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Hello my friends and welcome back to yet another episode of Watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Gouvea. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the R&R Law Group in the always beautiful and sunny and a little bit cold Scottsdale Arizona. Today, we’re talking about Russia, invading Ukraine. We’re talking about president poo, who is from, who is responding to this. We’re gonna go through a lot of detail today. We’re gonna start by sort of rewinding the clock back to late last night. If you were like me, you were probably, you know, finishing the show, your, your, uh, YouTube show going home and sort of unwinding a little bit thinking that maybe world war II was going to be happening. You pull up your Twitter account and you go, oh yeah, it’s a actually looks like, yeah, Russia’s fully invading Ukraine. And all night long, there were just people posting imagery and videos and photographs of, you know, a lot of the carnage, some of the war porn as it is that was happening late last night, early into the morning over there.

And so we’re gonna go through some of that. We’re gonna see exactly what Putin said he was going to do. He went to his parliament and said, look, we need permission for this special operation. And then he made it an announcement and then boom, he went into it. And so we’re gonna break down what happened there. We’re gonna check in with some Ukrainian, uh, members of parliament guy named Alexi GACO is calling Putin, the modern Hitler. And so a lot of those comparisons I’m sure will be, uh, thrown around here very soon and maybe with good, cause we don’t know. We’re also gonna check and see what the Ukrainian president Zelinsky has to say about it because he, uh, confirmed it when it was all happening last night. And so, you know, the whole world for a long time has been saying this was going happen.

The Biden administration largely has been beating this drum. Here it is. And now we’re wondering, well, what’s the response. There was a lot of threats of sanctions and really serious repercussions. If old poo were deciding to do something like this and he did. And so now people were wanting to hear from the president, president, Joe Biden, the man with all of these years of diplomacy experience as a Senator is somebody who’s been a bureaucrat forever. People are wondering, well, what’s he gonna do about it? Well, guess what? He woke up today and gave a speech and he came out and talked about it. And so we are going to break this down, guess what the solution’s gonna be? Oh yeah, more sanctions. And the media doesn’t really buy an E either. We’ve got several clips, several questions that Joe Biden took, came from the media and they’re all scratching their heads.

They’re saying, uh, you said that sanctions were gonna be serious and he did it anyways. Or do you have another plan or we just kind of done on this or what? And so Joe Biden was out. We’re gonna go through his press conference. We’re gonna listen in. As other people are sort of encouraging him, maybe to promote a, uh, counter attack involving cyber warfare, little cyber attack action coming out of the white house. And so we’re gonna explore those topics. And then in our last segment, Putin responded. So he actually came out today and I got, I think a four minute clip. Most of the stuff I clip today, I have not even listened to because I was sort of really compressed for show today. Show, show compressed for time for show prep. You can see, and we’re gonna go through it together. And so I’m not even sure what he said in that clip, but we will, uh, make that determination together.

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You get badges to show how long you’ve been a supporter. Appreciate that tearing things up, up to two years in badges. And so of course, I very much appreciate it. If you hit that join button or you join us on locals either way, it’s right next to the subscribe button. If you’re on YouTube and it’s very much appreciated. I, I said that like seven times, all right, enough already. Okay. So let’s get into the news of the day. President Putin went to his parliament and decided that he was going to ask them for permission to do something like invade a country T R T world. Now on Twitter is saying that he actually went to the upper house of his parliament and asked for permission to use forces abroad. He said that they formally recognized these two Ukrainian regions. We talked about that in a prior video, and guess what happened? Well, they granted him formal authority to deploy Russia’s armed forces abroad. And that took place, uh, February 23rd. So that was yesterday. Here we can see 1209 a uh, am is when T R T world now got that. And then shortly after this announcement, guess what happened? Putin came out here is his announcements. Now I think I’m gonna have to translate this, but let’s listen in


So we’ll turn the volume


Says circumstances require action. Don boss’s people asked for help from Russia and remember that they, oh man, remember that in, in prior video he had already come out and made the claim that they are part of the same territory. So here he says, according to the United nations charter with the consent of the Russian Federation council That we ratified just two days ago in February, he says our friendship and mutual aid with these two regions, I decided to conduct a special military operation. Its goal is the protection of people who during eight years suffered from abuse and genocide under the Kia of regime, right? Blaming Ukraine, whoever would try to stop us and create few further threats to our country, to our people Should know that Russia’s response will be immediate and lead you to such consequences that you have never faced in your history. What does that mean? We are ready for any outcome.


Unlike anything you’ve ever seen in history, is he talking about nuclear weapons? Is he talking about a full global war? Did he just threaten to nuke the entire world? It’s kind of what it sounded like to me, consequences on unlike any you’ve have ever seen. So it’s a pretty ominous statement. Now Putin came out and did, you know, delivered a big, longer statement. And that, that was sort of the highlights of it. And right after that, right, we started to see all over Twitter. The raid started, we started to see the invasion engage well underway, disclose TV showed us. This footage said that air raid sirens are going off in Kiev. Ukraine’s capital. Let’s listen to this.

So you can see beautiful downtown area. The air sirens are going off. They are entering a state of emergency. We start to see aircraft flying in. Now, you know, I’m not a military aircraft expert or a military expert in any way, shape or form, but you can see here, somebody’s telling us that an SU 25 is spotted over this region. Here’s what that looks like. I don’t think there was any audio on this one, but right. These are sort of, you know, military aircraft flying in at low altitude into sort of, you know, residential areas. And, uh, certainly, you know, people would be freaking out at that moment. Now also saw that people were fleeing the country. There was a, if you looked at the Google map, the traffic there, you know, was just sort of a gridlock, as people were fleeing to Poland and Romania and other parts. Another video came out from E L I N T news says another video of a cruise missile flying in Ukraine. Now I think there’s a pro here. Yeah. I think there’s a content warning on this one. So if you’ve got little ones, I think he drops the FBO because a missile is flying over his head. So, uh, here brace yourself for that. Russia

Has declared war in as soon as the declaration go, oh, that’s a missile. That’s a missile. That’s a missile. That was one of those like, holy, Russia has

DEC. All right. So you can see, right. People are starting to get a little bit concerned about that air sirens going off. Putin just made that announcement, missiles flying overhead aircraft flying at low altitude. Doesn’t look, New York times is confirming. They’ve got some other image that came in and this is, this is kind of interesting. You can see this is from a different part, sort of in the Southern region near creme. You can see these are the first images of Russian troops entering Ukraine verified by the New York times, which means, I guess it means something, I guess, footage captured by security cameras at the border crossing on Thursday morning show Russian military vehicles entering from CME. And so here is that region. Can we, we spent a lot of time talking about this region because this region was, uh, contested during the prior Biden administration.

When he was vice president with Obama back in 2014, we have the crema peninsula here and you can see the border between Ukraine and Russia. Is this one that I’m highlighting here in red Kiev is right here, sort of up in the up, uh, uh, upper, uh, central capital here in the middle of Ukraine. And this is where this video, where that footage is coming from. Did I clip that? Yeah. Here’s another image of a lot of the battles that are taking place. And so you can see, according to this map, they have the creme, uh, sort of, um, you know, highlighted in a contested shade. This is, you know, it’s not Ukraine, it’s not Russia. It’s sort of both, but you can see all of these different battles shellings and, you know, bombings and little skirmishes taking place all over the country. The footage that we’re about to see is sort of down here in creme.

Now we don’t know where it is. If it’s down here, you know, in this, uh, sort of juncture point between this region and Russia, or if they’re already further in sort of going from creme up into Ukraine, don’t know, but is what that footage looks like. And you can see it’s just tanks, just like literal tanks, just rolling down the street. So there’s no audio on this one here, but this looks like it was security footage, state, border guard service, right in between, like, this is like a, I don’t know, like a customs port. And so, you know, when you drive from Arizona to CA and you sort of have to stop and they say, you know, do you have any illegal drugs in there? Like, it’s one of those ports and you just have one nation just rolling in all their arm services.

All right. All their arm, military gear rolling on in, not even really facing any problems there. Did everybody leave? I don’t know. So you can see what’s happening now. We’ve got a couple more clips before we start to get into some reaction here. The Intel crab, which is one of the best follows on Twitter, by the way, the Intel crab is such a good follow. I can’t recommend them enough. The Ukrainian city of Lutz was targeted moments ago by Russian airstrikes. Now this is 100 kilometers away from the border with Poland, the furthest west strikes so far this morning. And remember, we’ve talked about this previously, you know, the dance region and the Lutz region. These are two different, you know, geographic areas that Putin just said, that’s my land now. Or those are, those are independent territories. Now they want our help. And so we’re gonna give it to ’em. But when we were doing that analysis, we were looking at the demographics and we were asking ourselves, you know, how far do sort of the, does the Russian, uh, you know, people kind of go into Ukraine and it goes pretty far. And so the next question of course is how far west is Putin gonna go here is what, one of that, one of those bombings or airstrikes looks like,

All right, as you can see, you know, bombs and airstrikes going off, here’s another one. This is the speaker of the Ukraine parliament. His name is Stephan. Chuck he’s filmed fleeing Kia with his family. Can’t blame the guy, right? So here he is just loading up. Everybody’s packing up and getting outta there. All right. So he’s, uh, loading up his car here is Keve, uh, Kiev’s mayor urging citizens to stay home. After explosions are heard in the capital

Cars are moving around very Fastly. There were a couple of alarms sounding. Uh, so there is definitely, uh, explosions going on in Kiev.

We heard from the Russian representative to the UN six security council saying that this is not a full scale war. This is purely a special operation in Eastern Ukraine, but from your eyewitness, uh, uh, experience there, that is certainly not the case.


Yes. What, what we, what we need to identify is what is what actually going on, because we’ve heard warnings from multiple Western allies of Ukraine stating that Russia would provoke false flag attacks and that, that, uh, many, many, uh, of the, the, the, the Ukrainian people here are feeling what exactly, uh, what I feeling right now. There’s a very big sense of uncertainty. Um, we’ve heard the lines coming through, uh, by the secretary general Stoleberg that he did believe a full scale invasion was being prepared by, uh, the Russian Federation in particular of Vladimir Putin. So in terms of what is going on right now only Ludi mu Putin has that answer and why he has chosen to go, uh, the path he has done.

All right. So you can see here, right? This is another summation by, I think this was came over from the financial times. You can see sort of this region here, a lot of activity we see in this, uh, little explosion graphic, it says, this is a reported attack. And so you’ve the capital city of Keve. We’ve got, you know, here in the long honks region, and I’m not gonna, I can’t pronounce all these names, but you can see them. Right. Odesa cool. Uh, actual looks like skirmishes. We’ve got another marker about new presence detected. And so you can see sort of these red diamonds are not inside the old Ukraine border, but we can see the sort of right up top, right in Belarus, we’ve got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 looks like, uh, different markers there, uh, maybe 10 or a dozen here, right. Near, uh, sort of the, the Northern barter, uh, border, which would right.

Be above those two contested regions down in creme. And so, uh, sort of surrounding the whole area here was another interesting clip. This is a woman. She went up to one of the guards there. Oh, I don’t think I clipped that one. I don’t think I added it in there. Yeah, I didn’t. So we’re gonna have to skip it, but here is another clip now. So we have been watching all of this sort of, uh, piling up of forces all around Ukraine and inside Ukraine now. And Fox news had this guy on yesterday. He’s somebody from the parliament over from Ukraine. He says, you know, Putin is really like the modern day Hitler, listen to this guy.

Did you anticipate that this first wave from Russia would be, so he, um, not just in one spot or just on the fringes of the border, but much more widespread?

Uh, totally. Nobody knew it, but, uh, there were American intelligence telling this to the world and, uh, we appreciate this. So, uh, unfortunately it happened this way. Um, I, I don’t, I dunno what to add, put in his mat. He is Hitler of 21st century. He should be stopped now, or he will go forward. He will not stop on Ukraine. Sorry, but he will not stop.

Okay. Right. That’s, that’s kind of the question that’s on everybody’s mind right now, you know, when these videos are playing, I’m sort of watching the chat and I’m sort of gauging a everybody’s reaction to this whole thing and watching this. And, you know, I’m seeing a lot of the same split that I think we see sort of on the conservative side of, uh, American politics. You know, you’ve got this sort of the traditional ne neocons, right? The war Moners like Lindsay Graham, the guys who never saw war that they didn’t wanna be a part of. And you’ve got the other people who were sort of asking themselves, Ukraine, you know, this sounds too, this is an awful thing. Everything that is happening is horrendous. Putin is a dictator. He’s a maniac. And he is, you know, a monster, but you know, what, what, what, what is America doing involved in this, in this curfuffle here battling back dictatorships.

When we happen to have a lot of dictator, like tendencies here at home that we’re still working through. So, you know, a lot of these questions are sort of bouncing around everybody’s mind. But another question is, what if this guy’s right? You know, what if Putin is like sensing that the world is realigned, you know, sort of against the west and in many cases, maybe it is. I mean, we’ve been watching what NATO has been doing over these last months. Basically their word has been completely feckless. Russia didn’t care at all. They just said, that’s great. Sanction, us all you want, we’re gonna roll right on in there. And so now you have, let’s say, you know, Russia, China, you’ve got a couple of these countries that decide that they’re gonna pile up. They can make a stronger access United, and they see a bunch of flailing Quizling idiots leading the west, you know, everywhere you turn, right.

And everybody’s killing themselves over lockdowns and masks and pronouns and all sorts of, you know, really, really sort of, uh, I guess non-consequential things in my humble opinion on many of these issues, right, are sort of are, are less important than, uh, what’s happening with when people are getting fired from their jobs, for example. And so, you know, they take a look at this and they see a weak old leader who can’t even hardly, you know, finish a speech. Maybe there is some thought there, right? Maybe what happens if he is in fact, somebody who is hit esque, who knows. So this parliamentarian is asking some very good questions about that. Now out of Ukraine, they’re calling it a full scale invasion. So this is Demetri Kuba and Demetri Kuba is somebody who is their, I think they’re, you know, defense minister in Ukraine says Putin has launched a full scale invasion.

Peaceful Ukrainian cities are under, this is a war of aggression. Ukraine will defend itself and will win. He says, the world can and must stop Putin. The time to act is now we’ll see about that. We’ll see right now, here is what the Ukraine military has done. They have some pictures over here from T RT world now. And, uh, let’s go through some of these in pictures, Russian tanks and armored vehicles are moving through the separatist controlled cities of Don ques in Eastern Ukraine. And you can see right, some, some, uh, pretty heavy artillery there. Some pretty, you know, heavy equipment here is another tweet. Ukraine’s military says our air defense shot down a Russian plane in the east attacks, taking plane on all fronts, including Crome where being attacked with artillery, heavy equipment and small arms, right? Sort of a summation of what Ukraine is saying here. I’ve got a clip from Ukraine, president Zelensky. Now this is a clip in, in, uh, I, I don’t know what they speak in his language, his native language here, he’s saying Russia is attacking the military. And so across the country, he says, Ukraine is launching its own defensive measures. He’s urging Ukrainians to stay calm and stay home, and then says, he spoke with Biden. Now you’re not gonna be able to understand this unless you speak this language, but you can just sort of watch his facial expressions, right. He’s pretty fired up his country,

Ukraine president. Puting a

All right. So you can see, right. You heard him say Biden in there. That’s all you needed to hear. So apparently Biden woke up and took the phone call. Now, here is another statement from the defense minister says, the world must act immediately. Future of Europe and the world is at stake. And this person has a to-do list, says devastating sanctions must be enacted on Russia now, including on swift. So they want them pulled outta the world’s sort of financial system says fully isolate Russia, by all means in all formats says weapons and equipment for Ukraine, arm us up. We need financial assistance. We need humanitarian assistance. We are under full scale invasion. And so when you woke up this morning in Ukraine, this was that clip that I mentioned earlier that I thought I didn’t add, but I did add it. We see a Russian soldier here. We say a Ukrainian woman. Who’s gonna go up and confront him. Now listen to this. Now she’s telling him She’s scolding him at apparently she’s telling him to get the F outta her land.

Yeah. So I skipped over the daily mail article. That was a lead into that. But she was apparently scolding that Russian soldier and saying, you know, what are you doing here? Get outta here. And that is not Canada that took place in Ukraine. Apparently the Russian and soldiers were there. I know it looks a lot like that clip that we were talking about of the Ottawa police officers going and smacking phones out of Canadian citizen’s hands. But that was, that was in Canada. This is in, uh, this is in Ukraine. I know it’s not far off from one another, but this is in fact in another dictatorship, which is a completely, you know, the other side of the world here. Now, little more troubling news. In addition to the stuff that we’ve already covered, apparently the Russians have taken over Cher, noble here. A picture is a Russian T 72 tank. It’s sitting in front of the main reactor. It Cher noble after Putin’s force is seized it in a fierce battle. And the condition of the nuclear storage facilities are unknown.

Ah, now of course, Russia already has nukes. And you know, there’s like no strategy, right? Where they’re are they racing into sheer? No sheer noble to get, you know, nuclear materials to build a bomb. No, they’ve got plenty of those. They don’t need, but they are, you know, in control of this area. Again, you can see here’s another photograph, Russian armored vehicles park on roads near the chair, noble plant, amid fears that damage to the facility could cause a radiation leak that would blanket Europe in fallout. Uh, more nuclear fallouts. Great is, uh, this person informing us. Yeah, Russian’s got Cher, noble


Power plants are under control of Russian arm groups. According to the management,

Uh, uh, noble

Of the she noble exclusion zone and the she noble nuclear reactor plant. There have been no casualties. The information will be


All right. So you can see that is happening. Now. This is another image. Apparently Russian soldiers are raising a flag over the hydroelectric power plant. Apparently they took that over with helicopters and then they went and raised the Russian flag. Wow. So now other headlines are saying, yeah, I mean, you know, Ukraine, if this continues on at this pace, many people are speculating that Ukraine is going to be, uh, seized by the weekend. Okay. I’m already seeing headlines about that on Twitter and elsewhere. Right before I sat down and show, uh, started the show. And so the big question of course, is what’s the world going to do if Putin is indeed Hitler, 2.0, right. A lot of appeasement went back on in world war II. In that era, a lot of people are saying that, you know, maybe something could have been done sooner in the whole course of history would’ve been changed.

And so nobody wants to make that same mistake. Again, nobody wants Putin to just kind of, you know, gets started here. We have a bunch of factless weak politicians, you know, people who might be in our current white house who think that they’re very strong and diplomatic, and that they’ve got a plan to stop this continual aggression, but what are they gonna do about it? So in fact, you know what folks, fortunately, here in the United States, Joe, Biden’s in charge. If you’re not familiar with this here in the United States Senate, our senators like to fashion themselves as foreign diplomats, like they’ve got all this foreign experience cuz they go on vacation to different countries. Okay. And Joe Biden is somebody who’s been in the Senate for, I think 137 years. And so he’s got a lot of experience going on a lot of vacations. And in fact, he’s got a lot of ties to Ukraine.

He’s in that clip saying that he made a statement to them, gave him a, a, you know, a threat. In other words, if you don’t give me what I want, you’re not gonna get your billion and a turns out at all when, according to his plan, but I digress. We could go down a lot of rabbit holes here. My big point that I wanna stick to is Joe Biden has talked about this before. He said, when he was running for president, when he was campaigning, that he knew exactly how to handle old putty P over there, based on his experience, his 37 years in the Senate or government or wherever he’s at here is Joe Biden on the campaign trail, given old Putin the warning

Because Putin knows if I am president of the United States, his days of tyranny and trying to, to intimidate the United States. And those in Eastern Europe are over, are they I’m gonna stand up to him, really a bully, just like the president. Oh, and I know he doesn’t want me to be president, but to tell you what, when I’m president things are gonna change.

Okay. All right, Joe. So Joe said, things are gonna change and he knows how to deal with him. And he Putin to doesn’t want him to be president cuz there are going to be consequences. All right. Now here is what Joe Biden said yesterday, before Ukraine was taken over. He said, this are my slides out of order. Hang on. Well, let’s see here. What do we have here? I don’t know what, what this clip is. Let’s watch this one. This is looks like from Fox. We know that Joe Biden is, uh, going to be very harsh with Putin. Let’s see what Peter Ducey said happened last night. As soon as the shelling started in Ukraine.

Good evening. Shannon here on the north lawn of the white house where we don’t believe the president is in the oval office because when he is in the oval office, they station a Marine century outside the west wing. We have not seen that, uh, late this evening, but two minutes ago, the press secretary, uh, told us online. The president was briefed on a secure call this evening by secretary blink, secretary Austin, chairman Millie oh national security advisor, Jake Sullivan about the ongoing attack on Ukraine by Russian military forces,

Jake Sullivan, uh, we’re totally screwed. The wars over Russia won Jake Sullivan was in the room along with Anthony blink and Lloyd Austin and Joe Biden. Oh no. Uh, United States is in trouble folks cuz those, those, those four characters, they, they brought you the season one called after Afghanistan. Wasn’t a good season at all, like a 0% on rotten tomatoes. Nobody was happy with that production here. We can see that even Donald Trump was wondering where is Joe Biden? And in fact, many people on Twitter last night were going hog wild with this. They were saying, you know, prove that, prove that the president’s awake. Somebody go wake him up. Is he actually there? And he actually tweeted something right? Or somebody tweeted something. Cause I don’t even show he, he knows what a Twitter is, but somebody posted something from the presidential account. And like every comment was like, are you awake? Somebody prove he’s awake. Let’s see a picture timestamp that let you know, wake up because this was all happening late at night. And so Donald Trump of course was up because he’s up, he, you know, always up and we miss that about this sort of, uh, way of governance. We, you know, maybe it might, it would be nice to see a tweet from time to time. Here is what Benny is telling us. Donald Trump showed up on the Laura Ingrams show. This is what he had to say.

Um, president Biden is monitoring the situation at the white house now and is gonna talk to the G seven tomorrow, tomorrow. And he is gonna talk to the nation at some point tomorrow as well. Uh, your reaction to that approach.

I don’t think he’s monitoring. I think he’s probably sleeping right now. Yeah, but this is a

Yeah, probably true. And so Donald Trump went on and so, uh, you know, a lot of people were asking themselves about that. Here is what Joe Biden had to say. Uh, uh, in 2020. Okay. So here February 22nd, 2020, uh, let’s see here. He says, Vladimir Putin doesn’t want me to be president. He doesn’t want me to be our nominee if you’re wondering why it’s because I’m the only person in this field who’s ever gone toe to toe with him. All right. So, uh, that’s gonna be our president and he’s going to, um, I guess detail with the plan is so let’s hear from Joe. Now we have several clips from him. This clip was the one from yesterday. This is before the invasion took place. And so Joe Biden came out. He was addressing the American people. I think this was from yesterday. I’m pretty sure it was here. He is telling us that because of this new, uh, war that we’re gonna, uh, basically be in are, may be some consequences and Americans are just gonna have to kind of eat it. Here’s what that sounds like.

Defending freedom will have cost.

What does that mean? Defending freedom

And here at home, we need to be honest about that, but as we will do, but as we do this, I’m gonna take robust action to make sure the pay of our sanctions is targeted a Russian economy, not ours.

Okay. So that’s yesterday. Now a lot of people are, are asking our, so that’s yesterday, okay. Talking sanction, sanction, sanction. We’re gonna make sure that they don’t do this. Well, turns out they did it. He was warning us previously that there were going to be consequences. You know, this whole freedom, isn’t free thing that we can he hearing so much about while we are sort of feeling like we’re lacking in a lot of freedom here in the United States, we’re paying the price for that. So a lot of people are asking, you know, what are some of these consequences while we’re gonna see we learned earlier in the show that Putin was talking about consequences that the world has never seen before. Right? Heed. My words is essentially what he was saying is that, are those the costs that he’s talking about is he talking about Brent crude oil being up over a hundred dollars?

Hmm. Which means gas prices continue to flight flail com completely even further outta control, which means every single good that is transported on the back of a truck now costs more to ship, which means all of those costs are being passed down to everybody else. Right? It’s very serious consequences for people here in the United States, even though the, the blood and the lives being lost may be on the other side of the planet, right? There are global consequences to inept leadership. And so Joe Biden is now going to tell us now that the invasion has begun in earn in full what his plan is. He came out today, 1 45 Eastern time at the white house. And this is a three minute and 52 second clip. We’re gonna listen to as much as we can. Let’s see what Joe Biden has to say, announcing another colosal failure of his diplomacy. Now this is all Putin’s fault. Just like Afghanistan was all somebody else’s fault, Trump, whatever he is, uh, gonna be detailing what his vision, I guess, for this global order is let’s listen,

We’ve been transparent with the world. We’ve shared declassified evidence about Russia’s plans and cyber attacks and false pretext so that there could be no confusion or cover up.

We’re not confused.

Putin was doing,

Never were confused.

Putin is the aggressor,

Got it.

Putin chose this war and now he and his country will bear the consequences. Okay. Today I’m authorizing additional strong sanctions and new limitations on what can be exported to Russia. This is gonna impose severe cost on the Russian economy both immediately. And over time we have purposefully designed these sanctions to maximize the long term impact on Russia and to minimize the impact on the United eights and our allies.

All right. So I, we’re gonna pause on that real quick. Okay. So we, I have a whole series of slides that we’re about to get to where okay. Sanctions. Yes. You know, economic hardship. Okay. Yes. Uh, you know, whether they are national or individualistic, whether we’re gonna stop exporting them, certain things. Right. We spent some time earlier this week, we did a lot live stream just for locals and, uh, YouTube supporters on a private stream. The link is over on locals or on YouTube, in the com in the community section where we were talking about, uh, sort of what Russian television was saying about all this, right. They were saying, and they actually talked about cheese. They said, you know, we created our own cheese industry here in Russia, just in case they decided to cut us off from the rest of the world. And one of the other hosts on Russian TV was saying, yeah, I mean, we have good cheese here, but I still like that Italian cheese, you know, I like that par Maan cheese.

And so some stuff is working, some stuff is not working. And so we’re asking ourselves, right, as our leaders, as Joe Biden just came out and said, you know, you know, if you wanna protect freedom, there may be some consequences. And there may be some cost associated with that. That same argument is half thing over happening over there in Russia. And so as we’re gonna go through part of my question and you know, my cur curiosity was what sort of anti fragility do they have? What sort of resources make them strong and can fortify them against sanctions? You know, are they doing business in the dollar? Do they have enough food? Are they able to keep warm, you know, energy in those type types of things? Can they hold up for a certain period of time while they continue to cause enough hardship outside of their sphere, that it becomes problematic for the rest of the world? Can they make it hurt out exterior more than it hurts? Interior? I don’t know. Here is Joe Biden though. Continuing on with his statement. We’re gonna come back to that. We’re gonna look at oil. We’re gonna look at wheat. We’re going to a look at other economic factors. And Joe Biden is saying, he’s going to put the pressure on that. Let’s listen back to Joe here.

The United States is not doing this alone for months. We’ve been building a coalition of partners representing well more than half the global economy, 27 members of the European union, France, Germany, Italy, as well as the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and many others to amplify the joint impact of our response.


I just spoke with the G seven leaders this morning and we’re in full and total agreement.


We will limit Russia’s ability to do business in dollars euros pounds and Y.

Okay. So listen to that right. Limit their business to do business in dollars pounds, Euro, and Y we’re gonna look at that. We’re gonna see what type of dollars their, their, their dumping into watch to be

Part of the global economy. We’ll limit their ability to do that. We’re gonna stunt the ability of, to finance and grow, rush the Russian military. We’re gonna impose major, and we’re gonna impair their ability to compete in high tech, 21st century economy. We’ve already seen the impact of our actions on Russian’s currency, in the Aruba, which early today hit its weakest level ever, ever in history. Great Russia stock market plunged today. Government borrowing rates spiked by over 15% and today’s actions. We’ve now sanctioned Russian banks that together hold around 1 trillion in assets.

All right, we’re gonna look at all that. But man, he is really laboring through this. Isn’t he? I mean, and he looks, he looks just exhausted. Let’s watch,

We’ve cut off Russia’s largest bank, a bank that holds more than one third of Russia’s banking assets by itself. Cut it off from the us financial system.

All right, we’re gonna talk about

That. We’re also blocking four more major or banks. That means every asset they have in America will be frozen. This includes VTB the second largest bank in Russia, which has 250 billion that’s

And not inconsequential. Okay. Now we are going to see that, uh, Putin came out and the last segment of the show today, Putin came out and he has this sort of a, a press conference or this meeting with all of his, I think his oligarchs, right? The sort of the parliament. And he, he kind of has a talking to with them, right. And I haven’t watched the full thing, but he’s justifying what happened here. I’m guessing largely because many of these people don’t want their 250 billion ceased at all. So maybe that will have consequences. We’ll see, let’s go back to Biden

As promised. We’re also adding the names to the list of Russian elites and their family members that are sanctioning, that were sanctioned as well. As I said on Tuesday, these are people who personally gain from the criminals policies and they should share in the pain. We will keep up this drum beat of those designations against corrupt billionaires in the days ahead.

All right. So like what’s the end goal. So I guess the end goal would be to put enough pressure on these oligarchs that they’re gonna put enough pressure on pun that Putin’s gonna, what stop the aggression. I guess that’s the strategy. Let’s listen,

Tuesday, we stopped the Russian government from raising money from us or European investors. Now we’re gonna apply the same restrictions to Russian’s largest state-owned enterprises companies with assets that exceed 1.4 trillion. That’s


Lot, some of the most powerful impacts our actions will come over time. As we squeeze Russians access to finances and technology for strategic sectors of its economy and degraded industrial capacity for years to come between our actions and those of our allies and partners, we estimate that we’ll cut off more than half of Russia’s high tech imports.

All right,

It’ll strike a blow to their ability to continue to modernize their military. It’ll degrade their aerospace industry, including their space program. It’ll hurt their ability to build ships, reducing their ability to compete economic. And it will be a major hit to Putin’s long term strategic ambitions.

All right. And so, right. A big list of things they’re gonna do. And apparently it’s gonna impact some really serious infrastructure there in Russia. And we’ll be, you know, who knows? We’ll see, we know that the Russians think that they’re pretty robust. They’re anti-fragile, they’ve got their own infrastructure and they don’t really, really need a lot of help. They also think that they’ve got a lot of energy that Europe needs, and they also have a pretty good kind of handhold relationship with the Chinese there. And so maybe they’re a lot less concerned about what the Western countries like in Europe and the United States have to say about things because they are sort of a slipping away in terms of, or virality. We can just leave it at that. Now, several questions come at Mr. Joe Biden, the president, you can see here, he is just barely hanging on.

And this question comes in from, uh, Ducey Ducey over from Fox news is saying, you know, Mr. President, did you underestimate old Putin? Did he get the better of you on this thing? You know, you were saying for a long time that you had all these sanctions and you’re gonna do all this stuff to put the pressure on and you made it all open and transparent and the world knows the world sees it. And Putin just decided, yo only see everything you’re doing don’t even care and just watch right on in. So did you underestimate him? Did you think that what you were doing was gonna be consequential because it seems like your deterrence failed. Here’s what Ducey said. So

I’m sorry.

The next question is, did you underestimate Putin and would you still describe him the way that it did in the summer as a worthy adversary?

At the time he was, I made it clear an adversary and I said he was worthy. I didn’t underestimate him. And I’ve read most of everything he’s written. Did you read the, I shouldn’t say I’m not wise guy, the, you, you heard the speech he made almost an hour worth of speech is why he was going into Ukraine. He has much larger ambitions in Ukraine. He wants to in fact, reestablish the form Soviet union. That’s what this is about. And I think that his, uh, his ambitions, uh, are, are completely contrary to the place where the rest of the world has arrived.

You’re confident that these devastating sanctions are going to be as devastating as Russian missiles and bullets and tanks.

Yes. Russian bullets, missiles and tanks in Ukraine. Yes. Ma’am

What, what the heck did he just say? He’s saying that the sanctions are gonna be as harsh as bullets and tanks and I guess aircraft and whatever the Russians are shooting bullets, Joe Biden’s shooting sanctions, guess who’s in trouble. Now folks old Pty poo is probably quivering under his desk right now. So a very weird statement and you can see Joe Biden, you know, almost even didn’t wanna take the question, had a difficult time, uh, responding to it, but certainly didn’t underestimate Putin, just like Afghanistan was a historic exit. So we can see this episode has already been on repeats. So here is another clip. Joe Biden gets two questions. Now the media is not out buying the sanctions argument. You know, the sanctions were supposed to deter Putin from going in, in the first place. He’s now going in, you’re gonna add more sanctions.

And Joe, you also just told us that he is not even interested in Ukraine. He’s interested in realigning and recreating the Soviet union. And so you’re gonna be dealing with somebody who wants to go back to sort of the cold war era and relive the glory days of the Soviet union. You’re gonna just continue to sanction that person, right? To go back to the parliament guy from the Ukraine. He was saying, there’s a lot of analogies here, right? Calling him another sort of modern version, Hitler, somebody who’s not gonna stop at the border. And you take a look at guys like, you know, Chamberlain and others in that era who were, who were meeting with Hitler and reporting back that he was just an amazing guy, right? So you start to see some of these analogies now sanction sanction sanctions is the word of the day out of the white house. Is it consequential at all? Here’s a great question from, I think this might even be CNN. Is it,

Um, uh, Cecilia VA Vega, ABC,


Sir, sanctions clearly have not been enough to deter Vladimir Putin to this point. What is going to stop him? How and when does this end and do you see him trying to go beyond Ukraine? And a second question, I’ll just give to you now, this statement that he gave last night will that the, we, the threat that he gave the west will face consequences greater than any you have faced in history. Is he threatening a nuclear strike?

I have no idea. Oh, great. He’s threatening. I know what he has done. Oh,


Number two. No one expected the sanction to prevent anything from happening that has to, this is gonna take time and we have to show resolve. So he knows what’s coming. And so the people of Russia know what he’s on them. That’s what this is all about. This is gonna take time. It’s not gonna occur. He’s gonna say, oh my God, these sanctions are coming. I’m gonna stand down. He’s gonna test the resolve of the west to see if we stay together. And we will, we will. And it will impose significant costs on him.

You know, is, is Putin gonna nuke your country beats me? I don’t know. I don’t know what he’s thinking. Sure. Hope not, not while I’m president, but if he does well, we’re gonna be firmly resolved and we’re gonna make sure we deal with it. Cuz the west is whatever, right? It’s the same language that we’ve heard over the last month. NATO’s allied and we’re gonna be unified. And Kamala Harris goes over there. We support our partners. We support our partners is how she talks. And you go, what is with these people? They keep saying the same thing and Putin just doesn’t care. He just doesn’t care at all. That’s great. You’re all unified. You all have this weird party going on. Enjoy yourselves. I’m just gonna March on in here and take over the rest of the world. It’s pretty embarrassing. Here is another quest on sanctions from somebody else in the media. Let’s see who this person is.

If sanctions cannot stop president Putin, what penalty can

I didn’t say sanctions couldn’t stop him. But

You’ve been talking about the threat of these sanctions for several weeks now.

Yes, but the threat of the sanctions and imposing the sanctions and seeing the effect of the sanctions are two different things.

Oh, you see what they’re doing,

But two different things. And we’re now going to, he’s gonna begin to see the effect of the sanctions

And what will that do? How will that change his mindset here? Given he’s attacking

Ukraine because so weaken his country that he’ll have to make a very, very difficult choices. The, whether to continue to move toward being his second rate power or in fact respond, you

Said in recent weeks, that big nations cannot bluff when it comes to something like this. You recently said that the idea of personally sanctioning president Putin was on the table. Is that a step that you’re prepared to take? And if not,

Yeah. A bluff is on the table.

Sanctioning president Putin. Yes. Why not sanction him today, sir? Mr.


Why not sanction

Mr. President, if I can detail some severe and swift new sanction.

Oh, why couldn’t he answer that question? Very good question from that woman. Yeah. You know, why don’t you just sanction old Putin over there? Why don’t you just cut off all his assets? They haven’t done that yet. Apparently. So lot of sanction talk, not a lot of solution talk. And so I was very curious about this, you know, what is the sanction game going to do to Russia? Is this gonna be a big thing? You know, look, we don’t know. Right? We’re just citizens. We just sort of, uh, you know, have to take in what these garbage bureaucrats feed us. And they have these, you know, these and little tools they use to tell us that these things are effective. And it’s like, it’s a bunch of people like pushing paper around like acting like they’re doing stuff, but it’s not actually anything we’re gonna sanction them.

Okay, great. Well, is it consequential or not? Cuz it doesn’t seem like it is because all of the dictators around the world who’ve constantly been sanctioned for as long as I’ve been alive. Just continue to dictate as far as I can tell. And so we take a look now at Russia, very curious about the pipeline network that they’ve got there, you can see right. That area that we’re talking about gonna highlight this puppy in red, where is my cursor? There it is here. Let’s do that again. Ukraine is, is in this area. You can see this sort of highlighted area. The border is Ukraine. Lot of gas pipelines going through there. And we’ve got several like this one in purple, which is the Soyus pipeline system. This one in blue looks like it’s the blue stream pipeline. We’ve got number five, which is, uh, the sus I can’t tell where all these are.

Right? Different color. They all blend together Northern lights and the Yama pipeline system. And then what we were really looking at was the Nord stream too. This Nord stream two here come coming sort of around this one and then working its way down across this region into Germany, a lot of activity, a lot of oil, a lot of it coming from Russia into other parts of Europe, as you can see. Okay. Right. See these tributary is coming here down here into these other parts, right. My guess is that’s oil coming from Russia kind of not the other way around. Right. You know, are they, are they piping in oil from France and Italy? I don’t think so. So yeah. Europe is pretty dependent on a punch of that oil, I would guess, guess here. And we also ask ourselves about, uh, you know, food. Okay.

So if Russia is gonna be like this independent siloed country, they’re gonna be cut off from the rest of the world. Cuz Joe Biden and Jake Sullivan, they went back to their Oxford and Harvard pals and they decided that they’re gonna sanction PTI. All right. And so they decided that they’re gonna do that. Uh, they’ve got a lot of fuel, right? There was a whole Nord stream too. There’s there’s a lot of fuel in Russia. So probably gonna be able to heat their houses quite well and stay warm and provide right. So their, their population’s gonna have that going for them. We start thinking about things like food supplies. We have a interesting graphic here who buys the Russian and the Ukrainian wheat. I think I had a different slide. I wanna to show you first. Yes. This is what I wanted to show you here.

This is the top exporters of wheat around the world. All right. And so this is one of those fancy graphics that when I play it is going to show you, uh, where the world ends up. And now let’s take a look here in 2000, we see who is the major exporters of wheat around the world. You take a look, us Canada, France, Argentina, Australia, Germany, UK, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Belgium. Guess who’s not in that list. Russia. Guess who else is not in that list? Ukraine. And so once we fast forward and we’re asking about wheat, the top exporters in the world, let’s see who rises to the top. Let’s see, who’s got plenty of wheat and a arguably a food supply. Let’s listen. So here, if I press play. Okay. What? Oh, stuff. Oh, look who just jumped onto the board. Russia is now in fifth place.

Russia is moving up to fourth. Russia, Russia. I third Russia is back down to fourth. We’ve got Ukraines in the house. Russia is now down at about fifth place. Moving up to fourth and Ukraine’s right behind Russia. Russia takes third. Ukraine’s moving into six Russia’s in number one, not even close. Russia’s number one takes the lead. 2019. Russia becomes the number one exporter of wheat around the world as of 2019. And then we have Ukraine it’s, which is in like the fifth position, right? So we see these two places now, major exporters, us, Canada and France take up the third, second, third, and fourth position. And so plenty of food. And uh, a lot of people are buying that wheat. You can see if we go to this slide, you can see the entire supply of the wheat is the listed over here on the left and all the different countries in the area are buying it.

Now similarly, right? Most of this is not going to Europe. Okay? So that gigantic export problem, right? If, if, if Europe cuts them off, who cares? According to them, because big parts of this supplier are going to Egypt. Turkey, Bangladesh. Lara is split between, you know, African countries got Nigeria. We’ve got Sudan. We have, uh, Thailand, Morocco, South Korea, Spain. Israel’s in here. They’re all buying the wheat. Guess who’s not here. United States, Germany, England, France, UK, Switzerland. None of those countries are there. All right. So cut ’em off. Who cares? We also see they’ve got a lot of agricultural land in Ukraine. And so if the Russians actually take Ukraine, well, they’ve got a bunch of new land to do all their farming. They’ve got exports. Guess who’s buying their exports. Okay. Ukraine, exports. Guess where those go? Those those go to Russia and China. Perfect.

Russia’s already gonna have them. So the other countries are Germany, Poland, Italy, Turkey. So we’ve got a couple European countries, Germany, Poland, Italy. Let’s say they bail out. Maybe Turkey too. They still have Egypt, India. And so, you know, they can, they can maybe weather that storm. Also over here, Russia’s top exports are all over to China. 14% go to China that you’ve got Belarus. Then you’ve got Turkey, South Korea, us Kazakhstan, UK and Germany, Italy. All right. So we can see that we already went through the exports. We can also take a look at the black sea. Now, if Russia takes over Ukraine, they get a big fat new port. They’re very happy about Ukraine relies on the black sea ports to export agricultural goods around the world. Here. The contested area that we were fighting about in 2014 was creme. And now if they take Ukraine, they’re gonna be able to get these ports here in Odesa and near Moldova.

This was the Nord stream two pipeline, right? This is all being basically canceled right now. We saw those other pipeline that are going in different areas. We heard that this is off, but is where’s where’s uh, Germany getting its fuel from then. Good question here. We also heard Joe Biden was going to be, you know, sort of, uh, clamping them down in terms of the us dollar here. This is another clip from the Geno geoeconomics center over from something like the Atlantic council source is from the bank of Russia. So, you know, keep that in mind here. This says you can see the different colors. We are comparing a couple different currencies. We’ve got the Russian ruble. We’ve got the us dollar is in green settlements in the Euro, and then other currencies when Russia exports to China, okay, this is what we’re talking about here. What are they settling their exports in? Oh, very interesting. In 2013, all the way up about 2015, all of the settlements were taking place in the us dollar that started to narrowly tighten. After 2015, 2018 comes around. We see a drastic tapering of the settlements. They’re not settling their exports in us dollars anymore. They’re now settling them in euros. Oh, very interesting. So the us dollar seems like it’s less consequential

Then maybe the Euro is now. If they, you know, if they put some pressure on the Euro or whatever, Maybe that still becomes a problem for them, but you can see they’re making a hard pivot away from the us dollar. So who knows if those sanctions are gonna have any consequence we’ll see and re remember, we’re not talking sort of, uh, the same game of playing the same game here. One’s a game of economics. The other’s a game of empire and empires

Have different priorities than sanctions and, you know, uh, good exchange rates and things like that. So I think they’re playing a little bit of a different game. Joe Biden also exploring other options. What else can they do to push back here against this Russian and invasion? ABC or NBC news was reporting that Biden has been presented options for massive cyber attacks against Russia, including disrupting the internet, shutting off power and stopping trains in their tracks. Biden been presented a number of options. Two us intelligence officials won Western intelligence and another person briefed on the matter, say no final decisions have been made, but us and military warriors have been proposing the use of America’s cyber weapons on a scale never before contemplated can shut off power, stop them from resupplying their forces. You could do everything from slowing the trains down to having them fall off. The tracks

Continues on, says sources said the options presented include preemptive responses to the invasion of Ukraine. Many said the potential would be designed to, uh, to disrupt, but not destroy and just harm the networks. One us official set. Our response will be harsh and measured, but not so severe is to encourage, put, to take more drastic steps. White house didn’t respond for comment. Somebody said in a statement, this report is wildly off basis does not, does not reflect what is actually being discussed that came out from Emily Horn over at the white house. Yeah, I think the white house would need to be concerned about that because, uh, recall the United States hasn’t done too well on the most recent cyber attacks that have happened there. Remember we talked about many of those here on this channel. What was it? The, uh, the pipeline there near, uh, on the east coast, right?

Wasn’t that a cyber hack? Not sure. The us infrastructure is really built to withstand a cyber war, especially when largely many of the bots and hackers come out of Russia in the first place. All right. And so lot of questions being bandied about over there at the white house, in the Biden administration, what is going to be done? We’ve heard sanctions for months now and sanctions were imposed and Putin did what he did anyways. So we’ll see if that matters, but it might here is Putin who came out and addressed a group of his oligarchs today. And I hopefully this is translated

Outside risks and, uh, challenges, but inside our country, we have to be more effective and work, not, um, uh, according, uh, today’s agenda, but tomorrow’s agenda too. Uh, what I would like to say first, it’s the main thing that you want to, you have to understand is happening. It’s, it’s something that now we didn’t, we were not given any other chances to otherwise

No choice

In the, uh, in the security, uh, area. We would, we couldn’t react any other way. All our tries, uh, to, um, it was complete zero and I would say, and, um, I’m very surprised we, we didn’t move any further, not even, not even an inch. I want to underline and emphasize that this is, this is not what, what was, uh, basically it was, we, we had to do it because the, the risks were, were really, uh, serious for the whole existence of the, I understand which world we live again.

Now this, this translator doesn’t sound like he’s too good. Right. He sounds like he’s sort of really struggling here. And I don’t know if that’s because he’s like struggling to translate or if, because Putin is struggling to talk, like if Putin’s like, you know, kind of struggling and it it’s, I mean, if the translation’s correct, it sort of sounds like he’s kind of like explaining himself, you know, like I did this big thing, everybody in the room is at me. I’m like, I know, I’m sorry. Like, but listen, like, you know, we had to do this. There’s nothing else we could do here. We were out of options. They were gonna wreck our country. And so we had no choice and he’s sort of addressing a room that looks like this, a big group of other diplomats or oligarchs or whatever. And it kind of feels to me like, he’s like explaining himself, right? Like, Ugh, don’t, don’t take me out. I had, I had to

Do it. We are ready to what’s happening at the moment as to sanctions and restrictions in the end of the day. I just want to say something like, it’s very important. What I’m gonna say. I want to, uh, react, uh, what the, uh, the Russian, uh, union of entrepreneurs said, Russia becomes a part of the world economy. And because of that, We are not, we are not gonna hurt System that we are, we are part of Russia is a part of, we don’t, we don’t do any harm to this system of world economy, which we are a part of. And we, we are there. And I think our partners should understand that. And, and to not push us outside of this system, uh, even, even of course, uh, some restrictions will happen because of the polic politics and all the rest of it. And I want to, uh, appeal to you and ask you, uh, please understand what’s happening


Be, work it with solidarity with the government. And we will maintain our economy, our, uh, industry and, uh, uh, workplaces from on behalf of the, uh, government and, uh, the authorities. Of course, I, I see that, uh, task that we will give you good conditions would provide you more freedom.

All right. So you get the picture here, right? Translators having a little bit of he’s back, he’s back having a little bit of a tough time, uh, you know, doing the translation here. But I think we get the gist of this. The Putin is out there sort of, of, you know, really kind of calming the seas a little bit, right. Everybody’s kind of panicking a little bit saying, look, just support the government. We’re gonna get through this thing. You know, our economy’s gonna be fine. Entrepreneurs are talking about, you know, Russia being out there on the global stage. Well, they’re not taking us on the global stage. They are trying to wreck our country and that’s why we had to do this. And we’re gonna be stronger as a result of it. It’s kind of that leadership raw, raw speed, you know, uh, I know it’s hurting.

I know it’s hard, but just keep going and you’re gonna, we’re gonna make it through it. It’s one of those speeches, but similarly, right. He does seem like he sort of, kind of, uh, kind of, uh, you know, hunched over a little bit, kind of like he got some, somebody kind of kicked him in the butt a little bit and said, Hey, they took my hundred billion and they’re not giving it to me. You know, in Canada, they lock down a bunch of the freedom, convoy, protestors, they seize their bank accounts. And, uh, here it’s happening in Russia too. Another dictatorship is, uh, causing people to lose their funds, you know? Yeah. And so people get upset about that. And when that happens, there are consequences. So old

Pty poo having to address the crowd. And, um, we have some reaction from other places around the world. Britain came out and they said, we have always been clear. There would be massive consequences and a severe cost for any Russian military. And so today they’ve got another unprecedented package of further sanctions. So, uh, sanctions over from the UK, they wrote a very sternly worded, uh, worded letter that nobody cares about anymore. Here. They say the UK and the international community stand against this naked aggression and the people of Ukraine are in our hearts and minds. All right. No, that’s good. Very nice that they think that in, uh, in Putin’s Russia, they’re arresting anti-war protestors. So same thing that happened in Canada, essentially people who were anti-government there got arrested, uh, well into the hundreds, Putin did the same thing. Police detained at least 389 anti-war protestors in Canada.

It wasn’t anti-war protestors. It was anti mandate protestors, but, uh, same thing, dictators gonna dictate. As, as we see a, around the world, Putin’s new ally is, uh, China and China earlier this week, even before the invasion started, they were getting their media ducks in a row. You can see that they posted this us here. Uh, this was a interesting thing that happened a couple days ago. So this would’ve been on what Tuesday, the 22nd, this came out, apparently this was detailed. Censorship instructions were leaked out by one of the Chinese media entities. So the dissemination of reports was mistakenly linked. This account is the called dis Indian account. It belongs to Beijing news. And so they posted this. And so obviously I don’t read Mandarin, but so, and so re refers to presumably the people’s daily, the Zen w agency and CCTV. Okay. So look, this is what, this is what happened.

This is a memo that came out on, you know, in China and a China entity called bay news, posted this online. And it’s a memo that is saying how to cover, how to censor the news. And so this guy apparently can translate for us. He says Beijing news and their social media account accidentally posted its own censorship orders from high up it details ban on posts that are not positive towards Russia or positive towards the west. Okay. So like here, we’ll break that down. If it’s not positive towards Russia, don’t post it. So if it’s negative towards Russia, you’re not allowed to post that. You’re also not allowed to post anything that is positive towards the west. Okay. So in other words, they’re not going to be sort of cheerleading for Russia, but they are going to be stopping anything that is not positive. All user comments must be carefully screened and slowly posted.

And that’s the new, uh, order that came out from the CCP in China. Now we have a similar order in the United States media because you’ll notice that this came out on 22nd. We had a similar order come out from our own communist media here. CBS news posted this also on February 22nd. And so this new talking point that came out even before the invasion started from CBS, is that the us economy has been hit with increased gas prices, inflation and supply chain issues due to the Ukraine crisis. All right. So this talking point was already spreading around two days ago that the economy is gonna be having, uh, big problems now because of crisis, there was no invasion. Putin didn’t even sign the order back on February 22nd. And so increased gas prices, inflation and supply chain issues. So you can see when you have an opportunity to exploit a crisis, you’re gonna wanna make sure you do that.

And here is a good one. And so all of the economic hard, you know, all of the other things that nobody in the media wants, uh, to talk about as it relates to the crumbling Biden administration, uh, now gonna conveniently have something to talk about, uh, probably not even gonna have time to talk about the freedom convoy or anything like that either, right? Because now it’s all Ukraine, it’s war porn, everywhere. You turn everything, you know, whether there’s new, uh, information that is coming out from the CDC or from the FDA, you know, now we can, uh, not talk about things like Maxwell. We can all talk about Ukraine and talk about, uh, the, the never ending war. And let’s see what you have to say about this from our friends [email protected] and see if we had any. Oh yeah. And so this was a good, uh, a good juncture point. So remember this video, I was talking about this video, before we jump into your comments, this was the video of, uh, sort of, uh, I was talking about earlier this week, this kind of felt a lot like what sort of, what the west was doing and, uh, screaming at Putin. And then this is sort of what, what Putin was doing.

Okay. So the cat is Putin And the woman behind the camera is going to be, um, The west screaming at Putin. Okay. So watch

No, no, no, no, no, no. Oh

No. That’s Putin. No, Don’t do it. We’re gonna sanction you. We’re gonna sanction you. We’re gonna sanction. You don’t do it.


Yeah. He did it. Yeah. He just did it.

Oh man. Yeah. So obviously I don’t think Putin, his thug life are a good person for doing what he, he did, but that’s essentially what happened there. I mean, I think that’s pretty accurate. All right. Let’s see, we’ve got some questions that came in and some comments. So we’re gonna do a refresh on this. Let’s see if there is anything here. There is. All right. And so we’ve got some questions that came in over on YouTube. Let’s get to those. We had a super chat that came in, uh, Barry cream. No, wait, that was yesterday. Uh, do we get, oh, we may not have gotten any super chat. All right. So let’s see what else we have over here on, uh, locals. We’ve got one here. News now says I’m really hoping you’re gonna bring up former presidential candidate. John Carey’s comments about being worried about how the, this battle and the effects will have on CO2 emissions. And didn’t mention the loss of innocent lives though. I did not actually even see that news now. Where might that be? Let’s see. I think I, I know where I can find that. Uh, let’s see if CFP has it.

Yes. Here’s a John Carey clip. Here is the clip. I think news now is talking about let’s watch this. So John Kerry,

I’m very concerned about, I’m concerned about Ukraine because of the people of, of Ukraine and because of the principles that are at risk, uh, in terms of international law and trying to change boundaries of international law by force, uh, I thought we lived in a world that had said no to that kind of activity, and I hope diplomacy will win, but a massive, uh, emissions consequences to the war. But equally importantly, you’re gonna lose people’s focus. You’re gonna lose certainly big country attention because they will be diverted. And, and, uh, I think it could have a damaging impact. So, you know, I think hopefully president Putin would realize that in the Northern part of his country, they used to live on the 6% of a nation that was over frozen land. Now it’s thawing and his infrastructure is at risk and the people of Russia at risk. And so I hope president Putin will help us to stay on track with respect to what we need to do for the climate

Man. He looks rough. So, all right. So that’s an interesting thing. Climate change gonna be a big, big, uh, issue, uh,

And this work is brought up.

Oh, come on. Is that Jen? Oh, stop. Stop. All right, let’s go back here. Let’s see. We’ve got another question that came in here from, uh, this is it’s ed says, Rob, this is scary. Comical. Where are all the people that cried about Trump possibly causing world war II into war with Russia when Trump won the nomination, why aren’t the same people denouncing Biden for letting this happen? You know, it’s a great point. It’s kind of interesting, right? It seems like a lot of, uh, the Democrats are very pro-war now, right? I noticed that I’ve noticed that a lot of people are saying, you know, Tucker Carlson is just shilling for put and, and then everybody else on the other side is, uh, really sort of screaming for war. Like we’re all gonna just jump on the, go to war, train, and go fight for democracy.

Where were you? Idiots when they were wrecking democracy here at home. Now, suddenly we want everybody to jump on the train and cart off to Ukraine. Wild says under Obama bay annex creme on under Trump, Russia state and line Biden comes in Russia. Invades Ukraine almost seems like CME was annex for a purpose, Hitler, annex, checklist, lava, and use their manufacturing abilities to build their war machines. Specifically, the majority of their tanks came froms region. Now Putin is using this newly annex area as a staging post for their advancement. Why are people refusing to acknowledge this? Trump had balls, no one pushed him. Putin is a Wey and the world is walking all over him. Biden is a weenie and the world is walking all over him. I can’t believe anyone voted for this loser. I know it’s pretty, pretty wild. Right? And lot of the, so I know people who did vote for him and I’m, I’m, you know, still talking to them and, uh, looking at them saying, how about this performance?

Huh? And they’re going, I know they’re going. I know it’s bad. And it’s weird. Right? You’re probably talking to people about that. And uh, they’re probably having the same reaction. Purely Wally says the, with the us and the UK is crazy. We went into Iraq for no good reason twice. Russia does what it wants as do the us and the UK. Yeah. Right. I think, I think there’s truth to that. Who knows the west. Isn’t gonna do anything about it. Heather’s three girl says that Ukrainian one is one tough bird. I really hope more have her spirit. It’s true about that. Right? It’s true. Those people who go out there and they look at, you know, my super chats are not working today. Why are they not showing up on the screen? I’m irritated about this.

What’s happening here. So I saw a super chat come in and it’s not showing up. It’s not popping up. And I don’t know what that’s all about. So I apologize. So that that’s what the problem. All right, anyways, I’ll be able to read them now. So JJ Clem said Canadian dictator is blocking RT news. They said, Putin is a dictator. Oh my God. Canada’s a joke. Uh, captain Jim, uh, not, not, I’m sorry. Not the people. I love the Canadian people. I feel terrible for the Canadian people. Justin Trudo is a joke is what I should have said, captain Jim says, Hey, Rob, what a day? I actually have relatives in both countries too. Well, our we’re praying for him. Captain Jim says, anyway, the lady confronting the Russian soldier, told him to put sunflower seeds in his pocket. That way sunflowers will grow when he dies on their soil.

Sucks all around. Yeah. Yeah. I think that’s true. Praises for your family out there. Captain Jim facts matter says, Rob poor hunter may lose his Ukraine cash cows. If Joe fights hard on the ground, it’s because Putin may expose Hunter’s dirt. There is a lot of history there. Monster one says, can’t wait until they impeach the person responsible Donald Trump. I, I can’t believe Donald Trump did this. I can you believe this he’s causing world war II in real time. And he is not even president. That’s how evil he is. That’s why he must be stopped. Leticia James, we have its ed says WTF. Germany depends on Russia, natural gas. You really think they’re gonna sanction. Russia is Biden insane. Wait, don’t answer that. We’ll we’ll see. We’ll see. Right? So I’ve seen a lot of these. I didn’t clip it. I should have clipped it, but I’m seeing sort of a, you know, backpedaling from, uh, some of the financial people saying, hold on a minute, we can’t just do all these sanctions, Joe.

We have to heat our own houses. Hand of not is here, says Rob, as Kae told his many disciples, peace through power, I dearly want to beat a dead horse about how the world arrived at today. It’s done. People made a choice about who would lead the west. Biden’s impeccable. Tailoring is insufficient to dissuade Russia or China. I suspect the entire cabinet and J C O F the joint chiefs of staff are perceived abroad, laughable impeachment, or 25th. Don’t really improve the hot mess. I agree with post SOIC on at least one response. Russia is a energy economy relying on exports of oil and natural gas. The us could implement policy changes and reinvigorate our economy. This becomes a war of supply. We drive the cost of oil. So low L N G solo that the Russian economy implodes far more than mere sanctions could manage worth mentioning that Russia chose to go to war after Germany was hostage to heating needs and the us unable to lift the burden. Whereas in 2019, us was net exporting, maintained vigilance, hand of nod that comes. And, uh, captain Jim says word on that one. Yeah. Very good comment. Jules C says za Baba, boom. And I think Jules C also on YouTube had a two of those comments. So I’ll say it again. Later we have another one from Viti kiss. Biden said the people of Russia know what he brought on. Um, dissect that one for a minute.

Uh, look, there’s a lot of ways to dissect that. And it’s hard to, to, to gauge this, right? I sort of look at this as an apple and oranges conversation, Joe Biden in the left and many people in the west, they want to have an apples conversation. That’s not at all what Putin wants to have. He wants to have a orange conversation. And if you’re trying to have conversations about, uh, two different things, thinking you’re getting somewhere, you’re not, and we’re not. That’s why the thumbnail on the show today is futility. Because for some reason they think they’re having a conversation with Putin that is not happening. We have another one from it’s ed says. Yeah, but let’s be honest, Rob, this wheat isn’t organic. Oh yeah. Wait, you mean countries, don’t give a flip about organic wheat when you’re starving, who would’ve thought about that’s true.

Yeah. Yeah. You know, the, the, the granola crunchers over at Berkeley, they don’t want that wheat. Okay. It’s not, it’s not, uh, free range, organic, uh, free roaming cage, free wheat. That’s the only type of wheat that they’ll eat. That could be a jingle free range. Farm free cage, free wheat. Brian hack is here, says LM, AO Russia is invading Ukraine. CA Canada is fighting itself. And this American and another American are arguing the position of never eating humans and possibly eating humans. If society collapse I’m on side, never. However pineapple goes on everything. Uh, listen, Brian,

We’re not gonna get into the pineapple on pizza argument. It’s gonna devolve into that at some point, we’ll save that for world war four. First name last name says great job today with the breakdown of the export and import through Ru very informative. We’re all screwed. That’s from, uh, first name, last name. So thank you for that one. First name, last name. Yeah. It’s interesting to think about this sort of from a different lens through the economics lens. I’m glad that you enjoyed it. I had fun looking through all of that. There are some really great, uh, great, uh, threads on telegram by the way. We’re on telegram my discussion forum, you know, or it’s, I, I don’t even know what to call it. My channel, I think is what you call it on. Telegram is not, you know, very good I’m working on it, but there is a really good one in disclosed TV has a good one. What are some of the other ones that I’m following disclosed TV has a really good one. Let’s see here. Truckers for freedom is another one project Veritas is on there. Yeah. The one that I’ve really been a part like I’ve been really enjoying is this closed.tv. They’ve got a lot of good stuff on Ukraine.

All right. We had another one in from Jay says thank you, Robert. And the Watchers. Another question. Uh, thank you, Jay salt. He, he, he gave us a salt emoji. So I salty, I don’t know if you’re saying I’m salty. I, I might be, could be true. Ste Moore says, are you worried about how China is going to look at us now? I think there’s some real, you know, consequence there. And I think that, uh, the Chinese would love the ability to go and sort of do the same thing with Taiwan. I think that that is probably a thing that is, uh, being talked about right now. No doubt about that. Great question from Stefania Moore Magdalene F says, at least you can make me laugh. It’s still great to have humor in these uncertain times. Look, I think, yes, it is a, it is a horrific, terrible situation, but we also gotta keep context to this thing.

You know, I think a big part of how the establishment maintains power over people is they make you think that every single thing that happens in the world is your problem. When really it is not your problem, right? Most of our problems are local and they are able to engage us emotionally by dragging us into everybody. Else’s every single conflict, right? You have to be emotionally invested in everything, gotta open the New York times and wow, I gotta drop everything and go help this current crisis. Well, unfortunately right, as, as a, of just practicality, many of us just don’t have the ability to go out and impact the world, right? We can sit here and we can commiserate and we can support people with our money and our resources and our votes, and we can build our own communities. But, you know, again, I’m, I’m still having a real hard time sort of, um, you know, understanding why the United States needs to be involved in every single global conflict and the solution to every single global problem.

When we have our own problems here that have been ignored by our own leaders and politicians for most of my life, right? And we’re sort of running out of bandwidth to be able to solve everything for everybody until we get our own affairs in order woke, Wari is here from Jules Z. So that’s true, right? NATO. And the, the woke Marines are very interested in, uh, pronouns and sort of making sure that there’s enough diversity for everybody. And I think those are the super chats. Thank you for those. We had another one coming in from Paul Greg here on local, says Rob the world versus Putin. How about neocons, neoliberals, Western Pluto, photography, pro photography, proto C versus Russia and China and India. That’s probably more accurate. Yeah. I mean, I was sort of pressed for time on that, but it’s, that’s definitely more accurate.

I think that’s true. That’s from Paul, Greg, Brian hack is here, says a good meme that showcases India. One of the world’s oldest, constant empires air traffic controller says avoid the area. There’s a war on and air India says Lero Jenkins. And so you can see India. Apparently it’s just flying right over Ukraine. Whereas the rest of, uh, the air traffic is not the Roy Jenkins is a good meme. Of course. Uh, sometimes I’ll Leroy Jenkins right into issues and right into, you know, things. And sometimes it works out. Sometimes not here is another one. A good joke. Destination Helsinki occupation. No, just visiting. Oh, you get it. It he’s asking for his occupation. Like, are you a dictator? No, just visiting, not gonna occupy at this time here. Former LIO says, it sounds like Putin is using mean words, incorrect pronouns and microaggressions. Somebody get the secretary of defense Darth Vader out from under his bed so he can put away those bad words.

And let’s do a quick refresh over here. A couple others came in from YouTube C says Trudeau for prison, which we’ll see if that happens. That would be, uh, not a bad, not a bad thing. Cuz he is a little, uh, dictator over there. Uh, and another one woke, woke war three over on locals. Let’s see super chatting case. Jim missed it. Greg Morra Greg. I still had your thesis in my inbox. I’m going to look at it says, do you think Putin will also capture Moldova next? Cause that’s where the Western NATO border ends in Romania also read Taiwan. Warren’s Chinese aircraft in the defense zone. Maybe it’s nothing, but who knows at that state at this stage? I think that’s true. I’ve seen a lot of headlines about that news now says don’t worry. The president is gonna wa his finger at China next to keep them in line.

Yeah. So not so sure how that’s gonna work out. They’ve been doing a lot of finger wagging and it’s not working out anywhere. They turn, I’m not gas says and to close out my tirade. Did we, did we miss the T rate? Oh, here it is. So I’m not gases here says if everyone is a Nazi, no one is a Nazi. So after Hitler, Bush was Hitler two, then Trump was Hitler three. Then Asad was Hitler four, no, wait. Sadam was Hitler three. Then Putin is Hitler five or Hitler eight. I don’t know. But Putin is Hitler fighting as of battalion who are neo-Nazis but Russia or Nazis invading the suit aid land. But Trump is Hitler simultaneously while Trudo Trudo and puter Hitler, can we stop with this? Everything is Hitler and Nazi crap. He says it’s like a giant mind virus making people unable to say anything besides myopic brain dead takes on politics.

Well, you know, I’m not gas. You know? It sounds, that sounds like something Hitler would say honestly, you know, it sounds like a dictator would say something like that. So you better watch it. I’m just kidding. He says, and to close out my tirade, we should all remember when masters fight slaves bleed. Yeah. They’re not going to war all these people who are out there on MSN BC or wherever, you know, uh, Tucker Carlson is Putin sock puppet, right? Is you can go fight those wars for all I care. Monster one says RADA canceled his stream last night and Russia invades coincidence. I think not put didn’t get his unbred and revolted. I’ve still not up to speed on the breaded unbred I don’t know which is better what it means. And I’m at this point, I’m too afraid to ask Georgia peaches says, Rob, was that Dr.

Dre? That cat was dancing to I yeah. Yeah, it was wasn’t it? Yeah. It was Dr. Dre. Yeah. Thug life, man. See Reed says, Rob, just an update on the David da case, which should be the biggest news in history. But mainstream media will not challenge. It would love to see a mind map on this or at least your take on it. David data line, who is this? I remember this name. You know which, which guy is this? Is this the Chevron? What just happened here? I think I just minimized every single screen that I have. And so are we still broadcasting? We are broadcasting. I hit that. Minimize everything button. Oh, that didn’t work out very well. All right, here we go. We’re back. So we’ll take a look at that sea Reed. We got that one from, I’m not gas. We have this one here as a blast from in the past in Ukraine. This is from Viki. And so yeah, we can see some of this stuff.


Oh, look who this is

Succeeded. Not because of equipment, but because of your courage.


So interesting. We’re back here again. I’m not gas. As my Geiger cat is ticking. A nuke just flew over my house. Georgia peaches says, Hey, Rob, at this old age, I’m learning so much more from you than I did in four years of college. Even when these still use books and most professors were anti-government you got such a talent. Keep me interested and entertained. I have two friends that are quite liberal that listen to you fairly frequently. Now that’s talent. Rob, keep up the great work and thanks for the M and M intro. Oh thank you, Georgia peaches. So, uh, that’s a, that’s a really nice, huge compliment. And I also wanna give a shout out to my, uh, my lovely aunt Linda. She says she listens to me and she, you know, we have some disagreements on politics out there, but she listens to.

And so I love my liberal friends who listen to the show. I really appreciate it. Look, I think that we have a lot more in common than not in common, right? Like the parties keep changing for some reason. But if you’re anti-war like, like don’t, aren’t like the liberals used to be anti-war and for some reason it doesn’t sound like they are anymore for some, I don’t know. All right. And so we’ve got a couple others before we wrap it up for the day. Let’s do a quick refresh over here. We check, uh, over on YouTube. First name, last name says Biden for dog catcher. That’s a lot of work. You gotta like be able to move and like walk upstairs and things. I’m not sure that he can handle that. We have another one from oh five Redex. Number one says, what brands of polo shirts are you wearing on the stream?

It’s a good question. This is a Travis Matthew shirt. There’s another brand that I also like, and I can’t remember the name of it. Oh, Grayson. The other collared shirts are the Grayson Grayson shirts. They’re very good. If you’re here in the, in, uh, there’s a woman, I recommend her. She has a store at 32nd street and Camelback, I think Indian school, Q contrary, Mary. She’s amazing. She helps me because I’m clueless with clothes and most things that involve style. And so she helps me with that stuff. She’s amazing. Couple other questions came in Georgia peak is I did I, did I miss another comment from you? Or did I get that one? Let me check real quick. Let’s do a check on this. Make sure I don’t miss any of these. And while that’s loading, we’ll go back up to the top 5 0 3 says it’s springtime for Hitler. All joking aside. It’s pretty at a person. Wouldn’t be able to remake the producers these days, how far we have fallen. And so let’s check one more over here from Georgia peaches. Make sure we got all of these.

I think we did my friends. I think that is it for the day. And I’m checking some of the chats. Let’s check over on rumble to my rumble over there. And I think that is it my friends for the day. And so I wanna thank everybody for being a part of the show. What did I do with the rest of my slides? One more reminder to join us over here on the join button. If you wanna be a member, don’t forget to subscribe before you get outta here. Big shout outs to the spotlight supporters. These are the people who just really extra, you know, send some extra love to the show we give ’em a little bit extra love here on this slide. And if somebody who, uh, you know, wants to kind of advertise a, a name or a logo or a social media profile or a, you know, link to your business or a nonprofit, you can do that by supporting the show, uh, at the highest tier membership on YouTube or an equal tier on locals.

And we’ll get you added to this slide. Just shoot me a message. Really, really appreciate eight, your support shoutouts to Mr. J bug. Mr. Blue bunny. We got Ricky, Bishop Henry Dixon, Kareem 1 65 timber traveler, big shoutouts to everybody here. Words mean things. Charge and bossy. B J Pearson, hot rod roommate. Desense we’ve got Ray K. Okay. Max Webster, Braveheart 29, DMAC, Boston Huck G ultra fragile freedom for all. We have gamers complete miss AESC, Jennifer Delman Kim. So road runner 60 little red rose P Tatum, miss Marple wise facts matter and ask why on this Saturday, February 26 at seven o’clock Eastern time. If you’re a supporter [email protected], we’ve got a monthly meetup that is taking place at it’s on zoom ultra high security. Now you gotta log in. And if you, uh, join us, we’ll spend about an hour an hour and a half talking with each other.

It’s a lot of fun when we get to connect Wolfgang, DEO says any thoughts on what we can do. If people try to terrorize the freedom, convoy donors, I categorically deny the Washington post journalists saying I to BLM tech that’s from Wolfgang day. Well look, if you’re being harassed, I would just look into filing an injunction against harassment in your local state. If you think you’re being or something similar in order of protection, typically pretty easy to file. And so that would be my thought on that one, Wolfgang Dayo, although there is no legal advice on that, Joe, to consult with your local attorney for, for the advice on that. And I wanna thank all the tremendous mods in the house. You know, I really do appreciate all of your work ENT kiss. We’ve got K being I’m looking at. We’ve got just cos I see Zulu back in the house. I know Henry Dixon’s in the house and there are many others who I’m not seeing right now, but I wanna thank everybody for keeping the things under control. It very is, uh, very, very much appreciated and that my friends is it for us today. We’re gonna be back here tomorrow to do it all. Again. 4:00 PM, Arizona, 5:00 PM, central 6:00 PM on the east coast. And for that one, Florida man, everybody else have a tremendous evening sleep very well. I’ll see you right back here tomorrow. Bye my friends.