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Hello my friends and welcome back to yet another episode of Watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Gouveia. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the R&R Law Group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona, except it’s raining today. But today it’s a good day. After a series of bad, Justin Trudeau ended, the emergency act just announced that about an hour and a half ago, I got a clip of his statement. We’re gonna go through it. And because, uh, it kind of was a real quick about face out of this guy. Remember just a few days ago on this very channel, we were talking about Justin Trudeau. We were talking about Stephen Bell, two people who were sort of in cahoots, along with Christie Freeland, the woman who was speaking with the world, economic forum, and many other people out of the Trudeau administration, all in Cahoot saying that, no, we’re just getting warmed up on this thing.

These prosecutions are gonna go on for months is what Steve bell said. And so now it comes out and looks like, sort of doing an about phase. They shifted it into reverse and they’re putting it into high gear. And we’re gonna go through that in detail. And we’re gonna ask ourselves why, why did this all change all of a sudden? Is it because of some of the things we’ve talked about here or is it because of the continued brutality that Justin in Trudeau’s goon we’re enacting upon their fellow Canadians all around the streets of Ottawa? Well, I don’t know, but we have several clips of it and we are going to play them because we’re not gonna let these people get away with it. So we’re gonna spend some time about, you know, talking about this new announcement before we sort of, uh, speculate as to why it may have happened.

We’ve got a clip from a premier, Kenny out of Alberta who says, you know, you know, that, that talk that we were engaging in about the world economic forum, about cl Schwab, about Justin Shau and Christie Freeland. He’s saying, you know, it’s actually a real thing. Like it’s not a conspiracy theory. This is the premier out of, uh, Alberta says, yeah, no, it’s a real deal. These are actual influential roofs. These are people that have a lot of influence on what gets done. And these are like actual policy proposals that they are trying to shove down our Gus. So we’ll talk about that. I got a clip from Jordan Peterson, too, another Canadian who says, yeah, this is all part of this global cabal. So we’ll talk about that. But then we’re gonna train, transition and come back abroad into the United States. And I know we’ve been talking a lot about the freedom convoy and about these convoys.

And I think for very good reason, you know, this is sort of, um, kind of one of those moments in time where you’re starting to see kind of the balance of power shift. And you’re starting to see the dominoes fall a little bit. I mean, when the freedom convoys started Canada, a very different place, a lot more mandates were in effect all throughout the country. And all of those have been sort of dropping like flies, right? A as sort of the momentum gained with the freedom convoy, a lot of the tyrannical sort of mandates went down until the tipping point hit with the federal government. Justin Shau said up too little, you know, this is too much for us to take, decided to impas the emergency act. And here we are. But now it’s also something that is percolating in the United States. It’s materializing, it’s called the people’s convoy.

And they launched today out of California up. There’s a stadium called Avanto stadium, and we’re gonna take a look at what’s happening there. Tons of clips as this thing starts to bubble up, they are embarking today. It’s Wednesday, the 23rd. They’re making their way over to Washington DC. And we’ve got a map of all the different places they are going. We have a little bit of sort of, um, analysis that you have to take a look at because the federal government here in the United States is responding Jen sake. I’ve got three clips from her. Haven’t heard from Jen sake too much here on this show. We’ve been spending a lot of time in Canada, but now Jen sake is having to express concern. The national guard is deploying the secretary of defense approve something like 700 additional troops, capital police are on high alert. Metro police are on high alert.

And so we’re gonna review exactly what’s going on because you know, Pete budgie is also the department of transportation head old. Pete might have to be called into action. And so we’re gonna talk about that. The people’s convoy as well. And it’ll probably be a little bit of a shorter show to, I know there’s a lot of other stuff going on in the world, Ukraine, you know, world war three, whatever they’re saying is gonna happen. And so we’ll jump right into it. If you wanna be a part of the show, the place to do that [email protected]. And that is where they are. People chatting away. You know, I saw news now, Wyoming. I haven’t seen news now in a long time chat, you know, I’ve noticed that Zulu hasn’t been around in some time. And so it’s good to see news nows back in the house, nice teas over there, black cat meows there tweaks in the house.

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If you support the show for two years, they go all the way up, which is super cool. And I really appreciate it. And it’s very easy to join. You can just click this join button. It’s right. So that subscribe button, if you’re not already subscribed means the world to me, if you do that, and if you are all of those things, don’t forget to hit the like button that’s also useful. All right. And so, without any further ado, let’s get to it. The big announcement just in Trudeau is finally decided to relinquish his power. Remember he was in such a state of dire distress that not only did he have to evaporate, people’s liberties things like due process and you know, having to get a warrant and, you know, being able to sort of, uh, notify people before you just arrest them. All of those things were all evaporated. Justin Trudeau even had to flee his hometown near parliament hill and go into bunker, hiding away from the home of the federal government, cuz he was so petrified of the freedom convoy, truckers, that Confederacy. So now he’s going to relinquish that power because he’s not tater. He’s just a benevolent leader. Let’s listen to him today deciding to end his tyrannical reign. Here’s Justin finally

Abroad our third principle. We were very clear that the use of the emergencies act would be limited in time when we invoked it, it would be in place for up to 30 days. But we said that we would lift it as soon as possible. We’ve held updates and briefs with ministers and officials every day, often, multiple times a day.


And today after careful consideration, we’re ready to confirm that the situation is no longer an emergency. Oh, that’s nice. Therefore, the federal government will be ending the use of the emergencies act


We are confident that existing laws and bylaws are now sufficient to keep people safe. Of course we’ll continue to be there to support provincial and local authorities if and when needed. And I want to reassure Canadians law enforcement agencies are prepared to deal with anyone engaging in unlawful or dangerous activities. Police officers will continue to be there to protect our streets and neighborhoods within their jurisdictions.

All right. So you know, it just, you I’ve got a lot of questions when I was listening to this, you know, I didn’t know. I didn’t know if I heard a list there or if that was just the audio recording and I see some comments in the chat, you know, like listen to this alliteration. It’s very interesting. So I don’t know if that’s a thing. I posted a question on that on locals, you know, is there, is there one I don’t, you know, I, I don’t, I haven’t been listening to a lot of Justin Trudeau, but I thought I heard a, not that there’s anything wrong with that. I don’t care one way or the other. I just, I thought it was interesting because I listen to the way people speak and we all have, you know, peculiarities in our speech and he just is a, he speaks in a way, man, it’s very Justin Trudeau, you know, I’m not sure I’ve heard anybody else sort of be so performative in their speech every time he talks, like, can you just, does he talk like that all the, all the time, does his wife wake up to him?

And that’s how he talks like good morning like that anyways. So a lot more obviously comes out of this. The question is, is, as he’s saying is, oh, Canada’s returning to normal. Our tyranny is over. I’m deciding to relinquish my dictatorial powers, but police are still gonna be out there enforcing the laws. And so we’ve got some really big questions that we’ve gotta ask ourselves. Number one. What about the people that were arrested when you didn’t have the power to make those arrests? Are those still lawful arrests? So in other words, you’re sort of gonna bend the rules. You’re gonna go gobble up a bunch of what you want and then you’re gonna put the rules back. Like that’s not fair. That’s not how this stuff is supposed to work. You don’t get to violate people’s due process and then go and get a bunch of people and a bunch of evidence against them.

And then suddenly just, oh, well we’re gonna put the due process back now. We’re oh, we’re oh, everybody else can have that now because we got what we needed. We only needed a few days to go gobble up everybody’s financial records and make sure we can build our lists of who the enemies are. But now that we have everything that we need, yeah, we can, you can lock the doors again. You can have your Liberty back. We don’t need that anymore. And so everything’s like a return normal. And again, he just decided, right. Wasn’t the Senate voting today. So he, he bends it cancels parliament on Friday, nothing happens Saturday or Sunday holiday on Monday house votes yesterday. Then the Senate’s gonna vote whenever that was, I think it was today. And now he’s just gonna, it doesn’t matter now, obviously. Right? Because he is reverting it back cuz he got everything that he needs and we decided, well, that’s great.

Wonder if he decides again that he needs those powers again or another a person, right? Folks. This is why this stuff is problematic. There are many people that say, well, you know, the truckers are a problem that honk honking. And that tu Tuting was such a problem that I just, I think this was totally justified. There are many people who support that. But what happens when it’s not just in Trudeau, in charge anymore, for those people on the left who say that this was an insurrection, what happens when somebody else is in charge and your side starts to act up? Are you gonna be okay when Donald Trump invokes the emergency act, the Canadian Donald Trump, do you be happy with that? I certainly wouldn’t. Wouldn’t support it for a minute. So wonder why they do interesting. Now the question of course is, wow, this was a real big about face because remember on Sunday and I’m pretty sure about this date. It was the 20th Justin Trudeau was in the same room with the same haircut in almost the same exact suit out different suit, same tie, uh, same type of tie there. Right? But in this same room in front of the same flags and he said this, remember today is Wednesday. This is three days after he said this.

But even though, uh, the Blockheads are lifted, uh, across border, uh, openings right now, uh, even though, uh, things seem to be resolving very well in Ottawa, this state of emergency is not over. Uh, there continues to be real concerns, uh, about the coming days. Uh, but we will continue to evaluate every single day, uh, whether or not, uh, it is, uh, time and we are able to lift this state of emergency. Okay. Uh, but I will turn, uh, to ministers.

Yeah. Okay. So you’re gonna continue to evaluate, but it’s gonna be very ongoing and you’re gonna continue to evaluate, but B, B B, but, but then suddenly it’s good. Right? We’ll wake up today and it’s good. Wow. That’s weird because has also remember his deputy, remember they threw out the former police chief out of Ottawa, Peter Slaley. They said you’re not executing the protestors the way we’d like you to. And so unfortunately you’ve gotta go. Then they brought in this fella, Steve bell, Steve bell comes in and says, oh, I’m happy to execute whoever you’d like, just tell me where to go. And he did it. And on that same day, right. This was also back on the 20th. He came out and said, they’re gonna prosecute people. Uh, indefinitely lady. Yeah. If you donated, if you even looked at a trucker, you are in hot water is what Steve bell said. We’re gonna prosecute everybody

Independent media. So I was in the crowd yesterday. Um, I was unfortunately, uh, hit with some pepper spray.

Yeah. From your thug maniac.

There’s some video cameras that,

So did you hear what she said? Okay. So this is where like, this is beautiful. She says, uh, yeah, I was in the crowd yesterday. I was unfortunately hit with some pepper spray subtext being you did it.

So using and some news outlets that reporting that you’re gathering intelligence with cameras. Can you elaborate? Like if the protesters at this point, uh, you know, uh, retreat and go home, uh, are they gonna be getting sort of repercussions down the road? Are you gonna be actively pursuing the people that you’ve been sort of documenting and filming who are still out there protesting? What are your plans? How about now after this, uh, after to the protest is over.

Thank you. It’s a great question. And the simple answer is yes. If you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges. Oh absolutely. We, this investigation will go on for months to come months to come many, many different streams, both from a federal, uh, financial level, from a provincial licensing level, from a criminal code level, from a municipal breach of court order breach of court injunction level, it will be a complicated and time consuming. Listen, um, investigation that will go on for a period of time. You have my commitment that that investigation will continue and we will hold people accountable for taking our streets over.


Could I just ask one more question?

Wow. So she he’s, I mean, he’s gonna go on for months, very time consuming investigation. They are gonna beat down doors to make sure that every single person is rounded up for taking over our streets. And if you notice what he did there and like, this was like three days ago, that was three days ago, months long investigation. That’s gonna spawn the, the, the tests of time or whatever the, you know, he’s gonna go on and on and on and on is what he said. And now my question is, is, uh, all that off, or what about his commitment to the Canadian people to make sure that this all is resolved because he said it involved every single level of government feds, right? Provincial all the way down, local criminal ordinance, financial investigations, it is going to be long and tiresome. And previously we were taking him at his word.

We have been living through that here in the United States, Liz Chaney and crying. Adam Kinzinger have for a long time, been, been crying all over in Congress, all over each other, slobbering all over the place next to Jerry Nadler, complaining about our in and 18 months later. So we’ll see if that continues in Canada or not. But, uh, probably right. I think that’s what the strategy is. It’s like you open the door, you run in, you open the door of Liberty and you, and you take all the Liberty goods out of there and then you shut the door and, and whatever you’re able to keep, I guess you can just prosecute those people continuously. I don’t know. And so the big question of course is why now? Why did all this change? I wonder if it could be exposure like this, remember on Tucker Carlson, this came up yesterday.

I remember three girlies brought this to our attention on the show, shout out to three girlies. And the two girl in that high household shoutouts we have here. This is Tucker Carlson. This is one of the Canadian truckers who was beaten by the Canadian police. And we played a little bit of this clip, but this is when he was I think on the show. Uh, you know, I think this was maybe last night when he actually was responding to this. Here’s what he said. And remember Tucker, write a lot of people watched Tucker let’s the listen to this Canadian trucker who says he wasn’t even being violent.

Thanks so much for coming on. So good. Thank you. So the video that we showed appears to have you surrendering peacefully to the police and then the next we see you’re being need in the ribs by Justin Trudeau’s men. Did you fight them?

Were you violent?

No, sir. Not at all. I get down from my truck. I went down right on my knee. I, uh, put my hands behind my head and uh, and look at that guy. He was waiting.

He is just enjoying himself.

So, and that moment the police officer is start to push me in those, uh, sticks. They said they was yelling to me, go back, go back. And I just told them, Hey, I’m the driver. Then suddenly somebody yelled, arrest him, arrest him. So they dragged me, look at,

At knee

Knee these, okay, so

You get the picture. Okay. That guy was on Tucker Carlson show. If you wanna watch the full thing, of course go check out the Fox channel or whatever, but he, he goes on and as we heard from three girlies yesterday, right? He is just sort of, uh, taking the beating like a man. And I think many people in, in Canada, many people around the world, myself included. We had the, the politician, the MP from Romania yesterday, who was calling Trudeau worse than, you know, his political opponent, who I think actually happens to be a dictator, whoever he was talking about. We also remember this clip. Remember these little lunatic in Canada, up until a week ago until this tyranny took over, were not allowed to do this. Right? They were not authorized to do this. You see one officer probably screaming at this woman up here on the stairs. Other officer the streets are bare and empty because Trudeau’s goons are out there. Smacking phones out of their citizens. Hands. I wonder maybe this could be a contributing factor to why Trudeau decided to backed on this.

Now I just wanna get a coffee. Okay? Why the there’s camera in my face right now? You here partaking. You walked up right now. You’re in the red zone. I’m scared. I want

Badge 8 21.

Can I go now live in? You’re not, but I I’m. I it’s time for you to leave. I can go down there for coffee. Go grab yourself red zone right now. If you don’t leave right now, you will be arrested. Do you understand me?


Grab yourself. If we see we’ll be patrolling all day, we see it’ll be different. Boom. Leave. I tell you, take your camera and get outta here. We understand that I’m walking away, walk away your phone. Doesn’t need to be in our face. Whether you’re walking away, away. Go. Yeah.

That’s Canada

Or just



Walking away. Get outta here. Oh my goodness. Hope you can go to sleep at night.

I’m sure they will. Yeah, I’m sure they will. So, you know, you get a lot of videos like that. I think that video, when I clip that like three days ago was I’m sure you’ve seen it. The reason I’m playing it again is cuz we’re not gonna let these little dictators escape it. You always gotta rub their noses in it just one more time. And so we’ll certainly do that, but there’s another reason I played those while. Of course it’s because it is a good reminder of what Canada has allowed itself to become under this man or what he has taken from Canada, I think is a better way to phrase it. But people are also concerned about this, right? In Canada, those videos and what we’re about to see caused a lot of concern. Canadians were calling the police saying, please protect the protestors. There’s a bunch of maniacs out there. Smacking phones out of females. Hands here is what this looked like from Ottawa citizen. The D N D according to this article was flooded with phone calls, demanding that Canadian forces do what protect the Ottawa protestors from the police, right? Calling the police saying, somebody’s gotta protect the protestors from the police, the police arm, maniacs, they’re acting like brown shirts under Justin Shau forthright. Now the protestors are a mixed group.

According to this article, some are against public health measures to deal with COVID 19 while others called for the overthrow, the Canada right now. So this says the national defense was flooded with hundreds of phone calls on the weekend, demanding that the Canadian army be used to actually protect the protestors in downtown Ottawa.

Some of the callers claim, the police dispersing the quote so-called freedom convoy over the weekend were not real officers, but part of a covert United nations invasion force. Now this article goes on to sort of like pillar this claim, right? Oh, this, these are conspiracy theories. And this is all a bunch of Q crap, right? They say military officials privately say the incident shows how fast conspiracy theories can spread and how gullible some members of the public can beat. Oh yeah. It’s just a bunch of loony tunes out there. You know, single person who shows up at your protest, looking like this, like this person here, right in military gear with yellow, uh, warning sort of flashy things, carrying a Baton or whatever that is with face masks and riot shields. They’re all just very good people who are there to restore order. Right? And so they’re very gullible.

And so the department of national defense spokesperson said that more than 360 phone calls came in on Saturday and Sunday after the phone number was made public, some callers claimed the police were dispersing. The freedom convo were not real officers. Here’s what one scene looked like, okay. We played this one previously here was a group of goons beating in or attempting to beat in threatening to break into this diner. I think this was a diner and they don’t let ’em in. They waited until Tuesday cuz they knew that this tyrannical literally right, we played this a couple days ago while we were in the middle of this emergency act, they said, that’re gonna wait it out because they knew that they were sort of being invaded by tyrannical goons. Listen, your

Trust is right here. But once we leave this property, that’s when they, and we don’t trust any of that. So

If we, we don’t trust you leave this property is what she’s saying.


We just have to stay until Tuesday. Don’t worry. I know. But

Tuesday the writing will give in the decision will be made at par screaming at him.

We’ll see you see you Tuesday

Until after the vote. Now listen,

Stand up for your rights. Don’t let them take your rights. And uh, it’s all bullied. It’s all they’re trying to bully to come to this way. But now you see what the police is up to. They’re not even police. I dunno who they’re

Not even police. He said,

I know they had the curse to show their face now. Wow. Interesting

Says they’re not even police. Wow. But they have the courage to show their faces now, right? The local police weren’t showing their faces because uh, they probably were ashamed of themselves for getting out there and stamping all over people’s rights and freedoms. But now he’s saying, wow, they’re just showing their face. And I don’t even know who they are, how dare they just show up and threaten to break my windows. And they did. If you miss the full, you know, it’s like a six minute ordeal. And so go check that out. Uh, wherever I got that video is on Twitter. Somewhere. The links are all in the slides if you want them, but he says, we’re gonna wait it out. They did, obviously the act is ending and we’re still asking ourselves why, why did all this suddenly reverse course, all of a sudden, not mad about it’s good, obviously horrible that it even happened and there should be repercussions for it.

I mean you, if I were a little dictator, I’d make sure that everything was investigated and everybody responsible for this violation of Liberty was investigated, indicted and arrested and you know, whatever, that’s what dictators do. That’s what I decide to do. But there are other questions that many people are asking what happened with law enforcement who were in fact local. Well maybe some of them actually participated and supported the freedom convoy, which is why they were all masked up and they didn’t wanna be identified. CBC is reporting that Ontario provincial police are investigating officer they’re investigating other police officers, other individuals who might have even donated to the freedom convoy police. Aren’t gonna comment on this, but say, some members are on duty and off Ontario, provincial police. And it launched an internal investigation because some of its officers appeared to have donated to recent convoy protests in OT, up and elsewhere.

Somebody from the police agency, bill Dickinson, Dickson confirmed the force is aware of an undisclosed number of its members that apparently have made donations that have gone towards the unlawful protest in Ottawa. So even the police were donating and supporting the organization. The matter is been and brought to the attention of the command and the unit has launched an internal conduct investigation into the matter, which is good. I always appreciate it on this show. When the police find that they did something wrong and decide to investigate themselves. And then what typically happens is they quit themselves at the end of it, always fun. So we can see here that the police are investigating themselves. And even before this end of the emergency order was announced. Canada seemed like they were rolling. This stuff back wall street journal was reporting this earlier this morning, I clipped this, uh, earlier.

I think it was this morning that they had already been unlocking the protest accounts. Okay. We had a question that came up yesterday and the conversation was about, you know, how far is this gonna go? You know what, if you donated $25, what if you donated from America? And it looked like as of yesterday, they were already starting to unwind. A lot of this says that Canada banks unlock trucker protest accounts on police guidance. They started winding this stuff back Canada and their banks have started to unlock the financial accounts valued in the millions of dollars. And remember this, remember we were paying attention to all these bureaucrats out here from Canada saying that they had, you know, accounts of 3.8 million bell was screaming from the rooftops. You know, they got crypto wallets and they had it all frozen. And we were sitting here on the show going, that’s a lot of money.

It’s gonna make a lot of people, very upset about it, that they just went in there and they just took it. Even people that had nothing to do with that money or sitting there at their bank accounts, looking at it and saying, and they’re going back through their Rolodex. They’re saying, have I ever said anything bad about, about the government? What happens if I get on my on somebody’s list? And they just flip a few switches and it’s their money now, right? People think of their bank accounts is their money. And what just Trudeau did to showed him, not really here. This continues on banks started to unfreeze accounts, following guidance from Canadian police who said that institutions were free to do so now that the protests have been successfully shut down the move to quickly, unfreeze accounts represents a shift in tone. Yeah. You’ll say among law enforcement and government officials earlier in the week, government officials said emergency powers were crucial in shutting down the protest.

And they said that they were gonna continue this on indefinitely. Here’s another lawyer on Twitter who says I am representing, right? This illustrates kind of the horror that exists in Canada says I’m representing nine Canadians. Who’ve had their bank accounts frozen. Their insurance policies canceled nine people. None of them are charged with any offenses, no criminal charges most had no trucks in Ottawa or elsewhere. The Trudeau government is destroying these Canadians because they spoke out who’s next. That’s at IK Wilson on Twitter. Police support his work. Obviously he is speaking out again, this type of tyrannical nonsense here we have the article continues. It says the RCMP provided banks with quote, when they decided to reverse all this quote new information that can be assessed alongside other information to, you know, inform decisions about whether to unfreeze accounts, senior finance ministry, official disclosed Tuesday, that counts were now being unlocked since the protest was over.

It’s not what they were saying on Sunday, Canadian banks referred to their own lobby group. And so on. Now there was a lot of question earlier this week about, you know, why was Justin Trudeau trying to sort of unveil this emergency act kind of outta nowhere, right? I think it had been used three times before, or it was not the emergencies act, but it was a war powers act. And I think it was world war I, world war II and the FLQ terrorist attack out there in Quebec three times. And those were like serious things like world wars and an actual armed terrorist group, kidnapping, governors, and ministers and people who are in the official government, right? Like, like a, a different situation than some people parking their cars and honking their horns. And so a lot of questions came about this. Joe Rogan was talking about this on, on his show, they played the clip.

They said, Hey, you know, world economic forum thing here, kind of a big deal. I made another video about this in Canada. They had a question asked in parliament and he said, oh, we can’t hear you. Your audio’s bad. Sorry. Uh, the question won’t come through. But then other people in the room stood up and responded to the question that they clearly heard in the room, right? So there’s sort of this censorship thing going on in 2017 cl Schwab was at the Robert F. Kennedy or John F. Kennedy government school, whatever of Harvard interviewing saying he penetrated Justin Trudeau’s cabinet. And Justin Trudeau repeatedly was very excited about it, bragging all over the place. And you know, question is now percolating around Canada. And it’s actually a legitimate question. In fact, here is the premier of Alberta addressing it, talking about the great reset, talking about K Schwab, talking about all of these individuals and their level of influence in Canada.

And so no, I’m not gonna be taking any, uh, policy direction from CLOs fob or his, his ilk, but, and what I find offensive, look, the so-called great reset is not a conspiracy theory. It is a actual set of propo of concrete proposals. It’s a book being advocated by some very influential people and including apparently by prime minister, Trudeau who clearly alluded to it, referred to it, quoted from it, the Schwab theory, uh, in a speech he gave to the United nations a couple of months ago. So it’s not a conspiracy theory to talk about that. Those are the folks advocating it. And I think it’s perfectly legitimate for democratically elected leaders for me to say, heck no, we’re not going to exploit or take the, uh, take advantage of a crisis to, uh, advance a political agenda.

Yeah. So that’s right. I think the right thing. Now we played clips yesterday of Christie Freeland saying that COVID presents a great opportu for a lot of things to happen. Right? Claus Schwab has said that himself specifically, we played a clip of Christie Freeland speaking at the Davo summit there at the world, economic forum yesterday. And so right. Reasonable questions. If you have somebody who, who your, uh, prime minister happened to be a part of their organization, the young global leaders, you have that person who is the founder of that organization saying I own them and that, and their cabinet as a Canadian don’t you wanna know, it sounds like there might be a conflict of interest there, right? It’s a reasonable question to be asking. And it was, you know, used to be kind of the idea of a, of a conspiracy theorist. You know, people would say that this is nonsense. Everybody is, uh, making this up. It’s much a do about nothing. Kind of like the same thing happened with a lab leak theory and a lot of the other things that used to be totally taboo and off limits that all turned out to be true. Jordan Peterson, Canadian, massive audience is acknowledging it and talking about it. And this came out, I think yesterday or the day before that. Okay, Joe, Rogan’s talking about it. Different people throughout the government in Canada are talking about it. Jordan Peterson is talking about it. Here’s what that sounds like

To what exactly. So let’s go down deeper into Trudeau’s motivation. And so both Christie Freeland and, and Trudeau are I integrally associated with the world economic forum? And there’s a globalist agenda. I, this sounds like right. Wing propaganda, I suppose. Welcome. There is a globalist here elite agenda that is aimed at severely modifying the matter in which our fundamental institutions operate under the, what would you call the impetus of yet another crisis, which is the hypothetical climate crisis.

Yeah. So, yeah, totally. Right, right, right. Wing conspiracy lunatic. This it’s the water’s great. Come on in. Jordan feels good over here and sit on down, buddy. We got a lot to talk about. So you know, why, why suddenly the shift there in Canada, a lot of people asking some very pertinent questions and I’m happy to see it. Now that is up north with our friends up in Canada, good day for Canada, terrible experience going through a tyrannical wave of dictatorship, probably didn’t feel good, but you’re out on the other end. Meanwhile, in the United States, the people’s convoy starts to get rolling. We’re gonna take a look at exactly where this convoy is going. I’ve got clips of where it is, uh, launching from out in Alan stadium in California. It is the 23rd, which is day one. And they’re gonna be going all the way over for about 10 days.

The goal is to end up in DC, right around March 4th or fifth or so. And so we’re going to go through this. Now, Jen sake is already on high alert. They’re mobilizing the national guards. 700 additional troops are coming in out and they are putting fencing up around the capital building. We’ve got some, uh, checking in to do with Pete budgie. He’s over there with the department of transportation. We’ve got a lot more information on, uh, some interesting gifts that he received when he was mayor, uh, back before he got elevated for some bizarre reason to the department of transportation. And so we’ve got a lot to get to let’s start by zooming out and taking a look at the general map and the route, the launch point for the people’s convoy. And we can see that it is going to be starting today for February 23rd, 2022 convoy leaving Alan stadium, atlanto stadium in California at about midday.

And so we’re gonna take a look at some of the clips, but before we do, let’s take a quick look here. They’re going through Kingman, uh, uh, up through Lupton Arizona across the I 40 into, uh, New Mexico through New Mexico co up into Texas Arkansas. We’ve got Missouri Ohio and then ending up on March 5th, near the DC beltway. And so we’ll break that down in a little bit further detail, but this is what it looks like. And what so was so interesting here is take a look at this logo down there on the bottom. Remember this BG on the scene at BG on the scene is back in the house. He’s he is actually out of the house. He’s over there in ATO stadium. Him outside looks like a beautiful day over there. And we had rain here in Arizona too. But BG on the scene was from the Kyle written house case. Remember that Kyle written house, a lot of BG on the scene footage that we covered in depth here. And so it’s beautiful to see, uh, some more footage from him. He’s back out there doing what he does. And so let’s watch here. This is what the convoy looks like out of California.

Oh, it’s more honking sight.

Here we go. All right. So here’s another one. Here’s another angle. I know that we all sort of familiar with this, but I wanna make sure we’re taking a look at sort of, you know, what’s happening. Take a look at the signs and take a look at the crowds. So, uh, we gotta, let’s go brand in, we’ve got an F Biden, you know, we’ve got, don’t tread on me, signs another, let’s go Brandon there. And so BGS there And it’s looking, Looking like a turnout. It’s looking pretty full. Isn’t it. Now, when we go over here, we can see that they set up a stage. And I am seeing, uh, this was shared in one of the telegram, uh, convoy groups that I follow. We’re also on telegram. I’m trying to post more over there, but we do have a, a community, a discussion chat. And so check that out. But there are a lot of good freedom convoy groups there. This was out of one of them. Absolutely beautiful song. It’s amazing. Grace,

Amazing grace S a lot of people. Oh yeah. Right



All right. I absolutely love that song. One of my favorite, my most favorite songs of all time, it makes my, my eyes water for some reason, but it’s a beautiful song and you can see it’s a pretty good turnout right now. That’s a good kind of a launch day. A lot of people there, a lot of trucks out there, and I know these, these types of things make a lot of people nervous, right? Because we start to sort of, uh, you know, our country has seen what the feds did with a number of things that we’ve talked about here on the show with, uh, January 6th, we’ve talked about their involvement with the Whitmer kidnapping plot. I mean, they were, they were sort of rounding people up. They were including Lego capital hill boxes in their, you know, warrant affidavits and stuff. You know, they can really sort of, uh, manipulate a situation poorly.

And so we St you know, I, I wanna make sure that everybody is, you know, ultra ultra safe and, and, you know, sort of, you know, making sure that people are being, uh, protective of themselves because who knows what our government is capable of. We just saw what Canada’s government is capable of. But with all of that, being said, a beautiful song, an amazing turnout, and it’s a good way to, you know, to make you feel good. And so now that we are all in sort of that elated state, now it’s time for a Jen Sakey clip. Ugh, here it is. Here’s Jen, somebody asks Jen about this, you know, those look like peaceful, loving people, just singing am amazing grace out there. Uh, Jen, what’s your take on this? What, what, what are you guys gonna do about this? Are you gonna be able to handle this at all? Let’s see,

Alleviate that the trade issues that you raised in that call and more broadly is the white house, or is the government preparing for any kind of similar, um, types of, of demonstrations here?

Yeah. So two different questions. So let me try to answer them both. So, uh, we have continued, obviously the president speaking with prime minister, Trudeau about this as part of our effort, but our team, uh, Le with Dr. Lecher would Randall, other members of our adminis have been in close touch with their Canadian counterpart parts over the last few days, uh, about how to address this blockade and the challenge it is posing to, uh, the supply chain. I mean, fundamentally how we view this, is that the impact of these protests? Well, we certainly believe in peaceful protests, uh, is impacting, has the potential to impact. And this is why we are focused on this communities, workers being able to travel back and forth across the bridge who are going to work, who may work on different sides of the border, the ability to get food on the table to American families, to get out of economics, to manufacturers who are trying to make vehicles. So this is whatever their intended stated purposes, this, uh, effort is, is going to, has the potential to have a huge impact on workers and the American public.

Yeah. So pretty smart. Right? And that’s kind of, uh, well, that’s not at all what Justin Trudeau and his ineffective leadership did. Right. They came out and they called people racist, sexist, uh, bigots. They said that they were Confederates, uh, borderline Nazis, right? They were spitting on people, dishonoring the memory of veterans and all of that stuff. Uh, sake’s not gonna do that much better play because there’s no evidence of any of that stuff. But what she’s gonna say is, listen, we’re just gonna view this completely neutrally. Like if, if they interfere with the economics of the situation, if there’s a blockade, we’re just gonna deal with it that way. Right? We’re not gonna allow the economics of this thing to go AEW, but we support peaceful protests. Uh, honestly, it’s a much better tact than what Justin Trudeau did. I mean, his was like the worst leadership that anybody has seen ever.

And I was commenting about that from day. One saying, is it normal for Canadian politicians to come out there? And belitle their own constituents? Cuz it hasn’t worked out what all, when Hillary did it or when politicians do it in the United States. So Jen sake and the Biden team, they’re not gonna make that same mistake. They’re not gonna call them. Right. At least officially yet anything like Truo was doing yet. We’ll see. But you did see that sake was asking about this. You know, whatever their stated purpose is. We have no idea what these people are after we’re gonna learn about it. I’m just waiting for our Confederate flags. I’m waiting for, you know, our, uh, oathkeeper alleg Ray Epps is probably gonna be back there causing a bunch of ruckus and then never get charged. Maybe he’ll show up today in the chat, who knows.

But here is what the truckers are actually saying, okay. They actually have a website. You can go there. It’s to the people’s convoy.org and they have a press release. Let’s read it. Shall we? Here’s what it says. This came out on the 20, uh, 20th. According to this document, it says American truckers are lock launching this convoy, February 23rd, today, hundreds of truckers are gonna hear words of encouragement from people. And they did. The truckers are blue collar workers of the United States and they’re freedom, loving people. We’ve got former military servicemen, women, students, retirees, mothers, fathers, everybody else all leaving from Alan California, set them off on their journey. Now Jen sake was telling us that they don’t know what this is about. Here is what they tell us from their own documents. They say this convoy is about freedom and unity. Truckers are unified across party lines. We’ve got Christians, Muslims, Jews, Mormons, agnostics, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, native Americans, Republicans, and Democrats all are welcome to participate. You know, who’s not on that list. Atheists, apparently they’re not welcome. Don’t see those on the list. Maybe they’re on there. I don’t know agnostics are welcome, but not the atheists.

It says at 10:00 AM on Wednesdays when they’re leaving the message of the people’s convoy simple. The last 23 months of COVID nonsense have been rough spiritually, emotionally, physically, and especially financially with the advent of the vaccine and therapeutics, along with the hard work of so many people, it’s time to re open the country. They say the average American needs to be able to end run the economic hardship over the last few years and pay off their bills. To that end it’s time for elected officials to work with a blue collar and white collar workers of this country to restore accountability. Americans need to get back to work in a free and unrestricted manner. And so to do that, they’re forming this convoy. They say it is a nonpartisan trucker led effort supported by a cross-cultural and multi-faith contingent several supporters. We’ve got Dr. Pierre Corey he’s on the frontline COVID team.

Liberty, mind lawyers like Tom rains and Joey Gilbert, Joey Gilbert is a gubernatorial candidate. It outta Nevada, running for office pastors. They’ve got Rob McCoy, Rick brown. They have transportation workers, number of organization, the unity project, American project advocate for citizens rights, us freedom, flyers. And so on. Newsmax is joining the crew. They’ve got Eric bowling saying that they’re gonna be doing ride alongs along steel Och times is joining in love their reporting. You’re talking to a premium supporter on the epoch times here, folks kind of a big deal. Children’s health defense, chd.tv is also gonna be covering the convoy. And they’ve got live updates every day over at live dot children’s health, defense dot. And so you can see a lot of people, right? A lot of, lot of people behind this people’s convoy, a lot of people are behind the people’s convoy. Well, isn’t that something here is what the route looks like.

And so you can see a little bit more detail here. We’re not gonna spend a ton of time on it, but you can see you’ve got, looks like, oh, so they’re, they must be in Kingman right about tonight. So Kingman is about, uh, three and a half hours away from where I’m at. I’m down here in Phoenix. Kingman is right up here about three and a half hours away. There’s basically thing there. Uh, it’s a small town sort of, a lot of people drive through it to get to, uh, you know, Las Vegas, Nevada. Um, yeah. So anyway, so they continue on, you can see, they go to New Mexico all across there. They’re stopping in ERO, Texas elk, city, Oklahoma taking the I 40 most of the way through couple overnights in Oklahoma. And then we get to, let’s see, near the end of the, the, the road trip we’ve got day 10, March 4th morning, they leave Ohio.

They arrive in Maryland and then Saturday they leave Maryland and they arrive in the DC beltway area. Now we’ll pay a little bit closer attention to this so that the DC beltway, you know, they’re not actually going into the capital. They’re just gonna hang on the outskirts of, of, of, uh, DC. We’re gonna talk about that, but it’s gonna be a different, you know, strategy than what we saw over there in Canada. They literally were sort of on that street right in front of parliament. And it’s a little bit, yeah. I mean it’s yeah. So the it’s, it’s not gonna to look the same, right? They’re just gonna be kind of on this beltway. And there’s a good reason for that. So we’ll talk about that. But here, the rest of their press release before we get to more Jen sake says here, the people’s convoy will abide by agreements with local authorities.

Okay. They’re gonna make agreements and abide by them and they’re gonna terminate in the vicinity of the DC area, but not going into DC proper. Okay. So you’re not gonna see trucks outside of the congressional buildings. You’re not gonna see trucks outside of the Supreme court or the white house or the Washington monument, right? None of those sort of touristy, you know, historical landmarks are, are going to be in the pictures. It says, stay tuned for people and elected officials and regular folks to go ride in shotguns with our truckers, support us over at the people’s convoy.org. And you can follow them on Twitter and Instagram. They say, these are the only sources of accurate data about where to get information. So if you are interested in following along, they’re on Instagram and Twitter. And so if, of course, right, looks like there might be some momentum here, you know, we’ll see what ends up happening and we’ll see what the government does in response. Jen sake got asked about it. Here is what she said. Sounds like they’re taking it quite seriously. Here is Jen public.

But to go back to your question, uh, we are in very close contact with Canadian officials. We also taken steps to, uh, help, um, uh, uh, uh, detour, uh, routes so that a number of these trucks can move in different routes and be able to cross the border. So for example, uh, while the Windsor Detroit ambassador bridge continues to remain closed, uh, port Huron is fully operational customs and border patrol is RERA traffic to port Huron where all nine commercial lanes are open. The Detroit Windsor tunnel is open, which is a way that, um, individuals who are trying to work on different sides of the border are, are able to travel as well. And secretary of new Yorkers has also spoken with local officials, uh, in affected and potentially affected states as has secretary budgie has been deeply involved department

Of transportation

As well on your sec.

All right, so we’ve got department of transportation. We’ve got Pete budgie, we’ve got several other people in the government, a whole of government response, according to Jen sake, everybody is now bracing for impact. And so we’re gonna do a quick detour, a quick pause on this. You know, we haven’t heard a lot from Pete Buttigieg, the department of transportation secretary and the daily mail today. Now that we’re talking about the D O T had a very interesting little, uh, backstory here, said that by an exclusive said that old P budgie accepted a quarter million dollars when he was a mayor as gifts, quarter million dollar in gifts and gifts. Oh, and donations and gifts, not in gifts and gifts. We’re gonna go through this now, after he got those gifts, $33 million in contracts went to the very people who gave him those nice gifts. Isn’t that fun?

Don’t you like it? When that happens on two occasion, this happened, we’re gonna talk about alcohol and golf trips. I’ve got some images here we have here. These are the cor corporate donors who are awarded millions of dollars in south bend city contracts. And so you can just sort of do a compare and contrast here. You just love this stuff. It says here, American structure point, they donated $35,000 to Pete. They got a contract for $800,000 rounding up. Of course, let’s see here. Uh, that’s a pretty good ROI, not great. This one’s a much better ROI Troyer group. They donated 9,000 and they got a one point 0.7 million contract. That’s pretty good. Oh, this one’s a really good ROI, $8,100 donation. And then a 7.6 million contract that’s from Walsh and Kelly. And you can see here, if you add all of this up $250,000 results in 33 million in contracts.

Now, of course you St. Rob, you know, he’s the, he’s the mayor and he’s gonna, you know, give people contracts and there’s gonna be, you know, that’s part of how this government stuff works, but let’s take a look quick, closer. Look at this here. We have a couple people, Greg Heineke Marlin Knowles, Eric Hova, they’re all current executives of different companies. People like them like this guy, Marlon Knowles, right? They were making gifts here. $500 in the total, or this was a donation contribution, a direct contribution to the old Pete booty edge. And when you start to sort of take a look at those names and you compare and contrast them with old Pete’s calendar, you see stuff like this. And so back in 2012, looks like he was using a Microsoft outlook or something. Right? And a lot of this is public record because these are public people says, uh, it was meeting with Marsha of McClure, had employee orientation, had some logs that he needed to do.

Oh, here he had a phone call with Barack Obama. Oh. Code for America lunch conference call with president Obama. Interesting. Now what you’ll see down here on the 18th of December is a holiday party with this company called DLZ DLZ is a very interesting organization. And so budgie showed up to their Christmas party. It sounds like. And then a couple interesting things happen. We see here, DLZ Indiana gives old budgie $700 worth of alcohol and cigars. Oh, they do donated $4,200 in 2014, a gift of $700 worth of booze and cigars. And then when you fast forward there, 2017, guess what happens? Oh yeah. Gary Fisk. And DLZ Indiana. They get a nice contract. They’re going to, um, design the cemetery entrance on Colfax street and they’re gonna make improvements to L street and it’s gonna cost $214,000. Well, that’s nice. And then they give another gift of golf for $250 also goes over from DZ, industrial, and then they’re just PEs. They’re just hanging out. They’re just buddies. So Pete Buttigieg and many others are gonna be responding to these truckers. We’ll see how that works out. Now, we’re going back to Jen sake. Now that we had our detour with Pete Buttigieg, there was construction on that road. We had to do a detour and learn about Pete. Now we’re back a lot of road puns I’m trying to incorporate today. Here is Jen sake who is now going to be sort of giving us their final take of the federal government from the white house.

Good question. Um, you know, we are, um, of course on reports of a similar freedom convo. I think you’re asking about right in DC. Yeah. But in DC and early March, the department of Homeland security, obviously put out a statement, uh, on this, the other night of these reports or taking all necessary steps to ensure that the convoy does not disrupt lawful trade and transportation or interfere with federal government and law enforcement operations on report reports that this convoy is causing disruptions at the super bowl, the department of Homeland security, or could, I should say the department of Homeland security is surging additional staff, uh, to its incident command post their strong cooperation with California highway patrol, the Los Angeles police department and state and local authorities. And the department already has a lead field coordinator and emergency operations center in place as would standard protocol. Given this is a large event, the super bowl, uh, and, um, they will build on that. There’s already, uh, 500 DHS personnel providing extensive air and maritime security resources. So we are in both close touch with our Canadian counterparts. Also with local officials through our department of Homeland security. Uh, our secretary of trans is also deeply involved in this and we’re working to address this on all fronts. Go

Ahead. Thank just a follow up on Jeff’s question.

All right. So you can hear right. A lot of activity coming. They’ve got a statement from the department of Homeland security. They’ve got all sorts of protocols. Uh, you know, hopefully they don’t get a, a letter from mayor mur Bower, you know, like on January 5th, something saying we don’t need any help, cuz we would love it if this thing happened anyways. So that’s another detour. We’ll stay away from that one. Here is what ABC news is. Reporting says that national guard is Redding itself ahead of the DC convoy. The people’s convoy says that the convoys expected to increase right through March 5th, shortly after the state of the U union. According to an internal message from Metro police that’s the DC police traffic in the city could be disrupted according to this memo, DC police, uh, chief Robert Conti said, quote, I think we have to be realistic about, you know, what we could potentially see there will be disruptions to the traffic. And I think we need to be very candid with the public about what some of the expectations are based on what in and Ottawa, what some of those things could be. And what might be seen here in the district said KTI, however, KTI noted. Washington is different than Ottawa. He said we have alternative modes of transportation here in DC. People love to bike in our city. People love to walk in our city. No. Yeah, well that’s true. It’s not a seen cold, um,

You know, Climates. So I guess they could walk around there, but in Ottawa it’s pretty cold, but are they saying that in, in Canada they don’t like to walk around their cities or bike in their cities? I don’t know.

Here we have another comment from Jack Dutch on Twitter. So the pen Pentagon is analyzing requests about the beltway, right? And so I talked about the beltway here is the aerial overview of Washington. Now Mo most of what you think about is Washington DC is sort of like in this little red circle here, right? It’s all sort of the, uh, white house and all of that stuff is it’s all really in a sort of nice cons dated area. The truckers are saying, they’re not gonna go in there. They’re saying they’re just gonna kind of go around this beltway, which is this road that kind of does loops, right? Many cities have these loops that just kind of go around and around and around. This is the beltway. And so the truckers are saying that that’s kind of where they’re gonna hang. You know, they’re not gonna go in there.

There’s all sorts of, you know, federal laws and different government agencies and entities that you have to contend with. If you cross inside that barrier or inside that beltway, because you actually go into right, you know, FAA regulations for all sorts of stuff. And so they’re just, we’re not gonna really worry too much about that. And so there’s obviously a number of different ways where they could get on the beltway. You know, it’s gonna be a very difficult thing for the federal government to like block the beltway because I mean, just look at it. It’s huge. It’s massive. You’ve got the, it looks like the 95 runs into it here. You’ve got whatever this road is, you know, here a four over here, you’ve got a, you know, a 3 0 1, a 2 43, a 2 95 is coming in here, whatever this two 70 is a 32 here, a four 90, right.

You’ve got these tentacles and you’ve got all these different areas where the truckers can get on this beltway and just go around and around we go. And so how, how do you, you know, blockade against that? Right? In, in, uh, in Ottawa, what we saw was, you know, this sort of a perimeter that they would, would set up, you know, a perimeter and then sort of slowly encroach, you know, upon that. But this is a much bigger geographic area. I mean, if they’re, if they’re setting up checkpoints, like at every single OnRamp, I guess, you know, checking truckers, you know, destination, and do you have a proper reason to be here and all that, you know, who knows, but regardless, right? It sounds like they’re not even attempting to go into the capital. Now, for some reason they are still setting up barricades around the capital. This is what the scene looks like. The daily mail had a video. Here’s what that looks like and watch this. I mean, they’re installing some pretty heavy duty stuff. They’ve got forklifts and they are really, you know, letting it, letting it all be constructed right. In real time, we’re go, we’re jumping into questions right after this. So get those fingers ready on the keyboard. And then we’ll dive into the super chats and check in with our [email protected].

So you can see them sort of connecting right. Inserting that one in there. Now watch these like major Anchor points,


That’s some heavy duty stuff there. Moving around. Now, look at that sign back here. Look at that sign down there on the floor. It’s still


All right. So they are, barica up over there in Washington, DC, right around Capitol hill. Let’s see what you have to say about this. My friends [email protected]. Let’s pull these up here and let’s see what we’ve got. You know, we took a poll on this one. Oh gosh. Yeah. So this got pretty cleared out. You know, this was even we asked on locals, we said, does Justin Trudeau have a list 90, 90% say yes. And I wasn’t trying to be pejorative about that. You know, I’m actually like, I’m curious, right? It’s not a big deal. Yes. Either way doesn’t matter. Yes or no. But when I checked this earlier this morning, or earlier before the show, it was like a 50, 50 it’s 90 to 10 now. All right. And so let’s see what we’ve got here from our friends over on watching the watchers.locals.com, then we’ll jump into the super chats. Let’s see what’s over here.

Okay. Joey Bandolero is here along with Casey shoutouts. Viva is also here. Let’s see. Viva. According to grouch shield, cat lady says Trudeau. Resends the emergencies act. Somebody says, thank you for watching, uh, what you do. You inspired me to interview other people. Yeah. So look, make sure you go send your love to Viva because my goodness, you know, he’s probably streaming right now. As a matter of fact, if you’re watching Viva right now, that’s totally okay with me. He is in Canada. It’s a very good day for him. So shout outs to him and everybody in Canada. I know Ian Runkel and I know many people, right. Are from Canada. It’s a good day. We, uh, grouch deal. Cat lady posted that one. We already got that one also says this fits in with what Trudeau did advancing, uh, advancing the digital agency.

So I’ll, I’ll check back on that one from grouch shield, cat lady. Let’s see what YouTube came in. We got some super chats that came in, uh, earlier at the start of the show here. Our first one in was from Kareem says good day, indeed. Rob. That’s what happens when you don’t get intimidated by bullies? Like Trudeau and bell, the convoy worked more freedom. Now go USA convoy. That’s from Kareem. Yeah, it’s a good day. Right? It’s a good day. Tammy LA master says, I love your commentary. Informative and salty. At the same time, it would help. If you texted your fellow YouTuber and asked them to promote your show, as you do theirs, I discovered so many other great channels because of you. Uh, well, you know, look, uh, people, you know, people, I don’t, I don’t know what to say about that. I think people are, people are gonna have their own styles.

I like to give credit to people. You know, where I can sometimes I don’t always do it. You know, I’ll clip from something without exact proper attribution. But I do try to attribute things and I try to support everybody, right. People who are on the same side, I wanna make sure that are connecting with them. Cuz a lot of the times, you know what we talk about here, wouldn’t be possible without them. And so I always wanna make sure we acknowledge that we have another one from Jeremy, Trey gunna says, I love how they froze over 7.8 million of 10.2 million that was raised. And then they claim it was mostly Americans donating. My best Canadian accent is yeah, right. Bud is, is what Jeremy Trey gunna said. Yeah, not. And it was sort of offensive how gleeful they were about that. Do you see that Jeremy?

I think Steve bell and Christie Freelan like, yeah, that’s our money now Jim Watson was like, those are our trucks. Now I didn’t even for, I forgot about Jim Watson, Jim Watson, you know those, we should sell those to pay for the costs. And uh, I wonder if they’re still gonna do that. I don’t know Magdalene is here with no question, but thank you. Uh, F Magdalene, Ricky, Bobby says it will be coming. It will be continuing to drain. The banks. Trust is lost. And I saw a lot of that. There was a lot of that in the, uh, convoy forums on telegram, there was a, actually a memo. I was, I wanted to clip it, but I ran at a time was sort of a memo going around these different groups saying, no, it’s it’s about the money. Right? People are, are freaked out that they’re FA finances are gonna be confiscated. They’re looking into crypto there’s people that are just sort of bailing on the banks and dumping their assets elsewhere. And maybe that’s what caused the change. You know, it’s, it’s, it’s sort of a panic in the financial system. And so Justin Trudeau got a phone call said, Hey, get out there and change your attitude there, buddy. Eddie Oliver is here, says, Rob, if I go into DC in the convoy and end up ripping out somebody’s

From their chest and show it to them, can you get that plugged down to like a lower level offense asking for a friend? Well, you know, look, I never encourage anybody to do that scene from Indiana to Jones. I think that’s what that scene from right where he just like res in there. Is that, or is that a, is that a Kung Fu movie? I can’t remember, but, uh, Eddie it’s, that’s a serious offense. You’re not, you know, anywhere you go in this country ripping somebody’s heart outta there, still beating chest. Not a lot you can do on that. Especially if you film it and put it on, you know, YouTube or something. So you know, better not to do anything like that.

The show is not a legal advice. Show Eddie also RA Gaines is here, says did Biden just open up a legal precedent with two lawyers quitting that were charged with investigating Trump’s taxes. Yeah. I saw that I’m gonna make a separate video about that. So two lawyers, I think Alvin Bragg write the new da out of Manhattan. He’s got some explaining to do. We’re gonna dig into that one. For sure. That’s from Raider gain says, can Trump now do the same to Biden and his son, if he gets an office, look. Yeah. I mean, honestly, look, if Trump wins and the Republicans win, the Republican should form every single stupid committee that they to and they should go and beat the Democrats heads into politically, you know, into the dirt over it. They should because what’s good for the goose is good for the Gander. As they say, now I will be sad because it’s going to be, you know, a continuing decimation of America. But look, how can you, how can you sort of wage a political war if you only have half the tools because the other side is using them, they’re using a select committee. They’re using the power of big government to go after everybody. So yeah, when the Republicans wins, they should do it. Are they going to probably not. They’re weak and feckless. Eddie Oliver says I’m chimping for Jen sake, but I love women with no soul.

Oh, Eddie and Jenny bear is a ginger. So that part is settled. He says, I just gotta find out if she’s also Eddie, what are you talking about? Do you think sh look, oh my gosh, Eddie, these comments, these are, look, this is a family show, Eddie. These are, those are, you know, rated R comments. I can’t, I have that get past the YouTube super chat sensor. Well, and you know, what’s funny is I’ve met Eddie. You know, we’ve had conversations. He’s a, he’s a hilarious guy. So that just really just rings the bell. Adriano. Valentino says Robert rock. Let’s go Brandon from Adriano, from Australia, shout out from Adriano, from Australia, which is also great. Hopefully your Tyran E is working out well over there. Ray Ray ups is here. I had a feeling Ray up was gonna be here, says, Rob, wait until you see the plan.

Me and the diaper, which is Jerry Nadler is who he’s referring to have come up with for the convoy. You think January six was bad, baby. You ain’t seen nothing yet. You’re invited. So, uh, this is gonna be bad folks. Ray S and Jerry Nadler, Ray S for those of you not familiar was the guy who’s probably, you know, largely behind the initial breach of the capital on the west side gate. And, uh, he’s gonna be joining hands with a, an actual legitimate weapon of mass destruction. Jerry Nadler, Jerry Nadler’s diaper is well under the 60 pound. He may have been now. I, he might be leaking, you know, it’s sort of this complicated equation. J Jerry is constantly producing. I mean, he constantly defecating, so it’s re being replenished, but he’s also leaking. And Congress thinks so bad that, you know, it’s just being spread around all over the place over there.

All right. And so that was from, uh, Adriano Barry cream. Yes, please is here, says this administration makes me sick. You’re not alone with that Barry cream. In fact, a lot of people I think have been sick. I think more people are like legitimately sick. Uh, this year than the last administration CC says Gertz. That’s a funny sounding last name every single time. Where’d that name come up? I don’t, I don’t remember that name CC another one from Jeffrey R says, uh, it seems the beautiful wall, the most beautiful. Everybody says it’s the biggest is only suited for our rulers. Not the plebes. Yeah. Congress gets walls, Southern border. Not so much capital building. Yeah. We’re gonna wall that up. We can wall that whole thing. The whole perimeter in no time, Trump wants to build a wall in the Southern border. Not gonna work.

CES is here on local, says Rob, when Trudeau speaks, his nervous tick is to say, uh, and he says it a lot. I’ve tried to count how many times he’ll say it in his speeches, but I usually break into a laughing fit. So, uh, my question for you is, in your opinion, who’s a better speaker Biden or Trudeau, Ugh, PS don’t trust Canadian news or polls. They do not indicate the majority of Canada’s opinions. Trudeau and the liberals one minority government with only 32, 6% of the votes fringe minority in September, 2021, our multi-party political system allows for this. I’m sure the percentage is even lower. Now. Heather says, well, they both spew lies. Just one doesn’t remember what he’s saying. I mean, you know, I’m actually inclined to give that one to Joe Biden, You know, in terms of, uh, well, you know, who’s, who’s a more effective speaker. It’s gonna be Trudeau cause people buy into that crap. Right? It it’s sort of a more obnoxious version of what Obama did say a bunch of stuff with a lot of performative, uh, you know, animatronics

And people like, oh, they, well that’s I think that’s what a politician is supposed to say and sound like, don’t know what they said, but he looked kind of good, like, like a Hollywood person when he did it. Former LE’s says, Rob, were you able to watch the press conference with the Winnipeg police department? No, I have not. They stressed the fact that all protestors had rights. They were reasonable in their negotiations and it was very, very peaceful. Maybe the Canadian government should hire the Winnipeg PD to resolve their protests from former EEO. Thunder seven says, Rob, I’m very happy and a happy, happy mood when blackface invoked the measures I cried. And today I cried tears of joy. I don’t know why he rescinded it. The important thing is it’s canceled. I managed to catch the end Aviva’s response just now he thinks one of the conservative senators speech today, which he called the best speech he’s ever heard might have pushed the tyrant to pull it back. I hope so. Yeah. I mean, I’ve don’t know. I hope so. Let’s see. Uh, three girlies is here, says, can you get Viva on at least for a victory celebration? Look, I would love to talk to Viva. I haven’t reached out to him because he has been, I mean, in the thick of it, honestly, I I’ve thought about that many times, you know, Viva is like,

When things settled down, like Viva’s in the thick of, on his channel, right. He is living it in real time. Right. And so I’m not gonna go ask, um, excuse me, while you’re in the middle of this tyrannical dictatorial overthrow of your country, you might coming over to our channel and just spending a couple of hours with us, bring your audience too, over here. I thought I’m just not, you know, I just, I don’t feel right in it. So when he’s, when he’s, you know, ready for a debrief, we’ll have a conversation about it. But you know, I mean, it’s like, it just ended today. It’s a great idea. Three girlies. I love it. And I love everybody saying that. I, I love Viva. You know, I, I, I love watching the guy. I think he’s a, he’s an amazing, uh, sort of leader in this space in many ways.

And so, you know, I’m, I’m grateful that he’s doing well. We have a, according to somebody who just told us that speech unleash says, bet you Biden is just wishing he could do the same thing in the us that Trudeau did actually considering the majority of the J six protestors are still being held in jail without counsel. It looks like Biden has already been doing it according to speech unleashed. Thank you speech. Good to see you, man. We have Kenny Cole is here, says, Tru DOE knew he didn’t have the votes. Didn’t wanna snap election with the sub 20 approval and a highly motivated opposition. Right? So a lot of other sort of, you know, uh, people providing feedback here that Justin, Trudeau’s not this really nice benevolent guy that decided to do this. He, uh, out of the goodness of his heart, no saying that this was actually something that was, uh, a political necessity.

We had a super chat come in over on a rumble rant. What shout out to V here 4 0 3 says go people’s convoy, honk, honk from Alberta, Canada. Good idea to do it in warm weather. That’s from beware V here 4 0 3 on a rumble rant. And I think Ticus gave us a rumble rant sometime ago, but I almost, uh, I have a hard time looking at that this direction it’s far screen. So if I miss it, sorry about that. Miss lucky says heaven forbid, or this is Sergeant, Bob says, heaven forbid that some good officers do the right thing and donate it’s from Sergeant Bob. Yeah. Well, they’re gonna be investigated now because apparently donating or free speech is, uh, illegal in Canada or it was, or seven says I’ve had about an hour to think about it. I believe that blackface rescinded the act because it could be taken as a vote of no confidence.

If the Senate voted against it, which would signal the end of his reign. The dictator only does anything. If it benefits him, right. It’s it did seem sort of rushed, right? Maybe he knew he didn’t have the votes. So he came in to just, you know, cancel it before he got fired. Kareem says, does anyone know if the give send, go ever made it to the convoy? If not, I will be issuing a chargeback if give, send, go does not refund us. I do not know about that, but I would check with them, right? I would check with maybe their support team or send an email it’s Jake from Oxford. Oh, Jake Sullivan says, listen, Rob you and your cult following I’m growing tired of hearing things like Trudeau was protesting police brutality. Now his own police are beating the living hell outta people, horse trampling, emergency powers, because the left cannot handle any literally any type of pressure or accountability. Yeah. He’s tired of hearing that. He says, okay. So here’s the response from my office, AKA the greatest law office in the world. All right. Jake says in response to the backlash against the so-called massive hypocrisy from the officials, from our Northern neighbors, we would like to say, turns the TV off.

He got canceled. It would, uh, uh, it’s too ache from offers. Nobody wants to hear your bloated, rhetorical garbage canceled he’s back says also you did have some technical difficulties yesterday. You missed a good section of the comments that did not load in. No. Oh, sorry about that. Says I wanted to quickly address your cult general Sergeant Bob Freeman is not my sister. She’s my second cousin. I actually did an ancestry test and those things are seriously amazing. I traced my ancestry back to biblical days even showed that I’m a long distant relative to the great Judas. Oh, wait a second. So, okay. So, all right. Yeah. Jake Sullivan is a back stabber. Uh, it’s not a surprise. Miss lucky says, oh yeah. Jen, get advice from Canadian authorities, uh, is from miss lucky. Vanti kiss says one group already raised $300,000 below is the link to their donate page.

Do you want me to link it in the chat? Uh, you don’t have to link it. Just people can find out where to go wherever they want to go. Uh, this one is AF cf.org donate now. Right? Let’s see what this is, right. You look, I’m not, I don’t wanna endorse any, any, any way to donate because I don’t, you know, I don’t, I don’t wanna be responsible for it ultimately, right. I mean, that’s what it comes down to. But here, you know, there are a number of ways to donate eight, but there are, you know, there are risks and liabilities with that. So, you know, support the truckers. But we saw what happened in Canada. So, you know, be cognizant of that. I don’t know your personal situation and I can’t give you legal advice. So use your own caution when you are out there, donating former L EEO says will a C L U be on scene to protect the rights of the protestors. You know, like they did. And some of those other protests, I doubt it. Monster one says, apparently that trucker didn’t watch the written house trial or would he have he would’ve known sometimes you just have to take a beating, which is true. That’s what, uh, what’s his name?

I can’t remember it right now. It was binger and Ugh, it’ll come back. It’ll come to me. I don’t think this American trucker protest is a good idea. It’s gonna give Democrats an out about the supply chain shortages and the inflation. Well, they’re already doing that with Ukraine and Ukraine. They said that, uh, CBS actually tweeted this. They said, oh my gosh, you know, Ukraine’s gonna be responsible for the prices that the gas pump. Can you believe that? And Americans are going, uh, was this a problem like a month ago when the gas prices were breaking records? Hmm. Jake from Oxford says, everyone keeps bringing up Nadler’s diaper. At least address it with the correct pronouns. Nadler’s diaper are shims. And Shas S H D do you see why think ahead is here, says the convoy’s a trap and a false flag. If this convoy continues to grow in size and extends their stay, they’re gonna see major supply chain disruptions and increase prices of everything.

Not to mention. There are probably federal agents in there who are gonna try to do something to provoke the government. If people want to protest, then there are other ways to do it. There are other things you can do. This person says, Ms. Lucky says, Buddha judge must have apprentice under the old Chicago mayor like Richard Daley. We have another one. He lumps and wools says, Joey Gilbert is the best candidate that we have in Nevada. Unfortunately, not enough. People here in Vegas have heard of him. The front runner Republican is our corrupt Vegas sheriff. Who’s been in the current democratics corner for several years. And who was in charge of that Vegas shooting investigation that we still don’t know enough about.

Miss lucky says, Hey, Jen, simple strategy is whatever candidate did do the opposite. Yeah. It might be a good idea to end the state of emergency. Are we still in the state of emergency been in it for a long time? Jeff Brook says this rescinding is odd, but it makes it makes sense. When I look to Ukraine Castro, Justin, for those listening seems to have taken a page from Putin, push, push, push, and pull back once you’ve gained what you wanted. Yeah. It’s not a bad strategy from Jeff R Sergeant Bob says DC puts up fencing, but the border wall is unfinished. One tough chick is here. Hey Rob, glad you’re back to the regular schedule this week. Me too. I hate it when I’m not on the regular schedule on Saturday, I was driving in Minneapolis and saw a pedestrian bridge spanning over the freeway, filled with protestors and supporting the freedom.

Truckers. Of course I hawked in support. It was a beautiful site. That’s from one tough chick. Let’s take a look at this link here. See what we’ve got? Oh yeah. Here is a picture of the, uh, the overpas lot of people there on the overpas with the American flags. And so one tough chick was out there. Honking, honking away. Speech unleashed says not sure how effective this trucker convoy will be as a protest. If it doesn’t inconvenience those in power, the whole point of these protests is to inconvenience and to cause it to those in power. So they’ll actually change the like sit-ins and blockade lines, et cetera. Yeah. I mean, look, if it, if it inconvenience, like if they can’t navigate around DC, because they need to get on the beltway and there’s gridlock, you know, and all of the surrounding areas, maybe they’ll be annoyed or maybe they’ll just be inside the bubble.

I think that’s what you’re probably thinking about each. Right. Well, what do they care? They take helicopters everywhere. Just fly over the traffic. I don’t know who knows. 5 0 3 unlimited says my question was late yesterday. We want less vac status and more streams of heavily armed Rob at the gun range. When will you make this happen? Well, you know, I’m due up for it. That’s for sure. I just renewed my membership to the Scottsdale gun club. They don’t sponsor this show, but it’s a nice place to shoot. Maybe they should 5 0 3. That was 5 0 3. We’ve got ENT kiss says, oh, he gave me the rumble rant, which I got. I looked, I got it. Actually. Thank you for that though. ENT kiss, man. ENT kiss is just John on the spot. I appreciate that monster. One says, uh, all, if you’re Antifa, you’ll probably get a probation for that heart thing.

If you’re a trucker, it’s a death penalty. Oh, so Eddie Oliver. Yeah. He’s talking about the heart extraction question you had. Whether you can get that pled down to like a, uh, criminal damage. Could you turn a, a good, a good criminal defense attorney would be able to turn a, uh, murder via heart extraction through the chest with a hand down into like a criminal damage charge, you criminally damaged their chest cavity. You know, that would be a pretty, yeah, that’s a good defense attorney. I’m not sure that I could be able to accomplish that. But you know, miss lucky says, can someone slip Nadler a NA laxative? Well, not here, not domestically. Miss lucky. We have to send him overseas. Right? Uh, I don’t know where we would send him. It’s a weapon of mass destruction. If he gets a laxative that is gotta be prepared for that, you know, that is a big problem.

Here’s another one from rumble came in and, and this one Viti kiss. I w I was gonna miss this one. Vanti kiss says, so if Trudeau was working with WF, they were not joking. When they said you will own nothing. Hong Kong that’s from crash band. Another rumble ran over there. And so thank you for alerting me to that one. Vient cuz I probably would’ve missed that one. Uh, let’s see. Here’s another one monster. One says, did you see where they’re saying Hong Kong equals Kyle Hitler? Yes. Saw that one yesterday. We talked about that. Thank you for being a good defense lawyer and wanting to defend the innocent much love and act monster. One says I missed a bunch of locals questions, but I don’t. Let me see. I’m looking here. Let’s see what we’ve got. So when I refresh, you know, like it sort of like moves the page differently.

Think I got all those. Got all those let’s go to next. Let’s I think we got ’em. Let’s see what else. All right. I think that, uh, here’s here’s one grouch old cat lady. So will they go after every parliament member that supported the convoy by standing up for them? Oh, it’s a good question. That’s from grouchy old cat lady. Not sure. I don’t, uh, I don’t know. Right? They were trying to throw certain Canadian. I think MPS out of their duties. Are they gonna go after the cops? Are they gonna go after anybody who donated that were in the government? Like they fired the one woman who was, I think their with the civil services division, miss lucky says the cop doing the beating should be prosecuted. Don’t think that’s gonna happen. Monster one says, Rob Trudeau doesn’t have a list. He’s slurring his words.

You know, because he’s drunk with power speech unleash says, bet you is just wishing he could do the same thing. Think I got that one. Miss lucky says, or Sergeant Bob, maybe the new police chief will retain the capital police as consultants. I bet the Lieutenant that shot Ashley Babbitt would be a good research. Sergeant Bob also says obvious political damage control, nothing more former Eleo writes. Did you notice that not one IO speak of the rights of peaceful protestors? Not once he thinks they’re insurrectionists. I guess he got his butt kicked in school because he makes threatening remarks and hides behind the big kids. I also noted he referred to Americans as foreigners and not our Southern neighbors. I would certainly never trust the foreigners from Canada to protect democracy. And I think I got those, uh, monster one alerted me that when I, when I navigate pages, sometimes I think I lose some comments.

Oh, we got the list. Question is going down a little bit. We were in 90% that Trudeau has a subtle list, but now it’s looking like 88%, 89%. Really? If you round that up saying that maybe, maybe he does and let’s check at the top of the queue again and see if anything else came in before we wrap it up. Former Eleo says I skipped him, but I think I just read. And so I think that’s it for the day, my friends and I wanna thank everybody who asked the amazing questions as usual [email protected] and those amazing super chats on rumble and on YouTube. I very, very much appreciate it. Also want to take a quick minute to thank these supporters. And these are people who support the show at the ultra high tier and you know, we’re just giving them a little extra love.

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We’ve got Braveheart 29, DMAC Boston Huck, G ultra fragile freedom for all gamers, complete miss escape, Jennifer Delman Kim. So road runner, little red rose PTA to miss Marle wise facts matter and ask why we have our monthly locals meetup taking place this Saturday on zoom, February 26, 7 o’clock Eastern time. We’ll go for about an hour or hour and a half. Take your questions. And so come prepared. And I really hope to see you there. So check us out and that my friends is it for us for the day we are going to be back here tomorrow to do it all. Again. 4:00 PM Arizona, 5:00 PM, mountain that’s that’s mountain 5:00 PM, central 6:00 PM on the east coast. And for that one, Florida man, everybody else have a tremendous evening sleep very well. I’ll see you right back tomorrow. Bye bye, my friends.