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Hello my friends and welcome back to yet another episode of Watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Gouvea. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the R&R Law Group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona and today we’re talking about Justin Trudeau and specifically his tyrannical tactics. We’re gonna go through a whole slew of them, an entire litany. Now that Canada has really sort of authorized and sort of welcomed the new emergency act continuity plan, allowing what Justin Trudeau and the Canadian psychopaths have been doing to their own citizens to continue. And so we’ve got a lot to go through. We’re going to start by reviewing what happened last night. It, because there was a vote in parliament and it didn’t go Liberty’s way. We’re gonna see what the vote actually turned out to be. And we’re gonna see what Justin Trudeau intends to do with that.

And we’re gonna spend a lot of the day today spending some time sort of dissecting all of the backend operations behind this tyrannical regime, just to the north of us. Now, our neighbors up there are good friends. The Canadians now living under, uh, I think, uh, sort of a pseudo marshal lab where their federal government can go in and just sort of take things from people and even hold them without much. Cause we’re gonna talk about Tamara leach. She’s a freedom trucker convoy, protester, somebody who was arrested and detained, denied bail by an Ottawa judge. And her name is Julie Boers or the Bour Z Julie BJA, something like that. We’re gonna go into her background and see what, uh, she’s all about because she is pals with our good friend, of course, who do yeah, they’re hanging out they’re buddies. In fact, Tru did campaign for this woman when she was going to be, uh, somebody running for elected office.

And so we’ll learn a little bit more about her before we change gears and talk about Christie Freeland, Christie Freeland. I found some interesting clips of this woman. This woman has been very aggressive going after the freedom, trucker convoys, almost salivating gleeful, to some degree, some people say glowing every time she comes out there and she says, yeah, we’re taking your bank accounts. We’re taking every single penny of you and your family. If they even looked at your Twitter account, did they like that post that you posted saying you supported the truckers? If they liked did well, they’re in my purview, they’re within our jurisdiction. And so Christie Freeland, you know, what is she all about? Where’d she come from? Because we have a lot of other clips of her hanging out with some very familiar faces. Some people that we’ve talked a lot about here on this channel.

Well, you know, many years ago she was PAing around with them. So go through that. You know who we’re talking about, Schwab and co. So we’ll see what that is about. And then we’ve got our third little tyrannical dictator. We’ve got Jim Watson, the Ottawa mayor. He was out in front of the media saying, you know, we should just take all of these truckers property, all their trucks and you know, basically everything they own and just sell it. It’s ours. Now. Why? Because we, uh, we pass the law. It’s called the emergencies act that says your stuff is ours now. So they’re gonna be modifying those rules and basically trying to take the trucks away from the truckers. It’s forfeit. Sure. And they’re just, it’s ours, which, you know, I guess is, you know, at least they’re not cutting the wires of the cars. Like we saw the RCMP do in other parts of Canada.

So Jim Watson, little tyrant himself gonna be doing the same thing. And we’ve got a weird, bizarre Canadian MP. Somebody who is saying honk honk is analogous. Well, I don’t even know if I can say it on YouTube. I might get thrown out of here, but some hi, you know, AOL basically Hong Kong means Hile, AOL. You know, the artist, not Hitler, a, a Hitler, the artist who he haven’t heard from him in a while, maybe we’ll hear from him today. We’ve got a lot to get through in that segment, but then we’re gonna ch change gears. And we’re gonna come on home to the us of a, because the people’s convoy, the convoy of DC seems like it is heating up. Remember that they’re trying to sort of get things in motion before Joe Biden’s address the state of the union’s coming up. And that is I think March one.

And so the DC convoy is heating up. We’re gonna check in with some news reports from around the country in particular Montana, where they’re telling us that there is a lot of activity there and they’re gonna be honking their way over to DC and the DC capital police know it too. That’s why they are fencing up the capital building from our very, uh, welcomed president who is lawfully, elected and legitimate. They’re gonna be barricading the entire capital building again. And so we’ve got a lot to get to now, before we jump into it, let’s get a brief overview on what really is happening here. Remember we like to zoom out before we zoom in, get a big picture, our bearing straight. As we like to say here, let’s take a quick review, make sure we’re up to speed on all of Trudeau tyrannical tactics. Many of these we’ve covered several of these.

We will cover here today on the show. And so of course, we started with him officially mislabeling, his political opposition. Remember this called them racist misogynists called them Confederates, Nazis, all. So words of very, very troubling labels that of course didn’t apply no evidence for any of that whatsoever. And so that was where we started. Then they started censoring the truckers, basically anything that was contrary to the official language, the official message that came out of Canada, boom, you’re censored. You’re not allowed to talk. We saw threats saying that they’re gonna exploit regulatory control as cut off their licenses, get them thrown off of their insurance plans. Make sure that it really hurts for the people, anybody who is even remotely involved. We saw that, that extended over to se financial capabilities. They wanted to go and seize, you know, go, go fund me and give, send, go seizing crypto seizing, all sorts of wallets.

I mean the whole thing is just an absolute mess. And so they are continuing on. Then they issued the emergencies act and the emergencies act came through. And then we’ve got here, eliminate warrant requirements for searches. As we started to see the RCMP and many others were just going around, looking into whatever they wanted, sort of invading people’s privacy. Similarly, no additional cause requirements for arrest, right? As soon as the emergency act went in the play, or we saw Tamara leach and many others who all got arrested instantly, we also saw the exploitation of forfeiture laws. Now we’re gonna see a lot more of this today, the exploitation of forfeiture laws, right? I sort of mentioned that at the start of the show, that’s Jim Watson and the Ottawa mayor. Who’s gonna say that those are our trucks. Now those are ours. We get to keep those.

And then of course, today we’ll learn more about Tamara leach who is being held without bail for a mischief charge. So I think that is without cause of course, if the arrest was out without cause then of course the continued indefinite detention also without cause. And then because Trudeau is a continual tyrant, extended the state of emergency as we saw yesterday. And so now that we know sort of where we are in this chart, we’re following the bouncing ball as it were. We’ve got a lot to talk about. If you wanna be a part of the show, the place to do that is [email protected] There is a comments thread right over there. We’re gonna get to those here at the end of the show. We also have a new gift. We have got gifts here. If you support a us on YouTube, you get access to these gifts.

We’ve got the Canada gift down there. Of course, we still have our honorary Canadian flag here. If you’re a member on YouTube, the longer you remember the cooler your badges become, it’s sort of honorary thing. Very neat. And so of course I would appreciate it. If you did join to support the show, either on locals or on YouTube, it’s right next to that subscribe button, if are not already subscribed. And I really do appreciate it. Let’s get into it then. Shall we? Justin Trudeau, the little tiny dictator up there just north of the United States got his way in P Canadian parliament. And they extended the emergency act continuously. We are going to see exactly how that vote looked on the floor of Canadian in parliament, but let’s take a listen to this gentleman. His name is Pierre poller. I believe, which I think is just outstanding to have your name, Pierre poller or something like that.

He is going to be detailing for us before the vote, the consequences of this vote. And I want you to listen to this language that he is using because it is very doom and gloom, right? He’s saying, look is the authoritarian power that our government is about to give to itself. Please, please stop that from happening. Of course it didn’t work, but this is what he is saying. And what’s so powerful about this statement is where he is standing. He’s on the streets in Ottawa. He’s standing right in front front of parliament hill. This is the scene of quote, the emergency that parliament in Canada was gonna vote on. And let’s listen to his argument

In mere moments, members of parliament will vote on whether to apply the never before used urgencies act, giving government unprecedented powers to crack down on your freedom of expression and even freeze your bank account. If you’ve donated to a political cause that they deem arbitrarily to violate, uh, their objectives I’m against this bill. Good. So what’s it really here for? Well, the minister said that it’s to halt the block aids. Well, the block aids ended at the border crossings across Canada, before he even announced this act. He went on to say it’s because truckers were parked streets in front of parliament hill. Well, as you can see, there are no more truckers parked, no trucks. In fact, downtown Ottawa has never been more tranquil than it is right now. So with things being so peaceful, peaceful enough for me to stand right in the middle of this street, what is the real agenda in giving government? These extraordinary powers? Well, the agenda of course is the same as that Justin Trudeau has had from the beginning of the pandemic. And that is to use crises and fear. Yeah. Take more power for himself powers. He neither he nor any other politician has any business deploying on an, uh, a peaceful citizenry.

All right. So we’ll leave it there, but you can see now the chat is telling me, Hey, this guy, he like posted that video after they already voted. And so a little bit too late now I agree with that very, very much. I think that it’s an astute observation. Okay. A lot of these politicians are now coming out of the woodwork and saying, this is crazy. We object to this. This is nonsense, but it’s the same politicians who are still sort of saying, well, you know, it’s only 15 days. It’s only a mandate. It’s only do the right thing. Right? All of the same people now who are gonna stand up, we’re not, or all late to the party. You know, they’re all just joining, uh, the, the, I think the right side of righteousness. And they were nowhere to be found when the snowball was a lot smaller and it was rolling down the hill.

People like me, and many of you were screaming from the rooftops. This is insane. Why should the government ever have the opportunity or the ability to lock you in your homes or make you do anything nonsense. But a lot of the politicians back then, it’s just something that we have to do, be a good citizen. And so I don’t know, you know, Canadian politics, right? I’m just sort of late to the party on this one, myself, but here, I’m gonna guess that many of these people, weren’t screaming from the rooftops shouting about the encroachment of tyranny back when it could have been stopped. Now, they’re, you know, making videos to three minutes before the stinking vote takes place. And it’s all too little too late. So we’ll see a lot more of that. And we’ve gotta pay close attention to that. As all of these people now start to stand up and say, you know, I wanna join the cause of Liberty, but in the meantime, the last 18 months, soon to be two years soon to be 24 and ongoing many, many, many continual months, cuz this thing is not going to end anytime soon.

They’re all gonna say, you know, we we’re, we’re now with you. Well, we’ll see. So this is what the vote actually look like in Canada. This is when, uh, you know, it’s that scene from star wars where I think it’s pad may is like, uh, you know, democracy dies to thunder a applause. This is what it looks like in Canada, just north of us.

Yay. Poor 185 SA days called 151 SA

I declare the motion carried

180 5 to 1 51. It gets passed and you get this guy Tru do, who is now going to be, uh, so he actually said this yesterday, but this was before the vote. Now he knows the vote’s gonna pass. And I made a video about this yesterday, but I wanna play this again right now that this has passed. This is what he saying. Things are essentially over, but they’re not over. We’re going to continue this. The emergency is not over folks until I say it is right. I’m in charge now. And we just got the votes to support it.

13 CBC, do we still need the emergencies act?

Yes, we do shaking. This head

Hill hill is being cleared. Do we still need it?

As I said, the emergencies act is not something to undertake lightly and it’s something that needs to be momentary, temporary and proportional.

Well, that’s, hasn’t

Been why every single day, none

Of those things

Receiving briefings and we are reflecting on how much longer the emergencies act needs to be in place. We don’t wanna keep it in place a single day, longer than necessary. What, but even though, uh, the Blockheads are lifted, uh, across border, uh, openings right now. Uh, even though, uh, things seem to be resolving very well in Ottawa, this state of emergency see is not over,

You had your opposition

To be real concerns, uh, about the coming days. Uh, but we will continue to evaluate every single day, uh, whether or not, uh, it is, uh, time. And we are able to lift this state of emergency.

Yeah. So can I keep reconsidering

It, uh, to minister,

Everything is over, except I still want this power and we’re very concerned about things in the upcoming days. It’s gonna be proportional. It absolutely. Hasn’t it’s gonna be geographically targeted. Absolutely. Hasn’t it’s gonna be temporary. No, it has not because his oppositional party leader, Pierre PO was out there and he was standing in the streets of that street. That’s right in front of par and hill saying not a truck in sight. In fact, there was one car on the road and you had the Nazi police out there who were following him around to make sure it wasn’t a trucker. So it’s basically, uh, over. And, uh, he is now going to continue it as they’ve done in the United States, we had our January 6th was four hours and they’re squeezing, uh, 18 months out of it so far. So just get warmed up there in Canada.

Now, as this goes on, my goodness, Justin, Sureau, you know, he recognizes that things can get heated. Things can get fired up from time to time. And so he’s gonna ask his fellow Canadians and the rest of the people in the world that Jim just calm things down a little bit, you know, act with a sense of decency as we’re going through the destruction of Western democracy. And then we’re gonna compare and contrast this with yet another example of Justin Truo decent. Police made a video about this late last night, going through several other decent police officers beating the hell out of their own citizens. Here, we have another one. This is Justin Trudeau, encouraging decency after he spent an entire month or so belittling his own citizens. Let’s listen

In the heat of the moment. We can all get carried away, trying to win an argument, but not every single con conversation has to be about winning an argument. Sometimes it’s more important to just be there for one another.

This guy,

As a country, let’s aim for more decency in our public discourse, not less let’s cherish the democracy that we have and let’s commit ourselves every day to working together, to make it even better.


What this guy, you know, he look, he was calling the Nazis and racists and saying that they were foreign insurrectionists, right? He didn’t even talk to them at all. And so now he’s gonna tell everybody to be decent and just call somebody, Hey pal, just how you doing well, not good. Our federal government just took all my funds. They took my law livelihood. They canceled my license all because I was speaking out all because I donated a hundred dollars. Like the lady who used to work there in Ottawa donated a hundred bucks, you’re fired. Why? Mm. I guess, I guess there is no free association at all in Canada anymore. And so Justin Trudeau is preaching about decency. Very decent, man. He wants to see more of that. Here is an example of some of his goons out there being very, uh, decent. This footage shows one of the many police meetings that took place in Ottawa during the crackdown. It was shot this morning by a bystander that was two days ago. The guy’s name is, uh, the bystanders named Brian Canna. Browski here’s what that looked like. The decent police grounding everybody up. And you can see we’re not gonna have any audio.

And uh, you see him walking down there, you know, and sort of, uh, oh, he is on the ground three oh oh a couple knees. One, two, uh, three got the whole body weight in there. Nice, perfect. Good job. Yeah. So three other guys are there

On top of him, probably, you know, probably illegally resisting. So a couple. So that must be the decency that Trudeau is talking about. So as Trudeau continues to exercise his emergency powers, he’s gonna continue to conduct arrest. Remember just a few weeks ago before this emergencies act was in place, he didn’t have the authority to do this. Why? Because the citizen reek retained a lot of their protections. There principles in place. Like people have to be arrested when there’s probable cause when there’s justification for the arrest before the emergencies act, they couldn’t do that. They couldn’t find any laws that they were breaking. They were trying to cite them for parking tickets. And they were trying to, you know, twist themselves into a pretzel to come up with some sort of justification for it. But now because they don’t need hid those things because they stripped the people of their privileges against government incursions.

They’re able to do things like this. This is Tamara leach. Tamara leach is somebody who is a freedom trucker convoy, protester, somebody who was there, highly involved in the thing she got arrested. Right, right after the emergencies act came into play. And we can see that she saw a judge today. We have this woman, her name is Mary EKI Walsh posted this morning, February 22nd at breaking freedom, convoy leader, Tamara leach has been denied bail by an Ottawa judge denied bail. All right. And you know, there are reasons that people get denied bail. You know, look, I’m not a Canadian lawyer. Don’t pretend to be, but I Arizona lawyer. And I’m also licensed in California and we’ve had many bail hearings. I’ve appeared on many of them and argued many of them. And we talk about things like whether a person’s a flight risk, are they gonna leave?

Are they gonna come back to court? Do they have a criminal history? Right? Is this somebody who has a proclivity to go out and commit more crime? We talk about many different things. Like whether they have support out there in the community, whether their crime was a violent offense. Okay. Was this somebody who was waving a gun around or assaulting somebody? Is this a domestic violence situation? Does this person have mental problems, all these different factors and you put ’em all together and you weigh the totality of the circumstances. And when we covered this here, when we had our own insurrection and political prosecution, which is still well underway, by the way, we’re just still getting warmed up on that one. They were using all of those different factors to keep people in custody. Why? Because they were classifying our January six attack insurrection as on a insurrection, right.

An assault on democracy. And there were judges that were saying, you know, you were like standing inside the capital building and you shouldn’t have been there. And that’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life. And so we’re just gonna hold you indefinitely in solitary confinement while you rot away. So we had in the United States judges who in my opinion, were crossing over those boundaries of what should be allow in our justice system. Same thing’s gonna be happening now in Canada. And so let’s see whether we can sort of make heads or tails of this, the next court date for this woman who just two weeks ago would not have been arrested in fact was not arrested is March 2nd. So she’ll sit in custody there continuing to just sort of, uh, fester away. We’ve got Mary EKI Walsh also says she’s banned from communicating with other convoy organizers.

And so you can see, right, this is gonna be sort of the new Oathkeepers. We have the oath keepers are the three percenters. These are gonna be the convoy organizers, right? The conspiracy people, pat K king, Chris barber, Benjamin dictor, we’ve got Daniel Beauford, et cetera. CDC reported that she was in fact denied bailed. Li is the Alberta woman behind the GoFundMe campaign. Oh, that’s she raised a bunch of money and they hate that she was arrested and charged on Tuesday with counseling to commit mischief. Okay. Counseling to commit mischief. Now, again, I am not a Canadian lawyer, but link to commit mischief sort of sounds like, you know, one of these offenses that is not the actual commit is analogous to conspiracy in the United States, right. Which is a very, very sort of broad, very muddled type of, uh, of charge. And so we’re gonna take a look at this mischief charge and break that down.

Actually look at the law before her arrest. Ms. Leach told journalists that she wasn’t concerned about being arrested. Doesn’t think the protest is illegal. It wasn’t until they changed the rules and said that her bank account was frozen, right? Until they changed the rules. Judge said, not convince she’s gonna go home and stay there and stop her counseling. Right. Stop being involved in the conspiracy, stop, being involved in sort of the coaxing of other people to get involved. She’s gonna continue to speak out and they’re calling it counseling. They are criminalizing free speech, essentially. Right. She’s gonna go home and speak out about this. And so here’s what the arrest look like.

Yes, I’m here second. Oh boy. So you’re,

You’re placed under arrest.

Let’s ask you back just back up. Thank you. My you and me. Yeah. My name is I’m not here. Well, you’ll be me. What’s that? I’m right. You’re Perry. You gotta take, you have, this is Daniel Goldberg and I, Sean, just as much gentle don’t you guys know you’re going on social. Yep. I got

All right. So that was rest of Mitch, Ms. Leach. She apparently was too effective in helping people organize this protest. And so she gets punished, right? They go after the people on top charged with miss G or counseling mischief, and you know, it’s like, you, you’re not, well, let’s see let’s this is what the law says. So everyone commits mischief who willfully destroys or damages property. So I don’t know if they have any evidence of that. We’ll see, renders property dangerous, useless inoperative or ineffective. I don’t, I mean, I didn’t see anything like that, but I did see that the RS CMP, the Canadian police, they wrecked those backhoe, those, uh, construction pieces of equipment. We saw that they did render that property inoperative. I mean, they cut all the wires and they put foam in the, in the, uh, fuel lines. So I think that you could charge the RCMP with those, but I don’t know about Tamara obstructs interferes with the lawful use or enjoyment of, of property.

There you go. Right? So she, the cars were parked there on government property and uh, oh, that’s a big no-no. And so they’ll probably cite her under this. Now we were talking about this. So if you are a supporter of the show on locals or on YouTube, we did a live stream earlier today where we were sort, it is a show prep. We do show prep, live streams. There was a show prep conversation about this, where we said specifically, you know, this is a very broad type of statute, covers a lot of different things in the United States. Something like this might be, you know, criminal damage or public nuisance. And they’re all sorts of different, you know, different types of statutes that you would see for different violations. But they’re kind of lumping all of this into one broad statute. Now, punishment, it says here, everyone who commits mischief in relation to property, uh, let’s see, uh, can’t exceed 10 years.

Right? And so that sounds like it is a big, uh, sort of cap of a statute. If they’re guilty. Now this is saying a testamentary instrument. So that looks like it might be for something with ills or trusts. Everyone who commits mischief that causes actual danger to life is guilty of an indictable offense and liable to imprisonment for life. And look, folks, you might look at that and you might listen to this and say, Rob, that is crazy. Tamara leach didn’t do anything that would cause actual danger to life, right? Like you would say that that’s, this is an insane, but I am not joking that we’ve, we’ve listened to these people for the last two or three weeks saying that they were facing psychological warfare. Jim Watson, the Ottawa mayor said that they were facing psychological warfare, right. It sort of, uh, impeding with vehicles.

And there was the story about the woman whose chemotherapy be treatment was delayed by a day or something like that. Cuz of traffic like this is a life or death thing. They’re going after everybody for these allegations saying that they’re almost killing people and meltdown Carol Mehan at of the Ottawa city council was like crying and begging the police for help for them. It’s certainly life or death here. They say that we’re talking about property. So now that they say, okay, you’re interfering with property, you’re interfering with the roads you’re in Canada. This is a big problem. What are they talking about? Well, if it involves religious worship, so we’ll leave that one out. Here’s where they say a building or structure that is primarily used by an identifiable group. Right? So they’re gonna use this part of the law to say the identifiable group is the freedom trucker convoy. And if you’re interfering with any of these buildings that have any sort of administrative social or cultural or a cultural impact, there are problems for of that. And there’s a special segment here, even for war memorials, right? So you can see they’ll apply that. And, and it’s probably gonna look something like those guys who are shoveling snow off the war Memorial probably should charge them with mischief

Nuts. Now the woman, the judge who is behind this is this woman, her name is Ontario court justice judge. Her name is Julie Bo, which I don’t know if that is from the communist manifesto directly. I don’t know if she’s named after Carl Marks or not, but could very well be it is Canada after all said on Tuesday morning Canada now, right? I mean, so sort of seeing her new cultural, ay dictatorship come into fruition says here, said today that Lich poses a substantial likelihood of reoffending and places, public safety at risk. If she is released, judge said today, quote, uh, unsatisfied. There is evidence provided by the government that your actions and participation in this offending behavior or had the result of causing or contributing to the serious impact on the physical, mental, and financial health and wellbeing of our community. You are certainly facing a potentially lengthy term of imprisonment. This it’s like I’m having dejavu like, uh, back to the January 6th bail here, hearings, financial health, mental, physical, and financial health and wellbeing of our community throughout the proceeding. Judge BWA was attacking Lit’s credibility saying I found your testimony to be guarded and your attitude almost obstructive. And so you are disturbing, secretive and mysterious.

Oh no.

All right. So this judge Is, uh, you know, gonna be setting the tone, no bail. And we saw this right, Jacob Chanley and many other people in the January six cases have, or were all held many years, you know, have I think still in, in custody, But this judge, she didn’t always want to be a judge. In fact, she wanted to run for office. She was a liberal MP candidate back in 2011, actually ran for office. And guess who supported her when she was running this guy, Justin Trudeau, let’s listen to how Justin Trudeau Speaks of out. Judge Bour, holding indefinitely Canadian citizens. It’s

An extraordinary pleasure for me to tell you how much I have, uh, great admiration for Julie Bo uh, her vision, her authenticity, uh, her strength, uh, is going to be an amazing asset. Both of the people of Glen Gary Prescot Russell, but also to everyone in the house of commons after the next elections, when I have, will have hopefully the honor of, uh, sitting beside her in the house. Thank you very much.

Oh man, that guy. So, uh, so it seems like, you know, they’re probably old pals, Justin. Trudeau like, Hey, can you make sure that, uh, don’t let that lady out and they didn’t let her out. So she still sitting in custody now, here is what the judge actually said, says a former liberal party candidate, Ontario judge, uh, denied the convoy organizer, Tamara leach. She talked about this previously when she was running for office saying, you know, desperate measures call for desperate times. So this is the type of person we’re dealing with when,

When the economy is is tough. Then what you see is somewhat of an elevation of, uh, the crime rate, not necessarily major crime, uh, you see desperate people going through, uh, desperate times and using desperate measures.

Oh well, she’s talking about people going through desperate times, going through using desperate measures. Oh, well, is she gonna be sympathetic to the truckers then that are going through desperate times that are created by her own government? No, she’s not. She’s gonna hold them indefinitely in custody as she has done here. Now she’s been a judge for some period of time. You can see this goes all the way back to 2015 prior to that sounds like she was the attorney general. So, you know, attorney general, uh, probably similar to what they have here in the United States, meaning she’s like, you know, a prosecutor more or less does well for herself. Salary looks like last year, over 300,000 bucks. It’s pretty good. Goes up about, wow. It goes up pretty nicely. So let’s see. Year after year, 2008. So 3000 there, 6,000 there, we have another 9,000 there.

So probably, you know, next year, maybe 3 12, 300 12,000 bucks. Yeah. So it’s, you know, not bad, pretty, pretty good revenue there for just, uh, sitting around and saying, oh no, you don’t get out of custody. All right. Anyway, I’m sure she does more than that, but probably not much. Here is, uh, somebody who is support of her. This is David Amber, right? Criminal defense lawyer in Ottawa. I’m sure I’m never gonna be admitted to practice law in Canada now. That’s all right. Says that David Anbar here is a Le rights. Now this guy is actually representing two people. We talked about him on a prior video. David Anbar is the guy representing the woman who had the phone slapped out of her hands and the guy who that old elderly gentleman, who’s like four six who got arrested by Shrek, the Ottawa police officer for not identifying himself.

This guy is representing both of those people, David and bar. And he is defending the judge on this. He says, look, she was denied bail, but here’s what it means. She says, you know, Tamer Lich was denied bail. And we explained why. And he says, you know, many you’re speaking out against the refusal of the judge to grant bail, to call going so far as to calling her a political prisoner says, I agree, the judge got it wrong, but you know, it’s actually a pretty close call. All right. So kind of, uh, when I read that, I was like, Hmm, all right, see where he’s going with this. Cause I didn’t like the sound of that. Let’s see what he says. Bail on the other hand is very different than it’s trial. It does not result in the binary decision found in trial. And it requires balancing many interests.

Right? We talked about those, a flight risk, the type of crime they committed, whether or not they have a propensity to recommit, whether they got any mental health issues, support in the community, all those types of things he says, there is a heavy presumption that under ordinary circumstance, a person must be released from custody and the prosecution must show cause and reasons for denying bail. Okay. Same here. But there are three reason reasons that that qualify as cause. All right. So let’s see how Canada does this thing. One, if the court believes that the accused is likely not to attend court. All right. So I said, we talked about that flight risk. Okay. If the court believes there is a substantial, substantial likelihood that there continue to break the law, number two. Okay. Maybe, or if the court believes that detention is necessary to maintain confidence in the administration of justice and whatever that means.

So it’s just a big, broad catchall. That doesn’t really mean anything in this case, the judge detained on second and third grounds, right? Saying that she’ll probably come back to court, but she’ll probably be out there counseling other people to continue to break the law. And number three, that they gotta keep her just to maintain confidence in the justice system. Now I don’t know what that means. All right. And so those things are a little bit, you know, different here in the United States. We have also big broad catchalls. I mean, they’re, they’re not different. I mean, they’re, they’re similar in operation, but I would say different in style. And so he’s saying that it’s, you know, the BA basically my point of sharing this with you is it is so broad that the judge can basically come up with whatever reason they want to justify it.

And he’s saying the judge found a reason to justify it and it’s justified. So maybe it is how things work in Canada. But my goodness, I mean, you know, it, it seems like a STR and I look unless she’s got a bad criminal history or, you know, is an actual flight risk or something like that. You know, the idea that she publicly counsel the, the thing to continue is all right. So he, he says, he says that the decision was cogent and in line with the reasonable interpretation of the law, but still in my view, it’s not a correct application of the principles. In this case, he says the offenses themselves are not serious enough to justify the argument. So point number three should go out. He says, bearing in mind that the heavy presumption favors release substantial likelihood is a high hill for the government to meet. But the judge agrees and says that they got it. Yeah.

He talks about this. This is a good right. There are a lot of alternatives house arrest. You can say, we’re not gonna keep you in custody. We’re not gonna let you on your own recognizance, but we can say, we’re gonna keep you under house arrest or put an ankle monitor on or a, a put ’em on what’s called pretrial services, where they have somebody that they check in with on a regular, their basis to say, yes, I am, or I am right. I’m reporting to my job. I’m reporting to these things, but that allows people to maintain their lives right. To, to sort of engage in continuity. That’s not what they want. They want punishment. And that’s why they’re going to get it. They’re going to continue. As long as they have the power to do it, to do it hopeful. The defense attorneys up there in Canada are rounding, circling the wagons and, uh, coming up with some ideas on how to handle that.

Because sounds like an overreach to me, moving on, we have more from another person who is also bending the rules. We saw that Tamara leach is being, uh, held basically indefinitely. We see that Justin Trudeau is gobbling up powers to continue to do what he wants to do. It is not just ex stopping there with those arrests though. It’s now also continuing onto the financial sector. If we haven’t already spent enough time on this, we’re going to do it again because Christina Freeland is here. And Christie Freeland is now saying that she needs this surveillance power quote on a permanent basis, right? So it’s not going to go away. She says that we need to increase the quality and the quantity of our intelligence and support law enforcement. Here is this person, another desperate from Canada.

As of today, all crowd funding platforms and the payment service providers, they use must register with fin track and they must report large and suspicious transactions to fin track. This will help mitigate the risk that the, these platforms receive. Illicit funds increase the quality and quantity of intelligence received by FINRA and make more information available to support investigations by law enforcement, into these illegal blockades. We are making these change because we know that these platforms are being used to support illegal blockades and illegal activity, which is damaging the Canadian economy.


The government will also bring forward legislation to provide these authorities to fin track on a permanent basis.

All right, so you can see increase the quality, increase the quantity of intelligence so that they can continue to support law enforcement and saying that we need this on a permanent basis. Now this was a clip. Let’s see here. This was a clip from her. And, uh, I was looking into this woman, right? Who is Christie of Freeland and looking around on Twitter. And she’s got a pretty extensive history now to catch everybody up, who hasn’t been following the show, uh, over the last, I don’t know, couple weeks we’ve been talking a lot about Klaus sch the world economic forum, because there’s a click going around from cl Schwab at the John F. Kennedy school of government at Harvard, where they’re sitting there talking about the world economic forum and the young global leaders penetrating the cabinets of global governments. And Schwab is saying in particular, Justin Trudeau is one of them.

And I can tell you from a, for a fact, everybody that Justin Trudeau in his cabinet, half of those people are our people is what cl Schwab says. And so many people are asking questions, they’re even asking in the Canadian parliament, they’re saying, Hey, we have questions. We wanna identify who those people are. And they shut those questions off. I made a video about that if you missed it. But if you continue to rewind the clock and continue to peel the layers back of this onion, and we ask ourselves who is Christie Freeland, and where did this woman come from? Is she somebody who might be a part of this secret cabal of young global leaders at the world economic forum installed in Canada? Well, here’s a clip and look where she happens to be the ding right in the middle of this panel. And we can see, oh, it’s an event for the world economic forum. Don’t you just love that committing to improving the state of the world. Oh, that’s real nice of them. What a nice group of people let’s listen to what she has to say about, uh, the current global system.

This is about reality. And I think there can be a tendency, especially among those of us who have been the winners in how the economy has shaken out to say, it’s just about perceptions people have and feelings. And actually things are pretty great. Just look at the GDP numbers. Uh, I think the starting point has to be exactly where guy began, which is to acknowledge that global capitalism in Western industrialized countries and Western democracies over the past 40 years has not been delivering for the middle classes in,


You guys should be in charge. And there are variations between countries. Alley is quite right. Uh, the hollowing out of the middle class is not as severe in Canada as it is for example, in the United States, but the trendlines are everywhere. You know, they’re happening in France with its extension, extensive social safety net, they’re happening in Sweden. And we really need to be Frank and honest about that. And I say that as a person who really believes in capitalist democracy, as a sure you do student, I lived in the actual Soviet union. So, oh, I am pretty aware that central planning, uh, and communist dictatorship are not good places to live. Um, but those of us who believe in capitalist democracy, and I very much count myself in that number. We have the first obligation to be pointing out what the problems are. Um, I all also agree with guy that we need to see this as a pretty acute thing. Uh, and we need to connect this conversation with another conversation. A lot of people are having in a lot of countries about where is this angry, often nativist populism from which seems to be ripping through like wildfires. So many Western democracies, oh,

Like the

Truckers. My nephew is the, the real root of it is the hollowing out of the middle class. The fact that people are concern,

It’s not your COVID

Policies about their own jobs. They’re really concerned about what kind of a future their kids are gonna have. They’re worried about their retirement. And

Can you believe that they are taking all of that from people? So she’s saying, you know, these native, this monsters, these mega insurrectionists, these people who are Nazi using Confederates, they’re sort of sweeping Western democracies. And it’s because the middle class is being taken advantage of who can go and solve that. Well, a more centralized global economic forum, the one that wants to have this great global reset that brings everybody in and sort of exploits a political opportunity so that we can create a new version of capitalism whereby the stakeholders run things, right? This is sort of the, the idea behind stakeholder capitalism and the, the world economic forum being this merger of governance and corporates corporations, where the governments sort of, you know, disappear under the idea that this, this, this global corporate net can keep control of everything in a way that governments cannot. So she’s out there now. She, I think when you join the dark side, you age pretty quickly, you can see this is what she looked like. I think when she was giving this talk, and then we fast forward to the age of COVID and sort of, this is what happens to your soul as the life force just gets sucked out of you. And here she is now talking about, uh, how to exploit a COVID opportunity. Of course, COVID is here. And, uh, she thinks it’s a great window to exploit an opportunity.

I really believe COVID has created a window of political opportunity and maybe an epiphany,

A political opportunity, and maybe an epiphany. Hmm. You know, there’s a lot we can learn from this. Like, just give up all your rights and your liberties and just let us take control of it. Here is, uh, the same woman who backed during COVID was, uh, was making, you know, these types of arguments. You remember this, remember these people.

I thank you. I know you’re very busy, uh, this evening. Thanks for joining us.

Okay. Really great to talk to you, Lisa, and please everyone let’s flatten the curve together, limit our interactions. Please let us all wear our masks. Um, if we do it right, we can avoid having to do much more terrible things,

Much more terrible things to,

We can let our kids keep going to school. Yeah. Thanks a lot, Lisa. Yeah,

Yeah, yeah. Do what we say. Otherwise, we’re gonna do a lot more terrible things to you. And you know, if you do what we say will allow your kids to continue to go to school, which is very nice of her little dictator and she is gonna continue on. Now, she’s saying everybody’s gonna be punished for this thing. Uh, watch,

Uh, the RCMP has given to the financial institutions, names of leaders and organizers of the protests and of people whose trucks were part of occupations and blockades people whose trucks. That is the only information. According to the RCMP that the RCMP has given to financial institutions. I think it’s also really important for everyone to be clear. And this speaks to the, getting our facts straight point that these measures applied only as of the 15th of February, that is when financial support of these illegal blockades and occupations began to be sanctioned. Uh, and then finally, let me say, uh, for anyone who is concerned that their accounts may have been frozen, listen to this because of their participation in these illegal blockades and occupation, the way to get your account UN frozen is to stop being part of the blockade and occupation. This is

This just stop being a part of it.

These measures were put in place to disrupt illegal activity in Canada.

All right. So she said that basically anybody who made a donation to any of these groups, right? Anybody whose trucks were involved, if you own them, if you’re an insurance provider they’re going after everybody, right. This web is going like a search engine, just gonna go and crawl through every single extension, every single tentacle to investigate everybody. Anything that came in after the 15th gone is what she says. Now, they’re also going, she’s gonna say, if you want to get that back, if we’ve already sort of acted upon you, then we are, uh, asking you to, I think, stop participating. And they’re gonna unfreeze your account. Like, I don’t know if, you know, I don’t know what the mechanisms are, are behind any of these things, but we’ll certainly see, as people start to, you know, feel the consequences of this, she says here that, uh, oh yeah.

So this is somebody else here. Uh, David akin was saying that the takeaway from somebody’s hearing today, pat king was another person who was also arrested, said law enforcement and police officers are watching our live Facebook feeds too. Right? So they are out there, you know, investigating everybody. And I saw super chat come in from Patricia NAB here, says, Rob, I’m an American that gave a small donation to the truckers through, give, send, go. They can’t freeze my bank account. Can they? And so listen, you know, I’m not a lawyer that, that gives financial advice on this show. I am a lawyer that gives financial advice, uh, in, you know, Arizona cases for Arizona criminal, uh, uh, charges. And we have a law firm here that handles that. So like, let me just throw that out there as a disclaimer. So, so I can’t, I can’t speak, you know, other than me speculating about this.

And so look, here’s, here’s how I, I would think this would, would go, okay, you’re, you’re gonna have a, a number of sort of circuit breakers that happen. But I think before it gets down to the average consumer, so, you know, Canadian is gonna, their government is gonna have to demand something from a United States government, a United States, uh, I’m sorry, Canadian government to the us government. I would think us government through the us corporation. And there’s gonna be all sorts of failsafes right. Give, send, go is not gonna wanna turn over, uh, any, you know, any records about people’s financial transactions over to these entities. Okay. And so I know that a lot of the, like the give send go bank accounts were I’m sorry, the contact details were leaked, right? Emails were leaked and, uh, people’s identities are sort of known and people can connect the dots on those things.

But my que, you know, my question would be, is there enough there to sort of, to, to back trace this all through, give, send, go to go back through your actual debit card or bank account or credit card or whatever it is that you, you actually to conduct that transfer of money is give, send, go, going to sort of deliver all of that transaction data in a way that would allow the financial institutions to sanction you individually. I just don’t see that happening personally. Now I don’t, you know, I don’t know, like what happens if Joe Biden wakes up says, yeah, we’re gonna comply with everything. Sure. Yeah. You know, we’re just gonna ex executive order and we’re gonna open all these things up. And now the United States is playing this game and we’ve got the FBI also doing the same thing. I mean, look, folks, I, it’s a scary thing to think about.

Right. But this is the reality of the world that we’re living in. I think that there are more protections here in the United States than what we have over there in Canada, but I’m sure that there are a lot of Canadians who are sitting there as well saying that would never happen here. And here we are people, assets, bank accounts being frozen. And so, you know, Patricia, you know, I, I personally wouldn’t be worried about that. You know, I think that, uh, they’ve got bigger fish to fry sort of on their side of the country, but you know, you don’t know, you don’t know how things could go because I wouldn’t be a couple weeks ago. I didn’t think we’d be having this conversation about what’s happening in Canada. And here we are, Eddie Olivers here says, Rob, I think what I’m gonna do, I think I’m gonna do the trucker convoy, please get my bail money ready.

Also as usual, Arizona is not a real state like Texas from Eddie Oliver. All right. And so we’re not done with this show yet, but I wanted to get a couple of those super chats in, and also have more because speaking of, of stealing property, which is what the Canadian government is doing Ottawa, the city council and their mayor also want to do that. Here is what Jim Watson has to say. Jim Watson is the Ottawa mayor who said that they were suffering psychological warfare at the behest of the freedom trucker convoys. And here is what he says, you know, all those trucks that we seize, those are our trucks now because we have a emergency power to take them.

Uh, what do you make of how far the police have managed to get, uh, today?

Well, they’ve done a remarkable job, uh, both last night and today, as you pointed out, they’ve, uh, got Wellington street to clean. Uh, most of the trucks have been towed away. And, uh, uh, I now just got word that Mr. Johnny McDonald Parkway, most of the trucks are, are removed from that section in the west to end of the city as well. So they made a lot of progress. They’ve been very measured in the response. It’s a really tough assignment for police officers.

All right, right. Get on with it,

But they have been calm. And

Did you hear him? He said that the truckers have been spitting on police officers. Okay.

And collective, uh, and they’re, we owe a, a data gratitude to all those municipal forces that have come in from across Canada, disrupted our city. You’ve heard our small business community, uh, and this is costing a small fortune for the taxpayers of Ottawa. And that’s one of the reasons why under the emergency act, I’ve asked our solicitor and our city manager, how can we keep the tow trucks and the campers and the vans and everything else that we’ve confiscated and sell those, keep

’em and sell

’em pieces of equipment, uh, to help recoup some of the costs that our taxpayers are absorbing. So that’s one of the provisions of the emergency C act. And wow, we have been a beneficiary of the emergency act, cuz they debated on the hill, asked the, the members of parliament to consider, uh, it’s helped us a lot on things like confiscating vehicles, not having to swear in peace officers to the P uh, and so many other things that have, have been very helpful over the course of this period, including you can’t be under 18 and be in this, this rally. It’s just unbelievable. We get copycats and people will think, Hey, I’m going down to parliament hill and parking there for three or four days and having a big roast and everything else under the sun, uh, we have to prevent that we need a short term own plan to blockade. Wellmington a longer term plan on how we protect our residents much better than we have in the last, uh, four weeks.

Yeah. You didn’t do a good job of it. You know, you could have just sat down and talked with some people you could have had a conversation about it. You could have done what basically every other country in the world is doing. What many other provinces, even in your own country are doing, which is rolling back. Many of these insane COVID mandate policies that have been, uh, you know, largely ineffective as we’ve seen. And so he’s now saying your property is our property. Those trucks are our trucks and any of, of the equipment that we seized. Well, we needed to take that to recoup all the funding that we spent going after the truckers. So mayor Watson is just a, you know, another one of these politicians, who’s a little bit off the rockers, but I don’t think that well they’re on the same. They’re on the same tier. I think as this person here is a, another lunatic Canadian MP who says that honk honk is an acronym for a high, a off. Here’s what she says,

How many go need to be seized? How much vitriol do we have to see of Hong Kong, which is an in acronym for Hale Hitler? What do we need to see by these protesters on social media?

Uh, this poor woman let’s, you know, she just, I think she’s short circuited there, you know, you know, honk, honk is an acronym. How many

Guns for

Hi, a off. All right. Okay. Those are those people. Now there are still farmers and truckers making their way all around K Canada. This was posted today, February 22nd. Now there’s a lot of these videos poking around on YouTube. It’s hard to determine, you know, when they were time coded or whatever, but we’re seeing that this post says farmers are slow rolling into Quebec and they have their farmers, farmers, tractors. Here’s what it looks like.


So that’s so that’s interesting, right. Then the reason why I wanted to show that that’s interesting, right? Is that still happening? Are people still driving their tractors around in Canada, even though they’re under emergency order, even though the RCMP going after people’s accounts and seizing everything, if that’s the case, right? That’s some strong resolve and some real kind of, you know, steel cohos, I’d say around the world, other people are expressing their opinion on what this little maniac Justin Trudeau is doing. And Romania, we have this guy, who’s a global hero. In my opinion, his name is Christian terrace. Beats the hell out of Justin. Trudeau verbally of course, calling him a tyrant. He’s a dictator. And listen to this guy, man, he’s on one let’s watch.

And with the prime minister of kind that the way he’s behaving right now, he’s exactly like a tyrant, like a dictator. Yes. He’s like child Romania.

I know

If even you doubt, if you raise doubts about the vaccines you’re outcast.


What’s the difference between what he does and what happened under the inition? Well,

I don’t know.

See, on one side they say, well, we should not believe in God, but on the other side they say, believe in science, we don’t have to, science is not about belief. Science. Science is about measurements, conclusions, hypothesis, and arguments.

Yes, that’s true.

We got to a point right now where even if you say something, if you raise any doubts, you are already considered, you know, as

An insurrectionist

Whatever, you know, table you in very different ways.

An insurrection

Is not, this is not okay. And I have to tell you, you know, that I, when I saw the protest in Canada, you know, the way the truck is over there reacted, you know, I got in touch with some of ’em others contacted me. I congratulated them and I want, use this opportunity to thank them. And I hope this movement for freedom and for rights is spreading all around the world. Yes. Because at the end of the day, we have to make sure that all these elected officials, they understand that they were elected in those offices to work for the people not to behave like masters of slaves. Thank

You. Yes, baby. Get it. Any, I’ll just don’t behave like slaves, stop living under masters. They were elected to work for the people. So hats off to that Romanian politician. He’s absolutely right. The movement is spreading all over the place and it’s percolating. And here in the United States, I saw this from P BM news. This video from the freedom convoy just came in here O N and actually posted this source. And you can see he’s out there, right? Looks like in DC. He’s got a message for what is coming.

This message is for the president of the United States of America. My name is Kyle septic of the freedom combo USA 2022. And our routes meet here in DC on March 1st and time for your state of the union address. Oh, have been very organized in our routes. Our public, I even pulled a permit for the national mall to be respectful. Well, that’s nice. I just wanna be as transparent as possible from the start. So there’s no confusion. We are coming peacefully and we’re gonna do this lawfully and constitutionally. I want the rest of the world to know our plans so that there’s no twisting and lying about who and what we are. I’ve come and do you as a father, a small business owner, who’s unaffiliated to any parties. We just want government overreach to end on behalf of freedom, convoy USA, 2022. We are asking you to end the state of emergency end the mandates once. And for all, sir, the world is watching us because they know the what’s happening in Canada, happens to us here in the land of the free then freedom, as we know it is gone. So we are leaving the choice to you. The decision is in your hands, this whole convoy, this whole assembly on the national Mo it doesn’t even have to happen. If you just end things now, and we can get on with our lives

To you. Other convoys, that plan on meeting us here, we look forward to seeing you and joining with you. We’re gonna do this, right? We’re gonna do this honorably, Mr. President, we have no other motives in this mission. You see the government are elected officials of both parties have failed us tremendously these last two years. And now it’s time for us. We, the people to fix this to end this we’re ready to get back to our lives. The ones promised and guaranteed in the United States constitution, bill of rights and the contract that you signed and swore an oath to under the one, true God, this is simple end this

All right. Freedom, convoy USA, 2022. Yeah. You know, it’s a pretty powerful statement. And I’m watching the chat go by everybody saying, be careful boys. A lot of that comments, right? A lot of that concern out there because we’re seeing what’s happening in Canada. We’re seeing what real tyranny looks like. And we know that our government is capable of it too. The freedom convoy sounds like they moving forward anyways. And it’s also materializing as we speak, we heard from him saying that they’re gonna be there right around March one. And in we’ve talked about on this channel, the strategy has always been that there’s sort of a big, main river that goes across the country and it’s gonna be filled and populated by all sorts of different tributaries, right? Truckers kind of coming across from different parts north and south of, you know, the geographic region to sort of meet that center. Snake that that goes right across the USA. And it’s starting, we’re seeing some activity here in wherever. This is let’s watch here. This is Montana Hamlin Montana. We see K T V Q news posted this. It seems like we’ve got little bit of a convoy forming right behind this woman. You can see here, we’ve got several trucks. I’m seeing some American flags looks like a don’t tread on me. Flag back there. Let’s listen to Hannah. As she tells us what is going on at

Parking lot in Hamilton, Montana, there are about 50 vehicles decorated with American Canadian and political flags, as well as signs like this one saying we love truckers and supporting those truckers as they rally against mandates here in Montana.

And the point of all of this is just freedom of choice. We don’t care if people get the vaccine or don’t get the vaccine. That’s a personal decision

On Sunday, a crowded parking lot filled with decorated pickups and big rigs protesting COVID mandates.

We’re all just hard working Americans and Canadians. And we just, uh, we just want to get rid of the mandates.

This rally is a reaction to vaccine requirements for truckers who work across the Northern border supporters expressed mixed emotions and explained why they came out to participate.

I don’t like people sitting here telling me what to do, how to do it

Elated, happy. You know, it’s, it’s, it’s a good feeling.

Hamilton trucker. And RKA Cruz says he came out to support what he calls a brotherhood.

You know, so if we can come together for this, we can come together for a lot more.

They weren’t alone along the route to Missoula orders on the side of the road, waved and cheered In Hamilton, Hannah Hislop. Mt. N new.

All right. So you can see right. Little activity there. And you know, who knows if this is actually going to, you know, materialize into something or not, but we have another video here. This one was posted today over from, uh, rat watcher says on February 22nd, we see some activity here in Montana, the Montana convoy. And you know, again, it’s hard to sort of vet when these, when these, uh, You know, what’s happening here

Or if this is an older video, But we’ll see,

Don’t see a whole lot of American flags in this video. There was one. So right. A lot of activity. Now, part of this is part of the, sort of the strategy, right? It’s kind of the cat and mouse game that we were talking about. Uh, you know, they dismantle one city, truckers are mobile. They just go to a different city, right? There’s a blockade over on the ambassador bridge. Well, that’s okay. You just go to a different location. They blockade Coots. Okay. Go to somewhere else. And so we’ll see where it ends up. We do know there’s a lot of activity over at the capital building. We can see here that the capital is getting ready for this. I’ve got a statement from the capital police and we’re gonna see them putting up fences already. And we’re gonna get to your questions here. As soon as we just see kind of what they’re doing to prepare for the state of the union coming up very soon

While in our nation’s capital police are preparing the, for a convoy in the United States, capital police have been blocking specific roads, and they’ll reportedly put up a fence around the capital building in preparation of the arrival of that convoy, which is set to arrive on March 1st, the day president Biden gives his state of the union address rep

All right? So that is what’s happening there. You can see right, some activity going on. A lot of dump trucks, moving stuff around police are sort of on high alert. This is what the Capitol hill police reported. They say that they, you know, they’re planning for extra security. They posted this on Friday, February 18th. They said law enforcement agencies across the national capital region are aware of plans for a series of truck convoys arriving in DC around the time of the state of the union. As with any demonstration us capital police will facilitate lawful first amendment activity, capital police, closely coordinating with local and federal agencies, including DC’s Metro police park, police, secret service and other agencies, including the DC national guard. Here’s additional information about inquiries received says, uh, secret service has been closed, closely working together on the state of the union. The temporary inner perimeter fence is part of these, those ongoing discussion and remains an option. But no nothing has been made here. No decision has been made, but if you look here, we do see a lot of fencing going up. This is at the capital building. Of course, we see these sort of, uh, low grade barricades here. And then we’ve got some really, really sort of the big, tall major walls up here. Right? Those you can see just for scale, take a look at this for scale,

Small barricades, and then See those at the top. Like these are the small guardrails and you can see there’s a small guardrail up there, but it’s about, I don’t know, a fourth of the size. So they are arming up, gearing up And We’ll see what they do. If the truckers actually show up, what do you say about it? Let’s take a [email protected]s.com. We have some super chats that came in and I need to pull up the questions of course. And so let’s get there in a quick minute.

All right. So while those questions are pulling up and refreshing, we had a couple super chats come in. Tales is here, says we all know that crime minister Trudeau loves blackface, but did you know that Christie Freeman’s ironic last names? Granddad was a Nazi says no joke on that. So I, I did not know that I saw some interesting memes. Actually, somebody posted that in our community chat on telegram and I saw sort of the, uh, what is it called? The tree, right? A family tree, kind of a situation going on in Canada. And there was an interesting connection with her. Yeah, no doubt. Another one came in from CC says they aren’t acting like Nazis. The national socialists were fascists. This is communism. Please understand the difference. They’re the exact opposite. So, you know, I think, I think that you can say they have some similarities, right?

Sort of total totalitarian style, uh, governments in practice, really, no matter what the economic model is, right. They still, they still have initia of tyranny, whether it’s communism or fascism, the economic model’s different. One is communal. The other is sort of cist, but they are close enough that I think you can say that they’re they’re, you know, problematic, but you’re right. They are different things. No doubt about that. Here’s another one from Z Michael Gilkey says incorrect. The fascist and communist are both forms of collective authoritarianism, the same idea, slightly repackaged. So I think that was Michael responding to CC. Right? And I think that is, is a good framing of that, right? It’s, it’s a societal governmental structure. The economics behind the structures are different, but you still need to have very, you know, top heavy centralized government control that basically runs everything and manages the economic resources in a fascist state.

It’s this merging between the government and the cist sort of, uh, layer where the government, you know, sort of is running how the, the corporations and the businesses are running society, whereas in communism, right? It’s, it’s a lot more communal the people own the means of production and, uh, both systems are garbage. So we can just leave it at that. And Marie Bennetts is here with no, but a nice donation. Thank you. And Patricia NAB says, Rob, I’m an American that gave a small donation. They can’t freeze my bank account. Can they? And so look, you know, I, again, we, I answered that earlier. I don’t, I, I can’t give you a specific legal answer on that. I, you know, wouldn’t be worried about it. If I had done something like that, and it was a small donation, but, you know, look, we’re living in a weird time where we now have a new entity with the department of justice and the FBI that is focused on domestic terrorists. Okay. It’s not good. Especially if you have a show every day that you do and you make fun of the FBI,

We’ll just have to deal with it. We’ll see what happens. Eddie Oliver says he’s doing the trucker convoy also says, let them freeze my bank account. There’s nothing in there. And he’s laughing. So the jokes on them. Yeah. You can take Eddie Oliver’s entire bank account. There’s nothing in there. Have fun with it. Casey, gypsy muse is here, says it’s readily out there. Now that Freeman’s grandfather was an, a offs army. She’s been groomed. Well, she’s a perfect fit for the world. Economic forum and cl Schwab. Who’s a German engineer D says it was rough watching Viva so emotional last night. So I did not catch that. And I’ve seen several people, uh, talk about that. So I’m gonna have to go see how that show was. You know, I really, my heart really pours out to a lot of the people, everybody in Canada, who’s involved in this, on our livestream that we did earlier.

We were talking about another YouTuber, Mr. Sun nine, baby. And I made a video where I took a clip from him. And I said that he got a call from the government saying, take the videos off of your YouTube channel. I, I talked about that in the prior video that I released last night, I got up this morning, we were talking about this with locals and with our YouTube supporters on our live chat. And I went to check out Mr. Sun Sunshine’s baby’s, uh, channel. And he deleted all of his videos gun, his entire channel. He’s got like 220 something thousand subscribers on there. And it just broke my heart. You know, it’s sort of something that you see, like right on the face. He was out there every day, he was speaking truth to power. He was


Doing the right thing. He got a call from the tyrants where he lives scared out of his mind, you know, rightfully so. Cause what do they tell him? You’re gonna get arrested. And so he says, what should I do this, this channel that I poured my, you know, my time, my blood, sweat, and tears into I’ve gotta delete everything. And it’s just, you know, it’s just hard for raking to see. And You know, I don’t know what to say other than, you know, you’re welcome here in the United States. You know, I know that’s a very difficult, probably virtually impossible thing for most people. But I mean, I don’t know what else to do. Right. You know, our government, if, if, if your government becomes tyrannical, you, I think you really, at some point have to have to be asking yourself about leading the tyrannical government. And you know, I think about that here as well. It’s a scary conversation to have, but we’re watching it happen in real time. So I don’t know what the alternative is. All right. Let’s see what we’ve got over from our friends on locals. There is a thread Here, a tos forever is saying, good evening, Rob, good evening, tos forever. Uh, another one monster. One says, what was that woman?

Yeah, KES bell says he can’t read this one. So I’m not gonna read that one. VI kiss is here, says, I guess the public record now shows who all is working for the world economic forum. We can certainly see that Kareem is here, says Canada is not like Nazi Germany because unlike them, we don’t have a major army to harm or invade other countries with pretty much the that’s. The only difference at this point, facts matter is here, says, I wonder how long the passive Canadian citizens are going to continue eating the sandwich. That Trudeau is shoving down their Gus. Now they wanna confiscate the trucks that they owned. I’m also wondering when your general strike will start to shut down Canadian commerce from former Le three girly says, I think the hardest one to hear was the one was about the one trucker. He was on Tucker last night when he said he took his beating like a man with his thick Romanian accent. It was saddening and angering. At the same time, he left Romania and came to Canada for freedom. And then he took a beating from the police like a man for it’s a horrible thing. It’s a horrible, horrible thing. That’s happening here. And this is,

You know, this is in Canada, okay. This is the same place that every time, you know, we have a Republican, who’s about to win. We have a lot of people screeching saying, oh, it’s about to become a dictatorship here. We’re all gonna go to Canada. And now, I mean, it like is like literally the same liberties that they had two weeks ago are no longer in place. People are getting beaten up in the streets. People are having cops come to their businesses and threaten to break their windows in. Women are having their phones knocked out of their hands for walking down the street to get a cup of coffee.

Facts matter says, how are they already invoking quote new crimes under the emergencies act when it’s not past the Senate yet? How do you enforce something? Not approved by both chambers? That should be unconstitutional in the charter violation in and of itself. And I don’t know the specifics on that facts matter. I don’t know, you know, if they need both chambers or how the governments work there, but yeah, it means a good question. You know, there are some things like here in the United States, we don’t need both houses to do, right? Like we only need advice and consent of the Senate for certain things. You don’t need both chambers. So maybe it’s something like that. Miss lucky. And Sergeant Bob says the unaccountable RCMP will be a model for what the Dems want the capital police to be fellow Americans be very of more federal policing. Yep. And we’ve been screaming about that here. We talked about this Sergeant Bob, when, uh, the Capitol hill police remember you were here when they said that they, they were opening offices. I think it was in San Francisco or someplace in California and another place on the other side of the coasts, just to make sure that they can

Keep tabs on everybody. Sergeant Bob also says obvious that Canada has its own swamp. They need a Trump to drain it. Trouble is I’ve not seen a candidate with enough following to take it on too many socialist oriented voters on the east. And the Metro areas to overcome Canada may well have bigger problems in the USA due to their socialist structure. And PS, he says, if I were an Ottawa police officer, I think I would’ve called in saying, I’ve got COVID from Sergeant Bob. Well, they were all, nobody. It didn’t seem like too many of them got COVID. John Dolar says, you can and say what you want. And we can complain about the tyranny, but nothing is going to happen to the liberals. For six years, we have watched, as conservatives got their butts kicked. Even when Trump was president, the Republicans had control of the house in the Senate, liberals still controlled the narrative.

They know how they have power and they know how to use it. They have control of the tech and the school systems. And it’s gonna get Canada writes. John Dolar is a sign of what is to come in. The United States, the liberals are wielding power. What are you gonna do about it? Nothing kills me. Judges are supposed to protect us, but they are in on it. John Dolar says, man, we are toast. I don’t think we’re there yet. They’re John. I mean, I understand the sentiment. It, and it’s not looking like it’s on a good trajectory for sure. But we have a little bit, uh, I think a little bit of fight left in us. We’ve got three girl. He says Viva fry actually highly recommends. David Anbar. Anbar was in one of the videos that I posted on a panel with others talking about the legal side of the emergencies act.

He’s picking up cases for anyone that’s arrested. Also people who had their bank accounts frozen to contact an attorney. Do you think that he could have said that because he knows he’s gonna be in front of a judge at some point, would you smack down a judge’s decision knowing you would stand in front of a judge later on? I also thought about that. Right? So, uh, three girlies, right? Very astute observation there, something that I intended to talk about forgot. And you had flagged my memory, right? He’s also practicing in that jurisdiction. Okay. It’s easy for me to come out here and sort of lob, uh, you know, uh, to throw elbows on this show. I don’t have to show up in court over there and actually, you know, see that judge. And so for him to write an article saying, you know what a moron wouldn’t go over well.

So yeah, very reasonable, calm down everybody. I have court in front of her in like 10 minutes. So just take it easy. Right? And so I think that there may be something to that, especially if he’s somebody with a big public profile, he’s sort of balancing a lot of those, um, concerns, very astute observation. Viant says FY eye. There’s another clip of Schwab saying he was circulating even before the other one, it’s outside with better audio. And in it Schwab again, brags about all the places, the world economic forum has people in. I’ll have to look for that one, the anti cuz thank you. Jeremy’s here says, now that politicians have thrown away medical privacy, if the Canadian people manage to get their country back to normal, they should require all candidates to go through a mental test to ensure they don’t become tyrannical. If current politicians are so unstable that they suffered mental harm from peaceful citizens, they are not mentally stable enough to serve in the government.

You know, it’s a good, it’s a good point, Jeremy, you know, there was another thought sort of floating around out there that wouldn’t it be interesting to see what all of their, uh, prescriptions say? You know, you know, they have access to all of our private records and they have spying programs where they just on your iPhone or whatever and get access to literally everything. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what our elected official, what kind of prescriptions they were on? Like how many of them are on like high quantities of, um, you know, anxiety pills or like depression pills or antipsychotics might be interesting to know. Just a thought. Miss lucky says, uh, is Freeland the sister of Jake from Oxford? Well, Jake, you know, Jake is, uh, I think even more incompetent, three girly says this Freeland woman is a true believer. I think she was behind this whole thing.

Justin is the face of it, but she’s the brain behind it. You could almost see her mouthing the speech that Trudeau has given sort of like it was her words to begin with her head nods and shakes. And he gets to the pointed parts of the speech. This woman is not a capitalist. She’s a socialist, she’s a communist. She learned it from the best she is sickening. I agree with that. Right. She was a real pleasure to listen to today. We have a couple others that came in in, we have several on YouTube that came in. Let’s see here.

Step D says, yeah, it was rough watching Viva. Ricky Bishop says, Hey Rob, do you, how do you stay so composed when watching these videos of the tyranny going on in Canada and the world, it really gets me going to watch, do I seem composed in this show? Well, that’s nice that you think that, I mean, most of the time I’m outraged and that’s what leads into my rants. Or sometimes I don’t even know what I’m saying. It just comes out. That’s how angry I am. Like I’m not reading a script here. I watch a clip oftentimes for the first time with you bite my tongue and then go on a tirade. That’s how the show works. So that’s how that’s it. Uh, that’s from Ricky Bishop, we’ve got better. 30 old gamer says the protestors will have their pets euthanized by the Ottawa police. After eight days of no arrangements are made. If anyone can help, please, if they start killing animals, I mean, well, you know, I mean, wouldn’t put it past them. They are now a day dictatorship Tesa. Michelle says false accusation is not a sin in the religion of the left. Ooh, that’s a spicy comment there. False accusation is not a sin. It’s not it’s part of the day. It’s part of the operating manual.

It’s in, you know, Alinsky’s rules for radicals. Call them and blame them for doing what you’re doing. See goody says Susan has been shadow banned apparently right now. So I can only get, has me shadow band. So I can only get one to two mess word messages in the normal chat, but here’s a few shackles anyway to say, hi, that’s from sea goody. Well thank you for the shekel. See goody. I appreciate that. And I don’t have anything going on with the chat. I see a lot of other people. Well, I’m not sure what that’s about rust us Androids, as I’ve always heard, Democrats think fences are useless unless they’re protected. They’re legitimately elected candidates. Then they like them. Another one from JM says, how can we donate towards Tamara’s defense? So, uh, I don’t know who is representing her. It is not that guy though.

That’s a good question. I’m sure she has one. I don’t have good advice on how to donate towards, towards defense, especially in light of what’s happening there. I don’t know if they’re gonna say that she, I, you know, is she allowed to have a legal defense fund? If she’s a terrorist and they’re freezing everybody’s financial services, financial records, I don’t know, will McEwen says Canadians remove all your money from the bank. This will have an enormous impact government. You won’t have to line the streets and worry about being a political prisoner. I mean, I think there are gonna be a lot of consequences for this and you know, we’ll see how far the Canadian government goes, but they, I think is there, is there further they can go? I think they basically taken all the tools that they can possibly use and they’re using them.

We have Z keys says help me understand the USA convoy it’s on each individual state’s COVID policy. And can they just make them domestic terrorists? Yeah. I mean, yes they can. I think they’re already doing that. I mean, I think they’ve already kind of done that. Like, and it’s not actually a joke. Okay. We’ve, we’ve talked about this here on this channel. We’ve played, looked at the Lang witch. I don’t have it at hand here, but they said specifically, if you criticize your government, essentially you are now in one of these buckets of people that are dangerous and you fall within the purview of domestic terrors. So I mean, they they’re already laying the foundation for this, right? The foundation has already been laid here for basically ever since January 6th of place. So I think the freedom convoy, they want the national declaration. Remember Joe Biden, we’re still in a state of emergency here.

Trump entered the state of emergency back when he was in office, Joe Biden, extended it indefinitely. And so we’ll continue to see that. And that’s where we get, you know, the federal, uh, airplane mask mandates. And there’s, you know, there’s additional provisions that are a consequence of the emergency. See? And so that’s what they’re saying needs to go from Z keys. We had Fe P L says, most don’t understand the emergencies act takes effect. As soon as it’s evoked, parliament has seven sitting days to decide if it’s allowed. And so I guess they did that. I think some people were thinking that it was going to, you know, also go to, to the second in chamber, but looks like they just needed the one surely tram says, why would so many people be herded into this country? Why would so many people be herded into this country?

Well, I don’t know. I mean, I, I don’t know who’s hurting anybody, but are you talking about the Southern border? Cause that’s, there’s been a lot of people coming across there for sure. Uh, good, good question though. Me, Mr. Bushy do says authoritarians gonna Jack boot. Yeah. Authoritarians gonna author. We’ve got Des bots gonna Des we’ve got, see, goody says Susan has a thing for me because I’m not so family friendly in other chats, it happens every so often. Nothing you did. It’s always Susan. Well, that’s good to know. See goody. So see Goody’s out there, you know, throwing blows, which I can really appreciate and respect. And I’m glad that you’re here over on locals. Thunder seven says what’s even more or depression is that no world leaders have spoken out against the fascist Canadian government putting their Jack boots on Canadian necks who only want freedom, no one except a Romanian politician and Iran.

Oh yeah. Iran. We had, uh, Mamu Aja. Remember him. He was out there on Twitter saying that, uh, what saw happening in Canada was, was horrible, terrible thing. He used to lead Iran. Like we were gonna, you know, go to war with him for what he was allegedly doing. We have here. Miss lucky says the third R seized a lot of private property who are the real third RS out there. It’s Jake from off Oxford says, look, listen, the way you are stringing the videos together is creating the appearance that there’s a lot of overreach from the Canadian gustapo Jake says that’s a little unfair, Rob. Maybe you should try looking for videos of Tru DOE giving positive speeches. Okay, Jake. Yeah. Thanks for that recommendation. I guess I’ll have to think about that. He of smarter than me. He went to Oxford jelly of the month is here, says, Rob, look into the hacker that brought down the give send go site.

He’s a maniac and completely unhinged and used to work for the Canadian government. I did see that guy. And yet I agree with you. He is insane. And unhinged, see Reed is here, says, Hey Rob, a bunch of the gang. And I are wondering if your pure blood or whether you injected. So the question is yes or no. I understand if you do not wanna answer, but sorry, I had, that’s fine. You can ask, I’ve been asked about this and I’ve answered that. I’m not gonna answer it. And the reason why, the reason why I’ve had a conversation with many doctors and a doctor who I really admire said, listen, if you, if you have a conversation with people and, and you lead people to do what you do, then you’re sort of encouraging them to not make their own choice. And so I don’t want people to either way to take my personal decision as justification for doing it or not.

Right. And that’s just what I’ve said. Now, that being said, many of you have heard a lot of my commentary on this show about that particular issue. And so you’re free to come to your own conclusions on that, but I just don’t want to be seen as somebody who is encouraging people one way or the other, right. I really truthfully think it’s a personal decision. And I think that people should talk to their doctors about it and make a decision on their own basis as I’ve done, as my family has done, as I’ve encouraged everybody else to do, I think that’s the right approach. And I really sort of wanna hold that line because I think that’s the right approach that our society should take, that our government should take. Right? These are decisions I’m not comfortable with sort of the lines being dragged open, where we’re sort of talking about these things.

Like it’s just like, did you see that movie type type of thing? Do you see that movie? Did you get the jab, you know, and all of that stuff. So I just, that’s the reason for it now. I, um, I understand people’s curiosity, but you know, you can put two and two together with my opinions here. Miss lucky says, Sergeant Bob, we all know what this state of the union is. Sleepy. Joe, go have a nap and that’s from, uh, miss lucky. Let’s see, let’s do a refresh over here and let’s see what we’ve got a couple other comments here. Murphy says, good answer on the vaccine. We have another one from a Butte day says you can punish the Canadian government without putting yourself at risk, by withdrawing money from the banks. Miss lucky. And Sergeant Bob says, I trace his history back. I’m a direct descendant of Lieutenant Joseph Hale, brother of NA Hale in the revolution.

And I am understanding my family better. That’s a good one from Sergeant Bob, Rob Butte says, it seems like a coincidence that the Canadian government is seizing assets with several people on the world. Economic forum says it’s seems like they’re likely trying to cause the great reset. I believe the assets will be used because of the sovereign debt of Canada. The anus also says when the politicians wall themselves off from the people you might live in tyranny in Trudeau’s case, somebody expects him to be a, uh, uh, you know, got the Viagra deal. Giam is here. Uh, G Jim Giam says, sadly, I have relatives in Canada who think I’m crazy. That think that what they did to the truckers was good. They think that all this is necessary to keep them safe from the RRA. Well, look, what happens when that same power is used against a party that you belong to.

Okay. It, it it’s the truckers now, but it’s not always gonna be the truckers. And that’s where these problems arise. Three girly says they need both chambers to ratify the act. If it is ratified, we’ll be valid for 30 days. If it passed the house last night, Viva’s watching the Senate tonight for the vote, but how easy would it be to continue the act once it passed? I think that it is the biggest issue that this urgency is supposedly temporary and will become permanent. So, okay. So there we go. So Viva, make sure you’re going over to his channel to watch that another one from Butte day says, remember guys, the left is socialists that support doxing and beating the truckers are the same people that work for the gustapo and round up the Jews during the world war II and Jim Crow segregation, a couple others here, 5 0 3 unlimited says, unfortunately there is video of police laughing about, and the protestors Canada is lost.

Keep your powder dry long live Viva fry, long live Liberty. That is from 5 0 3 unlimited. We have another one. This is Ottawa. Gustapo on Twitter. I don’t know if it’s a real account, but we should have a look. Let’s see what this one looks like from Rob Butte. Oh, the Ottawa gustapo yeah, this looks good. Oh, it’s Justin Trudeau in the third, right. Uh, gear, uh, says, okay, so it’s a, um, it’s a parody account. Looks like it. It’s a fun one. Rob Butte also says that Freeland is a collaborator she’s enacting the 1933 version of the right stag fire act. Miss lucky is here, says we sh we all know what the state of the U is. And sleepy. Joe should just go have a nap. I think I missed some of the first ones, Cuz I thought somebody shared a cat video that we were talking about on our livestream earlier. And while that’s loading up, let’s make sure that we’ve got oh no, I think that one went away. All right. And so let’s take a look over here on YouTube. Make sure we’ve got all the rest of these super chats. Thank you everybody.

Kareem says Ontario is set to drop the vaccine passport March one, Quebec, March 14th. Let’s hope they keep their promise. I think the Senate will vote on Thursday. Well, so three girl says that Viva might be talking about that tonight. So go check out Viva’s channel. I know been doing a lot of streaming and uh, I’m gonna go see how he’s doing as well. EDM doc says for putting up with my manic ranch and twisted humor from EDM doc. Well thank you, EDM doc EDM. You know, that’s what I listen to. Right? I think that’s what I listen to. K says Canadian social was all the rage back when it was just a boot getting free stuff like healthcare. Well, they’re gonna get a lot more free stuff. All those truckers trucks and you know, those are now theirs. So I, I, I really don’t know what, uh, you know, where this thing ends up. But if the United States is any bit of a template, they’re gonna be living what you guys are. Canada’s gonna be living with this for a very long time. If the United States is any indicator and I’m sure that it is see, goody also says, sorry, Susan, and spamers have a thing for me. Here’s another fiber for the trouble and shout out to whatever mod is hammering them. Oh my goodness. Yeah.

So we had some serious mods of port here today. So shout out to the mods. Thank you everybody. Who’s who’s been there supporting us. All right. And let’s do one shout out on YouTube. We’ve got Greg Mora says, Hey Rob, what’s the solution for WF similar to the ineffective UN if we get rid of it, there’re gonna be a new WF popping up the next day with a different name and with even more stealth. It’s a good question. I mean, you know, there was, I had some slides on this. We were taking a look at sort of the economic power of the world, economic forum and really how much, how much capability they have. And if we, if you sort of equated their influence to a nation states GDP, I was speculating that they might have more impact in terms of economic throughput then maybe even the United States.

Right. We don’t know. So how do you, you know, how do you combat an entity like that? Honestly, it’s gonna be the same answer that I give. I think largely it’s building a parallel system. It’s ejecting from many of these old systems. I think that what we’re gonna see are opt in systems that are a lot more tyrannical by design. Okay. They’re not exactly tyranny because people are opting in, but they have elements of tyranny, right? You give up certain liberties in order to engage in that system. If you want universal basic income, whenever that comes down, the pike, you gotta comply, right? You gotta go get a digital ID. You gotta make sure that you’re doing X, Y, and Z, get your shots and make sure that you’re compliant, but people will opt in because they’re gonna say a thousand bucks a month. They, I could really use that.

Yeah. It’s just an ID. No problem. And so we’re gonna see this sort of slow role of people opting into this, you know, into this new regime, when that is happening. I think what we’re gonna see is a bifurcation. People are gonna go the other way. We’re gonna see the future divided into two types of worlds, centralized authoritarianism that is sort of managed by a eye and you know, central governments. And you’re gonna see decentralization where you see people governing themselves and its agreements based on consensus. A lot of this will be governed, I think in web three on, on, on the back of crypto and some digital interfaces that, that are more robust than what the government provides. I think you’re gonna continue to see institutions fail. And as these institutions fail, they’re going to gobble up more power and claw for it. And so I think the thing that we do is we keep talking about it.

We keep exposing them. We keep identifying them, putting their faces out here on the camera, show what they’re doing, because it’s that big, beautiful spotlight baby, and it’s accountability and transparency. And if enough people see what they’re doing, I think that’s what really matters. So we’ll continue to do our job. Thanks for being here. Greg max Webster says, Rob, as much as I would love to get back at the Canadian government, if everyone took all their money out of the banks, it have a devastating impact on the economy. The government would be forced to print a lot of money to replace the cash. Inflation would go through the roof, converting all funds to Bitcoin in the life. Not sure it’s from max Webster. I’m not sure either, right? I’m not sure what that would do. I think a lot of people might be hurt, you know, as a result of that.

But if, if the government’s gonna come and take your money and seize your financial assets, right. Why, why wouldn’t you pull ’em out and put ’em in Bitcoin? I don’t know. The doctors here says your approach is the right approach on the jab. It’s a personal decision. Yeah. And so you just, you know, I, I think just, you know, I don’t wanna normalize that, that comp and I’m not mad about the question or anything. Like I, it’s a very valid question. I’d be curious too, if I were you, if you’re sitting there, I wonder what he did with that thing. Oh, that’s a good question. But I just think, you know, we gotta hold the line on some of this stuff. Like it’s not the new normal, we’re gonna make sure that, uh, we don’t allow it to become the new normal. And so that my friends is it for the questions for the day.

A lot of great questions over from our friends at locals. We had some additional questions, uh, and great support on YouTube. Thank you very much. I wanna give some shoutouts to the sport supporter spotlight. Now, remember this is something that’s brand new. And so I’m still playing around with this, but if you really wanna support the show and you want a S spot on this slide, whether you wanna put a company logo or a link to a social profile or wanna support a charity, or you just wanna throw your name up there, like Dr. MB has done, like Chris Romero has done, we are going to do a supporter, spotlight slide, every show. And so Wolfgang DEO says, Hey, go over here to my Twitch TV and go follow me over there. And so you can support of course, uh, and get a spotlight on this slide.

If you are a spotlight supporter member on YouTube, if you are send me a message on Twitter, telegram or email, if you are somebody on locals who is supporting at that same tier, that same threshold, let me know. We’ll do it. There also shout outs to the YouTube shoutout members, Mr. JBU blue bunnies here, Ricky Bishop also Henry Dixon, who helps mod the channel up Kareem once 65 and timber traveler just signed up on the shoutout level. And we also wanna welcome some new [email protected] We’ve got words, mean things, which is true. Also signed up. We’ve got char Jan who signed up bossy bees in the house. J Pearson signed up hot rod roommate, D sensei signed up Ray. Kay. Okay. Along with max Websters in the house, Braveheart 29, DMAC Boston Huck G ultra fragile freedom for all gamers complete is here. Miss ESC, miss escape, Jennifer Delman Kim.

So road runner 60 little red rose. We’ve got P Tatum, miss Marle wise, along with fact smatter and ask why don’t forget that we have our monthly locals meet up taking place this Saturday night, February 26, 7:00 PM Eastern time. So if you’re a [email protected], be sure to go make sure mark mark your calendar for that. It’s coming up. And also don’t forget to follow us on telegram. I am trying to post more, more sort of about what we’re doing throughout the day on the telegram feed. And so make sure you check that out. One final super chat just came in from words mean means, means things says, so this was fun. I joined locals today. The moment I completed my payment, I got a text from my credit card company asking if I really made the purchase. Are you in Canada words mean things? Uh, I’ve not, I’ve not heard that before, but great.

So that means we’re on the fin track list. Perfect. Well, thanks for supporting us. Thanks for authorizing it and making it go through, right. My friends and that is it for us. Shout out to my friends on Twitch. Shout out to my friends on rumble, wherever else you’re watching this, including YouTube and locals. I really appreciate everybody’s support. I would love it. If you gave us a like before you had, uh, out of here today, don’t forget to subscribe if you’re not already subscribed because we are going to be back here, do it again tomorrow. And it’s gonna be probably spicy one because you know, that’s the world that we’re living in and I hope you join us. Have a great night. My friends I’ll see you right back here tomorrow. Bye bye.