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Hello my friends and welcome back to yet another episode of Watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Gouveia. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the R&R Law Group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona and today we’re talking about the freedom trucker convoy, not only in Ottawa, Canada, but also here in the United States because we’re seeing lot of activity, lot of murmurs out there that the convoy protest to DC is also starting. And so as we go through the show today, we’re taking a look at what’s happening in Canada and watching our hearts break for the people there and for sort of the idea of democracy and the ability to be free and protest and stand in a public space and air your grievances at the government. Well, that was all something that used to be allowed in Canada, not so much anymore.

And so we’re gonna go through that in detail, get up to speed on exactly what’s happening in Ottawa. The Ottawa police today came out and sent a number of ominous tweets to the protestors this morning. They were saying that they wanted, uh, them to leave, or they were going to be arrested. And they kept posting this tweet several times throughout the day. And we’re gonna see what they were doing specifically. So I’ve got a couple maps that we’re gonna go through that sort of detailed the police with this sort of suffocation strategy, right? They’re going to be creating these walls of police officers, that they are crashing down upon certain areas in the city to try to sort of suffocate the, the, the freedom convoy so that people will leave. We’ll take a look at that. We’re gonna hear from police chief bell. Remember that police chief Peter Slaley has resigned.

I have not made a video on that yet, but there’s one queued up. I promise. But now we’ve got police chief, interim, Steve bell, chief bell, who is now gonna be detailing the different checkpoints that they’re setting up around the city to stop the freedom trucker convoy from, you know, bringing supplies in and, and sort of going and navigating around the different areas of Ottawa. We’ve got a lot of clips from Trudo. We’ve got the prime minister, Christie Freeland. She’s the woman who’s out there basically saying that we’re gonna use every single lever of power that we can to gain control of this situation saying that they’re gonna be now going after the crypto accounts, seizing insur, uh, seizing funds in bank accounts, going after insurance providers and the litany goes on and on. So we’re gonna hear from her. And we’re also gonna hear from Trudo justice min and minister, somebody who’s sort of in charge of justice for his administration saying that some of the people who might be the subject of the government’s ire are Trump supporters.

Yeah, because that’s kind of what this thing has turned into, right? A political back and forth, no negotiation, identifying your political opponents as insurrectionist as terrorists enemies of the state, and then using the power of your position to exclude them indefinitely, to mischaracterize them. And then to use that to your advantage well into the future. So he’s out there blaming a bunch of Trump supporters. Meanwhile, we’ve got actual arrests taking place. Some, some of the organizers of the freedom trucker convoy are being arrested. A woman named Tamara Lich. I’ve got some video footage showing what happened with her freedom convoy, still promising to hold the line. And so we’re gonna be spending a little bit of time going through what’s happening on the ground. But I also wanna diverge for a quick bit to go back to this guy, Klaus Schwab. Remember the guy from the world economic forum.

We talked a lot about him. I came across a very interesting clip on Twitter. And this is a clip from 2017 where Klaus Schwab was saying that he basically penetrated Justin Trudeau. I’m not kidding about that. He said that, he said he penetrated him. You don’t know what that means, but he penetrated him, probably penetrated his cabinet. And so there’s just a lot of penetration going on in Justin Trudeau’s administration and cloud swab from the world. Economic forum is somebody who’s sounds like he’s doing a lot of the penetration. So once we take a look at that, we’re going to review what some people say can be done. Now that this emergency act has been into effect, talking to some Canadian lawyers who are describing some tactics that they can use to really combat this emergencies act. And so I’m watching this here as a United States citizen saying, this is very curious, you know, we’re watching sort of what was supposed to be a liberal democracy there crumbled day after day.

We, that Justin Trudeau, who marched with BLM, who ranted out about, you know, all sorts of travesties throughout the rest of the world now saying that people who are oppositional to him are enemies of the state. And so that is something that we are going to dive into at great length to see if there’s anything that can be done. Doesn’t sound like there’s much, but then we’re going to change gears and come I’m back home to the United States domestically. We’re gonna take a look at what’s happening here, because there were a lot of rumors that there was going to be a freedom trucker convoy, or a convoy to DC or the people’s convoy. There’s a lot of different organizations and sort of groups that are materializing throughout the United States. And it’s all been sort of, um, you know, in most, but it sounds like there’s a date coming up and we have an official announcement.

I have a clip from somebody who is going to be revealing. What the plan is for the United States convoy in a, a convoy of DC. Sounds like it might be starting very soon, even next week on February 23rd, with the idea to arrive in DC on March 1st. So if that’s going to be happening here in the United States, well, you’re gonna see a response from our local law enforcement and the feds. And we already are seeing that the daily mail was reporting that several, uh, uh, well, there were, there were tweets and an article from the daily mail. Two things were happening. Number one, that the lease are not going on vacation, right? They’re going to be sort of rounding up in DC. If you’re a Metro DC police officer, you don’t get to go on vacation anymore. At least not for March, because we’re gonna need you when the freedom convoy lands in DC.

And number two saying that we need some national guard actually. And so there’s some tweets bouncing around on Twitter. Some of the intelligence is saying that well, you know, there, there is going to be a massive protest in DC. We’re gonna need the national guard here to deal with this. We’ve got a lot to get to including sort of doing some, some, some of the deep dive review on really who is behind the people’s convoy. And so my goodness, you can see all the bullet points in the description. It’s gonna be a show. And so if you wanna be a part of the program, the place to do that is [email protected] We got people chatting away over there. Vient kiss prime. Of course, free mind. We have three is in the house. Kingcade Rassy cat, west is here. And so they’re all chatting away. You can also support the show by becoming a member on YouTube.

If you are a member, you get to use some fancy gifts. We have these special trucker convoy gift down there in the bottom left. We have the Canadian freedom flag here. Also as a member perk, if you’re a member, you get different community badges as this as sort of the, the longer you remember your badges tear up super easy to join. If you hit that join button right next to the subscribe button. And so that would just make my day, if you decided to do that. So thanks for doing it all right. And so, without any further ado, let’s get started. The Ottawa police gave an ominous warning today, 8:03 AM, February 18th, they posted this on Twitter, says, demonstrators, you must leave. You must cease further unlawful activity and immediately remove your vehicle and property from all unlawful protest site. Anyone within the unlawful protest site may be arrested.

Now I noticed this K you know, I sort of noticed these things may is here. So you may be arrested. Oh, maybe not. So maybe you don’t leave, but then down here in the image, it says anyone found within the zone will be arrested. Oh, okay. So we got a little bit of a conflicting message there. You may be arrested or you will be arrested, turns out they are actually arresting people. And so we’re gonna take a look at what’s happening here, but I wanna show you this line. This is what the police are doing. They are forming this line all around the streets of Ottawa. And so you’re, you are probably very likely gonna see some similar tactics here, uh, emerging in the United States, if this, you know, sort of materializes. And I have no reason to doubt that it won’t here. You can see on the left, we’ve got some freedom loving, uh, you know, sort of a Canadian Patriot’s with a Canadian flag who have their faces exposed, right?

They’re just standing there. They, you know, this is who I am. This is what I believe. This is what I stand for. And now after, uh, after that, what we have on the other side is a bunch of, you know, armed up police officers faces covered. They don’t want to experience the, um, I guess the, the public outing or I don’t, I don’t know. So here you can see, this is what it looks like on the streets of Ottawa in Canada. Beautiful. So this is the goal of what the Ottawa police are trying to do. And so you can see if we zoom in on this map, they have sort of this red zone that they’ve established. They’ve got what they call the secured area. And within that secured area, they’re sort of, you know, trying to develop a perimeter around that area. Uh, I was watching Viva fry, Montreal litigator turned YouTuber neighbor on locals.

He is somebody who was there and he was sort of pointing out that there were different fencing, you know, new, new fences were sort of appearing all over the place because they’re trying to create these choke points where people have to sort of, you know, in order to get into the area, they have to bypass a checkpoint. They have to bypass a police, you know, sort of a entourage just to verify that they’re allowed to go into their own city. You know, this is sort of a, you know, martial law lockdown to the maximum degree. And here is the new interim police chief. This guy’s name is bell as Steve bell replaced Peter Slaley. Peter Slaley was the former police chief. He had the three part plan and a lot of the people in the Ottawa city council were very angry with him for not just going out there, you know, eliminating all of the freedom, trucker protestors. And so this is what art bell is. Uh, this is how he’s describing what they’re setting up. These are the various checkpoints that they’re going to be unrolling

Downtown. How are these gonna work? I’ve been seeing some reports that people are just asking, oh, why are you going down? Okay, go ahead. So what’s gonna be stopping protestors from just lying and saying they work downtown or they live downtown.

So as we indicated, we have, um, over a hundred checkpoints in this secure area that we’ve established officers are continuing to be informed, um, of, uh, the, the lawful reasons how they can stop and challenge people. And then looking to ensure that people are entering the area who live, if they’re who work there or who have a lawful

Show me your papers,

Medical appointment to attend there, our officers have that information and are intervening on people

Who, yeah. Show me your papers

Are not supposed to be they’re stopping them and allowing people that should be there, their lawful right. To move around in those areas.

Yeah. So you, you really don’t have freedom of movement anymore. You know, it’s kind of not an open and free city anymore. You have to, you checkpoints, you’ve gotta show ’em your papers. Oh, I live here, I’m a citizen here, you know? And so they let, they let you in. And so it’s kind of, you know, it’s like lock, they like lockdowns. And so this is it. I guess they’re very excited about this, but this is kind of, you know, shocking. He’s saying basically we’re gonna, we’re going to try to coach our police officers to give them every single available tool. And remember they have a lot more of those tools. Now, those tools sort of got expanded after they unveiled the emergency act. So they have all, you know, here in the United States, right? I’m, I’m not a Canadian lawyer, but you just can’t pull somebody over for no reason, right?

You gotta have probable cause or reasonable suspicion to stop somebody and then conduct an arrest. There’s all these different standards. But when you sort of say, oh, it’s a real big crisis right now, we’re super freaked out about this. Well, you can just get rid of all of those things that afford people, their Liberty afford people. Things like due process because you, you sort of say, well, our interests are more important than your interests. Okay? Us saying that you should be locked in your homes, us requiring you to get mandated, to go do all of these things is more important than your interests. And so bell is saying, you know, those, those things that we used to cherish as a liberal democracy are sort of evaporated. And what we’re gonna be doing now is educating our police officers to say, you have these new tools, go use them.

Now you’re allowed to just go stop somebody and interrogate them for whatever reason you desire. Because Justin, the tyrant Trudeau decided that that power now exists. And because it is such a powerful, you know, such a, a dangerous situation, the insurrectionist they’re taking over, okay. They have even decided they’re not even gonna talk about it in Congress. They’re not gonna bait it at the Canadian parliament. Here is what came out from the house of commons. They posted this today. They said, oh, you know, because of what we’re doing, the house is not gonna sit this Friday on February 18th. They say as per the parliamentary protective services and their most recent email notification, a police operation is to take place on Wellington street and other areas around the downtown cor of Ottawa, given these exceptional circumstances that they created and following a discussion with all recognized party leadership, the sitting today is canceled.

So if you were somebody who wanted to go in, right? So, you know, one of the objections here would be, well, just call your, just call your congressperson right in the United States. Well, just call your parliamentarian or whatever they call ’em there. And, and just tell them to go and complain about this and go make their voice heard in the next parliament session. Well, there isn’t one because of the rollout operation that they are using under the new emergencies powers, they’re now causing such a disruption that you can’t even call your parliamentarian person, your represe and tell ’em to go into Congress and make objections because there isn’t anything going on. There is no parliament session. We wish to remind everyone that safety is paramount. The situation is ever changing. The continued presence of vehicles and demonstrators associated with the convo will impact the downtown Corp.

If you’re not in the house of commons, stay away from the down until further notice and await further instructions, honorable whoever. All right. So they’re not going to even go in there and debate it. So they’re just, I guess, canceling sessions. So they, they, oh, new emergency act. Put that into play anybody who’s gonna object to it. Well, we’ll hear from you in, in parliament, we’re have open and free civil debate about this not anymore, because what we have decided to do using the new emergency act is causing such a downtown ruckus that we just have to cancel the whole thing. So nobody can debate about it. What a scam, right? I mean, it’s literally what dictators do. It’s sort of, they, you know, cancel elections and, oh, we can’t talk about this stuff anymore. It’s too dangerous. And so I just have to take order and take role.

What a joke. So here, now we see Justin Trudeau posting this. He posted this actually yesterday, still going on saying that these blockades are illegal. It’s a threat to our economy, our supply chains. I mean the inability for this guy to see that his own policies are causing greater harms to his economy and supply chains than the truckers are, is just shocking. The threat. He says, there’re a threat to public safety, and there are a threat to communities this needs to end, or they need to end what they need to end. Not this needs to end, but they need to end is that a death threat? He says to deal with the current threats, our government is invoking the act. Now we’ve already known that the scope of the act is limited. It gives, this is what I wanted to point out. It gives law enforcement agencies, more tools, more tools, more tools to restore public order.

And if they get more tools, that means that you get less, right? Because you have more tools for your self to sort of protect yourself and to hold that line of Liberty. And they just, well, you don’t need those anymore. Well, I, I, I think I do. You know, I think I still deserve to be able to go out there and speak out against my country. If they’re doing something that I have a grievance about, oh no, you don’t need that anymore. That’s ours now. And so we have additional tools to go conduct arrest, and to stop you from traveling and to really make your life pretty miserable. By going after your bank account and canceling your insurance and ruining your license and wrecking your livelihood more than they’ve already done. For many of these truckers here is what Justin Trudeau is saying. This was him when the house was in order, this was back yesterday on the 17th, when they were still a functional government there before they started canceling the baits illegal blockades, he says, there’re a threat. Let’s listen to this lunatic.

The blockades and occupations are illegal. There are a threat to our economy and relationship with trading partners. There are a threat to supply chains and the availability of essential goods like food and medicine and that a threat to public safety.

I thought I got rid of that French stuff go, all right. So we’ll just skip past it. You’ve already heard enough of him. He is doing the same thing, right? Doubling, tripling down on this. And it’s not just him. He goes out and gives the marching orders at the top and the rest of his deputies go out there and they follow in line. I mentioned this at the start of the show. This is Justin Trudeau’s justice minister. Okay. So somebody who’s supposed to be, I guess, enacting justice somewhere out throughout Canada. Uh, having seen a lot of that going on as of late, but here is what he’s, uh, now talking about, remember under this, a new emergency act, they have all these new tools that Justin Trudeau was just talking about. One of those tools is the ability to go in there and just sort of go after people who’ve even donated to the truckers.

Okay? Not the people who are there in Ottawa are right. Not the people who are standing there physically on the ground. The people who are funding them, the people who are donating to them are now under the scope of the government. They’re under the purview of this thing. Why? Because they’re, they’re funding insurrectionists, they’re funding, terrorist, they’re funding. This foreign invading force that has come from the United States or wherever. And you know, this, this is where they’re starting to really reveal their true colors. I mean, they’ve been doing this this whole time. We know who they are as rush limbo used to say, this guy though is going to be sort of just letting it all, hang out there saying, you know, look, these Trumpers, those mega people, they better be really worried because that’s what this is all about. It’s not about, you know, public safety.

It’s not about, uh, you know, proper COVID regulations or protocols. It’s about a political war castigating, an entire opposition, making sure that these types of protests are not seen as effective. My goodness, what if it’s effective? What if Canada bows down to this or, or negotiates, and these things prop up all over the rest of the world while governments then are gonna be on their heels, dealing with this. And so there is a tremendous pressure to break this thing in Canada, before it spreads and catches hold. And so they are just sort of identifying all of their political opponents, anybody who is sort of, you know, not with the mainstream is a right-winger somebody who has, I guess, Nazis, according to Trudeau waving swastikas around. All right. So here is the, the minister of justice going after the Trumpers, but you’re

Just compared people who may have donated to this, to the, the same people who are funding, maybe a terrorist. I just wanna be clear here, sir. This is really important. A lot of folks says, look, I just don’t like your vaccine mandates. And I donated to this now it’s illegal. Should I be worried that the bank can freeze my account? What’s your answer to that?

His answer is yes.

Well, if I think if you, if you are a member, uh, of, you know, a pro-Trump movement, who’s donating hundreds of thousands of dollars and million dollars to this kind of thing, then you ought be worried.

Then you ought to be worried. If you’re a member of a pro-Trump movement, who’s donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to this thing. Yeah. You ought to be worried. Yeah. Yeah, you should. Yeah. We’re gonna go after your bank accounts, buddy. And we are going to make sure that we can eliminate you and seize those funds and go after your records because that’s how things operate in Canada, right? Invoke the, the emergency order. Stop future debate, go after all your political enemies, use the power of big government to wipe them out financially reputationally, take away their ability to earn a living, make sure their licenses are no longer good. Their freedom to travel is now impaired. Their ability to make a living in, in, in any way has been evaporated. And so are totally, you know, screwed essentially is what they want. And that is now unrolling in Canada. And it doesn’t stop there. Here is the deputy prime minister, right? So the person under Trudo, her name is Christie Freeland. And today she’s saying, yeah, we’re also going to, um, you know, suspend your insurance and we’re send your semi trailers home. And we’re going to basically seize everything that we want because we gave ourselves the power to do it in a Western democracy. What an absolute disaster for Canada, for our neighbors up north. Here she is.

So you’re confirming that accounts have been frozen, both personal and corporate, but you’re not releasing the information. And the actual follow up is, um, I’m just wondering whether the bank accounts will be targeted of individuals who donated to the give send go, and the GoFundMe campaigns are, they considered people under the emergency act, meaning that their credit cards could be cut and financial services are targeting them as well.

Okay. So the names of both individuals and entities, as well as crypto wallets, Ooh, have been shared by the RCMP with financial institutions. Yep. And so yes, accounts have been frozen. Yes. And more accounts will be frozen. Uh, crowdfunding platforms and payment service providers have started the registration process with FINRA, uh, in terms of specifics on whose accounts are being frozen. Uh, you now have the regulations, the financial service providers have those regulations as well. And they working with law enforcement will be making the operational decisions.

So yes, the answer is yes, they are suspending or going after everybody’s funds, crypto wallets. They are, even if you’re donating, right. That’s you’re, you’re on the list, right? So now what they do with that right is a different story. Are they gonna go after everybody who donated a hundred dollars? Do they have any jurisdiction for people in the United States who may have donated to give, send, go, you know, there’s a lot of complex issues here. And so he’s saying that you, you know, they’re, they’re probably gonna wanna go after the big fish. If you just think about this from a practical perspective, if you’re RCMP, if you’re the Canadian government, you’re not gonna go after a bunch of people who donated $25 a piece, you’re gonna go after the people who are dropping, you know, 10 grand, a Whopper, boom, here you go. Get that guy, get that guy, take out the big foundational, you know, levers.

And that maybe that will cause the most damage to the movement. But after that, you know, who knows, right. You know, who knows what they’re gonna do with this? It’s, it’s really kind of an insane thing where she’s saying we’re getting everybody’s names and numbers and email addresses, and we’re going after you. Yeah. We’re going after your bank accounts and your records and all that stuff. Now, I think there’s gonna be a lot of pushback once this thing gets underway, right? They are, I think instigating something that is, is sort of, you know, there’s call and response, right. Reaction and reaction. And so this action and reaction. And so I think we’re gonna see, you know, a big, a big movement here. And some of it is going to be in a positive form that the government can no longer control. So if you’ve been a part of this channel, talked a lot about the idea of creating parallel systems, right?

To sort of escape the old system by creating new parallel systems that are better, more efficient than the old systems. One of the ones that we’ve talked about a lot here is well, our community, right? Sort of a, a building, a community of like-minded people rather than sort of just existing in the world, aimlessly without a community. We talk a lot about [email protected] We talk about, you know, how we can sort of make ourselves more robust against the federal government to make sure that we’re creating freedom for ourselves and not being taken advantage of one of the new, very exciting technologies that I think really lays the foundation for all of this is crypto. You can create these new blockchains and store value on the blockchain and really come up with parallel systems that are better and more efficient than what the current monetary system provides.

And it’s happening folks. When the big government like this, when they do this stuff, people are gonna figure out alternatives. And it’s really gonna bootstrap the adoption of this type of technology. I wanna share this clip with you. Okay. This guy is a trucker. We’re hearing news from, uh, all, all over the place that they are wiping out. People’s funds, you know, gobbling up different donors money and watch what happens here. This guy’s sitting here and he gets delivered a nice package. That’s gonna provide a very nice store of value for him and the government. Can’t do a thing about it. Let’s listen.

The bottom line is every two days we got a scare every two days. There’s some BS about call residents and stuff like that real quick. Hey man, how’s it going? No, no. Yeah, go ahead. You’re good. I’m gonna give this to you. Oh, nice. How I came and gave you some stats. Yep. Yep. There’s eight grand of Bitcoin in there, in here in there. As soon as the bank shut down, we had some big donors that were like, we need to get Bitcoin to the instructions. Kidding. I’m not kidding you. So keep it safe. Uh, basically open it up. There’s instructions. All you do is do a recovery code. It’s gonna tell you to download blue wallet, which is what the recovery coats for. So it’ll be a different wallet than the first one I showed you. Okay. Boot it up. It’s yours. Thanks for your service. That’s insane. That’s ridiculous. No, that’s dude. You came all the way here and you’re saving her country. That’s ridiculous. Holy. Yeah. That’s the, thank you from the Bitcoin community. Holy much love bro. Cheats red, man. That’s there you go. I’ll see.

Love from the Bitcoin

Community, baby. Woo


Yeah, maybe that’s.

Yeah. So,

Okay. So yeah. You know, right. Very interesting stuff happening there. So now the right that’s that’s the Canadian government can’t seize that that is a different way to handle this. And when movements get under pressure from the Canadian government like this, right, they’re gonna find other ways they’re already doing it. They got, he got delivered an envelope. It’s like mission impossible, sir. Here you go. He’s gonna open it up. It’s gonna scan his retina. It’s gonna transfer a K of Bitcoin into his wallet. It’s pretty cool. So the trucker convoy, you know, is finding a way and when these big tyrants, right, they’re gonna keep, they’re gonna, we’ve got control. We’re just clamping down on all of these rebels out there. But guess what? They’re gonna build parallel systems that are more robust, a lot more anti fragile than any of the other old systems.

And so they’re basically encouraging people to, you know, to figure these solutions out and it’s ultimately gonna lead to their demise. It’s gonna be their downfall. They’re taking away people’s freedom and Liberty people are gonna find their freedom and Liberty elsewhere and they’re gonna secure it. And the government’s gonna pay the consequence here. We have, uh, some more sad news outta Canada. This is the scene. You see this officer, uh, a hero. I mean an absolute hero. I’ll look at him. He’s like six foot four arresting like a five foot four woman. Uh, Tamara lick or li has been arrested. This took place last night, February 17th at 7:09 PM. Here’s what the scene looked like. And you’ve can just see, you know, a bunch of these heroic officers really doing their duty to protect Canada

Switch. Yes, you I’m here for a second. Oh boy. You’re let you back. Thank you. My left. Thank you. And we, yeah, my name is Dawn. I’m not here to rest you Shawn. Well, you will be this me. What’s that? I’m you’re take Perry. You gotta take.

So just went, just arrested her, I guess. I mean,

Just as much as don’t gentle, don’t hear

Couple of arrests happening there.

Yep. I got Aw. Enjoy yourself. See you soon. Samara, hold the line.

Hold the line. They keep saying it.

Officer, you gotta take me too. Stay back. I hope we got recordings happening that shot Danny.

Well, I hope I, you know, I feel can

We ask badge numbers?

Was she, was she Al-Qaeda

Officer? Can I have your name please?

Well, yeah,

I’m right here. You’re scared

Of another terrorist off the street. That’s good. I think she was like bin Laden’s number two or something like, so Canada is getting really secure. Now they’re taking away all these terrorists and um, the police that was last night, they ramped it up this morning and I’m gonna guess that it continues forward over the weekend and send parliaments out. You know, there’s not gonna be anybody to debate or stop any of this. You know, it’s all just gonna continue to roll on because, uh, there’s no more government there. It’s just Trudeau’s government. So today this is what it looked like several good clips over from, uh, the post millennial who is, uh, who is sharing a lot of clips from, I think her name is, uh, puffy puffins, something like that. Very, very great footage. And so let’s watch this. You can see the police are gathering steam. They’re sort of making these, um, uh, sort of walls and they’re, you know, closing in they’re they’re creating that red zone that we talked about at the outside of the show. Let’s watch,

We have to

Pushing people back, creating these lines.

Think about the group, think about yourself and you gotta, you gotta have to, you, you do your job, but, and enough do we work for you guys for your family? Think about what you do.

We work for you and your family.

Oh, you agree with that? Okay.

We got, we got police marching through the streets of Ottawa on the emergency act. I just

Do my job, go for, I don’t need do my job. Right. Let’s make a, let’s make a line to them. Let’s make a line. Let’s

I isn’t that Marshall law,

Everybody that’s line. Right.

That’s martial law. Right?

I mean, it’s not the military, right? It’s not the actual military, but I mean, it’s BA it’s basically military style, right? Uh, sort of, you know, it’s well, we’re gonna see a lot more of it. We’re gonna get to more of the much more military style in a minute, but they’re taking over the streets. They’ve got, you know, personnel in, uh, you know, just following orders, just making sure that they’re pushing these people out, who are their brothers and sisters, they’re fellow Canadians wild. So we have a couple more clips. Let’s go through this. Now as the police approach, I wanna show you what these terrorists are doing. They are plotting and you know, they have these vocal chords that I don’t know might, you know, make somebody, I don’t know what this is. Let’s listen.

All right, turn the volume down just a little bit. So we don’t blow our ears out with the horns. Of course I have, uh, the, this, this thing is buried in my ear. And so, you know, the horns of course, very powerful symbol. I like the beautiful sound. And I’ve said many times the freedom, the honking will continue until freedom improves is one of my most favorite lines of this whole thing. But here you can see what’s happening, right? They are encroaching surrounding the protestors. They are trying to sort of suffocate them. They are condensing the size of the red zone and they are singing songs. I mean, these terrorists are just singing songs. And, and if, if you don’t remember Jim Watson, the mayor of Ottawa said that the honking of the horns and the, the out noises, essentially we’re akin to psychological warfare.

And so maybe that’s what it is now, right. For those people who are like, well, it’s just the police, it’s not the military, Rob. These are just police officers. They’re, you know, it’s just like standard riot control stuff. You know, this is the type of stuff that we didn’t see for any of the other riots, you know, like BLM or, uh, Antifa. Did they roll out? Did they roll out these tactics anywhere else? I mean, not here in the United States, they didn’t, but, uh, I, you know, I don’t know what they did in Canada. I don’t think so because Justin Trudeau was marching with BLM when they toppled, well, not, not at that exact protest, but they, they toppled the, the McDonald’s statute in Canada. So here you can in the background now we’ve got some guys who look like they’re in actually, you know, army fatigues, right? They’ve got some, uh, some sort of camouflage style hardware. They’ve got a big Humvee or sort of armored vehicle behind them. They’ve got some full, you know, uh, I, I would guess fully automatic AR style weapons. And they look like they’ve got tactical helmet son. So I don’t know what that is, but it looks like it is, uh, certainly more analogous to military than anything else. I think it’s martial law at this point,

We don’t their promises.

Oh. So because he is got a police label on that means it’s not military. Okay. And so if we just do a quick recap, we see that they are bringing in sort of arm soldiers to, to go against a civilian. They are using sort of military style tactics of surrounding and suffocating. They are, um, oh, canceling Congress. So that’s good. So there’s no further debate about this taking place in Congress. Art up bell is now somebody who is going to be unrolling a whole new slew of tools for law enforcement to stop people from moving around. They’re going after people’s credit cards, bank accounts, crypto wallets, seizing everybody’s financial records, trying to cancel licenses, insurance providers, trying to go after everybody’s entire families, essentially. Right? It’s like the mob goes after, take ’em all out and that’s what’s happening now. Also, if you’re gonna in, you know, sort of unroll a, uh, new dictatorship, one of the big things you want to do is make sure there’s no media who gets to see what you do.

So as you’re canceling the government, you know, function happen in parliament. You wanna also wanna make sure the media can’t really see what your misdeeds look like. Otherwise they’ll expose it theoretically, except the media in this case is really on their side, but they don’t want a lot of sort of independent journalists or anybody else to see what they’re doing. And so Ottawa police in conjunction with some other principles of dictatorships is now banning the media from many of these areas. You can see they posted this on their Twitter timeline today at 7:43 AM. They said, all media who are attending the area, please keep your distance and stay outta police operations for your safety. See it’s about safety, right? Cancel parliament because of safety go after people’s private records, safety, stop them from traveling safety and no media, no reporting for safety. Anyone found within areas undergoing enforcement may be subject to arrests.

So you journalists out there at the CBC who are really excited about exposing corruption and tyranny and all that garbage that you tend to PR pretend to care about. This is actual limitations on what we would call here are first amendment rights. You can’t go into an area to watch what’s happening. What a, what a scam says. There will be a media availability later today at Elgin street. So you can go exactly where we want you to go. And that’s it. So you also gotta make sure the media is canceled. This woman got to experience it. She’s with rebel news. Her name is Alexandra Leva. The voice for the people who can’t be heard, French journalists for rebel news online. And I gotta tell you, man, the rebel news crew, the people who are putting this organization together are doing just an amazing job. They’ve got, I don’t know how many reporters they’ve got or how their organization works, but they’ve got so many people out there just recording imagery and sending it. And they’re just cutting it up. I mean, their media game has been really, really good. Like really impressive. I’m trying to figure out how they do it. It’s so dang good. But here now we can see exactly what she experienced. She was there and we saw that the media is now being corralled out from reporting any of the actual news that’s going on. This is what it looked like in Canada, our neighbors, our friends to of the north under total dictatorship. Now let’s watch,

Unfortunately we cannot pass further, but you can see the square just right there

On the

Cruiser treatment. Oh, sorry.

This street here.

Okay. So what is happening?

You won’t even look at her watch. You won’t even talk,



Following your, you have like 20 car of police. We cannot answer. Or you don’t want to answer.

Yeah. NPC police, Ottawa, NPC police. First the

Tree behind the cruiser.

Not much


Are you on where you bottle? Okay. You


Can’t even get back there. Now they’re arresting people. You’re gonna hear

Can hard to show the people, But lot of police present

Over one step. Thank you.

And further there. Thank you. Some arrest station.

So arrests are happening.

Unfortunately, we cannot attack. You can see,

Can’t see

Anything. Two parties is stopping. Jon is too fast.

Thank you. I

Uh, we can see just there. Some people are getting arrested. Some protester already, some truck driver we can see.

So they’re getting arrested.

You just looking for a taxi.

All right. So a journal li journalists, somebody would want to go and watch what’s happening. I wanna make sure that this person’s rights are not being violated. I wanna speak truth to power. I wanna make sure the police are following the guidelines. Following the rules. Can’t do that cuz you have to stay back however far away. So there really is no oversight. The police can do whatever they want. Now I saw this while that’s happening while they are go after their own citizens, they had the audacity to post this yesterday. Canada did the foreign policy, Canada Twitter account. You can see Twitter labels, it Canada government organization. They posted this February 17th, 2022 at 7:52 AM. They said, Canada condemns Cuba, harsh sentencing. Following the July, 2021 protests, Canada, strongly advocates for freedom of expression and the right to peaceful assembly free from intimidation. We stand with the people of Cuba in their aspiration for hashtag democracy.

Can you believe this, their own government posted this as they’re cracking down on their own citizens, they are expressing, uh, admiration for the Cuban people. Who’ve been oppressed by their li leaders saying we, we stand for free speech and aspire for democracy. What an absolute scam government. These people are the worst. All right. And so what they really mean, okay, so here they’re saying look, freedom of expression. They want free of expression, the right to peaceful assembly free from intimidation and they aspire for democracy. Let’s see what? So they want that in Cuba. Let’s see what they are. Uh, let’s see what’s happening actually in Canada while they’re promoting that. Okay. So they got that guy kind of in a, There, there it goes. Oh, that’s nice. So I guess, I guess no peaceful, uh, um, assembly there.

That’s a,

Okay. So you can see that guy just got gobbled up by the police, hoard all of them in masks, all of them, without names, all of them with different, a 41 badges on there don’t know who they are hiding behind anonymity, hiding behind face masks and sunglasses and doing the dirty work of a dictator. It’s pathetic. I mean, they should all be ashamed of themselves, basically NPCs to the maximum degree, not even a free, free debate happening in Canada about any of that. And why, why is this? We’ve talked about this at the start of the show. CLS Schwab, that name keeps coming up. I came across a very interesting tweet that brings us back to 2017. When CLS Schwab, the leader of the world, economic forum is somebody who was talking about Justin Trudeau. I go, what? Well, this is weird. This is really relevant.

We’re trying to figure out why Justin Trudeau might be such a little dictator maniac. Well, turns out it might be because of this Klaus. Schwab is here, says that, uh, for a quick recall, right? This is what this guy looks like. And he is a German engineer and economist best known as the founder and the executive of the w E F the world economic forum. This is a major, major organization. We’ve talked about them before founded 51 years ago. They, they have a huge, huge sort of organization. And the way this works for those of you who do not know the foundation is funded by its 1000 member companies. Okay. There’s a thousand member companies. If more than that, these are global enterprises that have more than 5 billion us dollars in turnover. Okay. So just take a look at those two numbers. A thousand companies times sort of 5 billion throughput is a lot of power.

We’re gonna do the math on that in a minute, but this is the same organization that’s behind the great reset behind the global redesign. It sees periods of global instability, like the financial crisis in the pandemic as quote, windows of opportunity to intensify its efforts membership here, you can see very expensive, but it’s got a thousand member companies. And to do the math on this thing, you can take a look at this. If we take a look at the average GDP of the biggest countries in the world, United States, about 20 trillion, China, 12 trillion, Japan, 4 trillion clouds, Schwab’s world economic forum. If they were all capped at 5 billion in sort of GDP or throughput, that’s 5 trillion of global economic power and throughput that they’re in charge of that would put them essentially higher than Japan in terms of total control, sort of influence over policy. And it’s probably significantly more than that, which is why China showed up at the last w E F forum and was bending the knee pretty religiously.

Now this is the clip that I was talking about. This came over from this guy Maji Nawaz on Twitter. And here’s what he said. The head of the world, economic forum clause Schwab was back there at Harvard, Ugh, the John F. Kennedy school of government in 2017. And here’s what he says. He says, what we are proud of is that we penetrate the global cabinets of countries with our young global leaders. Okay. Young global leaders is sort of this program that the world economic forum has, where they sort of, you know, bring in all of these potential leaders and sort of build them up into these essentially manuring candidates and then shove them into different government, its around the world. And so that’s why when we were talking about build back better, right? It was kind of shocking to see all of those different clips where every single one of these politicians, Germany, Biden all over the world next, every single one of these politicians was just repeating the same stinking sentence, like a bunch of trained monkeys. It was, it was embarrassing. Right? All of them build back better. It’s like, can you come up with your own ideas or are you just taking your guides from this guy, world economic forum turns out they basically were. Why? Because of these young, uh, entre, what is this young global young global leaders program, listen to cloud Schwab. Talk about penetrating Trudeau. I,

I have to say, um, when I mention our names like it a Mekel um, even lair Putin and so on, say all have been young global leaders of the world, economic forum, all of that. Um, what we are very proud of now as a young generation like uh, prime minister todo, uh, what president of, of uh, Argentina and so on. So we penetrates the cabinets. Yep. So yesterday I was in a, at a reception for prime Tudo and I knows that half of this cabinet or even more half of half of sys cabinet are for our actually young do leaders of

It’s their people.

And it’s true in Argentina too. Wow.

That guy can’t

Figure out a Argentina as well.

It’s through in Argentina and it’s through in France now I may be the president with a young global leader, but what is important for

Me? Yeah. So they control everybody, right? Trudeau is one of them and the rest of the people in the cabinet. And so this guy is just penetrating, you know, the entire cabinet and penetrating a lot of them ever day. And it’s a, it’s, it’s a, it’s a big cause for concern. Isn’t it? I mean, don’t, doesn’t Trudo have a conflict of interest there. Is he more loyal to the world economic forum or is he more loyal to the Canadians that he’s supposedly represents? Right. Isn’t that a con do you want that in your leaders? I certainly don’t. And so this is a big question that it was being floated around here. Maji is now asking Spotify why the podcast that he was on, where he discussed this with Joe Rogan has not been published. He said, I played that video that we just watched of CLA Schwab live on my censored and never released episode with Joe Rogan three weeks ago where I named S Trudo specif as a world economic forum, acolyte and told Rogan I’d met him.

Why won’t Spotify release it, sign the petition [email protected] Right? Why won’t they release it? I don’t know. It’s a good question. Now I wanna share something with you because it’s Friday. And because it’s kind of a heavy news day, something a little bit lighter on this, on this Friday. I know a lot of people are stressed out about it’s happening there in Canada. And I understand why, and certainly right, my thoughts and prayers are with everybody and I’m praying for everybody’s safety. And I, I think that there is going to be, you know, a, a long road against tyranny, but I’ve been, I’ve been somebody who’s always been optimistic about this. I think that the human can condition tends towards freedom and that anybody who is trying to, to cage the human spirit is ultimately going to lose. And you can just look at the course of history.

Now things are, are often darker before the Dawn. There’s no question about that. But what we’re seeing here is a movement, unlike, you know, anything I’ve ever seen or read about even, you know, in, in sort of at least modern, modern to times. And it is now gaining steam and spreading wings. And so I still think there’s a lot of room for optimism, even though, you know, the government is taking some heavy swings. It’s just the beginning, right? This is the first inning of this thing. And there’s a long road ahead and I’m happy to be on it with many of you. But on this lovely Friday, let take a look at this very fun meme that was bouncing around the internet. And this is the scene from the old, uh, the old German. This is the old German meme. And so if you’re listening on audio only, this is gonna be pretty painful for about a minute and 30 seconds. But this is, uh, this, this is, this is a pretty funny meme with some very fancy graphics that have been passed around. This is a secret recording of Justin Trudeau with his cabinet, trying to deal with the truckers. Let’s listen

Front Zu, not talk the


What up.

That’s why I prefer I


I says he’s Sophia.

All right. So real good stuff. A lot of good stuff. So that guy’s over at, on Twitter at not Poso. So N a U T Poso, P O S O. He’s the creator of that I of course did not create the at, but very great was able Topo. I think that was, I think that was real. I, I don’t think he made that. He actually got that video from inside Justin Trudeau’s bunker, wherever that was. And so a, a little bit of levity there. Now there are lawyers who are working on some of this stuff. They are having conversations about what to do and how to fight the emergencies act. Let’s listen in and see if there is really anything that can be done. And then we’re gonna talk about what’s happening in the United States because convoys are materializing here, back home. Let’s listen as a

Canadian citizen. What are our options?

We’re very dependent on our members of parliament in this situation, talk about how displeased they are with the current situation. And they can notify their MP about how displeased they are. They can write to their MP or better yet ask for a meeting with their MP, tell them about how unhappy they are with the emergencies act. And there are some mechanisms for MP to respond on. The one hand on a public order, emerg is declared it within seven days sitting days, it has to go before parliament and they can debate it and they can revoke it. But there’s also a mechanism under section 59 of the act. And what that section says is that if you can get 10 senators to sign a motion saying they want to revoke this act. And if, if they file that with, uh, the speaker of the house or alternatively, uh, 20 members of the house can sign a motion and file it with the speaker of their house. Okay. Then this motion has to be debated within three sitting days.

Yeah. But they’re closed

On it and it can be revoked.

He closed it there’s. Yeah, but it’s closed. It’s closed because he created an emergency and said, it’s an emergency. It’s too dangerous to have a conversation about any of this. And so Canada uhoh looks like not good, right. Until they reopen the government, I guess. So it’s gonna be a big problem. And it’s not just limited to Canada. It’s also coming down here to the United States. We’re starting to see activity. Now, according to, to bow tied ranger on Twitter said here today, the DC national guard just received the order to be prepared to be stood up against the DC trucker convoy beginning Tuesday, February 22nd, the order was issued in response to M P D, which gonna be the Metro PD. I believe questing assistance currently awaiting secretary of defense approval. So Lloyd, Austin’s gonna have to take his face shield off and get back to somebody.

And then you can see here, this is the DC ranger says, uh, I’m sorry, Poso, right? Jack PA SOIC is confirming this. So he’s sort of, uh, I think he’s ex Navy intelligence or something, and he’s hearing the same things. So DC national guard is now awaiting approval from the secretary of defense to determine whether they’re gonna go out there and sort of, you know, hunker up around DC. We remember they did that after January 6th. And so there’s a lot of different protests or, or convoys that are sort of materializing. And there there’s a, a number of different, you know, different names and, and sort of labels that they’re using. And so I just wanna talk about it sort of in general, right? They’re all sort of happening right around the same time. I’ve seen several of them. Here is one. This one is at freedom, convoy USA 22.

And what’s so beautiful about this whole movement is that there isn’t really one, you know, leader of it, right? There’s all these different movements, which make it really hard to sort of eliminate, right. It’s, it’s organic, it’s a bunch of different people working together from different parts of the country, different geographic regions, all focused on protecting and preserving their Liberty here. You can see this one is saying, it’s going to sort of, the goal is to arrive in DC March 1st. And so kind of depending on where you’re joining, the idea is, yeah. Put it into Google maps, see how long it’s gonna take you to get to DC and then plan on being there. But they’re gonna be starting in LA, go up to salt lake city in Utah, down to Denver, over Kansas city. We’ve got St. Louis two stops, Indianapolis, Columbus, Ohio. Then we get to Maryland and then land up in DC. And so we may see something very similar to what we’re seeing in Ottawa. If they do make it there and set up shop, we can see this was the announcement that came out from the people’s convoy.org. And we are gonna talk a lot about this because they have a couple big backers and it sounds like they might have some of their fundraising figured out using crypto. We’re gonna dive into this a little bit more detail here, but here’s the announcement that comes out from the people’s convoy. Well,

Actually, I’m super happy to announce on your show. First time here, uh, dropping the, dropping the, the start date here. So officially this is from the top. This is what’s happening. We will be launching our convoy February 23rd, Wednesday, February 23rd, beginning in the Barstow area. Um, roots will be, uh, announced within the week. Exactly. Um, but, uh, we are launching February 23rd out of the Barto California area and we’ll be marching our way east.


When do you plan on arriving, uh, in the swamp? That’s the million dollar question

That is everyone’s question. Um, it’s gonna be a slow go and we’ll be updating as we move along. I just wanna make sure it is clear that this is a peaceful protest, peaceful reiterate, peaceful, and that, um, we will, uh, release those details on our arrival as we, um, narrow it down, we have convoys coming from every direction in the country. We have a main shoot coming out of Baro, but there’s people coming out of the Northwest, the Southeast, out of Texas, up outta Maine, there are convoys coming from every direction. Um, I’m just one small piece. You know, that’s working with a, with a great team of co organizers. We have state leads. I mean, this is, this is bigger than any person. I’m not the leader by any means of this. I’m just a co-organized. And, um, they are trying to coordinate that effectively to arrive at the same time, while meeting up along the way to grow our convoy

And, you know, bigger than any one person and really bigger than any one political party. And I was wondering what your thoughts are on. Um, some let’s see media and others trying to make this about left, you know, left wing politics or right wing politics. When really it’s about working class Americans and what’s happening to everyday Americans out there who can’t afford to pay,

Right? So he’s going to be leading that or, or co-organizing that we have the daily mail is telling us specifically that Washington DC police in preparation for this are canceling all leave for next week. Why Ottawa inspired freedom convo daily mail says that the police have next, the officers preparing for next week, according to sources from the DC police department. According to the insiders, the department is currently mobilizing hundreds of its officers to spearhead a large response against truck convoys across the nation poised to travel to the capital next week, next week, according to the outlet, the forces of 500 officers each day will be formed to compromise, to comprise civil disturbance units and to quell the planned demonstrations. So it’s coming here to the United States, protesting Canada have remained peaceful, even though Justin Trudeau has been blasted as an authoritarian, the DC response teams let’s see the capital police have prohibited leave.

Capital police are also booking up reports, come saying that Facebook shut down the us freedom, convoys, Facebook page, censoring them, right? So we have the same problems happening here in the United States. And the posts on many of these groups now are, you know, sort of bypassing the bands. So Facebook will shut down their main account, but now they’re talk to other trucking groups. Okay? So like for example, Peter SOGE SOGE posted into this talk. CDL CDL is a commercial driver’s license. So it’s a talk CDL trucking podcast group, right? It’s not a freedom convoy group. It’s just a regular trucking convoy says, please plan ahead and prepare your food. Pantries. Rutgers are planning to go across the country on March 1st to peacefully fight for our freedom. We have another one here, Lori Doherty posting saying, we’re starting on February 23rd, get your food in order, get your gas.

We wanna be there March 1st to peacefully fight for our freedom. Another one from far re says to the freedom Envoy DC dates are finalized. Get your flags, posters, cameras, warm clothes. The Canadian convoy took eight months to plan. We’re doing this in a fraction of that sob patient talking about the spirit of Christ will prevail. So a lot of activity also, this is the plan that came out according to the epoch times. I think we saw all, most of this. This is what they’re reporting, or this is what they’re fighting against. So we’re called that here in the United States, right? We still have this sort of state of emergency that’s going on. This has been something that was unrolled back. So Trump put it into place at the outside of the pandemic. And then when Biden took over, he just extended it on March 30th, 13th, Trump issued this and now Biden came in and said, we’re gonna extend this basically indefinitely.

You can see that this presidential document is from the national archives. This was published the notice on February 24th here, we see more details about this. Other people are going different directions. So now the first one that we saw was sort of, sort of going more, uh, northernly on a Northern route. This, this convoy is talking about going across the I 40, which is sort of lower goes through. Arizona, goes through Texas. And some of the other Southern states, multiple groups they’re saying are gonna be joining the convoy as they go to the capital. And this is what their website looks like. And so I wanted to share a little bit of the, sort of the, the research I did here. The people’s convoy are at the people’s convoy.org, I believe is the website. They’ve already been gathering donations. And so obviously donations has been a big cause of concern based on the fact that the Canadian government is basically seizing money and stopping different banks and financial entities from working with people.

But you can donate over here. If you’d like. Now I want to, I want to detail a little bit more about sort of what their plan is with the funds, but they do give us a declaration. They say we, the people of the United States sort of quoting from our documents, they’re telling us we are truckers were moms. We’re students, we’re nurses, doctors, investors, county workers, teachers, Cowboys, loggers, flight attendants. We are everybody. Father’s mothers, we’re black, white, Asian, native American we’re immigrants and natives. We are citizens of the free world to our elected officials. You work for us. They say, yeah, it’d be nice if, if they thought that and they also have a theme song. And so if you wanna listen to the full song, go over to the people’s convoy.org, go check them out. I got about 50 seconds of a three minute song and it’s pretty good. Let’s listen

A breaker one nine. This here’s a rubber duck. You’ve got a copy on me. Come on on. Oh yeah. 10, four big pen, for sure. For sure. Black golly. It’s clean. Clear to flag town. Come on. Yeah, it’s a big ten four there. Big pen. Yeah, we definitely got the front door. Good buddy. Mercy sinks alive. Looks like we’ve got us a

Convo. It was the dark of the moon on the 6th of June in a Kenworth pulling logs cab over Pete with a reefer on and a Jimmy hauling hogs. We as heading for bear on I one. Oh, about a mile outta shaky.

Oh, somebody’s telling me that’s an old song. That’s not their theme song. I never heard it before. I thought they just made it for the truckers. I didn’t know. I never heard it before. Companies of slack. All right. So who is the person who is sort of, you know, uh, behind some of this? This is Mike Landis. Mike Landis is, uh, gonna give us a little bit of a statement here. I’ve got a minute from him. He’s over on rumble. And he posted this statement over on, on the website at the freedom at the people’s convoy.org. Let’s listen.

Hey everybody. My name’s Mike, in case you’re wondering from the people’s convoy. So you may be wondering why we’re doing this. Okay. Um, for me personally, it’s about our freedoms as Americans. I have two young sons. It’s about what their future is gonna look like. And hopefully my grandchildren’s, we live in a country that was founded on morals and freedoms. That’s the whole reason we came here to America. Um, and everybody that’s here is an immigrant in a way. Correct? So yeah, this isn’t just about us as truck drivers or a certain group of people or anything. It’s about Americans, as I said, and an American is anyone that is here and loves the constitution of the United States has come here has become an American citizen. And doesn’t matter if you came from India, Cuba, Germany, Russia, Poland, China, Japan, Korea, wherever, right? Doesn’t matter what you look like, what your skin color is, what your native language is. If you are here and you hold American citizenship, you are an American. We just want to get that clear right now.

All right. So a little message from Mike Landis. Now I want to talk about the funding, right? Because we’ve seen this come up as a problem. Och times is saying after seeing the problems with the Canadian convoy and their GoFundMe page, the free the people’s convoy has now set up three different means to receive donations via credit card, PayPal or cryptocurrency. So, uh, not so sure that I would put all my eggs in the pay basket, right? They cancel people like left or right. PayPal actually is really, I think really bad about that. I’m kind of surprised that that’s even on the list, but, uh, yeah. You know, different providers, I’m gonna imagine that they’re all gonna be canceled. If this turns into something, if you know, it becomes a problem, you’re gonna be seeing calls for, you know, Stripe and visa, MasterCard, and all the banks to do the same things that they go into the Canadians.

It’s not gonna be any different, same strategies. I’m sure we have, the donations are being handled though through the nonprofit called the American foundation for civil liberties and freedom. And so I wanted to take a look at that group because they’re saying that they’ve got accountants and lawyers, they’re gonna be tracking the funds while saying their plans are gonna be pretty close to the chest. And so I did poke around some of this quickly, okay, this is on their website. They have the American foundation for civil liberties and freedom. If you go over to their website, they’ve actually got a person with his name and his face who’s on there, which is I think a very rep you know, reputable sign. I think it’s a good sign. Christopher Marton is actually an attorney. He’s the board chair, American foundation for civil liberties, 5 0 1 [inaudible] four nonprofit.

It serves as the CEO of a number of different companies says that he’s got a tax accounting firm management consultant. Sounds like he’s got, you know, a lot of it, a lot of knowledge with financial and, uh, sort of nonprofits type of, uh, you know, legal experience. So good stuff. This is their website, the American foundation for, oh no, this is their rumble account actually. And so I just wanted to, to take a quick look, right? They’ve been actually posting content for quite some time. So May 28th, 2021. And it goes back even further than that. They’re talking about, uh, you know, the election and voter fraud and all sorts of different stuff like that. So, uh, that’s a little bit more about them. They’re calling for different Senate hearings. And one of the people behind this is this woman, Lee DOD us, another lawyer, somebody who is over with the America’s frontline doctors.

And I know that that sort of group gets castigate a lot by our current media. But according to the epic times, she is a human rights attorney. Somebody who is working to sort of, you know, combat all of these mandates and says, they’re going through the red. So they’ve got lawyers, they’ve got a bunch of people who are handling the money. And so if you wanna follow them, they’re at on telegram at the convoy of freedom right next to our store, to some of our groups down here at. So I wanna see what you have to say about this. Let’s jump into your questions and comments from our [email protected] and on YouTube, I saw some of those super chats coming in. And so let me do a refresh here on locals. Before we jump into the questions we had, our first one in today actually came from, uh, Pierre.

Pierre had a question earlier, but it did not show up. Dang it. Ugh. Did I, did I screenshot that? All right, I’m gonna get back to you on that one tomorrow. Pier, I think I screenshotted that not applicable with just a ton of super chats. Thank you. Not applicable says love how the left is. The thing they pretend we are, right. Sort of a confession through projection also says, abdication, Canada is a dictatorship now. Good job. It certainly looks like that from my seat says Biden. And the DNC would end us too. If they could probably true and says we are not the weenies they are used to dealing with LOL. That was from not applicable. We have a couple more on YouTube. We have Marco Owen says, Hey, Trump, with a nice, super chat. Thank you, mark. Kareem is here. All these are getting backed up a little bit.

Kareem is here, says Christie Freeland is a huge national embarrassment. I think that that is also true. Somebody who is eliminating people’s financial freedom saying they’re going after crypto. They’re going after are their bank accounts, seizing insurance, seizing licenses, not too good at all, not applicable says, this is what it’s gonna look like when the DNC comes for us. I think that’s also true. Deli 8 0 7 9 says I’m so glad that they remain peaceful. Unlike the idiots in the us mad respect to them. I’m not, not sure. Well, we haven’t had our freedom trucker convoy yet. It it’s starting though soon. So we’ll see how that goes. Not applicable says the Democrats will just waste us all with 5 56 though. I don’t. I certainly hope not. And Lord Zenu says in day Quebec. I don’t know what that I, I don’t is that I don’t speak French.

So I apologize on that one couple more before we jump to locals, Kay says, do those who were arrested now? Have any possible legal recourse under Canadian law? It’s a great question. You know, I don’t, I don’t know the answer to that. I’m not a Canadian lawyer, you know, ordinarily. Yeah. Right. You’ve got all sorts of rights that you have when you are unlawfully arrested. You’ve got different causes of action that you can take against the government. You know, here we have a concept called habeas Corpus, and we have all sorts of different rights and protections that prevent the government from doing those things. But they did it in Canada. And so I don’t know what their repercussions are. It sounds like, you know, all of the protections they deemed were no longer relevant. And so it kind of sounds like maybe, you know, maybe there’s, there’s a willingness on behalf of the government to bend the line and to manipulate the rules.

And that’s a scary thing when they do that, not applicable says everyone, go get an arm, go get armed up right now. It’s not bad advice. Mario Gretsky says, find the video on rebel from 2020 Alberta, premier admitted, Klaus urged him to drastically alter policies and seize the opportunity COVID gave them. I don’t, I don’t doubt that for a minute. Right. I think that has happened globally. They all talked about it. Build back better. Right? They all like a bunch of dumb seals were just repeating the same thing, hoping to get fed by, I guess Cluse they wanted to be penetrated. They’re all very excited about it. For some reason, James Miller says the other person in that clip was David Gugan who Alec Jones confronted about attending Bohemian Grove. Oh, well, isn’t that just swell? So in the clip, it sounds like it between cl Schwab and the other guy, the other guy was at the Bohemian Grove with all of the other, you know, world leaders doing their, you know, sacrificial, whatever there.

Thank you for that. James Miller did not realize that good one to know, not applicable says, heck no, freedom is an anomaly. Defend it as such. So I, I agree with that. Yeah. I mean, I don’t, I don’t mean to, to sort of be flippant with freedom. Like you can just sort of just like, eh, well, you know, there’s enough people out there that are gonna stand up and fight for no, I think that there needs to be a very clear delineation. People do need to hold the line, right? I think people need to be speaking and pushing the line, pushing that envelope because they’re pushing the other way. They’re push, pushing to stop it. They’re pushing to eliminate it. And so it is a battle, but I think that there’s, you know, there’s enough in the human spirit, in the human condition that it wins, right?

It’s it’s got more energy than the other side. And it’s the side of justice, not applicable says prediction. Biden will drone strike the trucks. Maybe Ronnie Cole says, Trump said they would have to do everything in a hurry. Well, they are. Yeah, well they are. They are because there’s a lot of, uh, very interesting things happening. I’ve got another video I think on sort of the Trump was right on the spying issue. And you’re seeing that the Durham investigation might be UN turning over some stones that have some pretty interesting things under them. And I I’m looking forward to, oh, Ray S is here, says it was great. Seeing you at the FBI informant conference in Atlanta. It’s good to be there. Uh, Ray, I’m glad that we got to connect and talk about, you know, uh, wrecking America. Nadler was excited to meet you there as well.

He wanted to thank you for changing his diaper. Well, I, I can tell you that Ray, come on now. Don’t joke here on this live show. I’m not going anywhere near Jerry Nadler’s diaper. Okay. I have no responsibility for that thing. I have been saying on this show for about two years now that somebody, well, no, not about, I mean, he only came on this show maybe six months ago, so let’s say, but I did notice his waddling around way before he ever came on the show. And so I was thinking about his diaper, but I just didn’t realize, I think it’s at 60 something pounds now. Oh my goodness. Is he here is Nadler here. Uh, Nadler’s belly is here. He says, Rob, if truckers really wanted to make a bold statement, they should refuse to deliver goods to DC, which is true. I agree with that.

And, uh, that was Nadler’s belly. So let’s take a [email protected]om. We got a lot of ’em. And so let’s back up to the beginning. Former EEO says the more reasonable, the more unreasonable the enforcement of laws become, the more reasonable a general strike become. I don’t understand why all the trade unions don’t support the peaceful protest or possibly I have overestimated the intelligence of the average Canadian monster. One says, Rob, did you see my predictions coming true on Monday show I theorized at Kinzinger talking about a targeted assassination attempts was a dog whistle for someone on the left to do it and then push gun control. Well, after your show, I learned on Tim pool that a far left BLM supporter tried to assassinate a mayor in Kentucky. Jerry on top was the guy I was on TV a few years ago, talking about forcing gun control.

I did not see that monster one. Although I did see that that guy got released on bond. Didn’t BLM post a bond for him of a hundred thousand dollars. And he’s an attempted assassin and a judge let them out wild. The Antica says, I encourage everyone to check out a video on rumble by better bachelor about ESG. It’s apparently a corporate social credit score system. That’s true, right? ESG is like environmental, social, uh, green, I think, or global. I don’t know what it is, but yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s, you know, more tools of, of control for the global economy. I’m not gas as it’s year, 2022. And the right is calling for a general strike. This is a fun timeline with regards to future strategy. I think the right needs to stop trying to hold the left to their own standards. They know they are hypocrites.

They don’t care. The G O P is going to win by a landslide without actually running on a platform. Besides we are not the left, we need to start pushing them to take action and start steering this ship back in the right direction, rather than living off, simply not being the left. Also F Trudo by w w E F Davos five I’s and all the Quizling quote intelligence agencies from I’m not gas. Good comment. I agree with that. Right. You know, the Republicans, I think have been basical useless as the Democrats. What, what are they doing at all? Nothing. Right. And you say, well, they’re not in power. Okay. Well, they can still be doing things, right. They can still be, you know, investigating people or whatever, sending letters, you know what, I guess that’s what they do, but they just are kind of Biden their time.

They’re just saying, oh, Biden’s a disaster. We’re just gonna sit here on our hands and not screw this thing up, which is a fine strategy. But they were the same people who, who started most of this crap. Right? And many Republican, where were all the Republican governors speaking out, where were all the Republican senators out about all of these lockdowns and mandates and all this crap. It’s like a handful of them. And now they want to come out and be like, oh, we were on the right side all along. No, thank you. I don’t buy any of it. Sea rose is here. Says welcome back. Thank you. The police in Ottawa are gonna run the same strategy to push the protestors out that worked in Windsor, push the protesters back, set up barriers, move along. So they don’t reclaim the area. Use constricted tow trucks to move the vehicles on anyone who resists strategy is particularly effective in the early morning hours.

I don’t give the Ottawa protestors more than a few days. Did you see Trudeau get roasted by Lance man for saying the conservative party stands with swastika when she is Jewish, he stormed outta that session too. We’ve got a runner. Looks like tyranny to me from C rose is a good comment rose and yeah, we’ll see. We’ll continue to follow it along. You know, I want everybody to be safe. I don’t want people to be unnecessarily arrested. There are, you know, there are other ways I think to, to respond. Of course. And so we’ve got a couple other comments in here. Heather, three girl says Viva was there earlier, before the lines was being pushed back. So the premise from Viva is that the emergencies act is not enacted correctly. If all these people are arrested, what’s the likelihood that their cases get thrown out.

The police busted down windows of these trucks and searched them. It seems like that would be some sort of recourse. Does this seem like it’s more just a tactic to get people off the street versus actually the charges stick? Yeah. You know, three girlies. We’ve talked a little bit about this here. You know, when there’s speaking from experience, when there are big, massive arrests that take place. So for example, okay. When the super bowl comes to Glendale, Arizona, a lot of arrests when we have the waste management open or Barrett Jackson, the car audio thing here in, uh, Scottsdale, or when we have spring training games or we had, there was a series where we had a, a bunch of strip clubs get raid, right, where they came in there and they sort of cited all the girls who were, who were dancing, charged them all with various different crimes.

And so we get sort of this big, big rush of cases come in, you know, like five, six people will hire us for a bucket of crimes. And so we get a lot of experience and sort of seeing how these different prosecution agencies are actually prosecuting these cases. And I can tell you that in my experience, they, you know, they’ve been largely willing to work with us on these. Okay. Saying, you know, people kind of got caught up in a flurry and, um, we can sort of come to reasonable agreements about the outcome of those situations, but these were not, not political situations, right? The strip club was not a bunch of Trumpers or the super bowl fans with a bunch of DUIs and disorderly conducts and urinating in publics, or those types of things are not a bunch of Trumpers. Right. They’re just sort of everyday people, these aren’t politically charged situations, whereas here, right.

You’ve heard Trudo. He does not think that these are just regular people. He thinks they’re Nazis, insurrectionists, basically Confederates who wanna take down his country. So do you think that he’s gonna be, you know, sort of willing to make deals and concessions with them? I, I don’t, but if, if he continues to get his way, I would guess not monster one says I heard they’re threatening to kill the dogs that belong to the protestors. The Canadian government must be in touch with the ATF here in the United States. Kareem says Ontario plans on removing the passport on March one, Quebec, reluctantly announce. It’s gonna let its go March 14th. Quebec initially wanted to keep it, but then said they were open to the idea of suspending it. You notice the wording they used since we are now in exceptional circumstances of very low cases, we can temporarily remove the passport.

But when the next wave comes, we go back, you can tell they’re so desperate to keep that thing. Yeah, it’s true. Right? We’re not gonna remove it. We’re gonna keep the, the, the mandate in place. We’re just gonna temporarily suspend it so that we can just, you know, unsuspend it and put it back into place rather than, you know, revoking it or, or giving up that power. We talk about it, right? If a government, if you give a government bureaucrat power, they’re gonna hang onto it until grim death. Right. They’re never gonna let that go. If you Yankee kiss says in reference to the banks, there was a convention of all the world’s big bankers, where they came out and said they wanted to be able to control every transaction of everyone. Can’t find it right now, but also on rumble, we’ve been talking about what steps to take when faced with oppression.

So shout out to my rumble people over there, we’ve got, let’s see broke Bo yesterday’s fool LA LA H we’ve got Viti kiss, of course, is there and, uh, dancing 21 all chatting away on our rumble. And so shout out to rumble says, I think a good guide is to network organize, resist and push back. What do you think anything to add? Well, you know, I think, you know, I’ve talked about this, uh, and I think community is very important. I think local is very important. I think that, you know, in times we get kind of too caught up in the national government and the national scheme of things. But really, I think that, you know, if, if you build these robust parallel systems, you can really kind of insulate yourself in many ways from, from the big government, from these externalities, right? They want people to be reliant and dependent upon them on the government for something.

And if you can build a way where you kind of don’t really need that and you, you know, you’ve kind of got things structured a certain way. You’re kind of, you know, financial freedom. You’ve got good community. You’ve got, you know, a values based way to connect with people. I think you’re pretty strong. You’re a lot stronger, right? That’s why those things, they want you to stay home, put your VR headset on, watch Netflix all day. Don’t talk to anybody, never leave the house because they know if people connect, man, there’s not much they can do about that. As they’re sort of finding out with this freedom trucker convoy, Kareem says, I still don’t know if my give send go donation made it to the truckers. Is it criminal now for me to go hand out cash to those truckers? I think so. Yeah. I mean, I, yeah, according to Canada.

Yeah. You’re you’re funding, terrorism, Kareem. We have, Heather says once the people are cleared out, there is nothing stopping them from coming back. They could easily regroup and return again, after all the civil rights movement, wasn’t one or a few weeks. Right. And that’s, that’s kind of the point of this, right? They just, okay, go, don’t go to Ottawa, go to someplace else, pick up your trucks, go someplace else, or do it again in a month. You know? And it’s like, there’s gonna be this cat and mouse game going on and on and on again. And we’ll see who ultimately, you know, prevails on this thing. The Antica says how many people are just now seeing the many videos of CLS talking at the world economic forum. It’s the reason why Trudeau is acting like Richard potato van, cuz it’s, it’s a too, it’s too long of a comment.

I’m gonna have to read it and respond to it. It’s just, I, I, I love you brother, but it’s just a long comment. Miss lucky says, Sergeant Bob do not think the cops there are out military. The optics are just not so obvious. If I were a cop, there I’d look for other employment. There are USA agencies that I bet would hire Canadian officers and could do so with the shortage of qualified workers rule, just saying it from miss lucky. And I got miss Lucky’s nice card in the mail. Thank you, miss lucky. Sergeant Bob says, next step is Canadian and USA. Truckers refused to the border loads. If they can withstand the financial implications, it could be very effective. We have monster. One says my nephews both got COVID. I think that there is one of those little bastards gave it to me. Uh, alright.

It’s for monster one. We’ve got another one from Kareem says Justin Trudo has been inconsistent since his first day in office lately. He’s condemned Quebec’s law because Trudeau claims that in a free country, the government has no right to tell its citizens what to put or not to put in their body. Meanwhile, he’s had many Canadians fired for refusing to put something into their body. I’m not gas says no offense is Sergeant Bob or former EO, but we need to learn that the police are not our friends. Their only job is to wield violence in support of the regime. When the state is against us, the police are against us. The, there might be a few who stand up and do the right thing, but the vast majority will fall in line and just be following orders. I didn’t say it. I’m not gased but I don’t disagree.

Miss lucky says, I think you are one of the, I think you are one of you USA founding fathers who has been reincarnated. Well, I don’t know about that. I’m just lucky. It’s a very nice compliment, but my, are you? I don’t think so. No. I’m not sure about that. Now that we’re talking about like apples and oranges, one’s sort of a nice, beautiful, polished apple. The other’s like an orange that got backed over by a truck. Doesn’t look so good. And so, uh, I appreciate it. It’s a very nice thought. Thank you. We have Jeff Brook says, I think we’re back to the age of Mon monarchies, Kings and Queens did negotiate with their people. They negotiated with each other, not Castro’s son. The president formally known as Brandon and other leaders. Don’t see the people as people. They see them as cattle to be used for what the farmer wants, herded, where he wills and put down when no longer useful, frankly, I’m terrified of what it will take to make these leaders realize where they’re taking the world.

That’s a good comment. Yeah. I agree with that. Right? It’s it’s they don’t work. You know, they don’t work for you anymore. They rule you and you do what they say. They think that way I Tru really believe it. John Dolar says Trudeau just might be remembered as a dictator. I see liberals everywhere becoming what they say they hate. Nadler’s belly says, I hope the freedom convoy has a team of lawyers ready for when they get thrown in the DC. Guag yeah, they’re probably gonna be facing some consequences there. Maybe they’ll form another select committee, a freedom trucker convoy. Maybe they they’ll impeach Donald Trump. Again. They probably should. Actually the, the select committee should probably start a new impeachment article because he’s behind this whole thing. Obviously Kincaid says good evening, Rob. It’s a working theory. However, seemingly unrelated social movements have helped confuse corrupt and encouraged bad actors.

Social engineering has probably proliferated media and education to the point. It suggests forceful brainwashing, quantitative and qualitative data must be utilized with open debate. Otherwise the crazy will continue. I hope everyone has a nice weekend. That’s from Kincaid Nadler’s belly. We read that one. Miss lucky says hats off to the truckers who seem to be the only group to stand up against totalitarian in government overreach monster one says, is it just me or was Mike glowing? I don’t remember who Mike was. That was, that was way too long ago for me. I’m like Joe Biden. I really can’t remember what happened about 10 minutes ago. Three girly says hopefully the people’s convoy takes multiple routes. Like the I 70 and yeah, that’s, what’s so cool about the whole strategy is the way I was thinking about it is you’ve sort of got this big, you know, artery, several arteries that like run across the entire country.

Like I, 70 the I 40 we’ve got, um, you know, all these other like tributaries, like veins or, or other arteries that will feed into the main artery. And so let’s say, you know, they set up a blockade at one of these junctures or one of these cities, right? Everybody’s okay. Well, there’s, there’s multiple other arteries that we can just reroute around and meet up in DC. And so, you know, it it’s, it’s gonna be a difficult thing for them to stop. We’ll see. Former EEO says, what did extensive investigation discover into the national guard deployment being rejected prior to J six? Yeah. They rejected it. Mayor Mario Bowser, the DC mayor sent a letter. We don’t need your help. We don’t want them at all. I’m not gas. As I challenge every watching the watching member to donate either one hour of time or one hour of pay to the upcoming trucker protest, stop asking for others to take action for us.

That’s that’s a good call to action from I’m not gas. D mama says, I feel like the us convoys would be much more successful if they went to state capitals with the strictest mandates instead of trying DC state capitals instead of trying DC. Am I crazy? No, I don’t think that’s a bad idea. I mean, I think though they’re upset with the federal mandates. So, you know, the federal sort of extension, the federal, um, you know, health and human services, the mask mandates, I think that’s what they’re mainly concerned about. And I think the only real to do that are your are, are going to be at the, at the federal level, I would think. All right. And so let’s go back to Vient Kiss’s comment says how many people are just now seeing the videos of Klaus and Schwab. It’s the real reason why Trudeau is acting like a Richard potato. If you want more hands on experience on how the world is really won, check out the board game, Imperial in it, you can play it. And I wanna pontificate a bit here. If people were to change, the word says, what is happening right now is that the everlasting class war is becoming is coming to a head worldwide labels are the language of the oppressor.

Yeah. I think that there’s some truth to that. I think that there is a, a class warfare happening. I don’t think that it’s necessarily monetary. Right? I don’t think it’s like the rich versus the poor. I think it’s the rulers versus the ruled. If I had to separate ’em into two classes and I don’t know what that game is. V cuz Imperial Sounds pretty interesting there. So go check that out. If you want to read that. Let’s see what else we’ve got here. Uh, a couple others came in From YouTube. Oh yeah. Ray S was at my, uh,

My undercover agent convention. Barry cream. Yes, please is here. Says thanks for the info for donating don’t care. If they put my name out there. Wonder what they’ll say about members of the military who stand for freedom? Well, there were members of the military there in Canada, right? There were, there were veterans who were sweeping off the snow on the snow Memorial. What they say about them. They said that they were dishonoring the vet. So I’m sure we’ll have that same type of garbage here. Veru S Prius says, Rob, find an interview. Robert, the Robert Barnes of Canada Is Robert Barnes. The lawyer of Canada is he from Canada? I didn’t know that. I thought he was here in the United States. Viva’s Canada. I thought, look, obviously I know Viva’s Canada look, two G here at the super chat. 9 0 4 classic legend says part one, the trucker protest are traps. It will cause even higher inflation and further supply chain issues for the middle class and pour across the us part two. The only way to beat the mandates is not to get Jabed, not to comply and live life normally Worked in the sixties. Some good advice there too, I think from 9 0 4 classic legend.

Well, you know, so I, I would of course say talk to your doctor about all of those decisions, but in general, right? You sort of, uh, civil disobedience or sort of peaceful non-compliance has historically been used in, uh, in protest. And I think that’s what 9 0 4 classic legend is talking about. Mag Dalene says see video protestors, trample by police horses on YouTube now. So that’s great. So let there’s, there’s a lot, uh, I think going on right now in Ottawa and so, you know, gonna continue to pray for everybody out there over this weekend, back over on watching the watchers.locals.com. Let’s see what else we’ve got here.

Okay. That one was from de mama. We’ve got Greg Mora says Maji Waz has the best show on LBC. They fired him for being an anti-vaxer, which is such a shame. His initial coverage on the Roham exploit scandal was the only show that brought the scandal into the mainstream. Yeah. Well there’s this, this concerted effort to stop people who were speaking out, Joey Bandolero is here, says where was that quote? Majority of good cops today. Yeah, that’s a good question. Right? It’s funny when their jobs are on the line, when it’s it’s either you do what we say or you lose your job, they’ll follow orders. Right. And they did. And I would expect them to continue to, so everybody’s gotta be aware of that. Acts Webster says, Rob, I own a construction company here in Canada. We have employees who belong to a trades union. At least in my province. The unions generally support the liberals. I deal with business agents who represent them. And I can tell you that if there were any, if they, if they were any more left, they’d be on the right PS. We Canadians need help fast. Uh, max. Yeah. I’m sorry to hear that. You know, I don’t know.

I don’t know. And I, I was also, well, let’s see what else we’ve got. Jeff R is here, says, dang it. This is the second time you’ve said almost exactly what I did in my comment before getting to the comments, stop spying on me. Robert that’s from Jeff ruck. Well, Jeff, you know, they say great minds. Think a lot. Monster one says, here’s the video. Oops. Let’s see. Well that video’s dead. So, uh, monster one, you shared a video link and it’s, uh, dead error occurred. I clicked it. And it’s also dead. Captain. Jim says, Rob another good coverage. I don’t think Trudeau in the left don’t realize their policies were as damaging as, as the truckers protest are to be. They just simply don’t care. The only thing Trudeau cares about is the votes to get him power and any means necessary to stay there.

He’ll spout any nonsense to get power after all, it’s only his quote legal opinion. That only stands because he’s in power. Right? The unfortunate and tragic thing is that there are people who believe they’re dribbled and vote them in. Those are the folks that really need to wake up from captain Jim. I don’t think he cares, right. I, I do think it’s politics. Everyone’s grandmas here says, Hey, Rob, you know, I’ve seen so many things in my life being born in 58. I know, I know I have no fingertips left trying to scroll down to my date of birth. That’s hilarious. Anyway, I was around for TV, PC and the internet with each technological improvement, the population dummied down. And here we are. I’m I fear I’m in the least generation that knew the last generation that knew true freedom, have a great weekend. That’s from everyone’s grandma.

And I think it’s a good point. And look, when I talk about, you know, the new society or, you know, whatever, sort of the, the next evolution of all this is going to be, I am not of the mindset that, you know, everybody is going to be a free person. That is, I don’t think that’s a reality. I think that there’s is a significant portion of humanity that loves being a slave. They love it. They, oh, tell me what to do. Oh, put a math. No, I’ll do whatever you say. Happy to comply because it provides them safety and security. And you know, there’s gonna be a big portion of, of humanity that wants to live their lives that way indefinitely. And if those people want to go into those little, you know, safe bubbles of Facebook or Amazon or whatever, you know, the Google, uh, or the, uh, the government, you know, universal basic income program is it comes with its terms and conditions.

And everybody goes and gets onboarded into that. Right. That’s fine that there that’s freedom. People are free to be slaves if they want to do that. But when you build parallel systems, it is sort of the escape hatch. It’s the E to, to, to, to avoid living in those realities and yeah. The population, right? I mean, I think you can quantify it. The CDC came out. I, I read a headline that they modified their sort of, uh, competency requirements for young kids. You know, it used to be like at, at age three, you should know 75 words, for example, but now at age three, it’s okay. If you only know 50 words, why cuz everybody’s got masks on and nobody’s been to school for the last several years. So if your kid is dumber that’s okay. Because the standards have just been lowered. We see here, Sergeant Bob says, no offense taken.

I’m not gas. I tend to agree. So there you go. Miss lucky says from Sergeant Bob, let’s go Justin. And uh, let’s do a quick refresh and see what else we’ve got over here. Couple more social Viking says everyone that lives in a community with mandates can protest in their community. If they can’t participate at the national level, the more positive pressure applied. The more the message breaks through from social Viking. Good comment. And Heather says, youngest girly wanted to say hi. She still thinks you’re the best YouTuber. Well, youngest girly. That is the nicest thing that anybody’s ever said to me. Thank you for that. I’m not sure that’s true, but you know, it’s a nice compliment and I’ll take it. I appreciate that. Thank you three girlies and shout out to all the girlies over there. All three of them. Hope you guys have a tremendous weekend and thank you for watching.

And I think my friends, that was it. That was the last comment. And I think that’s a good one to leave off on. And so that is it for us for the day. I wanna give some major shoutouts to our supporter spotlight. This is the new slide that I’m introducing. If you wanna be an ultra mega quarter of the show, then you’re gonna get a, a badge. You’re gonna get a link. You can put a logo on here. Chris Romero just signed up. And so Chris, I’d love to hear from you. If you’re out there, you’re supporting the show. And if you wanna put a logo or a link to a charity or a link to a, a, uh, you know, social media site or something like that, send me an email. If you’re at the high level supporter on YouTube, or if you’re at sort of an equivalent level on locals, let me know.

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