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We are live across the board. Hello everybody. And welcome back to yet. Another episode of watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Gruler. I am a criminal defense attorney here in Scottsdale, Arizona, right there at the R&R Law Group, where my team and I, over the course of many years, we’ve helped represent thousands of good people facing criminal charges navigate through the criminal justice system because sometimes good people have a little bit of a bump in the road in life. And what we want to do is help them get back on track. Now, over the course of those years in practice, we’ve seen a lot of malfeasance, a lot of misconduct involving our justice system. I’m talking about a lot of the stuff that we see around our country today, misconduct from the police. We’ve got prosecutors behaving poorly. We have judicial malfeasance and of course it all starts with the politicians.

They’re the ones who set the rules and we all have to abide by them. And so politicians themselves can be engaged in some pretty gross, bad behavior. And so what we want to do on this program, it’s called watching the Watchers we want to watch, and we want to call them out. We want to make sure that they are being held to the same standard that you or I would be held to. If we were charged with a crime, if we were going through the justice system, would they get a differential type of treatment than you or I would get? Unfortunately, we see that that happens all too often. So right now, there really is nothing, almost nothing else to talk about. Other than the election, we are in the middle of what I am calling the biggest legal war in the history of the world.

A lot of people disagree with me on that. A lot of people say that this is all hyperbole. This is all a bunch of nonsense. Donald Trump’s T team is making a bunch of a do about nothing. Well, in my mind, you know, there’s nothing bigger than the presidency. There’s nothing bigger than who’s going to be the leader of the free world. And while many people think that is a foregone conclusion, the rules just say, that’s not there yet. As much as they may want it to be over. It’s not. We have a long time, uh, um, a long time, about a month until we get to the time in which the electors need to be officially nominated and sent over to the federal government until the electoral is actually vote. So today what we want to do is keep detailing what is happening in this legal battle.

And specifically over the weekend, a lot happened with Donald Trump and his team. So we were talking about this a lot last week, but we’re still in the very, very preliminary stages of this entire theater. And so Donald Trump and his legal team have now been sort of, we’ve seen a lot of lawsuits flying around the country, a lot of activity, but we’re starting to see some cohesion. Now we’re seeing a little bit of a, an idea of this team being assembled. So we want to talk about who they are, what they mean, how they’re going to be working, what some of their theories are, because they spend a lot of time this past weekend on all of the Sunday shows giving statements about what they’re going to be doing when the, as are a part of this Donald Trump team. And so we’re going to talk about who they are specifically, Sidney Powell.

You may know of her. She’s been around with the general Flynn case for quite some time. We’re going to do a little bit of a deep dive on her. We’ve got some more information on some other team members. We’ve got Joseph diGenova, we’ve got Victoria Townson, we’ve got Jenna Ellis. We’ve got Sekulow. Those are all, you know, big names that you may know about. And so we have a little bit of a bio, and then we want to run through some of the clips that they have detailed for us. Over this past weekend, we have the status of the Biden transition. So, you know, the office of the president intellect so-called has been trying to transition into power. And there’s been some pushback. The Democrats sent a letter to the general services administration and the Republican sent a letter over to them saying not quite so fast.

So we want to detail what that looks like us prosecutors. We’ve got actually not prosecutors. We’ve got the attorneys, generals from a number of different States are responding to bill BARR. He sent a memorandum. Yes, last week in instructing the department of justice to go out there and start investigating some of this election fraud. While the attorneys general from a bunch of different States, sent them a memo and said, we don’t like that. And so we’re going to detail what that has to say. We were going to cover a Wisconsin lawsuit that was filed by voters. We’re going to go through it very quickly because something happened that I just saw literally 10 minutes before we hopped on this broadcast, they are actually dismissing that case. And so I want to detail what that looks like because there were some interesting arguments in there. And the dismissal was voluntary is what it looks like.

So they actually filed a lawsuit, turned around and then asked for a dismissal. And the judge granted that. So what’s going on there? Rudy Giuliani was also making the rounds. He’s got a lot of additional thoughts on this entire strategy, specifically with some of the voting machines and the voting software. We have another statement from one of the, another one of the Trump team members, literally that just happened about them, seizing a piece, a piece of equipment. And so there is a lot of stuff that is going on. The Georgia recount is underway. Trump team amends, the Pennsylvania lawsuit. So legally it’s like a war zone out there. And we want to still, we want to break it down and see if we can add a little bit of value to the conversation. So as a reminder, if you’re not a regular of this channel, we go live at this time every day.

So hit the subscribe button so that you don’t miss out. There’s also a discord channel where people chat before and after the show. And I hang out there as well, but there’s a live chat that’s going on right now. That is a part of the broadcast and ms. Faith who’s right back there. She will actually be clipping any super chats or any good pertinent questions that come in. We’re going to save all of those for the end of the program while I will get back to them and make sure that we get those answered. So let’s dive into it a little bit as always at the start of the program in the middle of this election season, we still want to talk about where we’re at in terms of context. So let’s take a look at the bouncing ball, the smiley face here. And let me just make a quick adjustment on that time.

So here, what you’ll see is this is where we’re at election day was just about two weeks ago. It’ll be two weeks tomorrow, and we’ve got four solid weeks. We have 28 days left until the electors day. Now the 14th in December, that’s going to be when it needs to be formalized. There’s a safe Harbor provision by the seventh. And there’s a number of different States that have deadlines that are actually before this day. But there’s lawsuits that are being filed all over the place, basically asking that the, the certification process be delayed or be suspended pending the outcome of the lawsuit. So that is going on. And as a reminder, you know, just because we’re talking about some of this stuff, doesn’t mean that I think that this, you know, I, I don’t consider this to be an endorsement of any particular candidate. This is just in my mind, a lot of there’s a lot of importance around this issue.

It doesn’t matter who you are, what side of the aisle you’re on, whether you’re a Trump supporter, a Biden supporter, this is important for America in my mind. And so I want to approach this from that lens because we need to have a functioning election system. And if 70 million people think that Biden is the election, the next president, and they’re set hard faster than that, that may be well for them. But if there’s 70 other million Trump supporters who think this election was illegitimate, that’s going to be a big problem for the Biden supporters going to be a big problem for the country. And I would think that both sides of the aisle would want an election with integrity, something where we know what’s happening in there, because if, if one party took advantage of this time, who’s to say that another party doesn’t take advantage of the next time.

So that’s the framework. And I know people get heated about this, but as we’re in the chat, you know, let’s try to keep things civil and productive. Uh, otherwise we have miss faith and another moderator here who we’re going to, uh, you know, help, help keep the conversation productive. So let’s take a look at sort of the hurdle here. So just because, you know, the, the election is where it’s at and Joe Biden is the president, or is the president elect or presume to be the president elect the projected president elect doesn’t mean that, you know, the formalities have taken place that would actually aid him in the transition. So he’s looking like he’s on that road, but it hasn’t happened yet. And so if you’re a Democrat and you’re thinking all is said and done, and this is all glory, and everything’s going to be fine, maybe hold on a little bit, because there’s still a lot of time.

There’s a lot of, a lot of time left on the clock. If you’re a Donald Trump supporter and you see all of that additional time, keep in mind, he’s got a big hurdle to get through here. And we talked about some of the numbers last week. This is what it looked like, uh, last week on Friday. And you can see here, Donald Trump and his team, they’re down 290,000 votes. So Arizona about 10, 10,000, George’s 14,000, Michigan’s big, almost 150,000. And then we’ve got 35, 63 and 20,000 different differential in votes across three other different States. So all said and done it’s 290,000. Now, if you fast forward to today, that Delta, that difference actually increased. And it looks like, you know, things are actually getting worse for Trump, not better. So, you know, keep that in mind. And this is the context here is important because some people are thinking, you know, maybe if we get a thousand votes thrown out here or there, or we find some, you know, provisional ballots, or we’re able to take this one bucket of votes and get those tossed out legally, then that’s going to solve all of the Trump campaigns problem.

And that’s just not the case. I mean, we’re talking about almost hitting a trifecta, you know, succeeding in a number of different States or finding evidence that is so big that it, an umbrella is sort of across the board. And we’ll, we’ll just take out huge swaths of illegal votes are identified that would then ultimately result in, in, in, in, in overturning the original results that we have seen thus far. So it’s a big order, you know, it’s a lot, there’s a lot to go on there, but there’s a lot of time left and we’re talking about big, big numbers, and we’re talking about big buckets of voters. So let’s see what Trump’s legal team is coming up with. Let’s see what they’re investigating. We saw a lot of it over the weekend. Now, even today, we saw something. This came from Trisha Flanagan, literally at one Oh nine.

I think this, this was a one Oh nine. I saw it just about an hour ago, but she said breaking president. Trump has been called into an emergency meeting at the white house with his legal team, massive legal filing eminent. So this is the legal team that we’re talking about. This came out today, he’s going to be meeting with them. Apparently there’s, you know, something that was, uh, was very important that it required that, you know, the president and everybody sort of congregated back over at the white house. And we really haven’t seen that thus far. A lot of this has been under the radar, kind of, you know, uh, coming and going. And the team really got assembled over this past weekend. Donald Trump announced it on November 4th started to detail who these people were going to be. He says, I look forward to mayor Giuliani, spearheading the legal effort to defend our right to free and fair elections.

Rudy Giuliani, Joseph de diGenova. We’ve got Victoria Townsend. We’ve got Sidney Powell. We’ve got Jenna Ellis, a truly great team added to our and other wonderful lawyers and representatives. This is Sidney Powell also saying we’ve got through on their Jay Sekulow and more so, you know, the team is not, is not limited to these people. It sounds like they’re going to continue to add more and more people. This is Victoria here saying hubby and I are working with Rudy Giuliani and real Donald Trump on the legal election fight. Go to parlor, read the facts, Twitter won’t let me tell you, court filings will start next week. Hey, so that’ll be coming up next week and had to interview witnesses and draft declarations to make sure all of the facts are accurate. And this is normal. This is what we were talking about last week. We explained that there is a whole flurry of lawsuits that are being filed in local state courts, uh, superior courts in which are the kind of the first level tier here in Arizona.

We’ve got court of appeals situations. We had a federal circuit court ruling last week, which we’re going to talk about briefly multiple filings in Pennsylvania. So just, you know, swallows of, of lawsuits being filed every which way. And at the time we were explaining, this is just how lawyers communicate this. This is totally natural. Nothing to flip out about. There were headlines all over the media saying, Oh my gosh, Donald Trump got another lawsuit dismissed. Oh my goodness, what a, what a joker of a legal team. And, you know, similarly, when he, when he started filing lawsuits, everybody was up in arms. I can’t believe he’s filing lawsuits. Then when some lawsuits get dismissed, I can’t believe they’re getting dismissed. And so, you know, the legal team is just sort of getting abused. There’s even a headline out there that somebody who is a part of the, of one of the teams got a, a, you know, a nasty voicemail filed, uh, an order to show co or a request for an order to show.

Cause basically, you know, ratting out the other lawyer. So it’s getting kind of ugly and a lot of the professional decorum that you would expect to find when the stakes are sort of this high and everybody’s watching, it seems like they may be missing a little bit. So this is normal, right? Lawyers get hired, lawyers go out and they investigate the facts. I gave you some context last week about, you know, DUI is, can take six months. Sometimes criminal cases can take years and we’re expecting this legal team to go out, uncover massive amounts of fraud, put it together in written declarations and affidavits and make a compelling case

Quickly. Very, very

Quickly in large part from a lot of different governmental agencies that are just not cooperating, right? Every time they file a lawsuit and request discovery, request information about what’s going on saying we want access to that. So we can go investigate our claims further. They’re getting opposed from everybody from the States, from the attorneys generals, from, uh, you know, the ACLU is now involved. Everybody is sort of impeding their ability to go out and get information. And unfortunately that’s just, or, or fortunately, quite frankly, that’s just how the legal system works, right? Both sides have to have their burdens. They have to go Donald Trump’s team requests,

Something, the others are going to be opposing it.

That’s how the system works. And it’s, it’s working as it’s intended to, it’s going to be sorting this stuff out. And so now we’re seeing that Donald Trump’s team is going to have some, uh, filings ready according to Victoria by next week. So we’ll see where that goes. Now let’s take a little bit of a breakdown on the team, the makeup of the team. So we understand who we’re going to be working with over the next coming weeks. Of course, we start with Rudy Giuliani, Rudy Giuliani, as we all know, is the mayor of New York held a platform for being tough on crime. He was there from 1994 to 2001. He is an American attorney cybersecurity advisor. Of course, he’s a politician. Rudy’s history goes back. He was an associate attorney general. He was a us attorney. You ran against Hillary Clinton for the Senate seat, but left early after being diagnosed with cancer, which is something I didn’t know. I didn’t actually realize that. I remember when he ran for president, uh, you know, it kind of started out with a bang and then fizzled off April, 2018. He joined president Donald Trump’s legal team. So we don’t need to spend a lot of time on Rudy Giuliani. We all kind of know who he is.

We have Joseph D Genova. He uses

His wife’s Twitter over here at Vic tone saying apparently he’s an American lawyer, a political commentator, and apparently he’s a conspiracy theorist. Uh, and so from 1983 to 1988, he was also a us attorney, the us attorney that’s that’s the division under the department of justice. So that would be like them working for the modern day department under bill Bart, the district of Columbia, uh, him and his wife are partners in a Washington DC law firm [inaudible] and Townsend he’s known for promoting conspiracy theories about the department of justice and the FBI. He was named chief counsel and staff director of the Senate rules committee and counsel to the Senate judiciary government affairs and select intelligence committee. So, uh, you know, conspiracy theories or, you know, some people might call it, you know, alternative facts or whatever some of the popular terms are, but you know, this guy has been around for a long time American lawyer, and he actually had founded his own law firm. Now this is his wife who is Victoria Townson. She’s the she, the assistant attorney

General during the Reagan era. And she worked currently presently on the Trump Ukraine case, graduated law school in 1975. And this was also interesting to me. She actually worked as the chief counsel for a Senator here in Arizona way before my time, Senator Barry Goldwater was on the Senate select committee on intelligence. And so the chief counsel here at Victoria town Singh actually helped draft a big piece of legislation. The intelligence identities protection act of 1982, which will make it a crime. It’s a federal crime for those with access to classified information to basically give out that information. So that’s kind of what that law, uh, help, help, help to do. And she was one of the drafters of it got a big media profile. You’re going to see her all over the place on Fox news, Fox business. And so on. Um, as I mentioned, sort of went over a tweet from her previously, but she’s saying that filings court filings will start next week.

So apparently she’s on, on parlor. If you’re a parlor person, go check her out, but she says, court filings will start next week. Now, Sidney Powell, the, you know, she’s, she’s been in the media for a long period of time. Uh, she’s been very involved as the attorney for general, Michael Flynn, us attorney for 10 years and was somebody who did a lot of appellate work appellate work is, you know, I kind of joke that they’re the smart lawyers, they’re the lawyers who like to sit down, read books, dive into the meat and potatoes of the case law, go back and look at precedent. There are some lawyers who are sort of more, I would say, um, you know, active in terms of wanting to go into court and litigate and argue and speak and listen and present almost. Then there’s another sort of type of an attorney who likes to do appellate work.

People who like to read, write don’t really like that litigation. Don’t like to go out there and communicate. They’d rather just write and pass that off to somebody, uh, who is more interested in litigating. Now, Sidney Powell seems to be like, she’s kind of both of them, right? She’s got a little bit of a fire fire tongue, and she likes to get out there and just throw down. We are going to hear a clip from her over the weekend. She’s saying I’m going to be dropping the hammer on these people, but she used a different terminology. But my point is somebody very smart, very accomplished. Uh, has we all saw with her work on general Flynn’s case? You know, that that case kind of took a one 80 until it was looking, it was looking pretty bad for general Flynn and then it was kind of reversed.

And now it’s, now it’s just a bizarre case with the judge Sullivan and all that stuff. That’s all, that’s a separate topic for a different video, but we have Sidney Powell who is also the author of licensed to lie, which is exposing corruption in a Democrat, in a department of justice, which I think seems pertinent right now. She prosecuted this guy called Jimmy chakra, who was a drug trafficker and actually assassinated or attempted to assassinate a federal judge, tried to bribe a judge for $10 million to get out of a criminal charge. Then tried to have him assassinated. I don’t know if that was successful or not, but, uh, she helped prosecute that guy and, uh, and, and put him away for some time. We also have Jay Sekulow Sekulow is the

Chief counsel for the American center for law and justice, which is a big organization. He was outside counsel to president Trump during the impeachment and the Robert Mueller investigation, which as you all remember, took years and years and millions and millions of dollars. He was a prosecutor for the IRS. Uh, Oh, no, the IRS. Oh, no. Well, all right. We won’t comment on that. I love the IRS. I love everybody over there don’t mean anything by that love what you’re doing, please. Don’t out at us. All right. He was also the hoe of J secular live, or he is currently the host of that. It’s a daily radio show covering legal topics. And surprisingly, he’s got 12 Supreme court appearances, which is a lot, right? Any, any, any, a single appearance in the Supreme court is like going to the super bowl, but this guy has done it 12 times.

So it’s kind of like, you know, brushing his teeth, which is impressive. And that’s somebody you would want on the legal team. Somebody who can deal with those types of stakes, especially given the fact that these legal issues, very likely you’re going to go to the Supreme court. Some people have some, uh, some, some disagreement with that statement, but as far as I’m concerned, that cases are already basically there in the Pennsylvania case. The Boockvar matter, we’ve talked about this, this got bumped down from the Supreme court. It was already basically at the door of the Supreme court. They turned it down, but things have changed a little bit. Donald Trump’s team has joined that lawsuit and filed some new lawsuits. And so I think these issues are pertinent enough and they haven’t been detailed to the extent that that is necessary for us to continue to function under the current law, which is why we need the Supreme court to come in and interpret it and tell everybody what, what this means and what to do next.

And so I think that will be coming shortly, uh, sooner rather than later. And lastly, but not leastly. We have ms. Jenna Ellis, who is over at Jenna Ellis Esq, and she is a constitutional lawyer. According to her bio, she is the senior legal advisor to Donald Trump’s campaign, Donald Trump, 2020. And we have, uh, she’s a senior fellow at the fall, Kirk society, special counsel to the Thomas more society. And she is the author of the legal basis for a moral constitution, a guide for Christians to understand America’s constitutional crisis. So that’s the team, that’s the, those are the individuals that Donald Trump announced and that are going to be spearheading. This thing. My understanding is that Rudy Giuliani sort of the, uh, the, the leader of the crew, Sidney Powell, and then she’s bringing in all of the different, uh, individuals to make up the entirety of the team.

And we’re going to see how, how they do it. We’re going to see what they come up with. And they’ve already given us some hints about that. So Donald Trump, once again, over the weekend, uh, actually made a good point. And I actually agree with him on this one. He said, Mo many of the court cases being filed all over the country are not ours, but rather those of people that have seen horrible abuses are big cases showing the unconstitutionality of the 20, 20 election and the outrage of things that were done to change the outcome will soon be filed. And he posted that yesterday afternoon. And so we’re seeing more of that. We’re seeing a lot more, uh, sort of a media blitz from all of these different attorneys on the Trump team who are now, you know, making the rounds. We have Sidney Powell who is, who was on last week. You may have seen this clip. She was on Lou Dobbs. I believe this was. And she’s, uh, she’s starting to give some hints about, you know, some of this evidence is going to be coming out. So we’ve got a lot of clips from her and Rudy Giuliani, miss faith pulled those up. So let’s take a look and see sort of, you know, what the people who are the coaches of the team, let’s see what they have to say about all this, because I think it’s going to be pertinent moving forward

With these allegations. These charges is the FBI already carrying out an investigation of these voting companies, uh, where their servers are domiciled. And in at least two instances, three instances, we know they’re in foreign countries. Uh, tell us where the justice department is in all of this.

Uh, I wish on you. I’m not on the inside. So I’m not privy to that information. I know that even democratic senators and Congress, people for years have reported problems with this system to the FBI and to the government. And nobody’s done a blooming thing about it. The people in the election security part of department of Homeland security needed to be fired yesterday. They’re absolutely ridiculous. Of course, Chris Wright needs to be fired too because the only FBI interview of any witness was to intimidate him and try to get him to change his truthful testimony, four hours by an anti-Trump FBI agent. They still have politics infecting the FBI, instead of just following the law. We’re on the precipice of this is essentially a new American revolution and anybody who wants this country to remain free, needs to step up right now, these are federal felonies altering a vote or a changing of ballot is a federal felony. People need to come forward now and get on the right side of this issue and report the fraud. They know existed in dominion voting systems, because that’s what it was created to do. It was its sole original purpose. It has been used all over the world to defy the will of people who wanted freedom.

All right. So a couple thoughts on that. Um, you know, number one, I don’t really like the idea that she doesn’t know what the FBI or the department of justice or any of those people are doing. I think it’s, it’s essentially, it’s very pertinent and I think it’s kind of critical to the Trump’s case. And here’s why I say that, you know, if currently, if right now the only people who were saying that this thing was illegal or fraudulent, if those were only Trump’s people, then I think he’s going to lose this argument. He may win it in the courts, but he’s going to lose the argument in the court of public opinion. He’s going to need his team is going to need some other third party, some sort of externality to give them more legitimacy. We spent a lot of time, uh, last week talking about specifically legitimacy.

And there’s really two different battles that are going on right now. One is certainly in the courts, in the, in the court system, they’re going to present avid evidence, affidavits, declarations, and what, you know, all of the material that they’re going to be claiming they have. They should, you know, synthesize that, put it in a legal complaint of filing, submit all of their additional exhibits, turn that into the court and then start the lawsuit and see how that goes for them. That’s fine. That’s all well and good. But the other part of this is a legitimacy battle and it really doesn’t matter what happens in the courts. If there’s nobody else to, to, to indict for this, if there’s nobody else to charge with a crime, you just heard ms. Powell talk specifically about this being a felony offense, this being something that is illegal, the department of Homeland security, all those people at the FBI, they should be fired because they are not prosecuting these crimes.

And it’s hard for me to believe that literally everybody at the department of justice and the FBI and all of the different Homeland security posts, you know, all the different, you know, national security apparatus that we have literally, you know, everywhere in the country that there’s there. There’s nobody there who thinks that it’s sufficient enough to file a complaint or to charge somebody with a crime. Because think about this, the standard to charge somebody with a crime is pretty low. And we’ve talked about the burden of proof and the different scale and what is needed in order to charge somebody with a crime it’s a pretty low standard probable cause you just need enough evidence to say, it’s probable that they did it. We’ve got cause enough, we can go get a warrant, arrest them, take them in front of a judge. And the judge can set, you know, release terms and so on, but it it’s a pretty low standard.

And if they can’t, if the Trump team can’t even get to that low of a standard and identify somebody who is behind this, some, a culprit, somebody who’s responsible for it, then this talk, I think this general talk of just being, you know, an, an abstract philosophical argument that while the reason the FBI is not involved is because they’re all political actors and they all want to see, uh, the president get thrown out. I just have a really hard time believing that everybody in the FBI feels that way or that everybody else in, in the department of Homeland security or any one of these agencies is, is, you know, in lock step with that, is, is this a conspiracy by literally the entire government against the president? Because if they’re going to continue to claim that, then this is going to be a difficult battle for them.

They can maybe potentially win it in court. But if the rest of the public, doesn’t take a look at these claims of malfeasance and see that there’s a lot of problem there. Then it doesn’t really matter what happens in court. They’re just going to continue to believe whatever the media tells them. And they’re just as far as they’re concerned, the election’s over. And so something needs to be so significant that it rattles them out of their, their slumber in order to wake them back up and get them plugged back in to this election. Because right now we’re just not seeing any of that evidence. And a second point when it comes to ms. Powell is her boss, Donald Trump is in charge of those different agencies. So if Donald Trump has an issue with the FBI, he can go make changes over there. He’s still the executive, he’s the chief executive of the country.

He can go make modifications over there. He can also go and make changes at the department of justice and, and make some directions and, and fire bill BARR, fire, Chris Ray, or whomever needs to go in order to make those changes. So now Sidney Powell who is representing the president is saying, is complaining about a situation that her boss largely has the ability to impact. And so I think as Americans see this, they’re just gonna, they’re going to look at people, look at these attorneys and just say that they they’re just, they won’t stop crying about stuff. All they continue to do is just whine and whine and whine about everything that’s happening. So they need some more evidence. They need something concrete so far, thus far, we’ve only heard speculation, but there may be some indication that that’s going to be changing. Right. We just heard from Victoria Townson, we’re going to hear from Sidney Powell, that there is more evidence and it’s forthcoming and it for their credibility. I hope that it is. So this is ms. Powell. She’s talking about some evidence from 2016. So they’re really going back now. Let’s see what she has to say here.

Yes. Well, he is listed as its former Admiral Peter Neff and juror retired Admiral Peter Neffinger. He is president and on the board of directors of smart MADEC and it just so happens. He’s on PR, uh, mr. Biden’s presidential transition team. That’s going to be non-existent because we’re fixing to overturn the results of the election in multiple States. And president Trump won by not just hundreds of thousands of votes, but by millions of votes that were shifted by this software that was designed expressly. For that purpose, we have sworn witness testimony of why the software was designed. It was designed to rig elections. He was fully briefed on it and he saw it happen. In other countries. It was exported internationally for profit by the people that are behind smarten MADEC and dominion. They did this on purpose. It was calculated. They’ve done it before we have evidence from 2016 in California. We have so much evidence. I feel like it’s coming in through a fire hose.

Wow. All right. So apparently we didn’t click the moment where she said I’m going to be releasing the crack in. Cause apparently that happened somewhere. And I, I saw that, but we didn’t clip it. So, uh, so that’s what I’m talking about. That’s more evidence, right? The previous clip was her sort of abstract talking about, well, you know, uh, the DOJ is political and the FBI is political and everybody hates the president. We can’t trust anybody. We heard a lot about that from Rudy Giuliani. We may hear it again here in the next clip, but he’s also somebody who he was on with Lou Dobbs last week. And Lou Dobbs said, Hey, what about the FBI? Have you sent this stuff over to them? Maybe the FBI faith just told me the cracking cracking clip is in there. So I forgot about that. But at the w w with Rudy Giuliani, anytime anybody asks him about the FBI, what’s the department of justice doing?

What is, you know, what is the security apparatus of the United States? How are they getting involved in this? If a literal election has been stolen, shouldn’t there be some sort of a third party, somebody who is sort of independently corroborating this stuff. Well, now it’s looking like maybe there is Sidney Powell is saying, they’ve got evidence from 2016, it’s coming out like a fire hose and they’re preparing their affidavits. And it’s coming is, is essentially what they’re saying. Now all of us are waiting with bated breath. And when I, when I kind of come down on the Trump team for, you know, all of these abstracts, that’s just part of how things go, right? These things take time. It, we are asking a lot of them to produce a lot of stuff quickly, and they haven’t been given the opportunity yet to file this stuff.

And so over the weekend, we started to see more and more of this Sidney Powell comes out. She’s got some specifics now saying that there may be somebody from dominion who has, you know, actual firsthand knowledge of this stuff and is willing to come in and testify. That is concrete. That is stuff that the American people can sink their teeth into. They can’t, they can’t imagine that the entire FBI is in this bizarre conspiracy to make sure that Donald Trump doesn’t get elected. That couldn’t be true. I doubt it, but it could. Right. But are they going to think that in, in, in a way that’s going to convince enough Americans to go to their state legislatures and tell them to invalidate the vote and, and have, uh, have their, uh, their, their, their States cast the ballot for Donald Trump. Is that going to happen just off this very, very abstract concept that the FBI and the DOJ are corrupt.

I doubt it, but if Trump’s team can come forward and make a presentation and say, look, dominion software, this guy did this on this day, and here’s the evidence. And it flipped 2.7 million votes in these three States. Here are the spreadsheets. Here’s the data, here’s the case. That is a whole different ball game. And it feels like we’re trending that way a little bit. So let’s take a look at what ms. Mr. Giuliani had to say. He was once again, back on Lou Dobbs, and he’s got some new information about some of this voting stuff as well.

Well, the machines can be hacked. There’s no question about that. Their machines can be hacked, but it’s far worse than that. Well, dominion dominion is a company that’s owned by another company called smart MADEC through a intermediary company named Indra smart MADEC is a company that was formed way back in about 2004 to 2003, 2004. You’re going to be astonished when I tell you how it was formed. It was formed really by three Venezuelans who were very close to, um, very, very close to the dictator Chavez of Venezuela. And it was formed in order to fix elections. Uh, that’s the, that’s the company that owns dominion. Dominion is a Canadian company, but all of its software is smart MADEC software. So the votes actually go to Barcelona, Spain. So when you’re using a foreign company, got it, that is owned by Venezuela. And so we’re close to what closed to, um, to, uh, uh, Chavez are now close to Maduro, uh, have a history. They were founded as a company to fix elections. They have a terrible record and they are extremely hackable. So, um, I mean, Jackson has made the right decision. What the heck was Georgia doing? Uh, hiring this company. I’ll tell you what they were doing. The hobbyist for, for dominion was the former chief of staff for the governor.

Yeah. So I mean, you know what they’re trying to do here, right? This is not about providing details about the case, about the lawsuits going on. This is playing the game in the legitimacy battle. Like I said, there’s a battle that’s going on in the courts. There’s a battle that’s going on for public legitimacy. It’s a persuasion play. They have to start convincing people that this thing is, is, is truly fraudulent, that there was some malfeasance that took place in the election. And this, I’m sorry to say it. I don’t find it to be persuasive. He’s talking about a company that has ties to Chavez that that processes votes in, in Spain that sends stuff over to Europe and back and forth. And so the big question is, so what, okay, so what, so, so what if all that happened? It looks bad. It sounds bad.

I didn’t know. We were counting our votes in Spain. I didn’t know that that company was created in Venezuela to promote some dictator. That’s all, that’s, that’s a bummer. That’s terrible. Why are we using that software that stinks, but what does that have to do with the election? Is it fraudulent because of those things? And if it is, we need to see those dots connected because currently this is all just abstract stuff, right? Americans are used to this stuff. Americans don’t even care about it, right? Nike builds has people making shoes for since, since on the dollar, right? Apple has, you know, a bunch of Chinese, uh, you know, children, I think in, in these factories, building phones and stuff, jumping off of, uh, uh, balconies and they have nets on the thing. So they don’t fall to their deaths, you know? And they still Americans still buy iPhones as soon as they come out.

So nobody really cares about all of that stuff. I mean, I mean, some of us do I care about it, it’s concerning to me, but is the everyday American somebody who doesn’t watch this channel, somebody who’s not super plugged into any of this stuff. If they’re going to say, if you told them who dominion was and you said, Hey, well, you know the people who, where you put your ballot in, yeah. That company was founded in Venezuela to promote a dictator named Hugo Chavez. Do you think in American’s going to go, all right, well maybe the entire foundation of our democracy is at stake because of that fact. No, it’s not. It’s just not persuasive enough. It’s, it’s, it’s interesting. It’s a problem. It’s certainly concerning, but it’s not going to be enough to move this forward. And you know, the stuff that they say that they have, it hasn’t been disclosed yet, and they can’t disclose it yet, which, you know, it’s starting to get a little bit frustrating because even though there’s some time left on the clock, not a lot,

Get you have the dominion hardware in your possession. Do you, do you need to have that hardware in your possession to prove it? D can you prove the case without the hardware or the software? We have people, um, that I can’t really disclose that can describe the hardware in great detail. We have some of the people, former government employees, our government employees and others that were there at the creation of smart MADEC they can describe it. They can draw it, they can show it. And then we have proof that I can’t disclose yet, but I’m, I’m, I’m confident. I’m confident that, yeah, go ahead.

All right. So I know I’m kind of straddling the line on this issue, and I know that this is very, very soon. It’s very compressed. They have some information that apparently they’re going to be releasing, you know, this week, maybe next week, but it’s getting close. You know, this is something where if they’ve got some information it’s getting, it’s getting close to start making sure that the American public knows about this. I just saw a poll today from RAs mucin that says the, the, the change in public perception of who won the election has jumped up 11 points in favor of Joe Biden. Last week, 11% less of Americans thought that this election was settled. It was a smaller number this week, 11% more think Joe Biden is the next president. And that number is going to go up again next week. And again, the following week.

So even though I have sympathy and empathy for attorneys who are racing together to put together a case like it extremely fast, and we have all sorts of different people around the country doing phone banking and getting affidavits and, you know, all sorts of stuff, I get it. But at the same time, they’re running a little bit short on time. And the reason why I think this is concerning is because they’ve already done this. We have already seen a lot of this from Rudy Giuliani and from a lot of these people, same with Sidney Powell and, you know, Sean Hannity. And a lot of those people sort of in that bubble, they do this thing. Like when they say tick tock, tick talk, like it’s all going to be coming, just wait until tomorrow. We’ve got this huge dossier of material we’ve got, you know, just boatloads and we’ve got stuff coming out of a fire hose.

And they just constantly are saying this. I don’t, you know, that it’s the boy who cries Wolf too often. He said Wolf too many times, and now we’re not going to show up. And then the Wolf is actually going to be there. So this is something where it’s sort of gets kind of becoming like a broken record. And if we don’t have much at the end of next week, I think that’s kind of the deadline for it, right? This was sort of the last week where the information should be getting revealed. And then the following week, as we’ve already seen from Victoria Townson, where they’re gonna be filing the complaints. So the first two weeks I think were just sort of, you know, get oriented that the third week, which is this week is going to be assembling the legal team and gathering the evidence.

And then the fourth week should be filing the lawsuits. And you’re also going to see a bunch of additional lawsuits get dismissed and that’s okay because they didn’t have a good claim, but the ones that work, the ones that are are, are with merit can move forward. And we’re sort of in that period right now. But you know, a lot of this stuff just sort of, well, wait and see, we’ve got a lot of evidence. What is the evidence? Because even though these court cases are proceeding, the rest of the country is moving on. They may have all the evidence in the world. They may come out with mounds of evidence that make it defacto obvious, clear as day that this election was stolen. But if the rest of the country of 70%, 80% of the country, including big swaths of the Trump supporters, who would have already been angry about this stuff, or who, who maybe would have had enough momentum and energy to call their senators, if two weeks from now, they’ve already moved on.

They’ve made adjustments. They have had made peace with the president Biden. Then the Republicans, even though they may actually have the evidence, they may still lose the legitimacy war. And that you don’t understand how important that is. That pressure, that public pressure is going to be leaning on all of these judges. I know the response to that is going to be well. So what if they win in court, that’s going to change that solves everything. If the judge says that the election was rigged in over and all these votes were fraudulent and they throw all the votes out, then that, then that may settle the day. We don’t have to talk about anything. Oh, the legitimacy argument doesn’t matter, but it does because the legitimacy argument is going to be weighing down. It’s going to be on, it’s going to be pressurizing all of these judges to rule in conformity with the public pressure.

So if the public pressure is saying, you can’t find in favor of Trump, then these judges are gonna are, are going to have a hard time doing so. And so these attorneys, even though I understand what they’re doing legally, I’m not sure that this sort of PR game is exactly on point because a lot of voters are sort of going, yeah, okay, fine. Like enough already was there fraud or wasn’t there fraud. And if there was, what was it, stop hanging on it. So it’s a, it’s a style thing. We’re going to see how that continues to move on. Now, Donald Trump came out and he did a very, very big, uh, double retweet today. That’s to a double retweet this morning. He says a man named Peter [inaudible] a retired Admiral is president and listed on the board of directors for smart MADEC, which created the software for dominion.

He’s on the Biden transition team. So we’ve got to retweet 13 minutes in, and then he, boom, hits it again. So Donald Trump says no way as if he didn’t know that. And then he says, this is crazy. And he posted again. So he’s got two, two retweets for this one issue. I think that that may be something that is a little bit important as it moves forward as this election, uh, you know, team starts to do to flesh out what some of their strategies will be. So we heard that from Rudy, the smart MADEC stuff, we heard it again from Donald Trump and dominion dominion. Dominion is going to be something that is, I think, is going to be the crux of their legal claim. And we have another person from Trump’s team who actually confirms that he is Joe de Janell Genova. We already talked about who that was.

This came out just before we hopped on the show, about half an hour ago, breaking Joe did. Genova says we’re in the process of obtaining one of those computers from dominion voting systems for analysis. And that’s part of the process. We believe the system is fundamentally flawed and has a back door, which allows people to enter it and manipulate the process. So that’s a big claim, right? That’s a big claim. And if they can prove that that’s going to be, I think in my mind enough to really shatter the aura of inevitability of Joe Biden. If Americans come out and we say, you know, dominion was used in what, 26 States, or more than that. And this was responsible for influencing the election because there was a backdoor in it. And the people who were fraudulently behind the selection, they were the ones who accessed it and manipulated it.

Right. If that happened, then that would be enough to make, I think, I think most Americans, including myself go, Whoa, that’s a big deal. That’s a catastrophic problem with the infrastructure of the entire election. This is not about, you know, moving votes, collecting votes three days later, or, you know, whether somebody changed States and got a ballot in Nevada, this is about a fundamental, crucial problem with the entire system and stuff like that would be enough to make Americans pop up and maybe call the representatives. Now, you know, this story, it was something, you know, there’s, there’s a lot of people on both sides. Some people on the right are hanging their hats on this dominion stuff. Some people on the left are saying, well, this is ridiculous. This is no there’s no, no, no, no. Uh, you know, even remote evidence that this is a problem.

And you know, somebody, somebody on Twitter posted this other article, this was back from, I think it was in, uh, October or sometime in 2019, I don’t have the exact date, but in Philadelphia there were USB drives that were stolen. That would literally go and allow you to impact the, the machine. And here it says, uh, election security expert. Eddie Perez said that Philadelphia is voter voters confidence in the integrity of the election demands transparency from officials that is so far lacking. He says, this is supposed to be a secured facility. Apparently neither the County, nor the election vendor adequately protected these sensitive assets. Why not? These USB drives were stolen from this facility. It is very, very common that a USB stick has a wealth of information that is not, that is related not only to the configuration of the election and its ballot and the behavior of the voting device, but also the internal system data used to validate the election. So in principle, someone possessing the information on one of these drives could disrupt the opening and closing of the devices in polling places. They could disrupt how ballots are displayed on the screen, and they could potentially disrupt counting

Votes on those ballots. And that was from an article. I think that was from, uh, September 30th. It looks like September 30th, 2020. So before the election, there were concerns about this stuff. And a USB drive was stolen from a facility in Philadelphia. There’s a lot of concerns about what happened in Philadelphia and in Pennsylvania in whole. And so, you know, all of these little pieces are starting to come into place. Now we’ve got, okay, the Trump’s, team’s getting some dominion software. They’ve got the actual person who was responsible for helping to create some of this stuff. Who’s gonna come in and testify. Uh, you know, Sidney Powell says we were basically drinking through a fire hose with evidence here. And so a lot of this stuff seems like it is coming together for them. This is a picture of the warehouse where some of those USB drives were stolen.

You can see here doesn’t necessarily look state-of-the-art in my mind, we’ve got a sign here that says all food left will be tossed on Friday. We have a, we have a similar sign at our office. So, you know, what can you say about that? Everybody has those signs. So that is what’s going on in Philadelphia. Now I wanted to mention this briefly, but it’s sort of became irrelevant, but in Wisconsin, there were some voters who filed a lawsuit and they filed a lawsuit. Uh, as voters previously, we’d seen a lot of different lawsuits be filed from the Trump team or from local GOPs or from different third parties. But there were some, there were three voters, it looks like who actually filed a federal lawsuit in Wisconsin that brought up some interesting points and then they just turned around and dismissed it. So let’s run through this quickly, so you can see what’s going on here in Wisconsin.

You can see here, the, this is a civil action violations of votes, and they’re making a claim under the equal protection. And, uh, some other claims here, plaintiffs possess this. This part was interesting in particular plaintiff. So that means the people who are filing this lawsuit possess advanced technical capability to conduct statistical analysis, identifying errors and anomalies such as double votes votes by registered persons votes by persons who are deceased and moved out of state. And the like, so I don’t know what the nature of these plaintiffs are, but they have apparently some sort of advanced technical capability they go through in their original complaint. They talk about the Supreme court saying that, uh, his Supreme court recognizes that fraud exists. Also recognizes that fraud can exist with absentee ballots. They’re saying that they’re, they’re leaning on a lot of prior case law to say that election validity depends on an accurate and valid system.

If you don’t have a valid system, then you can’t have a valid election, right? Uh, we go on and on and on. Well, as we see here, the 2020 election saw a 238% increase in the type of absentee ballot that does not require the ID normally required of an absentee ballot. So that’s interesting, as a result, men nominee County saw the greatest increase in indefinitely confined voters in the state and when so on. So then they go through and they’ve talked about these different, you know, polling workers who actually saw some of this stuff. When she arrived, she tried to sign poll worker told her she had already requested a ballot. She never requested a ballot and wanted to vote in person. She said she had not requested the worker. That’s okay. And gave her a ballot. So you have all this stuff that’s taking place at these polling centers where they’re just kind of handing out validates and nobody knows where the ballots are.

We, it goes on because illegal votes dilute votes, the evidence establishes and will establish that the rights of voters have been violated by one vote, dilution, disenfranchisement. So what that’s saying is that if you have, if you have 10 people who votes, you know, and they’re all lawful legitimate voters, then every vote counts for 10%. But if you add in another 10 illegal votes, while you just diluted, everybody’s vote, share, you just cut them in half. And that’s what they’re talking about here. If you have a bunch of illegal votes, absentee votes, double votes, whatever it is, you’re diluting your vote. And they’re going through in the referencing some Supreme court case law, which is, which is on point, which was interesting. Well that lawsuit’s not going to go anywhere because it just got dismissed today. Federal lawsuit that drew national nationwide attention to was dismissed this morning.

Today, three voters filed a suit last week. They wanted to exclude the results, but they, they, the, the voters on November 16th requested it be dismissed weird. Why is that? They didn’t give a reason why these three made the decision attorneys for the men said they can’t comment. Two of them cited attorney client privilege, and they are not allowed to talk about it. So what is going on there? Well, they may have just gotten cold feet. Uh, they may have just decided it wasn’t worth the expense. They may have gotten a lot of public reprimand for it. You know, it may have impacted their business. They could have been scared out of the lawsuit. They could have been able to not afford it. They may have seen that this was a duplicative type of a lawsuit. In other words, these claims were already being represented by somebody else on the Trump team or by the GOP or some, some other, uh, entity.

So this particular claim would not have been necessary. So it could have been a number of reasons could have been a losing claim. They could have just looked at it and they could have talked to their attorneys or the government could have responded or something happened. And they said, yeah, this claim’s not particularly good. And so we’re just going to bail out of this, but it is a little curious. I mean, you don’t see that happen. Often when somebody goes through the trouble of hiring a law firm, drafting a complaint, making it big, long, and detailed, just like we went through, literally filing it on Friday, turning around on Monday and requesting that it be dismissed. I wonder what happened over the weekend. We’ll probably never know. Let’s turn over to Pennsylvania because there’s other lawsuits going on there as always Tim Murtaugh, who works for the Trump campaign, came out and is responding to this allegation.

So the Washington post posted a story that says Trump campaign scraps, major parts of his lawsuit, challenging Pennsylvania’s election results. So you probably have seen those headlines flying around, Oh gosh, their main claims in Pennsylvania now gone, what are they going to do? It’s a big deal if that’s true, because Pennsylvania is the biggest lawsuit. In my mind, I, I did a whole show on Pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago about where I, why I think this is going to be the thing that Trump and his team hang their hat on because it is that important. And it’s ripe for a decision from the Supreme court. Well, Washington post says that basically the original lawsuit was scrapped. They had to modify it because it’s garbage. And Tim Murtaugh comes back out and says, no, that’s not. The case. Story is completely erroneous. Our lawsuit in Pennsylvania absolutely still makes an issue of the 600, almost 700,000 ballots that were counted in secret to write that we had scrapped.

That argument requires not reading the amended complaint. Well, we have that here. We have the amended complaint. So let’s take a look at some of it. Don’t want to spend a lot of time on it. Cause the show is running quite long, but here you can see what we call red lines, right? An amended complaint. You’re allowed to do this. You can go file a document, make some changes to the document, file it again. So you amend it. You make some changes. This happens all the time in law. People learn a new things after a lawsuit has already started and you seek leave to file an amendments. It’s pretty standard stuff. And so, you know, anytime that there’s been a change in anything Trump is doing, whether he adds somebody or loses something or when something or whatever, uh, you see a lot of headlines that sort of manipulate it just a little bit, kind of, you know, weasel it into a frame that they think serves their, their interest or their readership or whatever it is.

But here is the actual complaint. So you can see, this is what it looks like, uh, Allegheny and Philadelphia counties, you know, they’re talking about this stuff. And so what they deleted here is just this last subsection. Okay. But we still have the 682, uh, 479,000 votes. So they deleted, you know, we’ll read the whole thing. These are unprecedented numbers in Pennsylvania’s history, rather than engaging in an open and transparent process that the da or the processes were hidden during the receipt. And so on of those 682,000 votes period. So they’re saying they deleted indirect contravention to of the election code. They deleted that same down here at worse Democrat, heavy counties deleted all that voters in democratic heavy counties as compared to those in Republican heavy counties, right. Illegally advantage. So they changed the word, violated the mandates of the election code into illegally advantaged, right?

So not a huge change, just some sort of, uh, technical changes going on there. And it just kind of goes on and on and on. We see here that they added Snider County County in there. They deleted this section here that says those to themselves complied with the election code. They added this whole section here in paragraph one 25 as a result boards of elections in many counties decided to follow the rules and not pre canvas absentee ballots. Early. For example, we have a democratic poll watcher who so on and so forth and it just goes on. So paragraph 15, uh, is, is new. They deleted paragraph 19. So it’s, it’s a lot of modifications, pretty heavy stuff. They add some, some, uh, it looks like this stuff may have been added some actual citations to some of the Pennsylvania law citations to some additional case law.

Mr. Henry was notified that his ballot was canceled and so on. Um, and it just kind of keeps going on and on plaintiff Lawrence Roberts is an adult. You can just see, right? In addition, they’re actually adding stuff. In addition, voters and Republican leaning counties who failed to fully fill out their mail and absentee ballots had their ballots rejected while voters in Democrat leaning counties who similarly failed to fill out their mail-in ballots, had their ballots counted. And so just a lot of sort of, you know, modifications to the original complaint. I went through it briefly. I already went through it once, uh, at length, we’d done it on this channel, but I don’t see anything that really warrants a new headline. Like they’re dropping the claim. Uh, I think it’s all basically the same stuff. Uh, but it’s, it’s an amended complaint, but everybody likes to make much ado about very little, which we’re going to see a lot more of that.

We have the Republicans now who sent a letter over to the general services administration. This is their letter. I’m not going to read the whole thing, but they’re saying here right now that there are enough States in question such that there is not yet an apparent president or vice-president elect. So, uh, previously the Biden campaign was really making a good effort to go to the general services administration and tell them, look, we won the media called this thing. You need to start aiding us in the transition. The GSA turned around and said, Oh no, we need to rely on that agency to give us the, okay, before we go ahead and move this thing forward. And the Democrats in the house sent a letter over to the GSA and said, Hey, certify him. He needs to start transitioning. That was last week. The Republicans sent their version of the letter that says, no, no nothing’s been called yet.

And they go through and they actually talk about some of the law and the Republicans are right there. There is. As of today, there is no apparent president elect. There’s a presumed, a projected president elect, but the rule of law, the constitution, the electoral college, none of that stuff has made it in to effect just yet. And so this letter goes on, says, uh, past precedent as of today, there is no, no, uh, no, no, no president elect. And it just goes on and on. All right, let’s talk about bill BARR. We’ve got a lot of, uh, us attorneys really crammed a lot into this show. Didn’t we, we have a us attorneys who are responding to bill BARR. Actually, they’re not us attorneys, their attorneys general. Last week, we talked about bill BARR, authorizing the department of justice to go ahead and give them authority to go and start investigating some electoral or election fraud, voter fraud, electoral fraud, whatever it is, gave him some guidelines said you really needed to do a couple things.

Number one, you needed to make sure this wasn’t minimal. And it needs to also be something that impacts the outcome of the election. So something significant that has the ability to actually change the results. Go investigate that stuff, but nothing else. And so they responded, came from the Minnesota attorney general and it looks like this was signed by two, four, six, eight, 10, 12, about 25, maybe 23, uh, different attorneys generals from the different States around the country who are not happy with what bill BARR did. They said the is over. And the people of the United States have decisively chosen a new president. And so we’ve got concerns about what you said on November 9th, about post voting election irregularity. They go on and they say, look, we know that you’re the head of the DOJ. And so on state and local officials conduct our election, leave us alone.

If there’s fraud, the perpetrator perpetrators should be brought to justice, but nothing so far indicates that there’s any widespread misconduct or nothing deserves a change for 40 years, the DOJ has had a policy. Don’t change it. Now, in other words, and the people of the U S have spoken the department of justice should not interfere with their choice, no work, it undermine the confidence in the electoral process. And then look here, look at all these people. So we got Maine, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Latisha, James. Remember her she’s, she’s not a fan of Donald Trump. We got, uh, Rhode Island, Vermont, Oregon, New Mexico, Nevada. We have Wisconsin, uh, Virginia, Washington, DC, Connecticut, California, Minnesota. So a lot of them are, most of these are pretty blue States, not a whole lot of red States on there. I don’t see Texas on there, for example. So we’ll see what’s going on. Uh, with that, it’s not going to change anything. Bill BARR is going to say, thank you for that letter. Anything else? Right in the trashcan, because nothing’s going to happen. The policy is in place. And I do not expect that to change. Now, the Georgia recount is going on and we actually have a clip. You can watch some of this happen.


All right. We’re not going to watch that. Um, yeah. So this is a, this is a screenshot of Georgia. So they’re actually doing a recount right now. Many counties are offering live streams. So you can actually go and watch them in real time. And they’re supposed to be finished by the end of the day today. No Wednesday, Wednesday, end of the day, Wednesday. So we’ll check those out. All right. So let’s jump into the chat. Let’s see what everybody has to say today. We’ve got some, some super chats coming in here. We have one from, uh, Durago Sullivan. Who’s a regular here. Uh, good to see you back my friend, thanks for being a part of the show. He says, if courts don’t reject pools of votes contaminated by illegal votes, fed into a system while blocking observers, why wouldn’t all our elections be won by the biggest cheater.

And I think he’s exactly right. This has been my point for a while. Now you would imagine that that everybody on both sides of the aisle would want to make sure that this thing is okay, that things are credible because if one party is exploiting it right now, it’s just a matter of time until the other party figures out how to cheat also. And then they start cheating as well. This was sort of the same concept as to why, you know, why every goes in and starts really fighting for executive, uh, you know, executive orders and executive actions. Every time somebody, a new president comes in, they just sort of expand and balloon their power. And they don’t realize that the next time that somebody from the other party is in that presidency, they’re going to use the same powers. So maybe you should think twice before you just kind of gloss over problems that are procedural issues in our system.

Maybe we should create a system that works regardless of the person that is in power in this case, we want to make sure that elections work for all Americans, not just for Democrats, not just for Republicans, not cheating is not just okay, because Donald Trump was on the ballot, right? It’s a lot of, people’s probably presumed excuse anything to get him out of office. Not really right. We still want a legitimate election moving forward. And so I think, I think derog, you’re exactly right. I think if, if cheating is allowed just to take hold, uh, allowed to route in a way that is going to impact future elections, everybody it’s going to be doing it. That’s why right now is probably a good time. I don’t know. The last time we’ve had an overhaul of the United States voting system, or anybody’s taken a close look, but now it seems like as good a time as any had a Superchat come in from Erin CV savvy.

Thank you so much, Aaron, appreciate that. No question there, but I thank you for your support. And for being here to watch the program, we have one from Zulu who is in the house. He says, hi, faith, fill in the blank chat. Every bit of this was set up and executed on blanks watch who had the greatest objection, stake and the resources. So I think what he’s asking us to do is to put Trump’s name in there, right? Every bit of this was set up and executed on Trump’s watch who had the greatest objection, stake and the resources, which I think is 100%, right? And if Donald Trump loses this ultimately and loses this because of voter fraud, I would actually agree with you. I think that a lot of this is going to fall on him. And we made that point here, Zulu you’re around very, very regularly, but Donald Trump has been calling problems about this entire thing for a long, long time.

We had tweets from him back in June and July, screaming about mail fraud, fraud, fraud, fraud, fraud, rigged election, rigged election for months. So the idea is, and many of his supporters I think are of the same mindset is this guy has been talking about this for a long time. And so w when there were a lot of that, there was a lot of talk about this, uh, about this watermark thing going on, where all of the ballots were watermarked, and they’re all tied to some, uh, you know, some sort of a blockchain technology and every ballot can be accounted for. And there’s, there’s, uh, a close, you know, chain of custody on every document. Donald Trump knew this thing was coming and he set them all up. He got them all, all the ballots, watermarked. He had different agents. You know, this whole thing was just a big setup.

And now it’s time for law and order to come crashing down and unveil the entire conspiracy. I mean, maybe that’s, I, I doubt it. But if Donald Trump, the man who had the control, the ability to go in the man who controls the FBI controls, the DOJ has a lot of power of the federal executive branch. If he let all this stuff go on under his nose and just didn’t do anything about it. And then he loses the election because the Democrats stole it from him. Who can you blame on that? You can’t, you can’t blame anybody except yourself for that. So a Zulu, I think your point is well taken. And I think a lot of the Trump people are, are, you know, that’s kind of one of their big motivators. They say, he’s been on top of this DOJ. Everybody has been ready on this thing for a long time and they may be right.

We may see more of that evidence come out. We just haven’t seen it quite yet. And so I think your point is valid. I think a lot of people out there are hearing Donald Trump’s sort of, you know, beat the drum fraud, fraud, fraud, stolen, stolen, stolen, especially when he comes out and says somebody better do something. He says that all the time in his tweets and it drives me bananas. Somebody better do something. Somebody should investigate. Hey, my friend, you’re the president of the country. I don’t know anybody else who has more authority, more resources, more power to go and do anything. Then you do don’t post on Twitter. I can’t do anything about it. I want those people investigated too, but I don’t, I can’t do anything. I don’t control the DOJ. So your point is well-taken zoo. Thanks for sharing that we have, uh, LSD, as you says, something, I heard it from 2016 was that left leaning.

People were hoping that electors would vote against Trump, even if they won their state. How likely is that to ever happen? And I remember that too. I remember that there was a lot of conversation back in 2016 when Donald Trump was saying, well, wait a minute, the electors need to certify Hillary because Donald Trump is such a clown. I don’t think that is likely to happen at all. Honestly, uh, I think that the, the better strategy for Trump would be to show some sort of massive voter fraud and actually invalidate the votes in the court. I really have a hard time believing that he’s going to get enough legislatures in enough States to not vote for the will of the people, or at least that’s how the argument is going to be framed. Any elector who votes against what their state voted for their life. I mean, they better, you know, that’s, that’s kinda it for them, right?

That’s like a one-time move. You get one time on that. And that’s it. And the whole country is going to be shining a magnifying glass on them. And there’s only a certain number of people who have that sort of, uh, fortitude in order to go through the, the turmoil that that would bring. And I don’t think that you’re going to find that in a wide enough margin across the country, that’s going to be able to impact the election. That is unless like I was explaining, unless the legitimacy part of this entire equation is resolved. If Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump have their team come out and they say, look, we’ve got some pretty concrete evidence here. 2.7 million votes were stolen. Everybody’s wondering how did Joe Biden, uh, w you know, one of the least enthusiastic candidates I’ve ever seen, how did he get 70 something million votes?

What if they came out and said, he didn’t, he got like 2.7 million less than that. This whole thing was fraudulent. And if, if enough Americans believe that, then Les, I think your question becomes more pertinent. Then the legislature might take a look at it. Even if the state doesn’t find any fraud or malfeasance in terms of the votes in the election software or any of that stuff, if they can be convincing enough to show that this stuff happened outside, even of the, of the government structure, the government structure, which has a lot of incentive to protect itself, they’ll never admit that there was actual fraud because they all got elected on the back of that system. So why would they say that the system that put them into office was illegitimate, they won’t. And so this is where this little pressure valve comes in. If the government itself is sort of corrupted, they’re not even willing to admit that the election was fraudulent, even though there’s all sorts of evidence around, then these electors there, the pressure relief valve, they’re the ones who would say, okay, look, we’re going to do the right thing here.

We’re going to vote for the legitimate president, but that would be in violation of, or, or sort of in opposition to what allegedly the people had already voted for. So it would be, it would be a huge, a huge change in the way we do things here. I just don’t think it’s going to happen. Good, but I don’t think that it will. James Clark says having trouble with the Superchat Democrats have never legitimized as president and look what he has accomplished. Not that huge deal in my mind. Did anything happen in the Arizona case today? Uh, not that I saw James. I, I was looking at, uh, some headlines from Arizona. I know that there was an order to show cause hearing on an Adrian fond test case, but I don’t think that’s what we’re talking about. Uh, I think those hearings are actually scheduled. Actually, they may have been scheduled today at three 30.

So we may have an update on that tomorrow. Good question, James. Good to see back. Hope you had a safe drive last week. We have Brian King, who has a Superchat says, Hey, you, it doesn’t have a question, but good to see you, Brian Kang. Thanks for being here. We’ve got Ryan Joray who says executive order. Unimposing certain sanctions in the event of foreign interference in the United States election. Trump did this in 2018, please review. And so Ryan, I did actually look at that. Uh, I looked at the headline. I didn’t read the order, but I thought it was interesting, right? This is stuff that Donald Trump, you know, if you, if you believe that he is somebody who plays this four dimensional, 12 dimensional underwater, you know, chess board where he’s thinking 35 moves ahead of everybody, this would be a good time to do that.

Right. Set up all of these executive orders use it on the back of the allegations that during the 2016 election, that there was foreign interference. The Democrats were claiming that for two years, Russian collusion, Russian collusion, they were trying to deal legitimize him even before he took off. As Joe Biden, I think was a huge part of that by, by being in the oval office, when he was having conversations with Barack Obama and James Comey about the FISA warrant. And they were trying to basically, you know, go in and, and start to investigate the Trump campaign before, before he even took

Office, using that to say, look, look, we agree with you. We do not.

I want any foreign entities interfering with our elections. So we’re going to pass this 2018 executive order. We’re going to implement all these election safety protocols. We’re going to start having the DOJ and all of these different federal agencies certify and secure our elections, because like you, we don’t want anything to come in and impact it, especially from those Russians, knowing that all of this was being set up because the election was going to try to be stolen from him in 2020, and then use all of the evidence gathering that has been in place from the last two years to go and actually indict the Democrats. Right.

That would be like, Whoa, it’d be like a beautiful,

Like everything’s coming together, connecting all the pieces are coming together and we’ll see what happens. You know, there is attorneys are sure talking like that is going to happen. And some other big people in the media, some people who I respect are sort of doing this thing. Like, Hey guys, you haven’t seen it yet. The public hasn’t seen it yet, but there’s more coming right. There are a couple of guys, Scott Adams is one of them. He said, uh, I think on his Periscope this morning, if you haven’t checked it out, he said, specifically, there’s more coming, get ready for it. And so I think some of the people who are more plugged in than you or I are seeing something, but I’ve been, I’ve been sorely disappointed before. We’ve seen a lot of this stuff go on, especially from the Trump team, this Tik TOK stuff, this, uh, you know, this Q stuff, one day, it’s all going to drop one day.

This master plan is going to come to fruition and I’m just not buying it yet. I don’t have any faith in that. I’ll, I’ll have more faith in the documents that we see that are filed in court or some of the evidence that’s presented because all this takes talk abstract, you know, sort of, uh, out there in the air, stuff is not persuasive. It’s not convincing. And the American people are not going to buy it. All right. Andrew comes in with a super chat. He says, I will be graduating with a degree in criminology. Should my career

Path, should my career path

Choice policing, not pan out. Can I use that to get into law school? So yeah, of course you can. I know some, some good criminal defense attorneys who used to be former police officers or former probation officers. There’s several of them. And I actually think that’s kind of a good, um, it’s kind of a good marketing tool. It’s a good kind of attractive, you know, people like that. There are a lot of defense lawyers out there who say that they used to be prosecutors, you know, and they use that as sort of a marketing spiel. I would never do that. I could never be a prosecutor because I can never do what they do. I much prefer to help people rather than increase incarcerate.

So, uh, but you, you, you certainly could do that, right? You could, you could parlay a career in criminal law or criminal

Justice as a police officer, or, you know, somebody in that space and you could easily go to law

School. People go to law

School from all sorts of different backgrounds. You don’t need a specific undergraduate degree to go to law school. I see that all the time, uh, even in my law school class, there were people who were on their third careers. So they had already done something, done something else, 55 years old, I’m going to go to law school. So I don’t think it’s ever too late. If it feels like it’s a good fit for you. Go check that out and thanks, Andrew, appreciate the super chat. And thanks for being here. We have Ryan Broderick who says everyone who does believe that this election was stolen, call your state legislatures and your legislators and tell the swing States and tell them to audit. Yeah, that’s a great, that’s great, right? You can absolutely do that. And I think that’s a good thing to do. A lot of people are asking, what can we do?

What can we do? The first people you should call are your local politicians, because they’re the ones who govern your local election. And if they’re involved in this, if they’re looking into it and they’re doing audits or they’re, uh, you know, at least kind of on standby to see which way this thing goes, they’re going to be the ones who are able to make the most change to actually have the biggest impact. Um, you know, calling, calling Trump or calling the department of justice or those people, they’re not going to be able to do much. You really want, this is a local thing because the locals, your localities are the ones who certify and, and conduct all of the elections. But it’s a good question. It’s a good point. One drop. He is president, not God emperor. So one drop with a Superchat says he is president, not God emperor.

The cheating is at the state level where he has the least amount of control. Yeah. And that’s right. And so I think one drop is probably responding to my, my sort of a hypothesis or my thought on Zulu statement about Donald Trump should be more involved in this stuff or, or should have set the trap. If he’s been complaining about it for the last two years, you would imagine that he was doing something to be proactive. Nobody just likes a complainer. Somebody who just wines and wines and wines about the rules. I lost the game, the rules weren’t fair. You weren’t fair. You took advantage of me. Uh, you know, you stepped on the line, you stepped off the line, whatever it is, nobody likes that. And so eventually people are going to get sick of it. People are, I mean, truly, it, it, it, it doesn’t help the Trump team, but people are gonna get sick of always passing the buck.

They’re going to want some con Crete evidence. And I’m just speaking as a criminal defense lawyer. I mean, this is, this is how this works. If I go into a court and I have to present a case for my client in front of a jury, they don’t want to hear abstract stuff. They don’t want to hear, well, maybe the test kit was wrong. Maybe that officer did something wrong, you know, possibly he could have, or if there’s like this little technical fact, well, officer, isn’t it true that you wrote that the car was beige when it’s really Brown and, and the officer will go, yeah, I made a mistake on the color, right? And some attorneys will hang their hat on that and say, well, he got the color wrong, which means he could have gotten the blood results wrong. You see one thing that is his misconduct or one thing that is wrong.

That’s an error that can translate into other errors. And that’s kind of what the Trump team is doing right now. Not going to say, I’m not saying that’s what they’re doing indefinitely, but that’s kind of what they’re doing. Well, the voting system was made in Venezuela. Okay. So why? Well, it was made by somebody who, uh, works in Canada. All right. Great. Is there going to Spain who cares? Right? It’s all of that really abstract stuff. The people in the jury box, they want to go, they want to know did that, that officer, if the blood results are wrong, why is that? Well, that officer took those blood vials and he didn’t impound them for seven hours. He’s supposed to do them immediately, but he left them sitting on the, on the table for seven hours in violation of a specific policy in that department. We’ve got some evidence about it. He should have put it in there because he left it out. It got overheated and it led to fermentation, which increased the blood alcohol results in that DUI sample. Therefore, my client

Is innocent, right? That’s persuasive.

That’s something a jury can hang their teeth. They can sink their teeth right into that. If we were just to go in there and say, well, an officer could have done something wrong and, uh, maybe he left it out. The jury goes, you know, maybe he did. Maybe he didn’t don’t care. Client’s guilty. That same thing is going to happen with Trump. If he keeps complaining about this and doesn’t have a lot of evidence. If he keeps posting on Twitter, rigged election, I won the election. So on and so forth without any backing, the legitimacy is going to evaporate and it’s, it’s already happening. So his attorneys need to be cognizant of that. And I think they are, which is why they were making the waves all over the weekend. We just played like four clips from Rudy and Sydney. And they’ve got more activity today. They’re in the white house for an emergency meeting. So they’re hitting the ground. I think the plan is coming into play, but we just need to see more as Americans and I, and listen, you know, as, as, as impatient as I am, patience is not a virtue that I have naturally. I have to work on it as impatient as I am. I also understand

This is a slow process.

We have to cut them a little bit of Slack here. It’s only two weeks. It’s less than two weeks. It’s two weeks tomorrow from the election. And there’s still another four weeks to go before. Any of this stuff is, is for red deadlines. Stuff may get resolved before then. But December 14th is really the final day. So plenty of time, plenty of work for all of the different teams to, to do, including the Democrats. And we will see,

See where it goes.

All right. So those, that’s it for the super chats. Let’s hop on over. See what else is going on? All right. We have Angela Castillo who says, if there was any evidence we would know by now, go for it. Keep trying, uh, just lost it. Just lost it. Sorry on that one. All right. We have


Voyager says, LOL, your argument falls apart because it’s not just one witness. We have Tyler Z who says, what’s your thoughts on dominion and their potential bias leadership in dominion is openly anti-Trump is a good question. Yeah. So I’ve, I’ve seen a lot of that. You know, I’ve seen a lot of this idea that,

Uh, there’s there’s board

Director problems, there’s Clinton foundation problems. There’s all sorts of malfeasance that’s going on between all of the higher ups. I think it’s certainly concerning. I think it’s something that should be, uh, we should be cognizant of in our elections, right? Why I have a lot of the same questions that Rudy Giuliani had and Sidney Powell have a lot of those questions. I have a lot of issues with sending our votes across the country and having these different shady people with third parties that we don’t know with closed source software, with all these different permutations, with, you know, literally, you know, compartmentalize operations that we can’t see the whole picture. I got a lot of problems with all of that, but is that enough evidence of fraud is just the fact that, you know, Donald Trump is disliked by many people who are sort of in the upper echelon of things, is that, is that evidence of fraud?

I don’t think by itself that it is. I think that a lot of people in a lot of organizations aren’t necessarily big fans of Trump. And I think a lot of people are sort of accustomed to that. So, you know, if Facebook, Twitter, Washington post all of these big entities, all sort of have this anti-Trump bias. And so I think it’s difficult to escape. Some of that now should our voting software, should our voting systems, should the companies that are running these things, should they be openly anti-Trump of course not. That is a big problem, but I don’t think that that fact alone is enough in order to indict the entire company, because there, there needs to be more, there needs to be more evidence of substantive fraud, some, some sort of evidence other than just speculation. So Angela, Angela Angelica Castillo said if there was any evidence we would know by now, go for it, keep trying.

You can even donate to the Trump campaign run donate. So he doesn’t spend a dime Aaron CV with another super chat. Thanks, Aaron. But I still don’t have a question for you, uh, from you, but I appreciate you being here and appreciate the support. Uh, Neo says good show. Robert. Thanks. Thanks, Neil. I appreciate you being here. GGS in the house. Gigi’s irregular here. Chats are going fast. All right. He says, uh, at RNR law group, , if the stream keeps growing at this stage, you all need a lot more mods. Yeah. The chats are going really fast. I can’t even keep up. Uh, David McKenzie says, can Trump classify this as a national security issue and somehow get the military involved? So, uh, David McKenzie, I think it’s a great question. I think technically he could, I don’t know that that’s a wise move, right? I mean, he, he, he really is the commander in chief, so he could do some of those things.

Um, I don’t know that that’s wise. I think a lot of people would really hit the ceiling, uh, including myself, if the military got involved, I, I’m not comfortable with that. I don’t like the idea of the military getting involved, uh, especially in domestic issues or any sort of civilian issues. I think this is a civilian issue and this should be dealt with, with the courts, with the lawyers and in, in civilian society. Now I understand your point. I think I read a headline. There’s a lot of these conspiracy theories running around, or maybe they’re not conspiracies. Maybe there’s some truth to them. Uh, but you know, there’s, there’s this idea that the U S military is going into different countries and actually seizing servers from some of these big software companies. If dominion is, is actually checking their software in Spain and there’s malfeasance going on in Spain and the U S has access to that with special forces or something, whatever that looks like, that would be something that would be a big deal. That’d be pretty big. Um, which, you know, outside of that, if, if the military is coming onto our, onto our, you know, domestic issue, our domestic policy, I think that crosses a line for most Americans, including myself. I would be upset about it. And I wouldn’t want, I wouldn’t want our country to use that as precedent. We don’t want the military involved in the peaceful transfer of power, but we’re living in interesting times. So I think

Good question though. All right. Dan Hill says Kanye and Rob mixtape, 2024, uh, Dan Hill.

Well, that’s pretty funny. All right, well, we need an outcome. Trevor says, we need an outcome win or lose. It matters for the future of election integrity. I told him,

We agree with them.

Um, Greg and Houston, Greg and Houston made a, made a donation over there to Eric’s house, which is an awesome organization. I’m a part of, uh, Eric’s house.org. He wanted to, uh, he said they wanted to say, he wanted to say, you’re welcome. Yeah. Thank you, Greg and Houston really appreciate that. Love that, uh, Eric’s house.org. If you want to go support an awesome charity here in Arizona, we have, uh, we have some other questions coming in. All right, let’s take a look here. We have one from UI who says, how will the number of dominion votes impacted impact standing, particularly if there may not be concrete evidence of exactly which state jurisdiction they occurred in very, very interesting question. Very interesting question. So, uh, so standing is a big issue and I think standing is going to be one that is actually pertinent. Uh, I saw some hints of some standing problems.

So for those of you who do not speak lawyer, uh, standing is a big, big, uh, issue. It basically means that you can’t bring a lawsuit unless you’ve got something to stand for, unless you’ve got something that, that matters. So if let’s say for example, that, uh, my, my mom was hit by a car. She was in an accident, knock on wood. Hopefully that never happens. She’s injured. Well, she can Sue the person who hit her, but I can’t go Sue the person who hit her unless I have a S a strong claim. And if it’s my mom, I can maybe come up with a claim. But my point is, I don’t have standing to go and Sue that person because I didn’t lose anything. I wasn’t involved in the accident. I can’t bring a claim on, on behalf of somebody else. Uh, now I’m a lawyer, so I can, I can do those things. But the point is you have to have some basis for the lawsuit. And just because you’re upset at the government about something going wrong, like there’s a series of cases where somebody just sued the government because they were mad about taxes and they just filed the lawsuit and said, taxes are illegal,

And I’m not going to pay them government. What

Are you going to do about it? And they just said, well, you know, you can’t Sue us there. There’s no standing here. It’s called a generalized grievance. It’s too broad. It’s too general. It’s too. It’s, it’s a specific. And it’s one of those things that, um, the courts have said, they’re, they’re, they’re not legitimate. And so some of these other claims, my understanding is there’s so many lawsuits being filed with Trump, that, that the claims will actually,

Uh, are being

Dismissed because the people who are bringing the lawsuits don’t have any basis to bring the lawsuits. And so standing will be a good issue. And I think that this is going to be a big hurdle for the Trump legal team. If they’re going to claim that dominion impacted a specific States, if it impacted Michigan, which Trump is down by hundred 50,000 votes, if it’s more than that, then they’re going to need to establish that it happened in that jurisdiction. And there need to, you know, they need to find some people who are ultimately impacted in that state who have standing in that state, Donald Trump, who is in, you know, a different States is I disagree with this opinion, but I’ve seen some of some trends this way with the courts where they’ll say, well, Donald Trump is not a voter in Michigan. So Donald Trump doesn’t vote in Michigan.

And if the election is fraudulent in Michigan, how does that impact Donald Trump, other than him being president? Right? So it’s sort of this generalized grievance. And some courts are trying to keep that, those, those issues from being consolidated, we’ll see, it’s sort of in the weeds legal stuff, but we’ll see where that goes. All right. We have, we have a couple more super chats that came in Hebrew from Eternia said, don’t give up, we have to make this go, go to Congress. Don’t let them steal. God bless America from Hebrew, from Eternia Hebrew, from Eternia. We have Mary Willis who says a friend had your vote change twice in dominion machine in Illinois. She is part of the investigation. Yeah. Wow. See, so that’s interesting. So that person would have standing, right? If you’re in, where is that Illinois? So if you’re in Illinois and you, and you voted and the software changed your vote, that’s a problem. You suffered a specific injury. So you’ll have standing to bring the lawsuit, which is why it was interesting when those Wisconsin voters brought the lawsuit, but then they, uh, then they didn’t so much, they dismissed it quickly. The steward says, Rudy is an eccentric, but sharp and plain spoken, we have, uh, Cindy says, I believe there was mass voter fraud in these contested States. Fern G says, exposed the cyber coup from the Democrats.

All right. Um, let’s see, Melissa. Sprogs Sprogs says, are you part of Trump’s team? No, I am not. I am not. I’m just a humble lowly criminal defense attorney in Scottsdale, Arizona. All right. Let’s take a couple more questions. Let’s see if there’s any more super chats.


All right. If it goes to Congress, wouldn’t Trump lose. So the theory, so the theory is that that, that the Republicans actually have more state legislatures. So they would be able to vote a one vote port per state, and they control more States. So they would win the vote that way. Truman HW says the dead voters. Aren’t the issue. It’s the voters that they’re indicative of and the lack of security with the signatures denies the only mechanism to verify it.

All right. So we have, we have one here who says McCain’s revenge at RNR. DHS stated this was the most secure election in our nation’s history. Rob, it’s time to denounce Rudy. The big guy won get over. Yeah. Keep reading Q and nonsense conspiracy theories. So, you know, this is, this is sort of, um, this is sort of why I like to talk about these issues is because a lot of people say that we can’t talk about them. You know? And I think that these are very pertinent issues. I don’t necessarily agree with all, you know, all the things that Rudy Giuliani are saying, or that Sidney Powell is saying, but I do think it is important that, that on this channel, we sort of do what I call mental gymnastics, where we’re actually examining some of these claims, talking about what the right is claiming, talking about what the left is claiming and seeing if we can dissect some of it, peel some of the layers back on the onion so we can get down to the root of what’s going on.

And I think that talking about it is more important than not talking about it. I see a huge contingent of this entire country saying, stop talking about it. And I get comments on us on Twitter. I get comments on Facebook. I get text messages. I get emails from people saying, bro, stop talking about this stuff. It’s it’s it doesn’t look good for you. This is not a good look. Uh, and, and I just say, ah, that’s okay. I’m not, I’m not trying to look good for anybody. I want to talk about these issues because I think they’re important. And I think that it’s, it’s useful for the country to have a dialogue about this stuff. Anybody who is in the don’t talk about it ever camp, I think, is doing a disservice to all of us because they are ostracizing 70 million people who have an issue with the election.

There’s a lot of people who just don’t believe that it was as legitimate as the mainstream media says that it was, and I’m empathetic with them. I have a lot of problems with what we sort of see in the, in the media and how they tell us all this stuff is, is going. I don’t, I don’t trust them. And 2020, if anything has shown us that it’s, it’s kind of okay to not necessarily trust the experts as much because the experts have changed their stories many times, and they’ve been wrong many times. It doesn’t matter what you’re talking about. Doesn’t matter if it’s polls or if it’s coronavirus stuff wear the masks, don’t wear the mask, lock down, don’t lock down. All right, this works, this doesn’t work. Nobody really knows. And if there’s 70 million people in America who think that the federal government is illegitimate, and if they can come on this channel and we can dissect some of these claims and we can show them, Hey, Hey, maybe this is not such a good claim.

Here’s why there’s an alternative way to think about this. That’s better for the country. And if there’s 70 million people who wake up one day and they realize maybe this election was stolen, maybe this whole thing was fraudulent. Maybe if they came on this channel, we can maybe show them a little bit more about what was really going on. And so I’m with you. I don’t know where this is going. I think it’s worth discussing, I think is a kind of a fun and exciting topic to talk about. I’ve never seen anything like this in our country. I think this is a once in a lifetime type of, uh, uh, event that we’re all going through together. And that’s why I think it’s a good thing to talk about. So I’m going to continue to talk about it. Uh, I really hope I don’t get canceled for, for, for doing so I’m just trying to add some value and have a good conversation with all of you.

And it’s, it’s been, it’s been a lot of fun quite frankly. And you know, if you don’t like the content, if you don’t, if you think it’s a conspiracy theory, you always entitled to thumbs down the video. Oh no, don’t do that. But if you have to, you can and we’ll just keep ongoing. So I appreciate that. Uh, everybody kind of chime in in saying, keep going, keep going. I appreciate that. It’s very nice stuff. And, um, let’s, let’s, uh, let’s leave it at that. I want to thank everybody from coming out. It looks like we had just a ton of people on the channel. So I just want to remind you right now, if you are not already a subscriber now is a good time to hit that button because we are back here every day of the week. It’s at 4:00 PM, California time, and the Pacific time, 5:00 PM in Arizona, we’ve got 6:00 PM, central 7:00 PM.

Eastern time. We go live every day, every day of the week, except the weekends. And we do this broadcast. We’re going to be continued to be covering this election because there’s a lot of legal news going on. A lot of non-legal news too, but we’re going to be focused on the election stuff. And so I want to invite you to come on back and have this conversation with us. A couple of quick reminders. If you’re not on our discord, it’s a chat room software that we talk before the show, after the show, I put my slides in that I shared with you into the chat after the program. And I poke in there every now and then. And so you can reach me via a direct message. I try to respond to everybody when I have time. So it’s a good place to connect. Uh, we started a new Facebook page as well.

If you’re on Facebook, head on over there last week, YouTube crashed and we didn’t really know where to send people. So we created a separate Facebook page where it’s also simulcasting this broadcast. So we’d love to have you on over there as well. And by the way, you know, we do criminal defense law. We help good people who are, who have been charged with crimes in the state of Arizona, navigate through the criminal justice system. And so that’s what we do on a daily basis. So if you know anybody who needs some help in the state of Arizona, we’d love to talk to them. We really appreciate your referrals. We’ve got a great team here and we love the work that we do. So I’ll leave it right there at that. I want to thank everybody for tuning in. Thank you to miss faith for helping me do my show prep today. Thank you for our moderators who help us keep things under control, nice and civil and peaceful and eloquence as we like to have things here on the channel. So I’ll leave you with that. Everybody have a wonderful evening. I will see you tomorrow. Same time, same place. Have a wonderful night. Bye bye.