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  • Published On: Saturday, September 04 2021

    Biden Jobs Report & GDP, Arbery-McMichaels Prosecutor Indicted, Joe Rogan Medical Cocktail Hoax

  • Published On: Friday, September 03 2021

    Supreme Court on Abortion, COVID Crimes & Australian Home Quarantines, Douglas Jensen Back to Ja

  • Published On: Thursday, September 02 2021

    Dogs Ditched in Afghan, Bennie Thompson’s J6 Records Subpoena, SCOTUS Okays Texas Abortion Ban

  • Published On: Wednesday, September 01 2021

    Biden’s Declares Victory, WHO Reveals Digital Vax Pass Specs, John Pierce in the Hospital

  • Published On: Tuesday, August 31 2021

    Biden’s Afghan Time Runs Out, Feds Investigate School Mask Bans, Holmes Trial Indictment Recap

  • Published On: Saturday, August 28 2021

    Biden’s Afghan Exit Underway, SCOTUS Blocks Biden on Evictions, Lt. Michael Byrd on Ashli Babbitt

  • Published On: Friday, August 27 2021

    Americans Dead in Afghanistan, 1/6 Select Committee Archives Request, Capitol Police Sue Trump

  • Published On: Tuesday, August 17 2021

    Biden on Afghanistan: Stand By My Decision + Global Reaction​

  • Published On: Thursday, August 12 2021

    Judge Blocks Biden Transgender & Abortion Procedure Mandates for Christian Hospitals

  • Published On: Wednesday, July 14 2021

    Biden Warns & Dems Flee on Voting Rights, French & US Vaccine Mandates, Hunter Biden Laptop

  • Published On: Saturday, April 24 2021

    Viva Frei & Robert Barnes are Watching the Watchers: Chauvin, MaKhia Bryant, Rittenhouse, Canada

  • Published On: Friday, April 23 2021

    Kyle Rittenhouse Case Updates

  • Published On: Friday, April 23 2021

    USPS is Spying On You

  • Published On: Friday, April 23 2021

    Jones v Mississippi SCOTUS Opinion

  • Published On: Friday, April 23 2021

    Plea Deal Offered to Two Girls Charged for Carjacking Uber Eats Driver Mohammad Anwar

  • Published On: Friday, April 23 2021

    Mohammad Anwar Plea Deal, Jones v Mississippi SCOTUS Opinion, USPS Spying On You, Rittenhouse Update

  • Published On: Thursday, April 22 2021

    Derek Chauvin Trial Verdict Aftermath​

  • Published On: Thursday, April 22 2021

    Ma'Khia Bryant Shooting Analysis