a lot of attention because it’s sort of this federalism battle. We’ve got the federal government through the FDA versus Ron DeSantis in Florida. Arguably one of the states that has been using this type of treatment, most Florida department of health that sort of built an entire ecosystem around this treatment says as a result of the FDA’s abrupt decision to remove the UAS for two monoclonal and bodies, antibody treatment sites will be closed until further notice, full press release is below.

And that’s like a big thing, right? For a lot of people, because this is without any prior notice. And we’re gonna hear from Ron DeSantis in a minute, but here is the full press release that came outta Florida. It says from January 20, outta Tallahassee, this evening, without any advanced notice, the FDA said that the EUA, the emergency youth authorization for two different types of treatments

Are revoked, revised the UAS. Let’s see what that says. The revised UAS do not allow the providers to administer these treatments within the United States. So they change them. Still has an UA to some degree, but it’s revised. So you cannot use them within the United Florida says unfortunately, as a result of this abrupt decision that they didn’t tell us about made by the federal government, all antibody state sites will be closed until further notice. And so sounds like, uh, this evening they posted this. So as of today, this morning, it was now illegal to go to one of those sites. Now, you know, I don’t know what the situation looks like in Florida, but I know that they were using a lot of this type of treatment. They sent set up a number of different independent, you know, locations where people would go and actually get this treatment. It says that individuals with appointments have been directly contacted about cancellations. If you tested positive, please contact your healthcare provider about what else you can do. Resources for other treatments can be found at healthier. U Florida pharmacies also have received allocations of antiviral treatments.

Florida disagrees with this decision says the Florida department of health, this blocks access to available treatments in the absence of clinical evidence to date such clinical evidence has not been provided by the FDA. That’s their claim as stated in one of the pre-print studies cited by the NIH, the national Institute for infectious diseases, despite observing differences in neutralizing activity within certain M a BSS, it remains to be determined how this finding so on. Okay. So they’re arguing about this. The federal government says, well, you know, that’s no longer useful. And so we’re gonna revoke the authorization. Florida says we’re using it. It is useful. And we’d like to continue to use it. But because we live in a system where the feds kind of control, most of everything, they just get to decide to decide what everybody else does. And they have done that. Now, Ron DeSantis not happy about it. He had a press conference today. You can see this came over from S N NTV demanding that the Biden administration reverse reverse this. He’s calling it sudden and reckless saying that he has forced the medical professionals to choose treating their patients or breaking the law. Right? You have doctors who have opinions on how to treat people and they are being governed by the feds and the FDA. They just modify the UA. Boom, nobody else can use it. So Ron Desant is unhappy about this. Here’s what he said

Early this morning. Uh, thousands of Floridians woke up to news that their appointments to get treatment for COVID 19 infection, uh, were canceled by the Biden administration, which revoked outright revoked authorization for two very popular monoclonal antibody treatments at the state of Florida, really pioneered over the summer. And that we’ve worked hard to make available, uh, to our residents, uh, who needed treatment, mind you, the number of the people that seek this treatment are over warmingly people that have been vaccinated. Um, but yet they’re still infected. And many of them are high risk. Now they are relying on revoking this and pulling the rug out from under people on a single non peer reviewed nonclinical study that was actually done by a consultant for RAL company to the other two

Monoclonal. Yeah. And he goes on, right. Uh, basically saying that the, the underlying justification, the rationale that came out for the FDA about why this should be removed is, uh, based on what he’s sort of hinting is, is, is bias. Sources can’t even justify it. Now, a lot of other people are, you know, hinting at, at, you know, the, the, the treatment being political, the treatment change being financial, new therapeutics are being introduced. New types of treatments being introduced. You bring in new one and phase out the old one, a competitor has a superior product. They want to take over the market, right? If you want to, if you wanna get cynical about the whole thing, you could say, that’s something that might be happening. I don’t know. That’s what Ron DeSantis is saying. Here’s what Jen Saki is responding, how she’s responding today. Secondly, the FDA

Yesterday withdrew the UA for some monoclonal antibody treatment because they don’t work against <inaudible>, but Florida continues to push for the treatment for people in the state. What she respond us, the governor Santa. And what’s your message to the people in Florida.

Well, let’s just take a step back here just to realize how crazy this is a little bit crazy. We’ve approached, uh, COVID treatments like filling a medicine cabinet. We’re not relying on one type one brand or treatment we invested in and continue to buy a variety across monoclonal in a bodies pre-exposure prevention, therapies, and oral antivirals. We have provided 71,000 doses of antivirals to Florida, including 34,000 additional treatments that do work against Omicron just this last week. I’m sorry about of a range of those treatments. I should say, to be clear range, what the FDA is making clear is that these treatments, the ones that they are fighting over, that the governor is fighting over, do not work against Omicron. And they have side effects. That is what the scientists are saying. We have sent them 20, 71,000 doses of treatments that are effective against Omicron and are effective also against Delta.

Uh, and they are still advocating, uh, for treatments that don’t work. Uh, we’ve seen, unfortunately from the beginning, uh, in our pandemic response, a range of steps or pushes that have been made through social media platforms, unfortunately from the mouths of elected officials, uh, and the advo advocating for things that don’t work, even when we know things do work, injecting disinfectant, promoting other pseudoscience, sewing doubt on the effectiveness of vaccines and boosters. And now promoting treatments that don’t work. We know it works vaccines and boosters. We have a range of doses of things that do work in treatments, and we’re providing those to Florida.

Isn’t it weird. She starts off the whole, the whole pre miss of her whole statement is that we are providing people with a huge range of options. I mean, we’ve given people more than they, we’ve got 73,000 antivirals brand new, all of it’s going out there, which is exactly why we had to eliminate all of your other options is because we’re providing you with more options. It’s very strange, but she’s saying here that our scientists know better than your doctors, the FDA, who’s a bunch of, uh, you know, mostly bureaucrats reading, uh, studies and reports and all having this conversation about, uh, peer review everything’s peer reviewed, right? And, uh, you have different competing interests, all flying back and forth with one another. Um, how about the doctors who are actually, you know, sort of boots on the ground, dealing with this stuff in real time, if somebody is dying right in your hospital bed, would you like to have the UA option with these monoclonals or no.

Yes or no. If you’re out of other options and somebody’s wasting away right in front of you, wouldn’t you like as a doctor to just say, you know what, this has worked pretty well for me in the past, in this type of situation, I’d like to have that tool just to have it, but that’s not what, what this is looking like, is it it’s looking like th they’re they’re removing options as they’ve continued to do here every time that you have somebody who is tinkering around with solutions, coming up with different protocols and assembling different outside the box, ways of thinking into a solution, what do you get here? You get a bureaucratic entity called the FDA called the CDC called the federal government that has been failing for two years, saying that they know better than everybody else. And so it starts to get very frustrating when you have a bunch of these, uh, deterministic top down micromanagers who think that they can solve the world with their, uh, press releases, battling against the people who are boots on the ground, who can see what’s happening.

They have a preference, the federal government is working directly them. Jen’s gonna come out and tell us that this is all for everybody’s own good. Even though their track record has been pretty bad. Now, this was a good point. Biology, Serena Vasan on Twitter, posted something reminded me about this concept. You remember when you were a kid and you did science experiments in your class, do you remember there being peer reviews for your science was a results, or like, did you like peer review your, uh, your math equations or anything like that? Not really. Right. Science was you, you test something, you have an hypothesis, test it. If it’s true, then you confirm your hypothesis. If not, you keep testing it until you disprove something. Right? All of these things are sort of built into the scientific method. And something very interesting has happened in recent years where that has sort of gone away.

And now it’s all about peer review and, and consensus, and sort of the old concept of science, where you trial and error things, and actually construct a logical argument through testing and hypothesis has become this reviewed sort of phenomenon where everybody now sort of, uh, jumps on the bandwagon of whatever’s most popular and in Vogue at the moment. And this happens because I just released an email, uh, uh, a video about Dr. Fauci in hall of his emails. And you can see the reorientation happening in real time. You can see doctors who were talking about the lab escape theory, saying that this might have come from Wuhan. I’m 50, 50 could be natural, could be manufactured, suddenly switching and joining the snowball, sh joining the bandwagon to come out and tell the public one thing when there was a lot of evidence, the other direction, and that evidence, the other direction, looking like it’s a lot more accurate than whatever conspiracy prognostication they tried to sell to the American public. So we have this problem where all of the Harvard, Oxford people think that they’re so smart that they can remove options from the actual practitioners who are solving the actual problems. And as long as this sort of disconnect continues to happen, we’re gonna continue to see this. And unfortunately, people are gonna, you know, I would imagine, continue to drop debt. Now I’m not a doctor. This is not medical advice. Follow the CDC. This is Ron DeSantis who is now going to be explaining and rebutting gen Zaki antibody

Treatments. This is not based on a clinical trial. This is not even peer reviewed. And so this is something that they claim shouldn’t be used because we have OCN. And what we would say in Florida is we have had people use it and we’ve had good results. It’s not a hundred percent. We understand that. Uh, but you also don’t even know when someone goes in, whether it’s OCN or still the yes, mostly in Florida, it’s gonna be Omicron at this point. Uh, but it’s really a reckless decision to be able to take this option away from patients. Yeah. When we’ve had the site set up, we’ve had this distributed to different medical, uh, uh, groups or, or hospitals. And if somebody wants to try, it was very effective. Again, Delta, if you look at once that that program went in, you know, you saw a huge decline in hospitalizations, and we were proud to be able to fill a really a void, which shouldn’t have existed. If you had people, the higher ups were actually promoting early treatment, which they weren’t. So

Yeah. Which they weren’t, they were not promoting early treatment. Everybody was just saying, well, just, you know, hang tight, uh, jab yourself 37 times. Don’t think about, you know, any, anything else other than, uh, waiting around until it’s an emergency very strange stuff. But you know, people like Ron DeSantis and are, are sort of the tinkerers of the world and the tinkerers are very valuable. And I think that the tinkerers get forgotten about a lot in favor of the central planners, the, the white papers, the people who can, you know, uh, think about and philosophies about all of the, the great things that they want to bring into fruition, all the idealists out there, but they write a big, a grand plan about how they’re gonna solve a global pandemic. And none of it works. Meanwhile, you have people, people that are tinkering, connecting the dots on different, you know, different methodologies to handle this thing who are succeeding. And when you remove those tools away from people, you do it at society’s peril, and it’s disgusting to continue to see it happen in good news out of the New York Supreme court mask, mandates tossed totally unconstitutional. Let’s take a look at the order. This came from Supreme court judge out of New York judge raid maker. You can see, this is a case involving Mike Demetri. He’s on behalf of a number of different people as petitioners suing the New York health department, along with KA Hoel the unelected governor of the state of New York.

Pretty nice order here, judge Rainmaker says, all right, listen, let’s back this up mask mandates out of New York governor. Hoel, she’s a double masker too. She’s actually a VAX pendant wearer. Somebody who is, uh, almost like I, I, I, I don’t know if she thinks if Dr. Fauci is Jesus or not. I don’t know. It’s it, it’s up in the air. Anybody can speculate about that, but she’s not wearing a crucifix. She’s wearing a vaccine, uh, pendant on there, strange behavior out of there. This is also the woman who said that she, I think maybe Jesus, Jesus. Remember she said that she was like an apostle at her church and she needed her choir. Her, her, uh, her what? I don’t know what she called them. I don’t think she called them apostles, but she said in other, her, her maybe apostles to go out there and spread the message of the good Fauci.

I don’t know what’s going on anyways. She has a mask mandate in New York or did not anymore. Here’s what it says. The judge writes. There can be no doubt of the good intentions behind the mandates for the masks to be sure every resident of New York wants to put this pandemic behind them. And they wanna participate in ending the abnormality of the last couple years to that end the governor of this state HOCAL and before, or her Cuomo issued executive orders under the general umbrella of public health and safety. Okay. General umbrella of public health and safety. This is where all of these things become problematic. And before we dive into this, remember the, the composition of our government, we’ve got three coequal branches each with very detailed functions. The legislative body passes the laws, the executive enforces the laws. And the judiciary says what the law is.

If one of those agencies does something else, that’s not one of their duties. They’re you suring the power of another agency. And they’re outside of the bounds of our constitutional order, makes it hard to have a functional society. If none of the parts are working the way they should here on the back of COVID. We had a bunch of bureaucrats from the executive branch and many from the judicial branch, just suddenly telling us that this is the new law, the legislative branch didn’t pass any of these things. The us Congress didn’t say, uh, CDC, you can just continue to extend eviction prohibitions indefinitely. That was an executive branch that just did it, and how they do it. A under emergency orders, general umbrella of public health and safety, same conversation happening here. Governor Cuomo used this gigantic power to issue several executive orders under the declaration of state of emergency.

Now this allowed him to continue with a myriad of policies and mandates to deal with COVID. Some of them mask mandates others about distancing masking, contact tracing and vaccination. New York basically went insane eventually in March, 2021, the state legislature, okay. That actually passes the laws, curved, the governor’s authority, cuz he’s lunatic. And they passed the law executive law, 29, a prevents the type of mandates that governor Cuomo was using. And he goes through and he does some legal analysis for us, but here’s what he says. It is evident that the legislature of New York is the branch of government that actually enacts the laws. The executive branch enforces the laws, civics 1 0 1 in America. To some extent, this clear division of authority and responsibility is blurred and difficult to define. In many instances, especially when a state agency, enacts administrative rules, that relate to a lot because sometimes you have the legislature, right?

You’ll have the, the, the body, the Congress that says we wanna get a certain thing done. Who’s the best. And to do this, oh, the executive branches, cuz they enforce the laws. And so we’re gonna give ’em a ton of discretion and they can do whatever they want. The problem with that is exactly what we’ve been living through for the last two years. They take everything. These gigantic, disgusting pigs, they just gobble up power, head hand over fist, like little piglets at the heart of the present case. Okay. So the court cannot find any law that the state legislature passed that specifically gives the department of health, any authority to enact a law. All right. <laugh> so in other words, the, the Congress, the legislature can pass a law. The department of health cannot. And this judge is being, you know, kind of, uh, snarky here.

The court cannot find any law that gives the department of health power to make laws further. The court can find no law to which the respondent’s point that would’ve served as a host law for and from the law. Okay. So not only is it not explicit, but there’s also nothing underneath that. Something more foundational that would give them any authority either. In fact, the only law enacted by the state legislature about COVID is title eight, that concerns contact tracing and not face coverings. So sounds like he’s sort of fleshing out the argument that this agency gobbled up way too much power. He continues judge Rainmaker from New York rights. It’s clear that the law was promulgated without any substantive justification for the adoption.

It continues a as research is continuing daily, he writes it’s difficult to comprehend how the mere inclusion of peer reviewed research quote could not be used as a launching pad to continuously adopt the same rule. Every time the rule expires at infinitum, he’s saying here that the, that the rule was so broad. In other words, they gave themselves a bunch of powers and they gave themselves authority to extend those powers. Anytime that they reviewed some peer reviewed research that said that something needed to be done, oh, new masks, you know, N 90 fives, K 90 fives, whatever it is. And the judges saying, oh, that’s it like, that’s the standard. Somebody’s just gotta show you something that says a peer reviewed. Did you show that to like the guy in the next cubicle? Hey, Hey Lou, can you read this for me? Sound good. That sounds great.

I don’t know anything about COVID but makes sense to me. That’s peer reviewed. There you go. Turn it in. Right? And so they can just do whatever they want under these COVID protocols. And they did, we saw this one could argue that the COVID 19 pandemic had been ongoing and therefore the need to explain the entire justification was unnecessary. Perhaps a reasonable argument. He says, however, it is one that is legally insufficient in this instance, as it ignores the requirements and maybe more importantly, the purpose and the spirit of the law in this regard, the argument that the commissioner’s determin and complied with the requirements must fail as being violative of the act, right? It’s an emergency. You don’t just get to do whatever you want. Indefinitely. As I wrote previously says the judge, there can be no doubt that every person in this state wishes wants and praise that this era of COVID ends soon and they will surely do their part to see that this is accomplished.

However, in acting any laws to this end is entrusted solely to the state legislature. While the intentions of commissioner Bassett and governor Hoel appear to be well aimed squarely at doing what they believe is right to protect New York, they must take their case to the state legislature, should the legislature representative of and voted into office by the citizens of New York. If after a publicly informed debate, if they decide to enact the laws requiring these face coverings in school and other areas, then the commissioner would likely be well grounded in enacting and promulgating these rules, but that’s not what happened here. This was your order from the executive through the department of health. This never came from Congress and therefore it’s not foundational. It’s not justified. So he fi he finishes and concludes. He says, all right, you new Yorkers and governor Hoel until the New York state legislature acts upon the arguments of counsel after a careful review of moving papers and opposition there too. And considering all the equities it’s now ordered, and a judge, this law is null and void mask mandates unconstitutional. Also, this one’s gone and this one’s gone. He enforces he’s ordering. Now that the directive from the commissioner, Mary Bassett is null en void, no longer enforceable. We have the department of health enjoined permanently from continuing to move this award. No more continued directives from Mary Bassett and others all signed off on judge Thomas raid maker, New York Supreme court. So obviously this is gonna be appealed. I can, I think I’m pretty sure Laticia, James and others are already on the case. Here’s governor Hoel. And then we’re gonna jump into your questions, [email protected] This is what Hoel has to say. I’m encouraging

Parents and students to continue doing what they’re doing, because the last thing I wanna see is a different trend because people gave up on the master. Really? Now I am. So looking forward to the day to say these are history, we don’t have to do this any longer. All of us are. I don’t wanna keep any requirements for safety in place a day longer than necessary. Yeah. Right. But I will not do it a day before we can do it safely.

Is this the VAX necklace? I can’t tell. I can’t zoom in on that. I need a CSI, you know, ultra enhance, you know, enhance, enhance, enhance, and I can’t see it, but it wouldn’t surprise me for, for a minute. Let’s see what’s coming in from watching the watchers.locals.com. Tara Rainer on YouTube with a super chat says so Aron it’s the only variant left, I guess. You know, I, so I think that that a huge portion of the cases are, are Omicron. I think Delta and the, the OG vid are originally, or officially like less 1% of cases everywhere. Mr. Shields from local says, I’m pretty sure the vast majority of the USA does not wanna a war with Russia. How could the people stop random? Well, I, you know, look vote in, uh, November is probably the easiest way to do it, but if he decides to escalate this thing, right, and he, and he pushes the world past the tipping point, there’s only so much you can do.

Right. I mean, if, if, if it turns into a full blown war and Joe Biden is, you know, no longer in office and the war’s continuing, right, you still just kind of have to deal with the consequences of that. So, you know, wars, like not one of those things that ends when you leave, it sticks around. Yeah. So hopefully that doesn’t happen. Donald Trump is here, the 45th president says, Rob, your show is fantastic. Melania. And I watch it every night. Your ratings are sky high. You’re doing incredible work, keeping it up. Well, thanks Donald. I appreciate that. You know, I got an email from Donald Trump’s new social network.

They said, Hey, come join our platform. I said, Hey, I’d love to sign me up. Let’s check it out. So we’ll see it’s coming soon. Sergeant Bob says COVID fear to, by Biden. Harris is merely an excuse for them to hide in basements and from continuing to make fools of themselves, president Trump had it and recovered without missing a beat. That’s from Sergeant Bob. Yeah. <laugh> so, yeah. So truth. Social is like a thing I actually went and I reviewed their slide deck too. Truth social. Let’s see if we can pull this up. Well, maybe we can pull that up. Truth, social slide deck. They got a pretty interesting slide deck here. Yeah. Slide decks are interesting.

Uh, are they gonna link it? Uh, I’ll have to find that later, but yeah, it’s a pretty interesting slide deck from truth social and they’re they’re, they’re they’re, you know, they’ve got an outreach team going out there, which is pretty interesting and I’m just a small little, little bean over here, but, uh, they reached out. So that’s pretty interesting. Sergeant Bob says, and the liberal media poked at president Trump for his daily schedules, only more proof of his runaway underlings are running at the inmates are running the asylum. That’s from Sergeant Bob. We had Ronnie Coleson, super chat says, can you make a schoolhouse for dummies as it is. It appears to be too hard for this administration to understand. Can you make a schoolhouse for dummies as, as it is. It appears to be too hard for this administration to understand. Thank you for that.

Ronnie Cole look, I’m not sure. I’m not sure that any amount of, uh, educate is going to be useful. Joe Biden has been getting an education in public for 37 years. And this is where we’re at. You know, he sort of got elected. I think just sort of as the default selection person who was not Donald Trump and people just assumed they attached all of this expertise to the guide and to the administration. He’s gonna bring in all these people who’ve been in Washington for ever. And like, it’s pretty bad. I mean, you know, you just look around like, and it’s not, it’s not a problem of consequence, right? It’s not like Joe Biden just inherited a bad situation. Right? Many of these things are like, self-imposed everywhere you look all of the, all like, like for example, even the border, right? Come in change a bunch of rules.

Guess what happens? The border falls goes in, gonna change, make some changes in Afghanistan, falls to pieces and around and around, we go pass more bills, inflation hits the, you know, hits the roof, cancel this, that and the other look what happens. So these are decisions that are bad, not just an unlucky presidency. And we’ve been following his career here. So we know that this was going to happen. Spawn dog says we are heading down the wrong fork in the road. That’s true. And a lot of people are getting skitish about this. Look what’s happening at the stock market bid. A sweet says old Joe went on a walk this afternoon. He shook some Marines, hands along the way. And he wandered down to the ice cream store and got an ice cream cone busy day. So, so honestly, I don’t know if this is true, if that could be true.

I don’t know if that’s accurate or not. If that, if that was accurate, it’s hilarious. If it’s not accurate, it’s still hilarious because what was he doing down there at the honey ma store? What is the honey ma store honey ma store Washington DC. Let’s see, uh, honey ma is a clothing store in Washington, DC. Is that right? Is that what this is honey ma DC where handmade shops are. Is this where the, where the president went? I don’t know what it is, but all right. So maybe that’s where he went. See what else we’ve got bittersweet.

Sergeant Bob says the good thing about the latest Democrat implosions is that the government has been so distracted and divided that our second amendment has been largely left alone. Fingers crossed on that one, Sergeant Bob, but don’t hold your breath. Wait until the new FBI DOJ domestic terror group gets in full swing, embrace yourselves. Three girl here says, so dad, the antibody treatments have been removed off the UA because they aren’t effective against Amron. So does that, that these vs are gonna be removed also, cuz they’re also, uh, something, it would stand a reason that if neither of them and masks aren’t, then all of the mandates should be repealed. I agree with you on that three girlies being very careful here on the YouTubers, but yeah, I agree with you, right? It’s sort of the same conclusion. If that’s, if, if they’re going to, to be making that argument, it’s logical that it would go.

But their response of course here is that the, the, the vaccines are effective against serious illness and death. Even against Amron. Not, not, not where, whereas their argument is that the other antibodies don’t I think that’s the argument, but uh, that’s their take on it. Ron DeSantis is disagreeing with that. He’s saying no, we would like to continue to be able to use this as a tool because if you continue to take tools away from us, don’t tell us you’re giving us more tools cuz you’re not, we’re not dumies but they think you are. Sergeant Bob says, I trust my personal physician. Way more than the corrupt FDA largely influenced by politic and the drug lobby. Not to mention lying Fauci, right? I’m with you on that, Bob, what does Jen Soki know about your health?

You know, nothing. And, and she says that her scientists know better, but uh, we’ve been listening to their scientists for the last year and cases are I think through the ceiling on the chart monster one says off topic, but you’ve seen any of the Theodore Edgecomb stuff. Dude, on a bike, punched a guy in the car, then rode away guy in a car chases, get shot. Edgecomb claims, self defense after being on the run for six months. Anyway, took the stand today. What a disaster defense is basically using a BLM defense. He’s a black guy shot a white guy ran because nobody would ever believe a black guy monster one. No I haven’t. I haven’t watched any of that. Almo uh, I watched a little bit when I just checked in with, uh, Robert, ADE’s doing over there. I know he’s, uh, man, that guy’s an animal he’s just streaming all the time, but it’s uh, it’s not something I paid much attention to, you know, the standard, the standard criminal cases, you know, like I said, they’re, they’re like little bombs go off, you know, they’re, they’re, they’re horrible situations.

And so the trials that I, I want to focus on predominantly are things that are in the wheelhouse of what we do here, watching the Watchers, police, prosecute, politicians, judges holding sort of the establishment accountable. When we talk about, you know, Glenn Maxwell or, you know, um, you know, written house, right? I think these are prosecutors who are, who are breaching the system. And so I’m more interested in those trials from that take or, you know, Maxwell sort of like this oligarchical figure who never got prosecuted and she’s finally getting, and so it’s like one of their own is going to trial. And so some of those cases are, you know, are more interesting to follow. Whereas, you know, Theodore Edgecomb, like, man, I, I have no doubt that it’s not very, very interesting, but it’s, I mean, from what you just described here, monster one sounds like it’s probably a pretty open and shut case probably gonna get convicted.

Sounds like you did it and has a pretty terrible defense. And so, you know, they’re like, you know, oftentimes like they, they can be very, um, very like slow motion, train wrecks, and you know, there, there, there can be interesting stuff in there, but I, I just don’t uh, don’t focus on it too much because we wanna prioritize the other, the other stuff also says monster one says, I genuinely think Biden thinks inflation is an asset after all the Democrats want to destroy the country. Well, it’s more money inflation means that, that they just keep printing more money. Right? Everybody’s assets are going up. We’ve talked about this before. How many people out there are like, my house is worth so much money right now. Ugh. It’s like, it’s like up 30%. You’re like, oh no kidding. That’s weird. So is the monetary, that’s funny, weird all of these bubbles, you know, as they continue to print money.

And so you’re gonna see what happens when a lot of that liquidity pulled back out, the markets you’re seeing it. Stock markets are like this ups and downs. It’s crazy monster. One says, I remember when we had a president who was a little coward hiding in the basement from COVID isn’t Biden vaccinated, I guess maybe that vac, well, you know, was, was, uh, something Kinkaid says evening, Rob, I find this all so illogical, uh, at the start, if a deadly contagion is in the wild, the numbers will support the reasoning. All we are getting is rhetoric and flawed statistical references. The number of deaths until this point is not warrant forcing questionable medications upon the masses. Some like to point out that others say there’s a percentage of illness. The potential dangers and losses of freedom are significant apologies for the length. Just so infuriating thoughts.

Well, look, you know, I think that, I think that if you get into the game of numbers that, you know, you sort of, you sort of play the game of numbers and from a poli policy perspective, they’re very useful from, uh, you know, setting policy, but I’m still somebody who thinks that more solutions are found through tinkering than through central planning. So, you know, a good example of this two books come to mind about this. Number one is Nain EB who wrote the book, anti fragile saying that, you know, a bunch of tinkerers are, are really the people who solve the problems in the world. The people who plan to solve problems, don’t ultimately solve them. They might set in motion something and somebody, but the actual problem solvers are the tinker, not the planners. That’s a good book. The other book is mastery and mastery is by a guy named Robert Green.

Another very good book where he talks a lot about, um, sort of losing, losing the forest for the trees to some degree saying that, you know, you can, you can play this game about statistics and numbers, but the, the more fundamental useful tool are, is optionality, right? Having options and being able to explore and not extrapolate from your situation to a global situation and come to a conclusion that way, but sort of I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m having a difficult time explaining this, but it’s the difference between D reduction and induction. And when you start eliminating tools from people’s toolbox, you remove some of the optionality. And I think that’s the bigger problem here, rather than saying our scientists have decided that, uh, this treatment is better for you than this treatment. Based upon these broad studies. If, if doctors want, you know, want to sort of, you know, medicine, in other words is more of an art form rather than it is Newtonian.

Newtonian means a hits B B goes off the table, falls off the table into C. Whereas I think medicine’s much more based and it’s more of an art form. So, you know, I think when we start getting into the, into the numbers, you kind of lose some of that. Didn’t explain that very well, but hopefully, hopefully that makes sense. Okay. Monster one says, did you see where the truck crashed with the test monkeys? Now the woman who touched the monkey has symptoms. This is how they released the super variant look. Monster one. I saw of that headline. I was gonna talk about that story, but I, I think that’s how, uh, like world war Z starts or something. Isn’t this, isn’t this in a horror movie. It hit a little too close to home. Ronnie Cole says I met schoolhouse rock for dumies. Well, Ronnie Cole.

I’ve never seen that movie. That’s a movie right with Nick? Uh, no with, um, Jack Black. We’ve never seen that movie. I apologize. I have not seen a lot of a lot of those movies, but I’ve heard good things about it. I in advance for that, Ronnie. All right, let’s see what else we’ve got from watching the watchers.locals.com outbreak. That’s another one of these movies. Sergeant Bob says time to reimagine America. President Trump as speaker of the house. He’s a great orator and kingmaker. Ron DeSantis is president Christie nom as VP. Ooh, Sergeant Bob, somebody pinched me. I’m dreaming. We have another one from <laugh> Sergeant. Bob says, Kathleen, Hoel an illegitimate governor. And I think he’s doing that with Laticia James’ facial toques tic kiss. Prime says the mask police and mask Karens are still out in full force, which is true. They’re everywhere. We have another one from a mama.

Go says, sorry for commenting again. That’s no problem, mama. That’s what this is for says, but thanks for discussing the ma topics is this is very personal for me. The only bright side to the FDA eliminating most of the MAs is that Omicron is basically a bad cold for most. I am VA, but immuno my, I caught COVID from my vac sun, right after new year’s. After watching the media for two years, I panicked. I thought I would end up hospitalized. But Florida, where I live had already started to scale back the MAs, which are the monoclonal antibodies. And they were already in low supply. So I spent the entire day after I was diagnosed, calling around to everywhere I could think of. And I finally found someone who’s willing to treat me with ma within three days, two days later, since I did not feel like I would die, I canceled my appointment to let someone else sick or have it.

But it’s just a criminal. It’s just criminal that in 20, 22, we can’t make our own decisions with our doctor on what medical treatments are appropriate. Right. Right. You know, it’s weird. Right? Don’t you get second? What, whatever happened to second opinions in medicine. Now you just go into your doctor. We need to cut your liver out. I think I need my liver. Well, I say you don’t well, I’m gonna go get a second opinion on that. I need to talk to somebody else about this, cuz I’m pretty sure you need it. Are you some kind of a conspiracy theorist lunatic? Who told you, you need your liver. You don’t need it. The Chinese do. Sergeant Bob says, thank God judge Rainmaker understands the constitution. And in New York, even that’s a, hopefully he, uh, has high security over there. Jump. Jeff says, I get how the executive branch controls in organized firepower, military state troops as enforcing arm of the executive branch, do the courts rely in the power of the people to enforce their orders.

And what would happen if a governor ordered a judge to be arrested? Well, you’d be in the middle of a constitutional crisis right there. And uh, you’d have a problem. Right? I mean, that’s the problem. There was a, there was a time in history where I think it was, uh, was that Andrew Jackson, Andrew Jackson, uh, they made their ruling, let them enforce it. Right. They made their ruling. I think it’s Andrew Jackson. Yeah. Yeah. Andrew Jackson was the, was the president. This is allegedly attributed to him. I’m not sure if this is actually act like, I’m not sure if he actually said this, but um, there was a decision that came outta the Supreme court. It looked like this and allegedly Andrew Jackson just decided to ignore the Supreme court. Right. Says John Marshall of the Supreme court Supreme court judge says has made his decision. Now let him enforce it. Oh, he, oh, he decided that did he? No. Okay. Said I can’t do it well, well what’s he gonna do about it? Cause I have the army and he doesn’t. And so that is sort of, um,

Sort of, uh, I think it’s kind of a, a WIS tail thing. I’m not sure that that’s actually on record anyway, but that is allegedly what the president said, but it, it goes back to your point who can enforce their orders. We talk about this all the time, legitimacy the people. This is why John Roberts in my opinion has, uh, been so wishy-washy on the court because he wants to preserve the Supreme. Court’s legitimacy more so than constitutionality of any particular issue. Right. He’s okay. Look, Roe versus Wade. Very important. But is it as important as the entire Supreme court? No, because there’s a lot of other issues that the Supreme court also rules on like guns and free speech and taxes and every other asset of facet of life. So if John Roberts has to bend on the margins a little bit and sort of compromise his, uh, you know, constitutional philosophy in order to save the Supreme court as the chief justice, that’s the legacy he’s gonna cite on.

And I think that’s why he sort of split the middle with the Obamacare decision, came out, did everything he could to classify it as a, to hacks and angered me. And a lot of other conservatives who said, that’s not what the law says. That’s not how this works. But past that, remember Barack Obama got swept into power, had a lot of enthusiasm behind him. He maybe could have gotten the court packed. I think he had the Senate at that time. So if Obama loses to the Supreme court and the Supreme as an institution crumbles because their legitimacy is now questionable, that’s a problem. And so we can see how you know, some of that is, is, is written into, is, has been thought about, we talk a lot about the Federalist papers. Follow us on some of those. Uh, chairman says, Dr. John Campbell did a video yesterday about the CDC released a report that says the data, show something Dr.

Campbell concluded, listen to Dr. Campbell for more information about what he recommends from chairman of the board. Dr. John Campbell is on YouTube, follow his advi. Uh, don’t follow your doctor’s advice. Listen to the CDC. They know everything. John Dolar says everything. Biden touches fails. We’re gonna go to a car. We’re going go to war as a last ditch attempt to get Democrats elected. Oh, and the stock market is ready to crash. It does look like it’s a little bit problematic right now. And Kate says in Danville, PA four monkeys got loose. Being transferred from the lab. CDC is not saying what they were infected with. Only that they were, oh gosh, I never clicked this link, but you know, cuz I figured this is gonna be the end of us all. All right, let’s see here. Yep. Oh great. This is <laugh>. This is great.

Oh, perfect. Uh, here we go. Uh, let’s see what this one is here. We’ve got this one. Um, did I just, okay. So CDC monkeys posed a public health risk, nice CDC in the department of health state that police decided to who mainly human euthanized, three monkeys after, after their escaped from a truck crash last week, federal officials confirmed over the weekend. Three monkeys were euthanized Friday rush hour fender bender, a truck hauling 100 monkeys collided with a dump truck. Three of the monkeys got out set off an hours long monkey hunt in the woods that included state troopers and the Pennsylvania department of health. CDC said three monkeys, uh, a little three pound monkey doesn’t scare me, but they’re so concerned about is what concerns me. They’re a breed called cause uh, we do not know whether surviving monkeys are gonna go into quarantine three pose the health risk to the public. They said driver transporting the monkeys, got a ticket and went home. All right, well that’s I know a bunch of good lawyers in Florida, so maybe they can help him with that, that citation, but you know, uh, great. So that’s fun.

Yeah, that was outbreak. I’m pretty sure there was a movie about this. So thank you for that monster. One says in response to Sergeant Bob, they’re coming for the guns, look up HR 1 27. I sure they are C Coro says challenge to all viewers to beat my super chat. Great brainy live. Thanks Robert and fans. That’s a great idea. Coro. I love it. Yeah. <laugh> no, I, nobody has to do that. I appreciate it. Very nice gesture Coro. I appreciate that. But um, uh, what else do, do we have thank you for the donation and, and you know, your support is always appreciated, but I don’t, uh, I, I, I don’t think I take that stuff real well, thank you for that though. Coro tweak says, wow, this is clearly a president. Who’s getting ready for world war I three. Let’s see what this one looks like. This is a, this is a, uh, web address that I do not member. Let’s see what this one looks like.

Is this what he’s doing? Shopping? Is this where he went? Is this the store that’s district of Columbia downtown. So maybe that’s what he was doing. I don’t know what he was doing. Maybe that was today. A couple others here. 5 0 3 unlimited is in the house and says, meanwhile, here in Oregon, they’re voting to make masking indoors and vaccines in schools, permanent long story short, we need a man of your moral constitution, an exceptional hairstyle to come kick some calm butt. Well thank you. I’m getting a haircut this week. It’s getting a little bit, it grow like this, like this, like a mushroom it’s. Uh, but I am, I, I, I, I I’m appreciative that I do have some bittersweet says I watch penguin six on YouTube every day. Interesting show. He takes you via video around DC. He caught Biden on video walking and eating ice cream today.

I saw it. It did happen. <laugh> oh, are you serious? That’s amazing. So we’ve got two Bidens, uh, reports. Oh, NA there’s dirty diaper is here. <laugh> so Nadler was there. Okay. So, so, so, so there I was, he writes 46 pounds, but under extreme pressure, cuz he had me flying in two seats with the seatbelt extender. Luckily the airline seats were absorbant COVID diarrhea is real. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise that’s from Nadler’s dirty diaper. He’s flying around the whole country with that thing. He’s like a weapon of mass destruction everywhere he lands wadling around like the penguin. Somebody change him please. For the love of God. Sergeant Bob says, read a lot about Jackson, old Hickory. He’s not always a hero of America too much to go into here worth further reading for history. Enthusiasts. Yeah. I’ve know a little bit about old Jackson, myself and a lot of these other guys like, um, like PO you know, poke, uh, uh, what’s his first name?

Uh, president James PO. Yeah. 11th president. He was a protege of Andrew Jackson <laugh> and a member of the democratic party advocate of Jacksonian democracy. Yeah. These guys were very, uh, interesting, uh, fellas back during that time. I mean, they were very, very aggressive in wanting to take over basically the entire continent. I think it was PO who said that he wanted to take, take everything all the way up into, uh, basically Panama, like literally he’s like that’s all of ours, all, everything, all the way up. All of Mexico and all of the central American countries up until the, to the canal would be the United States. And they had to like stop this guy, like, hold on a minute. Right? Take it easy. All right. We just, okay. We just got the Louisiana purchase and all so like relax. We got a lot of land to work through.

We don’t need of the entire continent. Three girlies says, uh, schoolhouse rock is a cartoon that was played on PBS songs. Like Howie bill becomes a lot. School of rock is a movie with Jack Black. Jeez, Rob, you gotta really watch some of the movies that you’ve never seen. <laugh> well, what did he say? Uh, I meant schoolhouse rock for dummies. Oh, oh the bill guy. Yeah. The bill guy. I know that guy. Yeah, totally. Cause um, we watched him all the time in school. Right. I’m just a bill and something. I get past this way, so right. He sings the song and does a whole little dance. I got it. Now it makes more, much more sense. Ronnie Cole <laugh> okay. So that makes sense. Can you make a schoolhouse for dummy schoolhouse? Rock for dummy is my bad schoolhouse. Rock children’s learning TV show.

Got it. All right. So that’s from Philip Blake. All right. Thank you everybody. <laugh> okay. Yes. It’s all coming back again. That was from Philip Blake. Thank you, Philip and Ronnie Cole. I’m a little slow. You have to forgive me it. My friends is a little bit slow. Former L EEO says, would you feel competent with, so do my, your making life altering decisions for you? I have no confidence in almost anything. So do my, your to reach cap. The memory was that, you know, she think she thought that there was something like a hundred thousand kids. I think that was the number on ventilators in hospitals. Like as of last month, which obviously is not true. Sergeant Bob says how many monkeys died and how many vacancies are there in Congress? Oh, did I say that? He says PS. Yeah. I know the DS have not given up to disarm us. How many monkeys died and how many vacancies are there in Congress? Do you get it? Do you see what he did there?

Congress, people are monkeys, which is true because they’re, that’s true. Uh, it’s not good about his intelligent three. Girly says, so the youngest girl is, is listening with me tonight. She said, so you mean there’s another animal out there that got loose and is infected with something. I’m not doing all this stuff again. But then she said, if I do this again, am I allowed to cry? She’s definitely all over this stuff she’s been done. She’s been done. Done, done. Well, shout out to three girlies and everybody over there. I’m with you girl. Number two, I’m done done too. And if this monkey gets out well, we’re just gonna have to, I don’t know what we’re gonna have to do. We’re gonna have to form a, you know, they have those, those communes, right? They have those, um, in all of the, the dystopian horror movies, right?

They have the cities where everybody congregates together. We can start a little watching the watcher city. It’ll be fun. We have monster. One says, Rob, Google HR, 1 27. All right, we’ve got some time. Let’s do it. HR. 1 27 is I think this is gonna be the firearms bill. The Sabba chic firearms bill over from Congress. Let’s pull this one up and see what this is all about. Ye up, uh, representative J as Sheila Jackson Lee. Let’s see if we can get a text on this document, see what they want to do to us. Uh, HR 1 27. We’ve got a bill licensing, a fi oh I have we talked about this one. I think we might have talked about this one. Yeah. So here establish a licensing system for possession of firearms or ammunition in the us, a licensing system, ATF to establish that for the registration of each firearm in the country, make model number, dead lines for complying a licensing system.

What it has to have, somebody’s gotta be over the age of 21 criminal background check. Oh wow. Look at this. You need, if you want a firearm in this new America, before you get one to undergo psychological evaluation, to make sure you’re not a lunatic. All right. And so, uh, you have to complete that, uh, antique firearms can be displayed military style weapons. So this is where they’re gonna be dealing with the AR stuff. I’m guessing. Yep. Deemed necessary licensed psychologist because everybody who owns one like I do is, um, you know, a borderline psychopath. So denial of a license attorney general is gonna get to deny everybody their licenses. 60 day requirements. I have to have firearm insurance. Yeah. So this is pretty terrible. Let’s see what else? Keep scrolling, scrolling fines. So for enforcement, we’ve got fines. We’ve got, uh, nobody can have any rounds bigger than a 50 caliber unlawful for large capacity magazines.

Uh, employees, manufacturers gonna be penalized lots here. Penalties. Yep. Big fines down here. And that’s it. So we got 19 pages of this terrible garbage document. Let’s see if there’s been any action on it. I mean, I don’t think that anything yeah, just introduced in the house very recently. No, co-sponsors not. Uh, it’s on one committee. Let’s see where this one’s at. Uh, Homeland security it’s referred over there. So, you know, look stuff like this, I think is very, very troubling. Indeed. The fact that people like this can even, you know, introduce bills is like shocking. Have you read the constitution lady? Do you know what the second amendment says?

But I don’t think it’s gonna go anywhere. Right. First of all, she’s outta Texas too. How is she still in office? Uh, do all right. Let’s see what else we’ve got. Good. Look up on that one. Thanks for that monster. One few more. Uh, yeah. And so just me says, they introduce that bill every year. I feel like I’ve seen that one. Didn’t we talk about that. I think last year, something similar to that Kincaid says it’s adorable. They take that little old dude on a day trip. Norway has a village for him. One in that condition we have Kinkaid says, call Bruce Willis. What’s Bruce gonna help with Bruce Willis is gonna help. I’m not sure what he’s gonna help with. But 5 0 3 unlimited says Oregon is setting bad precedent with the new laws they push through. I got my CCL at this point. It might as well carry.

The laws are far reaching and am big us. I think. Yeah, Oregon’s bad. The whole west coast is bad. AOC says, oh, calling us Congress. People a monkey is racist and it’s sexist and it’s patriarchal. And it’s white ring propaganda. You’ve been reported. It’s probably true. I might actually get busted. I guess former L E says California AB 1400 wants to eliminate private health insurance and go to single payer. If this is a great state or what former L EEO are you, are you gonna get outta there? It’s not looking good. There. 5 0 3 says actually, I’d be interested in your take on the Mike Strickland case and its implications. Uh, I don’t know this one. Let’s take a quick look at it. Mike Strickland musical artist, is that a, it’s a musical artist. Is he being sued by something? I’m not sure what case that is. We have a hardly any cop support gun control.

That’s from Sergeant Bob, which is good news. And we talked a little bit about that on our livestream on our monthly locals, meet up with Sergeant Bob over this weekend. Sort of asking about that, you know, um, where might law enforcement fall, if everything hits the fan. And uh, I think we know where that, that stands. King Kate says 12 monkeys is a great movie. One of my favorite Bruce Willis movies is, um, the fifth element loved that movie. Loved it as a kid. Still love it. It’s a great one. And a few more Sergeant Bob says, miss lucky. And I were going to go to Oregon in Arizona. Great. Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy. And we’re happy that you’re here with Sergeant pop. You made the right decision, Oregon. You know, it’s a beautiful place. I’ve got family or I’ve been, uh, they’re not there anymore, but I have, uh, I’ve been up there.

It’s a beautiful place, but Arizona’s pretty good too. We’re glad that you’re here. It feels very nice to have you here. And that my friends, I think is it for us for day. I wanna see and welcome some new members who joined our community. I’m gonna update this. I have not update this this week yet, but big welcomes to John. One tough chick. We’ve got Frank MC we’ve got I on energy. We’ve got wild child, Alaskan four, Trump. Welcome to the community. AZ gray man. Mr. Shields, Nora MC LG double zero. We’ve got angry. Bear sassy, Steph rat bag, ocean lover, free mind. Humph Free’s dad, Shera fared X, the brink Le up Piper underscore and Todd H. And that my friends is it for us for the day. I wanna thank you for being a part of the show for having some great questions to fire off Todd, a lot of COVID stuff.

We’re gonna be back to do it all again tomorrow. Don’t know what’s gonna be in the news, but I’m sure there’s gonna be something. Hopefully Biden’s out there doing something that, uh, is worth talking about or something else interesting happens. But we know there always is because these days feels like it never stops does it. And so I wanna invite you back here to do it all again. Tomorrow. Same play, same time, 4:00 PM, Arizona 5:00 PM, mountain 5:00 PM. Central 6:00 PM in Florida on the east coast. And for that one, Florida man, everybody else have a tremendous evening sleep very well. I’ll see you right back here tomorrow. Bye bye.