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Hello my friends and welcome back to yet another episode of Watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Gouveia. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the R&R Law Group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona and today we’re talking about the freedom trucker convoy. It carries on, they are parked. They’re like immovable objects and it is leaving the Canadian governments stumped. They’re having a difficult time wrapping their heads around the logistical nightmare that the insurrectionist truckers are conducting upon their city. And so today we’re gonna spend some time bouncing around the government again, because they’re holding these press briefings and city council meetings. And they’re trying to update every buddy they’re sort of escalating their media game. And they’re also escalating their enforcement game because today the Ottawa police came out and they said, listen, we’ve got a new crime in mind, it’s called mischief.

And we’re gonna go and start enforcing this. If you are truckers, don’t bend the knee and fall into line. And so we’re gonna spend a lot of time on this today. Listening in particular to the deputy police chief out of Ottawa, his name is Steven Bell, and he gave a press conference yesterday in conjunction with a new updated press release that came out today. And a lot of people are hinting at the idea that the law enforcement agencies, now that they’re gonna be supported by an additional, uh, several hundred RCMP agents. And on that, they’re gonna start rounding people up. And so we’re gonna see if there’s, you know, any, any real, uh, possibility of that by their own words, because it sounds like they’re spread pretty thin as we, uh, break all of this down. So we’ve got mayor Jim Watson. He is taking questions from the media.

We’ve got another politician. Uh, now that was Jim Watson, we’ve got Steven Bell, but then at the end, we’re gonna sort of take a look at some of the reaction as to what’s going on out there. There are two Canadian liberal politicians, somebody named Robard and Lightbound who are sort of breaking ranks with the Canadian left. And then we also were gonna hear that Alberta ended their mandates, but then kind of, you know, said that they might come back. But this is also spreading around outside of Ottawa, outside of Alberta, outside of cots and the border crossing. Now it’s going over to a place called ambassador bridge, which is right on the border between Canada and the United States, right near Detroit, between Windsor and Detroit in the United States. And so there is, uh, somebody named drew Deakins who was providing an update about that because the truckers have basically taken over this bridge.

And so the Canadian authorities are like, man, we are just stumped as can be. We need some help to sort through this. Well, we’re gonna help maybe give them some ideas, like, you know, talking with the truckers or ending the mandates. You know, those might be some solutions, but as we’re gonna hear, they don’t wanna to talk about it. And so we’ve got a lot to get into, if you want to be a part of the show, the place to do that is over at watchingthewatchers.locals.com. They’re chatting away over there. Jump in Jeff. I’m not gas. They’ve got, let’s see, I’m scrolling up. Be spec is here. Eye on energy, Kincaid tweak are all there. We had a live stream that we did earlier today, where we talked about our new private telegram group. Uh, that’s pretty cool. And so we have a, a sort of a community chat now that will unveil to YouTube supporters as well.

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All right, without any further ado, let’s get into it situation. A little bit of a smidge there in Ottawa, as the police are now saying, they’re gonna be charging particular crimes. They’ve identified one for us that they’re gonna really kind of sink their teeth into here is what the message looked like when it came out today, February 9th, 2:57 PM published by the Ottawa police service that police of Ottawa. It says a message to demonstrators from the Ottawa police service. And so, oh, sounds like this could be some serious business here. It says, listen, it is a criminal offense to obstruct, interrupt or interfere with a lawful use enjoyment or operation of property. All right. They say this offense is known as mischief to property. Oh my God sounds pretty rough. It says the unlawful act of blocking streets and downtown cores resulting in people being denied, the lawful use enjoyment and operation of their property.

And so my question, you know, I’m not a Canadian lawyer. Don’t try to a B one or pretend to be one, but are they talking about government property or people’s property? Like, and I’d like to know what interest they’re talking about. Like, can people not go onto their personal property because of the truckers? As far as I’ve seen the truckers are in the streets, right? And then they retired to their individual locations, but are they really interfering with other people’s enjoyment, their property? Cuz if it’s city property, then it’s not their property. All right, anyways, we are providing you notice that anyone blocking streets or assisting others in the blocking of streets may be committing a criminal offense. And again, it’s like, what property are you talking about? It says you must immediately ceased further unlawful activity. Or you may face charges published February 9th says you could be arrested without a warrant for this offense.

If you are a party to the offense or assisting others in the direct or indirect commission of the offense. So anybody who’s helping carrying those containers, even if it’s not your truck, when you were released on bail, you might not even be let outta custody. They say it depends on the criminal code, a fence related property, including vehicles may be seized as part of the offense. So we might actually take your truck, take your property. The vehicles may be detained in following a conviction. Even for forfeited, those are expensive vehicles. It says charges or convictions related to this activity may lead to denial in crossing the USA border. All right. And so I guess they mean serious business. Now pack it up, go home. You saw press release me. All right. All right. That’s it. I guess every, uh, uh, okay, so they might charge people with mischief for property.

Now we’re gonna break this down in a lot more detail because as we’re going to here, it sounds like they’re spread pretty thin, but they are pulling out all the stops. They’re trying to really aggravate this thing and escalate this, or at least trying to put, to squeeze on people with the hopes that maybe it will cost people to just say, uhoh, this is too much pressure for me. I’ve been here for the last 11, 12 days suddenly. Now I’m just gonna go home. And it really might, right? Because they’re talking about arresting people and taking your property. And there are some people who say, all right, look, you know, maybe the stakes are too high now and maybe I will leave. And so maybe people do leave. Who knows? But the government, as we can see is really trying to ratchet things up. They’re trying to, you know, as we were speculating yesterday, either, you know, cause a, a, a resolution to this thing cause something to exacerbate so that they can come back with a heavier hand.

Not sure, but we can see here, CBC, of course they are reporting the 13th day of protest. They say the police warn of arrest and they are issuing charges for blocking the streets. Now they’re getting this information and from the same press release that we got, but here they’re saying the city of OUP also increases fines for noise and idling and fires all the way up to a thousand bucks. So now they can issue fines for $1,000 for noise. Opp are talking with Ottawa police about the latest request for help. City council postpone their meeting. And there’s an new protests now at another camp. And so this is gonna be a theme as we go throughout the show today, we’re gonna see that there’s this cat and mouse game going on, where the, where the truckers are just moving and the police are spinning their wheels, trying to figure out how to respond.

They say the police are now ordering the freedom truckers. It’s time to move along and let the traffic flow or face possible arrest and criminal charges. Right? And so you have to sort of separate those two, like traffic flowing. Is that a private property interest of a private Ottawa candidate, Canadian citizen? Do they have a property interest in using the public thoroughfare? I don’t know. So we’re gonna check in with this guy. Did this guy is now sort of in charge of executing the plan. We spent a lot of the time here talking about Peter, uh, sorry. Uh, Slaley police chief. Slaley. This is deputy police, chief Steven Bell. Now he posted this. So they posted this back yesterday on Ottawa citizen. They actually have their YouTube channel on February 8th, deputy police, chief Steven Bell provided an update to the media about policing of the freedom convoy.

And so we’re gonna go, we’re gonna spend some time in this. I have about seven or eight different clips of him because he’s gonna be detailing a lot for us. A lot of it’s pretty interesting and pretty good, good talking about these new tactics and these new strategies, and really getting asked by the media, Hey, you know, those Jerry cans that they’re running all over the place, like, are, did they get you on those? Are you stumped about those? And he’s like, oh no, we’re not stumped, but they are making things a little bit more complicated. Aren’t they? So all of these little sort of, you know, back and forth tactics we’ve seen law enforcement does something truckers respond, law enforcement does something truckers respond. We’re gonna go through it and break it down in detail. And we’re gonna follow along with a man on the street.

Somebody named you Ottawa, Scotty. I got many recommendations to go check out his live streams after we spent some time yesterday with Viva and, uh, many others. And so, uh, auto walks and I think Z O T YouTube yesterday is who we spent time with. And so today we’re gonna check in with you, Scotty, you Otta Scotty O you Ottawa Scotty, and we’re gonna sort of inter interper these two, we’re gonna take the deputies claims and we’re gonna sort of compare and contrast it to the reality as usual. And we’ll see where that takes us. All right. And so here we have now the, the, the opening statement, okay. Of this police chief, I think it’s about three minutes long. I’m probably gonna interrupt it, but let’s listen in. This is, this is a, a press conference to the media, and this is where he’s gonna be, you know, basically giving his opening statement before he starts fielding questions from the media. Let’s listen in good

Afternoon, everyone police service and its partners continue to work all out to put a safe end to the unlawful occupation of our downtown core and improve neighborhood safety. Our surgeon contain strategy, which is reduce the footprint of the demonstrators continues

Okay. As we

Continue police operations, our police operations are focused on enforcement. Our downtown court yesterday, an important court order was issued in relation to the demonstration. The auto police service is authorized to enforce compliance with the terms of a court order. The auto police service continues to have authority under section 127 of the criminal code to arrest and lay a charge for breaching a court order. Auto police officers will exercise their discretion in enforcing this order. And any criminal investigation arriving from a arising from an alleged breach of this order.

All right. So they’re escalating,

We’re working to ensure we’re enforcing the order. Work is underway to fully brief all officers on the terms of the order and their role in enfor.

All right. And so remember some of this

Capture and document

Evidence. We talked about a lot of this last time, remember in the PRI in the preceding city council meetings, uh, Carol Anne Mehan, Diane deans, many of these people were screaming about this. You’ve got all of these orders in place. You have all of these legal tools and justifications, but you’re not getting nice enough. And what good is an order? What good is a declaration of emergency? What good are all these laws on the books? If you’re not actually out there doing anything about it. And so here he is sort of saying, okay, listen, we’re briefing everybody. We’re getting everybody up to speed. This is the update we’re just issuing. These press releases. Like the one we just read through and stuff is gonna start happening is where he’s going with this. Let’s check back in the

Next. We’ll have an update on this later today, as more resources become available to us, we will use them specifically to focus on the unlawful demonstrators whom have chosen to remain in our city to date. We’ve made 22 to arrest 1300 tickets and have 79 ongoing criminal investigations. We’ve seized fuel. And

All right, let’s pause on that real quick. So he, I think he said 22 arrests, which is not much, but he did say something like 1300 additional, uh, citations, right? So they’re writing a lot of tickets is, is what it sounds like that number has increased your grammatically from, uh, previously when there was basically, I think, seven arrests and so seven to 22 now still, you know, pretty inconsequential relative to the time here. And we’ve seen what some of these arrests look like. It did that 70 year old man, count as one of the arrests. I don’t know,

Cut off financial and logistical support to the occupation. I also want to be clear. We’re not just dealing with demonstrators in auto, yesterday, working with Ohio police, we were able to trace, identify and arrest an individual for calling in fake threats, designed to deceive and distract our emergency resources.

Okay. So did you hear that they’re working with Ohio police? That’s our police. What? All right, so it’s a, it’s an international, uh, I think a attempt to evade an insurrection happening a global insurrection. And so he says that somebody was making phone calls and trying to distract them. I wonder who that was. I wonder if it was a, a trucker or just a crazy person who was making phone calls to the police, but he’s gonna use that as a victory ring. Hey, we got a victory. We made a, an arrest in the United States because we’re under international assault by the truckers.

Many of the remaining demonstrators are highly determined and volatile. They’ve begun filling gas, canisters with water, distracting officers or otherwise attempting to subvert our efforts. What yesterday, we had an attack on our hardworking officers, oh, while attempting ceases fuel from demonstrators, multiple officers were formed by these same demonstrators. We’ve initiated a criminal investigation into this matter.

We play that yesterday,

Towed some vehicles and continue to face resourcing and operational challenges in doing more many heavy vehicles in the downtown core have been IM mobile east recent aggressiveness towards our officers is unacceptable. We’ve identified our need for the 1800 officers and civilian personnel that will bring a safe end to this occupation. We do not want anyone to be injured.

Then stop asking.

We know that some demonstrators have indicated a desire to leave. In some cases they’re blocked in by other vehicles and where possible we’re working to facilitate their departure through intelligence. We’ve also learned that almost 25% of the 418 trucks listen camped in our city, have children living in.

All right. So we’ve got two things we gotta pause on on this before we let that go. Number one, remember he just said that they were swarmed by everybody. We played that video here on this show yesterday. And yeah, there were people who were very interested in what they were doing, stealing their cans, their gas, canisters away, not real happy about that. And, uh, there was the one video where they were singing the Canadian national Anthem as the masked law enforcement serving and protecting the fellow citizens as they were absconding with everybody’s private property, their fuel, when it’s 20 below they’re they’re, uh, you know, heroes that night, everybody was singing songs around them, but they are such little literal snowflakes that they are intimidated by this swarm. That’s, that’s taking everything over that’s number one, number two P children. Did you hear what he said? 25% of these truckers have kids. And now we gotta think about the kids. And now we have to step in using the strong arm of the federal government. You know, maybe to exercise our law full authority, not in the interest of qua the protest, but because these insurrectionists, basically the Taliban is here and we know how they treat kids. And so listen to that. Here it is. We’re gonna get, we’re gonna break this down a little bit further, cuz he gets a follow up question about it.

Children who could be at risk during a police operation, we’re working with the children’s aid society to ensure their wealth and safety. Finally, our message to demonstrators remains the same don’t come. And if you do, there’ll be consequences, including financial consequences for your illegal and unlawful behavior. Thank you.

All right. So that’s his opening statement. You can see that’s the, that’s what they published. Now we are gonna go through because he took a lot of additional questions and we wanna break that down and tease everything out and see what is actually going on here. So remember now a lot of the media out there, CBC and many others we’re we have a clip from a woman who is, uh, very angry about what the media has done near the end of the show. But here, one of the first questions is two officer, this deputy Steven belt. This is the police chief’s second in command. You know, number two in line, he goes out and executes on all the orders. And so they ask him specifically, you know, you talked about this incident where your officers were kind of swarmed and they’re under attack and like this is a violent trucking group of maniacs. Um, can you tell us deputy, what were the injuries to those officers? Like are they gonna survive? Here’s what he says.

Uh, my question, Mr. Bell, uh, you told about, uh, you told us about an attack and uh, Mr. Slowly talked about, uh, injuries to some of your officers as well. Can you, uh, give us an idea of how many officers or injured and the kind of injuries that they suffered?

Any, any injuries?

Uh, yeah, uh, nurses, um, I, um, in terms of his serious injuries to our officers. Yeah. Um, we’re very fortunate to report that we, we haven’t had any to this point, of course. Um, there has been during altercations some more, uh, minor injuries sustained by the officers, but nothing that has taken in any of our members, um, out of commission or not able to continue to provide policing services.

Okay. So everybody’s fine. Thank you. There’s been no couple, you know, probably a couple, uh, slips and bruises or slips and falls. Maybe it was, you know, it is Canada, there’s a, there’s a lot of snow on the ground. And I would imagine it’s pretty icy out there. So probably old officer Lou kind of probably slipped on his big fat butt and kind of, you know, got a bruise back there. And so yeah, you tally that injury who caused it? The truckers did. Yeah. They caused that one. So, um, you know, bumps and, and bra and, and scrapes maybe because they were ripping people out of their cars or maybe that 70 year old man, they arrested and threw to the ground yesterday. Maybe he hurt one of, I don’t know, it’s hard to tell, but you also know from this deputy that they’re really concerned about the children now, because you know, everything’s about the children and if you can, uh, use any leverage to manipulate your enemy or to make them look bad, put them in a bad light, you’ll do it.

And of course this government has done that from day one saying that there was swastikas flying or around Confederate flags. These are racist people from the United States. And this is all a fringe group that has no connection at all to Canada. All of that of course has been nonsense, but they are doing whatever they can to malign the truckers and anybody who stands up for Liberty and democracy anywhere. And so another one of these stories comes out from the CBC, says that large of children among the protesters are hampering their response. And so I think what they’re saying is that the truckers have now taken children as hostages, I think, and they’re using them as hostage, uh, in their hostage negotiations. And so the police would go in there and clear them out, but they’ve got look at these just young people there. You know, they just look like a couple of kids.

And so the police can’t go in there with their SWAT team and take out everybody because well, there’s kids there. It’s like human shields. Deputy chief, Steve bell says almost one fourth of the trucks include children in there, here children stand in front of a truck on parliament hill, protesting government restrictions saying if we keep spending like this, we will all be living in one of these cabins. So it’s about, it’s about spending policy also, which is a good thing to protest because kids are gonna have a big fat bill to pay. Now, CBC also tells us a little bit more about this and I wanted to dive into some of these numbers, right? As of noon on Tuesday, police say they’ve arrested 23 people active 85 criminal investigations, more details on their enforcement saying that they’re gonna increase penalties and blah, blah, blah. But bell also turned his focus to the children of the protestors over the weekend.

Bouncy castles were set up near parliament hill, probably terrorists, bouncy castles. They’re probably orchestrating, you know, the next one, six in there trying to seize parliament hill. Don’t let the fun and laughter confuse you they’re they are terrorists. And they were near parliament hill to help entertain. Or I would say train the children. Bell said police are working in the children’s aid society of Ottawa regarding those children. So yet another, yet another government organization, the children’s aid society. Well, man, it would be really bad if those truckers, you know, we’re not working with the children’s aid society, you know, monsters over there, but 25% of the 418 trucks still have children in them. And so of course, when you start talking about people’s kids, Ugh, you know, that kind of really escalates things. You gotta be very careful about that. Okay. You can go take their fuel away. You can go and say, we’re gonna take your cars away and your licenses away, but not we’re gonna March, uh, uh, child protective services into your camp and take your kids away. And so if you start hinting at that, even a little bit, people are gonna get a little bit swirly. So one of the individuals from the media asks Mr. Bell about this in particular, they say, Hey, you going after those kids or what

Deputy chief bell, when you speak of, um, I guess it’s something like a hundred trucks that have children in them and you’re saying the CAS is involved. Um, are you requiring that they somehow are able to remove the children from the trucks? I mean, what would be the next steps for police in terms of, uh, um, you know, moving on any of those trucks, if, if you’re concerned about kids?

Uh, yeah. Thank you very much for your, uh, question Kate. So, uh, we, we identify that concern for us. It’s something that has early in, in the course of this occupation. We, we observed through members who are, uh, moving around within the crowds that they, they began to saw, uh, children, families that were actually had attended here to take part in the occupation. Okay. Uh, it’s something that greatly concerns us. It’s something that concerns us for the wellbeing of everyone within the area, from the risk of, uh, carbon monoxide and fumes. The noise levels that we know are by the neighborhoods, the neighboring areas, as well as the people that are right in the occupation occupation. Um, we’re concerned about cold. We’re concerned about access to sanitation, um, uh, the ability to, to shower. Um, there’s a multitude of concerns. That’s why we’re raising it and identifying it as something that is a con that is something we need to address. We need to have discussions with our partners in the children’s aid society about how, uh, we manage move, moving ahead. Yep. We’re not at the stage of looking, um, to do any sort of, uh, enforcement activity around that. We’ll rely on the children’s aids society to help provide and give us guidance around that. We just think it’s an important fact.

Did you hear what he said there? We’re not gonna do any enforcement around any of that, but we’re gonna rely on the children’s aids society to tell us what needs to happen next. Okay. So what happens if the children’s aid society comes in and says, uh, these truckers have their kids in squa conditions and the federal government can raise them better. And so they say, well, if, uh, obviously the federal government can do everything. What should we do? Children’s aid society. And they say, well, we have to go to save those children. And they say, per we’d love to go take their kids away from them. And like, he didn’t say that wasn’t right. So let’s, let’s finish it before I, before I start talking at a turn here

After that’s in that, that complicates and, and, and makes this an even more challenging operation that that’s important that people are aware of.

All right. So we talked about, uh, children right now. You can see they’re sort of using this as another leverage point. Well, we’re concerned they’re not getting showers and they may be getting sick and they may be getting COVID if something happens. And so now we don’t want to go in there. We don’t wanna go in there and have to deal with all of this, but we’re just doing it for the children and truckers. You should be thinking about the children too. And so building a little bit of sympathy there, trying to, trying to use some other tools to see some movement here. We’ll see if that works. Now we talked about this a little bit yesterday, ran Derek. I saw this on Twitter, says whatever it takes, troll them into submission. Truo looks like the weakest leader in the world right now, which is absolutely true.

Uh, it’s a close tie between him and Joe Biden. I’m not sure, but, uh, it’s close says you need to be a part of this. Don’t be the last one to figure it out. You’ll miss history. Hi, Jim Watson Ottawa. And remember yesterday, we were talking about the scene where Jerry cans being seized, right? The gasoline was being hauled out from the truckers. And, uh, the very, uh, what’s the word innovative people decided to do a little bit of a work around, and this is what it looked like. We talked about this yesterday. Everybody is walking with the Jerry cans to tons of fuel. And so as, as they bring it out, boom, they just bring it back in. And that is sort of the illegal thing to do, right? They’re carrying flamable fluid around allegedly. Now, yesterday on the show, we talked about the idea that some of these might be filled with water or some of these might be filled with Kool-Aid or maybe they’re empty, or, you know, who know, maybe they’re filled with gasoline.

It’s hard to tell. And so the police now are gonna have to stop and inspect every single one of those. And there’s a lot of them, as you can see, and they’re coming from all over the place and all these terrorists with their gasoline cans, you know, that are gonna fuel their vehicles. So they stay warm and survive. Well, that’s gonna cause a little bit of complexity for the government for these law enforcement officials. And so once again, this is Steven belt, deputy police chief, he’s the second in line from Ottawa. And he’s gonna be asked about this in particular, gonna say, Hey, police chief, you know, you guys yesterday were doing this big victory lap, really proud of yourselves, kind of patting yourselves on the back that you were able to start seizing fuel and reclaiming territory and red zones and green zones. And we’re in Fallujah all of a sudden, but it sounds like these truckers just picked up some new cans and they just sort of walked them on by you. Um, what do you have to say about that chief? Are you guys kind of being made fools? Here’s what he says

Logistically does it, how much difficulty does the fact that people are bringing in water in these fuel tanks? How hard is, how much difficulty does that put on the auto police service in terms of, of enforcement?


Uh, thanks to the question, Alex. Um, it, it’s a, it’s a good one. Um, what I can can tell you is it does provide a layer of logistical complexity to us. If, if the number of, of gas cans going in, uh, it creates challenges for us to actually conduct searches, to stop and conduct searches. Yeah. Ultimately seize those, those gas cans and, and, and the fuel in them and potentially charge someone as a result of that. Uh, the other thing it, it does for us is it is identifies a level of sophistication, Ooh, and a level of ability of this group to try and subvert police efforts. That’s subverting to us. Um, we know where we continue to have dis with the demonstrators about the occupation. We, we are actively looking to find remedies and resolutions to end this. Um, but we know that as, as they harden in their position and as they try and engage in activity, that’s SubT our efforts. It it’s quite concerning to us.

It’s very concerning. Indeed. Yeah, it is concerning cuz you guys are stumped as can be. That was thank you Alex. Oh, that was a nice way. Oh that he, that kept playing. That was a nice way of saying, yeah, it’s a big problem for us. We’re we’re we don’t really know what to do about it. There’s too many of them, we can’t stop every single one of them. They just keep hauling the fuel in. We just keep taking it out. They just keep bringing it back in. And so it does add a layer of logistical complexity. That means we don’t know what to do about it, which is hilarious. But then he pivots, he says, you know that little Jerry Kim maneuver, they learn that from Al-Qaeda. That’s how, that’s, where they learn that. And so you can see the level of sophistication. They’re probably embedded in the dark web. They’re working with that guy from Ohio who made that phone call that time and they are subverting our efforts. Yeah. Really sophisticated. And it’s very concerning to us. And so they’re a little bit stressed out about it, I think, which is just, you know,

Too bad. Isn’t it? Just the worst. All right. And so, uh, he gets several questions about the fuel cans because it is a brilliant maneuver and here’s another one somebody says, all right. So listen, you know, they’re gonna do this fuel thing again. What are you guys gonna do about it? I mean, if they’re just hauling them in there, like, are you gonna stop everybody? Here’s what bell says, what’s,

What’s your strategy. And I know you can’t give us all the details, but what’s the strategy for, for fuel right now? Are we gonna stop everyone that we see with Jerry cans? Or do we wanna do more organized, more bigger, uh, operations to try to get, uh, more logistical spaces where there’s more fuel that is stored because we’re seeing a lot of Jerry cans walking around. So what’s What can you tell us about that?

Yep. Thank you for, uh, thank you for your question, Fred. Um, we don’t have a strategy around that. We have multi prongs to our enforcement strategy that we’re employing. Sure. We put out, uh, a statement yesterday that indicated that if you carry a Jerry can statement to the downtown core into the footprint of the demonstration, you would be subject to being stopped, uh, searched and potentially charged, uh, in relation to aiding and AB bedding demonstration. Moving ahead while we were doing that. And while we were engaged in those enforcement activities, we were also out Coventry road looking at how we could take off the larger stockpile. Um, the larger stockpile of fuel that we knew existed. There is no single strategy to this. We will do everything in our power to disrupt, uh, and deter these people from remaining in our city so that the demonstrators pick up and leave that multiple different prongs of enforcement that we are engaged in now and will increase over the days.

All right. So he says, we have no strategy. We have multiple strategies and none of them seem to be working. Now the big one of course is sort of asking people to self enforce saying, don’t bring your Jerry cans back down here with fuel. Otherwise you might be subject to search and you might be charged with a crime, but if they search all of those and half of them are, you know, gasoline and the other half are not, then they’re gonna sort of be wasting a lot of their time. And now you’ve got this cat and mouse game yet again, and many of the trackers have said, anecdotally, they don’t really even care about those charges. And if it’s just fines and things like that, they’ve got funding to help support them through that. So, okay. We’ll see if that continues. Now you have people who have their trucks and their livelihood, maybe their kids in the car, 25% of the truckers do. And so are they just gonna say, well, I guess we’re just not gonna bring, uh, fuel to our families. That’s also ridiculous. And so you can kind of see, they’re kind of stuck again,

Another question on the Jerry cants because the media is, is interested as I am. Here’s what they ask,

But in the city believed that the city, uh, why the police are actually gonna be able to enforce this, but we have concrete examples of large amounts of fuel and Jerry cans moving into the downtown core and the police standing by and doing that.

They’re not doing anything.

Uh, thank you for your question, McKenzie. Um, and it’s, it’s a really good question yesterday. You, you saw us lay out the request for augmented resources to come into the city, to help us manage the situation around the demonstration, around the occupation and the demonstrators that were in that area. Uh, one of the things we identified in early days is it was gonna be really important for us to, to cut off the flow of fuel into that area. Um, as you’ve just indicated through, um, through the pictures you’ve taken, there are many, many different different ways, different places that that flow is coming in through. Yeah, we believe that the 1800 officers and, and civilian members that we’ve requested will help us harden up the perimeter of that, that will lead us to be able to have better success in, in inter predicting fuel, as it enters into, into the demonstration area.

Um, we are doing interdiction. There is no doubt. There was several charges yesterday, several seizures yesterday of gasoline. We also have the example where, uh, one of our members was swarmed during one of those inters again. And ultimately we had to bring a public order team in to help protect the member, affect the arrest and take, uh, take the subject and our members out of that area. It, it is important that we have the right number of, of officers, right? Number of members present to be able to safely affect those arrests and safely do those. Interdictions that’s why we’ve asked for the numbers of officers. We had to make sure that we can do the enforcement that we know we need to do.

Yeah. So he talks about the 1800 additional RMC RCMP officers who are going to be coming because well, put a pin in that, right. Which just what we’re gonna put a pin in that number, because as we go through and check in with the city council, the city council is gonna be essentially telling us how many officers it takes to move. I think it’s the city E council, maybe it’s him 1800. We’re gonna just keep that in mind. We’ll get back to that. Now we are going to go to the streets here a little bit. We spent some time yesterday talking to Z O T YouTube and auto walks and Viva fry were all around on the ground, boots on the ground. And, uh, several people on Twitter mentioned this fella and I spent some of the day watching him. His name him is you Ottawa Scotty. And he’s over on YouTube. His channel looks just like this. You can see, I subscribed over to him. I’d encourage you to do the same, cuz he’s got some very good reporting. Seems like a very nice guide. And he’s doing some really good reporting from on the grounds. Now we are talking about the gas can containers and let’s take a look at the scene from Scotty as he is walking around here is what it looks like. And remember to go

See if we could talk. Here we go


And you can see

The Jerry cans just lined up, man.

They are everywhere

Hospital. And at sunny hospital,

All the Jerry cans, some of them have No Jerry cans for days, Some good looking Jerry cans. What are those? Very beautiful.

All right. And so you can see that is from you Ottawa Scotty. And he was over there boots on the ground all day today. And so we’ve got a couple more clips from him, but this is, that was, that was one of the questions that a, a lot of the people in the media had, what are you gonna do about that? There’s too many of them. And as we could see, there were quite a lot. Now another big part of the government strategy, the, the police, they wanted to start, uh, you know, moving vehicles. Now, I think from the city council’s perspective from law enforcement perspective, from, you know, maybe the upset citizens perspective, they want to see action, right? They wanna see a truck, a physical truck move because to them, it’s like this IO know it’s like a symbol of oppressive tyranny in their city and they want action, right?

They want, we heard, we heard this during the Mehan meltdown, Ottawa city counselor, literally begging the police, help us save us. And she just couldn’t fathom that they weren’t just executing all the people who weren’t falling in order. She’s like, well, you gotta just put the foot down and start cracking some skulls. And so that’s what they’re talking about. And they get, you know, this is the, uh, deputy police chief who gets asked about this saying, look, you, can you actually move some of these cars outta here, you know, put ’em on a flat bed or something and get ’em outta here. And here’s how he addresses that terms

Of actually moving the vehicles that are blocking streets out of the downtown. You know, what is, what are your next steps? And, and when can we see more of that action taking place, uh, given the situation,

Uh, thanks for the question, Ted. Yeah. Um, the, the IMing of the vehicles in, in the occupation area is, is extremely concerning to us. You’re, you’re absolutely right. We’ve seen vehicles that have had their, their tires taken off. Uh, we’ve seen larger vehicles that we know about

Their brakes bled to make them rendered immobile. Um, we identified early on there there’s many, uh, layers of complexity to dismantling this occupation. One of them is the sheer size of it. It, it covers as we know many blocks within our city’s down core downtown core. The other challenge is the size of the vehicles. When you add the complexity of, of active attempts to, to, uh, I, with any of our ability to remove them, it, it just adds that extra layer of complexity. What I could tell you is it’s something that we’re absolutely considering. It’s something we’re planning around and ultimately at the, at the end of this, uh, when, when the occupation ha is over and, and people go home, we know that we’re gonna have to do some cleanup in that area. And we’re making, um, we’re making operational plans to actually achieve that now.

Okay. So really a lot of additional complexities are being layered on here, man, you got layers of complexity with the Jerry cans, layers of moving the vehicles. Now some of them have their tires off. Some of their brakes are just welded shut. And so they’re just not going anywhere. And so the he’s, we’re planning around, you know, uh, moving these things, but they’ve got kids in the car and my goodness, and there’s just a lot of them also they’re spread all over the place, but we’re working really hard to, to solve it, but it’s complex. And we’re, we’re, we’re stuck is essentially what he’s saying. Let’s go back over to UA O Scotty, cuz he takes us around now and we can see some of the other things that are gonna be making it difficult to move around the city. It’s not just the truckers that are asking it

Difficult, how to support you out with Scotty YouTube channel. And that’s probably the best way having a look at these, uh, police barricades, um, really heavy eye bolts here. See these heavy

Police drop these down.

Uh, it’s interesting how these go together. Let’s have a close look at, uh, these barricades here. Uh, this is, I’d say quarter inch or quarter inch steel plate. We’ve got a half inch steel plate here and then looks like we’ve got a, a one inch steel plate, really heavy steel of these heavy, heavy casters All put together with these Coter pins


Barricades. Oh, interesting. Uh, hi guys. How are you? Hi, got an interesting bit of kit here. Thank you so much. Uh, Victor really appreciate your support. We’re just, we’re just trying. We’re just very interested in the uh,

Yeah. And so he has this other guy who comes up here,

Sort of


How this works. How do you think this works? Is that

Supposed to be,

I think, yeah, it is. Yeah. Well I would assume so.

And see if you tried to drive over it, just come up and plow underneath you. Ah, he, that says is gonna flip up in front of you.

Okay. That’s how it, okay. So this gentleman here is, is uh, okay. So it would, if you hit this, this way, that would come up and claw you from underneath and raise

You slide up here and here.

Okay. And that would bring your wheels up off the ground and

Down the bottom of your truck.

Okay. Okay. Are

You, so that would obviously make it difficult to drive over that cuz if you drive over it, it’s gonna tip it up and it’s sort of gonna be like a rake and you know, lift your car up and won’t be good. So they’re, you know, also the police are sort of barricading the entire city themselves to stop them from moving around, essentially, you know, sort of a quarantine and relocate strategy, but they’re not doing too well with it. They keep losing ground. The media is now asking Mr. Bell, they say, Hey, Mr. Bell, do you have all the powers you need? Like, is there anything else that we can give to you? Like, do you need to just eliminate our constitution, our bill of rights? You know, I, they call it, uh, charter of, I think freedom and bill of rights, something like that. Do we, do you, do you need to just get rid of any of that to solve this problem, sir? And here’s how that go.

Does the Ottawa police service currently have all the legal authority that you feel you need to end this protest or are there additional powers or authorities you’re gonna be seeking to acquire before this can, uh, officially be, uh, routed and, and ended

My apologies. Thank you for the question, Craig. Uh, as we indicated, uh, very early on in the early days of this, all, everything is on the table for us to consider in terms of options. Um, you are absolutely right. There are several legal avenues that we need to, we need to explore and continue to explore as part of our ask, um, in resources to come in a assist us. It, it, it is not only uniformed officers to be engaged in, in our frontline front facing activities we have within their, um, lawyers, legal, legal competencies that we’re seeking from various different agencies, including transport Canada, uh, everybody ministry of transportation, Ontario in experts, in insurance experts in, um, in licensing and registration

Going after

Everything, these types of vehicles, these types of large trucks. So we, we do know there are seven several avenues for us to explore. We’ve brought together an investigative strategy that looks at all of those different avenues and we will use everything within our means that currently exists and explore anything else that we need to have out to our toolbox, to hold the people that are engaged in this accountable.

Right? So they, they have been saying that for a long time, that was part three of SLA Lee’s plan. Number one was the surge, which they’re getting from the RCMP. Number two was the barricades. We just saw that from UA, Scotty walks, number three is the intelligence it’s going around getting everybody’s names, identifying everybody who owns the truck. Who’s the insurance provider who are all these prospective protestors terrorists. And what can we do about the are licenses and their insurances and where do they work? And what types of professional organizations are they a part of? And how can we bring the pressure of the federal and the Canadian government at every single level down to bear upon them and they have done it, right? They’ve already been successful with this. They used it against GoFundMe and GoFundMe decided to attempt to steal not million from the truckers, right?

So they do buckle these private companies, these private organizations, insurance providers, different states, they’ll all buckle if they receive an order, a lawful order from a foreign country, right? So in the United States, we have, what’s called an interstate compact where our states will communicate with each other. And so if you get a, a, a ticket in Arizona and you go over to California and you got, you know, multiple DUIs in one state, you can’t go over to another state. And so they’re working right now. It sounds like with their us partners to disqualify people from coming across the border and to really sort of ratchet up all of the different legal tools they can in order to gain some leverage here, we’ll see a, how it works. We have a couple more clips from this guy I promise. And then we’re gonna move on to Jim Watson. Jim Watson is the mayor of Ottawa, but we’ve got a few more of him because there’s a lot of good, you know, kind of intelligence that comes out of this here is where he’s telling us specifically about what they’re going to do with the new 1800 officers that are coming from the R CMP. And we’re also gonna pay attention to sort of the, the context of an additional 1800, because as we’re gonna hear from him, he’s gonna say 400 officers per day are needed really to secure an area. Let’s listen,

Oh, this, uh, 1800 officers that you’re looking for. You mentioned earlier that you sort of need more officers in order to sort of pardon that perimeter. So a lot of people are wondering why the city doesn’t file sort of more injunctions to get the vehicles out of there. But if they did, would you actually be able to enforce that with the officers that you have at this point? Or is, is it a resource issue?

Um, thanks to the question, Laura. Um, so the 1800 officers are, are for a, a, um, a multitude of, of different activities. Um, you’ve heard us talking about, um, hardening the area around, uh, around the demonstration and around the occupation. Uh, it takes upwards of 400 plus officers a day to manage that footprint that we currently have and actively look to shrink that footprint.

All right. Did you hear that? Did you hear what he said, 400 officers per day to manage just that footprint now, I don’t know exactly what footprint he’s talking about. It might be the footprint right around, you know, that sort of main hub right outside of parliament hill, but 400 officers per day, just to kind of maintain it. And then, you know, they’re trying to shrink that footprint essentially kind of close it in. And so they’re gonna have 1800 new agents that are gonna be sort of assisting with that. But now we keep a, you know, put a pin in that because there are additional protests that are popping up in different parts of the world. Really. There’s another one over on the Windsor Detroit border between the us and Canada. And so, you know, it’s like, okay, you bring all these agents over here, but there’s another one growing somewhere else. They’re basically running themselves thin. Let’s listen to how this continues.

Uh, beyond that, we know that we, we need legal resources. We know we need in investigative resources to look at the investigative strategy that we are looking to implement, to create increased enforcement activities. We know that we need public order, um, assets to be here to support us as was evident yesterday, as we began to do, uh, fuel interdiction, as it went into the, uh, as it into the, the site of the occupation, it will, it is going to take, and we’ve identified a number of resources to come in and support us to end this. We ha are absolutely committed to, to ending this. And that’s why we’ve made the large we had so that we can have the presence we need to successfully expeditiously and quickly end this occupation.

All right. And so they’re gonna be waiting on those additional 1800 to come and we’ll see sort of where they put them, right. Is it around the footprint? Are they gonna just try to, you know, surround and squeeze type of a tactic don’t know, but we have, I think we’ve got final clip from this guy is an updated timeline. All right. And then we’re gonna go over to Jim Watts in with the city council, got several clips of him because he is very rude to the truckers and we’re gonna have to talk about it. So here is the final one from Steve bell, deputy police chief, out of Ottawa saying, Hey, do you have a timeline on this? Like, is this gonna be two days, three days a week, two months? What do you think here is his answer?

Chief bell? Uh, I was just wondering if you can give us any kind of updated timeline, um, you know, do you expect the, the protests to continue through this weekend? Um, do the police have any kind of new operating timeline, any expectation?

Uh, thank you very much for the question, Matt. So from the beginning, we, we, we have never, um, identified timelines for this. We want this occupation to end as soon as possible


To pick up, uh, realize that their message has been heard and go home to where they came from so that our citizens can have their city back. Uh, we feel we deserve this and our citizens are, are very loud in calling for this to end. Uh, we continue to work every day to, as expeditiously and safely end the occupation. So our, the citizens of Ottawa can have their city back.

Yeah. Okay. So, so he’s going to, uh, continue with that line, right? A lot of this we’re under assault, we’re under attack mirrors. Exactly what Jim Watson, the mayor of Ottawa is saying here. City of Ottawa is holding another city council meeting where they’re gonna be asking and answering some questions of the media. And here is, uh, one of the first things that the city council has done. And so previously we talked about deputy police, chief Steven Bell, and some of the things that they have done to use law enforcement, and they’re strong, armed to go out there and enforce criminal laws, but they can only enforce the laws. They need the city council to pass them and increase the penalties. And they did. We talked a lot about this. Some penalties went up as much as 10 times some went up, I think double others three times, but several of them, like the ones that matter, you know, honking and idling and some of the big ones, those increased pretty dramatically as there is result of what the city council did here is what Ottawa mayor Jim Watson has to say about the new increased fines.

He’s pretty excited about it.

So, Kim, do you want to just, uh, confirm, uh, what you just sent me with respect to the, the decision just a few moments ago about the fines?

Sure. Mr. Mayor. Um, I just received confirmation by that the re regional senior justice of the Ontario court of justice has, uh, increased the following fines to their maximum of a thousand dollars. Uh, that’s the noise bylaw. It was $490. It is now $1,000. The idling bylaw, it was $100. It is now $1,000, 10 X use of care of roads bylaw from $350 to $1,000. And the open air fire bylaw from $100 to $1,000,

Another 10 X fires outside fires and, um, the idling a thousand dollars. So from a hundred to a thousand, now, some people have been asking a very obvious and reasonable question. Uh, Hey, Trudeau, mayor Watson police, chief slowly, you know, you people, would you be willing to talk to talk to these truckers? You know, they seem to be pretty reasonable. They just want an end of the mandates, many other countries and many other provinces and many other states around this world are all ending a lot of their mandates. Would you consider that? Would you sit down with these truckers and just have a conversation with them and talk to them about this? Here’s what the mayor says and for

The mayor, have you considered meeting with the protest organizers? I know that you floated the idea of a mediator, but have you thought about meeting them in the, your capacity as the mayor of Ottawa?

Uh, the short answer is, uh, when all of the vehicles are out of the downtown car, uh, I’d be happy to meet with them, but I’m not gonna reward bad behavior by giving them a meeting that they would use for political purposes, if there’s, uh, nothing in it for the city or the citizens of this community that have suffered greatly as a result of their, um, outrageous behavior. So, uh, move the vehicles and then you can come to city hall, we’ll have a meeting. I’m not sure what it would accomplish because as you know, the mandates are governed by the provincial go of the federal government. But, uh, if they want to meet with the mayor, uh, they’re hap I’m happy to do so, but they’ve gotta get rid of all of their rigs and clean up the mess that they’ve created in our city and give the city back to the residents of this, uh, beautiful capital. Thank you.

Oh man. So he’s, he’s a little bit cranky there. You can see, he is not happy right now. He’s so mad at them. I’m not gonna reward their bad behavior. It’s like, you know, like a 12 year old or something. And so, all right. That’s uh, I guess that shows you how much they want to, uh, negotiate this thing away. Not at all, not until they leave. Well, if they leave then what do they have to negotiate with? Not too much. Right? That’s kind of the point of the protest. So, uh, alright. So he’s pretty hard in not negotiating, not even considering it basically saying I don’t talk to terrorists. And, uh, the Taliban truckers of course, is, uh, his, his perspective on this whole thing. Ridiculous. Now he is also very rude because this is something that he said about this negotiating process. You know, the truckers they’ve said, Hey, you know, we’re willing to talk.

We’re willing to just, we wanna resolve this thing peacefully and amicably, but we we’ve been painted into a corner ourselves over here. And so how about we just have a conversation about this? And he says that they look like a bunch of jokers and they’re embarrassing themselves. He says, it comes out of Monty Python. It’s very rude. Let’s listen to this guy. This is the prime minister. No, this is the mayor of Ottawa. Where is, which is the head place where the country, it’s the capital of the country. Let’s listen to how he talks about his fellow citizens.

Um, you know, on one hand we certainly see a sense of organization, but then on the other hand, uh, there’s a sense of disorganization. You know, some of the press conferences we’ve seen are out of a Monte Python sketch. You know, I I’ll sit down with the governor general. I’ll sit down with the block of Equa. Uh, they’re living in a parallel universe that just does not make any sense. And they’re embarrassing themselves. I think they should get on their way, go back to their homes and give back our city to its people. Thank you.

He said the truckers are embarrassing themselves with their Monty Python press releases. What? Well, you know, I guess they all, don’t, you know, the truckers haven’t assembled yet. I say, give them two weeks and they’ll probably build one of these things. Well, no, they don’t happen to have a giant council table. Right? My gosh, these are guys who are like recording these videos from restaurants. We’ve played many of them here, you know? And he say, well, look how look how amateurish this is. It’s pathetic. They don’t even have the CBC news there to take their statements. Peasants. He’s calling them. Peasants is what he’s saying. What a ridiculous, he’s the leader mayor. Now he does give us an update. He says, uh, I’ve been working on this. I’ve been up at night. I really can’t sleep. I’ve had to take two Ambien every night. And so now I am very concerned about, uh, about what happens. And so I need help from the federal government and somebody asks him, when are they gonna come? Are they coming anytime soon? Here’s his answer question

Is for mayor Watson. Um, obviously you met with your federal counterparts yesterday. You’re meeting again with your potential ones today. I know you said they’re putting together a timeline for when they might be able to get those resources you’ve asked for. Do you have a sense of how long it’s going to take? Is it still in the 24 to 48 hour range?

Yeah. Thank you, Laura. Um, the meeting, um, which was held over zoom and the phone calls I’ve had with senior, uh, officials from the federal government was very encouraging and very positive. The prime minister committed that, uh, we will be getting more resources. Uh, our staff now are working out the timing, uh, and the numbers because obviously we’re not gonna have everyone that we’ve asked for, uh, arrive immediately, but it will be spread out over a number of days. Uh, so when we get that information, we’ll be happy to pass along, but the, the signal and the, the response we receive from minister Blair, um, and it Mendini and the prime minister was all very supportive because they understand that our resources are stretched to the limit and we need that extra help. And that will be the message I’ll be giving to the solicitor general of Ontario when I speak, uh, with her later today.

Yeah, but that look, I mean, look, they asked for all of this help a long time ago, and it’s still sort of, sort of slow role rolling out into these cities. We’ve been talking about these 1800 RCMP agents for like three or four days now. And there are new organiz organized protests bubbling up in other parts of the country. So if Canada now says we’re gonna send our 1800 RCMP to Ottawa, all right, clear that out, truckers, all right. They just reconvene. They go, all right, gonna go right over there to ambassador bridge. They are, they gonna take another two weeks to move their 1800 RMCP RCMP agents over there. It’s this cat and mouse game. And he’s got no clear timeline because they don’t have a timeline. They are running out of police. They’re running out of law enforcement. There’s not enough of them.

And so here is another clip where somebody asks him about a mechanism for filing an injunction. And we talked a lot about this, right? A couple days ago, I we’ll revisit this briefly, but a couple different legal theories here, right? One is that the city goes and files an injunction. The problem with that strategy is if the city loses that injunction and the protestors win well, that now there’s precedent. What happens if the, a judge, although I think it’s probably unlikely again, I’m not licensed in Canada, but if there was a judge up there that said, no, I mean, it’s, it’s protest. We’ve got precedent here back in 1867, the, uh, the, the, the so and so clan came out here and they, they stood in the streets for a long time and we let that stand. And so we have to, you know, hold true to precedent and let this one stand.

And now the city government comes out and says, oh shoot, they’ve got a court order. They can stay here as long as they want. And so when you start to engage in that type of litigation, you might expose your underbelly to a large degree. And so the government is hesitant to do that, even though these non-lawyers and city counselors and people who are hysterical, melting down, Mehan, they’re all complaining about this, do something, but they don’t want to talk. Of course they don’t wanna negotiate. They’d rather just round everybody up and put ’em in camps. Here is the clip asking about the injunction should

Be happening in public? What is the mechanism for the city filing an injunction? Is this something that would happen sort of behind closed doors before it’s filed? And, um, is there a reticence on the part of legal services to move ahead without sort of the, the indication from police that that’s something that they want?

We have David White, our city solicitor.

All right. This is the attorney. And he, yes.

In terms of the process, um, it it’s kinda well laid out it an injunction is, is kind of part and parcel of a broader, uh, there has to be an underlying action, so it would be commenced by an action. And then the injunction would be brought immediately as part of it. Um, as to whether it would be brought against, um, a particular individual or identified individual, or what’s known as ex parte, um, will essentially without notice, um, that’s something that we is always part of, of what the approach and the strategy needs to be. And so that’s, you know, that’s depends on, um, the nature of the injunction. Um, is there any reticence? Yes. I wouldn’t suggest that there’s any reticence, but I think there’s an appreciation. Yeah.

There’s reticence,

Um, an injunction and certainly one brought by the city is something that should be complimentary and in support of the overall, uh, police response to the protest. So that’s why there’s been, uh, again, coordination between my office and the police in that regard.

Yeah. Because the, the, the city council thinks that they can just, uh, show up with an injunction. They’ll just say, oh, a court, I issued an injunction and against you look and they’re and they’re gonna go, oh my gosh, who signed it? A judge. I, I better get up, honey, packed everything up, get the two kids and let’s get outta here. Right. That’s not how that works, but they think it is. And it’s obviously not. And so they’re screaming about this injunction, but the attorney, who’s basically the only reasonable person that I’ve heard from on this council, other than Bev Johnson is somebody who is, is basically saying, no, it’s not, no, like we can’t do that. Right. Because the law says you can’t do that. Even though, I mean, this poor guy he’s like been trying to par all of these requests. No, we have a constitution and there’s some Liberty still that are protected here.

All right. And so we have another question, uh, that goes to the mayor asking about 72 hours. There was a deadline that came out from police, chief S slowly, S slowly said, you know, 72 hours, we’re gonna start to see some activity and some movement, obviously that’s not happening. Now. We are, it’s Wednesday, it’s hump day. And we don’t even see an end of this thing in sight. We’ve got Thursday and Friday, and it’s the weekend again. And we all knows what happens during the weekends, all these truckers, they come back over here and infe our city. And so I feel like we’re losing the work weeks as this person in the media. And then the mayor says, well, listen, I’ve communicated the sense of urgency to Justin Trudeau and others. We listened to Justin Trudeau yesterday. He had his big mask on and he looked a little bit stressed under, there’s kind of like a, a little bit under there. It’s like, I know everybody’s frustrated, but just do what I say and things will get better. Obviously that’s not gonna happen. So here is the question about the 72 hours and total ineffective governance being asked of the mayor. Uh,

Chief slowly had said 72 hours, uh, you know, he’d hoped to see officers that would be up, uh, I guess tomorrow. Right. And when tomorrow we’re losing the work week, I almost wanna say, um, are you worried that we’re not gonna actually see officers on the ground helping make a difference during the weekdays or, or perhaps you understand that some officers have indeed shown up that, that we don’t know of?

Uh, sorry, Laura, uh, or Kate, could you just repeat the last portion? It got cut off.

Yeah. Mostly but worried. They won’t come in time for the weekend, but possibly you could confirm if any, have indeed shown up. Um, you know, since, since we last heard from the police,

Uh, excuse me. Yeah. The, the police would have to answer that. I don’t believe so. Um, because we just had the meeting yesterday to go through some of the logistics, but, um, I have, um, every confidence that we’ll see additional officers, uh, here for the weekends, which tend to be the more challenging times or

Weekends with

Respect to behavior down in the red zone. And, uh, then the following week start to see numbers ramp up considerably. So as you know, um, many of the officers will have to come in from different parts of the country, not just the province and, um,


There are some logistic challenges, but, um, I made it very clear that there is a sense urgency that we need these officers, uh, sooner than later. And, um, that message was, was received and, and acknowledged by the officials that I spoke with.

Yeah. It does not sound good to me. I mean, it, it sounds like to me, like, they’re getting just strung along, you know, it’s like, I is my delivery supposed to be here and you contact them and they’re like, no, it’s on its way. And you’re like, it’s supposed to be here on Thursday. It’s Thursday. It’s not here. No, no, no. It’s on its way. And you just check again, the tracking number says it’s delayed, but it’s, they promise it’s coming. Like, it feels like that even the media’s noticing this, they say, you know, the 72 hour thing that S slowly said about 48 hours ago, that expires tomorrow. Are you gonna get anybody here tomorrow? Because we’re losing the work week. And he doesn’t say yes. He says, well, we’re probably gonna be here by the weekend. Maybe cuz that’s when things really get bad.

And he says that even then it’s gonna be a problem because we’ve got officers who are coming from all over the province, all over the rest of the country in order to show up, they are strong, thin, thin as can be. And so if they do, let’s say rally, all those officers up, they come, they start arresting people for a thousand dollars tickets for idling or honking or whatever. Right. And then the truckers that, you know, they clear that out while they, or, or let’s say, you know, I, I highly doubt that happens, but let’s say they were able to make a D in it or something with all of this national force bearing down upon Ottawa. Okay. They’re over at ambassador bridge. They’re over in Coots, they’re over in other parts of the city in the, in the country. And so well done, I guess, you know, the other alternative would be to talk to them and negotiate with them and actually have a reasonable resolution that seems like it might be an alignment with what many other civilized nations are doing throughout the world. That’s just me. So we have mayor Watson. Now we’ve got a couple other clips asking him, do you think that this is just gonna keep on going and going and going because you and your government have been largely ineffective and you’re also not even good leaders. You’re not even willing to talk to them at all. Here is what mayor Watson says. You think that

Without that, this is just gonna keep going.

Well, uh, Ted, it’s a very good question. And unfortunately I don’t have a good answer cuz I can’t predict the future. I wish I could. Um, I wish this whole nightmare had to end at nightmare two weeks ago.

Oh poor,

Come in, have your protest and leave. Um, uh, you’ve left your message behind and then go to your provincial governments as you pointed out and, and deal with them on their mandates. Because most of the mandates come from the provincial government, not the, you

Get one day of protests, according to gym, one, come in one day and then leave your as and get outta my city,

Federal government. So at the end of the day, um, you know, I can’t predict when this is gonna be over, but uh, one of the ways it’s gonna be over is a greater police presence to control things like gasoline, still getting into the, the red zone. Um, the outrageous behavior of, uh, those involved with the, at the convoy and different residential neighborhoods. I just got word, I’ll ask Kim Aun, uh, to talk about the request that we put in to increase fines. That’s just been approved, uh, bringing those. Yeah.

So we got that. I, I could hear him say, right, this is a nightmare, worst day of my life forced week ever. And I’m having a really difficult time with this. And so now I wanna play, we’ve got, this is our last clip of this city council meeting, I believe, but this is where it’s going over to the city manager. Okay. And remember, we’ve got right. This is like a whole of government response. They feel like they’re in world war I three there. And he is saying now that they’re really having a difficult time. I think he says the word sort of hopscotching around the media, asks him why a are the truckers allowed to sort of just be here and then be over here and then hop scotch all over the place, bounce around from location to location. And so this goes back over to the city manager who says, look, we set up these blockades. They just go around them. And so he says, and listen to this. He says they not leaving. Right. The city manager is kind of acknowledging, they’re not leaving. They are here. And so what we need to do is manage the situation, stop focusing on getting them gone, but how to mitigate it. Right? And so he kind of is, uh, I think somebody who is a little bit closer to reality, he says, they’re not leaving, they’re staying. And we gotta deal with that. Here’s the city manager or

Wondering why it seems that as soon as one, the protestors seem to be hopscotching around the city and setting up camps at different parking lots, uh, why are they being allowed to do this? And why isn’t the city taking more steps to, uh, to keep them from setting up what seemed to be supply depots and parking lots around the city.

Hi Steven, Steve Ken here, city manager. Well, that’s a question, uh, really, they should be directed to police and they’re not on this call. I think that the, um, the challenge has been that, um, um, the people that have been operating the, those vehicles, um, if they’re not managed in terms of trying to put them in a place where we can manage the situation, they’re gonna park them wherever they want. And, and that’s happened in some cases as you see downtown, I dunno if you’re in O where, where you’re from, but at, uh, RTO and suspects, for instance, we have a blockade of one of the major intersections of the city, uh, heading into downtown. And, uh, the trucks basically just parked there despite the police trying to direct them away. So the winds that the police try to get, um, is that they try to put them in a place where it’s manageable versus them parking the all over the different types of streets, downtowns and residential NA neighborhoods causing further disruption because the trucks are here. They’re not leaving. Yeah. And they’re choosing to stay. Yep. Um, and if they’re going to stay, we’re trying to mitigate the dis as much as possible, the red, the, the disruption that they can cause by, by basically parking and leaving their trucks wherever they want.

So at at least he’s like gotta grasp on reality. The they’re not leaving. They’re staying. So we better deal with it. The other people are like, can we start shooting people already? Carol? And Mehan is like, arm me up. How many can I take out? Cuz she’s a psycho person. All right. And so there has been a lot of response to this. Of course, things continue to heat up in Ottawa, but there are some breaks taking place with than the liberal party Trudeau’s party in Canada. The hill times is reporting that a Quebec liberal MP, somebody named Rob billard or something like that also breaks ranks also meaning that somebody else did. And we’re gonna learn about that person as well. Questions Trudeau’s governments handling of the pandemic and sides with somebody named Lightbound, who we’re gonna learn about in the next slide. This guy’s a three term Quebecer he wants chief government whip, Steven McCannon, to apologize to him, to dropping to him, uh, from something.

And he says here that Lightbound is another liberal MP who yesterday said that Trudeau had created coercive methods. He broke ranks with a liberal party and there’s a full transcript of this. I didn’t clip any of it, but certainly right. You can see sort of two liberals, right. This would be like, I think for, for, you know, us Americans, it’d be like a, a liberal, a Democrat saying, you know what? The Republicans are kind of right about this, you know, Joe Biden is actually in effective and uh, and that might cause some eyebrows to go, whoa, wow, that’s interesting. You’re switching sides. Hmm. Maybe people will listen. Now there was something interesting that happened on the show yesterday. We were talking about some of, uh, I think it was Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe had ended a lot of the mandates that were taking place in Saskatchewan. We also heard at the close of the show yesterday, same thing was happening in Alberta. But now apparently it’s kind of like a little bit more of a balancing act because Michael singer posted on Twitter says that within an hour of announcing the end to Alberta’s vaccine pass premier, Kenny ads, a quote state of emergency will continue. Businesses may also continue with QR codes. VA passes will return. If more shots are needed and predicts annual COVID shots for the rest of our lives. What let’s listen to this guy. I

Think it’s quite likely that, uh, for the rest of our lives, we’re probably going to need to take an annual, uh, COVID shot much like the annual flu shot every year. As you know, there’s a slightly modified, um, uh, flu vaccine that is made available. And that is quite possible, uh, for COVID do, are we, are we then going to attach this? Is this gonna become a permanent feature of our lives?

Uh, maybe for you there, buddy boy, but I don’t know about the rest of us. And so here is what, uh, that raises some eyebrows. Obviously it, does he have Pfizer stock or what, what’s the deal with that? I mean every stinking, every stinking year, like the flu shot. All right. So of course, check with the CDC and your local health authorities for, uh, official guidance on that. But that guy is pretty excited. I think about jumping into a bathtub full of syringes from time to time. I don’t know, but here’s the point. Folks, these protests and convoys are spreading around like wildfire and they are becoming very impossible to stop election wizard. A great follow on Twitter, please be sure if you’re on Twitter, you’re following election wizard. Great follow says, watch truckers block the ambassador bridge, connecting Canada, Windsor and the United States Detroit.

And you can see here, this looks like it’s probably a pretty important bridge and it also looks like there is nothing going across it. You can see this is a helicopter photo. The bridge is just absolutely packed with trucks. And so the truckers are focused on these areas, right? Where there there’s these really, really important parts, ports of entry, major trading ports, where the Canada, you know, Canadian businesses are interfacing with United States, its businesses. And it is just at a standstill. My goodness, nothing, nothing coming, nothing going. Maybe you can squeeze a bike through there. I don’t know, but this is a big, big problem economically, right? So they don’t even need to take over a whole city or a downtown parliament area, just park some trucks on a bridge. And that’s about all she wrote. So you can see that this is gonna cause a lot of serious concerns for the people in power. Now, the question to them, are they going to sort of, you know, talk to the people or are they going to continue to play the Justin Trudo James Watson playbook that isn’t working here is drew dins. He’s the Windsor mayor. And he’s gonna be detailing some of his concerns about this

Afternoon, everyone, as you are aware, uh, over the past 48 hours, the ambassador bridge has been impacted by protestors in a manner, very similar to what his true ed on parliament hill. The difference here, however, is the significant impact on the busiest international border crossing in north America. And of course


On our own economy and Windsor Essex. Now I wanna spend a moment talking about what’s at state here before I clear things over to the Windsor police to provide a tactical update, The local transportation and where housing sector is made up of 2,600 businesses employing over 10,000 people in Windsor assets. Those are

10,000 people

Of our own community. It is also an enabling sector that helps to move goods, people and services. The Windsor Detroit trade corridor is one of the busiest commercial border crossing in the world

In the world that

More than 450 million in goods crosses the winds of Detroit border each and every day,

450 million crosses that bridge each and every day. Folks

Representing one third of all, surface trade between Canada and the United States.

A third of all trade,

More than 6,500 people residing in the Windsor Essex area work outside of Canada, nearly all of whom commute across the Windsor Detroit border. This includes healthcare workers and has spent the past two years saving lives on the front lines of this pandemic on both sides of Detroit river Windsor Essex, both an industry profile of more than 1000 manufacturers, four point billion in manufactured goods produced an annual GDP. That’s 30% of the region’s total GDP production.

Now listen to this guy versus some of the other guys, right? So we heard from Watson, this guy’s talking about some interesting figures and numbers, billions of dollars here, number of businesses, right? Some really consequential, uh, injuries and some economic hardship that are gonna be placed upon the city. Watson was talking about psychological warfare because of the horns, right? And so we’re talking about, I think two different calibers of, uh, of, uh, analysis here. And, uh, we’ve got some more clips from him and he’s sort of, you know, he’s, I think he’s recognizing here really how precarious this is, right? He, he, this is sort of a, a higher level situation and he’s, I think trying to be a little bit more diplomatic about what he says the truckers are doing. Let’s listen. He says they’re mostly peaceful patient

Of this protest have been by and large peaceful and without incident. And I want to commend the men and women of the Windsor police service for all that they have done to deescalate we’re required and to maintain security on site. In the past 24 hours, we have spoken with officials at both the provincial and federal governments, and here we are formally requesting additional

Resources. All right. Did you hear that he spoke with the feds. They’re also requesting additional resources. Hmm. They need ’em over there at ambassador bridge. Well, they’re all going to Ottawa and if they don’t go to Ottawa, well then maybe they’re going over to Coots. And so they are running out. Let’s go back.

Well, we are hopeful. This situation can be resolved in the near term. We need to plan for a protracted PO protest and have requested additional per to be deployed to Windsor, to support our hardworking members of the police service. We are striving to resolve this issue safely and peacefully. My office has already received numerous complaints and calls from local residents,

Lot of complaints. And then we’ve got one more clip from him. And then we’re gonna get into the questions

On social harm that these protests are having here in wind in Ottawa and across Canada is quite significant. The resolution to this will require a whole of government approach with leadership required from Ottawa and Queens park to bring down the temperature and resolve these protests peacefully.

All right. So they need the whole government to come out and act. Otherwise they are going to be in trouble. But as a, we have seen a lot of this is already being gobbled up by the protests in Ottawa. And so let’s take a look at what you have to say about this over from our friends, at watchingthewatchers.locals.com. And then we’re going to also check in with our friends, of course, on YouTube and some sup some of those very nice, super chats that came in. I am pulling all this up here. Uh, um, grouch yield cat lady on local says Rhode Island has lifted all VAs passports and mask mandates as of Friday, except for schools. The beginning of the ball is rolling and that’s from grouch yield cat lady, former LIO says, hopefully the victims are receiving receipts for the illegally confiscated fuel jugs.

The end result should be a class action claim to recover their property and complaints through internal affairs with video supplied, it was policy that all officers had to be identifiable by either a display name, tag star, badge number. They should demand supervisors at the scene of those mass confiscations. And so it’s a good question there from former L EEO, you know, this is in Canada. Remember, so I’m not sure what their policies and what some of their rules are on YouTube. We’re welcoming Miranda, raw news as a member Barry cream. Yes, please. As would like to mention a video freedom convoy, we’re not afraid of being unlawfully arrested. We’re not afraid of being unlawfully arrested. Let’s see if I can pull this one up. Here’s one from YouTube.

Ken’s great. That

Little and yep. This has, this looks nice and YouTube safe. So let’s listen into this one.

SAS asked him what was up. Yeah. People are on edge because they talked to the internet and the internet talks about how the police are playing a big buildup. And yes, Thomas Quigley speaking for the truckers last night at a press conference that you can check in with Laura Lynn to see that from last night was not inspiring confidence at all. He looked like a defeated man who had like, was surprised that police might crack down. They have had a war room in place of ways to sabotage this movement from the beginning, the false flags of false Noy flags and false Confederate flags that are of their own making is all they’re running on as a pretext. And the fact that they’ve hysterical the Ottawa popule by saying it’s an insurrection. They’re harassing people, no harassing anyone except mass people that have been whipped up into a frenzy by watching too much news.

So we’re all here. We’re all peaceful. No one here is scared. Most I’ve never found a trucker yet. That’s like, oh my God, they threatened to arrest us unlawfully. I better go home. Everyone is here to do what must be done and stay here peacefully. What the police do is up to them. What’s up brother. And we feel no pressure by them to be, oh, we’re gonna leave. Oh, I was gonna save my country. But then I heard that the police might UN arrest people on no reason whatsoever. Right on no one here is scared of that. Guys, the police it’s up to them and their own conscious. We’ve done what we can to build Goodwill with them. And now it’s in their court. If there’s RCMP all suited up and they’re, we’ve got their riot shields, we’re gonna tell them our name. And then we’re gonna say, we’d like to speak with counsel before we talk to you any further, everyone here knows the deal.

No one here is scared. I said on day one, there’s a no beer campaign. All this bad stuff, doom and gloom that I thought could happen has not happened. They have a couple of flags of their own making to generate a demonization of this movement. And that’s it. People are abandoning them right now. The liberals are running away from Trudo right now. You’ve had Aaron switched out with Pierre for whatever cosmetic purpose that serves. It’s just a different puppet that doesn’t speak as stupid as Aaron did, but it’s neither here nor there guys will talk about the political aspect after we win the mandates war, but we’re all here and we’re not worried. You are worried because you feel helpless cuz you’re not here. Why don’t you fix that? If you lose contact with us and cell phone service goes down, everyone come here or elect one person of your family that can be loaded up with supplies, water, canned goods to come down as a representative. Make sure you feel someone who’s not easily agitated and can stay Jedi like calm in the face of tyranny. That’s gonna be hoisted upon us. We’re all here for the long haul. We’re all here for freedom. We’re not scared of being unlawfully, arrested, stop your pants out there guys. I get it. It’s a SIOP of disproportion, but you can live through this.

Love it, love it. All right. And so right, there you go. Right? And, and that’s kind of, I think where, where

I, those

Watching there’s a, a giant disconnect between the truckers and the police. They think that if they get served with an injunction, they’re all gonna grab their boots and go home. Obviously that’s not the case. There’s a lot more fortification going on there than I think they even have any ability to fathom. John are not a member welcome. John Grims bar says wouldn’t Canada working with Ohio state police be a violation of the Logan act. I don’t know anything about that. The Logan act, I think, is that that’s the foreign interference act, right? The Logan act. Um, I’m not sure how that would interface. That’s the Canadians coming into the United States. I think the Logan act, right? Doesn’t that apply diplomats or to Americans working with foreign governments. Oh, I see. So maybe you’d go after the Ohio police for working with the Canadians. I’m not sure how that works.

I’m sure they’ve sorted through that, but it’s a good question. Grims bar not applicable says stop having kids so that we can brutalize you. Yeah. I think that’s where they were going with this. They wanna just, or, or they wanna just sort of gobble up your kids and raise them for you. Robert Summerville with a nice donation, Tammy LA master says, I look forward to this show every evening. Thank you. And that was a very nice, generous one, Tammy, thank you for that. I’ll tell you this. I look forward to, to doing the show, to spending time with you every day, we talked about this on locals earlier this morning. It’s just, um, you know, I’m, I’m, I’m very passionate about these issues sort of, you know, built a law firm sort of around the concept of freedom and accountability and transparency and justice. And the fact that, you know, we get to, we get to have conversations about these major bubbles of freedom and Liberty throughout the world.

It’s just, it’s a really humbling and amazing experience. I’m grateful to spend time with you. So thank you for that TA LA masters. Really do appreciate it. Another one from Robert Summerville says it’s even more sinister than that. The Ottawa government bought up hotel rooms across the city to deny eye access to showers and warm beds, hoping to create evidence for the late latter seizure of kids. Maybe either way ACA B is what Robert Summerville says. Yeah. And so saying that maybe they’re trying to con create an environment whereby the truckers, you know, can’t provide certain resources and then say, oh look, they can’t provide resources and justifies whatever they want to do. Right. It’s pretextual to give them a basis for going in and, uh, seizing kids, fuel vehicles who knows Jeff Pearson says cops has no clue how air breaks work, escalate and provoke is all they’re doing all betas.

Yeah. So that’s a good pull. Wait, Jeff. Pearson’s right. It’s not like regular brakes. These are air brakes in most of these vehicles. I don’t know much about the brakes either though. So to be fair, Jill coat with a nice donation. Thank you. Jill, Dr. MBS in the house and Dr. MB you’re on our brand new supporter. Spotlight slide. I’m gonna explain that in a minute. David Lamber with another one says to my understanding these trucks don’t take gasoline. It’s diesel. So why all the talk about gasoline? It’s a good question. I, I think you’re obviously right about that, but I think I just use it interchangeably. You know, it’s gas, but, but you go to the gas station to put gas in the car, whether it’s 87, 89 or whatever diesel, it’s all, you know, it’s all kind of gas. As far as I can tell, not applicable says these are SI cos these are the psychos.

Wanna make you take meds? Yeah. That’s from not applicable. They’re I think they probably should be on meds. Wolfgang DEO says you’re also on the spotlight slide. Wolfgang says, why in the hell do we need to deal with the common cold than we did for a millennia? These connect government. People just need to be quiet and go away from Wolfgang DEO. Mario Gretzky says Ottawa, local here, strong convoy supporters. FYI Mehan was a longtime local CTV MSM reporter infamous for hating neighbors, honk, honk. That’s amazing. Carol Anne Mehan is a very, very, uh, troubled woman as far as I can tell, in my opinion, of course, Wolfgang DEO says. And what about the truckers that helped keep the economy going for three years? So those medical people can get their wearers and eat and enjoy Netflix. And nobody cares about the truckers, right? I say this all the time, the truckers get picked on all over the place by police, by law enforcement, federal motor carrier safety administration.

We’ve got all sorts of state statutes in Arizona that make it class one, misdemeanors the same as a DUI for like not wearing a seatbelt or for touching a cell phone. It’s ridiculous. And so the truckers, right? Nobody appreciates them, but all those N 95 masks that lunatics were the triple ma masking themselves with who delivered those to your local whole foods. The doctors did. I’m sorry. The truckers did not. The doctors Wolfgang Deyo says, uh, uh, doctors, Ian and B says, subvert police effort equals, oh my God. We are worried. You people have a brain. That’s right. It’s exactly right. Dr. MB, they’re getting a little panicky because somebody called him out on that. You know, it sounds like they sort of got one over on you with those Jerry cans. Is that true? He’s like, uh, well sort of, yeah, but the bigger problem is it shows that they’re subverting the police.

What he’s saying is Dr. EMB points out, they’re very smart. We can’t figure out what to do about it. Dang it. It’s like when you’re playing a, a video game with your younger brother and he keeps winning because in mortal combat, all he does is back back B back, back B, back back B all day. And every time you get that, whatever that is, you just get taken out again. It’s very frustrating. Well, that same type of frustration seems to be affecting the Ottawa city council. We’ve got some other YouTubes before we wrap up and go over to locals. We’ve got not applicable, says prefer this to a civil war. Really hope it works out. I agree with you on that one. Not applicable things could of course, uh, be fiery, but mostly peaceful. Like they were in, uh, the United States, Wolfgang DEO says, why should we give two weapons about the residents they’ve been ignoring what is going on at the core of the country?

So they can do nothing Jack as just cause says, did you see Biden is giving out crack pipes? I think that was part of the new hunter Biden initiative. Wasn’t it crack pipes on every corner. You know, like Michelle Obama was like, let’s move and let’s get exercise. That’s like, Hunter’s thing. Let’s smoke crack. It’s kinda like the opposite of dare. Eric. McClenan says people who love themselves will stand up for others. People who don’t are SU are susceptible to being bullied and eventually into being bullied into bullying others, empowering humans is the only way to freedom on planet earth. I love that Eric. That’s beautiful. And I, and I agree with that. I think that, you know, a big part of what I want to deliver in my, in my life and in my practice in my law firm is helping people get more freedom and more autonomy and be, be comfortable in that, right?

Where they’re not, you know, engaging in criminality or spiraling outta control because we’ve all been there. And we’ve all got, you know, lessons that we can share with other people that I think will, will give them some of that empowerment. But what we see from the other side of the government is not that right. It’s, it’s disempowering. It’s, you are weak. You are afraid you are gonna be injured. You need our help. We’re gonna take control over all this for you. Just give me your list. Give me more of that power. It’s disempowering. It’s taking optionality and choice away from people and it’s anti-free and they are doing it every day. Handover fist it’s disgusting. D Durango Sullivan says Logan act was the lame pretext for getting general Flyn goose Gander. Yeah. I remember that flying all over the place. Not applicable says this guy is awesome.

What a hero. I think that was on the last guy who was speaking out about bringing your family over to support him. Mike D says, imagine a V so safe. You have to be threatened to take it for a disease. So deadly, you gotta be tested to know if you have it. Very interesting. A reframe on that. Mike D it is a good question. And a lot of people just, I think don’t don’t understand, uh, that complexity there veteran support says, I know how I feel. Thanks for showing me how I feel. Right. Freedom that is from veteran support. Thank you. Veteran Christ D says, so they’re basically implementing in frisk, right? So my understanding is that they can actually do that already. Um, somebody friend of mine sent me a text message last night and said in Canada, it sounds like they can just kind of pull you over for whatever reason.

Like you don’t actually even need reasonable suspicion to conduct a traffic stop, uh, in Canada, which is wild to me. I didn’t know that let’s go to local. Angie is here, says, Hey, Rob, good to see. You’ve been watching your streams on playback, but missed a show here and there. The question though, is what’s the deal with the name change? What happened? Well, I switched to my Mo my mom’s name. My mom’s name is Gove, and I have a very close relationship with my mother. And I felt like it was the right thing to do. It was the right sort of, it’s the right name for, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. And we have a, we have a, a very sort of a deep connection. She’s an amazing woman. And I feel like that’s the appropriate name that I want to live under.

And so I just swore allegiance to health Gove. That’s all not even complicated, but thanks for asking. And I’m glad that you’re back here. Angie, we have another one from Renee says I’m interested in learning more about the evolution of the legal entity that’s organizing the protests. So I’m not sure that there really is one, you know, it’s sort of organic. Like I don’t think they have, you know, freedom truckers, LLC that is incorporated and taxed as an escort with the IRS. Like, I don’t think that’s happening, but I think there’s a number of different organic groups that are all fundraising and sort of working with one another former L EEO says it appears that some of the actions of the politicians is to escalate. Maybe it’s time for protesters to do their own press release. And they’ve done many of those. They want conflict.

I think the protestors should return the favor. I don’t, I don’t, I don’t think that is the case. I don’t think that the protestors want conflict. And I wouldn’t encourage that. Of course, Ms. Lucky says Sergeant Bob Ottawa city council members might just be as useful as the city of Portland where real mayhem availed that was from Sergeant Bob hyper Patriot says, what would be interesting is having a split screen with the false statements by police city, council members, Trudeau with the actual events, they are lying about compare and contrast that virtually visually while they lie about what is happening. That’s sort of what I’ve been trying to do. It’s like play their clip, play some reality from somebody who boots on the ground. Everybody can compare and contrast and you can be the judge. Do you see Nazi flags all over the place? Do you see Confederate flags all over the place?

Even the honking has stopped, honestly, right. Former EEO says, I think they should be concerned about children freezing to death because of the fuel that is being illegally confiscated. DJ McBride says would be great to have the Behe behavior panel review the cop’s video for signs of deception and honesty, right? He was kind of, kind of a squirly in his chair a little bit. I noticed that too. Zeroes says, Hey, Rob, under Canadian criminal code, the police interpret the word interferes to charge people with mischief as a result of what they perceived to be as improper behavior in public or I private place. This can range from taking photos of people without their consent. Sometimes leading to voyeurism charges, to running onto the field at a baseball game. All of these people get charged with mischief related offenses. I haven’t been able to deep dive about whether the police are permitted to seize property in the course of enforcement, but it seems to me, these statutes are extremely broad thoughts also set as Rob here is the statute.

I think the police and Diane deans are enforcing for reference it’s mischief under section 4 31, everyone commits mischief who willfully obstructs, interrupts or interferes with the lawful use or enjoyment of property. Yeah. That’s the one right? That they cited. And you know, to me, yes, it sounds extremely broad now from, uh, zeroes, right. We talked yesterday and you told me a little bit more about this, that they sort of don’t really need reasonable suspicion to conduct a PR a traffic stop, that there is a, a basis for pretextual stops. I, I guess, under Canadian law. And so these gigantic broad statutes don’t surprise me. We actually have a lot of those in the United States too, are disorderly conduct charges are as broad as can be and are, let’s say reckless driving charges or, you know, careless driving. Many states have these statutes where they have these very, very broad charges.

Like what is reckless driving in Arizona? If you look it up the statute, what does it say? Something like, uh, operating a motor vehicle in a, in a manner that would constitute a reckless disregard for the safety or wellbeing of other persons or property. And you go, what, what is a reckless disregard of safety of other persons or property mean? What does that even mean? Ultra broad disorderly conduct, right? Conduct that is disturbed, the peace and quiet of another individual that can mean anything. And so the police know that and they write people, citations for whatever they want on those basis. They write statutes so broad that they can literally drive a truck through it. See what I did there, Kenny, one B says, do you remember all those occupy wall street insurrections five years ago? Yeah. I remember that. Yeah. They weren’t calling those insurrections or bringing in a national organization to stop it.

Three girlies is here, says, oh my goodness, the Jack boot a-hole is trying to set up a reasoning to take the kids through the children’s services. Yeah. I caught that too. Says this is infuriating. They don’t have an issue with it. Any other time, carbon monoxide poisoning, cold weather showering facilities happens 24 7 for these kids. Why are they so concerned now? Because they want their way, like petant children, that’s from three girlies. Former Eleo says, are they trying to escalate this into a bloody into a blood bath by trying to remove the kids? Hopefully everyone who is harassed will take action about that. See if they do not so sure about it. Let’s see what else we’ve got over here doing a quick refresh on this. Miss lucky is here, says Sergeant Bob, you know, brilliant as it is about the fuel cans, a sharp grade school student could come up with the idea, pretty weak case to arrest someone with the fuel can.

But as you know, arrests are often made with no concern about winning a case old, old police strategy, by the way, trucks need diesel fuel, not gasoline. You can’t just ignite diesel like gasoline, thus safety, not a real issue. I would bet a lot of the Ottawa police are not enthused about enforcement, still like the old guy being arrested. They remain officers who are heavy handed with little justification from that’s, from Sergeant Bob who’s former police officer and uh, from Portland Sergeant former Sergeant out of Portland sharing some perspective on that. Thank you, Sergeant Bob three, girly says none of what these truckers are doing are technically illegal. At one point, will heads roll politically speaking, I would think Canadians will start to wake up and realize just how bad had all of their politicians are. I don’t know, man, you know, uh, three girlies.

I think that there was, I’ve seen, you know, conflicting public opinion, polls that a lot of Canadians are sort of, uh, grossed out by what’s happening with the truckers. I’ve seen that, but I’ve also seen the CBC saying things like, well that’s because there’s Nazis and racists there. And so that’s obvious. See, not true. So how can those public opinion polls be reflective of reality if they’re not based on reality? Kincaid says good evening, Rob. I like to analyze things to their essence, not to be reductive, but rather to find the kingpin of the problem. If one observes the last few years, much of what have some have claimed is coming to pass a decision of emotion and reasoning has created a rift between the actual and the fabricated, other than individuals like yourself outside of the machine. Who do you think is genuinely rising against Neo tyrants?

Oh, the other day I asked if you got your Sony yet, did you use a lens adapter or just invest in a new Mount? Thank you for all your efforts. That’s from Kincaid. So Kincaid, I actually got a new Sony. Yep. And it’s, I, I don’t have it set up yet. I am going to be moving and sort of building a second, uh, studio. And so I’m saving it for that. And at that moment, I will give you an update on it, but that’s gonna be happening probably sometime in March. And so you’ll start to see a little bit of a change in background. When I do the show from another location in the future, ed J says, Rob, I honestly believe that if they attempt to take one child for a trucker, they will look back at what’s going on. Now as the good old days, they will have massive protests, the width, length, and breadth of both Canada and us.

It would be a huge mistake in my opinion, for those who want the protests to end wisest thing, join the world and end the mandates. But the government’s decision makers have demonstrated. They lack wisdom of any kind. Everyone get a copy of Robert’s book. It’s it is, it is beginning to winning how to fight your case and succeed in the criminal, a law legal system. You know, actually that’s a good idea. Maybe I should make this PDF available for everybody beginning to winning how to fight your case and succeed in the criminal justice system. Now it’s not really for, uh, insurrections, but it might be useful because there’s some, there’s some good framework on how to present a, a legal case. I’ll I’ll I’ll publish that I’ll make that publicly available. If anybody needs that Kincaid says Canada strife is a beta test for what is to come for us.

China will be proud. They raised us well. It, it it’s looks very authoritarian to me. Miss lucky says an alternative strategy. Ensure traffic lane is open for average people to move, bring in potties, police patrols to make sure everyone is safe. Then let Trudeau figure out how to resolve it. Oh, I forgot. He’s missing. Look at your milk carton. Sorry for all the comments. I just could not stop. That’s from Sergeant Bob. Well, we’re glad you’re here Sergeant Bob. And I think I understand what you’re saying, right? It’s it’s police in Ottawa would just reorient and they would say, we’re going to now focus on mainten. We’re gonna hold the status quo. We’re gonna make the city as functional as humanly possible because we can’t remove them. So we’re just gonna let it ride. And as the city manager was noting, right? The truckers are staying.

They’re not going anywhere. We’ve heard from several other people. Viva talked to two of them last week. And Viva was saying to those truckers were saying, we’ve got supplies out the wa we’re not going anywhere. So then you would just engage the status quo and you would say, Trudeau, it’s your problem, right? If you wanna make a policy change to end these mandates, they’ll all go home. But we’ve done our part. Now it’s up to you. I like that from Sergeant Bob Ticus says, well with these barricade, I think it’s time for more trucks to join the convoy and not just any truck, monster trucks, RA. Yeah. And so that would be pretty sweet. Is there a, I mean, look a monster truck convo. Like I’m down for that, whatever that is. I don’t have a monster truck, but I might have to find how, how to get one.

What? It’s probably expensive. I can’t afford it. Former Leo says they wanna restrict the fuel to the protestors. So what would happen if the fuel tanker trucks, propane trucks and gasoline trucks all stop delivering to Ottawa, please also don’t forget about the undercover officers and contract radicals that they use to escalate these situations. Kenny, one B says, when the trucks come to DC to do this in a few weeks, it’s gonna get real. And if that, yeah, if that actually matriculates it, it, I think it absolutely will be. We’ve got a few others here. Bute says, LOL, the police want the Hester to leave, but they’re blockading them. So they can’t leave. Talk about stupid. We have day says Justin Trudeau is such a coward that there’s this video about him. Oh, say let’s play this one. I don’t know if we played this one on the show yesterday, but let’s listen to this one. I don’t think we got this one. All those

Trucks at all that honking made me go PP in my panties. I am scared of those P I just don’t want them to know it. Did you see, they had bounced houses in line dancing in the streets that is terrorist level activity. Seriously. That is why I pretended to have COVID and ran away when they all arrived in Ottawa.


All those trucks and all that.

Yeah. That’s the official transcript. Yeah. That’s the official transcript. Yeah. That’s what he said that he, you know, he was speaking in French and so that’s, that’s the translation officially. Uh, he went PP in his panties, so it doesn’t surprise me at all. Thank you for that. Uh, that official, uh, transcript there from Rob Butte, another one from three girlies says this guy is sickening with his, uh, authoritarian machinations. He seems like he’s truly delighted in the power he’s been given. He is worse in the boss. He doesn’t need to be anywhere near protests. He would be the one that would lose control and hit people. By the way, advertising the amount of officers they need daily, et cetera only gives the truckers the information to wait them out. If they want the occupation to end, they could try listening to the protestors. I noticed that, right. That’s why I sort of put a lot of a focus on, on that today. There’s a lot of talk from the government officials, man, we are strained to the max. We are like running outta resources and they, you know, are they coming at least, uh, maybe, maybe not, not real sure about that. Hopefully by this weekend says Watson. So, and there’s a lot more stories about stuff, you know, where they’re, where they are actually, you know, there’s murmurings. There’s rumors that the, the line on the government side is just not holding.

All right, we’ve got another one here. Several others. Butte says people should continue to troll the Ottawa. Gustapo continue to make it difficult, right? So people can make their own opinions on all that. Kenny one B says a working class rebellion is happening simultaneously with a war in Europe. It’s gonna be a rough start for the incompetent Biden administration leaf. IBU is here, says in Australia, the news medias, absolutely crickets about the Canadian trucker protest. I had to laugh when the state owned Australian broadcasting company published a fact check of the convoy stating it’s not really a big deal. As some unreliable, people are claiming. It is just a few trucks, which could have confused the typical low left his voter, who would’ve thought, what is the convoy? But the ABC had completely ignored the story. I don’t know why things, what things are like in other countries, but in Australia, the only people who know what’s going on in Canada are those that go to non-mainstream media sources to find out what’s really happening.

And I think that’s largely the case here. I mean, the, the, I mean, if you’re not actually following this convoy, right, there’s not a ton of news about it on a lot of the places that I check regularly, Rio Butte with another one says the council members are authoritarian. They should be trolled as we do. We do a lot of that here. Bittersweet says this has Pelosi and her doom squad written all over it. Hand of not is here, says there are two ways for the CA an alien government to move forward negotiations or violence. The proliferation of cameras and personal broadcasting are probably crucial for the demonstration to continue. When the enforcement arm starts jamming wireless communication, it’s gonna be go time. I suggest you reach out to Viva regarding the 2010 G 20 summit. One of the trucker delegate reference that incident, the aftermath of that may still overshadow Canadian leadership. Do you see any parallels to the Chicago seven maintain vigilance hand of nod the Chicago seven? So I, you gotta refresh my memory on that. Let’s look this up. See if it rings a bell, Chicago seven, is this with, uh, um, all right, let’s take a quick peek at this 1968 democratic national convention, uh, mistrial conspiracy crossing state lines with attempts, intense to incite a riot.

I’ll have to read more about that. That was from hand of nod. Very good comment. Kincaid says, so, uh, unreal. Listen, listen to how common natural they are and how they appear to be when they’re dismantling the freedoms and the government and self agency remove the smoke and mirrors. What’s the result. I cannot think of any human design system that urges expansion or demands complete utilization from Kincaid. Captain Jim says, Hey, Rob, thanks for your coverage and breakdown. The trucker’s biggest problem is that they actually have quite to lose from all of this professional licenses. They must have a cost time and money. Government can squeeze them and ruin their livelihood. Now, compared that to chop and cha in Portland protestors, et cetera, heck not to speak ill of the dead, but what exactly did Rosenbaum and Huber do when not protesting frustrating on another note, do any Canadian conservatives embrace this protest or is it too hot for them?

I see quite a few mandates got reduced and dropped, but are they doing it hush? Hush. So I’m not sure, right? I haven’t seen anybody come out from the Canadian government, like officially endorsed any of this stuff, but there are people who were saying, well, uh, maybe we should talk to them and like listen to them. And so I think that there are, you know, happenings in that way. It’s Jake from Oxford he’s back says, Rob, the mayor of Ottawa must have gone to Oxford as well. His speech was amazing. Says, quote, I will talk to you truckers when you leave. Wow. Jake says, this is the same kind of talk finger did with the don’t talk while I’m talking. And then he never stops speaking line. He says, this is leadership at its finest. They learned about this at Oxford says he makes a strong statement in a 5,000 square foot room, all alone from a monitor Bravo to that man.

He’s so brave. Standing up to the truckers. Also look at them with their sign language, man, subtitles. They are. So at the times maybe they could hire a person to also write word for word on the giant whiteboard behind the mayor. Probably my only improvement advice. That’s for that’s Jake Sullivan. He went to Oxford, very smart, man. And he’s got some, uh, governance advice for these less sophisticated city governors. Miss lucky says, Sergeant Bob, I’m a agree. 100% with a defense attorney. Am I against police action? Am I supporting protestors? Sergeant Bob says, I must be in a DBER cartoon. It’s like bizarre world. I go, I know grouchy old cat lady says the us could help by drop in the mandates for truckers crossing into the us. Along the Mexican border. We allow UN vaccinated truckers to cross over 25 miles without being vaccinated.

That’s per truck waves from grouchy old cat lady. We had a couple come in over on YouTube. Make sure I don’t wanna miss any of these hell pike says trucker here. Thanks for the great coverage. Only in America can show like this exists. Keep fighting the good fight truckers. Thanks for being here. Help pike. That’s a, that’s an awesome comment. And I’m appreciative of the fact that you’re here and that you enjoy it. Chris D says they’re basically implementing stop and frisk, right? I think that’s what they’re doing. Not applicable says cover D O D leaks to Senator Johnson, catastrophic data. Yeah, I’ve been so focused on, on the convoy that I’ve been sort of only getting the headlines on a lot of this other stuff, but I know Senator Johnson, I know there was this major, um, sort of scandal where the Capitol police were going into a Congress person’s office and taking pictures of stuff, dressed as construction workers.

We’re gonna get to all that. No doubt about it, but there’s there’s, there’s just not enough time in the day. Unfortunately, Casey, gypsy muse says, did you address fact police return, Jerry cans contaminated with 50% water to ruin truck lines, truck fuels line. Oh, the police return them with, oh, so the police are now jeopardizing the fuel. Oh, so they’re gonna try to ruin the truck so they can’t move. Is that their new strategy? That’s good. So the trucks will just be parked there. Indefinitely. The police wanna ruin the trucks. Brilliant sounds about right. Lava Java lava says Trudo should out to Russia to help quell the insurrection. Maybe that might work good to see you. Lava David Lyes became a member. Love that. Shout out new new gifts. And maybe we’re gonna get some more gifts. If we get enough members, Wolfgang DEO says I got Branca’s book already have Rob’s.

Uh, William McConnell says anybody that receives a ones thousand fine for supporting freedom should get somebody to mint that ticket into a crypto NFT. The world will bid a fortune for it to support the cause of freedom. Oh, that is such a good idea. What if all the truckers who got a citation, they minted those as NFTs and everybody got to own a piece of the protests I’d pay I’d I’d buy one. I would. I’d say I wonder, uh, you know, I wonder who that is, who got that citation and I’d, I’d love to buy that from you and, and be part of freedom, convoy history. I it’s a great idea. William McConnell. Now I’m not CA capable of assembling anything like that, but that’s brilliant. Wolfgang DEO says they might discontinue livestream of the city. Yeah. So the other thing I’ve heard is that they want to stop, uh, the actual internet, right?

Shut off the internet so that people can’t livestream and communicate, which would be also, would be also very interesting. Now I wonder if people have Starlink or if that works up there, if they have alternative sources, but I’m sure there, you know, look man, where there’s a will, there’s a way Kincaid also says, how come no one seems to be focusing on GoFundMe regardless of how the money handled still a problem. Well, they are still looking into it. I heard that the, the attorney general from Texas is, uh, is actually bringing something forward against them. PWS, MK, a Z says can’t find the original source, but they are claims that a judge ordered the seized fuel to be returned, not covered by the mainstream media. I’ve not seen that PWS MK, but that is an interesting one. Kenny one B says, imagine what happens if the truckers block block bridges between Northern Virginia and DC and they block the Washington beltway. Yes. Right? Why they’re all freaked out about it? The Antica says, I guess if I were Chinese, I would say Jao, which literally means add oil, but is a collo colloquialism. That means good luck. Well, thank you for that tic kiss. Oh, we have another one from Renee. This is Trudo and Candace from today, let’s watch this. Candace is just outstanding

Countries around the world are opening up even countries with lower vaccination rates than Canada. Provinces are beginning to lift restrictions and getting life back to normal. Why? Because they’re following the science, Canadians are ready to get their life back, but it seems like the prime minister wants to live in a permanent pandemic. Yeah. Dr. Ham, Dr. Tam, Dr. Henry, Dr. Moore, Dr. Hinshaw, Dr. Shahab. All agree. It’s time to shift out of the restrictions and back to normal life. Yeah. So why is the prime minister? So offside, not only with the science, but it would seem like with a growing number of his own MPS.

Right honor.

We talked about that. Two of them. Hi.

And the contrary Mr. Speaker, we intend to follow the science and are working closely with Dr. TA and other public health officials, uh, to ensure that we get through this pandemic as best we possibly can. And that has been through vaccinations. The fact that nine outta 10 Canadians have gotten vaccinated is one of the reasons why we’re able to get through this is why, uh, we’ve been able to our health systems from being completely overrun. Vaccinations are the one, the thing through this. That’s why we’re continuing to encourage Canadians to get vaccinated. Uh, why unfortunately, the conservatives are, are against vaccination is quite frankly belong there.

The honorable leader of the opposition.

Well, the science and the evidence is simply not on the prime minister’s side. That’s right. Any of the reasons previously used to keep Canadians under restrictions are vanishing before our eyes. Other countries are opening up, provinces are opening up as he just said, 90% of Canadians have the vaccine.

So lift it. Prime

Minister needs to put his ego aside. He, he needs to do what’s right for the country. He needs to end the mandates. He needs to end the restrictions. He needs to listen to his own caucus. Will he do

That? Yeah. Right on. Right on. Right on. Get it.

All right. So love it. So that is Candace. Buron outstanding. Love that. Thank you for that. That came across from Renee ion energy PWS, M K a Z says it’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled. That’s from PWS, M K a Z. Another one, wherever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to reform or pause and reflect. Tremendous says I’ve been loving your coverage of the trucker convoy. I watch Viva for the boots on the ground and you for what the politicians and the police are saying. I love that you always encourage us to check out the channels of the people that you get your clips from. Keep up the great work. Well, listen, tremendous. I mean, look, they are doing the real hard work out there. They’re out there in 20 below.

Did you see Viva’s noses? Did you see Otta walks? They freezing out there. And so we wouldn’t be able to talk about any of this stuff if it were not for them. And so I am eternally grateful for their willingness to go out there and, you know, put themselves in, in that position to, to sort of go out there and spend their full days providing transparency. Because if we couldn’t see what was happening behind the scenes, literally we’d be listening to what the CBC told us. We’d be listening to what Justin Trudo was saying. And we would all be di diluted and totally disconnected from reality. And because of Viva and Otta walks. And because of you, Otta walks auto Ottawa, Scotti, and Z O T YouTube and many others, right? I’m missing many of them, but it’s the social media that it’s the transparency.

It’s the ability to actually see and judge for ourselves that matters. And so those people, man, it’s like, thank you, thank you for doing the work. I, I, and I wanna, I wanna support you here. The best that we can. I, oh, three unlimited says all this stuff with Canada and the USA bugs me the last two years has maybe disliked police more than ever. If they wanna be treated like mindless quote, just doing my job robots, then go ahead. Andand them. They are no longer fit to be officers. That’s from 5 0 3 unlimited ask. Why is here, says this is history in the making with capital H right? This is history in the making. I think you’re right about that monster. One says, Rob, I accidentally posted some comments on yesterday’s thread. Can you read them or repost them? You gotta repost them. I can’t navigate multiple things.

You, you know, monster one, you know, like on borderline and competent with all this tech, tremendous says, I’ve been wondering what happened to the second studio. You used about five minutes. Glad to hear. You’ll be creating another one. Hope the move goes well, it’s gonna be a lot of fun. I’m really excited about it. I think it’s gonna be, it’s gonna help me get a lot more camera time in. And I’ve got some pretty good ideas for, I think of, um, you know, how we can, how we can do a little bit more here. And so I’m, I’m really excited about it. Been a long time coming. This one came over, um, uh, three girlies says a legal group representing the truckers tells police the protest is protected by the charter. Ooh, let’s take a look at this one. This one is a premium over from the epoch times.

Good news folks. You’re talking to a premium member here. We have, uh, here, it says the protest is protected by the charter legal group supports the truckers, tell the police, okay. Police step up efforts. In recent days, we have a statement here from the justice center. We’ve talked about these guys, the justice center for constitutional freedoms, post this, they say it is winter in Canada. Protesting is freezing section two C of the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms, which is like their constitution. It says it protects the rights of all Canadians together, together. Ottawa police, chief stated publicly the truckers have been peaceful and not caused harms. Therefore they’re protected, right? Big, long article here. Lot of details. And so thank you for the tag on that. That’s from three girlies that, you know, they’ve got, I, we mentioned this a couple days ago that they have this big organization, right? And there are many of these organizations like we have the, uh, in the United States, the a C, D L national association of criminal defense lawyers. Okay. Right. Big national organization. I think that’s what this is. And so it’s a lot of sort of attorneys and, and, and powerhouses that wanna come in and pick up these causes. And that’s always good news if they’re on your side, of course. And let’s see what else we’ve got from locals. We have a couple more here.

Kenny. One B says, rumor on talk is that cellular service in Ottawa is being limited as well. Right? They can throttle it. They can allow only a certain number of people to connect, you know, uh, turn the bandwidth down. So everybody gets like 10 kilobytes per second. You know? So you get emails, but you can’t livestream. Right? That might be one thing that happens. We have a fellow officer, a fellow lawyer is testing the waters on disturbing the police even had the stones to show up in court in the outfit only to get the charges dropped that’s from PWS, M K a Z. Let me take a look at this one real quickly.

Okay. A lawyer arrested as Michael Meyers lawyer dressed as Michael Meyers arrested after roaming, the Texas beach as a prank that’s I’m okay. I’ll I’ll read that one later. That was from PWS. Sasha Sesha says, Hey, Rob, not related to the topic, but what camera do you use for your videos? I’m scoping cameras also Candace burgeon for prime minister. I think Candace burgeon for president of the United States. Can we have her, can you send her down here? I like what I heard from her, we have, um, so Sasha, this camera that I’m using is a Sony, a 6,400. It’s a little it’s, it’s an older model. It works fine. I have a Sigma lens. Uh, I forget what the specifics are on that, but I’m upgrading now for my other studio to a Sony, uh, a seven, four. And I haven’t decided on the lens yet, but somebody here on this show sent me a, a memo.

They said, Rob, you need to get a different lens because your nose looks like you got hit in the head with a shovel. It’s like flat. It’s really wide. Like you got a wide nose. And they said, if you get a different lens, it’s not gonna look like that. And I said, I don’t know if you’re right about that because I’ve seen myself almost every day from my most of my life. And I think that’s just how it is, but I am looking at lenses. It’s a good question. And I think that you can never sort of finish that process. You’re always kind of experimenting with your gear. Sergeant Bob says, someone tell little Justin encourage and mandate are not the same thing. That’s from MIS lucky monster. One says the Windsor mayor said federal government’s plural. He was talking about getting the American feds involved.

That’s from monster one, which doesn’t surprise me a bit. I did not catch that, but it also doesn’t surprise me. Another couple came in from monster one that he posted on the other chat. Dang. It rasy says here more camera time. Are you trying to keep up with Regata or do you just want to take your shirts home from the office from rats? Um, I’m, I’m trying to, I’m trying to level things up. I’m not quite sure what it looks like yet. We’ll figure that out together. I think monster one says, sounds like they’re having a pandemic of the uncoated, Jerry cans monster one also says, Rob, you remember Waco, the excuse they used for that botched raid was the children any that’s right? They did that. Remember that? They did that. That’s a great point. Monster one. I forgot about that, but that’s exactly right.

Right. It was the kids. They had to go in there and kill the kids in order to save the kids. Got it. Monster one also says you remember that old guy, he was so dangerous. He probably counted for at least 20 arrests. Yeah, that’s true. He, he was very, he was very, um, very violent. So maybe that counts as multiple S 5 0 3 unlimited. It says I’m interested in learning about the law. What books would you recommend? Oh my gosh. That’s a, that’s a spicy question. I mean, it depends on really what you want. I mean, if you like, like, if you want to go deep on constitutional law, there’s a good book. That is not, there’s a good book by Irwin. CHMA inky. It’s actually a, it’s a, it’s a book to his constitutional law book. All right. Irwin trim Mariinsky is probably the best or one of the most well renowned, constitutional lawyers that exists.

He actually wrote a book that I have somewhere around the office. It’s about this thick it’s on the constitution. And it’s really a big companion of case law. He also wrote a companion book. This is what we studied in law school. A companion that is actually an interesting read, right? The case book, the compendium, a big reg red book from ch Mariinsky not that interesting to read, unless you want to actually read the cases. His companion book is, uh, is quite good though. So like, but that’s, that’s like heavy lifting, you know? I mean, that’s like really going into like thick law stuff. But if you’re interested in the constant, it’s interesting, Kenny, one B says, Justin must have small hands. Probably true. Kincaid says, if you use a lens that compresses, it will technically be more flattering. So people are agreeing. They say, Rob, you got a giant nostril up there and I’m tired of looking at it.

And so let’s see what else is over on YouTube before we wrap it up for the day Wolfgang day says, yep. They might discontinue the livestream of the city Carlene also with a super chat donation. Wolfgang DEO says, Nick is shorter than attorney Tom four, nine. I don’t know anything about that. I don’t know anything. I either endorse or deny or confirm any of that. Wolfgang. DEO says a flat nose is better than the nose, Nick. Oh, poor Nick. Don’t. Don’t tell him about these super chats. Wolfgang. He’ll come over here and watch this. And you know, he might be mad at me. And so, you know, we’re, we’re kind of, you know, supposed to be friends. I think, I think, yeah, I like Nick. I don’t want him to be mad at me. A good constitution book is the 5,000 year leap. I haven’t checked that one out either.

I haven’t, I haven’t heard of that one, but I will take a look at that. And I think that my friends is it for us for the day William McConnell said, oh, we got the NFT comment. Great comment. Let me do a quick check on the super chats. I think we got all of those up to speed. Did a refresh on locals. I think we’re caught up there. And so that my friends is it for the day. And my goodness. I wanna thank you for being a part of the show that last one came in from Lanco. And before we get outta here, I wanna welcome some new people to our community. And I wanna tell you about our, our supporter spotlight slide. I’m I’m experimenting with this thing a little bit. We’ve got some new members though. Big welcomes to MJ can canine canine welcome.

We’ve got jelly of the month who signed up. Jeff R is in the house. Ed Johnson airman today signed up along with Kay talking C reeds in the house. Dante Ponte, true blue trucker in it’s all alley short time here, Richards the real lovely Gemini wonder girl, 30 C Jones. Oh seven at John. I see her one tough chick, Frank MC. We got ion energy, wild child, Alaskan four, Trump AZ gray man and Mr. Shields. And I wanna welcome some two, two people to the support spotlight. Now, if you’re on YouTube and you click the join button, you’ll notice that there’s a really high tier. It’s the highest tier member that you can have. And I was, I just put it on there just to see if anybody would even look at it. Two people signed up for it, Dr. EMB and Wolfgang DEO. And the reason why I, I created this slide is cuz I wanted to sort of play around with this idea.

I get a lot of emails. You know, people wanna sponsor the show. They say, Hey, you know, I am a, I’m a VPN company or I’m a gaming company, or I want you to sell this or that or the other. Right. And a lot of ’em are great companies and great ideas, but I sort of don’t have the, the bandwidth or really the interest in sort of, um, over making this show a big ad, right? Selling VPNs or any of that stuff. And so what my thought was for those of you who do support the show regularly, like Dr. EMB, Wolfgang, DEO, many others. I, I wanted to see, I wanna experiment with this and see what you thought was

Somebody else dropped another super chat. Am I missing something somebody’s shouting at me? Wait, you have a super chat. You missed, what did I miss? I have a big one that I missed. Somebody’s chat is screaming at me. So I wanna make sure I don’t miss this. Robert Summerville, Eric. Okay. I missed an Eric super chat. Let’s see what this one is. Eric McClennan. Oh gosh. There it is. I’m sorry about that, Eric. I almost missed one. People who love themselves will stand up for others. People who don’t are susceptible to being bullied and eventually into being bullied into bullying others. Empowering humans is the way to freedom on planet earth. Yeah. That’s a big one, man. Thank you for that, Eric. And I appreciate you that for that. Thank you Chad, for smacking me in the head. I need that sometimes I get ahead of myself and so thank you very much for that.

Eric. Another one came in from Wolfgang and so playing hooky, say, Rob, are you gonna be just one big commercial soon? It’s a good question. And the answer is no, I don’t want to intend to be a giant commercial, but I do wanna, so I wanna, I wanna experiment with this a little bit because here’s, here’s sort of what I was thinking, right? If you do tear up on that high level supporter member support, I want to create a supporter spotlight slide for a logo or for a link to a, uh, a business or a link to a personal profile. I wanna support something that you want supported. Right? So here, for example, right, just by way of example, I’ve got the R and R law group, I’ve got Eric’s house, a nonprofit that I’m a big part of, right? Dr. EMB, right? If you had something you might want on there, Wolf DEO, if you had something you might want on there, right.

Maybe we can, you know, if, if you’re, if you’re that level supporter, then I can just kind of, you know, flash those slides show your logo for whatever it is. You’re doing drive a little bit of traffic and, and see if it, if it’s a mutual benefit. And so that’s what that is. And so Dr. MB, Wolfgang DEO, if you’ve got something that you want me to throw on there, please send me an email or hit me up on, uh, telegram. And this is available for everybody. If you, if you, if it sounds interesting and you want to experiment with that, let me know very easy to do it. You just join at the, that higher tier. Send me an email. I have total discretion to not accept it. Of course, if it’s like a link over to your, you know, uh, a only fans page, not gonna do that, but it’s something to play around with and maybe have some fun with, because I know a lot of people do, you know, do, do contribute a lot to the show.

And I want I’m, I’m trying to think about ways where I can sort of, you know, give you a little bit of additional value in other words. So if that sounds interesting to anybody, please let me know. Uh, other than that, I wanna thank you for being a part of the program. We are gonna be here. Same time, same place to do it all again tomorrow. And I hope you join us there. So if you’re already not subscribed, make sure you hit that subscribe button before you get outta here. Certainly I’d love a like before you split, cuz I look forward to seeing you here on the next one. It’s at 4:00 PM, Arizona time, 5:00 PM, central 6:00 PM on the east coast. And for that one, Florida man, everybody else have a tremendous evening sleep very well. I’ll see you right back here tomorrow. Bye bye.