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Hello my friends and welcome back to yet another episode of Watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Gouveia. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the R&R Law Group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona and today we’re talking about Ukraine, still battling for their territory, for the future of their nation, with an invading Russia, a little dictator Putin, uh, still dictating away. And so we’re gonna go through today. A lot of the recent events that’s been taking place there in the war zone, we’re going to see the assault continue. I’ve got a lot of footage from on the ground. I went sort of, uh, scouring around on Twitter last night and this morning, uh, and this afternoon, because there’s a lot of activity happening. Almost had a hard time deciding what to clip and what not to clip.

I mean, some of it’s very gruesome. And so we’ll cover some of the, some of the more, uh, you know, PG 13 stuff, nothing that I think is too inappropriate, but we are gonna see what’s happening on the streets because the president of Ukraine is out there on the streets. He released a video today, along with his other colleagues, we are gonna watch it. It’s in, it’s in, uh, Ukrainian, but he’s identifying, Hey, uh, this is the service foreign ministry, the security guy. This is the minister of war. This is the minister of finance. We’re all out here. And we are all staying on the streets in Ukraine going after, uh, in the invaders who are coming in to try to seize their country. So we’ll talk about that. It is a life or death situation for Putin. And yesterday we were trying to piece together sort of playing some mental gymnastics or playing around with these ideas O of what Putin was doing.

You know, what were some of the rationales behind this invasion, exploring things like we prices and oil prices and the economics of some of these sanctions and what they might do and how Russia has been really trying to diversify and get themselves off of the us dollar in favor of the Euro. And so a lot of different sort of ideas being bandied about, you know, what does Putin one out of this whole thing? And so I went back through the transcript from his speech and there’s some interesting stuff happening there. Allegedly that video that we watched yesterday was actually released on Monday or was actually recorded on Monday. I should say if the metadata on the video is correct, which you know, who knows whether it is or not, because you can modify all of that stuff. And so are the Russians kind of trying to pull last one?

Did they release this? Was this whole thing scripted? Or was this a more, more of an impromptu video? What we don’t know, but Putin is telling us very clearly in that video, this is a matter of life and death for his country. And so we can sort of see what his posture looks like and make sure we’re clear on that before we transition and see what the white house is. Posture is on this because as Jen sake was out today and Jen sake was, uh, fielding questions from many people in the press. They had a lot of, you know, questions about the sanctions and all of the response. I mean, the world is watching what’s happening here in horror. Everybody is disgusted by Putin’s actions and you know, hearts and, you know, prayers and thoughts and soul, all of it right. Goes out for the Ukrainian people and anybody who is suffering at the behest of a dictator.

You know, war is hell and people want to know what’s the white house doing about this. So Jen sake took a bunch of questions. There’s an article out saying that the white house in the lead up to this war was providing a bunch of data over to the Chinese saying, Hey, China, come help us. We know that you actually can get stuff done. We can’t, can you help us reign these Russians in? Well, the Chinese said, no, we’re not gonna do that lunatic. We don’t like you. The Russians don’t like you, therefore we are on the Russians side. And they just took the us intelligence apparently and sent it right over to the Russians. So Jen, Sakey got asked about that. We’ll see what she had to say. Joe Biden apparently is going back to Delaware over the weekend. So, you know, while world war II is brewing up, he’s gonna be back there.

It’s a Memorial for a family member or something like that, according to Jen. And so we’ll see what the white house has in store. We also, yesterday talked a little bit more about a cyber war. Cyber warfare was, uh, this idea that was being Bandi about yesterday. We were thinking, uh, is the United States prepared for that? Because there was a whole pipeline saga that we heard a lot about. We heard that the Russians hacked American elections and almost took American democracy out from us. So does the United States government want to go to war in a cyber war against the, the Russians? Well, I don’t know. We’ll see Hillary Clinton weighed in on that. She’s poking her head back up again. And so what is that all about? We’ve got a clip from her. We’ll go through that. We’ll take a look at another Congress candidate by the guy guy by the name of Joe Kent.

I like him a lot. He was on the Tucker Carlson show. I’ve got a clip about him. He’s weighing in on some of the cyber warfare stuff. And then in our last segment, Donald Trump, you know, he used to be president. He had a lot to say about this issue about NATO and about supporting the NATO allies and NATO ripping off the United States. Remember that he used to say, these other countries are ripping us off. We’re paying for all these things and they’re not doing anything. So we’ve got some clips from him because he weighed in on this Ukraine situation, uh, sometime ago, weighed in on the NATO situation. And a lot of his comments are seeming to be pretty prescient. Aren’t they? And so we’re gonna go through that. And so we’ve got a little bit of everything. We’ve got some sake in the house.

We’ve got some Trump in the house. We’ve got, uh, old Putin dictating away. We’re talking about war today. We’ve got it all. And so if you wanna be a part of the show, the place to do that is [email protected]. There is a comments thread that looks just like that. If you’re supporter over there, you can jump in that comments thread, we’ll take your questions. If you’re also a member of the YouTube, you get to use these awesome new gifts or gifs, however you wanna call ’em. We still have the Canadian flag up. I’m gonna change this next week. We’re gonna, uh, we’re gonna probably throw up the Ukraine flag. We’ll see. Well, we’ll see, you know, we’ll see, we’ll still sort of, uh, we’re w it’s hard to keep track of all the tyranny little dictatorships. There’s only so much space on the screen from all the tyrants all around the world.

So if you’re a member on YouTube, you can also, uh, you get these awesome badges that tier up the longer you’re a supporter. I very much appreciate it. Of course, you can click the join button right there, or you can subscribe if you’ve not already done that. And I very much appreciate it. And so now let’s get into it. Russia continues to invade Ukraine. We’ve got several clips that we’re gonna go through today, showing the carnage, showing the war that is unfolding in front of us. Now, some of these things are, uh, you know, we’re not gonna actually see some of the more, you know, violent videos that are out there, but they are out there. And some of it is actually, you know, gut wrenching, as you would expect it to be. We’re talking about war. We’re talking about peaceful people who are sitting at home in their, with their families, sitting around resident areas, suddenly being visited by missiles and tanks and gunfire.

So it not a good situation. Now we’ll start here. We can see that Hoit posted this on Twitter. This was a, a post early this morning here in our time. But of course, remember that we are, you know, far behind, uh, in terms of daylight. So here he posted this, this was happening. Uh, you know, when it was dark out here, light out in Ukraine and you can see weapons are being distributed to Ukrainians, volunteering to fight the Russian attack. This is what that looked like. And you can just see literally boxes of ammunition that are being spread around.

It’s with example, when

All right. And so, you know, there’s a, a lot of ways to take a look at this. You need to take a look at this and you say, are, you know, are these soldiers, uh, just sort of getting new arms? Do they have training? Are they, you know, qualified? Are these just countrymen who just, you know, picking up their arms, going up against a fully, you know, you know, fully trained and, you know, nationally supported military, right, is sort of a, a David versus Goliath situation, or what’s going on here. I’ve also seen a lot of headlines saying that Ukraine was now allowing people to own firearms and actually distributing the firearms. And so many people who are second amendment appreciative, uh, individuals like myself are very grateful that we don’t have to sort of, you know, race over and rush to a government crate that is off the back of a truck, cuz we happen to have some, uh, you know, equipment of our own.

So, you know, dif little differences, right? And you can see why some of those principles are so important so that you’re not scrambling to protect yourself and your family in the event of a dictatorship. So here is another clip. This is coming from over from O S I N T defender. This is video filmed by someone on the ground of what appears to be a Russian aircraft being shot down by air defense systems. And so we’re gonna see sort of a back and forth here in over the next couple slides. We’re gonna see sort of 0.1, Ukraine and Kiev we’ve and sort of their, you know, having, I think, a decent amount of success based on what we’ve been able to sort of see, and then we’re gonna see the Russians take out the anti-aircraft defense system. So here is a shot of the defense systems working and then the Russians are gonna take it out. All right, let’s see here, Look at that. So that is a big one To cigar, Right? So that is a


Okay, so he’s just filming, right. And he sees the cigar and he just turns the phone around and boom, and the whole thing’s going off now. This is another, I think, scene of that, another, uh, uh, angle of the same thing. I think, you know, it’s hard to kind of tell, you can see, looks like another big explosion right around the same area sound is down on that one. And so you see some of the, the Ukraine, you know, anti-air defenses working and then you see the Russians responding Intel a and C reported on this. One says that Ukrainian B UK, Sam system is destroyed in the countryside near Kia. And here you can see, this is what that looks like. So just tr you know, cars are going right down the road, you know, regular highway And, uh, he’s, you know, listening to something There and you can just see, right. So that looks like it was a, like a mobile installation that was set up to sort of take out aircraft. And, uh, It’s no longer functional. Right. All right. Now here’s another one. Yeah. So that’s just carnage. We see here, when we go, uh, to another, uh, sort of nighttime shot, this was from February 24th. You can see this is in Ukraine and you just see burning buildings.

You hear the gunfire in the background, Burning buildings. We have another clip here. Now, this one’s very interesting. And, uh, this, this is, I mean, a wild scene. So this person, you can see if I move myself here on the camera, uh, the bottom left of this says that this was recorded 2 25, 2, uh, 2021. So I think the year is off, but, uh, pretty presumably that was today. And you can watch this, this, this person is just driving around and literally dodging artillery, fire or something. All right. So we’re gonna see, let’s see how long this one is. Yeah. The payoff on this is good. You know, you’re just kind of just driving down the road. Don’t know what, you know, going get some milk or something. I don’t know. Okay. So he just takes off now he does a U-turn And he’s punching it.

Yeah, definitely got out of there. And you can hear him if you can’t hear that in your, uh, earpiece. Yeah. You know, he’s breathing, uh, heavily there. So now obviously you can see, right. A lot of, uh, bombardment, arterial bombardments, and there is a lot of ins structure devastation going on yesterday. We heard that Cher noble had been taken over by the Russians. And so aircraft is just sort of, you know, avoiding Ukraine. And there are a lot of consequences to this. I mean, we said, you know, yesterday, if, if, uh, Brent crude oil goes up over a hundred dollars, then that increases people’s price at the pump. Yes. But every single, uh, widget and Ida ’em of food, clothing, groceries, everything is transported on gasoline. And so the cost of transport, the goods also goes up. And so, you know, in addition to, I don’t know, dead people, you know, dead children, dead women, dead men, uh, uh, uh, a country being taken over by a foreign invader, a sort of in total, you know, restructuring of the geopolitical, uh, sphere. Right? A lot of, lot of real big consequences here. There are also people who are very concerned about, you know, other important things that you have to think about. And so I, I wanna make sure we give a proper attention to, uh, uh, some of America’s brightest scholars here over on the view, let’s check this out. We have, uh, some very, uh, intelligent concerns coming out of, of course, joy of

Behar estimates are 50,000 Ukrainians will be dead or wounded. Yeah. And that this is going to start a humanitarian crisis.


This a refugee crisis in Europe. We’re talking about 5 million people. Yeah. That, that are gonna be displaced. Yeah. I mean, it, it’s, it’s heartbreaking to hear what is going to happen. Yeah.

That’s true. I’m scared of what’s gonna happen in, in Western Europe, too. Yeah. Yeah. You know, you just, you plan a trip. You want to go there. I want to go to Italy for four years. I haven’t been able to make it because of, of, uh, the pandemic. And now this, you know, it’s, it’s like, who’s gonna, what’s gonna happen there. Yeah.

I know. It’s just the worst. So PO poor joy, you know, she hasn’t been to Italy and she really wants to go, you know, she, hasn’t seen, you know, some of the sight in sometimes 16 chapel and, you know, it’s a problem. So hopefully, hopefully this war is over. So joy can get over to, uh, Eastern Europe, I guess. All right. So, okay. Now that we’ve got, uh, that out of the way, hopefully she figures it out. Let’s take a look at what actual, uh, people are doing on the ground in Ukraine. Let’s take a look at the Ukrainian president. Guy’s name is Zelensky. Of course he’s there in Kiev and former president Chenko, both of them are taking up arms, right. And this person on Twitter, Alex salve had a very good observation. Let’s compare and contrast these two guys versus I don’t know, president Goni over from Afghanistan, right? Who, the moment he could, he was out of his country with, you know, whatever he was able to gather in the back of his, uh, pickup truck, I guess. And so here you can see, CNN is reporting, telling us what the president of Ukraine is doing.

Mr. President, can you tell me what you and the group you are with right now there are armed with and what your intent is. If the Russians roll

The next few hours, Just my assistance here, here, this is the short Kalashnikov we have just, uh, let me see a four and low, uh, on the 300, uh, uh, members of the battalion of the territory, real defense. And we have, uh, two machine gun and we have, uh, more or less that’s it?

That doesn’t,

We don’t have any heavy utilities. We don’t have a tanks. We don’t have an armed personal care. We, because we launched this process just a couple days ago.

All right. So, uh, you know, okay. He’s there, he’s, he’s got something, he’s got some gear, couple firearms and, uh, some gloves. So, all right. Well, that’s kind of not the point, right? The point is that they are staying here is what Zelensky had to say, saying that he’s being targeted by the Russians. Still not going anywhere as we’re gonna see in the next slide here is Zelensky.

According to the information they have, the enemy has designated me as target. Number one, my family is target. Number two, they want to are your brain politically by destroying the head of state, no matter how many conversations I had with other leaders today, I have heard several things. First one is that we are supported and I’m grateful to every nation that helps you Ukraine in concrete ways, not just in words, but in concrete ways, but there’s a second thing. We are alone in defending our nation who is ready to fight with us. I don’t see anybody who is ready to give Ukraine a guarantee to join NATO. Everybody is afraid.

All right. And so, yeah, so yeah, I mean, I think that’s fairly accurate seems to be obvious. Okay. Russia and Putin have been calling him, you know, Nazis and, uh, saying that they’re gonna de Nazi the entire Ukrainian, uh, you know, government. So it probably would make sense that they would go after him to sort of, they they’ve been saying we’re gonna decapitate Ukraine. Right. He’s sort of the leader of Ukraine. So kind of makes sense that maybe he’d be the first to go and he’s acknowledging that, right. My family’s here. And, uh, I’m basically gonna stick away as we’re going to see. We have, this was posted today, uh, earlier this morning, our time, which again, I think is, is sort of night over there. Zelensky shares a new video showing that he and Ukraine’s leadership are still there, right? They’re still there as this assault is going on and, and the white house and other places as we’re going to see here shortly, you are still, they’re talking about Keith falling this, you know, this weekend, if not within the next, you know, 24 hours or so. And so here is, uh, just, this is going to be in Ukrainian and, uh, we’re not gonna be able to understand it, but it says here share’s new video showing that he and Ukraine’s leadership are still there. Glory to Ukraine is what you’re going to maybe, you know, be able to make out he and his team repeat it as the Russian invaders close in. So, you know, not a complicated video, you’re gonna see he’s referencing all of their different names and saying glory to Ukraine. Here’s what that sounds like

Leader of tu president

Leader of something


Minister of thing,

Another One president he’s here, SL green.

All right, right. So you say, well, okay, you know, that’s a, that’s a stand, right? You gotta give them, uh, accommodations for that for taking a stand they’re filming that out. And some of, you know, in front of something that I’m sure people there would recognize. And so they’re gonna be holding their ground and we’ll see, right. We’ll see what that does. And certainly I think it is, uh, better than abandoning your people hopping on the first aircraft out of Afghanistan.

If you’re supposed to be a leader, don’t you kind of have to lead. All right. So that is how happening in Ukraine. Now over in Russia, of course, there’s protests over there, right? There are people who are saying what this is ridiculous Putin, what are you doing? Nobody wants this. Everybody, you know, sort of wants a strong Russia, but maybe this is a bridge too far, right? Is there, are there any people in Russia of that disposition turns out there are, and they’re all being a arrested because that’s what happens in a dictatorship. You know, when people speak out against dictators, what do they do? Well, the dictators are gonna D dictate. They’re gonna go and make arrests. We, we just went through all of this last week in Canada. We know how this works here. This is Rossi’s bond D posted and shared this clip. This person is being arrested. He’s yelling, of course, in Russian arrest Putin, not me. Right? Arrest Putin, not me. I’m not the criminal. He is.

I just going to put,

All right. So he’s, you know, speaking out there, this is what it looks like on the streets, uh, in Moscow, I believe. And so anti-war protesters are picking up your right. There’s looks like to be a lot of government ish vehicles, vans with sort of police sirens on there. Right? Maybe all these people are gonna be rounded up just like the Canadians were


All right. And so, you know, that’s a lot of people And so hopefully they enjoy eternal prison. Now everybody around the world is condemning this. Even the Taliban. Yeah. Even the Taliban or anti-war, here’s what they said. They posted a statement concerning the crisis in Ukraine. They said the Islamic Emer at Afghanistan of Afghanistan is closely monitoring the situation in Ukraine. And, you know, quite frankly, they say we express concern about the real possibility of civilian casualties.


The Taliban, the Islamic Emirate, AKA the Taliban says here calls for restraint by both parties. I agree. I totally agree with the Taliban on this one. I think it’s really the restraint on, uh, the Russians though.

All sides need to desist from taking positions that could intensify VI they’re peacekeepers. The Taliban are the new peacekeepers. This is just beautiful. So, wow. It says the Taliban in line with its foreign policy of neutrality calls on both sides to resolve the crisis through dialogue and peaceful means that’s beautiful. I love that the Islamic Emirate also calls on parties to the conflict, to pay attention to safeguarding the lives of Afghan students and migrants in Ukraine. Well, the Taliban, you know, they’re just, you know, okay, well, I guess I don’t even know what to say about that. It’s hilarious dialogue and peace from the Islamic state. Love that. All right. Well, there’s a lot to unpack here. Or yesterday we were talking about Putin. Why is Putin doing what Putin is doing? Now? We talked about wheat. We talked about food production. We talked about economics.

We talked oil and the, uh, sort of transition off of the dollar onto the Euro in their settlement of exports with China, we went covered a lot of ground yesterday and we were going through one of Putin speeches because one of the big questions that many people are sort of asking, you know, is, has Putin gone crazy? Has this guy just gone right off the deep end? Has he lost all sensibility about him? Or has he been in fact sort of, uh, articulating what his position is for a long period of time? And yesterday on the show, we talked about the difference, you know, of, of sort of two, two people playing different games and trying to meet in the middle and negotiate, right. Joe Biden and the west many people sort of in the, uh, you know, in, in the Euro zone elsewhere are all talking about sanctions and about, you know, financial penalties and trade gaps and Def all this stuff.

Okay. Whereas we’re looking at what Putin has been saying. He’s not talking about any of that. He’s talking about sort of this, uh, you know, global turn to prevalence of Russia, you know, and the so sort of a rebirth, uh, Soviet union talking about a life and death battle of the nation of Russia, sort of a, a battle for the soul of the country. And so we’re, we’re talking different languages, right? We’re having two different conversations here. Uh, somebody wants to, you know, to, to get married. Somebody else just wants to get a cup of coffee. You’re like, what the hell’s going on. This is weird conversation happening. We’re on different levels here. Now we want to take a look at that speech turns out there is some evidence that Putin’s speech that was released yesterday, uh, announcing the new invasion or the new special operation as he called it.

It may have been recorded as early, as Monday before of this stuff took place, right? That would’ve been five days ago on the 20th before all this took place. Where does this data come from here? We’ve got, uh, this is a Russian magazine called Nova Gazeta dot are you? And here’s what they came up with. Now. I translated this. They say, Putin’s speech about the declaration of war was recorded on the evening of February 21st on Monday. Hmm. You can just download the video right off the Kremlin website and check its properties. Huh? Very curious. Right. So somebody did that now who knows whether or not that’s accurate or not. Right. Can’t you change the metadata on a video, right. I don’t think it’s burned into the video. I’m sure the Russians would be able to, you know, change it. But yeah, if you look at it, it does say that it was recorded, create it on the 21st, that was several days or the actual invasion. And so is he just doing the, you know, is he just a Madman or is this all part of sort of a strategy? Is he trying to synergize some of this is this payback for something or other, I don’t know, but this person on Twitter, his name is Hans Mon thinks that this is just a beautiful sort of symmetry thing. He says the Biden approved Ukraine coup

Was completed on February 23rd, 2014 Says that’s also the day when Russian was abolished as an official language in Ukraine. So the coup he says, was completed and there was a slap in the face in Ukraine. You don’t get to speak Russian here anymore. So Han says, yeah, no wonder Putin chose February 23rd as the day to write perceived wrongs. He says, it’s weird though, that the intelligence community geniuses didn’t see it. And so you start to see, well, maybe there’s some, you know, accuracy to this thing. Maybe he is sort of just, he set the dominoes up And he’s knocking them down.

Put the first one in motion released the video recorded that I’m done. He’s done. I, I, I took the day off. Okay. I took invasion day off. I already recorded my videos. My work’s done. All right, leave me alone. Don’t bother me. So who knows if there’s any truth to that or if there’s any symmetry there. But, uh, it wouldn’t surprise me that there is some symbolism, at least. So we went back to that video. Remember yesterday we were listening to the translator and the translator was having kind of a difficult time piecing together what was happening while it was a big, long speech. I got the transcript and before we listened to Jen sake, Jen sake is coming up. I wanna make sure we’re clear on what Putin is saying to the rest of the world. Okay. So we’re gonna hear from Jen, we’re gonna hear from all of these bureaucrats over the next, you know, long period of time, sanction, sanction sanctions, blah, blah, blah, which I, you know, as we’re gonna see, I’m not sure I really buy much of it at all, but they’re gonna talk a lot about it.

We’re gonna hear a lot of fist pound and you know, Republicans or talking, you know, strong response and all that, which is all true. Right? All true. We don’t, nobody wants a, a sort of a world war I three here, but let’s just make sure that we know who we’re dealing with for crying out loud. Can we just listen to what the guy is saying before we start to ascribe a bunch of different motives to him? I’m not, I’m not justifying him at all, but let’s just make sure we’re clear on what he’s saying. All right. So this is the transcript from Bloomberg. This came out yesterday, February 24th, president of Russia says, dear, your friends, I’m speaking today about Don boss and other areas of Russia. Okay, I’ve got two slides. We’re not gonna spend a lot of time on this, but there are some clear things, uh, I’m gonna take out of a giant speech.

Here’s what he says. Any further expansion of NATOs Alliance or their infrastructure, or are the ongoing efforts to gain a military foothold in Ukrainian territory are unacceptable for us, right? So it’s a geographical thing. It’s a, it’s a sort of a military chess piece. He’s on a place that he doesn’t want it to beat. He says, of course the question is not about NATO itself. It merely serves as a tool of us foreign policy. The problem is that in territories adjacent to Russia, which I have to note is our land, a hostile quote, anti Russia is taking shape fully controlled from the outside is doing everything to attract NATO armed forces and to obtain cutting edge weapons. All right. And we’ve talked a lot about this, right? Putin has said for basically day one, this thing is really what stood out to me is this our history land, right?

So it’s, it’s deeper. It’s deeper than what we were talking about yesterday, right? We were talking yesterday about stuff that I think is very important. It’s it matters wheat, you know, money and economics and gas and heating and, and, and, you know, all of those things are very important, but throughout this entire convers, right, this thread has continually appeared, right? I, I really do think that there is sort of this deep kernel inside of Putin that, you know, is, is really angry that there is no Soviet union. He’s gonna go get this puppy back. And so if you’re going to be, you know, conversing with somebody, I think you gotta make sure, you know, you know exactly what it is that they want, but for you can have a reasonable approach with them. Now, the big thing that he says here is in this paragraph, he says for the United States and its allies, it is a policy of containing Russia with obvious geopolitical dividends for them.

He says, okay, for them, it’s that, but for our country is what he writes. It is a matter of life and death death, a matter of our historical future as a nation life and death. Do you think he cares about, you know, credits or, you know, some of these things, he calls it the historical future as a nation. And if your next line, if you say, wow, you know, he’s exaggerating, he’s full of crap. This is nonsense. He says, literally in the next line, this is not an exaggeration. He says, this is a fact. It is not only a very real threat to our interest, but to the very existence of our state and to its sovereignty. It is the red line which we have spoken about on numerous occasions. They have crust it, right? They have crossed this line, life and death. It’s about the future of our nation.

It’s exaggeration. I have no doubt that there’s all sorts of other reasons, right. But what I’m saying here is for this, for this dictator, right? This is an existential matter saying, we’re gonna cancel your pipeline there and he’s gonna go, oh, well, in that case, uh, why don’t okay, you’re right. I wanted that pipeline more than I wanted the future of my country to exist. There’s not even a debate about that. So we’re gonna see that. I think as this crisis continues to unfold, we’re gonna see two people playing two entirely different games. One’s playing a game of sanctions and, and slapping hands. The other guy’s facing an existential threat to his nation. Right. He sees it that way. It’s our land. And he’s, you know, he’s, he’s saber rattling, certainly, but there may be some, you know, bark behind the bite bite behind the bark.

So that is Putin. And that is his transcript. Now let’s see how the white house is responding. Now that we are a little bit more clear on Putin’s background. We have Jen Soki Jensi is out and she is just dressed in a day, dressed to kill here is Jen, uh, answering a question about Keve now the Keve we’re we’ve been watching the Russians slowly descend upon the capital city of Ukraine. Is there any hope there? We saw president Zelensky on the ground with his entourage, right? The rest of the security apparatus who stick, been there to fight passing out guns. Jen, is that city gonna fall? What do you think?

Well, I would just reiterate as we’ve been warning for months, um, that key falling is a real possibility and we’ve continued to see, uh, Russia’s, uh, progression, uh, even as we’ve seen, uh, resistance on, uh, Russian’s military continue Russia’s military continues to advance toward Keve. So there is that real possibility. Uh, I’m just not gonna get into at this point, hypotheticals of what that will look like or what our response would be.

All right. So not gonna get into the details now, I guess you’re gonna have to wait until the city falls, then we’ll tell you what we’re are going to do. But the white house did announce some new stuff was coming out today. Of course, you probably saw the headlines, they are going to be sanctioning Putin. Now old Putin is going to, I guess, face some personal sanctions. See what those look like, but here is gen sake, announcing it the

EU earlier today, we to hold, uh, those places guys sanction real Election president Putin and, uh, and the profession foreign minister is the United States going to policy,

Following a television, a telephone conversation, a president Biden held with, uh, European commission, president or Soline. And in alignment with the decision by our European allies, the United States will join them in sanctioning president Putin and foreign minister, Lara, and members of the Russian national security team. I expect we’ll have more specific details out later this afternoon.

Okay. So more details out later this afternoon, I didn’t see what those are. I’m looking forward to seeing what those are specifically, because yesterday, if you recall, we listened to Joe Biden and Joe Biden was somebody who, uh, got asked a question about this by I think it was, uh, ABC or CNN, and somebody said, Hey, are you gonna S Putin personally? And Joe Biden got that panicky look in his eyes and just asked the next question. Here’s Jen, we’ve got Jen now who is, uh, getting a follow up question on that. Oh, you are gonna sanction Putin. Jen, are you gonna get his personal assets? Because that’s what everybody wants to know.

So was this decision to coordinate with allies meant to show unity meant to it? Putin? Is it hi, or do you think it will actually have an impact on Putin in practice, given the uncertainty about the extent and location of his wealth?

Sure. I understand what you’re asking. I’m just not gonna get into specifics about his finance assets from here. Again, I think what is important and what we are hoping the world takes away from this is, uh, unity, uh, uh, through which the United States president Biden is working, uh, with our European partners and all

That. Without getting into detail, we have heard so much of this garbage. I can’t even take it anymore. Right. That’s all basically the only thing it’s sanctions and unity sanctions and allies, sanctions, and support. And they just keep saying this and we, you say, yeah, but the sanctions aren’t working, what are you going to do to, I don’t know, stop, you know, the, the continual Russian aggression, if anything, she says, well, that’s not, what’s important. All right, we’re not gonna get into the details of this. What’s important is that we’re unified in our response and you say, yeah, but you’re unified response is garbage. I don’t care how unified you are. In fact, if you are all unified, well, you’re all dumb. One of you should break ranks and do something that is not failing, but they keep going back. We’re unified, we’re gonna support our partners and on and on and on and on. And here’s

Even say, if this will or will not impact him other than showing that he’s, you know, uh, an outlier

Again, I’m not gonna get into his personal financial assets. That’s typically not something we would do from here. Uh, but I would note again that the steps that were taken yesterday and announced yesterday, uh, sanctioning, uh, the 10 largest financial, 10 of the largest financial institutions in Russia, accounting for a huge percentage of their banking capacity, uh, what of their financial system capacity, I should say. And even the anticipation of that, uh, has had a enormous impact on Russia, whether it’s the currency, the Rubal that has fallen the markets, uh, skyrocketing, inflation, and Russia. And we also have taken steps to, uh, sanction, uh, oligarchs around, press it in Putin. People who have benefited from, uh, corruption and cronyism in the system, and even their family members to prevent them from having the capacity to move around their assets.

Yeah. So, I mean, look, she’s willing to talk about a lot of different things. She went down a whole litany of other things, banks and everybody, and everybody’s, you know, uh, sort of extended families and all of that. And the question is why, why, you know, look, if he is as bad as, as he is, right. I’m not saying that he isn’t and he comes out and you say, we’re gonna, we’re gonna, you know, sanction him and punish him and all that. Why wouldn’t you come out and just say, yeah, we’re going after every single penny, every dollar. Yeah. Every one of his bank accounts. Uh, even, even that one account over, yes, that one too. All of them, every dollar NATO, our European allies, every single person is upset about this. Or, or maybe they don’t want really, you know, they don’t wanna sort of anger poke the bear too much.

Right. Because maybe they’ve got some other interest in this whole thing. And a lot of the conversation that we’re seeing at this level are just surface level barking, right? We’ve been saying that this entire crisis, all bark, no bite. And, uh, it’s starting to, I think, reveal itself. Now, here is Ducey. Ducey is asking the same question. All right, Jen, look, we’re on like day four of sanctions here and it’s not working. So you are, uh, sanctioning Putin. And you’re very upset with Russia, but simultaneously you’re willing to negotiate with Russia. You’re willing to sort of sit down with them at the table in other areas around the world. So you’re going to sit down with Russia when we’re talking with Iran. So in other words, if we’re in Ukraine, Russia bad, but if we’re in Iran, good, is that how this is working? Jen? Here’s what Ducey says. And

Just so that we can understand then the approach that means that you guys will sit here and sanction Vladimir Putin, and then send diplomats to go sit on the same side of the table with the Russians to hash out the Iran is that what’s happening?

That’s right, Peter, but I don’t know why you sound so skeptical what our job here in the United States and from any government is to take steps that are in the interest of the American people and the United States of America. And part of that is, would certainly be reducing Iran’s capacity and ability to have a nuclear weapon. Think there’s no question about that.

Okay. So it’s like, all right, so are you cutting off Russia from the internet national community? Or not like yes or no. Are, are, are they friends? Are they, they’re like, they’re, you’re, you’re happy with them if they bring you a present in Iran, but you’re unhappy with them if they don’t in Ukraine. And so you’re kind of MI you’re gonna sanction them, but kind of not sanction them. You’re gonna excommunicate them. You’re gonna condemn them. You’re gonna admonish them. But all of these other things, like they’re kind of okay to work with over here. Weird. Now it’s not unusual for this administration because as we’re going to hear from this person who is, uh, Salman Al and sorry, some interesting things happen when it comes to the Biden administration in foreign diplomacy, they kind of like to have it both ways. You know, they like to come out and tell, uh, the American people that something is going one way where they’re picking up the phone and having conversations with people, trying to make things go the other way. You’re gonna see what I mean right here. This is Solomon Al I, sorry, he’s over on, uh, whatever network. This is. I can’t see it France. He’s talking with somebody over in France and they’re talking about the war in Ukraine, and they’re saying, um, you know, you’ve got experience dealing with that Biden administration. How, how do you see this whole situation unfolding? Uh,

What we’re now outlook looking ahead to is we’re waiting for remarks from the us president, uh, Joe Biden. One of the measures he might announce is the release of a, a strategic reserve of oil and gas and the United States as a producer of crude. Uh, but, uh, will he then be in your view on the telephone, uh, the king or the crown prince to, uh, uh, talk a little bit about whether or not, uh, they too can, uh, help out by pumping out more oil?

Yeah, I think we have to put things into context. Last year, president Biden blamed the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the fossil fuel at the climate summit. And subsequently Hans, one week later, he asked Riyad to increase its oil production, to lower the prices of oil. And it was a way to throw the blame on Saudi so he can cover up his primary responsibility for all his mist tips after he knocked down the us SHA oil industry. So, yeah.

Are you saying that, uh, are you saying that, uh, the crown princes won’t pick up the phone?

It’s not about picking up the phone? The us will always remain as the most strategic ally, not only partner to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but at the same time, the current administration has made a lot of mistakes, uh, against the custodian of the two holy mosques, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the center of Islam by calling it a pariah. So you call Saudi Arabia a pariah, the moment you don’t think you need it at the moment you need Saudi Arabia, you call it a partner, Saudi Arabia. Doesn’t like to play these games.

Yeah, it’s ridiculous. Right? That’s exactly right. Nobody wants to play those games cuz it’s stupid. So it is, you know, this, this sort of a, so Biden comes in, we’re gonna stop the domestic production of oil. We’re going to then, uh, come out and say, Saudi, Arabia’s responsible for the production of oil. But then when we need the oil pick up the phone, uh, we needed the oil here because we just wiped out our own production. Then they go and get the country involved in up. I don’t know, pretext for another world war and we’re going to see oil become a problem again. And so poor Biden, you know, just can’t figure it out. Maybe he needs another 30 years in government to figure out how this stuff works. But as the Biden administration was watching, remember we were here on this channel talking about a lot of other things.

Well Joe and N and Anthony Lincoln and Jake Sullivan and all of the people right. Were out here day after day, screaming, Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia, and then really not doing anything about it. Right. They activated 3,500 troops or moved 8,500, but you know, nothing was gonna ha so it was all bark, no bite. We chronicled it for a long period of time. Well, you know, we were wondering, you know, are they, are they doing anything consequential? Like if you’re Putin, if you’re sitting on the other side of this equation and you’re like, we’re getting ready to invade, let’s see what the enemy’s doing. And you go, well, we have 130,000 troops. They have 3,500 troops. Um, how we doing? I think we’re doing good. Yeah. Invasion looks like it’s on. We’re not gonna be having to need to change the schedule. Move forward. Yeah, move ahead.

And so all of that was happening. Many people were wondering, is the us gonna do anything? Even Ukraine and Zelensky or not even us. Right. But NATO really more, more specifically to, to back up and buttres Ukraine. And as we just earlier on the show, as Zelensky is saying, no, not really. Right. Everybody has just sort of accepted our fate. And they’re all laying down all of these so-called NATO allies that were giving us a big pat on the back. Oh no, they’re nowhere to be found very convenient. It turns out Joe Biden and the white house, they were trying to, you know, enlist other allies. And we have to look at this story before we get into our next gen sake clip. But here is, uh, another story that came out today from the New York times. You know, while Joe Biden was out there trying to corral a bunch of support to stop Russia, he also wanted to help of China.

Why not? New York times reports that us officials repeatedly urged China to help a war in Ukraine. Americans presented Chinese officials with intelligence on Russia’s troop buildup in hopes that China president Z would step in, but guess what happened? Oh, they were repeatedly rebuffed. Why? Cuz it’s China. These people are so dumb, but they call China and they say, uh, Hey, you know, you know those communists that are your neighbors. Do you have any interest in helping us stop them? Your mortal enemies? Do you have any help, uh, any interest in helping your mortal enemies stop your friend? And they said, no, we don’t. So Biden’s like, oh, well guess maybe we shouldn’t have provided you with all of that in intelligence. Anyways, it says here over three useless months, senior Biden officials held at least a half a dozen urgent meetings with top Chinese officials.

And they presented intelligence showing a troop buildup around Ukraine, which I’m sure the Chinese were just thrilled to see, oh, this is how you do your intelligence briefings on your adversaries. Perfect. And they beseeched China to tell Russia not to invade because uh, you know, us is ineffective. China is not. They’re realizing that each time the Chinese officials, including the foreign minister and the ambassador rebuff the Americans. Okay. Because that’s what they’ve been doing this entire time. We saw it. We saw Anthony blink, sit down with the Chinese ambassador and say, you guys are really, uh, offending the world with your treatment of the Uighurs. And he said, listen, you racist white person. How dare you? Your name’s and you’re as racist as they come. Just because of that fact. And you went to Harvard. So how dare you talk to us about the Uighurs when you have your cities being burnt down all over the place.

And so it’s been just an embarrassment backhand after backhand at BA after backhand and dumb, dumb Anthony blanket. After getting backhanded just loves to be abused, I guess, called China and said, can you help us with this Russian thing? And they said, no, you’re weird. Get outta here. Nobody wants to hang out with you. And here they rebuff the Americans saying no, first of all, we don’t even think an invasion is in the works. After one diplomatic exchange in December, us officials got intelligence, showing Beijing had shared the information with Moscow telling the Russians that the United States is trying to so discord and that China would not try to impede Russians plans, actions, or set officials.

You could see here Russian plans in actions. Okay, great. The per previously unreported talks between American and Chinese officials show how the Biden administration tried to use intelligence, findings and diplomacy to persuade a superpower. It views as a growing adversary to stop the invasion of Ukraine and how the led by president Z persistently sided with Russia. The account is based on interviews with senior administration officials, with knowledge of the conversations. And of course the Chinese embassy did not return any comments. Okay. So now that we’ve got some pretext there, now that we know what this question is about, we’re going to see is now going to be asking Jen sake about this Ducey is now with that pretext asking Jen, uh, Jen, did you turn over a lot of intelligence to the Chinese? Here’s what he says. Okay.

There’s a report in the New York times that you guys kept asking China to help you stop Russia from invading Ukraine and they didn’t. So what have you guys done throughout this slow moving Russian crisis that has worked

In what capacity?

Well, I, the president talked to Putin, he talked to the G seven. He threatened sanctions. He put sanctions in place. Now he says the sanctions are gonna take 30 days, uh, or about a month. Do you guys think that people in Ukraine have about a month?

Well, let me just take a step back and explain to everyone how diplomacy works and how our, the United States has worked. So what the president has done is he has built a global coalition, uh, to stand up in the face of president Putin and president Putin’s aggression and, uh, invasion of Ukraine. Uh, what he has done is he has rallied, uh, the world, our European partners, even at cost to them in some capacities to put in place, uh, significant sanctions, historic sanctions that would have a, uh, a, a, a enormous impact on the Russian financial sector. It is president Putin’s choice to go to war and invade Ukraine. That is what he has done. It is our choice and our responsibility and the role of the president in the United States to rally opposition and make sure they feel significant pain from that choice. That’s exactly what we have done. And I under

All right. And so you always love getting it into it with Doucey and Jen going back and forth. I see Zulu here, shout out to Zulu. And we see now that there are other things, in fact that the United States is doing, they are going to now be training the Ukrainian troops, uh, remotely, maybe. So heading up some zoom meetings. Yeah, that’s right. Washington examiner is telling us that secretary of defense Lloyd Austin told house lawmakers on Thursday, that Biden administration is looking for ways to help the Ukrainian forces remotely as Russia assaults by land, sea and air, huh, told lawmakers us military is looking for ways to get weapons and ammunition over there. So, uh, a little bit late to the game on that one as well. So is Joe Biden gonna be around this weekend to solve all these problems? Not really. He’s got a Memorial to go to last one from Jen isn’t.

It is obviously now going to be in Delaware this weekend. Can you share what he will be doing there? Will he be trapped with members of his national security team will be receiving regular updates on Ukraine?

Sure. He will have a meeting with members of his national security team tomorrow in Delaware. I will note that while every president can work from anywhere they are, because that is how, uh, presidencies are equipped. He is traveling, uh, to Delaware for the Memorial service of a family member. Uh, and he will be, uh, that is why he’s traveling there this weekend.

So Joe, Biden’s going back home to spend time with his family. There’s a Memorial. I don’t know what that’s all about, but you know, a lot of people were even wondering if he was awake when the invasion was happening. So what’s the difference and shout out to K bean in the house. K bean said, shout out to Zulu, what the hell is this all about? So shout out to K being two.

All right. And so the us is doing other things now because we’re on the verge of a global war. We have to talk about what’s happening domestically here in the United States, the president of the United States and the department of Homeland security have now the lead federal agency here at home. President said that the department of, of Homeland security is now the lead federal agency to coordinate domestic preparedness. And so back home, we’re seeing some shifts and some movements to getting, uh, on the war footing. They say there are no specific threats to the Homeland. At this time, the DHS, the department of Homeland security, you may know them from the, uh, airports. They take appropriate steps to ensure federal efforts are coordinated. In case we need to do something they’re gonna develop strategic objectives and priorities. And as the situation involves, we also have the cyber security and infrastructure webpage providing critical assets. So lot of updates from the federal government and yesterday, we were talking about, we were talking about cyber attacks, a lot of the cyber attack conversation. And we were asking ourselves, is this a good idea or bad idea? You know, is this a sort of a, a front that the United States feels competent in here is Joe Kent. He’s running for Congress, Washington three. He was on with Tucker yesterday. He is that clip

Cyber attacks. And not just from one side are suddenly part of this story. We’re gonna ask retired green beret, Joe Kent, about that

Retired green beret after

Technical snafu,

We’re gonna listen to him. And then after this, we’ve got Hillary. Now, Hillary was on sort of a competing show. She was over on MSNBC. And she’s also gonna chime in on, you know, cyber warfare, because she’s got a lot of experience in this. Hillary Clinton is somebody who’s got email experience and server experience and wiping off CD, rom hard drives with a cloth, I think is all, uh, happening there. And so here is, uh, the rest of Joe Kent before we get to Hillary

Joe Kent. Great to see you. So what do you think a wise response to this invasion from the United States would be at this point?

Well, Tucker, it’s not opening up a new front and that front would be a cyber attack. I know there’s people in the Biden administration, there’s lawmakers and there’s Hawks offering up, um, our cyber capabilities. And we do have cyber capabilities. However, opening up a new front and directly attacking Russia with a cyber attack would be viewed as an act of aggression and just plunge us further into this conflict. What we should be looking for is every single opportunity that we have to dialogue with Putin and offer him a off ramp in particular, taking NATO off the table, as opposed to beating the wardrobe even more. And also our cyber capabilities considering how much infiltration there is in our own cyber network coming from China is extremely unwise at this juncture.


All right, so mark, you go watch the rest of Tucker if you want that. So basically he’s saying right, unwise, juncture, not a good idea to be sort of, uh, playing around on a front where maybe your qualifications are just not up to par. We don’t know, but Hillary Clinton, she’s very sophisticated. She’s got a lot of experience with hacks. Here’s what she had to say

As a country to encourage and support those people.

David, that’s a great question. And, uh, what can we do to help? I did not encourage the demonstrations back in 2011. Uh, I did point out on behalf of our country that they were in response to, uh, what was an obvious, uh, effort by Putin to stay in power and to literally rig his elections. Now we are looking at Russians once again in the streets, they don’t wanna war with Ukraine. There’s a lot of family and other connections between Russians and Ukrainians. I think we can have Bo what I would argue for, uh, government support, but also non-governmental support. There were reports overnight that, uh, anonymous, uh, a group of hackers TV came down Russian, uh, TV. Uh, I think that, you know, people who love freedom, people who understand that, you know, our way of life depends upon, uh, supporting, uh, those who believe in freedom as well, could be engaged in, uh, cyber, uh, support for, uh, those in the streets in Russia. We did some of that during, uh, the Arab spring when I was secretary of state. Oh, I think we could be also attacking a lot of the, uh, government institu and, uh, again, the oligarchs and their, uh, you know, their way of life through cyber attacks. And it will be difficult to get actual physical support. But I think we should be looking at that. I mean, the old days of, you know, radio free Europe and getting and beaming in,

All right, sorry, everybody. Sorry. I know that good rodeo. I know it’s a lot, but you heard her right. And she’s going back, Mike, is she coming back? Is my question. Is she coming back? Is she running again? She’s sort of poking her head back up again. And she’s talking about her credent, you know, when I was secretary of state and we had the Arab spring over there and most solved all sorts of problems, you go, oh, are we gonna see this again? I don’t know. Well, you know, now that we’re talking about, you know, Hillary, and if she’s coming back into the race, if she’s gonna be running again or something like that, could you imagine if that happens? It reminded me, you know, we used to have sort of a, a different administration in charge. One that resembled competency and Donald Trump spoke out a lot on the Ukraine.

Russia situation was really sort of involved in it pretty heavily, because he was having to feel the text constantly about being Putin’s right hand man, lot of conversations, trying to rub Trump’s nose in all of this, you might remember stuff like this from CNN here is what they said. When Trump was being interviewed, they said Trump is being ridiculed for saying that Putin won’t go into Ukraine. Now, remember that for some context here, right? Why might Trump be ridiculed for that? The context here is that Trump is saying that they won’t go into Ukraine and they’re saying, oh, he’s so dumb. They’re already in Ukraine because he forgot that Obama failed and let them take over crimee. And so, uh, they’re they’re like, oh, dumb, dumb, Trump. He’s already in Ukraine. He’s already taken it over. So if you say that he won’t go in, if you’re president, that’s kind of dumb because he’s already there. And so you can see, right. CNN was like, oh, he’s just so dumb. He doesn’t know anything about foreign policy. He can’t get anything. Right. Here’s what that looked like back then.

I just want you to hear this. This was the original statement he made on ABC.

I have my own ideas. He’s not going into Ukraine. Okay. Just so you understand, he’s not gonna go into Ukraine. Right? You can mark it down. You can put it down. You can take it anywhere you want already there. Isn’t he? Okay. Well, he’s there in a certain way, but I’m not there. You have Obama there.

So his critics saying that answer is just more, I evidence that Trump doesn’t have a, a proper handle on foreign policy. Trump trying to,

Okay, so you see where they’re going with this? Oh, he said that they’re not gonna take it over. And like, well, they already took it over George Stephan ops. He’s like, Hey, Trump, you’re so stupid. Let me explain this to you. They’ve already taken it over. And he says, yeah, I know they took that portion of it over when your guy was in charge, that’s not gonna be the case anymore. And you can mark it down. Trump came out after he was getting skewed by this, on CNN and all over the place. And he was out, uh, explaining exactly what he meant. And this is what that sounded like

A good answer. Over the weekend to one of the shows on Russia, going into the Ukraine. I said, very simply, they’re not gonna do it on my watch. Essentially. I said, Russia will not go into the Ukraine. Now. I said that. And the next day the story comes out and we really let it roll a little bit. Actually. I think it was USA today. A couple of them covered it, accurately what I said, but a couple of papers said, Donald Trump doesn’t realize that the crimee was already taken. I know it exact two years ago, approximately. Okay. Approximately it was taken during Obama’s watch. Yeah. So when I said, believe me, Russia is not going into Ukraine. All right. They’re not going into Ukraine person said, but they’re already in Ukraine. I said, yeah, well that was two years ago. That’s that’s I mean, you want to go back, you wanna have world war I three to get it back. That was during Obama’s watch.

Okay. So Trump is explaining what happened and you know, he’s, he’s always been talking a big game on this, right? Always don’t don’t you even think about it? I will NCU back who the stone age, and I’m not even joking about that. Right? That has been Donald Trump sort of, uh, Shick, this big kind of the tough guy, bravado is what the media said. And they all, that’s all they said it was right. He was just this big bravado guy. And there was really no, uh, no meaning behind anything that he said, well, you know, Trump was out very recently and he was, uh, adding a little meat to those bones, uh, about some of those, uh, underlying conversations. That sounds like they may have happened here is what the New York post is reporting. They say that Trump talks about Putin, mocking, Merkel, and more down at Malago.

Now this took place back on president’s day it’s president’s day, Donald Trump’s down there at the beach. He’s looking pretty relaxed wearing a white golf shirt in blazing with a presidential seal and a bright red mega hat with 45 on both sides. He’s talkative, but not being too combative that day, late afternoon, light, beginning to dim, 90 minutes in the ornate living room, the state of the nation and the future. Trump is looking on. Somebody asks him a question. You think, uh, the president see here under Joe Biden is as bad as it is. Trump says, if you took the worst five presidencies together, it would not be equal to what’s happening to this country. He ticks off a litany of different things. Talks about Mount energy. Price says, I never thought anything like this could happen to us. All right? And so Trump is out there.

He’s getting comfy. He’s relaxing on the weekend. He’s seeing America crumbled down under Joe Biden and he’s talking. And this reporter says, you know, as I was talking to Trump, there was news breaking at the time about Vladimir Putin’s declaration of in, for those two regions in the Don boss, Trump was flabbergasted by the audacity, but not surprise says, you know, a reporter, you know, I got along great with Putin. He said, I like him. I respect him. He’s doing this, his thing. But our people aren’t doing theirs. Right? He’s doing his thing. But our people aren’t doing theirs eager to draw a contrast with Biden. He told, told two stories relevant to the current crisis. Joe Biden did it this way. Here’s how I did it. Both involved his fight with NATO members, as we’re gonna watch in the next slide, we’re gonna see Trump beaten up NATO in the next slide.

Back when he was the president. And he was saying back then that they were not paying their agree, read upon, share of the common defense. Remember all this, they’re not paying their fair share. America’s getting ripped off everywhere. You look says, um, that Trump now I was kind of shocked about this. Trump says I sent her a white flag talking about Angola Merkel. And Trump says, she said, oh, what is this? I said, it’s a flag of surrender. So you don’t have to go out and buy a new one. Right? So Trump sends a foreign minister for a foreign, you know, president, right? Prime minister, president, whatever the official title is there. I apologize says here’s a white flag, so you don’t have to surrender again. You’ve already surrendered. He also recounted an exchange in Brussels, meaning all 28 of the NATO countries, where he was asking you guys gotta pay your fair share. They said, uh, here, the leader of the Austria, the Austrian leader asked the United States, if we don’t pay our fair share and the Russians attack, will you still defend us? Trump says, no, no. We will not defend you. Is his quote. Nope. Not gonna do it. Sorry, not gonna happen. Here’s what that sounded like when Trump was there in front of NATO, right? And the, the, the Trump’s on the right with Pompeo. We’ve got NATO and those people on the left let’s listen.

I think, uh, it’s very sad when Germany makes a massive oil and gas deal with Russia, where you’re supposed to be guarding against Russia and Germany goes out and pays billions and billions of dollars a year to Russia. So we’re protect Germany. We’re protecting France, we’re protecting all of these countries. And then numerous of the countries go out and make a pipeline deal with Russia, where they’re paying billions of dollars into the coffers of Russia. So we’re supposed to protect you against Russia, but they’re paying billions of dollars to Russia. And I think that’s very inappropriate. And the former chancellor of Germany is the head of the pipeline company. That’s applying the gas, uh, is ultimately Germany will have almost 70% of their country controlled by Russia with natural gas. So you tell me, is that appropriate? I mean, by complaining about this from the time I, that it should have never been allowed to have happened, the Germany is totally controlled by Russia because they were getting from 60 to 70% of their energy from Russia and a new pipeline.

And you tell me if that’s appropriate because I think it’s not. And I think it’s a very bad thing for NA and I don’t think it should have happened. And I think we have to talk Germany about it. On top of that, Germany is just paying a little bit over 1%. Whereas the United States in actual numbers is paying 4.2% yeah. Of a much larger GDP. So I think that’s inappropriate also, you know, we’re protecting Germany, we’re protecting France, we’re protecting everybody. And yet we’re paying a lot of money to now, this has been going on for decades. This has been brought up by other presidents, but other presidents never did anything about it. That’s right. They did, because I don’t think they understood it or they just didn’t want to get involved, but I have to bring it up because I think it’s very unfair to our country. It’s very unfair to our taxpayer. And I think that these countries have to step it up, not over a 10 year period to step it up immediately. Germany is a rich country. They talk about, they can increase it a tiny bit by 2030. Well, they could increase it immediately tomorrow and have no problem. I don’t think it’s fair to the United States. So we’re gonna have to do something because we’re not gonna put up with it. We can’t put up with it. And

Yeah. You know, it’s called having skin in the game. You know, if, if you want a robust, proper, aggressive defense, you guys gotta pay into it is basically what his argument is. And you can see all the dead eyes over there on the left side of the table. They’re just all looking at him like, oh God, this guy is the worst. We can’t wait till he’s outta here. And we’re all working together to make sure that that happens because he’s speaking a lot of truth here and we just don’t want to hear it. You know, we’d rather just have everything remain the status quo. Now, a lot of people have, have been noticing, you know, that NATO really has been working on a lot of stuff. I mean, they put together this beautiful video of, uh, you know, whatever this is, let’s watch Of NATOs in town. Oh yeah.



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Is that? We


Oh, Well, that is just great. Beautiful.

Oh, that’s NATO. All right. So, you know, that looks like, that looks like it’s gonna be a great, you know, uh, startup for like a social media company out of California or something like a bunch of, you know, fun people getting together and, uh, you know, laughing and hugging and winning and succeeding and talk. It, it doesn’t look like a very robust, uh, aggressive military, uh, sort of defense Alliance to me. I that’s just me now. I, well, I, I know there’s a big sort of difference on this. I’ve been making fun of the woke Marines, you know, drama, TV guy, that guy for a long time sort of, you know, sort of a laughing at people like Lloyd Austin and you know, many others who sort of have their priorities misaligned, right? Uh, Putin, the Chinese, their military, right. They’re talking about genetically engineered, super soldiers with all sorts of, you know, bio genetic modified enhancements and all this stuff.

And our people are talking about, you know, like seatbelt extenders and things, cuz they’re too fat to pass their fit. So, you know, you just, you just have to recognize it and sort of laugh at it. Now, there are some very interesting things that popped up from this reporter who was having conversations with, uh, Trump down at Malago before we, uh, did that little detour and jumped about, uh, talked about NATO. Trump also had some insight about Putin. So this reporter is once again, sitting down there and says, Trump got some questions about all of this. Now he was answering his answer, led to a public uproar. Uh, here, let’s see where this goes. Trump later insisted he was not reneging on a prior deal. Still eyeing his experience and his current effectness against Russia. Trump said NATO is a paper tiger. There are other stories making the rounds.

Two they’re even more provocative. One has it that Trump noting that Putin sees land from Georgia when George Bush was president and sees the crem command PO when Barack Obama was president, apparently Trump, when he met with Putin, warned Putin against a land grab on his watch, right? Trump goes to Putin and says, listen, you took Georgia when Bush was in office, right? Listen, you took, you took Georgia. When w was here, you took CIA. When Barack was here, I’m gonna warn you right now. Trump says, if you move against Ukraine while I’m president Trump apparently said, I will hit Moscow Is what he says. Apparently if you move against Ukraine while I’m president, I will Moscow Putin, reportedly scoff says no way. Trump said all those beautiful golden turrets will be blown up. Better. Watch it. Putin says no way. Trump says, yeah, yeah, wait, It’ll happen. And if you doubt me on this, just go ask sole about what happened to him. Very careful there, Putin and Putin goes, this guy’s crazy. This guy’s crazier than I am. Okay. I guess I’m not going into Ukraine now. And he didn’t. So apparently there’s some other conversations happening there.

Apparently another conversation took place with president G Similar story involves Xi Jin ping during his visit tomorrow Lago in 2017, he went down to Florida. Trump famously interrupted their chocolate cake dessert to declare. He just ordered the military to fire 59 Taha cruise missiles at Syrian air base. After the Syrian government used chemical weapons against rebels and civilians. Remember that? I remember that China is over there. Trump launches 59 tomahawks at Syria. During that visit, Trump reportedly told she that any military move against Taiwan would be met with an attack on Beijing. Who, if you even look at Taiwan wrong, we are going into Beijing. All right. Now, look, if it’s only one story, you sort of kind of, uh, maybe disbelieve that, but now we’ve got two stories that have the same pattern. It looks a lot more likely


Like Putin is set. Do have been stunned though. It’s possible. Neither man believed Trump was serious while it’s also possible that both accounts or exaggerated this reporter notes. It is a fact that neither man made moves. Trump is said to have warned against while he was president, which is true. So who knows if Trump said those things or not? He says I got along with the best with the tougher ones is how he summarized his relationship. But he tells Putin. Yeah. Yeah. You’re not gonna do what you did to Bush. You’re not gonna do what you did to Obama. Not gonna happen here. I will take out Moscow And you can tell China do the same thing. If they even think about Taiwan, Beijing, um, we’re not playing around. So,

You know, I don’t know, uh, had a lot less aggression under that strategy. All right, let’s see what you have to say about it. Over from our [email protected]. I am going to pull up some of the questions over here. Let’s see what we’ve got here. We’re gonna do a refresh on this thread and I see just a big slew of super chats on YouTube. A lot of them are from Jules C. So shout out to Jules C. Let’s see what we’ve got here. A death is here, says, as promised if as promised Russia, it wouldn’t expand NATO, east promise, uh, Guffy. If he gave up Nokes they would, would let him leave him alone, promise Ukraine. They would protect them if they gave up their nukes. And so I think death is sort of highlighting some of the double standards or broken agreements that may have been made over the years.

We had another one from Maverick valor studio says, as a proud American I’m neither pro Russian or pro Ukraine. I’m just pro us stay out of this. Yeah, I think which is something that a lot of people, uh, you know, agree with. Right? A lot of people I think are sympathetic to that. And really a big part of this is I think people don’t want to be dragged into something that re really isn’t their business. I think that anytime somebody has a, you know, sees violence or war, right, everybody is, is instantly sort of re link from that. I think nobody wants to see that. But the, but you know, but the question is sort of who is responsible for making decisions and, and those decisions need to be made in a way that don’t escalate things by dragging big superpowers, sort of into things where they don’t need to be sort of drug into. So I, I think that it’s a precarious position, but, but largely I think you’re on, uh, the target there. That’s from Maverick valor studios. We had another one from John Fraser says, remember snake island 13.

I oh yes. Snake island. Yes. Okay. So the snake island. Yes. Oh my gosh. I wanted to include today and I forgot about that. All right. We’ll save that. I may make a second video about that. The story goes, apparently there were 13, uh, Ukrainian soldiers who were protecting an island and the Russians told ’em to leave. They didn’t leave. They said, if you get outta here, the Russians attack them. And they’re, you know, they died protecting their country. So that was John Frazier. Yeah. That was a, I wanted to include that. And I just ran outta time. We have timber travelers here. Timber traveler is here, says still doing our weekly convoy on Saturdays. Most of the length of Vancouver island, British Columbia flags on overpasses daily at 4:00 PM. And he’s waving the Canadian flag Canadian flag Canadian flag. So that’s awesome. So that’s timber traveler.

Yeah. Uh, and I know that there is, uh, there’s a lot of, uh, convoy news. And so I’ve got sort of a couple videos in the queue over the weekend. I’ve got an update. I, I certainly on the, on the convoy. Uh, and there’s a couple, oh, the Supreme court, right? Supreme court judge obviously just got nominat judge brown Jackson brown, or Brax brown Jackson. I forget just got nominated. So I’m gonna have to do a recap on her. We’ve talked about her public defender. Oh, kind of one of my people. So we’ll have to see, uh, what the, the, the deeper dive looks like there, but yeah, there’s a lot to cover and, uh, shout out to the freedom. Convoy, British Columbia, timber traveler. Awesome. Hope you guys are doing well. We have, uh, a couples from Jules C is here, says careful, you know, they have the ZZA Baba.

Kablam right. I think talking about Russia, they have the Zar, the biggest nuclear bomb, I think that’s ever been created. Right? They still have that. The czar Baba from Jules C Jules C also says, it’s I not, it’s not China. It’s China. Eddie Oliver is here, says, Rob, I’m still chimping for sake, little Hotty in the black dress. She looks like a vampire, which are technically considered dead. Does that? Uh, I can’t read that Eddie Oliver. This is a family show where we talk about war and criminal law and death. Ju will C is here, says you can’t. Russia says that he would do things to sake and says, she’s fine. We got a lot of sake fans in the house. I’m glad we have the sake gift. We have Kelly Cohen. Stewart says, please don’t make me listen to her anymore. So we’re like evenly split on the sake.

Like it’s probably not even, but on the super chats, it is ju C says, uh, thumb, uh, says she can take it. CLAT. Garrity says, thumbs up everyone. Barry cream. Yes. Please says, I guess, general Millie’s connection with the Chinese general. Wasn’t useful after all Hao. That’s a good one. That’s from Barry cream. Yes, please. What he’s doing there is circling back on an issue that we made a lot of fun about here with general Millie general Millie. Remember during January 6th, general Millie was like calling China. He’s like, I better call my Chinese compadres over there and says, Hey, China, what you see happening here on January 6th? Don’t worry about it. We’re basically in control of everything. We’re not gonna nuke you or something like that. And you’re asking yourself, wait a minute. Did, did Donald Trump, the actual acting president authorize him to make that phone call to America’s enemies?

Yes or no? Because if the answer was no, well that’s treasonous and, uh, nobody really inquired into that because they were too busy trying to throw Trump out on his bum. We have another one from ju C says, Hmm, lock her up, says they hate Trump because he’s, self-made says, Hmm, I live on earth. And I agree with Trump also says, nice teeth. Talk about cringe about the, uh, the NATO comment says Trump is crazier than Putin. And I personally love vanilla cake and also says, anytime, Robert, thank you. Thank you ju see for all of those chats, it’s a lot of chats. Thank you for listing them all. It’s like, you’re in a chat room, you know, but you don’t actually have to pay for every chat in the chat room, making sure you know that. So, but I appreciate it. I mean, I love the support and you know, nice comments.

I, I love it. We had another one. Oh, death just became a member. Shout out to death. Death is now supporting us on YouTube, gets access to some of those. Uh, the, uh, what is it? Gifts, gifs. The gifts that we talk about, ju C says the snake island video, please. I’m gonna pull that up. We’ll do the video, you know, on Monday or another show Barry cream. Yes. Please says let’s not forget. During the 2016 election Hillary campaigned on going to war with Russia. Yeah. I mean, there was a lot of anti-US rhetoric from day one and, uh, Hillary was behind a lot of it. Right. They’re still kind of trying to rehash thing they’re they are, uh, very, very anti Russian. All right. Over on locals, we got grouch old cat ladies here sharing this image. Now this is a very interesting one, right?

Talking about Russia. Ukraine says, what are the odds of four people, all having children working for Ukrainian gas companies? Isn’t that funny? Of course, hunter Biden with Joe Nancy Pelosi, MIT Romney have a kid. And apparently John Carey does too very convenience, very convenience, you know, a lot of money to be made over there. And so, uh, maybe that’s why their kids are there. We have an update on this is from grouchy old cat lady against as an, a update on the Canada convoy, dozens of Ontario businesses. Shut down following the freedom convoy protests, apparently the Ontario ministry of transportation shut down 39 trucking businesses. What, uh, oh my, yeah. I mean another 29 seizures were ordered effectively, effectively bands operators from op operating commercial vehicles in Ontario, which is just terrible. We’ve got Hunter’s crack dealers in the house. And I think Hunter’s crack dealer shout out to Hunter’s crack dealer who I think gave us the, uh, Putin cat video that I was trying to find the other day.

Shout. I I’m pretty sure it was Hunter’s crack dealer. Hunter’s crack dealer delivers a lot of goods delivered me that video. Honey biscuit says both to make me sick. The elitist jelly of the month says, Rob, is there any truth that the pounding of explosives in the area where she noble is, and it caused the reactor to start leaking? So I don’t, you know, I haven’t seen anything to confirm that I’ve actually seen, uh, the opposite saying that the Russians have in fact taken control, but that it’s still operational. It’s receiving the regular maintenance, you know, it’s, there’s nothing to be concerned about there. And, uh, I think that some of the comments there are supporting that we’ve got former EEO says what’s going to happen when you Ukraine starts using asymmetrical warfare because of the lopsided power balance of power. And they start blowing up trains and buses in Moscow. Well Putin’s population. Hasn’t had to deal with that yet wars hurt. And so shouldn’t do it. Yeah. Hopefully, you know, look, I would love to see, you know, a, a cessation of all violence. Hopefully that doesn’t happen. Three girly says old Chinese prove says the enemy of my enemy is my friend, enemy of us is Russia. Putin will be a better friend with the Intel. Yeah.

The old Chinese Proverbs are pretty astute. Speech unleashed says, this is what happens when people allow their petty personal dislike of someone they don’t even know and will never meet to over rule sound thinking and common sense for voting for who will be president. There’s only one reason why Putin waited this long to takes actioned. And that is because Trump was our president. If Trump still was our president, instead of this frail and weak old Biden Putin, would’ve never tried this, frankly, the blood of every person that dies is whoa, speech unleashed, whoa, this is, this is spicy. Speech says that everybody who voted for Biden is responsible for the consequences of Biden just goes to prove that elections have consequences. Hopefully those people will use their heads next time. Yes. I’m angry. And uh, I can see that speech. Yeah. Right. I mean, there are consequences for this.

It’s not a joke. People are dying. Elections do have consequences. And I know we have a lot of fun here. And sometimes we get jovial and sort of jokey and I can be, you know, over the top a little bit aggressive, but it is true, right? These things have consequences. And this is why poor leadership is so devastating for everything. Three girly says living on or near Navy in air force base for the most of my life, jet noise sounds like freedom. We saw Navy seals training in the beaches. These jet noises are unnerving. And my heart goes out to the Ukrainian people. They have the spirit of freedom oozing from them. And so some nice love coming from three girlies, which is great. Let’s see. Another one from queen of Tennessee is here, says breaking CNN, journalist, Bernie Gores is executing. Wait a minute. What is this? So we’ve got sort of a compare and contrast CNN posted this. They said, journalist, Bernie Gores is executed in cobble. And they posted that back in August. But then they said, apparently CNN Ukraine use the same photo. And they’re saying, we’re sad to announce the first American casual, the, of Ukraine, thoughts and prayers of family activist, Bernie Gors what on earth?

Well, that is a very interesting one from queen of Tennessee. Apparently there’s two different, uh, versions of, uh, that person. He, the, the exact same person died twice in two different wars. Weird. All right, we’re doing a refresh over here on locals. Queen of Tennessee says anomaly did a video about Zelensky. They say, he’s an actor playing the president in sitcom. Then he decided to run for real. And it’s crazy. We’ve got three girl with a big comment here. Let me save that one queen of Tennessee says RO uh, supposedly there are bio weapons labs on the border of Russia and Ukraine. I think that I’ve seen a lot of those headlines. Another one from queen of Tennessee says that the Russians are firing at installations and that it could include us bio labs. Right? A lot of conversation about that sea Reed says, I just don’t understand how or why Western culture are trying to divide the Russians and Ukrainians.

Are they not? In fact the same people? So what if one half of them speak Ukrainian dialect formally called little Russian or other Slavic language they don’t need. So learn how to mine their own business. Let them figure out their own civil war that’s been going on for 40 years. Note Putin supply is up 50% of gas power to the EU. So how are the sanctions going to work? Kind of like biting the hand that feeds you, right? And that’s why a lot of people are scoffing at the idea of sanctions. It’s like they, they, they need to heat their homes. A lot of that energy can comes from Russia. So you’re kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. Putin knows that here thunder seven says there are many reasons for the invasion. Russia has asked many times for the us to remove labs in Ukraine ignored every time similar to Wuhan they’re.

These are being destroyed along with other military targets. Putin is protecting ethnic Russians, living in Ukraine, putting NATO on notice that Ukraine’s never gonna be a part of NATO says fake news will never tell the truth. And I, I agree, right? There’s there’s there’s, I think it’s important. That’s why it’s important to get information and opinions. And I’ll, you know, sort of, uh, a analysis from a number of different sources, hand of not is here, says, remember, one, one purpose America. First common people are fighting and dying for the ambitions of leaders far removed from the battle front. The footage is heart wrenching. Unfortunately it’s terribly difficult to distinguish propaganda from truth. The fog of wars dense be wary of those who call for direct action from NATO and us particular, escalating conflict benefits, a select few, not you, not I not your neighbor, probably a bunch of swap creatures in DC.

I’m uninterested in testing anti ballistic missiles weapons for real Putin did not choose invasion in a vacuum. The ugly truth is careless. Western machinations are contributing factors. Those same actors are in the white house. Now further, there are reports of scorched earth methods in the Don BOS region. Russian aligned civilians may be dying for Putin’s liberation, as thin as Putin’s justification may be it’s probable there’s a grain of truth on essential ingredients for the best lies, maintain vigilance it’s from hand of nod. Monster one says cronyism, does that mean we sanction Biden? Yeah. Good comments here from hand of nod.

Monster one UTA says the only reason Biden and other Democrats are angry about the Ukraine invasion is because it screws their ability to earn money from barista and from some other bank accounts, midnight lime says how much Bitcoin is in Russia and then will China help Russia? Monetary is the big question. Well, they are right. They’re settling a lot of their, uh, exports in euros. And so of divesting themselves from the dollar. I also read a headline that they are dumping big into Bitcoin and remember, right. You know, look, I, you know, I was sort of thinking about this the other day. Like if Putin has a list of oligarchs that he wants to make sure protected, right? Don’t you sort of, you, you, you bring in 10 people who you, you trust and who’ve got their resources and you make sure everybody’s solidified. And anybody else that is now exposed to the west, right?

Has their capital in these Western banks that Putin knows is gonna be taken advantage of or shut down. And you let your enemies out, right? You let your enemies just out there, sort of hang out there with high risk, high exposure. And when the west cuts them off cuts the, the banks off, it cuts your enemies out right from under you. I thought that that would be an interesting tactic. We have Jeff Brook says not to say Putin, won’t be getting cold for Christmas. I really want this to catch. Oh, oh, Putin. I get, I see what you’re saying. I really want this to catch on says he won’t be getting cold for Christmas, but it feels like the elites, the west, the world, the economic forum, whatever you want to call ’em have taken a similar stance with Russia as with their own nation citizens.

They slowly push forward with a clear goal of subjugation. Then FA outrage. When their target finally says no and stands at their ground, I can’t be certain, but my instinct screams at me to tread carefully. When the legacy media starts calling anyone modern day, whatever dictator in times like this, it would be really freaking awesome to have a trustworthy media apparatus. And I agree with that. You know, I think that Jeff you’re you’re exactly right. You know, people are getting very sort of on CNN on Fox everywhere. Sort of really excited about war. They’re like thrilled about it. They want, you know, go, go, go. You can see all of the war, porn footage, you know, all over the place. It’s like sick. Butte says now I wonder if the people who hate the second amendment will have insight into why it’s necessary. If you implement gun control, now you’re gonna be arming citizens hoping to be a militia.

It’s a bit late now might even be friendly fire because they didn’t have any time to train. If you want militia to be effective, stop gun control and allow for the second. A min thunder seven says Ukraine has big been a piggy bank for Biden and Clinton Ukraine given billions to the west, even though they’re the poorest nation in Europe, the money doesn’t go to the people, but to the globalists. When Trump questioned this corruption, Dems impeached him. Prosecutor investigating barman got fired a lot more going on than just Putin invading Ukraine. It’s not being reported on by the fake news. Zeroes is here. Did you hear that sake said sanctions are historic. That’s gonna stop Putin in his tracks. Enjoy the weekend, brother. Well, listen, I want, I want give you one right back on that. So historic, uh, I’ve got, I’ve got a, a link to Joe Biden’s schedule here.

I wanted to show you this too. Right? So here’s, here’s how they put, uh, their schedules, Joe Biden’s schedule here. And, uh, zeroes. Look at this. The president meets with NATO heads of state and government in an extraordinary virtual summit. Now I know that extraordinary could mean, you know, like this is an unusual summit, right? Like, oh, this is like a, like a, like an UN, like an, we don’t normally do these. It it’s extra ordinary. It’s not ordinary. It’s extra ordinary, but they’re doing this for multiple reasons, right? This is a word that two meetings here, an extraordinary virtual summit to discuss the security situation in and around Ukraine. You don’t really need this word, right? That word is not really necessary. So it’s, everything’s historic. Everything’s extraordinary. Everything is the first ever, you know, first, the first, this, this, this, okay, got it.

Well done. Ju ha says this administration is completely incompetent and useless. Biden is a bumbling fool. No idea what he’s doing. Can’t believe half the country quote, voted for this guy. They’re worried about woke agendas more than what actually matters. Says we are screwed. VCA says cyber attack, cyber, cyber, cyber. We’re all supposed to happily accept CBDs and digital passports to live. Whoop C looks like the actions in this war just showed the entire world. Why the machinations of central bakes w E F and other institutions are ultimately a bad idea from Vient kiss. We have captain Jim says, Hey, Rob, regarding the China thing, what in the actual fraud? So the NATO doesn’t have the stomach to fight Russia, but Hey China, can you do us a solid we’ve we Russia invading Ukraine. Can you send your troops over? Here’s the Intel who comes up with his stuff.

He says, I wonder if general Millie called up the Chinese bro for a favor. It could be monster. One says, can we send the dog fetish guy over to see the nuclear program in Ukraine? Is that the guy with the nails in the white house, the white house intern, K bell says, thank for the show. Thank UK bells for being here. Rob Butte. Another one says, remember guys, the mainstream media is propaganda in Ukraine. The battalion is a neo-Nazi formation. And so there’s an image of something here. They’ve got a NATO flag and a Nazi ish looking flag, right? Nazi, uh, whatever that is. All right. That’s from Rube. We see Greg Morat says, Hey, Rob, can’t remember if you covered this map or not. I tried to find the origin. It always leads to this map. It’s NATO expansion from this, I kind of feel like NATO is the aggressor he’s asking.

I’m not defending the Russian invasion, but I find it interesting that some people try to isolate this invasion to Russia and say, say Russia, bad NATO. Good. And they don’t take it into account this whole context. And so, yeah, I have seen this, Greg, let’s take a look at this image. You know, this is what a lot of people are pointing out. And this is sort of, um, you know, this is, this is one of the things that everybody’s as is, is Russian propaganda. This is, uh, Putin’s propaganda. If you even bring up this argument, but here is what Greg is identifying. And a lot of people are talking about it. So I don’t have this in a slide, so I can’t draw on it, but you can see Ukraine is sort of here where my map is. And, uh, in 1990, the Soviet union existed.

And there was a lot more of the Soviet union geographically that is in red. You can see that in 2009, that there was a sort of westward, uh, eastward lurch by NATO, sort of, sort of, uh, you know, pushing back the end of the Soviet union, or let’s say, uh, bringing in Ukraine or, or those geographic regions under the NATO fold, I think is the better way to say it. And so a lot of people are now saying, well, it’s actually NATO that is pushing into sort of Russian territory. And a lot of this just comes back to a geographic debates. What, you know what I think a lot of this centers around Greg is the idea that here that, that Ukraine was unas, aspiring NATO member. And it could have, you know, we could have sort of left it in this blue, I think is what a lot of people are, who are, were sort of critical of this are saying should have happened. That it would’ve been a lot better to have a bunch of gray zones here. You know, Ukraine being gray, something that is not a NATO member and not a part of Russia. You have these other countries that act as a buffer between the two sort of, you know, global entities.

You’ve got Russia on the once a and you got this sort of neutral zone, but it sounds like right, that was never even offered to Russia. Russia said, you know, we sort of want to assure that Ukraine is not part of NATO. Don’t know if, if Biden and NATO said fine, we’re gonna have that a buffer zone sounds good. We’re not gonna, we’re gonna take that off the table. Ukraine will never be a part of NATO. Would Putin have still invaded? Don’t know, but at least you have, you sort of know on that issue. And if, if you said, okay, we’re gonna create this buffer zone. And Putin says, well, that’s not good enough. Right. Well then, you know, it’s not really about that. He’s trying to get something for nothing, right? He he’s, he’s using this as a pretext, but if you take the issue away from him, well, then he doesn’t have that pre X anymore.

So it’s a great map. I’ve seen a lot of it. I think it’s very interesting. And it’s probably, you know, sort of the bedrock of the whole thing, Tim Flyn says. So I guess what we’re saying is that if Trump were in office, he’d be launching, launching nukes on Moscow if Putin invaded and he didn’t do it because Trump threatened to drop nukes on Moscow. Nadler’s belly is here, says ohoh, big guy may not get his cut. If Ukraine falls Zelensky should have investigated barista. Like Trump asked Trump would still be president Russia wouldn’t have invaded. Well, maybe that’s all true. Monster. One says the only way to solve this sake debate is to put up a pole form. Like what? Like hot or not sake, hot or not like, is that, is that the pole that we want? Should I all right, let’s try it.

Let’s see. Let’s just see. Let’s try. It’s going in YouTube. All right. We’re we’re posting this up right now. Sake. Hotter knot pole. All right, here it is. It’s going out. It’s going out there on YouTube. There it is. I think it’s live. So we’ll see. All right. And so that was from monster one. We’ve got max Webster who says Rob for four short years, Trump fought the Democrats, big tech and the mainstream media yet the world arguably was most peaceful. It’s been in recent memory. We have now the adults are in charge and the country is in complete disarray. And our world is hanging by a thread. It’s like an episode of the Twilight zone.

Okay. And so we got, I wanna make sure we don’t forget. Three girlies is in the house. Let’s see here. We have a good one. I wanna make sure I catch my breath, you know, get some of the shorter ones out of the way and then catch my breath. All right. Three girly says, I see a parallel with Ukraine and our revolutionary war. Both had major world powers going on against an underdog, both Uren for freedom and had the spirit to keep fighting. The only difference that I see France helped America beat England and France, England and America are leaving Ukraine behind in every other support. I do not believe that our troops should be in Europe, let alone in Ukraine, but I believe we should be able to provide them with a lethal weapons so they can defend themselves. Ukrainians, do not want foreign troops in their land using to defend themselves.

The Ukrainian people have definitely given quote, give me Liberty or give me death renewed. Meaning we have a quote from Thomas Jefferson here. It says what country before ever existed, a century and a half without a rebellion. And what country can preserve its liberties. If their rulers are not worn from time to time that their people, the spirit of resistance, let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two, the tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with a blood of Patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure. We are seeing the personification of the spirit of Liberty and freedom in the Ukrainian people fighting Russians from three girlies. Great comment, outstanding quote, I think very relevant. And I think a lot of that’s relevant here at home.

Isn’t it? Three girlies, not just a foreign affair. Let’s take a look. We’re gonna do a refresh here on locals. Over on YouTube, Tammy Beck is here, says what Biden has lost from Putin, invading Ukraine so much there, that our eyes can’t see. What has Biden laws from Putin invading Ukraine? I mean, look, I, I, I think he’s just over two on foreign policy or over whatever, right? I mean, it’s just, everybody is just looking at this and the, the goal posts are moving yet. Again, uh, I didn’t, I didn’t get a chance to prep this today, but we’re seeing the narrative shift out of the white house, right? It was that sanctions are going to be a deterrent effect on Putin in this whole situation. Now that he has invaded, now that these sanctions were never meant to be a deterrent effect there, the consequences of the sanctions are going to be seen in a month or two.

And then we’re gonna see if Putin rolls back out. And everybody knows that that was all nonsense, right? They were in front of the media for, for a month talking about sanctions and slowing this back and talking, talking, talking, talking, talking a big giant game. It’s like, I’m warning you. If you do that, there are gonna be consequences. Guess what? He did it. And there really probably aren’t gonna be much consequences. So it just, it, you know, it’s a sad thing kind of as an American to watch your leadership just slowly, you know, it eviscerate itself, you know, your country just like a word used to mean something. And now it’s just kind of like, well, sorry, Afghanistan, Americans, how many are still over there? I don’t know. Who knows. Right. Everybody’s just moved on. Great. So it, it, you know, it doesn’t bode well for the next, uh, three, two and a half years or so.

All right. And so over on YouTube, that was from mark Owen’s death says general Millie has been reassuring his Russian counterparts through all this. That’s a great one. Yeah. I wonder if Millie called up, you know, uh, Lara, listen, I know you think Joe Biden is incompetent. Let me reassure you. He is even more incompetent. Okay. So just do whatever you want. Don’t listen to anything. You’re fine. Right? Is that conversation happening? I don’t know. Elizabeth C became a supporter on YouTube. So shout out to Elizabeth C. Who’s got access now to a bunch of cool stuff. When you’re a member. Thank you. Elizabeth C for joining Zulu site, Zeit is here, says this is a rigged poll on, on the, on the Saki, right? YouTube bots don’t get mad at me says, this is a rig poll. Hashtag stop the theft. I gotta be cur YouTube will throw you off of YouTube.

If you say stuff like that, it’s, it’s no joke. So Zulu, he doesn’t buy it. He says this, this poll is fake news and it’s rigged. Let’s take a look at the poll. Here’s what it says. Yeah. I mean it’s 20% hot, 80% not w wa w sorry, 80, 79%. Now not hot is up to 21%. So we’ll see you. I think the decision has been made. There’s nothing else to talk about there, but Zulu is, uh, in the house. All right. Let’s do a quick refresh on locals. Otherwise my friends, I think we’re getting about that time. Hopefully I got everything and I believe that’s it. Wait, hold on a second. Let’s start here.

Another one came in Dave with the super chat and there are some others. I’m very glad that I took a moment to look at this. Okay. Uh, monster one says, no, it’s not the guy with the nails. It’s not the intern. It is actually this person. So let’s check out this one. Biden unleashes dog role playing fetishist on key nuclear post. What on earth is this? So this came out updated about a week or about 10 days ago, Biden administration, new top dog at a key nuclear agency is an MIT trained engineer whose fetishes include tying up his partner while he eats dinner and watches star Trek. Well, that’s kind of weird. A guy’s name is Sam Bri, apparently appointed to serve as deputy assistant secretary who spent fuel and waste decision at the department of energy. Uh, this is, uh, this is, uh, no, we can’t. This is no, this is no, we can’t. Um, I don’t know what, okay, so that’s very curious. I think they were in dog masks and muzzles on all fours on the ground. I think that’s what we saw. Don’t know what that’s all about. Right. Okay. Well, thank you for that monster one. That’s apparently our government,

Ty livin says Putin spoke of expansion of NATO and that he’s justified in protecting his border. Yeah, we kind of came up. We kind of talked about that. Uh, Jeff Brook says, I keep trying to make points, but I finally have a question you’ve spoken on it before, but how do you see the w E F goals, threat level paper? I agree. No, I think it’s a legitimate thing. I mean, I, I really do think that I, I, I don’t think it’s a conspiracy at all. I mean, you can go read their literature and you can listen to every single one of the politicians out there taking their policy book and just taking it back to their governments and just trying to implement it. I mean, you know, build back better in all of that, I think was the, the originator of all of that was the world that can forum every single one of our moron leaders who are basically just auto automatons, right.

They’re just sort of elected figureheads all came out, build back, better, build back better every day, bores Johnson, Joe Biden, every one of these politicians, right? How does that structure happen? Do they all go to a, like a running a country convention and they all get a, a memo and they come back and they enact it. It’s a real thing. Right. And even the premier, Kenny, many people are now acknowledging it. It’s a real thing. They have a massive amount of power. I think that largely it exists as sort of a super structure over the old school forms of governance. Right. The government matters. But, but, but does it, you know, like really, to some degree you take a look at industry versus governance. How often do we hear the politicians, wh and complain about Facebook or whatever, you know, big tech conglomerate and do literally nothing about it. Who is really running things. Yeah. Grouch yell, cat lady says is this Biden’s way of getting the country back together. Everyone rallying behind ATO. Not sure about that. One. Max Webster says Rob, for four years, they fought. We got that one. Let’s see we had another one from captain Jim, by the way, the guy in the video you’ve played at the beginning was actually lamenting that the machine guns are just handed out to anyone basically decrying it as a cluster. Oh. So captain Jim was tra it’s great. It’s good to know.

Let’s see. There was another one, a NATO map that came in from grouch shield, cat, lady, another. This is another good map. I’ve seen this one floating around as well. You can see right here, uh, joined NATO before 1997, joined NATO after 1997. And look at all those numbers in orange ston, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland check. Right? Right. So you can see why they can be, why Russia might be a little bit concerned, looking at a map like that. We have another one here from monster one got that one zero says historic sanctions and extraordinary zoom meetings. Politicians. Sure. Love their weasel words. Don’t they? On a side note, can police conduct a Terry frisk for anything other than office or safety? I know they can collect evidence from plain touch. Any look, look, zero. I’m not in constitutional, uh, analysis mode right now. I’m in reading comments quickly mode.

Heather is here, says youngest. Girly wanted me to say hi and wanted a shout out. So shout out to the youngest of the three girlies, which is really, you know, its a good position to be in the youngest of the three girlies. You kind of, you get to learn from everybody else’s boneheaded mistakes and learn from their experience. Hopefully there’s not too many of those. I know that the three girlies household is very fortified and very sophisticated and very, you know, amazing because it just is. We have shout out to all the girlies at the three girlies household wrapping up, we’ve got 5 0 3 unlimited says personally sake’s predecessor, Kaylee Mac and Annie was on fire. I think that’s probably why sake is angry all the time. Blondes just have more fun. Says also my statement has precedent legally blonde starring we, Reese Witherspoon proved it in court, which is, I think that’s official record.

That’s like in the congressional library of Congress or something like that. Let’s see what else we’ve got. Uh, here we have a quick refresh. Uh, Ty living says what’s going on with the Kyle written house lawsuits, Kyle written house lawsuits. I don’t know. Um, he’s suing everybody I think. Right? Whoopy gold and everybody LG double zero says, uh, someone said sound like military AF aircraft overhead was terrorizing. What about the sounds of truck horns in the streets, psychological terrorism crush them. Well, they should call the Canadian RCMP over there. They know how to really crack heads. They just, they just, you know, knock hands out of little old ladies’ phones over there. So they’re very sophisticated in that regard. We had another one, our run VA VAs is here, says big failure on Ukraine, on assessing its challenging neighborhood prayers to innocent civilians leaders on both sides.

Bear the blame. Yeah, look right. I think that every time there’s war, right, you, you always asking yourself or conflict. Right. Always asking yourself if there’s anything else that can be done to stop violence and death and mayhem from happening because it’s, it’s not good for anybody. It’s good for the, you know, for the people who don’t have to serve it’s for the people who build the weapons. It’s good for the politicians who get to champion a new cause. It’s good for the media who gets to, you know, talk about a bunch of stuff all the time and get really excited about it and get, you know, high viewership and all that stuff. But it’s, it’s tragic. Right? And part of, of what we, what, you know, what my interest in here is sort of making sure that we’re, we’re, we’re looking at it from multiple angles and having conversations about it.

You know, I’m not a foreign policy expert. And honestly, I don’t think any anybody else who claims to be really is either Joe Biden and Anthony blink and all of these people, the difference is we talk about the issues and we sort of, you know, have fun with them and we try to sort through it all the, as we can. And we’re, we’re just, you know, we’re, we’re trying to have, I think, open and Frank conversations about ’em whereas the other people are trying to sell us something that doesn’t feel right. I don’t have problems with people, you know, being strong leaders and making mistakes. But when you try to sell something and sort of wrap it up in a bow and, and, and craft narratives around something to promote your political ends, that’s when a lot of it starts to feel very dirty and icky.

And we have to, you know, call out the people who are trying to sell us something that is not accurate, trying to disconnect reality from, from reality and that’s not appropriate at all. And so let’s see, we’re gonna do a quick refresh, but I think that is it for us for the day and the week and it looks like it is. And so before we get outta here, I wanna thank our spotlight supporters. Of course, Dr. EMB, Chris Romero, we’ve got Wolfgang DEO, and so big shout outs. Thank you to everybody who is supporting the show with your generous support. And so be sure to go follow them and, uh, Wolfgang DEO in particular on Twitch. Also check out the R and R law group, our law firm in Scottsdale. We help good people charge with crimes and Eric’s house, an amazing nonprofit organization over at Eric’s house.org.

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You can sign [email protected] or meeting tomorrow 7:00 PM Eastern time. And it’s just kind of a friendly chat. You know, you can come, uh, have your cameras on or off. We sort of raise hands people else, you know, share their opinions on the show or sort of what they’re seeing sort of in their, in their own neck of the world. Right? And we’re talking about building communities and connecting with people and a good place to do that [email protected]. And so I hope you join us there. It is a lot of fun and that my friends is it for us for the day. We are gonna be back here on Monday to do it all again. And I hope to see you there so that together with your help, we can shine that big, beautiful spotlight of accountability and transparency down upon our system. With the hope of finding justice. Have a great weekend my friends, be well. I’ll see you right back here on Monday. Bye bye.