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Hello my friends and welcome back to yet another episode of Watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Gouveia. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the R&R Law Group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona and today we’re talking about Russia, Ukraine and the entire situation. Now there’s been a lot of obvious news coming out of this, uh, prelude to world war II. And if you’re like me, then I know many of you are because we spent some time talking to each other at our Watching the Watchers monthly meetup that took place on Saturday. We were talking about, you know, a lot of us sort of being glued to the news and sort of consuming, you know, everything that is coming in and recognizing that it’s really hard to make heads or tails of what is going on because everybody has a sort of a political position that is interwoven into the news.

And so today we’re gonna talk about it. We’ve got several examples. We’re gonna be asking ourselves, is this real? Is this accurate reality or is this propaganda? And so we’re gonna see that a lot of the headlines that many of us have seen over the last week or so turned out to be actually fake, not actually even real at all. I’ve got a couple examples. We’re gonna go through several of them today. We were talking about snake island. Of course, this was the story of, I think, 13 different Ukrainian soldiers who were allegedly on this island. And they were telling the Russian forces to get outta here. You and then the Russians decided to take them out. Well, that story caught a lot of headlines and we even mentioned it on the show, uh, and briefly sort of, we’re sort of in awe of the whole situation.

That’s kind of crazy. That’s a wild story. And it went kind of viral and everybody was talking about it. And that same pattern came across on a number of different sort of, uh, viral memes or, or ideas because they’re not even actual like real things. A lot of this stuff, we have, uh, uh, more stories. We’re gonna go through several different clips that went viral on Twitter. One of them is of what was allegedly a Russian tank running over somebody’s car. And if you saw it was kind of a gruesome video, there’s a second half to that story where they gentleman who has actually run over is perfectly fine. He survived. So, you know, no content, uh, to concerns there, but it was a viral video. And we’re gonna make sure that we understand what really took place. There. We have another viral video where I think we might have played one of these videos or actually talked about one of these videos here on the show apparently was a Russian fighter jet that was sort of a occurring upon the city in Ukraine and was lobbying a missile off there, you know, was a family inside the house, looked like a residential area.

And we’re think what the heck is going on. This invasion is nuts. And so we’re gonna go through that because that may not have been a Russian plane. So people on Twitter are sort of comparing and contrasting, you know, the different for fighter pilot fighter jet models. And they’re saying, well, this kind of just doesn’t match up. So we’ll go through that. We have a supermodel. Her name is Anastasia Lena, who was apparently arming up to go and fight the Russians photos and headlines flying all over the place saying she was suiting up. Well, there’s more to that story too. And so we’re gonna go through that. We’re gonna take a look at all of this stuff. We’ve got a Ukrainian parliament member, somebody saying that they’re ready to fight for the new world order. And so I’ll put my tinfoil hat on there as well.

We’ve got, uh, Putin who over the weekend said that he’s gonna start building up his nuclear deterrence force, which means I think he’s threatening to nuke the world, I think is what he means. So we’ll have to see what you have to say about all of that. We’ve got updates from the white house. Ned price from Harvard is gonna provide us with an update about the latest state department efforts. Looking forward to that Jen sake was out in full force. And I, I’m pretty sure I’m not sure about this. I’m gonna have to get your opinion on it, but I think the Jen Soki stole a line from condole rice. I’m not joking about this. I listened to Jen today and I said, you know, I listened to that same line yesterday. Did you get your memo from the Bush? People wouldn’t surprise me. I think they’re all part of the same crew anyways, but they are.

We we’re gonna listen to a lot of Jen today. Not a lot. We’ve got a couple clips of Jen. Jen came out, she’s gonna got sort of a he and ha about whether the United States is gonna continue to buy oil from Russia. Nobody wants to answer that question. So we’ll see how Jen, uh, sort of squirms there and then we’re going to, uh, of course we’ve got the state of the union coming up. President Joe Biden is going to be giving an update to America on the state of the union. And boy, is it gonna be a rough one? And so he’s got, uh, to prepare for this and in order to prepare for it, the leader of the free world is going to have to Incircle himself in fencing to keep all the peasants out of the rulers capital building. And he’s gonna have to answer a lot of question about Ukraine and Russia.

Now he’s pre he’s revising his entire state of the union, allegedly to, uh, sort of, uh, fight on the side of democracy. I think he’s gonna turn himself into a little Zelensky or something. So my point folks is you can see we’ve got a big, long list of stuff that we have to get to today. And if you wanna be a part of the show, the place to do that is over at watchingwatchers.locals.com. I believe they are chatting away over there, but my window is not refreshing, but you can join us at watchingthewatchers.locals.com. There is a comment thread, which we’ll we will be getting to later on in the program where you can drop your questions. And of course, uh, you know, that’s for supporters. If you are on YouTube and you remember there, then you get access to our custom gifts and look at these. These are just a lot of fun today.

Uh, many people are gonna probably be saying that I kind of, uh, am this one right here, the kind of the Alex Jones. Now I wanna get, you know, we’re gonna have to revise this. He, I should have had the one with him with the tinfoil hat on today because I am distrustful of everything based sickly coming out of the media on this story. And so we’ll talk more about that. If you are a member, you get badges. And I think we’re getting close to sort of the one month mark, since we rolled these out. So some people are gonna be sort of tearing up in their badges. We’re gonna see some one month members that are gonna be ready, red badged up. And so if you wanna join and support the community, it is right next to the subscribe button. And if you don’t wanna join and you’re not subscribed while there’s a good button right there for you to press, and we would very much appreciate it.

And without any further ado, it’s time to get into it. Russia, Ukraine, a lot of news, a lot of ahead headlines, very confusing for many people who sort of consume the news and, you know, we wanna be apprised of the current events and we wanna make sure we know what’s going on so that we can, you know, decide what to do with our families and our money and sort of make decisions about the world based upon what’s actually happening out there. And, you know, it’d be good to know if we’re on the verge of world war II or if like a nuclear missile is gonna be you knowing, uh, in front of our family picnic. I don’t know. And so people are paying attention to this. Now we on this show obviously are very plugged in. We like to pay close attention to what the politicians are saying, what the media is telling us is happening.

And we’ve been here, uh, for a long time talking a lot about how politicians and the media, and basically everybody in sort of the, you know, overarching establishment has really been lying to us in many different ways and shapes and forms. And we have talked at length about all of the different permutations of what that looks like, whether it’s COVID or, you know, uh, you know, elections or whether it’s, you know, taxes or military strength, you know, whether we’re doing a, a compliment competent job in basically anything, right? They say, we’re doing a great job. Turns out not, not really true. And we’re asking ourselves, you know, the media is telling us a bunch of stuff is happening again. And since they’ve lied to us, you know, seven of the last seven major issues that we’ve asked for their opinions on these things, are they, are they being honest right now or not, or something else going on?

Well, I wanna introduce you to a guide named Pedro Gonzalez. In fact, you probably know him. He’s, you know, got a big audience and he has been on, uh, a lot of the media play circles for a long time. His name is Pedro Gonzalez. He’s on Twitter. And I caught this over the weekend. He said this, he said, look, Ukraine, Russia resulted in a catastrophic information, failure information failure. And we’ve talked about this here on this channel, right? Sort of talking about informational supply chains, referencing biology, Serena. Vasen another guy talking about that concept. Like, you know, information is just broken COVID and you know, all sorts of things prove that Pedro says people, including blue checks, deliberately sharing fake news memes and updates on the one hand, and then actually demanding that no one pushed back on obvious propaganda aimed at NATO allies and the us on the other.

So on the one hand, right? You have people he’s saying that are pushing fake news, pushing memes, knowing it’s fake. Here we call ’em copy paste journalists, right? Take one, headline, copy and paste it don’t modify. Don’t add any opinion. Don’t do any of independent research or fact intensive, you know, uh, corroboration, just copy paste here. He’s saying they’re doing that and they know it’s fake and they know it’s meed up. And then if you push back on it, like we’re going to do today. Many people will come back and say, well, you’re just a, a, a sock puppet for Putin. You know, you’re just somebody who wants to see dead Ukrainians or something like that, which is obviously nonsense. But there are, there is a difference between supporting Putin and supporting war and being a little bit distrustful and double checking what our lying media is saying to us.

And so you gotta be able to dissect the two. Now I know for some people on the other side of this argument, it’s just, you know, it’s like black or white it’s, it’s, there’s, there’s only a couple different ways that these things can be, uh, you know, logically teased out. And so it instantly goes in into either you’re with us or against us either you are on the side of the media and you jump onto the bandwagon, or you’re like a little dictator who supports Putin. Well, I’m not gonna, we don’t buy that obviously. Right? There’s more to the story here as Pedro will tell us. And so he’s been in the media, obviously he sort of lives in this space and Pedro tells us, says, never seen an anything like this before in any conflict in my life says, this really is a new era of information warfare where the meme is more important than reality for people.

Okay. The meme is more important in reality, which is true, right? We, I mean, we see people who have live their entire lives in memes. I mean, most, you know, a lot of people on Twitter in elsewhere or, or it’s sort of in this space, I’m pretty sure the white house chief of staff is living in meme reality, not reality. But anyways, Pedro says people’s behavior towards this stuff really does mimic entertainment. Okay. Entertainment. And as we go through some of the headlines here, watch, we’re gonna see this. They get angry when you point out some obviously fake thing is fake. You know, like the ghost of Keve or like when you got up, they, he says like you got up and just turned off the television. He says, blue check marks stopped. Even pretending to be impartial. We know they’re not. And they just deliberately shared things that were obviously not true.

Notably, he writes the vast majority of the info was on the Ukrainian side. And we’re gonna go through several examples of this. He says Russia, which obviously has propaganda themselves. Right? But he, he makes this point. He says they have been more or less dark. Right? There’s no real comparable thing for them. He says, there is no Russian quote, snake island. Some have argued that. It seems as if they knew they wouldn’t be able to compete. So they relied on hard power instead of meme power, right. Russian are rolling in with, you know, what it looks like to be antiquated old military gear. We’ll see. And the other people are using meme power. Pedro writes. I’m sure there has been Russian info, but nothing like snake island. Okay. Nothing comparable to that. Nothing like the Zelensky photos, all of which have gone viral and fundamentally shaped people’s perceptions of this looked Zelensky sat down with Sean Penn about a D documentary at the same time that everyone was convinced he was on the front lines in body armor shooting at Russians Zelensky knows how important information his war is.

And war is right. And Zelensky is somebody who is, I believe a former actor, right? A comedian, somebody who used to be on TV. And so Pedro just gives us a nice jumping off point. He tells us, you know, there, there really have been a lot of really big headline sort of, uh, fake news, propaganda pieces that have come out and they’ve all come out pro Ukraine, at least here or in our media. Right. You, I don’t, you know, we don’t know what they’re doing in Russia. I have in fact watched a lot of, uh, Russian TV, not a lot of it, but you know, some of it just to see what they’re talking about and they’re getting sort of sanctioned and pushed off a lot of the different platforms in terms of monetization and things. Of course, they’re still on Twitter and YouTube, I believe.

But here from the news that we see in it has been just a, an all out assault. It, it feels like on some of these headlines, let’s do a quick rewind and come full circle on some of these things. Remember the snake island story, snake island is here. This came, my, my understanding is this was originally posted by this guy back on February 24th. So four days ago, and notice here, this guy is a journalist out of Washington DC. And so right. I don’t know where it originated, but I believe it came from him. You see, this video has 3.9 million views. It’s 23 seconds. So you can see sort of what happened here. He’s at a Washington DC WT, O P it’s not, you know, a major sort of CNN organization, but it is a local, you know, organization to DC, where is a, you know, political head of power. And he post this February 24th says a group of Ukrainian border guards were stationed at snake island in the black sea south of Odesa. When a Russian war ordered them to surrender under threat of Russian attack, their response, Russian war go F yourself. They held their ground all 13 or killed. Okay, now we’re gonna go through this right here is the audio. We’re gonna listen to the audio, listen to the reaction, and then we’re gonna see if there’s more to the story here it is.

All right. So let me lower this. This is a Russian war. I repeat. I suggest you surrender your weapons and capitulate. Otherwise I will open fire. Do you copy says the Russian, This is it. Should I tell him to go F himself? Just in case

Turns up the volume Russian war ship go F yourself. Oh, right. And remember that. And everybody was just sort of how I five in each other saying, oh good. Yeah. So man, those guys, they just, they just, you know, told ’em to F off and then they’re dead and you’re going well. I mean, I guess that is a, that’s one way to handle it. I mean, nobody’s really good to anybody if they’re dead, but I guess, I guess they got the last word in, but you know, that story was going around all over the place. I mean, really sort of this heroic story. People say, man, they, these people really believe even their country and they’re willing to fight to the death. They’re not even willing to, you know, like leave the, the, the bunker or something. They’re gonna stay there till the last minute.

People in the United States are really going hog wild over this guys. Like Adam Kinzinger is here, says Ukrainians have shown a willingness and fearless ability to push back against overwhelming invading force. Russians have shown a willingness to protest the regimes, reckless invasion in the words of the fallen snake island heroes, Russian warships go F yourself, right? That’s from adding Kinzinger the, is he still in Congress for a little while longer? So Ken zinger very excited about it. And then the Washington post. Okay. And so look, you can say, okay, look, copy paste journalists. They’re gonna get this wrong all the time. That’s all they’re doing is just copy and pasting things. And it, it, it, you can easily see how a story that is is proffered forward by a government saying, look, we lost 13 people. You can understand how you might get that wrong.

You sort of have a little bit less leeway when it goes up to a Congressman. Now we’re talking about Adam Kinzinger right. Maybe you should verify your you’re a congressperson. You’re still in government and you maybe should make sure your information’s good. And so you said, ask yourself, well, is he, is he at fault for, well, maybe it be not. Maybe he’s not at fault for that. He is just a dumb Congressman anyway. So what does he know? But shouldn’t, you know, like other people like the Washington post vet, this stuff, the Washington post went out and had a conversation with president Zelensky and you’d expect the president to know if 13 of his people were killed. And apparently he, I guess he, he, he says he, as they, they were killed, he said the 13 who were killed on snake island will be bestowed hero of Ukraine, the highest honorific he can award the recording went viral on Thursday.

Of course, we just listened to that. And the president of Ukraine says, yeah, it’s true. They, they were killed 13, 13 men died fighting for Ukraine. In fact, they’re so heroic. We’re gonna honor them. Hero of Ukraine, Washington post confirmed it, the whole situation. Now look, the, the response here would be Rob he’s in the, you know, in the throws of war, how could he know what happened or what didn’t happen or whatever, you know, who knows should the media be following up? Should it be something that there is a little bit of investigation into because Russian media seems to have gotten something. Here’s what they posted. You can see this came over from RT. Apparently this is the boat where 83, uh, Ukraine, soldiers, um, snake island were getting off the boat and they’re getting supplies from, uh, the Russians. I look and look, I look, I don’t know if this is real or not. I’m not CNN. I’m not Brian Selter with 37 fact checking idiots use your judgment, but this is what the Russians are talking at about. So apparently these are the Russian soldiers, And those are the Ukrainian soldiers. This is on Russian TV

And they’re getting supplies and going off on buses, I guess


And they’re going off, You know, I don’t know.


So is it, is that fake Russian propaganda? Maybe it is. It sort of looks pretty well scripted. It’s like they just had a, you know, they had a whole boat supplies there for, for captured Ukraine. I don’t know. So the Russians are engaged in propaganda or their rights, or they were killed or not. But the Russians, you know, they actually gave a press conference. They said the snake and this guy, Brian McNalley apparently can, uh, can read Russian, says snake island incident turns out to be a hoax, 82 people, surrendered. Someone has some explaining to do here’s this Russian guy telling the whole story. And I think those are the Ukrainians behind them


Their food and water. Okay. So it, it, it looks about as fake as can be, right? It looks like, like they set up a press, somebody set up a press conference, go give ’em a bunch of supplies, give ’em Teddy bears and, uh, a nice, a nice box of prisoner of war and give ’em the big waters, not the small ones, the big ones. And just put ’em on a cart, on a thing and just set, send them on outta here and put that, send Russian TV over. And we’re just going to,

Uh, fake the whole thing, you know, go, well, this is what is happening, but then if you say those Russians are fakers too, they’re hoaxers you go back over to Ukraine and apparently they acknowledge their soldiers weren’t killed. Anyways, I guess I think this is from, I think their official, uh, Facebook or something like this, it says, look preliminary information that border guards may be dead came before defenders lost contact. So they found out that they were dead before they found out before somebody contacted them. I guess, I don’t know what that means. As previously reported on Feb 23, the aggressor fired from Naval weapons and used combat aircraft on border guards and soldiers of the armed forces on the island of Zini. According to available information at the time, infrastructure was destroyed. Island captured. Prior to that, the enemy repeatedly tried in vain to intimidate Ukrainian defenders with demands to surrender received only one, correct answer.

No one will surrender, right? That that’s the, uh, go F yourself statement right there, go F yourself right there. We understand that Russian propaganda know how to make the necessary information attacks and use them. Noting Ukrainian defenders had surrenders border guards, especially those learned to fight and find the fate of Ukrainian defenders. Currently after receiving information about their probable location forces are working to identify our soldiers, which is common in open networks. We hope the boys will return home as possible. And the information received at the time of the attack on the death will not be confirmed glory to Ukrainian defender. So it sounds to me like they are confirming that they weren’t in fact killed.

Look, it’s just a miscommunication. You know, it’s just a miscommunication. It’s just one story weird that, uh, can easily just be lost in the fog of war. Somebody says, they said something and they got killed in action. They didn’t actually get killed in action. They thought they were killed, but there was just the building that was killed. Turns out the Russians just took 83 of them as hostage, maybe more or less. So we don’t know very confusing stuff, but let’s see if there’s a pattern that continues with some of these stories. And if like me you’ve been on Twitter or Facebook or telegram or Instagram or wherever you get your news, you’ve probably been seeing a lot of footage that looks like this. And in fact, we are going to watch this. Now I watched this back when it happened, it must have been on February 25th, probably when we saw this and I was gonna play it because it didn’t feel right to two reasons. One, it didn’t feel quite right. And then number two, it, it, it feels very, very violent. Now, a couple things here, let me read the headline. This is, this says graphic. Okay. A Russian tank swerves and runs over a civilian car. Okay. On Twitter posted February 25th, 6:47 AM. We can see here, 10 million views, lot of eyeballs on this thing, 4,000 retweets, 15,000 likes 10 million views from this one account, a Russian tank swerves and runs over a civilian cart.

Peacekeepers. My a, he said, this is sheer cruelty. And so we’re gonna watch this now. You know, this is the first time you’ve seen this. Let’s pretend. And it is this. Okay. Now let me just give a quick warning on this. You’re going to see what looks like a tank running over a car, a civilian car, and it’s gonna look and sound like that. That person is inside the car is absolutely dead instantly, right? Like he just turned into mush. It’s gonna look like that. Now. He does not die. It’s a miracle. I don’t know how he didn’t die or what happens, but we’re gonna watch another video where they’re just pulling him right out of there. Okay. So this is gonna look a lot worse than, I mean, it’s still awful, right? We’re still talking about a terrible situation and that guy’s probably gonna a, that guy’s probably going to have a, uh, you know, his breakfast is gonna taste very good the next morning. I’m sure that it did. So we’re going to play this and then we are going to watch him coming out and then we’re gonna break down the footage. Okay. So don’t, don’t freak out too badly. Okay. They’re saying this is a Russian. All right. Enough. Here it is.

Watch He’s okay. He’s okay. He’s okay. Don’t worry. Now, now it’s Okay. Now they’re saying Russian tank crushing, you know, just basically right. This was at on February 25th, right at the start of the sort of invasion. And it sounds like Russian tanks are just running over civilian cars, sort of like grand theft auto or something like this. Here is the gentleman being pulled out of there. Okay. So he’s all right, shockingly. Now the guy with the camera, you know, could be a little bit more aggressive here. Go around, get in there. Go ahead. Look. There he is. Watch. He just kind of pokes his head up There. He is Like, I, what just happened? Yeah. An absolute miracle. Look at that guy. Oh my goodness. Absolute miracle. So, I mean, he looks like he’s going to even be okay. Right. I mean, hopefully he is. And he just, uh, Yeah. Yeah. His mask fell down though. He should probably pull that mask up. Yeah. Pull that up. Don’t don’t don’t spread. COVID Don’t spread COVID six feet gentlemen. Okay. So right. And they’re gonna pull him out. They pull him out and uh, you know, presumably he’s okay. So, all right. But look, 10 billion people saw that and it looks like these stinking Russians are just playing bumper cars on the roads of Ukraine, just sort, oh, oh, there’s one run right over him and just have fun with this stuff. Right. And that’s what I thought and felt when I first saw that. And I thought, well, that’s, uh, terrible. Let’s, uh, make, you know, let’s

Not have more of that is my gut reaction. It made me feel kind of sick here. Uh, we are starting to learn more about this entire ordeal. Now we see here, this website or this Twitter account is called Russian American daily. Yes. I know I’m a Russian propaganda, Putin lover, whatever, say whatever you want. That’s fine. Here is, uh, they, they put together a nice summation of, uh, some of these debunks. And they said here, a video claiming to be the Russian tank in Kia, running over a civilian vehicle is actually they say a Ukrainian Estella 10 air defense system. And so here, right. We’ve got, uh, this is coming over courtesy of this guy named Rob Lee. And you look at this, right. And that was my first thought, you know it. So they say it’s a Russian tank. And I’m thinking, well, that doesn’t look like a Russian tank.

You know, when I think of a tank, I think of something that has sort of a big, uh, like, you know, baka thing coming out the front of it, a big, no, a cylinder type of thing that lobsters projectiles. When I think of, you know, sort of, uh, surfaced air missiles and Sam site and things like that, it’s got this. Did anybody else play red alerts or command and conquer? I mean, that’s not a tank. That’s like a Sam site you see, and those out and they lo you know, things to the air and you’re going well. That’s okay. So why are they, you know, are the Russians running a tank into, into, uh, I’m sorry, an air, an anti-air type of vehicle in anyway, look, I don’t know, but I did a Google on this. What is a Stella 10? Let’s take a look.

And it looks like this, which kind of resembles what we were talking about. Previously, throw this into duck dot go. And here’s what you get. This is a Stella 10 air defense, and it doesn’t look like a tank, right? It looks exactly like a portable surface to air missile, mobile missile command, which looks like this, which is what we saw previously. And so you can just sort of compare and contrast the two images sort of looks like that. Now. I still don’t know whether or not it is Ukrainian or Russian, but Rob Lee, who’s somebody who has a little bit more expertise, I’m sure than I do says something like this says a reminder, be skeptical of any initial reports or claims tonight, including from Russian or Ukrainian government sources. Many people said this was a Russian tank in Kia of this morning, but it’s a Ella 10 air defense system.

And almost certainly Ukrainian. Right? And so now you start to ask yourself, you go, well, that’s kind of weird. So why is a Ukrainian tank or surfaced air missile vehicle running over civilian cars then? Well, there’s even more to the story, but I’m not gonna go any further because there’s other video from other angles where it looks like maybe the Ukrainians are kind of fighting themselves saying that there was another Ukrainian in, or the Russians were in Ukrainians gear and somebody else dies in that video. Unfortunately. So not gonna play that one, but there’s a sort of a battle that’s going on off to the side. And it looks like this tank is trying to worked running into the battle and is sort of trying to Dodge, you know, friendly fire or whatever’s going on there and Dodges and swerves and runs over the civilian vehicle.

So you’ve got multiple things are out of context now, right? It’s not one, it may not even be Russian. Number two, it’s not intentional. They’re not intentionally running over the civilian. It is, you know, sort of an accident. It might be friendly fire and it, they, they may be, you know, fighting them who knows, but it got 10 million views as a Russian tank running over civilians. And it’s a gruesome, horrific video makes, but that’s not the only example we have yet. Another one here is another one that came across on Twitter, Gerkin, Gerkin posted this one you can see on February 24th. And I think we played this or something like this, and we’re, uh, sort of commenting on it. This one got 6.8 million in views, 7 28, February 24th, post this with a tag, no comments. And recall, this is at the start of the Russian invasion. Everybody’s posting stuff on Twitter. Everybody is sort of in this fog of war saying the Ukrainian people are under attack. Here’s what the video look like. All right, one more time. We’ll watch that one more time. Freeze frame it.

All right. So this what it looks like if you freeze frame that thing. And so, you know, you, you sort of saw it come through and you’re going, oh my goodness, the it’s February 24th, there’s this massive invasion. Headlines are coming at us all over the place. And you start to see this, get posted all over social media. The Russians are attacking. They’re lobbying missiles at families in residential areas. You hear that kid crying in the background. You’re going, I’m like, gosh, what’s happening. They’re taking out families and kids and women and children with missiles. Well, somebody did a freeze frame on this thing. And they said, wait a minute here, wait a minute. They said, I know that aircraft. And look, I’m not an aircraft. Conis sewer right here. Say, well, let’s do a little outline on this puppy. And somebody recognizes that and they says, that’s not a Russian aircraft.

Let’s look and compare and contrast these old puppies. You can see, this is the freeze frame that comes out of the photograph that we just saw from the video. And look, I, um, I was never real good at that game. You know, compare and contrast these two pictures and find out which thing doesn’t belong, or you know, the differences and you go to the doctor’s office and you have to like find the cat without the necklace on or something. I’m not too good at those. So here’s the difference. These are two different Aircrafts right. And we’ve got two different things. You can see some differences here. I think that you have sort of an elongate to nose here. Uh, this one has, looks like rooms for more, you know, projectiles or missiles. You see two over here versus three over here. Looks like one’s a little bit bigger than the other. You know, I don’t know what the sort of the distance is, but there are differences between the aircraft and people who are in the know. No, and here’s what they said. Rob Lee posted this on Twitter says, look, I don’t know what the full context of that video is or where it happened, but this looks like a MIG 29 fighter, which means it’s probably Ukrainian.

Maybe there were Russian troops near the building, But it’s probably Ukrainian.

Somebody else says, yeah, I concur with that. Looks like it’s a mg. And so people are tracing back, you know, contracts. Well, who bought when right. People know when these things happen and so bought so and so aircraft, right? It’s a $20 billion deal, arms deals, right? This is all published. And people follow this stuff around Bobby Merei is somebody else posted? This says, yeah, indeed it does match the MIG 29, better than a flaker right. Looking like a MIG 29. So social media and people on the internet are identifying these things, but those clips go viral and they’re sort of spread all over the place. And they’re caught up in headlines. You may have caught this headline, which really started out as kind of a photograph. This is a Ukrainian supermodel. Yeah. She is somebody else. Who’s just joining ranks. Just like Zelensky Linsky is of course, the Ukrainian president who suited up in arms gear to go out and fight on behalf of his people.

Didn’t flee Ukraine and scoffed Joe Biden. When Joe Biden said, you wanna come home? He said, no, I’m going to stay here and fight. And a bunch of other people do joined up, including according to the media and many headlines, as we’re gonna see this woman, this woman was miss Ukraine. And look at her, getting armed up there. This headline was spread all over the place. You can see many headlines came up here all over. Yahoo news posted invaders will die on our says, former miss Ukraine. As she trains to fight for her country, she joined thousands of her fellow citizens and armed themselves in preparation to fight. You can see MSN posted this and they’re actually using the photograph here. You have the full photograph. Miss former miss Ukraine, Anastasia Lina has joined the country’s army to fight against Russia in the ongoing conflict.

Fox news. She joins the army, says Russian invaders will be killed women and women on MSNBC. We’ve got over here. Former miss Ukraine from the Toronto son, w F L a here she’s got another photograph, right? Armed up WPT V former miss Ukraine prepares to fight against Russia in a picture with a gun she vows to stand with her country. Hollywood life. Former miss Ukraine takes up arms to fight against the Russian army. Look at that all over the place. Where’d they get that photo from? Well, it came from her Instagram. Here’s what she posted on. Uh, this date looks like 2 22, 22. She says, hashtag stand with Ukraine, hashtag hands off, off Ukraine. And here’s her photo armed up? Well, a lot of people started looking at this gun and if you zoom in a little bit, you say, well, that’s an interesting firearm. You know, I happened to, uh, own a couple myself and I’ve seen, you know, several.

And I was looking at this photograph as was Twitter, and a couple things stand out. We’re gonna pay close attention to things. We’ll take a look at this section here, sort of about the ejection port. And then we’ve got this stock, this sort of, uh, rear stock here that she’s gonna put up against her shoulder blade. And we’re gonna focus on this. Now, if you zoom in on this port, you’ll see, there is, uh, something kind of fishy about what’s going on here. Very fishy here. What is that? Doesn’t look like something you’d normally see. Here’s something that it actually looks like, right? This is sort of the, uh, the innards of a fire. There’s something needs to be there. And you’ve got these little divots here to sort of engage with the various different mechanisms. There’s of a gun. There’s a lot that goes on in there. And so here, just sort of this blank empty thing here, you’re going well, that’s weird. What is she doing there? She, you’re not gonna be effective there if your gun doesn’t have any, uh, any, any guts in the chamber or the weapon.

Okay. So we keep going. And we also notice that the rear is, is looked kinda a plasticy. It kind of looks like a toy. Well that’s because it is, this is an airsoft gun. And, uh, this is what she was talking about. She posted an update today on her Instagram account and says, I am not a military. I am just a human says due to current situation, I want to talk. I am not a military, just a woman, not a human, I’m just a person. And like all people, I am also an airsoft player for years. You can Google what airsoft means. All my pictures were to inspire people. I had a normal life just on Wednesday, like millions of people. I don’t to any propaganda except showing that our women are powerful, strong, and confident. I appreciate all the attention to support all the people of Ukraine. We will win. I was born in live Keve on February, my Federation steps, no guilt we were on. Okay. Right. All, all the stuff. So they were just posting this photo all over the place saying that she was, uh, fighting in the force

In the chest. Like Rob, you don’t know any, like, you don’t know any of the language of the gun. That’s true. I don’t know. I don’t know the details of the firearms, but she doesn’t either. And sh apparently she was on the front line and she was using her here. Now, if you take a closer look at this, right, it all makes sense. If you know that it was air airsoft, doesn’t it take a look right now? You’ve got the airsoft goggles. You’ve got the airsoft, whatever, you know, earpiece. You’ve got these airsoft sort of, uh, I guess knuckle gloves And it, you know, make sure the, at your knuckles don’t get bruised when you get shot with those little plastic pellets. And so it all makes sense. But how many headlines do we just circle like 20 on the front page, headline, headline, headline, headline, headline. Everybody is fired up wild and it wasn’t just miss Ukraine. Who’s arming up folks. It’s even members of parliament, Ukrainian parliament are doing the same thing. Let’s listen to this Ukrainian parliament member. Here’s what she says,

Uh, for the rest of us, that aren’t Ukrainians. I think the world, quite frankly, Kira is surprised by the will of the Ukrainian people to stand up and fight.

Now, listen to this guy.

Well, I’m not surprised. I, uh, we have been fighting, uh, put in for the last eight years.

She’s doing the same thing

Has really revolutions in our country when we did not agree with what was going on with, uh, the direction of where we moving in. But right now it’s a critical time because we know that we not only fight for Ukraine, we fight for this new world, old order for the democratic countries that we had the shield for the Europe.

Oh man. Did she, did she, did she do that? Because she knew that we were all going to like raise our eyebrows when she did that. Well, it worked, we all raised our eyebrows. We don’t like kid she’s saying she’s well, so first of all right, you kind of gotta doubt a couple things. Now you’re sort of taking a look at the gun and she’s using, is that a real thing? Is that also an airsoft gun? Are you also taking up arms? I mean, I don’t know. Maybe she is. I don’t know. Maybe she’s not, or she goes on Fox and this guy is just as excited as can be to talk to her. I mean, he’s just like, listen, listen to this guy,

Uh, for the rest of us, that aren’t Ukrainians. I think the world, quite frankly, Kiera is surprised by the will of the Ukrainian people to stand up and fight. Are you,

It’s just, well, I’m not surprised. I, uh, we have been fighting, uh, put in for the last eight years and we had three revolutions in our tree when we did not agree with what was going on with, uh, the direction of where we moving in. But right now it’s a critical time because we know that we not only fight for Ukraine. We fight for this new world order for the democratic countries. We knew that we are the shield for the Europe

Shield for the Euro shield for the Euro. Ukraine is the shield for the Euro fighting for the new world order. All right. It just gets weirder and weirder. Doesn’t. I mean, we talk about world economic forum. We talk about, uh, what’s happening in Canada. We talk about everything on going on around the world. And, uh, I wanted to share this post with you. This came over from Maji on Twitter. Maji is the guy who was just on the Joe Rogan show. And, uh, I don’t think we talked too much, Joe Rogan here, but, uh, you check, check out that episode if you haven’t, it was a really good episode. And he posted this earlier today. He says, look, this whole Ukraine Russia situation, he says, we gotta be very careful here. The struggles between powerful vested interests over how the rest of us view reality are constant.

There are very, very powerful and motivations at, at play here that are battling over reality and how we view it says, this means that information wars are constant and we are the subjects, Alex Jones. So we are permanently, he writes in a state of both hybrid war and hybrid peace over how to view reality. Hence permanent profit is either normalized or we simply forget seeking truth. Propaganda is normal, or we stop seeking truth says that comes from ORs 84. Or we insist on filtering propaganda in principle and aspire to justice, which relies on seeking truth five. He writes, therefore we are at a crossroad allow centralized sources of information to define reality for us, or encourage decentralized sources of information. So that truth and justice may emerge the type of future. We aspire to depends on it. Whether it’s closed exploited and uncritical and centralized or open, humane, and free decentralized.

Right? And we’ve talked a lot about this here on this channel, talking about two forces at play here, the forces of sort of big government, trying to centralize everything, federalize, everything, even talking about federal encroachment here about, you know, schools, property, health decisions, everything is being gobbled up. And now we’re seeing sort of a, an assembly of opinions yet again, around new issues. Here is another post that I thought was very interesting. I wanted to share with you this guy, I have met him. I’ve heard him speak. His name is Tucker max. And he’s a very, very, uh, sharp guy. He posted this on Twitter. It got a lot of attention, says, you know, a lot of people ask me why I posted about ignoring the Ukraine and Russian war. He says, I don’t know war, but I do know media. And he does. He’s had, uh, many New York times bestsellers.

He’s helped. Many other people become New York times, bests sellers. He’s you know, a very, very media savvy guy, extremely media savvy. He says everything about how the war is being covered is sending up major red flags. To me, two examples. Number one, hero stories pop up immediately. They end up not even being true. We talked about these 13 guards telling the Russian ship. Nope, didn’t happen. Ghost of Keve. Nope. Didn’t happen. Sunflower seed story, et cetera. He says they pop up that’s okay. But he says most telling why this is problematic. The media runs them uncritically. The media just takes stories in runs. Right? Copy paste, copy paste, copy paste. Number two. The biggest weird thing. No one stopped buying oil and gas from Russia. Germany said they’re gonna keep going. Us state department went as far as to say the sanctions are not even designed to stop the flow of gas and we’re gonna come back to that point.

He posted this on February 26th, two days ago. Lot has changed over the weekend, but we are gonna come back to that because Jen sake addresses that to date. He’s saying, okay, so these, these items would account for 30% of the Russian economy. And we’re not gonna turn those off. It’s exactly what we’ve been saying here on this show. Even in the prelude to the invasion we were talking about, this sounded like all bark, no bite. We kept saying that day after day, oh, you’re moving 3,500 troops, 8,500 troops, but they’re not gonna be engaged. You’re doing remote training and all the it’s all barking. There’s no bite behind it. And so you may be telling us what a dangerous war we’re preparing for, but it doesn’t look like that. And here, now we’re talking about all these sanctions and all of these things, and he’s saying, Tucker’s saying it doesn really sound like that.

Now he does concede. Right? And I agree with him. He says, I have no doubt that real Ukrainian civilians are dying and suffering on the ground. And that sucks. But do these actions seems like the actions of waring states, no. In the American media, he writes, it seems like a spectacle put on either distract or manufacture consent. Everybody’s rowing in the same direction. Why is that? And because this guy is so stinking smart, he’s not even gonna play the game, says I’m not gonna fall for it. The primary power media and its masters have over us is our attention.

The I Mary power that media has and its masters, the people who control the media is our attention, right? That’s why they are flooding the war porn everywhere. Tucker writes. I choose not to give it to them. Aside from writing this, of course today he writes today, I’m feeding my cows, going to Brazilian jujitsu, being with my family, you know? And that’s, I think very good advice. You know, I used to say it a lot more than I than I have been recently, but over the weekends, right? Unplugged from politics, go spend time with friends and family because sometimes we can get invested in these things. And once we see the story, I mean me, when I see some of these stories pop up, you know, you instantly get that gutteral emotional reaction and you want to jump on the side of righteousness. Nobody wants to see women and children or men getting killed anywhere in the world.

And nobody likes to see injustice. And everybody wants to spring into action. We all have to ask ourselves myself in particular, who is sending those messages and who’s in control of the people sending those messages and why are they sending it? And why are they sending it at volume 10 right now, if not 11, like Tucker says, is it to manufacture consent consent for what? Or is it to distract from something else? We don’t know. We’re gonna continue to find out. We’ll continue to cover it. And I hope you join us. Don’t forget to subscribe. And don’t forget to hit that light button as we continue to cover it because there is a lot more and we have right now more over the weekend, Putin decided that he was going to escalate the situation. You may have seen this. He came out and said, look, all of these really harsh sanctions coming through things like kicking us out of swift and imposing, even more harsh draconian sanctions. They are squeezing us and they are making us react and we’re not happy about it. And since you are escalating things against rush, we’re gonna escalate things ourselves. And since we have thousands of nuclear weapons, you’re gonna pay attention. Here’s how that sounded when he scolded the rest of the world.

Dear colleagues,

As you can see, Western countries are not only taking unfriendly economic steps, but against our country. I mean the legitimate sanctions, everyone knows about highest ranking officials of the leading native countries are also allowing themselves to make aggressive statements in relation to our country. For this reason, The minister of defense and the chief of general staff to put determin forces of the Russian army on special standby duty.

Okay. So obviously insane, right? The idea that we’re even gonna be, you start, you know, playing around with nuclear weapons is I think something for everybody to obviously be concerned about, you know, it does sort of take us back to that, uh, cold war era philosophy, where you start to think about alliances and where one little thing might go wrong and it might turn into this domino effect with a very serious set of consequences. And then you start throw round ideas, right? There’s a lot of headlines and articles and stories saying Putin’s not so well in the head anymore. You know, we know what it’s like here in the United States to have kind of a, a, a nonfunctional leader. And so if you sort of extrapolate that and say, wonder if they’ve got something like that going on over there, that sounds pretty bad, but, uh, I’m not, I’m not sure we’re gonna find out the whole point of it is right.

That’s the thing is we don’t know what we don’t know. And we don’t know whether any little permutation or problem can cause a catastrophic result. So let’s take a look now after the weekend, once Joe, uh, we’re gonna get to Joe Biden, but before we do, we’re going to make sure we’re familiar about what just happened. Putin just basically threatened the entire world with nuclear war, president, Joe Biden. Can you please help us make heads or tails of this? Do you think we’re going to war? Can you answer any questions about the current state of the, the world Joe Biden landed to the, on the one? This is how it sounded.

Mr. President is winning nuclear President. Are you worried about nuclear?

So he’s still wearing the mask. Obviously. I think the, uh, I think the mandates are,


The policy ends tomorrow. I don’t know. Yikes. It’s just

Yikes. All right.

Okay. So no questions. A lot of people are asking is that even Joe Biden, is he, what is that creature walking through there? And you know, he’s got the mask on, he’s got the glasses on. He, uh, takes no questions. So he just got back from Delaware. The rest of was busy working and doing things over the weekend, but he was just, uh, I think reclining or getting his injections of whatever they get injections of, you know, the tinfoil hats on today. So, okay. So Joe, Biden’s back in charge now. He doesn’t seem too concerned about the, the prospective nuclear war that is, uh, barreling down upon the rest of humanity. Just got a mosey on, in there, under the white house. But, uh, uh, some other people are a little bit concerned about it, including Putin’s own generals. Yeah, that’s right. Putin gave the order and then his generals gave him the old, huh? What, what, what nuclear deterrence, what the hell are you talking about there old putty. We don’t want to really engage in that over this Ukraine situation. We’re gonna watch that a little bit more closely here is Putin giving that order. Once again, before his general gives him the eye.

True standby duty.

Look at that right there. Do you see that one more time?

True. Standby

Duty, standby duty

Right there. Now I isolated it right here. This is the, the actual look like, are you stinking? Kidding me right now? Oh no. He’s saying, he’s saying, are you serious, bro? Right now we’re going nuke status. Yikes. Okay. So now that we know that they mean business and we’re gonna see what the generals do about that. Let’s come back stateside, let’s go domestic. We can see what the us state department is going to say about this. We’ve got now, Ned went to Harvard, as you know, he’s an astute person and this is what Ned had to say. Of course we have a lot of questions and, uh, I’m not gonna hear from Joe today. We got sake coming up. Lincoln, I think took a phone call with, uh, a bunch of people, but I don’t think we heard from him today. Here’s Ned. This is what we get.

Can you give us any sense of what you are reading is of what president Putin meant to yesterday? Is he talking about, uh, battlefield nuclear weapons or was he talking about something?

Any idea, is he incus

That’s my first

Question. Look, I don’t think it is. Uh, why is it responsible for me to try to interpret, try to read into, uh, what president Putin, uh, might have been signaling, trying to signal? Uh, again, we think that this type of rhetoric, uh, is provocative. It is profoundly unhelpful, uh, and it is at its core dangerous. Uh, we think it, it should be avoided.

Yes, it

Should. So to follow up, uh,

Yeah, which is a good look, I’m not gonna beat up on Ned too badly today, but it’s, it’s I think a, a valid point, you know, what, what do you say when he starts throwing that around other than it’s absolutely reckless and I think it’s a terrible idea. What are you supposed to say to somebody threatening to use Nokes? Well, if you nuke us, we’ll nuke you back, you know, it’s sort of, it’s like, like we’re doing that. Here’s Ned a little bit more.

What is your assessment of his state of mind? How are you accessing, uh, that assessment? I mean, are conversations like that with Nat Bennett of Israel yesterday and Emmanuel Macron? Are they helpful? Uh what’s what are the lines of communications to work out what’s going on in his head?

Well, uh, we are going to judge the Russian Federation. We are going to judge president Putin by his actions, uh, and clear his actions, uh, in recent days, uh, have, uh, justified, uh, and given us cause, uh, to justify precisely what we said we would do, uh, in, um, uh, in the, in the run up to this unprovoked. Uh, what is it? Invasion of Ukraine? Uh, president Putin, his cronies, the Kremlin, uh, those around them. Come on. They’re facing, uh, the unprecedented set of economic and financial measures. Uh, just as we promise, not based, uh, on rhetoric, uh, not based on, uh, threats alone, but uh, based on, uh, their actions when it comes to our,

Okay, so listen. Did, did you did he say anything? New look, folks we’ve listened to a lot of Ned. A lot of Anthony blink, a lot of Jen Saki, a lot of KA Harris, a lot of Joe Biden over the last couple weeks, all coming out here, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, right? All the time saying harsh economic sanctions. And he just said the same thing. It took him a minute to say it, but he said, we’re gonna do what we said we’re gonna do, which was imposed sanctions. Took him two minutes to say it. Let’s go back to Ned. Nothing is really changing, which again, you know, which I think is consistent to be honest, which is very consistent. Now my problem with this whole thing, I don’t wanna go to war with Russia. I don’t wanna escalate this thing into a global, you know, catastrophe, which I think many people on both sides of the aisle over here in the United States are all too.

Gung-ho about really doing sort of cartwheels with themselves, high fiving with Lindsay Graham, but in the green room, every everywhere they go saying, oh perfect, we’re gonna get great ratings. The war porn is on in full force. So I’ve never been somebody who supports that. But the rhetoric coming out to the white house has not really matched the action. And so, you know, at least they’re being consistent that they’re really not doing much of anything, but they’re not saying that right. Their rhetoric is, is much different as we’re gonna see when we get to Jen here in the minute, here is what Ned finishes with.

Look here clearly, uh, our relationship, uh, with, uh, Russia and the world’s relationship with Russia, uh, is different today than, uh, it was last week, uh, or than it was, uh, before this, uh, unprovoked crisis began, uh, late last year. Uh, but, uh, we still believe in diplomacy. We know that diplomacy is the only responsible, sustainable, uh, means by which to in this conflict. Uh, it is precisely why we are supporting our Ukrainian partners as they engage in those talks. Other countries around the world have continued to engage with the Russian Federation. If we need to engage with the Russian Federation, we have the ability to do so ourselves, whether it is

Through. Okay. So on that point, right? I think he’s saying that they are, are not engaged with the Russian Federation right there. Right? We, we have, uh, we have the ability to engage with them. Other people are engaged. We are not going to be working with them. We’re gonna judge Russia based on their actions. We’re not gonna be cooperating with them or, or I, I, I, I guess, engaged in diplomacy directly with them. He’s saying, if we need to, we’ll pick up the phone and call them, but we haven’t now, right. We’re gonna judge them by their actions. Which to me, I think is, uh, not a good call personally, you know? And, uh, I don’t know if I would’ve been critical if he had come out and said that we have a direct line of conversation with Russia. I don’t think I would’ve been critical if he would’ve said that because look, folks, you know, the way I view this, it’s a loss game. You know, there, there are no winners. If this turns into a nuclear situation, everybody loses it. The whole, the whole game is over, right? So I think the old sort of posture about, you know, this hard line, you know, whatever stuff it’s like, look, it it’s, it’s a complex situation. I think it makes sense to have open lines of communication, not sure that the, through

The state department, whether it is through, uh, the defense department, whether it is through, uh, any other, uh, channel we have, uh, with the Russian Federation.

So those, the deconfliction lines are open in terms of with defense or with state that they’re there.

We have maintained deconfliction channels with the Russian Federation for the better part of a decade. Now, again, we think that, uh, the ability to communicate clearly, uh, is in some ways, even more important during times of crisis and that conflict as we are in now, uh, than it would otherwise than it otherwise would be.

That’s good. I totally agree with that. I totally agree with that. I think deescalation is the most important thing. The psychopaths out there on the Republican and the democratic side here that are like put in no fly zones and start taking out the Russian aircraft out of the skies and send in NATO and just go wipe out the Russian going. You guys are nuts. That’s not the answer. As far as I can tell here is what Ned pride is telling the Russian people, Ned price sent this said, Hey, we don’t blame you for the actions of your government. And I think they put this together on Etsy or something like that, or on the what’s the Canva something, maybe they can make these on Instagram or TikTok now, but they did want its state department. It says to the people of Russia, you deserve to live with security and dignity. Like all people everywhere, no one seeking to jeopardize that you do not deserve a pointless war with your neighbors, friends, family, and in Ukraine. And he writes, uh, to the people of Ukraine, you deserve to live in peace as do you. The people of Ukraine deserve to live in peace.

And I think that’s the message. So that’s the state department. Now. They’re also getting together a lot of money, a lot of money in times of war, very, very, you know, useful to just put it on a pallet and send it over to foreign countries. And so, uh, the us government is very good at that. I mean, they’re like really slow on most things, but if a foreign country needs pallets of cash, they can make that happen quickly. Here is Ned talking about how that’s gonna work here.

As the people of Ukraine can continue to fight with courage and pride for their country, we will continue to provide them the assistance that they need. As you know, over the weekend, secretary Lincoln authorized a third assistance package of up to $350 million for immediate support to Ukraine’s defenses, bringing the total security assistance over the past year to more than 1 billion,

1 billion bucks,

Cranes, frontline defenders. We thank several allies and partners who have also joined us to expedite additional security assistance to Ukraine. We welcome more contributions from all allies and partners to give Ukrainians this support. They need to defend themselves against Russian Russian and provide the assistance to the people of Ukraine.

All right. So Ned is reporting a billion bucks over there to Ukraine, which is like tip money for the us government, especially the military. What is that like? You know, what is it? What’s the defense budget, like 900 billion, something like that. It’s ridiculous a lot. So it’s like tip money, not even a big deal, but we do have Jen sake now. So, so, uh, Joe Biden sort of MOSY is on way lurched his way on in there, the oval office. And so we’re gonna have to hear from Jen today, Jen, uh, we have a first clip from her. I forget what it is cuz you know, we’ve got so many of Jen here is Jen giving us all in America, an update on the situation.

Well, president Putin has been

One of the, this clip. I’m pretty sure Jen stole this line. All right. Pay close attention, cuz we’re gonna compare and contrast this with somebody else. Here is Jen and giving us, uh, giving us a, giving

Us a wine greatest unifiers of NATO.

One more time.

Well, president Putin has been one of the greatest unifiers of NATO, uh, in modern history. Uh, so I guess that is one thing we can thank him for. Uh, but I would just look at, um, Amer some of the,

Okay. Putin is one of the greatest unifiers in NATO history. Did you see that line? And she was waiting for an applause line, but it didn’t come because she’s in the press Corps and they’re, uh, mostly NPCs in there, but it was that line, you know, very interesting line. And I was paying attention to some of the, uh, late night news shows yesterday or some of the clips rather, oh, uh, Glen Greenwall, she or this clip, uh, because it came over from Michael Tracy on Twitter and they were watching some of the Fox news Sunday shows. And uh, here, remember this woman, Conda rice, remember the, the woman who was very, uh, much involved in the invasion of Iraq and part of the George Bush administration, somebody who knows a lot about invading other countries. Um, you know, she had a very interesting line here when she was talking to this other Fox news host, who also is just giddy for war let’s listen.

Well, and I have argued that when you invade a sovereign nation, that is a war crime. I mean, I think we’re at, at, at just a real basic basic point there, the

Volumes though, I’d it is certainly against every principle of, of international law and international order. And that’s why throwing the book at them now in terms of economic sanctions and punishments is also a part of it. And I think the world is there, uh, certainly NATO is there, listen, he’s managed to unite NATO in ways that I didn’t think I would ever see again after the end of the gold war.

Really? Yeah. Yeah.

All right. So the audios will little bit low on that. I know. Let me see if I can fix it real quick. No, probably not.

When you invade us

NATO in ways there he’s, he’s managed to unite NATO in ways that I didn’t think I would ever see again after the end of the cold war.

Really? Yeah. Yeah.

All right. So I, the audio’s low on that. I apologize, but that was con Lisa Rice saying, you know, Putin was somebody who was able to night NATO in ways that I never ever thought possible. And so here’s Jan of course, stealing that line.

Well, president Putin has been one of the greatest unifiers of NATO, uh, in modern history. Uh,

Now isn’t that interesting that you see two people on opposite sides of the political aisle, opposite sides of the political spectrum, mortal enemies, Democrats and Republicans using the same line. Right. They’re sort of, uh, I got, I think they got the same memo from their fax machines. They said, oh, what’s the, what are we saying today? Oh yeah. Say that’s stupid Putin NATO line. All right, I’ll go say it. And so they all went out and say it because all giddy to just go dive into war aren’t they doesn’t matter whether it’s on Fox or coming out of the white house. They say the same garbage.

So I guess that is one thing we can thank him for. Uh, but I would just look at, um, Amer some of the announcements that have been made even over the last couple of days, one, the president has always been a, an advocate and a supporter of, uh, countries abiding by the two, uh, component. Uh, he was a supporter of that back when he was vice president, where why didn’t he do it? There was a great deal of progress made before the last president even took office and talked to.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So why was Trump complaining

About it? Look even over the past course of the past weekend, uh, not only did you see a NATO Alliance that was incredibly unified, uh, and, and among Europeans, uh, that there needed to be additional assistance provided in the form of security assistance, uh, to Ukraine. Uh, but you saw, uh, a number of countries take steps that they had not taken in recent history. Germany has historically not sent weapons to conflict zones this weekend. They changed course Sweden, uh, also has not changed, uh, sent arms to countries in active conflict, uh, that changed this weekend. Finland also changed course, not all NATO members of course, but the point is, what you’re looking at here is a unified Europe, a unified west, a unified NATO, uh, who are standing up, uh, to the aggression and the invasion, uh, led by president Putin.

All right. So I are those like walnuts on her chest or what are those? I don’t know, but it’s the same line that Condoleeza was saying. She said that, you know, NATO is unified and everybody is now, uh, working together and you go, that’s great. That’s great. That’s like Putin’s entire argument, right? Is that NATO keeps expanding. He was saying, can you just not put Ukraine in a part of NATO? Like, it might make sense to make it a buffer zone in between the two states, like go study world war. I, you know, it’s a problem when you have these big, uh, uh, you know, sort of, uh, tangled alliances that engage, uh, big, bigger nation states against one another. And so they’re talking about that and she just comes back and says, yeah, NATO is unified. That NATO is not getting their way. Great. Everybody would expect that. But Jen continues on and they do have some additional steps and actions that they are taking against the Russian and the Russian government here is another story where sake is telling us that they are booting out the diplomats, all the Russian diplomats you’re outta here. Here’s what she says. Um,

One breaking news development that I wanted to ask you about the us has expelled

Question S has expelled diplomats, Russian

Diplomats, the Russian ambassador,

Russian ambassador said a

Short time ago. That that means is a hostile step

Toward Russia said, it’s hostile. Can

You give us the thinking behind the decision? And, and again, following up on some

Of the lines, why did you throw them out? Could

There be a backlash

To this stuff? And is there gonna be a backlash? Can we

First say that today’s action has been in the works for several months? Uh,

What is with the audio?

The United States informed the United nations and the Russian mission to the United nations?

All right. Some of these are, these are, these are low audios. Let’s try this one. This is socking now on gas, oil, and gas. So hopefully this is a, a little bit louder, but here’s sake talking about, uh, whether we’re still gonna be buying gasoline from the Russians. What is

The stance of the us and buying Russian gas at this point at, at this point, are we ready to pledge not to buy any more Russian gas?

Well, uh, as you know, it’s really, uh, let me give you actually kind of an update on this because it’s, it’s, um, I think there’s been a little confusion. One moment.

All right. So Russian gas remember

Tucker’s point. So as it relates to Russian gas, us government doesn’t dictate, uh, where the us market sells our own oil and gas products or where it acquires crude or refined products from

Oh, the us market doesn’t dictate. Okay. So from,

For domestic consumption, this is all up to the private sector other than exceptions, like countries under sanctions. Uh, so the us refiners currently importing Russian products are largely legacy refinery operations, tooled in Hawaii and Alaska for certain supplies because of geography and imports to the Gulf, both of certain fine products and accrued as refiners in the Gulf, mixed crude supplies to meet the needs of their particular refinery designs. There have been companies, obviously private sector companies who have made decisions and announcements. And we certainly applaud that.



Can you just explain though what you laid out at the beginning? So I’m a little bit unclear you just, just in layman.

So she say, okay, so you didn’t answer that question at all. Could you mind explaining it to me again? Are you still buying Russian gas? Yes. Or no

Terms? We, we are not going to be making any policy from the us government that would prohibit, um, the sale or the, the purchase of Russian gas then, because it’s not something that we already do. We

Haven’t ruled out that. But I think what I wanted to convey is what is accurate about what happens now and how it currently works.

Okay. Well, so, so, so I guess so, so she goes on to the next question, but I guess the next follow up question would be why haven’t you stopped allowing markets to buy Russian gas. Right. You know, and it’s because it’s, it goes right back to Tucker’s point, Tucker Max’s point now, Tucker Carlson’s point Tucker’s point about no, it’s they look, are they really at war? Like, is, is everybody really mad at Russia? Why are they still buying all the gas outta Russia, then Jen, are you gonna stop buying Russian gas? Uh, well, I mean, we haven’t, you know, stopped before buying Russia and we don’t interfere with the markets previously. And so we’re just gonna kind of let the status quo rule stay the status quo. I, I know, but the rest of you have been talking about how awful Russia is and how everybody needs to do something about this, and you could do something about it.

And why aren’t you? Well, next question. Okay. So you can see a little bit frustrating to get any details or answers out of anybody, but they are going to have to, is, is today the state of the union? When is the state of the union for crying out loud state of the, is that tonight state of the union? I thought it was usually on Tuesday, right? Is it? I can’t remember folks. Is it tonight? What to know March one. Yeah. It’s March one, right? It’s on Tuesdays. I thought that’s tomorrow. So state of the union is gonna going on tomorrow. Now we’ve got the Biden team who is coming out and revising their, uh, speech because he’s gotta come out and address a whole slew of problems. One of them happened to be this Russia Ukraine situation. And, uh, since they’re revising their speech, what are they going to include in it? Biden team is revising it to address Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. The new version is gonna reflect the way the crisis has added urgency to his longtime theme of defending democracies. Can you believe this garbage coming out of the Washington post? Biden’s gonna talk about defending democracies. Meanwhile, they are literally fencing in the capital building and the Washington post has the audacity to use that as a title image in their reporting.

And so I poked around Twitter, the state of the union’s taking place tomorrow, and they are rapidly assembling fences. We talked about this yesterday, and we’re gonna go through a couple of these before we jump into your questions from our friends at watchingthewatchers.locals.com and some of the super chats that came across here on YouTube, but here, uh, this person vegan, vegan skater, DC, Maureen Harrington, posted us on Twitter, says, uh, hashtag capital fence and other security being implemented this morning. So go give her a follow she’s keeping tabs on this. And you can see, I don’t think that’s a DC convoy trucker. I don’t think that’s a people’s convoy trucker there, but I’m not sure, but you can see there is a truck there and they are just rapid Lee putting up fences area closed. You can see, watch this video, Concrete barriers dropping ’em one after another, and those are going on the pillars, right? So those are going on the, uh, Basically acting as like foundation. Look at that.

Look at that. I’m I guess it’s those truckers who are coming to DC, you know, who are gonna be taking over the capital building. And so they’ve got a, they’ve gotta barricade it up. And so you can see you, these are sort of, uh, the pillars and they’ve got these footprints down at the bottom of the pillars, and they’re putting these concrete barriers right on the top of them to sort of like anchor them down. So, you know, those are not moving anywhere. Uh, presumably here is another version of this. So this person is driving around the backside. So this is, uh, Lisa Orka. Her name is Alisa maim. She’s also on Twitter. If you wanna give her a follow here is, uh, what this person’s posting. And you can see, I believe this is the library of Congress, uh, over here on this side, we’re gonna see the fountain over here and then, uh, he’s gonna turn to the right and you’re gonna see it’s all barricaded up. And he’s gonna say how quickly this happened, watch, Turn around

Fence. So this is just, uh, unbelievable or make it left here. I don’t know. I don’t know what to say about it. I mean, I, I guess this went over the last couple days. I hadn’t seen it yet. So this is the first time I’m seeing it. Um, but just, uh, I don’t even what to say. I don’t have words for this. So there’s a there’s guys. There’s a, a new fence went up overnight basically last couple days. Must have been all the flags here flying at half staff. I’m not sure why that is. Um,


You get, see the flags here?


Alright, so they are bracing for impact. I, I guess something’s happening. They even decided that they wanted new D uh, uh, national guard to come in over to Washington DC. They said, you know, we might be under assault here in America. Again, you know, in, somebody might take our podium again. And so we need to get armed up. They sent a request over to Ron Des down in Florida. Can you send us your national guard, please? We’ve been, uh, refusing to deliver you COVID supplies and we hate your freedom, but can you send your national guard here? We’re the federal government. We’re like the Kings and we just decide who comes. And Ron said, we’re not gonna do that. No, thanks. He posted this on Twitter today, said last week, the Biden administration requested the assistance of state national guards to deploy to Washington. DC says I have rejected this request. There will be no Florida guards sent to DC for Biden’s state of the union.

But thanks for asking though, Joe, and I think you’re gonna see you a lot more of this folks. I think you’re gonna see states sort of in sort of pseudo rebellion from the government. I think we’ve talked about this here before in Missouri, right? I think there was the, the, uh, second amendment case. I think they’re being sued by the DOJ for just saying, no, we’re not enforcing your stupid laws and we’re passing our own that protect our citizens, even if they conflict with yours. So I think we’re gonna see a lot more of this. It’s not a bad thing either. Let’s see what you have to say about it over from our friends at watchingthewatchers.locals.com. See if we’ve got any questions that have been coming in. We’ll do a refresh here. I see a S a couple super chats came in on YouTube. We’ve got Dan count with one earlier, said the greatest threat to democracy scene is an uneducated public Thomas Jefferson.

No, it’s easy to just keep people, you know, plugged into their series and their sports. And you know, all of the other things that pull people away from, you know, thinking turn on the media, right. I I’m guilty as anybody. I turn on stuff and I get sucked in and plugged in. But is that education, is that knowledge or is that entertainment? Are we turning war into entertainment? Ricky Bishop says that child scream. It makes me so sad. Yeah. I think was on the car, on the, uh, Russian or Russian tank running over another vehicle. Yeah. It was a horrible thing. It makes your stomach churn. No doubt. Fortunately. He’s okay. Dan count also said, by the way, that’s an airsoft gun being held by miss Ukraine. You can tell by the bolt and the lack of safety. Yeah. So there you go. A bolt, right? So, so, uh, you know, a bolt is maybe what I should have called that. Dan Kount says, this is the Truman show. JK win says, check out the Duran on YouTube. They do great work. So yeah. Check them out. The Duran, the D U R a N the Duran. Definitely check those out. All right. And let’s go check out. What’s happening here on locals.

We have here, social Viking says, Rob, I’m on the ground here. Getting family out of Ukraine. If you want any facts on the ground. Well, yeah. Social Viking. Yeah, of course. Yeah, of course we do. Uh, I hope you’re safe, man. Holy moly and your family too. I didn’t know that I had no idea. So that kind of caught me by surprise O Viking is in Ukraine, man. We’re praying for you. Good luck. All right. And yes, we’d love to hear from you. Keep us posted Vient kisses here says, can someone say memes? We have this one, uh, Dr. Fauci says, I am science. Ned price says, I am the evidence. Judge Dred says, I am the law. And group says, I am. It’s pretty much pretty simple. I think you can see it. Jeremy is here, says, I know that people regurgitate sensational stories, Willy nilly, without taking the time to validate ’em social media makes it easy to push these out.

I blame this on laziness and FOMO. People have always had to fine tune their BS meters as it is an essential skill to survive in this world. I was thinking about that a lot too, Jeremy, you know, I was thinking, you know, when did we get to the point where everybody had to be like fact checked on everything and everything had to be factually accurate and true. And like all of this stuff, you know, it’s like, look, I mean, you have to make those decisions on yourself. Don’t you? I, I think like Joe Rogan sort of popularize this, you know it, while pull it up, Jamie, pull it up, fact, check it. And like people decide like that’s the standard that I think applies to everybody. Like you can’t, you know, there are just some things where you’re just having conversations with people and not everything has to be fact check and you can use logic and reason to still talk about principles and concepts without being accurate about, you know, state, uh, data and statistics and all of those things.

But now, you know, I was listening to, uh, who was it? Oh, Lex Friedman and mark Zuckerberg had a, had an interview. And Zuckerberg was telling about his fact check committee, the oversight committee over at Facebook, Hey, this is the most insane thing I ever heard about. They are the purveyors of truth. And so they’re gonna decide whether you can even have a conversation if it might involve something that is not factual, it’s nonsense. Like you can have conversations that aren’t factually accurate that are very pro conversations. Jeff R says, Rob, it seems any source of news, whether it’s legacy or independent is either on either extreme between Russia’s losing their economy is failing and Russia’s fine. The west is in the wrong. I’ve spent most of my time trying to square the circle between where did this go?

Okay, here it, this, do you okay? I’ve spent most of my time trying to square the circle between the vastly different perspectives. Do you have any sources? Be it media orgs, or individuals that you fair feel are reliable, fair source on separately, domestic world events, PS, I just started watching them, but S two underground on YouTube has been doing Intel briefs on Ukraine seems to be not on Russia’s side, but they’re format looks to be focused on actionable intelligence rather than propaganda. Yeah. Look, I get a lot of my news from Twitter and there is one list that is what’s cool about Twitter is you can actually have public lists and the public lists will allow you to follow a list of other people who are good follows. And so let me pull this one up. There is this list it’s called Russia Ukraine 2022.

Here it is by at Bob Gourley vetted sources to check continuously during the 2020 Ukraine crisis. So, uh, just search for this guy search for this list. And I think a lot of these people, I don’t know if this leans one way politically or the other, or I don’t really sort of follow it for that. Right. I’m sort of following, uh, he’s got, you know, the Intel crabs on here. You’ve got, uh, CDR, Sal, you know, I, I dunno, who’s on here, but Russia, Ukraine, 2022, sort of a good list with a lot of stuff on there. And so that might be worth your wild. Let’s see what else we’ve got peel. Wally says I’m so fat it up with the Western coverage of the situation. Especially since our governments have been involved in an illegal war in Iraq with very little fuss created about it.

Even after it declared illegal, nobody faced any war crime charges. Then you have the situation in the middle east, where is the outcry for the Palestinians, the hypocrisy of media coverage and the public outcry may makes me sick. The same narrative with COVID media, public outcry took over everything. Shaming. The people who refuse to, to get the jab is like shaming. The Russians. Now sporting wise, everybody just jumps on ’em. It’s like a sporting event says it’s a ridiculous situation, Rob that’s from peely, Wally. Right? It feels like that it’s sort of like a dog pile. And, uh, when everybody is rowing the same direction and everybody’s telling you something is a certain way. And really the kicker is that if you object to it or ask questions in an alternative manner, now suddenly you’re castigated. And you’re like this little dictator Putin, wannabe. And when that happens, it’s like, okay, we’ve, we’ve seen this story before we had that with COVID just live through two years of that crap, right.

Everybody who doesn’t abide by the rules is killing grandma. Well, now everybody who that just jump on the bandwagon is, uh, killing Ukrainians. And I think, uh, beyond that, right, it’s, it’s not even, it’s not even that they’re not even sort of, I think framing this as a, as a plight of Ukrainian people. I think they’re framing this as a plight of like Western democracy, like America is at stake. NATO is at stake. The entire way of life in west student life is gone. If we don’t get this all under control and you’re going, are you psycho? What are you talking about? All right. So let’s go back to thunder seven. Hi Rob. Here’s the real story of the border guards and snake island. It’s more propaganda tool. Yeah, we covered, I think most of that thunder seven, I think we got to most of that today.

I’m not gas is saying, Hey, Rob, let me know if you want some info sources from the Russian side, obviously 100% biased, but at least you can see the other side of the propaganda, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, et cetera. Only has UK, uh, Ukraine favorable stuff. I’d love it. Yeah. I mean, look, you know, I’m, I’m sort of, I gobble it all up. I’m uh, an equal opportunity. Skeptic skeptical about everything, especially in this situation. I mean, I’m, I’m sort of skeptical by training. I’m a defense lawyer. I don’t believe anything. Anything the government tells us and I don’t care who it comes from. Jeff R is here, says, I swear to sweet baby Jesus. I paused the stream and commented about unreliability of news sources, press play 15 seconds later. You’re talking about the unreliability of news sources on Ukraine. Well, I’m glad we’re in sync on that. Jeff R and that is exactly the gift I was talking about. That’s how I feel today, man.

Oh, it’s just perfect. Just wrap it up. I don’t believe anything. Just wrap it up, man. Keep going and lob it up. Cuz it’s 100% true. I’m not gas as the scary thing about propaganda is it doesn’t matter if you show the true story and disprove literally every story. If you are past the five days, fresh news cycle already out of people’s attention and they’re gonna believe whatever quote feels right. And that feeling is shaped by getting bombarded with one side of the story constantly day in and day out. Yeah. And look, I’m not gas. Don’t forget about this. Right? This Russian boogieman has been in the zeitgeist. It’s been in the public conscience for my whole life, my whole life. Right? It’s always been Russia, Russia, Russia, all, all, all the way. Look, I was born in the eighties. So all the way since the eighties with Ronald Reagan and Gobi tear down this wall and all that stuff, right.

And it’s been this boogieman my whole life. It Trump, you know, it was 2008, 2014 in the same cycle, the same region. And so now they just bring out Putin again. Oh, Putin. Well let’s, I don’t know. We’re losing the story on COVID we’re losing the story on you. All of these things inflation’s out of the, everything is miserable. Oh, I better bring out Putin again. You know? Okay. Make everything about Putin. It says we’ve seen, used against us with the truckers elections. It is 100% being used in every aspect of geopolitics agree. Three girly says all is fair in love and war propaganda, mental head games and false flags have been a part of war since the Dawn of time. The only difference is that now we can see it with all the cameras and the media thinks they can profit from it. They sensationalized Trump and God out ratings.

The media are sick, perverted and demented for sensationalizing war for ratings. Instead of it just being something that exists on the battlefield, it has completely permeated the consumers of the corrupt media complex. I couldn’t agree with you more on that three girlies and actually makes me sick. Sort of watching some of these people on the mainstream media, a like gleeful, like it, it, it allows them to be emotional. You know, it’s like the way I think about it. It’s like an actor getting to play that part, you know? Oh my God, that’s my dream part. I mean, I’ve been working my whole life 10 years to sort of, you know, have my moment. And now I get to finally audition for this next big thing. And I’m just so grateful. The opportunity. It’s the same thing here. It’s war, baby. Now they get to do those, you know, big, long soliloquies and they’re and another day of a catastrophe for the poor men and women in Ukraine. My goodness, we’ve been seeing this for days and days on end, they are suffering and struggling out there night after night, just fighting for democracy and freedom later today, we’re gonna talk to another member of parliament. Who’s been out there fighting for her country every day, waking you going, wait, just shut up for a minute. We’re tired of hearing. You make up a bunch of stuff.

All right, sea Reed is here, says so the way I see it, Ukraine needs $1 billion in humanitarian. My plan. So taxpayers are not on the hook for this. Can’t just send 2000 hunter Biden, original paintings,

Uh, shoot. We can even send hunter. He’s an expert on Ukraine and he’s the smartest person. Joe Biden knows all the better. Now that Biden is F JB L GB. We say so if you notice all the Z on Putin’s tanks, trucks, and equipment, if this is real and seeing it is there is no Z in the Russian language, it brings me to only one conclusion. If Putin team is the Z, that would make any of his adversaries, not Z, well played Putin. If you notice the Azos battalion flag, you see the flying and the flying, uh, things say, uh, here, disclaimer, these are not any of Robert Gove thoughts. Thank you. Drive through March 4th. Freedom is gonna be awesome. Let’s hope it doesn’t get narrated by the January 6th select committee that’s from see Reed. Love it. Heather says, man, that guy’s gonna have one hell of a story to tell his grandkids.

It’s true. The guy in the car who got run over. Yeah. So there I was, we were being invaded by the Russians. Again. I know it was the third time and I was going to get milk because we had run outta milk. And so I saw another Russian convoy and I was, oh gosh, here we go again. It’s not gonna be anything D for. And suddenly he ran over me and I tell you what I thought I was done for. But fortunately I was in my four TAs and it came with, uh, airbags. All right. Uh, what’s happening right now. Speech unleashed says, please tell me, at least tell me the part about the Ukrainian officers telling the Russian military to F U was at least true. Even if they didn’t end up killed. I just wanna be proud. They said that to Russian soldiers, if at least that part is true.

And I don’t know about that speech. I think it might be actually be true, right? Because we actually listened to the audio on there and the audio, I think I don’t speak Ukrainian or Russian, but I think that that’s what they said. And they released the audio. So they probably did actually say that we have here thunder seven says the same fake news in the same group who screamed to Russia, Trump collusion and January 6th, insurrection are now screaming. That world war II is here. And Putin is the new Hitler. Are people still buying the propaganda and lies? Yes. I guess the quote by mark Twain is really true. It’s easier to fool people then to convince them that they’ve been fooled. Yeah. Because people don’t want to be foolish. And if you show them that they’ve been fooled, they now feel foolish. And so they’d rather just be wrong or suffer than actually admit that horrific thing eon te is here, says that pick of the woman with air airsoft, crazy, that piece you were pointing to is the bolt carrier.

That’s what I was talking about. Thank you. On another note, have you been hit with an airsoft pellet in the eye? She could blind the invaders one eyeball at a time. It’s true. Maybe she’s a good shot. She’s like a little sniper airsoft sniper, right? Between the eyes. But that wouldn’t be useful. You actually hit ’em in the eyeball, I think. And then maybe they’d probably be what temporarily injured would they go blind? I guess it depends. So I’ve I’ve uh, I don’t think I’ve ever been shot with an airsoft gun in the eyeball. That’s true. I don’t know. Might take you out three. Girly says I saw the parliament woman earlier. I thought she said that they were the shield Europe. Well, maybe that’s true. I could have heard that wrong. Uh that’s that sounds better actually. Now that I think about it, she’s been on Fox multiple times and another woman who has believed to be in a bunker with her kids said that the people who could fight, fight people that cook cook and the people who speak English, talked to news outlets to get the stories out that she was holding her child or that she would be fighting like a dragon mama.

But there were two guys who were also interviewed that said that they were issued weapons. But when asked about if they had ammunition, they said they didn’t have much and pressed even further, the guy couldn’t answer, like he didn’t even know what to say. So do you have any bullets for those guns? Also, there are pictures of the weapons and you can see that some are wooden cutouts, even in videos, you can see that some people are carrying cutouts mixed with other carrying weapons. So I have not seen that. That’s from three girlies, which is wild. You just have to question it everything. I wouldn’t wouldn’t surprise me a minute. Miss lucky says Sergeant Bob from Sergeant Bob, someone, please tell me where president Trump made mistakes in foreign policy, energy policy, trade policy, et cetera. Hmm. The silence is deafening. Well not from Trump.

He’s out there saying yes. I told you all idiots, this was gonna happen. I think he’s actually, he’s actually calling, what did he say? Oh, he said our leaders are dumb. Right? He said that I think the other day monster one says, uh, Rob, the tank guy was clearly acting in self defense. He saw that guy in the car was not wearing a mask and to action to protect himself from that obvious bioterrorist that’s true. That’s true. That guy was his ma he was probably pulling his mask up at the last minute. He said, uh, oh shoot. They, uh, they caught me. We shouldn’t be laughing about any of this stuff. It’s not funny. There’s war going on, captain Jim. Hey Rob, there’s a bill proposal in the Russian parliament that calls her up to 15 years in prison for spreading fake news about Russian action.

Are you kidding me prior to that? Quite a few prominent figures got their airtime acts for calling the situation war instead of a military operation, as the government refers it to. And this, my friend is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s a continuation of what’s been going on in Russia for the past 20 years. Look by by question, what is happening in no way, am I ever endorsing anything that Putin is doing right? We’ve covered a lot of his situ what what’s happening over there, the way that he treats people, his citizens Naval, and many others, right? It’s a horrific situation, but we wanna make sure that we’re connected with reality and not just believing that miss Ukraine is GI Joe out, out there wiping out the Russian army for crying out loud. Thunder seven says the blonde is a she for the Davos Schwab crowd, but it’s very good advertising for anyone to go out and buy an AR.

Even for those who believe in gun control, lunatic left in America, pushing for taking away. The second amendment must be crying in their soy lattes. Every time the media show her standing and proud holding a gun. Yeah, I think it’s pretty, uh, sort of a interesting note, right? They didn’t have second amendment rights. They get invaded. Suddenly they start passing out a bunch of guns, but many liberals who are in support of that action would still wanna take your guns away. Back home here in the United States. No idea why that might be, but why might happy speech says, why is Biden wearing a mask outdoors when there was no one around him at all? It makes no sense at all. That’s true. I don’t know either speech. I don’t know, but he continues to do it. Three girlies is here, says on a side note, youngest girly said, hi, what’s up youngest.

Girly said, she likes your purple shirt, says it brings out your beard, but she thinks she would look better in a black suit and a bow tie. LOL says she wants to know your view of lawyers in bow ties. Well, you know, three girlies. This question has come up before and I don’t know how I, I answered that. Um, I’ll tell you this. I unfortunately do not have any bow ties, but maybe I should get one. You know, Tucker Carlson started out with the bow tie and look what that got him. He’s doing pretty well for himself. So maybe it is a good idea. I’ll have to think about it. Youngest, girly. I appreciate it. It’s good fashion advice. I’ll have to, I’ll have to give it some thought. Let’s see what else we’ve got over from our friends on locals. I saw another couple came across here on YouTube.

We have here. See goody says DeSantis passed red flag laws. Screw him. I didn’t know that that’s to egregious of an offense to forgive. He’ll never get my vote. Second amendment all the way. So if red flag law being, you know, you sort of preemptively revoke somebody’s ability to possess firearms based on, uh, mental history or something like that. I don’t know the specifics of what DeSantis did, but worth looking into for sure. Thank you for that. See, goody Dan count is here, says y’all remember when COVID first popped off and had MF first scared to cough. Yeah, I do remember that at people are still sort of like that in some parts of the world, you know, the, uh, the COVID bubble wrap hypochondriacs, you know, the people who, you know, who I’m talking about, I don’t need to venture into that much further, but yeah, I do.

Right. Everybody coughs are sniffles and everybody’s like racing for the exits. Relax. It’s allergies, not a big deal. Thank you for that. C count. Uh, Dan count and C goody. We have another one from captain. Jim says, Rob, the Russian general you zoomed in on is Sege show. You he’s been around for quite a few years. A loyalist. I doubt he was caught off guard. Thy will be done is what captain Jim says, but there are also Russians in high places that haven’t been on board with the whole thing, since the get go, one of the UN reps made a statement to that effect and issued an apology to Ukraine just the other day. Yeah. The UN was meeting today and I had a couple clips, but I think we’ll save some of that for tomorrow. But yeah, I mean, that’s the other question, you know, if, if the, if the west puts enough pressure on Putin and he squeezes enough, does he buckle?

Does he get ousted? Does he retaliate? Does he respond? Because if you corner a rat, what does it do? It bites. But if you don’t corner it, it might just run away. We don’t know. How’s it gonna work here? We’ll have to find out one tough chick says if I remember correctly, president has lost reelection during a war. Might this be why the Biden administration is war monering? It’s a good question. Yeah. You know, I think it’s a very good question. One tough chick. And you know, if you game that out a little bit, I think it leads to sort of, uh, dire thoughts. Doesn’t it? Because what would unify a country that is war out that doesn’t want any more war that was really sick of Iraq, really sick of Afghanistan watched the entire military apparatus fail in the of Afghanistan that doesn’t really want to get involved in the Ukraine situation with Russia, can’t imagine a world war II situation.

What would be something that would galvanize the entire populace to sort of supporting a president? A wartime president it’d have to be something pretty big, wouldn’t it? Hopefully that doesn’t happen. Hopefully there isn’t anything big that, uh, causes everybody to respond. And the whole thing just peacefully, quietly fizzles out V kisses here says Rob, when it comes to Russia and economics, let’s remember just a few things. Putin also has ties to the world economic forum. That’s right. I think he was a young global leader and uh, he got, got, um, name checked in that same cloud Schwab, uh, clip at the Robert F. Kennedy or John F. Kennedy school of government in Harvard, Russia sold off. Most of its us debt that it owned in 2018. Russia had been working with many countries to create trade based on currencies. Other than the dollar they’re not stupid there aware of the real reason, Gaddafi was vilified and killed by the us Russia learned from what happened to Venezuela with the banks in England, moved to its gold within its own borders.

If the west completely sanctions Russia, Germany’s gonna suffer because it needs gas. Russia is also the world’s largest supplier of wheat. We talked about that on the show and between Russia and Ukraine, they’ve got a big of global supply. The violent coup that happened in 2014 and Ukraine was on February 21st. And I think wrapped up on the 23rd, the date of the invasion, or very near to that, I think it’s when they made, uh, they outlawed Russian as an official language or something like that. There was some symbolic reason for that date. NATO has invaded many sovereign countries under false pre NATO has no reason to exist, says Ticus without there being an enemy to it. How many times do people invent things just to justify their own existence, various astute observations there from Ticus great comment. I think a lot of, uh, relevant, uh, variables in the entire equation.

Okay. We have some more here. We had one that came in earlier from former L Leo says I’m so confused that the only way I can move forward is to believe no one, the true shall set you free. Doesn’t apply anymore. Just different levels of dishonesty. Either everything is true or nothing is true. We should send Trump over there to talk to potent, get things resolved. That’s from former L EEO. We had another one. Oh yeah. This is about the us bio weapons. So I heard this, uh, well, I’m not gonna get into this one. Now this is from ENT kiss, but we’ll take a look at that later. Former EEO says, hopefully someone’s gonna contact El gore and have him turn off the internet because he invented the internet. Well, Elon turned it back on. He sent over Starlink and I guess delivered a bunch of dishes, 5 0 3 says there’s a cyber security in coined by a Lennox distro.

It goes the quieter you become, the more you can hear, feel like it’s very relevant concept these days. Yeah. I, I agree with that. Uh, very much so 5 0 3 I’m Le I’m reading a great book right now. It’s called mastery by Robert Green, really good book. And he talks a lot about that saying that, you know, real masters will learn to quiet the noise out, sort of eliminate a lot of these superfluous things of life and stick to the basics. And he, he sort of talks about it in a way of like a, like an artist. The analogy is like an artist with a tactile feel, right? Like an artist playing a guitar or painting a picture or sculpting a sculpture, right. There really is something important about, about tactile feels and about Dampening, the noise, all of the distractions. And I think my goodness today, there are more distractions and more, more, uh, people competing for your attention than ever Headline headline, headline, headline, headline, you go, what are they trying to tell me? What are they trying to make me think right now? This feels weird. Social Viking says I’m a on the ground here. Oh, we got that one from, oh, I think we’re caught up on some of these.

Let’s take a quick look at these. All right. So I’m gonna go back to page one and we’re gonna see if any others came in. Otherwise we are gonna wrap it up for the day. Let’s see. Yes.

Former Leos here. We’ve got Mon Greg Moroz. Oh, we got a lot more questions. Okay. Here. Uh, C Navy’s 91 is here, says Rob, not to get extra conspiracy theory here, but would it be out of the question to assume there’ll be bad actors in the trucker convoys and then they can blame everybody for the problems, much like the capital police didn’t bolster security, not feeling great about the trucker protest, frankly, you know, there is, I think something to be, you know, cautious about there. I, I really do think that, you know, the feds based on what we’ve seen here, I’m not sort of talking, I think out of turn, we have seen a lot of problems with a lot of what the federal government does when it goes to investigating people who are part of movements And they even will create crimes where there aren’t any, in my opinion. So it does make me nervous. It really does. I, I, that doesn’t mean I don’t support it, or I don’t, you know, support the people who are, who are standing up and speaking out because obviously they have valid concerns. And I think what the government has been doing to all of us has been horrendous,

But I just don’t trust our own government to, to allow something, you know, something consequential to happen without them acting out. And I just, you know, it make, it just makes me nervous. Not saying that they will just makes me nervous. That’s all seashell says, Biden is sending all the money to Ukraine to pay them, to keep their family secret. The whole thing smells fishy. Also. I wish they were spending 1 billion on our, our border. No, we don’t get that. That’s ridiculous. No, it’s not that that’s not our money. It’s their money. And they spend it wherever they go. Greg is here, says, Hey, Rob, I think there has been an internal information more happening against investigative journalism, breaking journalism within news companies. Investigative journalism is time consuming expensive. Oh. Versus breaking news. Okay. So he’s giving us a compare and contrast investigative journalism versus breaking news, journalism,

Investigative journalism, time consuming, very expensive to do obviously more accurate, less sensationalized. Unfortunately breaking news is winning always way more susceptible for misinformation. Once once information gets into a person’s mind, very difficult to remove. There was an experiment done in the nineties about a fake warehouse fire. People were asked to listen to a range of breaking news reports. One of which was a fictional account of a warehouse fire in the report. It was said that the paint and gas caused the explosions later in the experiment. They said that there was no paint and gas present later when people were asked questions about the fire, they still cited the paint and the gas. And they said they were involved. Even when people remembered and accepted the correction, the experimenters think this is due to the absence of a better explanation. The mind will choose the wrong explanation.

Interesting. Very interesting comment from Greg. Yeah. So it’s sort of the idea that your mind fills in the gaps fills in the whole, right? And you sort of see this in criminal law, when you talk about like identity and identification, you know, and you talk about police sort of planting a seed. Oh, oh, oh, you mentioned that person’s race there before she, you ever showed them the lineup, you know, oh, we’re looking for a, an African American man. You mind coming in here and taking a look at this lineup and it’s all African American people, black people. And you say, well, that’s weird. Nobody, nobody mentioned a black person was involved in any of this. Right? And so they start to sort of, you know, that’s a gigantic example obviously, but you understand what I’m saying? Right? Sort of, uh, helping people Fill in the gaps in their memory in a way that serves your interests is a valid concern. Something that happens every day. In fact, people pay, pay good money to get a nugget of something cramed into your brain. That makes you go, oh yeah. You know what solves my problem, that new drug that I never heard about that nobody ever told me about that. They say, talk to your doctor about this

Monster. One says, some people might not want to hear this, but it needs to be said, rush invasion. Uh, let me, let me reverse that up. Russia’s invasion is the result of a leftist agenda of the west. When your military puts out ads that prioritize having two moms over strength, this is what you get monster. What, what are you talking about when you promote a man? When you, I don’t know what that, I don’t know where you’re going with that monster. I don’t know what any of that has to do with Russian invasions of foreign countries. Former EO says, look how the us responded to guide missiles in Q, but it almost ended up in world war II against the Russians. Can you say hypocrite? We are being governed by self-serving morons, which is of course, obviously true. The anti kiss says situations like this, what is going on right now should remind people of the old saying there are three sides to every story.

Just think of how much a hysteria could be avoided in today’s society. If we all, all kept reiterating all the old wisdom or just don’t trust any of ’em. Okay. What, whatever you say. Yeah. Well, I’ll, I’ll be the judge. I’ll continue to look at both sides. I’ll be the judge. Jeff Brook says, I’m curious how you see the world going. I find myself simultaneous hopeful and pessimistic. It’s nice to see people waking up to the corruption of systems that view us as commodities. But I just see the nature it’s happening in reality, the popule is right to stand up to the machine, but not only is war incoming war conflict argument struggle, not necessarily guns blazing, but there’s no way to know what shape the world will take. On the other side, I feel like the conflict has gotten away from us. So I’ve been thinking it’s best to just prepare ourselves to shape the new world on the other side of it.

Yeah. Look, I think there’s, you know, I don’t think I’m far off from that. You know, I have a, I have a lot of hope. I have a lot of sadness and sort of, uh, I think the world is transitioning right now in major ways. You know, like for example, it bums me out to see my idea of what the United States was in terms of a global leader, a pillar of justice, you know, an idea of sort of competency of place where Liberty can just run and reign free, where we have, you know, all of these sort of these, these sort of natural rights bled into the constitution and the system of governance that we exist in. Like, it’s a beautiful thing. It’s a beautiful concept. I believe in it. And to watch that just, you know, year after year, just slowly evaporate, no, you are now locked in your homes.

No, you now have to do this. No, we now take control of your property cuz we’re the CDC. You can’t even talk about this stuff anymore because we say so and we own everything. Right? All of that stuff. It’s been a real hard thing for me to sort of wrap my, my head around now. I don’t wanna wake up here and, and, and come on a show and say, our government is garbage and useless and they’re making our lives more miserable. I would prefer not to do that. I’d rather wake up and just have a nice government where everything runs and functions, but it doesn’t. And the government that was supposed to be promising us Liberty via the social contract that we all engaged in is not doing that. They are breaching their end of the bargain. They are violating the contract. They are violating our natural rights and there needs to be consequences for that.

And we’re seeing them. We’re seeing a dis engagement for many people who are the actual movers of society. The people who get things done are not running for office anymore. They’re not running to be a part of these, these, these global orders, they’re building separate parallel systems. And many of those things are not taking place in the United States anymore because of the environment that we have created for ourselves and what we have done to the people who actually make things work in our world. And as that continues to evolve, I think the bifurcation, the self sorting is going to continue and we’re gonna see people who want to be plugged into the system. They’re gonna go sign up for the government ID, get their universal, basic income. And they’ll be good, little slaves and that’s okay, that’s fine. Right? People have the free choice to go do that stuff.

That’s the centralized authoritarian model. And that’s what you see with China and largely big government. And I would say both parties on both sides of the, the aisle want that because it consolidates their power, right? It gives them more ability to continue to be leaders, but the rest of the world doesn’t need those old systems anymore. The government doesn’t provide much in terms of services that we actually need or use. We can get all of those things elsewhere. And once we start to build our own parallel economies and parallel systems and law communities that aren’t in

The hierarchy of the old world, we’re gonna be freer. And it’s a scary transition. It’s like an animal coming out of a cage. You look around, you’re going, this is scary out here. What is out here? We don’t have this big federal government to take care of us anymore. This is scary. We have to walk out out on our own. Yeah, it feels uncomfortable. I believe it. I totally understand what you’re saying. So there is some pessimism there, but I think that’s the new found freedom. That’s the slave walking out of Plato’s cave, recognizing there’s a lot more out here and we don’t need these shackles anymore. The federal government was, was a, a necessary thing of a bogon era, but it’s no, no longer effective. It’s now problematic. It’s one of the most problematic things in most of our lives. And we’re all starting to wake up and realize that good question from Jeff R let’s see what else we’ve got.

Social Viking says almost out long, long waits to ye leave Ukraine. Social Viking is here. Oh my goodness. He’s actually is actually in Ukraine. Yeah. He’s picking up his family there. My goodness that makes me nervous. Social Viking. I’m I’m praying for you brother. I’m not gas as Rob. No bow tie. You gotta wear a BOLO tie. Western pride. I definitely don’t have a BOLO tie and I don’t think that’s even on the cue. All right. So three girlies is, uh, closer to the mark with the bow tie. I don’t think a BOLO look I’m from Arizona and I, I respect them, but I will never wear one. We had an attorney here who used to wear one. Former Leo says this looks like a crappy remake of wa the dog. We also have Sergeant Bob saying, wearing a bow tie is like wearing socks with sandals, ultra geeky.

Jeff Brook says also, by the way, I haven’t dug into this, but I read an article from January. Stay, think Russia had said their gro their strategic nuclear readiness exercise would be early. This year might have been timed around the prospective plans in Ukraine. But I have a feeling that poutine is already prepped for nuclear alert and decided to let it rip given the circumstances, not necessarily that he felt the situation warranted. It that’s from Jeff R let’s do a refresh here. We have, uh, Magdalene with no question, but a nice super chat. Thank you, Magdalene. Ray Kay says Les. We forget Canada. Uh, ho, ho. And so we still have the flag there. The Canadian flag is in our gift box. For those of you who support the show, who are members, we appreciate that. Ray Kay just became a member. He, he got access to it. Look at that. Just popped up. Good timing, Ray. Thank you for that. You’re like MVP. Appreciate that. Blaz ARD is here. Says if I go to Ukraine to the Russians, will that affect my us citizenship? I, so I do not know about that. Blasi ity. I’m not an immigration lawyer, uh, who specializes in international, global conflict or anything like that. But I don’t think so. I mean, you just get on a plane and go over there.

I don’t, there’s not sanctioning Ukraine. They’re sanctioning Russia. If you go fight for the Russians, you might have some problems, but I don’t think anything against the Ukraines couple more from locals. Three girlies says, Sergeant Bob oldest girly said it depends on the sandals and the socks. Oh, Sergeant Bob, Sergeant Bob. We have, we have the old and the Ys. Uh, not old. I should say the let’s. Let’s say the, um, uh, matured and the whys versus the young. And how about the fashionable? Is that fair? Sergeant Bob, you, you’re not gonna get mad at me. Right? If I said that you’re not gonna get mad at me. Sergeant Bob, an oldest girl, he said it depends on the sandals. And the socks said if it’s Nike slides and fun socks, it’s cool, but not the leather and silver knockoff Birkenstocks at target. What, uh, what did Ronald Reagan say?

When somebody called him old, it was the debate. Remember Ronald Reagan. So first of all, I don’t know what really, most of that means Nike slides. What is that issue? So, but she’s saying here what Ronald Reagan said when he was in the debate and his opponent said, you’re just old. He said, I’m not gonna, my opponents youth and inexperience become an issue of this debate. And he won the whole debate. He won the presidency, right? It was like a, it was like a landslide. I think I side with Sergeant Bob on this one though. I mean, but maybe, I don’t know. You know, I’m getting old myself. I don’t know. We have monster. One says the point was people like put, don’t take the west seriously because of our messed up priorities. You really think Russia and China watch the woke agenda and don’t see weakness.

It’s the west portrayed strength. Putin wouldn’t have invaded. Okay. So Mon, so I can read that comment. That’s a little bit more, uh, PG monster one was saying that, um, you know, the woke military that we have here in the United States, the guys, we we’ve covered a lot of it. There was that woke Marine guy who like got involved in a bunch of drama on Twitter and then was really mad about the drama on Twitter. And he’s like drama, TV, I’m a Marine. And I don’t, you know, do those things and you go, Hey, dummy, you just made a video and posted it right in the middle of the drama. So I don’t know what you’re talking about, but you know, a lot of that and like that NATO diversity video that we played, where they were like, you know, that’s like the most important thing.

It’s weird stuff. And I think monster one’s point is, is that if you look at the German, I’m sorry, not the Germans, the Russian sort, uh, propaganda pieces. If you look at the Chinese, it’s like, bio-engineered genetic super soldiers that are gonna go out and just massacre everybody. Right? It’s a war machine. Meanwhile, in the United States, we have like extra large army fatigues, double XL. So, you know, and like seatbelt extenders in our Apache, a attack, how helicopters can I have two extenders please? And I’d also like my snack now. I think that’s monster one’s point, which is true is there’s, there’s, there’s some truth to that. All right, we’re gonna do a quick refresh again.

Sergeant Bob is here. Sergeant Bob says, I am corrected by youth. Fair enough for SAR Sergeant. Pop’s a good sport. I told you, he’s a good sport. And they just drove back today. They’re driving all over all over Arizona. They’re here in Arizona now, and it’s just a better place because of it. Hele, lumps and wool says building an a Goriss parallel, uh, a GOs parallel economy and system is the way to go. I feel like this past year we’ve been watching you go from being amen. Our kiss to finally an anarchist, huh? I don’t know. I don’t know if that’s true or not. I mean, I still am evolving and I’m getting more and more tired of, uh, all of the governmental solutions that we see solutions that we see cramed down our Gus and they’re failing everywhere you go. It’s just like every institution one after another Joshua Cornelius says Putin is a madman saving his torch of rage on his front porch.

And NATO decided to use the Ukrainian people by piling the powder keg on the Russian border. I think that is a, yeah, that’s a, that’s a pretty accurate and horrific visual there. Cause it’s true. Torch of rage on his front porch. Yeah. Putin is like, like a pressure cooker, right? He’s ready for something. And then that’s what makes me nervous about NATO and all these people screaming to take out the airplanes and, you know, start, uh, I don’t know if this is confirmed or not. I didn’t clip it for the show, but I thought that Russia, somebody in one of their ministries today said that if there is a evidence that the, that the equipment and the weapon re that is being donated to these foreign countries, if there’s evidence that that is being used against the Russian people, that they’re gonna consider that an act of war by that country right now, you can start to see it’s just a couple dominoes in you have Germany or somebody.

Well, we’re gonna give them a bunch of anti-tank missiles over to the Ukrainians. Ukrainians, take these anti-tank missiles, blow up BECU, couple Russian tanks. Russia says, oh, that’s an act war. Guess who’s involved in the war. Well, it was a German anti-tank missile. All right. Well, the Germans are responsible for that. We’re declaring war on Russia on Germany now. And now you see, oh, well that’s a NATO state. Now it’s a world war. Uh, China joins Russia. And the whole thing just goes downhill from there. So you can see, right. The idea I think is to say, all right, everybody just pump the brakes on this whole thing. Relax. Let’s see if we can unring this bell a little bit, put the genie back in the bottle. We’re gonna do one more refresh and then wrap it up for the day.

Jeff R is here, says kudos for your commitment to responding to all the chats in a meaningful way. I can’t wait for the 24 hour live streams of answering chats. Once you have 57,000 people watching, and it’s gonna be a long 24 7, just have to sort of, uh, hook a catheter up IVs. And we’ll just do the show. Just, it never rests, man. We gotta get to the top. You know, we gotta go. All right, my friends, I think that is it for us for the day. Great questions. A lot of interesting comments today, you know, I know it’s a little bit of the tinfoil hat stuff, but I don’t really think so. I think it’s really, I think, closer to reality, I think that what we’ve been seeing has been this very, very interesting Conco of news, and we’re all trying to make sense of it.

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