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Hello my friends and welcome back to yet another episode of Watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Gouveia. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the R&R Law Group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona and today we’re talking about that little dictator tyrant, Justin Trudeau at a Canada. He came out just about an hour ago and declared the emergencies act was now in effect all across Canada. And so kind of a sad day for Canada, something that we were kind of joking about, that this was going to turn into this insurrection allegation takeover of Canada. And it looks like we’re there that’s we just arrived there at that door because Justin Trudeau is going to detail for us. It exactly what new powers he is delegated to his federal government. And so we’re gonna go through, he spoke for about five minutes.

We’re going to go through all of it bit by bit and dissect it. And then what we’re gonna do is compare and contrast that because a very similar power was used by his father, Pierre. This was back in 1970s, back in a called the October crisis. And so we’re gonna learn a little bit more about Pierre Tru do and what that whole crisis was about because they used something very similar to this and it gave the police all sorts of unbridled powers gave ’em the ability to go out there and basically gobble up anybody. They wanted to deny them do process, deny them the presumption of NIC sense because they labeled a group of people, offensive, terrorists, people that were trying to deviate themselves, uh, their government from its lawful working order. And so very, very troubling day, indeed. And we’re gonna break that down in a lot of detail.

Then we’re gonna take a look at what’s happening actually in Ottawa because you know, there’s a lot of activity all over the place we’ve got in KOTs we’ve got some activity we’re gonna check in, uh, what’s happening there later on in the show, but we’ve also got a lot of activity in Ottawa, Justin Trudeau, you know, having a hyper ventilation episode every single day over this Ottawa freedom convoy. And so he is now, well, we’re gonna take a look, there have been arrests that have been made there, and we’re gonna take look at one of them in great detail, about four minutes. This guy, you know, he actually was desecrating the Canadian flag. It’s true. And he got arrested for assault and for Thiry and for all sorts of things. And so he was there, you know, I guess he was there related to the, the freedom convoy.

And so is that what Justin Trudeau is talking about? Well, we’re gonna take a look at that and more then we’re gonna change gears and go over to the Canadian parliament because there was a lot of activity there today. And so there’s a lot of stuff happening kind of simultaneously. They were prognosticating that Trudeau was going to be coming out and unveiling these new emergency powers, but they were debating a lot more than that. They were debating, well, not a only what are these powers and what sort of powers and tools are you giving yourself, but also, are you gonna stop any of these mandates at any time ever? And so there’s a lot of conversation back and forth between Candace Virgin and many other Canadian politicians. And it gets a little bit spicy. There’s a guy there who actually has to stand up and tell both sides to pipe down because the other side is speaking.

And so it’s, it’s a lot of fun for a, you know, an American boy who doesn’t pay much attention to Canadian politics. They’re kind of going at it. And Justin Trudeau is really kind of aligning is the enemy of everybody. Nobody is happy with him. Even the COVID hysterics are like, yeah, he’s pretty much botched this thing because they wanted him to go out there and just start executing the freedom convoy. Of course he didn’t do that. And so there’s a, everybody’s mad at Trudeau as they should be. He’s useless and ineffective. And he’s a little bit of a tyrant as we’re going to see here as well. So we’ve got all of that to go through in the Canadian parliament. We’re gonna check in the RCMP, destroyed a bunch of equipment, uh, construction equipment, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of gear, the RCMP, according to, uh, rebel news, they came out and they were cutting the fuel lines and they were filling the fuel lines with foam so that you couldn’t, I mean, the whole equipment, hundreds of thousands of dollars ruined big, beautiful equipment RCMP.

They don’t give a rip about it. They’re just police officers. They’re like the FBI, what do they care? So we’ve got that. Ontario is going to be withdrawing some of the mandates, which is good news. And so we’ve got a lot to get to my friends. That was a lot of intro. We haven’t even, I haven’t even shown a slide yet. So if you wanna be a part of the show, the place to do that is [email protected] There is a thread form looks just like that, and you can drop your questions in there. We’ll get to them as the show progresses. Also, you can support us on locals if you’re a member, I’m sorry on YouTube. If you’re a member on YouTube, you get to use these custom GS with a hard G. And that is something that you can, uh, use in the comments and the, uh, comments threads and the chats.

We also of course have the freedom convoy trucker Giff as well as the Canadian Giff you can see those there, we get more, as you sign up as a member, the longer you remember you get cooler badges. And so those will tear up. We just launched this thing. So you can sort of, uh, tear up with the rest of the community. And if you want to join, there’s a green or I’m sorry, blue button right next to the red subscribe button. It looks like that. And I very, very much appreciate it. Other benefits and features that we’ll say for the end of the show, okay, what are we talking about? Ottawa, freedom, convoy, Canada, still in hyperventilation mode. What are they so upset about there in, uh, Ottawa? Well around parliament hill, remember, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about what’s going on there.

Recall parliament hill is located in this red circle that I am highlighting for us. And you can see there is still a lot of gridlock. This is the traffic overlay on the Google maps. And if you can’t really see from your screen, let me out outline some of this for you. But all around parliament hill is basically locked, right? Closed down. You can see if we take a look at the, uh, the legend down at the bottom of the map, anything in red is going to be non moveable, but here, this is just, I mean, this is blocked barricaded, right? You can’t go anywhere. It’s not like it’s slow traffic. It’s like, everything is blocked. And so you have this entire street outside of parliament hill. This is where the drones were flying back and forth, but you basically see a perimeter, right. All around it’s gridlock downtown.

And that’s, you know, they’re very upset about this. And so, you know, a lot of the honking has stopped. There’s been allegations, indications back and forth that Jim Watson, that mayor from Ottawa was actually communicating with the truckers over the weekend. There was a rumor that the truckers were going to move some of their trucks out of the residential areas, cuz they came to an agreement and apparently there wasn’t actually an agreement. And so, you know, who knows what’s going on, but this is kind of the scene, right? We’re seeing that there’s this kind of, uh, ebb and flow going on. There’s this back and forth we saw in other parts of Canada, you know, some of the bridges like ambassador bridge was cleared out and uh, in other places like Coots, which we’re gonna talk about later, that was also, you know, there’s also sort of a back and forth, right?

Law enforcement comes in ebbs and pushes forward protesters kind of reconvene come back. And so there’s allegations that, you know, it’s cleared out, but then it’s kind of back and then it’s, you know, back, but then it’s cleared out again. And so it’s kind of been hard to follow along regardless, Justin Trudeau, you know, he’s really tired of this. This is like making him look totally incompetent. And he doesn’t like that. I mean, he’s used to having a perfect script, nice hairdo. He has gobbles of makeup. Even if it happens to be all black, he is somebody who is highly polished. And I mean, he’s got a long history of, you know, being very polished. I mean sometimes even in black Polish, you know, but it’s something that he doesn’t like when he looks like an idiot and he’s been looking like a total idiot for these last 14 days or so.

And even people in his own party who are used to being just breathless, you know, sick offense are all sort of thinking twice about this. And so he’s gotta do something about it. And by golly, he did, he doesn’t want to talk to them. He doesn’t wanna say, you know, maybe I misunderstood them. Maybe we should actually engage in negotiations and have a conversation about these mandates. Maybe I should do something reasonable and do what the rest of the world is doing and start rolling these things back so that we can be sort of back to normal of that matters. He’s gonna call them racist, morons, thieves, and people who are wrecking Canada. Okay. And so how is he going to respond to this continuing cascading crisis? Well, more authoritarian power, total dictatorship. He wants to just sort of gobble up everything that he can.

Well, a lot of people are blinded by what’s happening in the CBC. They take a look at the, they listen to what people are telling them is happening. And so Justin Sheel, boom, I know what to do. Emergencies action, no problem. It’s in the books for a reason. We’re gonna go ahead and roll this thing out and blow the dust off of this. And we’re gonna use the emergencies act. You can see this was trending all over Twitter today. Rightfully so this was even before he announced it. I took this great screenshot earlier, I think in the afternoon. And so emergencies act, there’s a lot of rumors about, you know, how this all works. And because of our, you know, in America, our system of government is a little bit different. And so my understanding I’m not an, you know, an expert in any of this of course, is that Trudeau and his party were sort of spending a lot of the morning communicating with other people throughout the government, right?

Other, uh, you know, politicians and sort of trying to, you know, communicate to people. This is how this is gonna go and bringing people on board and, and off board. So there were murmurings about it before the actual announcement came to fruition and here it is is we’ve got Justin Trudeau. Now who’s gonna come out and remember, right? He’s been somebody who has been very condescending to these truckers from day one, racist, Nazi flags, Confederate flags. It’s a small fringe group. Anybody who is questioning my moral authority is somehow a racist or somebody. Who’s a drag of society talking about his oh, own constituents in this way. And this really caught me by surprise because when Hilary Clinton did that, when she said half the country belongs in a basket of deplorables, it many people say that might have cost her the election. And so when Truo was coming out and casting, what I thought was still think is a very legitimate grievance against the government.

It caught me by surprise, but he’s going to double down. He is not going to sort of let up on this. There’s not gonna be negotiations. He’s not going to, you know, talk to these terrorists. And we’ve seen day after day and, and Chronicle that here, how this has been progressing bit by bit. We’ve been saying, look, if they get their hands on a podium, if one podium walks out of a government building, they might be in the middle, a full blown insurrection. And by goodness, there wasn’t even a podium that was stolen. And here we are, we’re already in emergency powers, you know, territory. And so let’s listen to what Justin Trudeau has to say about all this saying, this is not in fact peaceful, even though we’ve talked about the peacefulness many times, even he’s gonna say it’s harming supply chains, even though we’re talking about truckers, many of whom would be directly impacted by his supply chain requirements by making them have to comply with vaccine passport mandates at the border. And so on, right? Listen to this. This is a psycho person. This is somebody who is saying right, that these truckers are causing all of these consequences without wrecking that his policies are what originally caused the same consequences, albeit through a circuitous route. All right, let’s listen to this.

We have been disrupting the lives of too many Canadians here in our capital city families, small businesses have been enduring, illegal obstruction of their neighborhoods, occupying streets, harassing people, breaking the law. This is not a peaceful protest. Nobody’s Doing that at the borders in different parts of the country. The blockades are harming our economy and endangering public safety. Critical supply chains have been disrupted is this hurting workers who rely on these jobs to feed their families yesterday. The ambassador bridge was reopened between Windsor and Detroit, our team. And I have been working with Ontario and the city of Windsor around the clock. I wanna thank the officers on the ground, including the RCMP who played an active role. We now have a responsibility to make sure that the bridge stays open.

All right. So we’re gonna splice and dice this thing. Now we’re gonna come back to that, right? This peacefulness allegation. We’re seeing that, you know, there were several more arrests that took place over this weekend. A lot of allegations, violence, violence, violence, harmfulness, harmful. Okay. Dangerous people. Okay. We’re gonna see about that. But what’s so funny about this is he’s, he’s really upset about the truckers for possibly disrupting supply chains. And it’s like, Hey, dumb, dumb. Do you realize that your vaccine passport requirement, if, if you’re blocking truckers from coming into your country, you know, that kind of might wreck supply chain, Hey, by the way, a lot of these other COVID restrictions notice that we’re having a global supply chain problem. Right? All of the reaction to COVID has been responsible or not all, you know, large portions of the, of the current issues or as a result of the consequences of the COVID policies.

But he’s not gonna even think about that about the COVID policies. It’s what the truckers have decided to do. They are causing the supply chain problems and it’s a very convenient excuse. You know, if you, if your COVID policies wreck the economy, then somebody protests the economy. Then you can blame them for wrecking the economy me, oh, I didn’t do it. Everything was gonna be fine until the trucker showed up, then they wrecked it. And so you just get to pass the book. Whoever shows up last gets held, gets, hold, holds the bill. Okay. And so Justin Trudeau continues on. Now, this is a painful thing to listen to. I don’t know how this guy is an elected office, but he just continues on reading from this script. And, and it is so bland and Dr. He’s like a rehearse. It’s like a, it’s like a robot. But listen to this here, here he goes

With each illegal blockade, local law enforcement agencies have been acting to keep the peace within their jurisdiction, despite their best efforts. It is now clear that there are serious challenge to law. Enforcement’s ability to effectively enforce the law. On Friday, Ontario invoked a state of emergency to respond to the blockades. This was the responsible and necessary thing to do today to continue new building on these efforts, the federal government is ready to use more tools at it, more tools,


To get the situation fully under control.

Okay. We’re gonna see what those tools are specifically, because typically when you hear that, when, when, you know, when the government gets more tools to do stuff, what does that mean? Typical, the citizens are getting screwed outta something, right? Because you, you sort of have this, this fine balance of power where the government makes an agreement with the citizens. They’re not gonna cross over certain boundaries and they’re not gonna violate certain principles of Liberty. Otherwise there will be repercussions, you know, going their direction. But, uh, if, if they, if they get more tools, well, then that means that they’re sort of, you know, getting something that they didn’t have before. Something that was previously reserved as a form of Liberty to the people. And so now that he’s going to be taking those because it’s an emergency situation, extraordinary circumstances, these racist truckers are ruining the, the, the economy. I didn’t do it. Let’s see how he justifies that. He continues on now, evoking in

Voki, I’m discussing with cabinet and caucus after consultation with premieres, from all provinces and territories. After speaking with opposition leaders, the federal government is invoked. The emergencies act. We did it to supplement provincial and territorial capacity to address the blockades and occupations

I want.

So we just decided we’re invoking this. We’ve called them racist. We’ve called them. Th we’ve called them Nazis and, and Confederate, uh, uh, foreigners. We’ve called them insurrectionists. They’ve called it an occupation. Jim Watson from Ottawa said that they were engaged in psychological warfare. I mean, the whole thing has just been like this cascading domino effect of one insane allegation after another. Meanwhile, we’ve been talking to Viva fry, Viva on the streets, walking around Ottawa when following Otta walks other people who are live streamers, seeing there’s none of that going on that I could see. And so let’s keep listening in why OI does Justin Trudeau need to give himself and his federal government, that protectors of society, the people who are going to ensure that every single Canadian sleep safely at night, why do they need these powers? And what is it going to do specifically? How is this going to help police stop all the honking or whatever they’re so upset about? Let’s listen,

I want to be very clear. The scope of these measures will be time limited geographically targeted. Yeah. As well as reasonable and proportionate to the threats they are meant to address the emergencies act will be used to strengthen and support law enforcement agencies. Oh,


At all levels across the country. Perfect. This is about keeping Canadians safe, ah, protecting people’s jobs. What storing confidence in our institutions.

Okay. So restoring confidence in the institutions that you destroyed. So that’s gonna be very nice. We need more power to fix the problems that I’ve wrecked. Nobody trusts our go our government on COVID policies anymore. Nobody wants to comply with these continuing indefinite mandates. And so, but trusts us anymore, including the truckers. You’ve also wrecked your own. Government’s credibility by failing to engage with your people who you might, uh, your citizens, right? Your voters, people who are a part of your country denied that willing to go down and walk with BLM, sit down, take a knee and, and bend, bend the knee and, and sort of join that cause, but won’t even have a conversation with the freedom convoy, very curious, but he is going to say, this is all about safety, because this is what Tys do they say that this is for your own wellbeing.

It’s for your own good. You’re gonna have to show, you know, this ID everywhere you go. And, you know, scan this and provide this information. Whatever. Now it’s just continuing on into the COVID era, right? And he’s going to be gobbling more powers up. As we can see, to protect the institutions that he has ruined. Let’s now get specific. What is he talking about? What new powers is he going to delegate to himself? This is what it sounds like. And we’re gonna break this down because it starts to get scary. There actually was a time in Canada. When a lot of these symbol, same powers were used back in the 1970s. We’re gonna learn all about that. As soon as we listen to Trudeau,

I want to be very clear. The scope of these measures will be time limited geographically targeted as well as reasonable and proportionate to the threats they are meant to address the emergencies act will be used to strengthen and support law enforcement agencies at all levels across the country. This is about keeping Canadians safe.

That’s the, not the right here. It is.

Here’s how the measures we’re taking today. This is the one will help get the situation under control. The police will be given more tools to restore order in places where public assemblies can constitute illegal and dangerous activities.

So protest,

Blockades and occupations as seen in Ottawa, in bridge and elsewhere.

All right, so that he is saying, this is specifically targeted to Ottawa, right? Or to, to geographic locations. It’s not gonna be a content based restriction, just geographic. So wherever the truckers are congregating, he’s gonna be able to use these emergency powers really for whatever he wants. Obviously he’s just telling us what he’s intending to use them for. We’re gonna limit it geographically. Okay. So he’s gonna focus on wherever the truckers are. Reating let’s listen.

These tools include strengthening their ability to impose fines or imprisonment


The government will designate secure and protect places and inf structure that are critical to our economy and people’s jobs. Oh,

Like bridges,

Border crossings, and airports,

Airports of entry.

We cannot and will not allow illegal and dangerous activities to continue.

Okay. Dangerous any legal activities. So again, okay. We’ve, we’ve talked many, many hours at this point on this show about the peaceful activities that we have seen. And now he’s going to be scapegoating identifying an entire movement with thousands of people and many, many more millions of supporters who are all actively participating in this as illegal while he’s simultaneously gonna tell us that he is supporting democracy and the right to peaceful protests. And he wants people to continue to have the freedom to assemble and to congregate as he will detail for us here,

Can you, the emergencies act will also allow the government to make, make sure essential services are rendered. For example, in order to tow vehicles, blocking roads. In addition, financial institutions will be authorized or directed to render essential services to help address the situation, including by regulating and prohibiting. The use of, of property to fund or support finally will enable the RCMP to enforce municipal bylaws and provincial offenses where required.

So he just listed a whole bunch of stuff there that this is going to allow him to do you including, you know, sort of empowering the government to, to write increased fines, increase imprisonment. We’re gonna detail specifically what, how this was used previously. Right now, he’s not gonna give you specifics like, oh, well we can just charge people with crimes. Like without things like reasonable suspicion or probable cause or articulable, whatever, right. I don’t know what the Canadian standard, but there are, there are standards of due process. I would imagine they are a Western liberal democracy or were prior to today. And so presumably that, you know, they would have a lot of those same, uh, guardrails to protect them against tyrannical governments. And so we detail what exactly the Dimin the, uh, evisceration of that look like. But here is what Justin Truo says is not gonna

Happen. This emergency act does,

This is where he says does not right. Hold on.

This is what the emergencies act does. That may be equally clear about what it does not do. We’re not using the emergencies act to call in the military.


No harm. We’re not suspending fundamental rights or overriding the charter of rights and freedoms.

Oh, just some of

We are not limiting people’s freedom of speech. Some of it we’re not limiting freedom of peaceful assembly. Yes. We are not preventing people from exercising their right to protest legally. Yes,

You are.

We are reinforcing the principles, values and institutions.

What a psycho yeah. Be spec just said it he’s a psycho person. He’s doing all of those things. As he’s saying, we’re not doing those things, right. HES said, we’re not gonna stop, you know, peaceful protests. Uh, and so all of the things that we call peaceful protests, he’s saying those are all racist, Nazi, uh, you know, illegal criminality protests. So he just gets to define them. Now look, folks, very, very troubling stuff, indeed. But this is some not something without precedent in Canada, let’s rewind the clock back to the 1960s and the 1970s, shall we? And we’re gonna learn about the F L Q. This is an organization that has a flag. You can see here. They were really big in Canada, between 1968 and 1971, and were led by a couple people called, uh, Charles Gagnon, Gabriel, who doesn’t matter. Right. But let’s let listen and, and see what this group is all about.

Wikipedia tells us it was a militant Quebec separatist group founded early 1960s. They wanted to establish an independent and socialist Quebec through violent means. They were considered back then a terrorist organization by the Canadian government, a number of attacks between 1963 and 1970, over 160 violent incidents killed eight people injured, many more, right? An actual violent group. These attacks culminated in a stock exchange bombing and other things. Then we got the October crisis, 1970, the latter began with the big, the kidnapping of a British trade commissioner. Somebody named James Cross, another Quebec minister also got kidnapped. His name was Pierre Laport. So we got cross and Laport. They get kidnapped by this group. The FLQ the front, you knows socialist violent group, public outcry, and a federal crackdown subsequently ended the crisis and resulted in a drastic loss of support for the FLQ. Several of them were granted refuge in Cuba, another social dictatorship.

And so backpack in the 19, uh, 1960s, this FLQ organization was bubbling all over, you know, Quebec. And so what happened? How did they deal with it and who dealt with it? Well, we have, of course, Justin Trudeau’s alleged father. This guy here, his name is Pierre Trudeau. The, uh, and let’s learn a little bit more about him. He was the prime minister back during the 1970s, the October crisis, this refers to a chain of events started back in October, 1970. Okay. So premier Trudeau daddy is in charge the front of Quebec. The FLQ ended up kidnapping those two guys. I told you about cross and LA port prime minister Trudeau then invoked the war act for the first time in Canadian history during peace time. All right, now this war powers act was the act preceding. The emergencies act that baby boy Trudeau just entered into effect to date.

So isn’t that interesting. The very first time in history that the war measures act ever entered into Canadian effect was under daddy Trudeau. They changed the name of the war measures act, essentially. They just changed it. They said, well, uhoh, that was a pretty big violation of due process. Let’s let’s uh, that, so they did, they called it the emergencies act. And baby Trudeau, just put that in. And so it says here, the premier Quebec, the mayor of Montreal supported Trudeau’s war measures act, and that act limited civil liberties. And it granted the police far reaching powers, allowing them to arrest and detain almost 500 people, 497 people. Quebec also got military aid with other Canadian forces being deployed throughout Quebec. Okay. Military aid to support the civil authorities. We have negotiations that take place. Cross gets released. LA port gets murdered by the kidnappers.

At the time, there was why I’d spread support for this act, right? Cuz people were scared. We’re scared. These terrorists are kidnapping our politicians. We gotta do something. And they did. So they allowed this to go in effect. And so we got daddy and baby Trudeau here. We can see that daddy Trudeau was asked by somebody from the CBC still around back then says, uh, how far are you gonna go, sir, to stop this terrorist group? And he said, just watch me three days later on October 16th, under Trudeau’s chairmanship, the cabinet advised the governor to invoke the war. Measures act gave sweeping powers to arrest and internment to the police provisions took effect at 4:00 AM. And shortly after that, hundreds of did FLQ members and sympathizers were rounded up. You see that government order goes into effect pop, and then we get hundreds of suspected people arrested.

Why were they not arrested before? What was stopping them from being arrested before? Oh, you know, these little things called, you know, like probable cause or articulable suspic, you, you know, reasonable suspicion a basis, right? A basis for, for, for seizing somebody’s life and Liberty away from them. There’s justifications for that. But when you get a dictator like government that just says, oh no, that’s a lot of work. You know, 497 people. We gotta like process all these people, you know, like all these truckers, we gotta process all them. There’s too many of them. We gotta write ’em tickets and go and investigate ’em. And like, you know, things like due process and equal protection, all of those matter, unless we just do this thing, just like daddy Trudeau did he did that here, rounded him all up 497 people were arrested, including singers partners, PO uh, poets.

We had another Quebec minister. We union activist all rounded up the act was imposed after negotiations broke down. And so this is sort of the history of that. Now, as we were looking through this, it’s very curious to, to, to take a look at these two fellas, just to put a, you know, put kind of these two guys face to face. Now I had not this before. And I’ve talked about this previously, when you kind of do a side by side on this, for those of you who do not know, okay, I am a criminal defense attorney, right? A big part of criminal defense is identification. Identification is a big part of any case, whether it’s civil or criminal, gotta make sure you can identify the person. And so defense attorneys are always checking that you sure you got the right guy, that wasn’t my guy.

He didn’t do it. And so you always are looking into that. Now when I was a brand new baby lawyer, I cut my teeth doing a lot of photo radar cases a lot. I’ve talked about them here on this channel before, but there is one court here in Arizona, which shall not be named where I used to have this relationship or this judge where we would look at photographs on these photo, radar cameras, side by side. And we would be able to sort of match the drivers and a big defense in photo radar case is not my client. I don’t know who that is. He doesn’t know who that is. Well, who was in his car? No, I idea could have been a cousin could have been a, I have no idea, but it’s not him. And we don’t have to prove that the burden of proof is on the government to prove who they say it is.

So the point here, long story short, I got a lot of experience looking at photographs and comparing and contrasting them to try to see if identities match. There are two things that I look at instantly to see whether they, they match. Right? Pretty easy. Things are easy to look at. Number one is the hairline. Okay? Number one is the hairline. You can see I’ve got a widows peak. So my hair kind of comes to the front kind of, and it, and it peaks right here in a point, most people don’t have that. A lot of people don’t have that. Some people think it’s kind of a receding hairline. It’s I, I don’t think it is. I hope it’s not. Maybe it is. I don’t know, but it’s pretty good right now, but it’s just got a point to it. Okay. Some people don’t have that.

Like Justin Trudeau, for example, does not have that. You can see this right here. If some people ha you know, if some people might have a very big widows peak, other people might not. The other thing that we would always look at in photo radar cases is the ear lobe. And whether the ear lobe is connected or not. So you can have attached ear lobes or detached ear lobes. And so, you know, you can sort of see my ear lobes are, are pretty detached, but some peoples actually connect there at the bottom. And so these are just two, you know, two things you can look at, you know, relatively quickly. And, uh, you know, it’s hard to tell from this photograph, whether these two things are, are, are similar or not, but it, it, it, they, they, they just don’t even look alike at all.

Right. I’m not sure that these two people are related at all. Honestly, you know, this guy has a, a bad receding hairline. Uh, can’t tell with a widows peak. I don’t know if Justin Truo has had any work done, but he’s got a full head of hair. You can also see that popup has, looks like a little bit more of a danged ear lobe and a Trudeau looks like it’s a little bit more attached. And so the hairlines and the ear lobes just don’t look like they match at all. So other people are speculating around the internet, and they’re saying maybe this one looks like it’s a little bit more, um, of a match and, you know, look, it’s, it’s not, it’s not just the looks, right. It’s also the policies. I mean, these two, these two look alike, I think, but I think that maybe, uh, their policies also, you know, are another thing that you could put in that box.

So you can see here, uh, looks like this earlobe, right. Looks attached. And I don’t see a widows peak here. Can’t see any of those things here on Castro, but that looks, that looks kind of like an attached ear load, but it’s hard to tell, but certainly the rest of the face looks, I’d say, I’d say much more similar. We have another example here where you can see, you know, you know, you can see a much stronger resemblance and we also see no widow peak, no widows peak on Castro looks like he’s got an attached ear lobe, which matches the attached ear lobe, which matches the no widows peak. So I think that those two guys are, uh, pretty similar. I mean, the nose looks exactly the same, right? I mean, that nose is, is, is pretty dang pretty dang good. Got kind of a, a middle bulb here and here.

We also, we also have, uh, you know, I mean, this is just a concoction of all these images, so of course Trudeau’s on the left, Castro’s on the right. And I mean, they basically look like identical, even, even this photograph here of a, sort of a younger Trudeau and a younger Castro. I mean, that looks like it could actually be a younger doesn’t it? Same here. I mean, even the, even the smile similar, like closing the mouth with no teeth being shown and down here at the bottom, it’s like the same exact mustache. And it, it’s almost like Trudeau saw a father of Castro and just said, you know, that’s a pretty good look. That’s a pretty good, maybe I should. Um, maybe I should sport that up here, up north in the snow. And so there’s a lot more anecdotal, you know, anecdotal evidence about this, uh, 1976, right after the time of the October crisis, right after dictator, daddy Trudeau instituted the war act.

He went down to go and visit with the, uh, the dictator of co Cuba. And this is his wife who looks like she has like a little romantic little Valentine’s day, little, uh, love TA touch there. Right? They’re on the, uh, socialist, dictators, uh, arm. And they’re looking at photos. I wonder what they’re looking at. I wonder if that’s photos of his ch child, Justin, I don’t know, but, um, very interesting. So a little loving touch there. Very curious. And over here in 1976, Fidel Castro also holding Michael Trudeau next to an adoring Margaret, while still on the tarmac of their first official visit. And she looks, you know, I she’s almost, she looks like she’s kind of enamored looking at her man with their child. That’s Michael Trudeau. I don’t know if, I don’t know if, what the allegation there is, but very, very interesting.

Very curious. Now, regardless, both of these people are communists. And so what do communists do when they are trying to take over a, uh, a country for, for themselves or for their, their, uh, minions? Well, they do things like Institute, federal policies that give them unlimited control. And so what exactly did the October crisis do? It says here, according to Wikipedia, it was the only occasion that the war measures act was invoked. FLQ was declared an unlawful association. Okay. So an entire bucket of people declared unlawful, just like they’re doing here in the United States. Everybody who is ma is now an indirect, right? Going after Sean Hannity’s cell phone records, Sebastian Gorka, trying to use the January 6th select committee to go after an entire political party and a political opponent. Same thing happened back here. They labeled FLQ that organization, same things happening to the truckers, right? All the truckers are now terrorists. According to this government, this it, that the police had full power to arrest interrogate, hold anyone whom they believed had association in jail. It says a person who was a member of the group, or acted or supported it in some fashion became liable to a jail term, not to exceed five years. A person arrested for such purpose could be held without bail folks for up to 90 days, 90 days of no

Judge, no bail hearing, no due process, three months, they can just lock you up and lock you away. It’s estimated that within the first 24 hours, police had mobilized to arrest suspects. They conducted 3000 searches, 497. People were detained. 3000 searches, 500 people arrested within 24 hours. Can you believe what kind of scummy People have to be willing to go do that to just go Rumage through people’s houses 3000 times and start arresting people sick. The war measures act also violated and limited many human rights of being incarcerated. Everyone was denied due process, habeas Corpus, an individual’s right to have a judge confirmed that they’d been lawfully, detained was suspended. The crown could detain a suspect for seven days before charging them with a crime in additional the attorney general before seven days expired could hold them longer for 21 days. Prisoners, no counsel many were held incommunicado.

Isn’t that interesting? Yeah. So Justin Trudeau’s daddy alleged daddy did that back in 1970 for the October crisis and they’re doing it again. Interesting. And so they kind of leapfrogged America, you know, America here. We only have one January 6th select committee, and they’re pretty much bunch of dumies there. They’re not really too bright, but they’re working real hard to sort of, you know, sort of wreck our due process and our equal protection and sort of, you know, eliminate a lot of those very important concepts. But you in Canada, they just sort of jumped right? The federal government, just the entire federal government just declared. And so what are they so freaked out about what are they so upset about? Well, it’s the freedom trucker convoy, and they’re not willing to talk to them at all, but in, you know, folks, there is some violence going on there. In fact, I wanna share with you this arrest, we saw there’s a very belligerent man who in Ottawa stole a flag. Yeah. From a 13 year old girl, this is what it looked like. Oh, sorry about that. Very loud. Let’s turn that down. I think that goes away in a minute.


Why did you see all the, with my 13 year old daughter?

I stole the flag from you.

No, she was

Carrying it. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah,

Yeah. She was carrying it. You stole,

I love how I love how you have an excuses to why you inducted your, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, get outta my city. Get outta my city. Get outta my city. Please understand you’re acting my children.

Oh, content warning. Sorry about that one.

My said, Hey dude, all of you, he’s still that black. You think this is gonna keep happening. We’re all gonna keep putting up with it. My children, my children now watch what he does to this flag. Look,

Look at this guy.

Watch your,

This guy stole a flag from a 13 year old. My 13 year old daughter

Stole flag from you. You stole

Flag for my 13 year old daughter.

Oh, that’s disgust. This guy stole a

Flag for my 13 year old daughter. So I’m in the city children. What’s your problem, dude. You, What about me?

Grow up and pros and falls, buddy.

What is it? You don’t play?

I don’t like men who use 13 year old daughters

To carry a flag.

No. To, to do their bidding for them.

Okay. What’s my bidding like, hold my phone, dude.

Please, please.

All right. So, so, um, I, you know, Hmm, that’s weird. I, I, it’s hard to tell who’s who in this, but I don’t think that that guy on the other side of the camera is part of the freedom trucker convoy. It’s not what I’ve seen. We’ve watched a lot of Viva and auto walks and you know, a lot of different streamers on here. I don’t think he’s part of that crew. I think he’s part of a different crew or just a citizen who sort of upset. And he’s stole a flag from a 13 year old girl. And are the police gonna do anything about it? Well, they are because they’re there. They’re responding to all the criminality, except this guy doesn’t seem like he’s a trucker, but I could be wrong. Let’s follow this along. He is, of course now, according to Maria Oaks, who has the full video over on her Twitter account. So please make sure you go follow her. He even took the father’s gloves. Let’s listen to this.

Can I make gloves back, please?

Hey you,

Yeah, just leave my gloves please. Thank you.


Sir? Have a good day,


He is mad

Watching. He’s mad at those gloves.


What you gather? He is watching back off

Police. All right. Now what?

Back off please. Police. Police. Uhoh back off. I’m not hurting you please.

Peace. I want you. I want these

Uhoh Slip and fall.

I deserve this

Uhoh So

You know him. No


I know my daughters for way. You’re a police officer,


Yes, we are just walking. He stole it. I think he’s been drinking. Is there a police officer? I’ve been assaulted A police officer, please. Is there a police officer? L

I’m cutting the

Cuff right now here, Mr.

Yeah, I have I’m with someone right now that

Just been assaulted


So, so a couple things there. Right? We’re gonna see the there’s one more clip to this where the, the police actually go over there and you know, we’re gonna have to analyze that, cuz this is a, this is a legal analysis show, of course. And so we’re gonna watch, but um, did you see any like other badness going on? Was it, was it like a war zone insurrection? Did it look like the civil war? Because Justin Trudeau said a bunch of Confederates, uh, from the army Confederate army, I think were there or something. I don’t know. It looked relatively peaceful. Aside from that one guy who was being a real jerk and he was actually taking the Canadian flag and rumaging it through the snow. Whereas all of the other videos of people that I’ve seen, who are part of the freedom convoy were singing songs, singing oh, Canada, uh, in, in big circles in what looked like to be a pretty dang good time. So we’ll follow up. We’ve got one more clip here of this last encounter. Now it says the Ottawa man is arrest by police. He claims that his ankle is broken. Let’s watch.

So the police

Are there, man assaulted me. I think he’s been drinking. He stole the flag from my 13 year old girl.

Oh, he’s been drinking. So I mean, it looks, everything looks pretty calm.

I’ll let you guys deal with that. Thank you. Smelled a lot of booze on his breath. He grabbed the flag from my 13 year old daughter, stole my gloves. Got a lot of it on video. I’m calm. I saw what happened. Thank you. Appreciate that if you need. Thank you.

Appreciate it. Need a witness please.

I saw what happened. I saw what happened if you need

A witness. Okay.

Under arrest? My, my, my ankles broken. No, no, no, no. My ankle’s broken. My ankle’s broken. No, get, I can’t get up my ankles. Listen, I can’t my ankles offs broken my ankles broken. You look at it. Well just I’m I’m I’m I? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I didn’t insult anybody though. I don’t. I took somebody’s flag. That’s

It man. And my gloves. Remember you stomped them in. I saw earlier

We saw him assault a uh, Uber driver. Yeah. I’m still here. I’m I’m being, I’m being, I’m being hand off with my friends officers. Is that because think I, they think I did something I didn’t do, but my, my, my, I can, I can see my ankle sideways hanging.

What are they saying? You did? Yes. I around


Oh yeah. He assaulted me. He pushed me down. Did you see me do anything to him? No, no,

No, no, no. I not officer, please


Very right. This officer.

Yeah, it’s broken, but it’s here somewhere. Thank you. Are you officer your

Husband? Yes. Okay. So I think I, I saw you wife.

Okay. Thank you.


Okay. Thank you.

You’ve been that.

Okay. So the police responded and

Not assaulted. Not only this. Can you guys wait around?

I’ll stand no over here, officer. So

You’re ready for me. Yeah. Okay. So I can’t, I can’t, my ankle is broken guys. I heard it snap. I can’t. When did it break? When you guy,

Okay, so it stops there, but you, you can see there’s a lot of activity going on. Police got there relatively quickly. Didn’t feel like, you know, there’s a, a lack of emergency services being able to get there. Uh, they go, right. That guy was and ruckus all day. Assaulting Uber drivers, multiple witnesses come out. Yeah. That guy’s been a mess all day. And what was his attitude? He took the flag and rumaged it through the snow, dragged it through the ground. Everybody else there was saying, Hey, this guy’s a whack job. Everybody else is being lawful. So those are the type look. I don’t know what every single other arrest looks like, but there’s a pretty good example of one of, of them. And I can also tell you, because we’ve talked about it here repeatedly. The RCMP agent who used to work for and bodyguard, Justin Trudeau said something very similar that he gave key intelligence over to the RCMP.

They conducted arrests on that person who was in fact, a little bit deranged and they made an arrest. Guess what happened? CBC reports that those people are all related to the convo. So a number of arrests are happening and this is what’s hap this, these are the arrests that are taking place. Now this man obviously intoxicated, okay. Obviously, you know, he’s gonna be charged with the crime. And you know, I want always be empathetic to people who have alcohol problems or who are charged with crimes. We all have bad days. We all screw up and do bad things. Doesn’t mean that everybody needs to be, you know, uh, locked up in jail for the next 60 years. Now, something also very interesting happened here. There’s a little joke that goes on amongst a law enforcement professionals. And I think maybe Sergeant Bob or former L EEO maybe will chime in on this, but there’s a little something that happens when people are, or who have experience getting arrested when they’re kind of about to get arrested again.

Sometimes they get an accident like that. It happens. It’s called incarcerated. It’s a little bit of an accident. Oh, my incarcerated is acting up. I can’t go to jail. I gotta go to the hospital. Cuz my ankle’s broken. Don’t take me to jail. Take me to the hospital. And then they go to the hospital. Oh, everything’s right now. You’re going to jail. And so it’s kind of one of those things that I don’t know if it was broken or not, but a little bit of incarcerator sometimes can act up, especially when it’s 20 below. And you’ve had a little bit of alcohol that day. So that is one of those arrests that takes place. And you know, it’s, didn’t seem like it came from the truckers to me. I don’t, he didn’t seem like a trucker. Didn’t see him honking. I saw him doing the opposite. Now we also have, you know, another interaction with law enforcement. This one is also brutal. Let’s watch this. We have this scene. Young girl is about to assault a police officer. This happened in Ottawa. Let’s see. Oh, what a monster? Yeah.

Will somebody arrest that girl? Where are her parents? She, she is not even like, she’s not even old enough to drive a truck. Somebody get her out of there. That is illegal. All right. So, all right. So you can see the scene of Ottawa is breaking down. It definitely needs emergency orders and probably the military to come in there and clean all this up. Meanwhile, the Canadian parliament, all of the politicians are still continuing to debate what is happening in Canada to try to resolve this. A lot of people asking is Justin Trudeau gonna communicate with any of these people? Are there gonna be any conversations about resolving this or is there gonna be a plan from the federal government about when this is gonna end? So everybody can get back to business. One woman in Canada is asking about that. Her name is Candace. And here she is today saying, I’m about to go into, into our, our version of Congress, right? Our parliament into question period. And here’s what I want to know. I want to know government Trudeau. When are you gonna end this? And the conservative party, which is sort of led by this woman is going to submit a motion, demanding answer. Here’s how that sounds.

Hi everyone. I’m just getting ready to go downstairs to question period. And then after question period, the house of commons is going to be voting on our conservative motion, which calls on the government to present a plan to end restrictions and end mandates, uh, and present that plan by the end of the month, the very reasonable request believe all parliamentarians can get behind. The prime minister has failed Canadians. He has failed to show leadership and instead of showing leadership, he has chose to divide to stigmatize and to wedge Canadians. This is the mess that he has created, but today he has a chance to do the right thing, provides some hope, some optimism for Canadians at a time when we should be so happy and excited about our future Canadians are worried and divided. He needs to take responsibility for that. Today we call on the prime minister and everyone in the house of commons do the right thing, support our motion. Let’s bring hope, opportunity and optimism back to Canada.

So we are gonna listen to a lot more of this debate, right? The conservative party is now asking for sort of a hard deadline. We want a motion, we want answers, and we’re gonna get to that debate in, in a, in a quick minute. But I wanted to say that this woman is doing something in this sort, this party, right? Candace burgeon and, and her party is doing something very interesting. Last week, we talked about this, where she came out, sort of really aggressive kind of, uh, anti Trudeau. And then she really tapered that a little bit. She sort of brought that back in and told the truckers, Hey, it’s time to leave. You know, uh, we support you. We support your, your, uh, your, your desire to have the mandates in. And sort of philosophically said, I was aligned with you, but at the same time demanded, you gotta stop.

Right. This all has to end. And I was a little bit irritated by that because I was thinking to myself, well, Candace, you know, you’re promising that if the truckers leave, that you’re gonna continue to work hard for them. Rah, RA, RA, we care all of a sudden, but where the hell have you been for the last two years? Where have you been when, uh, when all of these problems were percolating? Right. I, I sort of feel that way with a lot of our current politicians everybody’s coming out, you know, in the men and all this stuff and you go, yeah, but you, you locked this down. You were the person who was jamming all of this garbage down our throats for the last two years. And so you don’t get to suddenly sort of do a may oops, Maya culpa. Right? And so we, you don’t trust you to, to, to deliver on your promises because you’ve been absent in Mia for a long time.

Okay. Better that you come to the table after the fact, but, uh, still, you know, why would, why would one side give up their leverage in exchange for your promises when your promises haven’t mattered all that much. Now, again, I don’t know much too much about this, this particular politician, because I’ve, don’t follow Canada too much, but I can see what she’s doing. She’s, she’s narrowing the, the scope of her support. And she’s doing it very cleverly cleverly with the intention of threading the needle to, to sort of attack Trudeau right. She can’t come out and say, I support the truckers. So she can say, I, I sort of support their philosophy. And Justin Tru is the bad guy. So she’s doing this tri triangulation thing. And I think it’s, it’s clever politics, even though sometimes it doesn’t feel good. So she’s going into this question, period. What is a question period? I looked this up in Canada, oral questions from the house of common, says each sitting day, 45 minute period of of questions. And that’s basically what we’re gonna look at here. Sides are taking turns, asking questions of one another. Here is Candace Virgin asking questions. During this session,

It’s been reported that the prime minister is planning to invoke the emergencies act to deal with the current protests in Ottawa. And in some parts of the country, we know the protest continue here in Ottawa. We know the Windsor border has been reopen. We know that last night there have been arrests in cots. Section 16 of the emergency act refers to threats to the security of Canada. Given this context, does the prime minister think that these protests constitute a threat to the security of Canada? And if he, if not, does he think that with this news, he could be escalating rather than deescalating and already Inamed situation

De honorable,

Right? So it’s a great question. Obviously, this is now happened. And so the question is right, is this escalating something? What happens if he does use those powers? How are these powers going? Look in practice? What is he actually going to do? Is he going to just sort of compel tow truck drivers? You are now compelled under law using the emergencies act to go and remove these trucks. If you don’t do it, there’s gonna be civil consequences for you. We don’t know how it’s going to see or how it’s going to look. But here now is what the response sounds like from Trudeau’s party,

Blah, our hurting Canadians. We’ve seen borders closed our economy crippled. We’ve seen Canadians lose their jobs, Mr. Speaker. And that’s why you

Did all of things.

This federal government has provided law enforcement with all of the resources that they’ve needed in Windsor. The RCMP Windsor police have reopened the ambassador bridge and Alberta, the RCMP made 11 arrests and seized guns at the border crossing and an Ottawa of the RCMP and opp have established an integrated command center with the Ottawa police service. Mr. Speaker, our number one priority is to end the illegal blockades, uphold the law and allow Canadians to get their lives back.

All right, but you didn’t say too much about whether it escalates anything or whether this is at actually solving the problem or, you know, sort of making it worse. We have another one from Candace here she is. We’ve

Been asking the prime minister to stop dividing, stigmatizing and name calling people. He disagrees with let them know that he listens and that he hears them, but he refuses to do that today. We are voting on a conservative motion, a reasonable motion that ask the, go to present a plan for a reopening by the end of the month. This should be a time of optimism and joy for Canadians, not division and fear can Canadians count on the prime minister to do the right thing. And today stand up with us, support our motion and give Canadians the hope that they deserve so much.

All right, so that’s gonna be the motion obviously for a plan. We’ll see if that goes anywhere. We have a couple clips I’m gonna kind of fly through ’em so we can get to some questions, but I wanna stop on a couple of these because there’s some interesting things, uh, to sort of glean out. Now, this is now changing to, uh, to an allegation from the other party that this is all being funded by four foreigners, right? Foreign funded, foreign targeted, and coordinated attack. And remember how we just watched this snowball continue to roll down the mountain? You know, at first it was like, uh, these are race. Uh, this is a fringe minority group. Okay. Now it’s a, it’s a bigger group full of racist. Okay. Now they’re actual Nazis. Okay. Now they’re actually, you know, trying to wreck Canada and Canadian economy. Now it’s like we’re in a foreign war, foreign funded, targeted, coordinated attack, probably by those Americans down there. Let’s listen to this. The speaker.

It does not really matter whether certain members of the opposition have been merely irresponsible or recklessly complicit. But what this country is facing is a largely foreign funded listen, targeted and coordinated attack on critical infrastructure and our democratic institutions. The illegal border crossings are currently clearly intended to harm Canada and hurt Canadians and our government Mr. Speakers prepared to do what is average necessary to restore order and to protect Canadian interest.

That’s that’s, that’s crazy talk, right? That is a person from Trudeau’s government, Blair, whatever, saying that this is a coordinated attack. Like these truckers are coming in like heat seeking missiles to go and interrupt Canada’s entire country, right? They’re economics, their way of life wild. And so now they’re invoking this emergency act to go deal with that. Very analogous. All right. Very analogous to the October crisis. Back in the 1970s, dealing with another group that was actually blowing up buildings and kidnapping people and murdering people, same bucket of powers. They just changed the name a little bit. So it’s, you know, UN that’s what the government does. Buren is now here saying, you know, the prime minister Trudeau and this is where she’s sort of threading that needle. She’s saying he’s full of negativity. He’s been very useless in this entire ordeal. What if he had dealt with this differently?

What if like a competent leader, Justin Trudeau, didn’t call them all those names and say that this was a fringe minority. What if he said, listen, I know you’re upset about this. We need to have a conversation about this. In fact, you know what we, how about we compromise on this thing? My doctors, my medical providers are telling me we’re gonna start rolling this stuff out here in the next six weeks. Uh, what are you okay with that? Let’s have this conversation, all right, come to an agreement. This whole thing never bubbles up, but it did largely due to his leadership. And Candace burgeon is saying that’s a huge problem

Minister. And these liberals are still big fans of polarization, division and negativity two years into this pandemic, Mr. Speaker Canadians deserve in this moment, some optimism and some hope for the future. And they deserve it leadership from their go. They need to know when the federal mandates and restrictions will be lifted. That is not an unreasonable ask. So again, will the liberals will their prime minister will, their ministers will the backbenchers stand up for their constituents, vote with us to present some O optimism, optimism, and some hope for Canadians,

The honor government house leader.

All right. And so we got a couple other clips. Now, here is, uh, somebody saying that conservatives, you know, they had an opportunity to deescalate all this. It’s the conservative’s fault that this got to the extent that it got Mr.

Speaker at every turn in this crisis, the conservatives had a, an opportunity to deescalate to talk to those that were

It’s the truckers fault.

And moving on. Instead, what we see is from the interim leader of the conservatives who came out and said that they should continue this for political purposes. That’s right. The member for, uh, for Carleton who is currently a leadership candidate out saying that he’s proud and stands with the illegal activity that’s happening outside the member for Yorkton Melville saying that ripping down barricades protecting the war Memorial was an act of profound patriotism, passionate patriotism. This is their failing leadership here. Mr. Speaker, put this


So listen. So do you see that? What happened there? So he ran outta time. And so this is where things start to get a little bit, uh, spicy here in the parliament house. This, uh, this guy in the, in the, um, chair here, the green chair, right. He’s sort of the, the, the guy who presides over the whole proceeding. And so when he stands up, there’s there’s order in that parliament room, everybody goes, oh, and so if you saw that, right, that guy’s in the middle of his speech of his question, he goes over 30 seconds, the guy stands up. He goes, oh, sorry. And he sits back down and it’s pretty funny to watch. There actually is pretty good order. And I love to watch how these D front, uh, these different bodies govern themselves. So here is another one. Now we’ve got a couple more

Honorable member for LA Prairie.

Okay. So this is, that’s actually in, in, uh, French. So we’re gonna skip that one just in the sake of time, this one.



People in communities across.

Oh yeah. So, okay. So this guy is fired up. This guy is not a conservative. So as I mentioned, right, there’s, there’s a number of different parties in Canada. So the conservatives are very mad at Trudeau. Trudeau’s party is backing him up, you know, to the tilt. We’ve got the new democratic party, which is also gonna be backing up Trudeau. And these emergency powers, this guy, I don’t know what party he’s from. He’s sort of his anti truckers, but he’s also really anti Trudeau and he is fired up right here. Let’s listen to this guy. This one caught me. I was listening this afternoon. I was like, whoa, that guy had a red bull this afternoon. Let’s listen. Ben


People and communities across our country are feeling the impacts of the occupations, healthcare workers, retail, and grocery store workers, truck drivers, small business owners and residents have lost their jobs and livelihoods and have been intimidated and even assaulted during these occupations. So

Anti record

Versus prime minister, 18 days ago, when this started, if he showed leadership and acted promptly, we wouldn’t have to talk about emergency measures today. Canadians want to know why the prime minister let things get so bad? Why is it taking him so long to show any leadership at all?


So, so he’s super mad about it. And then we’ve got a couple others I wanna fly through ’em cuz there’s a there’s one. Good one. I, I think it might be this one. Regina


Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker today at ag committee, the Canadian port council stated that any inter provincial trucking vaccine mandate be very damaging to the industry and producers. Mr. Speaker, this proposal wasn’t even considered at the height of the pandemic. Now Canadian they’re lining the streets in Ottawa, they’re cloud major economic arteries, and they’re getting pressure for, to the prime minister in every direction to ask when we have a clear plan to move this country forward, I asked the transport minister, will he put on the record today? If his government will not put forward an inter provincial truck and mandate for the trucking sector. That’s

Okay. So here’s what’s happening here. Very good question. Right. And I really like this question. I wanted to pause on it because the guy stands up from the chair. Again. He has to shut everybody up about this. So he asks a very good question. Look, if you’re not gonna be telling us about your mandates here and all of this stuff, how about just the truckers only an interprovincial mandate. I’m gonna ask the department of transportation, the guy who’s in charge of this stuff. Can you tell us right here and now so that I can tell the truckers no interprovincial across provinces mandates for the truckers. Can we at least talk about that? Can we agree on that? Mr. Director of transportation? What’s say you, sir. Let’s listen.

Speaker. I wanna thank my colleague for his question and let me put on record today. And every day that our government will always follow the advice of our public health experts will follow

The advice. Now listen gets loud, rowdy,

And we will always do what is good for our,

He stood up. He stood up.

No, no down. We’re not done yet. We’re waiting for some silence

Pipe down. I have a

Silence, sir.

Yes. You were silent. Nobody else was the honorable minister of transport.

Now this, this is clever

Speaker. I don’t know why it upsets them. When we say we follow public health, that

Fire. Oh, I don’t know why. Oh, you, oh, you do

What it takes to protect our truckers, to protect our transportation industry workers and to protect our economy. And I know people are frustrated with public health measures, but we will do what’s right? Because Canadians understand that this is for their own good. And this is for the good of the, the,

For your good.

He says it’s for your own good Canada. So you just take that cough medicine and you just shovel it down your GU and you like every bit of it, cuz we told you it’s for your own. Good. And so it’s clever, you know, I don’t know why they get so mad at us when we’re talking about following the science, you know, those, those tri diets over there, they don’t follow the science we do. And it’s cause uh, your science has changed like 37 times over the course of the pandemic. Nobody trusts anything anymore. All right. So you see a little bit of a clever back and forth. And the guy in the green chair stood up my goodness. And so, you know, that that means serious business and it actually did. It does like people get kind of quiet kind of funny. So here we have another one final clip. We get a on that question and he hammers it back home. Here’s what he says. Uh, you know, those health people that you guys are following, are any of them saying that you need this for the truckers specifically.

Thank you

Mr. Speaker. And I’m so happy to hear answer. Yes. So I would ask him what public health officials asking for inter provincial trucking vaccine mandate for the truckers public health official is asking for more restrictions to be put in place. Exactly what public health official is asking for more ma mandates and vaccine mandates across our country. So what I want to hear from HINNs show me the scientific proof of this country. Can’t move forward. Show me the data they’re looking at, where we can’t reopen our provinces of business and let people get back to living their normal everyday life in Canada.

Yeah. Right on. Right? Yeah. Looking at, looking at me, still looking at him. Did you see that? Did you see that he was mean mugging the heck outta of this guy? Let’s watch this again. Watch this. As he sits down, we see a serious mean mug watch Canada Eye contact the whole time. Yeah. Punk.

He’s like, yeah, that’s right. Cuz he baited him. Right. He knew what he was doing. He, he knew he was gonna come out with that stupid line. We followed the science. Oh really? What science says, did you have to do that for truckers? And then that’s gonna save some lives. Uh, cuz it doesn’t exist. Does it? And here we have another question. I think this is the last one from the parliament. Then we’re gonna move on. We’ve got a couple updates from Coots and from Ontario. And then we’ll jump into questions from you. We’ve got one more clip here saying, you know, if Justin Trudeau had just talked to these people, maybe this could have solved a bunch of stuff, but he didn’t cuz he’s useless.

Yeah. Mr. Speaker, as the minister of public safety correctly stated it was the Windsor police and law enforcement and Alberta that are diffusing the illegal public infrastructure blockades that have trauma Canadians. In fact, it’s not been the federal government. In fact, the prime minister has been inflammatory at best and unresponsive at worse as this crisis has mushroomed and traumatized Canadians. How can the prime minister justify asking for unprecedented power through the emergencies act when he’s failed to exercise leadership with the authority that he already has?

So here you can see, right. What if Trudeau had done something? What if there had been any type of, you know, conversation or what if he had done something that just didn’t paint himself into a corner? Right. Many people are just saying if, if you would’ve just kind of approached it with a little bit more of an open hand rather than CA instigating and labeling an entire movement that would’ve given you a lot more options you could have then sat down with them. But now you can’t because you can’t sit down with terrorist Nazis, right? So he, he sort of tied his hands and that’s really ineffective leadership. Now the question of course is, uh, well this clip is from the NDP leader, says that they are going to support the use of the emergencies act. Now I clipped this before

Will P before

We knew that he was going to enroll it

Help the, the government endorse, invoking the emergencies act. I know you talked about it in French, but could you could just, could you just tell us that in English as well?

Certain. So, so I said, uh, in French as well, that, that the fact that we’re at this point that the emergencies act needs to be invoked or is being discussed, being invoked is, is proof of the failure of leadership of the prime minister for being this point for weeks and weeks did not act that inaction allowed these, the, the convo to dig in and it has created this problem, not just an auto it across the country. So that’s a, a, a proof point of the failure of his leadership. And, and I don’t say that lightly, and I don’t say that with any glee, this is, this is something that hurts all Canada. Um, the fact that we’re at this point, and then, uh, if this is brought to the house, uh, I believe that it is, uh, if the emergency dogs are brought to the house, given how serious things are and given how serious the crisis is, uh, we would support it.

We’ve not, uh, been in contact about any details, but if the idea is to invoke the me, the emergency measures act to deal with this crisis, to deal with the convoy and to make sure that Canadians are safe to make sure our borders are safe and to make sure our healthcare system is invested in these are, are things that we believe must happen. And so we would support that, uh, in terms of the details of this, we will have discussions and, and work out more details. But, uh, we believe that given the failure of leadership and given the crisis that we’re in right now, that if that decision came to the house, we would be in support of bringing in those measures to achieve the outcomes that have outlined.

Yeah, so that guy is apparently his name is I think it’s Ja meet sing. He’s the party leader of the new democratic party, social democratic, federal political party. It is to the left of the liberal party. That’s according to Wikipedia founded back in 1961. And so of course, right, the people who want sort of total control of a society, they like those types of powers. If you want it to gobble up, you know, the Bour, then you’ve got to go and, you know, round them up as we’re gonna see, uh, big governments move towards. So not good. We also have activity in other parts of Canada in Coots, we’ve got a new report that came out today from 10 36 this morning, police have announced, mounts have arrested 11 people at the KOTs border blockade. We’ve got a press release that comes out from Alberta RCMP.

Here’s what they’re telling us. They say from KOTs the Alberta RCMP recently became aware of a small organized group within the larger KOTs per road tests organized group. Oh my goodness. I wonder if they have like a name like Oathkeepers or three percenters or something like that. All right. It says, uh, information was received that this group had access to a cash of firearms with large quantity of ammunition group was said to have a willingness to use against police if any attempts were made to disrupt the blockade. So I don’t know how you quantify that, right? A, a willingness to use force, like, is it text messages where these guys are Laing around? Like they were doing it? Uh, the Whitmer plot. I don’t know. This resulted in an immediate and complex investigation to determine the extent and the threat of the criminal organization. Do you see this?

The criminal organization, what they’re doing is labeling an entire segment, just like we did it here in the United States, we didn’t start it, but we’re doing a good job of it. If you were even thinking about the capital building on January 6th and you voted for Donald Trump, you are now a domestic terrorist, and that is actually on, you know, it it’s been announced, right? That’s in the documents. I sound like Alex Jones, as a result of this investigation, the Alberta RCMP executed a search warrant during the early hours of February 14th. Well, that was before these emergency powers. They don’t, why do they need a search warrant? They don’t need that anymore. Just go round to, they don’t need that. That’s a lot of work. They got three trailers associated with this criminal organization resulted in the arrest and entertainment of a 11 individuals as a result of these search warrants.

They’ve got 13 long guns, so, okay. So 13 long guns for 11 individuals doesn’t sound unreasonable at all handguns. So, you know, it wasn’t a lot of them, otherwise they would’ve put a lot of them. If it was like, you know, 27 handguns, they would’ve put 27 handguns. So it was probably like three, because if they put three handguns that would look like not that many handguns. So they don’t quantify it. See, that’s very clever, probably, you know, two handguns or four handguns or nine handgun, you know, I don’t know, but not enough to put ’em on there. We got multiple sets of body armor. So what is that two or is it 13 or is it 11, but they don’t tell you, oh, machete. We got up machete. Okay, great. A large quantity of ammunition. How much quantity, who knows? You know, who is it?

A hundred rounds? Is it, is it a thousand rounds? No idea. High capacity magazines. And so you’ve got, you know, they sound about as competent and capable as our FBI here. An example of the militant mindset of a small segment of the protest earlier in the evening at 8:00 PM, a large farm tractor and a semi truck, both involved in the block, eight attempted to Ram a police vehicle. Mm. The police officer was able to reposition and avoid the collision, which is really good because you know how fast farm tractors can move. These farm tractors are barreling down on these police cruisers at like, what five miles an hour. These tractors, the police had to make a getaway. Fortunately, they were able to relocate the police vehicle. No accidents happened from that criminal tractor. RCMP officers followed this suspects to a location where the protestors were gathered.

The driver of the tractor was identified and actively working to locate him. So he can be taken into custody. They seized a farm tractor, anti semi-truck involved in the incident. Yeah, probably from the basically Taliban tractor trailers, probably terrorist farmers. Okay. So that’s happening there in, uh, Alberta over there in Coots, arresting people, multiple handguns. Don’t know how many multiple, uh, body armor don’t know how many 11 individuals with large quantities of ammunition have they been to, you know, an American’s house anywhere? Okay. Let’s see here. We have more problems from these RCMP agents. They’re also playing wears Waldo, trying to identify truckers, but they’re also ruining perfectly good cons equipment. Ezra Levon over from rebel news says, I accuse on Twitter, posted this. I accuse the police of committing crimes, several of these trespass breaking and entering mischief over $5,000 breach of trust intimidation. The only question is who ordered this illegal action because the police wrecked all sorts of construction gear. Who, who authorized this? Was it Trudeau? Was it commissioner Brenda lucky? Was it premier? Kenny don’t know, but here is what they did to these beautiful pieces of gear and, and look, look, it’s not like they put a boot on it. Okay. So you can’t drive it. These, these machines are seriously damage. Right. And it’s just a, it’s just a horrible thing they did watch.

So they’ve cut this main battery cable. Yep. They cut this negative battery cable almost all the way through. They cut the cables on the OIDs. It’d be start OIDs and, uh, probably Alux OIDs and then this control box cut all the wires in it.

They took the fuel lines off. They sprayed foam them shut. Yep. There’s a filter missing over there. Um, and they’ve cut all the wires off the solenoids there. Yep. Let’s get ready there. Yeah. And I know on the other side here, foam yep. Filters are missing and their foam shut. Yep.


I mean, it’s disgusting. It’s it’s like disgusting, you know, that they would do that because to, to repair that is just insane, you know? And, uh, I, I’m not a, I’m not a auto repair person or have a lot of knowledge of that, but I can, I can tell you that’s a lot of work. Right. It’s not going to just be something. They just, oh, just connect those things again. And it just starts right back up. Those, those things, those things are real, really significantly damaged. And guess who did it? The police did it. Let’s listen. They admit it.

Hey there,



You back. Yep. Thank you.

Uh, so I can confirm that we disable three looks like three excavators.

Yep. Disabled,

Um, to prevent the equipment from being used in the illegal activity. Yeah.

Okay. To prevent them from being used. Now, if you wanna watch that full segment, please go over to rebel news. Of course they did the reporting on that, but yeah. RCMP, Troy SAV, cough, total jerk said that we, uh, uh, uh, disabled those vehicles, thousands of dollars of damage. I mean, and it’s just, you know, that’s, people’s livelihoods. Those are that’s people’s property. Right. And so that’s what law enforcement does when they, when they want to. And what are their consequences gonna be? Anything, probably not all those cops are gonna be in their bed, just going wrecked, a couple truck, uh, uh, tractor drivers, farmers, fellow citizens wrecked their future livelihood because I disagree with their political movement or whatever disgusting. But just because they’re doing that doesn’t mean that there aren’t little victories happening in Canada, Ontario, for example, by of example, is removing the vaccine passport system happening March one.

There was a, uh, a, I think I shared a leaked audio recording of this, that Doug Ford apparently, uh, was having a conversation with one of the truckers. And he was communicating to them that this was gonna happen. Well, here it is. The Ontario government is going to remove its of VAs on March one, moving up. The second phase of the COVID 19 reopening to this Thursday masking requirements are going to stay in place. There are going to be some capacity limitations, but here is Doug Ford. Who’s gonna be telling us about some of these changes. And then we’re gonna jump into your questions. So get those fingers ready on the keyboard. Here is Doug Ford from Ontario

Over the week in, I received recommendations from Dr. Moore on a plan to safely reopen our economy and remove Ontario’s vaccine passport system. I’ve accepted these recommendations. And so today I can announce that beginning on February 17th, we will remove all capacity limits except for sporting events, concert, venues, and theaters, which will be capped at 50%.


Some higher risk settings will also be capped at 25%. Social gathering limits will increase to 25 people indoors and a hundred people of outdoors organized public events will increase to 50 people indoors with no limits outdoors effective March. The first we intend to eliminate capacity limits in all indoor public settings at the same time. And at the recommendation of Dr. Moore are we will lift proof of vaccination requirements for all settings based on the advice that Dr. Moore and what we have learned over the pandemic, we will need to keep masking in place for just a little bit longer. Ah, This is an important layer of protection that will allow us to proceed with our reopening plan safely.

All right. So there you go. Right? Little, little small victories here and there, but the others are still going to be in place. We’ll see if there’s any movement there, but let’s jump into your are questions from our friends [email protected] Gonna do a refresh on this one while that is happening. Let’s see what came in over on YouTube. Sharky stunts with a nice super chat for 1, 2, 3 this morning, just Kyle said, Rob, his order includes forced labor, AKA slavery. Well, Justin Trudeau, you know, he does have a history with some of those, uh, complex issues. We’ve got cars in depth, says it’s about using banks to defund his opposition. That’s from cars in depth, right? To, to sort of hit the, hit the truckers and the freedom convoy proponents, or basically anybody on the other side of the aisle. Right? Look, if you can do what the Democrats have been able to accomplish in the United States of America, extremely powerful, because now you can use the entire lever of the federal government to go after your political opponents, just like the Democrats are doing here.

And they even have help of two Republicans named Adam Kinzinger and Liz Channey oh, by the way, there is a really interesting poll in our community discord. Now in our, um, not a discord, we’re not on discord. That app is garbage on our community telegram, which is a private where there’s a, there’s a public discussion telegram and there’s a private community telegram. Very interesting question there from, I’m not gas about who you, who, if you had to marry somebody for 10 years and yet a couple options, Kamala Harris, Liz Cheney, Nancy Pelosi, there was somebody else who I can’t think of. You’ll have to go to our telegram to figure it out. Which one would you marry? Tough question. And so we’ve got to, uh, to, to take a look at that one as well. Jacob says kidnapping, murder and bombing much different than peaceful protests.

That’s exactly true. Jacob, not even in the same category, but they’re using the same powers. Isn’t that interesting? Why is that? They think it’s the same L Tripp with a nice super chat. Thank you. L Tripp, George McNair says interesting. Daddy Trudeau use the act to squash socialism baby or do is using the act to enable socialism and to squash freedom. Very interesting little, uh, switcheroo there. John says, Rob, first Jiff. Now this, my father has been bringing up Trudeau is the son of Castro for 10 plus years. Now we finally got him to drop it and now you bring it up now. Never gonna hear the end of it. Well, shout out to John and your dad, John John’s dad. He might be onto something. You know, if fathers are, are, you know, they’re, they’re, they’re pretty wise. He knows. He knows what he sees.

Shout out to John’s dad. Evie Warner says really we’re going with the idea that he is related to Castro comparing picks isn’t proof, dude, this isn’t relevant to the issue at all. That’s true. It’s not really relevant at all. Other than the stretch that I was trying to make there, that they’re kind of socialists and they’re both okay. Using big government dictatorial, um, power in order to effectuate their efforts. But other than that, you’re absolutely right about that. EV yeah. There’s no real reason for me to put that in the show at all. It’s ridiculous. Comparing photographs. There’s no purpose for that, but I wanted to do it. So I did, Ryan Long says, sounds like the maple syrup version of the Patriot act. It, it does sound like that. It sounds a little bit worse, actually. Uh, well the Patriot act, we never really knew what was in a lot of that in practice.

We’re learning co Roe says, Rob, what does justice serve comment made by the moderator night bot fantastic show. Great presentation. So the night bot issue, I don’t know what night bot is really. I think that I have to remove that from something it’s it’s I think it’s this bot that was supposed to be a moderator. And I think it’s now causing more problems than moderating anything. So I gotta go in there and delete that. Thank you for reminder on that co a row. And thanks for being here. What does justice served by moderator night bot mean? I don’t know. I don’t know. George McNair says, so what you’re saying is Castro’s attempt to take over Canada was thwarted by daddy. So he nailed his wife and postpone the takeover for 45 years.

Yeah. I mean, that’s about as that’s about as good a plot as any of them. I, I think Castro wanted to take over Canada. Daddy stopped it by getting rid of the FLQ, then nailed his wife and then didn’t take over the didn’t didn’t take over Canada until 45 years later when Trudeau is now taking over Canada. It’s like the man cherry in Canada. I think it’s a good plot. Maybe that’ll be a Hollywood movie sometime Jeremy Trey Goas says foreign funding help. Yeah. In case it’s not obvious for my currency. I’m not in Canada, but I am Canadian. You bet I’ve donated money. That is from Jeremy, Trey gona. Thank you for that. Jeremy, Jeff Pearson says, what if all the truck drivers across north America just went home and refused to work? So that’s another interesting point about this, Jeff. Right? I was saying the same thing, you know, the truckers they’re they’re, they’re congregating to sort of make a point and to make a statement, but they don’t have to congregate anywhere.

They just don’t have to drive. Okay. And your supply chain is pretty much broken. So you know, it it’s, I, I think it’s, it’s dishonest for them to say that you, this is sort of, you know, the, the actual act of protesting by sort of congregating in downtown Ottawa or congregating and blocking the bridge. Right? These are things that elevate, it brings community together. It, it sends a signal, it sends a message, right? It is challenging. It’s peaceful protesting sort of in its most perfect form. It’s amazing. But it’s it now they’re, they’re, they’re, they’re changing that, right? They’re trying to, to manipulate that into this big assault on democracy, the truckers don’t even have to do that actually. Like it’s not necessary for this to be effective. They could sit at home, put Netflix on, get on a, on a group, text message and just sit there and people would start to wonder, why are things not showing up at, at our stores and our grocery stores?

And we’re not getting our Amazon packages and you know, all of these things, right? People forget about that. They’re too busy, worried about the teachers, you know, or, or the nurses who are all important, but there are multiple layers of function in society. And when you just start treating people like trash, they’re gonna respond and they are so it’s, it, it, you know, I think they, I think they’re recognizing that they’re doubling down because they can’t, they can’t acknowledge the power that this movement has if they did, they would realize that their sort of at a disadvantage, good question from Jeff snuggle struggle says lockdowns are supposedly out safety against the virus yet tens of thousands gathered in public mask less and without government mandated pokes and yet no super spread or event and the numbers are dropping. How about that? Very curious, very interesting from snuggle struggle.

Thank you for that. Dr. EMB says the guy in the green chair is the equivalent to the speaker of the house. In fact, he has turned Mr. Speaker or the speaker of the house of comments. Well, thank you for that, Dr. MB. I appreciate it. That sounds, that sounds like a good title for him. The speaker of the house. Yeah, we have that, but we don’t do the stand up thing. We, we do the podium thing and I kind of like the stand up thing. They followed, they followed instructions. I mean, they all shut up like relatively quickly, but I also like the guy in the green chair name, it sort of sounds like a, maybe like a black mirror episode or something. Good to see you. Dr. EMB, we’ve got co rose here, says Robert standing back from this entire debacle. What’s your take on the outcome?

Well, I mean, I guess it depends on, you know, the scope of that question. It’s like the outcome. When in, in two years, in, in two days in two months, you know, I think I would, if I had to generalize on an outcome, I mean, I’ve said this pretty, pretty consistently. I think that these government, um, these mandates, right. I think honestly, I think this in our history is gonna look, be looked back upon as one of the most, uh, sort of disgusting eras in, in modern Amer in modern history, modern global history, what our elected leaders did to its own, like to like, I think, I think we’ll look back in 20 years and say, I can’t believe what we did to ourselves. I think we’ll recognize that. And I think that that as this continues to unfold, the pendulum is gonna swing the other way.

The pendulum was already in the camp of, you know, massive hysteria, COVID lockdown nonsense, but the consequences of that are gonna be seeing, and these are lagging effects, right? These are lagging indicators. And so once I think the consequences are known and we realize what we’ve done to kids and what we’ve done to our ourselves and what we’ve done to people who are dying from overdoses and suicides and kids who, who are having a speech Imped and learning disabilities, because they don’t have the ability to see each other’s faces. Right? All of these consequences are going to come up. And so if you put this on a long enough timescale Coro, I think that, you know, freedom prevails in the end, but it is always darker before the Dawn and, you know, for people to be awoken out of their slumber stuff like this has to happen, you know, and I’m honestly, I’m a little bit more surprised that that there’s, that, that this sort of movement or, or that this awakening, you know, is, is not more loud.

You know, it’s not more vocal. There’s still a huge portion of this world that is still perfectly comfortable wrapping themselves in bubble wrap and allowing the gut, right. There’s people in K handed up who are clapping their hands, who are doing cartwheels right now saying good, Justin Trudeau should do that because these people are really monsters and they are racist and something has to be done. So what, what is that? Well, you know, why is that there? It takes a long time, I think, for people to, to either fall out of thatto or to lose their political power. So I think ultimately in the end to reproves, I’ve said this on, you know, even ease, even Vivi the battle with China, you know, and I think that’s, that’s a, a very big sort of existential question that we as, uh, citizens, as, as a sort of a, you know, humans are gonna have to grapple with this idea that the world is polarizing into two systems of governance.

We’ve got government authoritarians. It doesn’t matter what country that’s from. They all exist. Whether it’s America, Republicans, Democrat, big government authoritarians, same thing in Canada, same thing in China, it’s all the same. It’s gonna be that polarization of the world versus the counter polarization, which is the freedom it’s decentralization, it’s communities that are self sustain and independent. And I think we’re, we’re gonna see this bifurcation continue to happen. Now this is, you know, this is the next 50 years, but, but it’s not going to be, I think the same system, right. People are gonna, the systems are gonna bifurcate to some degree. If people want to go and live in COVID hysterical land, they’re free to do that. Other people are gonna go and figure out alternatives. And when society starts to see that more clearly, they’re gonna say, I like that a lot more than that one.

And so I think that, you know, there’s, that’s how I stay optimistic about this whole thing. Cuz I think people have a natural instinct. They want to be free. If you chart the course of history, if you look throughout time, right? There’s always this yearning for freedom anywhere. Now, at times, people will succumb to the collective mentality. You’ll see people in China saying, well, we gotta do what the government says, cuz it’s better for everybody. They’re trying to bring that here. But that only lasts for so long because the dictators become too top heavy. They take too much away from people and the people rebel because we’re not caged animals. We’re free human beings who should be free to, to act with autonomy and go out there and achieve what we’re put on this planet to do our God given potential needs to be extra size.

And so I just think that I’m a lot more optimistic even though, you know, stuff like this happens. I think that there’s, there’s a lot of room for positive growth. All right. A lot. I went off on that one. I don’t know what that was about dragon Slayer says, even though you look like my little brother, I like you. And Nope, that was says, uh, that was a super chat says, I like you was there on one six. They learned don’t take the bait. And still the median politicians equals the state media. That’s from dragon Slayer. Thank you for that dragon.

I wonder if you look like your brother, cuz I looked like my little brother. And so I’m wondering if you look like your little brother, then maybe we might look alike, carer car. Next says they are going to use this act to force the pass around Canada. Now that provinces are removing them and mandates at a federal level help that’s from Karen X. I’m not sure what sort of authority they have to, to you know, to do a lot of that. But certainly it’s problematic. They’ve got a lot more power now than they did the small warning. And that is troubling. All sorts says love or hate Pierre Trudeau. He’s rolling in his grave at Justin. Trudeau’s in aptitude. That’s from all sorts. Well I think even people in his own country, right? His own sort of political alliances are concerned. Ronald Leski with his super chat. No question. Gail Kaman says truly enjoy what your program. I’m glad that you’re here. Gail. I appreciate you being here. A lot. Custody is here. Says some people do not require the authority to make sense. They just follow. They are just naive. Yeah. It’s a good one. There’s a well, I’ll tell, I’ll tell that story another time. Let’s see what we’ve got over on locals. We have a couple here and I’m gonna have to navigate to page two.

All right here, we’ve got grouchy. Old cat lady says Trudeau is a dictator and Ontario is lifting the mandates come March. Donald William says when truckers shut down America to protest oil prices, they became folk heroes and he shared this article over on uh, history.com. Here’s what that history.com article looks like. It says when truckers shut down America to protest oil, they became folk hero heroes. The strike started when one driver was mad about the OPEC crisis turned off. His engine got a CB radio, 19 73, 37 year old trucker decided that they were going to protest. So interesting story. Take a look at that. If you wanna read more of that, I’ve got that bookmark. Thank you Donald. We have another one from Donald says who was the prime minister back in 1974. I think it was Pierre. Klaus says George, uh Trudeau is the worst. No, I don’t think so.

I think Biden has to be neck and neck. We have another one from LIBO 36 says sad day for us Canadians. He has officially become a dictator. We have Sam UL. Adam says Robert, you spelled tur do wrong. Tur do we’ve got free. Mind says is anyone following Durham? Yeah, I am free mind. We’re probably gonna be a video about that one tomorrow. So quick show note. I am traveling. So I have a weird week this week. I am traveling back to Atlanta tomorrow. I leave tomorrow afternoon. I land there. I’ve got a seminar all day, Wednesday, Thursday, I fly back Thursday night and then I got something I gotta do Friday morning. So I’m traveling a lot. I am bringing my camera tomorrow. May very well be a premier rather than a live show because I’ll be on the airplane. But then I think I end actually earlier and since the show is at seven, at seven Eastern time, I’m gonna end at like five.

So I might be able to do a live show. Otherwise it’s gonna be, uh, uh pre-records for a couple days this week, but I am bringing my gear cuz I, you know, I miss you guys. You know, I, I couldn’t do a show Friday or this weekend and I was sort of cranky, you know, not happy about it, but I had a great conference, learned a lot, have some very cool ideas that I’m gonna be playing with you here at the firm and here on the show. So I’m excited about it. We’ve got no one, you know, says Rob, as I recall, one of the core beliefs in the existence systems is giving. Thanks. I’m very thankful. I do not live in Canada. We have our issues here in the us, but Canada has lost its way. They are a democracy on paper only again, very thankful.

I do not live in Canada. Also high that’s from no one, you know, good to see you. No one monster. One says, Rob, can we get away from the truckers for a day? We got new information on Durham. We got capital police dressing as construction workers. We’ve got Trump saying Hillary deserves a death penalty, plenty of stuff on the home front to talk about. We’re gonna get there. And I think that’s in on deck for tomorrow, but today was a pretty big date for Canada. So we’re gonna talk. We, we, we gotta, we gotta get some closure on some of these things. We’re not leaving the trucker story, but there are some very interesting developments here with Durham. And I agree with you monster one. So that one is in Q. I actually already started the slide deck for that whole story. Miss lucky says, Sergeant Bob says little Justin should go back to his Fran, a fancy prep school and retake logic 1 0 1, ed Johnson says, I’m wondering if the small business owners have already forgotten what the COVID restrictions did to them.

Or we just can’t hear them speak because of the, of the suppression. I don’t know. Right? It’s like these, these politicians that are promising you an exit are the same people that put you in. So you’re trusting your jailers who just abused you to treat you well. All right, we have miss lucky says from Sergeant Bob be aware, the RCMP is a national police force. All are trained in Regina. Granted that all police to are militaristic to a degree RCMP much more so a national police force has no local authority. This is a strong argument to keep the us USA feds out of local policing. The DS only wish they could exert this totalitarian agenda. Yeah, they’re they’re salivating. They’re like, man, I wish we had that here. We have this stupid soul luck committee that Rob keeps making fun of. And everybody thinks is a joke, man, it’d be nice.

If we could just wave a wand like Trudeau, then we could get all this done. Instantly. We have another one from former EO says Trudeau is the prime minister of a coalition of the parties that didn’t receive a mandate. He didn’t receive a majority of the votes. How come their parliament is not taken of no confidence. He has no grasp of history. All that is needed to look back on time to Poland and their solidarity movement. And where is somebody now that Canada needs him Lech while AA. Ms. Lucky says to follow up on my prior comment about the RCMP Truo can say he’s not calling the military, but the RCMP is basically defacto military. So Trudeau is just playing around with words also says old Wendy’s ad from Clara Pella. Where’s the beef thus where’s the DNA that’s from Sergeant Bob. Good to see you Sergeant. And let’s see what else we’ve got here doing a quick refresh on this one.

Couple other are comments here. Facts matter says, saw a quote somewhere that the names politicians, government often call groups is exactly how the government will behave for towards them. Right? So if they call them Nazis, they’ll act like Nazis towards them. If they call them tyrants, they’ll act like tyrants towards them. I think that makes good sense. Sergeant Bob says the be Tillion to system used before fingerprints prevails in who’s yo daddy. I’m not sure what that is. Sergeant Bob I’ll have to take a look at that. The be Tillian system. Very interesting. And we’ve got some more comments from watching the watchers.locals.com. They are refreshing as we speak, we see here, monster one says, Rob, the mention of the FLQ kidnappings reminded me of something I forgot earlier. Did you see where Kens zinger said they expected targeted assassinations of politicians? He said it in a way that would suggest the right is going to take out the DS.

We all know what he was doing. He was sending out a dog whistle to the deranged, leftist to start taking out the Republicans. If they get one of these nut jobs to take out a Republican and well they’ll be successful. Once they take out the political opposition, two, one, they take out the opposition two, they get to use assassination as a reason to push gun control. If a Republican member of Congress gets killed, the rest will flip on the second amendment out of fear. That’s a scary prognostication monster one. I see you’ve got this little, this little, uh, 1, 2, 3 system. I hope they don’t do that. Monster. One says, I’m sorry, but people need to quit being cowards. If someone rips something outta my child, I’m not waiting for the police to respond. Ms. Lucky says, oh yeah, the old I’m injured trick ties up officers for more time from Sergeant pop three girly says, Rob, if you think the Canadian parliament is crazy, British par British parliament is even more.

So you have to watch when they’re doing the questions and debating each other. It’s very loud outta control, British British parliament, people wearing wigs and robes. I know they, they, it is fun over there too, but I haven’t seen anything quite as interesting as this there recently, British parliament is the template for the Canadian parliament and our Congress. The house of representatives is the equivalent to the house of commons. They’re the, for the common folk, they run and get elected for their seat. The Senate is the equivalent to the house of Lords. They are nobility. They get their seats by birth. They are considered to be the more levelheaded and grounded, but our Congress is so much more sterilized than either the British or the Canadian parliaments. Yeah. I, I, I would agree with that, uh, analysis. I think that’s a good analysis. I think that our Congress has been sort of modified into that.

It’s, you know, there’s, there is sort of some birthright there going on, like, you know, people sort of hand seats off to the families and sort of, you know, legacies exist. They’re yeah. So we have some of that built in, but very good comment. We have van his prime is here, says, Rob notice, can’s burgeon said by the end of the month, why not? Right away. Of course. It’s not like they’ll always see what you’ll still tolerate while pretending to do something, to help you be aware of the fake left. Right. Paradigm. I agree with you on that sounds great. Sounds really good. But it’s been two years. Yeah. So where you been kind of late to the party there aren’t you miss lucky says, says, uh, it is so incense that she’s beyond words and she is Canadian. Oh, so Sergeant Bob says, miss lucky, man, she’s fired up right now.

She should be, I don’t know what it’s about, but there’s a lot of things in this show. I dunno what it’s about particular, you know, all of it, probably a totality of the circumstances type of anger we have seashells says Trudeau is a tyrant and his actions are and how and why civil war start. Yeah. When you start to sort of castigate an entire segment of your population, that really has a legitimate gripe. Yeah. That’s kind of not good leadership. See you, Reid is here, says it’s V day. We not doing anything on the Hillary Russia affair. Oh, can anyone advise Castro’s son on how a chain works? Pull not push when you push it just becomes bunched up and tangled mess. Yet. Here we are a wise man once said truth is incontrovertible ignorance. Can dite it? Panic may resent it. Fear might conceal it.

Malice may destroy it, but yet there it is. Paraphrased from Winston Churchill. Yeah. The Hillary Russia affair. Well, we’re gonna get into that probably tomorrow. I already started on the Durham slides. I think it’s 31 pages and the it’s there’s a conflict of in interest motion. Michael, uh, Durham, Durham is leading the investigation sort of into the Hillary Clinton email Russian collusion scandal, right? This guy named Michael Sussman has been prosecuted is being prosecuted. Durham just dropped a hell of a emotion that we are gonna go through where he’s indicating that they were actually spying on Donald Trump when he was the president of the United States, the executive office of the president being SP on by Hillary Clinton and people. So, uh, pretty shocking. And yeah, we’re definitely gonna talk about that. It’s queued up very well. May be a premiere that airs tomorrow when I’m on the airplane. We’ll see. I Donez says the clip you were showing off of the guy who stole the flag. Was that supposed to be one of the protestors? Why does this say the guy videotaping him say get outta my city. I think it was the other guy who said that.

I think the guy with the flag who stole the flag was saying, get outta my city. Wouldn’t that be to someone who was trying to harass the protestors? Did I get that right? Or did I misunderstand the whole video? I think you misunderstood the whole video. I think, unless I misunderstood the whole video, I think that the guy who took the flag and was rubbing it in the ground was screaming to them, get outta my city. Like I took the flag. I think if I’m wrong about that, well then I screwed that up. But I think that’s how that went. Grouchy old cat lady said it never made sense. Truckers were mandated by nature. They are introverted. They avoid people. Who are they going to? They don’t even unload their own trucks. They’re in a truck all day. They’re driving. Right. I, I know it’s sort of like a weird thing.

It’s like, you know, to, to, to kill themselves over that one issue. But it’s not about that. Right? It’s always about control. It’s about compliance. Okay. Chad is confirming me saying that that summation of that video was right. So I think that’s correct. E Donez Ticus also says, what is this normal life people are talking about? Getting back to I’d hardly consider anything in recent years to be anything close to what I’d consider to be normal from E. And that was from tic kiss, which I agree with monster. One says, Robert, did you see CNA end claimed the video of Rogan saying the hard R was the new January 6th. Yes, that’s right. Someone saying the hard ARB is equivalent to Pearl Harbor N nine 11. Not my comparison. So I did see that. And I also saw that they changed that headline. So they changed it.

The, the headline was, yeah, Joe Rogan’s use of the N word is a new January 6th. And then they changed it saying it was like the worst ever, like why it’s so bad. So even they know that nobody buys it. Captain. Jim says, Hey Rob, happy Monday, another good show. Keep up the great work. Thank you, captain Jim, we have 5 0 3 unlimited says peaceful protestors are going to meet states sanction violent soon. I wonder how much they’ll be talking about police quote, just doing their jobs. When that happens, authority requires harsh scrutiny from the public and for the good of the public. I agree with you on that 5 0 3 big time. I agree with you big time. And I’ve always thought it was kind of an interesting, I don’t think this is the case. I mean, two years ago I was talking about this divide where, you know, sort of conservative people would be, you know, a, a small limited government, except when it came to the police, then they suddenly loved the police, big gigantic police agencies.

That was kind of how, you know, kind of conserv derivatives were maybe like three years ago. But a lot of that has changed after this COVID stuff. Right? A lot of people are now looking at law enforcement with a lot more skeptical eyeballs. Rightfully so monster one says, did you ever hear of the rat hope experiment? They put a rat in water, let ’em swim. After about 15 minutes, it gave up in drown. Next time they pulled the rat out, right? The, for it drown, dried it off. Let it RAs rest. Put it back in this time, swam for days because it expected it to be saved. This is what I think of when burgeon kept saying we have to give Canadians hope. I think she was saying, we gotta give them hope so we can lock down harder. And the rats will wait to be saved, but we’ll drown waiting.

Ooh, that’s a good comment. There. That’s that’s an ominous comment there from monster one. Love it. And I don’t disagree. Rob Butte says, heard that in Ontario court order that froze the give send, go account with new dope due process, Ontario claiming jurisdiction over, give, send, go, what are they gonna send gustapo officers to arrest them in the us. The truckers should have to give the send, should have the give and, and go bank account in the us and use the funds in conjunction with crypto to support the protest. Yeah. And you know, I’m not sure what give and go is doing. I heard that they were hacked that certain information got leaked out, but the funds were not ultimately hacked. And so the, you know, Canadians want to sort of limit their need to send it, but it sounds like it’s all being housed in the United States.

And so now you’ve gotta go through sort of an international due process system. And so there’s layers of complexity there, which we’ll see what happens. Bianca says the cost to repair that damage to the construction vehicles is going to be insane. Then just think about the fact that there’s all these supply shortages and empty for food shelves. And you seem to be destroying farmers’ equipment. Yeah. Police and they confirmed it. Yeah, we did it. Butte says the militants with the guns in large amount of ammunition are feds like REEP bringing them in as the Canadian government seizes. All of it. Nada says we intend to drop the VAX ID in March. Hmm. We intend to do it. So just do it. Former Lao says, don’t forget what happened to the protestors in Cuba. It appears that Canada is headed down the same path. Sergeant Bob says, if you’ve got it.

I’ll bet. Just about anything that a truck brought it. Love it, John Hagin’s back. Hey, John says the fallout quote, if any will be interesting to watch the media is being deceptive. And in many cases lying, the prime minister just took another step towards totalitarian rule and they’re only 24 months past a huge firearm grab. Will the connects push back hard enough? Will we see a true tuck tail and run, read red handed? It covers the corruption of the Trudeau family. Since world war II go Canada. That’s from John and Heather Hellgren who are, uh, here on locals. Good to see you guys. We’ve got another one from max Webster says, Rob, I read an earlier report about the RCMP destruction of those excavators. Allegedly the RC MP asked that the equipment be move quote out of site for the reason of avoiding the expectation that they be used for the block aid.

They did this on purpose so they can discreetly disable them. Wow. So I see what you’re saying. So this is from max Webster. Who’s saying that the RCMP said, can you move those outta sight? Then when they move them out of site, they went up and wreck them so that nobody would see them because they were out of sight. Wouldn’t surprise me for a minute. Vanka says, Rob, this one’s for you. Look for my private message on telegram. Also make a telegram group for the MOS. Yeah, I need to do that. Let’s see here. I’m looking on telegram. I’ve got so many stinking windows open right now though. I’m probably not gonna find it.

Let’s see scrolling, scrolling. Oh, there it is. Okay, cool. So I, I got that. Ticus I’ll respond on telegram. I appreciate that. We have another one, Greg Morros here says, Hey Rob, did you see the article about misinformation versus disinformation versus mal information with mal information? You can say real facts, but we have to dismiss it because it is against the mainstream narrative and it can harm people. So, uh, that’s a new one. Mal information is not, uh, we’ve we’ve talked a lot about misinformation and disinformation here, but, uh, uh, mal inform. So this is fun. Thank you, Greg. For this look, mal information is deliberate publication of private information, as well as the deliberate manipulation of genuine content note that these are not false information, but instead are real information based on reality, but are used and disseminated to harm others. So it’s real information that’s used in a way that they don’t want you to use it.

It’s wild. Just you really can’t talk about anything because everything is now some type of problematic information here. We’ve got a couple more before we wrap it up for the day three girl is here, says they probably haven’t taken a quote vote of no confidence because they don’t have enough votes for it yet, which is something that the parliament can apparently do to basically say Justin you’re you’re outta here, right? No confidence in you. Four Ellio says Leah. Well, Lisa was the leader of the Polish solidarity movement who secured freedom for Poland. I keep forgetting your age. A lot of us live through other turbulent times. I am. I mean, I’m, I’m getting up there. I’m 36. Now my goodness, former L E says RCMP reported what they stole long guns, ammo, high capacity magazines, body armor, machetes are those illegal to possess under Canadian law monster one says, Rob, I think you misunderstood eon this question. I think they were saying, how is the media claiming the guy was a protestor when he was saying, get outta my city. I, I don’t know about that. So let me see, let see if I can scroll back and find this one from eon te although that may have been on the other page here it is. It says rap, the clip you were showing of guy, was that supposed to be of one of the protesters?

Why does he say to the guy videoing him, get out of my city? Wouldn’t that be someone who is trying to harass the protestors? Why does he say to the guy? Yeah, I, yeah, I I’m just under, you know, I don’t know I could be getting that whole situation wrong. So if I am, I apologize for it, but I don’t know. All right. And so I think that was it for, for, for all the questions from watching the watchers.locals.com. Let’s see one quick refresh and that is it. My friends we’ve got super Seamster sewing show on YouTube. Sounds like it might be a great channel. I don’t know. It says thanks IPO, but you’re a cold cat, no vaccine from super Seamster sewing show, man. That is some good alliteration right there. And that my friends is it for us for the day. I wanna thank you for being a part of the show and I wanna welcome and thank our big supporter spotlight.

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